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  1. Nicole says:

    I feel like the boyfriend had something to do with it. If I told my husband that I needed him to meet me at work because I was scared to walk outside alone(in this case sacred of the ppl seeking the house) MY HUSBAND IS GOING TO COME STRAIGHT INTO THE HOUSE ONCE HE ARRIVES!!! HES NOT GOING TO WAIT IN HIS CAR OUTSIDE! WHATS THE SENSE OF WAITING OUTSIDE IF I TOLD YOU THAT IM AFRAID OF THESE PEOPLE…YOU CANT HELP ME FROM OUTSIDE! THE BOYFRIEND SHOULD HAVE WENT INSIDE THE HOUSE AS SOON AS HE GOT THERE

  2. Pierre says:

    Linday told her Dad in Dec while in Calgary that she saw Something that scared her but would not tell her Dad what it was.

    My theory is there are a link between what she saw or heard and the Disappearance of Kyle MacDonald from Shawnigan Lake who disappeared in Aug 07, has he was meeting some clients in Vancouver and simply vanished.
    Shawnigan Lake is the place where Lindsay and her boyfriend lived prior to going back to Victoria.

  3. I haven’t read the entire thread, but did police communicate with the investigators on the drug case to see if she actually talked to them? Praying for you and your family. My daddy loved me as much as you love Lindsay and I know how painful life is without him. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Stay strong for your girl, and know there are good people out here praying for answers and justice.

  4. Lambo Smooth says:

    I know who know who killed Lindsay. I been doing real estate for 10 years in New York.

    • Joseph says:

      Great news for this co conspirator BC is currently strengthening the safety for people who become witness for trials. There have now been 2 more local occultist become born again Christians. The safety in numbers is starting to reverse. Better to confess before an arrest. Better chance of a judge granting a publication ban .

    • Daisy says:

      Lambo Smooth, Are you sure? Why don’t you go to the police?

    • Robin says:

      Gee Lambo Smooth
      Have you told anyone other than this blog that you know who murdered Lindsay? If not I suggest you eml Lindsay’s Dad
      It’s been 11 yrs now and arrests are way overdue, please do the right thing and help Lindsay and her family.

  5. Lauren Ferguson says:

    Mr. Buziak let me first say how terribly sorry I am for your loss . Your strength, dedication and devotion to your daughter is extraordinary . I think we all know who hatched the plan, carried it out and committed this heinous act.
    It breaks my heart and you are in my thoughts as are Lindsey‘s entire family .
    Thank you for your transparency and diligence in getting this crime solved.

  6. Mark says:

    She was privy to information dealing with her boyfriend and boyfriend’s mom’s illegal dealings. When she started to let it be known that she was going to break off the relationship, she became a risk. Her boyfriend went about establishing an alibi prior to the attack, texting from different cell towers, calling numerous people, riding over with a guy from the office… Then he parks far away from the actual house? He was involved, he knew what was happening. You bring a guy over with you because you are nervous about her meeting, but you arrive late and then don’t park in front of the house or go inside when you arrive? How were you there to protect her? You went out of your way not to protect her. You were there to find the body and create a phoney suspect ID.

  7. Daisy says:

    I really feel the boyfriend has something to do with it. Even though he didn’t commit the murder himself, I think he planned it! I see something in his eyes, like a spark of wanting to laugh while he’s interviewed. Also, why didn’t he get inside the house as soon as he got there? It seemed that she wanted him there for the showing, even if he was late, she was probably expecting him to go inside the house as soon as he got there, not wait outside!

  8. elisabethvon says:

    That dress looks like a Max Mara design to me – or a knockoff of Max Mara.

  9. Betty Jo Pringle says:

    I’m concerned that the IPS address linked to creating the phone number was not investigated thoroughly. In order to obtain a fictitious number online there is an IPS ADDRESS. Although the phone was never used again doesn’t mean initially they didn’t have hits on where the phone was used. What type of vehicle were the couple in? The current boyfriend at the time did not see a fleeing vehicle being as though he seen two bodies through the glass door? Did the coroner clean under her fingernails for DNA? Also because the story said she was an up and coming realtor there could have been jealous competition. To stab someone that’s personal! This man and woman didn’t get anything out of the deal.

  10. asewalson says:

    I don’t understand why the police aren’t seeking the help of outside investigators. How frustrating for the family 😦

    • Miranda says:

      I think they should get cold justice to help. To they have solved cases over 20 years old.this case should be solved by now to me it’s clearly laid out.her boyfriend and his mom should have been arrested . something about this just makes my heart so heavy.

  11. Not the one your looking for!! says:

    I really hope it wasn’t a trill kill, that’s just sick!! How could anyone wanna kill someone for a thrill

  12. Michelle says:

    I just watched the Dateline interview and here’s a thought. Why don’t the police try to find the owner of the dress!?? The witness said she noticed the dress and the lady wearing it with short blond hair. Then show the witness all the dee’s and see if she recognizes anyone . It’s been 10 years and my heart goes out to Lindsay’s family and friends. My prayers are with them that the bastards are finally caught!

    • Susi says:

      They said she probably wore that dress to distract from noticing more important facts.
      It’s an unusual pattern. How many were made in the world? Maybe could be painstaking but I would hunt it down who bought it.
      It is puzzling why someone who was suppose to be there at the house to protect his girlfriend, then was late plus park his car away from house . I never found out if neighbors had security cameras. Someone in the neighorhood should had one .

  13. Julie says:

    One other theory… and I really hope it isn’t this because that would make it that much more difficult to solve… I’ve seen and read about sick or twisted individuals who would get a thrill from planning and committing the perfect murder. In order to do that, they would have to have no actual connection to the victim. The only motive would be the thrill of it. (wasn’t there a movie about two guys who met on a train and each was going to kill the other’s wife because they’d never be tied to it due to absolutely no connection?) I hope this isn’t the case but it could be. All of the comments on here who think it was the boyfriend… don’t forget there is footage of him somewhere else at the time of the killing.

    Again, I am so sorry for the family. My only daughter is close to the age Lindsay was and I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of your pain!

    • Amber says:

      That’s true that they do have footage of his whereabouts before leading up to him arriving at the house.. BUT that doesn’t mean, he wasn’t connected to it, in any other type of way.. we know he didn’t do it, but he could’ve very well had someone else to do it!

      • CHARLES F. MOORE says:

        Why target her then? In that case it would probably be somebody upset about the Housing Crisis who targeted a Real Estate Agent.

  14. Julie says:

    I also just watched the Dateline. I’m sure this is far fetched, but did anyone ever look into the then-girlfriend (now wife) of Lindsay’s ex? If she sensed there were unresolved feelings there’s a motive. Just a thought… My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

    • Sherry Ann says:

      I agree with you. There is a motive of jealousy in the boyfriends fear of losing her. She went to her father prior to her demise and said that she was confused and had feelings for her ex still. Her current boyfriend at the time Jason Zailo doesn’t seem to me that he was there to help her. He failed her. I am just going on my own instincts, I have nothing but sorrow for all of her loved ones. I pray they get the killers and planners like that Ziggy slime ball friend of the Zailo family, may they rot in hell after dying slow and agonizingly.

  15. John Dozier says:

    I just watched the Dateline episode about this unsolved murder. I hope everyone is praying as I am that police solve this and get justice for her and her family and friends. I can not imagine how difficult it must be for them to have waited over 10 years now with nobody held accountable. God please help those investigating solve this.

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