Lindsay Buziak Murder



Timeline of Lindsay’s murder as per Dateline, Inspector Rob McColl and Detective-Sgt. Chris Horsley.   The bulk of the clues came from Jason Zailo himself.

Jason and Lindsay went to Sauce for a late lunch. Lindsay and Jason paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24 pm. Their server knew Lindsay well.   Jason went directly to SHC arriving at 4:29 pm and Lindsay is believed to have gone home to change her clothes.  CO was standing outside by Jason’s vehicle when Jason left the SHC building.  They left SHC together in Jason’s vehicle at 5:30 pm.

Joe DeSousa left the site at approx. 4:30 pm. Other workers left the area at around 5:00 pm.   2 witnesses saw the suspect couple walk into the cul de sac at approximately 5:30 pm. The witnesses saw Lindsay greeting the couple by the back of her car in the driveway as shown on crimestoppers. There were papers on the trunk of Lindsay’s car. The real estate lockbox was accessed at 5:29 pm.   While driving Jason said to Lindsay“I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and that’s when Lindsay said to Jason…. “okay I’ll see you in abit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”.  Apparently this was Lindsay’s short hand name for her clients. Jason was seen by video surveillance leaving SHC at 5:30.

 5:38 pm Jason sends Lindsay a text “just a couple of minutes away.” That text was never opened by Lindsay. According to Detective Sgt. Horsley: “the last text Jason said was I’m just a couple of minutes away”. That text was never opened by Lindsay.  Dateline said this was Jason’s final text. (how could this be Jason’s final text when Jason stated on Dateline that when he was parked on Torquay he sent Lindsay a text that said “are you okay” (prior to his 6:05 pm 911 call)……..Jason received no response.  So which text was the last one……..the one at 5:38 pm as per Det-Sgt. Horsley on Dateline OR the text Jason said he sent to Lindsay just prior to his call to 911 at 6:05 pm?  It sounds like Horsley and Dateline support the 5:38 pm text as being the final one.)

5:38 pm to 5:41 pm police believe this is when Lindsay was murdered.

 5:41 pm Lindsay’s blackberry made a phone call out and the SP believe that was the direct result of the attack. It was truly a pocket dial call as her BB was in her pocket.

As per Det-Sgt. Horsley, when Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw the front door open and the male suspect outside, but only saw the back of him.  Jason parked his vehicle on the opposite side of the road of the house. The rear of the vehicle was facing Torquay and the murder house. They sat there for approx. 10 minutes. Jason then turned around in the cul de sac and goes right onto Torquay. They parked by the house for approx. another 10 minutesJason sent Lindsay a text message “are you okay” and it was not answered.  Both CO and Jason walked up to the front door and found it locked.  Jason called 911 (approx. 6:05 pm).  They both went around to the Torquay side of the house and CO gained entry via the already open patio doors by Jason boosting CO over the patio fence who then opened the front door allowing Jason entry.

When they found Lindsay’s body CO called 911 (6:11 pm) and while on the phone CO could hear sirens coming. The police were there within minutes because they were already enroute after Jason made the first 911 call(6:05 pm).   When police arrived Jason and CO were waving their arms in the upstairs bedroom window. The police went into the home up to the bedroom and immediately took both Jason and CO to the police station separately

The cell phone the couple used to contact Lindsay was purchased late November 2007 at a Vancouver convenience store. The phone was activated late January, 2008 in Vancouver. The phone traveled to the Island 24 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder.

Vancouver is from where the first calls to Lindsay were made, confirmed by hits on cell towers in the city. Police said at least half dozen calls were made to Lindsay and after her murder the cell phone was never used again. They believed the killer(s) knew how to carry out the murder and then cover their tracks.  The expert’s all agreed a significant degree of planning went into this murder. They explored the theory that professionals were hired with specific instructions to express the anger that someone else felt towards Lindsay.  The experts agreed the murder was personal and that somebody close to Lindsay planned it and hired the killer(s).   

Inspector McColl Feb 2, 2011:

“Having had this on our plate (at the time of the broadcast) for more than two years, we had plenty of time to develop theories, look at them closely and think outside of the box,” McColl said, noting that police AGREE with the Dateline investigators’ conclusion that Buziak was an innocent party, and her murder was a TARGETED hit arranged by someone CLOSE to her.  Saanich police have narrowed down the investigation to “three or four” working theories.  McColl stated on Dateline it’s possible one of the people who went into that house was also the MASTERMIND behind Lindsay’s murder.

“It’s not cool to tell on your friends, it’s not cool to rat people out … Many times in a homicide investigation you can get past that because it’s also not cool to kill people,” he said. “There should be some assurance to anyone that is considering speaking to the police, that we’re not really interested in the skeletons in your closet. We have the ability to put that aside and focus in on what we’re really interested in, and that is catching these killers.”

Det-Sgt. Horsley:

“There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

“It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it.”

“You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said.”

Sgt. Dean Jantzen:

“This (killing) was very organized,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “There was a lot of planning and effort and forethought. These are the most complex crimes. And this is the most egregious crime and often they can become long-term and complicated. “There are people in the community who are withholding information. We know there is a bit of cone of silence around this.”




  1. Zero Five Seven says:

    All perpetrators will be punished. Russia supports you!

  2. Göran Lif says:

    Here are some thought from a European point of view. I live in Sweden and have followed the case for some time.
    I have a few comments few others seem to have thougt of. “Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw the front door open and the male suspect outside, but only saw the back of him”. The man who stood in front of the entrance door, supposedly the killer, did so to signal to Jason that Lindsay was dead, it was no coincedence that he happend to stand there exactly when jason and his friend entered the cul de sac.They could only see the back of him because otherwise he could easily have been identyfied by CO. Initially the womans colorful dress could have been planned as a signal to jason, instead it happend to be the man who showed up at the door. When people plan something they typically chose even numbers because they are easier to work with. In this case 20 minutes (10 plus 10 minutes waiting time before entering). Jason could have waited 17 or 18 minutes, think of that. Why did the killers chose to kill her with a knife? A gun would have been easier and a quicker way. If the killer slit her throat from side to side it suggests to me that he has done this before and that he can carry out it fast and without to much mess.

    • Jane says:

      Vincent Ramos

      • Irma says:

        To me most significant was the fact that Jason re parked his car from the cul de sac to Torquay because he did not want to look like an anxious boyfriend or something like that. Why? Lindsay knew he is coming and then – Only Linsay’s car was out there, didn’t he think the Byers are gone by now? Why drive around the side of the house and park there? Was it to check if the killers car was still somewhere there or gone or could he see the patio door from there and since it was opened, that was a signal all is done and he could enter the house now? That step he made is significant.

  3. Romania says:

    What kind of boyfriend knows his girlfriend is afraid of those people and first time he goes to his friend when he should go at 5 pm at the house. Something smell like shit here. He waited the killers do they job and then he could act all his life ,, poor boyfriend”who is suffering for his girl. Pfff, but they need proves. This is the truth.

    • Erika says:

      This, indeed, is a very realistic point of view You bring forth a simple but logical point. The timing of it all has been brought to light many times.
      It is perplexing, to say the least and the chain of events that happened, right after Sauce, is of huge significance.

  4. Albert Gerspacher says:

    throat slit, according to rumors.
    A _fact_, not a rumour. Her father stated in a video interview: “They slit her throat from side to side, almost decapitating her.”
    Three days ago I watched a youtube video (brain scratch – part 1) to see if there was anything new about the murder at 1 minute 3 seconds he wondered why she was killed in the front bedroom. I posted my idea that she was attacked as soon as they got in, kicked off her shoes and ran up the stairs to try and lock herself up in the bathroom to call for help. She was caught and killed just before she reached it.

  5. Katie says:

    Did anyone look into Shirley Zailos corporation? It says the burner phone was activated in Vancouver. Does anyone know if the location was close to the address listed on the link I posted? Can the records be subpoenaed?

  6. Isabel says:

    What about the client that gave the murderers Lindsay’s private number ? They were on vacation at the time but when they got back? Did anybody follow up with that?! I’m curious …

    • Michael Schneider says:

      No one ‘gave’ the murderers the number except the people that hired them (the bf {jason and his mom}), that was a fake answer of how they got her number.

  7. Easter Grizzel says:

    I think it was the ex boyfriends wife, was she pregnant at the time because if Lindsey was going to get back with Mr. Big the ex may have found a phone call or text from her. I do not believe that Mr Big and Lindsay ever stopped seeing each other which maybe be a problem with Mr. Bigs current girlfriend. People as close as they were would have not stopped seeing each other he is lying maybe he knows deep down what this woman did but he is happy with his life now but we all know if Lindsay was alive she would be back to him. Mr Big and wife had two years to plan this. Those many knife wounds could have left some scars. I would go back and check peoples hand. I would start with Mr Big his wife, and the best friend the blonde. Its easy to make blonde hair short or long. Another good guess would be, Who did Lindsay tell about the telephone call she received first? Her father, her boyfriend or her ex.? Sex and the city had a huge impact on there lives go back and study the episodes for further clues.

  8. Noodles says:

    Sometimes another person reading the file, can offer some valuable insights another may have missed.
    Most of this probably has been analyzed before, however here it goes.
    Act of rage: stabbed over forty times, mutilated with throat slit, according to rumors.
    Normally they align this type of murder with hate, jealously, resentment or just pure rage.
    The “drug dealer” synopsis theory fits well with the theme of the murder, I believe too perfect and the actual killer(s) are reaping the benefits of this mis-aligned direction.

