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  1. nursen .A says:

    maybe jason and his friend are involved in this gang thing thats also why lindsay when she talked to her father she told him that theres something important she wants to tell him but she cant then she switched the convos to the jason has become more protective also as many people said that his text messges as used as~proof~ are so like fake and why was he late when the restraunt was close to the house also jasons mom shirley zilo jason`s mom had the weird accent same as the lady who called lindsey from the burnt number and that was confirmed by lindsays friend after the call she got in the middle of the night weird isnt it also if you look at the womans body type in the dress also is very very simlar too shirleys body type also they both have the same side profile….. what if shirley was the woman but with a blonde wig and some makeup some people will say that lindsay could`ve recodnigezed that it was her soon to be mother in law…….but havent you thought once that LINDSAY SENT TO THE WOMAN THE ADDRESS WHAT IF SHIRLEY WAS WAITING INSIDE THE HOUSE you may ask now how she got in the house remember the back door thats how she got inside and thats why jason was ~late~ cuz his mommy was inside tell me that dosent sound beliveable to you

    • Teresa Leming says:

      Very possible. Mommy could get in because she was a realtor

    • David Dane says:

      Stop, stop, stop, you people sound like a bunch of drunk hobits! Vid Acevedo, and 3 of The Del Alcazars came together approximately an hour after Lindsays murder! Ericson Del Alcazar was denied bail out in Calgary only days before this! Jeff, my exclusion of Jason and Shirley Zailo from the murder theory estranged us!
      This operation was a Vid Aceedo/Del Alcazar production! But, you’re right, someone from that office was facilitating the murder couple with inside information so here’s another theory- Lindsay learns of a business connection between Shirley and Ericson. She decides to try and use this to pry some money out of Ericson who then runs to Shirley to tell her, a plot is hatched in conspiratorial fashion. Lindsay is murdered!

      • lbmurder says:

        Lindsay was not trying to pry anything from anyone. Please refrain from re-victimizing Lindsay, her family and her friends. That is so low brow and without an ounce of understanding in these matters.

        • David Dane says:

          I have more than an ounce of these matters and who would fault Lindsay if she was! Now, l could see if i’d made the statement “She was trying to pry money from the church”! Hell, i’m not above trying to pry money from a drug dealer! What? We should be respectful of his funds?
          That was in NO WAY meant to disparriage Lindsay at all! If she were to try and pry money fron a drug dealer, good, he deserves it! Poor Lindsay suffered, l believe, because her name was dragged in to something that she had nothing to do with! As it speaks to Shirley Zailo she is the most occult looking person that ever lived! Did she have involvement in Lindsays murder? I don’t know. Her Father Jeff thinks so and maybe he’s right! He to has suffered enough and maybe one day he’ll realize that i’m his friend and not his enemy! Jeff made a statement regarding Lindsays death that l will never be able to put down! “Lindsay had to meet her executioners alone”! I can never forgive those who did this for that!
          R.I.P. Lindsay Buziak,
          God Bless You!

          • David Dane says:

            It’s also apparent that interrogating Vid is not a priority! A conversation that goes something like this should have taken place some time ago!
            “Vid, we have your cell phone pinging along with the murder phone coming over on the Ferry and then again back at your house later on in the evening! We know that you met up with three of The Del Alcazars an hour after Lindsay was killed! We know that you know who did this to Lindsay, and why! So, this is what’s going to happen Vid, either you’re going to tell us exactly who did this and what their motivation was, OR, we are going to pin this entire thing on you in which case you’re gonna do life without parole! We’re gonna make sure that you sleep on wood with no mattress and we’re gonna seat you with someone who’s gonna make you their sweet boy each and every night that your here! We’re gonna give you a cell where the toilet backs up with extremely limited paper etc etc or you give us the names of the people and the crew that visited this grief upon Miss Buziak and you’ll only do 10! It’s your call”!

