Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Jeff Buziak says:

    We mourn the passing of a great friend, confidant and true supporter. A stranger to Lindsay but a beacon of truth and justice with wisdom and insight garnered from a life of experiences far and wide. Good bye Sam and may peace be with you brother. We will miss you.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Sam was dedicated to this blog and finding truth and justice for Lindsay. He was a good guy, very intelligent and had a great sense of humor. I will miss our visits Sam. Rest in peace my friend. You’re with Lindsay now.

      • Brother poster says:

        Sam was an angel to us all on earth and now an angel above. A wise man full of insight, dedication and compassion. Safe travels my friend. Please give Lindsay a kiss for us and tell her how much we’re trying and will never give up.

  2. Charbel says:

    Medardo Rivas was just as involved in Lindsay’s murder as Vid Acevedo was. Get those two pricks to do a lie detector and this would be solved.

    • TL says:

      Probably be the saanich cops are the more resistant to giving them one

      • John says:

        Why the hell would they refuse doing lie detector on this two losers?

        • Joanna Mills says:

          The police can request an individual do a polygraph or an individual can VOLUNTEER to do one. Why fear a polygraph if you are completely innocent and have nothing to hide? A polygraph is simply a tool in a police investigation and the results are not admissible in a court of law. If innocent, Vid Acevedo, Rianne Gracia and Medardo Rivas should happily do the deed. And if they passed – proclaim their innocence publicly. It should be an easy decision. Actions speak louder than words, so far we’ve seen no action and no words from any of these individuals.

          • Psychopath says says:

            Highly Intelligent Psychopath say:

            -it is in us from Birth until our last Breathe
            -our Brains are not structured the same as Normal people
            -we are Born with something missing (we have no emotional system)
            -we tend to like being alone
            -we have No Fear of death-pain-or illness
            -we don’t get scared
            -we don’t care what anyone thinks of us
            -we have no fear of consequences for getting caught for any crimes we do
            -we have no remorse -no empathy – we fake it
            -we have no permanent attachments
            -we move from job to job because we get bored easy
            -we disguise ourselves to look normal and act normal
            -we only know how to mimic behaviours we have learned from other people
            -we can “easily” become your best friend ( we can fit in anywhere)
            -we have very turned down emotions, Predatory understanding. “That’s what makes us so dangerous”
            -stupidity and idiots infuriate me
            -I hate children and teenagers
            -when people scream or cry or scream in excitement it annoys me
            -boredom annoys me
            -physical pain annoys me
            -emotional parasites annoy me
            -pretty much everything that lives and breathes Annoys me
            Except dogs. Dogs don’t annoy me

            I hate being touched or having my personal space invaded without my consent.
            Do Not Touch ME. Period
            If you do, inside my mind I will want to beat your head in with a crowbar or the morgue will not be able to identify you. That’s how I think

            Don’t wake me up before I’m ready (unless we are going to die) or my thoughts are like: I will literally watch you burn alive with a smile on my face

            • Psychopath says says:

              There are 2 types of us:
              1) lower intelligent psychopaths which spend a good portion of our lives in a jail cell
              2) Highly intelligent psychopaths I don’t bother with nonsense to be taken away from my neat life that I like so much (it must rate very high to get my attention or I won’t bother with you)

              Just so you know when everything is stacked against me, I become more Focused and more willing to do what is necessary to survive. I thrive on this. I live in Lies. I can lie straight faced under immense pressure and have no signs of stress. This feeds me. It’s all a game to me

              If I funnel my rage into a plan, the results are Horrific.

              Normal people have primary emotions: happiness,sadness,fear,anger(surprise,disgust,love)

              Me the psychopath I have sadistic pleasure, delight or joy after manipulation, anger, depression, profound boredom, and revenge.

              If you have really crossed the line with me. I will get very intensely angry. The line that delineates between anger and the effort involved. I can wait a very long time. My anger will wait. I will meticulously plan purposeful violence against you. You will never escape what I have planned for you. You have to understand for me to go this far you have really pushed me. To the point that I am going to Kill you. When I execute my plan I will bring you to the appropriate level of suffering that I feel counts as Justice. When I come after you, know that I have a plan in place that there are No Escape holes. I have thought of every detail. I have decided you are the target and you are not getting away. You don’t think like I do. You have no idea. I also work very well with other psychopaths

              (Sociopaths don’t plan crimes well. They are impulsive and make lots of mistakes. They are not as smart as me. They will give you opportunity to run)

            • Psychopath says says:

              So having told you all the above:

              A highly intelligent psychopath did this to Lindsay
              (The mastermind went into the house)
              -psychopaths are above God
              -she has no fear of being caught
              -she doesn’t care about the consequences
              -she will lie until the day she dies. In jail or not “that she didn’t do it”
              -after 8 years she got Bored because she got no recognition/attention (and slipped the cat out of the bag)
              -she is totally amused her name is on the blog. Finally
              -she remained close to the crime updates. (communicating w Jeff exec. Going on the walks every year-exec.)
              -she lies over lies (to police and everyone else)
              -this is all a game to her
              -she will never take a polygraph
              -she is amused by All of this

              Female psychopaths that kill 99% of the time use a knife and stab multiple times, they almost always know their victims ( very rare for them to kill a stranger)
              Hired killers don’t have the personal rage to butcher up their targets in the way Lindsay was murdered.
              This crime was meticulously planned and artfully designed
              Personal Very Personal.

              Latino women killers usually have an accomplice and usually kill white women that they know

              Fact: psychopaths keep their heartbeat at 50 BPM (example) when they are butchering you alive. It takes a great amount of energy to stab a person to death. Never mind the multiple over the top stabbing that went on here

              Guess what:
              She owns a dog. A purse dog she drags around everywhere she goes. (The only thing that doesn’t Annoy her)

            • Anonymous says:

              My condolences to Lindsay’s friends and family. What happened was disgusting and we are left with a community reeling for answers. I pray that the people who are responsible for this atrocious murder are caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

              With that said, I have been following this blog probably since it’s inception, and have therefore seen a lot of accusations. Good. Let’s leave no stone unturned no matter who!

              We must all participate positively, with abandon to honour Lindsay’s memory.

            • TL says:

              Wondering??? have you had this published …. ” Revealed ~ A Psychopath’s Credence”

        • Cart before the horsely says:

          Ask Chris Horsley that question. He did say in the interview quite clearly ..”..noone’s ever given me a phone call ….”
          Call him up ask him details about the murder investigation. See if he’s true to his word.

  3. Jeff Buziak says:

    I get angry when Christy Clark starts politicking about Donald Trump like she has in this article.
    Let’s face it the whole USA election is like a Saturday night live joke and Trump does generally say unsettling and offensive things about women, race and world relations but how much better than him is Christy Clark? While Christy spouts off about protecting women there are HUNDREDS murdered, missing and abused right under her nose in British Columbua which she has the power to do something about. Not only has Christy not done anything for the murdered, abused and missing women in B.C., she won’t even speak on the topic and make it some kind of priority. Shame on you Christy Clark for jumping on the Trumpwagon to try and score a few political points. If you truly cared for women, you would do something for the hundreds murdered, missing and abused in your own backyard. At the very least, address the issue. Shame on you.

    Also FYI, Rianne Gracia refuses to participate in a polygraph interview regarding Lindsay’s murder and has not been cooperative with police. Rianne Gracia did have a relationship with Vid Acevedo. Rianne Gracia did work at the same ReMax office on reception as Lindsay worked at as a realtor for Shirley Zailo. Lindsay got Rianne the job. Rianne Gracia did not return to her job at ReMax after Lindsay was murdered. Rianne Gracia has participated in some Lindsay Buziak walks for Justice but not the last one and she was residing in Victoria at the time. Rianne Gracia needs to volunteer for a polygraph interview with Saanich police who have a very experienced interviewer on staff. Rianne Gracia has claimed she would do anything to help solve Lindsay’s murder. Rianne claims Lindsay was her best friend. Well Rianne?

    • Anonymous101 says:

      Re: “Rianne Gracia did have a relationship with Vid Acevedo”

      And I think it was answered below that Rianne Gracia had a relationship with Vid Acevedo before the murder AND after the murder. Which if true says a lot about Rianne Gracia.

      • Cart before the horsely says:

        Desperate low self esteem trashy dirty slutty putah whore ..among other things who else would screw that disgusting low life pig ..shivers!

  4. Andreas Faulte says:

    Truth, what is truth? I’ve come to understand that “truth” is a compilation of subjective facts as viewed and understood by the subject who’s been asked. Simple truths are easy, like “I drove my car to the store at about 3pm today to buy a bag of tomatoes”, but that simple truth can become somewhat convoluted when asked “why”, or “what will you do with that bag of tomatoes. If your reason was being questioned and you had thoughts of throwing them at a local politician, then you have to stretch the truth or tell a bold-faced lie to cover, but the truth was you did go to the store to buy those tomatoes at about 3pm.

    Some truths are histrionic, meaning a set of actions and thoughts acted upon are constantly consistent, like in the second paragraph of the American Constitution that states: ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Truth is also about what you percieved to be “true” on what you heard or even what you saw even when you didn’t see or hear what preceeded an event, nor understood their connotations connected with those events.

    To be “true” to yourself, you project or convey that which are your set of  moral convictions to be totally unmovable in a shadow of adversity, that you always take the high ground regardless, and that the right thing to do trumps protection of others you perceive to be friends, family or even self. These “truths” (to yourself) can also reside on the dark side where you are actually amoral as well.

    Lies are the opposite of truth, they are designed by the person or organization to obfuscate, deflect, protect and sometimes to defend that which the truth will hurt, hinder, or destroy.

    The human conscious brain is amazing because not only does it compute, but it can act and concoct truths and lies, but it cannot control your primal brain – your reptilian brain known as the limbic system that contols vital functions of the human body. This brain cannot lie it can only tell the truth and convey those truths in physical and subconscious ways only some polygraphs and observers of body language can understand. If there’s any “ratting out” to be done internally, your limbic reptilian brain will rat you out. There really is no escape because your physical response, beit eye movment, regidity, foot placement, heart rate, perspiration along with many other factors will betray you. There’s a lot of energy and concentration to maintain lies that the conscious brain cannot fully handle.

    If you are a witness, or a person of interest being asked to be interviewed or take a polygraph, I suggest you do it, because the lies or the truths you hold will really set you free. Speculations placed upon you do not bode well by refusing, and playing games will eventually catch up to you and hinder your soul movement. Your honest truths cannot be disputed, but your lies can.  Always do the right thing.

  5. Joanna Mills says:

    There are only a few reasons why someone would refuse to participate in a polygraph interview (lie detector)

    1. they have something to hide.
    2. they are/were involved in criminal activity
    3. they are not a decent person and don’t care about anyone but themselves
    4. they know they are guilty and the polygraph will give them away
    5. They have a criminal mentality “screw the system – I hate the cops”

    The police do not just polygraph anyone – it would be counter intuitive and rare that police would waste their time and expense on obtaining polygraphs from people they have no interest in.

    So if a person were to volunteer to take a polygraph the police might simply say, Thanks, but you are not a person of interest. Then that individual can move on knowing they did the right thing.

    The polygraph is simply an investigative tool to help the police move forward in their investigation. It will either eliminate or implicate a suspect or person of interest. It eliminates a potential block in an investigation.

    If a person is a suspect or person of interest and refuses to take a polygraph they become a target in the police investigation. They move up the ladder of suspicion to where tools such as surveillance and other investigative measures will be used. They will be a target and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    An innocent person should not have to think twice about offering to take a polygraph. It is in everyone’s best interest.