    1. How did the killers get Lindsay’s personal number? Didn’t call the office to inquiry about the property, but called her personally, obviously was part of the set-up. Someone in office or in Real Estate business, knew property was vacant. Who is the question?
    2. Have they checked phone records from Real Estate office? To corroborate “drug” conspiracy killing? To corroborate murder for hire? I would assume they have. Hard to believe with modern technology there hasn’t been a connection established through phone records, financials, cell phones or computers to link possible perpetrators.
    3. Killers looking at property did not have a car? Were on foot? How did they get there? Someone drop them off? Magically appeared from the back yard, woods?
    4. Should have raised suspicion from Lindsay, meeting with someone who wants to purchase a million-dollar house, isn’t driving a car. However, being young and naive with a chance for a sale, probably negated any apprehension.
    5. Blood everywhere, footprints? Blood trail outside?
    6. Sketch of women looks like a man, was it possible both were men?
    7. Stab wounds consistent with one knife? Hard to believe one or both perpetrators did not cut themselves during the savage encounter. Did both participate or one?
    8. Hard to grasp, you stab a women forty times, walk out the front door with blood everywhere without any DNA outside or in neighborhood. Once finished with the murder, someone had to pick-them up or car was planted for escape.
    9. Story too convenient from boyfriend, why would he text you ok? Like he knew something was wrong. I would have asked; are you almost finished showing the house? Do they like the house? Too many discrepancies from boyfriend. Too many odd coincidences. Having a late lunch, picking up friend, going to business, then driving over to the murder site. Why did he not just go in, instead of texting her? Alibi was too smooth, too rehearsed, too tight and clearly staged. Why did Jason not jump over the fence to enter house? Why have your friend do it? Jason admitted on television they wasn’t any talk of her leaving him, while Father vehemently said the opposite.
    10. People will eventually talk, they always do. They get drunk and get loose lips. Brag to someone to impress. Or feel remorse. Or situations and relationships change, people who once felt frightened, now decide to talk. There was a Brown’s Chicken murder in Palatine, Illinois back in 1993 where seven employees were killed and it went cold for nine years before one of the perpetrator’s girlfriend finally broke her silence.
    11. The dress the women (man?) was wearing, odd looking dress, how many manufacturers make a dress like that? Manufactured in Vancouver? US?
    12. Jason Zailo’s friend, the one who climbed over the fence to open front door at the murder scene, why did he jump over fence? If that was my girlfriend, I’m jumping over that fence.
    13. Seems like there has been a confluence of investigative mistakes, inept police work and maybe just plain bad luck in getting any major breaks in the case, I hope this soon changes.
    14. I feel Jason is somehow responsible, along with mother possibly, someone in her core of girlfriends? Maybe affair with Jason?

    Just some random thoughts, watched this on Dateline and was extremely engrossed. I pray the family can get some finality to this case and arrest these fleabags for their heinous crime.


    • Jeff Buziak says:

      I think your reference to inept police work says it all!

    • DJ says:

      There was no reason to go to SHC and pick up his friend. His GF is scared to death and he says “Ok Im going to go pick someone up first”. No way. For what possible reason?? Jason set the whole thing up. He went and bought the phone, then waited for the perfect moment to strike…then set up the meeting and everything.
      But it backfired.
      She expressed concern! She didnt want to go alone unless HE went with her. Now he had a complication in his brilliant plan. So he brought the guy who set up the hit to tidy things up and to give him an alibi.
      Bottom line: he wasn’t there for her, and she went in anyway.
      He gave himself away when he ran up the steps into the master bdrm where her body was. He gave himself away when he said he pulled off to the side. A real man wouldve pulled into the driveway and thought nothing of it. He was in real estate too…so he couldve EASILY stood in on the viewing and helped with the sale. But he didn’t because he wanted to kill her. Why? Because he caught her cheating on him when she went to Calgary and she left her FB open on the home computer. There, he read all about it, and came up with the plan.
      He had lots of help too. LOTS of help.

    • Michael Schneider says:

      Well unfortunately, sounds like no one has talked thus far which sucks. Sounds like they (people that wanted lindsay dead) hired the right people to do the job. And they used a burner phone which they already know about and know who picked it up (some local drug dealer loser who passed it on to another party – but hes not talking – or the party he passed it on to was a middleman who passed it on to whomever). So sometimes crimes do go unsolved, someone MAY eventually talk, and i think in this case that is what is NEEDED. MOST people on here agree it was the BF & his mom behind this crime for various reasons, and so far looks like the people they hired did a good job – unfortunately. The plan worked. I think the best way to find out who killers are lies in the ferry trip. Thats a decent span of time for them to be around other people and there has to be some record of the passengers and maybe video of them on that ferry. That is where the police should concentrate to find out who the killers for hire are. Just my opinion.

    • Hunter says:

      Noodles, you have said everything AND MORE that I have been to lazy to type! I absolutely feel and my gut KNOWS you are spot on! I agree as well that someone will eventually talk and the sooner the better!!! Thank you Noodles…

      • Erika says:

        Fresh eyes are always good, that’s for sure.
        We must realize that there are things that the general public may not know. Especially, highly sensitive information.
        Only persons close to the case may or may not know.
        Sometimes, certain information is not revealed for various reasons.
        This is a highly complex case but with routine insight and and a tonne of people who care, progress forward is imminent.
        Best wishes to the families and friends.

    • Mariana Price says:

      I believe Jason was the one to lift his friend up to climb over the fence because the friend couldn’t physically lift Jason since he’s 6’ 3” and 240 lbs.

      The dress was sold at department stores all over Canada and the U.S. so it wasn’t a specific or high end designer. Basically mass produced unfortunately.

    • Irma says:

      I am totally at awe, because you took every point strait out of my head, my mouth, every one of them! You and I are the only people who feel that it was very odd for Jason to text Lindsay “are you OK”? Why shouldn’t she be OK? Why not ask “ are you done yet”? Did he know she is not OK? Especially since there was no other car parked other than Lindsay”s car, indicating the Byers are gone. And why did he re park his car from the cull de sac to Torquay? That is significant. Either giving the killers chance to get out front unseen, or to observe some pre arranged signal visible from this new location. Like no parked escape car, or open patio door of the house – visible from that spot, or something specific indicating they are gone and he can go in. Rest was just a planned drama to be witnessed by his friend. Hopefully his friend knows by now he was used by Jason…..This is not such a complicated case, it is full of holes like a Swiss cheese. I think, it was planned months before, the burner phone was bought months before under a fake name because after so many months no employee will ever remember a customer. The “fake” accent of a female caller was created to point the finger at the Mexicans and possible drug connection and away from the truth close to home. Personal hate and rage ! This murder was planned by one woman and possibly one man, both close to Linsay and with knowledge of real estate and all the details of this particular vacant house. The two killers could be both men, thanks, I never thought of that! The colorful dress will make any potential witness look down at the attention getting dress and away from the face! That would be something only a woman will think about and come up with and suggest. The planner! If Jason had nothing to do with this then this murder was planned by only one female and done by 2 hired individuals. Jason is the one who’s actions defy logic and should be scrutinized. That could lead to the “planner”.

  9. Sandra Hudson says:

    You may have already tried this and even if you haven’t it may not lead to anything, but have you found a computer expert that could do a search of the dark web for anything on Lindsay’s name, circumstances related to the crime such as location, date, time, etc.. I would do a very wide search to include those people who may have been related to the drug scene that Lindsay may have encountered. I don’t know anything about the dark web other than what I’ve heard on TV. I wish I did know how to do it because I would try it. However, I’m very technology challenged. I lost my own daughter, Stacy, from an illness called Cystic Fibrosis at age 20. At least, I was able to be with her, hold her hand and and tell her how much I loved her. I will pray that you find those you killed her.

    • Mariana Price says:

      Unfortunately the dark web isn’t anything like the “normal” web we use day to day. There isn’t a search engine like Google on the dark web that would allow someone to type in a name or phrase and see all the websites that contain the name or phrase. Even if investigators were to find some piece of info on the dark web the users are typically people who want to stay anonymous and who use certain things like a VPN to make sure their activity can not be traced back to them or their computer. That’s how people manage to sell drugs, guns, child pornography, etc. without repercussions

  10. Toni says:

    Has anyone questioned if the house was the target? Maybe a bitter divorce and someone wanted to scorn the house so it wouldnt sell?

    • ANNE says:

      I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous idea.

    • Irma says:

      I read somewhere this was a new construction!

    • ferrari458 says:

      Yes. I did and think the depreciation of the house’s value is as good a motive as any that have come forth.

      • John cantelon says:

        The house was brand new, had never been owned or lived in.

      • Michael Schneider says:

        So they murder an innocent real estate agent to reduce home price? Why? If divorcing wouldnt you want home to be highest so you get a higher portion of the proceeds. Sorry, but that is the dumbest angle for the murder. It was the mom and son(lindsays BF). So many things point to them and again the interview with the fake cry by the mom after she sees son ‘try’ to cry. Shows their guilt right there.

  11. Abdulaziz says:

    My feelings telling me:
    The person who hire those people to kill her was ether her boyfriend or the wife of her ex boyfriend !!!!

    I don’t understand why the police so shy to do their job right and try harder to get to the bottom of this case. Poor Lindsay 😭

    • Toni says:

      If the previous owners had a separation and the house was an amicable bargaining chip, and it was premeditated (like everything else) this would be a red flag. It obviously worked and whoever took the grunt of it financially look at who gained from it….

  12. Rafael Hernandez says:

    The call to schedule the visit was suspicious from the beginning, the caller used a burner phone, and the accent of the potential buyers was fake, afraid of being recognized
    Suspects walk to the house in order to hide their vehicle
    Murder was an inside job, a premeditated crime
    40 stabs wounds sound like something personal
    Nothing was stolen from her personal belongings
    Most likely the killer cut his or herself
    Suspects knew the location
    They have to be DNA from the suspect somewhere in the house
    Why did the boyfriend refused to give his DNA sample? Something to hide?
    The boyfriend alibi was too perfect
    Boyfriend knew she was concern about the potential customers, however, he persuade her to go because the “money was good”
    Boyfriend description of the suspect was vague even do he was few meters from the house
    Boyfriend reaction when he saw the suspects coming out the house and back inside the house and not seen his girlfriend was suspicious
    Boyfriend has to see the suspects’ vehicle when he arrived at the home
    She was an upcoming prospect in the real estate industry and people in the business didn’t like that, especially her future mother in law who has her own company
    Was her boyfriend having an affair and wanted her out the picture?
    Were her coworker’s interview, were lie detectors administrated to them, and did any of them moved out the town after the murder?
    Was her boyfriend been protected by the investigator because his wealthy family and connections?
    I do believe this murder have to do with the real state business and real estate business only.
    Highly recommend to take this case to the highest office in the government to finally get some answers and to prosecute whoever did this awful crime.

    God bless the family

  13. Tk says:

    I found this information really important. Hopefully the police department will investigate this are of information in detail. It seems that the dress that was worn by the “client” when Lindsey met at the house for sale. This information is from Lindsey’s father.
    “I got a call from a friend of ours, of Lindsay’s, who said they’d shopped at Value Village and found the dress and bought it,” said Jeff Buziak Saturday.

    The dress purchased at last week is a red and white, patterned dress. The same description as the dress believed to have been worn by one of the two suspected murderers.

    “I think there’s a high possibility it is [the dress]. It’s an exact replica, bought used, it doesn’t get any closer than that without somebody walking forward saying I did the murder and this is the dress I used,” said Buziak

    Saanich police have yet to pick up the dress. Jeff Buziak says he’s been told an officer won’t be available until Monday to grab

    • Lee lee Traylor says:

      Are you saying this dress was found and purchased at a thrift / resale shop that sells pre owned clothing? Please enlighten readers as to what “Value Village” is.

