Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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  1. Mark Roush says:

    Dateline. Dream house murder. September 17,2010. Josh “Jason drove up minutes later,around 5:45,from his front seat he says he saw something through the front door of the house. Jason Answers. “It’s kinda like smoked glass,and I saw a few people in the front entranceway. Josh. “You saw what??? Outlines of the people through the glass??? Jason. “Yea. Josh. “You couldn’t tell how many people??? Jason. “I would say two. Approximately eight years later…crime watch daily with Ana Garcia. June 9,2017. Ana speaking “Jason tells police he drives up to the house just 4minutes later at 5:45,and then he tells them of actually seen the murderers,a tall caucasian man and a blonde woman,wearing a colorful dress “. Horsely speaking “the killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave and he turned into the culdesac and interrupted them leaving. If he would have been five seconds later,he would have driven right into the suspect’s walking out here into the driveway “. Ana “instead he tells the police that the couple turned around and closed the door”.Horsely “his assumption is,these are the clients,and the showing is just starting as the door closes and parks outside, because he is waiting for the showing to end “. This is a TOTAL CONTRADICTION and LIES !!!

  2. Jeff Buziak says:


    Dear Pamela, now that you are calling Vancouver Island your home again would you please help us out in any way you can with the Unsolved Murder of Lindsay Buziak in Saanich, B.C. on February 2, 2008. Saanich police have given this case a yawn and won’t hand it over to a more capable authority. Lindsay was a great young woman and was working while she was senselessly murdered where she was born, raised and educated. Pam, she adored you from a very young age and you inspired her to be herself and you motivated her to be a smart, ambitious, independent woman. She was murdered because she knew what was right and what was wrong for her and her friends. Please help Pamela.
    Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice Feb 2, 2019.

    Jeff Buziak, father

    PLEASE SHARE on Facebook

  3. Justice says:

    I don’t think people took Jeff seriously when he said he said Lindsay saw something worse than drug trafficking because it had been around everywhere for many years. He proposed something far worse like sex trafficking. Well folks, here in the good old USA we have two presidents directly and seriously linked to Jeffrey Epstein. A reporter predicted Epstein would die in jail before he could cooperate. Inmates heard a scuffle the night he supposedly hung himself. I think he was murdered.

    Prince Andrew also often had rides on Epstein’s private jet where the underage girls were known to be served as party gifts. The world is a sick place and the sickest people seem to be running our countries. I believe there are too many victims out there who are speaking up about Andrew, Trump
    And especially Billary Clinton and their fraudulent and criminal pizza gate funded foundation. Pizza Gate was a pizza parlor connected to the Clinton Foundation, reported to have ties to sex trafficking back in 2014-15. The FBI looked the other way. It was brushed under the rug.

    There have been several unexplained and suspicious deaths of persons connected to the Clintons during their time in office. They also played a part in a huge real estate scam (white water) but were never charged. They belong to an illite club of wealthy and powerful criminals.

    Epstein was convicted previously of sex trafficking and never served any time. The federal prosecutor was until he resigned recently, Trump’s Secretary of Labor. Sex trafficking falls under the umbrella of the Secretary of Labor’s responsibilities.

    Folks need to open their eyes to the corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians and law enforcement that are supposed to be protecting us. I’m sure there are some good guys out there but there is some serious evil in high places of world power. Victoria Is a major port for importing illegal goods and that could include cocaine, heroin and underage girls from Asia or Mexico. The coast is virtually unprotected. This seems like BC has an open door policy for everything and anyone.

    • Fed Up says:

      I believe what she saw was connected to the Re/Max office AKA the Zailos. They knew everything that was going on there. They controlled the phone records client records, listings, people they hired, life insurance policies of the employees, and could access that information whenever they wanted. I believe she saw something related to the office and Maybe she mentioned it to Jason or Shirley realized she found out. Either way, if it was outside of the office, she would have told Jeff. This was close to home and she wasn’t ready to get out just yet. Maybe she knew they weren’t going to let her go since she knew too much and was trying to figure it out. If she told Jeff, she would have put him in Danger too. Someone said she talked to Horsley just before she was murdered. Maybe she talked to Horsley and didn’t realize he was involved too. No doubt in my mind someone at the SPD helped plan the murder. Just throwing some ideas out there.

      • Svetlana says:

        Some people suspected Joseph De Sousa in the group but I don’t think he was part of it, because when you think about it, the murder was in his home newly built, small street named after him, and I gather the other houses in this cul-de-sac were built by him. Some people at Lindsay’s real estate office Remax planned this. So name them all who worked there at the time: Owner Shirley Zailo, Real Estate Agent: Jason Zailo. Real Estate Agent: Ryan Zailo

        • Robin says:

          Joe De Dousa was involved. He allowed them to use his house. That was no accident, it was very very convenient. He was there around the time Lindsay arrived on Feb 2 and I believed watched for her arrival and let her into house to avoid her using lock box so it looked like she just arrived around 5:30. Don’t forget Jason saying she went home to change, that was all jibber jabber crap that was premeditated by killers and conspirators. Joe let Lindsay in around 4:45 give or take 5 minutes and led her right to the killers and then took off as fast as he could. He totally knew Svetlana. Piece of shit that he is.

          • Mark Roush says:

            This is a probable scenario !!!

          • MJG says:

            ROBIN: good thinking!….and there is the fact that “his” house “WAS” thoroughly cleaned by experts that very same week….(very suspicious)…..destroying, practically “all” DNA and PRINTS that would have been connected to
            “well known” people in the community who visited this house….while planning out that horrible murder….and furthermore…..(premeditation)…it took place just a few days before the murder took place!
            Anyways, it just seems like the murderer(s) were well known to Lindsey! WHY do I think that? Well, I repeat… of “the facts” is that this house was cleaned out thoroughly just days before the murder, “proves to be a cover-up”, destroying fresh DNA connected to them! And to eliminate incriminating questions as to “WHY” they were “there” in “that house” in the first place…..just a week or days before the murder occurred!

            It sure looks like this murder had help from a person with “detective and crime scene expertises”…….BECAUSE it’s too squeaky clean for an ordinary killing!
            JUST SAYING!!!

            • Robin says:

              You got it MJG… that house was scrubbed clean, major effort was put into the cleaning too for the exact reason you said, getting rid of as much and many DNA, fingerprints etc. Big big effort was made. SZ, DeSousa and others were in that house a few times prior to the murder. I’d say that is a given. This was so well planned by those POS that poor Lindsay did not stand a chance. They moved quickly in the planning, i’d say by November SZ had spoken to DeSousa. Yes they had help from LE because it is too ironic that 7 detectives retired Feb 2008. The most irritating thing is getting some honest authoritative person to get involved. It’ll happen though that is for sure.

              • Svetlana says:

                I think they mostly thought of Jason’s and Ryan’s fingerprints being there. They would’ve thought Joe’s or Shirley’s to be normal as they have dealings with the house. Doesn’t she go to check out a house when it gets listed since she is a manager of Remax?
                Or maybe there are some other people’s fingerprints that shouldn’t be there?
                Also, because it is a new house is it normal to have it cleaned professionally after all the work done in it?

                • MJG says:

                  SVETLANA: cleaning a house after construction is “YES” normal, “BUT”………this house was “scrubbed-down” that same week?? WHY??? “Scrubbed-down” sounds like a “heavy-duty-over-scrubbed”…..just like Lindsey’s murder was done, an “over-kill”….!!!
                  Besides, wasn’t this house on the market for some time already?
                  Why, all-of-a-sudden an over-scrubbing cleaning was done? Looks like a cover-up to me!!!….PRINTS, DNA, EVIDENCE!
                  My opinion

          • Svetlana says:

            Didn’t they have cameras in that condo where they lived? If she did change, the police would know from the cameras at the restaurant and how she was dressed when they found her murdered? Or if she was wearing different clothing it is possible the killers changed her clothes so to make Jason’s story look true.

            So where is Desousa now? He disappeared after making those houses on his land? His investment company should e checked out. Maybe his relatives are continuing the business in lower mainland.

            Maybe even his lawyer knows something Don Linge
            Leauni Holdings Inc., the company that holds title to much of the surrounding subdivision.

            • Jeff Buziak says:

              Joe Desousa moved into the murder house and still resides there. Joe once stated to a reliable source, “The little bitch got what she deserved.”

              • Mark Roush says:

                And Joe Desousa needs to get what he ” Justifiably ” deserves !!! And I hope he gets it very soon !!!

                • Just A Canadian says:

                  Joe Desousa and the rest deserve what Lindsay got.

                  • Mark Roush says:

                    The men need to be castrated and hung upside down by their ankles from a tree and the woman needs to be beheaded and fed to the vermin!!!

                    • Just A Canadian says:

                      Yup I agree they deserve more than what they did to Ms Lindsay.

                    • MJG says:

                      TO MARK and JUST A CANADIAN:
                      What you wish these killers to receive as an even-score is “NOT REALLY” the BEST solution……mainly because this punishment is way too swift….too easy…..too rapid…..a copy-cat, revenge, over and done with!!! And, we “SHOULD NOT STEP-DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AS EVIL KILLERS”. REMEMBER: Two wrongs do not make one right! We could end-up in prison ourselves…….! SO, what I propose is this:
                      What “would” be appropriate for these “ELITE-SPOILED-SELFISH-DEMONS” would be “LONG-SUFFERING”….just like what the “BUZIAK FAMILY” have and are living through,…… with no end!
                      I SAY: prison in solitaire confinement….for life “WITHOUT” parole or pardon (unless it’s decided by the Buziak family), moreover, with very basic utilities and bland TV or IPADS or PHONES and, if possible, VISITATION DENIED except for Mister Jeff Buziak, a contant reminder of what they have done to his beautiful young daughter. And this punishment goes to “ALL” who have participated, act upon, knew, planned, covered-up, and/or aided to take out LINDSEY BUZIAK’S life…..
                      WELL? JUST MY OPINION!

