Lindsay Buziak Murder



Timeline of Lindsay’s murder as per Dateline, Inspector Rob McColl and Detective-Sgt. Chris Horsley.   The bulk of the clues came from Jason Zailo himself.

Jason and Lindsay went to Sauce for a late lunch. Lindsay and Jason paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24 pm. Their server knew Lindsay well.   Jason went directly to SHC arriving at 4:29 pm and Lindsay is believed to have gone home to change her clothes.  CO was standing outside by Jason’s vehicle when Jason left the SHC building.  They left SHC together in Jason’s vehicle at 5:30 pm.

Joe DeSousa left the site at approx. 4:30 pm. Other workers left the area at around 5:00 pm.   2 witnesses saw the suspect couple walk into the cul de sac at approximately 5:30 pm. The witnesses saw Lindsay greeting the couple by the back of her car in the driveway as shown on crimestoppers. There were papers on the trunk of Lindsay’s car. The real estate lockbox was accessed at 5:29 pm.   While driving Jason said to Lindsay“I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and that’s when Lindsay said to Jason…. “okay I’ll see you in abit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”.  Apparently this was Lindsay’s short hand name for her clients. Jason was seen by video surveillance leaving SHC at 5:30.

 5:38 pm Jason sends Lindsay a text “just a couple of minutes away.” That text was never opened by Lindsay. According to Detective Sgt. Horsley: “the last text Jason said was I’m just a couple of minutes away”. That text was never opened by Lindsay.  Dateline said this was Jason’s final text. (how could this be Jason’s final text when Jason stated on Dateline that when he was parked on Torquay he sent Lindsay a text that said “are you okay” (prior to his 6:05 pm 911 call)……..Jason received no response.  So which text was the last one……..the one at 5:38 pm as per Det-Sgt. Horsley on Dateline OR the text Jason said he sent to Lindsay just prior to his call to 911 at 6:05 pm?  It sounds like Horsley and Dateline support the 5:38 pm text as being the final one.)

5:38 pm to 5:41 pm police believe this is when Lindsay was murdered.

 5:41 pm Lindsay’s blackberry made a phone call out and the SP believe that was the direct result of the attack. It was truly a pocket dial call as her BB was in her pocket.

As per Det-Sgt. Horsley, when Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw the front door open and the male suspect outside, but only saw the back of him.  Jason parked his vehicle on the opposite side of the road of the house. The rear of the vehicle was facing Torquay and the murder house. They sat there for approx. 10 minutes. Jason then turned around in the cul de sac and goes right onto Torquay. They parked by the house for approx. another 10 minutesJason sent Lindsay a text message “are you okay” and it was not answered.  Both CO and Jason walked up to the front door and found it locked.  Jason called 911 (approx. 6:05 pm).  They both went around to the Torquay side of the house and CO gained entry via the already open patio doors by Jason boosting CO over the patio fence who then opened the front door allowing Jason entry.

When they found Lindsay’s body CO called 911 (6:11 pm) and while on the phone CO could hear sirens coming. The police were there within minutes because they were already enroute after Jason made the first 911 call(6:05 pm).   When police arrived Jason and CO were waving their arms in the upstairs bedroom window. The police went into the home up to the bedroom and immediately took both Jason and CO to the police station separately

The cell phone the couple used to contact Lindsay was purchased late November 2007 at a Vancouver convenience store. The phone was activated late January, 2008 in Vancouver. The phone traveled to the Island 24 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder.

Vancouver is from where the first calls to Lindsay were made, confirmed by hits on cell towers in the city. Police said at least half dozen calls were made to Lindsay and after her murder the cell phone was never used again. They believed the killer(s) knew how to carry out the murder and then cover their tracks.  The expert’s all agreed a significant degree of planning went into this murder. They explored the theory that professionals were hired with specific instructions to express the anger that someone else felt towards Lindsay.  The experts agreed the murder was personal and that somebody close to Lindsay planned it and hired the killer(s).   

Inspector McColl Feb 2, 2011:

“Having had this on our plate (at the time of the broadcast) for more than two years, we had plenty of time to develop theories, look at them closely and think outside of the box,” McColl said, noting that police AGREE with the Dateline investigators’ conclusion that Buziak was an innocent party, and her murder was a TARGETED hit arranged by someone CLOSE to her.  Saanich police have narrowed down the investigation to “three or four” working theories.  McColl stated on Dateline it’s possible one of the people who went into that house was also the MASTERMIND behind Lindsay’s murder.

“It’s not cool to tell on your friends, it’s not cool to rat people out … Many times in a homicide investigation you can get past that because it’s also not cool to kill people,” he said. “There should be some assurance to anyone that is considering speaking to the police, that we’re not really interested in the skeletons in your closet. We have the ability to put that aside and focus in on what we’re really interested in, and that is catching these killers.”

Det-Sgt. Horsley:

“There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

“It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it.”

“You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said.”

Sgt. Dean Jantzen:

“This (killing) was very organized,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “There was a lot of planning and effort and forethought. These are the most complex crimes. And this is the most egregious crime and often they can become long-term and complicated. “There are people in the community who are withholding information. We know there is a bit of cone of silence around this.”




  1. Greg says:

    ***This is simply my opinion on the theory of the crime***

    Jason and Shirley Zailo set Lindsay up for this murder. Jason gave Lindsay a false sense of security saying he would go there and help her with the showing. The fact that he looked up at the camera (when he was getting those documents signed with his partner) and text Lindsay at exactly 5:30 saying he would be late, explains everything. He knew that at 5:30 she would be in a position where she couldn’t back out from the showing. Why wouldn’t he have texted her at say 5:15 to let her know he would be late and to wait for him?

    Then, upon his arrival, he doesn’t go up to the house (if he actually cared about her, he would have told her to tell the people that he would be arriving at some point and participating in the showing– That way she would have been safe. That’s what a real man does for someone he loves)… Instead, he parks far enough away where his partner cannot see in the windows of the house and also couldn’t hear Lindsay if she screamed.

    None of this is to mention how he acted after she didn’t return his messages. This guy is 6 ft 3 250 lb muscular man. He should have smashed those windows by the door to unlock it, in order to go straight into the house. Instead, like an absolute Coward, he gave his friend a boost over the fence to check for an open window or door (lo and behold the killers conveniently left the back door open for him). Honorable mention to the fact that when he did get let into the house by his partner, he made a beeline for the murder scene. This was a five bedroom home with four bathrooms…

    Then this loser (Jason Zailo) calls his mom asking for the garage code (the reason he did this was to provide his mom with an alibi by proving she didn’t have access to the house. The reason for this is because there was obviously a third party laying in wait for her. And that begs the question how did that person get into the house?).

