Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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  1. Joanna Mills says:

    Cover-up —- Deception —or dumb ass cops.

    Where are the Saanich cops with this murder for hire? They never tell us anything but their cop PR bullshit. Were they on the wrong track back in 2008 when they spent a year chasing ghost gangsters in Calgary? Are they still on the wrong track? Come on, the answers are right here under their sugar glazed noses in Victoria.

    Are they really that dumb and missed the last ferry to the island where all the answers lie or are they playing a game of deception to cover up this murder and/or their incompetence? What have they been doing these last 8 years? What the hell is going on inside that building in Saanich? We’re heading into “9” years now with no answers – no resolution – no justice for Lindsay and her family – no truth from the dumb ass cops. There’s something very wrong with this picture folks. Criminals and cops getting away with taking responsibility for Lindsay’s murder!

    • Shame on saanich says:

      Saanich police are as guilty as Shirley Zailo and her freak son in all this. When it all comes out ..and it will come out…they have lots to be ashamed of. Something or someone is holding all of these players together. A gang organisation perhaps? Ohh gee have we hit a bingo there Downie??

  2. homes says:

    skinner bin pervin Vids daughter n cops won’t lay charges. Where you hidin nigga. Ain’t you suppose ta be sum kinda dangerous gangsta or you jusa fakey in shades. Skinner Gord Byers is walkin round smilin cuz nows vid n all his crew all goof pussies n ain’t gunna do shit. They all beat and abuse females don’t protect em. Vids girl jus six years old. Fuck Vid what you gunna do nigga go on holiday? Skinner Gord Byers needs ta feel sum hurt not pigs protection and perv satisfaction.

    • Melissa B says:

      Guarantee Vid won’t do a damn thing why would he? He has no respect for women in general and will beat on them if they don’t stay in line. He’s a pig & we all know it. A coward really — only gets brave if he’s with his group of bully buddies. He don’t care about that kid, after all she’s a girl & they don’t count. He helped plan Lindsay Buziak’s murder we all know that. He didn’t like Lindsay cause she stood up to him. He took care of her didn’t he. Why aren’t the cops arresting him. What more do they need?

    • Jenessa says:

      Vid spent time in jail for beating up his ex, unfortunately she was so terrified she dropped the charges. At least he got a few months better than nothin. He missed his own sister’s wedding because he was in jail at the time. He laughed about it on facebook years back. He’s a sick bastard & any woman that thinks he’s cool better give her head a shake. There’s nothin cool about a drug dealing woman beater and murderer. Someone needs to take this guy out if the cops can’t get him someone else just has to.

  3. joel heatherington says:

    The connection between the Zailo brothers and the people possibly involved in Lindsay’s murder is simple. Ryan Z is friends with Jefferson Delalcazar & at the time of Lindsay’s murder he was hanging out with the Lum sisters. Jefferson & Michelle Lum were partners in the drug business. Both boys have all the drug dealer’s on their friend’s list.

    Ryan is friends with Mike Hamer, Shane Wilson, Charbel Hage, Wayne Kalnciems, Rhys Bolton Jas Bains, Jefferson, Michelle Lum, Alycia Faithfull Lebrun (Calgary drug bust) Timmy Hazard, and of course Ziggy Matheson.

    A reputable realtor & mortgage broker? Why does Ryan still live at home with his mother? Does he feel safe in that secluded location. Does he have something to worry about? If Ryan was friends with the Delalcazar brothers at the time of Lindsay’s murder I would be taking a serious look at this creep. He is close friends with Ziggy Matheson for a reason.

    • TL says:

      Joel’s comments jarred from memory something that has been asked in here many times….


      LIGHTBULB MOMENT: Perhaps it was RZ & his buddies of corruption that needed to get rid of Lindsay with ZEE Bitch & JZ helping him cover it. It does seem to be the one of the three little pigs that we haven’t heard from in all of this. I always felt a sense of his innocence perhaps grossly underestimating his absence

  4. Tupac says:

    can someone google search and link 1 news article ever of a mid to high level drug/gang killing in BC with such an elaborate plan like this where the victim was stabbed to death? gangsters and drug dealers kill each other with guns on the street, its just not even believable that the reason she could be killed was over a drug bust, does anyone know what happens now that SP consider this a cold case? is this another 1 of there lies hoping the guilty let there guard down?

    • les says:

      I fully agree with you.. I didn’t know Lindsay. i am a reader of this blog .. this to me is a “so you think you can walk a way and break my boys heart ? well think again .. that’s not happening..” this killing and who we all think did it or didn’t do it has played out on this blog for years..( Its always nice to read something new .). this page start to finish should be printed and sent to real homicide detectives, maybe new criminology class, have them dig up the cell phone pings who was where, at what time,put all the fragmented splinters together and come up with a killer or killers.Its done all the time, just not by the SP..

  5. kenny T says:

    I grew up in the same neighbourhood as the Delalcazar family. The brothers sold drugs to the kids in the neighbourhood and the kids from school as they lived right across the street from the high school. They beat people, terrorized the neighbourhood kids and I hear they’ve even murdered. Dad always said never make eye contact with any of them and whatever you do don’t stop to talk to them. They were all violent scary little creeps when together and chickens on their own. If they are involved in this girl’s murder I hope the cops do something soon cause these guys will do it again be sure of that. The Delalcazar’s have been a stain on our neighbourhood for years and they should have been jailed or deported from this country years ago.

    I see their President has urged the public to kill drug traffickers on the spot in the Phillipines. Why should they be able to come into our country, our town and do their criminal activity here? I wish we could implement this new law and maybe these brothers could finally be gone. They are animals and I pray their days are numbered, all of them cause they’re all cut from the same cloth. I could never figure out what was wrong with their parents that they supported such violence in and out of their home.

    Filipino president-elect tells citizens to shoot criminals in the streets. This would be a good thing for the Delalcazars. I think we should too. Police here aren’t doing their job.

    • The End says:

      Vid is laying low these days. Word is he is a target. Staying in close contact with JJ and the Delcazars won’t help. That might be a mistake. Vid should be wary of everyone around him. He’s a dead man. The weak link.

      • JC says:

        VID Acevedo has the answers to break open this murder investigation. He told me he knows. Bust his bones and he will talk. Cops are fucking useless. Street justice always works.

  6. . says:

    Heard a rumour that those that have been mentioned in many comments have been followed or watched over the past year so stopped illegal activity. However find it very coincidental that now that this case has gone “dead/closes” business has picked up & lots of action/deals are being done again. Defenaitly shady stuff going on here. They now who’s all envolved some way so how, maybe not direct but was the cause of Lindsay’s death. I think this was a warning to someone close to her to pay up or stop dealing in the area or else. Whoever was probably warned if they didn’t pay or stop competing with them someone close to them was gonna pay. I truly believe they know why and who may be the reason why she died but the only problem is there’s a few people that are involved in “the reason” but didn’t actually do it” the person that did was ( bigger, higher up) and in control trying to make a point. Only thing is they can’t nail down or have evidence on the actual individual’s who did it therefore no case. They could probably arrest a few individuals here on the island that may have threatened others for getting in their way (competition) and didn’t like it or, the person didn’t pay up cause was stolen(from their compition & scared) was threaten from someone else that someone wld die or pay for this if didn’t stop or was paid/resolved ASAP. I think Lindsay was used as a way of getting the point across that they were serious & not messing around. They meant business & didn’t care who they killed to prove it. However they didn’t kill that person or their family but Lindsay which means she must have been dating them at the time or meant a lot to that person. Whoever did it knew she was close to them and they cared for her in one way or another. It was to scare them enough to do what they have said/want/or were told. Someone knows, someone that was close to her & they knew he cared about her. It was a message to that person to make things right. They didn’t do it in time for whatever reason and unfortunately Lindsay paid for it. So very sad and I will never understand why or how this hadn’t been solved but know this was a big job & they weren’t messing around. Therefore everyone envolved in drugs and associatied to Lindsay (close) not just acquaintance was seriously warned they were next or their family member. It has to be big, a big deal and big screw up on someone’s part close to her for someone to kill her. Very Scary & I’m sure nobody close to her did it but scared of them to talk. Bet they feel bad but can’t open their mouths for fear they will be next!

    • the truth as we now know it says:

      The scary thing we now know……… Jason was connected to the HA just like his partner Ziggy. Could he have been pre-warned and told to pay up but ignored the warning. Who in their right mind ignores an HA order? I think Jason was in over his head, a little minnow in a big pond and way out of his league. Did the HA take out Lindsay as a message to Jason? If not the HA maybe it was the Delalcazar brothers who were angry enough to settle a score after their bro Erickson was arrested in the Calgary High Noon drug Operation on January 22 2008. Did Erickson call the hit on Lindsay because he thought she was the snitch that took them all down? Just maybe the message was to Jason because the Del bros thought that Jason & Ziggy were the snitches. Take out Jason’s girlfriend to set the record straight. It’s a bad scene all around but make no mistake the Delalcazars are smack in the middle of this. Vid and Medardo took on the job because they were ordered to. Who else other then Erickson and his brothers had a reason to want Lindsay dead in order to send her pathetic weak boyfriend a message. A boyfriend who liked the money gained from the proceeds of crime, didn’t see the seriousness of not paying a debt when it was called in. Lindsay paid the ultimate price for hooking up with the wrong guy.

      • Thats a lot of thoughts there truth but how are you connecting Jason to the East End HA people ? seems to be some confusion here, … Jason is concerned NOW that the East End HA people would like to have a meeting with him OR Jason was concerned the East End HA people wanted to have a meeting with him at the time of Lindsay’s death ?

      • Jacine jadrepsycho says:

        Let’s not forget the clubhouse lawyer in all of this. Shirley called him. Something tells me she wasn’t thumbing the yellow pages when she retained this prick. Another criminal family connection. The clubhouse lawyer plain and simple. How long will your payments keep things quiet Shirley? Ziggy will be sent to prison. He will not sit and rott forever. He will squeel.

        • OMG!

          I have read from this blog so many “sorries for poor Lindsay”. ” sweet girl”, ” poor lins”,” Shirley is the “c”,  “he knew” “she knew”, etc etc, it is sickening!

          “I talked to so and so” “he went to so and so”. “he was afraid of ???” . All knowledge of something, yet,

          All you “men” who know something – DID NOTHING!  “STILL HAVE DONE NADA!!!!

          You all know “SOMETHING” but at the end of the day – you are all protecting “YOUR PEOPLE”!  

          You really don’t give a shit about LINDSAY!  

          You are all about YOURSELVES!  

          A bunch of low life drug dealers, pretending to be “men”!  Low life uneducated  loser BOYS!!!!  

          Losers from childhood to adult hood!  Losers!!!!!!!

          As for Shirley – well it is very clear she is a major loser – it appears she is just a “FEMALE” drug dealer protecting loser BOYS!  BABIES!  

          Those two guys are  shit!  Ryan is ugly ,  and Jason is just a pretender!  As most of YOU drug dealer shits are!   They are of ZERO VALUE – Girls!  Girls Walk away!!!!! 

          As for Shirley – What is her background?  I heard her own mother fell down the stairs, and Jason found her? How convenient? I read that her sister was a druggie? 

          Loser WOMAN/MOTHER – Loser SONS!  – Fits most of these creep families! 

          Not One of YOU has come forward – just cryptic comments!  COWARDS!!!! 

          GIRLS BEWARE!!!!!

        • Charlie chan says:

          The devil is in the details. Shirley having the lawyer ready. Shirley calling Lindsay’s friends pretending to be Mexican after the murder. Shirley seen around the corner walking just after the murder. Jason’s strange behaviour which would take pages to summarize. Having followed this from the start there is just no question in my mind that the zailos are at the heart of this. I’m glad to see people coming forward to help make some of the connections.

      • tracey says:

        If anyone wants to know who killed her just ask zig himself, he hired someone he knew, someone most likely involved in the drug business. Hell angel is a good possibility because some will murder as they go shooting up the organized crime hierarchical ladder. Maybe this is why the police aren’t helping much, either their very scared or apart of something themselves. Chances are the Hell angel are involved but if not then it’s only a few involved within their drug business. It might be extremely hard to find out who did the stabbing because of organized power. However, that being said, HA have been proven before to not be above the law, get some police who are up for the challenge to take these cowards on. Money had to be the main reason they agreed to stab. The woman who accompanied him makes me lean towards its not an HA but vid and delcazars associates.

