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  1. Selena says:

    This is extremely sad. So sorry for the families loss. She was a beautiful girl going somewhere in life. It does seem like a targeted hit. when she shook their hands was there no DNA. I’m guessing they had gloves on. Any possibility her boyfriend was having an affair and it was the other woman?

  2. Jim Higham says:

    If Lindsay’s murder was a hit why was she stabbed over times? That sounds like it was personal.

  3. Carole says:

    I just watched the dateline episode of her murder. There was a witness that said they saw her shake hands with a man and a woman at the entrance to the house. Was there any information on the vehicle they were driving? They didn’t drive to the property with the Realtor if they were shaking hands in the driveway. If the boyfriend pulled up to the house and saw people through the front door did he also see another car besides Lindsay’s car? Did I miss details about the suspects’ car situation? So sad for the family to not have answers. I can’t imagine the pain.

  4. Jason says:

    I just saw the show on Dateline. I personally do not think the people that did it had any personal connection to Lindsey. With it being a man and woman, I believe it was a wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend with an extremely twisted idea of setting up and carrying out a murder. They certainly planned it but were not professional so it wasn’t a hit. They panicked at the door when her boyfriend pulled up and escaped as soon as he left. I do wonder if any other realtors at that time got any similar requests via phone for a showing? It is like they were attempting to mask their accents as well. Perhaps they even used different accents when contacting other realtors. My thoughts are with the family and friends of Lindsey and I hope the people responsible are brought to justice.

  5. Rai says:

    Lindsay is thinking about breaking up with Jason, being a professional she brings it up with Shirley, most likely in hopes it won’t affect her workplace relationships. No one can hurt her precious boy. So they act and end a beautiful life. That’s my unfortunate theory. That Police Department needs to get some justice served cold to them fast. Jeff reminds me of my father and it broke my heart to see him speak of this tragedy. Stay strong, sir.

  6. cathy albert says:

    Cops wont arrest boyfriend and mother because they are probably their connection to the drug gangs. They have something on someone.

  7. Richard says:

    I tell you one of the real problems with high profile cases. The DAs worry so much about their own professional reputations that they set the evidence bar so high that it’s almost impossible for the police to meet. This case is solved. We just need a DA with a heart to take it to court.

    • Terri says:

      Do you know something the rest of the world doesn’t? I don’t see any sign of her killer. Don’t know about Canada and those crazy Canadians (:-} but in the USA we have a thing called Double Jeopardy, I’m betting you know about that. In this age of CSI and other crime shows people want hard evidence, DNA and the killer’s name signed with the victim’s blood to convict. Due to the DJ rule any DA or ADA is going to want as much hard, forensic proof that a person committed the crime of murder and they’re really looking for Murder in the First to get the toughest sentence possible.

      The thing I’ve wanted to know is has anyone researched the dress? Who made it, where was it sold, and if how many were sold in Canada. If it’s not a dress that has sold thousands, maybe it’s worth looking into those sold in areas within a specific radius from Saanich.
      (If this has already been discussed…never mind. (kudos to Gilda Radner)

  8. Richard says:

    The reason you don’t see any emotion from Shirley and Jason is because they are textbook garden variety sociopaths. Only sociopaths can slaughter and keep a straight face. Jason admitted himself he doesn’t show emotion. What he failed to know is we call that a sociopath.

  9. Richard says:

    The back doors were not opened for the killer/s to escape out the patio and over the fence. Agents always open doors to patios for showings. Lindsay just never had he chance to close them. Another bit of evidence showing no killer’s left via the patio. Because they were met there by the police bar one. Shirley Zialo.

  10. Richard says:

    To Shirley and Jason

    It’s 2 minutes to midnight.

  11. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    Shirley Zialo set up the red herring with the phone and callers and it traveling from the mainland and you guys fell for it hook line and sinker. No wonder she looked so confident on Dateline. Why do you persist in buying an illusion?

  12. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police.

    It’s not that the killer’s were there and didn’t leave any forensics. You cant climb that fence and not leave blood, DNA and footprints.