  6. I need to have my say says:

    Lindsay was the best friend a girl could ever have & I will never forget her as long as I live. Her & I travelled different paths after high school but we never lost touch. I was not popular like Lindsay but she never treated me any different than her other friends. One time her friends were yelling for her to hurry up. I told her she had better get going but she didn’t she just looked at me said they can wait and took the time to finish our conversation. That is who she was. A friend to everyone. She was so popular so beautiful and she was like a magnet who drew guys & girls alike. She had a heart of gold that girl, loved her family and had a strong desire to get ahead in life. The Lindsay I knew never did drugs but like many of us girls she hung out with people who tried them. It was impossible not to back then cause it was all around us. Lindsay was a sparkling bright lite in my life and in many others so I want you all to know there was no way she would tolerate anyone close to her selling drugs. If anything she would reach out to help her friends if she felt they were having a problem with drugs or anything for that matter. She was a real friend. Her beauty was full both inside and outer. She was Gorgeous and shone like a bright light whenever she entered a room.

    I know it has been eight years with no justice in sight but I know in my heart the day will come. When that day arrives I pray it will not be one of Lindsay’s friends that was involved because to know her was to love her. She was our angel and I encourage all of Lindsay’s friends to come on here and tell how they really felt about her. Lindsay deserves nothing less than our love and support. Rianne needs to do everything she is asked and that includes volunteering for a polygraph interview. Lindsay deserves nothing less than the full support of all her friends.

  7. Melinda J says:

    Where does Rosa fit into all of this? Just curious!

    • Well … maybe little Rosa and her friend look like they could very well be from mexico to the average Canadian, actually Rosa”s friend looks an awful lot like the police drawing of the women suspect don’t you think ? Keep on keepin on Team Buziak !
      Love you guy”s I think we are near the end

      • compare the police sketch... says:

        Who is Rosa? Is she an ex girlfriend to Vid? If you compare the police sketch of the woman witnesses saw the day of Lindsay’s murder you can see Rosa without or little make-up looks very much like the police sketch. This isn’t a hasty comparison, but taking a magnifying close look, there is a resemblance. Is Rosa the accomplice?

        • I’m liking the woman in the blue dress she looks a lot like the sketch anybody know who she is ?

          • Anonymous101 says:

            Rianne Gracia ….. in the blue dress. Girlfriend of Lindsay’s from high school.

            • X says:

              Yikes!!! Isn’t it said that stabbing is most often done by women, crime of passion or… envy……. Gruesome….Speak up Rianne, defend yourself…

        • Angela A says:

          Interesting you bring Rosa Acevedo O’Toole into this horrible murder conspiracy of Lindsay. Rosa is Vid Acevedo’s sister. Rosa married Todd O’Toole who was a bartender at the Red Lion in Victoria around the time of Lindsay’s murder. Yes they were married in Vegas in August 2008 and I’m sure Rianne was Rosa’s maid of honour at their wedding. And no Vid did not attend the wedding because he was in jail for beating his baby mamma senseless. Vid punched and kicked his soon to be born daughter’s pregnant mom like a deranged lunatic and repugnant coward that he is to this day. She was eight months pregnant with their daughter and after punching her senseless in the face he kicked her relentlessly including her very pregnant stomach breaking her fingers she tried to protect her stomach and not yet born baby girl with. Her life was further threatened by goofs so she didn’t testify and the despicable goof coward Vid got off.

          I guess Rianne, Rosa and Todd were okay with Vid beating his daughter’s mother as they all support and defend Vid to this day. Todd and Rosa moved to the Borden, Saskatchewan area, where Todd is from, after Lindsay’s murder. Vid continues today as a close friend and business associate with the goof Del Alcazar brothers and their families. He also remains close to his sister Rosa, Todd O’Toole and Rianne.

          Vid has never really had a job other than selling illegal drugs in Victoria. Rosa plays mom and Todd plays body builder/construction labourer. Rianne plays the system.

    • Praying for Justice says:

      Rianne was Rosa’s best friend and Vid’s girlfriend. She was a maid of honour at Rosa’s Vegas wedding August 2008. Vid didn’t attend the wedding because he was in jail for beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend so bad she was hospitalised. Vid plays a role in Lindsay’s murder and knows the details.

  8. john black says:

    Voice of Reason:

    A wonderful young woman was murdered but your main concern is a lame love picture of two consenting adults cuddling each other on a motorcycle who knew very well what they were posing for and now your interpretation of someone’s word’s possibly being too direct for your sensitive pseudo psyche. Think for a moment about Lindsay being savagely executed by two unsavory beasts with a blunt instrument plunging it into her sensitive flesh tens of times and then dropping her to the floor to bleed out paralyzed because the first strike was into the base of her neck from behind. Oh, but I’m sure you are concentrating on also passively harassing Vid Acevedo with your sweet words for currently proudly displaying the same picture on his public page or is that one acceptable?

    Let’s please keep this discussion focused on Lindsay’s unsolved murder and your friend Rianne calling Chris Horsley to volunteer for a polygraph interview because of her association with Vid Acevedo who was involved with Lindsay’s murder and not about you and a public picture you don’t seem to like.

    Since most sincere people come on here to assist how about you contact your friend Rianne and see to it she calls Chris Horsley of Saanich police to volunteer for a polygraph interview. She claims she would do anything to help so that would be the least she could do and with your encouragement I’m sure the both of you will not waste any more time. That’s the spirit of this forum. We are counting on you to help. Thank you for your assistance with this.

    • Raj D says:

      Besides Vid, Rianne was in a relationship with this drug dealer named Ryan Kam. He was murdered over in Van and they chopped his head off. She knows about this shit. She worked on reception at ReMax for Shirley Zailo at murder time. Lindsay got her the job. She needs to do lie detector. Zailos did it. Matt did it. WTF Rianne?

    • voice of reson says:

      I could not agree more with John Black.

      I will leave you with a moment that is etched in my brain forever, at Lindsay’s funeral at St. Andrew’s Cathedral when Jeff asked us all to hold hands and work together for Lindsay and everyone in that church held hands in unity. It was one of the most moving moments of my whole life. I really wish we were further along in this than we are.

    • Victoria Blunt says:

      Hey John Black, how do you know the first strike was into the base of Lindsay’s neck? Just wondering….

  9. Voice of Reason says:

    I ve been a long time viewer of this blog and was a friend of Lindsay’s and feel as all of you do that it is an absolute travesty that we do not have this murder solved.

    I was closer with Lindsay in the early 2000’s and as Victoria is a small place I know, or know of, most of the people mentioned on this blog some better than others, some I wish I didn’t others I m glad I do.

    I understand that the people on this blog and those who run this blog all want the same thing so let’s get that out of the way right off the block. I also understand that sometimes things get posted to stir up discussion and if that was the goal mission accomplished.

    But I think someone needs too set the record straight and often times I have wanted to write a message when seeing this post or that post but something very unfair is going on here relating to the veiled insinuation the Rianne Gracia had anything whatsoever to do with the heinous crime.

    Rianne was one of Lindsay’s best friends, she was absolutely shattered to lose her best friend, after the murder she was scared for her life. Yes she dated Vid for some time but had not for some time prior to and not following.

    She went on every walk until she moved and would have given anything to have her friend back. There is no way not a chance that she would have had anything to do with this or anything to do with anyone who she would have thought had anything to do this.

    If I were in Jeff’s shoes I would do exactly what he is doing not leaving a single stone unturned, and shaking every tree until the people responsible are made to pay.

    • Police feel there was a real estate insider involved in Lindsay’s killing maybe a person working in the same office as Lindsay, Vid has been implicated in this murder by himself and others. Rianne should either phone Jeff and clear the air or make arrangements to have a coffe with Chris Horsley and clear the air, others have done just that and have dropped right off the radar gone on with life no problems.

    • Tommy T says:

      Do we have a voice of reason for Vid Acevedo or is he accepting guilt for his involvement in Lindsay Buziak’s murder

    • another VOR says:

      I happen to know a bit about Harley’s so I am curious to hear your explanation about this picture. For those of you who don’t know, the motorcycle is a 2008 Harley Davidson Fat Bob and Vid Acevedo in the picture has involvement in Lindsay’s murder Feb 2, 2008. Gosh, that would be about murder time wouldn’t it?

      What would your innocent girl Rianne Gracia be doing posing intimately on a Harley Davidson with a goof Victoria drug dealer who beats women and is involved in the murder of her best friend Lindsay Buziak?

      Baffles my brain

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Look I m not posting this in defence of anyone except for Rianne.
        That photo on the front page of this blog probably was taken after 2012. Why people like Rianne drift back to abusive people baffles me but she is no t the first and won’t be the last.
        The problem I have is that there is no factual basis for dragging her into this as this was her best friend, she has spoken to the police and has literally has done nothing to warrant this. I want whoever was involved in this to pay the price just like everyone else. But when people come into public forums and drag a 100% innocent person’s name through the mud it’s not right.

        There have been plenty of times when innocent people have been speculated on in this blog and I have sat back and read it knowing that it wasn’t right or fair but most of these people had checkered pasts so it was understandable. This one is just wrong, and unless there is some factual basis for this then, it really is unfair.

        • jessica says:

          It’s a no brainer then. Rianne should volunteer to do a polygraph interview.

        • Why all the Blowback ? don’t you think it would be easier to just pick up the fucking phone and call Jeff? Jeff has actually defended some of these people after speaking with them on the phone, they were some times thanked by the readers of the blog for clearing the air so WTF is the problem ?

          • Voice of Reason says:

            Frank I m sorry for all the blowback I did not mean it to come across like that at all.

            I can’t imagine any reason why Rianne would have any reason not to submit to a polygraph but i just don’t think it’s right to come out here and paint someone with a brush because people unfortunately do not read they see that picture and instantly jump to conclusions.

            Please, remember at the end of the day we are all here because we care about justice for Lyndsay and I don’t want this to get twisted out of proportion.

            Anyone who knew the relationship between Lyndsay and Rianne would not even think for a second that Rianne would have any involvement in this heinous crime either before or have any knowledge after.

            In previous posts regarding Matt, Jeff has come to his defence so I would hope that he would in this case as well. I haven’t seen or heard from Rianne in over a year but in the days, months, and years, following this tragic event her actions not indicative of someone who had any involvement, in fact it was quite the opposite.

            My only point in all of this is that I think we should be careful when throwing around insinuations without at least some factual basis for these insinuations because unfortunately in today’s day and age people often only look at the picture and more often then not a picture only tells a small piece of the story.

            I’m really hopeful that for everyone involved in finding justice for Lyndsay that this can be brought to a resolution. And as I said before I truly admire Jeff’s strength and resilience and understand what he is trying to do.

            • Joanna Mills says:

              I just contacted Jeff in Calgary and he said he would take a look at the current situation brewing on here about Rianne if she contacts him and asks him to have a look at it. He doesn’t read the blog very often and doesn’t get involved in website issues as there are a team of admins who manage that. He is really easy to reach as many of you know who have taken the time to contact him. Usually he responds immediately.

              He said he has not had any contact with Rianne since August when he received a text from her about a phone number change. When I asked him about the motorcycle picture he said he was emailed that picture of Rianne and Vid on the motorcycle and found it upsetting and disturbing considering Vid’s involvement in Lindsay’s murder and the threats he has personally received from Vid. He said he checked with 2 Harley Davidson experts to confirm the year and model of the motorcycle. The picture troubles him he said.

