Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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  1. ranger rick says:

    I got a survey online from the NDPs and John Horgan asking for feedback on how they are doing. There’s a couple of open ended questions at the end asking you if there’s anything else you’d like to tell John Horgan or would like to see changed. I put in my thoughts about this case and why it needs to be removed from the control of the SPD…just a thought. It’s definitely frustrating to see emails to politicians given an automated answer. This could be the same but worth trying anyway.

  2. Justice says:

    Lindsay Buziak Murder Investigation

    Saanich police apprehending a suspect in The Lindsay Buziak Unsolved Murder.
    Well…….Saanich style!
    “The Mexican”

    • Retired Detective says:

      Must Be Saanich Police Officer of the Year! If you can’t see this video in your email, go to the site. It is priceless!

    • rose carr says:

      Hilarious! Now will the rest of the saanich police department please hand over the case to a well trained police force that specialises in cold case files. Lindsay Buziak deserves justice. This was a conspiracy by people who new her. It’s beyond ridiculous that nothing is being done. This is Canada, not some third world country that does not have resources,I feel for you Jeff. Stay safe and strong.

  3. BLD says:

    Cocain theory is BS, her trip was six weeks before her murder. The burner phone was bought 3 months before her murder, and only used for calling her! The BF had her killed, this was planned, don’t kill her until I text her! Alibi.
    Plus he brought his friend, and was conveyantly late. He knew that she was going to leave him. He may be in the drug business, she may have found that out! These cops need to pull there head out of there ass, and dig a lot harder into the BF’s friends, one of them will crack!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think that final text could have been part of the plan to distract her. When she looked down at her phone they attacked. If I’m right, it is very chilling that Jason was the one that sent that text.

      • phillip moris says:

        Is it a fair assessment to say that Horsley is a conspirator as well? Providing all of the deflections and mis informations he has published in the press such as the timeline and JZ’s ever changing story. To any casual observer of this case, they would see that the cops are dirty in this and involved directly with the Zailo’s. Furthermore the intimidation visit to Jeff Buziak in Calgary speaks volumes and incriminates the Saanich police as a whole as it was apparently a tax paying visit.

        Whoever can open their eyes properly and not take the public as idiot’s better well serve right and bring justice for this is not only a horrific crime but an utter embarrassment to BC.

  4. Retired Detective says:

    One thing I noticed on the DateLine episode among many was that Shirley said “Lindsay was driven” referring to her career. She followed with, “ loved her for that”. If you look at that statement, she never said she loved Lindsay for the fantastic woman she was. She never mentions anything about that. She also leaves out the word “I”. When someone leaves out the word “I” from a statement like this, it removes themself from the feeling. It is an indicator that they are not being truthful. We all have heard about the kind of vile person Shirley is. Watching Shirley present herself as meek and polite in that interview demonstrates her ability to fake it but when Jason wipes his fake tear, she didn’t know what to do because tears are so foreign to her. She looked over at him, sat back and mimicked his action with a fake tear. It was chilling.

    • JS says:

      I noticed that as well… It made every hair on my body stand up when I noticed it. There is something not right about these two.

      For anyone interested in watching what we are talking about skip to around 41:05 in this youtube clip.

      • Mlovejoy says:

        It’s obvious Shirley is making up the story about Lindsay telling her she was afraid of the ex boyfriend, Matt. She’s trying to put the blame on him. How convenient for Jason to have an eye witness with him when he “Found” Lindsays body. I think Shirley found out about Linsay wanting to leave Jason and set the murder up out of anger. She, working in the same real estate office would know how to set the whole thing up. Jason may or may not have been involved in the beginning but is aware now.

        • Retired Detective says:

          Jason was the look-out.

        • Robin says:

          Jason was standing behind the bedroom door listening in on a conversation between Lindsay and her friend Nikki. Lindsay heard a noise and caught him. Lindsay was telling Nikki that as soon as some deals closed she intended to leave Jason. Jason told his mother this and that is when they started to plan the murder of Lindsay. Shirley is a wicked witch. She would have been furious with Lindsay since she spent a ton of money fixing up the house for Lindsay and Jason which Lindsay didn’t want to stay in because Shirley came and went freely so a condo was all redone for them and still Lindsay wants away from them!!! What an insult to the wicked witch not to mention Lindsay did not want SZ’s son either. The wicked witch was insulted and became full of rage towards Lindsay.
          Do not forget Lindsay told her Dad she saw something she should not have seen, unfortunately she did not say what it was. Lindsay was silenced in that house of horror on Feb 02, 2008 for these above reasons.
          The Zailo’s mark is all over the murder of Lindsay, they are out of control and why they are not in jail is way beyond my comprehension.
          B.C. is a disaster with dirty money, drugs, murder and mayhem. The Zailo’s are involved in all of it. The wicked witch is the manager of Remax FFS. Her greasy hands are all over this.
          What the SPD have been doing for over 10 yrs is what Justin Trudeau, David Eby, John Horgan need to grow balls and SORT OUT. We have a crisis in B.C. in case anyone has not noticed, a young girl was viciously MURDERED, the perpetrators are carrying on with business as usual. Does Dr. Peter German know it is murder and money laundering he needs to be investigating?

    • Following says:

      Yes, I noticed that too. Crocodile tears and the double take from mom. Almost like”good touch” to the performamce.

      • Justice says:

        Perfectly put Following. If so many of us who aren’t trained are able to pick up on the BS in the Jashirley interview, how can they not be the prime suspects. BS BS BS SPD, YOU PRETEND TO BE COPS. TICK TICK TICK….

        • Retired Detective says:

          When we watch this interview, we are witnesses to two bold faced lying psychopaths. The lies have been uncovered and their words and tears about how much they loved Lindsay are completely and insincere. Psychopaths don’t have any feelings and these two are the most horrid actors. We have identified the conspirators, liars, and murderers for the police. Now we are identifying the police who are complicit with the Zailos. Horsley and the ex-cop boyfriend who worked on the complaint board.

  5. Сергей says:

    Искренне сочувствую всем родным и близким погибшей девушки.

    “С волками жить- по волчьи выть”

  6. Justice says:

    Shirley stated on DateLine that she loved Lindsay. She even spent almost $2million on 2 different living spaces for her in the short span of about 6 months. The Saanich Police believe Shirley is telling the truth when she states she cared about Lindsay and had nothing to do with her murder. They cleared the Zailos and are looking elsewhere for the conspirators. I have a few problems with this when you examine Shirley’s actions and her words.

    Shirley was an experienced realtor and Lindsay’s boss and mentor. In the least, she had a responsibility to do as much as reasonably possible to ensure the safety of her employees. She was the future mother-in-law and future grandmother of Lindsay’s and Jason’s children. She claimed she loved Lindsay but offered no support when Lindsay told her she was concerned for her safety. Lindsay was a petite, 5 ‘2″, 99 lb woman. Her (C you next tuesday) boss Shirley and her 6’4″, 240 lb semi-professional hockey player BF, dismissed Lindsay’s concerns so she called Jeff in Calgary for advice. Jeff’ did not even have to think about it. The solution was simple, yes you should be concerned and definitely do not go alone. Many realtors have posted here, bringing a buddy to a showing for safety precautions is a very common, standard practice. You do not need to be someone’s biological parent to offer this advice. The Zailos had nothing to say to Lindsay except “go get the $million.” This is not how caring people respond to the concerns of employees and especially to loved ones.

    When asked why she showed up at the murder scene so quickly, Shirley said that when Jason called her, he sounded stressed. That is the only reason she gave, no mention of Lindsay. During the call, Jason told her that Lindsay was in the house, not answering text messages and the door was locked. If she cared about Lindsay, wouln’t Shirley have been more concerned about Lindsay’s welfare? She knew about the strange clients and the concerns. If she cared, why wouldn’t she be concerned more Lindsay? Shirley’s actions demonstrate a total a total lack of concern for Lindsay. Shirley’s own words demonstrate a total lack of concern for Lindsay.

    Shirley showed up at the house within 30 min after Jason called her. It would not have been long before she heard that Lindsay had been murdered and Jason was in custody. The only thing she did was lawyer-up. She did not call Jeff. Why did Jeff have to wait until the next morning to get the horrible news? For someone who says she cared so much, why would she neglect to call Lindsay’s parents? I believe she intentionally did not alert Jeff so he would not arrive until the next day when it would be harder to get answers from Jason and the police.

    Actions are louder than words. Shirley took no action to protect Lindsay. Shirley spoke no words of concern for Lindsay. Shirley did not care about Lindsay. Shirley is a bold faced liar.

    • Robin says:

      Yes I agree completely. The Zailo’s tried to cover ever single angle when they were in the planning stages of Lindsay’s demise but what we have here is the actual conspirators acting what they assumed would be the perfect coverup. They were constantly working on their own alibi, trying real hard to cover their complicity. The Zailo’s assumed they had it all covered but what they were incapable of acting was how caring, decent loving people behave in these circumstances. That is foreign to them because they are psychopaths. SZ needed to be there because she is a control freak and she planned Lindsay’s murder. She told people what was expected of them in order to keep the corrupt money train moving. People are scared of her. The SPD has been told NOT to SEE the truth. The SPD are being controlled by people in very high places. They have been told not to solve Lindsay’s murder. I believe Beautiful British Columbia would start to crumble if they arrested the guilty people. Lindsay’s murder is part of all the trouble in B.C. right now. It’s all the same people. It’s deep, real deep. The honest people of B.C. should be packing up and moving anywhere east of B.C.

