Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Dana Skully says:

    It took me all morning but I was finally able to figure out the email address of Chief Bob Downie at SPD through trial and error. I encourage everyone who genuinely wants to see the individuals responsible for the murder of Lindsay Buziak brought to justice, please email this guy and tell him it appears that he is responsible for obstruction of justice unless he hands the case over to an independent and unbiased team of investigators. We are sitting in our homes enjoying the weekend and can all spare a few minutes to help out.

    The Crown has labeled it an interesting case but Bob has no one assigned. Leads go unchecked. The police take an oath to protect and serve even if it means risking their lives. This is what they are paid for, not to sit in the patrol car and eat donuts. There is a substantial amount of evidence that has come to light and the SPD have not looked into any of it. We know because we communicate with each other here and have the street information. It is beginning to appear like they are covering up for some especially since they cleared the Zailos in spite of their known lies and illegal activities linked to the Lopez cartel.

  2. Jeff Buziak says:

    These two questions are crucial to unsolved murders in B.C. Canada. One of the only provinces in Canada where police cannot lay charges in a murder case. They require Crown prosecutor approval before laying charges. The Crown reviews all information and decides based on these two questions. Unless both questions can be answered with a yes there will be no charges allowed by police and even then the timing might not be right with the courts or crown prosecutors office. Basically charges are at the whim of a Crown prosecutor. In the meantime most grieving family members are HANDLED by an assigned police officer representative not directly involved in the investigation. Fortunately I speak directly to Chris Horsley who is head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder file but he has been reassigned to patrol watch commander. He is not working as a detective at this time.

    1.Is there a substantial likelihood of conviction?

    2. Is it is in the public interest to lay a charge?

    • ZailoWatchers says:

      Obviously there is enough public interest but that is absurd because everyone deserves justice public interest or not. Secondly, if the police aren’t investigating, how can they build a case? God help us!

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Well, public interest has a different meaning here. Maybe the persons are already in jail for something else or maybe they are a mason and being protected? Maybe they are part of a larger investigation or maybe it involves someone very important in the community? Maybe Lindsay’s murder isn’t that important to Christy? The B.C. Government has successfully shut down the biggest criminal scandal in the province to this day and sealed all details regarding the political corruption from its citizens; The BC Rail Scandal. After The BC Rail cover-up whats the big deal about sweeping the murder of a young woman in Saanich named Lindsay Buziak under the carpet? Saanich who? If Crown feels the people involved in Lindsay’s murder should not be arrested it will not happen regardless of the desire of the most dedicated officers there are on the case. They might even get reassigned to completely different duties if they get too close and/or try too hard to solve and arrest those responsible for Lindsay’s murder.
        I wish someone from the press would seriously ask Chief Downie of Saanich police those two questions and demand he answer them directly then go to the Chief Crown prosecutors office and ask them the same questions and demand a direct answer.
        Oh, I forgot Chief Downie of Saanich police doesn’t speak to the citizens. He doesn’t have to. He is not elected. He has a police pr spinner Jeremy and trying to find a Crown prosecutor to speak on Lindsay’s unsolved murder would be like, “Where is Waldo?”.
        People in BC right now are wondering who is going to run the province after the last election? Whats the big conundrum? No one was running it anyhow. Oh right I forgot, criminals have been running B.C.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          I have been informed that it is in the public interest to prosecute the people responsible for Lindsay’s murder but there is not enough evidence to go to charges at this time against the people known to be involved. So, to expedite this process Chief Bob Downie of the Saanich police reassigned all the officers who were assigned to Lindsay’s murder investigation to other duties. Unbelievable!
          Folks, please, lets give these cops what they need and put this to rest for all of us. Vid Acevedo would be a good start. He was involved.

          • Great news jeff ! we need people to post what ever they know about the people on the conspirators page of this site anything even observations. People that need to be polygraphed just to get them off the radar should step up and talk to Horsley get it over with it is a waste of the police time to start digging around on you if you were not involved.

  3. JoeK says:

    Arron Perez
    Confidential Informants have fingered Arron Perez as the stabber at 1702 De Sousa pl. can anybody tell us about Arron Perez ? Who did he have ties to crime wise back in the day ? It would be interesting to know his cell number from the time Lindsay was killed and what towers it pinged on the day Lindsay was killed or did his phone go silent that day.

  4. I would love to post here and say the SP did a very intense investigation, did their very best and we should all appreciate them and the huge effort they made to solve this case but I cannot do that. Through cicumstances beyond my control I practically ended up with a degree in criminology and I think I can say the investigation by the SP into the murder of Lindsay Buziak was about as shitty as you could imagine ! I am really sorry to say this but don’t you think this is obvious ?? Six yes according to Saanich Police Six top Saanich Police detectives were assigned to this case and the end result of this disgusts me. Many people mentioned here should have been interviewed, they should have been interviewed early on and reinterviewed a year or so later, problem is they were never interviewed at all !!!!! It seems to me political considerations took presidence over investigating this killing ! A lot of people came under suspicion that could have been eliminated temporarily at the least via polygraph just a simple 10 question polygraph but this was not done, why piss people off when there is an election on the horizan ?? ( political considerations ) . I have personally reinvestigated this case along with others for many years and I repeatedly talked to people close to the epicenter of this murder that never * never * were interviewed or contacted by the Saanich police. Well the persons of interest probably wouldn’t do a polygraph anyway, DID ANYBODY ASK THEM ??? no they didn’t ! how the fuck do you know if you never asked ?? Why does the family of the victim have to investigate the killing of this girl themselves ? Just a real piss off to find time after time the Saanich Police just sat by the crime stoppers phone line waiting for somebody to call and tell them who is responsible for the killing and why they killed this girl.

    • Sandos on says:

      Very well said. I agree with everything that you stated, and yes the Saanich police are pathetic. They should have handed over this case to the Vancouver Cold Case team that specialize in this and have the experience, knowledge and expertise! Why they never did and still have not, is a question that they won’t even respond to. When you mentioned politicians, maybe that is where we should be focusing? If the taxpaying citizens put pressure on thier MLA’s, maybe that would be helpful. It certainly would not hurt.

      • ZailoWatchers says:

        We have been saying this for a long time. Clearing a suspect without having any other suspects is absurd. Sitting and waiting until someone confesses without going out to interview key witnesses is absurd. Below is a link to some past press articles that are about the SPD’s lack of interest and maybe even obstruction of Lindsay’s murder. Please read all three parts to the piece.

        There have been over 1 million visits to this site. Many people are hoping someone is brought to justice. If everyone took 10 minutes to email Ralph Goodale to ask him to reassign the case to an different jurisdiction that specializes in these cases, he might do something. His email is

        If we all email today, and every Saturday while we enjoy our weekends, our prayers might be answered.

        • Why don’t we use the Zailo’s as a minimum standard lets see the other people around Lindsay take a polygraph and be interviewed by police. Yes a psychopath could take a polygraph and pass it but they are only 1% of the population and only a very small percentage of the 1% go on to kill other people we need to clear out some dead wood so to speak via polygraph. I would also be inclined to *presently* clear the Zailo’s it was a huge mistake to focus so much time and resources on the Zailo’s while just ignoring the MacDuff’s and people around them because they seem nice. The MacDuff’s, Vid , and the Lopez / Del Alcazar’s should have been polygraphed and interviewed a long time ago and they need to be done NOW ! All indications now clearly point to the Vid, Del Alcazar / Lopez crime group, the people around them and connected to them need to be polygraphed and *presently* cleared so the focus can be exactly where it should have been several years ago on Vid and the Del Alcazar / Lopez crime family.