              He was not interested in what some Voice of Reason pseudonym has to say about anything. He said if Rianne had something to say she could post on the website like he does and contact him.

              He finished by saying he would be surprised if Rianne has not already done a polygraph interview as most others have and that she has always said she would do ANYTHING to help in solving Lindsay’s murder. He said if she hasn’t done a polygraph interview it would be wise for her to phone Chris Horsley and volunteer to do one as soon as one could be arranged. He said he would let us know when he finds out whether Rianne has done a polygraph interview or not.

              Has she done one Voice of Reason? You seem to know everything about Rianne.

              • Voice of Reason says:

                I don’t know everything about Rianne all I know is what Jeff has confirmed is that she would do anything at all to help solve Lindsay’s murder. Anyone with a shred of decency would do anything they could to help.

                I m glad Jeff said what he did because he just reaffirmed what I have been saying.

                With all due respect, I just don’t understand what purpose is served by posting that picture…. Could you please explain that to me?

                • Joanna Mills says:

                  What Jeff said is he doesn’t give a cat’s meow about what you have to say.
                  The intimate Rianne/Vid motorcycle picture now seems to be speaking for itself in a darkness you have so eloquently brought to everyone’s attention thank you.
                  However, whats more important and has now certainly become the focal point of this latest website dialogue is has Rianne voluntarily participated in a police polygraph interview and if not is she willing to do that quam celerrime? Address this issue please.

                  • Voice of Reason says:

                    I really don’t know why you are talking down to me in this manner, I want the same things you do.

                    Jeff was right about a few things first and foremost that Rianne would do anything help bring those responsible to justice.

                    Jeff has no reason to pay me any attention at all, why would he? I’m posting under a pseudonym so that is totally understandable. But I think he would also understand why someone would do that with a young family to worry about.

                    The other thing that Jeff was right about is that if she wants the picture down she has his number, and that too is very fair and understandable.

                    The answer to your question is, I honestly don’t know if she has which is why I said a few posts back that if she was asked I can’t see any reason for her not to.

                    The fact that she called Jeff to let her know that her number changed says a lot to me.

                    I have never spoke down to you guys and appreciate what you are trying to do, all I was doing was making sure that someone who may not come to this blog had a voice.

                    You obviously don’t care about my opinion but I will give it anyway seeing as it will only get belittled anyways, but don’t you think for a moment that in your genuine effort to find Lindsay’s killer or killers that you might put an innocent person in at least some degree of danger?

                • TL says:




        • Anonymous101 says:

          Vid obviously uses Rianne for some reason. That photo is posted on his Facebook page, which is set to public.

          Perhaps you should contact Vid about why he has posted the picture to his Facebook page for all to see?

        • TL says:


          However innocent RI is or isn’t has nothing, zero to do with her having knowledge of Lindsay being a problem in some regard to Vid and his associates.

          Yes it is not nice to be named if you are innocent, but if your association to the guilty is curious, IE: what’s a nice girl doing with…we assume guilty by association.”

          I for one would be hard pressed to believe that she knows nothing.

          Lindsay too was innocent and look what her knowledge of what was going on got her; she wasn’t telling anyone what she knew.

          My money’s on RI having knowledge of the crime, not a cruel accusation but common sense.

    • TL says:

      Voice, your message that Ri was a good friend of Lindsay’s, couldn’t possibly have been involved in Lindsay’s murder ….. do you think that includes

      “She couldn’t possibly have known about the plans, never overheard anything, was never directly told”. Could it be that she was afraid of Vid then possibly still is, holds her secret?
      Or would you say she was completely unaware of any conversations regarding the hit.

      Of course that in itself leads the curious mind to wonder how she would or could not be aware if she was living with him.

  10. samspade90 says:

    I think I may have posted this website before, but it is worth revisiting.

    It involves the story of Greg Harney, a local sleezebag lawyer, who helped the BC Investment Management Corp. fuck over a family in Tofino that owned a resort. There are accusations of the BCIMC being corrupt. Let’s not forget that Frank Leonard was involved with the BCIMC, which oversaw BC Rail. This BlogSpot above, tells us that Greg Harney is a good friend of Greg Martel’s. Greg Martel, of course, was good friends of Jason Zailo and Lindsay, actually Jason’s boss. Oddly enough, the only Zailo on Greg’s FB list is Ryan. It is believed that Jason and Greg no longer associate. Not surprisingly though, Frank Leonard is one of Greg Martel’s friends.
    Frank Leonard was former Mayor of Saanich and Chair of the Police Board at the time of Lindsay’s murder. Frank is a Father, Grandfather and Husband to a Realtor. Friend to many Realtors. Frank Leonard is also a major publicity whore. Frank loves seeing his name in print. Frank is on many Boards and wants his fingers in a lot of financial pies. He was appointed as head of the ALC, by the Liberal government, replacing someone who actually had experience to do the job. He loves to express his opinion and use Social Media. A quick check of his Twitter account, for today, shows he has Tweeted almost hourly. HOURLY !!! He has over 21,000 Tweets. Yet this fucking Mook, who loves to be seen and make speeches, and be heard, has never mentioned Lindsay’s brutal murder, or spoke at any of the Walks. When Jeff wrote him regarding the first Walk, he writes back that he will be out of town and cannot attend. No condolences. No reassertions that SPD will find his Daughter’s killers.
    So why the silence ?? Lindsay was killed in your town. You are friends with the boss of the dead girl’s boyfriend. You no doubt know who the Zailos are and who the former owner of ReMax is. Your wife is a Realtor. Lindsay’s Father is a Realtor. Someone murdered a Realtor. You never felt the need to warn Realtors or the citizens of Saanich, that they needed to be careful, as a murderer was on the loose. No doubt because you know who did it and why Lindsay was murdered. The message has been sent….. everyone keep quiet.

  11. my Observation says:

    If a third party discovery of the body was part of the plan then the mastermind had to know that Jason never intended to arrive at the house at 5:30. How could they know that unless they had inside information? Jason found the body just as the planners knew he would, but did the mastermind set Jason up to find the body or could Jason have been playing his part? Either way a third party discovery of the body was an integral part of the plan and it worked. If Jason had arrived at 5:30 the murder would have been called off.

  12. Joanna Mills says:

    A lie by omission and half-truths is known as suppressed evidence.

    A guilty party can lie and say whatever they want. They have the advantage of not having to memorize so many facts, and they can make up new facts when the currently-existing ones don’t suit their purpose. The disadvantages are that when they do get caught in a lie, their credibility is destroyed and they can’t get it back.

    Projection is a psychological technique where someone accuses other people of the sins and crimes of which he/she is guilty. Projection is also a kind of reversal of reality which unfortunately one cannot live in forever, and lies are nothing more than a diversion from the truth. Lies are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind. … The lies one tells can prove to be costly in the end.

  13. X says:

    Ahh…. vinny says what? Why did u run?…. Just wondering….

  14. just saying says:

    but a friend couldn’t make Jason do/not do the things that make him look so guilty like bringing CO with him, showing up late, sitting in his vehicle facing the wrong direction in the street then moving to Torquay, spending 20 to 30 minutes outside the home before he goes to the door, calling the police when he finds the door locked.

    Has Jason ever taken a lie detector test?

  15. Lucy says:

    I hope this girl went to the Saanich Police after Lindsay’s murder and cooperated with them. I wonder why she never went back?

  16. OCCAM'S RAZOR says:


    Suppose there exists two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the simpler one is usually better. The more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is.

    Alan Jackson – LA Prosecutor Unsolved Case Squad
    Dwayne Stanton – NBC Consultant & retired homicide detective
    Yolanda McLeary – CSI worked over 7000 crime scenes


    ” It was PERSONAL, someone she knows, someone very close to her.”

    “Makes no logical sense it was an impersonal hit ordered by drug dealers”

    “It was very well planned out.”

    DWAYNE STANTON: ” It was artfully designed, work went into this. Someone sat around a table like we’re doing right now and came up with that plan. Someone she knows”.

    YOLANDA MCLEARY: “Somebody I think very close to her, somebody in the same type of business.”

    ALAN JACKSON: “I agree, I think it’s someone she knows, I mean someone in the same real estate firm, umm who knows”.

    JOSH: The Saanich Police & Lindsay’s family & friends say that Lindsay was not involved in anything illegal.

    MATT MACDUFF: Lindsay was the cleanest girl you’d ever meet. She’d never
    risk her real estate license, she worked too hard to get it. she wouldn’t do anything to lose it.

    SP DETECTIVE ROB MCCOLL: There is no evidence that Lindsay committed a crime or was involved in criminal activity.

    • Perri says:

      One of the most important statements missing is that Det. McColl said that one of the two people that went into the home that night may have been the mastermind. McColl is saying that the mastermind is quite possibly the killer. In my opinion that would make this murder as personal as it gets.

      • Cart before the horsely says:

        I firmly believe who wanted her dead most also wanted Lindsay to know they were about to kill her. They wanted to even a score show Lindsay they had the revenge they were seeking. They wanted to see the fear and terrifying agony in her eyes. Hear her screams. See her in pain. They wanted to be there as she died to watch her suffer. They may have joined in the stabbing they may have just watched. The wounds suggest rage and revenge to me. I believe they were there at the crime scene. Believing they were entitled to do so it was their moment of sickening murdering madness. They were proud of their murder. It was a trophy. A lesson for all others to take note of.

        • ... says:

          Anyone know how Melissa Welch (shaw) got a gun licence? That chick used to start brawls at the bar and bottled a friend of mine once and another friend said she took off her heels and beat some girls face in. She’s not afraid to pull the trigger! How does this chick not have a criminal recorord? I heard she’s currently living in Edmonton and sells drugs for the Delalcazars. Jeffers got pulled over with his gf on the highway and over 5K seized after they left visiting mel in Edmonton. The cops should take a closer look to her as well.

          • ... says:

            Ecstatic she left vic, although on snapchat she was here same day vid and Erickson got busted. She used to come at us back in the day always starting fights with the younger girls at school. Cornered me once at the bar cause she thought I smiled at her x. That crew is going down one by one. These guys beat women. My friend almost lost her life when she was with Jeffers.

    • Sandos on says:

      I was very impressed with your articulated comments. I think that bringing those expert comments in at this point in time, is AWSOME! They are the cream of the crop experts, and listening to their comment (which was from quite some time ago), in my opinion just reinforces what the evidence has pointed to, from the very beginning! Someone very close, in the same line of work, and personal! Does that not scream out, Shirley Zailo, Jason Zailo and Ryan Zailo? It certainly does to me and I believe if the “experts” had to put names to all of their “experienced expert opinions”, those names would be the above mentioned. It is so clear and so obvious, their stories and explinations are so full of holes and complete bullshit. Sickens me that they still walk the streets! But I have a feeling, that their days are numbered. I am compiling a list of names/contact info, for people to write letters to. From the bottom of the ‘totem pole’ right to the top. I will be posting that within a couple of days and I encourage everyone here on this site (who obviously care a great deal to see justice done) to write one letter, and send to everyone on the list. It is long past due that we shake things up and I truly believe if we all do this, and they are bombarded with letters from the public, this will make things happen. Thank you to everyone that makes the effort to do this. You will see the list within a day or two. Thank you again.

  17. Jeff Buziak says:

    Police are going to solve Lindsay’s murder and arrests will be made. I am going to continue to do everything I can to make sure that happens as any parent would. Muderers get life in prison and to those of you involved being silent thinking you are going to get away with planning in any way in murdering Lindsay remember this,
    The Criminal Code of Canada says that anyone who conspires to commit murder faces a maximum term of life in prison.
    Your silence will guarantee this is what you will face.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Everyone who is an ACCESSORY after the fact to murder is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.