      • Bill says:


        The only thing that evil needs in order to succeed is that good people do nothing.

        The creeping of evil is quiet. Evil is a darkness that casts itself upon the weak morality of those who seek selfish gain. Like an ether of degradation rising from the pit of hell, evil creeps into our lives through the slow but steady breakdown and the sense of belonging. There is nothing from birth to death where evil does not show itself in. FEAR, fear is the greatest of distractors. It plays a role in every act of evil ever known to mankind. So, when we stop and try to make rational sense of all that has gone on in this act of murder, remember that fear as an active ingredient, which confuses, distorts, skews, alters, blinds, and deceives in all attempts from us discovering the truth. The key to this truth, this justice we all seek for Lindsay, is how to harness this energy without lessening ourselves in the process. Cowards run from what they fear. Evil hides from the light of truth. Darkness creeps looking for fear. We will not rest! We will never stop HUNTING those responsible! And we will never except the failure from those who stepped forward, swore under oath to uphold the laws of this great country, even with their lives if required. Yet have the gall to pander to the wicked, while believing they are not accountable to the meek. OH WHAT A EMPTY AND THOUGHTLESS MISTAKE THEY MAKE.

        Mr. Downy, heed my words; We wait because of this oath. The oath you and ever person under your purview swore to uphold. There is nothing more important than this oath of commitment to the people of Canada. Any person given charge under this oath and fails in their duty to uphold their oath is not worthy of the honor given unto them, by the people of Canada, and must, (not should) resign their position for their failure. IF YOU CAN NOT LIVE UP TO THE AUTHORITY GIVEN TO YOU BY WE THE PEOPLE, THEN WE EXPECT AND DEMAND YOU RESIGN FORTHWITH!

        DO YOUR JOB SIR!

        OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS CAN NEVER BE STOPPED Chis Horsley. Do you understand. No amount of intimidation, threats, or misconduct directed at the citizens seeking justice for Lindsay Buziak will be tolerated. Conduct yourself accordingly, because we are watching now. Remember the frog in the pot Chris. If you continue on this path, if you continue not to give Lindsay justice, then justice will take …..YOU.


        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Thank you Sir. No finer words. I will certainly not allow good or bad to deter me and neither should anyone else including Saanich police but there the question lies doesn’t it? Who are they? Who do they represent?

          Bill I sense you are/were a lawman who fully understands duty and oath? Am I correct in my assumption?

      • Retired Detective says:

        Well said, Robin, well said. Psychopaths can’t fake emotions like love, guilt or remorse because they have zero feelings until they get caught. Then they feel real sorry for themselves. I definitely can see that coming in the future when Shirley and her boy are rotting in jail. Only then we will see their tears. I have a request. Instead of expecting the negative let’s start expecting a positive outcome. The drug trafficking problem/ money is at the heart of this. It is there because Canada has historically and covertly welcomed it because it runs the economy. Let’s believe that Canada will become a great nation because of something that improves humanity instead of something that destroys it. Appreciate the splendor of Canada. Just try it for awhile. I have seen this kind of thinking move mountain.

    • Retired Detective says:

      If the Zailos told Lindsay that under no circumstances should she go to the showing alone and the 6’4” burley, over-protective Jason would definitely be there for her safety and to propose a mortgage offer, she might not have felt the need to call Jeff multiple times to discuss her fears about the clients. Psychos don’t think like normal people and have a hard time imagining what normal people would think/do so this possibility got overlooked. We know so much more about the Zailos actions and advice because Lindsay called Jeff. A father’s love can smell BS from hundreds of miles away. After Lindsay’s murder when he arrived in Victoria, Jeff could immediately sense that their was something up with the Zailos. Their behavior and words continued to be uncaring towards someone who they claimed they loved.

      Another thing to note is that Jason was over-controlling, protective and jealous in situations that were did not put Lindsay at risk. His lackadaisical attitude about the strange and suspicious clients, was seriously different than his normal behavior. The police need to pay better attention to the Zailos behavior and words. There are some good cops out there. Someone clean needs to get interested.

  7. Joanna says:

    Im so sorry. Im from Poland, just heard about Lindsay. Hope you will know the truth.

  8. Chef says:

    How is it possible that the phone was with vid and the guy is still out? He must know the murderer! What the bell is wrong here!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      1. Uh, because we have the ever so clever Saanich police on the job?
      2. Constable 3 Careers is head of Lindsay’s unsolved file?
      3. Vid “Dodo Bird” alcoholic, drug addict, lowlife, Acevedo is smarter than Sandwich police.
      4. Saanich police don’t know how to arrest because they never have?
      5. Crown Prosecutors are lazier than Saanich police? Hmmmm, Not Possible!

      • Chef says:

        Thanks for the reply jeff. I have some background in neuroscience and am interested in the neutral basis of psychopathy. That’s what brought me to the case in the first place. Initially i suspected a thrill killing by a sophisticated cated couple. However, the overkill, the real estate familiarity and the local connection make me discount the hypothesis now. I do believe, however, that the murder was executed by somebody with strong antisocial traits, i.e. a psychopath. The meticuolous and cunning planning, clean planned getaway and use of a very emotionally demanding method of killing, stabbing, indicates this to me. But also not an off the charts psychopath. Too much long term planning, too much emotion, too elaborate, probable real estate background i.e. Somewhat stable job. I would potentially even suspect a female or smaller person as the killer. If I read correctly, the initial stabbing was from behind. The victim was short and the back stabbing was potentially done because the attacker feared resistance. They had no issue later stabbing from the front, so it wasn’t a not wanting to face the victim thing. A male attacker would have had no issue attacking her straight. But please take my analysis with a grain of salt, i have no background in forensic psychiatry, only general neuroscience of emotion. Also, all my info is from the web, so don’t rely on details I mention, they might be wrong.
        I also don’t think there is a huge conspiracy. The people involved are petty criminals, not the mob. This was a crime of passion, certainly not a hit. No hitman goes through such an elaborate story. Dark alley, two to the head, take purse to make it look like a robbery, get out. Also speaks against it being a message to her BF. Abducting her and shooting her would have totally sufficed to scare him shitless. Why stab her breast implants, come on.
        The motive is likely to be found around the time of cellphone activation. Purchase could have been just in case. Not uncommon i hear.

        Interestingly, we have a slightly similar case in Germany. A whole family was murdered in their house on a farm, likely by the lover of the daughter. It happened a century ago, but the similarity of somebody involved, in this case the suspect, coming to the door with a witness, entering the house and proceeding straight to the bodies I found eerie.

        If somebody were to ask me for my private opinion : the attacker is a short or female person with ties to real estate and a direct connection to the victim. They have a cold and cunning personality and history of illegal activity. At the most, one more male person not too well known to the victim was involved who was emotionally dependend from or indebted to the attacker, likely “the guy who wanted to come alone”. He might be a small time criminal with expertise in burner phones and might be strong, potentially intended as muscle of the operation in case of resistance or not have been present at the scene. Depends on how believable and numerous the eye witnesses are. But I wouldn’t put too much weight in their claims, witness statements are usually much less reliable than expected.
        As per the motive I suspect that the attacker felt insulted by the victim and feared the victim could spill the beans on some illegal activity. I wonder whether the attacker would have been able to disguise their identity through the phone or whether an additional person was involved, which I find kind of unlikely.

        • Retired Detective says:

          Thanks Chef, we all have come to the same conclusion with different analysis methods. Since Lindsay was planning on leaving the family and family businesses and they were well aware of her plans, the Zailos had the strongest motive. Shirley Zailo’s personality fits your profile perfectly and she was seen at the crime scene just after the police and reporters arrived by one of the reporters. The SPD is obstructing Justice.

          • Chef says:

            Well, I’m not going to speculate about names, as I don’t know whether other people exist that haven’t been reported on, so I just started things in general terms. It would then beg the question why the phone was with vid… Was the alibi of the mother in law ever checked? Was vids alibi checked?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      For everyone who wonders why Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved here is the reason:
      TEN DAYS ago I sent Saanich police a good lead I felt worthwhile following up on. The head investigator working part time on Lindsay’s file(there is no one full time) still hasn’t done anything about the lead I gave to them which was a person who was talking!!
      Vana, what is the missing letter for 500 describing Saanich police?

    • Justice says:

      Chris Horsley has all those answers and has been on the case since the beginning. I think that tells us whose sidebar he is on and it is not the side of justice.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        He is afraid of the criminals involved in killing Lindsay to the point he tried to intimidate me by personally threatening me just like the criminals do. So I ask, who is the real enemy? He carries a badge and a firearm.

  9. Shane says:

    I saw the show today on Nov 27. I have many questions about the mystery. Example.if Saanich is on an Island, and the person or persons that perpetrated this act of cowardice, were supposedly from Vancouver how did they get there? Most places have video of all persons travelling through government regulated installations. And the second question I have is, why are people assuming she made some one upset enough to do this, could it be someone that wanted to cause anguish to her parent, or parents. And thirdly. Cell phones that are purchased from convienience stores, well most stores has some form of theft protection video. And if the phone was registered via internet , there had to be an ip address log created, showing a computer mac id.. I hope these questions lead to the aprehension of the killer or killers. And if you, the killer is reading these posts. I truely hope you get caught, because we all should aspire to make peoples lives better and happier like Lindsay supposedly did. I only say supposedly,because I never knew of her till I saw the unsolved mystery. I do hope lindsay will get justice. But a word for her parents. take solace knowing she will always be in your hearts. I hope the pain subsides and you find joy in knowing what a treasure, you nourished to have made so many people happy. She sounds like she was a true angel.