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I agree with this 100%. The story about Lindsay going home to change made no sense what so ever. She was dressed for the day at lunch. Why else would he make up a story like that? It had to be to throw the time line off.

            • Robin says:

              Exactly! There is no way s girl goes home to change like that. We are not talking evening wear, long gown ffs. Lunch and a real estate appt can easily be covered in one outfit, simple and easy. Jasin was throwing off timeline to make it appear to be 5:30 when Lindsay arrived, Lindsay died between 5:00 and 5:30. That POS Chris Horse’s ass is stalling here, he was the cop involved. My gut instinct screams that strongly. His behaviour proves it. Why is he allowed to get away with this is the question. Who in Victoria is not allowing arrests to be made is the question?

            • Svetlana says:

              I agree too. She did not change. Where did she go? Did she go to meet Shirley as she may have offered to go with her?

          • Jeff Buziak says:

            Police confirmed Joe was in the murder house just after 5. He went in after all the workers left from the house being constructed next door. If you want to believe Saanich police?

            • Wish I Could Help says:

              On the True Crime Garage podcast I believe they stated that Lindsay was wearing a business suit when she was found. Not sure where they got this information from. However, if this is true, maybe the waitress who served Lindsay and Jason at Sauce that day would recall if she was wearing a business suit or not.

              • Jeff Buziak says:

                Saanich police have the staff from Sauce Restaurant silenced along with staff at ReMax. My understanding is Lindsay had a blazer type jacket on which could have been worn by her after Sauce.
                One of the big disappointments have been support from ReMax both locally and internationally. ReMax Camosun was owned by Wayne Schrader at the time(he sold) and he was a No 1 asshole to me along with regional out of Kelowna. ReMax International is owned by a billionaire couple in the states who live on a private golf course and fly private jets and play. They could care less about Lindsay. Greedy bastards all of them. I hope Schrader’s fancy boat fkn sinks and the Liniger’s jet crashes. Greedy pricks could throw a bit of weight behind this if they cared and it would be solved but they could care less. Ya ReMax.
                Curse you Dave Liniger, Gail Liniger and Wayne Schrader. Greedy, heartless people.
                P.s. True Crime Garage know nothing. They never contacted me. It’s so full of crap I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing. Very, very inaccurate and representing sinister sources. Lacking professionalism and not credible at all in any way.

                • Jeff Buziak says:

                  I have just confirmed the first meeting with a Cdn Investigative Journalist of note who I will be personally meeting with shortly. We have been in discussions for a few months. There will potentially be a print series and podcasts. I will release more details when I am authorized to. This journalist seems to be very serious and wants to seek the truth along with the financier of the project. Both have followed Lindsay’s murder from the beginning I’m told and both can’t believe there are no arrests by Satanic Police after all this time (12 yrs) with the amount of information publicly available.
                  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
                  Saanich police need to Step it up as I do and we will. (SP usually laugh/snicker when I tell them this.) SP can only hide for so long.
                  We need more people at the Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice February 2, 2020. Please.

            • Robin says:

              No I don’t want to believe the SPD because they have a rogue detective and can’t even see that. Joe watched for Lindsay’s arrival after Jasin or SZ phoned him to say she was on her way. He would open the door and meet Lindsay to lure her in as soon as she drove up saying he wanted to show her something or take her quickly thru house. That was to make sure the lock box was not activated by Lindsay and only by hired criminal who opened it at 5:30 and met couple. It really pisses me off that Horse’s ass is still sticking to the Del Alcazar bust as the reason for no arrests. Of course there is no arrests Horse’s ass keeps making detectives look away from what is biting them in the effin face. How is it that this is going on this long, HOW?

            • She G says:

              After all these years have you ever been given a time of death of your daughter?

              • Jeff Buziak says:

                If you want to believe Saanich police, they have stated time of death as 5:38-5:41 pm Saturday February 2, 2008.

              • Wyatt says:

                There’s the bogus one submitted by the Satanic Police based on the “text” messages, BUT we all know that those “texts” in that time frame were executed by mommy-dearest using Lindsay’s cell while son Ryan was “cleaning up” and salivating over his kill. Lindsay’s was murdered and deceased by 5pm.

                • Svetlana says:

                  I think so too but how would you explain the phone call to one of her contacts? Were they trying to delete something?

                  • Retired Detective says:

                    Who knows maybe they intentionally called a contact to establish another time stamp. Maybe they accidentally dialed someone when they put her phone back in her pocket. I have one of those old blackberrys. I do not know how hard it is to make a pocket dial. I will check it out and report back.

                  • Wyatt says:

                    It was a pocket dial as mommy-dearest was trying to stuff Lindsay’s cell back in her pocket, mommy-dearest wasn’t aware she triggered it in her haste, hence why it was completed and went to voice message….. too easy.

      • Wish I Could Help says:

        Agreed. Why would Lindsay have felt that she couldn’t tell ANYONE this secret, not even her dad…most likely because it would put her or someone she loves in danger. I tell my mom everything! She is the first person I call, even for the smallest of concerns. This “something” that she saw, must have involved someone very close to her, and must have been something very bad, otherwise, what would be the harm in her telling her dad?

        • see closely says:

          confusion and embarassment about relationships

          • Robin says:

            Lindsay was trying to figure it all out herself. She had no clue the Zailo’s were capable of such viciousness and hate. They are as low as low can be pretending to be decent people but they are drug dealers, money launderers and they have conx somewhere is the SPD which is an old boy’s club who are fucking with Lindsay’s murder. That is the only explanation if you ask me.

        • Svetlana says:

          Everyone should fill out the complaint form for De Sousa’s business. Also for Paul Bergshoeff to see what he was up to with his restaurant business JJ’s Coffee House. Maybe he had some illegal things going on.

    • Svetlana says:

      B.C. has higher rates of unsolved crime than anywhere across Canada, report shows
      There’s nowhere in Canada where a crime is more likely to go unsolved than in British Columbia.

  4. Christopher Taylor says:

    So I have some ideas.

    I think we need to apply Occam’s razor and get back to the basics > Someone was mad at Lindsay and had her killed. Who could that be? Was there any friction in her relationships prior to the murder? Etc. Otherwise, there are just too many rabbit holes to go down.

    I absolutely think this case is solvable with some determination. Let’s get it done.

    • see closely says:

      Chris.It is also possible that she,personally,was not enemy of killers but her murder was revenge to somebody else.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Christoper, yes everyone has rabbit holes in their life if you look for them. However, in this case, if you look at the players closest to Lindsay and you take into consideration the dynamics of the relationships and therefore the possible motives as well as the behavior, inside knowledge and positioning of said players at and around the time of the murder it paints a picture that should be hard to ignore. It paints a picture that should rule out clearing any of these people regardless of lie detector results.

    • Svetlana says:

      What do you think of this bizarre statement from another real estate agent who has links to Jason? Read this

    • Wish I Could Help says:

      I agree with you Christoper. Sometimes, it is easy to begin imagining these big elaborate motives, conspiracies, etc., when in reality, if we strip it down, it is very possible that the motive, etc. was much more simple, and involved only a few people. For some reason, this case has haunted me like no other, because it just feels like the answer is staring me right in the face, but I just can’t see it. It seems like a totally solvable case. For example, after listening to the True Crime Garage podcast (although I don’t totally agree with everything they said), when they mentioned that there were bloody sock and nylon footprints found in the house, you would think that this evidence would be useful in at least either ruling people out, or giving police at least something to go on. There had to have been at least SOME EVIDENCE left behind in a murder this up close and personal. After so many years, what would be the harm in the police releasing ANY information. It is so frustrating!

      • Christopher Taylor says:

        So I have some homework for all of you who want to help with the case. The one very unusual part is the female killer. Most likely has a long criminal record. Meaning, she’s in the system. Look for violent female offenders in the US and Canada who match the suspects profile.

        I found a good fit, and I forwarded it to the Saanich police but I’ve been wrong before and I’m not going to stop there.

        • see closely says:

          Maybe not known criminal activity,Chris, so we are back where we all started.We know nothing.

        • Wyatt says:

          Disagree with your perspective of the “female killer.”
          Mommy dearest didn’t physically murder Lindsay, she was the “killer” who PLANNED & EXECUTED Lindsay’s murder. It’s called conspiracy to commit. She was present, did the cell phone texts from Lindsay’s phone, clean-up duty and basically ensured the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. She was a “white collar” criminal up to Lindsay’s murder and associated and socialized with known drug thugs, money laundering and she continues that criminal style without ANY suspicion from the useless Satanic police!
          Ryan did the physical murder, mommy-dearest supervised, JaSIN was the alibi setup and DeSousa provided the location and ruse. It’s not rocket science – that’s what cocaine Horsefly and dirty coppers want you to believe.

          • Justice says:

            Yes Wyatt!

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Bang on Wyatt. I think that she tried to dot the i’s and cross the t’s but you can only do so much. For example I’ll bet she didn’t plan on herself getting liquored up in the middle of the night and calling Lindsay’s friend Nicki feigning a fake accent in an attempt to silence her or Jason looking directly up at the security camera while at Oatman’s. And on and on it goes………

            • MJG says:

              ConnectTheDots: Your right, Jason did look-up to the camera and did it a second time….when he went to the house for the re-enactment with the Police….he “DID” LOOK briefly at the cameraman….very conscience that he was being filmed….and he briefly put on an emotional act which I do not think it was genuine…due to the fact that he looked directly at the camera! He knew he was being filmed, therefore, he put on his “ACTION”! SUPERSTAR!!!!

              • Svetlana says:

                Where can we see this video of Jason looking up at the camera? It was in an auto shop?

                He had no emotions when he did the re-enactment at the house. This was just 4 days after Lindsay was murdered. I can tell the tone of his voice and how he walked and especially when he called her name Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay. Like sort of fast and with no heart. He was a big fat liar to the police.

