Lindsay Buziak Murder




Zachary Scott Matheson aka ZIGGY

ziggy house

Ziggy formerly lived at 2768 Claude Road, Langford, BC – Landlord was Shirley Zailo



ZIGGY’S CAPTAIN Brent Moreland




Ryan Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend –  3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Jason Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend – 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Shirley Zailo, 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC – former owner/Landlord at 2768 Claude Road, ZIGGY Matheson 


Brad Hickford –  Ziggy lawyer
Lawfirm for the above:
Bradley L. Hickford
1028 Fort St  Suite 203
Victoria, BC  V8V 3K4
Shirley claimed her family had no ties to Zachary Matheson but pictures don’t lie.
ryan and ziggy
Ziggy and Ryan Zailo
jason and ziggy
Ziggy and Jason Zailo
The Benders Victoria with murdering drug dealer Ziggy “Charlie Manson” Matheson.
Major drug haul, multiple arrests in bust at Langford residence.
Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit — known as the province’s anti-gang force — said the two men, a 37-year-old Langford resident and a 27-year-old man from Saanich, are believed to be high-level drug traffickers on southern Vancouer Island.
Houghton said it was especially disturbing to police that the residence searched on Claude Road is in an especially populous area near family homes and adjacent to a daycare.
UPDATE: February 18, 2014
Charges Laid in large Langford drug bust

Charges have been announced for two suspects arrested in a large drug bust last June in Langford, which police say made a significant impact on the area’s drug trade.

Zachary Scott Matheson, a 36-year-old Langford man, now faces four counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, while Ali Arash Ziaee, a 26-year-old Saanich man, will be tried for one count of possession of a controlled substance and four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The pair were originally arrested by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. following the search of an apartment in the 2700-block of Peatt Road on June 6, 2013. Two more search warrants were executed on the same day, one in Saanich and one in Langford, where a significant amount of drugs were seized.

Police estimate the street value of the drugs seized to be over $500,000.

“They’re believed to supply middle men in the drug industry here on Vancouver Island,” said CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sgt. Lindsey Houghton. “This put a significant dent in the drug trade.

“The impact is lasting but of course everyone realizes that when drugs and money are taken off the streets, there’s a void that’s created and the other people who are involved in the criminal drug industry look to fill that void.”

Police say Matheson has a lengthy criminal record for property, drug and violence-related offences and is well known throughout Greater Victoria law enforcement.

CFSEU-BC announced the charges Tueday, Feb. 18. Houghton said the past eight months have been devoted to the investigation, which took some time due to the need to analyze forensic evidence and put together a case for Crown counsel.

During this time the suspects remained free, as they continue to. Both men will appear in Western Communities Courthouse on March 13 at 9 a.m.
Zachary Matheson and Ali Arash Ziaee’s trial is set for 10:00 am, January 25, 2016.  Members of the public welcome.
UPDATE: February 3, 2016

Trial now underway into massive Langford drug bust



  1. Walter says:

    Jason, his mother, these thug drug dealers…all are guilty.

  2. mark says:

    This is plain and simple that the drug bust was related. i mean jason knew the people busted! theu rented from his mom. they may have thought she snitched even though she didnt.

  3. Andrew says:

    Funny how in the interview Jason’s mother had to point out that just the day before her and Lindsay “took a walk” and Lindsay said that she was afraid of Matt. Like she’s just pushing it off on him for no reason. I say Jason’s mother had a lot to do with it as well as Jason. Total cover up. Also, when Jason pulled up how come he never saw another vehicle in the driveway of the house? How in such a fancy neighborhood like that, nobody had any security cameras anywhere? A neighbor, building, surrounding businesses?
    According to dateline the murder happened between 6:38 to 6:41. Jason happened to show up and see two “figures” in the window and waited along the side of the house for 10min. But somehow didn’t see anyone leave the house or drive away before he walked up to the locked front door and when he got in the place was empty except for Lindsay. Dateline said she was stabbed multiple times, there would have been blood everywhere and all over whoever killed her, there would have been at least a trail. Look more into Jason and especially his mother, things just aren’t adding up here