    That man who participated in the showing was seen outside of the house at 5:45, he would have been absolutely drenched in blood. The third party was waiting in that bathroom, with a change of clothes. He committed the murder, and then sent that other man outside to signal Jason that the deed was done. I believe that it was predetermined that once Jason saw this man he was to wait 15-20 minutes in order for the couple and the third part to make a clean getaway.
    Please remember that by all accounts, Jason and his business partner were not friends. His business partner stated that Jason had asked him to go out for dinner that night and it was very uncharacteristic of him to do that. Try and picture if Jason shows up to that murder scene alone how much explaining he has to do to the police. Everything was just so convenient for him that he was on camera, was with an alibi/witness, and was texting the murder of victim at the time she was being killed.

    If I were to guess what the motive was, Jason (and Shirley) did everything in their power to keep Lindsay close by. She knew something about the drugs They were involved in. Who buys a 1.3 million dollar home and puts $250,000 into renovations for an unmarried couple (Shirley Zailo apparently)? When Lindsay starts to back away, they move into his brother’s condo and then Shirley dumps $70,000 into renovations of that place. I know Realtors can make some pretty good money, but let’s get real here. These people were involved in the distribution of narcotics. Remember that Shirley Zailo was renting a home to Ziggy, who was a hardcore drug dealer and a violent criminal (he lived there for 5 years and at one point was busted with 13 kg of marijuana– imagine how hard it would be to hide that smell from your landlord)…

    I think the higher ups in the drug/criminal organization thought there was a rat, Jason found out Lindsay wanted to leave, so they set her up for a fall. It just way too convenient that the place she gets murdered in happens to have close contact with Shirley, Jason and her other son Ryan. Don’t forget that the reference that was provided to Lindsay by the fake couple. That reference was apparently legit, and very conveniently out of town at the time. That is really really fortunate for the couple that she was unable to contact that person (let’s remember these people had money and cell phones were very prevalent at that time).

    I saw a post on here stating they thought the builders were involved. In my opinion I really don’t think they were a part of this.

    The Zailo family is absolute trash, and I think they are actually really really unintelligent. This whole situation was so sketchy and disingenuous, that it absolutely sickens me.

    • RMH says:

      I don’t know the whole story re: the family but pretty sure the Zailo family would have been checked out completely and I am a firm believe in innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know the family at all but I would never ever say someone was guilty for sure. Now if it was OJ then I may say yes he is guilty but still there is just that one thing, he was not proven guilty and I never witnessed anything. I just don’t think it is fair to say things like this on line when they have not been charged. Now if they are guilty then I don’t know how they live with themselves or could have done this to a young lady, anyone for that matter. I hope you are wrong as would be horrible if you are correct.

      What I don’t understand is how was there no DNA of any sort or fibres? Just odd to me. I hope you are incorrect, not trying to be rude or not listen to you but I just find it very odd that they would not have been caught if was the Zailo’s. Technology is pretty good these days. I hope they find the dirty killer and I think it is someone that was very jealous or competitive with this young lady. I think someone found out their b/f or g/f liked this young lady and maybe thought something had gone on or maybe just a crazy competitive woman or man that so jealous they went nuts.

      • This is just my opinion and I don’t mean this to be disparaging at all, but I’m not sure why everyone thinks there would be all of this DNA and/or fibers at every crime scene?

        If someone is pre-planning a murder like this, wouldn’t they simply wear clothing that would cover their skin? And some type of hat or mask to cover their hair (that’s assuming that their head is not shaved)?

        So unless the killer was spitting all over the place, maybe Lindsay got some fibers from a sweatshirt underneath her fingernails? Some sweater from Walmart will have millions and millions of them produced, so that would prove absolutely nothing.

        So why would there be usable fibers or DNA at that crime scene??

        And even if there was, that person would have to be registered in the DNA database.

    • Margaret says:

      Greg – I agree with most of your well thought -out theory, except that Desousa, the builder/home owner, was not involved. I had posted previously that I think he was. I just don’t see how they could have pulled this off without prior access to the home. I agree that at least a third person was involved and they were waiting upstairs.

      Assuming that the builder was NOT involved and there was no way to access the home before Lindsay & the couple arrived, I guess it’s possible that the couple, upon entering, suggested taking a look at the garden before viewing the home and steered Lindsay away from the front door. The third party could have been hiding and, given the layout of the home, could have entered and gone upstairs. It would seem risky and I’m not sure how they would know that the group had moved to the other end of the house and that it was safe to enter.

      Also, given that there was no absolutely no evidence found (so we’re told) a tremendous amount of planning for the clean-up must have taken place and someone entering at the last minute would not allow for that.

      The other thought I had was how difficult would it have been for Shirley, as the Manager of the office that Lindsay worked out of, and a friend of Desousa to get prior access to the home and set everything up? She could have convinced him that this was a very important showing and that she wanted to do a final walk through before the Saturday showing.

      Hopefully, with the FBI now involved (probably the drug angle) we’ll finally have some progress and put all the theories to rest.

      • lbmurder says:

        There is no FBI. Another Saanich lie.

      • Hi Margaret,

        I think Shirley gave the “third person” the garage code… Remember how Jason called Shirley from the scene and asked if she had the code to the garage? She said she didn’t have it. I think that this was pre-planned, as to absolve Shirley of any involvement. Otherwise, why would Jason waste all of that time outside of the house? I know it’s easy to say after the fact, but if that was my girlfriend I probably would have smashed a window when she wasn’t responding to my messages or calls.

        And you very well could be right. Maybe it was as simple as Shirley leave a door or window unlocked.

        What do you think?

