Lindsay Buziak Murder




Zachary Scott Matheson aka ZIGGY

ziggy house

Ziggy formerly lived at 2768 Claude Road, Langford, BC – Landlord was Shirley Zailo



ZIGGY’S CAPTAIN Brent Moreland




Ryan Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend –  3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Jason Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend – 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Shirley Zailo, 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC – former owner/Landlord at 2768 Claude Road, ZIGGY Matheson 


Brad Hickford –  Ziggy lawyer
Lawfirm for the above:
Bradley L. Hickford
1028 Fort St  Suite 203
Victoria, BC  V8V 3K4
Shirley claimed her family had no ties to Zachary Matheson but pictures don’t lie.
ryan and ziggy
Ziggy and Ryan Zailo
jason and ziggy
Ziggy and Jason Zailo
The Benders Victoria with murdering drug dealer Ziggy “Charlie Manson” Matheson.
Major drug haul, multiple arrests in bust at Langford residence.
Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit — known as the province’s anti-gang force — said the two men, a 37-year-old Langford resident and a 27-year-old man from Saanich, are believed to be high-level drug traffickers on southern Vancouer Island.
Houghton said it was especially disturbing to police that the residence searched on Claude Road is in an especially populous area near family homes and adjacent to a daycare.
UPDATE: February 18, 2014
Charges Laid in large Langford drug bust

Charges have been announced for two suspects arrested in a large drug bust last June in Langford, which police say made a significant impact on the area’s drug trade.

Zachary Scott Matheson, a 36-year-old Langford man, now faces four counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, while Ali Arash Ziaee, a 26-year-old Saanich man, will be tried for one count of possession of a controlled substance and four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The pair were originally arrested by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. following the search of an apartment in the 2700-block of Peatt Road on June 6, 2013. Two more search warrants were executed on the same day, one in Saanich and one in Langford, where a significant amount of drugs were seized.

Police estimate the street value of the drugs seized to be over $500,000.

“They’re believed to supply middle men in the drug industry here on Vancouver Island,” said CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sgt. Lindsey Houghton. “This put a significant dent in the drug trade.

“The impact is lasting but of course everyone realizes that when drugs and money are taken off the streets, there’s a void that’s created and the other people who are involved in the criminal drug industry look to fill that void.”

Police say Matheson has a lengthy criminal record for property, drug and violence-related offences and is well known throughout Greater Victoria law enforcement.

CFSEU-BC announced the charges Tueday, Feb. 18. Houghton said the past eight months have been devoted to the investigation, which took some time due to the need to analyze forensic evidence and put together a case for Crown counsel.

During this time the suspects remained free, as they continue to. Both men will appear in Western Communities Courthouse on March 13 at 9 a.m.
Zachary Matheson and Ali Arash Ziaee’s trial is set for 10:00 am, January 25, 2016.  Members of the public welcome.
UPDATE: February 3, 2016

Trial now underway into massive Langford drug bust



  1. Mike says:

    Point form thoughts to chew on.

