Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. PJ says:

    Just saw this case on an old edition of Dateline.
    Was the mother of Lindsay’s boyfriend ever investigated, like her finances and communications?
    From what I gathered the mother was actually Lindsay’s manager, or a manager at the same real estate office, and she came out and stated that Lindsay confided in her that she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend, which was not only not true, but was exactly the opposite of the truth. Lindsay was getting ready to dump her son to go back to her ex-boyfriend.
    Isn’t it likely that Lindsay actually confided in the mom that she was getting ready to leave her son in order to avoid the awkwardness of coming into the office to face her wrath from having suddenly broken her son’s heart? The mom certainly knows the real estate business and how to instruct the fake homebuyers to get the short-notice high-value showing. If she knew her son was about to be dumped, and not just dumped, but dumped so Linsay could return to the ex she had broken up with, could she not have considered it less embarrassing and face-saving for her precious son to have Lindsay die instead? Especially if she never really thought Lindsay was good enough for her son to begin with.

    • OceanWaves says:

      PJ: I heard that SZ (the mother of Lindsay’s boyfriend) and the entire Zailo family was cleared within 10 days of February 2nd 2008, nearly 14 years ago. Money and Jealousy should always be a part of a murder investigation. If the Saanich PD were using their own detectives, hopefully they were able to retain the services of a Forensic Accountant, in addition to other professionals, to find out if there was a monetary connection to Lindsay’s murder. Something tells me that after 14 years with no arrest, this never happened eg. hiring the right group of professionals.

      • Rosanne says:

        Right there Saanich should be investigated for the extremely fast clearing of this family. Do a quick Google and you will see exonerated people can take years to be cleared! This act alone would pretty much guarantee that no beyond a reasonable doubt could be reached so a prosecution would be squashed if there is no likelihood of success. That would be the case if one of the cleared family members was found today holding the murder weapon. The overwhelming conspiracy to commit murder evidence wouldn’t have a snowball chance in hell of getting anywhere near justice.

  2. Oliver says:

    Driving instructor Steve Wallace had sexually harassed several young women over a number of years. Recently the Victoria Police recommended 3 counts of sexual assault charges against Mr. Wallace. The police file/report was sent to Crown Counsel for approval. A few days ago the Crown made the announcement that they did not intend to go forward with the charges against Mr. Wallace claiming the charge assessment standard had not been met.


    Maybe the public should be taking a serious look at our BC Prosecution Service. It seems that even though police send their reports to Crown recommending charges, often the Crown will reject the police report citing reasons that most of us do not find acceptable.

    I wonder if the Saanich Police have ever sent Lindsay’s file to Crown recommending charges? If so what happened? Of course it is possible the police do not yet have enough solid evidence to forward the file to Crown. Crown Counsel’s standards are high and not easily met.

    Our justice system is in a total state of disrepair.

    • lbmurder says:

      Saanich police have had near 14 years to get all the solid evidence required by crown. We can no longer accept lame excuses for incompetence at Saanich police. No More Excuses!
      From a sexually confused closet chief of police to part time detectives playing gangster, funny money financier and politician, Saanich police have totally bungled Lindsay’s murder investigation. Heads must roll.
      Insider info informs us the chief is staying in the closet and retiring. He is taking his favourite gangster cop along with him. Both bad news. Both being forced out. Bye Bye.

      • Robin says:

        I bet the public would be mortified if we knew the insider truth about SPD and Crown Counsel. It stinks to high heaven somewhere those places. The truth is kept from the public. Where are the journalists with GUTS.
        Scott Green is such a joke, the heat in the kitchen is too hot for him. The truth gets out like it is now finally. Funny he has only been Chief since Aug. 2019. Get lost Scott Green u aren’t leading by example anyway, so long, farewell. Mr. Useless is making room for the next guy who needs to top up the old pension at the expense of the taxpayers. We already who’s moving into that spot. The job of Chief should be put out right across Canada, anyone qualified please apply. This will be the fifth chief of Police in Saanich since Lindsay was murdered. How pathetic is that. Break up that olds boys club BS. Get someone who can do the job FFS. Doesn’t anyone care? This is an outrage if u ask me.

    • see closely says:

      I tried several times to get answer from AG office and SPD about any police recommendations in this case and never got any answer except that it is still in active file investigation.I suspect that it was advanced to AG office but for unknown reasons the charges were rejected.
      Just today, I was listening on C-fax 1070 interview with Mulligan law firm why AG office many times won’t advance recommended charges from police departments to courts.
      In effect,the public at large(Us)is ignored.

      • lbmurder says:

        A senior AG official told Mr Buziak that there was no file submitted to the AG Office by Sandwich Police. Unfortunately you don’t want to believe this as you have been informed of this more than once!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Steve Wallace was very well connected in Victoria for a very long time. With multiple young women speaking out about their experiences with him I am, I wish I could say surprised, saddened that he has been so well promoted by the Greater Victoria District as it had to be common knowledge to some degree within that community. Which makes me wonder about this recent decision. I also wonder if it wasn’t that young woman giving an interview to the news media after that decision that this was far from over that gave him the heart attack.

  3. Damron says:

    I may have missed something, I know the murderers escaped through the back of the house but how did they get back around to their car and wouldn’t they have had blood on them?

    • Robin says:

      They likely had a driver waiting or some people believe got to the neighbour’s house and he drove them out of the area. That could explain why the 3 boards in the fence were removed. Out the sliding patio doors through the missing boards straight to neighbours house. The neighbour certainly had suspect behaviour that day. You can hear more about that on this podcast which is very good.

    • Wyatt says:

      They were dressed in hazmat suites while executing Lindsay and removed them, put the evidence in a garbage bag and left.
      No car in the vicinity to aid in escape. It is believed they were utilizing a nearby residence by foot and departed from there.

  4. Robin says:

    Yesterday I was thinking of a quote I learned in a religious study and never really got if, I never knew how to apply it but never forgot it. The penny dropped yesterday. Since being involved in this fight for JUSTICE for Lindsay Buziak I have felt so disappointed with the lack of justice, the lack of caring and the lack of integrity by the people we are told from a young age that we can trust and expect results from them. This is not the case in Lindsay’s murder. It’s an illusion and it is utter BS. These people “walk with clay feet”.
    The SPD have arrested no one after almost 14 yrs and and they have cleared the very people 99% of the people who pay attention suspect. I’ve yet to hear a word from Chief Green about Lindsay’s unsolved murder, actually I still have not heard him say Lindsay’s name. Let’s not forget Scott Green is the 4th Chief with the Saanich Police since Lindsay was murdered. WTF

    Then you have the Politicians we elect and give power to oversee that laws are followed and implemented but then when you want to contact these very people you you realize they aren’t even paying attention and they push u off to someone else. They aren’t reachable. It’s insane how long it takes to get their attention if you actually do get it. So here is the the idiom I have never had reason to use til today these people have. “clay feet”.
    “Feet of clay” or “clay feet” is an idiom used to refer to a weakness or character flaw, especially in people of prominence and power. It can also be used to refer to larger groups such as societies, business and empires. An entity with feet of clay may appear powerful and unstoppable but they cannot support their splendor and will be easily knocked over.
    Let’s try to put a fire under there feet 👣 of clay by sending emls to remind them it will be 14 yrs soon since
    Lindsay was murdered, Will any of them take the time to walk with Jeff next February 2nd? Or will they continue to “walk with 👣 feet of clay”.
    You know when I use the word MURDER the impact of the word hurts. Who could be so sick in the head to murder Lindsay. What a pos person. Absolute shit beneath Scott Green’s clay feet.

