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Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

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  1. Daneese Johnson says:

    Watching dateline unfold the case facts this morning. Apparently whoever setup this inconceivable tragedy has a stronghold over assailants. Concluding this from the reward being offered bearing no substantial leads. Someone who has the ability to compensate well repeatedly should be a focused person of interest. Also the title given as seen on the phone “The Mexicans” leads me to accept that assailants were brought in for this specific purpose only. Resulting that anyone with any informed knowledge unaware of reward or/and due to case broadcast exposure limitations unlikely to link incident to a Canadian crime. One would wonder who has the network accessibility and power readily available. Seemingly attempting to frame one of the boyfriends. Ordered to stage as a “Crime of Passion”. Regardless of how powerful eventually they will get All they deserve. Family please stay strong in every aspect.

  2. Samantha says:

    Her boyfriend’s mom probably orchestrated the murder is my feeling

  3. Lisa Peterson says:

    I watched a segment of this story and it bothers me that the detectives stopped investigating. I think it is someone she knows. Could be a rival who was a colleague of hers. Or someone very jealous. They need to question people affiliated with her boyfriend, an ex boyfriend and people she works with. I think her boyfriend was involved possibly too. The whole thing is suspicious. Was she pregnant? Was her boyfriend jealous of her at their place of employment?

  4. Nicole says:

    I watched this on Dateline. I’m confused about a few things. Did police check both current and ex boyfriends cell phone records to see if the throw away phone had been called or called either of them? Did they check their (including Jason’s mothers) bank records to see if a large sum had been taken out to pay the killers? Have they checked the throw away phone over the years to see if it has been turned back on? Did they check the area for surveillance cameras? The one cop on Dateline said Matt was an hour away so he probably could not have been part of it. That makes no sense to me if you are going to hire someone to kill someone only a dumb person would stay near the crime scene, so that could’ve been part of the plan for him to be an hour away. Did they check the realtors at her firm and the other realtors in the area? Maybe they were jealous of her, or she saw something she shouldn’t have like them laundering money, maybe she knew something about the cocaine ring and planned on testifying but no one knew. I do find it odd that the drug dealers she was associated with went to court right after she died.

  5. K says:

    Shirley was the mastermind. She has all the answers.

    • Mel says:

      1000% agree! It was all orchestrated by Shirley and Jason. The calls Jason made prior to going into the house was all pre-planned so he would know that she was murdered. I think that they hired ppl and some were prob upstairs waiting in master bedroom bc the specs that the mystery caller gave Lindsay matched this house to a T and prob Shirley had the code to get in or would be easy to get (house was empty so killers could go get setup before Lindsay got there at 5:30. Bc it said Jason called his mom after he tried to get into front door and he called her to ask her for the code to get in so it fits my theory. Lindsay’s dad seems so dedicated to bringing justice for Lindsay. Shirley and Jason have to be always looking over their shoulder wondering if today is their last day of freedom and the ultimate punishment will be when they burn in hell.

  6. C says:

    I think her mother in law had her killed because Lyndsay was thinking about leaving her boyfriend for the ex boyfriendshe she was still in love with.

    My other theory is the exboyfriend’s girlfriend who became his wife. If she knew that Lyndsay was still in love with him, that might have been a motive for murder… eliminate the competition.

    • KD says:

      what about her boyfriend Jason’s ex girlfriend? who was also a realtor

    • Mel says:

      I think ur first theory is right. I thought abt the ex bf bc lindsay had talked about wanting a relationship like she had w/ her ex but it sounds like her ex had moved on and was happy and Lindsay wasn’t necessarily wanting him back but more she said she wanted that type of relationship she missed what she had. That was my understanding. I just wonder how LE could eliminate Shirley, Jason and Eric of involvement. If they have solid evidence to eliminate them why aren’t they sharing that with the public but until they share how they cleared them I will always have them as #1 suspects (along w/ whoever they paid to do the hit). Some ppl think Shirley had the female that was looking at home wear Shirley’s blond wig as disguise prob more to throw off description to neighbors that saw her. I hope Justice is served soon for Lindsay and her family!

  7. lococosblog says:

    I watched Dateline on the OWN network last night and believe Shirley and Jason were the ones responsible for planning out this crime. My reasoning is stated in the main comments page. Thanks and best of luck with all of your efforts.

  8. Susie says:

    I had not known about this story till I saw it tonight on TV. I am saying Shirley and Her Son did it. She looked Sooooo Guiltily on the show sitting next to her Son. I think Lindsay Found something out about there Business and the too of Them Killed Her. I would look at them again. And See if you could See Shirley in the Dress that was Seen on that Day. Maybe she wore it in other Photos. Just an idea of mine. It just have a Feeling they did it. I am So Very Sorry for Lindsay’s Family. And all they have been though. I Am Praying that They Find Out Who Did This Horrible Crime. Thinking of You All. Rest In Peace Lindsay.

