Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. A let down Saanich resident says:

    This is a reply to this persons post-

    Mr.Big says:
    APRIL 20, 2018 AT 12:46 AM
    No question the boyfriend and his mother is the link to her death, The only question remains were they helpless spectators in a possible retaliation of some indiscretion on their behalf .. or had a direct say in her demise. I’m afraid the only way you could ever get to the bottom of the truth is to hire some outside contractors to take them to an abandoned warehouse to have a chinese torture chat.

    My response-

    BINGO! You must know a lot more than you are writing on here. That is exactly what the two possibilities are! The only way this is going to be solved is by outing some of the people directly involved. Some of us know…..Sadly, because they police are not trust worthy, and are more concern about threatening Jeff to take down the page than solving the murder, it makes it scary for anyone to come forward. Who is going to protect those who know? Not the police. This is a sad sad case. And Crime stoppers is great, but it goes right into the hands of the main detectives that have continued to cover this up for the last ten years. They have all the information they need to solve this, but wont. Hopefully, someone not connected and in the boys club,, can finally come in and give this a proper review. If not they will continue to call this an active file when it’s really a cold case, they just aren’t willing to release the information because then people will be able to connect the pieces and and there cover up will be blown

    And Horsely, I trusted you when we spoke, thank you for pushing me so hard to go to crime stoppers with my information, and when you received it, then saying you couldn’t use it because you were aware of who I am and it is supposed to be an anonymous program, Making my tip unusable for them! Great work! Thanks for the set up!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      “I know where the tip came from and therefore I can’t use it” Is this for real? Because it sounds like something someone who didn’t want to use that tip would say. Why would SPD steer someone who has information towards a path that was going to render that info useless? Just more of the odd, strange coincidences and aspects of this crime that I believe points to the perpetrators and all of those involved. I think I would investigate further into that. Just seems odd and counter productive. And if indeed Horsley’s advice has rendered that piece of information useless then perhaps you would like to share it with us?

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        I was informed of this situation. Everything goes through Chris Horsley. He picks and chooses what information and who he/they deal with. That is how he has things set up.
        Think about that!
        People with information need to be taken seriously!

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          But, he takes responsibility for nothing. He is the master of excuses, explanations, blaming and attacking. In the last ten years him and his Saanich police have been fididdling with Lindsay’s murder both him and I have got balder and fatter together but his nose has been growing, even glowing at times.
          Chris, you’re a cop remember? I know you are a trucker and a successful real estate investor but you swore an oath as a cop remember? Be one. A good one.
          Whats the matter with you? I’m concerned about your mental health. Should I fly out there to check on you? Someone should review and assess you. Bob? Steve? You two are good at reviews or shall I like he did to me the gangster.

        • A let down Saanich resident says:

          He actually called me and I thought it was because of what I knew. It turns out he only called me because he thought I had a boyfriend in the SPD and wanted to make sure there wasn’t a leak. I don’t and assured him that wasn’t the case and he was very charming and pretended to be interested in what I had to say but keep pushing me to crime stoppers. I later realized that he didn’t care what I knew, he just wanted to make sure no one in there had told me anything in their department. It was a total set up to purposefully not use my information!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think this whole “investigation” is rotten to the core. I can not get past the fact that the SPD cleared the Zailos early on in the investigation. I mean, that is just wrong. I hear that when that dress was found no one from the SPD went and picked it up . The person who found it had to drive it in. That could be priceless evidence for a major crime that took place in Saanich and it sounds like they are not even interested in the tips/evidence that comes in. It stinks to high heaven. We need to get outside eyes on this. That needs to be the focus.

          • A let down Saanich resident says:

            Did you ever think that maybe they never went to get the dress because the dress never exsisted? The dress was created as part of the story to distract us, something to focus our attention so we would be to preoccupied to look at what was actually going on! Think of how many people are still talking about the dress!!! Mission accomplished Sorry, but the dress was never part of the crime, no matter what we were told

        • corruption. That’s what I think.

          • Wow! says:

            So it is – 100% corruption. Who r they protecting and why? It isn’t the zailos. There is more to this than we are aware. Another whitewash. Just like picton. Just like missing women. Something is rotten in b.c. We are not protected. We do not receive justice. They protect their own first. We all need to dig further for the truth of why lindsay was executed and the message her slaying sent to others. What did she see. God bless her. I pray every night for her truth to be exposed.

  2. Kali says:

    I stop by frequently to read what’s new and I have to say that its amazing to watch support for Mr Buziak continue to grow. I received that letter from inspector Morgan myself. Initially I was glad to receive a response from Saanich police chief, although he was far Too busy to answer my concerns personally. His ramble said lots without saying a damn thing. It was one of those resins so If go away type correspondence. I won’t go away. I will continue to ask the questions and feel its the very least we could do to keep demanding progress & Accountability in this case.
    This is maddening. Hold on Jeff. Please write those letters and scream from the rooftops if you must !!!!

  3. LKHR says:

    Following since Brainscratch. This murder seems it would be easier to solve. Who HATED Lindsay? Who would have been needing to hurt her that much? You guys knew her. Who did it?