            • David Dane says:

              So, l have given some more thought to Vid, and if he’d have any way to talk his way out of this or find his way out even if he remained silent. The answer is NO! Had he only been present with the murder phones on the way to SAANICH then he could’ve said it was just a coincidence, shit happens, but as it is, the murder phones went back to his house later on that same night after Lindsay died! He also knew Lindsay, did not like her, and was also friends with The Del Alcazars! He even rendezvoused with them an hour or so after the murder!
              There are no doors and no windows for Vid to crawl out of or walk through! He lS involved!
              My understanding is that The F.B.I. is involved! VID”THE SKID” is a dope dealin dread! The F.B.I. should be able to haul Vid in, scare his breakfast out of him and sew this case up! “Tell us who did it and we’ll make a deal with you, but if you don’t we’re gonna drop the hammer on you for this and give you 50 reasons why you’ll wish that you’d accepted the deal”!
              There’s no door on him knowing who did this, it doesn’t exist!
              What l can’t understand is what The FBI is waiting for? Interrogate Vid, let’s go make some arrests and let’s end all this shit and let’s go home! What’s the goddamn hold-up?
              Jeff, l hope you’re doing ok. I heard about the floods in Abbotsford and elsewhere! Hope that you are un-effected!

              • David Dane says:

                So, having said what l said above, what is the answer to the sixty-five million dollar question? If VID has the keys to the doors, then what is The F.B.I. waiting on?
                Is there enough evidence to charge him with LINDSAYS murder? NO!!! Is there enough evidence to charge him as an accessory? YES!!! He can’t say that he was set-up because then how would the conspirators have planned it so that VID would go to SAANICH that morning and then go back to his place along with the murder phones later on that night?
                The FBI should be able to deal with VID faster than a dog can fart. They deal with terrorists and serial killers, embezzlers and crooked politicians, VID is a drug dealer. He should be small potatos to them! THEY, of all people should be able to haul a confession out of him in no time! Charge him as an accessory which is, l think in this case, 20, and tell him that he’s also looking at a conspiracy charge which is 25 for murder as well as possible obstruction of justice which is l have no clue but l think in this case it would hold a heavy penalty!
                He should be told that it could cost him over 55 years if he doesn’t start singing like Michael Jackson! He cannot say that he doesn’t know! The FBI should be able to run circles around him! This doesn’t exactly paint THE FBI in a rose colored hew either! They’re letting VID (A SMALL TIME DRUG DEALER) keep their forces at bay in what should be “Haul him in and get what we need”! This should be four or five hours work! What’s the stall? I don’t get it????

                • Jesse says:

                  Who is Vid ? I read a lot of comments but missed Vid being mentioned

                  • David Dane says:

                    Vid Acevedo is a Victoria, British Columbia based drug dealer and associate of The Del Alcazar clan! His cell phone pinged along with the murder phones coming over on the ferry from Saanich on the morning of the murder and then again the same back at his own house later that night!
                    He’s very likely the key to this whole nightmare and it’s both strange and odd that neither The FBI nor Saanich P.D. has capitalized on that although l just had an epiphany about 3 seconds ago! Could VID be a credible witness? I never thought of that before! If VID were to take the stand against his alleged co-conspirators, would his testimony hold up in court? That hadn’t occurred to me! I mean, you’d think a decent defence lawyer would rip him a new asshole in terms of, well, who exactly is Mr. Acevedo anyway, and is it possible that this dis-reputable member of the community is just lying to save his own ass? That is, unless, of course there is a way to put whomever he names in that house!
                    Jeff, if you’re listening, maybe that’s the delay. Maybe they’re worried that VIDS CREDIBILITY will be pulverized by a good defence lawyer and that his records and back-ground will render him useless as a witness! Is there, DNA inside that house? See, unless they can corroborate VIDS story then maybe there’s an issue of- CAN WE TRUST THE MESSENGER? Because as far as his character goes, he’s the most impeachable sonovabitch in SAANICH and then the crime scene was improperly processed! There would have to be corroboration for VIDS story, because “VIDS WORD” alone may not steal the show!!!

                    • Why did Vid Acevedo hate Lindsay?