                • MJG says:

                  TO SVETLANA: Take a closer look at the police re-enactment video, taken I think, days after the murder,…. the “video” asking Jason to enter the house the same way he did on that HORRIBLE evening, where Lindsey LOST HER LIFE !………and “PAY ATTENTION” to Jason’s actions! He sees the cameraman..RIGHT?! …he re-enacts entering the house, RIGHT?!……(he talks while entering and then some), he responds to policeman’s question which was, calling Lindsey’s name….RIGHT?! ……he then puts the “emotional act on”….very conscious that he is being filmed…he then turns to his right with hand near his face or covering his face…..which the policeman immediately asked Jason “are you alright?”…. short pause….(AGAIN, Jason is very much aware the filming is taking place and focused on him)….then he turns back towards the cameraman….and soon after the policeman asked him “another question….it is “THEN”, just after he responded to the question while preparing on going up the stairs, “THAT” Jason (suspiciously) looks directly into the camera! NOT A TRUE SIGN OF A GRIEVING MAN!
                  In that brief moment, I saw in that LOOK…a chilling coldness and silent fear, a LOOK of “cover-up” “awareness of the truth” “uneasiness” ……..ALL IN ONE BREIF LOOK….(the eyes are the mirror to the soul)
                  It is THE “sin” that he will carry on his shoulders for the rest of his life. It “WILL HAUNT HIM”……SOONER OR LATER!
                  Just MY opinion…..but, look, not everyone “SEES” it the same way!

          • Robin says:

            Totally agree with you Wyatt! U nailed it.

  5. Jeff Buziak says:

    Saanich police have played around with excuses and explanations why they haven’t solved Lindsay’s murder for 4,267 days now. They haven’t produced a dam thing except those explanations and excuses. Disgraceful.
    For those of you who had a child in 2008 when Lindsay was murdered, they are now in Grade 7…..with about the same or better skills as Saanich police.
    The new Chief of useless police angry intimidator king of baldness Scott Green was a detective at the time and went on to be inspector, head of detectives, deputy chief and now chief while skirt tugger Inspector Steve Morgan was chasing speeders and is now head of detectives. Cocaine Chris Horsley was and still is sniffing around for business opportunities, stray powder, new girlfriends and fell into being head of Lindsay’s file cuz they didn’t know what else to do with the rogue cop……and we wonder why Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved. The same lame ducks as before but now all in charge of explanations, excuses, silence and zero results. As a matter of fact they respect criminals so much they have adopted their style into policing with threats, intimidation and silence. Who are the bad guys out there; criminals or police or both? Oh sorry, the real criminals are smarter than Saanich police. Proof is 12 years; no arrests no suspects. Murderers roam victoria freely.

    • TL says:

      😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 My heart hurts so much for you… I can’t imagine if it was one of my children, I wish there was more I could do. God Bless You Jeff. 🙏

    • Lillian says:

      My heart aches for you. I read the torture you’ve endured these past 12 years all at the hands of the killers and aggravated by the dirty, cocaine-snorting cops employed at the SAANICH POLICE DEPARTMENT! It is absolutely horrific that these pathetic coopers who are employed to serve and protect do none of that. I’ve not witnessed such corruption or deceit before. I do not grasp why it is taking so long to bust this corruption, there must be a few who hold alot of dirt on others because the good usually out number and expose the bad and this is taking an usual amount of time. I too imagine where Lindsay would be today, or yesterday, or last year or next year. All those events that her parents, sister, family have been robbed. I am so very sorry. Peace will be one day, I promise.

    • Rosanne Day says:


      • Svetlana says:

        I don’t live there but if I did, I would be in the walk and my sign would say “SAANICH POLICE, YOU KNOW WHO IS GUILTY. DO THE RIGHT THING.”

  6. Christopher Taylor says:

    Well, this is frustrating. I’ve identified the female and possibly the male involved in this crime. I can get NO BODIES ATTENTION. And Yes, it is a somewhat of a long shot but it deserves a look. I’ve contacted the Saanich police and they seem to be ignoring me.

    I’m not going to call them because frankly there is too much to say over the phone. I get it, I’m a guy on the internet, but I PROMISE YOU THIS DESERVES A LOOK. So if you want the names, contact me please.

    This isn’t trolling, this was done after some extensive research.

    • lbmurder says:

      Jeff has informed us he replied to your email but you haven’t responded?

    • Wish i could help says:

      I’m confused…I was under the impression that you were just coming up with a profile. If you know the actual names, why not just say them? Coming up with a profile of the killer(s) is one thing, proving you know who they are is another. Why would you not call the police if you know something? Seems odd.

    • Robin says:

      Have you been contacted by the SPD yet Chris?
      Let us know. They can’t ignore you if you think you have information.

    • Svetlana says:

      The calls, text messages, the parking locations that Jason did were all SIGNALS to someone. He planned it with others.

  7. Christopher Taylor says:

    Thinking more about the case. Lindsay was extremely skeptical of this couple to begin with. If she had recognized their face or voices, she most likely wouldn’t have gone in the house alone with them. They passed the sniff test. She never met these people before, at least formally.

  8. Christopher Taylor says:

    Okay. This murderer reminds me a lot of Carla Hughes And the Avis banks case.

    So, I’m a little out of the loop but I’m thinking that Lindsays killer is someone who had a romantic interest in Jason Zailo.

    First of all. You have to understand the dating scene in Victoria bc. There are WAY MORE FEMALES THAN MALES. Jason Zailo is a good looking, successful man. The perp had a mindset of scarcity and lost it, thinking Jason was her only shot at a good husband.

    If there are two people. Jealous woman enlisted the help of a needy desperate man. They probably had a sexual relationship. The man is most likely submissive, timid type, possibly unattractive.

    The woman is successful. Alpha. Most likely a manager or saleswoman. Probably a lady who worked at the same real estate agency as Jason. Probably attractive. Late 20s or early 30s at the time of the murder.

    Look at all the employment records at Jason’s real estate agency. You’ll most likely find her there.
    I’m 99.99% sure I’m right.

    • Justice says:

      So you think some chick who worked at the ReMax office wanted to date Jason so she decided to set up a very elaborate murder plan to get rid of Lindsay even though Jason was not interested in dating her, that would lead right back to the office?

      • Christopher Taylor says:

        Well, I at least feel like the lady worked with Jason in some professional capacity.

        But, yeah most likely REmax. And yeah, I do think she set up this ploy to kill Lindsay so that Jason would be available to her. That’s the motive I believe strongly.

        The killer most likely didn’t expect this level of media exposure or the fathers commitment to Lindsay.

        • Svetlana says:

          So you are thinking perhaps of an ex-girlfriend or in her mind not so much of an ex? Some people here might know who that is.

    • Retired Detective says:

      50 years old and you just described Shirley Zailo.

      • Wyatt says:

        Mommy dearest definitely has a sick and twisted “relationship” with her good-for-nothing brats. They are all killers!

    • Donald Kimble says:

      Sure. Too bad that woman is his mother

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      I also think the killer suffered from some form of OCD. She obsessed over Jason. She obsessed over Lindsay. The murder was executed so meticulously because she obsessed over the details. Calling it. Boom!

      • Robin says:

        Shirley Zailo not some other girl. It was way much more than girl likes guy. IMO Shirley wanted to control Lindsay and SZ let her guard down because Jason adored Lindsay. Lindsay found out about the sleezy businesses the Zailo’s were involved in under the guise of Real Estate. Look at what has happened in the lower mainland in the last 20 years. The Zailo’s were in money laundering/drugs and treating people bad since the beginning it all started. Lindsay made a terrible mistake and paid dearly. She had no clue the evil that she was involved with. The Zailo’s are wolves in sheep’s clothing and Lindsay didn’t fully realize the danger around her. It would take a very savy, mature girl to not be impressed by all the BS the Zailo’s threw around to make it look like they knew all the secrets to success. They still are showing who they are by the vehicles, homes etc. Why we do not see justice proves the corruption in the SPD and our own government.

      • Justice says:

        Yes, Shirley
        She obsessed over her baby favorite boy and the girl who rejected him and knew too much.

      • Svetlana says:

        What is OCD?

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      Okay, I have some more ideas. I think that the female killer has suffered some mental decline since the murders.

      She most likely already had OCD before the murder. She is likely paranoid and anxious, expecting the police to kick open her door any minute. She is most likely heavily medicated, alcoholic, or abusing opioid prescriptions.

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      I gotta keep going. More ideas. She definitely checks this site because of the OCD. She wouldn’t comment. She’s smart enough to hide her IP address.

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      I also think the woman has some ticks. Like biting her nails or chewing on her hair to relieve mental stress. Well manicured, clean. Clean house, car. Perfectionist in most ways.

      • see closely says:

        You mean narcisisti Chris Taylor?

      • Svetlana says:

        Jeff described some terrible manners that Shirley had when he was first introduced to her. Maybe she had some ticks.

        • Robin says:

          Yah ticking time bomb is what SZ is among other things like murderer or major conspirator to murder. I just bang my head against the wall wondering what the SPD the AGs, Premiers, Prime Ministers, Liberals and NDP, RCMP, Crown Council, Mayors, gang members, Lawyers, Saanich Councillors, Chiefs of Police (at least 4), detectives, money launderers, oh and let’s not forget the flippers and I don’t mean egg flippers I mean Real Estate house flippers acting as Saanich Cops, Senators, did I say gang members, well let’s say it twice because there is so Fucken many, secretaries of Mayors, oh and the OPCC and the FUSPD, and Joe DeSousa and Ziggy Matheson, Chris Horsley, Michelle Lum, VID, the gang of Del Alcazar’s the McMuff twins, r these Canada’s new ELITE’s 🤢🤮 that we, the average ssshhhhhmuck don’t know!
          Oh my I forget someone who knows!!! The most import one knows everything about everyone and she will fix them one day!