    Premier Mike Horgan

    Minister Mike Farnsworth
    Minister of Public Safety

    Attorney General David Eby

    Chief Scott Green

    Mayor Fred Haynes

    Detective Chris Horsley

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Well said Robin. I agree 100%. We are taught from an early age that good prevails and our hard earned taxes are going towards what we believe they are. That our best interests are being supported by our hard earned dollars. This case highlights how that is not the case. Politicians and police who are paying attention to this in yet are saying nothing. Crickets from them all! You watch, soon there will be a generic statement..,…sickening……

    • Wyatt says:

      I like the metaphor. I’d go out on a limb here and suggest it’s not clay feet these dirty coppers stand upon, but piles of 💩💩. …. Just saying!

  5. Mark Roush says:

    Derrick Egan retired as the Chief of police from the Saanich police department in August,2009 as the most high profile murder investigation in Canada was being conducted. WHY ??? What is the Date that Derrick Egan submitted his letter of resignation to the Saanich mayor during this time, Frank Leonard ??? What was the exact date the Saanich police department cleared Jason Zailo ??? Why would the Saanich police Chief Derrick Egan Escape what should have been His top priority (Solving Lindsay’s Murder) and accepting a “Job” at a place called Oak Bay ??? Since the Murder of Lindsay, Chris Horsley and the Saanich police department have Obviously been defending the Zailo’s, Under whose direction and command ? Derrick Egan? Where was the Saanich police Chief Derrick Egan from the Onset and during the course of Lindsay’s “Investigation.” ??? Its beginning to appear that the former Saanich police Chief Derrick Egan and his soldiers have been protected from Exposure from All citizens, near and far.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Frank Leonard was mayor of Saanich from 1996 to 2013. Approaching 2 decades. What I would like to know is why was the SPD so desperate to stop the new duly elected mayor, Richard Atwell, from unseating Frank? They actually publicly endorsed Frank Leonard during the campaign. This is simply not done given that it is not their place to do so. They have no say whatsoever who the people of Saanich decide to vote in as mayor in yet there they were on the radio endorsing Frank Leonard! They also, according to Richard Atwell, criminally harrassed him while he was campaigning for the mayoral seat by pulling him over multiple times without cause and having him blow into a breathalyzer as well as after he won the election by installing spyware on his computer without his knowledge. Each breathalyzer he took read 0.00. How bizarre is that? Saanich council attempted to freeze him out. Who do they think they are that they would try to thwart a duly elected official! Even more bizarre is that when Richard Atwell went public with these allegations no one looked into what the hell was going on in Saanich. No one went, wait a minute, WTF!! The mayor sits on the police board.

  6. Marita L says:

    I just heard that Exp Realty in Victoria has hired the alleged drug rapist Callaghan O’Connor to work at their office. The other two alleged rapists Bowman Rutledge & Andy Rogers still have not been hired on in Victoria so why Callaghan? Is this a case of a privileged affluent rich kid being treated differently. I thought there was an ongoing police investigation – are the cops going to sweep this case under the rug like they have done with other rape cases, and let’s not forget Lindsay’s murder. Why would any decent real estate company hire this self-centered smug arrogant guy on as a realtor knowing what he has been accused of doing. What about the lives of the victims? Does anyone even think about them? The owner broker of Exp Realty is Peter Phann. Is Peter a friend of Callaghan’s father Michael O’Connor (Benj) ? You just have to wonder if there is a connection there. For sure someone is in someone’s pocket.

    • lbmurder says:

      This very serious incident occurred in Oak Bay,
      Oak Bay contracts Saanich police for their investigative detective work because they don’t have a detective division.
      Wealthy Entrepreneur and buddy buddy to the Bad Boys in Victoria, Saanich cop Chris Horsley is head of Major Crimes at Saanich police meaning everything goes through him.
      Chris Horsley was a bit of a rugby player, (BIG in his mind) in his day, now turned full time playyyy-yer
      Victoria Lawyer Benj O’Connor (Cal’s daddy) was a star rugby player and remains heavily involved in Victoria Rugby.
      Think James Bay Rugby Club!
      Think Benj O’Connor-Chris Horsley 💕
      This is how things work in Victoria.
      Women don’t really count.
      Saanich police take care of their friends even their sexually confused closet-chief.

      • Robin says:

        Yup yup yup, that’s the word on the street. It’s been going on for years and years and years. Zero accountability over at the SPD. They all cover for each other. Secret society don’t ya know. U no Chief Green is awfully quiet considering he is CHIEF. Just slinking around trying to not be noticed. Oh the webs they weave at the SPD. Sshhhhh sssshhh I’m getting closer to my big pension payday says Chief Green.,

      • Not A Union Club Crony says:

        Michael O’Connor Is a heavy weight crony in Victoria. You don’t have to look far to see him hanging out with the other Victoria Cronies such as Craig James and Judges at the union club. Complete scumbag. Absolute garbage lawyer.

    • IHeart80s says:

      There you go. Jason Zailo’s ex-girlfriend was working at EXP. She had a brokerage with her father and brother. Are any of the men you just mentioned the brother of Jason’s former girlfriend just before Lindsay? I forgot that woman’s name.. but I know its on this website still some where.

    • God is watching says:

      Right you are. There is no point to LOW in life for some people. Here’s a couple of them waiting to see the public’s reaction. I’m shocked at the size of Peter Fan’s and CC’’s small *?*?* brain that is.
      Here we have another one quietly slinking around Victoria. Utter insanity that seaside city.

    • Jeremy R says:

      Accused** not convicted , its believe women not convict men without due process…

      • Robin says:

        Of course. But this is Victoria and real estate which means “Who ya know and who ya blow” it’s a whole different justice there. Lots of people covering up dirty crimes. Fun and Games in Victoria exclusive to the corrupt, entitled criminal minded people who look out for each other.

      • Melinda says:

        Hello Jeremy, are you the live-in girlfriend of Jason Craveiro by any chance? How about the wife of Andy Rogers? Don’t waste your breath on this site trying to defend those creeps. It’s a sad thing you know, some women are just so stupid they will believe whatever their rapist boyfriend tells them just to keep their man. Wake up and smell the roses you pathetic woman. Sometimes its better to be alone then to spent another minute with a man who is most likely guilty of a serious sexual assault.