          • Dana Skully says:

            No one is cleared until the murderer is convicted and sorry to inform you that all roads lead to the Zailos. What is your plan to get a polygraph from Vid and Rianne? Complaining about it is getting you nowhere.

            • I don’t expect that Vid and Rianne would take the polygraph unless they have nothing to hide thats the point. Those around Vid, Rianne and the Del Alcazar crime family if they have no involvement would be wise to take the time to answer 10 easy questions while plugged in to a polygraph and my understanding is some are doing just that. This has gone on long enough time to take off the kid gloves and polygraph these people.

              • ZailoWatchers says:

                So you want us to stop discussing Zs strange behavior, out and out lies and ties to crime and you want to continue discussing Vid who we already know had ties to the burn phone. How do you suggest we get Vid to go take a polygraph since the SPD aren’t interested? Have you written to Goodell about having the case removed from the SPD since they have cleared people who are obviously involved and refuse to question Vid who is obviously involved and are waiting for someone to confess instead of actively investigating?

          • Sandos on says:

            I agree but let’s not forget Aaron Perez! Oh yeah, he’s hiding in Calgary and the Calgary police have been given information to his whereabouts, but to my knowledge they have not picked him up. Although he has outstanding warrants there as well as Victoria.

  5. Jeff Buziak says:

    Lindsay’s sister and I were just in Victoria filming a segment for the show Crime Watch Daily who will be exploring the circumstances around Lindsay’s unsolved murder. I contacted eight of Lindsay’s close girlfriends and they all refused to participate when asked to speak on camera about Lindsay as a person and a friend. Saanich police S/Sgt Chris Horsley fully co-operated with the producer Ann Toler and reporter Ana Garcia and was filmed extensively at Saanich police headquarters and DeSousa Place. Matt MacDuff and Jason Zailo refused to be interviewed on camera but Jason did speak at length over the phone with Ann and Ana and answered all their inquiries.

    I will inform everyone when the show is going to be aired on television. I do not know when at this time.

    • Nickel Bagger says:

      Poor girl sounds like she didn’t have any “friends” . Sad.

      • Bcgirl says:

        I’m commenting on personal experience, I did not know Lindsay personally or her friends, but I know how hard it is losing a best friend to a high profile murder and having to deal with the aftermath. It’s the worst experience that you never fully heal from. Perhaps her friends are trying to move on with their lives and don’t want to have to re-live such a horrific, tragic event that most likely left them heartbroken and traumatized.

        I’m glad to hear that the show crime watch daily is now involved. I wonder if they will interview the current homicide detectives in charge of this case?

    • clifford danco says:

      Great to hear Jeff. May I ask does exploring the circumstances mean they will be covering some new details that emerged since the dateline broadcast? Stuff that you personally uncovered for example. Will they look into matters such as the letter, vid and the crimephone, etc ?

      • She G says:

        I have often wondered about the last hour before she drove to De Sousa. Did the SP question the waitress at Sauce and get info on what Lindsay was wearing? Did she really go home to change? There are no cameras at the Shutters condo. After all, it is JZ’s word only. This last hour might hold something but I guess SP have investigated this.

        • Sandos on says:

          That’s a very good comment I have also wondered about her going home to change. It doesn’t seem right because she would have already been dressed very nice, as she always was. I have never really understood the story about going home to change, don’t know what it means, but it never made sense to me.

      • TeamLindsay says:

        New information on the Lindsay Buziak murder:

    • June says:

      Good to hear Jason stepped up to the plate again!! That’s what you do when you have nothing to hide. Where was Matthew? Has Matthew been entirely and completely transparent about what he knows?

      • Sandos on says:

        OMG her own girlfriends are not stepping and helping??? I am absolutely floored by that, how could they live with themselves! Really girls? Shame on you! This will haunt you to the end of your days. Grow up and help out, how could you not? I actually feel sick to my stomach! Do you have no conscience, do you not want this solved? What are you hiding from?

      • ZailoWatchers says:

        If you think Jason is being open and forthcoming about what he knows, you must be smoking some of your left over Zigster product.

    • LA says:

      Matt and Jason both talked about it o. The show. It aired tonight.

  6. Jeff Buziak says:

    13 May 2017 MEN OR MICE
    For a week now the producer of the show Crime Watch Daily has been phoning, leaving messages, e-mailing and texting both Jason Zailo, Lindsay’s boyfriend at death, and Matt MacDuff her boyfriend for five years from when she turned 18. Both well known to all of you and of course to me.
    Matt MacDuff is co-owner of MacDuffco Manufacturing on Sumas Street in Victoria BC.
    Jason Zailo is Mortgage Expert/Owner of Dominion Lending Centres Modern Mortgage Group Corp in Uptown Plaza, Victoria, BC.
    Both of these big brawny, six foot, 40 year old successful individuals have been completely ignoring all calls, texts, e-mails and messages of the very friendly female producer of a crime show trying to assist in solving Lindsay’s horrific murder. Not a mouse peep from either one of these muscled big shot business owners.
    Men or Mice?
    Their actions say it all.

    • June says:

      Man up and help solve Lindsay’s murder. We know JZ IS JUST A LITTLE WEASEL COWARD AFraid OF GETTING A BEATING FROM HIS Mama. You only have to answer to your conscience. You loved Lindsay and you can’t live with yourself unless you help avenge her murder. Forget those goofs who you call friends. They are good for nothing evil.

      • Mothers Day says:


        God bless Mrs. Buziak, that again on this 2017 Mothers Day, she has to celebrate without her loved daughter Lindsay.  10 Mothers Days without her daughter, and that she herself, Lindsay,  may have been a Mom today. Mom, daughter, grandchild.  

        God Bless Jeff Buziak, that he can never celebrate Mothers day with his daughter, and grandchild.  

        Think about that as YOU, the guilty parties ‘party on’ for your Fake  mothers day.

    • some more questions... says:

      Can I say something? Lindsay did not lead a high risk lifestyle she would have had a handful of very close and personal friends in her life at the time of her murder, including her boyfriend at the time. Her murder speaks for itself, it says, this is very personal, therefore it was someone personal in her life that had her killed. Who had the most to lose should she start talking? Who would know she had not yet talked? Those closest to her. Who had knowledge about this house and details about who would be there or the neighbors, etc.? To make a clean get away. Who could have rehearsed before the actual murder took place?There was real estate knowledge about this particular house, exactly who would have that knowledge? Who acted suspiciously the day of her murder? Its strange this murder remains unsolved.

      • Pippa says:

        Imagine you have been brutally murdered with over 40+ stab wounds, that would have been horrific to say the very least, in fact, there are no words to describe that happening to you, but to know your boyfriend and ex don’t even have the decency, the heart, the balls to even reach out to the public asking for genuine, honest help, no, instead these little cowards get their shit in a knot and refuse to do anything about it?? A couple of creeps acting like spineless crybabies, how disgusting to know Lindsay went through this but to have those close to her turn the other way after, like WTH????

        • April says:

          I say do not use the business services of either MM or JZ or SZ until they get involved and try to help solve Lindsay’s murder. We know they all know who did it and why. Maybe we should say some of them should just confess. It is time to boycott the plumber, the real estate office and the mortgage broker. Spread the word. No help, no business.

