Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

487 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. Dave says:

    Here’s another thought. The “Mexicans” were very specific about the house and price range. I suspect that this was because the Vailos first canvassed the available home for sale to find the perfect kill house then used those specifications in the original call to Lindsay. I believe she was killed because of what she saw that she wouldn’t tell her father as well as because she was going to leave the son. He clearly sought an alibi.

  2. Tharun kumar says:

    I think her bf only did this….Bcoz Lindsay telling to his bf in my personal number somebody contact me to show house..But her bf was not asking Lindsay how did they know u r personal number…Instead of this her bf telling to Lindsay 1 million dollar its good deal…U do this..U show them house….And she telling all news about to his bf of this deal..And her bf very clevery set a person to finish Lindsay life..And he gone to meet her friend on 5.30 pm for evidence to not caught on police….

  3. Lawrence Radford says:

    I’ve seen this episode on ID a few times and my first gut instinct has always been BOYFRIEND! He deliberately set himself up with an alibi witness. Who would do what he did if he cared about her at all?

  4. Norm L Matter says:

    This is good stuff that I found on YouTube, check it out ( Lindsay Buziak Update 2020 ). A lot of good stuff you may already know and a lot of new stuff. This lady is ready good, total time about 1:12:00 hour long. It looks like drugs and and maybe and Shirley.

  5. Helen says:

    I think she was murder by an upset former client. Through her innocent mistake or inexperience the client lost a dream house or lots of money and decided to get revenge. The killers did not left through the front door so the police should check who saw this house earlier with another realtor to plan the back door escape. The carefully planned where to park their car. This was someone who had to familiarize himself with the house upfront.

  6. Tj says:

    just watched this case on the ID channel. I think her boyfriend, knew something about it. She told him to meet her at the house at 5:30pm because she was concerned about her safety and what does he do? stop by car dealership for a drink then gets there late, then delays entering the home. Anyway, we reap what sow… sooner or later our iniquities will catch up with us…one way or another…said not not.

    • NORM MATTER says:

      I never heard anything about the car the killers arrived in or the getaway car. The dress has to have a maker that some should recognize. Someone has to know someone who has a dress like that or sold a dress like that.

    • Norm L Matter says:

      Checkout on ( YouTube ) (Lindsay Buziak update 2020. ) Older things and a lot of new stuff. Drugs and Shirley.

  7. Emi says:

    Shirley is the reason Lindsey was murdered. I don’t know if Jason is involved or not, being that he has that Norman Bates relationship with his mother, but there is no doubt in my mind that Shirley is the killer. Her money and influence suggests corruption possibly the sale of drugs, and while I admit this is 100% conjecture, it is important to note the burner phone used to call Lindsey from “the Mexicans” was activated the day there was a drug bust around the area. Also, Lindsey’s friend, Nicki, insists Shirley called her in a fake accent at the early hours of the morning one day. Why would Nicki lie about this? Other than to solve the murder of her friend but why would she want to pin it on someone random with no evidence? Lastly, Lindsey’s father, Jeff, says Lindsey says she had seen something she was not supposed to and she would elaborate at a later date. She was not able to elaborate as she was killed before she ever mentioned this again.

    My theory is Shirley hired someone to kill Lindsey, a professional of some sort because maybe Lindsey had caught Shirley caught up in a drug ring, possibly selling or purchasing. Whether Lindsey physically saw someone with Shirley, though this seems unlikely because drug ring workers usually are very careful, or perhaps she had seen something on one of the computers around the office at work, after all they worked in the same office at the time at some point or maybe she listened in to one of Shirley’s phone calls. Another theory I have is that Shirley could have framed Lindsey as an informant possibly having to do with the drug bust around the area at the time to get her killed by the druglords. While I am not sure of the details of any kind, what does seem clear is Shirley causing a professional killer (hitman, druglord, etc.) to kill Lindsey

    • NORM MATTER says:

      Good theory, I’ll have to find it and watch it again Did anyone ever say that the seen the get a way car, or the car that they came to the house in?

