Lindsay Buziak Murder


POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

25 responses to “POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Dawn says:

    Please take a look into the boy friend’s mom. If I was working for my boy friend’s mom, why would I ever talk about my ex-boyfriend. I think she is lying. This sounds all to staged. Lindsay is telling loved ones she is going to breakup with Jason.

  2. Richard says:

    The police ruled Jason out on a pocket dial and an inadmissible lie detector test. When they rethink these two events they will arrest Jason Zailo.

  3. Darlene says:

    I would want to know how much that house sold for after Lindsay was murdered in it AND who bought it AND who sold the house!

  4. Patti says:

    This tragic murder was well orchestrated; something someone who does a lot planning/staging would do. The woman knew Lindsay.

  5. DoxyLady says:

    Jason is absolutely involved. Or the world’s biggest schmuck. He knew she was fearful of the appt. Why would he not be on time and, if late, why sit outside and not run to check on her. People just don’t do stuff like this to a partner.

    • Patti says:

      I agree! If I was worried (as Lindsay was) and my boyfriend knew that (as Jason did) –, my boyfriend would NOT sit outside, waiting… for ??? Interesting that on that same day, he coerced his colleague to go to lunch with him then had him come with him to that house (unknown to the colleague until they were driving to the house) I have been listening to Casefile podcast Case 28. Poor girl! Poor Dad! I feel for them.

      • Carol says:

        I agree. I was a realtor and had an eerie feeling twice in my 14 year career. One time I took my husband with me to the appointment at a vacant house (the seller kept asking why he was with me and i said he was my partner and helped measure). Another time I had another realtor join me for the appointment to discuss which houses we would view. The purchaser kept picking vacant homes. When the other realtor gave the purchaser his card he said he didn’t want that and was only dealing with me. I said we go together on all appointments and he walked out and never came back. Thinking back I should have reported these people to the police.

        I also think Jason’s mother had something to do with it because she was mentoring Lindsay to take over the business and then heard Lindsay was planning to dump her son.

  6. Jo-Anne says:

    I’m having a problem swallowing the timeline here so maybe someone can help me out. It was settled the last text her phone got was 5:38 and the murder took place between 5:38 and 5:41. So question 1. Did anyone else besides Jayson and his sidekick see the couple leave? Question 2. Did they not examine both Lindsay’s and Jason’s phones? He claims to have sent an are you alright text after that was not received on her phone? Did it show on his that he had infact sent this alleged text. If now why lie about it? Red flag number two! . Question 3. If RCMP could access the burner cell pings, did they also access any other numbers it called after activation leading up to the murder? Question 4. The news report states with a wrong time of 911 call being key, dateline says Jason made 2 calls, so why would Jason make the first call annonomus when it’s his girlfriend would he not have stated why? Instead of just wanting someone to check out a house? Huge red flag. Question 5. If Jason was as worried as led to believe why would he not just go into the house with sidekick when seeing a Man exit? Why wait in the car for an additional 20 minutes? Question #6 has anyone actually done the drive from where he was to the house? Did it take them 15 minutes to do the drive or less? Could he have actually been there sent the text murder her, change his cloths then make his apparent first 6:05 call to 911?. Did they search his vehicle and dumpsters close to the location? Question # 7. Did they not swab all areas for DNA and prints? I haven’t heard of a murder yet were some amount of DNA was left behind? A stabbing is a very violent way to be murdered. I can’t access the actual stabbing news releases so I don’t have that info. So many questions, did she have life insurance, if so who was the benifactor ?

    As far as the comment goes, no woman would be jumping a fence in that dress with out having it hiked up to her hips to get her leg over. Especially if it took a grown man to boost another up and over it.

    This whole thing reeks of Jason, I’m sorry to say. Logically anyway with the info available. With Jason’s drug buddies on the mainland it would be pretty easy for one of them to pick up a burner on the mainland and activate it. Which brings me to, did any of his mainland buddies arrive on the island the day prior or the day of Lindsay’s murder?.

    The online confession was a very illiterate person, however have the done an ip search, everything out there has a unique one.

    To Lindsay’s Dad
    I am so very sorry for your loss and still having to wait to find out what happened to your beautiful daughter. Being a parent as well I know I wouldn’t rest without knowing myself. I hope you get the answers you seek so you can finally lay her to rest, for both of you.

  7. Carol says:

    I think the boyfriend’s mother is the instigator. She taught Lindsay everything she knew about real estate with the hopes that Lindsay (who was to be her future daughter-in-law) would take over the business. When she overheard Lindsay telling a friend she was breaking up with her son, mother-in-law to be lost it. I think she co-conspired with her son and that they did this together, or paid someone else to make it as brutal as it was. So sorry for your loss Mr. Buziak. I was a realtor and left the business years ago due to two incidents where my gut kicked in and told me not to go to a meeting with a new client.

