Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

25 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. John says:

    What I find very strange after watching the latest crime watch series on this tragic incident is for someone whom has never stepped foot in a house before to walk in and immediately know where to go to the emergency without even second guessing of looking elsewhere or without stopping. Any average person would frantically look around and not know where to really go. How can you find your way perfectly around a house youv never been in? And know right exactly where to go without any second guesses? Clear sign of someone who know right to go from the beginning. Clear sign of guilt and/or some sort of prior knowledge. what do the police do? Ohya know just let everyone get away and not remotely care about the victim, the victims family nor their grief. Very sickening. My heart goes out to the Buziak family and I truly hope someday justice is served to the killers. One way or another.

  2. Cara Robinson says:

    I just saw the dateline episode for the first time, and I am so sorry for the family and friends who lost Lindsay. I really think this was a vengeful coworker/Dani had realtor, likely a woman, who was jealous of Lindsay’s current and/or future success. Only a realtor would suggest an empty house and know how to lure someone by pretending to be a million dollar client who needs to buy within 2 days. And on the episode, the report said they likely got away on foot. Well, has that been explored? Were there others scheduled showings in the area? Did someone live nearby there or have family nearby?

  3. Jarrod Treppish says:

    …after watching a Chris Hansen bit on this and briefly skimming through the non essential info on here I think there’s a few things that need to be addressed… coming from a US law enforcement background here, i can tell you there are TWO THINGS that stand out to me that should be investigated further that I am really not seeing a lot being done? Again I could be very wrong as this site is hard to follow, but FIRST, I think the glaringly obvious thread that needs tugging on is the claim the Lindsey “saw something she shouldn’t have”. You have a basic timeline of when this event occurred. Follow it! Track her every moment during that year, who were her friends? Coworkers? Vacations? Hangouts? Where did she live? Who did she live with? Boyfriend? His friends? SECOND, and this ties into the first, her trio to visit her father before the murder. Put emotions and assumptions aside and look at the facts. It is VERY likely that her boyfriend was either involved or associated to this drug ring if nothing more than being around it. So it’s likely that the event in question happened to be that she witnessed something occur with the boyfriend and this drug ring? Perhaps the boyfriend held that over her and she was afraid to get out due to threats? Maybe when she contacted this friend in the drug ring to protect her loser boyfriend she had bad timing with the bust and having already been on their radar and now the bust happening it’s likely she’d be the one blamed. Than it’s possible the boyfriend was threatened into giving her up or maybe he was involved? Or maybe it was dumb luck he was there? Judging by the layout of the house his running upstairs isn’t suspicious to me as the friend had already went through the first floor it’s pretty clear she wasn’t on floor one and straight up the stairs is the master suite and her body was right in line of sight of the open door so I don’t think that has any bearing. Now this is ALL SPECULATION AND THEORY, but, if I were investigating this I’d be focused on the event she witnessed and the old friend contact. Tug those strings and I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. But you have to be willing to forget everything you think you know about her and look at this objectively and not as a father. Good luck, my heart goes out to you. If it were me, there’d be a trail of blood until I found her killer. I wish you the best.

  4. Private citizen says:

    Only Vid would be dumb enough to post that comment. The spelling and grammar fits his profile.Plus he already admited that he knows who killed ber.Spd if you cant get him on murder…get him locked away for somthing else.

  5. Concerned citizen says:

    How are people still using the Zailo’s as realtors? Clearly they had something to do with this… it boggles my mind every time I see a sign with their name on it… they should be put behind bars, and at the very least have their realtor license revoked… my condolences to the family of Lindsay.

  6. Russell Taylor says:

    Jason Zailo had something to do with it.

  7. joejoedotcom says:

    Jason Zailo had her killed…

  8. Crime Show Junkie says:

    Jason Zailo had her killed…

    It was PAINFUL to watch the investigators bungle this case…… they should dig deep into that guy’s ass. He’s guilty AF.

    My advice would be to hire some PI’s to work the case separately from the police.

  9. Brandy Stokes says:

    I believe it was Brian’s wife, she would have been the girlfriend at the time. She had a lot to lose and would have benefited the most out of Lindsay’s death! I don’t think Brian had anything to do with it nor does he know that his wife is guilty as hell!

  10. Keith Elliott says:

    It was the old boyfriend’s new wife

    • Brandy Stokes says:

      I definitely agree with you Keith! She had the most to gain from Lindsay’s death and it would make sense for her to hire someone to do it instead of doing it herself.

      • A says:

        I did not know Lindsey well but she was a friend of my friend. Turns out she invited me for coffee one time since she was having some issues with our mutal friend. We did alot of talking about our lives and I cant get out of my head that she told me her on and off agian boyfriend Matt said that if she ever left him he would kill her. He also use to pull her hair out and hurt her. I dont know if this means anything..but I hope justice comes for Lindsey and her family.

  11. Nicholas says:

    Small detail. The killers told Lindsay that they got the number from previous clients of hers. I would think that the only way the killers would have lindsay clients names would be through another realtor or someone working with Lindsay in the real estate industry. I.E. Jason Zailo or his mother or brother? There are ways to pass polygraph tests and if you do fail….. they can be considered inaccurate. Do you follow?

    • Thomas Hughes says:

      Agreed. This is a crime of passion. Look closely at the local Real Estate directory of all realtors and her office mates.