        • Jessica says:

          The “justice” system is most definitely a joke, especially when it comes to sexual assault. That said,that is pretty brutal to say that about someone. Maybe his partner knows the real, full version and that is why they are still together. Side note – maybe Jeremy above is a typical dickhead guy for his comment. But maybe it’s also not fair for you to speak of a woman that way, a mother, a couple with children unless you truly know what the truth is. As I commented previously, there is a lot more to this story. I worked at the real estate company this individual was at and saw all the documentation surrounding this. What was written by this reporter is inconsistent with what was originally stated. Both individual’s versions of their encounter that night mention they agreed that her coming over that night did not equate to an expectation of sex, that they ended up fooling around and that there were both ongoing physical actions and verbal indications that progressed the activity(the specifics do not belong on here, nor should any of this on a site aimed at finding justice for Lindsay) and that was why the file was concluded without the recommendation of charges. And you do not read someone their rights if they are there on their own free will and not under arrest or charged with anything. Also, they did not even have sex. Not that this has to be present to be considered an assault but it is just another key thing conveniently left out. It is unfortunate that the officers handling the case made her feel demeaned. Then when she made a complaint , they recoded the file and didn’t even inform the other party. They just hoped to pacify her so she would not further her complaint. Then when that didn’t work , they threw the investigating officer under the bus. Fumbled this for everyone at every turn. Saanich PD is an embarrassment – we see examples of this time and time again.

  7. Lana says:


    New here & question: apart from the one degree of separation how are Vid and Jason connected?

    • Robin says:

      Partners in crime. Drug dealers, money launderers and God knows what else. Conspirators to murder. The other side of the track from decent living people. That just about covers it I think. Oh wait POS.

  8. Mark Roush says:

    Minister of public safety and solicitor general honourable Mike Farnsworth quote. As solicitor general, I know that the public needs to be able to trust the police so that police can be effective and efficient in keeping our communities safe, that’s why I’m always very interested in steps we can take to increase the effectiveness of the police complaint process. Attention Mike Farnsworth and the Entire British Columbia Government; here’s your “Steps.” Community police engagement. No single factor has been more crucial to reducing crime levels than partnership between Law enforcement agencies and the Communities they serve. In order for Law enforcement to be truly EFFECTIVE, police agencies cannot operate alone, they MUST have the active support and assistance of CITIZENS and COMMUNITIES. High profile Incidents and allegations of POLICE MISCONDUCT may drive a wedge between Law enforcement officers and the Citizens they are Sworn to protect. Establishing and maintaining a safe community requires ongoing concerted effort. Investigations take time and CITIZENS can help speed up the process. It’s critical to interact with the community-the one you’ve dedicated your life to protect. And not just get their help but to UNDERSTAND what they need you to FOCUS on. Managing the police-community relationship is a delicate, Nationwide struggle. Agencies that haven’t PRIORITIZED this NEED to START. To do this, COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY is KEY. The BEST way to reach your community is with a DEDICATED CENTRAL RESOURCE that CITIZENS and POLICE OFFICERS both can use. IACP 2022. International Association of Chiefs of Police.

  9. Oliver says:

    UNEQUIVOCALLY? What the hell are you talking about Dean Jantzen? The SP cleared Jason Zailo in late 2009 then the entire family in 2010. What the hell were they thinking. All the circumstantial evidence pointed directly at Jason back then and still does today. Time to wake up boys………. time to arrest the people who are responsible for Lindsay’s murder. Everyone knows who that is, for god sakes, take the blinders off.

    Saanich cop Dean Jantzen sounds more that the Zailo’s lawyer than he does a Saanich cop.


    The boyfriend of a B.C. realtor stabbed to death more than two years ago has been ruled out as a suspect in the murder, Saanich police announced Wednesday.

    Sgt. Dean Jantzen said that Lindsay Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo and his family have met with police for extensive interviews since a Dateline NBC special on Buziak’s murder aired last week.

    “We would like to state unequivocally that no member of the Zailo family is considered a person of interest or a suspect in this investigation,” Jantzen told reporters at a press conference.

    “Our detectives are satisfied that the Zailos have no knowledge or any participation in this horrific crime.”

    Realtor’s boyfriend not a suspect in murder: police | CTV News

  10. ConnectTheDots says:

    Oh puleeze. I guess we will have to pepper the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and inform them that their dumb ass idea of reeducating the police that have been tasked with policing the police who seem to have forgotten why they are there is not fooling anyone. Having the police police their own is a ridiculous idea and if they don’t get that they are a big part of the problem. I’ve said it before and this just helps confirm for me that we need to defund the police and rebuild from the ground up. The statements made by Mike Farnsworth, Clayton Pecknold and Andrea Spindler are out of touch with reality and show that they are not fit for the job.

    • Wyatt says:

      I know, right. They’re all crocks in their own environment. How do you refer to a “civilian oversight” when the entity is made up of police? Talk about oxymoron. Every once in awhile they throw in a token sacrifice to give us “civilians” a ruse that the system is working. Hahaha, most of us know they’re a joke and without merit. And us “civilians” continue to permit these crocked politicians to operate in a disgraceful manner.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        You’re so right. The whole set up is a farce. Beautiful B.C. is only beautiful on the surface. Do a little digging and a dark sinister side rears it’s ugly head. Money laundering and corruption is rampant on all levels.

  11. Russ K says:


    A retired police officer on Vancouver Island was retroactively dismissed from his department after the conclusion of an investigation by B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.
    The Saanich police officer was responsible for recertifying the department’s “Drug Recognition Experts,” and knowingly signed off on several certifications for officers who had not completed the proper training, according to the OPCC.

    Retired Saanich police officer retroactively dismissed for misconduct, OPCC report says | CTV News

  12. Lisa says:

    Just thinking outside the box here but has the house where this happened been sold? Did the buyer get a really great deal on it?

    • Wyatt says:

      What? What box are you in? But the answer to your question has been addressed many times in this blog if you care to read. If not, I’ll tell ya, the murder mansion was not sold after Lindsay was executed there, the “developer” (DeSousa) ended up living in it as no one wanted to buy a murder mansion.

  13. Mark Roush says:

    Was Cohen Oatman one of the co-conspirators or was he just a victim of circumstance ? Is a co-conspirator a reluctant participant in the commission of a crime ? If what was said about Oatman is true regarding his surprise telephone call from Jason on the very day of Lindsay’s murder and he being reluctant to meet Jason at SHC Autographx at 5:30 pm ( under the guise of going out to eat), Then Oatman was used and spit out as a piece of chewing gum to bolster Jason’s Alibi.

    • IHeart80s says:

      Here’s another piece of information that’s going to shock you about the Zailo’s, specifically Jason. Supposedly leaving SHC autographic he calls his relative to get directions to the property. Yet, when he gets to the property he somehow intuitively knows that Lindsay is in the master bedroom. On top of that he goes there to revive her and somehow manages to muster a call to 911. Now hear this: during his 911 call, he seems to know the address. First you have no clue and are not sure about where you are going even though you golf down the street and your moms rental property is less than 2 miles south. Then – oh wait, plus your mom is dating a cop, and a Saanich cop Paul B is BFFs with the home owner at the location you are driving to- you call your brother (and not your mother? why?) for driving directions even though newer cars at the time had built in GPS (as well as Jason’s blackberry) and then arrive there and “wait to go inside”. Then inside you know by miracle where your girl is and you call 911 and let them know the very location that you couldn’t figure out just 15 min prior. Jason is traumatized by finding his girl, but somehow can communicate where he was at even though it was difficult just 15 min prior to even find the place with the then modern technology that he had. Do you know what? I was just remembering an article that I read about 911 calls. The most difficulty the 911 operators have is that most people don’t know or cannot, because of trauma, say where they are. But your boy Jason Zailo did. He knew exactly where he was when he called. I don’t have a copy of that 911 call – I am guessing 100% there is no beat missed, no question when he called 911 as to where he was right then.