  14. Michael Schneider says:

    I totally disagree, they were there in case something went wrong with the situation. The mere fact the friend jumped over the fence to a side door, he had to know it was going to be unlocked. And if lindsay was so scared of these people or at least unsure of them, when the BF saw them outside, drive up in front of house to get a look at them. And they had already gone out, they had lunch together, and why was friend with him in first place, going to the house with the BF. They knew what was going to go down and wanted to be there in case anything went awry. And why is BF sending her so many texts and shes trying to show a house, does he want her to keep looking at her phone while trying to show house to ‘potential clients’? He was texting her to know that she wasnt able to respond and the deed was done. Watch the dateline episode of this and the final minutes when mom and BF or being interviewed and her trying to cry when BF tries to cry when he hadnt been crying all interview even though he loved this girl so much, he able to talk about it without one tear or from the mom. They did it cause lindsay was going to move on on a personal level and maybe even a professional level.

    • Gio says:

      Are the cops in on it too? So many avenues they didnt investigate. So many missed opportunities. It’s probably too late now.
      btw..Lindsay was worried about these people but went without her BF? Why? Because picking up his friend was more important than her safety? Then she took them into the deep recesses of the house …and yet kept her back turned on them the whole time?? It doesnt add up.

      • Irma says:

        It is quite possible after they entered the house, one of the killers locked the front door and Lindsay realized the danger and ran upstairs to lock herself in the bathroom and call for help, but they chased her and grabbed her just few steps from the bathroom doors.

    • Mariana Price says:

      Boyfriend and his friend could see the back doors of the house were open and that’s why they went into the house that way as the front door was locked. I’m not saying the boyfriend is innocent, just wanted to let you know why they went over the back fence.

  15. Marie Stapel says:

    I was wondering,I live in Mass. There is a show on Investigation Discovery called BREAKING HOMICIDE. They help solve cold cases. Is this something that would be helpful?I hope so ,for family and friends.

  16. seschbach061gmailcom says:

    I believe Lindsay’s boyfriend was involved it does not make any sense why he brought a friend and never entered the house while Lindsay was inside. Is it possible the motive was jealousy by another female real estate agent possibly someone her boyfriend was secretly seeing. It seems like the boyfriend was sitting outside watching knowing what was going to happen.

    • Kathy rautiala says:

      I think you’re on to something. Was another woman infatuated with jason and he wasn’t interested so she sought out Lindsay? Or a threatened real estate agent who was just plain jealous of lindsay? Every one at her employment should be investigated.

  17. Jeans says:

    This has got to be one of the most bizarre crimes. So many strange details. The suspects walking around the neighborhood without concern of being seen (which probably made them appear harmless and put Lindsay’s fears at ease). Where was their vehicle and did they leave the scene in bloody clothes or quickly change after the murder? The woman may have been carrying a large purse and had a change of clothes in it. And the fact that a woman was involved in such a vicious crime, is rare. Then it occurred to me, it’s possible the “woman” was a man of small stature posing as a woman. If you look at the sketch of the woman, she’s not very feminine, look at the jawline. The accent may have helped cover up a male voice. And am I to understand there was no dna collected at the scene? In such a violent confrontation, you would think there would be hairs and fibers, some dna, even blood from the suspects, shoe prints, etc. If they were wearing wigs, I suppose there were no hairs. I can’t imagine what went through Lindsay’s mind when she realized what was happening. The poor girl never had a chance. She deserves justice, especially after this much time.

  18. Charity says:

    My heart goes out to this father. When his daughter died, unfortunately his soul also died with her. My boyfriend passed away suddenly so I understand extreme grief and absolute heartbreak. I completely understand why he hasn’t given up on finding the person/people who did this to his daughter and I respect and I am proud of her father for all his hard work in finding his daughter’s killer. His hard work is a reflection of his love for his daughter. Her father deeply loves his daughter and I hope he finds her killer soon. I have no idea who committed this horrific murder but I find Jason being at the scene, being there to call 911, and having her blood all over him very strange, therefore I think he is involved. Why does Jason follow Lindsay around all day to ever house that she shows each day or he just followed her to the house she was murdered in? Definitely strange!!! Maybe the cops haven’t asked Jason the right questions yet and the police need to get to the truth

  19. Jane says:

    I just have a couple of questions –
    Did police bother to contact the client that supposedly knew this couple?
    Any connection between this client and the boyfriend? (he handles the finances of Lindsay’s sales and would know who she does business with)
    Did police attempt to get a sketch of the couple from the boyfriend or neighbors? if they did, was it ever released to the media?
    Supposedly a million dollar home, any surveillance video in the neighborhood at that time?
    It seems there could have been more work done by the police – There are more questions than answers. I am not buying the drug theory. I agree with the person that wondered why the boyfriend ran upstairs? He saw her shoes through the door, so why not search the bottom floor first. I would have looked at the boyfriend closer, but I would have also looked at other real estate agents – anyone jealous of her success? What was her competition? I don’t put anything past anyone.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I hope they can find justice for Lindsay


    • KimberleeA says:

      Cops can’t contact the client because the “client” used a cheap, disposable burner phone & then discarded it after the murder

      • Shannon says:

        They are asking if the cops contacted Lindsay’s other client who the murderers said referred them to her…. Lindsay tried to call to verify but got no answer.

        • Barb says:

          I think the referral agent did not have knowledge of the perp(s); the referral agent was used as a way to “legitimize” Lindsay’s trust in the “clients” by the perp(s). However, the perp(s) must have spent some time researching the structure of Lindsay’s real estate company and who she would trust to work with the “perp-client.”

  20. Susan says:

    you can take it to the bank that Jason and his Mom set this horrible murder up! That phone came back to the Mother, she answered the phone so that is a given that she was involved! She was not involved without her son Jason period! Think about it, Jason pulls up and he has had no answer from the text he sent to Lindsay, that was a huge red flag yet he sits across the street for 10 mins at least then when he pulls up at the home he sits again for another 10 mins at least… when he first pulls up he sees the man but says it was only the back side of the man… this did not worry him, he did not see the woman who was with? he is sitting in the car with a friend and neither of them see the man leave? He is no longer a suspect just for passing some polygraph administered by the police dept? They r not even allowed in any court as evidence.. and thats all it took to dismiss Jason as a suspect? and the police never check out the Mom who answered the phone??? comon I have to agree with Lindsay’s Dad that something is going on at the police dept too!

    • Shannon says:

      Also it has to be someone on the inside that has access to her client list because the murdering couple gave the name of another client of hers as the person who referred them. I wonder if the police ever spoke to that client. I wish she would have trusted her intuition.

    • Very curious says:

      That was a different phone. The phone used to contact lindsay was a disposable only used for the crime. The phone that called the friend sometime after the murder was a the moms phone. The question about that was how and why was the friends number in the moms phone.

  21. Roselia Mandujano says:

    I am so sorry for your loss and for your deep pain looking for answers, if your daughter saw Mexican drug dealers doing something they are evil vengeful people, they probably went back to Mexico after taking her life, over there they buy politicians, police, everyone in order to protect themselves, I pray they will brag their crimes and someone will hear them reporting them to the authorities, may God gives you the strength, peace and healing you need, may the answers come to you soon.

    • Shannon says:

      Just my opinion- I think it’s very clear it was Jason and his mom behind this. How could these drug lords get access to her client list to give another name as a referral? I also don’t think they would be planning it so intracately from months before (buying the burner phone) they would hire someone to do it quickly and get out- I mean look what they did to Big Pappi one of the most famous baseball players… just walked up to him at a busy club….

  22. John says:

    Some other questions I have about the polygraph test taken by Jason Zailo, and performed by the Saanich Police Department: Who in their department conducted the polygraph test? Was he, or she a renowned expert? How long have they’ve been doing these tests? With polygraph’s, there is a score on whether you’re being truthful, or being deceptive. Jason Zailo passed this test as per the Saanich Police Department. What was his score? Did he just pass it, or did he pass it with flying colours? Lastly, and I believe the most important part of the polygraph test in this case is, what questions were asked? Did he ace the test with direct questions like “Did you kill Lindsay Buziak?” “Do you know who killed Lindsay Buziak?” “Did you or anyone you know have any involvement in the murder of Lindsay Buziak?” I’m not sure if Mr. Buziak was given access to this information, or if Dateline’s three experts had seen it as they were apparently given unprecedented access to the Saanich Police Department’s file. If anyone has these answers and can reply to them, that would be great! Thank you! JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY!

  23. John says:

    My nagging question is this: How did Jason Zailo pass his polygraph test? I know polygraphs are not admissible in court, however, the top FBI experts say they are very difficult to beat. If there are concerns about the Saanich Police Department’s ethics, why not request Jason complete a new polygraph test done by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s E Division, who took over after the British Columbia Provincial Police dissolved in 1950. (I Googled that! lol). It would be interesting after all these years to see if Jason would volunteer to a new polygraph test by another agency, this being the RCMP. Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  24. Eva Volkin says:

    So they said that Lindsay tried to get in touch with the former “client” that gave her personal cell phone number to this couple. Did investigators ever get in touch with her? I think that’s a big key. Lindsay’s friend, Nikki, said that someone called her with a hard to discern accent and eventually it went back to Jason’s mom. Why would she be calling other people with the “Spanish” type accent? Why didn’t Nikki try a reverse phone look up? I think that Jason was definitely trying to “establish” his alibi and why did he bring his friend with him? Again, a lot of suspicious behavior to “rush” to get there only to wait outside and not knock on the door or go in right when he got there. Plus moving the car around? I definitely believe Jason and his mom were the masterminds and probably hired some “Mexicans to do the deed. What’s odd is the blonde hair since Hispanics don’t normally have blonde hair. Also, apparently this couple, or one of them, called Lindsay several times before the showing, did she say what else was discussed? I also think Jason and his mom played on her feelings by making Lindsay thinking that she might have a chance of selling a million dollar home. Also, on the surveillance camera that shows Jason getting in his car at his friend’s place of work, but is friend wasn’t with him? At least on the surveillance camera. Didn’t witnesses say that the couple was Caucasian?