    • Dhakman says:

      Shirley Zailo was actually the target and still should be. The switch was made to Lindsay because Shirley controls the drug money for her sons and Ziggy Matheson. If Shirley got offed the breast feeders and the little lame idiot would have never figured out how to pay. Shirley paid the debt off after Lindsay was snuffed. She conveniently got rid of Lindsay without having to be involved or pay for it. The “C” word fits Shirley perfectly. She used the debt and her idiot son to get what she wanted. Bye bye Lindsay.

      • Shirleys angel's says:

        Shirley – mama white rock has all those dirty money laundering real estate connections and her boys in the family business. Talk about thick as thieves. She is well know to all the thuggery gang underworld. There is alot of money at stake here. Killing isn’t really a concern if it threatens the cash flow. There are certain fellows that call the shots and keep the wheel turning. It’s well known you do what you’ve been told or else. Why do you think even the saanich police backed off…. Because THEY WERE TOLD TO ! That’s why. Shirley is the answer to all of this. She knows who dunnit and the police know she knows. OINK OINK !

      • clifford danco says:

        What debt? Are you willing 2 share more

  7. Rob says:

    Poor Lins. I’m sick of all the delay on arresting the losers who killed our beautiful Lins. What a friend. If you connected with Lins you were definitely a friend for life. There were lots of us all through school she always stayed in touch with no matter what. It’s was cool to be her friend. She was so full of life. We really have to step forward for her peeps. Unfortunately Lins didn’t discriminate and sometimes took pity on the ones who were outcasts. That was Lins. She friended everyone before facebook made that concept popular. It might have been her downfall though.

    One loser that comes to mind is Mitch Hawthorne. He was kind of a hang around the cool girls all through school because he was such a wimp. Turned out to be an even bigger loser joining the FOB Gang in Calgary and becoming a really big drug dealing goof loser. He got busted with the gang in a huge bust same year Lindsay was murdered and he was the kind of two faced prick that would turn on anyone. Mitch was the asshole Lins visited while in Calgary because he was an old friend. That was Lins. You guys might be on the wrong people busted in Calgary as Mitch Hawthorne is scum. He is still involved in the drug trade as far as anyone I’ve talked to knows. Once a goof loser always a loser. Check the link below.

  8. John says:

    It is most important that we show Dateline NBC the utmost respect. This was a murder that happened in Canada yet it was an American televised network that dared to take the story on. Incredible indeed. I take seriously the final statements made by the experts “Yolanda Cleary” crime scene investigator, “Dwayne Stanton”, retired homicide detective, and “Alan Jackson” Prosecutor in Los Angeles. “ALL” agreed that Lindsay’s murder was personal, that it was someone close to her and probably someone in the same business. They agreed the crime scene was a forensic nightmare, that considerable planning went into this murder. and that it would be loose lips that would solve this case.

    At one time he Saanich Police had a few working theories, but once once they cleared Jason Zailo and his family that one very “personal” theory went right out the window. They chased down the Calgary drug bust theory then declared there was nothing to connect Lindsay to the Calgary drug bust. There went the drug theory. To my knowledge the Saanich Police have never cleared the ex-boyfriend and why is that as there is not a shred of evidence that points to him as being involved. Not unless you want to believe this murder is connected to the Project Everywhichway scandal.

    Can someone tell me why the police were even looking at the Calgary Drug bust as a motive for Lindsay’s murder? Did someone point them in that direction?

    The arrests of the first two men in that High Noon take down in Calgary did not come until late January, which means the people involved were taken by surprise with no clue they were going to be busted. If they had they would have shut their operation down and waited until the smoke cleared.

    If the crime phone was bought in late November and the planning started then what could this murder have to do with that bust. Makes no sense. Erickson gets busted, arrested in late January? So why was the planning started in November and the phone purchased in late November. The choosing the location to murder, the dress, the moves, the timing of the operation would take weeks. Sure as hell Lindsay’s murder wasn’t planned by a few morons a few days after the Calgary drug bust. Not even possible.

    This murder was being set up in 2007 and just the GO date had not been set. Sounds as if the GO date to murder was set in motion immediate upon the announcement of the Calgary bust.

    Point to Calgary. Look over there when you should really be looking over here.

    This investigation has become an insult to Lindsay, her family and the community. So many red herrings and I won’t point the finger in any particular direction as I am just as clueless to what is going as all the rest of the people waiting for justice in this case.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      You are so damn right John. The Calgary arrests didn’t happen until January 22, 2008 so the Calgary bust cannot be the reason for Lindsay’s murder 11 days later on February 2, 2008.

      Police said the killers were planning the murder in late 2007

      • clifford danco says:

        All the police really know is the phone was purchased sometime then… this does not mean thats when the official planning was taking place as many criminals have plenty of burner phones around for when the need arises. Someone on here who knows Ovidio and Medardo came on here and said they both told him they were directly involved in the murder and it was their cowardly pointing the finger at lindsay for the drug bust in calgary to save their own asses…. I woudln’t be so sure this didn’t involve the bust – Im not saying I know what went down.

      • Kelly says:

        First of all, what Lindsay seen was an awful lots of street drugs worth a lot of money that were being both imported then sold to JZ, SZ, Rz, etc. friends, business associates, etc., and then sold at the street level. Lindsay then wanted to distance herself from this creepshow and told Jason she planned on leaving. Lindsay changed realtor offices. JZ and ZM wanted her gone but JZ wanted her gone the very most, this was very personal. Lindsay would not be “allowed” to just simply up and walk freely away from him, No, not at all. In fact, JZ would use the excuse “she saw and knows far too much to walk away” Also, regardless of Lindsay seeing anything she was not going to be allowed to leave him period. JZ set the plan in motion from that day forward, he talked with ZM who said he could connect JZ with a killer(s) for a nice chunk of CASH. JZ agreed. Contract murder. The Calgary drug bust was a way to convince the murder had to take place other than ZM and JZ because they already agreed together she was a threat and knew and saw too much already. Now start talking to others who their drug business was in jeopardy with Lindsay leaving…

        JZ tried in vain to lavish Lindsay with expensive gifts and he used his family and mom to try to make her stay. Remember that expensive ski trip? Look at the pic of Lindsay pointing at a menu or something at the ski lodge, she looks stressed out. Lindsay just knew she had to leave and get away, she just didn’t know what a psychopathic creep she was really with, she just knew she would leave and let the rest be history. JZ then tried one last attempt to keep her, asked his mom to take a walk with her find out information and convince her to stay. Once he knew for sure she was leaving he had her killed. The problem with police is they publically cleared them all at the beginning!! Big mistake people!! They never should have been cleared that early on in the investigation. They most likely were cleared for a few reasons, probably the wealth and success of SZ working in the realtor business with shady real estate dealing already going on and lots of higher ups getting good deals. Then drugs, lots and lots of cocaine! Its not just for tent city peeps! Cocaine and heroin are glamorized in every walk of life, lots of corruption when it comes to cocaine. Nice parties with rich, wealthy clientele buying all the time. CORRUPTION. Plain and simple. Lindsays case needs to be handed over to another party willing to play fair and take a stand for justice and not be intimidated by some of the people involved here.

    • . says:

      I agree! Too many obvious red flags here however they might know who was involved but not the actual killers (trying to make a point/scare the person close to her). It’s bigger then that it was a warning to pay up or stop the competition and back out). Don’t think any people mentioned actually killed her but was the reason why she died. It was intentional & set up for a reason. The problem is when your playing with the “big boys” dealers it can be a very scary world and if you make a mistake or fuck up for whatever reason they will come for you or whoever your close to. May not be you or their mother, sibling but the next close thing. Right???? I think there’s lots of tips and clues but there’s to many loser drug dealers that think their king and crazy that if you don’t do what they say or give them what you want there’s a price to pay. Perhaps another rivalry screwed them from delivering and they were warned you better fix it ASAP or else & it just didn’t/couldn’t happen. Then someone has to pay and unfortunately it was poor Lindsay. Unfortunately will be a hard case because there’s so many drug dealers, wanna be gangsters, involved in coke & grow ops that are in this town. You had no choice or chance to not be involved because there everywhere wither u like/want it or not. You grow up with them, went to school with them, know them somehow (it’s a small island) and cost a lot to live here & look cool which is important to them. Lots of people &
      Girls hang out or grown up with these losers. They get away with murder literally, just a spank & let go. They know who they are cause they’ve been in trouble before & warned. But I think they are very connected and get out some how wither it’s on bail, ratting someone or just keeping low and having no actual part in it but orcastrating it to puppets who take their fall. They all probably know &
      Are scared to say or do anything that’s to big ( carrying to much, carrying themselves, or have a few working for them) so you don’t get to repremendent and bailed out) it’s disgusting but sure they know what their doing and how to get away with it. It’s obvious that one of these many drug dealers mentioned screwed up and Lindsay paid the price 😦

  9. Jeff Buziak says:

    Saanich Police. “We aim to Shoot, Serve out Excuses and Protect Ourselves”

    Its interesting how we are brainwashed into accepting certain behaviours that don’t rationally make sense when we compare them to our own situations. We are now being told that its okay for authorities to blast an animal because they show potential threat to humans but if anyone from the public blasts any animal they consider a threat you will be jailed and charged with multiple criminal offences. They shot dead a prize gorilla because he posed a potential threat to a child. Believe me I’m on the fence because no one wants to see a child hurt by anyone or anything. Tough decision but we couldn’t personally make that same decision and get away with it. What about Lindsay?

    Saanich police have exercised the same behaviour when one of theirs is threatened in anyway just ask the Camaso family who lost a husband and father. A Saanich police officer felt threatened by Majencio Camaso who was struggling with life so the officer pulled out his gun and when the man didn’t follow orders the officer blasted his ass with his gun and the husband and father died on the spot from three gunshot wounds. The Camaso family was awarded a settlement showing the negligence of Saanich police who had the audacity to appeal the judgement and put the family through more torture, agony and attempted suppression of truth. Cops have guns and will blast you if you threaten them but if somebody threatens us and we blast them we face multiple charges and go to jail with a lifetime firearm bans. Saanich police officer-No Jail. WTF????????????? What about Lindsay?

    Why is it when I am in Victoria and confronted by drug thug goofs like Ziggy, Vid, Del Alcazars etc I can’t pull out a gun and blast their asses. Saanich police can do it. The Saanich police officer who shot and killed Majencio Camaso did not serve one day of jail time either. Cops tell us their lives are in danger and they have to make split second decisions. They have fucking loaded guns and are heroes! We aren’t allowed to use/carry guns. Majencio had nothing! What about our lives? What about Lindsay’s life? The Camaso family was basically paid off to go away after they initiated legal action and were dragged through the system by Saanich using tax payer’s funds. Maybe I should thrown down a twenty and then blast the next drug goof who threatens me? Saanich police do it why cant I? Jeez, I was threatened by goof Vid right in front of a Saanich police officer and he did nothing and deemed it not worthy of criminal charges. I bet if Vid would have threatened the officer he would of pulled out his gun and blasted his ass dead or charged him with threatening a police officer cause that is what Saanich police do if its them being threatened. Vid kind of looks like a stunted gorilla so why didn’t the officer shoot him as he was a potential threat to me? Oh yeah, I’m not a Saanich police officer.

    Lindsay. Do you really think if Lindsay was a Saanich cop, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt etc it would be dragged on for eight punishing years? Not a hope in hell. The people responsible would be blasted, harassed, punished and forced to confess or die. I want Saanich police Chief Downie to think about that along with every member of the Saanich police force. Don’t any one of you have the balls to do something about Lindsay’s murder. Go look at your wives, girlfriends and daughters tonight and tell me what you would do if someone murdered one of them, then get off your sorry asses and do something about Lindsay’s murder before somebody else does. If nothing else, its your bloody job! Stop the lame excuses and lowering all efforts on Lindsay’s unsolved murder because you are too dam lazy and or incompetent. Just admit you can’t do the job and give it to some else who can. You’ve had eight years!!!!!!! Quit trying to blame everything and everyone why you and Saanich police are failing Lindsay, her family, friends and the community Chief Bob. Do your job, get off the job or shoot me because I’m not going away.