  10. Robin Di Pietro says:

    I’m watching dateline regarding this poor woman’s murder. Just wondering, if witnesses saw her shake hands with the murderers, wouldn’t their DNA be on her hands? Just wondering.

  11. The phone was activated 6? weeks before the crime and there was no other activity other than call to the victim. What was going on in the victims life 6 to 8 weeks before the crime.

    Some witnesses talked about a colorful dress worn by one of the killers. The boyfriend who pulled up with a buddy said he noticed a few shadowy figures through the door glass. The killers presumably used a vehicle to arrive. Why no mention of a car by any of the witnesses. Although the BF claimed to have pulled out off the driveway and park nearby, isn’t is strange he didn’t see anyone leaving.

    An agent meeting strangers is inherently dangerous. If I was a female it wouldn’t be out of the question to arrange a buddy system to avoid being alone. Another occupied car in the driveway while showing a property would serve as a deterrent. Concealed carry is another option.

    The mother of her current boyfriend apparently lied about her being concerned for her safety during a walk – supposedly mentioning her previous boyfriend – when in fact this contradicted what she told her father.

    • Justice says:

      The phone was purchased 6-8 weeks bebore her death about the time She was heard by Jason who was listening with his ear at the closed door, telling her girlfriend she was unhappy with OJay and planned to end the relationship.

      The buddy system didn’t work because the buddy didn’t show up as promised. The boyfriend lied on DayeLine about the shadowy figures. He actually saw the couple who posed as clients to lure Lindsay to the house. They were walking out of the house alone through the front door when Jason drove up to the house. (According to the new version of this from Constable Horsley) Ojasons headlights shone on them from a short distance so he had to have gotten a good look at their faces. When they saw him, they dashed back into the house and closed the door. Jason said he was not alarmed because he. Relieved the showing just started (15 min after Lindsay told him they had arrived???) and there was no car but Lindsay’s in the driveway. Unconcerned, Jason parked facing away from the house with the only view of the house from his mirrors. Then after 10 min, he moved his car to the side street where the view of the house was completely obstructed and waited for another 10 min.
      Lindsay saw something she shouldn’t have seen about the same time she told Jeff and was overheard telling her friend she was going to break up with OJay. She tried to break it off a few months earlier but was coerced in to staying. If you want more details, listen to the CaseFile podcast episode that has a lot of updated information.

  12. michelle says:

    Tonight Nov 26th on the Oprah Winfrey Network OWN Channel , Dateline will run The Dream House Mystery Lindsay Buziak case. Please watch your local TV schedule for times Vancouver Island 8 pm tonight

  13. Robin says:

    With the announcement of corruption at the SPD I think it is very important to get emls going out again. . If possible this would be an opportune time to stop by our local MLA’s office for a quick visit too. Let’s not forget Chief Downie in our emls either. Since he oversees all of the police in the SPD it is obvious he is not proving to be a good leader.
    This is a copy and paste from Victoria News dated Nov 20, 2018.

    The Saanich Police Department had six of the eight substantiated allegations against municipal officers in Greater Victoria which were concluded between Apr. 1, 2017, and Mar. 31, 2018, according to the 2017/2018 Annual Report released by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC). The OPCC is a civilian, independent office of the legislature that oversees complaints and investigations involving municipal police in B.C.

    The misconduct allegations include corrupt practice, deceit, discreditable conduct, improper disclosure, neglect of duty and improper use or care of a firearm.

    This comes as no surprise to most of us since we have felt Lindsay’s unsolved murder has not been conducted with proper integrity anyway. This may just be what we need to get Lindsay’s unsolved murder into the hands of more capable and seasoned detectives. Let’s give it our best shot.
    Prior to the actions of the SPD being made public last week I had been ruminating over and over in my mind why and how Lindsay’s murder could be taking so long to solve, afterall it is soon going to be 11 yrs that Lindsay was murdered this Feb. 2, 2019. I could not come up with 1 business where I could be blown off for 11 yrs. or that 11 yrs with no results would be tolerated. I thought about my own job and what would happen if I showed up to work for 1 day and did not work. It would be noticed immediately and I would be needing a union rep before lunch time. Of all the businesses or services I was requesting the longest I was expected to wait was at my Dr. but even there I had the information I wanted within 2 hrs. No one shoved me aside or ignored me for 11 years!!! How do the SPD get away with 11 yrs of no arrests for Lindsay’s horrific murder I wondered. Then I saw the 6 pm news of corruption within the SPD. My heart sank and I have felt extremely disappointed knowing this is who is in charge of Lindsay’s unsolved murder. When will there be justice for Lindsay? Please help me send emls as this very important time.
    Thank You

    Attorney General
    Honourable David Eby

    Premier of B.C.
    Honourable John Horgan

    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
    Honourable Mike Farnsworth

    Mayor Fred Haynes

    Chief Bob Downie

    Visit Your MLA and if by chance David Eby is your MLA
    Do a drop in at-2909 W. Broadway, Vancouver

    We want Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder taken out of the corrupt hands of the SPD, they have had 11 yrs to make arrests “MOVE Lindsay NOW”
    Chief Bob Downie-tweedledee
    Sergeant Chris Horsley-tweedledum
    Lindsay Buziak does not want to be under your thumb

    • Alex says:

      Thx for the post robin. I just sent an email to all those email addresses. It’s time for arrests and time for Justice. For both Lindsay and her family !

  14. Nobody says:

    Was there a follow up on the client who supposedly gave them the number? How widely known was this number? Was it determined that the couple intentionally tried to steer her toward this particular property? Were there any romantic partners of her boyfriend investigated that might have wanted to remove her? Would still leave the question open which guy would support such a plan…
    The whole thing is very mysterious indeed. Drug hit? Unlikely. Way to sophisticated and risky. A bunch of drug pushers aren’t going to take the risk of botching this up in this highly sophisticated manner. They couldn’t know where she would take them, how exactly they could get out unseen in bloody clothes etc.Makes no sense.

    One theory they might explain why nobody has been found is that the killers were a murderous psychopath and his dependent girlfriend committing a thrill killing. Any evidence of trophy collection? Was something missing?

    • Justice says:

      Lindsay’s cell phone number was readily available to the public through her real estate listings. It was strange that the woman went straight to Lindsay Randomly without seeing one of her listings. She specifically said she got the number from former clients. Lindsay told Jeff about it. We never would have known about it if she hadn’t told Jeff. Her supposedly great BF and his mummy were actually experienced realtors working in the office. Mummy Shirley managed the office. Lindsay didn’t trust their advice enough so she called Her dad Jeff in Calgary and gave him a lot of information that Probably wasn’t supposed to leak out Because it would connect the dots back to the Re/Max office and Shirley. The police have been keeping the information about the former client from Lindsay’s family. This must be an important piece of information that could link the conspirators to the Re/Max (Shirley) office.

      Since Vid was involved as transporting the murder phone used, maybe the police should ask him who had it or who he gave it to. It may have been a serial killer or just a psychopath for hire, hired by the only people who seriously needed and wanted her dead because she saw something and was going to eventually leave the golden nest with that knowledge. The police know this as well but why are Vid, Shirley and OJay not wearing orange jumpsuits living behind bars? The answer is a dirty cop has been investigating this murder from the start but he will have his dirty laundry exposed before all the world soon as people are beginning to come forward with solid incriminating information. It is pathetic that if we all know about him, Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie must also know about him but has never launched an investigation and leaves him on the case all these years. I have never seen a police department be so hostile to a victims’s family. The hostility has lead us to this.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        “It is pathetic that if we all know about him, Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie must also know about him but has never launched an investigation and leaves him on the case all these years”

        I think this speaks volumes about Chief Bob Downie. At the very least he should have had this case turned over to the IHIT years ago. Why hasn’t he done that? I think that it is possible that the former clients did not give anyone Lindsay’s number. That was something that was said when Lindsay caught them off guard by asking “Where did you get my number?”. Given her number was readily available they wouldn’t have expected that question. If I’m right, they stumbled there and that would also speak volumes.

        • Justice says:

          I think it is fair to say Shirley knew how intelligent Lindsay was and would ask the question. The fact that the former clients were conveniently out of town was not a coincidence. Who in the office had knowledge about the former clients whereabouts that weekend? The answer to this question points directly to the master mind conspirator and makes it mind blowing that the Zailos are cleared. The SPD believes the Zailos are not involved so they say. Believing someone’s story is mildly interesting but not very important in a murder investigation. They should continue to focus on the persons who had motive and access to information regarding the Re/Max office if they believe the Zailos or not. Evidence should be more important than how believable a suspect appears poly or not. Good investigators do not ignore what was going on in the big picture.

          • Jeff Buziak says:

            Good investigators solve murders and make arrests in a timely manner.
            Good investigators have a dogged determination.
            Good investigators never put the file down.
            Good investigators have a winning mentality and succeed.
            Good investigators move the earth.