    • Kim Usher says:

      In my opinion after doing some research on this case. I believe shirley set the murder up . Lindsey got scared went to make sure everything was cool with the drug dealers aka the bad bunch of shirleys family’s friends. Rich people have a tendency to be very offended after giving people gifts and I believe Shirley and her family felt used. She had breast implants done to why she probably was stabbed in the chest . For her bf to think she wanted them done for someone else. With how controlling her BF’s family seemed he deffinatly would not have been late to that meeting. It seems like the whole family was in on the murder. And the police department someone was paid off or threatened. Now here ones question I have and am wondering . Why no research on Shirley’s phone lines ? And for a viewing of that expensive of a property you would think there would be neighbours with video surveillance in and around that block. Also video surveillance of shirleys property of when she left her home . We’re was her cell phone time of Jason calling his mom for an access code ? Was he told to get an alibi so he couldn’t be framed for the murder ? Everything points to the mother Shirley. Deffinatly believe shirley or someone Shirley hired was in the property before hand waiting. The neighbour s were any of there properties sold to them by shirley or any of the family ? Did anyone around that surrounding area owe deeds to that family ? The couple who met up with lindsay the blonde with the unique dress. More then likely wearing high heels or her outfit would of crashed and she would of not looked wealthy there fore high heels are extremely hard to run in . I believe this couple did not even enter the property and if they did they asked for a min to look around themselves leaving Lindsay to say ok how about you guys look around down here and I will meet you up stairs when you are ready . Then the couple just left . Also that very unique dress could that not be reasearched on ? Find out who made a purchase of that dress were it was shipped too any unique dress stores in that town ? Sometimes the most basic and simplist things may seem irrelivent but could be a big peice of opening the door to an unsolved problem.

      On Mon., May 27, 2019, 9:35 p.m. Lindsay Buziak Murder wrote:

      > Eva Volkin commented: “So they said that Lindsay tried to get in touch > with the former “client” that gave her personal cell phone number to this > couple. Did investigators ever get in touch with her? I think that’s a big > key. Lindsay’s friend, Nikki, said that someone called ” >

      • ANNE says:

        Get this…..I think the source was a podcast about the case…..a neighbor who was a builder on that street where the murder house is, he’s a friend of Shirley’s, and I think he street was named after him. “De Sousa”or something. So, guess what he was quoted as saying about Lindsay’s death ? He said “the bitch got what she deserved”…….

        Now WHERE did he get the idea Lindsay “deserved” ANYTHING like that ? Gee, wouldn’t be from his buddy Shirley, could it ? The man didn’t even know Lindsay personally. HUGE RED FLAG.

        Mr Buziak has a lot of circumstantial evidence, especially THAT comment from Shirley’s friend, as well as the fact Shirley answered that phone and someone can testify to it. The phone situation, I’m not clear on remembering all the details but here on this site it’s been described. It was weird, something like a woman talking with a weird/fake accent called Lindsay’s friend,the friend called back repeatedly until someone answered. It was SHIRLEY who answered. If anyone can describe it more accurately please do.

      • ANNE says:

        Exactly what Eva was saying to you, up the thread. she was talking about the call and Shirley and the fake accent, sorry I didn’t see it before but that is what I meant.

      • Shannon says:

        If someone called what did they say? Did they give her name as a reference to anyone?

    • Shannon says:

      Also Lindsay and Jason had just eaten a late lunch finishing at 4:30 and then not even a half hour later he is aggressively persuading his acquaintance at work to go to dinner with him and didn’t the co worker say he thought it was odd because he had never asked him to go to dinner before? I wonder if the friend ever said he was acting nervous…

  25. Mal says:

    The couple looking to buy the house were never found ! Are you telling me that no one
    In the area had cameras on those expensive homes ? The boyfriend hire a killer ? And he took a friend to have an alibi ? He moved the car because he realized the criminals needed
    More time to clean the scene & get it of DNA
    Evidence? He moved to the next block
    To avoid the killers to be seen & later described
    By his friend & alibi giving time for them to get away ?

  26. Rick Blatter says:

    I have asked the Provincial & Federal Ministers of Justice & Premiers to look into the handling of this case.

    CONGRATULATIONS to ALL for not letting this go

    My Condolences.

    May God Bless You All.

    • John says:

      You’re great for doing that Rick! All the best!

    • ANNE says:

      That’s excellent. Let us know how it goes. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence. For instance;

      Lindsay tried to get in touch with the former “client” that gave her personal cell phone number to this couple.Lindsay’s friend, Nikki said someone called her with a hard to discern accent and eventually it went back to Jason’s mom, Nikki kept calling that number and eventually Shirley answered. Why would she be calling other people with the “Spanish” type accent?

      And there’ a guy last name of de Sousa, a builder there on the same street where the murder happened, who was quoted as saying “the bitch deserved what she got” or almost exactly that, yet he didn’t know Lindsay personally so how could he have any opinion, good or bad, or what she supposedly “deserved”?. But guess who his buddy is ? Shirley Z. That should get ANY investigation’s attention.

      Any investigation should check out that podcast on youtube as well, about the case. In case you’re passing anything on to them.

  27. Median Girl says:

    I have watched Dr Phil and watched dateline, read almost everything and anything about Lindsay’s case. Reading everyone’s theory to what possibly could have happened. Now my theory is…..I Do Not believe this was a target from the big drug deal bust whatsoever ! When Lindsay went to visit her Dad she told him she seen something, and from reading and hearing that from her Dad, I think she mentioned it a couple of times. She also told her Dad she wanted to leave her bf Jason, and told her friends that too. She told her Dad she missed Matt! Obviously, she loved him for who he was and he must of treated her well as he was obviously on her mind lots. They had been apart for a couple years to which I believe Matt had zero to do with her murder. There would be no reason for him to kill her. I think what she seen was all from the Zalio’s and their acquaintances. She obviously knew if she stuck around she was headed down a dark path. I call bull shit to Shirley Zalio stating that Lindsay feared Matt. That to me was a cover up from a crooked Shirley, who was involved with many crooked others. Lindsay would not tell her Dad she missed Matt then tell Shirley she feared him. With that lie alone , Shirley has many more to come. About the phone call Lindsay’s friend got too who had a bit of accent????.When Lindsay’s friend called back the number, after about the twentieth time, why would Shirley answer the phone????/..Hmmmm interesting now. I could go on and on an on! Shirley paid someone to do the job of killing Lindsay and Shirley and Jason and the people involved planned this all out! Shirley is a crooked real estate agent along with her sons to which they are affiliated with drugs, money laundering, and much more. Jason told his Mom she was gonna leave him, plus she saw things that she shouldn’t of,so why not dispose of her. Then the planning began with the Zalio family. What easy people to blame were the drug dealers, as Lindsay was friends with one of them. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mutilate her. Dealers have access to guns. Do the job, go in, go out. This once again was not to do with the drug bust. These guys were being watched for a long time. Makes no sense that she would visit Calgary then a a big bust of millions of dollars goes down!.Nope not by just a young real estate girl. The Zalio’s have everything to do with her murder and I mean everything. Maybe they did pass a poly. Did Shirley do one and if not, why? She hired someone to do it! Go get Justice for Lindsay. The Zalio’s are crooked, and maybe Shirley was having affairs with the RC’S. She probably blew all the cops and paid them off too!

    • Michael Schneider says:

      AGREED!! but i didnt know anything about lindays friend calling a number back and shirley z answering – that is first i heard that – and that opens a whole new door. i dont necessarily think lindsay saw stuff like money laundering or shady deals – i just think that her being the GF of the son and the mom being the head of the company – im sure they hooked lindsay up to succeed in the business and as a RE agent. and now for her to leave the son and for her to possible still work there were the son would have to see her everyday and for her to continue being successful, just wasnt going to work for him and the mom wants whats best for her son so they needed to ‘take her out’. So i think it was much more personal than business. just my opinion – doesnt mean im right.

      • ANNE says:

        JUST THAT ALONE should have meant Shirley would get hauled in by police for questioning ! A witness who knew the psycho had ANSWERED THAT PHONE. Very odd that resultyed in nothing. IT REALLY IS WEIRD SHE WASN’T QUESTIONED BY COPS AFTER THAT. I hope that was brought up on “Dr Phil” ! Or, anywhere else that would be more helpful than that TV show. The person who said Shirley answered the phone should seek protection and also bug the cops to do something.

    • ANNE says:

      Where I live, that “Dr Phil” episode is on day after tomorrow. I plan to watch it. However, my gut feeling is “Phil” isn’t going to have the nerve to agree it was the Zailos. His show is too soft for that. Phil isn’t going to be truly controversial and state the obvious truth. You didn’t say whether or not you thought the Phil show was very revealing / well done / satisfying in any way about Lindsay’s case. Did it go flat ? My guess is yes.

      But Mr. Buziak is on the right track, he’s taking the story out of lame Canada where authorities aren’t helping him.He should keep pushing it here in the states, and get a private investigator as well.

    • Sandi says:

      I saw the Dr. Phil episode about this case and was intrigued immediately. I had never heard of this murder so I tried to watch the Dateline episode, but the video is not working which makes me so angry. I’ve been reading everything I can find about the case and I definitely think Shirley and Jason are involved. Jason knew he was going to have to discover Lindsay dead and that he would have blood all over him so he has to have someone there to witness it. Lindsay saw something involving Shirley and her sons, she knew Lindsay wanted to get out of the relationship so she would likely spill the beans. She had to be eliminated. The kill was obviously personal with all those stabs to the breast. I think the location was planned as well. Sounds like it was a new subdivision with very few houses perfect for a murder. I’d like to know how many houses were in subdivision at the time.
      This was a terrible crime. I feel so sad for Lindsay, her father and entire family. The Sannish police department is embarrassing to say the least. I’m supporting her father. Something needs to be done to make the police accountable. Prayers for her family.

      • ANNE says:

        I saw the “DR” Phil show too. If you look up his reviews/background it’s questionable as to whether or not he’s currently licensed to call himself an authority. He certainly is NOT an investigator. I finally saw the show today. I’m not a fan of Phil. One good thing is, his show brings a lot of exposure because it’s popular {I don’t know why it’s popular}. Anyway. Phil was very condescending towards Mr. Buziak. It made me ILL. He’s a flaming,clueless DORK. Phil is certainly no expert on crime cases. I plan to post more on this –
        and there is advice I’d like to give Mr Buziak that will be WAY more helpful than that lame, awful PHIL show. I want to contact Mr. Buziak. Again, the exposure is valuable from that show since many more people are now aware of the crime because they saw that show. BUT…. I did not appreciate the disgusting condescension that Phil displayed towards Mr. Buziak. Phil ought to give up and retire. Phil’s got more mouth than common sense and evidentally he didn’t research the facts of the case, or preferred to gloss over them.

        • Michael Schneider says:

          It was a very lackluster episode.

          • ANNE says:

            Oh indeed. I was infuriated by the “DR PHIL” show once I finally saw it, lackluster indeed. In fact that was what I predicted before I watched it.
            Phil is off his rocker. He was completely disrepectful towards Mr. Buziak. Extremely so, very condescending. Phil is is an idiot – according to him all cops are hard working Angels who can do no wrong, are never corrupt / or bought off or lazy. It was LAUGHABLE the way Phil was so ass-hurt over the idea that the cops in Lindsay’s case arent exactly doing their best.