    1. Lindsay returns home from Calgary having witnessed something involving a friend that is a connected gang / cartel member.
    2. She tells her dad. Does she tell Gracia? It would be naive to think Lindsay wouldn’t be naive and tell her best friend or one of. It’s human nature to have the want and need to get this off her chest. It’s also plausible Lindsay didn’t associate the threat to her life telling her best friend who is connected to gang / cartel. There is potentially a blind level of trust with Gracia.
    3. Gracia then tells her family associates and thus the plan is put in place. It’s imperative to track the timeline from when Lindsay returns with the info from Calgary and when she tells Gracia. Then when does Gracia use the office computer to bring up the crime scene house. Computer Forensics would show that. From that time line on the computer when does Gracia use a landline or cell phone to call any of the many gang associates. Probably not dumb enough to do that, but!
    4. It works out perfectly for the guilty that the Zailo’s then get tied up in this mess as it’s so easy to connect them to all the people potentially involved. The cartel/ gang knew that the Zailo’s would be prime suspects thus the murder was made to look as if it was personal. This accomplishes two things. JZ regardless is the #1 suspect. He would have been from the get go this just helps to make it look so. It also sends a message to the Zailo’s that they could be next by simple association to Lindsay and the potential that they knew what Lindsay Knew. Both Zailo’s are still alive so they probably wouldn’t have known. Furthermore, If Lindsay was trying to leave the relationship she may have been scared to tell either of them.
    5. The Zailo’s are known to have been corrupt and have gang affiliation of sorts in there business dealing from what I’ve read on hear. That can easily make people believe they’re guilty. Very easy to jump on the wagon.
    6. An innocent person makes themselves available from the onset which both did. If any of us were in the same situation wouldn’t you get a lawyer? You would be stupid not to. Both did, both did a polygraph. Both passed. Innocent people do exactly what they did. No lawyer in the world allows them to do that if they were in any way knowingly tied to this murder.
    7. They are both certainly guilty by association and the real culprits, the professionals used that to their advantage.
    8. We know that two potential suspects brought a burner cell from Vancouver which then pinged with a gang member cell and then later to several gang member cells. We know the burner cell was bought with other burner cells at the same time months prior. Professionals make those type of purchases so when needed it’s there.
    9. If any of these gang members from the time Gracia gets the info to the time she passes it along failed to eliminate the threat(Lindsay) and then the cartel gets hit as a result then those who should have dealt with it would be killed. Plain and simple. This is not downtown Victoria wanna be gangsters, this is as real as it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. Again, The Police have probably unearthed a shit load of corruption by the Zailo’s in this investigation but they’re looking for murder suspects. We don’t know if what they have found could connect the Zailo’s to the murder so until an arrest is made nobody is going to know. Because if they are connected then when an arrest is made the Zailo’s will be arrested as well. Or not, at least not on murder charges. Again, I suspect if the Zailo’s knew what Lindsay knew, they too would be dead. They are probably alive as they provide invaluable and required service to the gang. Who knows!
    11. Everything people are saying is all speculation as the internet is a frenzy of delusional attempts to make sense of this. At most we’re all delusionally adequate murder investigators. Including me.
    12. Does a corrupt Police agency bring in the FBI? No!!!!!!!! Is it possible that the Saanich Police made mistakes, YES. Do we know if they did, NO. At least I don’t. The FBI will determine if there are corrupt Police involved.
    13. It’s been mentioned about beyond a reasonable doubt and passing charges to Crown. In this type of case it will need to be a 98% chance of conviction for the Crown to bring charges based on the Police / FBI report to crown.
    14. The Crown is not going to go after murder charges if not 98%. They will be going up against the most highly paid, highly skilled defense attorney’s that the city of Victoria has ever seen in the courthouse I assure you of that.
    15. These type of defense lawyers can riddle through every single piece of circumstantial evidence that we’ve all read on this site. For that reason alone somebody needs to start talking and getting a bullet in your head can shut up a lot of people. Don’t think for a second the Police aren’t trying to get someone to talk.
    16. If you were any of the people involved in this or not involved in this what would you do, what would you say, how would you act? Hell, I wouldn’t want to be associated to the paperboy of any of theses people right now.
    17. This was a professional hit.
    18. I don’t know that the Zailo’s aren’t involved, I don’t know if they passed every question on the polygraph. Again, very conveniently guilty by association and they both become suspect #1 and #2-onward simply going by investigative procedure.
    19. It’s highly unlikely but not impossible that they knew something. If they do, the Police are not going to let them know if it doesn’t result in arrests at this point.
    20. Everything that people do after a tragedy like this can be spun to look like they know something or they did it.
    21. Do you think the gang gave a shit about the Zailo’s? Or more about the cartel and what would happen to them!
    22. If I’m the FBI or the Saanich Police I’m bringing both Zailo’s back in for another polygraph and asking one question.
    23. Question: From the time of your last polygraph until today, have you had any direct or indirect contact with any of the following individuals(we know who they are) and if so, have you discussed the Lindsay Buziak murder or the investigation? Not saying that this hasn’t already happened.
    24. Final thought. If either of the Zailo’s had anything to do with this then God only knows what is running through they’re veins to not have cracked by now. Sure it could be the whole bullet in the head thing, but if not, then it’s entirely plausible what I stated from the beginning.
    25. R.I.P. Lindsay Buziak.

    • Mike says:

      Additional point to chew on:
      1. We know what Lindsay saw in Calgary has something to do with her high school friend who is a connected member to the suspects in Victoria.
      2. Was what Lindsay saw known to this guy in Calgary.
      3. If so, he calls Victoria and the plan is hatched and we can conclude that Lindsay didn’t tell anybody but her dad that she saw something.
      4. My original thought that Lindsay said something to Gracia.
      5. She told Jason what she saw. Jason tells his mom who then tells the gang.
      6. Lindsay tells Jason, Jason tells the gang.
      7. My guess is she saw a murder or a shit load of Cocaine. Remember, delusionally adequate investigator.
      8. I don’t believe delusionally is word!
      9. I state these thoughts to chew on in the event any of them are accurate then it changes the timelines of potential forensic evidence.

  2. I will let u in on a little secret. It’s a big drug network. Biker gang affiliated. So most of these people are on that payroll. Lindsay asks her family to be patient. It’s a big case. It’s not easy to get convictions yet. So please discontinue and cancel this course of events.
    I think it is people talking about others that has caused it. Stabbing in the back.

  3. Martha says:

    Ok I’ve followed this story from day 1. I remember seeing Jason Zailo retracing his steps outside the home on Desusa Pl the next day with Saanich Police detectives and with Jason was his lawyer. Now if I had someone I loved and I was the one who found her stabbed to death multiple times. I then pick her up from the pool of blood carry her to a different place and contaminate the crime scene. The next day I lawyer up? What happened to “ The truth will set you free” Everyone is right the Saanich Police know more than they are telling us. For good reason. In a criminal case the Police / Crown Council needs a case that could be proved “ beyond a reasonable doubt “ That I believe is the last missing piece and they are waiting for the final piece of the puzzle.
    The Crown is not going to try a case based on speculation or has a 50/50 chance it has to be much higher threshold of likelihood of a conviction. It took more than 35 years to solve the case of the murdered teenagers Tanya and Jay from Victoria who were killed in Washington state. It took forensic DNA technology that had improved and resulted in a solid conviction. I believe it will be solved, just not as easy or as fast as a we all want justice for Lindsay.