          • Sandos on says:

            I totally agree with you! We should all spread the word about each and every one of them and their businesses. They don’t deserve any clientele and I would be happy to stand out front of their businesses holding a sign to let the public know, that these pathetic people are refusing to cooperate in solving a murder of someone that they “claimed” to have loved! To all of the Zailo,s and Macduff brothers, are you really that heartless that you won’t even participate with the investigtor’s of Crime Watch? They are using their resources and their time to help shed light on this horrific crime? You do remember don’t you, Lindsay was brutally murdered and you all personally knew her!!! But for some imaginable reason all of you are refusing to participate? Refusing to help? Refusing to be decent citizen’s? Refusing to show any feeling or caring whatsoever? How do you actually consider this to be okay or acceptable? Let me tell you this, it is NOT OK, it is not acceptable and everyone in Victoria and beyond, has all the more reason to suspect ‘you people’, to be directly involved in Lindsay’s murder. There is no other plausible explanation for your lack of participation in helping to solve her murder. So Matt, Malcolm, Jason, Ryan, Shirley, step up to the plate and grow a spine! If you don’t think that tens of thousands of people here in Victoria alone, are watching you right now and waiting for you to step up, then you are sadly mistaken. We are watching, we are waiting, and if you continue to refuse to get involved in this investigation you can believe me that it is going to be plastered all over the media! Anyone that gave any of you, the benefit of doubt, will no longer! Let’s see how good your life will be then? Shame on all of you! It is quite laughable that you all claim to have cared and loved her deeply. How can you possibly claim that when you don’t even care enough to help? We are all watching, we are all waiting.
            Are you going to continue to hide like little mice? That certainly is telling!

          • TL says:

            if someone were to create a list of sorts with a heading of ‘BAN THESE LOCAL BUSINESSES’ listing names and address of businesses we can copy, to our FB/Twitter accounts, share it publicly, get our friends to ‘share’ with their friends. I mean if they can find across the globe who owned a ring found at the bottom of the ocean at a resort in some greek town thru spreading the word via facebook & twitter, we can appeal to many people.

            Have to be careful not to be too inflammatory being sure to preface with ‘it is the belief of the dedicated bloggers attempting to finding justice for Lindsay key to the truth lies in the owners of these three Victoria businesses.All three had close connections both to Lindsay and those we believe are responsible for her murder.
            Currently MM of ‘blahblah’ is flatout refusing to answer questions by new crime investigators. JZ of blah blah blah business has answered their questions ‘by phone’ (thank you jz i guess) but refused to go on Camera, I guess too many peeps could tell he was lying in the dateline interview.
            As well as a long held belief that SZ of blah blah business has the information of who the murderers are, at the very least aware of the plan but will not reveal. (I would imagine death threats or blackmail of exposing one’s own crimes would keep a person very quiet).

            Just a few thoughts about getting word of boycott quickly spread far & wide locally thru social media.
            Sure nice to see some movement, some puzzles need only be turned by a single degree to uncover the secret in the piece.

    • Me Lissa says:

      Jeff, I think the comment ” successful individuals” is feeding into the perception that having money and driving nice vehicles and having nice homes is success. Your overstating the image. Both the McDuffs and Zailos have made there money on the wrong side of the law. There is no success being a thug!!! They had trapped your daughter in a world that there was no escape because she was smart and fiesty!!! I believe the dress came from the McDuff world, but the impotent lying spy lookout Jason conspired in her murder. Statistically Jason would have had a better chance of doing a successful brain surgery than have all the stories add up and still be considered not to be involved… Statistically impossible according to an actuary, whose profession is that of probability? For someone that you loved , or once loved you would think both guys would have spent the first year squeezing every thug in Victoria to get to the killer. They should be willing to open up every part of their life and put things behind them if they are innocent. Let me do a forensic audit on both of McDuffs or Zailos businesses and personal incomes. Starting in 2002!!! Let me know if that is possible and we will send an audit team to report to the world. Be Men…

      • TeamLindsay says:

        Unfortunately that is something only law enforcement can order through the courts. The big question is, why hasn’t the SPD done that yet? Zs are cleared??? Someone is protecting someone and the Chief Bob Runamuck is running the show? Time for VIIMCU to have a Pow wow with the Chief. This is so absurd.

        • Me Lissa says:

          I agree, but they obviously do not want to do a forensic audit because they don’t want to follow the money. Often they don’t have sophisticated people and stuff like this is best served through the civil process, in their mind. They have no desire to see the truth. All I was suggesting Is let Matt, Malcolm, Jason and Ryan open up there books. Malcolm offered to take a lie detector test, so will he and Matt prove their innocence and go one step further? If they want to live a private and safe life, and want safety for their families then prove your innocence. If they do this you will be commended. We know that these money transactions may lead to your friends, the police, politicians and maybe even the Zailos. Once this is done and they are clean they can live their lives peaceably. If that is what they want doing this would be a very small inconvenience. Real men would protect their families!!!

          • TeamLindsay says:

            Yup! They could order a forensic audit if they cared about illegal money passing through the financial sectors like the FBI does but it is obvious they really don’t care. See the government gets to seize all the illegal money and assists purchased with illegal money. The US is going to seize Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’s billions in assets to pay for the wall to secure the southern border from Mexico drug trafficking after he is convicted. It is a beautiful plan. Trudeau needs to take some notes.

          • Heidi says:

            I have always wondered why a financial audit was never done with the Z’s? Why were they not repeatedly hauled in for another interview to gather evidence or find contradictions or changes in their stories and separate them and conduct interviews? Why were the remax realtor office not scrutinized or audited as well? Christi Clark has really helped contribute to the real estate money laundering here in BC, she is part of the problem why this case faced such barriers during the initial phases of investigation, she fully supports the wealthy elite in real estate, coincidental? I think not.

      • Steve. S says:

        Lissa from my understanding the zailo’s and others were reported to the “Criminal Investigations Unit” of the CRA in 2010. A poster by the name of Auditor posted this information. The CIP focuses on serious cases such as financial crime involving money laundering and other cases. CRA has a crimimal convictions page and I have yet to see the Zailo or McDuff names on that page since the reporting phase. CRA has the authority to conduct a forensic audit without the authority from law enforcement.

    • Jane says:

      The updated pic breaks my heart it reminds that this blog is not a pissing match but truly a terrible tragedy… I am hoping that people are working hard to assist… Hoping the buziak family finds closure and peace soon…

    • Anonymous says:

      The lack of participation
      by the ‘Zailo’s’ and the ‘Macduff’s’ is a pretty clear indication that they are directly involved and/or responsible, for Lindsay’s murder! Actions are very telling aren’t they? In my opinion, the last person to come forward (or not come forward at all) will be a clear indication of their guilt. Let’s see who is willing to step forward and assist and participate with the Crime Watch Daily team? If anyone decides to have the balls, to help and participate, then hats off to them! But the people left behind that do not, well, I think they will have just dug their own grave and sealed thier fate!. And it will be then, that Justice will finally prevail. Also, I think the show would very much put emphasis on the people that were close to her, had relationships with her, but were not willing to participate. Well I am sure we have all watched enough Dateline, 48 Hours and all the other investigative True Crime shows, and know exactly how we feel when somebody declines to comment and will not want any contact with the investigative team. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why they won’t!