            At Saanich the only earth being moved is the cow crap mixed with topsoil in the back of Horsley’s dump truck. At Saanich it has been confirmed to me that no one is assigned to Lindsay’s unsolved murder full time. If information comes in Good Dump Hauler Horsley figures is worthwhile and doesn’t affect any of his buddies, someone will be assigned to check it out.
            Dogged Determination?
            Timely manner?
            Never put the file down?
            Hahahahaha who do they think they are kidding?
            Maybe you but certainly not me!!
            Village idiot, drunk, alcoholic, drug addict, career drug dealer, informant Vid Acevedo “outsmarts” Chief Downie, Constable Crap dumper Horsley and the newbie detective year after year after year. hahahahaha. Good for the Village idiot Acevedo.
            Saanich police; embarrassing.OMG! so, so embarrassing. Shame on all of you there at Sandwich Police. Shame.

            • Lola says:

              For the first time, I watched the story about your daughter, Lindsay, last night on Dateline ID. How terrible that your family has been victimized for years by the lack of justice in Lindsay’s murder. It definitely appears as if the initial investigation was completely botched, similar to the Jon Benet Ramsey case that also remains unsolved…or possibly covered-up. As a true-crime buff, the following thoughts came to mind: Have the police ever investigated the builder/developer? Perhaps, someone had a gripe with the builder and wanted to take revenge by damaging his ability to ever sell the home or surrounding (new? homes) where the murder took place, and/or consequently leading the police to the builder’s potential questionable business practices?? Did the police ever search the other vacant homes in the development for clues? If there were other vacant homes for sale in the area, there was a reason why the killers targeted a corner location, similar to the California Golden State Killer…for easy get-away. Has the house ever been sold? Have the police ever contacted US police for assistance or possible connections with similar types of crimes in the US? Maybe the killers are from the USA and returned after the murder. Were records of flights or border crossings ever crossed referenced back in 2008 by the investigators? And, the dress that the female was wearing as seen by the witness…if a photo of the dress or skirt pattern was distributed to large fashion houses in NYC, I am sure that someone might be able to ID the designer or knock-off company where the dress was manufactured, sold, distributed, etc. Did the police ever follow-up on the dress/skirt? Since it must have been quite cold in February, I assume the woman had a coat covering the upper portion of the dress or skirt. I think you are doing the right thing by exposing Lindsay’s unsolved case to keep it in the news. At some point in time, someone will talk about it and offer clues to the identity of the obviously planned hit. If I were in your shoes, I would contact The Doctor OZ Show which features true crime segments each week. Maybe the TV exposure to a large US audience might drum up new clues that might lead to justice. I would also contact Nancy Grace who covers many unsolved cases. In addition, I would contact the Vidocq (pronounced V-dock) Society. They might be able to offer assistance on this cold case or guide you in another direction. They are located in Phila., PA in the USA. I hope that your quest for justice and the many strangers who also hope for justice in solving this case brings you and your family some sort of comfort in dealing with your tragic loss.

            • TL says:

              Yes Jeff,

              Dominoes will topple as one after the other are arrested. No doubt it’s been a long long undercover investigation identifying players, their MO (kinda neat to say MO about a cops behaviour in legal terms. lol) building the case against each one of them..

              They will be brought to ‘right size’ and we will stand up to them, “no more, you will intimidate us no more. We know who you are, what you represent, we know you’ve sold your soul to the devil.


              *On another note, I had a thought;
              Do we have cell phone records expert in the blog team that could track down the location of SHIRLEY’S cell phone on that day. Also Google earth to track ‘traffic’ at that location on that date.
              Anyone know if either is possible?

              🤔 Wonder who will be the ‘FIRST TO FALL’ 😀 (anyone into starting a ‘betting pool’ raise some $$ to help cover Jeff’s expenses) Once it’s set up, we could invite Horsley & the SPD Investigation Team to make a pick😂

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          They told Lindsay the clients name they got her name from as a reference. That speaks Rock Concert volume loud that Lindsay’s murder is an inside job. Let’s just say Sandwich police haven’t quite got there yet. It’s complicated for them. They need another decade or two to get fully up to speed and then guess what? All the people they are protecting will be dead along with me. Bunch of slackers Sucking off the taxpayers nipples while they play at other things.

          • TL says:

            This Article is interesting.


            One expert said Canadians would be stunned to learn how many of Vancouver’s homes have been built on drug money since the 1990s, when heroin from Hong Kong and China started flooding into Vancouver and Toronto.

            The police intelligence study, completed this year, examined real estate purchases valued between $3 million and $35 million. The researchers suspected significant money laundering in the $1- to $3-million range — including suspicious condo flipping transactions — but didn’t have the time or resources to study the over 20,000 transactions.

            All the Best Jeff, still here & notifications stack up in my email until I have a few minutes to go thru them, sometime a week or so but receiving them keeps me connected.

            • Justice says:

              I think it is like $35 million+ every year. The
              Government can confiscate all that money and property gained from drug transactions. What are they waiting for? Oh yeah, they are probably getting paid off by the cartels.

            • Angela White says:

              to me, it’s always been related to what she told her dad. That she saw something. i think SZ may have figured she was ‘in the fold’ since JZ moved in with her and wanted to marry her – or at least told her mother that was his thought. getting her phone number is just plain easy. it’s synchronocity is what lays claim to it being an inside job. Since when do you get a timeline down to the minute. such a thing as too many coincidences.

      • Angela White says:

        a client referral more than likely didn’t see one of her listings first. the client referral is a ruse. its more like they gave the name of a previous client that they knew were out of town. if i get a client referral, i always send a quick note to thank them for the referral or reach out to confirm and get a little more inside information on this person. As a referred client I ask them how they know the people, if its a relation or friend or neighbor. I don’t know how long Lindsay was selling real estate or how much of her own business she was generating. I think if the owner of the business was ‘giving’ her business (of course she would) that that in itself is highly suspicious. Lindsay may have not had enough street type experience to know how to question people’s intent. If Lindsay got 90% of her business from SZ, then all my money goes to it being SZ. I say follow the money. She was planning on leaving the fold, and people have been killed for a lot less. One $1M sale is $30,000 for the house. If SZ business is doing ‘a lot of business’ then it should be looked at further. If its new construction then you have $200K profit for the builder, $30K for the broker. If you throw in the money laundering fees, that’s a handsome lifestyle. Since Lindsay’s demise the laws have changed regarding all cash deals. The government now requires to document where the all cash money is coming from. You have to go back to the time all this was going on.

    • Justice says:

      The police believe Lindsay was lured to the house on DeSousa intentionally. I totally agree.

  15. Jenny says:

    Why are the names of these pathetic criminal cops being withheld from the public? The media was informed but the names were witheld? I don’t get it. Why protect their identity? Because all the cases they worked will fall apart? What work have they done anyway? Saanich has a long-standing relationship with Shirley and a very dirty reputation. These guys are going to get picked off one by one as the corruption gets exposed. Horsley is on the list.

  16. Fed Up says:

    Good ol’ SPD…our tax dollars hard at work

    From the Chek News Page today:

    Saanich police officer resigned after allegations of extortion, misconduct, OPCC report says

    A Saanich police officer resigned following allegations that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a known sex worker, failed to conduct an adequate investigation into the sexual assault, domestic abuse and robbery of the same woman and tried to extort money from her, according to the latest report from the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

    The misconduct case involving the Saanich police officer and the known sex worker involved several allegations, which came out after the police department requested an investigation after receiving information that the police officer was involved in an inappropriate relationship with the sex worker.

    One of the allegations was that the police officer attempted to collect money on behalf of the woman via threats and coercion, including threats of criminal sanctions. The police investigation was suspended during the criminal investigation into this allegation. Crown Counsel didn’t approve charges and the police investigation continued.

    The other allegations were:

    The police officer conducted an inadequate investigation into a report of a domestic assault; sexual assault and robbery of the woman
    The officer sent and received sexual text messages and images to and from the woman who is a known sex worker and victim of crime
    The officer failed to comply with the requirements of the department governing the handling of confidential sources
    The officer filed a false or misleading investigative report and made false or misleading radio broadcasts related to an investigation
    The officer conducted queries of the PRIME Records Management System for information about individuals that were not related to the proper performance of the police officer’s duties; the officer made false or misleading statements to the investigating officer responsible for this Police Act investigation
    The officer observed a privatized file on the PRIME Records Management System and then communicated with the woman and made multiple attempts to further communicate with the woman in an effort to determine what she had disclosed to police that resulted in his removal from normal operational duties
    The officer made false or misleading statements in his written statement to Crown Counsel in relation to the nature and content of the conversation with the woman
    The officer made false or misleading statements in a supplementary statement in relation to the claim that woman was the first female the police officer had ever attempted to gather information from.
    During the police investigation into the case, the officer resigned and chose not to participate in a disciplinary proceeding.

    The discipline authority (the chief constable or senior officer designated by the chief constable) found the officer’s conduct in relation to the allegations to be inexcusable, and it put the public’s confidence in the Saanich police and the reputation of the police department at risk, which were grounds for dismissal.

    “While individually some of the allegations may have warranted a lower level of discipline, the discipline authority was compelled to look at the conduct as a continuum of behaviour that occurred over a period of time and that was interconnected. As such, the discipline authority determined that the disposition must represent this context,” the 2017/2018 report reads.

    Since the officer had resigned, the discipline authority wrote their decision as though the police officer was still part of the department and they will go on a Service Record of Discipline. The former officer did not request a public hearing or review on the record. The OPCC says in the report it was satisfied with the discipline authority’s decision.

