Lindsay Buziak Murder







5 responses to “Photos

  1. VICKI LOZANO says:

    I just watched this on Crime Watch Daily in the states. I can’t believe they have ruled out the boyfriend. I agree with Tom why did he directly go upstairs?? How did he know to look up there first ? The police need to start asking him these questions. Get this solved so her father can have some peace. Nine years is ridiculous for him to still not know who did this henous crime.

  2. Sara says:

    Has anyone thought that this might be work related?

    • Bella says:

      I was just thinking the same thing !! Was Lindsey getting more clients ? More sales ? I wonder if they’ve tried that angle .

  3. Tom says:

    This is so obvious to me a plan that the boyfriend pulled off, because Lindsay was scared enough to tell her boyfriend to back her up and the boyfriend comvietly does not show up in time and let’s her show the house without back up. Then the boyfriend goes right up the stairs to the murder spot without searching first floor, has anyone searched her boyfriends cell phone records and last few days records of boyfriend before the murder?

  4. Charles reinhart says:

    In 1998 a young couple was beaten to death with a hammer in there apartment on jubilee st ,they had a boat and many cars,and sea doos,the were involved in drugs many professionals are subtly involved in bulk drugs,and many real criminals resent that,also b.c. is listed as one of the most corrupt places on earth and cautioned not to invest there,without drugs b.c. would look like mexico city,drugs supports the largest part of the economy,that and wrongful convictions that is

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