Lindsay Buziak Murder



Timeline of Lindsay’s murder as per Dateline, Inspector Rob McColl and Detective-Sgt. Chris Horsley.   The bulk of the clues came from Jason Zailo himself.

Jason and Lindsay went to Sauce for a late lunch. Lindsay and Jason paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24 pm. Their server knew Lindsay well.   Jason went directly to SHC arriving at 4:29 pm and Lindsay is believed to have gone home to change her clothes.  CO was standing outside by Jason’s vehicle when Jason left the SHC building.  They left SHC together in Jason’s vehicle at 5:30 pm.

Joe DeSousa left the site at approx. 4:30 pm. Other workers left the area at around 5:00 pm.   2 witnesses saw the suspect couple walk into the cul de sac at approximately 5:30 pm. The witnesses saw Lindsay greeting the couple by the back of her car in the driveway as shown on crimestoppers. There were papers on the trunk of Lindsay’s car. The real estate lockbox was accessed at 5:29 pm.   While driving Jason said to Lindsay“I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and that’s when Lindsay said to Jason…. “okay I’ll see you in abit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”.  Apparently this was Lindsay’s short hand name for her clients. Jason was seen by video surveillance leaving SHC at 5:30.

 5:38 pm Jason sends Lindsay a text “just a couple of minutes away.” That text was never opened by Lindsay. According to Detective Sgt. Horsley: “the last text Jason said was I’m just a couple of minutes away”. That text was never opened by Lindsay.  Dateline said this was Jason’s final text. (how could this be Jason’s final text when Jason stated on Dateline that when he was parked on Torquay he sent Lindsay a text that said “are you okay” (prior to his 6:05 pm 911 call)……..Jason received no response.  So which text was the last one……..the one at 5:38 pm as per Det-Sgt. Horsley on Dateline OR the text Jason said he sent to Lindsay just prior to his call to 911 at 6:05 pm?  It sounds like Horsley and Dateline support the 5:38 pm text as being the final one.)

5:38 pm to 5:41 pm police believe this is when Lindsay was murdered.

 5:41 pm Lindsay’s blackberry made a phone call out and the SP believe that was the direct result of the attack. It was truly a pocket dial call as her BB was in her pocket.

As per Det-Sgt. Horsley, when Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw the front door open and the male suspect outside, but only saw the back of him.  Jason parked his vehicle on the opposite side of the road of the house. The rear of the vehicle was facing Torquay and the murder house. They sat there for approx. 10 minutes. Jason then turned around in the cul de sac and goes right onto Torquay. They parked by the house for approx. another 10 minutesJason sent Lindsay a text message “are you okay” and it was not answered.  Both CO and Jason walked up to the front door and found it locked.  Jason called 911 (approx. 6:05 pm).  They both went around to the Torquay side of the house and CO gained entry via the already open patio doors by Jason boosting CO over the patio fence who then opened the front door allowing Jason entry.

When they found Lindsay’s body CO called 911 (6:11 pm) and while on the phone CO could hear sirens coming. The police were there within minutes because they were already enroute after Jason made the first 911 call(6:05 pm).   When police arrived Jason and CO were waving their arms in the upstairs bedroom window. The police went into the home up to the bedroom and immediately took both Jason and CO to the police station separately

The cell phone the couple used to contact Lindsay was purchased late November 2007 at a Vancouver convenience store. The phone was activated late January, 2008 in Vancouver. The phone traveled to the Island 24 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder.

Vancouver is from where the first calls to Lindsay were made, confirmed by hits on cell towers in the city. Police said at least half dozen calls were made to Lindsay and after her murder the cell phone was never used again. They believed the killer(s) knew how to carry out the murder and then cover their tracks.  The expert’s all agreed a significant degree of planning went into this murder. They explored the theory that professionals were hired with specific instructions to express the anger that someone else felt towards Lindsay.  The experts agreed the murder was personal and that somebody close to Lindsay planned it and hired the killer(s).   

