Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

216 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Ceil says:

    I think it was the boyfriend and his mother

  2. Jenna says:

    Vid and all of them I’m pretty sure play a part in it. Add Jason in it too. Saanich Police needa investigate them more

  3. Gregory O'Brien says:

    This crime I believe was committed by The boyfriend and his mother. There is no other reason why this young lady was murdered but that “momma’s boy”was gonna get dumped. And the mother seems to be the only to say that she was afraid of her ex.

  4. Andrew says:

    I just found out about this case today. I used to live in the area and went for runs in that neighborhood in early 2008. Wish I could help but I can’t.

    My theoretical take is Shirley was hiding upstairs, had a mystery man and the woman who lived down the street lure Lindsay in. Jason was involved too. But I don’t think anyone else was involved. The reason for overkill crimes like these tend to happen from personal vendettas building up through paranoid obsessions and fueled by self-enforcing gossip circles, and I could see Shirley at the center of all this. I don’t think one needs drug-trade or real-estate related criminal activity to provide a motive for this kind of murder. I think that’s a red herring.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    • stephanie says:

      Did you see today the discovery of billions of dollars being laundered through real estate in BC?

      As soon as I heard that I thought of Lindsay. Really makes you think eh?

  5. Stephanie says:

    We all know the corruption of the rcmp and other police departments in Canada. I’m not surprised that a wealthy son and mother got away with murder…

    • Stephanie says:

      Also being stabbed multiple times = crime of passion.

    • I believe Lindsay was targeted. I also believe the killers are professionals. It was too methodical, not sloppy at all, they covered their tracks very well….using a burner phone and registering the phone under a fake name. The phone was also only used to contact Lindsay and not used again. There were no witnesses, no fingerprints, no DNA, the woman cleverly chose to wear a dress that would divert attention away from her (smart move), no vehicle was seen on the street, which makes me wonder what means of transportation did the killers take to get to the house? Was their car parked on another street and if so, did any of the residents there see a vehicle that didn’t belong? Did they take a taxi? How did they leave the house? Did anyone see them walking away from the house? Somebody had to see something. So many questions…..I am surprised this senseless murder has not been solved. I do know that killers like to brag about their crimes. Let’s hope and pray they do. I would love to see closure and justice for the Buziak family.

  6. Casey says:

    I just listened to Lindsay’s story on Shauna Rae’s YouTube channel. In my opinion the main people responsible for organizing her murder are Shirley and Jason. Not sure on the actual killer(s) though…maybe even Shirley, she sounds scary. ☹️ I hope so much for justice. The police department sounds corrupt. Outside investigators need to be brought in. I can’t believe no evidence was found! Sounds off to me..

  7. Stan says:

    Disgruntled associate, either coworker or jilted lover. Someone she climbed over or past to become successful. Also maybe the short haired woman was not a woman.

  8. Bianca says:

    After watching this on Dateline, I could not stop thinking about this. These are my thoughts. I think that Shirley was trafficking drugs through this network of dealers that were busted, and likely for some time, using her real estate business as a front. Lindsay may have stumbled upon this through her work in real estate. After confiding to her father that she saw something she shouldn’t have, but didn’t clarify, I assumed it was so serious that she was afraid to speak of it, which would point to a scenario such as seeing evidence of this or inadvertently finding a large amount of drugs and/or traffickers in one of the homes. Perhaps she confided in Jason, not thinking that his family was involved, who shared this with his mother, either as protecting of his role in the trafficking organization and for his family’s safety, or maybe not knowing about it at all and wanting his mother to be aware that maybe someone working for her prominent business may be involved in this. Lindsay’s suspicions of Jason and his family may have been what prompted her to want to break it off with him. Shirley was the only one that said that Lindsay was afraid of Matt, which looked like she was trying to throw off the investigation. Shirley would have an in depth understanding of how to go about planning this murder through her knowledge of the real estate business. Maybe she was forced to help orchestrate it out of fear for their lives? How would anyone else know that she would definitively arrive alone, especially when she felt strange about the phone call and fake sounding accent, and why didn’t Jason or another agent accompany her in light of this? It would be a perfect alibi if he was in a public location as it was happening, sending texts to support his testimony, and had a witness with him before, during and after the crime. His passing of a polygraph keeps me on the fence with his involvement, though sociopaths, (if he is one) that lack feelings (i.e. remorse or sadness) might be able to pass one.. When I purchased my first home, two agents met me as none of us knew each other. My parents were RE agents and my mother never made the initial contact at a home alone with a buyer, and sales of this amount always had two agents for reasons of over-accommodating the wealthy client so it results in references, and the fact that it needed to happen within two days would almost always warrant the broker also attending the first meeting, especially since she was so young and fairly new at this. Seems the house was strategically chosen because it was empty and of its proximity to easily escape undetected. Who else would know this upscale neighborhood well enough to choose a house that was not equipped with surveillance cameras, as million dollar homes often are? Was the entire area’s residential and business surveillance pored over? She was seen shaking hands with someone at the door, were her hands swabbed for DNA? Whoever planned this would also have to be aware that the neighbors did not have them as well. The severity and brutality of the murder suggests criminals with no conscience and with plenty to lose by her talking, and wanted to make sure she didn’t survive. It was clearly planned and premeditated for a reason that would have been incredibly serious, such as the drug trafficking bust that did occur of enormous magnitude with many players involved that had suspicious ties to many of those involved in this case. There was no robbery, no sexual assault, which also suggests to me that this was a hit to silence Lindsay. Terrible and tragic.. Praying for answers, peace, and closure for Lindsay’s family and friends.