    There were other substantiated allegations involving the Saanich Police Department listed in the report.

    In one instance on Aug. 12, 2017, a police officer left a backpack in a covert police vehicle parked outside the hotel. The vehicle was broken into overnight and the backpack was stolen. In the backpack was a mini Glock magazine containing eight .40 caliber rounds, one OC spray, a video camera, a police issued notebook, and a camouflage rain jacket and pants.

    The mini Glock magazine containing the eight rounds of ammunition, the O.C. spray, the JVC video camera, the police notebook and a jacket were recovered on Aug. 18. The Vortex Diamondback
    binoculars and several of police officer’s personal clothing items remain missing. The officer accepted responsibility.

    Earlier in the year, on May 23, 2017, an officer left a loaded service firearm in a public washroom, according to the report. An outside policing agency conducted a criminal investigation for Careless Use of a Firearm. Crown Counsel determined there was no substantial likelihood of conviction and no public interest in pursuing a prosecution. The report says once the officer realized the firearm was missing, they notified their supervisor and retrieved it while offering apologies. The officer accepted responsibility and received a verbal reprimand.

    Another misconduct case in the report stated a police officer continued an informant relationship after the department ordered the relationship be terminated and inappropriately shared personal information with the informant through text messages. The officer received a 30-day suspension for each allegation to be served concurrently.

    And there were also allegations that an officer disclosed information acquired as a police officer to their spouse and had knowledge of matters that the police officer should have brought to the attention of the police department. That officer received a written reprimand.

  17. Wes says:

    I just lost my mother, to more-or-less natural causes; knowing why my mother died still leaves me almost paralyzed with fear and regret, so I cannot imagine the anguish of not knowing why—I’m talking the reason, not the method—my mother died. Therefore I first want to state that the family and friends of Lindsay have my utmost condolences. I absolutely hate that you all have no closure.
    Second—and I’m sure this has been addressed in previous comments but I’d rather ask and get a thread going—is it true that while Jason has been, in the eyes of law enforcement working the case, forthcoming, he still refuses to provide a DNA sample? If so, has he given a reason for this refusal?

  18. Bill says:

    Sadly, I am once again posting to this blog. I should be rejoicing in the capture and conviction of those responsible, but we are not.

    For those of you who didn’t grow up in Saanich as I did, let me state for the record that this police department is as dysfunctional as it gets. I could write a book on just the things I and my friends witnessed and were subjected to. Sadly, not much has changed, nor will it without a draining of the lake. Good ole Swan Lake Hotel, right boys?

    I have followed the blog, written lots here over the years, and debated many a theory. I would like to invite those of you, all of you who come here to fill your personal need(s) to take a few minutes of your time to email the new Mayor of Saanich to not only voice your feelings about Lindsay, but personally invite him to take this unsolved case as seriously as we all do.

    Jeff my friend, I think he (the Mayor) needs a hand delivered framed photo for his new desk as a reminder of what his community has, and is, still feeling about Lindsay Buziak’s brutal,savage, and unsolved murder.

    I want the blog to know that I recently received information that will put this case more in perspective and only further solidify many of the pieces of this event itself. I have shared this with Jeff, but until I can do some follow up I will not be posting it.

    I will say this though, more for Horsely and his band of merry men. I know why you cleared the Zailo’s publicly. And soon I will be letting this site know as well. Your time for disclosure is now Chris. My information comes from a law enforcement member Chris. Chris, if you think this blog has made you look bad in the past, well, it’s about to get worse. I am giving you a chance here Chris, something you may not deserve, but because of my character, I am offering it to you none the less. Think I am just bluffing Chris. I am good at what I do. You cleared the Zailo’s for only one reason, and it wasn’t because they weren’t involved. Let me put this in island perspective; you have a leaky boat boys, and you’re all down below deck trying to stay out of the weather, your freeboard lessons, and the life jackets are starting to be handed out. Best you get back on deck, point the bow into the wind, take what the winds are throwing at you, and make for safe harbour. It’s a rocky shoreline boys, one that has claimed many. Swimming against the tide isn’t going to save you now. Only cooperation and righteous effort, the very things we pay you for will keep you from drowning in your own cesspool of incompetence.

    • Jenny says:

      I’m really anxious to hear what you have to to say. Chris is well known to put his nose into things he shouldn’t. If you have a picture or any kind of evidence, I encourage you to send it to Jeff.

    • Thomas says:

      Come on Bill, so many people post here to announce that they have valid information that would help with solving Lindsay’s murder, but they never pan out. Are you just another attention seeking, pot stirring, blabber mouth or do you really have some solid dirt? I do not mean to be harsh but you are about the 50th person who has posted about having important information and then we never hear from them again. At least give your evidence to Jeff so he can do something about it.

      • Bill says:

        What others do or say here is not my concern Thomas. And yes you do mean to be “harsh” otherwise why would you write what you did? I want to remind people that this site is dedicated to the capture, prosecution, and imprisonment of those responsible for Lindsay’s death. Although I am not deterred by personal attacks for my contributions here, some would be, so all need to bare this in mind when commenting. It shouldn’t require Jeff to babysit now should it?

        As for what I know. Be patient, my source is not easy to reach at this time. Any attempts to converse other than face to face will be met with future silence. Seeking contact may draw suspicion, and unwanted attention. THIS IS NOT A GAME. Murder once, murder twice, what’s the difference?

        • Mary says:

          Bill! Thank you for your disclosure and I appreciate the fact that you want to confirm your source and the information first! I believe you do have something to share, I also respect that you are not coming from a place to theory, but want to make sure and be confident in what you share! giving Horsely a chance to come clean- kind! Interested to hear further what you have to share and hopefully it comes in a timely manner. You may want to think about emailing Bob Downy as well, as I believe he is in the dark about what is going on in his station and with his officers! And I agree, everyone who lives here knows how corrupt the SPD actually is. That is why there are many people who know things but continue to remain silent! Thanks for not being one of those people!

        • Thomas says:

          Let me re-phrase Bill. I hope you are not one of those people who has nothing solid and is posting here to further torture Lindsay’s family. It has happened time and again. It has become draining. Hopes get high only to be crushed repeatly. We know that Horsley is really bad news but we need proof for either Bob Downie, the police complaint board and especially the media. Someone needs to follow that guy around with a hidden camera. If I had the resources, I would. He better retire before I do because then, I will have all day to watch him. When this is all over, there is going to be a huge house cleaning in the Saanich PD. I really hope and pray that you are legit, get the truth and share it with Jeff and stay safe. If you are making shit up with the intention of further torturing the Buziak family, you don’t want to know what I hope.

  19. Retired Detective says:

    In 2008, I am sure Shirley had a computer in her home. If she was home as she claimed that evening, when Jason called for the garage keypad code, she would have looked up the listing for JD’s cell phone number. I don’t believe his cell phone number was not in the listing considering he was a control freak. Who else would she call and if she didn’t call him, why not? So why didn’t he answer her call? She must have left a message. Why not send him a text message instead?

    So it would be reasonable to think she texted or called JD for the code if it wasn’t in the listing in her computer. No one has ever mentioned JD showed up at the house. I would expect he would show up soon after her call and throw a fit.

    Where was Ryan Zailo? Certainly mommy dearest would have called him immediately. Why didn’t anyone see him with Shirley at the house? There is no way she would not have told him to go over if this was all legit.

    It appears that RZ and JD wanted to stay away from the crime scene. They knew what happened and were told to stay away to avoid suspicion.

    The reason Shirley showed up is two fold. She wanted to make sure nothing happened to her prescious and wanted to bask in her glory 1st hand. She had Brad Hickford on speed dial. It is odd that Shirley had no issue getting him to the police station but the owner of the property, JD was MIA.

    I think the fence boards were admittedly removed by JD, not for the painters (staged) but so people could come and go without detection from his workers next door. I think the staged couple were supposed to leave out the front. I think there was a car waiting for them hidden behind some bushes at the school. That is the direction Shirley approached the house from on foot. but Jason got there too early and ran into them in the doorway. He is not the brightest guy so he sat for a few minutes. He parked so he could see the house through the rear views. Then he had a brain fart and decided to move to the side street so the “clients” could leave through the front door while he watched through the rear views again. CO was not paying attention to the rear view. I think The couple ran down the street behind Jason to the school where Shirley and someone else, maybe Paul was waiting to drive them away.

    My theory:

    I think the killers left through the back fence and someone like TS drove them away before the police arrived and took them back to Swartz. JD and RZ were noticeably absent from the house and Shirley was noticeably present. BH was on speed dial. If the police don’t think this was artfully planned by SZ, they are conspirators too.

    People do not show up in such a synchronized manner like this unless a lot of planning went into it. If the Zailos are innocent, Jason would have at least parked and waited in the driveway. Shirley would likely not have been there before Ryan if at all. She would have gone straight to the police station with Brad to be with OJay. I think JD would have given her the code if she called or texted him. That makes no sense that he didn’t respond. He would have rushed over to the house too. Where was everyone??? Hiding I suppose.

    • TL says:

      wow you all have done amazing work… admiral to be sure. I’ve been here in the blog for a long time, too long now, but I watch the blog constantly, get updates to my email.