    • Mel says:

      I don’t think Shirley actually killed Lindsay nor was one looking at house bc even if she wore a wig in disguise you gotta think Lindsay would recognize her face as she had known Shirley pretty well. So with Lindsay already being hesitant abt the showing if it was Shirley in a wig Lindsay most likely wouldn’t have went inside the house. They did intros outside in the driveway the neighbors witnessed. They said she shook hands with both as if they didn’t know one another. But def they orchestrated the hit.

      • Sally says:

        There’s a good chance it was Shirley and she had arranged it with Lindsay the day before. And told her they’d shake hands and be professional.
        The police sketch looks just like Shirley with a blond wig. The female with the blond wig is wearing an abstract wave pattern dress which is the same pattern Shirley has been seen and
        photographed wearing for work.
        It makes sense that it was Shirley that was there to watch the Mexican guy with the brown jacket kill Lindsay. She probably participated too.

  9. Marietjie van der Wath says:

    Shirley put the hit out. And it was personal because Lindsay threatened their “business” as well as her Sons happiness.
    She could have even driven the getaway car and thats the reason why she came to the house on foot. But i think they certainly know enough people who would do the job for them.

  10. Kathleen Claggett says:


  11. Jeff Buziak says:


  12. Linda says:

    I just listened to the podcast, not sure the date of this but I now have a better understanding of the facts. Sgt Horsley agreed the podcast was mostly accurate. It’s best to deal with factual information and not speculate.

    As I stated in an earlier post I am a retired Anti Money Laundering Investigator (only a few months retired). In order to give the reader some context around my comments here is some background so you can understand why I say what I say…..Located in Toronto, some call this city the centre of the universe when it comes to developing corporate policies, excellent fraud/AML, crime training. Toronto is very fast moving. Fast or faster than NYC and London, this is where “head office” is for Financial Institutions. I’ve traveled extensively around the world and coast to coast for work. From the tiny towns of the Yukon and to Nanaimo.

    The weirdest place I’ve ever been is Nanaimo. My colleague and I could not wait to leave. Why? (Not meant to offend anyone this is our observations) Because the pace was so sloooow and like a step back in time. We would go out to eat and it would take forever because all the severs knew everyone in the restaurant and needed to chat about everything and seem to view strangers as a pain in the butt who were interrupting their social life. No sense of urgency for people who have to go to work. The morning we flew out we were subjected to a 30 minute search for drugs from top to bottom. They even emptied our suitcases. This is the only airport out of hundreds that did this. I asked the screener, “are you having a slow day”, he says, no this is standard procedure. Boarding the flight my colleague said this town is so weird, they are stuck in a time warp and have no idea that they have not caught up to the rest of the world.

    To be fair northern Ontario is like this too. Many years ago I was working in a very small bank branch and my arrival from Toronto was not welcome. Comments like “are you a spy” started to emerge. It became a ” me and them” mentality. Not long after I started my new job I fell into a web of small town cover up. Everyone in town was granted credit and favors. False employment letters were made by staff for people who did not have jobs so they could qualify for credit among other fraudulent activity. It was a hornets nest of lies and staff backing each other up with false stores. I immediately contacted the Northern Ontario District Office who wanted me out there. The District Manager had no interest in letting this cat out of the bag. It was then I needed to make the biggest decision of my career so I contacted the Toronto Executive who had the most to lose if this branch went under. I sent him proof and worked with him and his team under cover to decline credit, stop cheques, hold funds and let the chips start to fall. In the end the town was deeply affected and the bus company, grocery store and gas station all went under. Once you pick at a thread the entire sweater falls apart.

    My comments on the podcast are around Sgt Horsley’s comments:

    1) He stated that he oversees all of the tips and has to substantiate with documentation why the lead is or is not viable. If he is a real estate developer who knows everyone in the community then there is a high probability that he has done business with SZ, JZ and the real estate developer who owned the house. This is conflict of interest and he should NOT be overseeing anything to do with this case. By the comments on the board the community is suspicious of the police so who in their right mind who talk or send in a tip? This appears to be grounds to move the investigation to the mainland where there is no possibility of a connection. Unless the community can trust they won’t come forward. Horsely said no has picked up the phone to call him. Well hell no!!!

    2) He said that SP is now part of the integrated task force and that task force will not look at the case because it’s historical. Hmmm….isn’t this another word for “cold”?

    3) He said no details of the wounds were disclosed. I heard him say on Crimewatch Daily that she was attacked from behind with no defensive wounds. Jeff said it was a frontal attack. This information is confusing.

    4) He confirmed that SZ rented a house to a drug dealer for 5 years. She stated she didn’t know this. Hmmm….a successful realtor who doesn’t do due diligence on renters begs the question how much due diligence is done on home buyers. Anti Money Laundering laws are strict for realtors. I doubt her words.