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      I can’t stop. The female killer feels entitled. She was most likely raised in a family with a lot of money. She’s been given a lot of things in life. College was paid for by daddy. Her father probably bought her a nice first car, Beamer maybe. Grew up on the ritzy side of town. Most likely a structured family environment. Father is probably a business man.

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      Okay this might be my last one. Not sure. I think the lady killer has a very high IQ. Probably close to 150. Mensa type. Strait A student. Her intelligence and OCD has made it very hard to get a long term partner. She drives all the men crazy in her life. Which is why she went to such lengths to secure Jason. After all the media exposure of the killing, she abandoned the idea of being with Jason.

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      Alright, one more. Female perp is a big time loner. Has never gotten along with other women. Mostly guy friends growing up. Few friends now. You’d be fooled if you met her in real life, she has a degree of charm.

      As soon as you try to get close to her, she pulls away. She doesn’t want close friends in her life. She probably spends most of her time with her family.

      • Robin says:

        Those 2 people were just there to make it look like they were the ones I believe. The actual killer or killers were likely waiting inside. Lindsay would have arrived at house between 4:50-5:00 pm and was let in by Joe DeSousa who was hanging around at that time.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          I totally agree with you Robin.

        • Lillian says:

          Now why can’t those incompetent dirty cops at SPD figure that out?
          Oh right….. they’re too stupid! Corrupt. And DIRTY!

          • Robin says:

            Don’t forget Lillian the SPD do not want to figure out Lindsay’s murder, they prefer Lindsay was forgotten about. We aren’t going to let this happen though. They know exactly what happened and hate that we have figured it out too. The SPD would prefer this blog was shut down as they showed when they visited Jeff in Calgary with that exact request. To me this all the more reason we will stay involved like we do. The way I have seen the SPD behave so far makes me all the more interested in staying involved with Jeff and this fight for Justice for his daughter Lindsay.

    • ConnectTheDots says:


  9. Lillian says:

    *** there are 3 letters here, all to MP May, who is the Federal MP for the community of Saanich. Despite the denial to “get involved” with Provincial jurisdiction, they do have influence and political will to be INVOLVED! It is after all, Election time, no better time than this to write this MP and repeat our complaints. Keep writing, keep complaining, keep the pressure. *****

    Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May June 24, 2019
    Confederation Building Room 518
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

    RE: Police Corruption at the Saanich Department

    Dear MP May:

    My name is Lillian Abrams. I reside in BC and write to you for a couple reasons;

    I am desperately seeking a member of parliament who has political will;
    This issue I wish to raise belongs in your riding.

    I have written or emailed to following:

    Carole James, Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier, BC
    David Eby, Attorney General of BC
    Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General, BC
    John Horgan, Premier, BC
    Fred Haynes, Mayor of Saanich, BC
    Bob Downie, Chief Saanich Police Department
    Scott Green, A/Chief Saanich Police Department
    Steven Morgan, Inspector Saanich Police
    Dean Duthrie, Inspector Professional Standards Saanich PD
    David Lametti, Attorney General, Federal Gov’t
    Clayton Pecknold, Police Complaint Commissioner
    Board of Directors, Saanich Police
    Darryl Plecas, Speaker BC Legislature

    I have complained to each and everyone of these parties in regards to the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak which I have come to understand is being deflected from being solved because the Saanich Police Department is riddled with corruption, deceit and dirty cops! There is a mountain of evidence to substantiate a thorough investigation into the deep and dark line of corruption in practice at this detachment yet it has been extremely difficult to motivate those with the power and authority to clean it up. I feel like the perpetual one-winged house fly who is just spinning my wing, circling and getting no where! Despite each and every entity having their own set of policy, procedure and balances in place to address and prevent the seed of corruption from forming, the only reply I receive from the lowest level (department) is a pointing of the finger in another direction and to refer my concerns to “someone else.” I assume from past faults that the policing industry has implemented strict measures to ensure that corruption is ‘nipped at the lowest level’ and managed in a preventive manner. However, it would appear that the Saanich PD has had ample opportunity and time to build and perpetuate this line of corruption to a level that there are more of those who have ‘joined them’ then fought ‘them’ and the line of corruption is much, much longer then anyone wants to admit.

    I’d like to believe you are extremely concerned for the citizens, their safety, their confidence and trust in policing for the Saanich community. The safety of women and those who have been subjected to a heinous crime of murder are provided with the exceptional duty to police their community, to make it as safe as possible and above all else, have integrity. Corruption left unaddressed, can fester and affect the vast majority of law abiding citizens, in that there is more potential for less public co-operation. The indigence of corruption can have grave consequences. Citizens view the lack of action from the policing bodies governed to ensure corruption is prevented in its infancy are left with mistrust, no confidence, no security, no safety and contempt.

    The corruption and deceit in the Saanich PD is beyond incompetence and simple misconduct. There is a high degree of systemic corruption and sustained effort to maintain this embedded line of corruption. A minute level of research will yield the ominous facts of not only WHO is knee-deep in this corruption but just how far that line travels. And it travels far. From the bowels of the department, to the Chief, to the Mayor, to the Board of Directors, to the OPCC….. so far, my information seems to cease at these high levels of the police who are to be policing the police!

    Ms. May? Can you see the scandal? Do you have the political will to make your community safe and secure? Do we have the integrity to clean up the Saanich PD? What does it take? How deep? How long? How entrenched does it become before that someone, with the power and authority to make it right comes along? Where does the willful blindness cease?

    The citizens of Saanich, the citizens of BC, we beg you to help. Restore our faith, our confidence, our security, our safety back into policing. Help us.

    ***** MP May’s Reply ****

    Dear Ms. Abrams,
    September 5, 2019
    Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I am sorry to hear that this case has been passed around to such an extent, and I apologize for my delayed reply.
    The unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak is a very disturbing case. Women are disproportionately the subject of systemic violence. Sometimes this violence is committed or perpetrated by the very systems and institutions that are supposed to protect them. Sometimes police are simply unable to find any more information about a case. As a federal Member of Parliament, I cannot interfere in municipal jurisdiction. However, I am often in communication with The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, about BC law enforcement.
    If you have any evidence of police corruption in this case, I am certainly willing to review it. If convinced, I will take the appropriate action. It is very important to me that my constituents feel they can trust local law enforcement. I will continue to pressure the minister of Public Safety and to advocate for the safety of women in Canada.
    Thank you again for writing. Sincerely,
    Elizabeth May, O.C.
    Member of Parliament
    Saanich-Gulf Islands
    Leader of the Green Party of Canada

    **** My 2nd response to MP May’s ****

    Dear Ms. May Q.C
    Member of Parliament
    Leader of the Green Party of Canada

    RE: Police Corruption and the Saanich Department

    Thank you for your recent email in regards to my complaint on the above captioned.

    It is intriguing to read your assessment regarding violence against women and your assurance that you will continue to be aware of those cases that go unsolved due to poor and inept investigating.

    I am perplexed to understand your request of me to provide ‘evidence’ of corruption within the Saanich Police Department. I am a lay person. A community member, a civilian who wishes to complain along with many other community members of BC who only have their personal experience to share, which collectively is evident in itself that there are some serious dirty cops, corruption and deceit in the SPD. I am not privy to that ‘evidence’ you desire. I do not hold power or authority to extract that very ‘privileged evidence’ that is obtained from within the Saanich Police Department. This ‘evidence’ could only be extracted from an external investigation with integrity and reputable members who have that power and authority to access the internal files of the SPD. There have also been numerous articles in the local paper and outside media that have made that connection with the killers of Lindsay Buziak and the SPD associating and socializing with the real estate money launderers and drug cartel. Upon my amateur sleuthing, I can list to you some of the obvious associations that has transpired in the last dozen years, one would have to be in total denial to not be aware of these hoodlums:

    Jefferson Del Alcazar
    Erickson Del Alcazar  
    Aaron Perez
    Eldriegson Del Alcazar
    Emerson Del Alcazar
    Zachary “ZIGGY” Matheson
    Ovidio “VID” Acevedo
    Rhys Bolton
    Medardo Rivas
    Dennis Bergshoeff
    Michelle Lum

    AND the Money Laundering, Real Estate and KILLERS are:
    the ZAILO’S, Shirley (real estate) Jason (son) Ryan (son)
    all setup by Joe DeSousa – building contractor
    Shamed and corrupt BC Legislator, Craig James & his stepson, James L. James, both working for the Zailo’s real estate/mortgage broker store fronts for the criminal world

    SPD – corrupt, deceitful, dirty cops
    Chief Downie, Chief Green,
    Chris Horsely (well known in the criminal association & known to do drugs)
    Mike Mallard, Steve Morgan

    Office of Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC)
    Current sitting Commissioner Clayton Pecknold
    Past Commissioner Don Morrison & Stan Lowe

    Mayor of Saanich, Haynes…. also filling the shoes of Chair for the Saanich Police Board
    Saanich Police Board – do nothing!

    The province has TWO entities (OPCC & Police Boards) that are expected to govern and secure the police forces, both which have failed miserably to do anything in this case. I suspect the line of corruption has stemmed from the SPD to the OPCC and the Police Board because they have shown absolutely no concern or initiative to ensure these complaints are processed. In fact, I dare say they have destroyed the complaints in an effort to cover up their involvement. I suggest the dirty line of police has been successful because the dirty cops from SPD just get promoted within the department or slide on over to the OPCC. There is no excuse for the Police Boards to be corrupt, they are the ones who are to police the police but in the SPD case, I again suspect the ‘old boys club’ is thriving in existence.