    • lbmurder says:

      This is the reason Saanich police do nothing is because people support their excuses and laziness. Well put Martha that they are waiting.they are waiting which is absolutely disgusting. Their job is to go get what they need not wait. Getting what they need is the pure essence of their job and they need to be pressured to go get what they need. please quit allowing them to get away with being useless and waiting for a crime to solve itself. They need to be pressured ages ago to do their job and that isn’t to wait.

  4. crimemama says:

    I find it very convenient that Jason was at SHC an auto shop that has been rumoured over the years to be apart of bringing in drugs….. Jason has his buddy with him as a witness.
    I also find it hard to believe that he’s seen on camera at SHC at 5:30 and then texts Lindsay saying “he’s mins away” and arrives at the home at 5:38 and waits…. SHC is almost 9km away and at least 13-20 mins away depending on traffic …. at 5:30 it’s still a bit busy on the roads here in Victoria…. does no one else find this a tad strange?!

  5. We need justice says:

    Didn’t that white van from Alberta seen in the area before murder maybe belong to some thugs from Alberta that are friends with ziggy or Ryan maybe Aaron Perez or his brother don’t they live in Calgary they both had guys or how about Erickson Lopez didn’t he go to jail for drugs didn’t he live in Calgary .the pieces are right here just need to put this together .

    • Dennis Besler says:

      I agree, but it is not being done.
      Police are holding evidence/or information on this case. Sounds like them and others are being paid off.
      The van from alberta, is that of drug dealers. But don’t forget, she had seen something she should have not.
      It’s all to do with drugs.

    • dkbesleradmin says:

      I don’t understand why a lawyer, or somebody can’t get a hold of the information, the police have on this case. Something is wrong here…

      On Thu., Feb. 4, 2021, 8:53 a.m. Lindsay Buziak Murder, wrote:

      > We need justice commented: “Didn’t that white van from Alberta seen in the > area before murder maybe belong to some thugs from Alberta that are friends > with ziggy or Ryan maybe Aaron Perez or his brother don’t they live in > Calgary they both had guys or how about Erickson Lopez didn’t” >

  6. Jc says:

    Jordan Campeau. He was good hockey friends with him and real estate

  7. IS says:

    So I am reading the comments. Is a plausible theory that Shirley and a man went to meet Lindsey at the house. Shirley was wearing a wig?

  8. ghunter981 says:

    wow – sounds like the mother did it. I personally do not think the son is involved. I feel bad for Lindsay’s father because the police are obviously in no hurry to solve this.

  9. Fourt says:

    Were the police able to confirm SZ phone pings at the time of the murder?

    • Justice says:

      Yes,but still the police are not releasing info or anything open case but buried down under it seems to be. To much corruption it seems, police bought and payed for by someone?

      • TRUTH says:

        I know how it happen an i also know how it failed, The answer came from Jeff himself the father, When he was visiting his daughters place an had a run in with Shirley, She showed her true colors. She had so much anger towards Lindsay that she had to do her in for disrespecting her, talking back an not going along with Shirley’s controlling ways. 1. the composite looks like Shirley 2 why was Lindsay stab so many times an in the chest so many times was to de/womanizer her the man was their to hold Lindsay down while being stabbed 3 Jason didn’t give DNA because it was on the boards that we’re knocked out at the place where Lindsay was showing.4 why did Shirley walk up to the house. its because her car had been used an it had all kinds of evidence in it…FAILURE of POLICE I bet the police never checked the car of hers or gave her a lie detector test. I also bet she sold her car too… She is the ONE!!!!

        • Is says:

          My question is would Lindsey recognize Shirley in a wig?

          • Rida Sawan says:

            Yes, I think it’s very weird why they brought up the drug connection when there isn’t one, or is there one, but the Shirley lack of comments is weird, if I had the case file, I’d solve it within 90 days, this case isn’t an unsolvable case like the shot at night in dark street ghetto alley without witnesses, this was a contact murder, during daylight, in an affluent area, with a witness, I think there’s more about Lindsay Buziak which doesn’t present her in great light which will be the link to her murder, this kind of premeditated planning, with months to get over the anger they have towards Lindsay, tells me, it’s personal and with this level of hatred, there’s no way in hell, Lindsay wasn’t aware of this including her close friends and family would’ve heard much or some of these conflicts, if she was an informant, or a witness even by error is a viable link, hired hits have killed by error before and in our world, anything that can happen will happen, and anything that’s happened will happen again as we are vulnerable to our short term memory losses refusing to learn the past to prepare for the future, which sums up the investigation into Buziak’s homicide has been botched by naive incompetent investigators who just aren’t experienced in these types of savage direct contact murder, although, I will predict, the police know who are the uncharged suspects awaiting for the last piece of evidence to surface in order to proceed with a multi arrest warrants issuance

  10. Justice says:

    I’ve heard about this tragedy when it happened.
    Just recently I came across podcasts and videos. I watched and listened to them.
    Wow, corrupt sannich police, bought and paid for? Zailo mobs, re/max is a good front for the drug trade, especially all these dealers are linked together.