    • Robin says:

      Hi there,
      Just to let you know lots of us did not know Lindsay. We are all on this blog because we want justice for her, people arrested for taking her life. People have different opinions on who murdered Lindsay and u need to spend time understanding what happened and then you can form your own opinion on who and why someone would hurt Lindsay. I am clear on what I think and as you read this blog you will come across individual opinions. We are here as supporters of Lindsay’s father also. You can read his opinions on various topics pertaining to his daughter’s murder here on this blog also. I came on this blog a few months ago because I was trying to find out why no one had been arrested after all this time. I remember when Lindsay was murdered but lost track of what had been going on. I have now formed my own opinions and send emls to the police and politicians letting them know we expect better from our police. B.C. has been a haven for money laundering, drugs and the purchasing of high end real estate.
      Lindsay worked in real estate and I believe Lindsay was set up by her boyfriend, Jason and his mother, Shirley who are big into real estate. Lindsay did not want to be with Jason anymore and it seems to me this presented a problem for the Zailo’s. Lindsay had told people she had seen something she shoulcn’t have so probably she knew the Zailo’s were directly involved in the activitiescI mentioned previously. I think whatever Lindsay knew threatend the Zailo’s and they needed to know she couldn’t tell anyone what she knew. That is part of it but you need to keep reading for yourself to see what u come up with.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        I too do not know anyone involved in this case. As a Canadian citizen that believes in Justice, I got involved with this blog. It is time for a Major Crackdown in BC but with corrupt cops, judges, lawyers, politicians, accountants….this will never happen. BC is an embarrassment to Canada. There is no reason for this murder to be unsolved, going on 11 years now. This is just BS.

        • Robin says:

          This province is an embarrassment to the world. The people who are expected to be watching out for corruption and stopping it are part of it. Lindsay’s murder is the example of why no one is arrested after 10 years, the people who murdered her, the people who should make the arrests, the people who watch over the people who are suppose to make the arrests are all hoping the public are too busy rubbing nickels together to get a quarter. While the honest people are scrambling to make ends meet the shifty ones are running to the bank of HELL for more cash, bigger cars, bigger better houses, dark windows on their cars, Rolex watches, guns, blah, blah, blah. It’s an effin nightmare. Everyone needs to keep writing their MLA’s, Mayor, about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and all the corruption that surrounds us. We need to stay on David Eby’s ass, he knows what’s going on in this province and if we don’t stay at him he will not act accordingly. Enough is Enough. Keep writing those letters for now. One day the people of this province will rise up when they have been whacked in the face personally by all this BS.

        • Donald Kimble says:

          surely someone that knows exactly what happened and why can reveal that info here as that could help at least bring about some change from another angle

          • Robin says:

            As long as people have to keep involving the SPD they will keep it quiet. I’m sure the information they have already been given is so picked apart with pieces removed. The SPD just hope everyone that cares or knows anything dies before they get this ripped out of their hands. How disgusting that you can’t trust the effin police. I guess Lee Harvey Oswald’s did murder JFK!

  4. Robin says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak will be reviewed by an outside source??????

    Ahhhh…maybe that pig was really the outside source, getting dirty searching for a murderer, real old style investigating, undercover, sniffing around like pigs do, like truffle pigs. Real investigating techniques.
    Oh no they arrested the undercover cop who really had his heart into finding the murderer of Lindsay Buziak, the only one willing to pull the earth apart looking.
    Now what?
    Another review, by a 3rd party human behaviour major from Guangdong Province?
    Meanwhile back at the ranch a LUAU will be held for the new team assigned to Lindsay’s case. They too will review. This is the Saanich Police working for YOU!!

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      How the hell is this case ever going to get solved without unbiased people involved. What I really want to know is where the hell are the uncorrupt cops that can get this done. Honestly as a single parent with one kid by now I would have taken them all out with one shot each to the head. And I mean all of them, cops, real estate agents, druggies anyone and everyone that has knowledge of this crime. Thank God for you assholes it wasn’t my kid. I have no idea how Mr Buziak has kept his cool for 10 years. I am angry and annoyed with the people in power. All I have left to say is one day you will all have to meet your maker and YOU WILL ALL ROT IN HELL

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        I am going to write one more letter to all of the agencies listed, this one will tell my true feelings and no longer be nice. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

      • Sally says:

        I would have done the same thing. Starting with Shirley Zailo, Jason Zailo, and Detective Horsley. In that order.
        For Shirley though, I would make sure she was stabbed in the breasts 47 times and then have her throat slashed.
        For the others, a bullet would do.

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          I am a non violent person but if it was my kid one shot would be enough. There are so many that are deserving I wouldn’t want to take the time to do more. Why is there no one that will look at this and take it serious? I am not a cop but would love to get in there and CLEAN UP THE SCUM.

  5. Happily Reviewing says:

    From: Steve Morgan
    Date: April 2018
    To: Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Lindsay Buziak

    Dear Xx. Xxxx,

    Thank you for forwarding your concerns regarding the murder of Ms. Buziak. Chief Downie asked that I reply to your email. Some of the investigative team on the file is in transition and the new team members are undertaking a full review of the file. The investigation has been reviewed by two RCMP units including the Office of Investigative Standards and Practices, as well as a Strategic Advisory Group, which includes provincial IHIT members. A third review was also recently completed by an outside consultant and expert in human behavior. This investigation remains current and staff are doing everything possible to bring Ms. Buziak’s killers to justice.


    Inspector Steve Morgan

    OIC Detective Division

    Saanich Police Department

    Direct (250) 475-4344

    Department (250) 475-4321

    Fax (250) 475-4939

    • Robin says:

      Prove it

    • well done! I think that is fantastic you got a reply! I think it’s great that new eyes are upon this case.. well done!!