    • truly says:

      Isn’t the address so fitting? 666 Sumas

  7. June says:

    Allow me to weigh in, Jeff did not claim he saw his daughters exposed body in the morgue. That would be the only manner he would see all the injuries being discussed. I realize two witnesses discovered Lindsay’s clothed body. The only information released by investigators was the victim was stabbed multiple times.Where did the information come from pertaining to the breast and spinal injuries? This is an ongoing murder investigation and stringent details such as the nature and extent of the victims injuries would not be public knowledge.

    I will leave you with these words, the truth always finds its way out.

    • TeamLindsay says:

      You have been already directed to read Jeff Buziak’s recent post in his own words. Why don’t you email him if you can’t find it for yourself. You seem to be a big girl with lots of knowledge.

    • july says:

      Bubba, two witnesses, multiple police officers and detectives, ambulance attendants, coroners and coroner’s assistants in both Vancouver and Victoria all viewed the deceased Lindsay Buziak. Were you in the morgue with Mr Buziak June?

      • June says:

        July, were you in the morgue with Mr. Buziak? I was NOT there and shouldn’t speak on behalf of Mr. Buziak. I apologize. I have not contacted him either. You don’t know who viewed the exposed body of Lindsay or if they released confidential information nor do I. Ambulance attendants would not have viewed Lindsay’s exposed body,clothed yes I assume. Nor would the police officers on the scene. All you report is 5th hand heresay information and so do I. Obviously people at the morgue would have seen the extent of Lindsay’s wounds and documented everything in their autopsy report. I do not know if Mr. Buziak has seen that either so I should probably keep my mouth shut on this topic.

        I did not read that Mr. Buziak viewed the extent of his daughter’ injuries. Only that he was IN the morgue. It appears some people, including myself, are being misleading with their words. The truth always finds its way out and hopefully there are arrests soon. Saanich police need to solve this before we all go insane and do things we wish we hadn’t.

        I am finished with this debate.

        • WTF says:

          Is that a threat? You are going to go insane and do things you wish you hadn’t? I think you already did that. The post is on the site so keep looking or shut your pie hole. Maybe You need to get a mental evaluation for dementia.

    • Sandos on says:

      Just when I think you are starting to talk sensible then you start with your ramblings. You sure point a lot of fingers at everyone on this blog, including me. There are no sides to this there are only people trying to help, relay any share information that they come across and yes people do have their opinions and theories. That is perfectly fine and how we bring storm! I have shared information that is absolutely know it to be true whether you want to believe it or not is your choice. But for the sake of this blog maybe you can stop pointing finger and just tried to accept information and brainstorm. It is all the thoughts of many people that helps to move this along. I mean no disrespect to you whatsoever and have appreciated many of your comments. I am also guilty of pointing fingers and criticizing but I’ll realize that is really unproductive.

      • Well Said Sandos !! Agreed

      • June says:

        Sandos, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out when you hold a difference of opinion, the Zailo haters go on the attack. It is so infantile.

        If an attempt is made to bring forth current or more accurate information or even dare question the validity of the imformation put out by the Zailo haters, they go on the attack.

        From my observations, all I see is plagiarism from a number of posters. You don’t even have your own theories and I’m too much of a coward to lay mine out here so I attack you instead. I’m just as guilty of doing what I accuse you of. I will try to be more accommodating and see if I can muster enough courage to lay out my theory to you because really I’m also hiding behind a pseudo like everyone else. The only difference is I like tormenting everyone which I guess I should stop.

        • Sandos on says:

          Hi June, I just want to correct you on one thing. I am not sure how long you have been posting on here, but as for myself, it has been years. Where you stand to be corrected is this; I HAVE laid out MY THEORY (in great detail), a long time ago. Possibly you were not on this forum at that time, and I have not altered my theory since then. I may be completely wrong, and that is OK with me. By me laying out my theory of events, it is ‘just that’, my theory. I do have the courage to say what I think and if anything, it gives reason for people to ‘think’ and/or ‘brainstorm’, as I do, when I read other people’s theories and information that they bring forth. I believe that this is the whole idea, getting people to talk, come forward and to share their thoughts, theories and information they may have, or may obtain. That is what keeps this alive, and it is gaining more information and momentum than ever before. I certainly don’t care about being right, I do care very strongly about sharing information and gleaning information from all others. This is NOT about any of us, it is about LINDSAY and JUSTICE.
          Thank you.

        • WTF says:

          Honestly June, you aren’t tormenting anyone. You are just revealing yourself for the psycho we already know you are. Keep talking, your hole just grows deeper. TormentIng the very family and friends who are trying to find justice for Lindsay is below evil. At your age, You need to think about what happens to the souls of heartless, psychopathic murderers when they meet their maker.

  8. Team Lindsay says:

    Part 1. Victim Profile of Lindsay Buziak

    Overall, Lindsay falls into the low risk victim category. Her lifestyle did not put her at high risk for becoming a homicide victim. High risk victims are usually substance abusers, possibly homeless, jobless and loners. Prostitutes and people involved in criminal activities are also included in high risk victim category. Lindsay was educated, working at a legitimate job, clean and sober without any history of substance abuse, had nice girlfriends and came from a family of hard working, loving, honest, and non-abusive, non-violent people. Although her parents divorced, they provided a very stable living environment for Lindsay and her sister. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom who made sure her children were properly cared for. There were no abandonment issues in her upbringing. Physically she was very attractive, professional, and well-groomed. She was very warm and friendly but feisty for her petite stature.

    As an adult, she had very strong and close relationships with her parents who she often confided in. Lindsay was able to discern a good relationship from a bad one. She was able to make and act on the decision to leave an unhealthy relationship of her own volition. She had ended a relationship with MM and was about to end it with JZ when she discovered it was not the kind of relationship she aspired to. This shows a strong sense of self identity, awareness and good judgment, all traits of a person who is mature and independent. Lindsay knew right from wrong and chose to work hard at a legitimate job, lead a clean life and associate with people who had the same high standards. She did not need a boyfriend and wanted to find her own apartment, down town close to work, near her friends and the gym. Lindsay’s ability to maintain her independent nature shows she had healthy intact, personal boundaries.

    If she was involved with people who did not live by the same standards, it was most likely because they were good at deception by initially promoting a false clean image of themselves. Some individuals can be very good at pretending to be good and caring, misleading while leading a double life until something slips through the cracks. The charade can’t last forever. People, who are not exposed to crime and violence during their informative years, may not immediately recognize deviance in others. Lindsay’s own lifestyle is evidence she would not intentionally seek out or have the desire to associate with people who did not share her ethics or values. Lindsay was eventually able to recognize toxic relationships and was strong and independent enough to end those relationships. She was not afraid to call authorities if she felt her safety was jeopardized, which means she was not easily intimidated.

    Lindsay desired to work at a legitimate job and be in relationships with legitimate people that met with her standards. She set high expectations for herself and for her relationships because she had goals she wanted to achieve honestly which is a sign of integrity. She worked as a Real Estate agent in Victoria, BC, which has relatively low crime demographics. Although she sometimes had viewings with clients alone, they usually had an initial meeting at the office where other people were present. Personal safety concerns were not usually an issue because most of her clients were couples in the market for new homes for their families.

