Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Shankar says:


  2. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    What happens when murdering a young woman in Victoria goes unpunished? What happens when the abuse of women is overlooked by the Justice System, Politicians and police involved? What happens?

    Women get scared!

    Predators get bolder!

    Women become easy prey!

    Police are promoted. Politicians pass the buck and give themselves raises. Police Chiefs retire.


    This must stop! Please speak out. Write letters.
    Premier of British Columbia John Horgan


    Justice 4 Lindsay

    Today’s news is disturbing!

      • IHeart80s says:

        I hope the female realtors of Saanich send a message to their male colleagues and the Canadian Government that this behavior will no longer be tolerated. It’s criminal and inexcusable.
        Women victims (and men) don’t come forward because they don’t want to be raped a second time by the very people that are supposed to be protecting them. It’s a classless baseless system of injustice when citizens in the community have to fight for every ounce of courage to battle not once but twice or more with predators, sexual assault perpetrators and murderers. Every part of a body becomes politicized. Where is the humanity?
        Every day you have to ask for assistance or a simple phone call when Saanich PD should be running to the phone to call you and give an update. That’s giving a f*ck when you say as a cop or a politician nothing is more important than putting a rapist behind bars, nothing is more important than putting a murderer behind bars. I’d like to see how many traffic tickets were written by the Saanich PD than murderers and rapists arrested from 2008 to today. I am guessing that there are exponentially more traffic tickets and low level penalties meted out in the community than penalties for crimes that take more discernment than sitting by a stop light waiting for a common person to make a common mistake.
        Stop looking at the bubble gum thief and start looking at the guy who believes he is Rico Suave on steroids and Gods gift to women. That’s the SOB that needs your attention- the guy that’s getting away with Murder, the guy who is so hard to catch because of so many excuses and fake alibis. These two realty jokers, Andy Rogers and Bowman Rutledge, are more common than anyone thinks. There are some of those guys in every office. Real Estate is not the problem, the problem is looking away and allowing behavior to continue.

    • OceanWaves says:

      I am absolutely astonished as to why no arrests have been made in Lindsay’s murder. One aspect of this murder plot keeps cycling through which is this question: why didn’t Lindsay’s murderers simply kill Lindsay when she was on the first floor?
      Why lure Lindsay above ground unless you knew someone was coming? Your the murderer and you are not there to look at the house in the first place. You are there to kill Lindsay so why not the living room, the kitchen or the housekeepers room? Why the master bedroom?

      It’s more convenient to murder Lindsay in the lobby or foyer as it’s called once you shut the door because you obviously know there is smoky glass there and no one can see inside. So why have Lindsay start a tour and go from room to room only to murder her in the master bedroom upstairs?

      Jason Zailo said that he ran upstairs as soon as he got in the house. I doubt that Canadian realtors are different than all other realtors, you don’t start a tour in the Master Bedroom. With all that, the time line never matches up because if there had been a real tour of the home and Lindsay showed the kitchen, living room, dining room, nanny room, garage, backyard, etc. before going upstairs, it would have taken longer.

      Your Lindsay’s murderer and you’re plotting to kill her. You decide that the front door is too close to public access so you simply decide to kill Lindsay towards the back of the house- not upstairs. With this, either someone was hiding upstairs and knew she was coming with the prospects, the prospects came and threatened to kill her so she ran upstairs or the prospects knew in advance that Jason Zailo would be coming.

      If you plotted in advance with Jason, you would have still made quick work out of murdering Lindsay and he could have “found her” in the dining room. Murdering Lindsay in the garage is more plausible than in the upstairs master bedroom.

      The master bedroom seems to be the most orchestrated place on the property to kill Lindsay. It is neither an accidental or quick location inside the home to do the murder. It seems to be the most hidden and the most dramatic. The only other location I could think of that would be more hidden or dramatic would be the master bathroom or the roof.

      It also says something about the murderer. It says psychologically that they’re showing Lindsay who the master is. Who the boss is. This statement “the murder was done quickly in the master bedroom” would only apply if the master bedroom was on the first floor.

      This statement “the murder was planned to take place in the master bedroom which was on the second floor because_________” (Jason needed a place to run to in order to check on Lindsay) is more plausible. That’s overly orchestrated. Like an extra plot that only seems necessary to create psychology around it. As in Jason kills Lindsay but needs this additional story to show that he is concerned boyfriend hence “I ran upstairs to check on her”.
      “I ran to the kitchen to check on her” doesn’t have the same drama.

      Stairs are a barrier in a crime. They add time. A front door is less of a barrier than stairs. If you are a jewelry thief you’re taking what’s downstairs first (kitchen silver, the maids cash stash, a few knickknacks) so you don’t spend too much time at the house and get caught. If someone comes in while you are burglarizing the second floor you can only escape out the window to avoid being caught. Yes, the more expensive jewelry tends to be upstairs in the master bedroom so there is more risk and more reward. This is not true for murder.

      To summarize, the upstairs master bedroom is an unnatural place to murder a realtor. Especially if you want to do the deed and get in and out quickly.

      • eight says:

        It is possible they were ensuring no one else was on site before proceeding with the hit.

        • OceanWaves says:

          You only run upstairs looking to the master bedroom for something suspicious if you already live at the home. As in: you are a couple (Jason and Lindsay) and -it’s AS IF- he’s frantically searching for her at their own house. Only it’s not their own house, it’s a vacant home. It’s personal.
          (I’m) Jason and I am going to find my girlfriend slain in the master bedroom because that is where a boyfriend finds his girlfriend when he gets home. It sounds logical right?
          Only Jason you didn’t just get home. It’s a vacant home. So the over planning, over alibiing and over drama is coming back to bite you in the bum.
          Location, Location, Location.
          I don’t know if this is true, but I am getting the impression that Jason is the one that asked for the in person reenactment. The police would never ask that in such a short amount of time because it would contaminate the crime scene. Jason repeated:
          Lindsay! Lindsay! Lindsay!
          3 times in that reenactment video that we can all see on you tube.
          3 Bedroom. 3 Bathroom. 3 Days. Do you see the pattern?

          Then there is that trip to Whistler. Look, the entire world can see how miserable Lindsay looked in the Whistler photos. She definitely looked tired, sad or worn out. Not the usual look of energy and enthusiasm that she has in other photos. Who took the photos of Lindsay at Whistler? She was perhaps weary of that person because she is definitely a bit more guarded.

          • Lillian says:

            “Lies become the truth if repeated often enough.”
            Couldn’t agree more. Just like the Zailo’s keep repeating, “they had nothing to do with Lindsay’s execution.” Despite all the evidence/facts disclosed over the 13 YEARS. Of course their denials fall smack in line with the corrupt SPD because they too have a stake in covering up this planned/executed slaying. As long as the SPD has their sticky, violent fingers on this file, their coverup will continue.

            If I may suggest, while I am following your synopsis on Lindsay being murdered on the upstairs vs the downstairs, I like to think we’ve kinda covered that by suggesting that Lindsay actually arrived at the home sooner than the SPD claim and she was indeed “met” by Desousa at the entrance and this “greeting” was not in Lindsay’s plan as she was being setup at this time and she fell for Desousa’s invite to take her through the home to inform her of its origin etc. All this while, keep in mind, the “plan” is to lure her to the master suite while the killers are in ambush position in the master closet (see house diagram) as Desousa motions for her to view the ensuite, she passes by the master closet and as her back is to the closet because she’s headed towards the ensuite, the killer(s) spring into attack from behind her and render her immobile instantly by slicing her throat, she proceeds to slump to the floor while the knife welding killer continues to OVERKILL her with 40+ stab wounds… to her very personal parts of her body. Desousa simply setup the crime scene for the killers, they couldn’t establish an ambush position on the first floor and in their deviant minds of the planning stages they (killers) were setting up the crime scene to be least observed by any unknown (unpredictable) potential witnesses. The killers were dressed completely in hazmat suite, gloves, maybe even some face covering in order to dispose and transfer evidence in an efficient manner. The SPD would like us all to believe that Lindsay’s execution is “complex” and “complicated” when in fact it’s not. It’s only complex and complicated for the SPD because they really can’t solve crimes and they are truly incompetent at their duties.

          • Svetlana says:

            I thought so too that Lindsay was not happy in Whistler. She was planning to leave Jason. We don’t know what was happening around that time or their arguments etc.. but I feel that he planned this with his goons. What is disgusting is that he got away with it so far. He should be number 1 suspect on anyone’s list.

            I would say to people, don’t trust your friends. I know Lindsay had friends but you just never know when a friend/acquaintance can turn against you.

            • Darwin says:

              A distinctive patterned dress is a party dress. Whomever this woman was that met Lindsay at the property if that actually happened was on her way to a party.

      • Svetlana says:

        I am not sure if there were curtains in the windows but maybe the criminals didn’t want anyone looking in by chance through the main floor windows, especially if the lights were on. Either that or Lindsay was killed elsewhere. You hear murderers doing that sometimes.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        They probably wanted her as far away from the front door and any other avenues of escape as possible. Also I read something way back about her murder taking place on an unfinished piece of the flooring. Does anybody else recall anything about that? It was the only place in the house that still didn’t have carpeting down or something like that?

        • OW says:

          No I don’t recall reading that. But when you look at the after crime scene photos online one piece of the floor looks like it has been taken up or never put down. If the DeSousas killed Lindsay, why do the police like them? And, what is their connection to Lindsay so far as they would put their life on the line in order to kill her? Are the “I saw something I shouldn’t have seen” that Lindsay said to her father related to DeSousa and Bergshoeff? Those two men, doing something criminal together? Why would Lindsay trust DeSousa enough to go into his house if she saw him doing something heinous prior to that night? She would not have. Lindsay is 24 and does not hang out with those people who were at least 20 years older than her. She hangs out with people her own age largely as seen in the photos on the internet. She’s doing business with older adults because people in her age group don’t have the money to buy the homes she’s selling. So even with DeSousa, no motive has been put forth. Show me something dirty on the guy or his wife. Why hate on Lindsay? Was DeSousas wife cleaning the house before Lindsay showed up “a housekeeper?”. Did Shirley hire DeSousa’s wife to do housekeeping on the side? Did Shirley stiff Mrs. DeSousa out of housekeeping money and then she and her husband decided to kill Shirley but ended up calling Lindsay instead?
          Another thing I find that is a grand cover up, is the police saying the address registered to the disposable “burner” phone was not connected to that address for the place in Vancouver. BS! People don’t just come up with random addresses like that. Either the killers drove by that address every day on the way to work, have worked in that building before, know someone that works in that building, etc. There is no “no connection” between the phone, the murderers and that building address they used to register the phone. It’s connected. It’s not understood by the police how its connected, so they say its not because someone is not doing their damn job. I do not have faith that what they-Saanich PD say is completely accurate.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            “Did Shirley hire DeSousa’s wife to do housekeeping on the side? Did Shirley stiff Mrs. DeSousa out of housekeeping money and then she and her husband decided to kill Shirley but ended up calling Lindsay instead?”
            OMG. Seriously?

            • OW says:

              Looking forward to reading your various conspiracy theories. What do you think? Is is a conspiracy? Or was it one individual? Mano A Mano? Homicide studies suggest that if its one individual with a knife it’s very very personal. A conspiracy with a knife sounds much more difficult to pull off and puts the murderers in a position to be caught easier than other weapon. Why would a group of people decide to knife someone rather than an individual? Just asking…

              • Rosanne says:

                Knives are easily concealed, don’t make noise, are quicker to wound or kill than with your hands alone, less concern if you have a knife on you and are stopped by police instead of another item that can only be viewed as a weapon. In this case as the suspects could have flown in and even from another country, a knife could be packed in checked luggage. These are a few reasons without having given this much thought.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  Exactly. I don’t know what OW’s purpose of that post was but I don’t think it was to thoughtfully try to solve Lindsay’s murder.

                  • Rosanne says:

                    I agree and in this case there is one other disturbing aspect as the killer(s) attempted to reversed Lindsay’s recent surgery. I have heard of a threat before that went something like you can leave but I paid for those and they stay.

                    • ConnectTheDots says:

                      That makes sense. Who ever attacked her knew about those implants. By allowing their own personal feelings to take over through out the attack they left that clue. Seems to me it must have been a fairly small circle of people who knew and cared about them and certainly not the general population.