Inspector McColl Feb 2, 2011:

“Having had this on our plate (at the time of the broadcast) for more than two years, we had plenty of time to develop theories, look at them closely and think outside of the box,” McColl said, noting that police AGREE with the Dateline investigators’ conclusion that Buziak was an innocent party, and her murder was a TARGETED hit arranged by someone CLOSE to her.  Saanich police have narrowed down the investigation to “three or four” working theories.  McColl stated on Dateline it’s possible one of the people who went into that house was also the MASTERMIND behind Lindsay’s murder.

“It’s not cool to tell on your friends, it’s not cool to rat people out … Many times in a homicide investigation you can get past that because it’s also not cool to kill people,” he said. “There should be some assurance to anyone that is considering speaking to the police, that we’re not really interested in the skeletons in your closet. We have the ability to put that aside and focus in on what we’re really interested in, and that is catching these killers.”

Det-Sgt. Horsley:

“There is nothing in her life — and we’ve conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing.”

“It is also possible Buziak’s killers were under the mistaken impression she had revealed information she shouldn’t have, he said, or perhaps that she was somehow connected to a dangerous person without knowing it.”

“You can be a person who just works and minds their own business in Victoria, yet through a very brief network of friends, you could be absolutely connected to people that are involved in very bad things,” Horsley said.”

Sgt. Dean Jantzen:

“This (killing) was very organized,” said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen. “There was a lot of planning and effort and forethought. These are the most complex crimes. And this is the most egregious crime and often they can become long-term and complicated. “There are people in the community who are withholding information. We know there is a bit of cone of silence around this.”




  1. Philippe says:

    It’s obvious now that the SP are trying to cover this up,must be serious implications and or major compromises in place should they pursue the matter further – RCMP need to get involved asap or else this is just a complete farce

  2. Richard says:

    Spare a thought for Jeff on February 2. Only God knows the anguish he has endured all these years. Gob bless you Jeff and may you gain the strength to carry on by walking in memory of your beautiful daughter.

  3. Jane says:

    Can’t figure out why Jason and his mother aren’t in jail yet? Why did the builder remove pieces of the fence? Odd. Does mother-in-law own a house close by? What’s going on over there SPD, it’s coming up 10 yrs since Lindsay was murdered!! C’mon now

  4. Richard says:

    Murderers usually make a lot of mistakes. No different here. You have to be dumb to kill. So it’s not always smart to view the crime and evidence in a logical fashion. I’m surprised the police haven’t solved this one with some laterally thinking investigation techniques.
    The high profile nature of the case has the cops frozen in headlights They need to get out there and stir the pot.

  5. Christian says:

    Do you know if the wounds on Lindsay’s body are all the same size? This would indicate if only one knife was used or 2. We could conclude that only one assailant stabbed Lindsay, or if a second person also assaulted her.

    • Anne says:

      Wrong !
      You didn’t take into account that both killers might have used the SAME TYPE OF KNIVES ! If they had identical knives then the theory of “only one person stabbed her” goes “poof”.

      • hdm says:

        Everyone is assuming that the couple that entered the house must have killed her. From what I heard she had many many stab wounds, could two people do that to someone in such a short amount of time? Just posting this question makes me sick. Whoever did this is truly mentally disturbed and without a conscience. Praying for justice one day soon.

  6. Richard says:

    Who’s going to stand up and give your community the information to bring justice to Lindsay? Who’s going to stand for good against evil. Right against wrong and set an example for this world.

    You can make the difference. This life will reward you in ways you can never have imagined if YOU solve this tragedy. It’s not about money or fear of revenge it’s about leaving your mark on this world and should you come forward even anonamously you will have left a healing mark on this world and forever walk with your head held high.


  7. Richard says:

    Wilson has borderline personality disorder having been abused as a child. Hence the hiding behind the horrendous tattoos.

    Unhinged. Not a killer and no info. Too small.

  8. Richard says:


    I would not believe a word that came out of his polluted mouth

  9. Richard says:

    Were the text messages from Jason and going to Lindsay or the murderer?