    My closing thoughts are on the planning. In conferences with the FBI we are taught about ponzi schemes and the mastermind mentality. FBI says the number one thing is the mastermind always has an escape plan and pawns who will be left holding the bag. It appears this rings true on this case as the main players have been cleared. The rest will swing if they don’t get brave and step up before this entire scheme falls apart. It takes one small thread. A leak, a comment or a falling out and you will be done for. Technology is catching up and will be jailed at some point. New crime controls are catching old murder cases after 20 years. New developments in DNA. Who can survive with this on their brain 24/7 only to be jailed later in life? If loose lips don’t get you technology will. If you don’t believe me google “Data Scientist” jobs Toronto. Banks have lots of data the new Scientist positions are making algorithms to find you.

    If I had this on my shoulders I would get myself a really good lawyer from the mainland. Confess under client privacy privilege and broker a deal with SP. If you can’t trust SP then lawyer up.

    Words for Jeff: This has been a long hard road for you be sure to take good care of yourself. It doesn’t sound like you will ever give up but you can focus on something more positive by trying to get the laws or procedures changed. As an example, to honor her memory “The Lindsay Buziack Act” which requires the following changes in the investigation of homicides on Vancouver Isand:

    Enter all changes you think should be made…


    The sad thing now is without closure for you or the community everyone lives in fear and mistrust. SP you need to address this and move the dam case to the mainland and away from possible conflicts of interest.

    God Bless

  13. Laurie says:

    CCTV time stamps have been known to be out an hour or 2 off from real time. I hope Saanich Police checked out that video survellliance System thoroughly. And also why did Jason’s story change seeing people outside the seeing shadows through the fogged or patterned glass. Also, A News story reported a day or 2 after the murder, that Jason was calling remax looking for Lindsay the day of, to locate the house she was showing. A source from Inside Remax, the news said. Was that ever investigated?

    • Kelly H. says:

      In Victoria on Vancouver Island (particularly Gorden Head in Saanich where it happened) many homes do not have security cameras as thereis no need for them – and likely on the quiet cul de sac where the house was there would not be any security cameras

  14. Fergal ÓhÉarga says:

    Well. I had seen the original Dateline episode some years ago and been intrigued, thinking it was a murder that should have been solved. I came across this website sometime around a year ago when I just happened to think about the case and was hoping it had been resolved. In the meantime, I had read a little about it where I could find things. First off, I have been a solicitor/lawyer for over 35 years and bring a heavy bit of scepticism to pretty much everything, so I found most of the comments here pretty judgemental and not terribly deliberative. And, as I said in a post awhile ago, lots of times when viewed in hindsight what would ordinarily been a normal, random set of circumstances takes on a wholly different and often (actually, almost always) incorrect context. So the basic ‘blame the boyfriend and his mum’ kind of thing didn’t move me too much, particularly because you would expect virtually every police force in the world to have gone carefully through the available evidence and excluded everyone who they were certain had no involvement.

    I must say that having watched the 3+ hours of Jeff Buziak talking to the ‘BrainScratch’ fella has made a very big impression on me. I expected a hysterical, tunnel-visioned father with an unhealthy and misguided fixation on the Zailo family … it often happens and there are a myriad of cases where aggrieved families focus on a (usually a police determined) suspect who continue to believe in the person’s guilt even when the person is absolved by DNA evidence. What I saw instead was a rational, even-handed and fair-minded individual willing to listen to everything and consider everything. Although he is personal witness to little, he is absolutely credible. I believe he just wants to find the murderers, whoever they may be, and find actual, proper justice for his daughter. Although it doesn’t really matter, I’m a pretty time-hardened individual after all my years in practice and I was quite moved both by his words, his demeanour and his rationality. While his interpretation of things he doesn’t know about could easily be wrong or exaggerated, I absolutely trust what he is saying about things he knows personally.

    So, what’s the point of all this? Mr Buziak said two things that made a deep impression on me, The first was his recounting of his first meeting with the Zailo family. As noted above, I think Mr Buziak was recounting this truthfully, and it is a very telling episode in many more ways than one. For instance, it (possibly) explains why an involved person would have done the interview on Dateline … someone who demonstrates the kind of behaviour described by Mr Buziak is most likely controlling, egocentric. So perhaps she thought she and her son could go on television and explain it all away. The second thing that Mr Buziak said that truly gobsmacked me was that the ‘lead investigator’ was only a part-time policeman and had substantial outside business interests! That truly is shocking to me. I don’t know if that is ordinary in Canada but it certainly could never happen in my country.

    Sitting at a distance of thousands of kilometres, there isn’t really anything I can do to help with this case, other than urge Canadians to insist that investigation of the matter be taken up by the RCMP. It is surprising to me that they haven’t already taken it on themselves, but perhaps in Canada they haven’t the authority to do so unless asked by the police force with jurisdiction. Here in Ireland we only have one police force for the entire country, so that isn’t an issue. In any event, I hope there are some Canadians following this website and that they will do everything possible to get the proverbial ‘fresh, independent eyes’ on this truly awful case.