    • Cheddar says:

      Vid is disgusting. Growing up with that bug eyed freak was terrifying. Him and the midget wanna be mafia would show up to parties they were not invited to and immediately start beating people up. I witnessed a good friend be smashed in the head with a pipe. They had never met before. Emerson, Erickson and the entire creepy crew. Keep working harrrd on the bicep curls boys but don’t forget leg day at the gym. You all look like juiced up midgets with skinny legs. And remember to toss some food scraps to psycho Shane Wilson. He needs to keep his energy up for kidnapping and beating his fellow drug dealers. We all know Shane can’t afford to feed himself.

      • TL says:

        saw this post while surfing…. it’s more of the same of what we know but it seems to be someone new, different than others that have posted here, the information seems to hint that interviewing ‘drug dealers’ that used to go to school with Lindsay” might just be a little more loose mouthed, willing to talk about things they have heard over time. This was a year ago but we never know who might see this and recognize this situation as their own and come forward with the names of those neighbours.

        “”””” anon MARCH 27, 2015 AT 11:35 AM
        another article in TC on drug bust on jacklin. the people there are big time drug dealers and went to school with lindsay buziak who was murdered in a vacant house. coincidence? the ties in langford are less than 6 degrees of seperation. i bet landlord at jacklin home is a zailo. gangford is right! organized crime is deep in this town. there are even ties to the basi-virk rail scandal.””””

    • Joanna Mills says:

      It’s pass the responsibility onto another dept. game. And here we go!

      Dear Ms. Mills:

      Thank you for your May 22, 2016 email, addressed to the Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia, the Honourable Suzanne Anton, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, and Mr. Richard Fyfe, Deputy Attorney General, on the Saanich Police Department’s decision regarding allocation of the resources in the homicide investigation of Ms. Lindsay Buziak. Your email has been forwarded to the Policing and Security Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General for response.

      The provincial government provides overall direction respecting police services in the province and ensures there are adequate and effective levels of policing. Police agencies conduct individual investigations at arm’s length from government, and we cannot interfere with or direct police in particular investigations.

      We understand that you have learned that the Saanich Police Department may have moved detectives off of Ms. Buziak’s case. The Saanich Police Department and Police Board are responsible for the service and policies of the department. Should you wish to contact the Board with any questions or concerns regarding the current policies of the Department you can contact the Board at:

      Saanich Police Board
      760 Vernon Avenue
      Victoria BC V8X 2W6
      Telephone: 250-475-1775

      If you are unsatisfied with the response you receive from the Saanich Police Board, you may also file a complaint with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPPC). The OPCC is an independent agency responsible for overseeing the handling of complaints against municipal police to ensure they are handled fairly and impartially. If you have questions about the process of making a complaint you can contact the OPPC as follows:

      Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner
      #501, 947 Fort Street
      PO Box 9895, Stn Prov Govt
      Victoria BC V8W 9T8
      Telephone: 1-877-999-8707

  10. Cassidy Weir says:

    An innocent young woman…a brutal murder… and now a police force that is trying to take the heat off themselves and place the blame on the victim. Why? because they are incompetent, arrogant and have allowed the conspirators to win. The home on desousa in Saanich was chosen because in Saanich you get away with murder. The planners knew this and had inside information of the upcoming retirements 1 day before Lindsay was murdered. A botched investigation…a cover-up and 8 years of promises to a family that this murder would be solved. The killers are free, the people who orchestrated the hit are free…and worst of all the sp know who they all are. Because they don’t have enough hard evidence to arrest, they have chosen to turn the tables, place the blame on the victim herself.. Was it the Chief that orchestrated this new plan of action? Did he decide the best approach was to cast doubt and let the public believe the lies the SP put out there. They can’t retract the false statements they made about Lindsay can they, because they would look more stupid and useless. They put themselves in a squeeze and they had no way out but to blame the victim for her own death.

    My heart goes out to Lindsay’s family. They have been lied to, misled, and left with no hope for justice. All I can say is, it’s a crying shame.

  11. Silver says:

    This may have been posted before but just wondering what do the zailos etc think was the reasoning behind Lindsay’s murder? What do they say to people when they are asked?

    • Marcus says:

      The loose lips sank one ship when sz dared to tell the press that her family had no ties to the man living in that house she rented on Claude Rd. She lied, and by doing so, she blew her cover for all to hear. 5 years is a long time to rent to a drug dealer then claim you didn’t know who he was. Ziggy Matheson rolled into Vic from TO in 1998 and was living at 3460 Quadra when I met him. Sleazy slimy little bastard then and still is. He was a lower level drug dealer then rose up in the ranks as the years went by. It came as no surprise when I recently heard he had connections to the East End HA’s not to mention his good ole buddies Jason and Ryan Zailo. Zig was closely connected to the Zailo boys from the time he hit town. Not sure who found who Zig was their hero and they kissed his ass. Lost touch with Ziggy after I moved from Quadra St but always heard the seedy tales of what he was up to. I laughed when I heard about the raid on Claude – knew immediately it had to be Zig. Heard Zig had 3 grow-up licenses registered on the Claude house he lived in and one of the licenses was in his mother’s name. Now I’m not against the bud, but sure as hell I question why a mother would support her son being involved in the drug trade. Zig had a history of violence, drugs and murder so why would his mother encourage this criminal behavior by helping him to grow weed. Fact is Shirley Zailo & her boys Jason and Ryan knew all about Zig’s past and she was connected to him at the hip for a reason. The MONEY that drugs bring in and the funnelling of that money into clean cash.

  12. Joanna Mills says:

    Saanich’s’ Chief of Police, Bob Downie has decided to shelve the 8-year investigation into the murder of Lindsay Buziak. WHY? From the very beginning the SP led us to believe that Lindsay’s murder was connected to the Calgary Drug Bust. In 2009 after a year of investigating they discounted that theory and made this statement below!

    “According to the Dateline report, Ms. Buziak touched base with an old high-school pal named Erickson Lopez Delalcazar while she was in Calgary visiting her father, Jeff, six weeks before the murder. A month later, Mr. Delalcazar and another man, Graham Scott Taylor of Calgary, were arrested and charged in a major cocaine bust. However, Mr. Jantzen said investigators are convinced there’s no connection between Mr. Delalcazar and the Buziak homicide.”

    The SP had no hard evidence to support their statement to the Times Colonist that Lindsay had met Erickson Delalcazar in Calgary while visiting her father. When Katie De Rosa ran with that same story in 2014 Erickson threatened to sue the Times Colonist and Katie immediately did a retraction. “Such small print few would have noticed it.”

    A HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND? Erickson & Lindsay were NOT High School friends. Lindsay was 5 years younger than Mr. Delalcazar and they did not hang out together. This was a lie started by the SP, fed to the Times Colonist by the SP, and many times printed as TRUTH by the TIMES COLONIST. Though the SP had not a shred of evidence that Lindsay met with Erickson Delalcazar in Calgary, for 8 years they allowed the public to believe that she had. Lindsay was the innocent victim here, yet the SP went out of their way to discredit her reputation by saying she met with Erickson Delalcazar when she DID NOT. The high school friend Lindsay visited while she was in Calgary was Mitch, and that is a FACT. Why has that truth never been told?

    So we need to know why the SP tarnished a young girl’s reputation with their lies and never once made a statement to the public or the Times Colonist to retract what they said. Maybe Chief Bob Downie can speak on this when he comes out of hiding this week and let’s the public know why he has chosen to bring Lindsay Buziak’s murder investigation to a halt. Surely he plans to make a public statement.

    Chief Bob Downie doesn’t want Lindsay Buziak’s murder solved and we need to know WHY NOT? Listening to recent news it sounds like Chief Downie’s brother, who is the CHIEF of Security at UVIC isn’t that interested in solving who is behind all the sexual assaults happening on that campus. At least we now know why UVIC contracted to use the useless Saanich police based CVSA machine. SHAME on you DOWNIE boys.

    • Kelowna heat says:

      Just my take but I’d say these police are hiding more than anyone would care to admit. If I were to guess I’d say they are involved in something that would sink their own department if it got out. No wonder the killers planned to murder her in saanich. It was a sure thing..a done deal…a message to the saanich police in fact… arrogance and a slap in the face to the saanich police. They planned the murder with too much confidence. They stabbed her to death knowing nothing would happen.

  13. Annoumsius says:

    Who is the guy on the right in the green “Abercrombie Wrestling” shirt?

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Greg Martel is a mortgage broker and was working in the same office as Jason at the time of Lindsay’s murder.

      • Tanis watson says:

        I heard that’s the guy who owns the chatters salons around the Victoria area. Was he still having an affair at the time of this picture? Did his wife end up leaving Are they still together? Maybe she might have information she wants to share with your group. They live in central saanich or something. I’ll ask my friend from yoga class for more information. Tanis watson

        • Edith rhyerson says:

          This picture is eery has the guy in green been questioned? How can the police ignore this picture? I can not imagine how heart breaking this is for Lindsay’s family. Saanich police what is wrong with you ? this is sick. I feel terrible this poor girl was so savagely stabbed to death and you appear to not be a very capable bunch. Is there any way the saanich police can be held accountable for their lies and cover ups. I know the police are guilty of something here. I just know it. Someone has got to do something! Can anyone help? Edith Rhyerson whiterock BC

  14. I recently paid a visit to the Saanich Police website and came across this statement made by Chief Constable Bob Downie. This man has done nothing to fulfill his promise to the community to Serve & Protect. Rather, he has gone into hiding since making it known that the Lindsay Buziak file is no longer an active investigation. This is disgraceful behavior and I urge the Chief of Police to do the community due diligence and tell the truth about what is really going on. If he cannot do this, he needs to step aside from his position as the Chief of Police. The people of Saanich want transparency, and they want to know why the conspirators in the Buziak case have been allowed to remain free to kill again. Saanich needs a Police Chief with integrity and one who has a genuine concern for his people. Clearly it’s not Bob Downie.


    I am pleased to introduce the Saanich Police web site and invite members of the public to learn more about the ways in which the department serves the community. Our aim is to work with other agencies and citizens to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Saanich and across the region. Our mission is to work with other agencies and citizens to ensure the safety and security of our community. Whenever possible. Our commitment to community policing demands an ability to establish dialogue with the community in order that we may be responsive to community concerns.

    Approve Trash | Mark as Spam

    • samspade90 says:

      I was just looking over some things from the Crown Counsel website, specifically, this, regarding the ” Public Interest in a Prosecution”. It seems to me that Lindsay’s case, meets most of the criteria.

      Crown Counsel must determine whether the public interest requires a prosecution. Hard and fast rules cannot be imposed as the
      1 U.K., H.C. Debates, vol. 483, col. 681, (29 January 1951).
      Charge Assessment Guidelines Page 4 of 6 CHA 1
      public interest is determined by the particular circumstances of each case and the legitimate concerns of the local community. In making this assessment, the factors which Crown Counsel will consider include the following:
      1. Public Interest Factors in Favour of Prosecution
      It is generally in the public interest to proceed with a prosecution where the following factors exist or are alleged:
      (a) the allegations are serious in nature;
      (b) a conviction is likely to result in a significant sentence;
      (c) considerable harm was caused to a victim;
      (d) the use, or threatened use, of a weapon;
      (e) the victim was a vulnerable person, including children, elders, spouses and common law partners (see policies ABD 1, CHI 1, ELD 1 and SPO 1);
      (f) the alleged offender has relevant previous convictions or alternative measures;
      (g) the alleged offender was in a position of authority or trust;
      (h) the alleged offender’s degree of culpability is significant in relation to other parties;
      (i) there is evidence of premeditation;
      (j) the offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor (see policy HAT 1);
      (k) there is a significant difference between the actual or mental ages of the alleged offender and the victim;
      (l) the alleged offender committed the offence while under an order of the Court;
      (m) there are grounds for believing that the offence is likely to be continued or repeated;
      (n) the offence, although not serious in itself, is widespread in the area where it was committed;
      (o) the need to protect the integrity and security of the justice system and its personnel;
      (p) the offence is a terrorism offence;
      (q) the offence was committed for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a criminal organization.