            Phil also made a stupid comment that “anyone would crack after 11 years” WHAT ? WHO would “crack” ? The cops in Lindsay’s case aren’t exactly grilling anyone, and certainly not for “11 years”…..”DR PHIL” is a joke. If you look up complaints about him you’ll find plenty. He’s not the bigshot he portrys himself to be {only in his own mind}. And he’s certainly no crime investigator.

        • Hunter says:

          Are you shitting me?!?! I have not seen the Dr. Phil show about this case but I’m appalled he would be ANYTHING but empathetic REGARDLESS of what he personally does or does not think about “who did what!”

          • ANNE says:

            If you see that “dr phil” show it will make you sick. The asshat was basically rolling his eyes and making faces at Mr. Buziak and extremely condescending. Said the dumbest B.S. possible, as if that’s any surprise…….

            • Erika says:

              I agree Anne…100%. Dr. Phil was very condoscending, rude and impolite to Linsays Dad. How dare him! Plus, it was only a few minutes of coverage…lame. No surprise, Phil will always protect the cops over civilians, regardless of blatant facts. He’s not open minded. He’s biased, opiniated and lacks empathy. I will never ever watch Phil again. To treat a father of a murdered daughter like that made me angry, disgusted and stunned. Shame on Dr Phil!!

              • ANNE says:

                Right. “Dr Phil” is sketchy as H-E-L-L. I read up on him, his claims of who he is and so on, and it’s odd. If I get the time I’ll post some of it but you can research him and what he’s supposedly an “expert” on. I know for sure he’s no crime expert, nor is he a decent host and I Think I read somewhere at least one of his professional licenses isn’t, or wasn’t, up to date.

      • John says:

        Hi Sandi,if you want to watch the Dateline video online, unfortunately you have to wear headphones to hear the audio. Take care. JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY!

    • Gio says:

      the BF was insanely jealous. Ill bet dollars to donuts he caught her cheating. In the beginning it was his jealousy that drove her away but then she eventually landed in the arms of another man and made it true. When she contacted that friend of her ex via FB, the BF was probably able to see that message from the home computer and see that she was either leaving him, expressing her love for the ex, or hooking up with someone else (or all three) and that enraged him. So in a way the Calgary trip DID have something to do with her murder, but it wasnt drug dealers. It was the shady Zailo family, the moms money, the friend who worked at the autoshop who came along to make sure it went smoothly, to run his connections- who were the actual killers and to provide the all-too-perfect alibis. This guy obviously knows where OJ went wrong.

  28. Susan says:

    What nags at me is, why, when he knew Lindsay was nervous, would Jason be late? I’d like to know what the delay was. Was his car parked under the surveillance camera from the time he got to the office until he and CO got into it? (Could he have run the murderers over to the area of the house beforehand) Nikki, her ‘best friend’ seems to really try to squeeze out tears for Dateline interview…mmhmnn….Feel strongly Jason’s mother was the dame in wig, perhaps with husband or Ryan in tow. If Lindsay was at all nearsighted, she could have seen the couple approaching, wrote the message to Jason, and by the time she realized it was them, Jason’s mother could have told her that it was a test to see how she handles a sale. The other suspicious pair is one of the brothers from infamous Del..? family and the loyal blond partner of one of the older criminal brothers. Would be interested in knowing more about their association with the man who originally had the disposable cell phone, Jason’s mother and this family of brothers; one of which Lindsay made contact with in Calgary. Mr. Buziak, your pain is palpable. I am so sorry for the horrific loss of your beautiful daughter.

    • Hunter says:

      Their is just NO WAY THEY DID NOT DO THIS!!! All Jason was doing was making sure the coast was clear for mommy!!!

      • ANNE says:

        I don’t think it was Shirley in a blonde wig.As if a wig would disguise who she was, ? to someone who knew her well ? Nope. The other theory that Shirley ,after being recognized, told Lindsay it was for “training”. LOL. No.

      • Eva Volkin says:

        Hmm, I don’t believe that it could have been Jason’s mom in the blonde wig as witnesses said they saw Lindsay shake hands with the couple and “didn’t seem to know them”. Plus, these days, with Lindsay having a cell phone on hand, they wouldn’t want to take a chance on Lindsay texting one of her friends saying “oh, it’s Shirley to see how I do on a showing”. I definitely believe it’s a crime of passion from the multiple stab wounds.

    • John says:

      Hi Susan, Lindsay’s best friend Nikki seemed quite upset to me. Also, Dateline only shows a portion of people’s interviews. Her interview would have been much longer than what they aired. She could have completely broke down during the whole interview. Most likely, only the Dateline staff and people affiliated with the show would know that. Also, the interviewer Josh asked why she was the only friend willing to be interviewed on camera. She said she couldn’t go on knowing that this happened to her best friend, and no one has been brought to justice yet. Take care.

  29. Anon Anonymouse says:

    If the Saanich police were doing their jobs they would have obtained warrants to tap and bug the suspect’s phones, cars, and homes prior to the airing of the Dr. Phil show. I bet you the price of a chocolate dipped donut that they did exactly squat. If they or their children were the victims of a murder they would move heaven and earth to get a conviction. Cops are luck criminals are so dumb nowadays or they would never get a conviction. An affluent society tends to produce dumb criminals. When times get tough, and more sophisticated stratums of society engage in criminal activity, as in the early 80’s, police work becomes a lot more difficult. Crime solving rates are already at an all-time low. Imagine what it would drop to if we were to enter into a serious recession?

    • ANNE says:

      SO TRUE. That would be the usual well done police work. Phone tap swhen they KNOW full well suspects have been shaken up or at least reminded that the crime is still being discussed and worked on.

  30. mwdeerin says:

    If looking at all the obvious people & places hasn’t solved this crime, the wrong people & places are being looked at.
    Make a list of the “impossibles” – they may seem not possible but that’s probably where the answers lie.
    Any person(s) or theories rejected out-of-hand need to be scrutinized and thoroughly & logically eliminated.
    In other words, its the least expected that’s most likely.
    If you think “no way” you are closing doors to rooms you haven’t searched. It will all only become obvious when the answer is found – which won’t happen while spinning unproductive wheels.

    • mwdeerin says:

      The burner phone was bought in November 2007 & activated in January 2008 (in Vancouver).
      That is when this murder was being planned. Whatever the cause, it happened prior to Nov 2007.
      Possibly months before. What was going on in her life then? Had she gone to Vancouver? Who in her life has ties in Vancouver sufficient to hire a hit team?
      Maybe the reason is an old grudge? Go back as far as her high school years. Don’t assume recent events lead to this terrible murder. Given the brutality, this murder was personal. Someone hated her & wanted her to suffer a gruesome death.

      • ANNE says:

        If the small town wasn’t likely corrupt as H E L L the crime would be solved. Yes it’s pretty obvious as to who’s involved. Even Mr. Buziak has pretty much said, I don’t think he said it outright, but he’s alluded to Jason and his mother. And during a podcast Mr. Buziak gave an example of what Shirley {the mother} is like. And maybe has said so at other times as well.

      • Michael Schneider says:

        Vancouver has nothing to do with anything, thats where the killers just happened to use as a base and start the plot and plan process. The killers could just happen to live there but i doubt it, they may not live in canada at all.

      • Bart says:

        “If looking at all the obvious people & places hasn’t solved this crime, the wrong people & places are being looked at.” Agree!

        • Barb says:

          *Barb not Bart

        • Michael Schneider says:

          Not true, theres been suspects in murders for years until that one tip or piece of evidence pops up or someone talks that the case moves forward.

        • ANNE says:

          No. Not necessarily. If the authorities are either corrupt or ineffective, the same thing happens. The crime goes unsolved.If you research the case you’ll find out the area they live in is said to be rather “inbred”,an “everyone knows everyone else” kind of place. And some of the rich locals have too much influence. Like the Zailos.

          • John Cantelon says:

            Anne where are you from? You are making wild assumptions about Greater Victoria, which includes the very, very large multi-cultural municipality of Saanich. There is nothing “inbred” about the area and I have never heard such silly opinionated suggestions in my 60 years of living in Saanich, Oak Bay, and Victoria city.
            So many of the comments seem to have no basis in reality, like all the accusations about SZ being a big time criminal (money laundering). Where the hell do people find this kind of “information”, or is it just over active imaginations?
            Please try to be more fact based and back up what you say.

            • ANNE says:

              Oh calm your t*ts. Where am I from ? None of your f-ing business. Wild assumptions ? I get the info from what Mr. Buziak and others who are close to the area, and the case, say, or allude to. Get it ?

              WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT MULTI-CULTURAL ? Are you insane ? Jesus. By “inbred” obviously {not obvious to you though}, it was referencing the small town. After you calm your t*ts, realize that people who live in Victoria say that everyone is connected in one way or another because it’s SMALL.

              I have never stated the Zailos do money laundering.

              However, after piecing together a lot of info,facts, incidents, many people on this board {including Mr. Buziak } have very perceptively come to the conclusion that the Zailo family is likely involved – mostly, but not exclusively, because Lindsay had let it be known she might break up with Jason. After Shirley had made a big play to BUY Lindsay for her little boy, who is very much a momma’s boy. My opinion, like it or not, Shirley acts like a sociopath {after hearing Mr. Buziak describe a nasty encounter with her}. Imagine what a sociopath would think and do if they felt someone like Lindsay had INSULTED AND DOUBLE-CROSSED THEM,AND REJECTED THEIR PERFECT LITTLE BOY ? Someone was obviously VERY angry with Lindsay. With no true reason or sane reason.

              Go stuff your pompous attitude.

              • Hunter says:

                ANNE!! I LOVE THAT I HAVE ANOTHER CALLING JASON “”A momma’s boy!!!””
                LOL!!! That mommas boy being broken up with would already have been a NO NO then throw in there that in their minds Lindsay was given the keys to the Real Estate Kingdom ONLY because of them THEN add in there the POSSIBILITY (I know that I don’t know for sure) that Lindsay was aware of any or all SHADY DEALINGS and throw all that in a blender and you my friend have MOTIVE OUT THE ASS!!! The stab to the “breasts” was absolutely either momma wishing those were hers or Jason pissed they no longer were his!

                • ANNE says:

                  hi Hunter,
                  Sorry for the delay, I didn’t see your response till now. “Motive out the ass” is right. I was appalled by Mr. Buziak’s description of that bad encounter with Shirley. I mean, her behavior’s appalling. And that’s how a sociopath/psychopath functions. She’s not a nice person {putting it very lightly}. Yes it would fit that Lindsay rejecting the Z’s in any way would {in their minds} call for revenge.