    Best wishes Mr Buziak.

    • Linda says:

      I agree with the comments made by Fergal ÓhÉarga.

      The focus now should be on a proper independent investigation. I saw the Dateline show for the first time a few days ago. I had not heard about this murder until then. After seeing the Brain Scratch interview with Jeff I am compelled to write because this man in very credible and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. He deserves answers and justice. I am no stranger to small town mentality and the outrageous conflict of interest in having Sgt. Horsley on this case. He needs to be removed immediately. This website should be used as a vehicle for the public to push Saanich Police to hand this case to the RCMP. Here is why…..

      Canadian compliance regulations require employees to disclose outside activities, noticing that this crime is attached to real estate and the sgt is a real estate developer who could be “paid off” to enhance his real estate business he has to be dismissed from the case ASAP. The fact that he showed up in Jeff Buziack’s office to check on his mental state, acting like a thug and intimidating his partner not to disclose his name speaks volumes about his UNFIT to serve in the best interest of this case and the public.

      Some questions…

      I am a retired anti money laundering investigator several years in Financial Crime. Someone was paid for this crime. Follow the money. Financial Institutions now have much more sophisticated tools/technology to track and research people. Has Saanich Police taken a new look using updated tools? The first person I would investigate is Sgt. Horsley. This is why the case needs to go to RCMP and a check with CICS to confirm what Suspicious Transactions may have been filed with FINTRAC in 2008 or should be filed now with a look back to this time frame. Money Laundering/Corruption controls were not a focus back in 2008 but they certainly are now and they can catch corruption and killers. It’s financial DNA.

      The fact that police did not control the crime scene speaks to their reluctance in solving the case. They’ve already spent $Million$ because they screwed up. I realize Dateline investigators worked on this case but I did not see that the 3 investigators had all agreed that the Zailos should have been cleared. It’s not for us to speculate who or who did not commit the crime. What is important is Saanich Police clearing themselves of any wrongdoing and the only way for them to do this is to have RCMP or another agency take it over. The only reason this case is not cold is because they don’t want to disclose details of the investigation to Jeff or the public as it would put a stain on the department. Guess what, there already is a stain because they can’t solve the case. If there is nothing to hide Saanich Police then Chief Downie should do the right thing and hand it over because there is an element here that police could be involved. Pew!

      I would implore someone who is social media savy to help Jeff out by bring the masses together to push the Saanich Police to remove Horsley and get a new set of eyes on this ASAP. Put the stress and pressure where it belongs and not on the victims.

      God bless!

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Could you please send Mayor Altwell your post on facebook. Just send him a message with this post. Please

      • Just A Canadian says:

        There is no way to push the Saanich PD but the Mayor and RCMP might just do it. Please share with them

        • Just A Canadian says:

          The CRA suggested to contact the police. So if they are corrupt where the hell do you go? Mayor Altwell Facebook so the wife of the Police Chief Downie doesn’t get it first. Conflict of interest?????????????

      • Laurie says:

        Someone should forward this to Primeminister Trudeau and the RCMP! Mr Buziak should be believed! No one should ever disbelieve all he has uncovered!

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Information has been sent to Trudeau, RCMP and CRA, and Mayor Atwell. The question still remains who will have the “balls” to take down this corrupt house of cards and when? Waiting very impatiently……………

          • Laurie says:

            I have a cousin who is a retired RCMP officer. I am going to contact her and see what she can recommend! She was very high up and worked with Drug enforcement officers! She is in another province! Maybe she would have the help need for this!

      • jazzmin13 says:

        Is there a Time Limit? The RCs should Step In and INsist on Helping The SP Farce. 🦊

    • Marietjie van der Wath says:

      You say” So the basic ‘blame the boyfriend and his mum’ kind of thing didn’t move me too much, particularly because you would expect virtually every police force in the world to have gone carefully through the available evidence and excluded everyone who they were certain had no involvement.” My answer to that is “unless the police had been warned/paid off” this is smelly business to me. It sounds as if Jeff is being threatened and blocked from finding out anything and evidence is covered up. Why were the 2 girlfriends threatened by the boyfriends mother?

  15. Cindy Rush says:

    I think her boyfriends (Jason) mom was involved. I am willing to bet that Lindsay found out about something shady that was going on at the company they all worked for. Have they did a lie detector on his mother?

  16. Steve says:

    I think it was masterminded by Jason her boyfriend and his mother. I watched the episode on dateline yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. My prayers go out to Jeff and the entire Buziak family. It was mentioned on dateline that Lindsay and Jason’s mother took a walk after lunch prior to her death and the mother said that Lindsay said she was afraid of her ex boyfriend. “What a lie” she had just told her father she missed him and still loved him. Why would jasons mom lie about that. Maybe Lindsay told Jason’s mom she was gonna leave Jason and didn’t want it to affect her position at remax. The mother took this as embarrassment and didn’t want to be embarrassed at her office in front of all the other realators. Also a house in the circle that she was involved with in some way. That’s my theory. Good luck on catching those scumbags.

