Lindsay Buziak Murder


POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

5 responses to “POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Jade says:

    Jason Zailo with Ziggy Matheson were the main conspirators, possibly Shirley Zailo because why did Paul rush off to the Netherlands so quickly after the murder? Ziggy then asked someone he knew, most likely someone who bought drugs off of him, a drug connection most definitely. The two hired hands most likely are through Vid and the Delcalazers.

  2. Luisa Aviles says:

    What about co-workers or maybe somebody that had a competition with her in the market. I hope she sees justice.

  3. Nicholas says:

    I left this huge paragraph on my theory and I just read the langford lizard part of this website. I guess I am right. LOL I knew zailo had something to do with it. Of course I think it was indirectly. Very sad. She was beautiful.

  4. richard yonan says:

    Who ever did it has a serious mental do that to another human is so wrong you would have to be totally insane, if they have even a minute hint of morality they surely must be affected by what they did.
    I just hope it eats them up.
    Really sad for you Jeff and hope it gets resolved soon for you.
    Richard yonan

  5. Richard Dugan says:

    Quite often, public opinion and or gut feelings are the truth.

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