                    • Jesse says:

                      Ok, thank you for the info , I appreciate it

                    • David Dane says:

                      You’re welcome!
                      Meredith, l suspect that the hatred was born of Lindsays dis-approval of both VIDS involvement with Matt MCDuff aswell as her general dis-approval for his occupational choice in general! Lindsay hated drug dealers and VID was a drug dealer!
                      I’ve seen Matts response to Lindsays passing and believe him to be genuine however l politely state in Matts direction that i’m slightly bewildered! Had that been my late wife (Monica), there is NO FRIEND of mine who would have DREAMED of touching a hair on her head out of sheer and utter terror of what l might do when word got back to me!!!!
                      There are dealers who let go, of debts because what they saw in my eyes creeped them out when a mention of my wifes name left their lips!
                      I think that my point is this, and Matt, for the first time i’m addressing you here- l have never met you and have nothing against you brother, but VID is/was your friend… I think you understand where i’m going with this! Have you said anything to him, confronted him? Why would VID think that what he did would be okay by you? Had Monica ever come home with a cut or a bruise bestowed upon her by one who called them-self a friend of mine… well, you just fuckin use your imagination!!!
                      Matt, l have zero against you, but LINDSAY was once your girl and VID was your friend!!! I’ll end my statement there!!!

    • David Dane says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! DETOX!!!! DETOXICATION!!!! What in the name of ICED OVER HELL are you talking about? Lindsay, Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak, with an s-a-y on the end! Secondly, why would LINDSAY not have been able to recognize her own Boss regardless of whether or not she wore a hair piece and make-up!
      NOW, to correct more than half of what you failed to convey properly or accurately in via common parlance!
      JASON ZAILO was late not because he hadn’t left sauce but because, or allegedly because he was at an Auto-Body Shop with an acronym that presently alludes me!
      Mental note to self- Why didn’t Saanich Police interview the alleged signage people? If there are no papers to sign then there are no signers, and JASONS alibi dies! You mean to tell me they haven’t achieved that yet?
      Further, SHIRLEY ZAILO has NO ACCENT other then one that comes from The West Coast of Canada and my former stomping grounds!
      Faked or worked text messages! Whenever l hear 5 minutes from the house l think of DEREK CLAYTON in SPELLBINDER passing the torch to JEFF MILLS and saying he’ll come back with The Cops! (JEFF, if you haven’t, please see this film amigo)!!!!
      I know, l talk to much and never shut up! It’s because my mind keeps spinning out these missiles !!!
      NO, person or Nursen above!!! SHIRLEY was not in that house!
      Jeff, you remember the finger across the throat in the car thing in the presence of LINDSAYS FRIENDS! I’m vexxed that SHIRLEY got away with that, not that she shouldn’t have been legally penalized for it, but if she had in 5 million years directed that bullshit at me l would’ve laughed in her face until her ears were ringing! Wouldn’t she like to take credit and be Bad-Ass of the year and here are LINDSAYS friends wide eyed and terrified! See, this is how you know that she’s full of shit, she has to tell us how bad she is!!!
      I’m not a fan of rap music, but someone named (Tracey Morrow), ICE-T as he’s globally known, while every other THUG-RAPPER out there was telling the world how bad they were through their music, THE ICE-MAN himself in his song MIND OVER MATTER bragged about being a nice guy, and what was he? He was a Los Angeles Crip-Captain!!! The most dangerous Thug-life rapper of them all!!!
      SHIRLEY- I’m addressing you directly!!! People who are truly dangerous don’t have to tell people who they are because their reputation preceeds them! What you sad to those girls doesn’t make you look good, it makes you look arrogant and cruel!!
      JEFF- I apologize for any tension that existed between us in the past, it’s my honor to do anything that l can for LINDSAY!