    As you can see, there are plenty of suspects in this long line of corruption dating back in history and which is practiced systemically today. I can not impress upon your office enough to understand there is serious intervention that needs to be activated. Starting with Lindsay’s case being pulled from the SPD and assigned to a team of dedicated, experienced investigators who have absolutely no connection with the SPD. I understand your unwillingness to ‘interfere’ in provincial jurisdictions, but I am the belief your Office does hold the power and authority to initiate (or influence, if you will) the momentum to get this department cleaned up! Its been ignored and denied for far too long and the line of corruption is difficult to expose. Too many ‘important’ people have too much to lose.

    Mrs. May, please hear our cries. Please give us that political will that is required. While Lindsay’s murder has prompted me to research the entire process of her unsolved case I have inadvertently learnt of the bigger picture that governs this very corrupt, deceitful department. Countless complaints have been filed, few, if any, are registered, at least I can not locate any public records that depicts a complaint against the SPD for corruption and deceit. They are out there. They have mysteriously ‘disappeared’ or been filed under 13 (slang for shredded/garbage) and there is no one guarding the hens! The foxes have total control. No one is policing the police!

    Thank you so much for your time and reading my letters.

    But, just so you are aware. I won’t stop until this department and dirty cops are ousted. I sincerely believe the citizens, the community pays for integrity and clean policing.

    Sincere regards,

    Lillian Abrams
    October 4, 2019

    • Svetlana says:

      Michelle Lum is definitely a hoodlum. First thing I noticed in her photo and her sister looks very much like her, with that same hoodlum expression.

  10. Lillian says:

    The following is a copy of my correspondence (2nd one) to the Board of Directors for the SPD.
    I received no response or acknowledgment from my 1st. ( June 2019) nor does this Board record in their agenda/minutes any correspondence in regards to complaints.

    Board of Directors for Saanich Police Department
    Chair Haynes, Mary Collins, Glen Crawford, Irwin Henderson, Tim Kane, Linda Murray,
    Bruce Hallsor QC


    I would like to draw your attention to the intent and purpose of this Board.

    To maintain order and trust within the functions of the Saanich Police Department and reflect that integrity to the community it serves.

    The Board has failed miserably in this mandate.

    Upon review of the Boards agenda and minutes that are posted on the media, it is abundantly clear that there is no notice or items mentioned in regards to complaints or allegations having been received by the Board regarding the corruption and deceit currently practiced in this department. Why is that? The public should be fully aware of any and all complaints filed with the Board. Its called transparency. I myself have filed a complaint in June 2019 in a timely manner in order to be brought forward at the June meeting. There is no mention of my complaint in the correspondence. I am also aware that the Board has received dozens of complaints over as many years yet they are no minutes that reflect this correspondence. Why is that? Does the Board have something to hide or is it the practice of the Board to ignore and file complaints in the garbage! Or is it your mandate to sit in denial?

    This Board is fully aware of the systemic corruption and deceit practiced in the Saanich Police Department yet you do NOTHING to investigate and ensure order and trust is restored. You insult the community of Saanich by promoting (Green) within the line of dirty cops in lieu of having this prime opportunity to employ a Chief from outside the line of corruption and come in and clean up! Shame on you!

    First and foremost the Board had best exercise its duty under section 171 of the Police Act and initiate a thorough investigation into the line of dirty cops employed at Saanich PD. Unless, of course, the Board is part of that systemic corruption and deceit, than I suppose we had best refer our concerns to those the Board is intended to report.

    I will ensure Ministers, media and the line of reporting is aware of this letter. It is expected the Board will take notice of these complaints, take them seriously and ensure the duties of the Board are executed in a manner that serves the public – not their corrupt buddies.

    Lillian Abrams
    October 4, 2019

    Carole James, Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier, BC
    David Eby, Attorney General of BC
    Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety & Solicitor General, BC
    John Horgan, Premier, BC
    Fred Haynes, Mayor of Saanich, BC
    Scott Green, Chief Saanich Police Department
    Steven Morgan, Inspector Saanich Police
    Dean Duthrie, Inspector Professional Standards Saanich PD
    David Lametti, Attorney General, Federal Gov’t
    Clayton Pecknold, Police Complaint Commissioner
    Darryl Plecas, Speaker BC Legislature
    Saanich News & Times Colonist
    Kim Bolan VS / CBC Eric Rankin
    Premier Horgan NDP

    • Robin says:

      Of all the letters and emls I have sent and the police board also I have never heard back from anyone until recently and that was from a letter writer from AG in Ottawa to tell me I needed to deal with this provincially not federally. That’s it, no one reply’s back, however I still send which I will continue to do. I refuse to believe it is for not. Way to go Lillian, someone reads them.

      • Lillian says:

        Thanks Robin, I too keep writing, I am not going away!! You’re right though, “someone is reading”….. is that the one with the political will we’re looking for? You know, someone is going to ask that righteous politician, I can’t help but think of Daryl Plecas (& Jody Wilson) …. he didn’t ‘give up’ even after that twat Supreme court Judge McClaughin (or whatever her name is) submitted her flawed report. I send him a copy of everything I write, even more so now with that other thief Lenz being busted for having his hands in the cookie jar. I want someone to keep asking… “who is this Lillian character? Why does she keep writing?” I wish I was a fly on the wall for everytime cocaine Chris Horsefly reads his name on this website, I’d love to see that worried look on his brow (unibrow probably eh?) and witness that sinking feeling he must encounter when he reads all the sh*t we write thats accurate. I am left with my imagination …… but it serves me well and brings a BIG grin to my face, every time! We are troopers Robin!! Stay with me. 😉

    • MJG says:

      LILLIAN: Your letter was – VERY WELL DONE –
      NOW, “if” only these “same” people mentioned in your letter, would only reverse their “cover-it-up” attitude-thinking, and take a stand “with courage” towards breaking their shameful secrecies and deal with “TRUTH” as it “SHOULD” be. (if they expect truth in their own life, they must start by giving it to others)
      Haven’t they heard yet??? THAT THE TRUTH WILL SET THEM FREE?!……(and bring LINDSEY BUZIAK’S LONG SUFFERING SPIRIT, along with her family…..PEACE!)

  11. Cadence C says:

    Whatever happened with the post on here where the guy claimed that he has heard Ryan Zailo confess to murder? With other witnesses? Was that looked into by the police??

    • Donald Kimble says:

      This information was passed on to the blue frauds and hurried and needs to be motherfucked followed up on considering it’s legit info and the truth – everyone knows but the Saanich community commits incest in the way they bury and share secrets. It’s bull shit

    • Svetlana says:

      I don’t know what happened to that but my instincts say it was Ryan Zailo waiting inside the house and he killed her like a lunatic and sadistic sick man that he is. Did the pathetic police take his DNA?

      What amazes me is how stupid can Oatman be to not notice anything unusual? If he did, he felt guilty so he ended up working for Jason. Like those abused people who go back for more punishment.

  12. Christopher Taylor says:

    What needs to be done with this case is a PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE OF THE PERPS. The FBI did this on Seattle arsonist Paul Keller and was able to generate leads and eventual arrest. We need the best minds in the world to figure out what these people were like based on the little info we have. Release it to the public and see if there is anyone who knows these people.

    • Wyatt says:

      The ONLY solution to this murder is to have Lindsay’s case completely removed from cocaine Horsefly and all the dirty, deceitful, corrupt coppers at SPD.
      It will have to be assigned to an independent team who have absolutely no bias or connection to the cocaine cops of SPD. As long as Lindsay’s case remains in their deceitful clutches, it will NEVER be solved! All the profiling in the world won’t solve this murder, only the removal from the SPD.

    • see closely says:

      Didn’t I do this already?

  13. Wish I could help says:

    This might be way out in left field, but was Jacine Jadresko ever looked into? On her instagram account she claims to be Vid’s best friend. I believe it was said that the burner phone spent the night at Vid’s house. Whatever male and female committed this crime would definitely both need to have a certain amount of trust in each other, and would also both have very personal reasons for wanting to murder Lindsay. I feel that a female who is willing and capable of committing this murder would not just be going along for the ride to help a friend out or simply get paid for doing a job. It is obvious to me that this female had very strong, personal reasons for wanting Lindsay out of the picture.

    I still have a hard time believing the Zailos were not involved, but just trying to think outside the box. For some reason I get a weird feeling about this Jadresko girl who calls herself the “Inked Huntress” and kills wild animals like giraffes and lions for sport. I obviously know nothing about this girl other than what I’ve seen in the internet but it just started crossing my mind after her name and picture had come up in my searching.

    Has anyone else considered this?
    As far as a motive, I’m not sure?

    • Retired Detective says:

      Why would she want to murder Lindsay Buziak? The key to this murder is to find a reason why someone wanted Lindsay dead. There are theories. 1. Drug cartel thought Lindsay was an informant but we know she was not. Someone would have had to have told them Lindsay was the informant. That was a lie so why target Lindsay? Who had a motive to want Lindsay dead? Someone in the office provided information about Lindsay’s clients.

      2. Someone close to her who had access to her clients information, wanted Lindsay dead and took advantage of the drug bust to make it lol like a cartel hit (although it didn’t look like a cartel hit at all).

      In both cases, the people who most likely had motive are her employer and boyfriend.

      • Mark Roush says:

        The Culprits : Shirley, Jason, Ryan, the Zailos. Joe Desousa, Paul Bergshoeff.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        YeAh ok – the drug bust by far is the most far fetched bull shit fabricated story initiated by Horesely and planned by the Zailos. Even mentioning this theory in any way proves that one is up to no good—-

        • Retired Detective says:

          I just saying Don, these are the only two theories out there and the number 1 police theory is the murder was related to the drug bust. Let’s say for arguments sake the cartel planned the murder. Someone had to convince them Lindsay was the informant. We know that was a lie. Who lied and why?

          Nobody by the SPD thinks it had anything to do with a drug bust. Criminal profilers agree.

