Lindsay Buziak Murder







220 responses to “Photos

  1. William Gilland says:

    What is behind the house? Empty lot or other homes? Was there a fence in back? How did a woman in a dress and maybe heels get over a fence and walk thru someone’s back yard and not be seen?

    • Alex martin says:

      I’ve seen my girlfriend pop her heels off and carry them sometimes. But I agree. Hoping fences Or squeezing through lose planks is something that’s a little hard to imagine doing as an adult.

  2. Alex Martin says:

    So I’m sure this must have been investigated already. But if the “murder phone” didn’t get to the island till the day of or before the murder, wouldn’t the killers be causght on camera at the airport or ferry terminal? Even if there were 4000 people those days, I would think the presses of elimination of suspects would be moderately fast considering we have an approximate age and build of the female. Especially if the female was wearing that same dress.

  3. Jena says:

    did they investigate the previous buyers that the “potential buyers” said they got lindsay’s number from? they could’ve had something to do with something and they made themselves unreachable.

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