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  1. I was just sorting photos and found a jacket that I purchased overseas (like a long time ago) It reminds me of the type of dress/skirt she was wearing (pink sleeves, black down the sides white in the front with a black collar) could send a picture if you think it might help as I didn’t buy the skirt I just wanted the jacket….

  2. TJ says:

    The boyfriend was supposed to be there since she felt uncomfortable. Why did he think just sitting in his car would make her feel more comfortable? He is in the business so he should have easily went into the house as soon as he got there

  3. Katharine Vernon says:

    Listened to the “Murder in my Family” podcast about Lindsey today. What a lovely girl you raised. Your strength is amazing, and admirable. As a mom of two little girls I could only imagine how angry you feel. I can tell this is fuelling your fight. I hope this will be resolved soon.

  4. Tara says:

    I heard you on the podcast “The Murder in my Family” today Mr. Buziak and I am so sorry for your loss and frustration. I can’t even imagine how devastated and frustrated you must be. There will be justice, there has to be. You are a wonderful father, and advocate. As a daughter myself, I wouldn’t expect anything less from my wonderful Dad 😉 Keep it up and don’t give up.

  5. escapefromjaredkushnerstan says:

    Someone MUST remember such a cheap, butt-ugly dress.

  6. How hard could it be to contact stores in the BC area about a very unusual dress such as this.

    • Patrick says:

      That’s my question…also the killers had to do what Jason friend did…climb the fence with one of them helping out…there is so many discrepancies im putting it all together as we speak.

  7. Clair says:

    The drawing resembles Shirley Z. Lindsay would have recognized her even in a blond wig. I recognize her even from the drawing. Lindsey must have come across some damaging information that could destroy someone from the Zailo family. Lindsay was silenced making it look like it was a random crime. If there were two people seen meeting Lindsay, why there was no vehicle seen? Did they come to view a house by jogging, or walking? I am shocked the crime was not solved.

    • Patrick says:

      In a city that is blatantly the nosy city and how people talk so much how not one neighbor saw a car vehicle. Especially in an exclusive neighbor hood with my experience anyone who doesn’t belong dressed well or not will catch someone attention…and being it in the evening people were home….no screams? And two people walking around with probably a lot of blood of themselves…it does t make any sense..

    • Katherine w. says:

      Thsts just what I said when I seen it on dateline? That mother did it cause she was done with her son and her real estate business?

      • Marlowe says:

        I think you are forgetting this appointment was set up by someone posing as a Mexican couple. And if she met Mrs Z outside the property even wearing a wig she surely would have recognized her.

    • Katherine w. says:

      Yes she does look like Shirley z?

      • Piper says:

        Yes, I’m curious about their vehicle. Where was it parked, and if I understand correctly, Jason saw them as they were exiting the front door, which is why the couple went back into the home and fled through the patio door/s, leaving it/them open, which is how Jason or his friend was eventually able to gain entry into the house to unlock the front door. (At least that’s what I remember hearing.) If this is accurate, then wasn’t a vehicle (other than Lindsay’s) located nearby the home that Jason was able to observe? After all, he lingered in the development/cul-de-sac(?) for what, 10 minutes or so, and then I believe he moved closer to the house after not receiving a reply from Lindsay. At NO time – while entering the development, while waiting or after he moved – did he NOT notice any vehicle? He’s a realtor, he knows the habits of prospective buyers –
        e.g., where they tend to park when meeting with a realtor to look at a property – UNLESS they AREN’T prospective buyers. In that case, he knew Lindsay was uncomfortable about being alone with these people… Knowing this, one would think he would have been on extra high alert and overly-observant of the surroundings, particularly when he received no reply from Lindsay. No vehicle description? No license plate tag? Even a rental car can be traced to someone – here in the states, you must show your drivers license in order to rent a vehicle.

        I find it hard to be believe that the couple parked soooo far from the house, that neither he or his friend wouldn’t have noticed their car in the area of the house as they were pulling in. It was a corner property, right? There’s only so many places you can park when a house is located on a corner. Forgive me for droning on and on about this one issue, but it’s that ONE glaringly obvious question I have that makes me wonder WHY this case still hasn’t been solved after 10 years! I could see if Jason wasn’t in the area, but WTH? He was RIGHT THERE!!

        I’m sorry. I’m a paralegal (Criminal Defense. Don’t hate me. I’m able to add a different perspective, right?) and my husband, a Police Lieutenant, has 24 years of experience in Law Enforcement. And we BOTH agree, this case has ‘cover-up’ written all over it. Corruption is VERY real, especially when “prominent people” in the community (and from what I heard on a Podcast, I would consider Shirley, her boyfriend and people he is connected to, to be “prominent people”) have ties to the victim. There ARE Chiefs of Police or Detectives, etc., that can/will be influenced and/or intimidated by these prominent people, whether by choice or by force.