        • Margaret says:

          Hi Greg – It’s always interesting to read your excellent analysis about what you believed happened.
          I agree that most boyfriends would have barged in when they realized that something was ‘off’ when the buyer appeared at the front door and quickly retreated back inside. But, Jason wasn’t there to protect Lindsay, he was there to make sure all went as planned and that the appearance of the buyer was a signal to him.
          I agree that the call to Shirley regarding the garage code was to establish an alibi, as was the call to his brother for directions to the home. Given Lindsay’s concern about the meeting, I’m sure she would have confirmed with Jason that he knew how to get there instead of him fumbling with a system that didn’t work when he was already late. Then, like the big coward that he was, he heaved his unsuspecting sap of a friend over the fence to race into the home. Not that it mattered, as he knew what would be found.
          Someone made a good point though, they believed that by having his friend open the front door, he added his DNA to the handle in the event that the ‘buyer’ neglected to wear gloves when opening the door.
          And I agree with you that the couple didn’t commit the murder in street clothes, the killer was suited- up and that required pre-planning and prior access to the home. DeSousa or Shirley – who knows?
          I developed an interest in this case after watching the Dateline episode and it’s just so sad that it hasn’t been solved 13-years on.

        • Laura says:

          I think he didn’t come in smashing windows and breaking down doors because he didn’t know she was in trouble and didn’t want to tip the apple cart as a crazy boyfriend in an already strained relationship. Sometimes not answering the phone simply means you’re busy, it doesn’t usually mean your dead.

          • Margaret says:

            That is, if you believe he was not involved.

          • Svetlana says:

            There was no apple cart. He called the police to tell them he was going to break in, so it’s like police have it on record before he goes in which would be via the fence (supposedly) and not a smashed door. Very planned indeed.

  2. Jaxz says:

    If the couple weren’t involved, they would be witnesses.

  3. ConnectTheDots says:

    “You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said.”

    Sad but true. Probably the most truthful thing Horsley has said through out this “investigation”.

    • lbmurder says:

      He speaks about himself as well. For example his close friendship and business relationship with Len Barrie and his ownership interest in night clubs in Victoria. Very odd for a cop to own night clubs and cavort in them as those are places all the drug dealers and sexual deviants frequent to ply their trade and strut their stuff. These same deviants were known to attend lavish drug fuelled parties on Bear Mountain. What the hell is a Saanich cop doing involved in these sorts of things and people off duty then pointing the finger at Lindsay? Just more victimizing a victim and distracting from the fact murder is against the law and Saanich police are not capable of solving a murder nor enforcing the law which is their sworn duty. Typical of the millionaire party boy Saanich cop to say such stupid insulting things and make reference to when a young woman is senselessly and savagely murdered while at work. Disgusting! What else is he distracting everyone from? Which side is he on? Who is he protecting? Not Lindsay. Not the community (no arrests, charges or suspects named) Not young women and he has a daughter nearing Lindsay’s age when she was viciously executed by people he continues to protect. Please think about that!

    • Ghalia says:

      ⚠️(This is just a theory)⚠️

      First: The criminal knows what the girl’s fiancé looks like, and when she saw him, she entered the house again.
      Second:Jason’s mission, as if he was intentional, that he has a strong alibi and that he stays in a place with a witness with him because it does not make sense. All of this is a coincidence and that he is given a date and appointments.
      Third: She said to her father that Jason is coming with her, so her father is reassuring, and he said OK, but why did he leave her at once, and this appointment came out of nowhere because she did not have a biography of her father at all?
      Fourth: If I was communicating with someone,I would first send him that I finished the meeting and say I am on the way to come and I will not send the massage when I arrive and say I am here? ??? Plus why did he wait 20 min is it like him giving the murderers a sign or maybe waiting them to finish up their work and run away from the back door, and Why would he send his friend around the house? If my lover. I would run inside the house like crazy and not send my friend! I will not think of anything but he was so arranged in a way that does not make sense. He calls twice before entering the house, ok but why didn’t he enter though??
      Fifthly, her father said that she knew something about drug dealers. She might have been with them, sharing, for her to take off, or someone who was involved with him. What is the dilemma of Jason and this is how I doubt that he knows something?
      Sixth: Her personal number that she answered was very, very close to her
      Seventh: She accepted the topic when Jason said he was coming with her
      Jason has a big mystery and he knows something
      Eighth: The woman, when She spoke to her, told her that she wanted a house in an area of ​​hers, and she specified the house she wanted, and I bet you if they return to the number of houses, they will find that this is the only house that was with this amount, because the one who committed the crime was very accurate. He did all of the work up stares because nobody would notice but if they did Thierry crime down stares it would be so obvious because the ground floor is all window glassed , plus Jason works For real states so he has a cover about what houses are about ..From this story
      The call of his mother is this. She says between being awake and sleeping, I mean, we will not consider her words for sure, but if she had called the victim, she would have known her voice. This is her mother-in-law.
      God knows
      From the over jealousy of Jason..Maybe he knew about the issue of the messages between her and the guy of prohibited medicines, and his mother helped in the matter and wore a wig and it became because there was also no traces of any hair on her..and so how do they get her private number. Definitely from people they know.

  4. I don’t believe that the couple were the killers. I think the killer was already in the home waiting. I also think that Desousa, home owner/builder, was involved (missing planks in the fence as an escape route, and access to the home) being a friend of Shirley. Those involved could have visited the home, familiarized themselves with the layout and left what was needed to get rid of the bloody clothing etc. I think the man outside the front door (or the shadows behind the glass) when Jason arrived was a signal that the deed was done and that he should shortly move his car after giving the killers time to escape and begin his pretend rescue of Lindsay. He provided alibis for his entire family — seen on video with his friend at SHC, called his brother for directions, texted Lindsay needlessly on the way there and called his mother for the access code to the garage. I think this is a criminal family with criminal connections that carried out this well planned murder.

    • Ole P Hildebrand says:

      Margaret, I “second” your input, exactly how it happened, is also my believes. And there is much more….

    • PandaBear says:

      The killers were confident that no one would happen to stumble upon them at the house. That means a lot.

      • Margaret says:

        PandaBear – Yes, and too many coincidences and connections to the Zailo family for this house to be randomly selected for showing.

    • Robin says:

      You got it Margaret. I totally agree with you. I’ll
      Eml your comment to the Chief of Police and Premier of B.C.

      • Ole P Hildebrand says:

        I believe you are correct in your assumption…..

        • Michael Schneider says:

          The builder had NOTHING to do with the murder, the fence slats couldve been taken out by anyone. ITS THE BF AND HIS MOM. he did it cause indsay was going to leave him, he helped her achieve he level in the company through nepotism, he got her breast implants, she could leave the company and any future home sales from previous clients would follow lindsay and the company would lose out on big time commissions. i mean the bf and the friend were in cahoots and thats why they were meeting in the first place before going to see lindsay and they were doing that in case something went awry with the murder. its all about power/money/jealousy/rejection.

