Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

570 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. charles says:

    I think Jason’s mother set her up she found out Lindsay was going to dump her son and quit working for her and Lindsay might have seen something illegal they were doing. my money on the mother did she take a lie detector test I bet no and she won’t

  2. Gregg Soppet says:

    To me, there is a distinct inconsistency about the time the boyfriend arrived at the house and his pulling out of the cul-de-sac. Why wasn’t he able to account for anybody leaving the property? Also, who was his companion on the evening of the murder who scaled the fence and let him in?

  3. Gregg Soppet says:

    I would look closer at the association between Leslay and her boyfriend’s mother who worked with her at the realtor’s office. Also, Lelay’s visit to her father and the connection between people who were drug dealers and her must be fully explored.

  4. Carrie says:

    Did Matt’s wife ever get interviewed/looked into? When Lindsay’s friend and dad mention Lindsay said she missed Matt before her murder, and then they reveal Matt had a girlfriend then who is is now his wife, the light bulb went on!!

  5. Barb says:

    According to weather reports (sorry if already on a different or earlier thread) the weather on Feb. 2, 2008 was chilly ( 5:00 PM-41 °F) and partly cloudy. The sun was setting at 5:14 pm. Slight wind. I live in the Midwest, USA. 41 degrees with sun setting and slight wind I would wear a coat or sweater. I’ve always wondered about the eyewitness account of the couples clothing. That said, the bf passed a polygraph. His cell records and being seen on tape where he said he was pushes him farther down the list. The bf and mom could be a red herring. Lindsay was the target or perhaps mistaken for someone else as one police interviewee stated. My curious mind is how the perps escaped the scene so quickly. Commit murder in about 10-15 minutes then escape the house. I’m more curious how the perp committed crime and got out of house. It may only be one person. There have been cases where someone in prison was convicted due to false eyewitness accounts. The burner phone is also a curious thing to me. Losing an adult child is devastating and I hope her parents find the person or persons responsible. Canada has an excellent cold case unit and I’m curious why Lindsay’s case has not been reopened as a cold case recently. The PI hired by Lindsay’s family threatened by local LE would have me concerned. The timeline posted with just the facts of the case on this website is a good one.

  6. NORM MATTER says:

    It’s a cold case now. They will need to start over with new people.

  7. Pam says:

    Jason and mom no who did it. So many believe they had something to do with, that has mean something. Bad vibes from Jasons mom.

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