    Where and when did she see what she was not supposed to?
    Zailo family set it up for sure. Shirley is the godmother of the mob.
    They somehow hired these two people for the murder.
    Maybe known in the past by zailo’s or the drug dealers. While in Calgary she visits a drug dealer she knows from Victoria area. What happened, what was said?
    Phone purchased months in advance which would mean professional hit maybe. But who is behind this and who are the two murderers?
    A white van alberta plates spotted a day or two by the house. And yes, somebody knows something! Maybe more than one person.
    It seems like this case is buried but open. need of a wakeup call! Gunfire as a scare tactic to the mob and drug dealers should get things jumpin… maybe a certain cop too….

  11. Brandy Stokes says:

    I don’t think It had anything to do with drugs! I think it was either the mother of the boyfriend, as she resembles the composite to a tee except for the hair and it could have been a wig. Either she knew Lindsay was going to leave her son or Lindsay caught her defrauding the company they work for. I think it had to do with real estate-either someone was jealous of Lindsay’s rise or she caught someone doing something they weren’t supposed to do. It was definitely a woman, especially if she didn’t feel she could take Lindsay on physically. A man could have just killed her himself so I definitely think you are looking for a woman who hired someone to kill her. I would look at the “loving” mother in law or females in her real estate office or in a different real estate company in the area.

  12. Kelli Crawforth says:

    Why are we not talking about “mrs Mexican” telling Lindsay that she was referred to her by one of Lindsay’s prior clients. When Lindsay
    asked who the prior client was that sent the referral, she tried to call this past client.
    Number 1. “Mrs Mexican” would be connected to Lindsay in a professional manner to know a name of a prior message…..someone like Shirley Zailo-her business partner. I find it convenient that she was so close to the house to respond. I wonder if Lindsay was pregnant, and mom said, oh heck no, you’re not ruining my son’s life.
    Sad. But not out of the realm of possibility.

  13. Michael B says:

    Also has anybody looked into whether or not the sheriff in that town received campaign money from the zailos…. just a thought

    • curious commenter says:

      this is so devastating. the podcast “Crime Junkies” just released an episode about it today so i’m just now learning the details of this case. that’s a really good point you brought up, my first question was who was this mystery referral? i’m shocked nothing came from that aspect of the investigation.

    • Jo says:

      This is Canada. We don’t have elected Sheriff’s here. Just a thought

    • DL says:

      It is Canada our polices forces are not elected officials.

  14. Michael B says:

    Is there a petition that we can sign? To get this case reviewed by a non biased Police force or Organization?? This police force is definitely dragging the investigation on purpose now that may have been because that drugbust. Was being planned? But i doubt it….. But now that that’s over. You should be able to get that case moved to a different organization who can re review it Outside of the purview That horrible corrupt police force.

  15. JB says:

    It’s beyond obvious to me what happened here.

    The bf and the mother in the Real Estate business had her killed because they were running illegal money through the business.

    Lindsay knew about it and her breaking up with him jeopardized everything for that family and they set her up to be killed. This is glaring out at me.

    Why else was the bf conveniently with a friend at the crime scene? For a convenient alibi, the only witness who would be on his side, who would testify on his behalf. I mean they were at lunch and his friend was there? Sorry no. They set her up.

    The police absolutely need to be pressing the bf’s friend who was at the scene of the crime. Cut him a deal for testifying against the bf who killed Lindsay.

    And to those of you who think a polygraph can’t be beat you’re very clueless about them. Esp the comment of the supposed cop who thinks you can’t beat them. I paid $50 before getting into law enforcement and gained access to a website made by cops about how to always beat them.
    In fact they only work if you believe they work. It’s almost 100% what the presenter does and how he works the person to crowbar out the truth. If the person isn’t scared of being caught and keeps their mouth shut nobody can ever fail EVER.

    I hope you get justice. Look into what I’ve posted.

    • Hope says:

      Jason, scroll to my post on Aug 2018. I’m sayin what your sayin. Totally agree with you. How this isn’t getting handled is mind boggling

    • Dateline lover says:

      Holy Sh*t, this is EXACTLY the same theory i independently came up with! They need to do the financials of the business and i reckon thats how it was paid – with company money. Easy to disguise in construction.
      The thing that stood out to me after watching dateline was how loud and open would a vacant house be to plan a murder? Wouldnt the blinds be drawn? Neighbours hear screams? And how can you be so meticulous in planning and yet leave it up to chance as to what house you plan to lure her too… and now it comes out the Zalio business just HAPPENS to be working in that area with family members present before and after the hit?

      I agree… the business is a shopfront, she knew about it, she got cold feet, boyfriend was worried she’d blab, told his mum and she took care of business. Fancy her boyfriend encouraging her to meet up with a pair of buyers she is worried are suss. He knew shed fall for a million dollar viewing, and then even offered to pick her up… and yet is conveniently late.. then despite being worried from movement inside, he reparks his car further away from view… and then waits another 10 mins.

      Total crap. Boyfriends family. For sure.

    • markguszak says:

      I agree that the boyfriend and the mom were behind it. I also believe it was obvious that the boyfriend brought a work acquaintance to the crime scene for alibi purposes. But I don’t think the guy he brought was involved or knew what was happening. I think this was done for obvious reasons, so that police could not tie them together in some greater conspiracy.