  17. Chrissy says:

    Ana – this is exactly what I was thinking when I watched the episode. The boyfriend said there was no car and the investigators said the assailants walked there. With that dress standing out as much as witnesses say it did, surely there must be security cameras somewhere in the vicinity that would have captured them walking. I think the boyfriend is involved and knows what happened. He brought his friend as an eye witness because if he arrived at the crime scene by himself, found her, was covered in her blood when police arrive….there’s no getting out of that one. Police would have never believed him, especially that he waited outside and didn’t see or do anything. He was waiting outside for her to be murdered and his story stinks. I didn’t think of the boyfriend’s mother, but Caroline brings up a good point, and Lindsay did work at the same real estate firm as the bf’s mother. Too close for comfort. I ache for Lindsay’s family and friends and the grief they’ve experienced. I pray this case is solved so the family can have some answers.

    • Fergal ÓhÉarga says:

      Why would Jason be at the scene at all if he wanted an alibi witness … why not be somewhere completely different where he could be well seen and recorded on CCTV? What did he (and his mother) have to gain from killing Lindsay? And in such a public and flamboyant way? It’s a terrible crime, but I think the focus on Jason is misplaced. There is something different going on here.

      • Laurie says:

        They had financial gain to gain from somewhere and they were worried Lindsay would jeopardize it! Maybe Lindsay was getting more Listings than Shirley Zailo and it was causing more stress to the Zailo family! Maybe Zailos were seen stealing or fixing numbers for financial gain, likely stealing commissions or other listings. It was a rage murder. Usually by dumped bf or about to be dumped bf or angered individual
        Close to the victim. Jason and his Mom would be too 2 prime suspects! They should have never been cleared of any suspicion.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Lindsay saw something she didn’t feel comfortable with if you read everything out there. Unfortunately B/F heard she was going to leave and go on her way. These people felt she was a threat, she probably would never say anything except to her Dad had they let her leave. These people’s success were in jeopardy, just in case this young woman spoke to the wrong people. This whole thing makes me ill

          • Just A Canadian says:

            From what I have read whoever killed Lindsay (sorry Jeff) hated her. She never had a chance. Lindsay’s only fault was getting involved with people that have no conscience and will do whatever they need to look after themselves. That’s all. Nothing complicated about this crime.

          • Laurie says:

            Yes and that’s motive. I only watched Dateline and Brain Scratch you tube podcast, 3 prts, there Is so much speculation and false things all over the internet. I believe they will be caught! CRA should be called and financial records verified. Maybe they committed other murder too to gain property! These people were Money motivated and the bf was unable to accept his bf was wanting to leave him! His Mom could have sold kidnapped kids etc,along with her druggy renters! but it’s probaby too late, if there is a statue of limitations? Someone in the very beginning said Follow the money! That always jumps out at me! Maybe she saw ICBC scams by the family! Maybe she met crooked Lawyers and shady residential and commercial Contractors through their mutual place of employment. I was a wife with a young family there and learned about many of them! Swiftsure Developments caught my attn and memories of Shady deals, I was married to a contractor hat they didn’t pay and took advantage of, left our family with O money for Christmas with 3 small Children! We knew one of the contractors D.V. building them selves condos within what they were building for someone else etc and hiding them in the cost, a secret place, free rental hide away place! Nice people! My ex also painted owner of the house when I was with him in the 90,s. I’m sure greed got bigger for all of them and secrets were everywhere.

      • Laurie says:

        Jason wasn’t able to be anywhere else! There wasn’t enough time to be!

      • Linda says:

        Jason needed to be at the crime scene because Lindsay had told her father she was scared to go alone and the plan did not include Lindsay asking anyone else to accompany her. She told her dad Jason was going to support her and keep her safe. Did he do that? No. He badgered CO to have dinner with him (even after he already ate with Lindsay at 4) and dragged this poor guy unknowingly into a murder that has affected his life forever. Total set up. Jason was part of the plan no question. Pew!

    • Laurie says:

      I believe Jason did it earlier than what is portrayed and he set up this whole scenario before and during timeline with his alibi to protect himself and cover his tracks. I hope I’m right! I hope they reinvestigate him! I feel it deep from within my core! The people who went to the home if in fact we’re there, was most likely Jason’s Mom and his Brother, witness was wrong on his time easily done!!! Driving down tourquay also isn’t a slow road to witness something inside a cul de sac. Bright dress seems maybe staged too! Most likely this didn’t exist at all! Witness described so much for being in a moving vehicle! Who really has that great of a memory when driving in a vehicle. The Shaking hands? Probably the three Zailos congratulating themselves for pulling it off and setting it then in motion to hand it over to the police when they catch up to Jason finding her body.