    Lindsay carried a cell phone and drove a car that was well kept and not in danger of breaking down when she was out at night on the road alone which demonstrates a good sense of responsibility. She usually went out to the clubs with her girlfriends, never alone. She didn’t drive under the influence of alcohol and was not involved in the use or sale of illegal substances. There were some people in her life, close to her, that were involved in these things which raises her risk level. Lindsay made a conscious decision to get away from those people and was in the process of doing so at the time of her death which shows a sense of responsibility to herself and high self-esteem.

    Lindsay had good intuition and instincts. When the client with a strange sounding “Mexican” accent called looking for a house, Lindsay believed it sounded like the client was faking the accent. This observation shows she was very intelligent and observant. She was quick thinking and asked the clients how they got her number. She showed diligence and followed up by calling the former clients to check if the new clients were telling the truth but unfortunately, they were out of town. This intuitive uneasiness led Lindsay to take action, something many women do not do. She listened to her gut instincts; she didn’t ignore the little voice that told her something might not be right about the new clients. Lindsay’s behavior during this time demonstrated her intelligence, maturity and strong work ethic.

    The “Mexicans” wanted to buy a million dollar home within three days which was very exciting in the sluggish market. But they wanted to meet her straight at the house where they would be alone instead of at the office where other people would be present. This made her feel even more uncomfortable because the house and street were both vacant at the time. The workmen building the neighboring house would be gone and it would be getting dark at 5:30 pm at the appointment time. The morning of the scheduled appointment, a male called Lindsay saying his wife was ill and he would be coming to the showing alone. Even with the encouragement given by JZ to go get the million dollar sale, Lindsay contacted her dad for advice on how to handle the situation.

    Jeff Buziak said if you are going to go to meet these clients then bring someone with you. In 2008, JZ a big and burley, 30 year old guy standing six feet tall, who swings a mean hockey stick, agreed to go with Lindsay to the showing. At this point Lindsay put herself in a low risk situation by bringing someone who could protect her if something did go badly instead of going alone. The problem is JZ never showed up and she was left with the “Mexicans” alone to face her execution. JZ put Lindsay in the high-risk category when he chose not to consider the importance of Lindsay’s safety which demonstrated by not making an effort to meet her at the showing on time. A lot of effort and planning had to go into the murder of Lindsay Buziak because she was too smart to walk into a dangerous situation. The person planning the murder knew these things about Lindsay and would have had to be a person very close to her.

    Next: The profile of JZ

  9. Jeff Buziak says:

    Sandos made a reference about the difference between men and mice which struck a cord with me. You see for close to a week now the producer of the show Crime Watch Daily has been phoning, leaving messages, e-mailing and texting both Jason Zailo, Lindsay’s boyfriend at death, and Matt MacDuff her boyfriend for five years from when she turned 18. Both well known to all of you and of course to me.
    Matt MacDuff is co-owner of MacDuffco Manufacturing based in Victoria BC. Jason Zailo is Mortgage Expert/Owner of Dominion Lending Centres Modern Mortgage Group Corp in Uptown Plaza, Victoria, BC.
    Both of these big brawny, six foot, 40 year old successful individuals have been completely ignoring all calls, texts, e-mails and messages of the very friendly female producer of a crime show trying to assist in solving Lindsay’s horrific murder. Not a mouse peep from either one of these muscled big shot business owners.
    Men or Mice?
    Their actions say it all.

  10. Glenda Walsh says:

    I hope the SP release some new information soon. Maybe the Zailo haters will wake up.

  11. Glenda Walsh says:


    if what you are saying is true, that the SP gave all the information re pings etc to Jeff but did not release it to the public then you, and you alone may have destroyed the integrity of this case forever. You put this out for the world to see. Why would the SP ever trust Jeff Buziak now?

    • Team Lindsay says:

      Oh please, the SPD should release more information to the public if they have it. There is always some to hold back but not all of it. The problem is you have to prove it wasn’t just a really strange and bizzaire coincidence. It’s not a crime to go to the ferry. Just some details possibly linking people to the phone. Why would this blow the case for the SPD? It’s better than doing nothing!

    • Max Smart says:

      Now ? Apposed to waiting another 10 years? Who’s reality are we talking about.?
      How about the gutless pieces if trash that ordered and carried out Lindsays execution step forward.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Glenda, thank you for your support and for coming on here to debate and assist in moving Lindsay’s unsolved murder forward. I am impartial to whom people support or not. That is a personal choice individuals make based on insight, knowledge, theories and conclusions they have and make. I have mine but people rarely ask as they just want inside information from me. I actually don’t care who people think did it or what theory is popular. If they have actual hard facts that interests me more. A lot of theories are certainly popular and I have spent hours upon hours listening to them all. What I want are arrests just like everyone else and who is to be determined. I believe very strongly however in the chilling words spoken by Matt MacDuff on the NBC Dateline show Dream House Mystery.

      I always ask people to please not use my name in their quotes or as their source of information without my permission or unless I have personally put it on here. I don’t want to discourage anyone but I need to keep what I say as clear as possible and not misconstrued or misquoted. If you want to know something or clarify something just ask me. My e-mail address is right above here and goes directly to my phone. No need to debate it on here.

      Therefore, on the pings of the crime phone and Vid’s phone I did not state I received that info from Saanich police. I received that info from a very reliable source that must remain anonymous.

      I hope that everyone can appreciate I continuously receive information from people in sensitive, precarious and dangerous situations, people on this site, by phone and by e-mail and disclosure of who they are could cost them everything. There are so many people who want to help and really put themselves on a limb to do that. Lindsay, and at this point all women out there, really need your and everyone’s support to solve this horrible murder. Thank you.

  12. Amanda H says:

    Please know that what I posted on here previously was the truth. It is wrong when someone like me does their best to help and they get attacked and called a Zailo lover. A lot of people that read this site are probably too afraid to come forward for fear of being bashed and called Shirley or a Zailo lover. This needs to stop. I will continue to watch and if I can think of anything else that might help I will post it.

  13. June says:

    Profiling consists of using ALL available information pertainimg to the crime, the crime scene, witnesses and the victim. This would include the autopsy reports which are SEALED. You have no access to the entirety of the information needed in order to construct a valid profile. Having full access to the file doesn’t even guarantee an accurate resolution. The Ramsey case is a perfect example. The so called experts got it wrong! Selective thinking is the process whereby a profiler selects out favourable evidence for focus, while ignoring unfavourable evidence. Selective thinking occurs when a real detective, web detective or a profiler REJECTS alternative explanations in favour of simpler ones. Sherlock Holmes once said, ‘I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to TWIST the facts to SUIT the theories instead of the theories to suit the facts.’

    You have profiled me to be Shirley which proves how incompetent you are. Keep talking.

    • TeamLindsay says:

      Who exactly got it wrong?

    • TeamLindsay says:

      We know who you are.

    • Dana Skully says:

      And that folks, is your introduction to the nightmare named SZ that Lindsay had to deal with. We know who she is and we know what she is capable of and we know what kind of upstanding boys she raised and we know what they all did to have Lindsay murdered. She is responsible for the men they became. Its really sad for those boys but it’s too late now. Deflect all you want. We don’t have a problem staying on point. Your tactics are weak for trained investigators. It doesn’t matter what you think or post about us.