          We know someone in the office helped plan the murder. They had to find a suitable house, time, and former clients who would be out of town for Friday and Saturday. This planning would take more than a few days. This murder plan was artfully designed by person(s) working in real estate who knew about the workers schedule and the time a neighbor walked her dog (important witness to set the time point of Lindsay meeting the murderers for Zailo alibis) at DeSousa place. I believe the pink striped dress was worn to intentionally draw attention to the woman at 5:30 pm at dusk. If she wanted to camouflage blood stains, wear black. The killers went out of their way to stamp a time point, but why? I believe because it allowed all the Zailos to set up their alibis at that very moment. This information was critical to the planning. I believe the killers used the SPD retirement to their advantage. There are no coincidences in murder.

          These points are hard to argue. My point is there is a high probability the Zailos are involved either directly or indirectly. I think it is directly because Cartels do not go to that length to plan a murder. Historically, women plan out complicated murder scenarios like this one.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            And people who are very close to the victim. People who know that the spot light is going to be ( or in this case, should be ) on them. They have to go to great lengths to make it look like it wasn’t them and in doing so they inadvertently show that it was indeed them due to the unusual, sometimes bizarre behavior for that day and in the days following the murder. If you step back a bit and look at the big picture it is there for you to see.

          • Rosanne says:

            This might sound like fiction but what if this was much simpler. Lindsay being involved with Jason had access to information others in their office didn’t. What if she saw a house or more than one house sale in the name of a friend’s brother or brothers. If I was a realtor the next time I got near that friend I would say why didn’t your brother(s) come to me I could have helped them buy a house? The friend could easily mention to his brothers that they should call Lindsay next time. This happens all over the real estate world. Realtors spread the word to any and everyone they know that they are there to help in any house transaction and those people should/could/would pass that information on as a referral to any and everyone they know. Only problem would be if the brothers were into drug dealing and weren’t buying houses but laundering money in very secret transactions. Shit would hit the fan if that system had a ‘leak’. As a drug dealer I would be threatening the lives of the people working with me for letting this happen in the first place. This would explain any of the bits that happened prior to the unrelated drug bust. I would guess recent previous real estate transactions were not looked into.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Very good points.

      • MJG says:

        You are so right by saying that “The key to this murder is to find THE MAIN “reason why” someone wanted Lindsey dead”….and,…. I would add: “What did Lindsey – SEE – WITNESSED or FIND-OUT – that was SO serious that she could not even dare share it with her own father soon afterwards?” That’s where it all started from!!!!! I think that these are two very important “pieces” to the puzzle in order to find the killer(s).
        If only this case would be released and handed over to another police force with fresh new minds and better up-to-date technology….
        My question is this: WHY IS THE SAANICH POLICE FORCE HANGING SO VERY-VERY TIGHTLY ON TO LINDSEY BUZIAK MURDER CASE? I find it questionable….making it “LOOK LIKE” they could be holding onto “THE MAIN” and very important piece of the puzzle which seems to be kept hidden in secrecy…….almost “like” “protecting someone” ??? ….and “purposely” preventing this case from being solved! ???
        If the above has no truth to it,….. THEN, WHY NOT HAND IT OVER?! Let some other capable people solve it!…. INDEED QUESTIONABLE!


        – JUST SAYING –

    • Ashley Marie says:

      I have also looked into her fb and kinda got the same vibe. She likes to kill for sport and does say she’s Vids bestie. Idk if Lindsay knew her or they had any sort of friendship or anything. But I also remember hearing that Lindsay often would stick up for friends if someone was giving them drugs and I can’t help but think back to my 20’s I had lots of guy friends and if some girl approached one of them talking trash I’m sure I’d have his back being that it was another female. Did Lindsay possible not get along with her as well? Or did she feel some sorta way about Lindsay due to Lindsay vocally calling her drug dealer buddies out. Just certainly something to consider!!

    • Wish I could help says:

      I guess what got me thinking about this is…the woman is the one who made the initial call, the woman showed up at the house. This is assuming that it was in fact, a woman. It would take a certain kind of woman to be bold enough, angry enough, fearsome enough to plan and go through with a terrible murder like this. Then I started thinking, well, what woman was close to Vid at the time. I think part of the key in finding out who is responsible here, is finding out who this woman was. I don’t feel this particular woman was paid to do this job. I feel that it was personal to her. I also feel that only a few people know the truth, otherwise someone would have said something by now.

      I feel do strongly that the Zailo’s were involved, but at the same time, a part of me thinks, what if they weren’t? Then who?

  14. Robin says:

    So in case anyone wondered why we are on Lindsay and Jeff’s site regularly here is the reason below. It occurred to me around 2014 when no one had been arrested for murdering Lindsay yet that I had to be more involved as a citizen of B.C. I could no longer trust the status quo if no one had been arrested for the brutal murder of Ms. Lindsay Buziak! I was so disturbed by it. I was appalled at how many unsolved murders there were in B.C. and of course was shocked about the way the creepy Picton case was handled, but still no one had been arrested for murdering Lindsay…WTF. It seemed to me the police preferred the families just go away and “don’t call us we’ll call you” this seemed to be a perfect scenario to do absolutely nothing, who’s overseeing all these murders? Are we suppose to just assume everything is being handled with integrity and the right thing is always being done. BS…..I am disgusted with what I have seen in Lindsay’s case. How the F does one get the attention of our EMPLOYEES? I have many questions, how dare you Ignore! Be rude! Threaten! Not answer questions the family has! Treat the family like they are an inconvenience! Not update the public! I have lost faith in the so called system, I am disgusted by the corruption in policing and the behaviour of the SPD, this is not what I want in my EMPLOYEES! I have no idea which agenda the SPD are working with but it is obviously one with deceit and coverup. I can not believe you do not ask for outside help, it is very apparent that the SPD do not want the public or other police to know who or what they are protecting. This is why we all come to Lindsay and Jeff’s site!!! We have lost faith in the SPD and it seems the politicians balls fell off on the ferry to Victoria? Does the fox watch the henhouse in B.C.
    I am so sorry for the way the Quesnel police have treated Mr. Braem, this is unacceptable behaviour from OUR EMPLOYEES! Get to work on these unsolved murders, what kind of horse and pony show do we have going on with our police in this Province? Why do we have Chiefs and detectives and …………who is everyone answering to exactly?
    SpyCam (Cameron Ortis)

    Deena Braem, 16 disappeared from Quesnel in September 1999. Her body was found several months later by a rabbit hunter in a shallow grave about 15 kms away. Her father, Jim Braem told CBC that he hasn’t heard from RCMP investigators in a decade, that he visited the Quesnel detachment several times last year to ask for an update, and was told officers were busy and would get back to him. No one did. I hear this over and over again from families of unsolved murder victims and I find it really disturbing that not only have they lost a loved one, they are shut out of the investigation.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Wow. Those of us that follow the laws actually believe the cops are here to serve and protect, they take an oath don’t they? I don’t live in BC but even my elderly parents remember the news when Ms Lindsay Buziak was murdered and they wonder too why no one has ever been charged. BC needs a whole change from politicians, to cops, to people looking into cops behaviour, to lawyers, financial advisors etc etc. Only the people of BC can make the changes by who they choose to vote into power and to speak out. Every province in Canada has issues but only BC so far has really darkened their light in Canadian’s eyes. Too many drugs, too many gangs and too many people on the take. There is now a case in Alberta of a young man, Ryan Shtuka, that went missing in Sun Peaks. I believe people there are on the take too. The only way to take back your beautiful province is to speak up as a group, Just Do It.

    • Svetlana says:

      The suspects are right at their fingertips. It’s not like some stranger came along in the woods… This was planned by people very close to Lindsay. It’s all there. They have ALL the evidence. I only hope that some police didn’t delete some evidence on purpose. Is everything protected in their database? Why isn’t information released to the father?

      People have to complain to all levels of government and news. Maybe someone can write to Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May. Write to Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

      • Robin says:

        The 0PCC- Police complaint commission??
        Well Svetlana that is a conflict of interest because there sits a group of retired police officers from Saanich. They will and have been watching out for their friends and former colleagues. Barry McClachan, retired Saanich cop and Shirley Zailo’s boyfriend, is part of the OPCC. Vancouver Island seems to breed a lot of contempt. This article from the Times Columnist written in June 2019 even indicates that a more civilian body at the OPCC would be better.

        Here’s a bit of the article to show you what I mean.

        “I think it’s important for this office to have the ability to investigate misconduct and also potential criminal conduct,” said Woods, who noted that some departments are reluctant to launch investigations into officer wrongdoing. “There are many cases where we’ll ask the [involved police department]: ‘Will you investigate this?’ and they don’t want to do it. There’s lots of resistance.”
        Former police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe, who retired in February and was replaced by Clayton Pecknold, has also backed an independent civilian office to probe use of force and serious misconduct complaints.

        I can’t believe the OPCC is allowed to have retired cops, such BS.

        As far as writing Jasmeet Singh or Elizabeth May….I have written Horgan, Eby, Farnsworth, Carole James, Trudeau and tonight I’m writing God to see if she responds before these earthlings!

      • Rosie says:

        Jeff Buziak makes comments about the corruption in the SPD Complaint Board regularly. If you are such an avid supporter, please go back a few months and start reading his comments about the corruption. Just pull up your search box on the site page (it’s in the top settings box in Firefox called “find” and type in “board”. All the comments regarding the Complaint Board will be highlighted on the page. No need to read all the comments, you can select what you want to see. He has made complaints to the board with other posters that have all been dismissed for ridiculous reasons. Why don’t you start writing letters? I would love to see you at the annual walk for justice since you are a local. Happy reading.