    • Marietjie van der Wath says:

      I agree with you. Jason arranged for the “friend” to go with him as an allibi.
      His mother dropped the “buyers” off, waited a block away, they killed, fled, they met up with her, she got out, they took the car and she came walking up to the house on foot after “hearing” about the killing.

  18. Laurie says:

    They need to be reinvestigated! I racked my brain how could a jealous, controlling, infuriated, evil bf who was angered that he was about to be dumped by a beautiful woman…get away with murder…plan it… do it earlier and build the alibi! Dateline special investigators believed Jason didn’t do it because of his alibi! Take the alibi away out of the equation, re do the steps like in math and follow the money! Who got the money from the deals Lindsay was closing on? I bet they were very close to those closing dates! So much motive along with timing and yes it’s my theory . Phones all manipulated, times, even lock box activation. Mutiple realtor lock boxes could be opened at anytime to show this one is accurate… cause I wanted it to be.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Even witnesses that saw Lindsay shake hands with the “Mexicans” who knows if this is true? I believe most of this case is all lies from everyone involved. Total BS.

      • Laurie says:

        I believe it was all pre planned & staged before & after he took her life! Made to look like he couldn’t have done it! BS! Jason just ate at Sash’s. Why would he need to eat again so quickly? Restaurant food is filling! He never told his alibi passenger where they were going. False pretense. Called him to take him out for dinner? Somethings wrong there! No good restaurants near Torquay & De Sousa Pl. Lindsay had plans and had an active life with her friends and was supposed to go to a birthday party that night. She was also supposed to honor Vancouver I believe for a girl friends wedding staggered. Jason was jealous of that. He was selfish and most likely spoiled bunt his mother! No mention of his father anywhere! Where is he? Something has to happen! Police need to get it figured out and start to care to get justice for Lindsay and her family and friends!

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Go on facebook and write the Mayor, I truly think you are on something here that probably many never thought of. I believed in his alibi because I don’t know about crime and didn’t think much about it. Send the Mayor, Altwell, a message. There is strength in numbers.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with you. Did they investigate who had shown the house recently? Someone could have shown the house and left a window or another door unlocked to allow an accomplice in sooner. I hope they investigated who all the house had been shown to and by each realty. They may have scoped it out well in advance. Of course if it is the realtor, they have the lay out.

  19. Rima A says:

    I need to watch the Dateline episode.. I first learned about this on Crime Watch and they failed to mention Jason’s mother as I’ve read above. So I plan on watching that and readdressing my opinion but thus far I’m leaning towards her boyfriend… he seemed to cautiously and intentionally cover his tracks and have an alibi… intuitive feeling.

  20. Laurie says:

    I believe Jason murdered Lindsay in the hour prior to the so called timeline and provided himself with an alibi to cover his tracks. I believe he planted his pay as you go phone in Vids pocket or car so it would travel where ever he did! This is how you get away with murder! Set it up to become your own alibi! No one could prove it. There Must be something, somewhere lingering in the previous 90 minutes! Everyone knows he had an alibi! He created it to work in his favor and it fooled everyone!! He just ate a late lunch with Lindsay! Why would he want to go eat with his partner/friend again within an hour? That’s the part that isn’t making sense! Hope he’s finally caught and brought to justice for this horrific cowardly crime! Not sure how one can live with themselves! It must be really hard! God will help find a way to bring him out of the woodwork and put him behind bars for life! Of course he did this! No one else would have gone through such an elaborate effort to take the eyes and suspicion off of himself knowing the bf or ex is always the one and he knew he had to make it good to not get caught! Hopem Saanich Police can bring justice to Lindsay and her family and friends!

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      I think you are right on with your theory Laurie. This makes sense.

      • Laurie says:

        I hope Saanich Police will do something and re investigate them, or hire someone that will work towards a conclusion and
        I only heard about this last month! I feel in my gut it was Jason. His Mom may have been involved, but it was Him with his rage acting out and his alibi and the murder was staged!

  21. Caroline says:

    Just watched the dateline episode, and did a little research on the case. I am so sorry for your loss. I really don’t think it was the boyfriend, but definitely think it was his mom. She was upset that Lindsay was going to dump her son, and orchestrated it. Definitely sketchy they went on a walk before her death. Or it couldn’t been a business deal gone wrong.
    I’m praying that you find whoever did this to your daughter!

  22. Ana C. says:

    I just wondered whether the police bother to seek security cameras in the whole neighborhood? The monstrous perpetrators had to arrive at the house in some sort of vehicle. Maybe they should see if anyone’s security camera caught vehicles coming into the neighborhood that usually shouldn’t be there like a month before the crime. Usually a perpetrator will case a crime location and return to the scene of the crime.

    • Kelly H. says:

      In Victoria on Vancouver Island (particularly Gorden Head in Saanich where it happened) many homes do not have security cameras as thereis no need for them – and likely on the quiet cul de sac where the house was there would not be any security cameras

  23. Zooyork says:

    I firstly want to say how much respect I have for Jeff Buziak. I just finished watching him on Brain Scratch with John Lordan.
    Jeff, you were and still are amazing Dad to an amazing girl Lindsay.
    After hearing about your first encounter with Shirley Zailo (which to me was a window into her arrogant and rude soul,) I believe she planned the murder.