    • Chantal says:

      I was just watching dateline and i am left with many questions. Police always look for the closest people. Were the closest freinds and girlfreinds and family looked in?
      – The mexicans’: if Lindsay was uneasy with them, didn’t her boyfreind or anyone around her suggested her to ask few questions or even just google the phone number. You don’t search for a million dollar home without even giving your name..
      – Was it habitual for Jason’s mother to meet Lindsay alone? – Lindsay must have mentionned this meeting to someone. What was the intend of that meeting?
      – The mexicans came on foot? no car?
      – When Jason arrived: if he didn’t see a car, wouldn’t he think that they left or he just knew that they walked…(so they only have 2 days to find and buy and yet they walk to their forst house visit).
      – When he founds the front door locked, never thought on ringing the bell first? why panick so quickly? and when they finally got in the house, did any of them call her name? when they found Lindsay dead, couldnt one of them run outside to try to find the murderers or any trace of them?
      – I never heard any testimony from Jason’s freind. Why did Jason need a freind to go there anyways??
      – The mexicans just disappeared? no one saw them? did the police search the area?
      – just another question: when the police did the rehearsal with Jason: why is his freind not there? They wrer 2 and they need to listen to each version and see actions from both of them. And why does the rehearsal starts with Jason coming at the front door instead of acting the whole scene: coming out his car, going around.. the freind entering the back door… 5 minutes lag from the time they entered to the time they called 911 a second time….

      • DST. says:

        Here are my best answers to your questions:
        1. Dateline stated the police looked into family, friends, boyfriends etc.
        2. They never stated one way or another if she got their names or Googled their phone number but it wouldn’t have done any good anyways because it was a burner phone registered in a fake name and address (Dateline stated this in the episode). But the Jadon did say that Lyndsay was concerned about the “Mexicans”, especially because their accent wasn’t authentic plus Jason was concerned and that’s why he texted her asking if she was okay.
        3. It was never discussed whether Jason saw a car or not so there’s no way to answer that.
        4. No mention if he rang the doorbell so not sure why that would be significant but I do need to mention that he didn’t state on Dateline that the man half of the couple was outside the house with his back to him. He stated that he saw at least 2 people in the foyer through the smoked glass front door. He panicked because Lyndsay had told him she thought the couple was a little sketchy. Yes, he called out her name repeatedly (said so on Dateline). As far as chasing down the suspects, I’m pretty sure they figured they were already gone since they’d been through the inside and around the outside trying to find a way in.
        5. Jason’s friend obviously didn’t want to be included in the Dateline story so that’s why his name wasn’t mentioned and why was he there with Jason? Good God who knows? They’re friends and were hanging out presumably…
        6. Yes, obviously the Mexicans just disappeared! Otherwise it wouldn’t still be an unsolved case. I’d find it highly unlikely that the police didn’t look for them. They wouldn’t show up to a murder scene and not look for the suspect couple. Kinda obvious don’t ya think? Just my opinion anyways.
        7. Friend not shown on Dateline but it was never mentioned one way or the other about whether he went through a walk through with police. He certainly could have but they maybe didn’t mention it or show his because again, he obviously didn’t want to be on Dateline. I’m guessing that he’s a little afraid that it was probably a drug hit and didn’t want to get exposed in doing the show. Just a guess but seems most likely the reason. We have no idea whether they walked him through the entire scene but it’s most likely they did it starting from the moment he got there but Dateline has only so many minutes in an hour and I’m sure they showed the most pertinent info regarding the walk through . As far as the delay in calling the police the second time???? They (Jason and his friend) were trying to figure out how to get into the house. He was obviously panick stricken so he was doing whatever he could to get in and then called them again as soon as they found her body.

        An FYI, I’ve now seen this episode twice and actually was hoping they’d solved it and I’d find out at the end like they often show when they are repeating an episode with new updated information added. Hope this helps.

      • Chantal says:

        Thanks for your clarifications DST.
        ‘…Was a burner phone number’: That’s my point: if you already have some concerns, wouldn’t that worry you even more? or enough to take someone with you (wich happens quite often, especially when a female agent is suspicious of a client). Also, who really said that she was concerned? Jason?? That would be a flag if only him mentionned that fact;
        – ..’ rang the bell..’ :again, i am just trying to find odd behaviors…Anyone would ring the bell before. Ahd if it is because he was worried enough, then he shoul have madwe himself and his freind visible enough to frightened …

        .. about chasing the suspects.. the fact that everythig went so fast and (i guess), police were there quickly, it is surprising that they couldn’t find them, especially if they were on foot;
        – i understand Jason’s freind didn’t want to appear on dateline, but i haven’t heard anything reported by police , about what he said when questionned. I never heard anything about him, even though he is one of very few witness of that story;
        – As for the walk through.. there is a video of that online. I admit i only watch the beginning. When i saw that it started with Jason entering the house, i watched no more. The purpose of a walk through is to analyse every move, timeline ans each one story (to look for discrepancies, etc..).