    • Robin says:

      He totally was USED. He was selected I would say because maybe he is not the brightest dude or maybe he owed JaSIN. Cohen Oatman was a very calculated decision like everything was from the day the first call to see the house was made. IMO Cohen knew nothing about what was going to take place once he met JaSIN, he may have been chosen because he had a wife and kids so he could be controlled with threats of harming them.
      This vicious act is so obvious that anyone with an basic IQ can see what went on. This is a coverup because once the arrests start it’ll set off a chain reaction of exposing the nasty capitol city of NOT so Beautiful British Columbia. I’m left feeling sick when I think about the criminals involved here and they continue on without repercussions. It’s as twisted as it gets.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I suspect that Cohen was a last minute desperate decision made because the original dupe they had set up to play that role backed out. Which would mean that there is one other person that either knew what was happening and decided to back out or they now realize what they almost got duped into and are very thankful they did back out.

  14. Svetlana says:

    How can police not take seriously the fact that Shirley Zailo called Lindsay’s friend after the murder and put on a fake accent? She denied it but why would Lindsay’s friend lie about calling back that number and talking to Shirley? It does not make sense. Who is the police protecting?

    • Rosanne says:

      The neck slashing motion to Lindsay’s friends at her funeral is as weird. What kind of person would imitate a neck slashing at a funeral where the deceased had their neck slashed. Does she imitate giving herself a needle at an overdose funeral? I would also think if Jason was able to even go “play” hockey soon after his girlfriend was murdered would say more about his comfort with the situation.

      • Robin says:

        SZ did that at Lindsay’s funeral? I have never heard that. She did that to one of Lindsay’s friends? That is effd up! Other people must have seen that and spoke about it to the cops don’t u think? Wouldn’t Lindsay’s friend tell the SPD she did that?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          It was posted on here a long time ago that SZ offered to give two of Lindsay’s girlfriends a ride to the reception following the church service. According to the poster it was while they were in the back seat of the car that she turned to them and told them that Jason had a big mouth and they had better keep theirs shut or else and that is when she reportedly made that motion across her neck. One of the girlfriends was probably Nicki who was there when Jason overheard Lindsay say she was planning on leaving him. Hence too the late night phone call to Nicki with SZ feigning the foreign accent. The same accent, I believe, the female prospective buyer had when she called about buying a house.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Hard to say if that would have been reported to the police. They may have been scared silent.

      • I says:

        I wasn’t there and did not see that but those don’t sound like friends to me they sound like frenemy’s.
        Hockey players always have a hockey bag. There’s no way of getting around that. If a body was not hidden in Jason’s hockey bag, he had to have had changes of clothing there and other “equipment”, such as mustard, blades, skates, mouth guard, puck, not sure what else. Something to bend blades. Perhaps a murder weapon, perhaps a burner phone. There’s big studies out there about men with concussions (has Jason ever got one while playing hockey or other sports?) flying into rages and harming others, such as nearby family and friends. It’s very common. A concussion is brain damage. Multiple concussions, like that famous football player whose name escapes me now, can lead to serious behavior problems and even early death. I just assume with the Zailos being cleared so early on, that no deep studies were ever done into Jason’s past.

        • Jack Kennedy says:

          A deep study into Jason’s past would have shown some red flags. Jason had a serious illness as a child and was treated as the golden boy who could do no wrong during that time. He had serious psychological problems as a kid which could have resulted from his illness. He has never been right & if the cops had done their homework they would have discovered this early on. I assure you this is serious stuff, and I wonder if a psychological assessment was ever conducted on this guy?

        • I remember her says:

          It is the Jason’s mother that needs to be looked into deeply. She has been around the drug world and criminal world since 1979/80. Saw her with my own eyes and regularly. Lindsay Buziak’s murder has the Shirley marking written all over this murder. It is clearly visible to the human eye. Obviously the SPD aren’t humans!!
          Remove them IMMEDIATELY or sooner.

    • Wyatt says:

      My question to this incident would be, there is traceable evidence of incoming/outgoing calls on cell phones, was this never investigated? People don’t make this 💩 up, especially at, what – 3am!

    • Reformedrugdealer says:

      There was a girl named Nicki that worked reception I was told by person who worked at place Shirley worked at the time. This girl was late and Shirley says she was trying to call that Nicki not Lindsay’s friend Nikki????? Shirley said she called the wrong Nicki. Yah right!!!! She didn’t even know Lindsay’s friend Nikki and Nikki asked her how she got her number when she called back. Shirley said Jason must have put it in my phone. Lol…. Yah right. Drink much Shirley. How is your head holding all the deceit and lies? People talk all the time. Lindsay’s murder is discussed everywhere I go and it has been for years. I wish people wouldn’t be so afraid to post what they know. The Saanich cops are useless. Total rejects. Every criminal knows what is going on. The planning was done by Mommy Dearest, YOU must all see that. Word is Chief Green, Chief Downie, Chief Egan and Chief Chadwick have been Shut up! Glad I’m out, lots of people not sleeping in Victoria.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Thank you for your insight and good on you for being able to change the path your life is on. I agree. What a pile of BS that was.

  15. eight says:

    How do you heat up a cold case?

    “…sometimes, if you ask the right question, to the right person, after enough time has passed, you learn something new. And one new fact can be enough to unearth a bunch more, if you’re lucky enough to find the right one.”

    This is an interesting interview. At times it is depressing, and at other times hopeful, when Lindsay’s case is in mind. Seems to me a start (as counterintuitive as that might appear) might be to have the sad sacks at SPD admit this is a cold case and they need help.

    • Darwin says:

      On the Roman sculpture of Augustus hangs a breastplate detailing Pax Romana and one of worst wars in the entire history of Rome, the Battle of Carrhae. It was a 30 year battle, long lived and bitter, predating Pax Romana. The battle was for territory (Albania and Armenia amongst them) as well as the return of the Roman Standard that was lost. On the breastplate you see the peaceful return of the Roman Standard. Upon the release of the Parthian Prince (a very important person) they (the Romans) prevailed because they gave up what the opposition wanted without violence. It’s oft said that there is “opposition in all things”. The opposing force of Lindsay’s murderers are telling me there is much more at stake than just the loss of freedom of one or a few of them. The theme throughout that I am sensing is that when it comes to dark forces, people believe that individuals are immutable and that information is restrained. I am going to suggest that in order to turn the heat up that Lindsay’s supporters, including Dad, get more vocal, and that in search of the truth: all of us- throw out as much unfounded gossip as you are able. This website should be a place for residents of Victoria to discuss how they too have been wronged by the Saanich PD, and what obstacles they have faced when seeking justice. Some (of) the gangsters listed on the website should be able to have a forum to complain about what it’s like to get caught up in a murder investigation that has nothing to do with them. Some of the Saanich PD should be able to say their piece here. Let’s empower members of the Saanich community to come forward. Is there a way to guarantee them anonymity? Can’t someone else involved release a statement other than “(13 years later) the FBI is helping?”.

