Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

383 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. I also believe the murder traces directly back to Jason and his mother. They may have had multiples motives but the key lies with them. Jason’s behavior on the video I saw screamed involvement. The police need to continue to investigate any and all dealings of that monstrous family

    • Jim says:

      Unfortunately the sannich police department most likely have some shady envolvment in this case,which may have been the thing lindsay seen that she shouldn’t have. This is illustrated by watching the comments on the comment threads on the YouTube “brain scratch” podcast. There are “people” most likely the zailos and spd monitoring any comments /theories of what motives may be in people’s thoughts and are bullying and “trying ” to discredit them.Reminds me of when Jeff described Horsley s visit to Calgary where they threatened to discredit Jeff if he didn’t back off and shut down his website.

  2. Tam says:

    There’s lots of money to be made in the drug business like with any business one of the first things you do is buy insurance to protect your investment one type of insurance that drug businesses buy is law enforcement someone (or several people) on this case is on the payroll of the drug business owners, I think the fingers that point at the alleged guilty parties are accurate. Corruption in law enforcement could keep this case from being solved.

    • Frank Signoriello says:

      The reality Company employee the mother and the sons were all co conspirators.

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2020, 7:13 PM Lindsay Buziak Murder wrote:

      > Tam commented: “There’s lots of money to be made in the drug business like > with any business one of the first things you do is buy insurance to > protect your investment one type of insurance that drug businesses buy is > law enforcement someone (or several people) on this c” >

  3. bjm says:

    Jason and Shirley!!

  4. Jim says:

    I believe jeffs version of shirley is accurate. Its very telling when she told lindseys friends at the post funeral lunch that “they know too much,jason said too much!” Zailos had to tie up this loose end,since Lindsay was in the process of leaving Jason! The brutality of the murder was done specifically to send the message to lindsays friends that may have been privy to some of the criminal activity lindsay knew about. Jason was witnessed to be telling all of lindsays friends the graphic details of lindsays murder in attempt to scare them with the gruesome details. Money laundering and human trafficking are most likely some secrets that lindsay was aware of being associated with the zailos. Jason had two important roles on murder day. 1) The delivery. He made sure lindsay kept the appt. by telling her he would be there with her,so she wouldnt get scsred and cancel since the situation didnt feel right. 2) To contaminate the crime scene. He was first on the scene, touched/contaminated any possible evidence left by the murderer. Hopefully this latest human trafficking arrest in sakatchewan with Ali’s sister will cause some one to talk and help this case out.

  5. Georgean says:

    Jason definitely in on it!!!!!

  6. Noelle Grais says:

    I agree 100% with you. Her ex-boyfriend and his mother were and still are real estate agents at the time. Shady!

  7. Wendell Smith says:

    Being a Real Estate agent (In Colorado) this screams of a Real Estate related crime. Here is why…
    1) In 2008 every Real Estate agent was hurting for business because of the economic downturn.
    2) Every listing she secured in her one year of being an agent needs to be scrutinized up and down. What agent (if any) did she ‘beat out’ (Especially at other Real Estate companies). Did she beat out the same agent more than once on a listing and/or a buyer?
    3) Agents are jealous. They are ultra competitive. When they get desperate, they’ll do anything for a deal. Keep in mind on a million dollar listing it is a $60,000 commission. I realize this was not her listing, but look at all of her transactions. It sounded like she had several real estate transactions in the works…What agents lost out on these deals?
    4) Focus on listings that she was working on right before that burner phone was purchased. Even potential transactions that she didn’t get, or offers that she pulled. Check out the agents that got their license with her (If agents take classes together up there). Some new agent that started the same time, may have thought they were going to ‘Set the world on fire’ and they never closed a transaction, then blamed her in their mind!
    5) Keep in mind that the broker actually owns the listings (At least in Colorado they do) If something happens to the agent , the broker controls the commission.
    I hope they get these murderous criminals!

    • nicole Hutt says:

      Wow, I never knew Real Estate agents were so competitive.

    • Rebecca says:

      You have said everything I have been thinking since I first heard about this case! My husband used to sell real estate and you are completely on point about the competitiveness. I hope the authorities read your comments and seriously consider your suggestions. I have never heard that police have thoroughly investigated this angle. People need to drop the drug angle. Drug dealers don’t care about someone like Lindsay.

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