      Then there is hope from the Maple Battalia murder. One goof charged as an accessory. Perhaps Vid and some others, should be concerned.

      ” Schultes said in his decision that the Crown’s case was based on inferences drawn from circumstantial evidence. He said it’s possible with large bodies of circumstantial evidence to find inconsistencies or alternative explanations for individual pieces, however, looking at the totality of the evidence, Bedi had to have a degree of knowledge of and involvement in the crime. “

      • Yes, this where we must go – the judicial system!

      • Joanna Mills says:

        I sent a letter to Chief Bob Downie earlier today and this was the automated response I received. Clearly Chief Downie is in hiding and needs to sharpen his grammar/spelling skills or he needs to hire people that can represent him in a more professional manner.

        From: Bob Downie

        Date: May 27, 2016 at 5:57:47 PM PDT
        To: Joanna Mills
        Subject: Automatic reply: The Murder of Lindsay Buziak

        I am working away from the office and will return June 2, 2016. I will respond to email during this time, but it may be a slower respnse that if I was in thie office. If you require immediate assistance, please contact our outstanding staff, Heather or Lorna, at ext. 1508, or by e-mail at

        Thank you.

        Bob Downie, O.O.M.

        Chief Constable

        Saanich Police Department

        • TL says:

          Does that happen to be his direct email address at the police office by any chance.

          We could blow up his computer but we would have to synchronize date and time where everyone sends the same message or your own at exactly the same time.

          “”Bob Downie you are a loser officer of the law. Get off your fat ass, quit eating donuts & arrest the people responsible for Lindsay’s brutal murder, you know who they are now go get them. Use those great interrogation skills the detectives have learned in the course of their careers. And really, I don’t give a shit about the peripheral players whatever is going on that you cannot arrest because it would threaten ‘someone’s’ secrets. Really worry about that later but a least give Lindsay the justice she deserves. She was an innocent caught up with wolves & it is not fair that you will not arrest and interrogate to weed out the truth. If something else come up, keep it on the lowdown, those of us that love or have come to love Lindsay as a beautiful young woman, working hard at becoming successful and for some baffling unknown reason she was murdered. Please just give us that. Why & who or maybe just confirm the who and the rest of the story is pretty much been told on this blog Justice For Lindsay Buziak.

          Also I am in the middle of starting a petition thru facebook calling for our government to step in. Not sure who or what compose as the intent of the petition. Joanna, perhaps at some point we can communicate about that. Cheers.

          Love you Jeff, still here got your back in making sure you receive the Justice for Lindsay you seek, that she deserves.

          I am not afraid to stand up to those pigs at Saanich.they’ve beaten me up once, so doing it again will be no surprise. That’s the way they roll. In fact I’m with the author of the post regarding protesting, taking a stand against the establishment. Then talk about the crown also being corrupt, the day of my trial the cop admitted he lost his cool, I was found not guilty of the ever popular claim by the oinkers that I had assaulted one of them…. NOT. in fact I was sitting in my car when they yanked me out and started physically injuring me, “Old Boys Club” before trial started, must have gotten to the judge (thru prosecutor) with the message “we could be sued big time for this’. What does the judge do, he makes a statement at the very end of his verdict of not guilty that the “Police had acted professionally throughout the circumstance letting Saanich off the hook for any lawsuit ever, never, for the injuries, loss of wages, broken glasses. I got ZERO. They kept their jobs. WHY……


      • Mannix says:

        i) There is evidence of premeditation.
        This is a matter that has always astounded me.
        Mr.Zailo pointing the knife to Lindsay.
        This is troubling in itself and there has been no follow up by the Saanich Police.
        Why is Mr.Zailo not prosecuted for his actions?
        Why was this Vid not prosecuted for threatening Jeff?
        Let’s see some action.
        Justice for Miss Lindsay Buziak, her Family and the Saanich
        Action now.
        This cannot continue and is coming to the light.

  15. Al says:

    Could the Norteno Gang, from S. California, that has been invading Victoria recently have anything to do with Lindsay’s murder? Sounds like they get their drugs from Mexico and through the city of Langford. Please read attached article, very revealing info about gangs and their “11 unwritten rules”

    • OC says:

      Some time ago, Dallas Destiny did comment on this blog about Sheena and his boys, the Nortenos gang making threatening comments that she would meet the same demise as Lindsay if she talked, after being sexually assaulted!  

      There are so many possible links to organization crime in Lindsays murder, it is actually criminal on the part of Saanich Police that this was never turned over to a higher authority.  

      Where is the Organized Crime Agency of BC?   Why are they not stepping in?  With all the evidence of possible organized crime involvement, isn’t it INCUMBENT on them to take over!  They should have stepped in years ago.  

      We have the following:
      The horrific style of murder
      “The Mexicans” connection used.
      The Calgary drug bust, and that Lindsay was a rat as a motive (false) who ratted?  
      Jasons fear of the Hells Angels after Lindsays murder, why?
      The Triads, and 36 oaths comments of involvement 
      The Nortenos gang and Sheena’s comments to Dallas Destiny
      Drugs, drugs, and drugs, $,$,$, Involved with many players connected to the Zailos
      Many posters who are themselves involved in organized crime making cryptic comments, and have evidence that was not gathered by the Saanich Police. Why? 

      What more is required for them to take over.  We are not deaf, dumb and blind.  But the Saanich Police have acted “speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil”. Why?  This was way beyond a “local” authority. 

      If the local authority has failed due to a possible cover up,Or incompetence,   let the chips fall where they may.  They should be held accountable.  

      Does BC really want to solve organized crime “crimes”? Obviously not – just like Pickford, and Piggys Palace.  Totally whitewashed!  Why? Again, cover up?  

      On another note, Bill Cosby has finally been charged with criminal sexual assault, after all these years.  At least some law enforcement people have the guts to proceed with charges.  Another creepo, using and abusing women!  
      But, it has finally caught up with him, this many years later, through persistence!  

      Justice for Lindsay!  

      • samspade90 says:

        In May of 2013, Kenneth Hein, 76, from Ladysmith, was murdered. This much loved gentleman still drove a gravel truck at his age. He had over 300 people come to his Funeral. His best friend put out a reward. He had 3 people that did not know each other, give him the same name of a person they believed responsible. This information was given to the RCMP with no response or acknowledgement. 3 years on, the RCMP are ” happy with where they are in the investigation “, which is still active and open. Family and friends are frustrated, wondering what is taking so long.
        So, is every Police force incompetent ? Very secretive, refusing to let family know what is happening ? Are these investigations mandated to be run this way ? Is Crown the real stumbling block ? The proof they need has to be ” beyond a reasonable doubt “. Are they demanding the almost impossible ” proof with absolute certainty ” ? Yet, in Civil cases the Court demands ” the preponderance of evidence ” has to show a person is Guilty. Maybe street justice IS going to be the only justice Lindsay sees.

        • OC says:

          Yes, I believe that is where it is going, because The RCMP, police etc, don’t give a shit. When you go to them, they shun you. go away,”pls go away, we can’t do anything,,, So, we may well go back to street justices,,,, The charter protects the guilty, the courts protect the guilty, $$$$ protects the guilty. The innocent, and those seeking justice are now at the back of the line. There is no longer any police muscle!! The criminals know they have a 99 percent chance of getting away with murder.

          As for the Crown, they are becoming a joke. Absolutely zero balls! All of them are so afraid of the big $$$$lawyers!!! little scaredy cats. And obviously incompetent at that!!!!

          The big question now is “Does the Charter need to be reviewed?
          Do we need a review of OUR CHARTER Of RIGHTS?

          Has it all become just SO protective, there will never be TRUTH and JUSTICE!

          Whois laughing – the criminals””””

          Zailos look out – street justice may be upon you!!! Maybe the justice will wake up?

          As for Mr Hein, whAt a fucking disgrace. Incompetent policing and justice.

          There will be an uprising soon. It’s happening in the USA!!!! It’s happening world wide. People are fucking pissed!!!
          The innocent need to take a page from their book, and say ok “pop” catch me now! Prove it? Zippered mouth! And just carry on with life as usual.

          TECHNICALITIES – it’s all about little technicalities. No justice, just technicalities that the weak judges go for. Weak RCMP! weak Crown attorneys, weak judges! That is the truth of our Canadian judicial system!!!! So sorry and sad to say, but the truth.

          NO BALLS ANYMORE! An old boys club!

      • Jeromy barnes says:

        How capable are the saanich police to solve anything let alone capable to take on the crimes of Mexican gangs. I hate to rain on your parade but the Mexicans trump saanich wife beating donut eaters every time.

    • Jacine jadrepsycho says:

      Vid might be able to answer that if he makes it back from Mexico …Alive I’m curious if it’ll be him or having knocked off first

  16. Silver says:

    Just curious what is the reason for this not being considered a cold case? Or why can’t it be turned over to the Vancouver police dept?

  17. Paul Bunion says:

    I will agree to many of the post here about the local investigators.

    I have found many reasons to doubt either their abilities or desire to work this case. I am back.

    Sorry for the absents.

    • Poseur cops. says:

      I believe everyone should c.c. The federal Minister of Justice! Corruption in BC is rampant! It’s about time it is all exposed! Even Paul Bunion, a seasoned investigator with 1000 convictions is realizing there is an internal problem? Drugs and money in the force??? Weak protectors of the public that we pay their salaries. Poseur cops! Exposure is required!!! We, the people……

    • Joanna Mills says:

      And when are you going to do something.

      • Paul Bunion says:

        I can not do anything on this case. I can only give my opinion and what I believe to be important information.

        I hold no authority in any form outside my boundaries yet when chasing crooks it’s all the same. Doing what I do does not happen in mere weeks or months, yet it takes time to watch and analyze video, search sites and collect plausible information.

        You ask when? I will reply “I have”. Yet you and others have not seen it yet, And Jeff will be the first eyes to view.

        If what I pass on appears to Jeff that it is worth moving on then it will be he that shows the rest not me.

        And to the creepers on here”YES” you are and soon you will be.

  18. Jeff Buziak says:

    CHIEF BOB DOWNIE WHO ARE YOU AFRAID OF? YOU are the Commander and leader of the Saanich police. YOU made the decision to scale back Lindsay’s murder investigation and YOU reassigned all the full time officers. Now YOU as the head of the police force commanding these actions are hiding behind your press bobble head. That is not Serve and Protect sir. That is fear and arrogance. YOU sir need to speak to the people YOU made a pledge to serve and protect not your pr bobble head. What are you AFRAID of sir? YOU know who conspired and killed Lindsay. I am not afraid sir. WHY ARE you? Why are YOU punishing Lindsay’s family, friends and the community you serve? Why have you abandoned Lindsay? Why are YOU protecting the conspirators and killers of Lindsay Buziak?

    • Sandos on says:

      In response to Jeff, I agree with everything you were saying in regards to Bob Downie.(whom I went to school with, he was a hot head and certainly was not the smartest tool in the shed) But, he is not the “top gun” at Saanich Police, because I know that the top ranking person is Inspector Todd Bryant. As Inspector, everything goes through him. All major decision and the conduct of all of the staff, fall under his command.

      • Frank shady Leonard says:

        There’s a reason all other police departments can’t stand the saanich police. WEAKNESS!

    • Rick says:

      There are consequences to solving Lindsay’s murder and they have been carefully explained to Bob D. He understands which should be clear to you people. Saanich police will not solve Lindsay’s murder under Bob’s command.
      You see, the pawn is the most numerous piece in a game of chess but, also the weakest.

      • Saanich lies says:

        Bingo ! They are not fooling anyone. In corrupt saanich lies many dirty secrets. This case is about so much more than Lindsay’s murder. Saanich was chosen as the crime scene FOR A REASON. That is a fact. This can not be hidden forever. I’d like to think Ziggy would squeel for a deal here and shave a few years off his inevitable prison sentence. But this is much bigger than that little woman beating twerp. It’s the whole fucking police department bending over doing as their told like a bunch of rat goof pussies.