      • David Dane says:

        What l cannot fathom about Jason and Lindsays interaction on the night of the murder was what good Jason thought that he was going to do wheeling around the perimeter of 1702 De Sousa Place! No perp was going to stand there and allow Lindsay to punch up Jasons digits before they attacked her! Being no sleight to Lindsay l can’t fathom why an ultimatum that went something like this from she to Jason failed to take place- “Jason, if you don’t go into the house with me you can start looking for a new girlfriend”! And i’ll bet that the damnably wise ape would have complied! See, my Mother is a Broker, and i’ll tell you EXACTLY what conversation would have transpired from my Mother to my Father in said instance “PAUL, i’m not goin into that fuckin house by myself, now get over here”! And you better believe that my Father would comply if he wanted to keep his marriage! Had my Father left her to go into the house alone, there would be no walls or ceiling remaining on our house when and if she got home!
        “l’m 5 minutes away” (Jason Zailo to Lindsay via text). So what does he want for that, his junior G-Man badge, recognition from Harvard? What?
        That’s number two and something needs to be said: JASON ZAILO AND MATT MCDUFF- VID ACEVEDO is a friend of both of you, you both loved Lindsay! Do l need to flesh this out for either of you? You’re letting the asshole, yes VID, i’m calling you an ASSHOLE!!! You’re letting the living breathing blood relative of Mr. Potatoe Head skate on this? I don’t get it?

  2. Jamie Waterhouse says:

    I saw Lindsay Buziaks murder case on ID channel tonight. I feel so bad for her family. Im not a psychic but i feel it can be solved, why not sure intuition. I think it has something to do with a prior listing one she sold mostly one she may have got when another realtor was expecting? Listing sorry for vagueness Tunnel or funeral home and or a ridge estate. Again i dont think im esp, but i tried to see her past listings before she passed cant find anything yet. All these thought tonight within 30min. I dont want to waste anyone’s time thats why i wanted to see what i might figure out. God bless family. Im going to keep looking for her prior sold listings to satisfy myself to help

  3. AkQueen says:

    The side profile drawing of the woman of interest, seems to match up to Lindsay’s side profile of her face. I believe her soon to be Ex boyfriend Jason is guilty of her death & was the ultimate mastermind in setting this up with his friend that was with him. He made a VERY telling statement that can prove that he knows MUCH more than he has ever said. Lindsay recently had a boob job done and I think he felt like she got them done and was ready to leave him too. That would’ve been why he stabbed her boobs also.
    The killing is brutal and VERY OBVIOUS THAT IT WAS A PERSONAL KILLING. Everything points straight to JASON.

    • Jess says:

      Absolutely something personal – if it was a random hit job they could have used a gun or if a knife then just enough to kill her not overkill – just like Oj Simpson killed Nicole and Ron – didn’t care about blood didn’t care about someone walking up didn’t care about anything other then putting a stop to Ron or anyone else getting into Nicole’s pants – a crime of passion

      • Mike says:

        I think the bottom line consists of many smaller lines where it all comes together with the unfortunate killing of Lindsay. We know the killers came from Vancouver. We know the killers cell pinged with the cell of first, a local gang member. Then we know both cells then pinged later with more gang affiliates. We speculate that both SZ and JZ are involved in and or connected to certain shady activities and both affiliated with members of said gang. We know Garcia provided the house(not a coincidence) and quit the next day, very telling. We know people are providing stories of a connection to paid off cops / investigators but we don’t know if that is true. It would involve a shit load of pay offs to do that. As most of us are aware that brutal killings are personal it goes without saying that I believe SZ/JZ were used as part of the overall plan because JZ would be the #1 suspect. SZ would be in the top 3-5 as extended family. Gangs / cartels / the criminal underworld kill as a cost of doing and protecting business and to send a message. Can we say that SZ and or JZ are involved, yes but, only that there lifestyle is involved with people that can make them look guilty. I wouldn’t believe that they (and I don’t know them) could plan or carry out an unsolved murder of this magnitude. I do believe however that Lindsay may have told HER BEST FRIEND AT WORK WHAT SHE SAW IN CALGARY. Thus, the plan is put in place to eliminate her because she is now a massive risk to many peoples’ freedom and lavish lifestyle. If the people didn’t kill her immediately and her info took down or provided info about the cartel or gang then those who should have taken care of her would have been taken care of. I believe that anything people think they are seeing from SZ or JZ is due to the fact they feel like they could be next by simple association or that they also know what Lindsay saw. So, the fact they are still alive probably means they don’t know. There lawyers would most likely have told them not to take the polygraph but they did. A Persons’ willingness to cooperate is a true tell sign. At no point have I heard they haven’t cooperated. The Police for sure have uncovered much evidence that would connect SZ and possibly JZ to a little or a lot of shady business and people. People have commented many times about arrests and charges blah blah blah. One thing I know for sure is that the Police for many years have sent charges to Crown on many cases for approval. In most cases the Crown wants not needs, WANTS a very high percentile of a guaranteed conviction or they will hand the file back to the Police and say I want more .It’s as high as a 98% conviction certainty. We all speculate who was involved, the cell evidence tells us that. We should hope the Police do and I believe they do. Beyond a reasonable doubt is not as easy to prove as one thinks. A good defense lawyer can riddle holes through every single piece of evidence that we have all been privy to. So now the Police have to satisfy Crown and then Crown has make sure the defense can’t walk there clients out of the courthouse. Do you think the Police and Crown are going to allow what will know doubt be a Defense of many of the highest paid lawyers dirty money can buy. These defense lawyers can make the Pope look like the Devil. Now I don’t know who called in the FBI but rest assured it wasn’t a paid off Police force. They will certainly be looking at those Police names that are popping up but keep in mind what I’ve said above with regards to the Police and Crown. For those same reasons the FBI is not going to indicate whether corrupt Police are involved.