    Sit aside the pocket dial happening while Lindsay was being murdered and see whose forensics are present. The killer’s left a lot of forensic science. Jason Zailo and his mate. Shirley too if you look closely.

    If there is no other forensics that means no others were in that home. Full stop.

  13. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police.

    Can you explain to us how the killer’s left via the patio over the fence and failed to leave either blood or a footprint in soft garden mulch?

    I will do it for you. Arrest Jason and Shirley Zialo for the murder of Lindsay Buziak NOW. Pass the facts onto an experienced DA too please so we get Justice for Lindsay and her family and amazing father who we admire and always will.

    Let’s get one thing clear too. Jeff Buziak is a hero and always will be not in words in actions something you police could take note of.

  14. Richard says:

    You say a man an a woman at the scene. We know Jason was there. And you have a composite of his mother. You have agent speak on the diary. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

  15. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police.

    I recognise that face. It’s Shirley Ziailo. It’s a dead ringer for her. However. I’m worried that if the killer walked in the station with the cell phone, dress, knife. You still wouldn’t arrest them. That’s how we are feeling about your performance.

  16. Richard says:

    A first year forensics student can see that appointment in Lindsay’s diary came from a real estate agent. Arrest Jason Zailo now and then his mother. There is a treasure trove of factual based evidence against both. Is the Saanich DA on the case?

  17. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    If there is no blood on the back fence,. Arrest Jason Zialo for the murder of Lindsay Buziak.

  18. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    It’s time to stop finding any minute detail to rule a suspect out and accept the hard facts. When you do you will arrest Jason Zailo and his friend for the murder of Lindsay Buziak. The neighbours witness testimony is wrong. There are no Mexicans. There was no pocket dial at death. There was only Jason Zailo, his friend and Lindsay. This is what the forensics tell you. It’s time to act now. Don’t wait another year, another month, another, week, another day. ACT NOW FOR Lindsay and family.

  19. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    The only forensic evidence found at the scene was Lindsay Jason and friend. This combined with Jason’s unusual words and actions calls for him and his friend to be immediately arrested and charged with the murder of Lindsay Bruziak.

  20. Richard says:

    That Lindsay didn’t answer Jason’s last text right away doest not mean she was dead. The police timeline is pure speculation. Let’s rethink this whole case from top to bottom.

  21. Richard says:

    No evidence at all the pocket dial happened during the murder so that means Jason and friend had plenty of time.

  22. Letskissthenightaway says:

    My question is… How tall is Jason’s mom?? competition?? They said likely 2 ppl was involved.. And come on now Jason arrives door is locked Shit my boyfriend would of kicked that damn door down.. Then Jason said well i arrived but didn’t go in didn’t want them to think anything about her boyfriend showing up.. Shit mine would of not care what they thought.. He would of came right in… Im telling you i think 100% Jason was involved & 87% his mother was involved.. Just my thought..

  23. my husband wouldn’t have showed up, he would have already been there… I agree with the father on every aspect of this case, ONLY logical. not to mention, I was made aware of this case by ‘crime watch daily’ who said that Jason (boyfriend) declined an interview… why? why would he decline an interview, if it could potentially drum up new leads from the public by helping the audience and viewers understand how the events unfolded that night and describe the suspects to the best of his recollection, in hopes that it may bring forth anyone who remembers anything that could be beneficial to this case? hmmm makes little sense, regardless of how many years have gone by! I lost my 8 year old son to cancer, and although it was under much different circumstances, nevertheless, I have lost a child and I CAN PROMISE YOU that time changes absolutely NOTHING for the grieving loved ones left behind who are living in hell! they have NO PEACE! maybe he has moved on in his life, but they have not and never will until someone comes forward and helps bring her justice! I can bet my life right now that every day since that day, they have woken up and went to sleep thinking of ONLY ONE THING, finding the ones responsible for taking something from them that they can never get back and I can promise you, THEY WON’T GIVE UP! prayers, love and light sent to the family of this beautiful young lady! xoxo

  24. Melissa says:

    Just saw the Dateline. Curious: If nobody in small town coming forward or knowing anything, perhaps the killers were not from Vancouver and planned this murder, sort of Bonnie and Clyde style, from somewhere else, flew in, committed the crime then flew out of town shortly thereafter? Were all flights in and out of Vancouver within week before and after death checked for a couple traveling together who might meet description of the couple seen outside the home? Perhaps check flight records then video cameras at airport? I’ve watched dateline for years, thinking couple cooked up this idea and committed this awful crime just because they could? Happened to another realtor as well in Arkansas.