      The accused must know that that the person they are assisting was a principle or party to an offence, and the assistance must be for the purpose of enabling the person to escape. It is not sufficient that the accused merely do an act that enables the escape.

      The following actions have been found to amount to the OFFENCE OF ACCESSORY.
      1. assisting the principle by giving him information or aid.
      2. hiding the principal offender
      3. concealing evidence
      4. giving false information to authorities including participating in a fake alibi

  18. Trudy Truthseeker says:

    I think a few things need to be added to this story.

    Sorry Jeff Buziak,

    Clearly Lindsay pissed off the organized crime groups and got killed for it. Stick to the simple facts here. It is more likely that the Zailos, who are clearly shady characters, are involved in the drug trade, but probably didn’t have her killed. The Zailos have been used as a distraction and it has worked very well. So much time is wasted on the details of the murder and the lead up to it.

    This case needs to be investigated again.

    It seems that Saanich Police is corrupt. We know this already because Rob Dosanjh was caught involved in the drug trade. How does Horsely afford such fancy cars? Dump trucks? Flying lessons? Etc. Perhaps he too is paid off.

    Saanich police seems to be a useless and corrupt bunch of losers. Get them off the case before it is too late – maybe it is already as they probably have destroyed evidence, and protected the crime group for money.

    Vid and his cohorts are worthless pieces of shit that deserve to be put down like the dogs they are. Someone needs to deal with them privately and outside the law. THEY OBVIOUSLY KNOW HOW DID IT BECAUSE THEY DID IT. GET THESE MUTHERF*CKERS OFF OUR STREETS NOW.

    • brandon says:

      Who is this crime group you speak of & why would someone as young as Lindsay have direct contact with a crime group. What would a crime group want with young girls like Lindsay & her friends? Sounds far fetched.

      Where did you get this information?

      • Silver says:

        I have listened to the pod cast twice now. It stated that the “Mexican” man called Lindsay the day of the showing to say that he was attending by himself yet the “wife’ ended up being there at the house. This seems odd and would that have been planned to then make Lindsay feel she needed witnesses around the house at the time of the showing? It ended up providing alibi’s.
        Also Jason was “late” to meet Lindsay. Did he ever publically say her death wouldn’t have happened if he was on time? And that he feels he could have prevented it and this made ending up making it his fault.
        Just some thoughts that may have been posted before..

        • quentin says:

          I always thought the woman caller with the fake accent is what initially made Lindsay apprehensive. Then, the husband called saying he would be attending the showing alone. I believe this was done to alleviate or quell Lindsay’s nervousness.

          Of course, the woman did end up attending the murder.
          This implies to me that the woman could have played an integral role in the act of the homicide itself; whether it was helping subdue Lindsay, carrying bloody items in her purse, or doing the actual stabbing, for example. This is speculation, but why else bring her if the victim is already afraid of her? What if Lindsay had not agreed to enter the house until Jason got there? Why bring the woman at all if the man alone was going to kill Lindsay himself?

          I believe the conspirators initially tried to use the woman caller to try and make Lindsay feel “safe” by having a woman at this showing. Lindsay could find “comfort” in that she would not be alone with a new male prospective buyer she had never met. That is really some sick shit.

          But Lindsay’s intuition still told her something was wrong with the situation. The conspirators then had to back track and remove the woman from the situation. Why else call to say that she is now not attending the showing? But then she does?

          • Silver says:

            That all makes sense but what about Jason being late. Did he ever say this wouldn’t have happened if I was on time ,this is all my fault. Most people would naturally think this way . Also where was his mother at the time? We know his brother was at his friends.

            • quentin says:

              Jason gave himself away by leaving SHC on camera at the time he was supposed to be at the showing (5:30)

              He was either scared to be on time or involved in the conspiracy.

              • Silver says:

                Yes but did he ever say those things. That would be the “normal” way someone would act. They would blame themselves for it and then need post traumatic counseling to help deal.
                Where was his mother at the time?

                • quentin says:

                  Jason has never publically said anything of that nature.

                  Jason’s mother Shirley was allegedly at home in the Triangle Mt area. She made record time from her house on Haida Dr to 1702 Desouza on the day of the murder.

          • Alberta Einstein says:

            I think that Lindsay was apprehensive but not scared enough to ask JZ to come with her when the woman called so they had the man call and say he was coming alone on the morning of the showing. This made Lindsay more nervous to be meeting a man alone so she asked JZ to accompany her. This was done to guarantee that JZ would be asked to go with Lindsay to her murder and is more evidence that points to JZs involvement. I think JZ’s job was to contaminate the crime scene before the SPD arrived. He was forced to run straight up the stairs directly to Lindsay’s body without pretending to look around downstairs first because the SPD was about to arrive and he was running out of time. I am still not sure why the house was completely wiped the day before. All the fingerprints, etc. would have created a huge pile of forensic work and confusion unless the planners (JZ, SZ, RZ, VO) were in the house in the the days before. Someone may have been afraid that they touched something, left prints and couldn’t remember so to be on the safe side, wipe the house. I do not put it past this group of idiots.

    • connect the dots says:

      How does one connect the dots in order to make sense of a senseless murder? How is Vic, Cirilo & Medardo connected with the Delcazars? How are they connected to Ziggy Matheson? Who loses what? What would the platform look like if all these players were laid out? Its quite evident Jason wanted this to happen to Lindsay & together with Ziggy they were protecting their own little criminal activities but they also included Cirilo and he evidently became pissed off at Lindsay even tho she was completely innocent. What info did JZ and ZM feed to the three guys posted on this blog? That she was going to rat them out? Did JZ blame Lindsay for the drug bust of the Delcazers to make Vid, Cirilo and Medardo order her hit? Its true, a normal response to a guys girlfriend getting brutally butchered to that extreme would be constant agony, self-blame, feeling guilty and pleading with the public to help catch these killers but no instead he’s seen within a couple days out at the local nightclubs hitting on Lindsay friends and sneering across the room at young women? How are all these players connected?

    • Broken hearted says:

      Our children are not meant to leave this world before us. They are gifts from heaven that we are supposed to love, cherish and protect. It is not the order of things when our children are taken from us far too early.

      The cause of death does not minimize the pain a parent feels. Whether it be a terminal illness, a drug overdose, a car accident or a murder the pain is the same.. The destruction of the family unit, the blame game ensues and continues for years and often the killer watches over the family with enjoyment because they participated in the murder and are relishing in the pain the family endures.

      When it comes to overdoses and murder, the families become the victims of the perpetrators that committed the crime. The public become the critics that lay blame and insist it could never happen in their families —–until one day it does. Then it becomes a reality in their world.

      No young person deserves to die because they saw something they shouldn’t have. No family should have had to suffer that loss. No friends should have to be continually reminded that their friend is dead and her murder remains unsolved, I pray that the powers that be will bring this family some answers very soon because I think it is long overdue. My sincerest love and thoughts to Lindsay’s family.

  19. leave the realtors alone says:

    I worked as a realtor in the remax Camosun office when Lindsay was murdered so often saw Lindsay come and go. She worked in the westshore office but came to visit people at Camosun. Lindsay had worked as an assistant to Geoff McLean before getting her realtor license.
    I’ve watched dateline many times over and the one thing that always stood out was why the finger was always pointed at a realtor planning the murder. Artfully designed someone she knows someone very close to her someone in the same type of business possibly the same office. When Mcleary said possibly the same office was she referring to another Remax office or another real estate office all together? I wondered if what the panel of three was saying was directed at someone. Lots of people would have known about the desousa listing it was on the mls system for god sakes. One of Lindsay’s friends worked at Camosun as receptionist. Why the Zailo’s? don’t forget an office has an owner broker a manager, realtor assistants, conveyancers, administrators, receptionists etc. Lot’s of people would have inside information. So what it was on mls. The killers would not have to have even seen the house prior to commiting the murder because the floorplan was attached to the listing.

    There was a lock box but keys are also kept in the office. Anyone could have had an extra key cut. One thing I do know is that house was vacant and that is why it was chosen. Lindsay had few homes to pick from at that time. The planners would know that. I understand the woman that called Lindsay asked to see that particular house so someone had staked out the location and knew it was prime for the murder. You didn’t need a realtor to set this murder up maybe someone jealous or a friend chose the real estate theme to take the heat off who was really responsible and set the Zailo family up to take the fall. We realtors don’t go around killing people so please go look elsewhere. I see this as a jealousy killing and they found a way to take Lindsay out. Stanton did say he thought the killer was told to make her suffer make it brutal. A psychopath is behind this murder they’re all around us and we’d never suspect. The podcast was damn good and the cops know who did it. Not sure what they are waiting for?

    • Angie L says:

      It doesn’t matter whether they were realtors, drug dealers, or anything else. They are fucking murderers.

      No one is cleared until there is a conviction.

    • realtorrealtor says:

      I can’t believe this horrific murder of my co-worker hasn’t been solved yet. This unsolved murder is certainly a testament to the poor level and competence of policing in Saanich.
      Lindsay’s friend who worked at our office was Rianne something. She never returned to work after Lindsay was murdered.

  20. Jeff Buziak says:

    There has been a follow-up segment done on the recent podcast everyone should listen to. Here is the link:

    • Jeff buziak says:

      I wrote this a while back and want everyone to see it again as a reminder:
      Lindsay was not a drug user and did not knowingly date drug dealers. She despised drug dealers and what they did to people. She was a very friendly, warm, kind, ambitious young woman with more friends than many of us could ever imagine having. If she discovered someone’s involvement in the criminal drug trade she distanced herself from them as she was attempting to do before her death. Her personality was very warm and friendly to all.
      Lindsay had part time jobs from when she was about 14 years old much to our amazement. She was diligent and hardworking. A very determined person with lots of tenacity and feistiness. She was also very loving always as long as you didn’t cross her. She got over her displeasure with people quickly though. She was very forgiving. Lindsay was raised by very loving parents and our family was comfortable and not lacking. Her mom was stay at home by choice and one of the best moms I have ever known. She doted over our children in a fabulous loving home environment and spent summers with them at our place at Cowichan Lake. Lindsay was always very close to both of us, her sister and her precious girlfriends. Her family and friends miss her deeply. Lindsay’s murder will be solved. With your continued support along with that of Saanich police, we will see to that.
      To all you complaining criminals out there in Victoria, if you want this situation to go away quit bitching about everything we do and start pitching in for the sake of your daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and moms.
      To all of you wonderful people who continue to lend your support. Thank you

    • Joanna Mills says:

      I sent this email to Chief Bob Downie at the beginning of July and still have not had a response.
      I believe there were a few others that sent emails to him and a few did hear back. I’m still waiting Bob.

      The Saanich Police Department
      760 Vernon Avenue
      Saanich, BC

      Chief Bob Downie,

      Lindsay Buziak was just 24 years old when she was slaughtered in a vacant home in Saanich on the night of February 2nd 2008. She was unsuspecting, she did not know her predators but they certainly knew her and they made sure that she would speak her last words that fateful night. Many of us will never forget that night Bob and the days that followed. Do you remember that night Bob and the days that followed? Maybe you were out of town, maybe you just didn’t see it as personal issue at the time or find a reason to care or get involved? Well Bob, it doesn’t really matter what your position in the ranks was at that time. This is the present and it’s what you do now that matters. Lindsay had a knife thrust into her chest and her throat cut while fighting for her life in the bedroom of 1702 DeSousa Place that fateful night. Lindsay is dead Bob, she suffered a most horrific death and here you are the current “Chief of Police” who has now found a way to halt the investigation into Lindsay’s murder. Not only have you brought her murder investigation to a halt, you have performed a one-man underhanded operation to try to discredit her father, her friends and all the Lindsay supporters that want nothing more than to find justice for Lindsay.