          • Ole P Hildebrand says:

            I do not believe any local people was involved, if so they would have been arrested many years ago. THIS HAS TO BE OUTSIDERS, LIKE FOREIGN NATIONALS , likely South Americans

            • RMH says:

              So sad, a beautiful, obviously a brilliant young lady with her whole life ahead of her. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but heard many lovely things about this lovely young lady. I feel for her family and I hope they get the closure they deserve. Nothing will bring back their Lindsay but at least they would know who the sickos are and know they will spend the rest of their life in jail. Someone must know something and should step forward.

              Personally I think it was someone who was very jealous of Lindsay, hate to say it but likely another woman, maybe something to do with a guy but maybe not, maybe jealous of her success and beauty. . Could have been a guy who was in love with Lindsay and scorned as felt rejected or knew she didn’t like him. Maybe the guy who was infatuated, planned with a sister or friend. Another thought maybe killers girlfriend or a girl who was in love with the killer who was jealous and planned with a close friend or relative. Some say the bf and mom but jeez that would be very risky on their part in my mind. I don’t personally think they could be so angry and evil. I don’t know them though personally. I know of them but by the looks of them they don’t strike me as murderers and pretty sure if was or they had something to do with it, something would have come out by now. I can’t put wrap my head around it all, but just the way she was murdered makes me think the person or persons that did it were obviously not right in the head, very jealous, or mad and very sadistic. “Sicko’s” My only other thought is maybe the killer thought Lindsay knew something. I wish I was a private investigator as love to know and figure this out. One would think that the police would watch IP addresses and see who goes to her sites as they always say killers like to read about themselves or go back to the murder site. I am sure they must watch traffic to her sites. I would if I was an investigator. I also think if the house ever goes on the market again or if has the police should and have tracked all viewers because as said re: what I have read is killers like to go back to crime scene. I would never live in the house where she was killed, not sure who could ? Should been torn down and made into a beautiful small park full of flowers and tress with a beautiful statue or bench. City and real estate firm should have paid for this to happen in memory of Lindsay. I would have donated to see that happen.. I suppose though for her family they may not want the memory of the spot.
              My heart really goes out to her family. I could not imagine how they felt and feel. Especially knowing these creeps (killers) are out there today which is scary for everyone. How these killers live with themselves is beyond me. Such a loss.
              Whomever did this is an evil sick person and anyone that had anything to do with it is just as sick and evil.I hope they read all the comments and live in fear everyday. They will burn in hell that I do know and hopefully they already are..
              RIP Lindsay, 😇 god has a beautiful special angel by his side. Try to give your dad a sign and/or point him /police in right direction to find these evil people. .

          • Margaret says:

            Michael – It was reported that Desousa admitted that he had removed the planks so that his painters could access their supplies when working on the property.

            I find it odd that a meticulous builder, attempting to sell a million dollar home, would.not repair a broken fence (even temporarily) when the property was being shown. He left the outside lights on so he was aware of the appointment. It makes me wonder if he was being considerate or if that too was to assist the escape.

          • Margaret says:

            Desousa admitted he had removed the slats so that the painters could access their supplies when working on the home.
            I just find it odd that a meticulous builder, hoping to sell a million dollar property, would not fix the fence (if only temporarily) when the home was being shown. He was at the home earlier in the day, and apparently left the outside lights on, so he was aware of the appointment.
            Which makes me wonder if he was being considerate or if the lighting was another aid to the escape.
            I don’t disagree with you about who planned this and why, but I believe that more people were involved than Shirley, Jason and the couple who met with Lindsay and that prior access to the home was crucial to pulling this off.

    • Jaxz says:

      If the couple weren’t involved, they would be witnesses.

    • topcop2014 says:

      I think the couple were the killers. It stretches imagination to think a killer waited in the dark on the chance he wouldn’t be detected and hoping that Lindsay wouldn’t leave with the couple. Besides, it’s more likely that innocent home buyers would have come forward and identified themselves after all the publicity and questions about them – if they were innocent.

      • Ole P Hildebrand says:

        Yes, you can be sure that the real killer was waiting in the bathroom of the master bedroom, the buyers was holding the victim from the back, the victim had absolutely no way of fighting back, being stabbed by someone from the front…..

      • Margaret says:

        I didn’t mean to imply that the couple were innocent. I believe they were part of the set-up posing as a respectable couple looking to purchase a home and that someone else was already inside. I don’t know who killed Lindsay, but I believe that more than two people were involved and that prior access to the home was necessary to pull this off.

  5. Mjsnola says:

    That police sketch is sadly the worst I’ve ever seen. Total incompetence. I wonder if they had a trained sketch artist doing the eye witness interview how much better the outcome would have been.

  6. DP Keller says:

    Her boyfriend Jason went into the house and immediately ran upstairs into the master bedroom and found her!!

    How come he didn’t search the downstairs first? He knew exactly where to find her.

    Second In his only interview given to the media he indicated that he knew she was dead because she was cold. Impossible because a body takes a minimum of 6 – 12 hrs to get “cold”. Note: he didn’t say I knew she was dead because of all the blood, or because of the number of injuries of because I couldn’t get a pulse, or because she wasn’t breathing or because I couldn’t wake her up!! He says that he knew she was dead because she was cold!!! As a physician I can tell you that it is difficult to pronounce someone dead even if you can’t feel a pulse. I’ve had patients survive a resuscitation after massive blood loss, despite not being able to find a pulse. People don’t get cold in 30 minutes!!!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Very good point!
      That printed dress the supposedly RE woman had on is another clue. Yes, it was popular at that time, however, I still believe there’s a chance the purchaser could be tracked down.
      How much would those dresses cost? I don’t think they would be expensive.
      It’s quite possible that this was a set up.

    • Miss Hotwheels says:

      Excellent point Doctor. Thanks for taking the time to add valuable insight.

  7. Denise says:

    I’ve been interested in this case getting solved since I heard about it. I most certainly hope the family can get answers one day before passing on. I had a friend who was murdered by a serial killer. This was not known though until 28 years later. Her parents passed away without ever knowing what happened to their daughter. They never had closure. I do hope Lindsey’s family will get the truth of who murdered Lindsey and will see justice served.

