Lindsay Buziak Murder


POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

66 responses to “POLL- Who Conspired To Murder Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Svetlana says:

    The person who knew who all the clients of Lindsay’s were and who found out that this particular one was away…So the person who conspired was the one who had a GOOD ACCESS to this information. If they didn’t know them very well already, and to find out which client was gone, wouldn’t they have had to call around? Did the police contact all her clients to see if they had any suspicious telephone hang-ups?

  2. Robin says:

    Shirley Zailo knew the owner of the house on
    De Sousa, that is why that house was chosen. Unlimited access to the house while they were planning Lindsay’s demise. It would have never worked like it did if Shirley Zailo didn’t have complete access to the house, yard, neighbor, fence. Shirley’s boyfriend at the time also knew home owner. As far as clients that supposedly gave Lindsay’s contact out was BS. SZ was manager at Remax and she must have known people were going to be out of town and Lindsay could not reach them to verify. SZ would have been paying attention to everything Lindsay did starting in December when OJason was caught behind bedroom door eavesdropping on Lindsay and Nikki and heard Lindsay say she wanted to leave him when some deals closed. Jason whined to Mommy and she twisted off with anger. This is not related to drug bust, Lindsay’s murder has the devil Zailo’s marks all over it. The Calgary drug deal is just used to keep people from looking at the Zailo’s. The SPD are protecting Zailo’s by trying to confuse people.

    • Agatha says:

      Why cant they find her clients that where away on vacation? They should go through every real estate client she had. Plus this is total speculation but where was Shirley at the time of the murder? was she the women at the visit? showing up last minute with the male client telling Lindsey she new the clients after-all (possibly through the clients that recommended her) and somehow bumped into him and decided to go.

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