      Bob, Do you know who the killers are? If so why have we seen no arrests? Do you know you the conspirators are Bob? If the answer is yes, then why have we seen no arrests? Most importantly Bob, is Lindsay’s file now classified as COLD? If it is then should you not have called a Press Conference to make this announcement publically? If Lindsay’s murder is not classified as a COLD case Bob, then the public needs to hear “just that” from your lips. So Bob, you have reassigned the officers that were working on this case full time?

      So then, this question is foremost in my mind! Who is currently working this high-profile murder case? You do know this is a high-profile case don’t you Bob. The press/media certainly consider it a high-profile case and that is why they show Jeff Buziak and his family the respect they deserve. And they do that Bob, by putting it out there in the news for all to hear. As you have so far refused to speak publically on this matter we are left to believe what we hear on the news. The Saanich Police Department have stopped actively working on this case.. Well Bob, you are the only person that can step up to the plate and let the public know what is going on. We are all waiting to hear YOUR voice on this matter.

      On another topic Bob, if resources is one of the reasons this investigation has come to a halt, we would like to offer our help. We can free up a few of our people to work with your Lindsay team. Just let us know how many men/woman you might need. You see Bob, resources will not be an issue because we are privately funded and need no monetary payment. I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

      Best Regards,

      Joanna Mills

    • just saying says:

      so many inconsistencies in these clips alone – the couple asked to see this million dollar home for purchase – Lindsay didn’t choose it, the couple did. Jason was concerned because he saw Lindsay’s car in the driveway but didn’t see anyone in the house. On Dateline Jason says he saw people standing in the entrance (through the smoked glass). Horsely says the witnesses saw the front door open and the man walking out… Are the witnesses the same ones who saw Lindsay and the couple in the driveway or are the witnesses that saw the man walking out of the house Jason and CO?

      • Beth says:

        I think Horsley is saying “Jason” saw the male coming out the front door. Did the SP tell Jason to lie on Dateline? Were they concerned for his safety if he said on Dateline that he saw the male. The only description of the male was that he was caucasian so maybe Jason did not get a clear view of the guy. What does this really say about the police when contradictions like this happen? How can the cops say some things on this blog are inaccurate when the information came from the police themselves and Jason. Such confusion, who are we supposed to believe anyhow.

  21. Where's Frank Leonard says:

    What a freak show looking through the pictures on this blog under the heading victorias undesirables. I think I’ve seen a few around town . I didn’t see Frank Leonards picture. There’s something going on there. The former mayor of saanich also controlling the police board.

  22. Steven says:

    The scariest thing about this all is that the conspirators and murderers have eluded justice and are free to do this again. Free to murder our daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, aunts, cousins, fellow community members. This “investigation” has likely cost thousands of “man” hours, over time, double time, and where is the proof-positive that ANYTHING meaningful is actually being done?
    On the Podcast, Chris Horsely of the Saanich Police Department seems to quite literally belittle and put down MEMBERS OF THE SAANICH COMMUNITY for not directly coming up to him and asking what the hell is going on with Lindsay’s case. Is this guy serious? In all my years of watching true crime shows, I have never seen such a pompous lead investigator. Most homicide detectives LIVE AND BREATHE THEIR CASES, maintain respectful and often caring relationships with the victim’s family and friends, and most importantly WORK for the victim. WE WANT TO SEE YOU WORK. I know it’s a busy time of year what with all the summer holidays that need to be taken down at the SP, and god knows Chris Horsely stays busy with all of his “side” businesses, flipping houses, hauling manure and whatever else. WHAT HOMICIDE INVESTIGATOR has the time of day to carry on with so many private business ventures with a “full case load”? This is baffling.
    Chris Horsely, we do not want to know the details of your “investigation” on this blog. We are not nosy, meddling or trying to hinder your case. WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THERE IS STILL A CASE.
    We do not want to be belittled for caring, and for actually stepping up and DOING something. We want transparency from the police department WE pay for. We want a PUBLIC TELEVISED PRESS CONFERENCE UPDATE as to where this case is at. We want the peace of mind that people do not get away with murder in our backyard.
    How many more people have to die?

    • Andrew crane says:

      To: Steven, well said in your post. I’ve been thinking these thoughts myself especially after listening to that saanich detective. You’ve captured lots here. I don’t usually post on these types of things but I can’t sit here quiet reading this. The detective boasts he ” knows lots of people in Victoria..I really do..” not one of them has given me a phone call? Excuse me sir but what the hell ? What Joe public member would call up a homicide detective and ask questions about a murder investigation expecting truthful answers. Are you for real? We’ve heard from the poor victims own father you don’t even share any information with her family. Not that I expect a legitimate investigator to divulge anything for obvious reasons. So ill just chalk that up to him talking cop speak out his ass CLEARLY! …Secondly I too know people from all over Victoria and it is mind boggling to us all just how much free time this “hard working team ” has on their hands for all these side jobs businesses and other scheming investments. Doesn’t sound like they’re working hard enough if its been 8 and a half years. How much time are the tax payers actually getting for their money here do the math people. I think he nailed it best when he mentions “ice berg” …here’s another word for yah detective…” Titanic” ..yah know the world’s biggest sunken ship… Alegedly caused by said iceberg…you say Victoria is a small community with only 300,000 people ..and YOU CANT PICK ONE TO ARREST ? You’re a joke! Now I get the side job thing..I really do…
      Andrew & Shelley Crane Victoria,Bc

    • Haida Ho says:

      Something dirty is going on let’s not kid ourselves here. They said it on the podcast ..suspected leak in the investigation…uhh huhh they didn’t know who to trust did they. Evidently their guts told them something..a rat.. So much in fact they took measures to flush out the rat WITHIN THEIR OWN DEPARTMENT. They’re all a bunch of gossips anyhow but this was more than that.

  23. Web Researcher says:

    I’ve been watching this case as well and my deepest sympathies to her family, especially her mother and father. I couldn’t even imagine the pain you are going through.

    I never knew Lindsey, or anyone involved in the case, but watching the Dateline video numerous times, and being a former Realtor in BC I can say, I see some possible issues with Jason Zalo’s story. Jason tells Dateline that he pulled into the cul-de-sac but could see people in the house through the glass in the door. He claims he didn’t want to be the meddling boyfriend and be seen as interfering in her showing. I can say as a former Realtor it is completely normal for another Realtor to walk into a showing, especially if it is a female realtor by themselves. It is very common and I did it all the time for female realtors at my office (me being a guy). What is unprofessional is to walk into their showing and start trying to scoop the business for yourself and give the clients your card. But if you just show up and say “Hi, Im So and So, I just need to speak to Lindsey when you are all done” …… there is nothing unprofessional there. I am suspicious the reason Jason Zalo then pulled out of the cul-de-sac, and parked around the corner, is when he saw the people through the window, he knew they were not totally done in the house. He then claims he waited outside on the other street out front. Then texted her. I am suspicious he knew this way, it would give the killers time to leave out the back.

    Another interesting point, is it seems these people posing as Buyers of a million dollar home, walk to the appointment? There was never any car for them that was mentioned in Dateline or any news reports. Very odd that no vehicle for the “Mexicans” is mentioned. Usually when you show a million dollar home the person will pull up in a nice car, or some type of vehicle.

    One more observation I wanted to make with this case, is that if someone really wanted to get Lindsey, they could have done it, at her home, in a parking lot, a club, etc. The way real estate was used, and the showing of real estate, tells me the people who pulled this off are most likely in the real estate game.

    Keep in mind a few other details of possible motive. Lindsey was planning on leaving Jason Zalo. That probably means she would be leaving the brokerage (real estate office) that she worked at, that Jason’s mom was the Managing broker of. That type of action a few years back up in Duncan caused a Realtor to punch his fellow real estate partner in the head.

    I am suspicious that Jason Zalo had his buddy with him for an alibi that day, what was the rush to get papers to a commercial business? Shouldn’t his girlfriends safety be more important if she already raised concerns about the Buyers? I am suspicious Jason Zalo calling 911 was too prompt, just because Lindsey didn’t come to the door right away doesn’t mean that most realtors call 911 that fast. I am suspicious Jason Zalo was trying to create an alibi, document times, and keep himself separate from the murder.

    Another point for investigators to also consider in this case, Jason Zalo in his own words in the Dateline story claims he was alone, away from his alibi for a period of time, trying the front door. What if the door wasn’t locked. There is enough timeframe there for Jason to have gone in, committed the murder, and then walk back out. Go back to his friend and say the front door won’t open.

    Remember too eye witness testimony can be flawed. The lady in the dress, could have been seen there doing a showing a few days before, it is easy for people to get dates mixed up. Could the “Mexicans” really be Jason Zalo, and his mom?

    What if Jason and his friend did the murder? Has anyone considered that possibility? Ya a video catches them leaving the commercial shop in the car, but after that there is no other video.

    I don’t think Lindsey was killed for a drug bust in Calgary. I support the Dad’s latest theories.

    Oh….just because a lock box is opened, doesn’t mean someone didn’t leave a window or door unlocked at a previous showing, by a previous realtor.

    Is it just me or does any notice how much Jason’s mom looks like the police sketch of the woman in the dress?

    • Julie says:

      I would love to see a body language expert analyze the dateline footage. Every layperson seeing it is struck by how off Jason is. Jeanne driver does lots on dr drew maybe she would be interested.

  24. samspade90 says:

    Let’s look at a few things.

    Lindsay was dating Matt McDuff in 2006, when she first said she had seen something she shouldn’t have.
    Dateline tells us she had phoned the police on Matt, 3 times, but never says why. We have been told that Matt and Lindsay’s phones had been tapped.
    Matt and his brother have connections to those involved in the BC Rail scandal.
    Former Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard was involved with the Finance department that oversaw BC Rail. Frank Leonard refuses to utter the name Lindsay Buziak.
    Cirilo Lopez has been named as one of the drug dealers in the BC Rail scandal. Cirilo is the Uncle to the Delalcazars.
    This is from a reply to a post on Gangsters Out Blog regarding the Victoria and Calgary cocaine blog….. ”
    Fact- Ricardo Scarpino was the longtime supplier of Cirillo , Mitch Mishour and crew . This led to the early 90s bust of Ricardo Scarpino at the train in Washington “.
    Ricardo Scarpino was gunned down in Vancouver January 19, 2008. Just over 2 weeks before Lindsay was murdered.
    Is the ” Mitch ” mentioned in this post, Mitch Hawthorne, who Lindsay had met up with in Calgary in mid-December 2007 ?? She also had phone contact with Erickson at this time. Both involved in drug dealing. How did Lindsay get Erickson’s phone number ? He was not the school mate that he has been reported to be. Why would Lindsay have been in contact with 2 drug dealers, in mid December of 2007 ?
    Ovidio Acevedo is good buddies with the Del’s. He is also good buddies with the McDuff brothers.
    Ryan Zailo is friends with the Del’s and must know Vid. Vid is best friends with Jacine Jadresko. Jacine used to refer to Arlen Orr ( drug dealer ) as her hubby. Arlen Orr was also boyfriend or fellow dealer with Michelle Lum. Rumor has it that Ryan Zailo was once romantically involved with Michelle. Jacine is more than willing to go online and fiercely defend her hunting, something we know that she is 100% involved in. She has been named as being involved or knowing who killed Lindsay, yet has not said a peep on this blog to defend herself or her ” bestie ” Vid.
    Ryan Zailo was the first one of the brothers to want to date Lindsay, but never got the chance.
    Ryan Zailo worked with Lindsay at ReMax and could have had access to her client info.
    Ryan had to evict his tenant at his condo, so that Jason and Lindsay could move in.
    One of Vid’s good friends is Avneet Dhanowa, who has explained that Lindsay was killed because she was ” extorting ” a major drug dealer.
    It seems pretty clear that Lindsay was murdered because of drug dealers and what she knew or saw. It is clear that the Lopez/Delalcazars are prime suspects and there are links to people involved in the BC Rail scandal. Is a major Political scandal that has been hushed up, the reason that Lindsay’s case has not been solved ? Is it Crown Counsel setting the bar very high on positive proof ? Are the Police really trying to bring down the whole bunch of them for everything, corruption, drugs and murder ?