      • sand says:

        I always start with letting my imagination run wild. In this instant ” why in master bedroom” I think her killer is her boyfriend, so when she saw him arrive first, she was like ” oh thank god you came here first, before these buyers come, let me show you this beautiful bedroom, maybe one day we have bedroom just like this”

  3. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    On February 19, 2021 I sent an email to Inspector Steve Morgan and Chief Constable Scott Green of Saanich police. The last paragraph of my email was this, “Should Saanich police wish to have communication with me please assign a senior officer knowledgeable in professional communication and knowledgeable with my daughter’s UNSOLVED murder. I am more than willing to communicate with you should you wish to participate in that like professionals and not amateurs full of excuses, explanations and blaming. This is about murder gentlemen. It is way past time you took this situation as serious!” I have not received a response of any manner from either of these two highest ranking officers of Saanich police to date.

    This is typical of how Saanich police have communicated with me over 13 years. I guess they don’t want to communicate with me because they are not professional. Sometimes they could just care less and ignore you. They refuse to be accountable and continue to con the public which now is very obvious. Its only murder and they are special right! Communication is supposed to be critical in their line of work. Not the Saanich way though! They prefer a silent rudderless ship at Saanich police.

    Just thought you should know.

    Solving Lindsay’s murder is not the problem; Saanich police are THE problem!

    Justice 4 Lindsay

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      I agree Jeff. If there was a police force that people could trust and respect this horrible crime would have been solved a long time ago. I am sure that many people know but have no safe place to go to get this solved. So hard to believe that not one Government Agency has the power to remove the SPD from this case and maybe more? I can’t believe this is still going on 13 years later. Enough is Enough. JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY

    • Wyatt says:

      “Alberta’s justice minister has given the police chief in Lethbridge a three-week deadline to produce a plan to shape up the force or see it be dissolved under an “extraordinary” step by the government, according to letters exclusively obtained by CBC News”

      Can BC’s justice Minister not apply the same to SPD? Can you imagine the threat of being “dissolved?” The office has certainly received enough complaints to initiate this ultimatum. I see a new round of letters to send!

    • Mark Roush says:

      I would Happily donate to a bank account set up in Lindsay’s name to Help in the PURSUIT for JUSTICE. The Population in Saanich b.c. according to the Census from (2017) was 119,229. The Saanich Postal Service can be UTILIZED to MAIL PETITION’S to EVERY ADDRESS in Saanich. (EDDM)is a service provided by the Post Office and stand’s for EVERY Door Direct Mail. “Just a Thought.”

      • Robin says:

        Mark you mean people donate then we use the money to print something we send to every door in hopes of outing the SPD? Could you explain a bit more what you mean. I like this idea. It would be done easily enough and I believe we could raise enough money in no time. Great idea.

      • IHeart80s says:

        That seems like such as small population for the local police not to know what is going on. Even with the population surges during high season As for me, I’ve started to tell potential prospects they’re on a recorded line. I just get sick of hearing “I’m from Toronto” and then when they call in it’s like Wyoming area code/ geo location. I like the idea of mailing petitions because it also helps raise awareness about safety in the community. I would donate to that project. If it helps move Lindsay’s murder investigation along in any way, count me in.

        • Robin says:

          I’m waiting for Mark to reply. I am curious to know if setting up an acct at a bank or a gofundme is what people want. I think a fund for certain stickers, posters, lawyer is a great idea. Please give your feedback. I’m waiting.

  4. I would like to help the family of Lindsay Buziak find out the truth about who killed their daughter. I believe its the only way to bring closure to his father. Please let me know if its possible so that we can bring closure to the family. Thanks

  5. I would like to help you guys find who killed Lindsay. When I saw the documentary titled ‘ still a mystery’ i felt the urge to assist. Please let me know if you need that help. Thank you

    • Mark Roush says:

      Sylvester, may I ask You this question ? What are your credentials ? Thank You.

      • Manix says:

        Hi, I just wanted to know Mark in what way are you offering to help? Possibly financially? How awesome that would be, I think Jeff should do a civil suit but it would cost so much money there would need to be a lot of funding for that.
        And I just wanted to remind all of you wonderful people out there trying to help, to remember that there was many reasons that I suggested Chris Horsley was dirty, along with Bob Downey, who was the Chief of police at that time and who Chris Horsley answered to. I don’t hear a lot about Horsley on here these days.
        I just wanted to bring him up, As I along with many others, believe him to be a key factor in this whole thing; and a major reason as to why this investigation has not gone anywhere! I also believe him being an investor in properties, (just like Shirley), I have absolutely no proof of this but I bet that they have done business together, and as we know there is a lot of money laundering going on with real estate and developments etc. possibly this is why I Chris Horsley is a multimillionaire on a cops salary.
        Can you imagine him money laundering with Shirley, of course He would have to protect her or his life will go down the tubes.
        And let’s remember that he (HORSLEY) was the guy who showed up with some goon (who would not reveal his name) in Calgary, to intimidate and basically threaten Jeff, to back off!
        What kind of police officer, would go out of his way like that to threaten a father of a murdered child, to back off? That’s absolutely insane and ludicrous..
        I just can’t imagine That happened, but it did! If that does not Not tell everyone what this guy is all about, I don’t know what will?
        I believe his hands are dirty, probably has done a lot of business with that bit__ which has alway made sense and explains a hell of a lot when it comes to this case.
        I just want to bring him up, So he is not forgotten in this dirty mess. There’s definitely a problem when it comes to him.

        • lbmurder says:

          How do we know that Chris Horsley isn’t involved with Lindsay’s murder. It’s completely possible but Saanich police would never release that info and maybe why he threatened the private investigator working on Lindsay’s murder at one time to stop before he also threatened Jeff in Calgary to go away. Strange behaviour for a police officer still in charge of Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

          • Mike says:

            …and if Wilson was killed because he decided to flip then Horsley may have had that info and passed it along too SZ and JZ. It would be interesting to know which SPD have clearance to review new evidence as the latest court release stated the SPD are only allowing a few detectives access to the file.

            • lbmurder says:

              These two at Saanich police do.
              Horsley-trucker millionaire real estate financier party boy.
              Kowalewich-politician, committee chair, school liaison, sports coach.
              …….when they have time of course.

              • Robin says:

                Let’s not leave out “cat got my Tongue”. Chief of Police Scott Green. Maybe he only knows sign language. Has anyone ever heard him speak? $10.00 to the first person who can get him to say Lindsay Buziak 100.00$ if you can get him to say Lindsay Buziak was murdered in Saanich on Feb 02, 2008.

  6. Robin says:

    If I was SZ and innocent like she says (🤥🤥) I would have publicly done a polygraph anywhere I had to. I would have been everywhere possible proving the innocence of myself and my boys. She’s innocent like OJ. What is that crazy old broad upto harassing Jeff with her BS? Is she scared since Tatoo man got killed? I don’t believe anything she says. C’mon Shirlss do a poly with the FBI or on Dr. Phil to prove you are innocent of MURDER. Only then will I believe.

    • Rosanne says:

      Make that Murder or Conspiracy to commit Murder and you have my vote.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Sociopaths are known to be able to fool a lie detector test so not sure I would believe her even then.

      • Frank Columbo says:

        Request for an FBI polygraph and interview sent, as you know “it’s a one way street” the FBI people are bound by agreement to not respond. If people continually piss and shit all over the investigators I can see exactly why they would pull the plug on this there are a lot of families out there that beg these people for help every day.

        • lbmurder says:

          Oh stop. If they are that sensitive they shouldn’t be on the case. They are professionals not teenagers like the Saanich play police.

    • ranger rick says:

      There is no way SZ is innocent for a few reasons:
      In the Dateline interview she made up that story that she went for a walk with Lindsay who said she was afraid of her ex Matt, a guy she hadn’t seen in a couple of years. None of her friends ever brought this up.
      SZ called one of Lindsay’s friends and put on a fake accent. When the friend called the number back it was SZ.
      SZ reportedly threatened Lindsay’s friends to keep their mouths shut.

  7. eight says:

    “3]             The applicant has withdrawn their application to cross-examine one of the police officers and also consents to the redaction of information relating to informant privilege. They also, for the purposes of this motion, acceded to the examination of the investigating officer in an in camera ex parte hearing of part of this motion. They withdrew their application to have their client receive the unredacted materials, and as a result limited their requested disclosure to counsel and their staff for the purposes of the Application.”

    “[72]         I am satisfied that the concerns raised in the authorities exist, at least with respect to certain of the materials, hence for the purposes of the motion for disclosure to counsel I am satisfied that inadvertent disclosure may have significant repercussions. Because of the circumstances of the murder and the complexity of the investigation, the mosaic effect is a live issue and what may or may not expose individuals to risk or impair the investigation is not at this stage ascertainable. As well, there are potential witnesses aside from confidential informants that have divulged information to the police on the understanding it is not being released and that there are legitimate fears for their safety.”

    The judge has evidence we are not party to and has expressed the concern that there are significant safety repercussions involving witnesses over and above the harm that might be done to the investigation itself.

    Most of us here have encouraged and challenged people with information about Lindsay’s murder to step forward. Some (if not all) of them may have legitimate concerns for the safety of themselves and their families. Especially if they feel they can’t even trust the police or the courts to protect them at least until the perpetrators are in custody.

    This judgement might just provide the assurance they need that their identity will indeed be held in tight confidence. Let’s hope it spurs someone to overcome fear and do the right thing.

    None of this is happening fast enough, but this might at last be a step (however frustrating) in the right direction.

  8. Kwai says:

    I just found out about this case today when I saw a YouTube video discussing it. I’m not sure what has been said and what hasn’t been said already since I haven’t had time to look through all the comments as there are many. I have heard claims (not sure if they are verified or not) that a close friend of hers named Nikki was called by an unknown number in the middle of the night while half asleep and it was a woman with a strange accent. When she woke up again later, she recalled what Lindsay said ab her client and she called the number back repeatedly & when the person picked up it ended up being Shirley Zailo, the mom of Lindsay’s boyfriend. The friend was confused how she got her number and Shirley said it was a mistake. Also the whole cul de sac was named after and owned by De Sousa, a business associate of Shirley. Both strange coincidences if in fact true. A potential person that may have been hired to do it was Gary Krueger, a former police officer who was known to have done hits for people. He was hired to kill Mike Emert, a real estate agent whose case has some similarities to Lindsay’s. Gary died back in 2011 so it’s not known who hired him to kill Mike and if he does happen to be behind Lindsay’s death as well we might not be able to get a conviction for the killer who actually committed the murder but we could still get who hired him. There is also the theory with the drug cartel/mob killing, which is also a possibility but I feel that when it comes to those type of hits they make sure the body is never found and it’s more clean & quick but with the way Lindsay was killed it seemed more personal, messy and overly violent so I’m not sure. Again some of this stuff are claims that I’m not sure are true and it might have been said already since I just found this site but I thought there is no harm at least putting things out there because I believe we all want this case solved and justice given.

  9. Wyatt says:

    Capital Daily
    2h ·
    Lindsay Buziak investigation update.
    On March 17, 2021, Justice Robert Punnett of the BC Supreme Court dismissed a motion by Capital Daily to grant its legal team access to unredacted court documents relating to the Saanich Police Department’s (SPD) investigation into the 2008 unsolved murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak. Last fall, Justice Punnett released over 1,600 pages of heavily redacted documents, which Capital Daily’s journalists analyzed in an article published in October 2020. In January 2021, around the 13-year anniversary of Buziak’s murder, the Saanich Police Department announced they were working with the FBI, though previous reporting indicated the FBI had joined forces with the SPD long before the announcement. In Justice Punnett’s 29-page ruling, he cited the “active and ongoing” nature of the SPD’s case in his reasons to dismiss the motion. Capital Daily’s legal team must now argue for further unsealing without having seen the same material as counsel for the Crown and SPD. Nevertheless, Capital Daily will continue its fight for access to court records that could help the public understand why no charges have been laid in Buziak’s case.

    • Dennis says:

      “On-going & active”

      It’s “on going” alright, it’s been on-going for 13 friggin years AND it’s scheduled for at least another 13! As for “active” well that’s a no brainer – it’s been INactive – so I fail to see the substantive evidence this pathetic judge acquired to make his decision. I would suggest the judge is in line with the corruption cause you’d have to be stupid, blind and down right ignorant to side with the SPD.