      • Bubba says:

        Oddly enuf the neighbour directly behind the murder house terry scheen(sp) swapped his wife’s mini-van the night b4! Its far fetched but he parked it at his driveway or in side street “Torquay”(sp) which is shared w murder house & his. 1 theory is his wife’s mini van was used. How he got involved or asked is beyond anyone’s guess but would suggest professional hit. But gun & weekday day would b professional.
        How did Lyndsay meet jason & ryan? It turns out Matt knew them!? Or did he? Did she meet them thru matt? Matt also knows criminal elements! As does the crime queen & her sons. But moreover sadly Lyndsay knew criminals also. From Calgary. Whether different one’s than matt or not or from all party’s mixed up w hardened criminals. Up to 30 ppl mentioned in this case. Jasmine & Nikki obviously nothing to do w it. Ashley or Michelle Lum are definitely involved Michelle is figured to b the female accomplice. She was rumoured to have backed out of the ploy only to have been threatened herself so she complied. Who paid for Lyndsay’s breast implants thats a curious question also. The shauna rae sleuth pretty damn good on youtube. What’s also interesting is shirley phoned Nikki “accidentally” on her personal phone but also the killers “accidentally” called Lyndsay on her personal phone. Did shirley make a habit of making mistakes. Ziggy was a murderer, Vid Acevedo was in position of murder phone there were 2. Was it paul or joe that said “the bitch had what was coming to her”!?

    • Julia says:

      Emi, I completely agree with you. I just listened to the Morbid podcast episode on this and all I can think about is how guilty Shirley is. I believe Jason was apart of it too.

    • Jim says:

      The gruesomeness of the murder act was to send a message to Lindsays girlfriends who may have been privy to the said information Lindsay knew about. Jason was also inappropriately giving gruesome details about the condition of lindsays body post murder to her girlfriends immediately after the murder,followed by Shirley giving the girlfriends the finger slash under the neck sign, after telling them to keep their mouth’s shut after she insisted on taking them for lunch……..pretty clear what transpired and who was responsible….

  8. Fred says:

    Drug related hit. The savage nature was meant to send a message.

    • NORM MATTER says:

      As far as I can remember, no one seen the killers car or a get away vehicle of any kind leaving the scene of the crime. Sound a little to planned out for drug people, I heard that if you smoke marijuana before you take a Lie Detector test chances are you will pass.

  9. Carole says:

    Jason and his mom Shirley killed Lindsay. To me, it is obvious.

  10. Josephine Burnette says:

    Please go over Lindsay’s real estate deals. Someone may feel that he/she lost a lot of money or was betrayed. He was mad enough to hire a professional hit. The clue is in how they got to her through her real estate work; they jangled a juicy deal in front of her.

    • Martha says:

      Good theory. Police got tunneled vision with her 2 boyfriends. It’s unlikely to kill someone for braking up without any prior signs of violent tendencies. And it’s not even a “moment of passion” murder. Also accidentally seeing someone with drugs wouldn’t lead straight to an elaborate murder. Drugs are everywhere these days. Unless she accidentally cracked some major drug cartel. Unlikely. Still not drug related style killing.

  11. Maria says:

    I think she was killed by an unhappy former client. One of her clients missed on a house they really wanted and by a real or perceived mistake done by Lindsey, still young and careless looking agent the deal went bad. It could be she was late, forgot something, got distracted and they “lost” the dream house. Some people take it very hard and are prone to revenge. That’s my theory.

  12. Jim says:

    Any phone records of lindsays that could prove Jason was calling her as well as texting her immediately prior to murder

  13. Susan says:

    I feel strongly that mother/boss, Shirley Zailo, made the appointment and murdered Lindsay, in cooperation with her other son, or possibly her tenant. They ‘dressed-up’ so that Lindsay would only recognize them once they were directly in front of her. As it was right around the 1-year review time for Lindsay’s job, Shirley Z made out that this was her ‘fun’ trick to test Lindsay’s abilities in becoming a full-fledged real estate agent. As she led them through the house for this examination, she would have been extremely uncomfortable, but ever-professional and simply unable to refuse 😞

    • Wyatt says:

      Not probable, but then again, anything is possible. Understand that Lindsay was executed long before these alleged “Mexicans” arrived, if they were even there but let’s have some query on that scenario…. maybe it wasn’t Lindsay that pretended to shake their hands (as per witness) maybe it was a conspirator along with the Mexicans who were also conspirators, ya see, Lindsay was deceased long before this time frame was setup, she was lying practically decapitated at approximately 5pm. So while those “Mexicans” and someone posing as Lindsay were being witnessed, it was already a crime scene. All of it was choreographed by skanky mommy dearest and the rejected sons were a pawn in the entire killing, along with Desousa, Lum, skanks boyfriend and a few others. It’s not rocket science but the Stupid Police can’t even solve an obvious killing. Sad eh?