    IF Shirley Zailo was involved in the conspiracy to have Lindsay murdered, she would most likely be involved with the aforementioned people. Why would she point her finger in the direction of Matt McDuff , 2 years later, on Dateline ?? Some will say that it is to steer the blame away from Jason. Why not just keep quiet and not name anyone ??
    IF Jason was involved in the conspiracy, he would have known who ordered and planned the hit. Why did he immediately suspect ” bikers ” and fear he may be next ?
    It’s clear that all the Zailos have skeletons in their closet and need to keep quiet.

  25. Sandos on says:

    Isn’t this what we have all been waiting for? Vid finally came out and pointed the finger as to who called the hit. And his life was threatened for doing so, which he must have known that would happen!
    So, Sannich Police, Chris Horsley in particular, are you going to act on this? Is it not against the law to threaten someone’s life? Does that not give you the authority to hall this creep in? Please tell us that your going to act on this, because if you don’t, I for one need to hear your excuse as to why?

  26. Laura L says:

    I fail to understand why this Avneet character & other friends continue to post on Vid’s facebook page, & like his comments/posts. It is a perfect example of how warped our society has become. Morals, values and what is right no longer has meaning. I know Vid’s sister Rosa and I fail to understand why she continues to support her brother through likes comments etc. She knows what her brother is, a drug dealer his entire life, a man who beat his wife & lost custody of his child, and now she must at least expect that her brother is involved in this high-profile BC murder of a young woman. Yet she continues to coddle her brother with affection. Makes me puke actually.

    Does anyone remember the Abbotsford killer Terry Driver. He attacked two young girls in Abbotsford in the wee hours of the morning years ago. He was a monster who taunted the police by leaving messages on their phone. The cops released the 911 tapes in the hopes someone would identify his voice. A few days later his mother gave her son up. She recognized his voice and called the cops. What a horrible decision for a mother to have to make. It was the right decision & that’s a woman I have the utmost respect for. Terry Driver’s sister on the other hand met the victim’s family in the halls of the court & said this. “if you had kept your daughter in late at night she’d still be alive today. Heartbreaking to think she could stoop so low as to utter that statement to victims suffering the loss of their 16-year old daughter.

    Rosa has taken the wrong path & I suspect she will be front row center to support her brother when he stands trial for conspiracy to commit murder. Jefferson’s girlfriend Melissa & Eldriegson’s wife Sarah will be there to support the Delalcazar Brothers. I don’t know whether to call it sad, heartbreaking, disgusting or just plain sick in the head.

  27. Avneet Dhanowa says:

    The loss of innocent life is always unfortunate and sad; however, there are no innocents in this game. If you snort coke recreation-ally (largest user base of coke), you’re part of the problem. If you date or hang out with drug dealers, and you live off their proceeds of crime, then you’re part of the problem. Yeah, you could do away with Vid and the gang, only to have their replacements ready and willing to take over, and they could be far worse. OUR guys have kept the Vancouver gangs off OUR streets, who are 100 times worse than these guys. Is that what you want? Drive by’s and shootings? These guys have the kept the streets clean of them. Who else is going to stop them? The people on this forum? Please.The war on drugs is a failure; it’s best to try and control/regulate it then to try and prohibit it; street level dealers don’t bring drugs into the country, Vid and his gang don’t bring drugs into the country; they allegedly distribute them when it arrives in the country. The people that bring coke into the country are private business owners, corporations and white collar folks, but I don’t see anyone chasing after them, you all want to blame the local boogeyman. Lindsay was no innocent either. She dated drug dealers and enjoyed the lavish lifestyle it provided. This was no ‘innocent’ life, as her father and others would have you believe. She was money hungry, and a gold digger. Plain and simple. So, what do you think would happen to someone that tries to extort a drug dealer with major connections? I suspect the same thing would happen when you try an extort and important politician or business man. Also, extortion is illegal. I noticed that no one is talking about that, because it’s a harsh reality, and people will take the simple way out instead of looking at the bigger picture. Parent’s need to teach their kids that money isn’t everything. Parent’s need to teach their kids that material possessions are not important. Parent’s should make their kids get part time jobs. They should regulate their spending money, and know where its going. But no one wants to do that, right? There are consumers that have created the demand and the market for illegal substances, educate your children. Lindsay’s parents forgot to teach their daughter one vital thing; integrity.

    • Doug says:

      What a despicable piece of trash. This man
      is truly speaking from a place of first hand knowledge. You smug dumbass.
      You should be behind bars not a desk for your role in this. You know something, Avneet Dhanowa. Is that accessory after the fact? Obstruction? Impeding an investigation?

      You were so open and frank the last time you posted on this blog. Please enlighten us with more details on the planning and execution of Lindsay Buziak’s murder.

      Knock, knock Saanich Police … Anyone home?

      • Sweetheart says:

        Clearly ignorant. I know first hand guilt is slowly eating away at these low lives and it’s only a matter of time till one of them cracks and they all turn on each other. Such a pointless senseless death. Makes me sick to even think I was ever associated with anyone so heartless. I could have been next but was lucky enough I trusted my gut and broke free. That girl had her whole life ahead of her and it was cut short! How has nobody been arrested yet? Clearly the cops have a hunch who was behind this. It’s no secret. WE ALL KNOW!

    • Jeff buziak says:

      I find this repugnant from a father. if you know the details be a man and speak what you know and save the vile crap for your criminal friends.

    • Ovidio Acevedo says:

      Cirilo Lopez ordered Bouzies hit nigga fuckin crazy man

      • Bautista Lopez says:

        you one dead muthafucka vedo

        • Anonymous says:

          “Bautista Lopez” Cirilo your response to Vid’s statement, clearly upset you! You just threatened his life. I for one thank you, because you just showed your hand. Guilty as fuck!
          Not that I have any respect whatsoever for Vid, at least he finally pointed the finger, and I don’t blame him. If you called the hit, and apparently you did, let’s see how much of a man you are. Of course your not a man, calling a hit on a young beautiful women, makes you the worst low-life bottom feeder and a fucking coward. To think you also have children and may soon be a grandfather you vile scum goof.
          But thanks for your response to Vid, because you just put the nail in your own coffin with your threatening remark! You really are stupid, thank you!

        • JC Adkin says:

          fuck you lopez Cirilo ordered the hit. Where the fuck are the idiot Saanich police.

          • Paul Bunion says:

            Got to love it. 😎

          • Sandos on says:

            Hello JC Adkin, I am a little confused regarding names, could you please clarify for me?
            Bautista Lopez and Cirilo Lopez, to me seem to be referred as 2 different individuals. But according to BC Court Records, there is a Cirilo Bautista Lopez (one individual), so is this one person, but referred to as Cirilo and also called Bautista?

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, Vid pointing the finger at you, and it sure upset you hey? So much so, that you threatened him by saying
          He’s a dead man. Would an innocent person respond this way? I think not. And if Vid ends up in the morgue, that will be the second charge against you for murder, right after the charge for Lindsay’s death.
          Although we don’t want your kind (fucking drug dealing thug) in our Country, please don’t run yet, some of us are just getting to know about you. By the way, are you a Canadian Citizen? If you are, then you deserve your day in court! I will be looking forward to that “muthafucker”. Is that how you say it??

          • X says:

            run vid run… Try not to leave a digital fingerprint tho… 😉

            • Anonymous says:

              I don’t think at this point that Vid should be the one running!
              Makes more sense that Cirilo should be running. Maybe to the US and with any luck, Trump gets elected and ships this low-life pathetic excuse for a human being, piece of shit criminal on a fucking bus, back to where he came from. Can’t wait for that fucking wall to be built!
              HORSLEY, what are you waiting for THIS time??
              We are all watching and waiting for you to make a move.
              You got a lead so make a move, are you doing nothing because you are afraid of these thugs?
              Because doing nothing, is encouraging others to do your job, and then the blood will be are your hands! If it was your kid, would you still be giving the same old BS speech 81/2 years later? I highly doubt it.
              Seems pretty clear to the public, you are in over your head. Your already 8 years too late in handing the case over to the Special Task Force Unit based in Vancouver, that will take over or assist any dept in BC, they have way more experience and specialize in Cold Cases, but you just have to ask for there help. Do you need me to provide you their phone number and contact info?? I would happily do that for you.

              • Joanna Mills says:

                In 2011 Cirilo Lopez was taken down in a Winnipeg drug bust. In 2013 the judge sentenced him to 10 years. He was at the top of the heap the judge said. OJ Simpson got off on murdering his wife Nicole but a crime spree in Las Vegas put him in jail for a few years. Cirilo hasn’t yet been arrested for Lindsay’s murder but he was caught for another crime and now doing the time. Karma’s a real bitch and it bit these two guys in the ass real good.

      • Anonymous says:

        Vid, we have never met, but have mutual freinds. I wanted to respond to your post. You pointed the finger, named a name, (I’m assuming that you meant it, but how can anyone tell)?
        The “said person”, makes a threat on your life. So if you have gone as far as that, tell me the “why”?
        And pointing the finger is huge (if it’s true), again how can we know it’s true, and you mean what you say and say what you mean? If you say ‘why’
        this happened, then maybe you could get away from this. Act like a man and a father. I know what you would do if this was your little girl that you love. How can you possibly blame Lindsay’s father for doing absolutely everything he can? I am pretty sure, you , like me, would have taken care of business our own way 8 years ago, and there would be no one left to arrest. Please, please, for the love you have for your own daughter, pick up the phone and call or email Jeff. What do you have to lose if your life has already been threatened. If it was your daughter, I know for a fucking fact, I would tell you! And you would respect me for that. If you have read this, and listened to my words, I thank you for that.

        • The lowdown says:

          Vids own poor young daughter is a victim of sexual abuse. God bless her, she is an innocent child.
          Vid has done nothing! He’s not even permitted to see her! There has been no justice or payback for that heinous crime either! why would he start doing the right thing now? I think there’s a special place in hell for people like him, if he’s not already living it every day already

        • Sweetheart says:

          Loose lips sink ships. They’re already turning on each other. Only a matter of time till fingers are pointed and names are named. There are a few rats among their “crew” trust in that 😉

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Lindsay was an innocent Avneet and she was extorting no one. Poor choice of words on your part. Lindsay saw something she shouldn’t have and she threatened to expose those who were doing wrong. She was slaughered, her breasts mutilated and her throat cut. All so your brown boy friends could send the message that no one dares to rat on us and gets away with it. Cowards all of you. How dare you defend these low life scum. Vid Acevedo and a few of the Delalcazar brothers have never worked a day in their lives. Unless Avneet, you call selling drugs working. Well I do not! Our young are dying in the streets everyday. Overdoses & addiction and homelessness is at an all time high. And your crew dares to say, “well if I don’t do it someone else will.” Pathetic justification for dealing drugs. Was it Cirilo Lopez that called for Lindsay’s hit Avneet. C’mon you can tell us, everyone out there knows anyway! Cirilo was “the man” at the time and if he ordered the hit his nephews would have done the dirty work. And it looks like they did, along with Vid & Medardo. All of them looking for their claim to fame by committing a murder. The headlines will one day read “Juice Monkeys murder 24 year old 5’3 99 lb young woman and leave her to die in a pool of blood. You bunch will go down in history as the ultimate cowards and losers of all time. Woman beaters, drug traffickers and now murderers.