        Whomever is responsible is well advised on how to eliminate a threat.

        I also believe based on what I’ve heard about Lindsay that she was a very smart girl. It may be highly likely that she would not have told SZ OR JZ what she saw. She might have been afraid to because she was wanting to leave JZ. But would she have been afraid to tell Garcia who people claim was her bestfriend or one of? It would be naive to think Lindsay wouldn’t be naive enough to tell her highly connected best friend. Did she know her friends connections? You would think so but did she? When your talking the cartel / gangs, firstly, blood is thicker than water and secondly, remember what I said happens to people who don’t take care of business when info is presented that would take them down.

        It would be interesting to see the timeline of when Lindsay returned from Calgary with that info and when she first made contact with Garcia whether in the office or not and then when Garcia starts bringing up the said house at work on the company computer and then if she used any work landlines /or cell to call any of said gang members.

        It is also not a forgone conclusion that all criminals make mistakes and I think something could be said to that. Is it a mistake that the gang members phone pinged with the potential killers phone? Maybe! Or, is the gang member staking claim to a killing and taunting both the Police and SZ and JZ? Maybe!
        I would tend to believe that it wasn’t a mistake having the cell phone ping as I think they are all still alive. They would also be dead if the cell phone were simply a stupid mistake which drew attention to them. Maybe?

        I would also think it would be very telling when and if the FBI interrogate or polygraph both SZ and JZ.
        My question would be, “Since you were first interviewed have you had any direct or indirect contact with any of the following individuals.?


    1. some one text this website i am the killer but name is not. But cyber crime or crime branch police takeover the website and hack him and trace that guy comment IP address. Because the name was not register but he or she using the internet so register network sharing it will be connect the IP address. the IP address is not change.
    2. The IP that guy own use they will be catch the killer but it using the net center defenetly cross the CCTV coverage IT must be check the CCTV camera.
    3. Buying mobile & sim Card is given to the facke address but check the contact details. Its easy to find the suspect. collect the mobile bill to verify the mobile shop and sim card center CCTV Camera.
    4. Jason saw someone in the house. that guy also wearing so dark dress. but find the height.
    5. Check lindsay phone for what ever call send and recive for the time is 5.41pm that way also give the chance to reach the suspect.

  5. starship1975 says:

    Kinda cute that the cops are hiring 5 year olds to draw composites.

  6. Barry says:

    I saw this case on John Lordan YouTube channel my heart breaks for this lovely lady’s father Jeff he seems like a wonderful man who lived over 12 years not having justice for who killed his daughter such a very sad story love goes out to you Jeff xx

  7. Katie says:

    Shirley and Jason and their drug crowd are the selfish ones who took her life in order to cover their tracks. It is obvious, the fact that this was so mishandled just intensifies how awful this crime was. Lindsay and her family didn’t deserve this, the universe knows who is accountable and so does Shirley. Prayers with Lindsies family always.