  10. Richard says:

    Why does Jason text Lindsay that he is going to be there in ,10 15 minutes when he has just spent the last hour with her in a restaurant where they must have discussed this meet and that he was going to be there?

    If you take just a rudimentary look at every action Jason did on that day it’s all an alibi.

    • Zimmy says:

      Not exactly because he showed up at the property during or minutes after the murder. Dumb move, if involved.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Not if he had a part to play in the conspiricy.

      • Anne says:

        Criminals are usually pretty dumb. That’s partly why most do such stupid, horrendous things and it’s why they get caught so often. They’re usually known to be the last seen with the victim, they don’t even try to cover that up. Or instead claim to have “discovered” the crime.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      People have said that Jason told them he was not supposed to meet Lindsay at the house to look after her safety. He said he was only going there to drop off some papers. If he is telling the truth,why would he text Lindsay at the exact time the showing was about to begin just to tell her he was 10 to 15 min away if she was not expecting him to be there for her when they just had lunch together?

  11. Richard says:

    Jason says no thruth Lindsay was going to leave him.
    Wouldn’t a secure guy just say if success incident know about it. He can’t be that matte of fact. None of us can be in a relationship

    So now you see he has a very unrealistic view of a relationship. He can’t even accept or admit she may want out. That’s not your average take on a relationship

    • Joelle says:

      I thought that was strange too. He was adamant that she wasn’t going to leave him, going so far to say they [her friends/father] were lying…

    • Iva says:

      I agree. Lindsay talked to her father telling him she is planning to break up with Jason. That is a very reliable source. Jason is lying about their relationship. His mother pointed finger at the x-boyfriend saying Lindsay told her she was afraid of him! Why would Lindsay discussed something like that with Jason’s mother? Nobody else was aware of that.

  12. Richard says:

    Jason says he’s suprised how you lose someone so fast. One day she’s just gone.
    Not surprised to lose Lindsay the love of his life to a rare brutal stabbing murder? He doesn’t mention murder, stabbing such a rare violent way to die etc. Come on Jason.

  13. Richard says:

    Jason admits he has little emotion.
    He admits he knew Lindsay was dead at the scene.
    He and friend are away from the body waving out i presume the other front room window to the police as they arrive. Not the room where she lay as it doesn’t face the street
    YET UPON ARRIVAL OF THE POLICE HE IS FOUND HUNCHED OVER THE BODY. He sees the police arrive so rather then great tgecpolice and explain the situation he goes back to the other room to hang over her body. It looks good…

  14. Richard says:

    So the killer’s see Jason’s car and return to the home and lock the door to their only means of exit? The patio was not considered because they were headed out front.
    They were comfortable to walk to the appointment and be seen but not comfortable to exit? It seems a lot riskier to be seen climbing over a fence to exit a home for sale then the front door.

  15. Richard says:


    We know how hard you have worked to solve the murder of Miss Buziak. We also want to.. We may on occasion tread on each other’s toes and perhaps not always agree with an approach. However we would all agree we are all we intentioned.

    I believe we can help each other and should work together. Thus.

    Can you assign a detective to this site please to answer our questions? I believe if you do, together we will solve this shocking crime against Lindsay?

    We need some information you have to move forward.

  16. Richard says:

    Jason encourages Lindsay to keep the meet because he’s going to be there.

    Yet he’s not there.

    He has an hour from when they left lunch to get there on time. Forget where he went after lunch because the important timeline is that Jason Zialo had an hour before he had to be at the home. And he arrives 15mins late all the while reassuring Lindsay he was on his way.

  17. Richard says:

    If I’m correct Lindsay talked to these people quite a few times and no names were given? It’s not in Lindsay diary. How do you call a person and not give a name? ” ,Hi it’s me?