  15. Lillian says:

    Why oh why can we not get Lindsay’s case pulled from SPD? This is a perfect example why the cocaine cops of Saanich should be shut down!
    •••••• today’s Kamloops news •••••
    Despite following up on tips and leads over the nearly two decades since her disappearance, no arrests were made.
    In June 2016, the RCMP division dedicated to special major crimes cases took over the investigation “and employed conventional and non-conventional techniques to advance the file” in the hope of finding the culprit, said Supt. Jeanette Theisen.
    A man from Chasm, near Clinton, has been charged in connection with the death of a pregnant woman from Kamloops who was last seen by her family on Easter weekend 19 years ago.
    Trent Larsen, the boyfriend of Angel Fehr, was arrested on Sept. 15th.

  16. Jeff Buziak says:

    Saanich police motto, “Keeping Saanich Safe”.

    Are you f*****g kidding me???????

    I guess they forgot there was a murder of a wonderful woman while at work 12 years ago and these so called “keeping saanich safers” haven’t solved it and not only that don’t have any suspects while the KILLERS are roaming the streets free for the last 12 years. How is that keeping Saanich safe? Killers on the streets! Saanich police even lie in their motto.

    They also tell people in writing that details surrounding Lindsay’s murder is incorrect based upon various websites and social media platforms when we have proved most of the misinformation has come from Saanich police themselves based on their media releases and scattered misinformation shared. Why don’t they tell us what is correct then? They must know if they claim others are wrong! If they know all the answers why are there not arrests? If they don’t know then quit blaming others for being wrong, STFU and get to work. Which is it geniuses? Or, don’t you even know what you are doing or saying most of the time? (likely the truth)

    They are so distrustful, misleading and disingenuous! People outside laugh at the comedy act at Saanich police while apologizing for trying not to be offensive. The sad thing is I get it. They are a comedy act!!
    God help us!
    Somebody please help is.

    • Robin says:

      Someone will help us Jeff, eventually we’ll find the person. I’ve sent a few different emls lately and I’m sure other people have too. It’ll happen. I’m so sorry the SPD are handling Lindsay’s unsolved murder, they just seem gutless and lame. Keep the faith, there’s lots of us with ya my friend. We’ll get the people that can move this along sooner than later.

      • Wyatt says:

        So right Robin, many of us working in the background, picking away at the dirty, filthy drug using, corrupt, deceitful cops of SPD. Winter is coming. (Game of Thrones) …..

      • Donald Kimble says:


  17. Just A Canadian says:

    I just watched a show last night on 20/20 I think about Jeffrey Epstein and his human trafficking. Ms Lindsay’s botched murder investigation comes to mind. Until the witnesses that know the truth stand up nothing will change here. We all know that many of you are living with much guilt but maybe the big bucks and drugs make it all go away. It won’t forever you know, one day you will have to pay. I believe paying on earth will be easier than paying when you meet your Maker. It only takes one person to make the house of corruption to fall, you know who you are. I hope you don’t have children cos one day very soon in this place of corruption you reside one of your kids might just be taken out by one of our very protected criminals.

    • Sheila Thailand says:

      I watched the 20/20 episode last night about a cold case in Whatcom County, solved after 30 years because the police never stopped investigating. They handed files to upcoming detectives to have fresh eyes on them, asked them “did we miss anything”. They never stopped! That’s what we need on our police force, tenacity and drive. I thought of Lindsays case immediately.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That is exactly what we need. So why aren’t we getting it?

      • Robin says:

        Tenacity and drive in the SPD? That may as well get lumped in with integrity and ethics? It appears B.C. is hard pressed to find those qualities in our politicians or police. Beautiful British Columbia is no longer that. B.C. now means BEING CORRUPT!! We are a joke around the world. 5 billion $ laundered thru real estate in 2016 and then B.C. casinos had 100 million$ laundered there which was linked to fentanyl and not one RCMP was working on any of that! Not a one. What the F were they doing while all this BS was going on? They seem pretty busy looking into Cameron Ortis, “Spy Cam” and all the secrets he was selling to criminals. B.C. is a mess. Let’s just keep emailing Eby, Horgan and Farnsworth reminding them of Lindsay’s unsolved murder and the corruption in Victoria and Vancouver. Hmmmm funny real estate is part of the corruption isn’t it?
        I agree that we should try the prosecutor path for Lindsay, somehow, some way we will see arrests made in this vicious sick crime. That day is coming. We need Dateline to do an update. Let’s send some emls that way. They should be interested in the corruption and link to real estate and what Lindsay saw. Yup it’s time they got back to this picturesque mess.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Thank you for posting but, SOLVED AFTER 30 YEARS!!!!!! That is not acceptable! The police have us brainwashed that it takes time and things are complicated. That’s an excuse for lazy and not serious enough. Again I’ll say, they wait for crimes to solve themselves then take credit for being the heroes. THEY ARE NOT! How about doing their job in a timely manner. Think of any job. Does it take thirty years? Lets say you wanted to build a new home or do a major renovation to your existing home. If the contractor kept giving you excuses why things aren’t being done would you let it go for 30 years? Of course not. Do it or your fired! Well we have allowed police to get away with not doing their job and still get paid then retire with a good pension. It doesn’t take 30 years to do a job and it doesn’t take twelve either. Heads need to roll. Saanich police need to fire someone for not doing their job or/and let real detectives take over. This is nonsense! Its been 12 years and we are suppose to wait another 18. Get out of here. Utter nonsense!!

      • Just A Canadian says:

        I watched the show too Sheila and yup thought bout Lindsay too. All they need is someone new to take it over, that’s all. Because of all the corruption the SPD, the Politicians, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Staff all have too much to lose. I get sick to my stomach reading about all the rich powerful people in BC that can have a young, beautiful woman murdered without ever paying a price. YOU ALL MAKE ME ILL. I am sure that some of you assholes involved may read this and find it funny… One day somehow ALL OF YOU WILL PAY AND I HOPE IT HURTS BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Svetlana says:

      I just saw this on the news I wonder if Jason has anything to do with it?
      Three B.C. men fined a total of $1.7 million for fraud
      Investors’ funds were diverted from mortgages secured by real estate
      The British Columbia Securities Commission has imposed a total of $1.7 million of financial sanctions on three B.C. men and two mortgage investment companies after finding that they committed fraud.
      Patrick K. Prinster and David Scott Wright were each ordered to pay $250,000 and Donald Bruce Edward Wilson was ordered to pay $150,000 for diverting investors’ funds from mortgages secured by real estate, which was the purpose described in marketing materials.

      • Wyatt says:

        I would think so. Their names may be flying under the radar, but the Zailo’s, DeSousa, James are just a link in a long chain of laundering and murder. Let us not dismiss the connection of that disgraced Craig James from the BC Legislature for thieving from the cookie jar and he is now “working” for the Zailo’s! And his step-son James L. James who works for the thugs. The tangle web they weave, fortunately us lay person have a bigger grasp of their criminal conduct than the corrupt, cocaine using SPD do.

      • Wyatt says:

        Your posting has got me thinking about the BC Securities and perhaps filing a “tip” or “complaint” with this entity. After all, we do believe there is strong evidence in regards to the Zailo’s and real estate laundering and an “investigation” from this group could have that domino effect we’re searching for, you know, leads to CRA and then busting Lindsay’s case, outside intervention is what will expose the corrupt.

  18. F Columbo says:

    The guessing game is going no where this needs to be reviewed by fresh eye’s, outside eyes like Jim Clemente and his team very highly qualified people that tend to cut straight through all the bullshit. Much better off to talk with the Crown prosecutor’s office about an outside review and what the rules might be regarding who has access to any info. Sure the Crown will try to resist but that can be overcome all your asking for is a review and recommendations to the police. The police probably resist because they may fear criticism that’s not the point Chris at all we don’t need to even know what the recommendations are. Talk with Jim Clemente guy’s get a price for his team start fund raising or find a sponsor like CBS.

  19. Joe Blow says:

    The reason that Jason RAN IMMEDIATELY TO THE MASTER BEDROOM was because he knew in advance that this is where she would be murdered.

    It was on the 2nd floor and they would have discussed killing her on the 2nd floor in the event that something went wrong and she were able to temporarily get away — so that they’d have time to catch her before she could get out of the master bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the house.

    If they attacked her right inside the front doors, then she would have had a much greater chance of getting back out the front doors and summoning help.

    Jason’s actions show that he premeditated the crime with the killers (and certainly his mother).

    Jason’s actions (frequent texts to let him know when it was done), lack of actions (arriving late on purpose, not showing the house with Lindsay, bringing an alibi witness, etc.), statements, lack of truthful statements (such as who he was with on the day of the crime — his set-up alibi friend), are enough to charge him and pressure should be put on the prosecutor to charge him. Once he is charged, the dominoes will begin to fall.

  20. Joe Blow says:

    Lindsay said that she saw something that she shouldn’t have (like a real estate house – overseen by Sheryl and Jason – filled with kilos of drugs etc. and her boyfriend Jason SHOULD know what this was and if he says that he has no idea – then HE was a part of the “something.”

    Couples share nearly EVERYTHING with each other and Lindsay certainly would have mentioned this “something” to him (as they were dating) UNLESS he was part of the “something.”

    If I saw something strange or dangerous etc., I certainly would tell that story to my girlfriend/wife/partner the next time I saw them — and we’d probably talk about it several times over the next few days.

    As a result, if Jason states that he does not know that Lindsay saw, then HE is part of it — HE was with or doing the “something that she should not have seen!” #OccamsRazor

    Think about it … if you saw a car accident or fire or bank robbery … wouldn’t it be the first thing you told to you wife when you got home? And you’d probably talk about it several times over the next few days.

    If Lindsay saw something, then she would have told it to Jason and if he says otherwise, then he is the “something” that she saw — which also explains why she didn’t go into more detail with you (her father) as she was conflicted as to what she should do and didn’t want to put her boyfriend in a bad light with you until she could think the matter over more.

