Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

320 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Theodore /Incognito says:

    The issue is two fold, we have a city that has received interest from around the world because of our beauty and location with respect to real estate investments. This has created many opportunities and exposed the true nature of many of the individuals in this tragedy. Second, Mr. Buziak will never find justice with the SPD for reasons already highlighted. IlLegally entering citizens home, removing or damaging personal property and intimidating and threatening behaviours is the rule not the exception to the rule here in Victoria. How to get the appropriate people together on this tragedy can only come from outside the present, negligent, corrupt, self serving institution we have now.

    Not all of SPD corrupt but safe to say without exception all the members to stay employed either are dishonest daily from basic traffic duty to more serious activities to cover up their own incompetence.

    Must be enough interested parties to come together and make some in rodeos. Those indivuals need to understand SPD and the shit rats in this community all work outside the law, and this perhaps a start. FILM the Saanich Police at every opportunity. As they congregate at the coffe shop of their choice, when they disobey traffic laws, park in no parking zones, travelling the wrong way on a one way street, harassing the disenfranchised, citizens can bring to the forefront their negligent behaviours. This may bring NEW blood into the department and bring into focus the Zailo’s
    Once again. Send prayers and strength to Jeff

  2. Incognito says:

    I worked with Lindsay and the Zailo’s. The fact that Jason did not accompany Lindsay or enter the home immediately upon arriving removes any doubt to me this was designed and orchestrated by the Zailo’s and others. Any law enforcement official retired or working would see immediate red flags with Jason’s demeanour and his account of events. Chris’s walk through in the house with Jason was so far below what can be deemed as competent as to be no investigation at all. If this was a member’s daughter this would have been solved In my opinion.

    Human behaviour shifts for people in times of stress/ tragedy, the difference here is prior to the murder Jason’s behaviour was so dismissive and uncaring for Lindsay. Nobody fucking goes to an appt under the guise of accompanying a colleague for protection/support or comfort and then hides, never mind a boyfriend!!!!
    Saanich members do not have the experience or knowledge to manage this murder. Chris Has mismanaged and simply botched the entire investigation from day one in my opinion. Not personal, the members I am sure good people, but my experience with Saanich does not Instill confidence.

    It may be corrupt real estate transactions have a play in this along with Illegal drug activity involving the Zailo’s and others? She was no threat and would have just gone on with her life. My understanding is most of the Zailo’s family members were close to the scene, does this not make anyone think? Shirley leaves nothing to chance.

    The notion that a large drug cartel is involved or somehow showing their power for transgressions of locals is absurd. Jason’s behaviour and his Mother’s highlights individuals with no empathy or curiosity to further this investigation, is this normal?

    Most crimes are solved by citizens not police agencies, this is a fact. We collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for people struggling in life to support them, we feel good and everyone benefits.

    Do you not think if a fund was started that was heavily advertised over the net SHOWING like a progressive slot machine the dollar value growing. My experience with the human condition is GREED will motivate a shit rat to tell us more. At this point cannot hurt. I apologize for the rant but at my age and on the way out, I am selfish wanting my colleagues tragedy solved. Lindsay you are still beautiful and a generous soul.

  3. Frank Signoriello says:

    Her boyfriend did everything he could to have a bullet proof alibi from being sure of being on video to going as far asking a distant acquaintance to go out to eat . when they finally arrived at the house he park past the house facing away as to not allow his dinner guest to see something like the killer leaving the house . then he turns around and parks on the side of the house where he could see nothing . when they first drove by what cars were in the drivway? Comon the guy said he saw 2 silhouettes through the glass so another car should have been present . if not in the drive way then close by . The killer was still in the house when he pulled up he knew it. that’s why he drove past the house and parked facing the other direction. he saw the killer leave then he turned around and parked on the opposite side of the house . would it not be questionable that a couple looking to buy a million dollar home didnt drive up to the house. where was thier car parked . There is No doubt that Drugs were involved her boyfriend and his mother both were deeply involved in sometype of Ring. One of the houses in a major drug bust pryor to her death was owned and rented to a dealer friend of her sons. She knew to much and when she threatened to leave they felt she had to die . It was a set up from the 1st call .