    • Judy McMillian says:

      I agree I thought mother-in-law was involved both her and her son too calm for me. It had to be jealousy and money

      • Cathy Whitney says:

        Well, first off, I was wondering about the boyfriends’ mother saying Lindsay said bad things about the ex-boyfriend when her father & friend contradicted that.
        Then I was wondering why the real estate office/boyfriend’s mother would allow a 24 year old to go to sell a multi-million home by herself? Wouldn’t someone want to share in the commission with Lindsay? How long was Lindsay selling real estate? How experienced was she? How long was the boyfriend’s mother/experienced at selling real estate? If Lindsay had minimal experience, just seems to me that someone would want to split commission with her, unless they knew that it was all a set up.
        Also, if the boyfriend was sitting out front, how did the murderers get away? Especially walking out of the house with blood on them. If they changed clothes, so they didn’t risk people seeing them, wouldn’t they have gotten some of her blood somewhere else?
        Just an observation, but in the interview on Dateline, when the boyfriend became emotional about missing Lindsay, the mother looked like she wanted to just roll her eyes. If that was one of my sons’ giving an interview about the loss of their girlfriend (in a horrific way no less & they discovered body), I would be showing them my support of love by perhaps patting their arm or leg to let them know that I was going through this horrific ordeal with them.
        Also, If someone said they wanted to buy a multi-million dollar home in two days, wouldn’t some sort of background check/preapproval been needed or required to be performed? Did the office expect buyers to pay cash?
        Most times they say follow the money! I think there’s more to the money aspect that the police didn’t share. Who had the listing of the house?

  8. Brandy Stokes says:

    Has anyone looked into Brian’s wife? She would have been the girlfriend at the time and the one with the most to lose if Lindsay and Brian rekindled their relationship. It would also make sense that she hire someone instead of doing it herself

  9. Judy McMillian says:

    The real estate offic should have a name and credit report for the people who where on the schedule to see the house you do not take clients to see that price of home without prior information on the clients I would take a look into the real estate firm seems like someone there was jealous of victim

  10. Susan Donahue says:

    This was murder … just murder. So much work went into the set-up.

    Here are my questions;
    1. I’m wondering if the boyfriend had the habit of texting her when he was a few minutes away.
    2. When the bf arrived and she was still in the house, he pulled out of the cul de sac….
    … I’m surprised he didn’t send a text letting her know he’d arrived and was around the corner
    3. Did Lindsay’s Mom (very experienced realtor) hear about the “Mexican couple” with strange accents
    that wanted to buy a million dollar house within 48 hours ahead of time? I can’t picture her Mom hearing this and
    letting Lindsay go to show the house alone.
    4. When Lindsay reconnected with friends in Calgary, was a spark of jealousy ignited?

    The part I keep coming back to is the female member of the murder team. Very unusual.
    IMHO the Calgary connection and drug bust seems like a red herring.
    Someone else mentioned checking out ex girlfriends of Lindsay’s boyfriend.
    I’d check out the friends from Calgary… and folks on the street / confidential informants, etc.

    People talk… it’s simply human nature. At some point one or both of the murderers will talk.

  11. Martin says:

    The way the deadly encounter was set up — as a pretend viewing of an upscale property — suggests that the perpetrator had at least some knowledge of the real estate industry’s workings. They may have also observed Lindsay at work to understand her motivations better. They may have been pressed for time, hence the lead they knew she could not refuse. It was eerily ‘organized’ and planned. I don’t think by age 24 Lindsay would have stepped on too many toes as an agent. The oddly ritual aspects of the crime make it look like a sectarian warning directed at someone close to her.

  12. Karen says:

    Just saw show on her story & appalled at brutality which is not usual for pro hitmen, from what I’ve learned. Being that murder was in such a wealthy area, did police pull all cameras(personal & commercial) to look for people on foot or their vehicle(s)? Also, has everyone been polygraphed, like immediate circle( & those listed in poll) as well as other women interested in her current/former boyfriends, other competitive realtors in re-max & other realty companies that she cd be pushing out of commissions? Also, did she have life insurance & if so, who wd benefit from her death? Can records of the house on the realtor’s site be pulled or google maps of the house be pulled to get a new database to search? That’s all I can think of other than interviewing closest friends of those in her circle and keeping up a reward for info leading to future arrests.. best of luck.. keep the faith they will be caught.

  13. Angel says:

    Has anyone checked out ZAILOS’ EX? Who was he seeing BEFORE Lindsay???

    • Sam says:

      Prior to Lindsay, Jason was seeing another realtor so hopefully the police followed that lead as well. Per what I read, Jason’s ex-girlfriend also stated she got a call from Jason’s mom’s phone number talking to her in a strange accent. Unless the ex was lying to bring attention elsewhere if she is guilty?. I wonder if the police verified phone records to see if this call was in fact made?

  14. JW says:

    I recently watched the Dateline report, and with the only known connection to Lindsay and the murderer being the cell phone…it was activated online and never used after the murder. To me this seems like the 1 potential tool…during the registry process there must have been some “account” creation or activation requirements…an Email or alternate contact info…Perhaps IP address tracking? Could’ve been activated using some alternate smart phone…?

  15. Jade says:

    Jason Zailo with Ziggy Matheson were the main conspirators, possibly Shirley Zailo because why did Paul rush off to the Netherlands so quickly after the murder? Ziggy then asked someone he knew, most likely someone who bought drugs off of him, a drug connection most definitely. The two hired hands most likely are through Vid and the Delcalazers.

  16. Luisa Aviles says:

    What about co-workers or maybe somebody that had a competition with her in the market. I hope she sees justice.

  17. Nicholas says:

    I left this huge paragraph on my theory and I just read the langford lizard part of this website. I guess I am right. LOL I knew zailo had something to do with it. Of course I think it was indirectly. Very sad. She was beautiful.

  18. richard yonan says:

    Who ever did it has a serious mental do that to another human is so wrong you would have to be totally insane, if they have even a minute hint of morality they surely must be affected by what they did.
    I just hope it eats them up.
    Really sad for you Jeff and hope it gets resolved soon for you.
    Richard yonan

  19. Richard Dugan says:

    Quite often, public opinion and or gut feelings are the truth.

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