      Just wanted to comment about Paul………. there is no way in my opinion he had anything to do with this since I know for a fact he left Victoria as soon as he could sell his business etc and went back to Europe (it’s late and I can’t think of where he went exactly) when he left, he was adamant that he was getting the hell out of dodge, that Shirley was dangerous, frightening what she was capable of. Those kinds of comments.. I don’t see him in this myself. 🤔😊
      I’m ecstatic to hear there are investigations into the SPD. One of their officers beat the hell out of me one night in front of my then 14 y/o son and his friends then turned around and charged me with assaulting an officer. Long story short I was found not guilty, he even admitted on the stand he got angry but I receive absolutely zero compensation for my injuries, torn rotator cuff 15 years later still acts up and at the time, the pain is incredible even just coughing. I think I’ll check my files get his name, watch for it as the arrests start happening.😁

      Side Note: Justine Trudeau is on the list too! owned by Illuminati and not for Canadians at all, in fact he is selling it off and needs to be taken out of office with a vote of non confidence asap. Now he’s stacking the deck funding media that will tow his party line in time for the elections $595M lets round it out $600M.

  20. Following says:

    1. It could be she showed up close to showing but typically you are there 7 min early. If the lockbox was accessed and recorded then others would have been recorded. Any agent who has ever accessed that lockbox would be suspect and need to be cleared. Including any clients that gained access with another realtor and could have left the backdoor unlocked. 2 and 3, I agree. When spotting for a realtor, you dont hide that you are there. You make it known to the stranger clients that you are there. That’s the whole safety part. Not hide and wait for something to happen. You dont want anything to happen. And who goes for dinner right after lunch. No one. Sounds like J ran up the stairs. Where is all the calling of her name, casually walking around. You dont panic right off the start. That suggests you were expecting foul play.

    • David M says:

      What I am implying is that the killers used Lindsay’s Card to access the lockbox. I agree with the foul play

    • rose carr says:

      Could it be that the client had phoned Lindsay that Saturday and said that they would be 15 minutes late, hence her only arriving at 5.29. This would fit in with Jason only leaving the car shop at 5.30 knowing he would be there on time. However when he phoned Lindsay to say he was leaving and I’ll be 10 -15 minutes,she told him I’ve gotta go the clients are here.This unexpected arrival would have prompted him to send her the reassuring text I’m just a couple of minutes away.
      Just a thought.

      • David M says:

        REALLY???? Don’t you think that would alert OJason to think something was wrong, especially when Lindsay felt anxious about the showing in the first place?

      • Robin says:

        rose carr u have baffled me with this post. Why would anyone spend time wondering about that scenario?
        Jason’s behaviour after arriving is what is worth pointing out here . Jason had no intention to be there as protection for Lindsay, he was there as lookout for the killers with parking the opposite way and then moving his vehicle. He was right on time for his role in this despicable crime. This much is obvious.

        • rose carr says:

          Robin sorry I have baffled you. I am only speculating as to why Lindsay had only opened the lockbox at 5.29 when the showing was at 5.30. Typically agents would turn on all the lights and open some windows but maybe Mr de Sousa had done all that for her so there was no need for her to go inside early.
          And I agree with you that JZ acted very suspiciously.

          • Janice Thomas says:

            We were told that someone accessed the lock-box but don’t have any evidence who did at 5:29. We know JD was there turning on lights between 4:30 and 5:00. We know Jason sent and received a message to Lindsay’s cell phone at 5:30 exactly when she was supposed to meet the murderers. We don’t know for certain who had her phone.We know that Jason agreed to go to the showing with Lindsay to ensure her welfare. We know he lied about it; a red flag. He changed his story several times; another red flag. We know Ryan Zailo was at Lum’s picking up Ashley. I’d like to know if Shirley called Ryan when she arrived at the house and if so, what did he do or say another red flag. All alibis are set at 5:30. There are witnesses who have shared information about Ryan and know what happened.

            Witnesses claim they saw Lindsay greeting 2 people at 5:30. How can she be greeting when texting with Jason at the same time? It is dark by 5:30 pm in February. You would have to be under a street light facing Lindsay and only a few feet away to make a positive ID only if you already knew her. One of the witnesses was driving by. How much could he have seen from the adjacent street in the dark while driving by. I believe all he could say with certainty is that he noticed some people in front of the house. Did Shirley let her good friend JD know there was serious criminal activity with police presence at his property when she arrived at the house? Did he ever show up that night?

            What does this mean?

            The lock-box was accessed at 5:29, Jason was seen getting into his car at SHC exactly at 5:30, texting occurred between Jason and Lindsay’s phone at 5:30, 3 people were seen in front of the house at 5:30. That is a lot of activity for a span of 2 minutes.

            We do not know when Lindsay arrived at the house but I believe she arrived before the 5:30 appointment time to check out the property since she had never been there before. She was a professional and that was her protocol. JD was known to be at the house that day and maybe he or someone else let her in. Maybe he waited for her. We do not know for certain who accessed the lock-box at 5:29, who was in front of the house and who responded to Jason’s text message at 5:30. We do not know what happened at the house that night except Lindsay was murdered and whatever CO told Jeff about OJay and what he saw. No conclusions can be made here.

            We know OJay was very late, saw the killers leaving through the front door, hid in his car and then moved it to an obscure location where it was good for looking out for the murderers, not his girlfriend. On top of this insane behavior, he changed his story several times; red-flag, red-flag, red-flag!

            One would suppose that if Jason made a commitment to go with Lindsay to ensure her safety; her request, her very valid concerns, he would harbor some degree of guilt for her getting murdered when he failed to keep his promise. To this day, he has not expressed any grief, remorse, regret or responsibility for the murder of his girlfriend to her friends or family. To my surprise, he seems to not have any feelings period. It is not uncommon for someone who feels deep regret or guilt regarding the death of a loved one, to fail a polygraph when in truth, they had nothing to do with it. People just feel guilty because they were not there to stop it..

            That makes it stranger that OJayZ passed the poly when in fact he is responsible for Lindsay’s death by ignoring their commitments to ensure her safety. Shirley never criticized Jason for being late, something out of character. She yelled at everyone for everything else, why not for allowing Lindsay to be murdered while he hid in his car. Wasn’t Shirley very fond of Lindsay to the point of almost $2mill. Nothing adds up so why are they cleared?
            1. Horsley is covering up for Shirley
            2. Horsley is afraid of Shirley
            3. Horsley is involved with Shirley
            4. Horsley is an idiot
            I vote all are correct. I know Lindsay’s murder will be resolved someday and I can’t wait to see the bunch of them in their new orange outfits with silver bracelets, clink clink.

            • Robin says:

              Janice u r good, you have nailed some things here I believe. I am too distraught to finish reading your complete post right now. Well done!

            • Robin says:

              Whew that’s upsetting to read because it sounds very close to what probably happened. However I will add my 2 cents. Lindsay would have gone right to the house from Sauce which makes more sense. Someone let her in the house and it may have been JD, it is said he left around 5:00 pm that day I think, so this fits. He most likely knew what was happening after he left. What exactly is his story anyway? Is he a partner of Mother Whipit. Next… the devil was already in the house. Was Lindsay already dead when person went to open lock box at 5:29? Or was she murdered when person was outside meeting couple.
              Did it matter what person wore other than a wig when meeting couple outside. Why would JZ say Lindsay went home to change, very unlikely Lindsay would take time to do that. I bet it was a way of making sure no one knew for sure what she was wearing. Maybe waitress at Sauce would remember so that part needed to be covered by that comment. Was Lindsay murdered btwn 5-5:30, I think so. Another person accessed lock box with Lindsay’s key. That person already had control of her phone too. That person met couple which was just to throw off witnesses. 4 people would have had to exit patio and into Terry Shein’s waiting van. That’s why he acted out of character and told wife to take his precious 300 that he is not in the habit of sharing. He needed the mini van to fit 4 people plus himself. So the van fits well. Have SPD spoken to Mrs Shein? Did the Shein’s need $$ so he would be paid by Shirley BigBucks to be the driver. Why did SZ show up on foot? Y was she there at all? If she came by foot she had to be damn close by and why would she be in that area without a car. Odd. Funny Ryan was conveniently picking up Ashley Lum.
              You know Janice you really put some thought into what you said. I’ve read it, thought about it and will do that all again. Are you a detective? It is disgusting what happened to Lindsay, I never knew Lindsay but my heart aches for her. The least we need to have is arrests, it’s a damn shame that we can only do that for her. Who are these dispicable people behind this. Burning in hell is too good for them. Devil people and for what $$$$$$ cars, shit like that. What a waste of space u all R. 🐽

              • Following says:

                Fascinating. Did the person who saw the Mexican couple, see Lindsay too? The person who killed her had to be in the house already. The dress was meant to be seen and remembered so they cant be the killers. Accomplices yes. Ruse, yes. SZ walking to the crime scene makes no sense. I can only think her purpose was to be there after the cops arrived so she could look concerned but not see the crime scene. With all the blood there would have to be footprints. What is BCs lockbox like at that time. In America they were electronic and everything was recorded. Otherwise killer had to break into house. Unless Lindsay opened the door and the killer came in after her. She may have gone in the dark house and turned on the lights. Hard to believe no dna. These days they are catching killers through ancestry.