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      What a joke. I have never read or heard so much BS from cops, politicians, etc since I got involved on this site. I have sent letters after letters and will continue to do so. I even contacted Trudeau but of course heard nothing from him. When the hell will someone take this serious. Sickening.

      • Sally says:

        I agree. This is rehashed bullshit! Someone has to light a fire under their asses to get some real progress. This is the same club. All the members have one goal: the preservation of their benefits and morning doughnuts. Disgusted.

    • Strength In Numbers says:

      Let’s examine this information. “A new team” sounds wonderful. It’s exactly what the case needs. The problem with this internal reconfiguration of staff is, “Some of the investigative team on the file is in transition and the new team members are undertaking a full review of the file”. Out with the old, in with the new? Not entirely. Only “some” of the previous team has been replaced, so there’s still influence from the remaining investigative team member(s). What’s the ratio of new to old, although it doesn’t really matter. Even at a ratio of 4:1 that “one” person will be contributing to the investigation and influencing the new team members. Not to mention, in order for the file to be reviewed without bias, it would need to be handed over in its rawest form, stripped of notes and embellishments from previous investigators. Anything relating to previous theories would need to be removed. Another concern with the new team members is with regard to experience. What level of experience do they bring to the investigation?

      The next part of the letter says that, “The investigation has been reviewed by two RCMP units, including the Office of Investigative Standards and Practices, as well as a Strategic Advisory Group”. On February 1, 2009, the Victoria Times Colonist reported, Last summer, the RCMP audited the Saanich murder file to ensure the investigation was up to standards. McColl called the results ‘favourable’. On July 2, 2010, the Victoria Times Colonist reported, Last year, the RCMP conducted an investigative-standards review on the Buziak case and determined the Saanich police investigation was thorough and complete, Horsley said. He said Saanich Investigators have received help from police partners from across the country and in the U.S.

      That review by the Office of Investigative Standards and Practices (OISP) was conducted early in the investigation, most likely while Saanich police were still following up on tips and leads and conducting interviews. How could it have been determined that the investigation was “thorough and complete” when it was still being actively investigated? Why didn’t the OISP do follow up reviews to ensure the investigation continued to meet standards?

      The Strategic Advisory Group mentioned was not an RCMP unit that did a review of the file. In a February 1, 2018 Saanich News report, Sgt. Jereme Leslie said, “Also, Saanich police participated in Strategic Advisory Groups with other homicide officers from across the Province including members of IHIT from the lower mainland”. These were group sessions that included Saanich police. There’s no indication of when they participated in these groups, although it’s possible this is what Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley was referring to in the July 2, 2010 Victoria Times Colonist article when he said, “Investigators have received help from police partners from across the country and in the U.S.”

      As for the “outside consultant and expert in human behavior”, who are they and what are their credentials? How recently did they complete their review? Did this review help the investigation? Is this just another tactic the Saanich Police Department has come up with to keep the file active so it remains in their hands?

      Lindsay Buziak’s file, in its raw form, needs to be taken out of the hands of the Saanich Police Department and placed into the hands of a new team of people who can investigate it thoroughly and objectively.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        While you just know that what they are saying is bullshit considering where they are at 10 years into a very solvable murder, thank you Strength In Numbers for spelling out some of the bullshit for us. They really do think we are stupid.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Hollow words from the new man on the job. They must train these guys on how to sound important while saying nothing. Okay, we see Steve that your people are transitioning. All the transitioning we have seen so far is from active police duty to Lindsay’s file then retirement and a cushy job at the OPCC protecting your butts. The reviews you speak about have been spouted by all your predecessors going back eight years, What are you transitioning to? What the fk are you reviewing now? How about less reviewing and a little more doing? Who’s behaviour was your expert reviewing? Saanich Police. Horsley attacking me? Lindsay’s. You clearing people early in the investigation? We want to hear what the hell you are actually doing and when you are going to make arrests. You are not committed Steve. No more reviews! Just DO IT. Arrest someone for Christ’s sake and all of ours. God, Steve another pile of hollow bunk! Do you people actually remember you have a murder to solve?
      Go chase some farm animals and turn this investigation over to an authority who can perform their duty and DO rather than review.

    • Jkenda says:

      Outside consultant ? I did hear from SP earlier about an outside consultant but I don’t recall the details, are the SP taking credit for a dateline consultant ? The only outside consultant I want to hear from is Jim Clemente and his people all ex high level FBI profilers all trained in a different police system.

  6. Mr.Big says:

    No question the boyfriend and his mother is the link to her death, The only question remains were they helpless spectators in a possible retaliation of some indiscretion on their behalf .. or had a direct say in her demise. I’m afraid the only way you could ever get to the bottom of the truth is to hire some outside contractors to take them to an abandoned warehouse to have a chinese torture chat.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think the truth is right there in front of us if we look at all of the evidence. The names that keep coming up, so many weird, odd aspects of this case. So many “coincidences”. Over acting. Saying things that aren’t necessary. Put it all together and it paints an ugly picture.