        Stay strong, Mr. Buziak, and please know that your Lindsay is with you every minute of the day. Look for the signs she leaves you – please don’t dismiss them as coincidences – they aren’t. Those are signs that Lindsay is there with you. Our loved ones that pass know we struggle so very badly without them, and they leave us little signs so that we know they are still with us. Most people don’t pay attention or they dismiss them as coincidences, but don’t do that. Our loved ones are trying to tell us, “HEY! I’M RIGHT HERE!” and we need to acknowledge them. It’s a comfort that will help your heart when nothing else can.

  8. Braun alley says:

    Guys. This was a hit. A professional hit. The mother is to dumb and stupid and clumsy to do this. Jason is interesting I’m about 50/50 on him. however, I find myself leaning towards another possibility. The reason I believe this was a professional hit was the amount of time to find her, tell her to look for a house in about 24hrs where someone would pay cash, murderd quickly and poof gone. Now if you look at it my way, and this was a professional, then you’d know about her boyfriend and who she works for. You’d know that they’d meet up and talk after. You’d also know that the first person to find her would ultimately be him. So what does the professional killer do?? Make it look personal. Stab her multiple times in the neck, face and head area. If you see where she got stabbed 1 MAYBE 2 stabs killed her quick. All the other wounds were after the fact. It would make sense if this guy was professional and knew about her and her boyfriend and who’d find her. Suspicious also is the police.

    • Patrick says:

      What I’m confused about is this: With being a professional contractor for hits and target assassinations: Yes sending a message would be a possible for sure how ever: Where is all the blood? How did two people leave so quick without anyone noticing blood all over…no finger prints were found even on the fence in the back? as they had to leave that area and do the same of what Jason and is friend did…One of them helped the other over the fence to get in…So the killers must have had to do the same…I say were looking for 3 people. Not just two. Someone had to be there for support. Contrary to popular beliefs, assets such as these from gangs or even government never ever work alone anymore..there is always some sort of escape or support from distant team. To be an assassin the easiest part is killing someone..Its leaving the scene undetected that makers a true assassin. So what did they do to leave so undetected? Don’t you think neighbor would have noticed another vehicle…or notice a “couple” that are hoping over a fence? Did they walk part way to the house and hid their vehicle a few blocks away? And a luxury area like that SOMEONE must have a camera on the door or home…Email me any idea you have…if you feel inclined to do so.

  9. HaHa says:

    Ugly woman.

  10. Myra campbell says:

    My heart is so heavy to think anyone could commit such a horrific act of violence against a beautiful young lady with her whole life ahead of her , I pray that God will bring forth the people or peoples who did this and that just punishment would be carried out , not that it will bring her back but at least the parents and friends could get closer and answers as to why this happened ,, I did not know her but she appears to be a bright intelligent beautiful young lady and I will pray for her parents and also that God will bring forth threw anyone with information to help this be solved ,, God Bless and my deepest regards …. Myra

  11. Donald Kimble says:

    the freakiest thing about this whole thing is that it was probably the mom shirley and her disguised in the blonde wig must’ve paralyzed lindsay with fear – how fucking creepy could that get

    • Jane says:

      Do you think that is possible? Could a blonde wig disguise SZ that much? I’m sure Lindsay would still recognize her. The similarities there are noticeable though.

      • Dave says:

        It was no secret to Lindsay that it was Shirley Zailos wearing the blonde wig. SZ most likely told Lindsay the previous evening while on the walk together, that if Jason couldn’t make it to the showing then she and RZ (or Ross) would be there for Lindsay. Lindsay was not surprised at all because she was told earlier.
        If the neighbour vacated his house as planned, this would give this filth an opportunity to superficially clean up before the cops arrived, and she appeared out of nowhere.
        If you look at the side yard off Torquay, there is no curb at all, and a get away vehicle could be hidden there, backed up to the fence. RZ would have driven away from there.
        Also : I believe it would be easy for SZ to ask RZ for his trenchcoat once inside the house saying she was cold.
        This would be the only protection needed as RZ would have held Lindsay while the old b#@ch did the filthy deed.
        Once done, it would be relatively easy for her to take the jacket off while holding the inside of the sleeves , in effect turning the coat inside out, then quickly folding it and stuffing the jacket into a bag before exiting through the back fence then RZ drove away with the evidence.
        This is the way I see it happening.
        No surprise to Lindsay as she was told earlier by SZ that she would be wearing a wig (for whatever reason, possibly to look different for the Mexicans, or go out somewhere to a party later? Or ?
        Jeff, my apologies for this.
        JZ held a knife towards Lindsay in an earlier photo. This tells the story of what happened to Lindsay and who was responsible.
        The guilt on the faces of these two tells all.
        SPD will not act, but why ???
        SPD have not done their job.
        In fact they seem to have done completely the opposite.
        Clearing three prime suspects implies there is some association or affiliation between these suspects and these investigating officers.
        It also implies that somebody at this detachment is no damn good and is putting the safety of the Victoria public at great risk.
        Mr.Jeff Buziak and his Family will indeed have closure through the perseverance of Canadians who seek the truth regarding Lindsay Buziaks