    No wonder she was uneasy and all the while Jason and Shirley are encouraging her to go. Shirley the day before and Jason at late lunch.

    At worst Shirley and Jason Zialo should be sued for damages because they are both liable for Lindsay’s death. Then on the stand it will move to a trial as the truth comes out.

  18. Richard says:

    It’s amazing how you can miss the most obvious detail’s. The clients never gave Lindsay a name and neither Jason nor Shirley have mentioned this.

    Jason encourages his partner to attend a meet when she is already uneasy and no names of the clients were given?

    So how do you get a number off an old client without revealing your name. “Hi I’m after Lindsay’s private number please” shes not going to pass a number on unless you give your name first?

    I tell you.
    If these old cliens did pass that number on id be back there in a heartbeat for a very long talk with thrm. And they were out of town to at the time of the murder Wow.

  19. Richard says:

    I’d like to know what police found out re this past client connection. Was it real . Was number passed on to the caller. Was it a ruse. What we do know is it’s a real estate connection. That speaks volumes.

  20. Richard says:

    I tell you one thing that dawned upon me this morning re the underworld hit theories. Real estate clients are confidential. I strongly doubt any underworld old childhood friend of Lindsay or from a drug bust would know a past client.

    Only Shirley and Jason Zialo would know a past client. Mostly Shirley I’d suggest. So only Shirley could pass a number on of a former client etc…

  21. Richard says:

    I understand why ADDICOTT is not commenting on the investigation. He can not read or write.

  22. Richard says:

    Read about the McStay murders in the US to see how easy and plausible it is to believe all manner of wild theories only to eventually find the killer was a best friend and business partner.

  23. Richard says:

    Shirley Zailo had Lindsay Buziak murdered. Right Shirley?

  24. Richard says:

    Lindsay to leave Jason

    Shirley’s love for her son.

    Jason will never be hurt

    Her hatred for Lindsay now she plans to leave Jason

    This hatred just grows and grows

    Shirley knows underworld figures

    Lindsay has got to go.

    The deal is done with Shirley input hence the real estate plot

    One last talk with Lindsay the day before she is murdered

    Jason knows mummy is up to know good thus his odd behaviour.

    Shine a light on Shirley and it’s all over. Start by arresting Jason her baby and she will fold like tissue paper.

    • Zimmy says:

      The message left on a website (recently) seemed suspiciously like the writing of a female- with much anger behind those words. I’m not suggesting this person is the murderer but I’m questioning whether the police looked into the females in these men (boyfriend, and ex-BF’s) lives. Woman are so much more organized, and calculated (hence the planning). If a guy wanted her dead, they probably would have ambushed this poor girl, and shot her, or attacked her at her home etc. This murder screams female involvement- jealous GF or female in these guys lives!

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Yeah the female involved in the conspiricy to commit murder is Shirley Zailo. The female who recently left the message is a disgruntled, armchair detective, web-slueth who used to be a member of Team Lindsay until it was discovered she had her own agenda.

    • Anne says:

      Wow – !

    • Robin says:

      How come the SPD won’t see this. It is so damn obvious.

  25. Richardtio says:

    Watch the Dateline video when Jason forces out a tear. In particular his mother’s reaction. She wants to jump on him because it pains her so much. A mother’s love. That’s understandable. Her mother’s favourite. Yes.

    No rewind she knows Lindsay is going to leave Jason and in separation there is pain. Lindsay is going to hurt her baby and she will not have this. Shirley is enraged and sets in motion that this is not going to happen. She herself understans the pain of separation.

    The thought of her baby being hurt will not leave her and her rage builds and builds. She knows people who can stop Jason from hurting.

    How dare she hurt my son after all we have done for her. I took her into my own home. Gave her a job. It’s the ultimate betrayal to Shirley.

    There’s the motive.

    • Anne says:

      OK, I lost the original comment I would be replying to here….sorry – I even looked in my email trash.
      I remember a bit of it – something about Jason forcing a tear out of his eye. Yes – I’ve said the same
      thing. He wasn’t even really crying, but near the end of the video he grabs his face as if in deep ditress
      and crying….then his mother overreacts to it. Almost jumped out of her seat. YES WE SAW YOUR FAKE
      SON. NO….WE WEREN’T FOOLED !!!!!!!! Ugh ! She was really trying to make sure everyone noticed
      Jason and his “crying” fit. Gad.