      • Sandos on says:

        Love your response to so-called ‘June’! You are right on point in my opinion. If JZ loved Lindsay so much as he says, then why was he never in contact with her father or the police on any level or consistent level? I would think someone who loves another person would be making phone calls consistently asking questions and being very very involved in the investigation. From what I have heard that was never the case! Does anyone else find that odd or out of character for someone who is innocent? Also, SZ claims that she is not a so-called “gangster” or affiliated with all the bad ass goofs and drug dealers! Then I would like her to tell us why they personally know her and her involvement in the drug trade? And there are so many holes in their story on that Dreadful day, and so much that doesn’t make sense, but the one question I would like them to answer which should be simple, is this: why would Jason have to phone his brother Ryan on the way to the house where Lindsay was, to get the address? That is so absurd! Two Realtors having lunch together, with plans that Jason was going to meet Lindsay at the house, does anyone really buy the fact that Lindsay would not have provided the address, or Jason would not have asked for the address??? REALLY? Does anyone say meet you there, when they don’t even know, where “THERE” IS? Is there any reasonable explanation for this? Because I have never been able to buy that (becsuse it makes no sense whatsoever), or come up with any logical explanation. As the saying goes “if something doesn’t feel right it usually isn’t right”. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

        • June says:

          Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for all your unanswered questions? Have you considered the police have the answers? Nine years later you are asking the same questions. Maybe you feel there are some holes in the story but maybe they have been filled in by the police and you are still looking at the holes. I thought your sources said aaron was the killer? Maybe you should stop believing your sources because the information has not advanced the investigation at all.Your sources are probably in a drug induced state of paranoia or just full of it. How many people have you waved your finger at now? Stick to ‘shirley did it’ see if that advances the investigation.

          • Sandos on says:

            June, obviously there are holes in the story and unanswered questions, that is why the case is still not solved after 9 long years! That is also why we are all asking questions and trying to seek answers. A respectable, regular blogger (investigator I believe) said, “We should go back to the beginning”. I guess you missed that or did not think it was worthy of taking into consideration. Also June, I was one of three people who said that Aaron Perez was guilty of committing the ACT. And to contradict you once again, NO the person was not in a drug-induced state whatsoever! Why is it that you are having a hard time excepting that myself as well as 2 other people have pointed the finger at Aaron Perez? What is your problem with that? Is he your friend? That would certainly explain your reaction! Or, you know nothing about him? Do you know who he was dealing drugs for in 2008? I do. And that information has been shared with the appropriate people. Sharing that fact on here, would not contribute to solving Lindsay’s case. I am quite sure that you also do not know that he has a hit on a couple of people at this very time? Or did you know that June? Before you start waving your finger at me, assuming that I don’t know shit, remember, assuming just makes an ass out of you! So before you start bashing me again, maybe you should have some facts, I certainly haven’t heard any from you! At least nothing worth mentioning. And for the record, you being a bitch doesn’t help or contribute to this cause whatsoever! So excuse me for being rude, but SHUT UP, your waisting our time!!!

            • June says:

              You are still asking the same questions in which you will never retrieve the answers. I guess you don’t see that?

              You were one of three people who said aaron was the killer? Rumblings and whispers which have not been verified to be true. Nothing of substance that has advanced your investigation. Go back to the beginning.

              Before you start waving your finger at me, assuming I am Shirley because someone else suggested that, remember assuming just makes an ass out of you and has not advanced your case.

  14. peppercorn says:

    The impetuous perfidious outbreak by the Macduffs certainly show they are covering up. A trigger reaction like this means they are scared to death of someone or something. They rolled in the dirt with the del alcazar dogs and dog vid right before and after Lindsay’s murder. You roll with the dogs you a dog too. It really is starting to look like the MacDuff brothers know a lot more about this murder then they are letting on. Honorable family men? Maybe not.

    • The most important thing we need about now is for the MacDuff’s and as many of their associates to take a polygraph exam , the list is getting shorter and shorter if the MacDuff’s and there associates don’t know anything like they say the list of people of interest will be short. I am interested to know if there was bad blood some how between the Lopez / Del Alcazar / Vid A / MacDuff’s people.

      • CHIEF QUOCK Tsawout First Nations Band says:

        Polygraphs are the way of the white man. My people find truth at tribal meetings. Eye contact, touch and senses will give away a liar who sits around my fire.

        • June says:

          Yes Chief
          Watch the behavior of JZ and SZ on dateline. SZ getting flustered when asked a question ahe wasn’t prepared for and then the fake tear wipe. Then we see MM with his tearful outburst that kind of looks like he feels some guilt there because maybe he was the one who introduced her to the dark side of Victoria. How about JZ never shedding a tear and hiding under his black hoodie when the camera is on him. Don’t forget about JZ not showing up when he promised to protect Lindsay or how he just by chance found her “passed away” body in a five bedroom executive size house in 2 seconds And continued on to contaminate the crime scene. Please tell me what your tribal council makes of these actions, words, and emotional behavior?

        • June says:

          So why don’t you take the twatsout Z-Team for a little pow wow and see if you can drag some confessions out of them once and for all. If they don’t get real, the great spirit will come and take their souls to the great fires of hell someday soon while they sleep. Great buffalo spirit will ride them into the burning eternal fires. Many souls are waiting for them on the other side for reparation.

    • Malcolm says:

      Peppercorn and Columbo,
      Do you know what your talking about. Iam so scared lol. Tired of reading my name in here with untruths. Ever think of that. Police haven’t wanted to talk to me not once. I have offered directly to Chris Horsley to talk or do a polygraph. They are not interested in having me do a polygraph or even speak to me. Ming and Jas have never been asked to talk to police either let alone a polygraph. Vid the Delcazars my guess is they have never been spoken too either. Don’t make assumptions. Everything in this site is fictional. This is like a weird game of clue and everyone thinks because they use a alias they can make up whatever they want.
      Jason sold steroids – I doubt it
      Everyone wants to know where Shirley Zalo gets her money. Hasn’t she been working real estate for years. Long lasting full time employment = $$$ isn’t she in her late 60s don’t successful realtors make a lot of money. That was my assumption.
      Did anyone ever think it could be random? If you want to investigate seems like so many people on here have a lot of free time. Look into similar cases around North America see if any have similarities. Chris Horsley had told me that on average 40 realtors get murdered randomly every year in the US alone. That’s 400 cases that could be linked. The killers needed to buy immediately could this mean they traveled from out of town, maybe further than Vancouver, didn’t want to stay long. Who says it wasn’t a random thrill kill. If it was targeted wouldn’t they just do it outside her home or something. It’s not like Lindsay was in hiding wasn’t she living her life like normal. I’m not trying to deflect I want Justice for Lindsay and the people responsible brought to justice like everyone else on this blog.