      Capital Daily must have been very close to exposing the SPD and their corruption. After 13 years it’s more than expected that this file should be subject to public scrutiny and investigation. SZ’s sudden appearance and offers of fake cooperation are not a coincidence. In the end, I am not surprised that the SPD played the “non-disclosure” card based on an “active and on-going” investigation – that was predicted in prior comments. It’s no coincidence that the SPD announced a coordinated effort with other agencies just prior to this hearing for disclosure documents in order to present as evidence to the presiding judge NOT to release documents as any such action would compromise the “on-going, active” investigation. Excuse me while I 🤮🤮🤮

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Sadly I think you are right Dennis. The judge would have to be blind, deaf and willfully ignorant to not be able to see that the SPD are in the way of this case getting solved. 13 years is a long time for a police department to hold a case tight to themselves refusing let others have a go at it or for the taxpayers to have a look at some of the evidence so that the public can possibly help get it solved or at the very least see what the hold up is. That they released some of the evidence shows that they are at least feeling the pressure. You can bet that the SPD fought tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. Your whole outline makes sense. This whole thing could very well be just another sham. If it is though it shows that the Zailo’s are working in conjunction with the SPD.

      • Svetlana says:

        It does seem like a coincidence. Capital Daily in the autumn, reporting that they are in court to get the data released hopefully by 2021. Then next thing you know, a few months later, a big news release about how SAANICH POLICE, RCMP and FBI joins forces to “reopen” the case because of new technology. Was this all a farce, a cover-up, done on purpose, so as to ensure that nothing more gets released to the public when Capital Daily wins their quest?

        • Rosanne says:

          I wish someone would inform the Saanich Police that this is about the murder of a young woman. Their big announcement now seems like they are playing a game of public pressure increases and they counter with a stupid, ignorant move. Like try and shut down her Father, if this announcement was to try and stop the daily news, when are they going to realize the they are causing their own increase in public pressure? If there is no action on this case by next February, with the amount of new people stirred up by the Daily News article more eyes are on them. If they are fiddling around and not doing the police work they are being paid to do, people will be asking themselves and everyone up the political ladder why are they getting away with that? If they are doing all this crap to hide something else they are doing, their own actions are making people look harder at them. When are they going to realize that nobody thought anything bad about them 13 years ago and if there had been any arrest, even with an unsuccessful trial, they would not have been looked at further. Are the Saanich Police going to damage themselves to destruction?

        • Frank Columbo says:

          I personally reached out to the FBI people a couple years ago because in my opinion the Lindsay case needed the kind of expertise people like the FBI Profiler’s could provide. After touching base with the FBI several more times over a couple years they became interested in helping out I reached out to sgt. Damian asked him to please accept the help and to my surprise he did. As far as the Capital Daily news goes this turns out to be good news the police appear to have more info on the Lindsay case than I thought they might lots for investigators to look through. I do not know if Shirley and Jason Zailo had any involvement what so ever, Shirley appears to be interested in having suspicion lifted off of her and Jason. If Shirley Zailo and Jason Zailo agreed to a polygraph and interview with the FBI I wouldn’t give them a second look if the FBI found them to be truthful. The FBI people are not interested in recognition I do believe there will be arrests and I believe you will meet the FBI people at that time. Check profiler’s out on youtube they are special people very important in a case like this where there appears to be some confusion and chaos. I doubt there will be arrests next week there is a lot to look at but if The RCMP and FBI are working on this case on a daily basis I’m confident this is going to be over at some point. The Killers and some people that helped them may never be arrested because they may be dead. I’m sure who ever is at the top of the food chain does not want to be caught the penalty for murder for hire is life in prison if you know something about this sleep with one eye open.

          • Wyatt says:

            I don’t for one minute believe the FBI or RCMP are “investigating” this file! It’s ALL smoke and mirrors due to the court requests by Capital Daily. I have seen absolutely no evidence to support the SPD’s claim of FBI &/or RCMP involvement. Statements claiming they are “involved” hardly makes it true. In fact, this entire scenario only serves to insult our intelligence. SHOW US! Where’s the names? Where’s the process? What’s the “task force” called? Where’s the invite from the public to provide new evidence? SHOW US the plan! 🧐

            • eight says:


              “…we have established a task force comprised of new investigators who are taking a fresh look at the case. The task force has obtained assistance from the FBI, and continued support from the RCMP. Both agencies have provided valuable assistance in the development of new leads and forensic evidence.”

              Note that there is no mention of the FBI being part of the task force. Rather that the FBI has provided “assistance”. That could be said of anyone who, for instance, provided assistance by phoning in to the tip line. So the FBI may or may not be significantly involved.

              Without a clearer statement about the level of involvement of the FBI and RCMP and the size of the task force, we have every reason to suspect name dropping to make it look as though big things are happening. Especially so given the timing of the press release.

    • Svetlana says:

      He needed 29 pages to say no? I am sure this Judge has seen all the contents. This is unfair. He must have seen some names there of people who were either dead or in prison or under surveillance probably for other crimes. That’s all I can think of for this decision.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Someone probably paid him. Sickening.

  10. Sarah Etmund says:

    To Lindsay’s Family and Friends, I would like to say I’m so sorry for your loss and truly wish that 2021 be the year your family gets answers and can find some peace while the heartless scum who planned and carried out the evil act are locked away and forgotten about. I think of your family often. My best and warmest wishes to you all. I wish I could be of more help and comfort.

  11. Terry R Kedley says:

    Has anyone ever questioned the client that referred Lindsay?

    • IHeart80s says:

      Terry- it has been said on this website that the person that was said to have referred Lindsay was unreachable and on vacation, so that person could not refute or support that they even made the referral to begin with. I have also read on this website that there was a question as to who the referral was. I have never see that persons name. Consider that the murderers could see Lindsay’s twitter or facebook page. Let’s back up a minute and understand that Realtors are like celebrities in the way that if they want to make money, they are limiting their privacy rights and apt to have more public information available to the public and unfortunately predators. Therefore, Lindsay’s murderers could have simply picked up a name from the internet that was associated with Lindsay and said that was their referral. It could have been/ would have been a fluke that the random person chosen was on vacation when Lindsay tried to verify.

      Let’s all also consider this: the police may be covering up something but it may not be trying to cover up who the murderers are. It may be that the Saanich Police (and God help us all if they did this) got a tip that someone was coming to Victoria to kill an unknown or suspected informant or specifically to harm Lindsay (who by all accounts was not an informant).

      Perhaps the cover up is that the Saanich police doesn’t want anyone to know that they ignored the tip or it was not disseminated in time to save Lindsay. They may not want anyone to know that Lindsay’s death may have been prevented if they would have acted on the tip. I hate to put that out there- but I am thinking about the number of times I have approached leaders in my community and have been told that there is no prevention program or actions unless there is an emergency or a crime has already been committed. This theory makes sense because it would explain why the crime was done the day after a bunch of Saanich police retired and why the Saanich police have not only been difficult to deal with but also acted in an aggressive manner towards the victims family.

  12. David says:

    The pocket dial is raising a red flag with me, are we sure it wasn’t a confirmation call ” the job is done ” to release the get-a-way money. Did anyone’s bank account go up or down substantially that evening ? Who’s prints are on that phone, maybe not only Lindsay’s ?

    • Robin says:

      Good question for the Village Police. Damian Kowalewich is the LEAD DETECTIVE so he should be able to answer your question. Try to reach him at his View Royal councillor job, here’s the eml:

      If he doesn’t know maybe one of the other city councillors can answer you.
      If you can’t reach him there try the ice rink where he coaches minor hockey, he’s quite often there at 6am so give that a try. OR you might find him planning events for the Special Olympics since he is the event coordinator there. OR try city hall because he could be doing his other job as Chair of the Public Works & Transportation Committee; a topic he knows the community is greatly concerned about APPOSED to solving the 13 year old MURDER of Lindsay Buziak. Don’t even try the Village Police Department because that’s too much of a hit and miss. Damian also serves as the liason for the town of View Royal and the school district 61 and the local parent advisory group. Damian is trying so hard to master his role as City Councillor so that should probably be the first place to try. I’ve given you many outlets to try here so I’m sure you’ll be able to tag him somewhere, make a game out of it. “Finding Damian”

      Councillor Kowalewich can be contacted at:



      c/o View Royal Town Hall
      45 View Royal Avenue, Victoria BC V9B 1A6
      Phone Messages: 250-479-6800
      Fax Messages: 250-727-9551
      Maybe you could ask his wife if you bump into her at the grocery store even. Never ask Chief Green at the Village Police because he hates communicating with people, especially about Lindsay’s unsolved murder. He’s the kinda guy who let’s sleeping murderers, oops I mean dogs LIE.
      If all else fails put your question in the suggestion box at the Mayor’s office in View Royal.

      • OceanWaves says:

        I heard from a good source that the 1702 DeSousa property development was built on ancestral land. In other words, it wasn’t just his mommy and daddy that left DeSousa that piece. It came through generations. Therefore if you want to turn this case on its ear, the file will, and can be- removed from Saanich police by contacting the RCMP and asking them why this ancestral property murder can not be investigated by them rather than Saanich PD.
        Here is more on policing structure in Canada as it relates to various properties.
        Some may protest and say the development which was completed in 2008 is not an active tribal community. However, if there was any type of tax discount or concession that was received by DeSousa in the act of developing the property (all 4 or 6 homes?) then it was done under discounts given for ancestral land and therefore under the RCMP jurisdiction.
        Prove me wrong.

  13. Robin says:

    $230,493.40-Chief Scott Green’s annual salary.
    He has been Chief at the SPD 2 yrs this March 14 and we have yet to hear him mention the name Lindsay Buziak in public.
    Considering communication skills are the most important skill for the Chief of police I’d say he is highly overpaid. How pathetic is he? I’m giving him a -5/10. An unsolved murder of a 24 year old girl who was lured to a house under the guise of doing her job!!!! In death Lindsay has garnered a world wide following with the relentless demand for Justice by her Dad and people from every corner of earth and then to have to fight for the justice we expect as working citizens of this country.
    Who are these twisted people that could plan and execute such viscousness upon a young woman who was loved so much and had so much to live for. Can all you people with children take a second to imagine if this was your daughter. Imagine the terror your child felt and then to have to fight for the justice we expect from our police. THEN you endure 4 Chief of Police and the 4th one can’t even communicate with the public as to WTF is going on when we are screaming out to him and he further runs for cover. Chief Green you are on the take!! You are being paid a pretty hefty salary and all we see is incompetence and ignorance from you. You are a Wolf dressed up in a cheap costume not a Chief of Police that I can respect. It’s shameful that you are leading Lindsay’s unsolved murder, the least you could do is let go of it and find a team that will solve this. This horrible murder should have been solved already, can’t you at least offer the Buziak family the grace and move this file after 13 yrs of absolutely nothing. You are not acting with integrity. Enough monkey business from the SPD. 250,000$ a year! You get 250,000$ a year. So by now you have 1/2 a million. Gee who’s laundering money. Maybe a public inquiry is needed at the SPD!

    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive’

  14. Emily McClintock says:

    I saw this case covered on a YouTube channel and I had to come by and give you my support and deepest condolences. As a parent I can’t imagine the absolute hell you’re continually going through without justice or closure, if such things exist. As a woman I can only hope to be as ambitious and brave as Lindsay was. I hope technically finally catches up and solves this case but it’s hindered with the sorry ass police work and bureaucracy standing in the way of justice for you her father, her friends and family. If my voice down here in California counts up there, it’s yours. All my prayers are with you. 💜

  15. Jamie Waterhouse says:

    First I feel your loss of Lindsay I’ve lost loved ones too. I dont want to waste your time i saw her case on ID channel tonight. Im not psychic i just felt the need to help. I had feelings i tried to research her prior listing she sold couldn’t find. I feel these people were paid and paid to kill her in a personal way that the person who hired wanted. My intuitions where its a past disgruntled real estate agent from which agency? He lost a listing or a expected sale. This person will act confident but to a point people may say wow he loves himself. Single renting or condo no pets white. Most likely where’s eye glasses has had 1 or more outbursts but not loud but noticed. Very competitive. Liked to wear short sleave dress shirts with tie and jacket. May sound weird but i believe he has a wicker box thick wicker and or woven strong in his tv room. Check people by seeing all Lindsay’s past sales, listings, listings she got pushed to her. Last look for something tunnel , funnel, funeral, and or listing with Ridge. Im sad for what what happened and angry because he will get caught. Again i dont want to waste anyone’s time. I saw show id channel it hit me felt need to rest eyes and think. I would say its my profile. Please do look into her prior deals and or listings. I could find them god bless you i will pray he is caught.

  16. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    I will walk through hell to bring a closure to Lindsay’s murder by seeing the people involved arrested and charged. Let no man stand in my way. Actually, I have been walking through hell for 13 years now listening to the excuses, explanations and old/new hollow words of a police force who are clearly not capable of solving Lindsay’s murder.

    “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”
    Not even Saanich police and their threats, bullying and intimidation!

    You don’t have to be religious to understand those words when you are a parent who has lost their child to murder. Please support my efforts to have Saanich police removed from Lindsay’s murder investigation. Shirley Zailo now supports this. Matt MacDuff supports this.
    We need YOUR support.

