Lindsay Buziak Murder


POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

92 responses to “POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Frank Signoriello says:

    Rianne Garcias phone records should have been checked . she would have had to relay the information about the referral to either the burner or an unknown number that might have lead to a new lead. All of her boyfriends family as well. Someone was in communication with the killers from that real estate office either directly of through another number but if follwed through new leads should show through. As far as the escape through the back yard sounds far fetched . Jason drove passed the front he noticed the killers were still there so he pulled passed the house and sat for 10 minuted so his unknowing passenger would not see them leave he watch them leave then drove back to the house . He went to extremes to make sure his alibi covered him his mom and even his brother by calling his brother for directions and then his mom for the code asking a friend to let him buy dinner a half hour after he had lunch then to be recorded on camera. Then his excuse for not going in was I didnt want to seem like an over barring boyfriend Well you were asked to be there and Im sure Linsey let the killers know you were coming for the walk through But it didnt seem to stop them cause they knew he wasn’t coming .The whole family was in on it including Rianne . Having money doesn’t make you smart it makes others not question your motives as much .

  2. Alper says:

    Also, we came along with his friend, which is why. Because he would make his friend as a witness on any charge.

  3. Alper says:

    I think her boyfriend’s a killer. It’s very thoughtful that he doesn’t go in there after we get there and wait until 6 o’clock. The reason he waited so long was because of the time it took to destroy the evidence.

  4. Andrew Thomas says:

    Who provided casefile with the names of the 4 persons of interest? If none of those men are involved in the murder what is the significance of the cell phone pings and why was that information provided to casefile? At the 51.00 minute mark, the producer said he was told about the cell phone records.

    “The murder phone travelled to the Island the day before Lindsay’s murder.I’ve been told cell phone records show when that phone got to the Island Vid’s phone pinged in the same location as the murder phone when it came in on the ferry.The murder phone and his phone are then said to have pinged off the same tower later that night as well. The one that’s close to his house. I have also been told that there are phone records that show four people all come together suddenly from different parts of Victoria one hour after Lindsay’s murder at which time all their phones started to ping together. The four people are Vid Acevedo, Medardo Rivas, Edwardson and Eldriegson Del Alcazar”.

    • Robin says:

      Yes I have heard this too. It is very odd BUT even when I think about those thugs I still can’t understand JaSin’s odd behaviour that evening. Why was SZ hanging around the area? Why did she show up so soon at the DeSousa house? Does anyone have an idea about why the 4 phones would ping a hour after Lindsay was murdered?

      • Andrew Thomas says:

        My question was not about Jason or Shirly. I am more curious about the behavior of the four men who came together one hour after Lindsay’s murder. Why was their phone records shared with the producer of casefile? Did the police share that information with the producer?

    • Mark G. says:

      Is your source in LE? If not, kind of dubious information.

    • Kendra Devine says:

      Does anybody think that the mother Shirley zailo hired someone to kill Lindsay? I was thinking what if Shirley hired those 4 men to kill Lindsay for whatever reason and to make it seem like some sort of serial killer killing- the reason she was stabbed so many times- and to make sure she was definitely dead. Then later paid off police to say that Lindsays boyfriend passed the polygraph test hence the reason why police are not doing anything and refuse to show the files. What if lindsays boyfriend really didn’t pass the polygraph and shirley who was basically rich just paid off the police to shut their mouth.

  5. Clark Kent says:

    Del Alcazar family and friends looking very suspicious. Rianne Gracia had the means to set up the hit, quit her job, and refuses to cooperate with LE. Huge red flag. I think it is only a matter of time before someone messes up again and goes to LE for the plea deal and the house of cards comes tumbling down.

    • Svetlana says:

      Tell us more about this person and what her relation is with Lindsay and the Zailos. Excuse my ignorance but what does LE stand for?

      • Clark Kent says:

        “Rianne Gracia was one of Lindsay Buziak’s close friends. She’s a woman with Spanish blood and tight ties to the real murder conspiracy suspects —- Vid (Edgar Ovidio Acevedo), the Delacazar brothers, Cirilo Bautista Lopez (maternal uncle to the Delacazars), Medardo Franco Rivas, Miguel Franco Rivas and upline Sinaloa Drug Cartel lieutenants like the certainly probable knife-man, Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran and his sister Hermila Beltran—the probably certain Mexican phone-lady and the dyed blond in the swirly dress.

        Rianne Gracia worked inside the ReMax office with Lindsay. Rianne inputted the DeSousa property information into the Re/Max listing system. She had access to all information necessary to feed the conspirators and set Lindsay up with the “Mexicans” at the DeSousa property. Rianne Gracia knew everything about that scene and she knew most of the front-line people suspected in conspiring to set Lindsay up.

        Rianne Gracia quit Re/Max the day after Lindsay’s murder without proper notice or adequate reason. Rianne’s been an uncooperative police person-of-interest ever after and, to this day, Rianne Gracia refuses to take a polygraph examination. This makes Rianne Gracia a prime person-of-interest and—rightfully—the link who’ll come forward and tell the truth.”


        The inference here is that the details given to Lindsay by “the Mexicans” (the killers) were designed so that no other house would be selected. The murder house was chosen by Rianne, who knew of the listing. The Casefile podcast states that the cellphone of “the Mexicans” and Vid pinged at the same time at the same cellphone tower when the killers got to Vancouver Island. Moreover, cellphones of the four POI above pinged together the night of the murder. Strong circumstantial evidence, but police need a witness to corroborate this in court.

        The noose is slowly tightening for these degenerates – who will get the plea deal first?