                • Robin says:

                  I would say the killer was in house and arrived from neighbors house, thru bushes and in thru patio door. The person who was meeting the couple out front likely arrived with killer. Joe DeSousa who owned the house was around thruout the day because he had guys working on another house next door. The job SZ assigned Joe DeSousa was to be there to put lights on, open patio door for killer and the meet& greet person and to let Lindsay in house. As soon as Lindsay arrived he was done. He left around 5 pm that day it is said. Lindsay likely arrived around 1650. The killer and accomplice probably waited upstairs. Lindsay would likely make a quick run thru the house and met monster upstairs around 1705-1710. Or she may have been forced upstairs. Accomplice took Lindsay’s phone and keys for lock box and went outside for 1725 to wait for couple. The outside gathering was done just for any witnesses that may have been around. Lindsay was probably dead by time couple arrived. No one broke into the house, that house was chosen specifically because they could plan it like they did. This was all calculated over and over by sz, jz, joe DeSousa, Terry Shein, and the murderer, the accomplice and outside couple. Michelle Lum probably knew too because that may have been where sz waited, not sure why she needed to even go there, maybe that was her creating her alibi.

                  • Following says:

                    In 30 years I have never given my lockbox code to anyone. Lockbox codes are recorded for criminal acts and so agents know who has been looking at the property. This was so carefully planned that it’s obvious who is involved. Too many coincidences. Timing and plot are too precise. Successful realtors are expert at being well planned and precise. SZ on foot is not logical. I doubt she was wearing running shoes, and who goes walking in the dark. Going in the house and running straight upstairs, illogical since checking downstairs would be first, calling her name would be logical. The murderer would have to covered in blood. There has to be footprints, hair, blood transfer on the bushes or fencing. Door knobs. The best solution is getting new eyes on this file of evidence. Isnt there a group of 3 retired detectives that do cold cases. I forget the groups name but they get legal access to all the evidence and do their own investigation.

              • I read Michelle Lum lived close by. I read she has a history of wearing Blonde wigs. I read she was a witness in another Murder trial. BUT I am blown away that Now it is said Ryan Zailo picked her up the day/ night of the murder? Why does he even know her…? What are the chances,,,,? and picking her up for what? what was their relationship? SOLVE THIS CASE! I am astonished that this keystone cops haven’t figured this out by now.

            • David M says:

              Janice This is similar to my post below! You hit the nail on the head!

              • Following says:

                Dont tell me they didnt finger print the lockbox. They surely must have done that.

                • Jeff Buziak says:

                  Quite honestly I wouldn’t count on it. Some things SP may be good at like EEBA which they are expert in but investigating and solving a murder under their noses isn’t one of their finest traits.

                  • Following says:

                    That’s pretty bad. They should have brought in a seasoned realtor for advice on how that all works. It’s a definite system and could have revealed clues and possibilities. The biggest clue is how well everything is timed. Trust me, seasoned realtors are experts at time management and implementation. We cross t’s and dot i’s to perfection. When people dont do what we were expecting we are phenomenal at producing the intended result. With this plan it appears to me poor Lindsay heard or witnessed something unexpected. A mistake made at the jz house that sz had “given” them living rights. I’m sure jz thought she was his significant other( why else would you ask your woman to live in the house). I’m sure Lindsay was tied into the whole success situation and probably accidentally discover something very nefarious. Something so nefarious she was afraid to tell you. Real estate is a tough business. Was it ever revealed what income she made? Did she find her own business or did Shirley set her up with “deals” to work. These are serious clues to any sz or jz involvement. Did Lindsay feel initially lucky she was positioned with Sz. There is huge money in real estate and incredible opportunity for laundering money. Only recently have laws and procedures changed. If there was any kind of threat to a multi million dollar laundering venture, people have lost their lives for a lot less. Money corrupts. I’m surprised no ex detective hasn’t jumped on this. Nothing, absolutely nothing, with so much information down to minutes and clear events ever works like that. Nothing. The odds of her being killed are so slim. The odds of her being killed with so much detail, timing, pretty impossible. It’s the circle of what you have and you are missing one piece. That one piece is what did she see that she couldnt tell you. Get that piece and it will all make complete sense.

          • phillip moris says:

            you assuming she was the actual one that opened it at 5:29 this is not proven

  21. David M says:

    I would like to make a few points here that Saanich police department have said in statements that make no sense and do not add up

    1 Firstly they said they according the the lock box Lindsay entered the house at 5:29pm. As a new realtor, you would never show up for your biggest listing 1 minute before showing. I know many realtors and they show up early to make sure the house is staged, leave their cards on the table, and would be early in case their clients were early, as they are professionals and would never leave a client waiting. It makes a lot more sense to think that Lindsay was already dressed and went strait from sauce to the house. Jason put out in his statement that she went home to change first. If the lock box truly was opened at 5:29 it would make much more sense that the killers had already been there and it was staged for someone else to be communicating with her phone, pretending to be her and they also were the ones who actually accessed the lock box.

    2. Does it make any sense at all for Jason to have a late lunch and then drag Cohen (who wasn’t his friend and was hesitant) to go out for dinner but still needing to go home to fetch his hockey equipment? Not unless he knew he would be spending many hours at the police station (and obviously needed an alibi), along with all his other strange behavior that day and evening

    3. (And what I feel is most important) Is the police put out a statement saying that “The Zalio’s completed the polygraph to their satisfaction” That is a way of mincing words. They NEVER said they passed! Also, why do a polygraph and not a DNA test? Maybe it is too close to matching one of your family members who could have been at the house too?

    All very very suspicious events and statements!

  22. Matt says:

    The fact that 9 years later this still hasn’t been solved is disgusting. Just because he passed a polygraph test means nothing because it isn’t admissible in court anyway…he’s either a psychopath or used some type of medication or drug to calm himself. Now I don’t believe he was the killer nor should anyone because he had his ‘alibi’ set up perfectly with the got a friend as a witness with me and on camera leaving this place before going to the house. Now don’t the police think it’s odd he shows up just 5 mins supposedly after the Murder happens and doesn’t think 2 people walking out of this house without her isn’t suspicious?? Oh and we can’t forget she had the trip back home to talk about separating with him with her father. I don’t know what she had told him the trip was for but he either felt she was going to go her own way or found out what she was there for. 6 weeks later this happens. Enough time for him to hire a hit man and get everything planned(professionals most likely have multiple phones bought just for this)so I don’t think it having been bought 3 months before is significant. The fact is the evidence video he says his friend finds a way through the back then opens the front for him. Now why would that happen, maybe left the back unlocked before she arrived? Why would the front door be locked but not the back. Then he claims he runs straight to the master bedroom without yelling her name or quickly running through the ground floor first or the bathrooms. It just doesn’t make sense at all there are so many things that are obviously planned well ahead with him been in that house before. I sometimes wonder how the detectives at the time didn’t find it weird how he ran straight to the bedroom WHERE SHE WAS how much more obvious can that be now.

    • truth says:

      including, his mother who is a realtor, walking to the home to arrive after the police get there. realtors do not walk long distances. we drive, we always drive, and if someone is murdered, we most certainly drive. she walked so she could arrive after police got there. she didn’t want to see what was done.

    • Catherine Spencer says:

      I think the back door was open because that was how the killers had left it.

  23. David M says:

    I think the fact that Jason has NEVER been to one of the walks for justice for Lindsay is shameful! If my partner was murdered, NO matter what rumors there were flying around about me, or the differences with the father, I would be there! I would hold my head up high, tell her father I would walk at the back and respect his space, and express that I loved Lindsay too and wanted to be there to support. Not once, not one time, has anybody from his camp been there! Doesn’t sound like the actions of a loving boyfriend who cares. It is the act of someone who wont show his guilty face and just wants to pretend it never happened!

    Word to you Jason- You are hiding things, and we are not stopping or going away!

    • FromJerseyWithLove says:

      If I were her boyfriend, I would be helping to coordinate the walks and be right there beside her father. That definitely reeks of suspicion.

      People are not stupid. We are human lie detectors.

      Why did Jason go straight upstairs? How did he know where she was? Wouldn’t you check the first floor first?

      We know the difference between a loving boyfriend who is completely innocent and a boyfriend who is not being completely honest.

      I am so sorry Mr. Buziak. I just don’t understand why they are not pursuing more on Jason and his mother.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      For your record. Jason did initially attend a couple walks with his brother Ryan and one with his mother Shirley. There has been no other assistance or coordination with me by Zailos to find the conspirators and killers of Lindsay unfortunately.

  24. Nasir says:

    It took 10 long years to get Josh Boden, now where the fcuk is the justice for Lindsay Buziak???

    “excellent foundational work was laid by investigators nine years ago, which continued into the present day by detectives of our specialized IHIT cold case team“

    all Lindsay can get is SPD finest and Det. Chris Horshitt?!

    • Mark Roush says:

      Why isn’t the Royal Canadian Mounted Police { The National Police } involved in this Case ? It is Apparent the Saanich Police Department is Incompetent ! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Need’s to do a Thorough Investigation of all Personnel within the Saanich Police department also.