    • A let down Saanich resident says:

      BINGO! You must know a lot more than you are writing on here. That is exactly what the two possibilities are! The only way this is going to be solved is by outing some of the people directly involved. Some of us know…..Sadly, because they police are not trust worthy, and are more concern about threatening Jeff to take down the page than solving the murder, it makes it scary for anyone to come forward. Who is going to protect those who know? Not the police. This is a sad sad case. And Crime stoppers is great, but it goes right into the hands of the main detectives that have continued to cover this up for the last ten years. They have all the information they need to solve this, but wont. Hopefully, someone not connected and in the boys club,, can finally come in and give this a proper review. If not they will continue to call this an active file when it’s really a cold case, they just aren’t willing to release the information because then people will be able to connect the pieces and and there cover up will be blown

      And Horsely, I trusted you when we spoke, thank you for pushing me so hard to go to crime stoppers with my information, and when you received it, then saying you couldn’t use it because you were aware of who I am and it is supposed to be an anonymous program, Making my tip unusable for them! Great work!

  7. Strength In Numbers says:

    The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner opened in July 1998.


    Is it possible for the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) to handle complaints against municipal police officers and/or municipal police departments by the public, and as stated in their Guiding Principles under Independence, “serve the public objectively, impartially and free from any improper influence or interference” one hundred percent of the time?

    On the Staff Page under Investigative Analysts on the OPCC website it states that the OPCC is made up of “a dedicated group of people from both civilian and police backgrounds”. As part of its staff of Investigative Analysts, the OPCC hires retired municipal police officers to work on complaints that the public make against municipal police officers and/or departments.

    Does the OPCC believe that when police officers retire from service, they magically shed their previous identities? Do they believe that officers cut all ties and walk away from the rapport they built with other staff members and members of the public? What about any conflicts that arose while on the job? Does the OPCC believe that officers can forget about their loyalty and dedication to the department(s) they worked for?

    The fact that former police officers already hold bias does not instill confidence in the public that these former officers will abide by the OPCC’s Guiding Principles, one of which reads, “Integrity – We act fairly and honestly in our oversight of the complaint process involving municipal police in British Columbia while ensuring a principled and just approach in arriving at decisions”. They try to reassure the public by stating, “Approximately, two-thirds of our staff engaged in decision making roles have backgrounds outside of policing”. If they feel the need to point this out, then there’s a problem. It’s also irrelevant.

    The Mission Statement of the OPCC is, “The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner promotes accountable policing within our communities and enhances public confidence in law enforcement through impartial, transparent civilian oversight”. With any complaints being handled by former municipal police officers, all public confidence is lost.

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak:

    Jeff Buziak has already tried unsuccessfully to file a complaint with the OPCC about the lack of progress the Saanich Police Department has made on Lindsay’s file. Here’s what he’s up against:

    The following link is for the B.C. Government Directory page listing the staff for the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

    Notice in this list:

    “Ross Poulton”, Senior Investigative Analyst, retired Saanich police officer (former head of Lindsay’s file)
    “Craig Sampson”, Investigative Analyst, retired Saanich police officer (former head of Lindsay’s file)
    “Robert McColl”, Investigative Analyst, retired Saanich police officer (former head of Lindsay’s file)

    The following people have also worked for the OPCC:

    “Barry McLachlan”, Investigative Analyst, retired Saanich police officer, (SHIRLEY ZAILO’S RECENT EX-BOYFRIEND)page 14 of this Vancouver Police Board Service & Policy Complaint Review Committee – Agenda from April 16, 2013 lists him as the assigned analyst for the complaint.

    “Rick Gosling” Investigative Analyst, Saanich police forensics, page 10 of this Vancouver Police Board Service & Policy Review Committee – Committee Meeting Agenda from April 17, 2014 lists him as the Investigative Analyst to receive a copy of the complaint.

    This isn’t a list of every retired police officer that has been hired by the OPCC. There are others.

    So, when Jeff Buziak tried to file his complaint with the OPCC, they operated under their Guiding Principle, “serve the public objectively, impartially and free from any improper influence or interference”, right? Wrong!

    Instead of assigning an Investigative Analyst with a background outside of policing (one of those approximately two-thirds of their staff), they assigned Ross Poulton, someone who was not only a retired police officer, but someone who was retired from the Saanich Police Department. He was, in fact, the first head of Lindsay Buziak’s file. How’s that for “serving the public objectively, impartially and free from any improper influence or interference”?

    Is it any wonder that Jeff is as frustrated as he is with all of this nonsense? When is a higher authority going to sit up and take notice that something’s not right with all of this?

    While researching, I came across some YouTube videos from a guy named Dan. His YouTube channel is called “Not So Silent”. His videos are worth watching/listing to. He has recorded telephone conversations and interactions with VicPD, Crown Prosecutors and the OPCC. Here is a link to one of his OPCC videos:

    • Robin says:

      I was in touch with a fellow since I have joined this blog. This person does not belong to this blog. He had tried to find his way through the OPCC with nothing but frustration after frustration. I asked him to assist me before knowing that he gave up the fight with OPCC. This was his response to me. I will not give his name because I am not asking him if he minds that I post this. I am just showing you the last paragraph as it relates to earlier post tonight.

      I used to be active in the cause of police accountability, focusing mostly on B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner ( After a few years I gave up the project as futile because B.C. politicians, legal establishment, media and activists are either indifferent or complicit.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Incestuous and corrupt. Even to the extent that the Mayor’s executive assistant is the Police Chief’s wife. The Mayor is Head of the Police Board who the Chief reports to and now the OPCC is littered with ex Saanich police who were head of Lindsay’s UNSOLVED murder!! We DO NOT make any of this up.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        This is as bad as the fellow Gary Webb who exposed the CIA for selling cocaine to dealers in order to fund wars abroad. Dark Alliance was the book and film that came out. Perhaps someone should just do a movie about this based on all the intelligence that has been shared in order to expose these rats further.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Re: Police chief’s wife secretary to the mayor who is also head of the police board. This is definitely a conflict of interest. What the hell is going on in Saanich!!! We need an inquest into the Saanich Police Dept.