  8. Jacquelyn says:

    CeCe Moore is a Genetic Detective who may help in this case. Her talents were shown on ABC show called The Genetic Detective. It was just mind blowing what she could find and her team in solving cold cases. It wasn’t what she started out doing. I would seriously try and get her to help soling the case.

    • Margaret says:

      Jacquelyn – Jeff, Lindsay’s father, has mentioned on another forum that the Private Investigator hired by him was threatened by the SPD that they would put him out of business if he continued his investigation, so I doubt they would welcome anyone else assisting in the case. Hopefully, with the FBI now involved progress can be made. I hope that the criminals are shaking in their boots knowing that the case is being looked at with fresh eyes
      thanks to Lindsay’s Dad soldiering on and public outrage that 13 years on this case has gone nowhere.

      • Jacquelyn says:

        Gee, Margaret, that is something. I know time will unravel this case. Fresh eyes will hopefully help. Someone has to know something. I just watched a program on Dateline or People Magazine investigates where there was genetic geneology used to solve an old case. It was fascinating. I think eventually, this case will be solved. I certainly hope so…this dad needs closure! More and more are using this technology now to solve cold cases.
        Thanks for your feedback.

        • lbmurder says:

          The amount of time already wasted is not acceptable and merely an excuse for shoddy police work. Eventually is not an acceptable timeline. It is used by and to support useless police. All citizens need this solved Now! Women need this solved now and we all need to pressure politicians and police to make arrests happen now and quit making excuses for why it isn’t happening NOW!

  9. Jacquelyn says:

    I just watched this program the other night on cable. There was one thing that stood out for me,
    and I wondered if anyone is looking into this part. It’s the dress that supposedly the woman who met up with Lindsay wore.
    It’s such an unusual dress. Maybe a designer dress? How many dresses with this design existed at that time? It’s just so unusual from my prospective.
    God Bless you and your family for your courage and relentless pursuit of finding out who killed Lindsay.

    • Svetlana says:

      In 2008 it was not unusual to find dresses like that at Sears and the Bay. Those are called colour block dresses. The big bold patterns were in style.

      • jacquelyn says:

        Then, maybe that’s a start. Thank you for your information regarding this design.

      • Robin says:

        SZ loves that style of dress too. She is seen in a few pictures with very similar pattern and style, and material. I think the designer is Joseph Ribcoff, a Canadian designer. Google his clothes and google SZ and you will see what I mean. Bizarre that it’s a SZ style! Just one of many coincidences. A store called Suzanne’s carried his stuff and yes there a few of those stores in Victoria. I think they have have changed the name of the store since 2008. Amazing what ya can find out when you try isn’t it. To bad the Village Police (SPD) can’t figure out fk all. They are just so lame. Boy it’s a absolute shame that they don’t have more accountability. They get away with MURDER in SPD don’t they. Wake the FK up Chief Green, Premier Horgan, Mike Farnsworth, David Eby. The wolves in cheap clothing are making you guys look like fools. No wonder people say fuck it to voting, what’s the point?

        • Barb says:

          Wouldn’t the perp wear a way less colorful and less-noticeable dress/outfit? Almost as if worn on purpose to draw attention.

          • Lisa says:

            The colorful dress worn was to get attention to the outfit and not the face or anything else of the person – colorful dress drawn to the outfit not looking at the person

  10. Sonya Johnson says:

    Why would you meet up for dinner with your friend if you just finished a late lunch at 424pm? To supply a witness.. I would check the “receptionist’s” connection with Jason.. Also , Jason’’s timing of calls .. too neat. I’d get.look over Mama’ and Jason’s financial records .. did a chunk of change go out?? I feel in my gut Jason is responsible.

    • Ole P Hildebrand says:

      YES, including Jason, also responsible in this plot to murder Lindsay.

    • Svetlana says:

      Because he knew there’d be no dinner.

    • Sonya says:

      (Hi fellow Sonya!, love the name 😃)

      The reports say that he met up with his friend but there’s no mention anywhere as far as I’m aware that he and his friend had planned to get food. I think you’ve misread that? His actions are a bit odd though, especially arriving at the property then leaving then coming back.

  11. Federico Guerra says:

    Two questions:

    1. WHY was she worried and scared ?? Just because the “buyer” had a “Spanish” accent ??It sounds rather strange…

    2. If he told her boyfriend she was scared, WHY was he LATE this particular time ?? WHY send messagges instead of calling her ?? WHY didnt he said “I Will be there in 5 minutes, wait outside the house, talk yo the buyer ??

    • lbmurder says:

      It wasn’t the Spanish accent as you state. Lindsay felt the accent was phoney and put on by someone. She said it was kinda like Mexican but not the same.

    • Sonya says:

      If I remember correctly she was scared because she said that the Spanish accent sounded like it was fake and the call was to her personal phone and not her work phone. There were ten calls from this person to her personal phone in total before the ‘viewing’ according to other reports.

    • Pam says:

      Yaaassss that’s soooo weird!! If she was scared or felt something weird was going on an expressed that to Jason why would was he so nonchalant about everything !!

  12. Justice says:

    What about Jason’s mother? What was her alibi? Maybe she offered Lindsay up to get out of any drug deals she had with the Mexicans and planned the murder with Jason. Planning every detail from the text saying “I’m a minute or two away” letting the mom know the cops would be there soon….

  13. Jan says:

    I had a strange 6th sense when watching this story on youtube; jealousy is a powerful thing. Lindsey’s boyfriend is a good looking guy. His ex girlfriend may really be upset that lindsay was living her life. This sounds like a woman scorned scenario to me. A hired hit to get lindsey out of the picture, & the woman was there to make lindsey feel secure, plus she wanted to see her killed. So sad for lindsay’s family. God bless you. A beautiful, talented, wonderful young career woman whose life was taken way too soon.

    • Svetlana says:

      Her 2 weeks worth of social online messages were deleted. Who has access to that? Her boyfriend – no. 1 suspect.

      • Michael Schneider says:

        Cell phone records of texts and calls can be retrieved from cell phone provider and im sure LE has all that info, if they dont they havent done a good job, but they must since they know what texts were sent day of incident.

        • Svetlana says:

          They know who one of the conspirators was and kept it from the public. It’s beyond me why that person was not arrested.