                  I might be wrong, but I thought I read Lindsay had breast augmentation paid for by Jason. In that case, {if it’s true} the attack on her breasts is another clue.

              • John Cantelon says:

                My goodness what an intelligent, articulate, mature response. You know nothing little girl. Why don’t you leave Podunk Arkansas or where ever you are from some time and visit Victoria and see how dumb your opinions are. You are making really big invalid assumptions.

                • Thia says:

                  How do you know what she said was invalid? This horrific case is unsolved!

                  • ANNE says:

                    Something’s very fishy about the nitwit who decided to start harassing me, and who actually thought I mean “inbred” in a literal sense, {regarding the smallness of Victoria, BC}. This is more than someone who simply got butt-hurt over their beloved Victoria or BC in general.Thanks for speaking up. You’re right, what happened to Lindsay is the important thing, who cares about a lone comment from me about Victoria,BC ?! I don’t plan to encourage their B.S. by continuing any more dialogue” with them !

                  • Lisa says:

                    Hey play nice in the sand box

  31. Deb Simmons says:

    I commend and admire Mr. Jeff Buziak for working so hard on his daughter’s murder. And the cops don’t work as hard as they should and can on certain cases. This should have been solved a long time ago! The cops know something at this point. I’m wishing. Mr. Buziak all the best in finding out what happened.

  32. Haley says:

    I feel like the boyfriend might have had something to do with it because they went for a late lunch which could have been him making sure he knew where she was right before and making sure she did go to the showing? And of course all the other information of him being late, parking farther away, just all the weird coincidences. But innocent until proven guilty.

    • Michael Schneider says:

      You feel that way cause we ALL do for the same reasons – he and his family hired the hit woman/man to kill lindsay. So your feelings are correct. You have great instinct. Its so obvious that her BF and mom are the payers of the hit people. He didnt want lindsay leaving him and/or leaving the company or leaving him and staying with the company while she made good money selling homes especially if they helped her get to the level she was at (experience/repeat clients/referrals from previous clients) also any shady business dealings the company might have been doing – but i think that is the lesser of the first 2 reasons. I think purely a jealous BF and didnt want to have to work with her everyday after they broke up and have her be successful or leave on her own or go to another company. I feel they felt they probably helped her achieve her success since probably got good clients because of them and now she wants to leave the BF and they werent having it. So i think its a personal and a business oriented killing – twofold.

      • Hunter says:

        Well Michael Schneider, I hope your happy for the fact that you so smoothly typed out what I have fumble F’d and rambled and Fumble F’d some more over MANY different messages so you my friend are AWESOME! Agree with you 110% as I definitely think their was some “she knows our shady shit, we made her who she is therefore she owes us for Eternity!” The main tho is Little Dick Syndrome Mommas Boy was as NOT going to have his “GIRL” move on and not be just DESTROYED without him as he was her therefore you know they had it done! Your good and have a great night…

        • ANNE says:

          Hunter, well put and it made me laugh too.
          Often, {I think you already know} people on this board haven’t read everything that was posted before they post their own comments, and more than one person has the same idea, there are so many comments it’s bound to happen. And I am one of them, I too think the Zailos are the ones behind the DISGUSTING crime.
          I agree they were BUTT-HURT because Lindsay wasn’t their slave and they couldn’t own her. As if a 20-something girl not being sure about who to marry, or exactly what to do in life, deserves to be killed ?! Only a psychopath would think that way. And “psychopath” seems to run in their family.

      • M.J.G says:

        I would like to add to your comment that it could be possible that Lindsey was gutsy……she could have stood up to Sherley a few times…..a no-no to Sherley standards….REMEMBER, Sherley did order Lindsey’s father one day… to get out of her way….and replying “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” attitude!!!?? STRONG CONFIDENT WORDS!!!
        Could be that Lindsey found out something very-very damaging to that family… damaging and frightening that Lindsey was not secured enough to even tell her own dad. Unfortunately for Lindsey, what she SAW, HEARD, READ, DISCOVERED, put her life in danger….., she then seriously wanted “OUT”….which the family tried desperately to kind her in and buy her off with expensive gifts, Waterfront house, condo, renovations, ski trip, expensive gifts at Christmas….sounds like a payoff for her silence….which that did not work….furthermore, she could have been threatened during the ski trip gaining time…..while they were planning her execution. Sounds like a good movie mystery….MURDER SHE WROTE but unfortunately, this could have taken place to this beautiful young woman in B.C. CANADA!
        Everyone knows, that, with people like that, you do not dare cross them….you do what you are told or you could pay with your life! Lindsey could have angered the mother surely because of her precious insecured son who is C.O.-dependent upon her. There are many sons like that and it sounds like Jason is one of them….for now!
        But all of this is just speculation, and without any tangible proof…… unfortunately!
        BUT SOMETHING WILL BURST….it always does….sooner or later!
        Let’s hope that it does on JEFF’s watch!

        • ANNE says:

          Not to be rude to or anything but that all has already been discussed all over the message board. It’s already clear, all that has been told and discussed, so yes you’re correct. It has been reported by Mr. Buziak that Lindsay did say she saw something she shouldn’t have. And yes Shirley apparently is unstable, mean as Hell, vengeful and due to her money has “connections” and probably has “dirt” on officials maybe even some within the P.D.

        • Anthea says:

          I love your logic make sense

      • Thia says:

        I think there’s only 1 reason Lindsay was murdered, and it was because of what she saw that she says she shouldn’t have. It’s the only thing that makes sense. She was concerned about it she didn’t want to reveal what it was to her father probably because she didn’t want him mixed up in what was going on. I don’t think anyone would kill someone for breaking up with their child I know there are crazy people out there and clearly Shirley and her son are I think evil but that seems too risky to kill someone over that. Clearly there was a lot of planning that went into the murder. I think the motive was to silence Lindsay because they couldn’t risk she had damning info on them. This way they can control it never getting out. So so sad God bless her father.

        • Michael Schneider says:

          Ive heard this with other murders, these people that end up getting murdered that have some secret need to write it down somewhere are mail it to someone telling them not to open until a certain time or put a letter in a safety deposit box or a delayed email, something. The dad shouldve pressed harder to get the info out of her since it seemed that bad to lindsay. mail a letter to the police so they have it on file, so if something happens they know where to investigate. I just think with the stabbing of her breasts, after getting implants, tells us that its a personal relationship based killing, or they did it to look like it was. but after seeing the interview with the mom and her BF at the time, they just came across as guilty as hell. Sadly this case is going to take someone to talk, a slip of the tongue or a deathbed confession, cause doesnt sound like the cops have anything solid to at this point.

        • ANNE says:

          It might seem as if the only reason for her murder that “makes sense” was that Linday saw something she shouldn’t have , but remember psychopaths/sociopaths don’t need anything to “make sense”. It might have been a “perfect storm”…the Z’s thought she was dissing them, Shirley’s definitely the type to be easily offended, {after hearing Mr. Buziak tell his experiences}, they wanted “revenge”, and also it might have been they knew Lindsay was privy to some of their {possibly} dirty secrets. And/or that around the time of her wanting another break up with Jason she saw something unexpected for the very first time connected to them, {all the stuff going on around the same time}. I’ll bet it’s no coincidence.

  33. […] Lindsay’s father has launched a website to help solve his daughter’s murder. The website is home to hundreds of theories and features in depth research conducted by Jeff, including a detailed timeline of the event. […]

  34. Heyyou says:

    I’ve done a lot of research about the Lindsey Buziak case. I have a feeling that Jason has something to do with it. Jason could probably have got those 2 people to do the job. Cause obviously they’re really good at it. Or Jason knows something about it and isn’t saying anything. He took a poly test but I mean polys aren’t 100 percent honest. So you can’t put all your trust in that. Because Jason says he was worried and all but why would he park farther ? If Jason saw supposedly “the back” of the man why didn’t he bother to ask or something.. And how comes they didn’t see them leave ? If Jason saw them in the house well their “shadow”… then why didn’t he see them leave? If he got his friend to the other side, why didn’t his friend see them? If they were still in the house? Personally I think Jason should have called Lindsey if he saw she wasn’t answering the messages. If he was actually as worried as he says he was why did he wait so long? Why did he park farther away instead of closer? Why didn’t he call her? Why didn’t he try getting into the house earlier? And how’d he know to go straight upstairs instead of looking around downstairs 1st…? I’m determined to one day have those answers and find the people who killed Lindsey.

    • Sam says:

      @Heyyou – totally agree with you. The whole waiting further away to meet her is so strange and makes no sense. I am a realtor myself and if I was ever concerned or if my husband was meeting me somewhere, he would be parking directly in front and making it known he was there. The dots just do not connect for the boyfriend. He most definitely had something to do with it and the investigators just didn’t do the correct due diligence.

      • Hunter says:

        I 100% agree with you and have been saying this over and over! It’s like this in my opinion… I use to be the biggest cheater on the planet in High School and College and you know something, not every story was true that would be told to whomever I was dating at the time but guess what? 75% of them were! Case In point… 1 out of 3 (if not 2) ppl with nothing to gain in pushing either narrative BELIEVES that her boyfriend and his mom MOST DEFINITELY have a part in this and their is just NO WAY that many ppl are incorrect!!! You know this plan ORIGINALLY got started RIGHT BEFORE the ski trip Lindsay took with his family because if you can recall or watch it again you will see that the “timing of the purchased cell phone” was right before the ski trip! Well, the ski trip was a result of them going to give it another try. So the mom when she heard Lindsay was leaving him put the plan in motion THEN they made up on the trip so she kept that cell phone for the killers to use IN CASE they didn’t work out down the road and low and behold when the mom and Lindsay went on that “WALK” that’s when Lindsay told the mother something along the lines of “I’m done for good this time and you probably will have to keep him calmed down or whatever” so then the mom put the plan BACK ON!!! You can jus tell that mom is a redneck with money and he’s MOMMAS BOY!! To be honest, I feel like they have something WEIRD going on between them which if true IN THE LEAST it would be ALL THE MORE the jealous mom would want her dead…

    • Joe says:

      It’s a pro hit !!! Let’s get real !! There won’t be any DNA , escape route planned , I think he was a dumb fuck that said let’s do this , afraid because of his idiot friends , but actually didn’t think they would do this !! This the polygraph pass….. he didn’t know shit !!! He got played …. the VPD is clearly hiding this because the players are involved are C.I’s and they have been given bigger fish to fry….and there is no turning back now … unfortunately she was a sacrificial lamb ….all in the name of rats and dirty cops !!!

        • Michael Schneider says:

          and the ferry passenger manifest.