      • Cluso says:

        Several people have come forward to say Vid and the Drl Alcazar’s said they were responsible for what happened to Lindsay I don.t know exactly why they would do this but I have a couple of good guesses. It would be best for the police to polygraph anybody that associates with Del Alcazar.s that will agree to a polygraph just to rule them out and get them out of the way so to speak. Some people think this was related to the loss of 80 kilo’s of cocaine and $235,000 cash in Calgary, that could be but it could also be other possibilities. Lindsay through no fault of her own ended up right in the middle of a bunch of fairly serious cocaine people that may not have been on good terms with each other,

      • Reality says:

        Malcolm, there are some things we know about Lindsay’s murder and the police don’t believe it was random. They are convinced it was planned and executed by someone close to her who worked in real estate possibly in the same office. There are other pieces of evidence brought forth first hand by Jeff Buziak from either Lindsay or the SPD. It isn’t impossible to make millions per year as a real estate office manager, just unusual. Real estate agents who make those kind of sales usually get awards. Where are they especially in 2007? Recently someone posting named Amanda claimed Lindsay told her SZ inherited millions from her mum after another person suggested it as a possibility but those people brag and about how the records are sealed shut. Lindsay was leaving JZ sooner or later and they knew it. The attack was started with a stab in the back. That is very meaningful tell-tale sign often used by murderers who feel betrayed. In order to feel betrayed, there first has to be a sense of loyalty. Lindsay had no loyalty to any drug dealers. Avneet posted that Lindsay was extorting from Drug dealers she was in a relationship with and got what she deserved. (I am paraphrasing). We know that is rediculous but Who told him that story? Loyalty is usually very personal (boyfriend or family) and the attack was personal. With his own eyes, Jeff Buziak saw what they did to his precious daughter. Do you think he is lying? This was a crime of passion. It was planned by a team of people who were in Lindsay’s life. If you talked to Chris Horsley, he will confirm many of these things. The calls originated in Vancouver where the phone was purchased. Vid’s phone pinged off a tower at the ferry The night before the murder at the same time the burner phone pinged at the same location. The last call pinged off a tower near Your buddy Vid’s house. The SPD gave Jeff that information but won’t release it to the public. JZ, SZ, RZ are real good buddies with Ziggy. His criminal record is public knowledge. The Zs have strong and direct connections to those people. You have to fill in the blanks for the rest. Someone asked the question, if a major drug bust just went down, Lindsay just talked to someone who was busted, she gets a strange call from someone with a fake Mexican accent to meet her in a deserted location on a Saturday night, and she was afraid to go alone, why would JZ who promised to be there to protect her, be 20 minutes late and wait another 20 minutes to check on her even after seeing a lone male coming out the front door only to quickly return to the house and lock the front door when he saw CoJ drive up?

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Malcolm the only one mocking here is you and your friend MyWprivelege. Your latest theory is so preposterous I’m sure even you are embarrassed. Random? Malcolm I know your overdeveloped ego is a bit deflated after I told people the truth about your uncontrolled emotional meltdown at which time you vowed revenge and to make a mockery of this website working so hard to make sense of Lindsay’s murder. We don’t really need to listen to you and your associates mywprivelege or chief quack come on here in mockery to satisfy your tarnished ego. If you have nothing constructive to add Malcolm, please go away and do whatever you need to do to calm your uncontrollable emotions.
        Malcolm a wonderful young woman was murdered and her case is unsolved. This isn’t about your status in the community nor your ego. Stay focused on Lindsay son. She was a very loyal friend to you for many years until her execution. Please think about that.
        Malcolm if you are struggling so bad to save your ego that you have to defend all the criminals you know and by stating in desperation Lindsay’s murder was random, I suggest you rewatch the dateline show on Lindsay’s murder and pay special attention to your identical twin brother’s words which were loud and clear. “Isn’t everyone a suspect until there are arrests?” Matt didn’t say that excludes my brother and I, the Delalcazars, Ming, cirilo, Jas, Miguel, vid, Rianne, Ryan or any of your other friends. He said everyone! That includes you Malcolm.

      • Team Lindsay says:

        I am not meaning to insult you but your comments are ridiculous. The SPD announced on international TV that they believe the killers are people who were a part of Lindsay’s life and very close to her and most probably worked with her in the ReMax office. A team of people worked together to plan and execute Lindsay’s murder. The only thing they couldn’t answer is why Lindsay was targeted. They said she had relationships with people who were involved in illegal drug sales although she was not. They also confirmed unequivocally, she was not a police informant. This was not a random murder. You are well aware of these facts so stop playing dumb. There is evidence that you and Matt are good buddies with known many convicted serious drug trafficking offenders. We know the Zs are also good buddies with many serious convicted drug trafficking offenders and murderers. During 2007, the Zs threw $millions to keep Lindsay in the fold. It has not been established where they got the cash or why they were so desperate to keep her loyal to the Z family. It has been established Lindsay was not a drug user or a drug distributor. She was a clean girl and wanted to get away from the world her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend were involved in. The Zs knew it was a matter of time. This was her 2nd escape attempt. What did she know about that made her a liability? I am paraphrasing but another one of your buddies, Avneet posted a statement implying that Lindsay was extorting money from her boyfriend drug dealer and we shouldn’t be surprised she was murdered for it. Ziggy was heard saying Lindsay’s murder was a big mistake. Sounds like maybe Zs told Ziggy that Lindsay was a snitch and was extorting money from them so they needed help to keep her quiet or they would all go down together. Later Ziggy found out she was not a snitch nor extorting money, thus, big mistake.The possibility exists that the MacDuff clan is responsible for ordering the hit but we can’t find any reasonable explaination for that.

        Someone took this problem to the DA team. Personally, we think this was a jealous, narcissistic, psychopathic boyfriend who was pissed and felt stabbed in the back after all the work and money thrown at Lindsay. She didn’t love him, was unhappy and felt she made a big mistake with him and was ungrateful for all the Z clan did for her. Rejection can be devastating to an insecure boyfriend resulting in a rage that only murder will quench. Women are murdered everyday for this very reason. Its kind of a no-brainer, obvious to most of us who care. They set it up so the DAs had her murdered. The DAs are connected to you. SZ lied and told police Lindsay said the night before her murder that she was afraid of Matt. This was a deliberate attempt to fake blame on the MacDuff clan. We know because of cell phone tower pings. We know Vid was at the ferry at the same time as the burner phone. We also know the DA gang was at his house directly after Lindsay’s murder because of cell phone tower pings. We know Rianne began working in the ReMax office prior to Lindsay’s murder and had access to Lindsay’s client information. We know she is/was Vid’s girlfriend verified on social media.

        You are defending the very people who tried to set you up. I believe you know about everything I am saying to you here. I believe you know everything regarding Lindsay’s murder and could get this case closed if you choose to do so today. You said you were afraid for your family because of posts made about you here. You are as transparent as glass just like June, Jane, Columbo and Anonymous. Whitepriveledge sounds like a moron (Rianne?). These people speak volumes about the people you’ve invited to be intimately involved in you and your children’s lives. You chose to bring evil into your children’s lives. You chose to run grow houses then or now. What was your government grant application for Malcom? How was Jas going to help you? What legal project was the grant going to fund? You walk a crooked path that leads to nowhere. You chose best friends that are big time, convicted illegal drug traffickers. If your family is at risk, it is your own fault. Lying for those goofs who would never be there for you in your time of need, is a stupid choice. When you need their help, they will all run and hide like the cowards they are. You chose the life you live now you have to deal with the consequences. I hope you choose to do the right thing and tell the SPD everything you know about Lindsay’s murder before it is too late for you and your family. You saw what they did to Lindsay. What makes you think they won’t do something like that to your daughter? Its time to put your childish toys away and grow up and take responsibility for your mistakes. Like Jeff Buziak, had Lindsay, you have your own innocent children to take care of now. Stop being a coward and do the right thing.

      • June says:

        Malcolm, since you assumed something logical about shirley and jason the clicks are going to think you are a zailo now. Your reasoning sounds logical though.

        There was nothing random about this murder and I don’t believe sp even suggested that to you. You sound like dana now, trying to spin the facts.