    • Anne says:

      OK, now after sending my first reply here I find your comment {after replying suddenly was moved up to the right spot !}. This site is confusing.

      I agree, if the mother is mentally disturbed then perhaps she’d help her son erase the woman who “hurt” him, {hurt his ego}. He looks dumber than dirt too, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Richard says:

        You’re right he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. We all know anger. Extreme anger. It’s a very old common motive. Betrayal in her eyes. It’s a very strong motive

        • Anne says:

          Possibly, but only if Jason was just incredibly broken up by the idea of losing Lindsay. Then maybe the mom would get angry enough. Or his ego could be an issue, but then again he could probably easily replace Lindsay. He was young too, and unsophisticated girls might think he was “attractive”. I know hard to picture that ! Ugh.
          To me it seems more likely she’d be bumped off for that reason only if Jason was very fixated on her – was he ? I think I remember hearing he was indeed clingy and possessive ?, so that right there is an indication of trouble, if he was possessive. Maybe Jason didn’t “love” Lindsay but thought he “owned” her.

        • Anne says:

          One other thing, do you know if a criminal profiler was ever used by the cops ? I would hope so. Did they ever confiscate any suspect’s phones,computers,did the cops ever do surveillance on anyone ?! Not that they broadcast 100% of what they do, but, ? I wonder about all that.

          • Richard says:

            So much we do not know Anne. If we had the full investigative picture we could get a lot closer to a solution

            • Richard says:

              There must be a terrible amount of fear still in the community. Hence not a lot of talk on this site considering the horror of what Lindsay went through and the high profile nature of the crime?

            • Anne says:

              Yes of course. I hadn’t heard if any of that type of investigating had been done or not. Wondering if you had heard.
              I could try to look it up sometime.

    • Robin says:

      Yes then SZ bought that property for them,she took Lindsay into the office she managed yet Lindsay still didn’t want to be around them so yes I totally agree with you. SZ was enraged plus she was jealous of Lindsay’s beauty and her personality. Shirley Z was so obviously the one who planned this, she also could have been the one who murdered Lindsay.

  26. Richard says:

    And just to clarify. It doesn’t matter if that had 100 detectives working the case because if the lead detective and DA said Zialos didn’t do it the rest had to fall into line.

    That’s why a new set of eyes and ears are needed and are even more powerful then the past 100. It’s an easy case to solve now the temperature has cooled but the past detectives are to emotionally and professionally damaged to solve the case.

    They in paralysed. A new guy answerable to a new DA will end this case. He\she will cut through the white noise and arrest and charge and then this noise will make sense.

  27. Richard says:

    The cold case detective will take his time and cross his ts and dot his is but I have not doubt that it will lead to the arrest and charge firstly of Jason Zialo and then Shirley Zialo for the first degree murder of Miss Lindsay Buziak.

  28. Richard says:

    The way forward.

    Lobby you local political representative to have the case closed and declared a cold case.


    Because while it remains open it remains managed by the same police who have failed to solve it for the past 9.5 years. The case is in investigative limbo

    After declaring it a cold case immediately appoint an independent cold case detective from outside Saanich to review the case and it should be done away from Saanich Police Station.

    This is the way forward Mr Bruziak. Put your money into a few young people to collect as many signitures as possible to have this case declared cold and forward to your local member. Make as much noise as possible.

    This in the only way forward. The Cold Case Detective must not have ever worked on the case.

  29. Richard says:


    • Joanna Mills says:

      Especially if she is a drug dealing, money laundering psychopath. She did not care about her son being rejected. She was infuriated that someone was rejecting her and the $2 million she just spent to own Lindsay.
      Word on the street is she was also protecting her cash flow, something LIndsay knew and might tell the wrong people about.

  30. Richard says:

    Sgt. Dean.