    • Svetlana says:

      What kind of deal could be cut with that wimp Oatman? He wouldn’t dare say anything against Jason and they became very good friends after the murder and he even works for Jason. Imagine that. Jason has him wrapped around his finger.

    • Blue says:

      Also, what about the fact that he called the police before he even went in…. like why? How did a couple of people give you such a feeling and how did you know it was gonna be so bad? This is so shady

    • Monchelle Myers says:

      I agree I think it’s definitely the boyfriend involved

  16. Scarlett Cook says:

    I live in The States and I feel so much compassion for Jeff. It appears his daughter was a kind, loving, innocent woman that had no idea of the evil she was involved with. It happens every day, and it is a very sad state. I pray that Jeff stays safe, and I pray that he receives justice! Crooked cops are everywhere and it is time they are held accountable!

  17. Russ Taylor says:

    You should talk to Jacine Jadresko, she is super good friends with Vid Acevedo

  18. Lillian says:

    Mommy Dearest definitely orchestrated and did the killing (disguised ‘blonde’) and she makes it personal! Stupid accomplice(s) are nothing more then wanna-be gangsters. What Lindsay ‘knew’ was the money laundering being done through real estate, that’s too obvious and it’s only now being exposed province wide in the magnitude it has come to be. Don’t stop Jeff… you’re on be right path, the SPD are nothing more then keystone coppers WAY in over their head. You have more support then perhaps shown, but WE are with you! We are writing. We are walking! We are here!

  19. Killer Killer says:

    be a good dad..take a nice knife track each one down…slit their throats,watch them die, for the pleasure of suffering of course.Who cares if they even if they didn.t do it.

    You will feel better and society as a whole will be better without them.

    • Bubba says:

      I agree 100% 1 by 1 take the five of em down w hired mercenaries. Adultnap them first 1 by 1. Get em to squeal. As much info as possible. End them. Eye for an eye. Definitely scum of the earth. Lowering ourselves to their level is sometimes necessary

  20. Gareth says:

    Shirley Zailo I the mastermind. The threatening call to Nikki then flat out denying it instantly says shes involved.

    I don’t know if she stabbed her but I believe in my strongest mind that this woman is the ultimate control freak with two dumb sons who she tells how things are going to go down..

    I think Shirley bought the house so no other woman can take her beloved jason away from her and she sees all as a threat.

    She instantly tried to frame Matt.

    This woman I believe realised Lindsey seen something and this was a perfect excuse to have lindsey killed as a snitch when in fact it was more than likely Shirley who is the snitch and this is evident in how the police are strongly protecting her which is always what the law enforcement do with snitches who have connections to high profile crime rings.

    I think the gangs then believed shirley because she’s manipulative and then wanted lindsey dead and told shirley to get it set up all because shirley planned it.

    I can’t help but feel Shirley did the stabbing and the only reason i say this because one it was done with complete hatred but it was also how the stabbing had happened all over her boobs and Shirley clearly couldnt stand that people from the gang fancied Lindsey too giving her power if she left her son for one of them.

    That woman is cunning.

    Lidnsey has a dad with balls of iron not backing down to their threats. I would work hard at getting this public again and then get the media to request a polygraph from an outside unit and if u put pressure on these departments they will do it make everything public again.

    Jeff you are what a true man is about good work and keep this fight up. I wish i could directly help from the UK.

  21. Jim Alexander says:

    Any chance the SPD are on the take ? That would certainly explain their behavior. We know Shirley has the loot to pay ppl to stay quiet seeing that she bought Lindsay and her son a house plus 250k in renovations, This seems like a relatively easy case to solve and we’re on 10 years now. Is it incompetence or corruption ? I’m beginning to lean towards the latter.

    • sebastian says:

      SPD they don’t want to solve the case,cause they are the one together with mom and a boy and some third party who made the plan to kill LINDSAY .when you see what happened you can see is done on reverse after the fact the way the cop will see a crime after the fact that’s how alibis we’re created

  22. J D graham says:

    Question: if JZ was asked to have Lindsay’s back by Lindsay herself then why didn’t he? Why was he late showing up? when he did show up, why didn’t he make is presence known, like he was asked to do. He wasn’t asked to show up and park around the corner out of sight and out of view. He might as well have been at home. His presence there did absolutely no good other than being the first one to discover her bloody body, some help he was.

    Question: Why did JZ when leaving with his colleague from the body shop on their way to meet Lindsay, escort his friend around to the passenger side door, open it for him like they were on a date, turn to the security camera and look right into it for 5 seconds and then get in his vehicle and drive away? Who does that? I could see if it was a Lindsay, opening the door for her, but not a dude and why look at the security camera? It’s almost as if he was establishing an alibi which is precisely why he was going out to dinner with a work colleague who really didn’t want to go but went after JZ pressured him into going. He had just had lunch with Lindsay 2 hours earlier. Yes sir, that’s exactly what he was doing, establishing an alibi for himself, a rock solid alibi to be sure. I smell a rat!!