  24. Mick Williams says:

    yeah, the interlocking web of Zailo-Vid-Real Estate-Corrupt Cops(or shitty)

  25. Sara says:

    I just watched your interview with John Lordan and I must say that I have a huge respect for you.

    This case has boggled me for years but after watching you answer some questions and share information not known previously, I fail to understand why they haven’t arrested Vid?

    Find out who has the phone and there’s your murderer… No?

    Granted, I’m sure there are more players involved here but I still see no reason why they aren’t at LEAST putting together a case against this man…

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m sorry you have to go through this and Lindsay is lucky to have you as her dad


  26. Laura Katherine says:

    Watched Brainscratch episode. Was Matt McDuff romantically involved at the time of the murder? If so, has she been questioned to rule out the jealousy issue? This murder looks like it should have been easier to solve. Who hated her and wanted to assure that she was out of the way? Tragic.

  27. Norway says:

    I think they hired someone for the kill. I also think Jason sent those sms¨ as a code for the killers. Like first one was go ahead and the last one was u are safe. The mother and the son are guilty

  28. Fergal ÓhÉarga says:

    My, but people here seem very judgemental … assuming the police are stupid or corrupt and that all leads haven’t been pursued. As far as the boyfriend and his mother go, what a bizarre way to kill an unwanted girlfriend. Bizarre things do happen, but this seems particularly obtuse. Speaking of bizarre things, take a look at one of your own text conversations, one of your own interactions with uncertain circumstances, and subject that to the conspiratorial eye … the fact is that much of human behaviour is random and unthinking, so to go back and assign deep meaning to the mundane is an exercise in futility.

    It remains such a strange way to kill someone, even with a ‘professional hit’, but it seems more likely to me that such it was. She may indeed have ‘seen something she shouldn’t have’, or inadvertently gotten mixed up in something bigger than she realised. Regardless, the death of this poor young woman is tragic, and let’s hope and pray that she and her family ultimately get justice.

  29. Holly says:

    Lindsay’s dad is the real hero here. If only he would have accompanied her to her showing that day this would not
    have happened. The ugly boyfriend, Jason and Jason’s creepy mother, Shirley, murdered Lindsay, that much
    is obvious. With time they will be found out, nothing stays hidden forever.

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      From the research I have done there is so much crime in Victoria that everyone could be involved somewhat. From the politicians to the cops to all the people in the neighborhood. I do think this was very personal so no need to look into anyone except for those close to her ie friends, boyfriends, bosses, people where she worked. It is time to get JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY AND HER FAMILY. Corruption all over there. So sad.

    • Tracy2323 says:

      Pretty sure her father was 600 miles away from that showing! Also, you mean to tell us that the boyfriend fooled every single detective, police officer, etc, a polygraph, and extensive scrutiny by highly trained individuals? Maybe in the movies, but not real life.

      • Laurie says:

        I believe the bf Jason fooled the police with his prior then what became his present alibi timeline and has confused everyone, but he hasn’t fooled me! I believe in from my spiritual experiences, He wrote the script, directed it and played it out as he saw fit, to get away with murder! Don’t ever be nieve thinking this couldn’t have happened!

  30. Eileen says:

    Jason and his mother look creepy as hell, plus they act guilty as hell too with their shifty black eyes.
    The police won’t ever solve this because they simply don’t want to. It is so blatantly obvious who
    commited this crime. They are inept and really could not care less if it’s solved or not.
    They are clueless to the fact that this only counts against them, but again they don’t care.
    If this was their loved one, it would have been solved years ago.

    • RKS says:

      Eye colour makes no difference. Jason comes off as very stoic in his tv interviews. Have not seen Shirley but you seem accurate

      • Just A Canadian says:

        The people I have met without a conscience have black eyes, no soul. I have had a very personal experience with one psychopath.

  31. KD says:

    To throw out another theory, What about Jason’s ex-girlfriend who is a real estate agent? She could have easily been very jealous of Lindsay, definite motive. I believe the way this murder was planned that it was planned by a woman. someone who knows the area. someone with money. someone who is a real estate agent. Both Jason’s ex and Jason’s mom fit that criteria. Anyone know the history of Jason’s ex or anything about her?

    • Anonymous says:

      Who cares about the ex girlfriend when it was obviously Shirley Zailo. The ex girlfriend must have nightmares of the family. Actually it would be good to hear her story but she probably is afraid to open her mouth other than to say Thank you LORD

  32. A M Adams says:

    I believe it was her boyfriend and his mother. And I believe they were directly responsible for her death, as in one of the two of them may have actually physically committed the murder. A professional hit person doesn’t stab a target 40 times, They slit the person‘s throat or stab their jugular or something similar. A person being stabbed 40 times is generally considered to be “overkill,” and is usually done by someone the victim has a personal relationship with. It is a rage killing.