    Please write the Premier of BC John Horgan and ask him to command his Minister of Public Safety to step in and have Saanich police replaced with an experienced competent agency. This is his duty and responsibility if demanded by the people. Please write weekly, Please.

    Premier of British Columbia John Horgan


    Thank you
    Jeff Buziak, father

    Please share this

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      There is no one at Saanich police I dislike or hate and I don’t hate Saanich police. They just don’t have what it takes to solve Lindsay’s murder and arrest the people involved. Time has proven this over and over in the past thirteen years. That’s it, simple. No more explanations and excuses by them or for them. They are not capable and Do Not have the leadership to change this as the last four Chiefs there have proven. Simply Not capable.

      I am disappointed at individuals there but it’s not a big problem for me as hopefully soon we see the tail end of this bunch. Chief Green the latest turtle chief who refuses to lead his people by speaking publicly about Lindsay’s murder is a disappointment like his predecessor Bob Downie. They won’t speak publicly because they don’t want to lie and deceive the public with hollow words and bs because they have nothing and are not confident they can do the job so they are too embarrassed to face the people who they work for. Sad and poor leadership. Chris Horsley, the trucker and millionaire real estate financier, who like an idiot came to Calgary to try a threatening tactic and now isn’t man enough to take responsibility and apologize but instead lies about what transpired in my boardroom that day. Sad and a reflection of Saanich police culture. Damian Kowalewich the new lead detective, a rookie detective, who is a bright kid with a political career on his mind. Being a View Royal councillor, sports coach, school liaison, chair of committees, a husband, a father and oh yeah a cop just doesn’t work when you are in a key role leading a group to solve a murder. Go be a politician Damian and quit trying to do that on the back of being a cop and playing with Lindsay’s murder in between all your other roles. It doesn’t work. Another reflection of the Saanich way.

      There it is folks. Saanich police are probably a somewhat good security company for Saanich and good at catching speeders but murder isn’t their game or their focus.
      They need to quit holding on to Lindsay’s murder file and trying to fool us and themselves they can do it at the cost of severely mishandling Justice. They are not capable. Give it up. We’ve all had enough.

      We all want arrests and that is not too much to ask a competent police agency. It’s their job. It’s their duty. Saanich police are lost and need to be replaced.

      Thank you
      Jeff Buziak, father

      • Wyatt says:

        So is what is being said here is; that all those announcements regarding FBI and a new agency “assisting” in reactivating this file was all FLUFF? 💨 🌪🌬
        Not that I’m surprised, but just saying, there’s a lot of fluffy people out there.

        • Frank Columbo says:

          I know about the FBI involvement, they are involved, if this is maybe related to Cocaine trafficking people just remember Cocaine flows North and Cocaine money flows south through the U S of A to Mexico and beyond. Why wouldn’t they be interested.

        • Svetlana says:

          They’re shaking in their boots. Probably being interviewed by FBI agents.

          • Rosanne says:

            Not sure I would call it fluff just yet. The SPD met with Mr. Buziak, they gave him a contact,(ok, they attempted to) an officer talked to SZ, SZ wants to be Mr. Buziak’s partner and one of the undesirables was permanently taken off the list AND it’s just a month over the announcement the FBI and RCMP were coming. Let’s see how they top themselves this month.

          • Frank Columbo says:

            The Saanich police have everything available to them they need to solve this crime now. The RCMP have shown over the last several years by solving several murder cases that were almost hopeless they are excellent relentless investigators. The FBI people involved are the cream of the crop very seasoned special agents, Profilers with access to the latest forensic technology which apparently has already paid off. The Saanich police need to load these people up with work they are available sleeves rolled up ready to go and very capable. If anybody has a copy of the pic of the Dal lalczar family Christmas the one with the Scare Face like mansion stair case on the wall behind them I could use a copy.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        They are not fooling anybody.

    • No name says:

      Forgive me for saying this Jeff but I think you are misinterpreting SZ”s wanting SP out as genuine.

      After 13 years would you not think this is suspect behaviour for her to just come out to you and say this.

      To any outsider who has paid attention to all the details here they would know that she is finally feeling the heat and perhaps SP are finally caving into the pressure to charge her and her family.

      I think your hard work is finally paying off. Now is not the time to lose focus. If I were to make an educated guess, her and Horsely have fallen out and he has no choice now but to go after her and her sons whom by all circunstancial evidence are the main suspects and murderers. Something to consider before aligning with the baddies solely because you have a common enemy whom looks to be on your side now.

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        If you were up north in the middle of nowhere and your vehicle conked out and it looked like you were going to freeze to death because you had no cell coverage, it was 10pm and -27 what would you do? What would you do if your competitor in business, your enemy or a neighbor you really disliked came along and offered you a ride? I’m assuming you would accept the lift and swallow your pride. Most
        rational people would. It might even be an opportunity to sort out your differences or confirm the feelings you had before depending on how the ride back to safety went right? You would live to die another day!

        Thank you for your comment and your concern. I do appreciate it and for you speaking for many out there who feel the same way. Thank you, thank you.

        My focus is seeing the people responsible for my daughters murder brought to justice and right now we have an obstacle blocking that. That obstacle is called “13 Years NOTHING Saanich police”. They have had 13 years to do what they are supposed to do quickly because murder is the worst crime known to mankind. There are no more excuses or lame explanations I need to hear from Saanich police why their job isn’t done. They ARE lame. Their leadership IS lame! They have completely botched this murder investigation. They have had 13 years to investigate JZ, RZ, SZ, MM, RG, ED, VID, SW, etc….AND NOTHING!!!!!! I’m done with the buffoons as should everyone else be! Please don’t even try to defend Saanich police any longer here! All I expect from Saanich police now are arrests or their resignation and I’m pushing for the latter and harder every month. They must arrest and charge or be gone!

        My stance has not changed. Everyone is a suspect until arrests and since I don’t know you “No name” so are you. The difference is you don’t walk with me. You haven’t revealed your name to me and offered to do whatever it takes to assist me in our latest mission. If you did do these things I would accept your assistance just like I will accept the assistance of SZ. I keep one eye open at all times. I don’t walk blindly and I sleep with locked doors and protection. This is a we mission not a me mission. I’m just a dad doing my duty to my daughter and for society. Murder is supposed to be against the law!! I accept all assistance offered.

        If someone has an ulterior motive to get close to me I will smoke that out and reveal it to everyone. If someone truly wants to help and their intentions remain focused on moving Lindsay’s investigation forward, I will gladly walk with them to that tune. Mess with my head or mess with moving Lindsay’s murder investigation forward and I will mess with you!

        Saanich police are messing with both and have been for 13 gruelling years!

        Justice 4 Lindsay!

        Thank you for your assistance

        Jeff Buziak, father

        • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

          I agree with you Jeff. I would like to see the letters SZ and McDuff may be sending on this site. We all know what we have written and have never received a response. If honestly willing to help share with us. Justice for Lindsay.

          • Robin says:

            I’m with you every step. You have my full support. I trust your instinct. I have been very hard on the Zailo’s but since SZ came forward to you I am having a big rethink on just who was involved in this inhumane act towards your daughter Lindsay. There are so many slimy people in Victoria who are incapable of living a honest life, let’s all rethink this for a bit. The incongruent behaviour of all 4 chiefs, the Saanich Mayors and the SPD does not sit easy with me. The sooner we can have them removed then at least there is a possibility Lindsay’s murder will be solved. They are wasting time fumbling around trying to look competent. Enough BS.
            Our letters to Horgan, Eby and Farnsworth matter. Don’t stop sending with our request to have the SPD removed. 13 yrs is enough bumbling around. Keep pushing!

        • Wyatt says:

          I think No Name was/is demonstrating support. There are many posters who fail to divulge a name (true or otherwise) yet their “support” to this cause is evident. I think it’s unfair to lump No Name into the category of suspect as rather harsh. I believe those of us who have posted a negative review in regards to SZ’s contact at this time simply see things outside your box. We are trying to protect you from the cunning and devious conduct which is obvious to most of us. That’s not written to insult you Jeff, it’s just to take into consideration that most (if not all) of us posters are not PERSONALLY involved and sometimes those outside that emotional box see things clearer than the victim. We are trying to protect you. Albeit you may not wish or require “protection” but we are genuine and sincere in our offerings. Please don’t dismiss our comments/advice as trivial or unwelcome, while we protest with our letter writing and postings on various media outlets we are doing so IN SUPPORT of your plot to serve justice.

          I too was extremely taken aback by your posting of chanting up SZ in joining forces with us in having SPD ousted from this file. Frankly, I don’t want that thing anywhere near our group, she is toxic and dangerous and tooting her horn just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve had 30 years experience working next to convicts…. they call them cons for good reason. I would sincerely ask that you do not invite this convict (SZ) into our mists, it’s dangerous, has other motives and would be to our discredit. I am sorry that you are so desperate for justice that you even consider SZ as an alias. I can unequivocally advise you, any contact with that thing would be harmful to your well being.

          We will persevere, for you, for Lindsay and for all those who have been murdered and cases not solved. ⚖️

          • No name says:

            I have posted numerous times here under a real name and have been 100% behind Jeff and still am. SZ getting in the picture now beyond creeps me out. I can’t imagine the turmoil Jeff feels to join up with the main suspect whom everyone here knows had intimidated Lindsays friends from coming forth as witnesses- that alone should be enough to know who’s who – utterly disturbed and this is coming from someone who has only been an outsider that wants justice and truly cares maybe I shouldn’t have said anything but then again I want to help in whatever way possible how little it may be. I know BC and police are corrupt and this bothers me a whole lot along with this case . To me it just looks like things are finally starting to develop and I don’t have all the answers. I’m just a stranger and happy that people like Jeff exist.

            • Jeff Buziak, father says:

              No name, I want to thank you and everyone else for all your support. Without all you people I would have probably crumbled a long time ago. I need all you wonderful people now more than ever. Please believe me when I say I have to go down every road and follow every path to see that Justice is served and I’m counting on all of you to walk with me no matter how bizarre it may seem at times. The truth shall be revealed. I will go where ever I have to go without fear or trepidation. Let the light shine.

        • OW says:

          The big sign for me was when neither Shirley nor Jason agreed to be on Dr. Phil and that was nearly 2 years ago. If you are going to give them a chance (or even Matt M.) to be more vocal and involved, I would invite them to a zoom Town Hall meeting. Let the FBI contact moderate that or some other supporter from Saanich, and let everyone go public on video with their statement that they want Horsley/ Saanich PD out and what their reasons are. Don’t ask them to do anything less than what you, Jeff, have done. Just because you are Lindsay’s Dad, does not mean that you are the only citizen in Canada that has to stand up publicly and say that this is wrong!

        • Dennis says:

          If you were up north in the middle of nowhere and your vehicle conked out and it looked like you were going to freeze to death because you had no cell coverage, it was 10pm and -27 what would you do? What would you do if your competitor in business, your enemy or a neighbor you really disliked came along and offered you a ride? I’m assuming you would accept the lift and swallow your pride. Most
          rational people would. It might even be an opportunity to sort out your differences or confirm the feelings you had before depending on how the ride back to safety went right? You would live to die another day!

          I see the result of this scenario much differently. Add the observation that this “pho” having a knife on their persons.
          If any “competitor” – “neighbour” – “enemy” was a suspect in the vicious murder of my child I would not accept any offer of assistance. I would simply do whatever I had to do to take their vehicle, leave them where they’ve fallen (disabled of course) and that’s how I would live to die another day. That’s my pride. Just saying…..

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I agree. I think that the relentless pressure from Jeff, this website ( hat’s off to Robin and many others ), the media coverage thanks to Jeff, and society in general ( this case has gotten world wide attention ) and the fact that people are not losing interest in seeing this case get solved has applied enough pressure that they know that they need to solve it. I think largely because it is so obvious that it should have been solved a long time ago and the longer it goes unsolved the worse it looks for the SPD and all of the politicians above. I think she didn’t like the way the narrative went at her last meeting with the SPD, possibly an FBI agent there as well, and her knee jerk reaction was to call Jeff and try to team up with him in an attempt to get them off her back. No different from her calling Nikki in the middle of the night with that accent, which might have been Maltese. I have a feeling the shit is about to or already is hitting the fan.

    • James Smith says:

      Sir just wanted to say I highly respect what your doing for your daughter, I truly in my heart know that these P.O.S bastard lowlifes will be caught. Hang in there, and God bless.