    • Sandra Myatt says:

      Drug cartels and dealers…do not stab. They use guns with silencers. That’s what ive learned as a CID Investigator. Stabbing that many times….no way it was not personal. The amount of blood..the perps would have cefinately neen covered in blood…and they supposedly walked from the scene? Your thoughts are outstanding….

      • jack w weinrich says:

        Right on, Sandra-it was personal. How could the perps just walk away from the scene and nobody saw them at all?

    • mike says:

      it is also possible with proper training to pass polygraph tests. I know someone who needed to pass one for a job, he did his research and was able to pass and got the job. Also I heard shortly after the murder Jason was out hitting on other girls and sending them DM’s in social media

  9. Margie says:

    They shook hands . . . Any chance of transfer DNA? I agree with the other writer regarding the dress, since it was so unique, it may help to find out what brand it was/where it was sold. I too believe it was possibly a co-worker who hired a hit.

  10. Maria says:

    The MOTHERS Boyfriend did it! She claims of a conversation she had with Lindsey before her death. She worked with Lindsey. Obviously, Lindsey knew things of their family habits, maybe drugs. The dress was real estate type of dress.

  11. Diana Foster says:

    In my opinion, definitely someone she knew. Everything I’ve ever read about murder,or crimes of passion, they’re violent. She was stabbed many times, lured there, nothing was taken from her. I would look for someone of the same sex,same profession. Jealousy over her career or the person she was seeing, may be the answer. So sad,and obviously very frustrating, for her loved ones.

  12. Gail Y Boone says:

    I believe it was the boydriends mom. She tries to lie about the ex having Lindsey sxared of him and her reactions during the interview were cold. She was close to her and had ways to find homes for the people to call about. Maybe Lindsey was getting better than her and she didn’t like it. Jealous, revenge whatever I believe it was Her!!!

    • Stan says:

      Disgruntled associate, either coworker or jilted lover. Someone she climbed over or past to become successful. Also maybe the short haired woman was not a woman.

    • Jim says:

      It obviously wasn’t the boyfriend or his mother who actually committed the crime. He has an alibi and Lindsay would not have extended her hand and introduced herself if it was the mother. I do think that Lindsay saw something huge that she should not have seen and it got her killed. I wish she had written down what she saw and left it in a sealed envelope with her father. There is a lesson here. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT INSTINCT.
      I don’t think she showed any of the house. I think they got as far as the foyer and her killers revealed why they were there. Lindsay ran for her life upstairs to lock herself in the master bathroom and call for help. She didn’t make it.
      Take a good look at the crowd gathered outside the church following the funeral. There is a woman in white that looks exactly like the police sketch.

  13. Tania Casella says:

    I think it was someone related to real estate, maybe a co-worker that was jealous because she was moving up on her career. The police/detectives should look into that dress; where was it bought? Maybe if they find the store it was from, could find more clues.

  14. Dave S says:

    I think it’s similar to drug dealing on a corner. Victoria is a small town much like a corner in a drug city. Lindsay was invading the real estate market in a small market and she might have taken clients from a competing realtor. Look at Linday’s big deals.