  8. Richard Macias says:

    I think the person she was taking the job from or going against should be looked at . You that out with the old in with the new. Jealousy runs in all job work places. Also , there are jealous friends everywhere to. I don’t understand our so called investigators or investigations. With our modern technology they say we can find anything or anyone, why not her murder. They unravel SHIT that happened forty years ago with DNA samples quickly being processed with the technology we have now, because they say this technology wasn’t around at those times, WHAT IS THERE EXCUSE NOW.

  9. Richard Macias says:

    I think the person she was taking the job from or going against should be looked at . You that out with the old in with the new. Jealousy runs in all job work places. Also , there are jealous friends everywhere to.

  10. norwaygooner says:

    I just can’t believe how the police can’t solve this murder?!
    Maybe the are ‘The Donald Duck Policemen’?!


  11. DINESH says:

    I thing her boyfriend has try to kill.

  12. Teresa Leming says:

    Jeff’s strength and love for his daughters is evident and I pray that his tenacity will result in the truth being revealed SOON. I’m listening to True Crime Garage and I agree with others that they are very biased in their telling. I would like to have someone rebut their conclusions that the Zailos had nothing to do with the murder. I hate that TCG’s statements can just hang out there as truth.
    No daughter would be more proud of their father! God bless Lindsay’s parents and sister!!

  13. vimal says:

    Hi Jess,
    I suspect Lindsay’s boyfriend may have an ex-girlfriend who has a serious relationship with him. May she planned an avenge her.

  14. Norma Jean says:

    As a mother of a 22 yr. Old female, my deepest condolences to Lindsay’s family. To her father, I heard your words on Brainscratch and I admire your depth and perseverance. I’m sure I’d go to the end of the earth to find the truth & justice for my own daughter. May the wind be always at your back and may the truth finally be revealed to put your quest at peace. I know your life will never be the same, but I wish you love and peace in your heart just as well.

    • Jess says:

      Norma Jean that was very sweet of you. I feel so sorry for Mr. Buziak and anyone else who is suffering the pain that he is. If he ever gets his hands on the person who took his little girl away it’s all over for them. And rightly so.

  15. Staliy says:

    Her x boy friend killed her may be

    • norwaygooner says:

      It’s not cool today say that I found you’re don’t know anything!
      You only make more rumours and that’s is not fear because you’re can bee so wrong!!!!!!

  16. Randi says:

    Why hasn’t police checked the colleague who has recommended these buyers to Lindsay?

  17. meir cohen says:

    the phone that was used by the killer was register under the name pablo rodriguez=the person chose this random name have a latin background live in canada and saw this politician on tv.
    i think the killer was an hit man from latin america who came to canada specially for the job-the woman is local and both of them got hired by a drug cartel possible from Colombia
    it will be wise to check vancouver airport records for all latin males ages 30-45 who left Canada probably to Colombia shortly after the murder

  18. Resh says:

    lindsay y go n see …………boyfriend+friend on 22 january 2018… y that person arras by police…..may be i think that person no how lindsay death. very clear pre plan murder……..revenge.

  19. Shak says:

    Did anyone look to see if any insurance policies were paid out on personal or business insurance plans on both businesses for losses? Not sure if this could fall under general liability, crime or loss of income since I not in the insurance business. It seems there are some losses that could be claimed on both the developer and the real estate company.

    I read there were two liens against the property at the time? This time period had both foreclosures and mortgage fraud. :What was the status of the property? May Lindsay have come across something?

    Also I read the real estate company dropped the real estate listing and then picked it back up months later? How was the property acquired for the listing again? Did the new realtor take the action or did the Developer go to the Real Estate Agency? Was there another agency in the interim?

    It would seem the developer would have chosen another company if suffering losses? Also when Realtors take out customers they send the Clients listings to choose from. I am not sure how Canada’s system works but in the US the Realtor puts in a criteria to the MLS system and then sends the listings to the client. How many listings were in the customers price range at the time and who chose where the meeting would take place? If Lindsay had used the Realtor system like we have in the US there should be a track record of properties and correspondence for this client.