  25. Conni Wheat says:

    These are captain obvious thoughts but still need to be looked at. Brand new high price home, all deaths have to revealed when selling a home and sometimes a murder will lower the selling price significantly. Does anyone know if any life insurance was carried on her and if so who was the beneficiary? Did they both carry life insurance with each other as the beneficiary? If the couple left out the back French doors where was their vehicle parked and were there any home security cameras or business cameras that captured any vehicles with a blonde female prior to time of meeting her at the home or after departure from the home being shown? Stabbing is personal and close up true but it’s also much more quieter than a gun. If these people were involved with sophisticated drug dealers then why not a gun with a silencer? Was there any blood drops leading away from body and exit way attempted and the one taken out of house? Maybe the man stabbed her and the knife got slippery and he cut himself and there were comingled blood drops from both murderer and victim. Who gained something by her being dead? Did the boyfriends family not approve of her because she would not actively get involved with transporting drugs so the boyfriends family got rid of her? We’re there any pamphlets, brochures, business cards or any paper materials found at house that could have had fingerprints, no fibers or DNA in room she was murdered in? What was boyfriends behavior like after her murder? How long before he began dating again? Was there someone at her work that was jealous of her job position or dollar type of listings she handled who thought they deserved her listings? Something just seems so cold, quick and to the point here with the only mistake was them trying to walk back out via front door. Very sad for her Dad and Sister his grief and hers is so strong I could actually feel it. Very sorry to you both. Now please can’t we catch a break and get these people and feed them to a cement hole with bars for a window!

    • Lisa says:

      A knife is quieter than a gun,,,,,, I would think if being stabbed some sort of noise would happen, if Lindsay was approached from behind did they gag her first to ensure she wouldn’t / couldn’t scream?

  26. Nobody Significant says:

    Possible connection – Boyfriend is drug dealer connected to drug bust group. He asked/sent Lindsay to pick up “package” from Kingpin. Coincidently, drug bust happens shortly after. He lets her take fall for retaliation of drug bust. He knew of her assignation arranged by kingpin but, knows very little to pass polygraph.

    • Team Lindsay says:

      These are great points!! Why even bother texting if you are a couple of minutes away and why bother if you are going to be sitting outside the whole time when you get there? Why not wait a couple of minutes when you are off the road to text when you get there to say “I am here waiting outside if you need me, do you want me to come in or just wait out here?” like a normal person would do? If you are driving and a couple minutes away, no need to text. Lindsay was showing a million dollar house to clients. Did Jason think she would be reading his text messages during the showing? Lindsay was too professional for that. I think these texts were meant to be time prints for Jason’s alibi and maybe signals to the killers who were with Lindsay when she received all the texts.

      Asking “are you okay” is the real problem I never thought about before. Why ask that if he had no worries and was confident enough to just sit outside the house so “not be the meddling boyfriend”? Jason’s story is he was not worried enough to go and check on his girlfriend because she did not say anything about being afraid of the clients in her last text message in spite of her original concerns that she voiced to co-workers, family and friends. Absolutely, any guy would ask “how much longer?” It happens to me all the time when someone is waiting for me because they have somewhere else to go, like in this case, a dinner and hockey game. Showings can take 30 minutes or longer especially if the clients are looking at a big, expensive house. 30 minutes is not nearly enough time for Jason to start worrying if all these other things did not send of warning bells. He was so not worried, he moved his car to the side street with no view of the house, after sitting for 10 minutes with no sight of Lindsay? His previous text did not require a reply so why was he alarmed at 6:00?