    • Justice says:

      I have a question for Deflective Horsley,
      Why was Shirley asked to give a polygraph? I understand Jason being the prime suspect but Why Shirley? They use the polygraph only on people who are considered prime suspects. Why was Shirley a prime suspect? What did they find out that made them suspect that she was involved? If it was because there is evidence that information about the former clients used in the artfully planned murder, came from someone working in the ReMax office, why would they only suspect and interrogate Shirley. So far only the Zailos and Matt have been the only ones asked to take a polygraph and they all had alibis. They must have had good reason to believe Shirley was part of the conspiracy. What did they find out about Shirley that they took seriously enough to ask her for a polygraph? Just being the mother of the main suspect does not warrant a polygraph unless there is some kind of evidence. Maybe they know and believe all the things we know about Ms Shirley Zailo. They were not smart enough to see she is a psychopath and could pass a polygraph with ease. She exhibits all characteristics of a psychopath from what we know about her when she is off camera. The police should have considered that anyone who would go to the legnths to plan a horrific murder like this is a pure psychopath with a lot of jealous rage. A polygraph should have never been used and even so, none should be cleared until charges are brought.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        One of the strangest things about this case is the Zailos being cleared early on in the investigation. There was clearly not one good reason for this unprecedented move by the SPD as 8 years later this case is still not solved! And no wonder, the police force tasked with solving it cleared the prime suspects early on. WTF is up with that? What is that smell?

        • Justice says:

          I understand the boyfriend would be considered first. It is normal to start the investigation with those closest to the victim, but what caused them to think of Shirleynas a major suspect? Shirleynwas the manager in the office where Lindsay worked and the mother of her boyfriend. That isn’t enough to be considered a suspect enough to require a polygraph. Why did the police consider Shirley a suspect? What are the things they know and are hiding about Shirley? Do they know where she is getting all her cash? They know something or she would not have been asked to take a polygraph.

          • Justice says:

            If they know about the Zailos’ source of unexplained income, and Lindsay said she saw something she shouldn’t have and was planning on leaving the relationships with the Zailos, that is motive.

            • I believe this. To solve the case we all know that you have to have evidence to lay charges. I believe that is they can find wrong doings by the Zailo’s regarding their own lives/ business dealings, laundromat ! they can PROVE motive in the Buziak case based on the idea that Lindsey had knowledge of the said wrong doings and posed a threat to them. ( MOTIVE) The Police may have screwed up starting with the crime scene itself BUT I’m sure if they dig deep they can find that loose thread in the Zailo empire and un-ravel everything. That’s where the investigation needs to start now in my opinion. I believe THAT investigation will lead them to the truth. Horsley is in the dumping business right? Here is his chance to DIG UP SOME DIRT on the Zailo’s and un- earth the truth.

              • WTF says:

                This all makes perfect sense. I’m sure there are more than a few loose threads if you do a little digging ( I can think of a number of aspects that need scrutinizing ) but here is the kicker. Instead of digging/investigating as they clearly should be doing the SPD have cleared the prime suspects. WTF

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              It sure is.

  8. Robin says:

    First of all there can ONLY be one reason for that kind of mean behaviour, a couple people are being used by the people who know exactly what happened to Lindsay. They are being manipulated by the dishonest, shifty criminals who are directly involved in laundering drug money in real estate and MURDER. There lies a COUPLE of the reasons Lindsay was murdered, she knew exactly what and who was involved and how deep it went. There is no one in my life (thank god) that is that mean spirited to attack people who take the time to offer their opinions. The only reason to attack and try to discredit the father of a murdered daughter is because we obviously are hitting a bit close to home with our insight and assumptions. Why would it possibly matter to these people otherwise. It just wouldn’t. For myself I only came to this sight after realizing Lindsay Buziak’s murder was still not solved, not even a year ago. I was outraged and wanted to find out WTF was going on here after this much time. The more I read the more disgusted I was and I realized Lindsay’s unsolved murder probably need help. My life had now allowed me to have time to possibly be one of those people. There is nothing else in this for me other than I am a citizen of Canada and I see that something is really wrong with the fact that Lindsay Buziak was murdered and it is not solved 10 yrs later. I have no intention to put people down, call people names, or harass them. I have no intention other than to call things as I see them from the perspective my life lessons has given me to date. I have found Jeff to be a kind, gracious person who is overwhelmed at times with the fact his DAUGHTER was murdered and no one is in jail. What the hell is wrong in B.C. that 10 yrs can go by in a small community on a small island and no one is in jail? Furthermore where are the elected officials in this unsolved murder. WAKE the F UP. People are trying to get your attention….HELLO… there anybody in there, just nod if u can hear us.

  9. Jeff Buziak says:

    Prime Minister of Canada

    Justin Trudeau

    Premier of British Columbia

    John Horgan

    Attorney General of British Columbia

    David Eby

    Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General of B.C.

    Mike Farnworth

    Mayor of Saanich-Police Board Chairman

    Richard Atwell

    Saanich Police Board Members

    Mayor Richard Atwell-Chair
    Ms. Mary Collins
    Mr. Glen Crawford
    Mr. Bruce Hallsor, QC
    Mr. Irwin Henderson
    Mr. Tim Kane
    Ms. Lori Staples, QC

    Secretary to the Saanich Police Board

    Kerry Tuggle

    Chief of Saanich Police

    Bob Downie

    Police Complaint Commissioner B.C.