    Question: How is it when JZ entered the house, knowing nothing about Lindsays where abouts, rather than calling Lindsays name and looking for her from the first floor to the second floor, he immeadiately went straight to the second floor and not just to the second floor but right to the master bedroom and right to Lindsays bloody body. Coincidence? Doubtful!! When he found her body he didn’t shed ONE tear. I would have been crying like a baby! The love of my life is dead, murdered, stabbed to death, bloddy mess.never to return, EVER! I wouldn’t be stone faced and composed, I would be a mess for sure. Why did jason not show any emotion? Currious to say the least!

    Observation: It just seems odd why JZ would ask a colleague to dinner when his beautiful girlfriend would be available after showing the house and if the buyers agreed to buy the house there would be cause for celebration, why wouldn’t your propose to take out your girlfriend intead of your colleague? We already know JZ was controlling and possessive so when he showed up at Lindsay’s showing, why was JZ in the shadows, hiding around the corner when he knew Lindsay asked for his help in protecting her? You would think he would have rolled up into the driveway announcing his presence and making himself seen like he was asked to do. His actions that night were very odd and out of character for JZ to be sure. I have to say, for a man who professed his love for Lindsay like JZ did, he sure didn’t act that way. Had it been me, she would have never left my sight seeing as she already had red flags about the Mexicans!! I think he was under extreme pressure from his mother and his drug buddies to OFF Lindsay because of what they say she did which was to go to the authorities which resulted in a major drug bust which landed JZ’s buddies behind bars. The snitch must go! who knows if she even went to the authorities at all about the drugs or what she saw. We’ll never know unless someone comes forward or we get lucky and catch a break. We might get lucky and someone in jail might want to stike up a deal for a lighter sentenc.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      There is a main comments section off the main page that is accessed by scrolling down to the comments button and pressing it.
      Lindsay and Jason had lunch at 4:00 at Sauce restaurant so why the dinner urgency with his friend?

      • Kim says:

        Jeff Buziak. I want to first say how extremely sad I am for your tragic loss of your absolutely beautiful daughter. Her murder definitely impacted me when I heard it on the news. I live in Cloverdale, BC. I want to tell you that when I watched Jason on Dateline there were a number of tell tale signs of his absolute without a doubt guilt and lies he tried to spin. I worked for a criminal lawyer for 10 yrs and after reviewing evidence and human behaviour from a lot murders my boss was handling I can break it all down for u as to what I saw and have read about Jason. The evidence is as follows:
        1. Last person to be with Lindsay;
        2. In a relationship with Lindsay;
        3. He provided made up details about what happened that night. He’s the only one who could manipulate the truth and provide false accounts.
        4. Eyes 👀 were always shifty while relaying evidence while being interviewed by Dateline.
        5. His account that Lindsay said Mexicans where coming to view the home did not sound like something she wud have said. Meaning “Mexicans”. Why wud anyone label clients like that. Sounds out of character for her. Jason’s attempt to steer cops in a different direction. No one to cooberate his account of what Lindsay said.
        6. While be interviewed by Dateline and he said he went right upstairs and found her. Seems an unusual place to start looking for someone. My first thought would be kitchen or living room or den. Check out the 1st floor first. Also his body language when he was at the bottom of the stairs they lead to the 2nd floor and he looked up. There was an odd look on his face. Not one look of sadness or grief.
        7. You can most definitely pass a polygraph test even if u r lying. This is why polygraphs are not used as evidence. Not a pure science
        8. Your comment is bang on. He just had food st Sayce why the urgency to meet a friend for dinner.
        9. This was a personal issue just by the fact that she was stabbed. The killer wanted to make it known he was angry at her.
        10. He sees strange people but doesn’t go in the house to check on Lindsay.
        11. He’s the key to solving your daughter’s murder. His mother is another person involved.

        Jeff I wholeheartedly pray for justice for Lindsay. Don’t ever think that all of us out here want to see her killers locked up and off the streets. The cops r inept and blindsided by their own one tracked thinking. your beautiful daughter may she Rest In Peace and I pray justice comes soon very soon. God Bless you and your family 🙏🏻✝️