      Lindsay got in the wrong person’s face and dared to expose them. Jason knows what Lindsay saw that she shouldn’t have. What did he do? Did he call the brown boys up and say “sorry guys – I can’t shut her up.” Did they kill Lindsay with such brutality to put the fear of God in anyone else that Lindsay may have told? Of course they did. Lindsay tried to do the right thing and it got her killed. Threatening is not extorting Avneet. By the way were you the one that told Joe DeSousa “the little bitch got what she deserved.”

    • Cart before the horsely says:

      Sounds like you and Chris Horsley have alot to talk about. Some smoking words there Avneet are you able to back any of that up? Did your parents teach you about integrity?
      Let’s get this done tough guy fucking do it!

  28. Mannix says:

    Getting back to the DeSouza despicable comment: Let’s ask ourselves how this gentleman fits into the picture with the Burnaby Electronics (pardon me for not recollecting its name) individual.
    If you look on google earth closely, there is a break in the curb where a vehicle could be hidden in the bushes at dark on Torquay right at the hole in the fence. A small dark mini van could be concealed here. Let us hear someone elaborate on this “Ice Cream Man” who lives directly behind the murder house. His affiliation with the Golf Club and the it’s roster of members at the time of Lindsay’s demise.
    Who’s the tiger mans siblings?
    This poor defenseless girl along with many others and their families deserve respect and the dead deserve dignity.
    Let life continue but in a truthful sense.
    Shame on those of you in power who let this shit persist.
    Shame on those from above.
    WHY DO WE have to spell this garbage out?
    Do your goddam work that you were elected by the public to uphold.

    • John says:

      The poster was AVNEET DHANOWA, a good friend of Ovidio “Vid” Acevedo, the Delalcazar brothers and Matt & Malcolm Mac Duff. Just like all the others —- Avneet knows exactly “why” Lindsay was murdered and he probably knows who called for the hit.

      This “tight knit” group rant on about loyalty & trust “FAMILY” but they aren’t fooling anyone. The cracks are slowly showing & there are leaks everywhere. People are talking. A few weeks ago Vid added a new picture to his photo gallery. Erickson Delalcazar on the left, Avneet Dhanowa in the centre and Vid on the right. Why would he do that? Is he sending subliminal messages to people? KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

      Avneet sure put his foot in his mouth when he dared to praise the brown boys for protecting the island from becoming like Vancouver. Is it possible that AVNEET is Vid’s drug connection on the mainland? He is a businessman after all……

      It’s very clear Vid & the Delalcazars are involved in this murder but the big question remains “WHO” called the hit. The police for sure know so just what is it they are waiting for? The city has sprung a leak and the rats are everywhere. It’s just a matter of time now.

      I wonder who encouraged Lindsay to show the home on Desousa Plc. and did Avneet & the brown boys have a connection to Desousa or any of Joe Desousa’s kids. Someone knew this home was the perfect fit to carry out this murder.

      I would like to see Avneet’s post on this blog again. It was very telling and we all need to read it again.

    • just saying says:

      I understand that the deSousa home had been on the market, then taken off the market over Christmas and back on the market shortly before Lindsay’s murder! Could this explain why the cell phone was purchased many weeks before the murder but not used right away? The “murder house” had already been chosen but when it was taken off the market the plan had to be put on hold. Seems to me this house was chosen on purpose for many reasons.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        So Joe DeSousa lists his home in Dec 2007 the same time the crime phone is purchased in Vancouver and the murder is being planned. The perfect location to commit this crime… Then Joe cancels the listing over Xmas (foiling the plan of the conspirators). He relists the property in early January and then murder plans are back on. Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

        • Julie hunt says:

          There is something strange about a house that is vacant and built for sale being delisted over Christmas. Not unusual for an occupied house but not usual for a house that is a business venture. Could they have been using that time to set the stage and maybe Joe knows more than he lets on?

        • Shirleys angel's says:

          That house is the centre of it all. Was not a random pick. Shirley led Lindsay right to it like a lamb to slaughter. Shirley her manager her boyfriends mother her boss and her worst nightmare. Lady Langford Macbeth guilty as sin…

  29. Jeff buziak says:

    ATTENTION For those of you who haven’t heard the just released podcast on Lindsay’s unsolved murder here is the link:

  30. Andreas Faulte says:

    Rather the looking at this case from the beginning to the end – look at it from the end, backwards. Look at the personalities involved, and look at everything in simple, straightforward terms. This was not a complicated caper in my opinion, but there were only 3 people involved for reasons as simple as annoyance and let down. Two of them are bound tight by blood and will not flip on the other because of that bond. The third was a victim of circumstance, not knowing really what the other two planned, but became a conspiratorial planner and participant by given false reasons. This is the person to flip and make the deal with, but the problem is, this person is in fear of being named as the killer by the other two. I think and hope Horsely has looked at this angle. No one’s talking outside this group, because no one knows in my opinion. The tighter the conspiracy, and the tighter the group involved, leaves less chance of being caught due to loose lips and blackmail. There’s my rant of the day. Get your job done Chris Horsely.

    • X says:

      Well said …. These are not smart people just fear mongering goofs with a connection to violent people

      • samspade90 says:

        Andrea’s idea of looking backwards is excellent, because we have to look at this from all angles. I have been thinking about the very beginning of this. Lindsay received the 1st call ( one of 6 according to the podcast ), and found it strange. She told people in the office about it and they commented to the press that she was concerned, even asking ” what do I do about this ” ? Someone in that office must have had some suggestions or words of caution. You have a fairly new realtor that has a client needing a million dollar house in 2 days. If it were me, I would be asking those in the office, what listings they had that met the criteria. Who put Lindsay onto the DeSousa home.? We have been told she had 5 or 6 houses to show. Did she come up with those by herself. ? Very important, is who knew the info and supplied the couple with the name of Lindsay’s former client ? The strange thing I find regarding these former clients is that Lindsay tried to contact them, but they were out of town. Why do we say to ourselves ” that sucks, they may have told Lindsay they didn’t know the caller “, and we move on. Even if the conspirators knew these folks would be out of town, how did they know the former clients wouldn’t be able to be contacted ? Who goes out of town and doesn’t take their cell phone ?? It’s was 2008, chances are both members of the couple had a cell phone with them. Would Lindsay have called them, got voicemail and then just hung up ? Did she leave a message that never was returned. If she left a message, what did she say ” I had a mysterious woman with a fake Spanish accent call me and gave me your name as reference, can you verify you know her ” ?? If this couple received a message, returned to Victoria, found out about Lindsay’s murder, did they go to the Police with the message ?? Did the Police go to them and get told ” we were out of town, sorry “. Was this couple involved somehow ? Lindsay expressed her concern about the situation and was given advice. Who dispensed it and steered her along inside that office ? Who was talking and who was being silent ?

  31. Girls, missing and murdered says:

    What I found interesting from Mr Horsleys comments was, I won’t quote, but something to the effect, “that we are in a new age, and this blog, has created problems for the Crown, to eliminate people mentioned on this blog who, by some, have been mentioned as possible suspects!

    Is he saying this blog is the problem for the delay in charges been laid?
    Is he saying that the case has been before the crown, and rejected?
    is he saying that the crown has the case, and it’s elimination time?

    I believe that from the ‘facts’, I am 99.9 percent certain who 3 of the conspirators are.
    I am Still just guessing who the female and male killers are
    I am uncertain how many other conspirators are involved.

    The “new” things that I learned were:

    Lindsays phone was tapped in connection with Project Every which way? Bc Rail scandal. All files are “secret”. This is a disgrace! Didn’t Basi own a place at Shawnigan Lake? Drugs and Governement?

    She recently had breast implants, which were subject to stabbing! Disgusting! Do we know who paid for her implants – she herself, Jason or ?
    The stabbing of her breasts by the killers, would have been conveyed to them.
    But for what purpose – jealously or a diversion!

    And, of course, as others have mentioned the witnessing of the male client at an open door, as if to leave. Which, of course gave Jason his reason for parking at end of street amd not pulling in driveway. HELLO!!!! Set up! How would they know he would pull in then, to stand at the door, because they controlled Lindsays phone!!!! “just a few minutes away”.

    Vids phone has been tracked with the killer phone from same towers, and Delalcazars also.

    So, as stated on Dateline- there were between 3 and 5 involved. But the 3 and 5 could be “units”.

    The bottom line is, no matter which way you cut it, ORGANIZED CRIME was RESONSIBLE FOR Lindsays murder, because of DRUGS!!!!!

    That’s it in a nutshell !

    What is really disgusting, is that our Justice system is so weak, that all these criminals doing drug business, killing people, rap sheets as long as your arm are on the streets of our cities still doing what they do,and continue to harm innocent people, and live their lavish lifestyle, and pretend to be “normal”.

    Shutters was a hotbed of criminals back in the day. We even had Mr “Rand Roseek” who admitted living there, admitted to seeing Lindsay within 48 hrs of her murder, was connected to the cocaine dealer Christopher Shwartz in Shutters, who confided to him about Jason, , and fear of the HA! In that business one only confides out of pressure, trust, and/or connections. with his connections, and seeing Lindsay 48 hrs prior to her murder, why did Mr Horsley and detectives never, ever interview him. He refers to them as poseur Cops! Have we all watched too much TV? Why, why, why, no interview????

    48 hrs prior to her death, and someone with a criminal background, serious criminal connections, and they did how many interviews – 1400 and discarded HIM?????

    “X” posts in response to Mr Rand Roseek, about a secret meeting????

    I ask Mr “X” – when did that secret meeting take place?

    And Mr Rand Roseek, why wait for the Poseur cops to come to YOU? You said Lindsay was a sweet girl, but in the end she is “just a girl” Right!

    Well you “innocent” guys need to step it up – WHO DONE IT?????

    “Girls” may be just “girls”, but you “guys” are just “boys”.

    Not a real man to be found in the whole FING bunch of you”.

    Your only fear is “PRISON” where YOU will be used as your “GIRLS” were!

    Karma – in your next life your all coming back as low life ‘snakes’ real ones slithering. Because that is the way you are living this life.

  32. shame on the cops says:

    Directly from Jason’s own lips in the Dateline Dream House Mystery video Part 2 at 3:12 in.

    ” Through the smoked glass in the front door I saw outlines of people.” When asked how many he said. “2”.

    How dare the cops say the people on this blog have it wrong when that statement came directly from Jason. That is what the press ran with and the cops never disputed the information. Now you can’t believe a word the two cops said that went on dateline. So they told Jason to lie? or are the cops lying now?

    Thank God for the people on this blog sharing what they know and what they think. The cops are tight-lipped & give us nothing but bullshit. SHAME!!!!!!!! I don’t think they have a clue what they are doing and until arrests are made Jason is a suspect just like everyone else.

