Lindsay Buziak Murder







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  1. Bala says:

    Her boy friend kill

  2. Raj says:

    My hearty Condolences Justice Needed For Lindsay

    1) We need to track her full travel history was she made before one month of the crime scene occurred.
    2) Connecting the Dots to whom ever she have in contact with in canada and for what reason??.
    3) she was met her fried in canada and he was a drug dealer and may be asked Lindsay help but she may refused and after he get caught due to some reasons, so for what reason she met him and what conversation was up and his arrest for illegal supplies of drugs was happened. he might think she may be the reason for it and order his people to kill her, then new mobile was purchased in same canada and registered with false identity on some days before her death.
    4) please check the date of that comment August 19 2017 at 11:30 A.M time stab which you received from the stranger in this website regarding your daughter case, and check for that arrested drug dealer persons was released before that commented date or not….? in that comment he leaves a clue as that stupid cops never prove it? So Cops may be doing favor and acting like they are seriously working on it.

  3. Sandy says:

    I believe Lindsay “saw” something that could link Jason and his evil Mother to the drug bust. Not a coincidence that she owned the house of a major drug dealer but had nothing to do with it. When the truth comes out, it will all be connected! I also believe there is a pay off to the police or someone in that department is involved…. that’s why they are not pursuing this case!

  4. geenkaroo says:

    Anyone know the brand of that dress?

  5. geenkaroo says:

    Jason said, “Let’s go check on Lindsay”???
    Then he knew she was in danger. He waited to long to go to mommy! Coward. This detective with 3 jobs…trucks, millionaire, cop? Looks like he’s keeping his cop job for control instead of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the drug business also.

  6. Sara says:

    I really hope this stays active. I also REALLY want Shirley questioned in some kind of formal way. I don’t think we need to worry though. Usually time goes by and new detectives come in and try to solve cold cases. Justice will be served. Hang in there.

  7. westcoastslide4 says:

    WOW ! ! !



    Victoria, B. C.

  8. westcoastslide4 says:

    This So – Called …Murder Investigation is Completely….“ Bogus ” ! ! !

    It was Obviously an “ Inside Job ” & for the Saanich Police….NOT BEING ABLE TO SOLVE IT….IS UNBELIEVABLE ! ! !

    The Saanich Police Needs to Step Down, Immediately & Allow another Organization to Actually….INVESTIGATE ! ! !

    Shame on You….Saanich Police….Shame on You ! ! !

    Victoria, B. C.

  9. Brian says:

    I was just listening to late night talk show with Drex and heard jeff talk about the murder and it sounds like the police aren’t doing their job. My question is why aren’t the R.C.M.P. involved. I remember back in 1990 when a police offer in the town I live in was murdered that our town police at the time had the O.P.P in taking over so why can’t the R.C.M.P. do something. Also couldn’t Jeff get a lawyer to get the file from the police so he could see what if anything is going on?
    Also for anyone reading this for future I watched a show called Longmire and in this episode this girl was hitch hiking but before she got into anyone’s car she would take a picture on her cell phone and send it to a friend or family member so if she ended up dead there would be a picture to show the police. This seams like a really good idea. So maybe if anyone else is in realistate they should start taking pictures of there clients and send them to someone they know and trust so this type of thing can’t happen again.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Ugh….I just watched this on the ID channel. I had to leave for work before I found out who murdered her. Got to work and googled her name and was sad to find out that no one has been caught yet. Heartbreaking for her family.

  11. Brandy Stokes says:

    I think it has something to do with her real estate profession, whether it was someone who was jealous of her rise or she uncovered some fraud going on-the police should definitely look in that direction. It is amazing at how the composite drawing resembles the mother’s photo. I do think it was a woman who hired someone to kill her. A man could kill her himself but a woman, especially if she didn’t feel she could take on Lindsay physically, would hire someone. The mother of the boyfriend says that she and Lindsay went on a walk 24 hours before her death and Lindsay was confiding in her. Maybe the mother knew Lindsay was getting ready to leave her son or maybe Lindsay uncovered her mother in law defrauding the company they work for! It’s either the mother in law or someone else in the real estate profession but it definitely has to do with real estate!

  12. William Gilland says:

    What is behind the house? Empty lot or other homes? Was there a fence in back? How did a woman in a dress and maybe heels get over a fence and walk thru someone’s back yard and not be seen?

    • Alex martin says:

      I’ve seen my girlfriend pop her heels off and carry them sometimes. But I agree. Hoping fences Or squeezing through lose planks is something that’s a little hard to imagine doing as an adult.

  13. Alex Martin says:

    So I’m sure this must have been investigated already. But if the “murder phone” didn’t get to the island till the day of or before the murder, wouldn’t the killers be causght on camera at the airport or ferry terminal? Even if there were 4000 people those days, I would think the presses of elimination of suspects would be moderately fast considering we have an approximate age and build of the female. Especially if the female was wearing that same dress.

  14. Jena says:

    did they investigate the previous buyers that the “potential buyers” said they got lindsay’s number from? they could’ve had something to do with something and they made themselves unreachable.

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