  4. Hope says:

    Just watched this OWN as well. To me it’s completely obvious Jason is 100% guilty and set up the murder of Lindsay. It’s proven he was close friends and hockey buddies with Ziggy who got popped on a huge drug bust. And that Jason’s mom was Ziggys landlady. Jason and or his mom was aware of the drugs. Lindsay found out and was killed to keep her silent. Jason obviously knowing what house she was showing that night told the people he paid where she’d be. And him showing up but he doesn’t park in front of the house or in the driveway but parks and waits around the corner out of view was a alibis for him so he wouldn’t be able to claim he saw the “clients/killers. If he was so worried that her clients would think he was the meddling boyfriend as he stated than why did he even go over there? And having his friend in tow was either another alibis he set up, and this friend was truly innocent & unknowning that he was being used to prove Jason couldn’t of been the killer OR Jason’s friend was another sleeze ball friend like Ziggy who was in on the rouse, knew the murder was going to happen and was happy to come along for the ride to help prove Jason couldn’t of done it. I wonder if the police ever checked Jason’s cell records. I bet when he was texting her saying I’ll be there in 10-15 min than texts again saying I’m just a couple min away, that he was also texting the killers so that they would be aware that it was Go time. Than Jason conveniently parking around the corner and he doesn’t approach the house for 10-15 min. I’m sure he received a text from his hired killers that the deed was done and he could now pretend to be the panicked caring boyfriend. Is it just me? The seems so glaringly obvious ?!?!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Just watched the show on OWN and Jason has to be the killer. I don’t understand why the police didn’t check his phone and bank records. He could have parked infront of the house or driveway since there wasn’t another car and instead he parked around the corner so he wouldn’t “see” the suspects. He planned his alibi … he probably knew she was going to leave him for the ex. I would take a medium to the house and try to solve the mystery that way.

  6. thugger says:

    word on the streets man got paid ten k to do it

    • Donald Kimble says:

      care to expand your answer and what else u know

    • Laurie says:

      This is just another attempt of BS to try to put reasonable doubt out there, because JZ is going to be found out soon enough as to being the one behind it! He killed Lindsay then put his alibi in place! All staged to protect his timelline .No murders perfect. Something always finds the killer out! It’s just a matter of time.

  7. Donald Kimble says:

    What does ziggy have to do with the murder – did he do it? How do we not know that Jason did not partake in the killing as well. Who’s to say once lured inside the killers were already there inside waiting as she arrived early for the showing and then dragged into the upstairs.

  8. Madeline Ohenry says:

    Jason is guilty as sin. His mother may also have a hand in this and not just the fact that she’s obviously covering for her smarmy son.

  9. Letskissthenightaway says:

    My question is… How tall is Jason’s mom?? competition?? They said likely 2 ppl was involved.. And come on now Jason arrives door is locked Shit my boyfriend would of kicked that damn door down.. Then Jason said well i arrived but didn’t go in didn’t want them to think anything about her boyfriend showing up.. Shit mine would of not care what they thought.. He would of came right in… Im telling you i think 100% Jason was involved & 87% his mother was involved.. Just my thought.. I think mom Shirley Zailo was the damn killer.. And one of these damn guys pic above helped.. And that is why Jason didn’t enter house when he 1st got there.. And of course friend that jumped fence knew what happened before hand.. I mean come on now.. Shit

  10. Jan says:

    Why are the addresses of these people on here? That’s odd information to make public.

  11. r says:

    If they did it why are none being nigger raped in Canadian prison

  12. Mommy of 3 says:

    I also believe it was that family That murdered that beautiful young lady!! They probably thought she would run her mouth if she broke up with Jason and they wasn’t having it!!

  13. Damon says:

    Those who did this will pay with their very souls and what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul. Forever is Forever with no end.

  14. Jason Zailo says:

    Jason totally planned the murder of Lindsay. What a scumbag

  15. Jason says:

    Murder of Lindsay was carefully setup, and planned by Jason.

  16. iKnow says:

    straight up posting peoples addresses. GG

  17. Ace Ventura says:

    Yeah they all did it…bunch of real winners!

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