          • Sonya says:

            I think they want the known person to ‘trip up’ and reveal who the co-conspirator is. If they jailed the known one then there’s probably no chance that this person would admit who the other one is?

  14. Doug Bradley says:

    Are there cell tower records still, to see if boyfriends phone pinged off of same towers?
    Why did he wait outside when he arrived and then call 911 before they found her body.
    I think her boy friend is responsible.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with Susan -contact the contact the U.S. show Cold Case —see if there is interest to review case — that team might be able to help -that and the DNA with Paul Holes -if there is any DNA from the scene Paul holes might be able to help.

    • Elrusie says:

      I agree with this comment absolutely & these “detectives” are likely being paid off as well. This is a very common exchange made by police and informants, inmates and business people – yes even in small Canadian cities – yes, not just in the movies!!

    • Mr Pook says:

      This is the the thing that I was thinking. It seems so fishy that the bf called 911 before he went in, Also why is he late when she was scared of the situation.

  15. Susan says:

    I just watched the Dateline show. What a sad case! Has anyone thought of contacting Kelly Seigler (spelling?) who does the “Cold Justice” TV show? Her team seems to solve so many cold cases. I also have questions and would consider the boyfriend and his friend who just happened to know there would be an open back door over the fence…and the boyfriend’s mother. I really hope it’s NOT them, but it feels all wrong. I’m praying for this to be solved, for Lindsey’s father, her family and friends.

  16. Anne Kelly says:

    If I’m selling a million dollar house and someone is murdered in it, I’m facing a nightmare trying to sell it with huge overheads.

    Detectives say its crime of passion but a crime of passion can be imitated.

    Was this poor girl a pawn in a play to ruin the Vendor?

    • ferrari458 says:

      I have theorized the same thing and posted it for the last 2 years. It is the only angle that makes sense. If it were the ex or his mother, they would have been charged long ago.

      • Michael Schneider says:

        Not if they dont have enough evidence. You really think someone is going to do that for a house and have it all bloody? Cmon, think, for real, think hard. And why stab her that many times if only for a house. That man stab wounds was personal and was told to the killers to make it personal. I can say same thing, why hasnt builder been arrested?

    • Lillian says:

      No! The builder/contractor (Desousa) who invited Lindsay into the home to be murdered now owns/lives in the killing house. Probably because no one would buy it with that history attached… I know I sure wouldn’t.

    • dorna vavrina says:

      They would have been charged long ago!? Even in cases with tons of evidence pointing to a particular person, its hard to get charges against them. There is literally zero evidence that it was the mom and boyfriend, just speculation, and police only have one good chance to get someone convicted, they arent going to charge someone on speculation.

      • Wyatt says:

        Circumstantial. Not speculation. Plenty of evidence we are not aware of as the Stupid Police are corrupt and dirty and they need to cover their dirty butts with “evidence” we are not privy so I would suggest there’s PLENTY of evidence, just needs to be in the hands of CLEAN authorities.

      • Michael Schneider says:

        You dont know that, might need that one or two more pieces. It just makes more sense to me for her soon to be ex to kill her than for a house. The killers knew who to use for a reference, that by itself tells me it was an ‘inside the real estate office job’.

        • Dennis says:

          Kinda like cutting off your nose despite your face, don’t ya think? We are dealing with corrupt and dirty cops here, so I don’t understand what part of that we don’t get? One or two more pieces are simply the straw that will crack this corruption wide open. They have the Evidence, circumstantial or direct, it’s as obvious as the nose on one’s face. But when the police are corrupt and dirty than good luck cracking that case, they will be as secretive and coverup as deep as they can get. This case is a classic case of corruption and dirty cops. Doesn’t get any worse, except for the killing they are covering up.

          • Michael Schneider says:

            Cases dont get solved for years sometimes because lazy cops sit and wait for the last 1-2 pieces of evidence falls in their lap. I dont know if the cops are corrupt or not or even inept. Sometimes crimes go unsolved, these were professionals and thats why they were hired, and so far looks like they did fairly well. I think the ferry is where the cops need to look.

    • There isn’t a realtor on the Island or Lower Mainland of BC that would murder over a mere $1mil house sale – not in the past 30 years. The real estate market in Victoria…$1mil is the starting price for a basic older home in a suburban neighbourhood (in 2008 it might have been more like $700k) because the market is very inflated on the Island/Lower Mainland compared to most of BC (aside from the Okanagan or holiday homes). The house that Lindsay was killed in is currently assessed at $1.2mil and the median price is $900k. The neighbourhood is located next to the University of Victoria campus as well as schools and amenities which drives up price but a comparable house located further away is assessed at $760k (Swan Lake neighbourhood).

  17. Jody bonneteau says:

    If it was i that pulled up in the car and sow someone leaving the house my girlfriend was in Ali would’ve chased that person down or at least ran into the house to see if she was okay instead of waiting in 4he car for what 10 minutes times two messaging her asking if she’s okay. Something seems to be up with that

  18. Nicholas Pansini says:

    I have written to Jeff Buziak and seen all of John Lordan’s podcast suuounding this heiness slaughter and let’s call it what it is this was a vicious, vile execution of a beautiful woman who was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jeff if you sre reading this, Nicholas Pansini says KEEP FIGHTING man. Who else is going to fight for Lyndsey? I am disgusted at this killing by the nature of it is ruthless. I also believe Jason Zilo and his mother are involved in this slaying. I feel for Jeff with all my heart. You have a fiend for LIFE!

  19. Zarathustra owens says:

    after watching the episode of true crime daily i would like to propose a very different MOTIVE, not involving drugs, hit men or the boyfriend. i believe this investigation is looking in the wrong direction. what i believe is this: IT WAS A THRILL KILL…simply a couple who just wanted to kill someone. one reason i say this is because he was stabbed. a criminal profiler will tell you that this is a very PERSONAL form of murder. also, because there was a couple involved and both seemed to have stabbed her, so they were joined in this murder. thats a very personal thing also. the amount of planning would also seem to indicate this possibility. from what i heard, the burner phone was purchased BEFORE the drug deal, etc.
    i would also point out that there are OTHER cases of real estate agents being attacked this way. i saw one such episode somewhere. IF SO, then the thrill killers would likely know those episodes [or that episode]. also, even burner phones ping off of cell towers….THAT is traceable for location of a call.
    with this theory in mind i would suggest an INDEPENDENT “profiler” who can give a more detailed analysis of WHO the people were, based upon the events.
    i would also suggest a GOOD QUALITY private investigator to look into this in addition to the police. this PI should have a military or government background and a long history of CSI investigations. these [military, government and past PI work] give the investigator resources that the police do not have access to and rights that police do not have.
    a thrill killer would likely have a previous OTHER criminal record, of some type. a woman might be easier to locate than a man since there are fewer of them. the car would be another identifiable factor, though that was probably planned for in advance.
    this theory seems to be MORE possible than making connections with drug dealers and hit men, etc. [to me]. please feel free to contact me for any clarification on what ive said here. Good luck in finding the killers. they are out there.