      • lbmurder says:

        This isn’t a Saanich police Department complaint site. We ALL KNOW they are a corrupted incompetent police force mainly because of their abysmal leadership and a useless police board lead by an even more useless mayor. This is a Lindsay Buziak murder site and you and everyone have their say, as you just did, providing its rational and on topic.

        • Rosanne says:

          The Saanich Police could start today arresting known conspirators. Conspiracy to commit murder carries the same penalty as the actual murderer gets. Arrest the burner phone owner. Arrest the client that referred the murderer to Lindsay. Arrest the person who owned the place the burner phone spent time at. Arrest the person in Lindsay’s office who had the inside information needed for this crime. There might be more than one of these but if Saanich started the process of arrest and let them know what a conviction looked like, they would get down to just the conspirators real fast. Arrest the person who cleaned the house of any prior evidence. Arrest Lindsay’s “security” for conspiring to allow her murder to be committed by playing musical cars outside while it was being done. The Saanich police will accomplish one of two things, convicting people who played a part in this and are just as guilty as if they had held the knife or two scare them worse then the murdering side has and open some lips!

        • eight says:

          Yes. Rational and on topic is the way to proceed.

          I cannot agree with the notion that “all of us- throw out as much unfounded gossip as you are able” would be an effective strategy. It would only serve to undermine your own credibility and harm the cause. Unless of course “throw out” is meant to mean debunk unfounded gossip.

          As for inviting and providing a safe forum for Saanich Police or gangsters on this site, they should be afforded the same consideration as anyone else. Which is the opportunity to offer or discuss rational information that might lead to a resolution and justice for Lindsay.

          I suggest that rather than invite gangsters, Saanich Police, or anyone else who might have or had a role in delaying justice for Lindsay to come to this site, a more effective course of action might be for her supporters to visit sites those entities frequent.

          Afflict the comfortable, as the old saying goes.

        • Darwin says:

          A slight difference of opinion, rationalism would be the correct approach but murder and letting it slide and slip out of public concious without an arrest for so many years, nearly 14, is irrational. No consequences for the most heinous human act to another human, no closure- that’s irrational. Bang the drum louder folks. The comfortability zone doesn’t click when it comes to murder. No murder ever solved by remaining cool and level headed. It takes passion and guts to get Lindsay’s murderer (s) behind bars.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Given the way the SPD have handled this murder investigation, eroding confidence in so many, I think testimony regarding how they have handled other murders/criminal activities is pertinent to this case.

  16. Sherri says:

    I just watched an episode of Dateline about this murder and wondered if anybody ever looked into another realtor who may have been jealous of Lindsay’s success? I got the feeling that it’s a female, not a male, who planned this murder.

    • OceanWaves says:

      Women are that catty, women are that calculated, more women fight each other and hate on each other more than men do, jealousy amongst women is rampant. Women for thousands of years have not been bread winners. Once outside of the home and in the competitive work environment its ground zero for competition. You have to be a woman working a professional job to understand that kind of hatred. I don’t think 1) potential mother in law hatred could be as bad as 2) you’re taking my man hatred or 3) you got promoted instead of me hatred. As a female that has been on the brunt end of not one but at least four work place acts of jealousy, violence and hatred, I can say I would not be surprised if it turns out that a female co-worker of Lindsay set her up. Less likely but still plausible would be a female colleague working in a competing realty office, such as JZ’s former girlfriend. For example, it would have sucked for her to loose Jason to Lindsay and then loose maybe a listing to Lindsay. It does not seem that Lindsay would have been the type to purposely go looking to do that (taking someone’s man and listing), but a female colleague from another realty company would not see it that way. Especially in a smaller population area like Saanich. Real Estate is already very competitive and it’s also been shown to be a hotbed for people with gambling, substance abuse and other disorders. Like any other business, I know some very wonderful people working in real estate. Some real estate offices or brands are more internally competitive than others.

  17. Svetlana says:

    Many cases are solved when the police go public. Not when things remain hidden! This is a big mistake on their part.

    • Robin says:

      Mistake??? More like intentional. SPD suck. If any of the past Premiers or Ministers of Safety had integrity Lindsay’s murder would have been removed from the greasy hand of the SPD already. Saanich and Victoria is B.C.’s dirty little secret. Politicians, cops, lawyers, judges, drug dealers, money launders, real estate agents have all been making big money off of illegal
      activities and if the people find out there will be HELL to pay. Why is it that parts of the B.C. Rail scandal are kept secret from the public. I suspect that the murderers and conspirators were told by Horsley that he will help to see that Lindsay’s murder will fall into cold case abyss and the people will forget all about her after the shock wears off, like many other victims of murder. BUT thank god Jeff had/has no intention of letting this happen. So here we all are in the fight for Justice for Lindsay.
      I don’t like what I see in Victoria and I think it is high time we know just what gives. How can Lindsay’s murder be at such a standstill in 2021, she was murdered in 2008! What kind of losers do we have in law enforcement? Jeezuz Christ what are we paying for? This is truly a cluster F$$$ if I ever saw one.
      Mistake by not going public? Yah right

      • Svetlana says:

        They don’t even want to declare it a cold case. Apparently that would mean access to the files by family. So even with this the police found a way to withhold the information.

  18. Ashley Martin says:

    Many allegations have been made, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty. There have been a lot of comments made about who is guilty but until we have actual sources, I think it’s unfair to continue to blame the Zailo’s. This isn’t about speculation, from reading a blog, but about getting justice for lindsay. Instead of focusing on a family, let’s let the truth and the SPD do their job and stop pointing fingers until we have actual facts. Maybe then, with factual information, we can finally get to the bottom of this.

    • Robin says:

      No one is focusing on a family we are focusing on murderers and the scum that planned Lindsay’s demise. Furthermore this isn’t just speculation from reading a blog, this is intelligent people speaking their truth as they see it. Many people here are intelligent people with lots of life experience and common sense. I/we question the integrity of the SPD and the Zailo’s, did u just fall out of an unsprayed apple tree? C’mon if it quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. The SPD have been fking around for 14 yrs!!! Imo they were counting on Lindsay’s murder falling by the wayside so she could drop into the deep abyss of cold cases and be forgotten about. I would say that is apparent by now, hence we will not stop questioning WTF is going on with this so called investigation by the SPD. The lack of transparency where the SPD is concerned makes me stay glued to the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. I will stay right beside Jeff til there are arrests or I die! The SPD have done nothing to gain my respect. As far as the Zailo’s?! Take off your rose coloured glasses, good grief. They had the motive, the means, the money and all the connections to murder Lindsay. SZ was pissed that Lindsay wanted away from them at all cost. They are ruthless psychopaths. For the life of me I cannot understand why they were cleared by polygraphs so soon and why they aren’t in the slammer already. The SPD and all 4 chiefs who have sashayed through to pension without an arrest only screams corruption or cover up. No I won’t be joining you on letting the SPD quietly investigate, that attitude has been gone for years now. Someone here is not doing a honest days work for the people they represent and if they were we wouldn’t have to be side by side with Jeff in this fight for Justice for Lindsay.