  33. Sandos on says:

    I wanted to correct my last comment. I realize how they got the address, Lindsay gave it to them. What I was trying to say is, I believe all the conspirators knew the house this was going to take place in, days before. There must have been a lot of planning and timing was everything. I believe this was planned and practiced, in advance. The killers had to have been dropped off (as there was no other vehicle), and picked up.
    I also think that Lindsay gave Jason the address. She was a very smart young lady and would not expect Jason to meet her without giving him that information. I believe Jason had more than likely, already have been there (where to park, moving his vehicle, getting the signal when it was done, etc.) I think Jason phoned his brother to make it appear that he had no knowledge of this house and make it seem that he had never been there before.

  34. Joanna Mills says:

    Such an amazing and informative podcast. In the podcast Detective Chris Horsley makes it clear that he is not at liberty to share information about Lindsay’s murder with Jeff Buziak. Then why would he even think that anyone posting on this blog would want to contact him? Even though he says noone from this blog has ever contacted him, that is not true. A few did a long time ago. Don’t wait for my call Chris, it’s not going to happen, and don’t put the coffee pot on for me because I won’t be dropping by anytime soon. 8 1/2 years Chris! Your words Chris, the public has no idea just how close we really are! Talk is cheap Chris – it’s time to arrest the evil conspirators that planned and carried out this henious vile murder. You are not getting any younger Chris, get this murder solved and make arrests before they put you out for retirement. With the greatest respect, this is your baby, your case to solve and we have been counting on you all these years. Please don’t disappoint us.

    • The first time I contacted SGT. Horsley I was rebuffed with a response that looked copied from a Police training manual it was a paragraph describing why people interject themselves into a police Homicide investigation. None of the motives described in the paragraph covered my motive which was simply to try and help a seemingly stalled out investigation into the murder of a young woman in Victoria that seemed to be excessively brutal and savage a horrible way to die. Most people would want to help and try to find that one piece of information that would result in all the pieces falling like domino’s into place for arrests. BUT! most of us do not want to get dragged into confrontations with the police or be involved in a long drawn out trial, so.. Chris we don’t want to call you because we know our name, address and phone number will appear on your call display regardless of whether we have an unlisted number. I would rather the Saanich police find enough to carry this through trial themselves but if I need to testify in some way I certainly will.

  35. Mersy says:

    I heard Michelle Lum’s name in the podcast and you need to know that Michelle Lum is a drug dealer and at that time she worked for Vid. Pretty sure Michelle & Jefferson Delalcazar were working together selling cocaine around that time as well. Vid was much higher up then the Delalcazars. The Delalcazar brothers took orders from Vid back then not the other way around. Delalcazars were a dangerous bunch back then and still are. Michelle Lum was involved in the murder of Ravi Nutt in Saanich years back so don’t rule her out of taking part in Lindsay’s murder.

  36. clifford danco says:

    The podcast was great, we all heard some things which I’ve never seen discussed here – you have to listen.

    I also took notice to Chris Horsley saying the male was observed exiting the house. Based on everything we’ve heard…. its possible he meant they observed him in the process of exiting the house…. but not actually walking out the door and down the street or wherever, which would have been absolutely huge.

    We have been told here they saw someone through the front door and then the door closed, which led certain people (like myself) to believe that door closing was actually a signal to jason the job was done and they would be leaving through the backyard now.

    It seems crazy if they actually saw someone walking off…. very interesting comment from Horsley.

  37. Andreas Faulte says:

    Horsely adament that “the witnesses” saw two people at an open door….keeping the standard rote response, but keeping his opinion to himself as he’s required to do so as to not inject a taint of subjectiveness. He’s repeating only what “the witnesses” told him. Who are “the witnesses” you ask? Jason Zailo, the only one to publically recite the basis of this story, and the only one near the front door, along with his passenger whos public recitation has yet to be heard. It sure leaves speculation wide-open when you also consider he was the boyfriend, and the one who so expressed his concern publically, he arrived well past 5:30, sat in his vehicle with a personal witness attesting he was NOT inside the house at 5:40, but somehow managed to have this personal witness go into the house long after showing up, to enter the house to unlock the front door to let him in, only to go directly to the murder scene while emergency services were enroute. What convenience to have the story teller “witness” force Horsely to publically recite all that as fact. Those long-standing members of this blog know where I stand on the “who and why” of this case, but I find the response from Det. Horsely standard incredulous.

    • Andrew London says:

      At 1:05:56 in the Casefile Case 28 Podcast, Detective Horsley is quoted verbatim as saying ” THE PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY SEEN, THE DOOR WAS OPEN AND THE WITNESSES ACTUALLY OBSERVED THE MALE SUSPECT EXITING THE HOUSE.” By all accounts this absolutely blows the lid off the case for me and all we were led to believe. Jason Zailo in his re-enactment shown on Youtube gives an account of his actions on that fateful day and also in the Dateline Dream House Mystery. He states that his friend Cohen Oatman was hoisted over the fence at the side of the house and walked through the house to unlock the front door for Jason who was waiting there. There was no need to hoist Cohen over the fence because the door was already open and the suspect(s) seen exiting the house. This really puts a different spin on things.

      • John says:

        So — Detective Horsley is quoted as saying Jason and Cohen actually saw the male exiting the house. This means the SP allowed Jason to lie on dateline and distort the truth for 8 1/2 years. The cops allowed the world to believe Jason only saw shadows through the opaque glass in the front door. Who are the police covering for just who are they protecting. If the door was locked as Jason claimed — then the male must have turned around and went back into the house when he saw Jason pull up. Change of plans — exit through the back. If they exited out the front the door would not have been locked. What if the front door wasn’t locked when Jason tried to open it. He just said it was. He gets Cohen to go over the fence and unlock the door from inside. Who’s to say Jason wasn’t holding the front handle when Cohen tried to open it. Would Cohen really know if that front door was locked or not? A few twists of a handle with someone under tremendous stress?

        • Andreas Faulte says:

          We don’t know what CO said, and that is telling in itself. I doubt Jason had Lindsay on speaker phone while driving to the house, but likely told CO what Lindsay said. I wonder if CO actually saw people at the door considering the placement of his vehicle, as Jason told the police, so, did Jason tell CO he “just saw” two people at the door? Jason said he was very very concerned about Lindsay as he left SHC with CO, and likely told CO as much, but left SHC at the time (5:30) Lindsay was to meet the “visitors”. He said to the effect that he raced there, concerned, but upon arriving, did nothing but sit out front, and move to Torquay – wasting 30 minutes or so before going to the front door, finding it locked. His personal witness needed to be “shown” illusionary things to convey later, because that’s why he was convinced to have a evening out with Jason. We know Jason was not the murderer because he was out front, but that was the plan, wasn’t it.
          SZ met with Lindsay the night before, and as Lindsay told her father about being creeped out about this showing, she told her father Jason would be there – but wait, the meeting with SZ, according to SZ on Dateline, was about her concern with her “ex” of two years, Matt. Really?

        • Shame on saanich says:

          Agreed with your post. Now I just can’t help feeling pissed off here. Why was there no description given to the public of the ones leaving the house? We have one of the women greeting Lindsay at the front door. No description released of the killer ? Something ain’t right here saanich once again. Perhaps detective Horsley could clarify this. Anything else the department is hiding??

    • Steven says:

      Does anyone think it rather strange that Shirly Zailo is dating a retired Saanich police officer?? Or the fact Shirley rented out her home on Claude Road to Ziggy Matheson who was busted for a substantial large amount of drugs including the date rape drug GHB, ecstasy pills, pot, cocaine, etc?? Ziggy is currently going up on drug charges. Then Shirley publically announces that neither she nor her 2 sons (family) even know Ziggy the renter,or know anything he’s criminally involved in? Even stranger how the Zailos were publically cleared almost immediately following Lindsay’s murder of them being suspects??? They never helped Jeff or Lindsay’s family after the murder? Why no arrests? I’m wondering what other police are “friends” with Shirley and their reasons? Whose side are the police really on? Why do they not make any arrests? Clearly this blog of dedicated people helping to solve the brutal murder of a young woman has done more than all the work for the police to now make some arrests. I mean friends with Shirley? Do they believe she is innocent? Do they believe her sons are innocent? It just doesn’t make any sense after 8.5 years of nothing to really show? Local drug thugs get away with murder? Why? Is it not obvious Shirly and Jason both had behind the scenes information on this particular house enough to make a murder go down, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out someone close to Lindsay in the Remax realtor business knew this home she was showing, those people were SZ and JZ. Why can’t the police start from there? What in the heck is going on here??? Can anyone take this file out of the hands of the police and hand it over to a different department that’s independent and start looking into the reasons why Saanich police are acting so strange with Lindsay’s file?? They refused to allow anyone to look into her murder, did you hear that on the podcast? Their holding on with clenched fists to Lindsay’s murder file!! Like if I had the power I would walk right into that police station and take her file away, far away and start doing some serious, serious investigating!! Whose hiding what?

  38. Case 28: Lindsay Buziak | Casefile: True Crime Podcast says:

    • Goof Gorillas says:

      These delalcazar thugs all so butt ugly no wonder they have to beat women and commit crimes. Who else would willingly go near these ghetto monkeys. Have you ever heard them try and speak? they sound like a pack of gorillas fighting over a banana peel. It’s laughable really. Chris Horsley how can you let these rat goof parasites crawl around your community. They’re laughing at you while they commit crime after murdering crime.They think they’re high rollers and the Saanich police is a joke. Just ask one of their victims if her face isn’t too swollen and you can convince her to talk. This is Victoria’s most embarrassing family of criminal trash putting so many at risk. Where are the police ? Why isn’t the public being protected?

  39. Listen to the Podcast it was alright, I did notice Horsley mention the members of the public may not be aware just how close we might be to making arrests, I hope so. Also thought it was interesting Horsley said the male murderer was observed leaving 1702 De Sousa via the front door, I wonder who observed the male coming out of the front door ? Jason ? Horsley could very well be moving ahead with this case I hope so after all he has the luxury of knowing everything that is in the file and we can only speculate. Perhaps Horsley is banking on Ziggy flipping and ratting out the people involved, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that one it’s possible considering recent information that Ziggy couldn’t rat if he wanted to because he may not have first hand information after all. Vids cell phone pinged off the same towers at the same time the killers burner phone did ? where did that come from ?

    • Shirleys angel's says:

      Nice to know that even though those involved are at large in the Victoria area and horsley feels he has spoken to them already. At least he can keep an eye on them while they carry on with their crimes

      • Heather says:

        The podcast was so informative and I want to share what I know. At the time of Lindsay’s murder Medardo Rivas’s girlfriend was Christina Byrne. She might have information. She was very close to all those guys named in the podcast and she is still tight with them today. She started working at the Victoria Golf Club April 2008.

  40. It is so weird and unethical for a fellow realtor to NOT accompany another realtor into an empty home. Jason was sitting in his fancy SUV while he allowed her to accompany these strangers into this home. As a former realtor, I would never go into an empty home without backup. Sometimes I would phone one of my sons to accompany me. Obviously, Jason didn’t give a damn about Lindsey. We, as realtors, were always given lectures about being on our own in this kind of situation and always warned about going into this kind of situation. Shame on you, Jason. Your mother would have known the rules also.

    • TL says:

      thanks Jeanne, this helps to understand that there was something very wrong with her going alone especially since she stated in the office that she was nervous, that it sounded off to her. A boss should have guaranteed her safety but then her boss was Lady Macbeth

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