    Stan Lowe

    Saanich North MLA for B.C.

    Adam Olsen

    Saanich South MLA for B.C.

    Lana Popham

    MP Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke

    Randall Garrison

    MP Saanich-Gulf Islands (B.C.)

    Elizabeth May

  10. Sally says:

    I also think that the contamination of the crime scene was deliberate. No one can be that incompetent. And besides, they are required to know the protocol. It’s their job to know so they can’t try to get off the hook.

    • Wow! says:

      Exactly Sally. Mr mccoll was the lead. In one interview I can’t recall- where he stated something to the rffect “crimes like this can take up to 10 years to solve”. Was that the message from the get go. Don’t expect it to be solved. Can someone share when, why and how hoarsely became involved. It was before dateline. What’s the scoop on that – anyone.

  11. Robin says:

    Honorable David Eby- Attorney General

  12. Robin says:

    Mayor Richard Atwell
    Mayor Atwell also chairs the meeting of the Saanich Police Board which meets once a month. . The next meeting will be May 01 if anyone cares to eml the board.

    • Robin says:

      This girl is great at making sure the mayor gets your eml and she will respond to you saying she has made sure Mayor will have for meeting.

      Contact Information

      Kerri Tuggle, Secretary to the Saanich Police Board

  13. Jeff Buziak says:

    John Lordan – Jeff Buziak
    Friday, April 13, 2018

    • A let down Saanich resident says:

      Well done! SPD needs to either solve this or hand it over! Just because they botched the crime scene, I would hope that they would have more integrity than to continue to cover up their mess! It is sad that so many people fear that actual police than the criminals…..

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Wow. Very imformative and well done once again.

        • clifford danco says:

          its friday night and rather then watching netflix or a movie I’m more excited to listen to this 🙂 putting it on now

        • Donald Kimble says:

          jeff this was really hard to take in very demoralizing to say the least, heart is with you its now apparent to me that the murder was entirely personal, yes i think lindsay knew the zailos and the cops were shady but by her not revealing this secret to you proves that she was not a risk to their interests, its apparent to me that shirley was disgusted by lindsay’s rejection of her son after all the investment they had put in thats the main squeaze as sad and pathetic as it is – my only other question is don’t the hells angels police this kind of thing themselves?

    • Justice says:

      It is time we all start writing more letters now that we know about Horsley’s past and recent behavior and his outside business interests and the overall poor investigation. Could you please find a spot on this site where we can find the names, titles, addresses, email adresses and phone numbers of the officals who could potentially help out? I have seen titles mentioned but do not know who holds the office since I am not familiar with the BC government heiarchy. It is hard to find them by looking through the posts and some of the information is missing. I think if you had them on one of the pages on this site in a permanent position, we would get more people writing letters and complaints. Maybe Robin could put together the information. I am very proactive as you well know and this would really help me put pressure on getting Horsley removed from the Lindsay’s case. Robin has been really helpful in this area and is very good at organizing this kind of information. Please Robin, pull the info together and send it to Jeff. Please Jeff, add it to the site in a spot where it is alway easily available, maybe a resources page for most of your supporters who I believe really want to contribute in a meaningful way. Anyone who has ideas of who we can contact (investigators, BC agencies, LE analysists or profilers, lawyers, media for potential shows, producers, news reporters from CHEK news, SPD Board anyone who can help) and post it here for Robin or I will do it if she isn’t available. The SPD Board needs to approve any outside businesses Horsley has involvement with. Did they? We will find out and if not, report it to the Colonist Times.

      • Robin says:

        No problem getting the addresses and emls for different authorities. This one here is for the OPCC—-Office of the Police Complaint.
        Address is at the end. I will get the others together and give to Jeff ASAP. Here’s one to start with. Posted what he commits to also.

        Welcome to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner’s website. As Police Complaint Commissioner for the Province of British Columbia, my primary focus is to increase public confidence in the police complaint process.

        An effective tool for improving transparency and accountability is information. It is my hope that all stakeholders will find this website to be an informative and valuable resource.

        I, and members of my staff, remain committed to ensuring that the police complaint process in British Columbia continues to improve and meet the needs of both the public and policing community.


        Stan T. Lowe
        Police Complaint Commissioner

        5th Floor, 947 Fort Street
        PO Box 9895, Stn Prov Govt.
        Victoria, British Columbia
        V8W 9T8


        • Robin says:

          Here’s a contact at the SPD if anyone has any questions. It says you can mail or phone.

          The Saanich Police Professional Standards Division has two investigators available to receive complaints and can be contacted in person or spoken with over the phone. Members of the public may also make complaints directly to the OPCC by submitting completed forms to their attention.

          If your inquiry relates to a question or concern rather than a formal complaint, a supervisor will be happy to speak with you and provide information or clarification as appropriate. This can be done in person, or over the phone through our non-emergency line: 250-475-4321. Please ask to speak with the on-duty Watch Commander. If you prefer to submit your question or concern in writing, a form is available to download which you may forward to Sgt Mike Millard in the Professional Standards Division at Saanich Police Department for a response.

        • Justice says:

          Robin, you are the best! Your hard work has been so helpful to people like me who are unfamiliar with the politics of BC. This is the only way we are going to help Jeff get things turned around and you have been making a huge contribution by giving your time and hard work to find justice for Lindsay. Thank you so much.