      • Darwin says:

        There are many other people mentioned on this website as possible suspects, see “Undesirables in Victoria” for example. People naturally circle back to the Zailo’s because they meet the motive, means and opportunities criteria. Moreover, SZ regularly dates police on the Saanich PD. Therefore, it’s reasonable to speculate that if there was a cover up it would be about them – the Zailos- or that the political and personal power that Shirley lacks that can be applied here- ie. getting one of her boyfriends on the Saanich PD to advocate for the murderer’s to be caught by the boyfriends colleagues- just isn’t and hasn’t happened because the Zailos don’t want that kind of scrutiny. It’s cowardly of Paul B., Shirley’s then boyfriend to take off while the investigation is still supposedly ongoing. Have some class Paul, and lend a hand. It’s irresponsible of the 7 senior cops to have retired the night before and not responded to Lindsay’s murder scene to lend a hand. Especially in a small town like Victoria. Do you think any of those people would have walked or turned a blind eye to events if it was their son or daughter? No!! If the Zailo’s aren’t the murderers or conspirators, they will be convicted of being bad neighbors, careless, cold, not good for community, self interested, you mean to tell me you loved someone and then they were murdered but all you can do is narrowly avoid being charged with the crime… walking away and never looking back or offering to help? When you love someone you don’t give a rats a* about self preservation or what your lawyer advises. You stick your neck as way out as possible and hope for the best. The Zailo’s haven’t avoided scandal or public scrutiny because after Lindsay’s murder they have acted in a scandalous way. Same with Saanich PD. The biggest audience after Dateline was Dr. Phil, neither the Zailos or Saanich PD would dare show their face or face off with Jeff on that show. Innocent until proven guilty. Where is the love? Justice for Lindsay.

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          Take a moment and think about this really just think about it. Who wanted this young woman out of their life because she wanted to be out of theirs. It is so obvious and so sickening that Ms Lindsay has not gotten justice nor her family. It is easy to solve, the writing is clearly on the wall.

    • Wyatt says:

      Ashley, Ashley, Ashley…..
      Please move onto another site that “supports” the Sannich PD which continues to have their head in the sand, practice corruption and obstruction of justice. I don’t know who died and made you the profound lecturer of law and innocence but my spidey senses tells me you are a sheep in clothing. The Zailos are GUILTY and if you can’t deduct that from the “facts” and circumstantial evidence than you need to find another hobby.

    • Lillian says:

      “Let the SPD do their job”. Hahahaha …. That’s hilarious! It’s been almost 14 years and they still CANT DO THEIR JOB! Read ALL the facts, even us armchair detectives have figured it out, but the Stupid Police can’t seem to. That’s because they’re involved. Neck deep in Wilful Blindness and dirty coppers. Fix that!

    • see closely says:

      I agree.However it had been over 12 years.

    • Russ K says:

      Ms. Martin, unfair to blame the Zailos you say? What planet in outer space do you live on? If you want to support the Zailo family that is your choice but perhaps you should do it elsewhere, because this is certainly not the place. Their silence is what has caused the mistrust, if they had come forward and explained some of their odd behavior over the years they may have gained some credibility, but for 13 years they chose not to do that. Why don’t you give them a call, maybe you can start a support group for them?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      LOL. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……..According to you it could very well be a puppy?
      The SPD lost all credibility with me when they cleared their most likely suspects ( the soon to be ex boyfriend, his brother who Lindsay had jilted and his mother, Lindsay’s boss who worked in the same real-estate office ) almost immediately and clearly before they knew who had committed this heinous murder. Murder 101. You DO NOT CLEAR your most obvious suspects if you do not know for sure who committed the crime. There can be NO justifiable reason for doing that. And now here we are 13 years later and no arrests and the most obvious suspects cleared. Yeah, way to go SPD. Please explain yourself.

    • Svetlana says:

      Are we hindering the SPD to do their job, to get their factual information? Your words remind me of con-artists.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      To add to my response I would like to point out that the SPD didn’t just clear one of the Zailos. They cleared all three of them at once. As if they could prove they were all three on the other side of the planet completely cut off from being able to contact anybody and not all three either at the scene of the crime or in the close proximity of at the time or very close to the time of the murder. All the while either calling or texting each other.

    • DJA says:

      Re-read your words: innocent, unfair, blame, focusing, SPD do their job????, pointing fingers, factual information?

      In your dreams! This case is going nowhere and you can be self-righteous all you’d like with your, “Innocent” balderdash. And where you really show ignorance is, “Let SPD do their job!”
      They’re not doing a gosh damn thing and have run away from trying to solve this murder.

      WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

  19. V. Shaw says:

    Idea. My husband was homebuilder. Selling spec homes is a priority. Could this be a revenge killing against the homebuilder? Was he dealing in drugs and owed money to the wrong people? A horrible murder in a spec home is going to deplete it’s value and leave the builder in a losing position.

    • Lillian says:

      Yeah…. No. That’s not an MO in this case. Lindsay’s execution was a “personal” one not a revengeful/real estate one. There is absolutely no connection to killing Lindsay (she would be an unknown in your scenario) and an alleged revenge on DeSousa. Besides, Desousa went on the live in the murder mansion as he clearly could not sell it but had no issue to living in it himself and family.

  20. Ale says:

    Why she didn’t have shoes on her feet? Is this A normal behaviour for a real estate agent to take off your shoes while showing A house to A potential buyer?

    • Svetlana says:

      I don’t know if she took them off or if they were planted there by the criminals, and probably doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t have the criminals DNA on it, but my question is why didn’t the police arrest the criminals who were right under their noses and still are! Instead, they let them live as free as birds going on with their merry lives.

  21. Mark Roush says:

    Why would Jason call his mother Shirley after he and Oatman approached the house for a code for a lock box containing the key to the house and/or the code for the garage door instead of just scaling the patio fence and enter through the opened patio door that was conveniently left open for Him to notice and hoist Oatman over and easier yet, why didn’t Jason and Oatman just go through the opening in the patio fence that was prepared by Joe desousa for Shirley and Bergshoeff to Exit through so they could step out onto the sidewalk to walk to the driveway to portray the “couple.” If the opened patio door was obvious to Jason, surely the opening in the patio fence would have been obvious to him also ! Also, why would Jason call his Mother for codes when he could have easily called Dicastri and/or Lidstone for the codes. Jason’s first 10 minute waiting game inside the culdesac was to keep his eyes on that garage door to open for his mother and her accomplices to leave. Jason’s second 10 minute waiting game on Torquay drive was to give his mother time to reach her pre-planned destination that was 10 minutes or less away. Jason did not call his mother for “codes”, Jason called his mother to make certain that she arrived at her place of destination before he called the police. Jason had to be at the front door because upon opening the front door the upstairs staircase is there upon entering the front door to the house. So why did Jason hoist Cohen Oatman over the patio fence to enter the house through the opened patio door and he enter through the front door only to dart past Oatman directly up the stairs to where his mother and there accomplices laid Lindsay in the upstairs bedroom ? This was done before Oatman and the police could view the STAGED CRIME SCENE so that Jason could CONTAMINATE the STAGED SCENE !!!