      Jason said he did not want to be the meddling boyfriend so he sat outside even after seeing the man and woman leaving through the front alone. He was so confident that Lindsay was okay that it didn’t bother him when the clients saw Jason’s range rover pulling into the street, and dashed back inside the house and closed the door. Jason said he thought the showing had just begun even though we know he saw the text from Lindsay saying the Mexicans had arrived at 5:30, some 15 minutes earlier. Remember, she never said “don’t worry, these people look okay”. It was dark and Jason’s headlights would have shown brightly on the couple coming out the front door when he pulled into the street and he did not see the blood on their clothing?

      I find it unbelievable that someone who spent so much money, >$1.5 million, on his girlfriend did not care about her enough to be at the showing on time, as promised, after discussing concerns for her safety with her. There are no plausible explanations for Jason’s actions and none of his excuses make any sense. When he arrived almost 15 minutes late, saw the people exiting through the home through the open front door without Lindsay, only to turn and go back in and close the door when they saw him, he said he was not concerned because he thought the showing was just beginning. Did he really believe that Lindsay and the clients had been standing outside in the dark, cold winter night for 15 minutes before going into the house? This is not a believable excuse.

      Jason has no believable excuse as to why he sat outside the house after arriving, why he moved his car to a place with no view of the house and why he all of a sudden became concerned. His explanations are all backwards.

      Most loving boyfriends would have immediately checked on their girlfriends after discussing concerns for their safety, upon arriving at the house especially after being almost 15 minutes late, seeing the clients coming out the front door only to turn around and go back in and close the door without Lindsay, and not seeing any other cars in the driveway. Looking like a meddling boyfriend would not be a worry in a situation like this and after sitting for 10 minutes without any sightings of a loved one, most people would not move the car to a place where they had no view. For someone who claims he loved Lindsay very much, Jason’s actions demonstrate his total lack of concern for her safety at a time when she asked him for help.

      Jason’s lack of emotion, public outrage, and demand for solving Lindsay’s murder is the typical way guilty people act.

      • Sch says:

        Was the friend that was with Jason questioned as to how Jason was acting during this whole ordeal? If what Jason said, actually happened? What does the friend say about all of this?

      • PissedOffBrother says:

        You don’t know me and you never will. I saw your recent Crime Watch Daily interview. I am family in similar situation. I spent 25 years as an NCS officer at Langley. There may be a number of “accidents” in the near future because I feel your pain. I’m already going to hell for what I’ve done for my country and my own personal revenge, you don’t need to. You need to see justice for your daughter. Godspeed.

  27. Francois tombe says:

    I am puzzled by the boyfriend’s texts. “Be there in 20 minutes” is to be expected. “Be there in a couple of minutes” is unnecessary and requires a vehicle stop. “Are you OK ?” implies an expectation of trouble. Would not something like ” done yet?” or “how much longer?” be more expected if the showing was assumed to be routine?

    • Stevie Tilford says:


    • If Jason really believed the viewing of a large million dollar executive home was just starting when he arrived at 5:45 (as Chris Horsley stated on Crime Watch), why would he all of a sudden be worried about Lindsay’s safety less than 20 minutes later. Jason was a realtor and would absolutely know that the showing of the DeSousa property would take more than 20 minutes.

      The poster’s on this website ask better questions than the police.

    • Melissa says:

      I think those texts are justified if she’s not responding to anything.

    • Anne says:

      Yes there already was an expectation of trouble ! Did you read about the case ? Lindsay was uncomfortable with the meeting and that’s why she asked Jason to show up in the first place.

  28. Wanda says:

    How did the boyfriend know where to run in the first place?
    Was there a vehicle they the couple got out of or into?
    Did they interrogated anyone in Calgary or Erickson Delalcazar interrogated? Did the police test the knives for DNA, etc??

  29. Anonymous says:

    This might have been a hit man job. Lindsay mentioned to her father that she needed to terminate the relationship with her boyfriend Jason. He might have paid someone to execute Lindsay. Personal phone number might be a clue as to where the killers got the phone number. The killers might have also hired a private investigator to look into Lindsay for more information.