    Were the other homes on the street sold at the time? If so, was anyone home? Or were any properties vacant?

    Is it possible the accent was from the Islands? Did anyone else hear the accent to look into possibilities?

    Lastly were airline passengers reviewed from closest airport within the time range?

    Hopefully, with perseverance the police department is held accountable and justice prevails

  20. Charu says:

    The murder was done for revenge. All those who new her personal contact number are suspected links to the murderers. All of Lindsay buziaks professional real estate sites where she made deals but which proved a great loss to her rivals in her field must be taken into account, one by one all her business deals which proved a loss to someone in the profession or to someone who had any inheritance issues in all the properties she dealt with must be investigated. Her boyfriend could be her personal number supplier to the murderers. It key to solving this case may lie with all of her real estate deals she did which should be scrutinised one by one. May God help find peace for the bereaved father.

    • Jess says:

      Charu I think that you are totally right about the revenge part – it was too savage and brutal to be random , no robbery, no sexual assault, that only leaves an angry person or a psychotic person – since there were two of them , more likely that they were angry about something – and with the choice they made to deal with their anger I guess they’re psychotic too – and a real estate deal would be my guess – I mean who the f&ck does that , so unbelievably heinous , I’m so sorry this happened Mr. Buziak 😢

  21. Balamurugan says:

    According to law the criminal definately missed some evidence around the crime scene, then CCTV footage of the ways around the crime spot should be carrfully review, even the vehicle also should enquire (purposes trespasses) and evaluated. Lindsay’s call history over last two months to be verified ( repeated calls and what are the business deals between them). Myy opinion the suspect is Lindsay’s well knowned person . I think complete investigation and evaluation helpful finding the criminal

  22. Suganthan Gandhi says:

    Why don’t police find out the …Ip address of the comment ..wrote up in this page 2017…the killer himself declared …yes I killed Lindsay …why police didn’t take actions about that comment ? If police tries to find out the IP address of the comment .. definitely the case will move to next level #justiceforlindsaybuziak

    • Jess says:

      Because the world is full of so many sick individuals who get a thrill out of making their presence known by posting rude and hurtful comments that contain no solid evidence of being associated with this horrific case that it’s very likely just another idiot with too much time on his or her hands. Not to mention that it’s quite possible the ip information has been investigated

  23. norwaygooner says:



  24. norwaygooner says:

    First of all :
    Mr.Buziak you are a real father and a true hero in all this ❣️

    FBI WAKE UP!!!


  25. Fuck u says:

    1.who’s that builder 2.underground any secret passages 3.enquire that building all workers 4.enquire she’s miss used Fri husband so she’s thickest Fri 5.enquire arrested guy lover or wife’s 6.murder before 10 years enquire old house owners.7.lindsay all boy friends enquire them 8.lindsay parent’s??????????? Answer this all I help u

  26. Ashleigh says:

    Hoping this case won’t stay cold. I pray this family gets Justice for their daughter. Why can’t the FBI get involved?

  27. Bala says:

    Her boy friend kill

  28. Raj says:

    My hearty Condolences Justice Needed For Lindsay

    1) We need to track her full travel history was she made before one month of the crime scene occurred.
    2) Connecting the Dots to whom ever she have in contact with in canada and for what reason??.
    3) she was met her fried in canada and he was a drug dealer and may be asked Lindsay help but she may refused and after he get caught due to some reasons, so for what reason she met him and what conversation was up and his arrest for illegal supplies of drugs was happened. he might think she may be the reason for it and order his people to kill her, then new mobile was purchased in same canada and registered with false identity on some days before her death.
    4) please check the date of that comment August 19 2017 at 11:30 A.M time stab which you received from the stranger in this website regarding your daughter case, and check for that arrested drug dealer persons was released before that commented date or not….? in that comment he leaves a clue as that stupid cops never prove it? So Cops may be doing favor and acting like they are seriously working on it.

  29. Sandy says:

    I believe Lindsay “saw” something that could link Jason and his evil Mother to the drug bust. Not a coincidence that she owned the house of a major drug dealer but had nothing to do with it. When the truth comes out, it will all be connected! I also believe there is a pay off to the police or someone in that department is involved…. that’s why they are not pursuing this case!