    • Michael Schneider says:

      I just think too much happened around the real estate office and the bf was too involved at the time of the actual murder, i think he was there in case something went wrong, same with bringing his friend. and the interview with the bf and his mom was beyond awkward. i still think the bf and mom had lindsay killed because she was going to leave the bf and they felt they did a lot for her in the industry and she was going to take clients with her if she went other agency or if she stayed the bf would have to see her everyday and not being able to have her would make him very upset. for me, too many things point to the bf, his mom and the office. with your theory how would they know which clients to use as a reference – that tells me it was an inside job.

    • Dee says:

      I would agree with your theory if the killers didn’t tell her that they got her number from a previous client and provided that clients name (which was accurate). And this client was out of town when she tried to verify this. How would a random thrill killer know this? That’s what makes me think it was someone very close to her that orchestrated this.

  20. Hoola Audit says:

    It was most likely the boyfriend. It’s almost always the person closest to the victim. No other cars seen except for his. He and his buddy called the cops themselves once the place was clean enough and basically gave a reason for why their car was there. That way when witnesses recalled seeing it, it wouldn’t seem like he and his buddy were there to commit the crime, only report it. They were also the only ones who claim to have seen a mysterious man… But only his back of course.

    And yeah he’s probably seen Dexter like everyone else… Mystery solved guys. Just because someone is capable of taking the time to plan before commiting a risky crime doesn’t mean there’s a super convoluted explanation… Think about it, I know it’s not nearly as mysterious or juicy but it makes the most sense. I think like 9/10 times a killing is commited, especially in such a brutal and personal way it’s someone with close ties to the victim, like a bf. You never know what their relationship was like. Perhaps he found out she was cheating or planning to leave him and retaliated. Or he knew about a large sum of money she kept stashed away and wanted it for himself… Who knows. Police definitely should have investigated him instead of assuming it was some super untraceable hitman.

  21. Kay Nicole says:

    She must’ve seen something drug related and it had to have been extremely horrible.. Im thinking a cop may have been involved with this drug ring. It doesn’t make sense they won’t release files unless they KNOW there is a tie to whoever did this in there. If a cop told her to keep her mouth shut that explains why she wouldn’t tell her dad right away, because she knows her dad would absolutely call the police and she was probably scared. drugs, police, and hitmen are all sounding involved in this case. This dad deserves justice for his baby girl. KEEP FIGHTING! Keep this case alive!!! This won’t go away until there are answers!

    • Nicholas Pansini says:

      Good analysis Kay. It makes perfect sense to assume what you just wrote and I just hopw Jeff gets the justice he so rightly deserves for Lyndsey. This murder was so viscious that whoever these “couple” were are so evil and capable of doing anything that it makes me scared thinking about this whole thing. And they deseve to rot in prison for life! Stabbing someone 40 times is capable of almost anything when you think about it. And just because someone has money or clout like a police man (if one did this horrible thing) can escape justice and derail the attention on them and onto someone who had nothing to do with this crime. And Lyndsey saw something that scared her as she reveiled to her father. Sannich police needs to get off their ass and solve this murder at once but I don’t think they are gonna do that if 12 yrs past and still no arrect.

  22. Silence says:

    Anyone keeping tabs on Leo Baltran? Anyone know his whereabouts? His sister’s name? Why are people still talking about Jason Zailo when everyone knows who the killer is?

  23. Polly Jones says:

    I think the friend arrested with drugs is the most likely connection. Someone related to that saw her with him and thought she knew something. I believe the said the burner phone was purchased close to the time she visited her father and made contact with that friend.

  24. Svetlana says:

    The sketch is so weird. I think those witnesses should see a lineup of suspects wearing blonde wigs to see if they recognize anyone or at least photos of them. I am wondering if the police touched base with them once in a while and even got a new artist to make a sketch. Would they have released it? The eyes are small and with no browbone and the chin is very strong it seems and a flattened nose that sort of curves downwards.

  25. Faith McCain says:

    Does anyone know the business and address attached to the burner phone? Police believe Paulo Rodriguez (name registered to burner phone) was a fake name but the business address attached was legitimate.

    Please let me know.

    BTW, do the names Jordan and Michelle ring a bell to anyone?


  26. Silence says:

    These two workers that stayed behind after Joe DeSousa left seem to be totally left out of the narrative. Someone laid out plastic wrap on that floor for the killers, they didn’t bring it themselves. Clean up was way too easy.

    • Sowmiya says:

      What about her ex-boyfriend? Did the police investigate him? I have so much questions. How is her old relationship? Try to clear these doubts and think it may give you a better idea to know about her death..

    • Margaret says:

      Silence – At first I thought the same thing, that the master bedroom was ‘prepared’ but the police believe that she was attacked from behind when she turned to show them the ensuite bathroom. If that is accurate, then she would have noticed what had been done to prepare the master bedroom for the attack. I guess the killer could have dressed in disposable hospital scrubs and that the couple were the clean-up team. If the builder or the workman were involved and allowed access to the home, there could possibly have been more than 3 people inside to make clean-up within 10-15 mins possible.

  27. Whyyyyy says:

    How in the heck did the couple get to the house? Did they not drive there? Are there no witnesses of the vehicle that the couple drove? You can easily toss a burner phone but a vehicle is a completely diff story.

    • Sean says:

      Exactly, how did the couple get there? If they were viewing a million dollar home, I doubt they took the bus.
      Are there no cameras in the area, from neighbors or close businesses which the police could view?
      Also, Jason said when he arrived, the couple were coming out, then quickly turn around & went back inside?