    • Justice says:

      Cohen Oatman has been formally named on a CHEK news cast:

    • Justice says:

      I agree with John Lordan, I find it really incredible that someone (using several different aliases) in the show comments would attack the father of a murder victim. The things said in their comments were meant to distract and discredit. This was the work of one or two people working together who obviously have personal information about the case and support Horsley and the Zailos. They seem to harbor an intense amount of anger and are lashing out at Jeff and his supporters. The comments are viscous and simply not true.

      Actually, I believe the person(s) posting the comments are the same persons who wrote the murder confession and who have been posting here as Vid, Avneet, mywtprivledge and others who talk like street thugs. They even criticize people here for spelling and grammar errors form time to time. Now they call themselves Bullshit Detector (claims to be a PI=real bullshit) and Aaron Perez (talking like a thug). I would not be surprised if they all came from the same IP address from a coffee shop in Vancouver or Victoria. It would be interesting to look at the style of writing between these posters to see if they could be written by the same person.

      This has been going on for a long time. This is not about Jeff Buziak or EMTs or supporters who spend time everyday working for justice. This is about a fantastic young woman who was senselessly murdered. These bitter haters are not looking for the truth. They seem to get off by causing conflict and hurting people. They are likely not going away so the best we can do is ignore them now that we know who they are. Hopefully, someday they will develop an sense of empathy for the father of a murder victim and let go of their petty grievances. It is bad enough Jeff has to suffer the loss of his daughter and this just adds to it.

      • Raven says:

        These people who are using social media to make personal attacks where the focus is to help solve a murder are seriously mentally unbalanced and in need of psychiatric help.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        I have spent quite some time reading the comments on Podcast #3. I am sickened by many of the comments as well as people fighting with each other. Justice for Lindsay and her family one day, regardless of the losers and trolls out there.

  14. Jeff Buziak says:

    I want to clarify another important fact about Saanich police. It seems officers can do whatever they want and are not held accountable for other things in their lives. At the time of Lindsay’s murder our darling Prince of Party, the now infamous Detective “I’m going to get you” Chris Horsley was an owner of Darcy’s Pub and the Upstairs Cabaret.
    I thought this type of police involvement in that industry was only done in third world countries but not so. It’s kosher with Saanich police where I guess officers do as they like. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with the Saanich Cop Crew. Unbelievable!

    • Wow! says:

      This is a huge piece of the puzzle. Back in 2007 2008 all the ‘crowd’ hung out there. This is shocking. A police officer as an owner. This could involve who knows what? blackmail, easy access to ‘naughty’ stuff like drugs $ and who knows what else. Who knows what? I’m more disgusted than ever. What the hell is going on here with mr. Horsley? Who is HE really? Who were his partners? What $ was involved? Did lindsay see something upstairs? Is this why mr horsley is covering for the zailos? Lots of questions here. Where are the honest cops? Is this so big involving police it has be buried? Follow the $$$$ always!

      • Quite eye opening… Completely Un-orthodox… Police detectives.. don’t make enough money to have businesses.. they can’t secure loans? unless he has another source of income but if that is the case why bother being a police detective at all? Not to say officers cannot sideline… or be entrepreneurial but it’s highly unusual. Most police officers are in it for life.. this is their chosen career and they are passionate about that they do especially if they get to rise to a DETECTIVE Position. I think there is so many conflicts of interests here.. perhaps Horsley does not have the aptitude and experience to handle a case of this magnitude but his humongous ego.. and maybe self serving interests is why he refuses to ask for help from other divisions that have the experience in high profile murder cases such as this one.

        • Sally says:

          Maybe the IRS is the right place to contact. Or at least the Canadian version of it (Internal Revenue Service) otherwise known as the TAX Department.
          I guarantee you, they will do a thorough investigation of Mr Horsley.

        • Justice says:

          I agree, Deflective Detective Horsley has a very questionable background. Now we have heard he used to work in a financial institution but was fired for moonlighting at another job that was a conflict of interest. And here we are again; Horsley is currently running three jobs, a murder investigation, a dump truck business and a million dollar real estate development business. Coincidentially, Jason is developing multimillion dollar properties as well.

          The replacements for lead investigators Ken Wiebe and Don Wahl who retired the day before, had not been scheduled to arrive for duty until monday morning. I believe the murder was planned to take place that weekend for that exact reason because the killers posing as clients said they had to buy in three days which equates to before monday.

          Now we have a witness who saw the chaos at the crime scene. No crime scene tape to secure the perimeter. The EMT said she saw cops walking in and out of the front door without any protective gear to prevent contaminating the crime scene. She even saw dirt tracked in through the front door from the flower bed. All kind of cops were there (AKA the lookie-loos). Lookie-loos are cops who have no reason to be at a crime scene except to take a look. In this case, they probably corrupted the integrity of the crime scene evidence. Although we believed, we can now we now have proof that the SPD was in a state of unorganized limbo during that weekend. I am convinced the conspirators knew and took advantage of this fact.

          Someone needs to investigate if the cops or other SPD employees who have had access to the retirement schedule about one to two months before the retirement date, had a relationship with the Zailos or Zailo associates. It is not too late. For instance, after Paul ran off, Shirley started a sexual relationship with a cop who retired one month after Lindsay was murdered. I have several questions.