    • Cory says:

      I 100% believe her boyfriend had this done. Watch his interview with police and he says things that are way off. If u just come across someone who has been murdered within the last few minutes the body would not already start to be cold as he said. He was mad she was leaving him and knew to much about his shady dealings and he couldn’t risk that.

  15. april says:

    jason killed her. how long was she dead? jason almost slipped to admit she was cold before he gave her cpr.

  16. Robert Mcdermott says:

    Why are the investigators so sure the second assaillant was female ?
    The dress that was illustrated on dateline looked like a typical frock worn by a cross dresser –
    It also mentioned that the garment was
    Clearly recalled, much more than the womans features-
    Perhaps this was to draw attention from an adams apple-

  17. J-B1RD says:

    Has there been any updates?? Maybe the owner of the house was gonna lose the house and was angry, so what better way to make the price of a house plummet then a dead body? It’s always a lover they’ve been cleared so what’s left show me the money!!!!

  18. Sandra Arnold says:

    Unless Lindsey was not as good of a person as everyone says….I cannot see her involved in drugs, especially to the point of turning people in, because she knew, as we all do…what happens to people who tell….Jason seems the most likely….her murder was overkill….and as far as the people who “wanted” to buy the house, it seems impossible that there were no fingerprints…who goes through a house and up the stairs without leaving fingerprints? Did they have time to wipe the place down? How could they kill Lindsey, and clean the place of fingerprints in 15 minutes….which is when Jason told her that he would be there….Jason either did it, or he knows who did it….he was possessive, and controlling and knew that Lindsey was going to leave him….what does a possessive person do when his possession is going to leave…..they try to stop them and if that does not work, sometimes they kill them…because if they cannot have them, no one can

  19. Robert says:

    Two things strike me as meriting further consideration that don’t seem to be explored here:

    1) when Jason found Lindsay’s body, he didn’t say anything (at least during the Dateline interview) about being concerned that the killers were still in the house. Isn’t this the very first think you would think of when finding a brutally murdered body in a contained space? What was his thought process at the time? Most people would be instinctively fearful for their own security, in that moment, and get into fight or flight mode. In the bedroom, I think most people would get into the safest and least vulnerable position possible. Why didn’t Jason talk about that? It would be good to know what evidence Jason gave the police on this point.

    2) Jason’s movement of his Range Rover around the corner to the parking spot along Torquay is unusual in that it was entirely unnecessary. The Torquay spot is directly in front of the side patio, behind a fence mind you, with the unlocked patio door. It seems if the killers wanted to signal their departure to Jason from the house, this would be the place to do so. Flipping a patio light switch? Another signal? As the driver of the vehicle, Jason would be positioned looking toward his buddy in the passenger seat, to see behind him out the passenger door window. He would see the patio area/side yard, but the friend would not.

    3) Further to point #2 above, why did Jason think to boost his friend over the fence to that unlocked door? The most intuitive place to look for a locked door would be along a part of the house not blocked by a fence (the side door into the door would be the first place I’d look). Jason would know that most knew new-construction houses in Victoria have such a door. Did he explore other door options before choosing to go over the fence?

  20. Amy says:

    I watched this on Dateline twice and believe the killers are the victim’s previous clients who has suffered financially because of her work. The overkilling shows their anger ( probably loosing all their savings).
    The investigators should check alll her previous sold/bought properties, and who suffered financially

  21. Gary says:

    Who owned the house she was selling was there anyone who opposed the sale of the home. If there was could they have been involved in her murder. A murder in a house makes it almost unsellable.

  22. Andrew says:

    Could have this been a ‘hit’ by someone trying to get her boyfriends attention. Usually drug dealers go after family members rather than the person involved. Perhaps her boyfriend betrayed the wrong person and this was retribution.

  23. Irving Fields says:

    There is a good chance this was not a thrill killing but something more..The burner phone, the victim herself says “the accent sounded Spanish, but not really”..Someone disguised their voice? There seemingly is something to be gained by the commission of this murder other that the pleasure of taking another life…If the couple came over from Vancouver, was security tape looked at for the dress??..I may have missed the vehicle the suspects were driving..The boyfriend seen it right?..That could’ve been matched up as well on the tape??..