    • IHeart80s says:

      If the shoe were on the other foot Jeff, and Jason had been murdered while he was still with Lindsay, wouldn’t you and Lindsay stood by Shirley publicly and vocally all these years until his murderer was caught? I think based on your behavior that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. Regardless of your feelings for Shirley, I do not think that you would have turned your back on her or Jason and gone silent for years. Lindsay never would have let you. No, this is way too sticky being that Shirley’s man works with Saanich PD. I feel that they really are trying to make nice just to figure out a way to shut people up.

  17. Mark Roush says:

    The public viewed the (release) of the surveillance video as Jason and Cohen were leaving the SHC detail Shop at approximately 5:30pm, but what does the surveillance video SHOW when Jason arrived and entered the SHC detail Shop at approximately 4:30pm??? Was Jason’s ROUTE into SHC the SAME ROUTE he used to EXIT SHC ? Did Jason park his range rover immediately upon arrival at SHC underneath the surveillance camera ? Was Lindsay inside Jason’s range rover ? Did Lindsay follow Jason into the SHC’S parking lot ? Did Jason let Lindsay out at the door of SHC to “drop off Contract” ? Upon entering SHC, did Jason drive his range rover elsewhere for a certain amount of time before he parked his range rover underneath the video camera? The RCMP/FBI need to CLOSELY EXAMINE all VIDEO FOOTAGE from Jason’s ARRIVAL at SHC Autographx !!

  18. following says:

    Good point. There should have been a contract.

  19. Ac says:

    Shane Wilson is the murder victim in tje sooke road incident last night. He is super one to the delalcazars and every other criminal in victoria… I wonder if this has anything to do with the investigation ramping up and tying loose ends??

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      “The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit has taken over the investigation.”
      Wow, look at that. Day one the VIIMCU is pulled out for this low life? Where has that tax payer funded Crime Unit been for Lindsay all these years?

      • Robin says:

        More proof of major corruption in the SPD….what BS. Those SOB’s need to be taken out of Lindsay’s investigation long ago. CORRUPTION-CORRUPT-CORRUPT SAANICH POLICE. 4 chiefs at that shit show have sashayed through the BC lottery program while pretending to solve a vicious, disgusting murder of a 24 yr old girl beginning her life!!!! WTF is going on there. We need help, Hello Premier Horgan, Minister Farnsworth, Minister Eby! Clean your ears will ya. I guess we should wipe our asses with our ballets at the polling stations hey? You guys are no different than the HA once your clothes are off. Kiss my ass all of you! FK off too. I’m losing it! This isn’t what I was promised when I graduated from high school by some yappy liar at the podium congratulating everyone. I picked the honest team, WHY?

    • She G says:

      One less on the ‘Undesirables Victoria’ list.

    • Robin says:

      Hell will be ready for him. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Earth doesn’t need your kind.

    • Svetlana says:

      Wilson was also known to police and had a criminal history. In 2018, he was involved in a violent home invasion. During the invasion, he wore a red Hells Angels mask.

      Along with two other men, they entered a man’s home armed with weapons and threatened the victim and accused him of being a drug dealer who had sold a fatal dose to their friend.

      A drug dealer accusing another drug dealer… Who is at the top? How much did he know? Now he’s gone and the police can’t interrogate him.

      • Rosanne says:

        I believe he was found guilty and spent time in prison for this crime.

        • Svetlana says:

          Maybe he did go to prison, but he must have known some things if he was a gangster. Did the village police bother to get information from him at all that concerns Lindsay?

          • Robin says:

            Village police, funny Svetlana. They are that. It suits them doesn’t it.

          • Rosanne says:

            The timing is very suspect. The announcement of the FBI and RCMP being involved now, actually said “It is sometimes the case that people who may have knowledge initially do not come forward due to their close relationship with those who may have been involved or out of concern for their reputation and standing in the community and among friends. We recognize relationships change over time as do people and their perspectives ” Shirley contacts Jeff Buziak and confirms people from the past are being contacted again. The murdered person appears as some kind of connection to Lindsay’s murder. I have to wonder if the police were starting to contact these people and this person ended up dead. In reality the most likely reason that Lindsay’s murder happened is someone thought she said or was going to do something that would cost them a lot of money. If the police are corrupt, as has been said, this could be related. If an outside officer did report back to the case even that he had just talked to this person and person ends up dead after that talk, shouldn’t it raise some neck hair on that officer. Right now, they would be trying to figure out if there may be a connection. That officer would already know, by what happened to Lindsay it would not take much of a connection or even small search to find the truth, for her murderer to jump right in. Then again, this victim lived in a world where this thing happens and it could have nothing to do with Lindsay.

            • Eye in the sky says:

              There is several of these so-called gangsters that know the truth. I know this to be a fact. I also know that if they ever open their mouth, They would be the next Shane Wilson.And that is the truth of the matter. Obviously Shane knew The truth about Lindsey‘s execution. The timing is more than suspicious, it’s quite possible that SZ heard that Shane may have had a reason to have loose lips.
              Let me just say this, two days after her complete turnaround to Jeff, “ The wolf in sheep‘s clothing,) has never shown any ounce of empathy or any signs of willing help, forget about decency, emotion, sympathy or empathy, I know well enough that she’s a coldhearted bitch! I will also add that among the so-called gangsters, they refer to her as “a fucking gangster!” And if they are saying that that tells me a lot. They fear her, and there’s many many reasons for that. Clearly someone like her (A narcissistic sociopath) dies not have a sudden change of heart after 13 years, but are only looking out for herself as she always has done and Will continue to do so. From the location of her house, it us exactly 6.7 km to where Shane‘s execution to place. And from her vantage point way up high what is the 360• view, I’m sure that woman has a telescope and she could have “possibly” watched the whole thing go down and that just makes me wonder……I think you know what I mean.
              Just a little bit of information for all of you out there that are decent empathetic people, that care and want to help. Remember the saying keep your best friends close and your enemies closer, it might not only be SZ That is using that mentality. I
              Once again, I just want to stipulate the very weird coincidence that within 48 hours of her call to Jeff, Shane was executed. (very close to her house and possibly capable of watching) just a thought.
              As they say, if it smells like shit, it probably is shit.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I wonder if Shane Wilson had a falling out with SZ?

  20. Robin says:

    Boy oh Boy the head of Lindsay’s file is one busy guy!
    Does he really have time to commit to solving Lindsay’s murder? The SPD lack guidance obviously. Chief Scott Green is now the 4th Chief since Lindsay was murdered!!!!!! What more do the public need to do. Now we have Shirley Zailo wanting to team up with Jeff Buziak to remove the SPD? Is there some type of drug being piped through the vents of our politicians in Victoria to keep them stunned? What is going on?

    Councillor Damian Kowalewich has lived in View Royal for 10 years with his wife and children. He and his family love exploring nature, playing sports, traveling, and spending time in the community. Damian also enjoys hockey, cycling, hiking and reading.

    Damian is employed as a supervisor in the Major Crime Detective Section of a local municipal police department. He is active in community service, and is passionate about giving back and helping the younger generation to feel connected to their community through sports. He coaches JDF Minor hockey and lacrosse, and has cherished his role as a Special Olympics event coordinator. Damian is past President of the Saaanich Volunteer Services Society, and past Chairperson of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Federal Corrections. Damian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a post-bachelors leadership certificate.

    As a member of the Council’s Committee of the Whole, Damian is Chair of the Public Works & Transportation Committee; which is a topic he knows the community is greatly concerned about. He will continue to advocate to the different levels of government for a long-term transportation solution for View Royal and the Capital Regional District. Damian also serves as the liaison for the Town of View Royal, School District #61, and the local parent advisory groups, and is excited to be meeting the members of these groups.

    ​Damian is honored to have been elected as View Royal Councillor and is working hard to master the role. He has continued to meet with residents, employees, and stakeholders in View Royal and will remain fully engaged during his term.

    “My wife and I are proud to be raising our young family in View Royal. My goal is ensure that I represent this community fairly and to genuinely listen to residents from all walks of life.”

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Could it be that he genuinely wants to solve this crime for the sake of the community he and his children live in? When did he take over this case? Very interesting.

      • Robin says:

        Yah when the laundered money falls out of the sky I’ll buy that CTD. Dreamer your nothing but a dreamer.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Great song and band. I think that it is looking promising and one can always hope. Time will tell.

  21. Jeff Buziak says:


    I received an interesting phone call last night out of nowhere from someone who isn’t necessarily near the top of my warm and fuzzy list. They certainly feel the same about me but nonetheless they called, we spoke cordially, which is a change, and I also listened for over 2 1/2 hours. I wouldn’t say we agreed on everything and our recollection of important events for me differ but I expected that. The important thing for all of us here is we both are now on the same page with a seriously fundamental fact concerning Lindsay’s unsolved murder which is “Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t a problem; Saanich police are the problem” A BIG problem!

    Thirteen years is way too long and we both overwhelmingly agree on two facts. First and foremost, Constable Chris Horsley of Saanich police needs to be immediately extricated from any connection whatsoever with Lindsay’s murder file. Secondly, failing arrests and charges forthwith, Saanich police must be removed from this case and replaced by an experienced, competent agency that knows how to properly investigate a murder because everyone including us can all see Lindsay’s unsolved murder is going nowhere in the hands of this horribly run police agency. All we see and hear are more grand false starts, hollow words and their litany of excuses and explanations. Both of us use the same words. I’m done! I’ve had enough! Really everyone, you need to believe us, this whole affair has turned into a monumental mess all because of the very serious mishandling from day one by the Saanich police. Enough, enough, enough with everything that is Saanich police.

    Shirley Zailo was very clear right up front in our lengthy conversation. She stated in no uncertain terms that Jason, Ryan and her had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder. They are now onboard with taking action to do whatever is required to have Saanich police removed and replaced as they too have had enough and have suffered enough by the bungling ways of Saanich police. Shirley was not confrontational and wants to move forward positively to see a conclusion to this nightmare everyone has been experiencing. She claims this is solely about Justice for Lindsay and that there are no other motives for her calling me. She says they have done everything they could to see Saanich police had everything they required but this last go around and meetings with Saanich detective Damian Kowalewich put her over the edge and she has had enough. I concurred. She is writing letters and wants to discuss what else she can do to help have Saanich police replaced with some other serious, experienced law enforcement agency. Her family is done with Saanich police.

    Now, let me be very clear please. My stance doesn’t change on where I stand with Lindsay’s murder. It was someone close to her, very close. Lindsay’s murder was personal. She saw something she shouldn’t have seen and those people close to her decided she was a risk to their lifestyle and decided to terminate. These scum need to be punished harshly and as far as I’m concerned, terminated. Everyone remains a suspect to me until there are arrests and charges. I will not be shocked who it is because I don’t care. Justice must be enforced! The law of the land must prevail! Unfortunately time has shown Saanich police are not capable of diligently and professionally performing this duty and must be replaced. The Lindsay Buziak Murder site will remain. There was no deal or negotiations. This is a collaboration to see Saanich police are replaced and I ask everyone to support this please. I am doing everything I can and I am stretching everywhere I need to and sometimes resisting having to do that but this isn’t about me; it’s about the horror Lindsay experienced and the Justice system failing Lindsay and all of US. Murder is against the law! Unfortunately not in Saanich!

    Yes, you want to know my thoughts on all of this. Well, for me I know my daughter is dead and was savagely murdered by someone close to her. Everyone I ask or confront claim the same. I had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder. Unfortunately, someone did kill our Lindsay because she certainly isn’t hiding out on a luxurious yacht in Monaco with Elvis. I held Lindsay in the morgue and promised I would see those responsible identified, arrested and charged. I aim to see that happens and I AM NOT favouring or sheltering anyone no matter how nice they are to me or how secretly they try to hide. We are coming for you. You will pay. We just need to get Saanich police out of the way to move this forward and see the people responsible brought to Justice. I will do whatever it takes.

    Justice for Lindsay!

    Jeff Buziak, father.

    • Robin says:

      But..but..but..what? I guess Chris Horsley might take my order at Starbuck’s later or Chief Green is the Easter Bunny too. Ok then I’m the Premier of B.C. and the SPD are DONE. I guess the SPD really are using their shoes for phones still. Good grief.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      One thing is clear and that is that Shirley is very rattled by this new investigation. Why, if they are truly innocent of committing this murder would she be so rattled?. I don’t believe for a minute that her motives are altruistic. Could it be that they are properly being investigated now and also that new names that have come up lately on this website are troubling such as Ryan and her new husband? What if she was told unequivocally when she complained that the SPD could not shut down this site? It is great that she SAYS that she is going to help get this case removed from the SPD but I will believe it when I see it. Right now, to me, this looks like a desperate attempt to try to convince us all of their innocence.