    • Wyatt says:

      Any good and efficient copper (detective) would have been suspicious from the get-go. As one looks back at all the fake and fabricated information and evidence that was staring the cops right in the face it would have put a good copper on heightened alert. But because Horsefly and his dirty snakes were thinking they could fool Joe Public with their ridiculous “excuses” for not having solved this execution only adds insult to our intelligence. Horsefly and his lying, dirty cohorts, are the stupid ones. They’re lack of intelligence and experience masked by their corruption not only demonstrates their incompetence and blatant arrogance it leaves the Saanich PD in a very unfavourable and distrustful status. I don’t think that detachment could EVER recover from that tarnish! Time to dismantle and amalgamate with VPD at least we might have a chance to get this murder solved and oust all those dirty pigs 🐷🐷🐷

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        The SPD will resist that at every turn but hopefully they won’t be able to hold out for much longer. If that does happen we need to let other police departments know about our concerns and put pressure on them to look into the unsolved murder of Lindsay.

    • Svetlana says:

      What bugs me is how so sure they were that Cohen would do exactly what Jason says. What if he were to say to Jason, no I will not go over the fence or no I cannot wait any longer in the car and who’s to stop him from getting out of the car at any given moment? How sure was JZ that Cohen is not seeing what he is seeing – I mean he was right there next to him!

      How was that man really involved in this? Or was he just playing dumb but sensed something was up?

      • Wyatt says:

        Cohen is a follower. Clearly intimidated by the Zailos as his livelyhood was dependent on their joint real estate interests and employment. If Zailos told him to jump off a bridge? …. Well the result is obvious. Cohen is a weak, feeble and cowardice person, cause he is definitely no MAN! If the “right” thing bit him in his arse he still wouldn’t do the “right” thing.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Apparently Cohen said no to Jason’s invitation at first but gave in after Jason persisted. Why would he get out of the car? There was no reason for him to do that and therefore not a concern. If your friend was suddenly very concerned about his girlfriend and asked you to hop a fence and see if they could get in the back door 99% percent of able bodied people would readily do that. I don’t see any reason for concern that Cohen wouldn’t play along with what Jason was asking him to do. I don’t think he knew anything other than Jason was acting odd. I think he 100% knows now that he was duped into playing that role. Hence the cushy, lucrative, very close to the Zailo’s jobs that came his way after the murder. Does anyone know what Cohen was doing for employment just before the murder?

        • Svetlana says:

          Where did that info come from – about Cohen being persisted?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Early on on this website someone posted that Jason had called Cohen a few times that day, almost like their original alibi had backed out and they needed someone at the last minute. They said that Cohen had plans with his wife that evening and was perplexed as to why this acquaintance of his would be hounding him to go for a meal with him. He and his wife finally bowed to pressure and Cohen agreed to go for dinner with Jason. They also said that Cohen was severely spooked by what had happened and I would say realizing the role he had played in it and the danger it put him and his family in. I wonder if Cohen and his wife are still together?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think he parked in such a way as to obstruct the view for Cohen. He could have easily distracted him if he started to swivel his head and was in any danger of seeing something he was not intended to see.

      • Svetlana says:

        Maybe so (that he’s feeble minded, etc. and I believe was married at the time so looked like a family man) but doesn’t exclude him from being a criminal, in my view.

        sIt’s very bothersome to me that Jason knowing that his girlfriend is going to get murdered and there he is bringing along a “friend”. It does not make sense. It looks too rehearsed. And I think the two stories when interviewed as per police matched. It would be interesting to see what they both said individually at the police interview. Did they only get interviewed once or more times? From what I see, I don’t think the police did what they had to do.

        Did Lindsay stumble upon something that they were up to which had them rolling in the dough? Some kind of scam which if ever found out would have put them all in deep trouble and ruin their reputation?

        How much does Jason’s EX-girlfriend (another realtor) know about his goings on?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Who is Jason’s ex girlfriend? Current girlfriend?

          • A buddy who knows says:

            Current girlfriend is Ola Nowak.
            She is engaged to the criminal

            • Wyatt says:

              Ola Nowak…..
              Accounting Payroll Manager at MMG…
              AND …
              Jason Zailo…..
              Mortgage Expert at DLC – Modern Mortgage Group (MMG)
              Interesting…. A “payroll” manager at the identical employer as Jason. Coincidence? Highly unlikely. She must be valuable in cooking the books for all that drug money/laundering that is required. I guess the inept Horsefly hasn’t figured that out yet.
              Wonder if she’s aware of marrying a cold blooded killer?

            • A former buddy says:

              And she works at the mortgage company the conspirator runs. You can only work there if you have dirty little secrets to hide too.
              Honest, good people need not apply.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Thank you for that info. I’m glad to see that there are some people from their community who have a conscience and are paying attention to the efforts to get justice for Lindsay. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              Thank you for that info. I’m glad to see that there are some people from their community who have a conscience and are paying attention to the efforts to get justice for Lindsay. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

          • PandaBear says:

            The ex is Jasmine Parsons. And her brother and late father were realtors working for Camosun.

          • Svetlana says:

            Who cares about current girlfriend. She probably wasn’t around in 2008. Would prefer to know who his lover was right after the murder.

        • Rosanne says:

          I had this thought too. When I heard Cohen went from Mortgage Broker to Casino manager, the connections both occupations have in the news with money laundering made me wonder if he could have been “working” that night to protect his livelihood. The coroner’s time of death has him in the area. Driving up with Jason would put Lindsay at ease to let him have a quick look at the house. She may have even known him. The dress witnesses could have been planted It would sure tighten the circle of involved. Someone has said Cohen was scared silent, I believe it was “threatened” the word used. The other conclusion I keep conflicting this theory with is this was so planned that Jason’s alibi would have been picked carefully to be squeaky clean.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          It looks too rehearsed because it it is rehearsed!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I agree. I think he called his mom to make sure that she had made it to her safe house that was in the neighborhood within walking distance which they really didn’t think through how odd it would look with her showing up on foot. Possibly at Terry Shein’s house or one of the Lum sisters.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Jason had to be sure that Cohen wasn’t going to bump into anyone. Ryan was probably also in the neighborhood possibly at the same house.

      • BR says:

        Right? Why is that not odd behavior and sternly investigated of where she was coming from on foot to that house, and she didn’t live in that area????has that ever been explained? That’s so obvious!!!! Who did she leave the crime scene with? How far was her car from the crime scene? If she at a friends house – who is the friend …were they investigated of her storyline of being there and what time?

        So many obvious avenues of what to do or should have been done that it’s sickening to be a bystander knowing a family went through this and not one damn thing is being done.