    There is nothing well organised having to scramble out the back door and over a high fence covered in blood where you will leave DNA fibres blood shoe prints. It didn’t happen Dean
    You have over thought it.
    You have your planners and killer’s right in front of you Arrest the Zialo s and the house of cards will collapse Dean.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      The only person who went over a fence is Cohen Oatman, Jason’s airtight alibi. I believe the killers left through the front door at 5:55, after cleaning up evidence after Jason moved his car to Torquay Drive where Cohen’s view of the house was completely obstructed. He then waited 10 minutes before calling 911. It takes 10 minutes to walk from DeSousa Place to the School on Torquay where I believe they hid the getaway car in the parking lot behind some bushes. No driver means no additional witness. The killers walked up to the house from that direction. Shirley also walked up to the house 30 min after the first 911 call from that direction. Blood on the patio was a ruse to get the police looking in the wrong direction like they left through the missing fence boards. The problem with that is there was no unusual cars parked on Torquay Drive near the house when Jason arrived.

      • Anne says:

        Right, they seemed to disappear – what do you think of this;

        I read somewhere that Jason’s mother owned property right in that area. What if the walked over to a nearby house she owned and went on inside ?! Of course…this is speculation….but still. I wonder, just how close whatever properties that family owns are to the murder house ? I’d hope the cops wondered too.

  31. Richard says:

    Police say Jason’s story checked out. He was there yes. Went up the stairs yes. Held the rail yes. Entered from door yes. But what about the other half of his story?
    Where were the killer’s? Jason and friends footprints were found at the scene but not the killer’s? No clothing fibres or DNA blood or shoe prints in the mulch? Nothing.
    Jason’s story did not check out. He did not see anyone in that hallway.

  32. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    Please bring in a cold case detective as you can not solve this case. If you worked in the private sector you would have been dismissed 8.5 years ago.

    Please for Lindsay’s sake accept your short comings and let go.

    You have nothing to offer now but stubborn dated views. Failed theories. We need a new young hungry detective with the strength and conviction to solve this murder.

    Move on.

  33. Richard says:

    Chris you seem like a nice enough guy a dedicated officer but do you have the skill set to solve this case?

  34. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police.

    A real estate agent appointed with Lindsay. It seems that everyone but Saanich police know a couple of such agents that were close with Lindsay.One was at the crime scene the other was identified at the crime scene. Both lived with her.

  35. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police.

    You have enough evidence to arrest Jason and Shirley Zialo for the murder of Lindsay Buziak. All you need to do is swallow your pride, admit you got it wrong to clear them and drive around tonight and pick them up.

  36. Richard says:

    If you don’t accept that the pocket dial happened as Lindsay was being murdered you must arrest Zailo now. It was a flawed assumption from the beginning and remains nothing more then speculation. Every move the Saanich police made the planets aligned to falsely clear Jason Zailo. It’s time to take another look at the evidence and when they do arrest Jason Zailo.

  37. Richard says:

    When Lindsay texted The Mexicans are here she wasn’t referring to the killer’s. She mistakenly thought the neighbours walking in the street were her clients.

    She then goes back in the house to prepare it for viewing. A few minutes later Jason arrives and Lindsay is murdered. Arrest Jason Zailo now. And do it based on the facts and crime scene evidence.

    • Shelly says:

      People seen her shake their hands and go into the house with them, so it cannot be what happened

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Unless Cohen is lying, Jason could not have murdered Lindsay with his own hands. He played a different role in her murder though. He was a look-out and he contaminated the crime scene. He got to see his revenge first hand.

  38. Richard says:

    To Saanich Police

    If there is no blood on the back fence you must immediately arrest and charge Jason Zialo and Co for the murder of Lindsay Buziak. You don’t stab someone 40 times and leave via the fence with no trace,.

    • Anne says:

      I agree. That was what I was saying.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        The fence boards were removed prior to the murder from the inside by the builder. The dogs (not bloodhounds) hit on the patio but lost the trail there. One of the theories is the killers escaped to a car parked on Torquay through the opening in the fence but no one ever saw a car parked there.
        If the car was there, Jason and Cohen would have seen it when they drove up Torquay so I am not buying it. I think they left through the front door when Jason moved his car to Torquay, part of the plan.