      • PandaBear says:

        In a few months she’ll be trying that but in court.

      • Mike says:

        She may also be trying to separate herself from all involved before others do the same. Definitely could be pressure. Could be her lawyer trying to shed her in a different light. She may also be afraid for and her families life. Perhaps talking with Jeff is her way sending a message back to the Vid and the four brothers. Perhaps Wilson’s murder is connected and she feels she could be next. Bottom line is, is the murder then the call to Jeff a coincidence. Stay tuned!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think it was a knee jerk reaction to something. I’ll bet there are a lot of conversations going on behind others backs these days.

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Wow, too bad it took 13 years for her to reach out to you. Hoping 2021 will be the year for justice for Lindsay and her family. I agree that everyone is of interest until someone is convicted and behind bars.

    • Frank Columbo says:

      Maybe Shirley didn’t like the questions the Police were asking maybe they thought they would turn up the heat a little on her. The re-investigation from scratch was the right move much better than spending 8 months reading through the old file to come up to speed. The re-investigation was announced as a joint task force with the RCMP and FBI. I am familiar with the FBI people and what they have to offer what they can bring to the table, that is part of what was missing from the original investigation. The RCMP investigators have solved quite a few hopeless and old cases in recent years shit is definitely going to hit the fan for some in this case. If I was Dad I would be asking for the contact number of the RCMP lead and have a meet and greet to ask about what their role in the Task force is ? Are the RCMP available on request only ? Do any RCMP investigators make contact with their Task Force partners every day ? Do any RCMP investigators work on the Lindsay case all day every day ? The RCMP have a sterling reputation for being tight lipped but asking them to simply explain their role and the structure of the task force they are part of shouldn’t be to much to ask. If the Task Force partners are acting in unison and the Saanich police turn out to be not up to the task the others will realize that quickly they will take up the slack, I would anybody that wants to be successful would. It would be nice to see an RCMP presence at interviews as well if the RCMP are involved full time on a daily basis it’s only a matter of time.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think that the fact that the FBI are taking over this investigation and also, finally, are apparently the RCMP, shows that this case has become a priority ( a big shift from the past ) and I believe that is due to public pressure and the relentless pursuit for justice that Jeff has fought for his daughter. We must watch this closely. Here’s hoping…..

        • Robin says:

          Yes.. don’t eat or drink anything from any of them Jeff. Don’t go anywhere where they r. They are trying to fk with u. Wolves in cheap clothing all of them.

        • see closely says:

          FBI is not taking over.They are police force of foreign state and at the best/most are there in advising role.This is Canada and FBI’s criminal technology is not that different/advanced from Canadian technology.
          I am happy that closed mind of this website is finally being opened and nobody is excluded from being potential murderer.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Nobody is being excluded this time around and that will most likely bring justice to this case.

    • Donald Kimble says:

      Don’t fall for this Jeff – they are finally getting the pressure and are trying to trick you.

      • Wyatt says:

        I would agree with DK. Abundance of caution as she is simply trying to penetrate your guard. Deflect. “I’m on your side” plea. Perhaps even working in conjunction with the the corrupt SPD. This reeks with suspicion. BUT …. I also believe we are pushing some panic buttons and this is their attempt at diversion. Hahaha SZ and murder family….. we are on to you and the community is slowing seeing your evil ways. 🤥

      • Lillian says:

        Yes. Leopards don’t change their spots….EVER! All the corrective cosmetic plastic surgery on the planet won’t change SZ’s spots, Evil is evil, ugly is ugly and killers remain killers.

      • David J Anderson says:

        Agreed. SZ is at the top of the list. And she will remain at the top.

    • Dennis says:

      “She is writing letters and wants to discuss what else she can do to help have Saanich police replaced with some other serious, experienced law enforcement agency. Her family is done with Saanich police.”

      My first instinctive challenge to SZ….. if you are indeed writing any letters, post them here as many of us have. SHOW US! Your history of talking out of both sides of your lying, deceitful mouth doesn’t trump these bogus claims of innocence. Hey SZ…. “I’m innocent” is the all time standard statement from convicted criminals who are in jail. I truly believe your motives in this contact are sinister and cooperative in some form with the corrupt SPD.

      I suppose Jeff, you get brownie points for giving generously, 2 ½ hours of your valuable time to listen to a killer and I would like to believe because this is a very personal crime against your family, one that I have never personally experienced, only witnessed/read/knowledge, can not believe I would be so “cordial” in any conversation with this trash. Having dealt with convicted murderers, pedophiles and child killers I can assure you, this thing who calls herself SZ has absolutely No Interest to cooperate in solving Lindsay murder. She’s a psychopath along with her offspring and they are fuelled by greed, narcissism, money and perceived notoriety. She is absolutely powerless or influential in removing this file from SPD. She is Pinocchio 🤥🤥 in cheap clothing and expensive plastic surgery!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I actually wondered if the timing was consistent with the murder of Shane Wilson Friday evening. I think it’s off by a day. My thought was making sure she had an alibi for that time and also maybe more importantly was certainly not thinking about the murder of someone that she knows going down as was on the phone with Jeff for 2 1/2 hours professing their innocence and expressing her desire to catch Lindsay’s murderers. If called on, Jeff would have to say that she did indeed do that which would be good for their PR. If this does have ties to Lindsay’s murder she could have wanted a safe secure without bringing anyone new into the picture situation that she could loudly and proudly say she was doing at or around the time of Shane’s murder. I know, sounds crazy but you just never know. I too think there probably was an alternative motive for that call to Jeff. Unfortunately I don’t think her posting letters here would prove anything other than she posted something here.

        • MJG says:

          Brillant thinking ConnectTheDots….makes sense…an alibi….and of all people, a call to Jeff Buziak, father of murdered daughter Lindsey…which she SZ is a possible suspect! Yep! Makes sense…

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Thank you MJG. I know it is a long shot but I can’t help but think that she is up to something. Trying to save her own arse in some way and also that there could be a connection somehow to the murder of Shane Wilson.

      • Mike says:

        …and how many real estate deals have been financed with SPD officers and the Zailo’s over the years? It’s not a crime to buy property but it sure would look bad if it was done in the last thirteen years.

    • IHeart80s says:

      I agree with those that say not to trust Shirley Zailo. The momma bear somehow got woke to the fact that there are people all over the world who will not back off. She might also be reacting in fear to information that was posted here or elsewhere (perhaps questions that Horsley asked her?) that are not just rumors or speculation. I would not give her access to anything, especially your time. If Shirley was going to help, she would have done it 13 years ago. It’s sad that she now wants to help so she can get Chris Horsley and the public off her back. Sad.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I have a feeling it is not Horsley that is asking the questions anymore ( as if he ever did ). She has definitely been woke to something….

    • Justice says:

      Shirley Zailo doesn’t offer help like this without motive. Psychopaths never do anything selfless and she has shunned helping this homicide investigation for 13 years. When the FBI and RCMP start seriously snooping around in her business, she all of a sudden gets “helpful” and wants to team-up to get them off the case? and after all the allegations we post here??? I am thinking she wants the SPD off the case because someone there has enough information to expose her and take her down if they get caught up in this (Horsley) and will turn states evidence against her for a deal. If Shirley Zailo wants the SPD off the case, then we should seriously want to keep the SPD on the case and involved with the FBI and the RCMP.

      Brenda Lucki took the time to personally answer my email requesting the RCMP look into the wacko information released to the pee-collector and media by Horsley. He released information multiple times to the family and public that was deliberately misleading. Giving a crime writer/former RCMP officer sensitive information was in my opinion, an attempt to point the attention away from the Zailos, knowing the pee-collector would publish the information. Releasing held-back and sensitive information to someone he knew was a crime writing blogger was irresponsible if not deliberate and should be investigated. This plan backfired when the Capitol Daily report provided information that exposed Horsley’s web of misinformation. I believe Commissioner Lucki replied to my comments because she knew the RCMP was about to get involved in the investigation.

      My big question here is who would marry Shirley??

      • Wyatt says:

        The “ones” that marry criminals have the same narrow insight as those that have married killers like, Karla Holmka (lawyers brother) Paul Bernardo, Luka Magnotta, and the list is long. These people who marry killers, pedophiles etc. are known as “killer groupies”….. they too have a narcissistic, selfish and grandiose view of the relationship with criminals. They’re all sick in different ways but despicable nonetheless. It’s a “we” against “them” syndrome that they practice. They believe only they know the true “human” version of these vial criminals and the need to portray them in a “nicer” light to the public is obsessive. We never accept that these criminal groupies side and support the wrong people, it is the victims they should advocate not the criminals.

    • Maureen says:

      I heard (not confirmed) that Shirley Zailo was the informant in the Alberta drug bust. She did it to kill the Hell’s angels illegal drug business competition stemming from the Lopez crime family. Is that why she is being protected by the SPD in Lindsay’s murder investigation? The Lopez crime family lost the money in the bust, not Shirley’s clan. Someone seems to know that the informant called authorities twice from the Re/Max office managed by Shirley, with tips about the cocaine stash in Alberta . Her sons have close connections to many illegal drug dealers in Victoria (check out their FB friends) and would have access to the information.

      Shirley likely put out the information that Lindsay was the informant since it was inevitable that Lindsay was going to be leaving the “family” soon anyway (verified by her friends ). She would kill (literally) two birds with one stone; take suspicion off herself and get her revenge. She likely told the Lopez family she would take care of the problem. I do not believe Lindsay’s murder was a professional “hit” Shane Wilson on the other hand was a professional “hit” like one you would expect, not an elaborate real estate murder plan likely designed by a woman. Beltran would not have risked himself and his sister by murdering someone so up-close and personal with a knife when other people might show-up. That to me sounds kind of ridiculous but Beltran may have accepted her murder as part of the re-payment for the arrests and lost assets from the bust.

      Shirley has been protected by the SPD for 13 years. Horsley put out false and misleading statements for 13 years in an attempt to remove public suspicion from the Zailos. They knew who had the burner phone(s). We now have access to official police records that prove this. The internal band of SPD investigators also members of the SPD Complaint’s Board, have been covering up, equal to protecting Shirley Zailo, for 13 years. This gives more credibility to the theory that Shirley was the Alberta drug bust informant.

      Also interesting in the Capital Daily article, the police record states that Jason gave a description of the male’s jacket as expensive but seen through windows. Very weird and confusing statement and how could he determine in a matter of seconds that the jacket was expensive, in the dark, through a window from inside his car, as they drove up to the house? Did he already know something about the guy and the jacket?


      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Very good points, especially with regards to the jacket. If those calls came from that Remax office then what you say makes a lot of sense.

      • Rosanne says:

        So if what you say is true, can you imagine the look on Chris Horsley’s face when he read Jeff Buziak’s post about Shirley wanting to throw him under the bus? OR she is trying to get the case back into only his hands,as Saanich PD seem to like doing the opposite of what the victim’s father would like. After all this time you would think someone there would have figured out that if they SOLVE this case and get JUSTICE for LINDSAY, that all of this will go right away.

      • Mike says:

        ….and why not call when Lindsay is in Calgary. ….especially if she mentioned to either Zailo that she was going to contact her friend! So now those calls and the times that the crime house what brought up on the office computer are crucial….and who was signed in to the computer.

      • Svetlana says:

        I read on some web site that Shane was an informant, generally speaking.

      • Svetlana says:

        I am not sure where I read this, could be the news or some person’s post, but it said that the Alberta police knew who the informant was to that drug bust. So they have this in their records too. Has anyone contacted them to check that?

  22. Mark Roush says:

    Did Lindsay leave her car at the sauce restaurant expecting to go with Jason to SHC detail Shop to drop off an ALLEGED,UNSUBSTANTIATED “CONTRACT” and go on from SHC to the Desousa house ? Did Lindsay Follow Jason over to SHC detail Shop expecting to leave her’s or Jason’s car there so they can ride along together to the Desousa house ? According to Jason, the Police and Dateline,Jason TOLD Police that He and Lindsay had lunch at Sauce, then they split up,Lindsay over to the HOUSE she was going to show and Jason to take a “CONTRACT” to SHC detailing shop before “MEETING” Lindsay at the house. If this Scenario is TRUE,the RUMOR of Lindsay going home to change clothes is discounted. This Scenario would put Lindsay in the Desousa driveway at approximately 4:45 p.m. with Desousa,and the construction workers there. What was said by the Zailo’s to CALM Lindsay enough to go to the Desousa house without Jason ? If there was a “WALK” the day before, it was a Breakup with my SUBSERVIENT son confirmation “WALK” and Shirley’s Murder plot against Lindsay stands. SO did Jason and his Mother CALM Lindsay down by telling her that MOM and the Property developer, Joe Desousa would be there for Her also ???