          • ANNE says:

            Absolutely. I wish Mr Buziak would state on video somewhere if the manifest was ever located or looked at. I hope he does updates. He could start a YouTube channel and keep people informed. Why not ? Hope he does.

            • Jeff Buziak says:

              How about I respond here directly? Saanich police will not release this information and inside sources have informed me they, Saanich police, were too late coming to the ferries for information as a lot of video etc….has a timeline of 30, 60, 90 days and Saanich police were simply not on the ball enough being proactive. This I’ve stated for years over and over and now people are believing it.
              Look at it this way, what have Saanich police accomplished in 11+ years and announced. An artist’s sketch which took a year and they cleared a family which took two years and is highly questionable as they are supposed to be in the arresting business not the clearing business. Everyone is a potential suspect until charges are laid. Saanich is working backwards except they won’t clear anyone else and I did ask to be cleared. They laughed at me.
              What have we accomplished? 4 major USA network TV shows, 6+ international podcasts, an informative website enabling people to share their thoughts and opinions, a public walk annually for 8 years, worldwide recognition, Canada’s highest profile unsolved murder, supporters numbering in the thousands, suspects, theories, detailed analysis etc….
              Saanich police: silence, retirement, promotions, pay raises, misinformation about their efforts bordering on deception, a sketch and clearing the main suspects.
              I just shake my head then jump up and do what I can.
              Thank you everyone. Please continue.
              BTW, the main comments are on a link called comments on the bottom of the main page accessed by a small button labelled 4,247 comments(the number changes on the button)

              • lynn L says:

                Jeff, wow, amazing that so many of us with NO background in law enforcement think, right away, “check with passenger list from the ferry” but the police react too late to do just that.I will tell you, sir, you are a bold and brave man and I agree that the Zailos are somehow behind this, stay in touch and know we are thinking of you, sir.Lynn L

              • ANNE says:

                Mr Buziak,
                I’m so sorry about all you’ve been through.
                Would a private investigator help ? One who wants badly enough to get the fame/recognition of solving this long-stalled case perhaps ? Maybe someone famous for solving cases.

                SOMETHING has to give. The stupid cops should have, and could have, done a lot of wiretaps.Except for all the corruption…………………

                Please ignore this question if it offends you I’m sorry –
                but I’m a pretty good amateur astrologer and wish I could see Lindsay’s birth chart. It wouldn’t tell me everything, and nothing that could be used in court. But I have a serious interest in what I might find. I could also progress it to the time of the crime to get insights. {Again, no offense meant – ignore the question if it bothers you}.

                If you want to give the information, I’d need;
                1. exact birth time, down to the minute
                2. month, day, year of birth
                3. city/village and country of birth

                You’re a very strong person. Everyone’s rooting for you.

              • Irma says:

                I wonder if the police ever checks the prisons and who is in there and for what because the murderers could be in prison already for other crimes or some inmates could know something about this case and who did it….information could come from unexpected places…..

  35. Derk says:

    Don’t understand ppl that don’t capitalize their sentences but do take the effort to put in an apostrophe for “I’ll” although it’s probably just autocorrect. Usually a guy thing. Any other texts between joe and lindsay available? Is that just her text-writing style, women usually capitalize their sentences….

  36. Tina Mintz says:

    I’m so sorry for your lost. I don’t know if this is related or not. But there is a case of a man from Canada that was mysteriously murdered and one of the theories is he saw too much or heard too much. His name is Blair Adams. Idk if the police got dna from Lindsay’s murderers, or if they got dna from Blair’s. But thinking outside the box is needed here. Good luck and God bless you.

  37. Barb says:

    You can see a folder on the floor (of the released police photos of the house); Lindsay had “papers” seen prior to entering the house. The folder is on the floor, but it’s contents not all over; what appears to be a photo of the property seems to be sticking out of the folder. In addition, her shoes are tipped over. I have two daughters who wear heels, they would neatly take them off. Plus Lindsay was a professional real estate agent and thus, would have taken shoes off and placed neatly in front of -then-client showing, not “kick them off.” Her heels tipped over is a sign of perhaps a disturbance. Lindsay had multiple stab wounds, no blood scatter? Blood splatter expert have a theory on this?

    • ANNE says:

      She wasn’t murdered at the front area. Shoes do tip over, high heels ? Yes. They did remove flooring from where it happened. I’m not sure as anything found on the walls or ceiling regarding blood splatter. I do wonder about that though – if any was on the walls or not.

      • Barb says:

        Shoes tip over during a “scuffle”; folder opposite of tipped shoes, leading one to think she was overpowered quickly after entering. An Real Estate agent would have taken her folder of info with her as she shows the house. Has LE revealed what is in that folder?

    • Jimmy B says:

      I agree… something is definitely off.
      Isn’t he a realtor as well? (not sure if he was at the time). But Lindsay said she was worried or didn’t feel right about the sale and people she was meeting before hand (quote me, I read that somewhere).
      When Jason went to the house to meet her, he got their really fast! From SHC to that part Gordon head can take awhile, especially at that time of day (during rush hour). So, he was obviously driving fast (with urgency). But then he gets their and waits in the vehicle…. and then moves the vehicle and waits some more?? Why doesn’t he go check on her if he’s rushing and worried? Again, if he was a realtor at the time he could have gone in and told the people he was helping her with the sale or sitting in on the sale or do/say something to check on her because he’s worried, right?
      So, after awhile of waiting they decide to check the front door… it’s locked. So, they go to the back door and it’s open…. hmmm that’s interesting. If they couldn’t get access from the front door why would they assume they could get in the back door. How would they know it was unlocked?
      So, now the one guy goes in and then opens the front door for Jason.
      The killers must have left out the back door if the front was lock and the back was open, don’t you think? And if Jason and his buddy were parked on Torquay waiting in the vehicle, they would have been facing the next road over, which would most likely be the route the killers used to escape since the front door was locked and I assume they left out the back door. This is what makes me wonder if Jason and his buddy knew something bad was happening and waited until they got a sign that it was done and could go into the house and call 911. That way they weren’t directly involved, but knew some bad happened.
      I believe Jason knows what happened and knows the people involved but also knows he would end up like her if he says anything.

      • Hunter says:

        You make some very valid points! He’s not going to “end up like her” if he talks as I am sure that he and his mom hired these ppl to “cut their losses” and on top of her LITTLE PRINCE being “dissed” the mother also knew that Lindsay knew first hand of ALL THE SHADY SHIT that goes on within her “Realty Company…” I hope I’m wrong but I feel like the only way this case will
        break is when one or the 2 “Mexicans” get caught for something bigger and need some leverage to help reduce their charges or whatever at that point. I have another odd feeling and it is the way you can tell how the mom is, I just can’t stop thinking that SHE WAS 1 of the “Mexicans!” I know this sounds crazy but you know she wanted to MAKE SURE IT WENT DOWN THE WAY SHE WANTED and I keep thinking that I read or watched that one of the witnesses had said that they remembered the dress and that it looked like a blonde wig?!??!?

        • Jimmy B says:

          Check out this YouTube video posted yesterday. Interesting how someone who knows nothing about the case can read about it and think very similar to what I’m thinking too.

          Jon Chrymes

          • Sandi says:

            I saw the Dr. Phil episode about this case and was intrigued immediately. I had never heard of this murder so I tried to watch the Dateline episode, but the video is not working which makes me so angry. I’ve been reading everything I can find about the case and I definitely think Shirley and Jason are involved. Jason knew he was going to have to discover Lindsay dead and that he would have blood all over him so he has to have someone there to witness it. Lindsay saw something involving Shirley and her sons, she knew Lindsay wanted to get out of the relationship so she would likely spill the beans. She had to be eliminated. The kill was obviously personal with all those stabs to the breast. I think the location was planned as well. Sounds like it was a new subdivision with very few houses perfect for a murder. I’d like to know how many houses were in subdivision at the time.
            This was a terrible crime. I feel so sad for Lindsay, her father and entire family. The Sannish police department is embarrassing to say the least. I’m supporting her father. Something needs to be done to make the police accountable. Prayers for her family.

            • John says:

              Hi Sandi, to watch the Dateline episode online, unfortunately you have to wear headphones to hear the audio. Take care. JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY!

            • Hunter says:

              I as well had not heard of this until Dateline as I have not seen the Dr.Phil episode but nevertheless, just about all of us on here agree with you. I know Lindsay knew to much PLUS she was leaving ole Mr. Napoleon Complex so it was a double “F YOU” in the eyes of the Zalios. I personally want to find out who the Zalios are connected to within the Police Department?! Also, “New Subdivision” or not I do know the Zalios’s Realty Company owned (were selling or whatever) all around the murder scene. The panel missing from the fence post was either already done to have ready for the hired hands from the Zalios or the Zalios had one of the nearby homes opened and ready for the killers to slip into a wait till coast was clear.

              • mwdeerin says:

                Interesting that all the armchair detectives seem to agree that Jason and esp his mother are devious, evil people fully capable of murdering a woman simply because she was going to break up with the son OR the mother was jealous of her success in both career she’d trained the woman to do ot for taking the attentions of her son. OR they are sophisticated career crimals, esp drugs who haven’t been caught yet.

                BUT these clever people ineptly planned a murder where thr suspect spotlight would be first shined on them – and pretty much get stuck there. Yet that spotlight hasn’t yielded ANY evidence against them.

                Surely if they’re SO smart, they’d have done a better job of not seeming to be the culprits. How could anyone that “smart” be so stupid!

                Someone DID set it up so they’d serm the likely suspects but it wasn’t them. Someone wanted Lindsay gone for whatever reason (revenge? Send a message to someone else? Because she knew/saw something?) BUT the killer wanted focus on Jason & his mother.

                SO the question is, who would want to destroy Jason and/or his mother by getting Lindsay’s murder pinned on them? Lindsay may be the sacrificial lamb here.

                • ANNE says:

                  OH BOY. Looks like “John Cantelon” might be posting again with another alias. Gee I wonder if Jason or Shirley ever post here ?

                  Sure…someone wanted to wreck poor,innocent Jason and Shirley ! And the only way to do it was to whack Lindsay and pin it on them ! {??????????} It’s a conspiracy against the poor Zailos ! {??????????} Makes tons of SENSE ! {WTF ??????????} Give up !

  38. Linda says:

    Are they certain that Lindsay’s BB was always in her pocket and that no one else was carrying it or using it to ‘plant’ false info in the form of texts? Are they certain that Jason did not have Lindsay’s BB at anytime and he placed it on her body when he went upstairs?