  39. Kevin Lawrence Bond says:

    What would make the killers leave out the back door? They had no idea anyone had come to the house…why not leave the way they came in? Seems like they wanted the bf to find her this way so it would look like he had nothing to do with it. Odd. They walked into the cul de sac…no car…yet this doesn’t seem odd to anyone? Wouldn’t Lindsay have thought this to be odd? Why wouldn’t they drive up like a normal customer. This whole thing seems like boyfriend to me.

    • Anne says:

      I have an idea but maybe I have some info wrong about Jason’s mother.

      I’ve heard the BF’s mother had property very nearby. If that family had anything to do with Lindsay’s death, then they knew ahead of time they’d leave through the back and go to that property and hide for a while. Maybe leave after dark.

      But – Jason claims he saw them open the front door of the murder house as if to leave, but then they went back inside. Perhaps they spotted his vehicle even though it wasn’t right in front of the house ? Or maybe they saw another person, a neighbor perhaps was spotted looking at them through a window or door from across the street ? Maybe leaving through the back way wasn’t their initial plan, but they changed their minds ? Maybe a pick up driver was waiting out there somewhere behind the house on the street behind, prearranged ?

      One thing I’ve wondered about is how did the two assassins escape without being covered in blood ? Or was there evidence they were covered in it, like a trail of blood from the room upstairs to the doors ? I say “doors” plural since supposedly Jason saw them at the front door. But if investigators only found blood going to the back door, does that mean Jason was lying about seeing them at the front door ? And there ANY blood left anywhere throughout the house that would indicate the killers were dripping with blood ?

      Police might not be telling everything they know. But I’d guess the killers left no clothing behind ? If not did they leave evidence that they were dripping blood as they left,since they must have been covered in blood ? If there was no evidence like that, how did they manage not to be drenched in it ? How did they manage not to leave a trail of blood behind ? Or did they leave a trail ?!

      And lets say they were drenched in blood, then why did they open the front door as if to leave through that door ? Surely they wouldn’t have left the house looking like that ?

      • Richard says:

        What is the mother’s Aibi please?

        • Anne says:

          I don’t know, and don’t recall why or if she was ever a suspect, but she has been mentioned along with Jason as not being entirely “acceptable” in some ways, suspicious or whatever. That I guess was said by people who knew them. And that of course doesn’t mean they’re guilty of anything. I’d have to read up again on it all. Maybe you can research enough online and find out.

          • Richard says:

            She is a dead ringer for the composite image.

            • Anne says:

              Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I do agree. If so, she was taking a huge chance because Lindsay did know her, But, maybe with a ton of make up on, plus dyed hair and a fake accent, maybe Lindsay got fooled anyway. Maybe the man did all the talking as well, and on top of that the woman had a bad {likely fake} “accent” if she did say anything. Trying to cover up her real voice so she wouldn’t be recognized >? Maybe !

              • Richard says:

                She is too close to Lindsay for it to be coincidence. She came to show Lindsay how to sell an expensive home. It was role play. She was in character again.

                • Anne says:

                  The problem with it being role play is that if it was, it was kept secret from Lindsay.What reason would Shirley
                  have to keep role play secret in order to teach Lindsay how to sell a big house ?! Makes no sense. And if they
                  already knew they’d kill her, then it would make zero difference about the role play anyway.

                  Remember Lindsay was telling everyone she felt uncomfortable and referred to the people as “Mexicans”. So
                  obviously she didn’t know who she was meeting {whether it was Shirley or not}.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          A witness saw her walking up Torquay, from the same direction as the killers came, about 30 minutes after the first 911 call. She said she was at her home when Jason called her at 6:10 minutes before he called 911.

          • Anne says:

            That’s odd, Either it’s not true or the cops over there have no idea what they’re doing if they can’t investigate that. If I were Lindsay’s family I WOULD HIRE A CRIMINAL PROFILER. Did they ever hire a PI ?

  40. joshua tree says:

    The point I’m trying to make here is there is evidence ,there has to be something!!

    • Richard says:

      You’re right Josh, there is evidence. We just have to accept it points to Jason and Shirley Zailo.

      • Anne says:

        I’ve thought of something, perhaps. You know how the sketch of the woman who wanted to see the house where Lindsay was killed,resembled Jason’s mother ?

        What of that woman was a relative of Jason’s mother, and that’s why there was a resemblance ?

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