    • Barry says:

      I concur with Rick and Sandos that Bob is an angry man with no balls and follows orders. He is the third Chief of Saanich police since Lindsay’s murder and nothing really has been done except by you people and Jeff’s relentless dedication. You see Saanich police is an old boys club that always promotes a chief from within but not necessarily the most qualified, the brightest or the best man for the job. The guy who gets the job is the guy least threatening to the ranks and has the most support of the ranks. He kissed a lot of ass or sucked a lot of dick depending how you see it on his way to chief.

      I believe I know who Rick represents from my time on the job and his club wields a bigger stick than the Saanich good old boys club but what he speaks is the truth and the reality of this situation. What is needed here is the truth and this is as close as it gets.
      Atwell looked like he had a chance to make change at Saanich as he vowed to have all new Chiefs at Saanich police be appointed by open to the public competition. As we’ve seen the old boys club have him securely tied to a post and especially now with angry Bob as Chief of Saanich police and Bob’s wife as Atwell’s executive assistant; protected in that position by the union.

      You want the truth well Rick gave it to you. Lindsay’s murder will not be solved under Bob’s rule as Chief and it isn’t because of lack of evidence or hard work on the part of a couple of the investigating officers. Chief Bob has been told what to do with Lindsay’s Murder file and if he wants to retire as Chief of Saanich police he will follow orders and his bobble head, as Jeff calls him, will do his talking.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Well, if the Saanich Police always promote Chiefs from within it is definitely an old boy’s club. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. In other words, if you see evil/corruption within the ranks keep your fucking mouth shut and your job will be secure. The turn a blind eye policy within the SP Dept is alive and well and it looks like the short-fuse angry temper eyed Bob Downie has seen to that. Just over 2 years as the new Chief of Police and he has already tarnished the integrity of this entire police department and gone all out to ensure that Lindsay Buziak’s murder case was shelved. You Chief Downie are a stain on the SP uniform. You know nothing about Serve and Protect. You have now be inducted into the Hall of Shame.

        • John says:

          I am lost for words with what is going on in Saanich right now. What in god’s name has gone wrong that the Saanich Police Dept. would decide to throw in the towel in this murder investigation just when they they were not long ago giving Lindsay’s family hope that her murder would be solved. What’s going on behind the scenes? What are we not seeing here? If you can’t solve this murder, and it looks like you can’t why did you drag this out for so many years and leave us all to believe you knew what you were doing when you really didn’t. I have lost all faith in humanity, justice and a police force who is supposed to serve and protect. There can be only one reason for these empty words and hollow promises. It’s political and someone in power does not want this murder solved. This is a huge red flag with serious undertones of corruption. Just how high does this go?

          • I am disgusted says:

            The day Saanich police did not stand up and hold a public press conference, nor show any support for Jeff and justice for Lindsay, the same day they hid behind the propaganda of Times colonist newspaper was the day I deemed them guilty and just as cowardly as the conspirators and murderers of Lindsay Buziak! The betrayal against her is both sickening and disgusting beyond words. I am appalled the Mayor of Saanich allows this bs to go on and on without stepping up to the plate. If I didn’t know better I would say the police actions are looking more and more guilty of something, what exactly that is is in my opinion- drugs and drug cover-ups, arrogance, ego, pride, corruption and ballessness! Where are the courageous men and women of justice? Come on someone in authority like the Mayor please hold the police accountable and demand them to hand over Lindsay police file to competent, courageous, justice minded, honorable law abiders because the police handling her file clearly are hiding behind corruption. If they really cared for Lindsay and her family and cared for justice to be executed then why wouldn’t they show they care? What do they have to lose by showing they care and by doing something? What, make the murderers squirm a bit? What’s wrong with that? Hold a press conference and show complete 100% support towards Jeff but you can’t and won’t and haven’t done that!! NO! Instead you ACT like he has done something wrong, like he’s embarrassing you by asking for justice, what is up?? Saanich police you look so guilty and its so disgusting yet no one has had the decency or balls or courage to actually show even a little tiny bit of support for Lindsay. To show support would mean you would stand together with Jeff and his supporters and Lindsay NOT against them! Not hiding behind Times colonist and certainly not allowing Lindsays file to sit collecting dust on a desk keeping silent,,,,TOO SILENT! In fact, your silence is speaking for you all, its saying an awful lot in fact its backfiring on you all! Seriously, silence can say a lot and it certainly is telling us here what and who you stand for and its not justice for Lindsay. If I am wrong then start talking and start supporting JUSTICE for Lindsay, her family, her friends and her supporters. That’s the least you can right now. Signed, DISGUSTED

  19. Joanna Mills says:

    It is most disturbing to read the recent Times Colonist article on the Lindsay Buziak case and to hear the police do their utmost to discredit Lindsay’s father. This statement was made by spokesperson Sgt. Jerome Leslie but who were these words really spoken by? Chief Bob Downie?

    “The investigation into the 2008 slaying of a real estate agent in Saanich remains open -despite the claims of her father police say.”

    This is a high-profile murder case! Why is Chief Bob Downie not calling a Press Conference to make a statement and tell us the truth about where this case stands. Jeff Buziak is not lying. Why would he? The police are lying and covering their asses, that is the only reason to run to the Times Colonist. The fact is, they have reassigned the officers that have been working the Buziak file to other full-time positions. And that includes Det Chris Horsley. The blame does not lie on the investigators that have been reassigned, it lies smack on Chief Bob Downie. The Chief’s actions are unprofessional. He needs to come forward and tell the truth. His lies will catch up with him.

    The SP have failed Lindsay Buziak and her family. They did not solve her murder and now they are putting the file in a drawer somewhere. Let’s hope they remember where they put it.

    SP, admit you can’t solve this case. Call it a COLD case. Turn the file over to an agency that can take this on. The RCMP, or better yet the Vancouver Island Integrated Homicide Unit. If this had been done years ago this case would be solved now and the conspirators and killers would be doing hard time. Do the right thing and stop torturing this family. Enough is enough.

  20. Jeromy barnes says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I can not understand how the police can ignore the fact the boyfriend is in the picture holding a knife to Lindsay who is then stabbed to death. The Look in his eye says it all this guy is a fucking freak. You’re telling me he had nothing to do with any of this? Where is the justice saanich police? Unfucking believable

    • Lorie says:

      Can anyone please help explain why Saanich police are so heartless & uncaring towards solving Lindsay’s horrifying murder? Is it because the police are covering up drugs within their own precinct? Is it because Shirley Zailo is associated with drugs, as was proven with Ziggy’s large drug bust, and her claiming she didn’t know him when that too was a proven lie? But she now is dating a retired police officer? Please explain. I want to write to these people mentioned on this blog and help fight for what’s right. Thank you, Lorie

      • Maggie whiterock says:

        Frank Leonard should be looked at. There is lots the saanich police are covering up here. It’s going to come out sooner or later. Their incompetance and lies will be exposed. Why are you protecting drug dealing, money laundering and murder in your community? That whole department and municipality of saanich is full of scandal. Everyone hopping from bed to bed. It’s disgusting. Even the mother Shirley Zailo now it turns out is screwing a saanich cop? Is this true Bob Downie? Is this ethical during a murder investigation? Is there chance dateline NBC might be invited back to expose more of the lies being told in saanich? What if this was your murdered daughter? They should all be ashamed of themselves.

      • Kelowna heat says:

        The saanich police are mere puppets in the bigger game. They’re somebody’s bitch. They collect they’re pay cheques and they do as they’re told. Don’t expect anything else here it won’t happen.

  21. Jeff Buziak says:

    Apparently CBC Fifth Estate has been overwhelmed by your responses and requests and get the message. Thank you very, very much. May I please ask that you now turn your attention and frustration of how Saanich police have mis-handled Lindsay’s murder investigation to the following individuals. Lindsay’s case needs to be turned over to The Major Crime Unit now that Saanich police have given up and re-assigned all the officers. Please email these people because if they too are overwhelmed they need to listen to us the people. I cannot stress enough the importance of all of you writing these individuals with your displeasure of Lindsay’s murder not being solved and the conspirators and killers remaining free in the community. Thank you.

    Honourable Suzanne Anton
    E-Mail Address:

    Richard Fyfe
    E-Mail Address:

    Honourable Christy Clark
    E-Mail Address:

  22. Mrs rationality says:

    You have completely changed my mind and my public opinion about Saanich police who are criminal whores. We have a justice system for a reason and clearly Bob Downie is a dirtbag

    • Jacine jadrepsycho says:

      Hes been hiding under the desk whimpering like the crooked coward Frank Leonard. Shame on the lies and corruption!

      • Kello says:

        Read on the blog about writing letters of support to the fifth estate, when we write letters of support highlight the BETRAYAL of Jason! The innocent sweet, professional young lady there to show her house trusting he was going to arrive soon to protect her. No, he didn’t protect her. He had an evil hired murderer and his helper waiting to viciously & brutally attack her, their instructions were clear, make her suffer, get out quick, I’ll be watching from the side street, you’ll see me, when I see you guys in the window that’s my cue & you both leave, leave quickly. I have my unknowing buddy in the car, he’s my eye witness to my innocence. We can bank on getting away with this perfect crime of ours my mother has a lot of power & a lot of higher ups involved in Zig’s drugs, they don’t want anyone finding out, its all so foolproof. I know were going to get away with this, even the Mayor and Shady Sheiffer don’t want to get caught. They will just stay out of this and mind their own business. Now, my premeditated murder can take place.

  23. Jeff Buziak says:

    DOESNT ANYONE TELL THE TRUTH ANY MORE? Read an article in the times colonist today that is about me and they didn’t even have the decency or professionalism to contact me. How do you folks tolerate that paper or is it because it makes good fire starter or liner for your hamster cage. The paper is basically a vehicle for Saanich police propaganda. Whatever Saanich police say they print. What has happened to reporters and investigative journalism. Times colonist probably aren’t aloud to call long distance anymore so they didn’t bother speaking with me like any beginner reporter knows they have to do for a story. Acting Saanich police pr bobble head Jereme Leslie gave them some cop talk crap over the phone and off they ran to make their print deadline.
    Here are the facts: All full time officers that were working on Lindsay’s murder either got promoted (certainly not for solving Lindsay’s case) and/or transferred to other duties. Chris Horsley, Team Commander and Phil MacDonald, lead investigator both have been reassigned though they keep their titles in case something comes in and they need to deal with it. No more are they focused on Lindsay’s murder. The other part of the triangle is Terry Parker who is head of the detective division and does not really work any file directly as he heads the department.
    Lindsay’s case remains active sitting on someone’s desk corner in case something falls on their laps on top of the icing and active so I cannot get access to information. It has to be classified as cold case for me to access some information and they won’t do that will they.
    I WAS PERSONALLY INFORMED OF THIS BY CHIEF BOB DOWNIE in the presence of Inspector Terry Parker and S/Sgt Chris Horsley. Saanich police pr bobble head jereme leslie and his buddies at times colonist can say whatever crap spin talk they want. THIS IS THE TRUTH. Where is Chief Bob Downie hiding? Probably at Vid’s place. You’d think the leader of Saanich police might speak on a most important topic like this wouldn’t you? Especially when I am directly calling him out. Oh I forgot, he was trained under Frank Leonard and hates the new Mayor who his wife is executive assistant for. The Mayor is head of the police board. (yes almost incest)
    That news paper should be ashamed of themselves. They are even too afraid to post the author who is probably sp bobble head Leslie himself. Pathetic isn’t it. Another good ole BC cover-up supported by the times colonist.

    • Saanich PD needs to start telling the truth!! says:

      Times colonist did the exact same thing many years ago, they ran an article about my son without meeting him, he was a child at the time and they ran their lying mouths off, to try and make the ministry sound good and save their pathetic selves. I can’t stand them, they are about lying propaganda, not speaking the truth at all! They always have to try to make the police or who ever they think is in authority look perfect, when social justice issues are at hand they will cover things up. I also worked for an organization years ago, at a local shelter and it took the police and ambulance an hour to arrive on scene for a 99 call, a dying street person!! My co worker had performed CPR trying in vain to help him live. The next day the Times colonist ran a lying article about how Vic PD tried saving the mans life!! Yes this is the truth! They lie! This does not surprise me what they are doing or NOT DOING for Lindsay! Saanich police have something to hide and quite obviously pure, evil corruption at the root cause here. The botched up investigation and publically clearing Jason and Shirley from day 1, no interrogation, no nothing, just simply letting them go! Lindsay’s supporters need to keep fighting the good fight! Have faith, remain strong. Saanich police and their slime cover up Times Colonist do not hold all the power at all. They all have dirty fingers which is why they keep doing nothing! That is why they have reassigned the case and why it now sits collecting dust on someone’s desk.