  23. J D graham says:

    I find it curious how jason could of passed a polygraph test if he was involved in lindsay’s murder? I’ve taken a few polygraph tests in my days in law enforcement and getting away with a lie under that kind of pressure would be very very difficult if not impossible. If he infact was involved with the planning of lindsay’s murder we would first need to address how he passed that poly with flying colors? If anyone has taken a polygraph test and tried to be deceitful you would know how tough it is to get away with a massive lie such as the one jason would have had to have told during that polygraph test. If anyone can present a clear explanation backed up with fact and not speculation I would love to hear it. Please don’t get me wrong folks, Im 100% possitive that jason was absolutely involved with the murder of beautiful lindsay, no question at all. Im just puzzled how he passed that polygraph test. Having been in law enforcement I know how difficult it is to get away with a lie when everyone thinks you’re guilty unless you’re not guilty and telling the truth. When my wife died of natural causes the police looked at me as public enemy #1 and the first thing I offered to do is take a polygraph test so they could check me off their list as the one who might have killed my wife even though she died of natural causes. The autopsy would have eventually determined her actual cause of death but in the mean time all eyes were on me. So when I was hooked up my heart was beating like a drum because I thought I would fail the test even though I had nothing to do with her death but if I had of been involved with her death I would have failed with flying colors. I did however pass the poly and they ruled me out right away. Bottom line here is this, when you are steeped in deception and guilt it’s virtually impossible to pass a polygraph test unless you are practiced in deception and 100% in control of your thoughts and emotions. After seeing jason’s interviews during the Dateline episode I truly doubt JZ could have gotten away with such a massive lie like the one he would have had to have told. He would have failed for sure not to mention if he was involved, (which he was) a polygraph test would have been the last thing he would have wanted to take even though it would have ruled him out as having something to do with her murder. Having said all that, knowing he was involved along with many others, like his mom, how did he pull off the ultimate lie on his polygraph test? Let me leave you with this, in the eight years of law enforcement, I NEVER saw anyone beat the polygraph test and that included new recruits that tried to lie about their checkered past. we tell them, be honest and you’ll pass, however they always got caught in a lie 100% of the time. Let me correct myself when I said NEVER, there was this one case where a man killed his wife but passed a polygraph test not once but twice! He was off our radar for 2 years until we got a break in the case and found some new dna which put him at the sceen of the crime when he said he wasn’t there. It can be done but it takes one COOL CAT to do it. Let me know your thoughts.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      There is a main comments section off the main page you can find by scrolling down to a comments button and pressing it to access everyone’s comments.
      The Saanich police DO NOT always tell the truth is my experience with them and I do not believe Saanich police are telling us the truth about the polygraph interviews. To catch bad people police can’t always tell the truth. There is trickery involved in solving a crime but unfortunately Saanich police aren’t that tricky as we see with 11 years passing with no arrests. A few dummies are making Saanich police out to be idiots by getting away with Murder in Saanich!

    • Kaverlro says:

      Maybe he should do a independent test, outside of that sannich rats nest, Ive grown up around criminals, have buddies that I used to hang with that are in the drug trade, when your dealing millions and it’s a small town and its not un common for for ppl to know each other. Sometimes you need a honest guy that’s street wise and go outside the law. Cause Mr Buziak isn’t gonna get any justice in Sannich, unless half that department is canned. It smells so rotten, I can smell it from Vancouver.

    • Emily says:

      Sociopaths pass polygraphs all the time. People who can calm their nerves and heart rate can also pass a polygraph

      • stirner says:

        The wikipedia article on polygraph cites a former russian spy who claims that he was trained that the way to beat polygraphs is to be as friendly as possible to the person administering the test. The polygraph is ‘interpreted’ by the person administering the test, that’s the person who decides if someone passes or fails, so if that person likes you or seems to be on your side, you will very likely pass.

      • stirner says:

        Regarding my previous comment: I said that the person taking the polygraph test would likely pass if the person administering the test liked the test taker, but there are other reasons someone administering the test might be biased. For example, the people who administer polygraph tests work closely with law enforcement, which means that the results of the polygraphs they perform are very likely to match whatever theories the police have. And if the particular results of a polygraph may serve to possibly embarrass the police then those are probably not the kind of results that are going to occur.

    • Girl says:

      A pathological liar Would be able to pass because they no longer believe they are lying. Whatever they say becomes their truth

    • MJG says:

      J D GRAHAM: WHAT IF the questions asked to JS during the polygraph test WERE NOT pertaining to the murder at all? What if they were basic questions such as: his name is, he lives at, he works at …etc??? Silly questions easy enough to be truthful???? Therefore, it would be possible for JS to pass this test quite easily…… the SPD knows what questions were asked at the time of this polygraph. Has the SPD ever given proof of the results or the actual questions asked during the test?? …NO…it’s confidential they would say! ……it is questionable how JS could have passed and along with his family who passed the same test! IT IS VERY INTERESTING….it is definitely NOT CLEAR for Mr. Buziak along with his family which had no other choice but to take the SPD word for it!!!??? QUESTIONABLE INDEED!!!
      To clear their name, the SPD should permit the family to perform a second polygraph test , done by a well known reputable professional, that has no connection with the SPD and certainly NOT REFERRED by the SPD, and kept top secret from the SPD about who they are and have these professional agents conduct their own mild and strong questions……and then, compare them with the previous SPD tests (if they still have them)! Also, the ZAILOS SHOULD encourage this to be done in order to “CLEAR THEIR NAME” once and for all ….BUT AGAIN…IT MUST BE KEPT TOP SECRET WHO WILL PERFORM THE TEST ALONG WITH THE QUESTIONS…..a professional company that cannot be infiltrated by the SPD or the ZAILOS connections! Tough job to accomplish…but it can be done!

    • Nano says:

      Green River Killer passed polygraph…he was let go and continued killing for many years to come..just saying. Psychopaths, apparently, don’t find polygraphs that challenging…

  24. Walter says:

    Jason, his mother, these thug drug dealers…all are guilty.

  25. mark says:

    This is plain and simple that the drug bust was related. i mean jason knew the people busted! theu rented from his mom. they may have thought she snitched even though she didnt.