  12. Rose says:

    I don’t think there was ever a couple on the street outside the house. I think that was false information purposely fed to the police to throw the investigation. I think the boyfriend was in the house when she arrived, alone. He killed her and fled out the back. Possibly, he sent text messages to himself from her phone after she was already deceased.

  13. Jim Higham says:

    Ask yourself this question. How would the mystery women get Linsey’s personal phone number ? Someone who already knew Lindsey, not a former client as the woman told her. Someone who knew her and was involved in realestate, You know like Shirley Zailo or her son, Jason. I understand Shirley Zailo was leasing a house to one of the biggest drug dealers in the area. Connect the dots!

  14. Pete Cole says:

    I just saw the story of this horrible tragedy on ID which illustrates many others like it.
    It truly wrenches my heart, that the forces of evil operate in this world. We all lose so much because of it. But to all, whether you commit evil, or do good in the sight of God the Creator, know this….
    No matter where you go, there you are.
    All will be Judged beyond the Earth, and
    A reckoning will come for those who embrace evil… May your heart find courage and peace.

  15. Larry says:

    I also saw the Dateline episode. Having worked in real estate I know how contentious and competitive it can get: even litigious. So, it could have a rival in real estate, or someone who lost out on a deal or a listing and then embarked on a very personal way of getting even. The murder was very well planned and the planner knew what buttons to push to get an agents interest going. Cash buyer who has to buy a $1 million plus listing within two days. The only flaw in this potential plan is knowing they can isolate her in a lockbox listing. This was the very first appointment on a tour and the risk of discovery increases with each property on the tour. So the killer would have to know which were the lockbox listings and pick that one first. This suggest to me that another agent could be behind this because who but someone else in the business woud hit upon this scenario. If it was another agent they could already be in the property waiting before the accomplices arrive with Lindsay. Who would profit from her death? A rival with the same or a different company. Who inherited her listings? Who did she have dealings with where something contentious happened? A lot of commission is involved in these real estate transactions and it seems from the episode that this likely motive was not followed up on at all.

    • LKHR says:

      This quick real estate coup was supposed to be LB’s first big break. She was considering letting go of her current boyfriend and sounds like carried a torch for former bf. How much real estate competition did she have? Would a realtor in a dress stab her repeatedly in the breast implants?? I just don’t see it.

      • Larry says:

        Hi LKHR,

        Having worked in Real Estate myself, people who screw you over are an occupational hazard. Someone she had dealings with could have had a grudge over a previous deal and might have wanted her out of the picture. The cover story is highly plausible although perhaps a bit too good to be true and seems likely with its elaborateness that it was concocted by someone in the business including picking a house with a lockbox. I do not know where you got the idea of someone with breast implants from. This was an elaborate ruse involving two people even having it be a couple to put aside suspicions that might occur if the caller had been a guy. The fact there was a woman might make her feel more secure about the tour.

  16. Jason says:

    Just saw on dateline. Find out every person who purchased that dress the killer was wearing. Comb through every one of them.

  17. Margaret says:

    I just saw the episode on Dateline ID and I get the impression that Jason’s mother could be involved. She is the only person who states that Lindsay was afraid of her ex. Someone also stated that she planned to leave Jason after several deals closed. Considering she worked for his mother this was just insult to injury.

    • Tamara says:

      First of all, anyone can figure out that all cash offer is more attractive than waiting on a loan…so that’s not important. It only shows the people were probably not juvenilles. Which is clear they aren’t.
      One thing that isn’t mentioned, is how her sales compared to the other agents. Was she cut throat? Did she use her assets(looks and charm) to lure clients away from experienced realtors?
      These are questions that need answers.
      Also the xboyfriend’s mom. I clearly think she didn’t do it. I think she definately lied to protect her son. She did such a poor job of it I don’t think she could of pulled off this crime. But making fun of her looks
      is just mean. The location was secluded, and they worked quickly and got out. I think its soneone in the real estate World, and I would start checking criminal records of spouses, ex spouses of agents. Family back grounds etc… This was a disgruntled jealous coworker in my opinion..
      I’m just saying…
      My heart breaks for her parents and loved ones…

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