  30. geenkaroo says:

    Anyone know the brand of that dress?

  31. geenkaroo says:

    Jason said, “Let’s go check on Lindsay”???
    Then he knew she was in danger. He waited to long to go to mommy! Coward. This detective with 3 jobs…trucks, millionaire, cop? Looks like he’s keeping his cop job for control instead of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the drug business also.

  32. Sara says:

    I really hope this stays active. I also REALLY want Shirley questioned in some kind of formal way. I don’t think we need to worry though. Usually time goes by and new detectives come in and try to solve cold cases. Justice will be served. Hang in there.

  33. westcoastslide4 says:

    WOW ! ! !



    Victoria, B. C.

  34. westcoastslide4 says:

    This So – Called …Murder Investigation is Completely….“ Bogus ” ! ! !

    It was Obviously an “ Inside Job ” & for the Saanich Police….NOT BEING ABLE TO SOLVE IT….IS UNBELIEVABLE ! ! !

    The Saanich Police Needs to Step Down, Immediately & Allow another Organization to Actually….INVESTIGATE ! ! !

    Shame on You….Saanich Police….Shame on You ! ! !

    Victoria, B. C.

  35. Brian says:

    I was just listening to late night talk show with Drex and heard jeff talk about the murder and it sounds like the police aren’t doing their job. My question is why aren’t the R.C.M.P. involved. I remember back in 1990 when a police offer in the town I live in was murdered that our town police at the time had the O.P.P in taking over so why can’t the R.C.M.P. do something. Also couldn’t Jeff get a lawyer to get the file from the police so he could see what if anything is going on?
    Also for anyone reading this for future I watched a show called Longmire and in this episode this girl was hitch hiking but before she got into anyone’s car she would take a picture on her cell phone and send it to a friend or family member so if she ended up dead there would be a picture to show the police. This seams like a really good idea. So maybe if anyone else is in realistate they should start taking pictures of there clients and send them to someone they know and trust so this type of thing can’t happen again.

    • Cheryl Lawson says:

      In the U.S., whenever I have been to look at real estate, the realtor company has requested a copy of my driver’s license so that they could review it to make sure I was not a criminal, etc.

  36. Stephanie says:

    Ugh….I just watched this on the ID channel. I had to leave for work before I found out who murdered her. Got to work and googled her name and was sad to find out that no one has been caught yet. Heartbreaking for her family.

  37. Brandy Stokes says:

    I think it has something to do with her real estate profession, whether it was someone who was jealous of her rise or she uncovered some fraud going on-the police should definitely look in that direction. It is amazing at how the composite drawing resembles the mother’s photo. I do think it was a woman who hired someone to kill her. A man could kill her himself but a woman, especially if she didn’t feel she could take on Lindsay physically, would hire someone. The mother of the boyfriend says that she and Lindsay went on a walk 24 hours before her death and Lindsay was confiding in her. Maybe the mother knew Lindsay was getting ready to leave her son or maybe Lindsay uncovered her mother in law defrauding the company they work for! It’s either the mother in law or someone else in the real estate profession but it definitely has to do with real estate!

  38. William Gilland says:

    What is behind the house? Empty lot or other homes? Was there a fence in back? How did a woman in a dress and maybe heels get over a fence and walk thru someone’s back yard and not be seen?

    • Alex martin says:

      I’ve seen my girlfriend pop her heels off and carry them sometimes. But I agree. Hoping fences Or squeezing through lose planks is something that’s a little hard to imagine doing as an adult.

  39. Alex Martin says:

    So I’m sure this must have been investigated already. But if the “murder phone” didn’t get to the island till the day of or before the murder, wouldn’t the killers be causght on camera at the airport or ferry terminal? Even if there were 4000 people those days, I would think the presses of elimination of suspects would be moderately fast considering we have an approximate age and build of the female. Especially if the female was wearing that same dress.

  40. Jena says:

    did they investigate the previous buyers that the “potential buyers” said they got lindsay’s number from? they could’ve had something to do with something and they made themselves unreachable.

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