  24. Ruby Powell says:

    I think her boyfriend hired that “Mexican” couple who came to look at the house which was a phony setup to kill her I think she was breaking up with him to go back to her ex The police needs to reexamine him Maybe he took out an insurance policy on her or was connected to some of her closings

  25. Rosie says:

    I think Shirley. When Lindsay ask the man who referred him to her, he gave her a name of another client and supposedly this client was out of town when Lindsey try to confirm. Who else would have known to give that name and know that client was out of town, Shirley.

    • Elissa says:

      I think Shirley planned this and paid for it too. I think her son Jason is involved in the timing and making sure the hired killers do their job. I think his buddy is a staged alibi to be a witness to his staged discovery. I think the phone call right before the murder was a signal that he was coming back to the house to discover her. Just her act of putting her hand on the phone to silence a vibration or ring would be a signal to the killers. I think Shirley is very controlling and needed to cover up her micro management of the killers by incorporating her son’s discovery of the body. I think she wanted to make sure what she paid for was carried out exactly as she had planned and had hired them to do. So Jason’s part was planned out and that call was a secret signal to the killers. And I think the ferocity of the kill itself and the rapid retreat of the killers shows their need to quickly accomplish the kill and leave as hired to do. They came prepared, they choose that moment based on a signal and knew they needed to get out as those hiring them would be coming to inspect their work. Otherwise, if it was a random thrill killing, then why run away so quickly? You are in a house that no one else is supposed to come to immediately. Why leave within minutes of the killing? No clean up. No change of clothes. You just did something as a couple, and you don’t stay to show off to each other. I really believe this is a hit and it was a highly controlled hit paid for by an extremely controlling person by not highly experienced killers.

    • Prissy says:

      The boyfriend she was wanting to leave. I think he hired someone to kill her, set up the email and burner phone.

  26. Kaverlro says:

    I live in Vancouver and lived in Victoria for a year. Just stumbled onto this case and sorry for your loss. I see a over bearing mother and a spoiled son. Just looked at Jason’s pic and his eyes look like a man that’s done some bad deeds, even the Bible says the eyes are the window to the soul. Also if it was my g. f, I’d would of been early, not fucking late. If it was 22 cal to the head and a couple to the heart, than maybe pro hit. That’s impersonal way of killing. 40 effing stab wounds is very very personal. I think lil man with a big ego and over bearing mama killed her in a very jealous rage. What’s with that phone call her friend got. I really hope you find Justice. Not nice knowing there is ppl out there like that. God bless.

  27. Denise says:

    Sorry I didnt know that either about the main page…sorry will do that

  28. Denise says:

    I think shirley did, and possibly jason…

  29. Stephanie says:

    Shirley Zailo set up the planned murder of Lindsay Buziak.

  30. Shirley and a drug thug she was involved with, and Jason was a co conspirator. Lindsay learned of a very serious crime committed by Shirley ( drugs, embezzlement, fraud, murder, who knows) that on top of Shirley defending her mommas boy was the motive.

  31. Rocky says:

    Jason and his mother

  32. Laurie says:

    After some time researching other possibilities outside of the family and he drug traffickers, In September of this year, I found a link on a website, that has a disturbing alleged confession from an alleged psychopath who is known to Mr. Buziak and the Victoria Real estate board. This person admits the RC incompetentant police cleared him of murder and admitted he was so busy stabbing Lindsay he didn’t recall if she had big t***s. The information was given to Me Buzak & the Saanich Police. I also sent this information
    to some local and national news agencies and to Dateline! ( Incase the Police do not check it out) I feel they may have abused this man with mental illness and are the reason they can’t arrest him.) it appears the police may have mocked him and made fun of him several times. Finding out all of this has shaken me up and it still does! It reminded me of the Psycopaths I worked with in my nursing preceptors at Oregon State Mental hospital in Oregon! ! These people exist. Criminal psychopaths are known to be precise, planning, calculating, they can fool police and authorities under interrogations, they are known to sometimes take females with them during their crime, some one stated that this person used to change his accent to Spanish. Person allegeledy posted he went to school with this guy! It says in the website postings that this man, has been known for luring and stalking other women and children. Women in the Victoria area that lived near this man have gone missing and have been found murdered. Making a recorded alleged confession? No one just makes that up to take responsibility for something that they didn’t do! Do they? The guy apparently is shown to be a pathological llar in this website but also, they do tell the truth. Hope the Saanich Police and a major crime unit thorougly check this guy out and his car and house! He is aging and time is not on his side! He drives a car, he travels, so he is not house bound or locked up! he also lives in a Saanich. It definitely adds
    another scenario to this already complex case,
    Mr Buziak siad in an interview that he believes the dress is the key to solving this case. It just happens I was researching the dress and colour blocking patterns. I saw some volleyball jerseys that could resemble the dress and then came across this website that contains the alleged confession. Shook me up finding & hearing what I did. Family needs closure and the authorities need to do something!