        • Dana Skully says:

          Either Malcom has been smoking too much of the green stuff he grows in his basement or he has been threatened maybe by Team-Z?

      • Sandos on says:

        To Matt and Malcom:
        I must admit I feel so very foolish! Matt, your interview on Dateline, full of emotion, hurt, and remorse, I actually fell for Hook Line & Sinker. Now looking back, I wonder were those tears of guilt? Of course I don’t know, only you know. You just seemed like such a nice decent guy. But there is no such thing as a decent honest guy that is capable of saying the following things, to a father who has had his heart ripped out, from the tragic loss of his daughter.
        Let’s take a moment to remind everyone what is really lurking behind that friendly face.
        Matt, these are your words to Jeff:
        “To much young Asian pussy has fried your brain.
        You in a clan meeting.
        Do you were your clan uniform at night when you wright your fiction #100kgnot20
        I can help you I would never tell (your daughter) you hate the browns & black
        Let’s trash you ex next she’ll love it!
        Also maybe we should post on the site that you were jelous of Lindsay and you wanted me to fuck you in the ass
        You want too continue or get back in the circle
        Get a mirror Asshole and look in it.”
        There are no words to express how disgusted
        I am, with a piece of trash like you! It is this type of thing where I wish my Dad was still alive because he wouldn’t even need to know you, but after reading your filth, he would be happy to throw a couple punches in your head. You and your brothers disgusting words coming from your disgusting mouth’s, completely changed who I thought you were. I hope you realize that this will always be in print and one day when your kids are grown, they will see the words that you both wrote, to a father, who’s daughter was slaughtered! Try living with that boys.
        There’s the difference between mice and men, and you’re certainly not men. Shame on you!!
        Absolutely Discusting. One word “KARMA”.

  15. June says:

    TL, the only non intel you have contributed to this site is conjecture, ramblings, speculation, innuendos and rebroadcasted rumors and commemts. Time you switched the channel.
    Are you related to the others who assert we are all Shirley? You sound just like them rebroadcasting the zailos did it as Frank and others have pointed out. A real detective would be open to other opinions and theories and would not accuse fellow detectives of being a suspect and trying to distract.
    You and your team of web detectives are rebroadcasting fake news and you call that detective work? You have offered nothing current or relevant to advance the investigation. Go engage in some real detective work, find something of substance, not imagined or supposed and formulate a logical theory that makes common sense.
    The RCMP are involved in ALL major crimes to some extent. That is real news! It was dully noted in 2012 that when Saanich made a decision in 2013 to join VIIMCU, they would NOT be taking over Lindsay’s file or any other unsolved major crimes. It is common knowledge that the RCMP from other units PROVIDE their resources to other police agencies when the need arises. Before you dispute real news, improve your shoddy detective work.
    Don’t project your personal hate against the police onto the blog. This blog is about Lindsay not hating on the police because you you feel they wronged you. File a complaint with the appropriate department. Put up or shut up.

    • TL says:

      nope I only offer whatever I myself learned thru sources I completely trust, someone very very close in fact had been threatened by Shirley if she didn’t stay away from Paul or she would f’n stab her to death. hmmm interesting choice of words

      nope I don’t compare all to shirley, that would be cruel
      nope I don’t come up with theories
      nope the contribution I made was 3 or 4 years ago & not talking points.

      I have noticed how rude, confrontational some are regarding comments by others….. none of us knows for sure, we all have a tidbit or two that may or may not help. This can be far more productive if we share our own experiences we can avoid making others feel attacked for what they share or believe..

      • TeamLindsay says:

        The attackers are from the Z team who are beginning to panic.

      • June says:

        TL,so you are in fact rebroadcasting unreliable, source rumors? You acknowledge that? Were you able to substantiate your source information or did you just take their word for it? You may trust your source but police actually CORROBORATE a statement, theory, or finding. Someone once recited that Shirley was a cocaine dealer and a man. Shoddy detective skills at best.
        I too have noticed how rude and confrontational some are. To accuse some posters of being Shirley simply for having a differing opinion shows their lack of intellect and investigative skills. If SP wish to speak with me I can prove I am not Shirley. This is a murder investigation not a guessing game. Polish up on your investigative skills. I thought some of you claimed you were profilers and law enforcement? Obviously not if you think I am someone I am not.

        • you don't fool us says:

          June, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you are a friend, relative or co-conspirator and will be facing the sound of a gavel for your involvement.

  16. Sickandtiredofthis says:

    So Murdoch are you saying that there was a million dollar debt that needed to be paid by 530 pm on that day or poor Lindsay would be sacrificed? That it was all set up for a showing, but in actuality it was the threat to get that money? In that case Jason knew full well what she was potentially walking into and didn’t stop it. Was he hoping while he was sitting there the payment to whomever was making the demand was actually paid and in turn realized it didn’t get paid and walked into the horrible scene he did? Not a jz supporter just asking as this makes a difference and explains his decisions and how he passed the poly as he didn’t actually plan it. But could be charged with having knowledge beforehand obviously. People do crazy things when they know a loved one (whether his love/infatuation was reciprocated isn’t the issue) and if he was told this set up was happening and it could all go away if the “ransom” was paid in time. Maybe he was told it would be taken care of and everyone would go home safely at the end? Just an avenue not discussed here. Not a zailo supporter at all, quite the opposite, but this could be why there’s so many unanswered questions and why spd can’t say a lot.

  17. Jane says:

    I used to be a regular poster on this blog but when I returned back to the workforce two years ago I became a backroom observer. A new poster on this blog has been attacking the Zailos for a few months now and he/she never lets up. Janice (he/she) who really knows
    And a few other scandal mangers are calling most posters Zailo lovers. How ridiculous is that. Is it just me or is something not right here? The Zailos were cleared in 2009 and appeared on dateline in 2010. They did polys and cooperated with the police. They have carried on with their lives and probably pay no attention to this blog. Why? Because they are innocent and have nothing to worry about. Janice continually attacks the SP calling them dirty saying they should be charged as accomplices in Lindsay’s murder. I have never heard anything so outrageous in all my life!! Good to see the Macduffs are being looked at again. If innocent why so hostile and attacking. So much deflection coming from the scandal mongers. That is what’s going on here isn’t it? Really now, who let the dogs out?

    • TeamLindsay says:

      Another Z supporter can’t stop us from posting our opinions. Sorry this blog is for justice for Lindsay not defending OJZ

      • Insp. Cluso says:

        I don’t believe the Zailo’s had anything to do with the murder of Lindsay , that does not make me a Zailo supporter that means I don’t think they had any involement in the killing it’s that simple. If anybody can find new Z stuff to look at go for it but maybe check it against the timeline make sure it’s accurate.

    • June says:

      Dana, do not confuse yourself with the real investigator’s working on this case. You offer up conspiracy theories and now you are bringing in the OJ and Ramsey cases as comparisons. Where is the FBI report from the FBI profiler who viewed Shirley’s less than 2 minute dateline interview? I would like to read the report.
      Call us Shirley all you want. It won’t change the fact you are a conspiracy theorist.

      Kudos to all the people who volunteer their time on this case.

      • TeamLindsay says:

        Sounds like we are hitting some nerves. When our analysis is complete we will brief Jeff Buziak and the SPD if they are interested. You would be surprised what can be learned in a minute or two by a persons demeanor when the right questions are asked. Keep talking.

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