  26. Andrew says:

    Funny how in the interview Jason’s mother had to point out that just the day before her and Lindsay “took a walk” and Lindsay said that she was afraid of Matt. Like she’s just pushing it off on him for no reason. I say Jason’s mother had a lot to do with it as well as Jason. Total cover up. Also, when Jason pulled up how come he never saw another vehicle in the driveway of the house? How in such a fancy neighborhood like that, nobody had any security cameras anywhere? A neighbor, building, surrounding businesses?
    According to dateline the murder happened between 6:38 to 6:41. Jason happened to show up and see two “figures” in the window and waited along the side of the house for 10min. But somehow didn’t see anyone leave the house or drive away before he walked up to the locked front door and when he got in the place was empty except for Lindsay. Dateline said she was stabbed multiple times, there would have been blood everywhere and all over whoever killed her, there would have been at least a trail. Look more into Jason and especially his mother, things just aren’t adding up here

    • Bubba says:

      Brand new houses not occupied at the time. No cams directly there. 2008 perhaps some form of cctv cams at houses back then but unlikely. Murder happened at 5:40pm & jason waited .20 minutes after her death to breach the home. He showed up 10-15 mins late. Said he only saw shadows thru door window & adjacent door windows. Then said he saw male perp exit front door momentarily only to go back in. Alone also w/o the female.

  27. Hope says:

    Just watched this OWN as well. To me it’s completely obvious Jason is 100% guilty and set up the murder of Lindsay. It’s proven he was close friends and hockey buddies with Ziggy who got popped on a huge drug bust. And that Jason’s mom was Ziggys landlady. Jason and or his mom was aware of the drugs. Lindsay found out and was killed to keep her silent. Jason obviously knowing what house she was showing that night told the people he paid where she’d be. And him showing up but he doesn’t park in front of the house or in the driveway but parks and waits around the corner out of view was a alibis for him so he wouldn’t be able to claim he saw the “clients/killers. If he was so worried that her clients would think he was the meddling boyfriend as he stated than why did he even go over there? And having his friend in tow was either another alibis he set up, and this friend was truly innocent & unknowning that he was being used to prove Jason couldn’t of been the killer OR Jason’s friend was another sleeze ball friend like Ziggy who was in on the rouse, knew the murder was going to happen and was happy to come along for the ride to help prove Jason couldn’t of done it. I wonder if the police ever checked Jason’s cell records. I bet when he was texting her saying I’ll be there in 10-15 min than texts again saying I’m just a couple min away, that he was also texting the killers so that they would be aware that it was Go time. Than Jason conveniently parking around the corner and he doesn’t approach the house for 10-15 min. I’m sure he received a text from his hired killers that the deed was done and he could now pretend to be the panicked caring boyfriend. Is it just me? The seems so glaringly obvious ?!?!

  28. Jacqueline says:

    Just watched the show on OWN and Jason has to be the killer. I don’t understand why the police didn’t check his phone and bank records. He could have parked infront of the house or driveway since there wasn’t another car and instead he parked around the corner so he wouldn’t “see” the suspects. He planned his alibi … he probably knew she was going to leave him for the ex. I would take a medium to the house and try to solve the mystery that way.

  29. thugger says:

    word on the streets man got paid ten k to do it

    • Donald Kimble says:

      care to expand your answer and what else u know

    • Laurie says:

      This is just another attempt of BS to try to put reasonable doubt out there, because JZ is going to be found out soon enough as to being the one behind it! He killed Lindsay then put his alibi in place! All staged to protect his timelline .No murders perfect. Something always finds the killer out! It’s just a matter of time.

  30. Donald Kimble says:

    What does ziggy have to do with the murder – did he do it? How do we not know that Jason did not partake in the killing as well. Who’s to say once lured inside the killers were already there inside waiting as she arrived early for the showing and then dragged into the upstairs.

  31. Madeline Ohenry says:

    Jason is guilty as sin. His mother may also have a hand in this and not just the fact that she’s obviously covering for her smarmy son.

  32. Letskissthenightaway says:

    My question is… How tall is Jason’s mom?? competition?? They said likely 2 ppl was involved.. And come on now Jason arrives door is locked Shit my boyfriend would of kicked that damn door down.. Then Jason said well i arrived but didn’t go in didn’t want them to think anything about her boyfriend showing up.. Shit mine would of not care what they thought.. He would of came right in… Im telling you i think 100% Jason was involved & 87% his mother was involved.. Just my thought.. I think mom Shirley Zailo was the damn killer.. And one of these damn guys pic above helped.. And that is why Jason didn’t enter house when he 1st got there.. And of course friend that jumped fence knew what happened before hand.. I mean come on now.. Shit

  33. Jan says:

    Why are the addresses of these people on here? That’s odd information to make public.

  34. r says:

    If they did it why are none being nigger raped in Canadian prison

  35. Mommy of 3 says:

    I also believe it was that family That murdered that beautiful young lady!! They probably thought she would run her mouth if she broke up with Jason and they wasn’t having it!!

  36. Damon says:

    Those who did this will pay with their very souls and what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul. Forever is Forever with no end.

  37. Jason Zailo says:

    Jason totally planned the murder of Lindsay. What a scumbag

  38. Jason says:

    Murder of Lindsay was carefully setup, and planned by Jason.

  39. iKnow says:

    straight up posting peoples addresses. GG

  40. Ace Ventura says:

    Yeah they all did it…bunch of real winners!

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