      • Robin says:

        I totally agree that the SPD is incompetent. Some of SPD have to be covering for the murderers and getting a lot of money to staul the investigation. Chris Horsley has been the one constant here and he is head of the file. That is very telling. I can’t imagine how deep this goes because nothing seems to happen whatsoever. How can that be? It will be 11 years soon and nothing has happened, NOTHING? NO ARRESTS? No news at all. WTF ! No way, I just don’t buy it. Who is Horsley’s boss? Wtf is Chief Downie saying to him? What is the Mayor and Police board, the Premier, the Attorney General saying to Downie? C’mon 11 yrs, you’ve all been getting paid haven’t you? So wtf are they doing to earn their pay? Keeping the cars clean? It’s just way to weird for nothing to be moving on Lindsay’s murder. If nothing happens it is because they aren’t investigating for some reason. Who’s involved in the drug trade and money laundering beside the Zailo’s, seems like some cops are upto no good to me. I agree with you Mike that the SPD needs a thorough investigation, it is obviously tainted. 11 yrs and so little accomplished, just not possible without protection of cops and/or politicians.
        To the Saanich Police
        If you’re not arresting by now then you are part of the EVIL that took Lindsay’s young life and you are supplementing your income by not solving Lindsay’s murder. 11 yrs and you have nothing! Lindsay’s murder does not belong in your hands but I guess from the criminal’s perspective they’ve got this right where they want it, where the criminals can buy silence and no movement. Thanks for nothing Bob Downie. You are just another face in the crowd!

  25. Following says:

    I just saw the special. Interesting how guilty Jason looks. He never looked upset in the reenactment, nor emotional in his interview with the host. Till the end where he teared up and his mother almost did a double take, and let the tiniest expression of pleasure reveal itself on her face. I say the mother has had a lot to do with this and the fact the plot was so real estate centered screams volumes. Jason called the cops that the door was locked but my first inclination would be to knock on the door, wait, knock again louder, wait, call out, then go to the back, call out, then check the slider. As a realtor, when you bring someone to a showing for protection, part of the protection is the client knows you are there watching. In some cases you both go in and one person plays partner or assistant. At the very least they are in the car in full view of the client. That fact the mother walked to the house seems part of the plot. She did not want to see a murdered woman but wanted to pretend so by being there after the cops arrive ensured she wouldnt have to see it. Also, the getaway. A regular hit on a working realtor is usually done and they leave via the front door. Going thru the bushes suggests a previous visit to that house. Lock boxes record every agents code. Old be interviewing every agent that used that lockbox because that hit took a dry run to pull off.

    • Mark Roush says:

      On February 2, 2008, All of Jason Zailo’s movements were deliberate. All of his actions that day were intentional to create a Ruse to His true Involvement in this Crime. Why wasn’t he as Worried as Lindsay was to show a viewing of a house to suspicious people? A normal, Innocent man would have been with his girlfriend, with the Love of his Life that day, from start to finish! This was a crime of Passion with Jason Zailo, and his Mother Shirley Zailo was filled with Indignation towards Lindsay ! Shirley Zailo was the Mastermind of this crime.

  26. Mexican says:

    The biggest give away that Shirley and Jason did this is unfathomably obvious due to the real estate set up. How are the cops that stupid to think that the public doesn’t see right through their methods of deflection. They were paid off as that confession stated simple as that. Dirty hideous pigs belong in hell. And this Bain’s character is obviously somehow the fall guy that needs to try and keep this all quiet because he’s still protecting corrupt officials of justice per say. This comes from someone that knows the insides and tentacles of government t cops and dealers like the Zailos. It’s obvious that money laundering was exposed and in conjunction with the imminent break up paved way for this absurdly obvious set up. Also believe the witness of the couple is a distraction and red herring to create some lame false goose chase and the Mexicans as well a term Lindsay probably never even used. The whole thing is rotten through and through with SP taking the primary prize for scum of the earth.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Lindsay never once referred to them as “The Mexicans” to me during our phone conversations. She always called them clients or client when we discussed them and the showing.

      • Mark Roush says:

        If the witness statement is correct about the couple’s description, Mexicans had nothing to do with the actual crime.

        • michelle says:

          She only referred to them as the Mexicans in one of her last texts to Jason informing him that they have arrived to view the house , so were wear the clients when she was being murdered? Mark if you feel that they had nothin to do with Lindsay s murder ? when the clients arrived there approx 10 minutes later she was killed , unless the clients changed their minds and left Lindsay went in the house and some one was waiting for her The clients were a lure to get her to the dream house, so from that arrival of those clients with in that minute span is very much in question !!!

          • Justice says:

            We don’t know now what time exactly Lindsay arrived at the house. We don’t know who accessed the lockbox at 5:29. She never called them the Mexicans. DateLine got that from Jason. Jason called them the Mexicans. We don’t know who was seen in the dark in front of the house. It was 3 people and one had blonde hair. It could have been anybody. A lot of conclusions have been made by SPD based on this speculation.

            • michelle says:

              Justice that why I keep saying something is a real hit and miss with this But then there is the witness that says that Lindsay’ was seen shaking hands with the clients at their arrival ?? but that could be a sketchy story too

              • Justice says:

                They saw 3 people. They saw 3 people that they had never seen before. They saw three people they had never seen before in the dark. They saw three people that had never seen before in the dark from across the street that ran next to the house while driving by for a split second. Do you really think this is a solid ID? It is more likely that Lindsay was already dead and these people were staging the greeting at 5:30 to back up OJays story.

                It is highly unlikely that a professional like Lindsay would wait to open the lockbox and go inside to inspect the house at 5:29, one minute before the appointment. It is more likely, she arrived 30 min before the appointment time around 5:00 and someone was in the house and let her in. Any realtor who knew the lock box combo could have opened it at 5:29.

                Since Lindsay didn’t refer to the clients as the Mexicans and the person who sent a text message to Jason called them the Mexicans, I would think that the person was not Lindsay but someone who was associated with OJay since that was the nick-name he gave them. Why did he name them the Mexicans? I think it is likely he did it to mislead the investigation because there was no mention of Mexicans by Lindsay. She said they had a kind of weird Spanish accent that sounded fake. How do you get Mexicans from that OJay? More evidence that points to the Zailos. What a bunch of tax dollar wasting, worthless, dirty, criminal police investigators.

                Let us all together today express our gratitude that a wonderful and kind woman named Lindsay Buziak, walked among us if only for a few years. She shined her light on everyone she came in contact with. If you were lucky enough to be one of those people, you are blessed. Let’s all feel confident that those responsible for her heinous murder will be put to justice soon along with the dirty cops and politicians who have been obstructing the investigation. If we collectively keep this attitude, this will come to a conclusion quickly.

                • Jeff Buziak says:

                  Our collective energy that is concentrated on the perpetrators of this murder and on the ineptitude of Saanich police can effect everything required to draw this to a conclusion. Please focus your energy on this.
                  Thank you.
                  We alone can make this happen. Moving mountains and removing barriers to success is within our collective power.

                  • TL says:

                    High-roller targeted in RCMP’s probe of alleged ‘transnational drug trafficking’ ring
                    Sam Cooper
                    Stewart Bell
                    Andrew Russell
                    November 29th, 2018

                    On a country road in British Columbia’s Chilliwack Valley, a Chinese VIP gambler has spent years constructing a compound of incredible wealth, according to witnesses and sources with access to police intelligence.

                    If it was in Columbia or Mexico, the secluded five-acre property on Chadsey Road might pass for the set of a Netflix narcos drama.

                    MORE: Read the full Fentanyl investigation

                    There are neat rows of Maples and landscaped gardens, a large pond dissected by a floating walkway to an island as big as a putting green, and paved roads that wind between a massive French-style mansion, an equally massive warehouse and, in a far corner of the farm acreage, a barn.

                    WATCH: The B.C. compound police believe may be connected to “transnational drug trafficking”

                    No expense was spared in constructing the compound buildings, according to sources, and it is estimated the buildings store tens of millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, art and weapons.

                    The VIP who built the Chilliwack compound, and is related to the woman who owns it, according to B.C. property records, is 56-year-old Rongxiang “Tiger” Yuan.

                    Yuan is one of the so-called “whale” gamblers that investigators have connected to alleged massive cash deliveries at Richmond’s River Rock Casino from 51-year-old Paul King Jin, according to allegations in 2015 Lottery Corp. investigation documents.

                    Jin is the primary target of RCMP investigations, and police suspect Jin’s cash deliveries to high-rollers were related to “transnational drug trafficking,” the documents allege.

                    According to police sources, RCMP suspect a Chinese transnational gang connected to Jin and his associates are dominating the deadly fentanyl trade in Canada, and they are laundering criminal proceeds in Metro Vancouver casinos, real estate, and luxury vehicles.

                    WATCH: Six mothers who lost their children to fentanyl and carfentanil talk about what needs to change


                    I believe we are in for quite a ride watching Justice go down

                  • michelle says:

                    well the Zailos are a very prominent family ,and a few Saanich Police have ties to them so you bet someone is being paid off and ugly secrets getting hushed hushed to protect this venomous rat family and a few in the police dept that have strong ties to them

  27. Gregory says:

    Hi. I just today saw the dateline Dreamhouse mystery about your beloved daughter. This is horrible. The fact that more than ten years have past and no one is being held accountable. I agree that somebody must know something. The idea I have is to offer a sizable cash reward for info leading to her killers. This could be the only real possible hope after this much time. I will keep an eye on this most unfortunate case. My sincerest condolences!

    • Robin says:

      Gregory big cash rewards have been offered, if u happen to have an extra couple million that u could part with please email Dr. Phil and we can announce it on his show. Do you really think cash rewards haven’t been offered yet?

  28. Lisa says:

    Mr. Buziak you are a wonderful father and justice will be served somehow in this life. Just a thought. Why didnt the police trace the phone # that called Lindsay and figure out where the phone or sim card was purchased? They could then find surveillance footage of the purchase being made? I saw that on another dateline episode. Just saying! I wish all the best to your family!

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