  12. Peg A McGrath says:

    This is the second time I have seen the show. It is on now…5/22/17. I believed from the first time I saw the show until I saw it again tonight; that the suspect is someone in the Realtor field. The show said Lindsay’s Realtor career was just taking off and already had a couple of homes to close on (when she told her Dad she made a mistake about her boyfriend). I think it was someone who wanted to stop her career because it was becoming successful and she would be in the way of his/her Realtor career. Just my Opinion

  13. somequestions says:

    A little bit of a correction: Lindsay Buziak actually wrote housekeeper in her day planner, not nanny. Either way it is strange because housekeepers usually do not stay with the family. Maybe in the killers life, their housekeeper stayed and lived with them.

    Sometimes what is not mentioned can also be important. For example, there is no mention of a large yard in her notes, something I think might be important to a man who might have to mow the lawn.

    People murder for all sorts of reasons, but the amount of stab wounds seems like someone filled with a lot of jealousy or hate. The murder feels like someone who was betrayed.

    And finally there is the notation at the top of her day planner about needing to buy in 2 days. For whatever reason this patient planned killer who waited weeks after purchasing the cell phone all the sudden needed to make sure the murder was done by Saturday. It even gave Lindsay Buziak a bad feeling. So why?

    Whatever the reasoning I still tend to think the person who planned to murder Lindsay Buziak was a woman.

    • Luis Hardy says:

      It was a housekeeper they said that they needed a room for. My opinion is, that was to give Lindsay the impression that they had a lot of money and was going to have a live in housekeeper. Which I think she bought it. And giving a deadline of two days was to make her think that she could sell a million dollar home in a couple of days and get the commission.

  14. somequestions says:

    I tend to believe that whoever planned to commit this crime was probably a woman.

    There are a few reasons for this and it has to do with Lindsay Buziak’s day planner. The part she wrote down about having a separate room for the nanny came off to me as something a woman would remember to mention. How many men do you know that would remember a detail like that especially since this whole thing was a ruse anyway?

    Then there are Lindsay Buziak’s friends. What is the one thing most of them probably did not have because they were young at the time? Kids. So the nanny part struck me as strange.

    This does not mean that someone does not have imagination enough to come up with these ideas. It only means that it might give some insight into the person. So professions that deal with kids like nanny, nurse, or teacher would be interesting if it describes any of Lindsay’s friends or family.

    If it is a woman, whoever it is could be described as patient. If the cell phone used to lure Lindsay Buziak to that home was bought weeks before, then whoever it was did not seem to be in any rush to kill her. But then you have the actual autopsy report about all the stab wounds. Whoever it was seemed to have a lot of rage just waiting to confront her. The fact that she was found on her back and the wounds came from the front might suggest she even knew her killer.

    To me, the little evidence that there is suggests the person who planned to murder Lindsay Buziak was a woman.

  15. Bri says:

    This case is horrifying, not to mention the fact it hasent been solved. The fact the local City police are dealing with it, is mind blowing. They have zero experience with this sort of thing. After months, it should have been handed off, now this many years later & still not? Insane. I think they should pay more attention to these druggy gang wanabee losers too, they clearly have something to do with it. Either them or the X.

  16. Help Lindsay says:

    He is referring to Widdifield!

  17. Jade says:

    Drug associate with Ziggy, Ziggy knew who to ask and a friend or girlfriend of the murderer accompanied him, Vid and the Delcalazers know who did this and are connected in the drug trafficking. The police should have clues by now, they should narrow their search with who Ziggy sold to associated with Vid & company, someone who spoke Spanish. Who fit this description? Have they done surveillance since 2008 of Ziggy’s drug associates? Its just not rocket science to figure this murder out! Grab Jason, Vid, Shirley and Ziggy & place them all under arrest for withholding the names of the actual stabbers.

  18. Nicholas says:

    The more I read the more I realize I’m way behind! But hey at least I was on the right track.

  19. Nicholas says:

    Is it possible the people who killed her was sending a message to the rat or the person they think ratted them out. …..Mr Zalo. Usually when a girl dies like this its a statement to someone close to her and the statement was for Mr Zalo I believe. This was common for the time because over on the mainland the girlfriends/wives were getting killed for retaliation against there men. No surprise the father has said a group of local drug dealer gangsters. Makes sense. Are these local thugs tied in with the drug dealer in Calgary that got busted 3 days before Lindsey died? And she visited him 6 weeks before her murder? Maybe Zalo was jealous of Lindsey visiting this man in Calgary on the trip she took there to see her father. Zalo makes a wrong decision out of jealousy and rats out this man so he gets busted and Lindsey pays for it? Or he rats out a local dealer and Lindsey pays for it. He didnt cry intially, very emotionless. I think he was sad she was dead but in shock and maybe felt responsible because of something he has done. Maybe he was thinking it’s a possibility that so and so did it because of blah blah blah. Right? That’s my take on it after looking at the videos and articles and interviews. Damn I’m probably very close to being right. But no forensics so someone has to rat. Put up a big enough dollar sign and in time someone will break and give you the info. Money talks in their world! Half a million to a million dollars and murder solved.

  20. AJ says:

    Just spit it out already. Who is this person you speak of?

  21. Sandos says:

    I find it odd that out of all the drug dealers and ‘bad asses’, after all this time, there is one name that has never been mentioned as far as I know, and he his the guy that scares everyone shitless. From what I know about him, well I have met him on many occasions and have heard what he HAS done in the past, including having one of his best friends beaten within an inch of his life, over a mere $2000 dollars. All of the ‘bad asses’ that have been mentioned, would never, ever piss him off in fear if their life. They all know him and have been in the drug trade business with him/for him. I was told once before that he has “killed”! And yes, he knows the Zalo’s well. He is incarcerated at this time, but was not back then. I could say more, but if I did, they would know who I am. But it makes me wonder, when I hear all of these other names, but not his?

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