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      If there even was a walk which I think would have been totally out of character for Shirley. How many walks during the course of her relationship with Jason did Lindsay get invited to go on with Shirley? I’m thinking zero. I’m thinking more likely they just showed up so that Lindsay wouldn’t have been able to let others know that Shirley had offered to be there with Ryan. The element of surprise would have worked very well and also fit the scenario that they had put in place in the days leading up to her murder.

      • Robin says:

        No doubt the Zailo’s were following the script by then. It’s obvious to anyone who has basic instinct. SZ showed up at condo because she knew what time phone call was being made at. There she sat waiting for phone to ring. Sz wanted to hear what Lindsay said exactly but more importantly she wanted to be there to make sure she could reassure Lindsay of anything that might make her not want to show up at De Sousa’s house on Feb 2
        to meet couple. There was no walk. What BS. More of the script. What the SPD can’t see here is shocking. Obviously they are tainted from the 3 retired chiefs and the current Chief Scott Green down. The SPD are pathetic and part of the corruption. That’s the only way I can see things at this point. The public will go crazy if the truth about B.C. comes out Lindsay’s murder should have been solved years ago. B.C. Being corrupt. When it starts unraveling we’ll need another prison built for all the POS dishonest, on the take, fancy vehicle driving assholes playing chemists with illicit drugs from China. Disgusting fks

    • OceanWaves says:

      I am looking at the infamous camera alibi on SHC, 474 Bay Street via google maps today. The angle that was shown before when picking up Jason on the night of Lindsay’s murder makes the camera appear father away than the current camera location. I would have thought based on the spread of how much parking lot can be seen supposedly that night that the camera had been on the roof at FastSigns or at least on the FastSigns building and not the SHC building as it is today. The building appears that it is made of EIFs an inexpensive popular quality material made in Canada. When installed without being properly sealed there will be water intrusion and leaks, water damage ultimately causing separation. Therefore, for that reason, no one would install a camera right on the building wall exterior. This is why it appears to be currently attached under the eaves of the roof at SHC. In order for this current camera to have picked up what it did on the night LIndsay was murdered, it would have had to have been parked above Fastsigns or even farther away. I have to ask though, just out of curiosity, why someone would feel the need to have a security camera outside a shop that sells car wraps and stickers in the first place? In 2008 was it common for car sticker shops to be broken into and robbed of all their stickers and rims? Usually those stores have very little inventory because everything is custom ordered. Think about it. Plus there would be very little cash exchange unless there were shady dealings going on. SHC and FastSigns are not retail stores with tons of foot traffic.

  23. JusticeforLindsayB says:

    I’m curious about Jason’s involvement with steroids and possible link with the murder. Could it have been someone Jason sold steroids to? Is this what Lindsay was alluding to? Did Lindsay know something about a steroid ring? If we think back to that time, doping with PEDs in cycling was happening. One very prominent Victoria cyclist admitted to taking PEDs. To date, according to my research, he has never stated when he took PEDs or what PEDs he took. Why??? Is there a possible link here? Have the police investigated the steroid angle?

    The people who orchestrated this murder had the intelligence and resources to pull it off successfully. Dead-eyed, no-soul Jason, IMHO, is a moron and was a pawn in this murder. He and his family very likely have info that could solve this crime but are likely scared shitless of sharing their info or speculating, for obvious reasons. They were involved in bad things with bad people and Lindsay tragically lost her life because of it.

    Who did Jason sell steroids to? Did any of them suffer any loss or side effects from taking those steroids? The brutal murder could be a case of roid rage, who knows? For females, a possible side effect of steroids is shrunken breasts. Maybe one of Jason’s steroid buyers suffered shrunken testicles or breasts and targeted Lindsay’s breasts?! They couldn’t target Jason’s balls as the coward doesn’t have any so they targeted Lindsay instead!

  24. JusticeforLindsayB says:

    Hi Jeff, can you provide any info regarding the paperwork (offer) that Jason was allegedly taking care of that prevented him from attending the showing with Lindsay at the same time? Was this Jason’s client or Lindsay’s client?

    I’m very suspicious about this part of the puzzle. Have all parties related to this paperwork been investigated? The likelihood that the offer would need to be dealt with at the exact same time as the showing is highly, highly suspect. Adding to the suspicion is the time of year these two things coincided (a typically slow time of year in real estate), the fact that Lindsay was a relatively inexperienced Realtor so unlikely she would have scheduling conflicts such as these with no flexibility, and the specific clients of the auto shop being suspect. All of this points to inside info (someone in the real estate profession) being in on the planning of the murder. I believe this plan was put in place to ensure Lindsay was alone for the showing and also ensure Jason would arrive shortly after to “discover” the murder (and attract the most suspicion).

    As has been widely speculated, I believe someone in real estate coordinated the murder and used the paperwork decoy as part of their plan. Whatever happened with that offer? Did the deal happen? Who are the parties? Who are the agents?

    I heard some b.s. about Jason bringing the paperwork to Lindsay for her signature?? I know you know this is total nonsense. Not only is her signature not required, she can’t technically even sign as a witness if she’s not present.

    Anyway, I hope this is an important piece of the puzzle that will help solve this horrific murder and bring us all the justice we seek.

  25. Svetlana says:

    Did you notice the mother’s reaction in Dateline, when Jason started sniffling, she had this huge fear come onto her face and was about to jump out of her chair if he blurted out what really happened?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      You are right. When Jason is pressed about the horror of it all he finally decides he had better show some emotion and he wipes his eye even though I don’t think there was a tear and Shirley looks over as if she is surprised and alarmed, sits up straight and immediately takes his cue and wipes her own tearless eye exactly the same as he did. Sure looks like acting to me.

  26. Robin says:

    Can cops be complicit? You bet they can.
    This may offer a bit of insight into the corruption
    that is going on in Saanich. Didn’t someone make a post recently about not many drug busts by SPD compared to VPD.
    Lindsay’s unsolved murder needs to be moved out of Saanich.

  27. Harry says:

    It must be her bf..
    Why someone should mentioned their victim as bitch!!

  28. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    A Murder is A Murder is a Murder

  29. Mark Roush says:

    An independent Law enforcement agency needs to go to the Saanich police department to View ALL EVIDENCE that was collected to make SURE that NOTHING has mysteriously disappeared, such as Lindsay’s Telephone, something that quite possibly has TOUCH DNA on it as among other items that were collected at the “Scene.” GENETIC GENEALOGY is quite possibly the reason why Jason Zailo refused to give his DNA sample. In 2018, the first public case in California in which a serial rapist and murderer got CAUGHT through GENETIC GENEALOGY .

    • Svetlana says:

      So he refused. Yet Saanich police on youtube videos say he cooperated fully. This is a joke.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I agree. Even though it was not in widespread use at that time the general public knew enough to know that you could be linked to your family through DNA and that it could be used to convict in the near future. When you think about it, if Jason and his family had nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder why wouldn’t he give his DNA when asked for it to help the police solve the crime?

      • Svetlana says:

        Reasons for not giving DNA
        -his DNA was elsewhere in the house
        -his mother’s DNA or brother’s DNA was elsewhere in the house or property, implying they were there before or right after the murder
        -their DNA could be linked to other crimes.
        -their DNA was on Lindsay’s hands, phone or shoes or hair or even laptop

        If they get his DNA, they’ll get their man.

        • Rosanne says:

          Just wondering if his lawyer advised against it. Since OJ and the insinuation that Police moved blood and a glove from the murder scene to his house and car.

      • Robin says:

        There is not a doubt in my mind that any detective with 1/2 a brain would have all 3 Zailo’s DNA by now. Somehow…someway. If the SPD haven’t been able to get DNA yet they are useless!!!! Oh right they are useless. Forget I said it.

    • OW says:

      Maybe Jason kept putting his hand in his pocket during the reenactment because he had knife wounds on it.

    • IHeart80s says:

      Motivation, Motivation, Motivation… a DS (Detective Sergeant) who has never solved a murder case will likely not do. If Lindsay’s file were with a group of people who regularly solve murder cases and other crimes, the likelihood that her murder would be solved and an arrest made would increase exponentially.

  30. Mark Roush says:

    Why didn’t Jason wait for the police to arrive when 911 was called at 6:05pm, after all, he and Cohen already wasted 20 minutes sitting and maneuvering outside in Jason’s car, so why didn’t Jason wait a few more minutes for the police to arrive ? There was two reasons why Jason had to get to that upstairs bedroom in a Hurry before the police arrived. (1) The STAGED “crime scene” was clean and Jason had to cover himself with Lindsay’s Blood so that Lindsay’s Blood would drip all over the floor and he also had to step and walk around the room with Lindsay’s Blood on his Shoes to CREATE the ILLUSION that Lindsay was murdered in that upstairs bedroom at 1702 desousa place before the police arrived. (2) Cohen could not SEE the upstairs scene ! This is Why Jason, while the front door was beginning to open, PUSHED the door completely open and RUSHED by Cohen in a HURRY , straight to Lindsay in the upstairs bedroom to CONTAMINATE the STAGED “crime scene.” The upstairs bedroom was chosen by the Murderer and her Conspirator’s according to their diabolical plan’s, they could not LAY Lindsay out on the ground floor because Cohen would have been on Jason’s heels and realized, as he would have realized in the upstairs bedroom, before Jason got to it, that the upstairs scene was CLEAN and STAGED. Lindsay was murdered at the SHC detail Shop by Shirley Zailo and TRANSPORTED to 1702 desousa place !!! The entire scenario and ALL “ACTS” that were PERFORMED at 1702 desousa place was and is an ILLUSION !!!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Given the fact that there was plenty of evidence that he had encouraged her to go to this showing despite her vocal concerns with the assurance of his back up and protection plus the fact that despite those assurances he played musical cars for 20 minutes even though he had just taken the time while driving to text that he was within minutes of being there I think he knew via signals that it was now safe to go inside and discover Lindsay and that he had better at that point show some kind of hurry to get to her side and “protect” her like he was professing to want to do.

    • Tupac says:

      I’m starting to believe Lindsay maybe wasn’t actually killed in the house, having being shot & robbed myself after being set up for months I know that on the day it happened 30-45mins before leading up to being shot & robbed I had a very sickening feeling in my gut that I knew something very very bad was gonna happen & it did, I am very lucky to be alive.

      Going thru this I will say I am 100% positive Lindsay would have these same type of gut feelings I had so if she was killed in the house then she either knew her killer/killers & willinging entered the house with them not knowing they were the 1/1s that we’re going to murder her or she was attacked outside the house & brought inside to be killed inside or she was greeted by De Sousa & he led her up stairs to be killed while the killer hid upstairs or she was killed elsewhere & then brought there (staging the murder scene).

      If she actually greeted 2 people outside the house her gut feelings would have 100% been telling her from a minimum at least 4pm on that day that something very very very bad was gonna happen so no way she goes to that house alone willing let alone inside with these 2 random people unless the Zailos somehow convinced her everything would be ok & Jason would be absolutely right beside her to keep her safe & protect her.

      I just don’t get how they could fool the crime scene investigators though & coroner but Mark Roush I’m starting to believe you that she was not killed inside the house from my own personal experience of almost being murdered. The only way Lindsay willing walks upstairs in that house is if she was with someone she knows!! Jason, Ryan or Shirley is the stabbers & they either did it at SHC or the house but it was definitely them, Sannich police need to make arrests already!!!

  31. David says:

    Hello Mr.Jeff, I am in complete awe of you, never mind your sacrifice, I am not a clairvoyant but I can see Lindsay saying Go Daddy Go !!!
    It appears that the Saanich PD has got a case of inheirancy, keeping it all in house and informing new blood of SOP. Now it becomes political, that’s never good but its not beyond legal reform. State period X time goes by, non critical information to be made public in hopes of new leads to satisfy public and community concern of solution, police have exhausted all leads. What is the greater Vic. consensus individually I mean people on the streets ? Voting season public pressure goes a long way, politicians are known to eat their young for gains. Thinking out loud.

    Before I go, one more thing. Lindsay had one thing she couldn’t mention to you, feeling everything in this myriad of weirdness I got a hairball to throw in here; What she saw was her boyfriend making out with his mother. It would take some time to process that, eh. lol

    I hope this would assist in opening the bottle neck you must feel trapped in.
    Love what your doing , Go Daddy Go !!!

  32. ConnectTheDots says:

    Could Lindsay have heard a Maltese accent and mistaken it for some sort of weird, maybe fake sounding Mexican accent?