      He then parked at the side of the house & waited 20 minutes before going inside? How did the couple leave?
      If they fled through the back door, how did they escape? Were they picked up, did they call a taxi?
      Finally, Victoria is located on an Island, the burner phone was from Vancouver, if they were from the mainland the only way to return would be by ferry or plane, the cops should view more camera footage if still available, or paper trails. It is way too mysterious that no one saw, or there is no record of how this couple arrived, or left!

      Also, for anyone selling their home, install a camera so you know protect your Realtor, as well as know who is coming & leaving your home.

      • Svetlana says:

        Seeing how so many people in Victoria have ties to Vancouver as in friends, family, business, school, that it was easy to buy a burner phone on their way back to Victoria so not necessarily it’s someone going back to Vancouver. That burner phone is definitely traceable but the police aren’t doing their job properly.

        The waiting is obviously a stall for time. The couple is the sign. They could’ve left from the front door or the garage side door even.

        • Sean says:

          True about the burner phone. My main point though is, no matter where they left or came from, how did they escape without anyone seeing them? Were they picked up, did they simply get back in their car parked close by, did they call a taxi? There should be someone, or some cameras in the area that saw or caught something?

      • Nicholas Pansini says:

        The prevailing theory is somebody took them there and parked behind the house in back of the fence that was kicked in.

  28. Ananthasubramanian says:

    In that house there is no 2
    Already some one waited for her in that house
    If any cctv footage is available in that area please check
    However they can come by any mode of vehicle
    Please check with his boyfriend whether he seen vehicle

  29. Amber LaManna says:

    I have been vested in this case for years now and keep racking my I. I have thought of something truly outside of the box but I feel I might be on to something.The house she was showing I feel there is WAY more to this particular house.I have always found it so unusual no one ever saw a vehicle or how the murderers fled the scene.I feel as if there were a total of 3 ( gut feeling) What if they did not need to flee the scene because they actually NEVER LEFT!! Think about it? This particular builder who said “, the Bitch got what she deserved” is linked to the devil herself. The crime scene shows no traces of blood which is unheard of and takes serious planning. Think about how convenient it would be to have a hidden access room / possibly tunnel custom-built into this home and when the murder is committed the murderers are secure in a trap door /area/hidden room ( possible tunnel* The burner phone can be with them and turned off and discarded soon after. The area was under construction at the time and I believe there was only one other completed home. The occupants of the completed home we’re the ones that witnessed Lindsay with the couple in the driveway. I referenced *tunnel because when Jason’s mom appeared on the scene on foot within 30 mins while living 30 min away it all came together for me They are all CLOSE.The builder came by around 5 p.m. but I bet you it was not to turn lights on.The slats missing out of the fence in some way shape or form are linked it leaves a way to get in and out thru the back of the home undetected.I am sure the guilty parties we’re in communication until the coast was clear and the scene was cleared because the absolute last thing that police and detectives are going to assume is for the murderers to be remotely close by to the scene of a major crime they just committed. My heart breaks for Lindsay”s dad and he deserves justice and some sense of peace!!

    • Georgette says:

      The only glaring problem with that theory is the clients (suspects) did not pick the house that was shown to them, Lindsay did. She could have chosen any other house just as easily that fit the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and been in an entirely different neighborhood, so I don’t think the house having secret passageways and whatnot is very believable. I mean, maybe if Jason’s mother was more tangled into it, perhaps it’s possible there was more guidance into the home shown, but I think that is very far-fetched.

      • Ole says:

        WRONG, Lindsay did not pick the house, her BF stated to her, that would be a great house for her clients, the Mexicans. AND for Amber LaManna, there was no tunnel. My Theory: The hole in the fence was a planed act, removed so the real murderer could enter the house, to be waiting in the bathroom of the master bedroom. There was a “holding house” near by the murder house, where the clients (Mexicans) and the murderer met. From there the clients (Mexicans) walked to the DeSousa Pl and met Lindsay, the murderer went from the same “holding house” and crawled through the hole in the fence at the murder house to be.. When BF seen the back of the client (Mexicans) body on DeSousa Pl, that was the signal murder was completed and to move his car, AFTER 10 MINUTES, to the side of the murder house on the main street, close to the hole in the fence, to allow time for the clients and the murderer to escape, back to the “holding House”, through the hole in the fence.
        And THEN, 10 minutes past, BF car parked on main St next to murder house and hole in the fence, for BF to ask CO to jump fence and open sliding door to the murder house. Then let BF in from the front door, discovered the murdered Lindsay within seconds, after running up the stairs, walking firstly directly into the scene of the murder, the master bedroom. He imminently Called the cops.

        Back at the holding house, the 3 of them was transported away, the Mexicans and the murderer.
        FYI, the builder had a great reputation as as the best of the best builders and known for his details of completion. He would never leave a hole or loose planks in a fence, done by the murderer team in the planning.
        30 minutes after the after the murder happened, Shirley Zailo was seen walking into DeSousa Pl.

        Very soon, the murderer will face JUSTICE, in the courts of :LAW. AMEN

        • Margaret says:

          I just posted my theory (being moderated at the moment) which is very similar to yours in that the killer was already in the house. I hadn’t considered the ‘holding house’ but that is an excellent suggestion. I think DeSousa was involved and provided access to the home. He was known to be a stickler for details and an excellent builder. Unless you were providing an escape route through the fence, why wouldn’t you fix it prior to the showing of a million dollar home. He was at the home earlier and left the outside lights on so he was aware of the appointment. Jason provided alibis for his entire family and I agree that the figure outside the home (or the shadows behind the glass) was a signal that the deed was done and that Jason should begin his pretend rescue of Lindsay. It’s awful to think that this monster sat across from Lindsay at lunch knowing what was ahead.

  30. annalee says:

    A few thoughts
    1, Since the police dont seem to be in any hurry to solve this, maybe one could assume there was police involvement or inside knowledge considering all the good detectives retired one day before this happened, as mentioned on brainscratch.

    2. Ive heard mention there was no blood. Many people have seen dexter, he layed down plastic. Owner of house was there at 5 pm, maybe setting up the house getting things ready. leaving a change of clothing etc he could have also dropped off the killers who waited in the house, then came out at time of meeting acting as if they just got there. maybe he also knocked out the boards previously to give them a quick escape.

    3. the ten minute intervals and rearrangings of car were maybe first ten minutes to get it done, next ten minutes to change clothes

  31. Ruth Walker says:

    How do I get in touch with the family? I have important u formation that can help.

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