    • Wish I could help says:

      Very good point! Your significant other would almost always be the first person you tell. I agree with you 100%

    • Retired Detective says:

      If Lindsay saw something and it involved the Zailos, maybe it was enough to scare her. She was seriously planning to leave the little shit around that time. If it what she saw involved Jason, I doubt she would tell him if she was planning on leaving him because it would put her at risk if he knew she knew about it. If it did t involve him, it would be more likely she would share it with him. I think it had something to do with the Zailos or why would she not want to give Jeff more details? Why wouldn’t she tell her father? What was behind that decision? Come up with some possibilities to explore further please.

      • see closely says:

        Perhaps it was something more closely involved with her closer personal situation-RD.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Please explain what you mean by this. It doesn’t get any closer or personal than your live in boyfriend and his mother who is also your boss that you work in the same office with.

    • Svetlana says:

      I have a feeling that it wasn’t drugs that got her killed. In the video, didn’t they say her previous boyfriend was into drugs also so it wasn’t something new? We don’t know if it was even for that reason. She must have seen something much worse that involved her feelings.

      The house on DeSousa Place was listed for sale at the beginning of January. Someone in ADVANCE knew it was going to be listed, that the property will be empty and ready for sale after being built, and who knew that it will be sold by the Remax office managed and owned by Shirley Zailo.

      People have mentioned the ski trip that the Zailos and Lindsay took in December. When I saw the photos of Lindsay from that ski trip, a huge feeling came over me saying that this girl was not happy. It showed in her face.

      BC police MUST PUT those three family members in jail to start.

      • Justice says:

        The house had been on the market for a while Until the listing expired in late 2007. It was re-listed in January 2008. I don’t know what broker the original listing was with?

  21. Mudi Muhammad says:

    I’m from the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I saw the story of Lindsay on Investigation Discovery channel, and as a mum of two girls and a boy I would like to show my support & respect to all what Lindsay’s father and family are doing to keep her memory alive and to bring her justice. I wish I can help, but all what I can do is to pray that after all these years justice will be served. 🕊

  22. Lillian says:

    Dear Moderator
    I am curious as to why my posting of correspondence to & response from MP Elizabeth May have not been posted? (Weeks ago) I’m not sure if there is a legal angle that warrants this decision or …… ?
    I think I make a big effort to support this cause and when my efforts are dismissed I do get offended. Please reconsider. Thank you.

    • lbmurder says:

      Please re submit without disparaging comments towards other posters. We are attempting to eliminate interpersonal bickering and maintain the focus on Lindsay’s murder and not between posters.

  23. Annie says:

    Jason is involved in my opinion. If you look at his movements from 5:15 to discovering the body, all sorts of red flags go up. He was late to get to the house. The same house Lindsay voiced concern over showing. He gets there and there is no buyer’s car anywhere, so what does he do? He pulls past the house and sits! WTF! He doesn’t pull up out front or even knock on the door; he pulls past the house like he does not want to be seen. I personally think he did this to give the people time to get out of the house. Then, after sitting there and not calling Lindsay, but texting instead (why would he text when he called at 5:30?) then he pulls around the corner and sits for more time. This is very weird behaviour.
    Then when he did the reenactment, he ran straight upstairs to the master bedroom. Why not the kitchen? Why not the garage? There was just a knowingness in his behaviour. How can he be cleared? What are the cops waiting for? Good God?

    • Svetlana says:

      Cohen Oatman, the wimp, knows more than what he is telling. He was sitting next to Jason the whole time. He can’t be that dumb?

      • Justice says:

        Maybe he is dumb, and that’s why Jason chose him to be his alibi.

        • Rosanne says:

          Mr. oatman did some work for me. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He was highly recommended by someone I trust. I felt very comfortable working with him. A nice family man. I did not know about any of this or he still works for Jason’s company and not sure how I feel about that. I am going to suggest if you need an alibi you pick a good clean one.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            What was Cohen doing for employment at the time of the murder? Does anyone know? I don’t think he was in real estate and if that’s the case it would be disturbing that he is now in real estate and working in the same office as Jason.

            • Retired Detective says:

              During the time of the murder, Cohen and Jason were working at the same mortgage company. Currently, Jason has his own mortgage company franchise and Cohen works for him. During the time of the murder, Jason was also working as a realtor at Re/Max and had an office in the same location as Lindsay with access to all of her client’s files. He also had access to the DeSousa property address.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Thank you. Don’t you find it odd that Jason’s witness, who was not particularly close to him and was duped into going along for that ride, is now working for Jason?

                • Justice says:

                  If Cohen is this good guy everyone says he is, I doubt he would continue to work with someone who he thought was involved in his GF’s murder. That tell me that he was unaware of what was going on around him and may just be naive. He was chosen for a reason. That doesn’t mean he isn’t nice or smart, just not very observant, maybe easily distracted and gullible. He may be getting a large salary from Jason now as well. What bothers me is that he saw the clients coming out the front door and withheld this information from Jeff, even misleading Jeff unless he fell asleep or something.

                  • Rosanne says:

                    You are forgetting the POLICE pubically cleared the Zailos of any involvement. It had been my understanding that meant, the police had turned over all the rocks and they were clean. I had believed for a long time that had to be correct and people saying stuff about the Zailos were just making it up to have something to talk about. The police were not known for being on the side of criminals. People on this site have a whole lot more information about this case. It is easy to say, well knowing this how come all of you ignorant people keep getting it wrong? Twelve years ago something printed in a newspaper was thought to be true. Don’t forget they had video proof Jason had an alibi. The public was being told Lindsay was killed by a durg cartel.After reading this blog and hearing how Lindsay’s father and family are being treated by the police it becomes clear the public was not told the truth.

            • Robin says:

              Good question. It could be somewhat telling.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Thank you Robin. Even if he was working in real estate at the time of the murder the fact that he now works for Jason, someone that he did not hang out with and who obviously duped him into going along for the ride on that horrendous day, is in my opinion very telling. The police should be checking his bank accounts for large sums of unexplained money or unexplained assets. This is not rocket science.

        • MJG says:

          JUSTICE: I do not think this man Oatman is dumb or even a wimp! …..I would rather think that this man is in “TOTAL FEAR” with no way out “OR” he gets the same fate as Lindsey! I am sure that he knows the whole murder story by now and who did it…..the whole 9 yards!
          I think he has a family and he is definitely keeping silent in order to protect his immediate family…..and if the police “were” as pure and clean as “Snow White”, Mister Oatman and his family would have been relocated and placed into a protection plan to this very day ……(knowing what he know)
          So, my conclusion is: could be that Mister Oatman is being threatened to kept silent by BOTH “the killer(s)” and (possibly) “the police”…..for, this unfortunate man had and has no choice…..he is a victim of extortion and corruption…….an unfortunate life to live!
          He’ll be Dam if he do, he’ll be Dam if he don’t ……his live is in the “MERCY” of these evil people!
          Just saying! Just an opinion!

    • Retired Detective. says:

      And he continues to refuse to submit his DNA!!!

  24. Tina says:

    How would the murderers know for sure there wasn’t anyone there without having some kind of connection to the builder or more likely Remax?

  25. Real Man says:

    Told to remove reward money, flew to Calgary to threaten Jeff with cop who wouldn’t identify himself,cleared main suspects early in case tainting case,main cop involved in Real Estate, ex cop dated main suspect,several vet cops retire same time of murder,refusal to classify as cold case to let other agencies have a look, told Jeff shut down web site it’s hurting the case, cops know where burner phone was Vid,and on and on. This is not incompetence this is involvement. The only reason this case is not solved is because the cops don’t want it solved. Throw these dirty pigs in jail and expose corrupt BC.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I agree 100%. This whole case stinks to high heaven. Who was told to remove the reward money? Jeff? And who told him to do that? The SPD? If so, that is bizarre!!

  26. Robin says:

    Gordon Campbell’s previous government, law enforcement because they know exactly what they packed out of the legislature building during the B.C. Rail Scandal, current government because they are not letting us see what is being covered up so they are in fact covering up crimes too. Drugs were being discussed because they were investigating drug dealer Jas Bain’s who was talking to one of his cousins who worked directly for 1 of the 2 ministers in Campbell’s cabinet and that is how they got onto the corruption. Dave Basi and Bob Virk both plead guilty yet tax payers covered their lawyer bills to the tune of 6.2 million bucks. So to answer your question it seems to me that your question of who? Well probably all of the above and it’ll all fall down if we huff and we puff. It’s huge whatever it is, my imagination isn’t ugly enough to even get my head around it but boy oh boy the corruption must be huge and if the cards start falling we’ll find Lindsay’s murderer and the conspirators in the pile with all the other slime that slinks around the lower mainland in luxury vehicles acting like they are really the top of the heap. Losers let the losers, cheaters, lowlifes be known ffs.

  27. Robin says:

    Check this out:
    I’ll be researching a way to get Lindsay’s name into these people. Love it, Crowd Solving, we are ahead of our time people.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Share what you are able to find out and let’s do it. I realize the crime in BC is huge, however, there are many law abiding citizens (even though to you don’t appear to have any laws to abide to) that could stand together and clean up BC. Sitting back and saying nothing does nothing, standing together as a very large group would bring change. Too many drugs, too many unsolved murders, too much corruption. Your housing market is off the wall, why drug money. If every community in the BC total got together and voiced concerns someone will have to listen. If you sit back and say nothing, one day sadly, your children may be murdered or just disappear. Come on BC STAND UP for your rights.

  28. No Name Brand says:

    More is needed from this discussion on whom the people the Saanich Police are covering for (i.e these alleged white collar members) are they government? current government? law enforcement? previous government?, politicians?, lawyers?, cartels? drug syndicates etc……

    • Rosanne says:

      Excuse me? This is a murder investigation and the only question should be is WHAT THE HECK ARE THE SAANICH POLICE DOING TO SOLVE IT? Are they working their butts off to get the person or people responsible caught, charged and convicted? If they are not working to bring closure to the victim’s family, shame on them! Every tiny move they make in any other direction is wrong.

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