        LE = Law Enforcement. POI = Persons of Interest.

        • lbmurder says:

          You should be commenting on the main page not here as everyone is active on the main page

        • Just A Canadian says:

          You obviously know more than most so share on the main page what you know.

        • Robin says:

          Times Colonist Saanich Police quote, “Erickson Lopez Delalcazar was a high-school friend of Lindsay Buziak, the 24-year-old real estate agent who was murdered on Feb. 2, 2008, in a vacant house that was for sale.
          Buziak met with her high-school friend in Calgary six weeks before she was killed, but Saanich police have said there’s no connection between him and Buziak’s murder.”

          Clark Kent… why did the Saanich Police say this then. Taken from the Times Columnist, March 2015. Furthermore how do you explain JaSIN’s odd behaviour between lunch with Lindsay and arriving at the DeSousa house? C’mon Clark Kent tell us your Superman theory.

  6. mG says:

    Lindsay was going to break off the relationship with her boyfriend. Lindsay had seen a lot of stuff that the boyfriend and his mom were involved in. The mom was concerned because she could leak stuff that could get them in a serious bind. The boyfriend was upset about being dumped and the criminal ramifications of Lindsay talking. The decision was made by these two to use criminal associates to murder her. The boyfriend was sure to establish his alibi and then find the body. The mother was sure to be miles away as well. This was choreographed for sometime, primarily the mother’s doing with assistance from some of the criminal associates in BC. The police in that area are no necessarily corrupt, but there are some people in law enforcement with ties to the underworld up there. God Bless the dad for keeping this thing alive, but this thing has been swept far under the rug.

  7. Toni says:

    My theory, and it makes sense at every angle, but i can’t find any info on the previous owners and tax records aren’t there. I just debriefed my husband on the situation and he agrees,
    When you want to hurt someone but physically can’t, where do you go, assests. It’s all about the money. You have a million dollar home and want to make sure someone doesn’t reep the benefits, and in fact leave it to to haunt them. This isn’t a million dollar life insurance, it’s a million dollar home that’s been strategically scorned by a high profile (young lindsay) savage attack to keep from anyone buying the home… It’s a revenge, money, most likely cheating scandal. Poor Lindsay was just a pawn,

    • Joel says:

      Which also makes sense of the plans, the investigation revolves around this house. They knew exactly how to isolate the house, throw them off with the 3 bedrooms, house maid, oh yeah we have a million dollar budget…and plan a get a way. Hint hint it’s someone that was extremely familiar with Their house. The house was the target, not lindsay….

      • Robin says:

        I disagree with you Joel. The house was a convenience for the murder. Joe De Sousa owned it, he was friends with Shirley Zailo’s boyfriend, Paul Bergshoeff. Joe DeSousa was dividing the land around this house that his family had owned for years. Houses were under construction around them at that time of Lindsay’s murder. My point being Joe DeSousa and his trashy friends knew exactly what was going on in that cul de sac at the time of the murder and they could control and predict activity at any time. No it wasn’t about the house it was about Lindsay knowing something that threatened the criminal lifestyle of DeSousa, the Zailo’s, Horsley, and the likes of them. It was crazy that Terry Shein lived next door to Joe DeSousa too, I wonder when he moved into that house because I believe he was the escape route. Casefile 28 on you tube explains how that happened.

    • Lindsay'sLightStillShines says:

      Actually that’s way too simple and doesn’t add up being that it was Lindsay that chose THAT home.
      The potential “buyers” aka Evil murders just needed something in 3 days.

  8. Svetlana says:

    I think someone who is not directly involved with the murder knows or suspects who is. If they know the difference between good and bad then they must do the right thing. Even if they do it anonymously, either post it here or write a letter or something, anything, or even make it public should they wish. He/she can only help this family. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? Do the right thing.

  9. Svetlana says:

    The person who knew who all the clients of Lindsay’s were and who found out that this particular one was away…So the person who conspired was the one who had a GOOD ACCESS to this information. If they didn’t know them very well already, and to find out which client was gone, wouldn’t they have had to call around? Did the police contact all her clients to see if they had any suspicious telephone hang-ups?

  10. Robin says:

    Shirley Zailo knew the owner of the house on
    De Sousa, that is why that house was chosen. Unlimited access to the house while they were planning Lindsay’s demise. It would have never worked like it did if Shirley Zailo didn’t have complete access to the house, yard, neighbor, fence. Shirley’s boyfriend at the time also knew home owner. As far as clients that supposedly gave Lindsay’s contact out was BS. SZ was manager at Remax and she must have known people were going to be out of town and Lindsay could not reach them to verify. SZ would have been paying attention to everything Lindsay did starting in December when OJason was caught behind bedroom door eavesdropping on Lindsay and Nikki and heard Lindsay say she wanted to leave him when some deals closed. Jason whined to Mommy and she twisted off with anger. This is not related to drug bust, Lindsay’s murder has the devil Zailo’s marks all over it. The Calgary drug deal is just used to keep people from looking at the Zailo’s. The SPD are protecting Zailo’s by trying to confuse people.

    • Agatha says:

      Why cant they find her clients that where away on vacation? They should go through every real estate client she had. Plus this is total speculation but where was Shirley at the time of the murder? was she the women at the visit? showing up last minute with the male client telling Lindsey she new the clients after-all (possibly through the clients that recommended her) and somehow bumped into him and decided to go.

      • see closely says:

        Maybe because there was not a connection with a real estate business except to use it to set the time and place of murder.The killer had a close relationship with Lindsay,completely removed from the real estate.We need to go well back in time to solve this killing.The woman sketch may be connected to women in the past history of of family.

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