    • Cart before the horsely says:

      Amen bruthah stay strong!!!

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        When a police Chief can’t tell the public the truth and then hides behind a pr bobble head, FOLKS, we have a serious problem. An arrogance of office.

  24. Joanna Mills says:

    CHEK NEWS Reporter Tess Van Straaten

    May 18th Interview with Jeff Buziak

  25. Jeff Buziak says:

    Please take the time to email, message, or phone The Fifth Estate encouraging them to do a story on Lindsay’s murder. With the Saanich police removing officers from the investigation (essentially making it a cold case), we need to push for more publicity of Lindsay’s unsolved murder in order to put pressure on those involved, the police and the justice system who has failed her.
    I have been in communication with Claude Vickery, Executive Producer and he needs our support and feedback to move forward with a show. Now is our time to shine. Please help by taking the time to contact CBC Fifth Estate requesting a show.

    • samspade90 says:

      Looking at some things, it makes sense to me. Jason was released and talked to Schwartz to ask if ” the Vancouver boys ” had anything to do with Lindsay’s murder. This would indicate that he wasn’t directly involved in the planning and execution, because he would have known full well who. He must have told Lindsay’s family that it is the HA. That is why they are convinced that the Zailos are not involved, and still friends with Jason, and why he cannot try to find the killers. Ziggy says he was not involved, but knows who, and says it was a mistake. If Vid has been implicated, then no doubt the Delalcazars are involved. I have no doubt that the HA are supplying the whole Island with drugs, with each dealer doing their own thing. That is why the whole town has been quiet regarding Lindsay’s murder. Jason could very well have been part of the chain somewhere. I think the murder was a set up on Jason, after all it is always the current or ex boyfriend or husband, or last person to see the victim alive. The close up overkill means personal and passionate. I think Jason somehow suspected something was up. That is why he asked Cohen to go along. That is why he hesitated outside. Once again, he may have run upstairs immediately, because Cohen had walked through the lower floor and not found Lindsay. Was the light on upstairs ?? Perhaps he saw the light and decided to go up. He seems to be a thoughtless bastard, so maybe he pulled in and saw the figures behind the glass and really didn’t want to be an intrusive boyfriend. He phoned Ryan for directions. He was late. Just a fucking jerk.
      Dateline guest Detectives say this is Real Estate oriented. I think Ryan is the one who worked with the Delalcazars. He worked with Lindsay and had the necessary info. He is friends with Jefferson. He is friends with Shane Wilson. Shane is Father of Jacine’s child. Jacine is besties with Vid, who is besties with the Del’s. Ryan was not on Dateline and seems to want to distance himself from any investigation.

      The whole problem is circumstantial evidence and the Crown. Can it be proven that Vid had control of the phone ? Can it be proven that Vid harbored the couple that killed Lindsay ? Have the couple been identified ? Has the motive been positively established ? If Vid or Ziggy were squeezed and all they could come up with was the East End Angels ordered it, or supplied the killers, then what ? The couple could have been from another country and may be dead themselves. This is most likely why the investigation has been ” shut down “. Someone is going to have to go down for some serious shit, in order for them to give all the pieces of the puzzle. They may not even have all the pieces. Plus, the Angels have connections in prison. Maybe cutting a deal for less time is not worth getting shanked the first day in.

      The Saanich Police do not have it easy on this. I believe they have gone as far as they can because they cannot just bring people in and beat a confession or information out of them. Crown has tied their hands. The City cannot get a bunch of campers off the lawn at the Courthouse for fuck sakes.

      I hope the Angels are not involved and will take care of the people responsible. The gangsters in Vancouver seem to accept the risk of death as part of the business. Why shouldn’t the local idiots ?

      • Janice says:

        If Jason suspected that something was going to happen that night Sam, why didn’t he insist Lindsay not go to the appointment. Why not ask Ryan to do the showing instead? Did Jason have ties to the HA like Ziggy? I don’t see the HA being responsible for this hit but then why was Jason so afraid of the HA in East Van? If all Jason’s moves that night was because he feared for his own life then in reality he sent Lindsay to her death. He knew something was going to happen but did nothing to stop it. That’s such a cowardly act. I still think Jason was involved. Why do you think Jason made sure he was seen on the surveillance cameras at that autographix place where he met his friend? A lot remains unanswered for his strange behavior that night.

        • samspade90 says:

          Almost everything about Lindsay’s murder is presumption and conjecture. You are assuming that Jason was ” making sure ” he was seen on camera. Because he immediately believed the East End HA were involved, not just the HA, but specifically the East End chapter, leads me to believe he has been involved in something illegal. Almost certainly Ryan has and probably Old Lady Zailo. Needless to say, Lindsay is dead because of her association to them. It is entirely possible that Jason is just a thoughtless, selfish asshole. He may have thought ” Lindsay is such a drama queen. She’s the only one I know who would be worried about making a million dollar sale “: He simply didn’t care enough about the situation. Didn’t get directions until the drive over. He may have invited Cohen to go to dinner before hockey. He may be habitually late. Maybe Lindsay just asked him to come check on her, but told him to stay outside. So he is late leaving SHC. Phones shithead for directions. Gets over there and sees that people are behind the privacy glass and assumes the showing is almost over. What was she worrying about ?? He sits and chats with Cohen, expecting the people to come out anytime. Maybe they are just chatting inside and he decides to move out onto the street. He really may have not wanted to look like a ” meddling boyfriend “. He finally texts her to see what is going on. Gets no reply and then does panic because he realizes that maybe her concerns were justified. He feels guilty about her murder and being unconcerned, so he says he was going there to deliver papers, trying to disguise the fact he was asked to check on her and failed her. It really could be happenstance. We cannot let our hatred for the prick cloud our objectivity. The people who set Jason up, knew he was also involved in illegal activities and wouldn’t/couldn’t pursue justice. It could be why the Zailos, at one time, thought they may be next. ? Why think that way, if they were part of the planning ?

        • Elizabeth Alexander says:


      • Cart before the horsely says:

        The saanich police know more than they let on. They are afraid of the truth being exposed. Not just about their botched investigation and their weak department. Many more dirty little secrets will surface here. EVERYONE knows that. They are also ashamed of the fact everyone will find out they bend over for the bigger players just like everyone else….like we didn’t already know this… such little boys aren’t they worried that like a game of jenga you pull out that one block and it all crumbles. So what are you hiding saanich police? We know you’re not capable of solving major crimes. Are you afraid the public will find out who’s really calling the shots? Is that it? News flash fellas… The curtain will be pulled back one day you can’t hide it forever. Do you want to be the coward everyone looks back on thinking wow why didn’t they do something ??? Step aside then expose the truth and let a real investigation take place. It’s time to end this.

      • Jacine jadrepsycho says:

        Shirley calls hickford right away. The criminal defence lawyer to a certain select group of CRIMINALS. She sure knew who to call now didn’t she? Gee Any guesses why? You can’t hide this forever saanich it will all come out

    • Michelle says:

      This may seem like a long shot – but have you tried reaching out to John Walsh? Given his personal experience with the horrific loss of his son, perhaps Lindsay’s is a story he would like to share on his CNN show The Hunt.

  26. Very disappointing says:

    Wow, never thought this was going to happen . I thought things were moving forward. I’ve sent letters everywhere. What can we do now? Petition? Can we start a fund and hire PI?

    • Al Bunn says:

      If you had deep pockets and a lot of time and patience you could take some of the alleged murderers to civil court for a wrongful death suit. I’m not sure, but it’s possible if you did this that the SP would have to give you all of their confidential information so as you could properly proceed with the civil suit. The burden of proof is a lot less onerous in a civil court compared to criminal court. And I believe the alleged murderers would have to take the witness stand and defend themselves, opening themselves up to perjury suits. It’s a legal way of getting face to face with those who you believed murdered your loved one and watching them squirm in the witness box. It’s also a way to get the police on the stand and find out what they actually know. In the United States the damages awarded can be substantial because they take into account punitive damages (compassion etc) whereas in Canada the damages are more constrained to the “financial loss” due to the victim no longer being alive. After the gruelling 8 years Jeff has had he may not want to go through this process, but it is an option and I’m sure he would have tons of support, both emotionally and financially if he wanted to take this option.

  27. Joanna Mills says:

    I watched the interview on CHEK News last evening and once again CHEK did their due diligence in covering the story of Lindsay’s unsolved murder. I was surprised when CHEK said they asked Saanich Police to comment but SP declined. For the SP to tell the family that they are no longer actively working the case and then to deny CHEK News a few words as to why is disheartening. They could have called a Press Conference to let the public know.. They didn’t. But to not even offer a statement to CHEK News when asked is shocking.

    The Saanich Police made false promises and gave Lindsay’s family false hope. It’s very possible they allowed their pride to get in the way and had not been working this case at all for a very long time. It’s a crying shame when a man puts his blood, sweat and tears into finding his daughter’s killers only to find out he has been betrayed by the police force he put his trust in. The Saanich Police have always known who the conspirators are, Yet they have failed to act accordingly. If the people who planned Lindsay’s murder weren’t laughing before they sure are now. They are home free and the SP have just given them clearance to commit more crimes.

    Vid told friends, “I know who did it but I can’t tell.” Of course he couldn’t tell because he would be implicating himself. He was a key player in this murder for hire. He went to the ferry – picked up the crime phone and harbored whoever at his home on McNair overnight. I guess in Saanich anything goes and watch out folks. Because if any member of this group even suspects you snitched on them even when you didn’t you could be the next stabbing victim lying in a pool of blood dead in a bedroom of a vacant home in Saanich.

    If Lindsay had never met Jason and the Zailo family she would be alive today. What Lindsay saw that she shouldn’t have seen had to do with Jason. Directly or indirectly. He should have been the focus of this entire investigation from Day 1. Whether he was we will never know. Someone very powerful with deep pockets is trying to make sure this murder is never solved.

    Let’s look at the positive side of this. Jeff Buziak is never going away. He is never going to give up and his team of supporters will stand beside him for as long as it takes. The truth is out there and the truth will come out. And in time whoever is responsible for trying to make this murder go away will be exposed and punished severely.

    JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY, no matter who tries to stop us. One important thing to remember. DO NOT TRUST THE SAANICH POLICE!!!

    • Al Bunn says:

      The SP are taking a lot of heat for not being able to close this case, and deservedly so, but the other culprit are the Crown Prosecutors. In BC it is ultimately the Crown who lays charges, unlike other Provinces where it is the Police, and the Crown won’t lay charges until they feel that they have almost a 100% chance of conviction. Again, this is unlike other Provinces where the Crown just has to feel that they have a reasonable chance of conviction. The SP are in the line of the fire regarding public opinion, but the Crown gets to hide in shadows and remain anonymous and be protected under the umbrella of the assistant Deputy Attorney General. For everyone that is upset, an equal amount of anger and letter writing/e mails should be directed to the Crown Prosecutors/ADAG’s offices for they ultimately have the power, yet they remain sheltered from the public. Who were the Crown Prosecutors/Regional Crown representatives regarding Lindsay’s case….let’s get their name on this blog site so they can take the heat they deserve…

    • All is not lost, The Saanich police gave it all they had but it was not enough ! the fact is the civilian investigation has superceded the Saanich Police investigation and did so years ago. Bottom line here is the investigation is far from over in fact it is just getting started now that the Saanich Police are stepping aside, I am sure the civilian investigation will receive full support from the Saanich Police, ultimately we have the same goal. Also I have spent plenty of time years in fact looking over this case Joanna, Jeff and others have turned up a ton of info over the years, good on them, Langford Larry and everybody else that has taken this on ! There are a couple things that stand out to me right now, this case most certainly has to involve the cocaine trade or the people involved in the cocaine trade. Some thing that also has become apparent to me is the M.O. , if I was to look this case file over and ruminated on it for a while I couldn’t miss the signature of the East End Hells Angels on this killing but why ? The few people at the top of the East End HA food chain that know whats up and profit from whats up, the majority of their members are oblivious to all this shit and their share from it is 0, do they ever get an evening with free drinks and a toot or 2 ? no they do not. This looks like a killing involving the East End HA cocaine trade and somebody we all know in Victoria. What could Lindsay have seen or been introduced to in the Victoria area that involved the East End Coke trade ? Come on East Enders we need a name that’s all we want is a name, take it or leave it, give us a fucking name, we can all go our own way but we need a fresh start we get a name and we all go our own way. I only came out of retirement because of you ass holes I have other things to do as I’m sure you do also so lets settle it now cheap instead of later with a much higher price tag maybe involving forfiteur of your stuff and a lot of jail time.