    • BR says:

      I completely agree! I know I read somewhere the builder did a walk through prior too. He or any of the workers that were there for the other new construction area didn’t see this opening? I’m trying to figure out after seeing the layout of the home where the opening was? Nobody had cameras in 2008 on new construction property? Not out of the norm but if this was a higher end area … no one had cameras facing the street? We had cameras on our home back then. I get they were out of town but there wasn’t a cab or a renter car for them? How did they get there?? Maybe in her final moments that was odd to her in the moment and she didn’t go with her gut but for fucks sake…She thought her so-called boyfriend would be there to safe/help her! They came walking up so this witness that seen this couple and this dress… didn’t see a car? There are no details at all about these witness saying anymore from what I seen at least. No speculation on passing cars they seen at the time, their direction from where they came from? I don’t even believe after seeing this police departments shit show of “leads” that there is even witnesses. Or they are probably staged witnesses too. Has the family even spoke to these witnesses? Was he mortgage broker or real estate broker? Bc real estate broker has access to the codes. I’ve been in both industry but all that non sense to the side as a former hockey player/bigger guy/mommy’s got money – I would kick the damn door down and ask questions/for forgiveness later. It blows my mind that nothing has been done with this case. I am in the US. I can’t believe this hasn’t been solved. We have to fight tooth and nails to prove innocents over suspicion not to prove someone is guilty over the obvious. I also can’t believe people in the community haven’t pushed harder to help make more noise against anyone with their hands dirty. What’s done in the dark does come to light…. They will reap what they sow. Prayers to her family.

      • Svetlana says:

        The conspirators knew very well that there were no cameras. Who would have that knowledge firsthand? We all know…

        At least I think there were no cameras with the information so far, unless police are hiding this too.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Very good point. I don’t believe there were security cameras ( a bit odd ) as they had to rely on a passerby who was just going about their business with no real focus on the prospective buyers for a description.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I do find it strange that the description of the woman is such a match for Shirley Zailo right down to the distinct dress such as she liked to wear and even the hair style. I think the man’s description could be describing Ryan Zailo. I know, I know, if it was them Lindsay would have recognized them. But what if that was not Lindsay.

            • Robin says:

              They were the murderers. They were already inside the room waiting to murder Lindsay. Lindsay did not recognize the couple who arrived out front.
              Joe DeSousa was also waiting for Lindsay. He lured Lindsay into the house to show her something in the house. He lured Lindsay right to Shirley and Ryan left left. The person outside meeting the couple was someone pretending to be Lindsay. This is how i think Lindsay met her horrible demise.
              The virus’s that did this are going to burn in hell for committing the worst sin possible. Psychopaths all of them.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Is it possible that we are both right? I think there is a good chance you are right. We are both placing them at the scene of the murder within the same time frame and the description is dead on for the both of them. Ryan in a trench coat and Shirley with a blonde wig. The description of Lindsay is off. There would be a big advantage to that. Less people involved. It would explain the attempts to throw the timeline off ( Lindsay went home to change, the lighting of the video of Jason picking up Cohen being in question ).

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Jason stated that he was going to play hockey after his meal with Cohen which means that he probably had a hockey bag with him. I wonder if anyone from his hockey team noticed that he bought a new hockey bag around that time.

                • Robin says:

                  I don’t understand CTD.. How do u know JaSIN bought a new hockey bag? What is the significance of that?

                  • ConnectTheDots says:

                    I don’t know if there is any significance. I was just thinking about the whole scenario and it occurred to me that Lindsay was small in stature and if someone wanted to transfer a body a hockey bag would work well and I have read about them being used in that situation. Part of Jason’s narrative to the police for that night was that he was going to play hockey and therefore a hockey bag being with him would not be questioned. Some people, not necessarily me, think she could have been murdered somewhere else and moved to the house. It just seemed to me that the soon to be ex of a murdered woman that was at the scene and had a hockey bag on him and gave a reason for that could be more than a coincidence. Or maybe it is the opposite and he should have had a hockey bag on him but didn’t. Or maybe someone will remember, oh yeah, I do remember commenting on Jason or Ryan’s nice new hockey bag right around that time. Personally, I do think your theory is right but you just never know…..If someone reads that and it jogs their memory and that is the second odd thing they noticed that might be enough for them to speak out. Just trying to think of everything and anything that could be of importance. Like I said, it could very well be nothing at all. I wanted to throw that your way because you have a good mind, have put a lot of thought into this and to see if anything went click for you.

                  • ConnectTheDots says:

                    And also for all of the other very good minds and dedicated people that have been following this case. Maybe something for them goes click.

                • Svetlana says:

                  He is just speculating if anyone noticed a new hockey bag, if he decided to play hockey again. There could’ve been crime evidence in the bag disposed of it.

    • I💜80s says:

      Everyone, including me, Is so hyperfocused on the dress that the female from the couple that supposedly met Lindsay the night of her murder was wearing. I have now come to understand in focusing on that dress I am overlooking all the clothing that Jason was wearing or not wearing around the time and potentially during her murder. For example it appears in the camera evidence that he is wearing black from head to toe a black hoodie and black jeans. Please correct me if I am wrong. Then my understanding is also that him and CO we’re going to do a pick up hockey game that means he was traveling with a hockey bag and possibly a change of clothing. After he called 911, when he found Lindsay, qI believe he and CO were questioned at the police station, not 1702 DeSousa. He had blood on his clothes because he says he was trying to revive her. Then the next 24 to 48 hours, he’s in blue jeans touring the murder house with a police officer on video interview. In order for the parking lot video camera evidence to be true, Jason would have had to be wearing those clothes to the murder scene and at the police station as there was no time to do the pickup hockey game that night. I also know that a person would have had to have reservations to get time on the ice and that would be difficult if not impossible at the last minute on a Saturdsy night. Up until late that afternoon, CO had not agreed to go to dinner or the pick up game with him. Is all this correct?

    • I💙80s says:

      The same technology listed here was available and active on the day Lindsay was murdered. Why no arrests? Murderers buy things, they take selfies, they share information, they use social media, even and especially in, 2008.

  22. Oliver says:

    It looks like two of Jason Zailo’s close friends are back in the news. Andy Rogers & Bowman Rutledge are the tag-team drug rapists who have been preying on women in Victoria. Back in March when the news first broke Andy was let go from “The Local Pub” where he bartended part-time when he wasn’t selling real estate. He was seen golfing with Jason a few times after the allegations surfaced but not so much since then. Andy was banned from golfing on a few of the exclusive golf courses. It appears many businesses are distancing themselves from these two predators. Andy, Bowman, Chris Schwartz and Ziggy Matheson are the type of men Jason Zailo is drawn to and as we all know people hang around the ones they are most comfortable with.


    Civil suit alleges 2 Victoria realtors drugged and sexually assaulted their client | CBC News

    Woman sues Victoria real estate agents and company over alleged sexual assault | Times Colonist

  23. Svetlana says:

    Remember, JZ called the police BEFORE he entered the house. He knew that when the door was locked it was the 2nd sign to do the next move – call the police! Didn’t he call his mom to get the lock key although I don’t know if realtors take the key with them when they show houses. Did she whisper something to him about what to do next lest he forgot?

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