    • Robin says:

      What is this website you are speaking of Laurie? Can you please give me the info so I can read what this guy says. Thank you

      • Sweetkeyz88 Evans says:

        Out of respect for Lindsay and her family, I won’t publish the website or link. I believe the investigation by detectives is still ongoing. I provided the information to the police and Lindsay’s father. I received a follow up by the police requesting more information that was provided, so hopefully they do their job and gain whats needed to make an arrest! Just his alleged confession should give them the power to seek a warrant to search this guys home and car for any dna evidence that could be there! If they haven’t done this, I would be concerned why not? Just my feelings.

  33. asewalson says:

    Jason’s mother is definitely guilty of something.

  34. kelley c savage says:

    I realize most murders are commited by someone known to the victim and if female most likely by husband boyfriend or ex. Also the planning, choice of weapon and targeting of Ms. Buziak suggests someone known to her. But after seeing the documentary of her murder and lack of suspects and motive suggests looking waay outside the box is the key to solving this case. I know this theory will sound far fetched but what do we have to loose ? Why couldn’t it be two,educated,financially comfortable,bored,phycopath, thrill seeking,serial killer lovers ? The fact that it was planned, why she wasn’t sexually assaulted, the whole personal aspect, why a man and a woman are working together ,along with MOTIVE could be explained by this. I mean why would a man and a woman EVER team up to commit a murder like this ? If jealousy from the boyfriend”s or ex boyfriend end(ex s girlfriend or boyfriends mistress) has been ruled out it makes more sense to me than some drug ring theory. The Cold Case Squad even said it appears planned but not necessarily professional..I would look around Canada and see if any other similar unsolved cases exist. Of course there is always lots of stuff the cops don’t let us know so my theory is basically an uneducated guess. I would love to see these people arrested and sent away for this poor womans murder. I felt so much sadness for her friends and family

  35. Alafair says:

    A good possibility is she either witnessed something or someone thinks she witnessed something, and the unsubs could have even been unsure she witnessed but planned her murder just to make sure, just in case.
    But most likely she never did see anything because she never mentioned it to anyone and she wasn’t keeping anything to herself because no one noticed her acting differently.
    So these unsubs killed her in vain.
    This is the only scenario that makes any sense.

  36. Rocky F Royall says:

    I think it was Jason!! On the episode on dateline he about slipped up and said she was cold when talking to 911 operator!! She wouldn’t been cold n the few min before he found her!! So I think when they had lunch and the mother was waiting for her at the house and he took the friend to have an alibi!! The bf Jason and his mother had this all planned cause she wanted to go bk to her ex bf!! Prayers for the family and I hope they figure this all out .

  37. Kathleen Mathis says:


  38. Valerie Johnson says:

    Something is definitely off with Jason’s mother. She’s the only one who would have a reason to eliminate her…to protect her baby, and/or out of jealousy for Lindsay’s beauty and ability to outshine her in the business.

  39. Sally says:

    There was something extremely odd on the program about this killing that stood out like a sore thumb. The victim, Lindsay told her Father that she really wished to be back with her ex. Yet Shirley said Lindsay told her she was afraid of him. Lindsay wouldn’t want to go back with a man that she was afraid of!! The Father surely isn’t lying. Shirley’s story is an attempt to point the finger at the ex. It is an outright lie. What is her involvement in this murder? Motive?

  40. alex says:

    Purchasing a home can be one of the most stressful events in life. And some people don’t handle stress very well. I think Ms. Buziak crossed paths with a sociopath. Even if she thought the deal went fine, there’s no telling what crazy people think! And a long planned, intricate revenge murder is right up that alley of crazy. Police should go through all of her home sales and all of her clients. Its in there.

    • Kaverlro says:

      It was around the time when the housing economy went through the floor. Good point.

      • Robert says:

        The housing market didn’t go through the floor in Victoria. As a government town, it remained relatively stable through the housing crisis that impacted the US much more severely than Canada.

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