    • Rubble says:

      I think it’s also a huge red flag as to why he (Jason) would be so interested in gathering a distant friend for a supper immediately after eating at sauce…. His story/alibi has so many holes in it I question whether he even took a lie detector test let alone past one. The police agency involved on this crime obviously have some “INVESTED” interest in protecting certain people! Must be able to question their server to confirm they actually ate and didnt just have drinks or coffee.

    • Svetlana says:

      I am not sure but I read that Jason and Oatman had an event later on that evening. I think a hockey game? He was for sure behind the murder of Lindsay. Planned it out in the month of January, I don’t think it was planned before that. Definitely after the house was listed with Remax in January. So ideas started popping into his head probably a week or two before he murdered her.

  4. Stacy says:

    Shirley Zailo and Jason Zailo
    100 o/o
    She I believe saw drugs in a house that Shirley was letting be hidden and trafficked from and she had to go.
    Plus Jason probably planned it as well because just a few weeks prior he heard her say she was leaving him.

  5. Derek kantosky says:

    Could be that one of her boyfreinds , or girldfriends, Father, Mother or in her circle of freinds past that may had ties with the drug cartel & overherd, or were involved in some way, or may have known something or thought she may have known something she wasnt suppost to, or was to close, or assumed narc & was elimanated out of extreme paranoia, or killed for the actions of one of her past involvement inbthe Cartel, or her boyfriend screwed something up, ss he seemed to be quite interesred in her safety as she showed that HOUSE, he shows up with a buddy, like if he maybe already knew she might be targeted for something he’s done. Who’s boyfriend shows up in the middle of a house showing with a freind!?*@%. Or heck her Mother, or Father even could have been messing with the wrong people, or may have been into something, over there heads; God forbid. Well it seemed to me to be a revenge killing, or mob like hit. Reguardless someone got her killed someone had her killed & God will punish them if the Judiciary system doesn’t first & when Daddy dies he can find the murders then. That gives me an ideal has there been two bodies of any couple come up dead soon after, as they to couldn’t been murdered by the mobsters after they did their dirty work to eliminate them from everr leaking a word to anyone if such an awful crime. That poor poor soul of a Women. What was she into, or was it nothing at all her making, or was it the boyfriend, the parents, the competative housing market? Was there a jealous realtor, or did she sell someone’s dream home they were attempting to buy & was murdered by some rich smart evil entitked richie rich axxhole, or did she have a rich stalker with the financial means to have her murdered and why was a women at & innvolved in this murder, or suppised hit. Was she there to watch here revenge played out, as a women stalker her past. These are a few things that come to my big thinking racing minds ye of who & or why this terribly beautiful human was taken so viciously from her lived ones and life ITSELF, may her families & freinds find peace 8n her living life’s reflection in earth as we all shine or reflect like the sun good or bad or indifferent.

  6. Marie Williams says:

    I just viewed the podcast and find this case very intriguing! I have been trying to follow it as closely as I can, but I don’t know as much as some of you on here. Having said that, I do have a couple of questions and observations I would like to share. The commentator said that DNA was collected at the crime scene and that Jason has never allowed his DNA to be collected. Well, it isn’t that difficult to obtain one’s DNA. If you watch enough crime shows, you can collect DNA from garbage left on the curb for pickup. Has this been done?
    Another question I have is, did the perpetrators of this crime select THAT particular house in which to commit the murder or did Lindsay select the house? It seems that some of the characters potentially involved in this crime live near this home. The home itself belonged to the friend of the man that Shirley was living with. I am aware that the buyers requested they wanted to buy a home (and very soon), in the $1 million price range. I am not familiar with the city and have no idea how many other homes were up for sale at that price during that time, it just seems to convenient. Do we know how much time lapsed from the time Lindsay told them about THE house and the actual viewing? This would give the killers enough time to access the home and prepare to carry out this senseless murder. I understand Shirley has been in the house prior to the murder! It is no coincidence the viewing time was near dark, instead of middle of the day, where they would more likely be visible. This was very personal, very personal. The fact that she was stabbed in the chest…the killer focused stabbing her in her breasts and no where else on her body leads me to think he was sending a message of some kind….not sure what. I think there are too many players involved here and it is much harder to go unsolved. People talk, they eventually break or confide in someone they trust. The Buziak family needs to have justice for Lindsay once and for all! Keep up the good work you are doing Jeff and continue to fight for justice…never give up. God Bless.