    Jason’s (excessive) texts seem gratuitous (why was he so concerned; sent two texts about when he would be there). Why send a text just minutes after he said he would be there in 10-15 minutes, to say that he was just a couple of minutes away, and, then, another to ask if she was okay. It doesn’t make sense to text someone, who is in the middle of a potentially huge sale, to keep them apprised of your arrival time OR to ask if they are okay (because a non-response would be expected if she was busy)…it would have made sense to telephone her if he really was worried. Is it possible that the killers were accessing Lindsay’s BB (as she was already dead), and were being warned by Jason that he and his friend were almost there (then, replacing the BB in her pocket before leaving the scene)?

    On Dateline, Jason stated that he saw people in the foyer of the house for sale (shadows), as if the perpetrators were ‘still’ there. Did CO see them as well? Was Jason making this up? If there were shadows of people in the foyer, why did Jason and CO NOT see them leave?

    Not certain what SHC is; but, was Jason’s time accounted for between 4:30 and 5:30; are they certain that he did not leave SHC between 4:30 and 5:30 (through another exit?)? Not certain what this would mean. Did they check SHC’s phone logs to see if any suspicious calls were made…that might have been made by Jason?

    Why did Jason even go to the house for sale? Was this usual for him to attend her showings? If Lindsay had asked him to be there because she was uneasy (or had he suggested this?), it would have made sense that he would have been there from the beginning of the meeting with ‘the Mexicans’. Had he told her that he would be there at the start of the meeting, but didn’t show up until later (on purpose), giving the killers time to execute their plan? (either the killers or Jason in possession of the BB sending response texts ‘from Lindsay’.) Although, nervous, she would have proceeded with the showing, without Jason, in order not to jeopardize a potential sale.

    Jason’s behavior is suspicious…the showing; adamantly saying that Lindsay was not leaving him (though confronted by others, saying this was true…she had told them) instead of saying he had no inkling…

    Just some thoughts!

    • Hunter says:

      I LOVE THINKING IM SO SMART AND THEN READ SOME SHIT LIKE THIS AND REALIZE IM NOT!! I swear I feel like you are so correct on just about everything you just said! I have no idea why this “case” will not leave my mind but it won’t! I don’t know or have ever met or seen the Buziacks but for whatever reason my wife and I think and talk about this case most often.We all MUST keep pulling this string as it will unravel…

    • Julie Garcia says:

      I agree with everything stated- it doesn’t make sense for a concerned boyfriend to wait so long and text in 2008 people didn’t text as much as we do today. Also the phone was purchased somewhere- was there store video or purchase records? Also the “Mexicans” made several calls- the location should be determined and there should be video or hotel records or something. I wondered if the boyfriend had an ex girlfriend that he left who didn’t like that he was with Lindsay. Maybe she was like fatal attraction.

      • Julie Garcia says:

        And Lindsay saw something she wasn’t comfortable with. Surely she told her boyfriend, if he says he doesn’t know, that would be suspicious.

        • Michael Schneider says:

          I think in future real estate agents should wear body cams while showing homes in case something happens to them, maybe even live stream the showing.

          • ANNE says:

            That’s a totally excellent idea – it’s brilliant – you ought to contact whatever National/International {if there is} association of realtors or some way of broadcasting that idea, Canada and the states and everywhere should do that.

  39. Barb says:

    My late dad was a real estate agent in the US. When showing a house, an agent would not bring a family member, BF, friend, etc to a showing, so Jason not being there is not cause for suspicion. Yes, a commission on an almost 1 mill dollar house would be motivation to show the house. My dad always knew the names of the showing clients, so odd the client’s names weren’t listed somewhere. Papers were seen on Lindsay’s car prior to showing, where are those papers. A house that much money, Lindsay would have asked if they were “pre-qualified” where are those notes. In real estate there is a big paper trail. Lindsay must of had a work computer, has that been searched. The burner phone is a good clue. I liked what the detectives on the Dateline show said: “This case needs to think outside of the box.” The focus on the BF and his family is too “in the box.” Real Estate agents have tons of paperwork on potential clients and a listing of a sizeable commission, would have more so. One underestimates that Lindsay was a professional real estate agent and did not do a sloppy showing. Paper trail.

    • Lillian says:

      We will never know the answers to these inquiries because the SPD don’t share ANY information regarding this case. They’re too busy covering things up OR worse, do nothing! I don’t believe there’s a need to be ‘outside’ the box. The box has all the evidence required to do a thorough investigation. It’s unfortunate that the SPD are extremely incompetent, having zero ‘investigation’ skills AND are covering their own corruption. Until this case is assigned to real coppers, real investigators and real cold case experts, it will NEVER be given the resolution and justice for Lindsay.

      • ANNE says:

        I agree. Everything points TO the Zailos including the way this was so tightly wrapped up in real estate. I do think it was ODD Jason wasn’t inside or at least closer than where he parked. Lindsay had expressed some dread about the people she was meeting and where IS the “paper trail” unless it was COVERED UP. The inbred place she once lived is doing a cover up, the Z’s have too much $$$ and influence there.

        • Barb says:

          Wasn’t Jason Z eliminated as POI? He passed a poly, I believe one question asked is “Do you have any knowledge of the killing” and if he knew his mom involved I would guess that would be deceptive on the poly, but he passed; he has alibi during murder, if he hired he would have failed the poly. Did his mom take poly? This is why the detectives perhaps state “thinking outside the box.” The fake “Mexican” accent leads one to believe not really Latino couple.

          • ANNE says:

            Oh come ON. People can learn how to pass a lie detector.

          • ANNE says:

            Anyone can look up how to pass a lie detector test, and they’re not infallible in the first place.

          • Lillian says:

            This is why they are not permitted in court. They are extremely unreliable and the operator plays a big role in executing this device. He can be quite incompetent, just like the SPD and still hold onto his job. These devices are a tool that are to be used with minimum credence, they should NEVER be utilized to include or EXclude anyone! The fact the SPD “cleared” suspects based on this fallible device speaks volumes to their incompetence.

            • ANNE says:

              Even that fool “DR PHIL” was whining about how Jason passed a polygraph ! A good example of why PHIL can’t be taken seriously.

              • Michael Schneider says:

                Well even the dad said the BF passed a polygraph and was cleared as a suspect. You need to rewatch the episode. But that was a very lackluster episode, didnt delve deep into the case much at all. The dad needs to hire a PI somehow or a PI needs to do some pro bono work for him.

              • Hunter says:

                Apparently i need to watch this Dr. Phil
                episode as I’m just getting more and more pissed off the more I hear about it! Please tell me that I have heard incorrectly about “Dr. Phil being rude to Lindsay’s father?!?!?”

                • Erika says:

                  I agree Anne…100%. Dr. Phil was very condoscending, rude and impolite to Linsays Dad. How dare him! Plus, it was only a few minutes of coverage…lame. No surprise, Phil will always protect the cops over civilians, regardless of blatant facts. He’s not open minded. He’s biased, opiniated and lacks empathy. I will never ever watch Phil again. To treat a father of a murdered daughter like that made me angry, disgusted and stunned. Shame on Dr Phil!!

      • Julie Garcia says:

        Have you considered hiring someone to do your own investigation? Maybe you have but perhaps that person can access the clues and take a fresh look. I’m sure there are retired police who would know how to influence a police unit into cooperating. I so want answers for you because it’s so horrific.

        • ANNE says:

          Exactly, because the local authorities aren’t interested in solving anything.

        • Michael Schneider says:

          A private investigator can do wonders, look at the kid just found in texas off lee marvin road, the PI found out a lot of info that the cops didnt. Was missing for 2 years. He found out A LOT of info.

    • Breanna says:

      Very interesting thoughts thank you for sharing. This case was on crime watch daily as well and they said the killers called Lindsay’s personal cell phone to book the showing and not her real estate website. Also Jason was interviewed and he stated he ran directly upstairs when he entered the home to the master bedroom. He explains he new where the master bedroom was as he was a real estate agent as well. Apparantly she did feel uneasy why he didn’t do the showing with her as a fellow agent I don’t know. I am hoping this crime gets solved so badly especially for her father. I feel this crime will be solved by the public and not the police.

      • Breanna says:

        Sorry just to add it had to be someone that new her personal phone number as the killers called her personal line and not her website or real estate company line or her personal number was passed on to the killers. Have police interviews all her telephone contacts? Also no DNA? No fibers? No hairs? Blood spatter? No recovery of the knife used? Must have had a get away car near by. Also the woman killer apparantly has a bright patterned colorful skirt crime warch says maybe to draw any potential witnesses away from looking at her face.

  40. Thuggins says:

    First, I am sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to imagine the sorrow.
    I also watched Dateline. Why was Jason no longer considered a suspect? Why did he go right up the stairs when he entered the house? Wouldn’t you check the main floor rooms first? Why wasn’t Jason’s mom investigated? The comment she made referring that Lindsay was afraid of her ex-boyfriend is an obvious ploy to shift suspicions away from her son. If Lindsay was feeling uncomfortable about meeting these people and asked Jason to come by, why would he move his car away from the house? Wouldn’t you park right in front? Was there any connection with Jason and Lindsay’s old friend that got busted? Seems like Jason and his mom should be #1 suspects.

    • Anthea says:

      If Lindsay could tick a mother off so much that Lindsay murdered, i wonder how the new girlfriends or wife’s of the sons Jason and Ryan?are coping, may be they are just to scare to put a foot out of line… could this be for real??

      What did previous partners of the Zailo sons have to say did they ever feel threatened… or are they to scared to talk. Background information plays a big part in the going on’s of murder, how was Shirley’s life growing up? who went to school with the Zailo brothers? were the bully’s at school? were they mommies boys? Where is their father in this? What is their stories, sounds like Jason was completely insecure when he didn’t want Lindsay to go to the Girls stagette party and demanded To go to. What made Lindsay stay with Jason when she was over heard telling her friend at the condo that she was going to leave him, he flew into a rage that scared her friend who ran off? following this Lindsay went on a trip with the Zailo’s, sounds like mummy didnt like what Lindsay was doing to her son so she had her killed, however why cause such a scene when the murder could have been so easy and simple using a gun and without too much media coverage, the the way she was murdered instead drew the attention of the world.

      A jealous associate could also be a possibility but still definitely tie in with Jason there is no way out of those facts his movements that day from 5pm on were part of the murder plot and you would have to be think to think otherwise. REAL THICK!!!

      • Michael Schneider says:

        Any new GF may not have gotten into the real estate biz or if has, may not have been pampered like they did lindsay or she hasnt quit yet. Its more than just what she did to her son, its that they built her up in the business, maybe was going to leave and take clients or knew some shady stuff family was doing and was also going to leave son. I dont think theyre going to make the same mistake with other gf’s.

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