          1. When and where did Shirley first meet Barry? Was it before 2008?

          2. Why didn’t Barry retire with all his buddies on Feb, 1st? The SPD had a huge party for 7 retiring cops on Feb 1st. His retirement would be left for a few weeks later, smaller celebration and alone. It is strange he would wait unless he had a really good reason. Does he have a really good reason? If not, could he have waited so he could help out Shirley during the weeks following Lindsay’s murder while she was being investigated? Could he be the trained and experienced LE officer who her helped plan the murder and establish the alibis? Paul, the current boyfriend escapes and flees the country, and Shirley then takes up with Barry. I think this is something that needs to be looked at by an outside agency.

          Someone told the Zailos about the retirements in late November-early December when they were planning Lindsay’s murder.
          Who knew about it then and who had contact with the conspirators? Barry, Horsley, Ken or Don? Someone needs to find out. Maybe it was unintentional or maybe intentional but someone told the Zailos the replacements were not scheduled to report for duty until Feb the 4th..

          • Robin says:

            It is not coincidental that all this just happened. No way.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            What you have said makes a lot of sense and I think the questions you’ve asked are paramount to this case. One more question, IMO, that needs to be asked is: Who scheduled the replacements to start two days after the last shift of the retired officers? Is it normal protocol to leave two days without anybody on shift to deal with this kind of situation? I can’t imagine that a police force would operate like that and if they do we need to seriously change that. Who would do the scheduling? Would that be Chief Downie?

              • wow… This is the most intriguing case with the most Bizarre little timing details…

                • Wow! says:

                  I think we should add Mr. Mccoll to the list to check out what’s up. My understanding is HE was the lead detective, replacing retired lead. If saanich police f’d up – HE was responsible. What nefarious stuff was he involved in? This was part of the plan. Catch them with pants down. All set up. I wonder if Jeff has ever talked to the previous lead detective. Is there not 1 police officer that has a spine? I believe many people know who and why but they are all spineless. Puppets!

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Thank you Jeff. According to this article the SPD had plenty of time and put considerable effort into hiring and planning the replacing of the soon to be retired officers. Which makes sense, it’s not as if someone retiring is a surprise to anyone. So how can they explain the lapse of two days without anyone on the schedule to deal with a murder? SPD? Is it normal procedure to let days go by with no one on the schedule to deal with a murder?

        • Questioning says:

          Stevie, I am wondering why you think a police detective doesn’t make enough money to have another business or secure a loan. A simple google search shows the Police contract and their rate of pay. A constable makes 115000.00 a year without overtime. A Detective would make significantly more plus overtime. Do your research!! Plus if you search their contract it also shows how much time they get in holidays. They are entitled to hundreds of hours of holiday time each year. That isn’t even accounting for overtime which they can opt to keep for additional time off or have paid out. I came to check this site out after seeing the Brain Scratch. And these comments that you have posted make me scratch my head wondering how you people can be so naive to think they don’t make a lot of money.

          • Sally says:

            Sorry to burst your little bubble, but police officers don’t make enough money to own million dollars businesses. And in this case it sounds like several million . I don’t think YOU know how much money it takes to start private businesses.

            • @ Sally.. Exactly.. Houses in Victoria and Vancouver start at a Million dollars. for a basic home….. and to own a business? let alone 2 or 3 is Millions… I know cuz I own one 😉 I don’t want to enter into a some dialogue/ debate on how much money they make… the point was missed by the person commenting. The detective needs to be focused 100% on his JOB not his “other” ventures and his focus need to be this case!!

              • Justice says:

                “Questioning” is one of the ignorant trolls (bullshit detector) who shows their ugly little heads on social media to defend the Zailos and the SPD, deflect from the truth and attack Jeff Buziak and anyone who supports him. They have serious mental health issues and should get professional help. It seems that they believe their own petty feelings are more important than searching for the truth. I think they are working undercover (hahaha) recruited by Horsley. Since they no longer have a place here and need to feel important, they transferred to the dark side where they feel like they are Horsley’s special agents. Delusional and in need of attention should be their aliases.

          • Well MY experience wit MY family My dad being an officer for 25 years and MY uncle and MY best friend they don’t make alot of money. I speak from my own experience.If they do then I apologize.. but that was not even the main point of my comment. Whether they can afford to own bars and restaurants nightclubs other business’s or not. there are rules being an officer that don’t allow that to happen. PLUS it’s being a part time cop? a part time detective and there is no way a detective can do his job fully if he is dis-tracted with his other ventures. Detectives have to be ” all in” all the time or why bother. THAT was my point.

    • Strength In Numbers says:

      While browsing through news articles, I came across a Times Colonist article about another Saanich police officer who had started his own business and his activities were being questioned.

      It’s time for S/Sgt. Horsley’s outside employment to be reviewed as part of Saanich police policy.

      “Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie was not available for an interview, but said in a statement: ‘Saanich Police are aware of concerns that have been brought forward about an officer engaged in activities constituting outside employment that may be in conflict to the officer’s duties. The matter will be reviewed through our professional standards office examining compliance with internal policies and the Police Act’.”

      “According to Saanich police policy, a member wanting to pursue outside employment must get permission from the Saanich police board. The board can deny the request if the employment brings Saanich police into disrepute or erodes public confidence in the department, or if the employment is in conflict with the officer’s professional duties.” (Victoria Times Colonist, June 27, 2015)

    • Amateur Sleuth says:

      Though my memory is foggy, i think I smoked a joint with him at a party, but that was 1999, early in his cop career…. Didn’t even know he was a cop until I ran into him patrolling on his bicycle.

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