  7. Laura Pawlowicz says:

    Have authorities checked the financial records of the real estate company for possible money laundering? Perhaps that’s what she saw, and would also connect the drug dealers? Was high end construction connected to the Zailo family? Was the family ski trip a test to see if Lindsay was “safe” to bring into the family business? Or maybe it was just a case of Mama keeping tabs on her baby boys and wanted to get rid of Lindsay because she was planning on leaving? It would be difficult to still work with someone after they dumped your child, especially if she was privy to incriminating evidence.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Why wasn’t her ex b/f mother looked into? She could have lured Lindsay being the manager of her employer and she could have worn a dress. It was a big thing about the material of the dress? Why wont shops around the area question? Why would she take a walk with her the day before her murder and tell her how unhappy she was or afraid of her current boyfriend that doesn’t make sense.

    • L.J. says:

      I agree.The conversation makes NO sense. There’s not a woman I know that would discuss their feelings about their ex to the boss/landlord/potential mother in law. (Make that double if you were considering leaving her son.) Even if Ms.Zailo asked(?!) it would be none of her business. I don’t believe it.

    • Robin says:

      Because it did not happen! That is part of the conjured up story that proves the Zailo’s were involved. There was just way too many odd nonsense made up scenarios like that. The Zailo’s aren’t the academy performers they think they are! This is not hard to figure out, don’t overthink it and it’s as plain as the gut on JaSIN’s Zailo now.

  9. Joe Wolf says:

    They will never find out who did it. They are not putting in enough effort to find thw killer or killers. The evidence is staring them in the face. Only the real killer knows what happened. And why they paid to have it done.

  10. I’ve always thought it was either her current boyfriend(Jason) and his mother, or Her Exs(Matt) Fiancee at the time. I believe they got married after. There was Speculation by her friends that she wanted to get back together with Matt. He comes from a wealthy family, and was doing well at the time, but there has never been anything released that I’ve found about his Fiancee at the time. It was def personal in my opinion, but that can mean alot of things in a town where everyone seems to know of everyone else. Especially when you commingle the lower class drug dealers with the upper class and upper class drug dealers. I wonder if they ever seriously looked at Matt’s Fiancee though? That’s one of the oldest reasons in the book to kill someone.

  11. Jin says:

    I would like Jeff to comment a little more about the neighbor in the desouza house area that insisted his wife use his car that night so he had access to her minivan, apparently never let her use the car,and also wondering if it’s TRUE that he had close ties to shirley zailo?

  12. Shay says:

    I think that Lindsay seen something she should not have with maybe the dealing of Jason’s mother. I think she orchestrated everything. How did Jason know what bedroom she was in? How about a car, did those people come on foot? Why didn’t anyone see a car or license plate? Also, they escaped quick. No one seen that either. His mother had a home in the area.

  13. Lynna says:

    I find it extremely bizarre that her boyfriend’s Mother had Lindsay’s friend Nikki’s phone number on her phone…….

    • Svetlana says:

      Everyone finds this bizarre and a big clue that she was behind this murder. Obviously she got the number from downloading Lindsay’s contacts into her cell phone (or maybe it was one of her burner phones) in the planning stages of Lindsay’s murder. The excuse to the question of why she called Nikki early morning is because she thought she was calling the office admin who was also called Nikki.

      • Robin says:

        So it would be easy to find out if there was a Nikki that worked in the Remax office, can anyone verify if in fact that is so. I don’t even trust Horsley and the rest of the SPD to get that right. Shirley probably had a couple too many cocktails and got stupid when she called Nikki. She knew damn well who she was calling and yes time was spent getting Lindsay’s contacts from her phone. Jason would have done that when Lindsay showered sometime or the guy from the couple who came to the house as the couple did it after Lindsay was already murdered before leaving thru patio door.

  14. Tara says:

    Hi. I’m not presenting theory but I wanted to let you know that the podcast, True Crime Garage did a 2 part series on Lindsay’s case. It was in complete defense of the the Zailos. It was such crap. They took the Casefile podcast & went through & tried to criticize all the points made. Just letting you know!

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