  28. Carson Taylor says:

    I found this post to Jeff Buziak & I think this sums it up how so many people feel. This guy sure got lots of responses.

    Saeed Abusharife

    Would like too share some news. A brother of mine lost his daughter some years back. Her name was Lindsay and his name is Jeff Buziak
    Jeff posted that the saanich police covered up his daughters murder. They failed in their job to protect and serve. They let killers walk bc the ties of the murder have old ties”killers family and friends sit in counsel in the S island. Jeff buziak it’s time to release the wolves and hyenas brother. I know if someone took my little girl from me, I…would kill that person’s whole family tree bc father to father. brothers to brothers, you know who did this so get them brother, let Lindsay smile down at her daddy who she knew to protect her then, now and tomorrow.
    These people will suffer and these people will face punishment in this world and in the next world. The Creator won’t mind Jeff Buziak if you go an eye for an eye. And Canadian prison is not so bad brother Jeff Buziak for the right people but these cunts don’t deserve prison they deserve to be left in the farm for the pigs to eat. Inshallah brother, bc the police can’t do there job, they leave too us. And it’s so unfortunate we trust them and they fail and lol in private about us. Stay strong and justice will prevail. Rest in peace all victims off senseless acts like this that tear family’s to confusion bc of police and their job too us

  29. Jeff Buziak says:

    I just finished an interview with CHEK tv News Anchor Ben O’Hara-Byrne which should air tonight and tomorrow on CHEK News concerning the latest Saanich police debacle with Lindsay’s murder investigation. Serve and Protect Saanich police say. Who? What? Themselves?

    • Mrs Rationality says:

      I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. Saanich and Saanich police should be prepared to use all the resources necessary on this unsolved case? They have an actual shot at solving Lindsay’s case and are giving up? Your daughter’s murder was tragic so what the hell is wrong with that ignorant police chief. Lindsay is a victim of crime in Victoria/Saanich and she and her family are entitled to justice as it is not only for you but the whole community. Maybe it’s time to use your fame to put more pressure on the police to solve this and then Lindsay and her family can rest in peace.

      • Mrs rationality says:

        Saanich police have lost all credibility in my eyes and their ridiculous campaign for justice is obviously more about cover-up. Maybe they should’ve been a better example for policing and they wouldn’t have to now try to out the people who believe in justice. They need to stop exploiting people like criminals do and just do some honest police work for once.

  30. clifford danco says:

    I cannot believe it either but the day has come…. the Saanich police have officially given up on solving this murder…. absolutely disgusted…. things have never been closer to resolution and they give up now WTF is that.

    Well I for one always thought that the day the police gave up, would be the day the only type of justice left would be street justice. Somehow I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.

  31. Charlotte says:

    Jeff I’m reading you are open and will answer any questions? Please don’t take offence but, I was recently speaking to a senior Saanich police officer who told me they are shutting down the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation. I was shocked! He said new Chief Bob Downie doesn’t see the importance of devoting resources to solving Lindsay’s murder so he has reassigned the detectives and head of Lindsay’s investigation to other tasks and duties. If this is the case, what a major travesty of justice in Saanich, in Victoria and in British Columbia. I am so sorry Jeff.
    Are you aware of this?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Yes. I have been in denial though. I’m sorry, I should have come forward with this news myself. I can’t believe it really but yes all officers have been reassigned. I’m gutted and very, very angry.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        I was informed of this personally by Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie.

      • Max Smart says:

        Jeff I can hear your years of frustration all tumbling down like dominos in a row. Fear not, you WILL find justice for Lindsay. I don’t think anyone here doesn’t know it.
        Without being insensitive to you anyway Jeff, I thought for a few years this is what has to happen. Lindsay’s murder investigation has to become a cold-case in order to move forward.

        • Clifford danco says:

          Jeff gave the police a very very long time to solve this lawfully. Now that they are abandoning the case and have officially failed there will be no more waiting for them to take action in frustration. Saanich police you guys are pathetic.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      I will be on Victoria’s CFAX 1070 radio tomorrow morning at 9:30 to speak about this latest Saanich police debacle. Wednesday morning, May 18, 2016

  32. Jake Harman says:

    I saw this posted on gangsters-out blog. Very interesting theory.

    Sunday, May 15, 2016
    Trial underway into massive Langford drug bust

    Check News is reporting that Zachary Matheson is on trial after one of the largest drug busts in Vancouver Island history. This stems from June 2013 when it was reported that Top level drug dealers were busted in Victoria. Our sources at the time claimed it was Zachary Scott Matheson aka Ziggy and Ali Ziaee which has since been confirmed. Ali has plead guilty.

    Check News reported that “Police searched several properties in the raid, including a home in the 2700-block of Claude Road in Langford where marijuana was being grown just meters from a daycare. The home was owned by real estate agent Shirley Zailo – she was thrown into the spotlight after the horrific murder of Lindsay Buziak, who was dating her son, Jason.” Jason failed to mention to Dateline that Lindsay was in the process of leaving him when she was murdered.

    Sources claim that Ziggy does business with the East End Hells Angels. However, the Lindsay Buziak Blog has posted an interesting timeline of events related to the drug trafficking aspect of the BC Rail scandal. Jas Bains was taking over the Victoria drug trade after a rival dealer was arrested. When Lindsay went to Calgary to visit an old friend she told him she was leaving Jason. She did not rat out her friend in Calgary. Is it possible Jason and Ziggy ratted out a rival in Calgary and falsely accused Lindsay of being the informant? Yes it is.

    • Annoumsius says:

      Unfortunately Gangster out Blog has had to tone it down, mostly due to a HA member defamation lawsuit. There used to be lots of good info and pictures that no other media would report since no charges were being considered.

      “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, …………..” isn’t good enough to post stories and photos of gangsters who easily evade the law.

    • snakes are players says:

      And why does Jas Bains hold so much power over Victoria & the disgusting drug trade?? Because the police allow it that’s why! When are some arrests going to be made Saanich PD?? time is ticking…

    • So I happened to have spoken to a person that put people like Ziggy away time after time for over 25 years when working as an under cover law enforcement officer. Well according to my friend Ziggy is going to get a lot of time on this one he sounds like he’s talking 15 years Plus, he thinks if Ziggy takes this lightly he is going o get an unpleasant supprise and I agree. Also my friend told me a huge part of his game was having people flip on each other when they got caught with their pants down and 5 or 10 kilo”s of cocaine in the trunk of their car. Turns out about 75% of these people that get caught dead to rights and no way out squeal like a stuck pig to try and bargan their time down to minimum. I guess what my law enforcement friend is predicting to sum it up is this .

      Ziggy if he is going to squeal on somebody else to save his own ass he will not do so until he is convicted if possible.
      75% of the people in Ziggys legal position will Rat out somebody else discreetly to greatly reduce the damage to them selves.
      Generally talked over the case and feels the best shot at closing this file anytime soon is Ziggy.
      75% Rat out rate are damn good odds to me and that is not including something else happening in the mean time say something else coming to light.

      The down side is Ziggy can use the legal system to delay the rat for for freedom move until the very end that could be 3 years or more from now.

      • Old retired Vic cop says:

        Ziggy is a rat. He ratted more than one while I was active. Ask Ming Tsang, Jas Bains, Rhys Bolton, Alfred Kong, Jared Nicol and Schwartz that I was involved in.

        • Hey Old Vic PD , my retired acquaintance worked 30 years UC for the RCMP all over Canada he figures the odds Ziggy will flip at well over 75% , I just hope Ziggy is still around to flip if you know what I mean. My acquaintance basically all things considered including past record of convictions, never had a legit job in his life time, ect. ect. ect. says as we talked about before Ziggy will need to flip on somebody or go to jail for a real long time this time maybe sentenced to 18 years and doing close to 15. They all talk tough but when faced with sitting in a cage for 15 years they start to talk turkey as the saying goes.

          • Jessie says:

            When the book gets thrown at Ziggy over his big drug bust all Ziggy is gonna do in prison is puff his over inflated ego out & prance around jail like the bitch he is! He’s gonna lap up the attention like a blood thirsty hound & that’s about all he’s gonna do! Crybabies like Ziggy only look out for their own best interests, he wants to play the big shot, the big man and revels in the attention he makes off his criminal, drug, thugging career. A lot of the criminals locked up behind bars are gonna regard him as a hero of twisted sorts because of all his media attention & being associated with the Hell angels, murder & drugs. Ziggy being locked up is not the answer to any justice being served, remember his true identity is nothing more than a pathetic, cowardly crybaby. guys like Zig do their time for drugs then get out only to start all over.

  33. Jeff Buziak says:

    It is with huge sadness I am sharing with you the passing of Marj MacDuff yesterday. A great supporter of Justice for Lindsay, an annual walker and a great woman. My condolences to the MacDuff family at this time of deep sorrow. Marj was one of those unstoppable powerhouses that was dedicated, hard working beyond belief, extremely determined and had unstoppable energy we all could only wish for. Lindsay has gained a great friend and ally in heaven and the MacDuff family and us have lost a truly great woman. Goodbye Marj.

  34. Joanna Mills says:

    Lindsay’s instincts told her something was not right about this showing and she quickly sought the advice of associates in her office and a few others “very close to her.” She was advised to take someone with her. “DO NOT GO ALONE.” The message was clear. A day earlier Lindsay told her dad about the showing. She said, “DON’T WORRY DAD – JASON WILL BE THERE.” That was the plan! There is no doubt that when Lindsay stepped through the front door of 1702 De Sousa Place she believed that her STRONG REALTOR boyfriend JASON was seconds away and he would walk in any minute. After all, THAT WAS THE PLAN. However, Lindsay was lured to that vacant home that night, then brutally murdered. OBVIOUSLY that was the “REAL PLAN” …….unbeknownst to Lindsay.


    LINDSAY never used the name of the couple that called her. THERE WAS A REASON FOR THIS!

    LINDSAY went to a vacant home to meet a client she did not know. Because her boyfriend said he would be there! Most responsible managers of real estate offices would never have allowed this to happen. There are other managers who don’t care. THERE WAS A REASON SHE WENT.

    Why did the boyfriend’s mother, Manager of the Re/max office own two side-by-side properties on Claude Road and rent them out to drug dealers that used them as grow-ops. Zachary Matheson in particular rented 2768 Claude Rd for 5 years. THERE WAS A REASON FOR THIS!

    LINDSAY was recommended to this couple by one of her past clients. Lindsay was never able to confirm this as the couple was out of town. How many people could have known the name of that client? And who knew that client would be out of town that weekend? THERE WAS A REASON THIS REFERRAL CLIENT’S NAME WAS CHOSEN!

    Why did Lindsay’s boyfriend make a point of being seen on the security cameras at SHC just before he drove off the premises at 5:30? THERE WAS A REASON FOR THIS!

    Why did Lindsay’s boyfriend pull into the DeSousa cul-de-sac, park his Range Rover in a position where he could see everything behind him but his passenger CO could see nothing? Why did he wait 10 minutes then pull out onto Torquay and park there for another 10 minutes and wait? THERE WAS A REASON FOR THIS!

    When entering the front door of 1702 DeSousa Place why did JZ “without a second thought” fly up the stairs in 3 seconds (his words) and go straight to the master bedroom where he found Lindsay’s body lying in a pool of blood? THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS.

    Without question, if LINDSAY BUZIAK had never met JZ she would be alive today. Some may know who and why but remain silent. The Zailos remain silent. THERE IS A REASON FOR THEIR SILENCE!