    I also think it is possible that the “Spanish-speaking hit couple” didn’t really exist. I believe they could have been made-up/created to be (false) suspects for the police (and great distraction and waste of time). I think it is much more likely that the killers and/or an associate (the boyfriend’s mother and his friend?) dressed up as the couple. It didn’t matter if Lindsay recognized them, they would have had a good excuse or reason to tell her if she did, and of course once they were inside the house it didn’t matter, since they planned to kill her anyway. They just had to make sure they looked good for any witnesses on the outside when they arrived.

    • Viola says:

      Bingo! The murder was not done by a gang member, nor hit man. A jealous jaded boyfriend, a paranoid mother & a couple of desperate actors from the mainland. Gang related perhaps, to implicate Lindsay rather than taking the fall for ratting on the boys. Bad Jason… Perhaps Lindsay was trying to warn her friend in Calgary, about bad Jason. The story Jason spun, about picking up a friend and seeing people in the house & then parking away, is so far fetched, I guess it makes him believable? logistically, he killed her left the house, with the other two, then went back to the house. While the other two went on their way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Almost but not quite. SZ was waiting inside. That couple was only there to lure Lindsay in and help SZ take off the white painter’s suit after she murdered Lindsay. SZ is the only one who had that much rage towards Lindsay. She was jealous of her beauty and kind spirit. Can’t buy that stuff. She was also furious that Lindsay wanted away from all of them. Don’t ya know material things are suppose to make ya happy!!! SZ had then in a house most people only dream of, then a condo with rennos done. But still Lindsay was yukked out by them and wanted to get the F away. There is the rage. Plus Lindsay saw something, a big rock of heroine maybe, or a golf bag of 1000 dollar bills or god knows what but whatever it was it could screw the Zailo’s gig. Money laundering, drug dealing. That whole sham is obviously plotted out by SZ. She hired that couple just to help. She went over and over JZ part with him I bet because she though he’d eff it up somehow. She had the place all figured out. She knew when construction guys would be leaving. She had a key, remember JZ phoned her before 911 and asked about the key??? The couple went outside to signal JZ that they were almost ready to go and out the back they went… thick plastic bag in hand that held clothes, knife, the blonde wig. She probably took that couple a change of clothes too. Out the back they went, thru the part of the fence where the boards were removed. And now Part 2….JZ’s time to do his bit. Major Asshole….what a nightmare they are. GUILTY..LIFE with no parole

    • RKS says:

      Neighbours saw a couple arrive to the home and they were the ones who gave the description of the dress that was worn by the woman, not Jason

  33. william smith says:

    What I don’t understand is how did Zailo initially see outlines of people inside then 10 minutes later where are they. Who comes to see a home without a car. How did the people who came to see the house get away. This murder does not make sense at all.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think jasons family (including his mom) was into something they shouldnt have been doing . Linsday figured it out and they were afraid she was going to rat them out if she left Jason. Which was probably going to happen soon. I just have a strong feeling Shirley orchestrated it.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Shirley z.

  36. Andria says:

    IMO Shirley Z. Orchestrated the murder of Lindsay. The police prolly know it too, they just can’t prove it. They need to start arresting people in Shirley’s circle of friends for other crimes as a means to turn the pressure way up.

  37. Thomas says:

    It was either the boyfriend or the ex, there isn’t anyone else.

  38. Jane says:

    Shirley Zailo
    Shirley Zailo
    Shilrley Zailo hired the couple, couple of
    hit people. Who knows the sex. Could have
    been man in dress and wig, it was meant to throw any witness off. SZ was pissed off that
    Lindsay would dump her son after she invested her time into her. SZ was jealous of Lindsay that’s why the stabbing in breast area and face. It all leads back to the Zailos IMO. As for the SPD, holy moly, hire Charlie’s Angels to help them will ya, even if there is only 2 of them left. Who’s running that show?
    Did I say Shirley Zailo? Her son, her perfect son knows it too. Beware of Mommy Dearest.

  39. Richard says:

    They don’t allow polygraph tests in court for a reason. They are not worth the paper they are written on and that includes one conducted by the police.

  40. Sally says:

    Since the murder occurred on a Saturday, what are the chances that the police had a qualified person available to conduct the polygraph test. My suspicion has always been that the polygraph test was botched. Unfortunately, many people heard that Jason passed so therefore they falsely believe that he was not involved.
    Also, a good police tactic would be to tell him that he failed and then proceed to grill him for information and a confession. None of this occurred. The reason is because the Saanich police are incompetent to handle a complex murder. And they refuse to admit it.

    • Jane says:

      Yes I agree with you. SPD egos

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t think they said the Zailo’s passed the poly..if that is what they used. Saanich have the cvsa machine that even they no longer use. I think I read that they said this. “we are satisfied with the results at this time”. They never said they passed.

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