  14. jet says:

    Just finished watching it on YouTube true crime daily…im just amazed ..stabbed over 40x and no DNA was found not even a piece of fiber or hair strain…imo these crimes are usually done by someone close or knows them..whomever killed or set this up knoqs Lindsey and she knew them…hope it gets solved i can feel the anger in her father as I have 2 daughters myself….

  15. Jim says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this was all staged, and lockbox entry times were false but I’ve seen no podcast/video with or without Jeff stating that they figured the lock box was either opened by someone else other than Lindsay using her code or completely fabricated by sannich police. Any possible evidence that points towards her not being the one who accessed the lock box?

  16. Jim says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this was all staged, and lockbox entry times were false but I’ve seen no podcast/video with or without Jeff stating that they figured the lock box was either opened by someone else other than Lindsay using her code or completely fabricated by sannich police. Any possible evidence that points towards her not being the one who accessed the lock box?

  17. SteveC says:

    Just watched the True Crime Daily presentation…may already be answered somewhere, but regarding the burner phone, nothing was mentioned about tracing it back to the point of purchase and seeing if there was any video or records. Hope that this is solved for your peace of mind, sir.

    • I just read in The Capital Daily that some records have been released that there were 2 phones used and that they know the name of the person that had them registered??? wtf Is this all about retrieving the murder weapon. (Sorry I am not up to date on the case) but read this new article today

  18. Jim says:

    Shirley the manager of the remax office that Lindsay was currently working out of….is it possible Shirley or other people may of knew her lockbox pass code, I mean obviously Jason possibly knew, very possible time of entry via lock box was staged. Wonder if there was any evidence Lindsay went home to change after lunch at sauce…..Or did her and Jason head right over to 1702 right from sauce, showing up there just before 5pm.

    • Wyatt says:

      Geez… Jim, you got some reading to catch up. Hint; the lockbox was NEVER accessed by Lindsay. She was long since executed before the time frame stated by the Stupid Police?

      • Svetlana says:

        Does the lockbox show all the times it was ever accessed? With technology, even in 2002, I would think it is kept somewhere in memory?

  19. Lillian says:

    It was “pocket dialed” when Skanky Mommy Dearest was in a panic to replace it into Lindsay’s jacket, she didn’t have a clue (in life or otherwise) that she’d activated the call, hence to “nothing” on the message. It was skanky mommy who was sending all those texts using Lindsay cell, Lindsay was long since deceased, somewhere around 5pm.

    • Norm Matter says:

      So you think she was the older women in the 3 color dress? Another good idea. Did they ever question her?

      • Lillian says:

        No. I’m not convinced those two “Mexicans” even existed. I believe the “witnesses” made that shit up as their participation in Lindsay’s murder…. by pressure, association or threat, who knows, but there has never been any evidence to substantiate their existence, ie: vehicle, arrival, departure? Skanky mommy was already in the house before Lindsay arrived. She was hiding upstairs with her killer son (Ryan.. the rejected boy + huge motive) and when DeSousa was there, he opened the front door and led Lindsay through on a pretence to show the home while he led her to the killing field upstairs. Those texts were done by skanky mommy who pulled it from Lindsay’s hand while Ryan, the killer, stabbed her 40+ times!

        • Norman L Matter says:

          I watch this story whenever it comes up. Did they ever find any DNA besides Lindsay’s? One more question have you ever watched The Genealogy Detective with CeCe Moore?


        • Charity Iannalfo says:

          The “Mexican ” female that called her was Jason’s mom. She used that same fake accent to call Lindsay’s friend later on.
          Jason and his mother killed her

  20. Jim says:

    Not sure which blackberry she had but how easy were pocket dials made with those models. I think it’s more likely she knew she was in trouble and pulled her phone out in a frenzy and ended up hitting that contact. That voicemail would be some interesting evidence.

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