    LINDSAY BUZIAK was murdered right here in SAANICH. RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES. What is it that keeps people from talking? Fear that they might be next thanks to Poor police work? Yea, Saanich police????


  35. Cory K says:

    … Vid Acevedo is in Cabo right now …guess he needed to get out of town for awhile. Let’s hope the cartel have Vid on their hit list… take him by surprise…then chop off his head and leave it in the streets for the dogs to rip apart. This guy needs to be put down, who better than the Mexican cartel to do the job properly.

  36. Jeff Buziak says:

    Hello everyone.

    I want to be as open and transparent as I can about Lindsay’s murder without jeopardizing the investigation so if I don’t answer questions I either don’t know, don’t want to speculate or just can’t say. Thank you for this understanding. What I do want to tell you is my truth as I know it and have discovered from time to time from personal experience or from discussions with others who have had first hand experiences. Truth is not against the law nor a fearful thing so I will share my truth.

    Lindsay was not a rat nor an informant in any way shape or form on anything. That has been confirmed.

    I don’t think there is anyone involved here who doesn’t know who Ziggy, Zachary Scott Matheson, is and what he does for a living. Drug dealer. As we all know Ziggy is best buds with Ryan and Jason Zailo and occupied a home owned by their mother Shirley Zailo on Claude Road in Langford up until she sold it privately after Ziggy’s bust for drugs. Ziggy’s case is currently in the courts. The same court I attended in February 2016 for Ziggy’s Charter Rights trial application at which Ziggy called me a “piece of shit” in the hall during a recess. Ziggy was talking to his lawyer Bradley Hickford and I was passing by going to the washroom when Ziggy looked at me and called me that foul name. I walked over to Ziggy and Bradley Hickford upon hearing the disgusting slur and reminded the criminal Ziggy Matheson he might be the piece of shit as he was facing drug charges in court that day not me. Well before criminal Ziggy could respond, his pompous, arrogant lawyer Bradley Hickford barked into action like some inbred, starved dog defending a rotted bone. Bradley Hickford told Ziggy to shut up then started hollering at me and ordering me around like he had some kind of authority in the public hall of the court house. Seems Hickford thinks he can act like a criminal in the courthouse public area using threats and intimidation to bully people around. I stood my ground as Hickford was without doubt offensive and violating my Charter Rights which he so desperately pulls out of his bag of legal trickery to delay Ziggy going away to prison, we hope, forever. I felt violated and feel Hickford owes me an apology. He has no more authority in the halls than anyone does. I haven’t filed a complaint with the Law Society yet or the Crown and presiding Judge that day but still believe I should. What do you think?

    More of my truth. As I know Ovideo Acevedo was involved in Lindsay’s brutal slaying, I know criminal Ziggy Zac Matheson knows exactly what transpired that ominus evening of February 2, 2008 to my precious daughter Lindsay. Here is the more to the story. You see Ziggy does business with the East End (Vancouver) Hells Angels. How do I know that? Well when Ziggy gets squeezed at all that is who he calls for help and protection. Someone I met went to speak to Ziggy about Lindsay’s murder and the scared little baby immediately called his business connection with the East End Hells Angels for protection and help who in turn called the person I know to query what was going on. When it was explained to the East End Hells Angels member that Ziggy knows about Lindsay’s murder the Hells Angel member got less concerned for Ziggy and more concerned as a father. Thank you. Who wouldn’t.

    Now I don’t know John Bryce or any patch member of the East End Hells Angels but I would certainly suggest they discontinue doing business with a drug dealing criminal like Ziggy Matheson as it is bad for their reputation. Actually, I will ask here that every member of the East End Hells Angels think about what they would do if someone murdered their daughter? Not hard to speculate their action on that even though we are told they are just nice guys who enjoy club camaraderie and riding North American made motorcycles. Their help in this situation would be greatly appreciated as they say they are nice guys but seem to wield more power in BC than their friend Christy Clark does.

    Of further note. I have also had first hand discussions with people who informed me that Jason Zailo and Ryan Zailo do business with Ziggy. I know, not a stretch to figure that out. As a matter of fact, the day Jason was released from Saanich police custody after Lindsay’s murder he went to make sure his biggest fear was not true. He was was petrified that the East End Hells Angels were coming after him. It seems his fear was exponentially magnified because of Lindsay’s murder. Its interesting that someone who’s life partner was just savagely slaughtered would instantly be terrified that the East End Hells Angels were coming after him. I thought they were nice guys. Why would he be thinking that instead of deeply mourning the loss of his love? The rest of us were crying and mourning deeply about Lindsay not wondering whether the East End Hells Angels were coming after us like Jason Zailo was. If I may, WTF?

    My truth as I know it and your thoughts are welcome on any of this.

    • AJ says:

      Jeff, thank you for sharing this information. I’m starting to gain a much better understanding of why no arrests have been made in the horrific murder of your beautiful daughter, Lindsay. There are so many crazy connections to the key players in this case and it all comes down to drugs and money. I personally believe Jacine was the woman who met Lindsay at the house and she’s also likely the one who stabbed her so many times, especially in her breasts. I’m not just saying this because Jacine has a love of killing animals for the thrill. The nose of the woman in the police sketch looks quite similar to Jacine’s old nose, prior to her nose job. I know for a fact that Jacine and Vid vacationed in Europe together last summer. I believe she initially moved to Croatia in 2007 but I’m positive she was back in Vic during part of 2008. Police should check her passport. Her baby daddy is Shane Wilson who is a known criminal, druggie, dealer and fighter. He’s also part of the Nortenos gang which is affiliated with Hell’s Angels. We all know who Jacine’s other friends are and the Zailo family’s connection to all of these people, drugs and money. Drug lords get drugs into Canada through Vic. It’s full of drug dealers, thugs, murderers, egos, weapons, etc and I’m scared for all of the innocents who live there. It doesn’t sound like there are too many innocents left in Vic though. I highly doubt SPD are capable of bringing down something this big. I pray for you and your family, Jeff. I pray for comfort and that you will one day soon see justice served.

      • clifford danco says:

        Thanks for sharing that with us Jeff that is some new information about Jason and his fear of the east end hells angels…. ill ask 3 questions on my mind here and if you cannot answer or don’t want to speculate that’s understood.

        Question One:

        Some time ago there was talk on here of people in Victoria/Saanich who might be connected with the murder, being shook up and targeted at the street level regarding Lindsays murder. You even once said you had pictures of someones paranoia which you could release. It was speculated by someone (Langford Larry) the angels rolled into town and were asking about the murder and collecting intel quite aggressively.

        At this point the main thought in my mind was If the Angels were assisting they could take Jason and scare the hell out of him into confessing everything. Its very interesting to hear he already feared they might come after him in the first place. This is my long winded way of asking…. is the HA on the side of Justice for Lindsay or do they have conflicts of interest it seems?

        Question Two:

        Is someone still going to release some details from the letter? Can we know what Lindsay saw that she wasn’t supposed to see at any point or do we have to wait for that one. The person claiming Lindsay saw heroin on Shirleys counter…that was an interesting one but we have no idea whether that was just something made up or not.

        Question Three:

        Someone recently said here Ovidio and Medardo cowardly blamed Lindsay for the calgary drug bust in order to save their own asses…. this would make a lot of sense to long time readers here considering Erikson was involved in that bust, the same person who Ovidio tried to blame when you confronted him.

        You’ve already told us this murder was a message from drug dealers to anyone who might squawk on them. You’ve mentioned spineless conspirators. The picture is becoming clearer and clearer to everyone what happened. My question is… does this involve rage over the Calgary drug bust or was that just coincidental timing?

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Danco, how about answering my question?

          I’m sure the HA want to help. Its tricky for them. They can’t look soft. Who wouldn’t want to help? Almost all of them have partners/ daughters and most have grand daughters. They need a certain amount of public support to survive so doing something good wouldn’t hurt their cause would it.

          You are right I’ve mentioned spineless. I’ll upgrade that to spineless cowards. Killing a wonderful young woman and now hiding certainly doesn’t make you a hero. Anyone who was involved will suffer eventually and anyone who knows and stays silent should be ashamed of themselves and as long as they keep their secret will suffer until they die.

          There are people out there who are not happy with Lindsay’s murder taking this long and are not happy with Saanich police’s performance or lack of. If the police can’t sort this out others will. That’s inevitable. Those involved will wish the police had caught them first. Guaranteed.

          I believe people like Avneet Dhanowa speak for the dark side who are feeling the pressure. He spoke for his boys and its not hard to figure out who that is. He was instructed. His pals Vid and Medardo have started talking with the mounting pressure and once they feel pain they will cry for mercy because they are weak. Avneet was told to distract. Unfortunately he got careless. They all are. Why was Vid abusive to me? Why did Sandy Del Alcazar confront me and call the police on me for sitting in my vehicle and talking on my phone? They could have just talked to me. They are feeling the pressure. Think about who controls them Danco. Who do you think that is?

          • clifford danco says:

            I wish I knew the answer to that question Jeff… I have little understanding of the street. I thought the HA had a lot of control here in BC and you’ve mentioned Ziggy does business with them, so maybe the answer to your question is the HA controls them. But I really don’t know… I appreciate your response and badly want to see resolution.

    • TL says:

      Hey I grew up in East Vancouver, two blocks from the then PNE grounds. Maybe I know someone. though really not sure what they would even say about him. networking never hurts where possible

  37. Steve Elliott says:

    Could JJ’s current thirst of blood for exotic trophy animals be a transference and replacement of what she really craves? Did she get a taste of something she liked back in 2008, and now she’s trying to find that “high” again?

    • clifford danco says:

      Shes been mentioned here quite a few times…. she could have been the female at the house definitely. We will all know the truth soon

  38. John says:

    Whether Acevedo occupied a position of leadership in this pre-planned murder or was following orders given by others, he is as guilty as the killer who thrust the knife into the young realtor Lindsay Buziak. He will do whatever he can to downplay his role. He will lie to everyone even his close family and friends and he will be so convincing they will be left not knowing what to believe. His violence and abuse towards women is well-documented. Some have dared to come forward while others feared doing so. Acevedo is likely to mock, intimidate and antagonise those that threaten his freedom but inside he is a tormented soul and terrified that one day his family will find out the truth about what he has done. This man will never turn on his co-conspirators, to do that he would have to admit the part he played in Ms. Buziak’s murder. Acevedo has told a few people that he knows who did it but that he can’t tell. Of course he knows who did it, he was one of the conspirators. It sounds like Acevedo doesn’t think of himself as responsible as the others, however when the guilty verdict is read a conspirator is a conspirator and he will be doing a life sentence just like the other participants in this unthinkable crime.

  39. Lavina says:

    For those of you who don’t know Edwardson “Sandy” Delalcazar is gay.

  40. Pac says:

    how old would JJ have been at the time of Lindsay’s murder? She definitely fits the profile, she fled the country & is a trophy hunter who gets off on all the hate she gets from posting her lifestyle on social media, would she really come back to Canada to visit if she was involved in any way? (I believe she would) the conspirators/guilty people believe they have committed the perfect murder and are probably no longer looking over there shoulders for the police about it. The stabber or stabbers are probably still receiving payment to this year for thier roles it would be less suspicious than a huge 1 time payment, $ upfront, $ upon completion, $ every year as incentive to keep quiet and not get busted. Would you go outside the family to hire for murder though it would be risky very risky was JJ stone cold blooded back then to? She will not crack now if she is involved the police would never get someone like her to crack and talk about it she’s to street smart she knows how to deal with police.

    People in Croatia have petitioned to have her kicked out of the country for her murderous trophy hunting lifestyle, she travels all over the world to commit her trophy hunt kills, she loves the attention good or bad or extreme hate she gets online on her social media she calls haters her fans to. and She gets an extreme amount of attention on Facebook & instagram for being a somewhat attractive female trophy hunter. People tell her everyday they want to kill her for what she does and she just laughs it off she is not right in the head.

    Also around the time she was coming for a visit on the island someone asked her on her instagram account if she will go talk to Horsely and tell him everything she knows about Lindsay’s murder, her response was something like “lol reaching for anything on me & that she didn’t know that Lindsay girl and she knows nothing about it” not exactly those words but something very close to it.

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