  30. tasha says:

    I just watched the crime watch video and it leaves me with questions. What kind of car did the killers meet her in? if the boyfriend said he pulled in and seen the couple go back into the house where did they go? Did they leave their car outside? If not they would have passed the boyfriend and his friend to get to their car right? Also if you find the kind of car you can check all surveillance cameras for that car and where it went or came from. Just wondering!

  31. Sheryl Gregory says:

    The boyfriend seems like the obvious answer. Did he ever get a polygraph test

  32. Darla says:

    I believe it was the boyfriend. This was personal. This was a seething hatred type of murder. Hired assassins would not stab anyone that many times. Besides, hired assassins don’t use knives. They either choke them to death or shoot them, right?

  33. M Davis says:

    I believe the boyfriend, Jason, hired these thugs to kill his girlfriend. She was unhappy and wanted to leave him, He showed no emotion whatsoever in the interview(s). Did not shed one tear. His body language in the police video spoke volumes to me. It seems like he planned his alibi so perfectly:
    Let’s see…go to lunch with her and depart seperatey…then pick up friend and go to house showing, all the while sending texts to her ” be there 5 minutes” etc…
    How convenient that he moved his car to the other side when he saw “the shadows” thru the door that were about to leave..question, why would you move your car to the side? He Send friend in first to jump the fence to unlock door.
    Sounds fishy to me….but the real reason I suspect he is behind it is the fact he ran upstairs STRAIGHT into the master bedroom suite and found her lying there. Why upstairs and not check the ground floor first? hmmmmm. I hope her parents get justice for her!

    • SHERI VIEIRA says:

      Yes…usually on these crime shows….when the boyfriend/significant other sends someone else in to discover the body, they are setting up their alibi. If my husband thought I was inside and in danger..he would plow through the front door in a second, not send a friend around back. SMH

  34. Tammy Kuchinsky says:

    Also can’t believe not solved yet! Just seen the story air on TV. Condolences to Lindsey’s family and hope the people involved are brought to justice. Yes I also think the boyfriend’s story not adding up. For one Lindsey is showing a million dollar house and she don’t see a veichle for the people she’s showing the house to, did witness say anything about a veichle. And if boyfriend was couple minutes late you would think she would have waiting to go in till he got there and why didn’t he go in right away that’s what he was there for right. And ya for him to run right upstairs, how did he know she was up there (weird). Why didn’t he or his friend go after the people he said he seen. I think he did know the relationship wasn’t going well she probably did tell him that it was pretty much over. It is also possible someone she worked with did want to get rid of her but I still think look into the boyfriend and his mother.

  35. VICKI LOZANO says:

    I just watched this on Crime Watch Daily in the states. I can’t believe they have ruled out the boyfriend. I agree with Tom why did he directly go upstairs?? How did he know to look up there first ? The police need to start asking him these questions. Get this solved so her father can have some peace. Nine years is ridiculous for him to still not know who did this henous crime.

  36. Sara says:

    Has anyone thought that this might be work related?

    • Bella says:

      I was just thinking the same thing !! Was Lindsey getting more clients ? More sales ? I wonder if they’ve tried that angle .

  37. Tom says:

    This is so obvious to me a plan that the boyfriend pulled off, because Lindsay was scared enough to tell her boyfriend to back her up and the boyfriend comvietly does not show up in time and let’s her show the house without back up. Then the boyfriend goes right up the stairs to the murder spot without searching first floor, has anyone searched her boyfriends cell phone records and last few days records of boyfriend before the murder?

  38. Charles reinhart says:

    In 1998 a young couple was beaten to death with a hammer in there apartment on jubilee st ,they had a boat and many cars,and sea doos,the were involved in drugs many professionals are subtly involved in bulk drugs,and many real criminals resent that,also b.c. is listed as one of the most corrupt places on earth and cautioned not to invest there,without drugs b.c. would look like mexico city,drugs supports the largest part of the economy,that and wrongful convictions that is

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