  33. Saanich Dude says:

    Pretty sure members of the SPD, including former Chief Downie have been getting paid off by members of the H/A & Mafia for years. Victoria is a city with a deep underworld which includes corrupt judges and lawyers.

    Robert Downies retirement being announced on Sep 11th, 2017 45 days after he actually retired was not done by coincidence. Weird how the Saanich Police and Crown consented to more information to be released on the file again on the same date……. Sep 11th, 2020.

    There was a dry cleaning business randomly shut down in Saanich Plaza in summer of 2018, I hear was used by organized crime.

  34. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Saanich Police Chief Scott Green’s father was a detective with Saanich Police. The officer who accompanied Saanich constable Chris Horsley to Calgary to threaten and intimidate me is the son of a detective who was former head of Lindsay’s murder investigation file. Former Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie’s wife was/is executive assistance to the Mayors of Saanich, Saanich Constable Chris Horsley’s wife is a 911 call operator. This is The Saanich Way.

    • Mike says:

      It would be interesting to find out if they were both paid to come and harass you! It doesn’t seem like the chief would have the payroll to do that especially for two people. Wouldn’t a phone call have sufficed? If they were there on there own dime the that’s EVEN MORE INTERESTING. So, is it an internal investigation or an external investigation. Either way that HAS TO INVESTIGATED! EXTREMELY OUTRAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Robin says:

    I spent a couple hours today reading about what it takes to be an effective Chief of Police in North America.

    Well here it is the #1 skill of the Police Chief.
    * Strong oral and written communication skills

    We, the concerned people of Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder have yet to hear publicly from Chief Scott Green, who became Chief of Police in Saanich, B.C. August 1, 2019. That is 1.5 yrs ago or 570 days of nothingness from the Chief. That is incomprehensible to me. How can you get away with that as the Chief of Police? Obviously the chief oversees everything and everyone. A quote I read said a chief will be praised for successes and held responsible for failures. Ssoooo we have four (4) police chief’s in the SPD who have failed Lindsay and her family. WTF is that. That is disgraceful.
    Chief Derek Egan
    Chief Mike Chadwick
    Chief Bob Downie
    Chief Scott Green

    Communication Skills are the Secret to Success for Top Law Enforcement Professionals 

    If this is the case why did February 2 roll around again without a word from the Chief of Police? This is the 13th year Lindsay’s notorious unsolved murder brings no arrests and no words whatsoever from the Chief of Police. This is unacceptable. The people don’t even know what Scott Green’s voice sounds like. Shouldn’t he at least address the public on the anniversary date of Lindsay’s brutal murder with what has changed from year to year. Holy you know what. Where are they getting these chiefs that lack the most needed skill to have success. Boo!! Boo!!! Boo!! Boo!! To the Saanich Police Chiefs since Lindsay was murdered on Feb. 02, 2008.

    Taken from the Internet

    Police Communication Skills Matter More Than Ever: Here’s Why

    Police officers could not serve the public effectively without good communication skills…Police officers can only succeed if they master communication, both social and professional, so that they can be comfortable with the public and get their jobs done.”

    Many of the top officers and professionals in law enforcement have cited effective communication skills as a key ingredient to their success. That’s because the most successful law enforcement leaders understand how to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds under varying and often unpredictable conditions. They use communication to build trust, create transparency and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and empathy, be it in the office, on the streets or in the courtroom.

    Police chiefs must work with many types of people — politicians, citizens and officers — so they need strong people skills to survive and thrive. These skills come naturally to some police chiefs, while more shy or reserved chiefs must develop them. However they’re acquired, strong people skills determine a police chief’s success. A chief’s day is filled with calls, complaints, criticisms and questions, and an effective chief won’t let emotional, angry or difficult people get in the way of leading the department. In fact, good chiefs have a deep-seated sense of compassion and an understanding of others, both of which serve them well in all kinds of situations.

    No wonder Lindsay’s murder is unsolved… communication is lacking from the top down at the SPD. It infuriates me for Lindsay and her family. The SPD has failed Lindsay and her family and Scott Green is very offensive with his non communication. When will enough be enough? This year will be very telling. It better not be more of the same.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:


      Saanich Police Chief Scott Green’s father was a detective with Saanich Police. The officer who accompanied Saanich constable Chris Horsley to Calgary to threaten and intimidate me is the son of a detective who was former head of Lindsay’s murder investigation file. Former Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie’s wife was/is executive assistance to the Mayors of Saanich, Saanich Constable Chris Horsley’s wife is a 911 call operator. This is The Saanich Way.

      • Wyatt says:

        Didn’t know about a couple of these.
        That’s all a very sick, dysfunctional string of connections, it is so ripe for corruption. One has to wonder, do ANY of these entities understand the definition of CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

        • Robin says:

          Obviously conflict of interest means NOTHING to people in Victoria. They are all part of the game. Poor Lindsay took the hardest fall. It breaks my heart. We need to keep pushing for JUSTICE.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Interesting that the son of the former head of Lindsay’s murder investigation would accompany Horsley on what must have been an off the record trip to attempt to intimidate you into silence. You just can’t make this stuff up. Crazy and incriminating.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      Here is the latest of continued “Saanich Way” of communication from my appointed contact at Saanich police. This is how contact has been with this individual for the past couple years in various forms of the same thing. He ignored me for 5 days until I emailed him then he responded with this:

      “I hope you are well. I understand it has been very cold in Alberta lately. I read your last email that you sent out yesterday. I wanted to touch base see if you wanted to talk about something. Did you want to talk today? Or this week? Email? I checked my phone today which has been replaced lately. Your name was not entered in this one. If I missed your call, I apologize. I do miss calls from time to time if I’m busy. I have re-entered your name into my new phone. I also hope you can leave a message if able.

      I also wanted to acknowledge your comment about our meeting. I want you to be comfortable communicating with me and if you felt uncomfortable in any way we can talk about that.”

      His job is to be my contact and work on Lindsay’s murder! I’ve talked about poor communication to this View Royal Councillor, er I mean, part time Saanich police officer, for probably two years now and no change to unacceptable communication. Explanations, excuses, blaming then sweetness. I’ve had enough. This is clearly using gaslighting tactics. I’ve been in business over 40 years communicating with the public and other business professionals and have not seen or experienced anything like the abhorrent, inappropriate form of communication Saanich police think is acceptable and normal. They do what suits their needs and could care less about others or the savage murder of a wonderful young woman in Saanich while at work.

  36. J says:

    Listening to this story it sounds like it was a hit meant for the other broker – the one that worked in the same office, had connections to the drug distribution network, and quit her job the day after the murder.

    • Svetlana says:

      The person you are talking about is not a broker or realtor but a receptionist and Lindsay’s friend. The hit knew exactly who they were looking for and it was not the receptionist. They knew Lindsay’s name, her personal cell number, and her plans for that time and that she’d fall for it.

      Someone very close to her planned it and I sense a woman planning this. How would the murderers even know that she wouldn’t ask for identification and proof of salary? They knew she wouldn’t ask! Even if they did, she was somehow coerced by her boyfriend to go because he’ll be there. Who knows, maybe even Shirley and Ryan said they’ll be there.

      How is it that Shirley showed up by walking? Your son’s girlfriend was murdered and you decide to walk from home to the murder house many blocks away? Was that to either keep her car away from police eyes and someone was cleaning it, or maybe she was somewhere in the vicinity or if her heart was already pounding, it was to show that it came from the long walk? Police should check this out and hopefully they can still trace people’s cars. Did the police take pictures of all the people close to Lindsay?

    • Back says:

      This information needs to be looked at closely.

  37. Svetlana says:

    The FBI agents don’t have to go very far from Remax Camosun to find their suspects. They were so close to Lindsay that they knew the actual listing agents would not show up unexpectedly on that Saturday. If it was someone outside of that office, how on earth would they know that other people wouldn’t show up?

    Some people from that office are involved. Guaranteed. This is why Dateline investigators all agree it was very personal and someone very close to Lindsay.

    • Svetlana says:

      To add, I include JZ as part of that office because from what I gather he was buying Lindsay coffee at work so he probably had business there.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I agree. That office had to be involved somehow. Close and personal. It would be very interesting to know what the listing agents know. There must have been at least something that was odd or more and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an idea of who was involved.

      • Robin says:

        The listing agents definitely have an instinct of some kind as to what happened. They would totally numb women to not have some idea as to what and who. God forbid their award 🥇 winning hands should get dirtied with such things as the vicious murder of a colleague. What ya thinking Laurie Lidstone and Nancy Di Castri. Time we heard from you award winning agents don’t ya think?

        • Svetlana says:

          I hope the FBI interrogate them. They were working there apparently for 8 years before Lindsay arrived, and they are still there according to the website. Why are they a team? I don’t know much about real estate but this is the first time I see two people on house signs.

          If what Lindsay saw was something at that real estate office, then it’s something to do with some illegal doings, because she couldn’t say it to her father as it might cause some danger to her, and could involve the owner or even other realtors. It’s also possible other agents knew as well. With Lindsay leaving and knowing about whatever she saw, and perhaps she mentioned it in an argument with Jason which would’ve looked like a threat, he told his mother. Maybe they planned on doing something to Lindsay on that ski trip.

        • Charlie chan says:

          Why do you think they would know anything?

    • see closely says:

      The people in work(real estate business) are hardly the only ones that may be suspects in this murder.If you believe that,then you are limiting the number of suspects.Not a good idea!

    • Darwin says:

      Jason Z. Is not an ugly guy. In fact he’s attractive, better looking than Ryan his brother and Matt, Lindsay’s former boyfriend. Jason and Ryan Zailo look suspiciously like former Reality TV star Paulo Rodriguez from Manhunt: The Search For America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model a 2004 Reality TV series which was created by Tyra Banks and aired on BRAVO. The real Paulo’s photo placed between Jason and Ryan Zailo is chilling. So it would not surprise me if some other woman from Jason’s set of groupies was so obsessed with him that she killed Lindsay simply to remove Lindsay from Jason. The murderess would have thought much like Jason’s mother that she “owned him”. It may have been one of Jason’s employers, supervisor, female mentor or steroid buyer. Could also have been someone who was obsessed with Jason from high school or college. Does anyone know who and where Jason’s father is? How do we know he didn’t murder Lindsay?!

    • see closely says:

      Silly!Why FBI?SPD had the same kind information.Do you really think that SPD did omit those kind of information at the start of their investigation?In the time that even Jeff was believing in their type of investigation?It either did not lead anywhere, or AG prosecution did not accept it as sufficient enough to charge anybody.

  38. clifford danco says:

    A while ago it was revealed the police know who owns the burner phone, which is a big deal. I believe the reason there’s been a lack of action on that is because the person is Leopoldo Rojo Beltran, currently living in California.

    If there’s anybody who can get this done its the FBI.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Unfortunately, the FBI is a corrupt Crime Organization. They do what they want, if and when they want. I trust Casey Anthony more.

      This is an easily solvable crime. SPD is a shill department that cares more about Dunkin Doughnuts than solving murders.

  39. Robin says:

    In 2020 our theme was clear vision and personal responsibility. This was the year that we own it and stop blaming everyone else for our choices. We compared the year 2020 with the term 20/20 vision and said this is a new era where we begin to see things more clearly.

    For me I began to see the Lindsey Buziak murder much more clearly. It became clear that Chris Horsley’s attack on Jeff Buziak put him in a conflict of interest. That became crystal clear to me.

    From gangstersout blog
    A total conflict of interest, Chris Horsley and his cop buddy from Saanich tried to bully Jeff by travelling to Calgary on the tax payers dime and threaten to shut Lindsay’s blog down. Funny we have this thing called “Freedom of expression” here in Canada so the intimidation tactic didn’t work. Waste of taxpayer money.

  40. Gayu says:

    Sir this might sound crazy but did u ever tried ghost box and find out I dont know whether this really helps or not but just a suggestions if u believe

    • Wyatt says:

      WTF is that? And I would appreciate full English written sentences to comprehend what you are writing..

      • LanguageWhisperer says:

        Wyatt…I believe Gayu was asking if there has been a spiritual reading. He might consider a crystal ball to be a ghost box. He did not read the posts on this website saying that Jeff did end up talking to spiritual advisors. When Gayu is using “u” or not full English, he’s talking in Millenial language. Everything is shortened as to fit leet speak, Twitter and basic texting. Remember 143 is code for I love you, and there are many other texting codes related to drugs, human trafficking and other horrible crimes including murder. Having read about Jason Zailo having and using a pager in 2008 to communicate with people is out there because he would have been on cellphone /BlackBerry at that time. Same as Lindsay unless the pager was a hold over from the decade before. As in Jason had the pager since middle school.

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