Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Robin says:

    Has the SPD ever recommended charges to Crown council? It seems to me I have read they have not from Jeff, although they said they did. Who is the liar the SPD or Crown Council? Someone is blowing smoke up someone’s ass here, WHO? This province is an absolute nightmare when it comes to solving crimes and getting a conviction. Stupid me followed my Dad’s behaviour and worked an honest life to survive…..DUH!!!! Even if I did end up in jail for being a bad girl I had it made but chances are I just cut my hair, got a good surgeon, changed my look laundered more money to pay for it all and drove away laughing in my Range Rover without my mask. Haha haha haha haha haha. And then I joined a pickleball team and ruled the COURT. Haha ha ha ha ha…. suckers you lose. See ya on the pickleball court if ya can afford it. Haha ha ha ha ha. Pickleball COURTS RULE to hell with COURTS of LAW. Haha ha ha ha ha ha …a Porsche for weekends and a SUV just for pickleball. Haha ha ha ha ha ..see ya suckers/I mean fkrs….the joke is on US

    • Corrine Drake says:

      The Zailo boys strut their arrogance everywhere they go convinced that enough time has passed that the law can never touch them. They built homes side by side, Jason at Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx and Ryan on his left. The brothers swore an oath of silence knowing that in order to protect their lifestyle they would have to protect their mother. The mind of a criminal is flawed, they do not think the way they do, This family is cold calculating, emotionless and will do whatever it takes to survive and they have managed to defy the odds for 13 years. The boys can often be found hanging out at JACKS PLACE, the local watering hole for the Bear Mountain in-crowd locals. Don’t get me wrong ….there are a lot of good hard working families living on Bear Mountain but there are also the ones who wanted to be part of that crowd so bad they would do whatever they had to do to get there. The Zailo brothers got to the top of that mountain by dirty means, with a criminal minded mother who taught them everything she knew about money laundering and crime. It is all about the money for the Zailo family. Lindsay was silenced because of what she found out about them and once she was gone Shirley carried on as if though nothing had happened. It was business as usual.

      • Wyatt says:

        Great narrative, you write well. Appreciate the update as I firmly believe the media should also be publishing the reaps of rewards of this crime family. The pressure from all sources (media, police, public, community) should be constant, relentless and without pause. Thanks for keeping us posted, it’s leaps and bounds what SPD could ever provide.

        • Robin says:

          Agree with you Wyatt. Shame on the Times colonist for not reporting the truth about what goes on in Victoria. Those Zailo’s are wolves in cheap clothing.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think this is at least in part because the SPD have refused to declare this cold case a cold case which gives them more control over the media.

  2. Mark Roush says:

    Murray Langdon, Saanich B.C. The Globe and Mail. Published February 4,2008. Laurie Lidstone,one of the two listing agent’s for the home,WOULDN’T COMMENT on whether she knew that Ms. Buziak was showing the house, but she did say “it was standard procedure when you’re going to View the house to page the Realtor.” WHY did Laurie Lidstone REFUSE to comment on whether or not she knew Lindsay was going to be showing the house at 1702 desousa place ???

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Because she didn’t know? Which she knew was out of the norm but she didn’t want to get caught up in it so didn’t come right out and say that?

      • Robin says:

        Didn’t want to get caught up
        in it? Yah a young girl gets brutally stabbed to death and she doesn’t want to get caught up in it!!!! Oh that is so understandable, why would you want to dirty your self with the brutal murder of a young 24 year old woman who meant everything to many people. I totally can understand Laurie Lidstone’s apathy. I’m sure everyone can relate to her need to not get caught up in it. Where is she now? Had she made a statement to the police or has she spoken publicly about this as of yet? If not anytime would be a good time Laurie like YESTERDAY! Or even Feb 2008 would have been the right time.

    • Svetlana says:

      They (the agents) must’ve been contacted, only because the killers didn’t want them to show up unexpectedly and the killers knew the plan since they were so close to Lindsay that they knew her every step. So they would know very well if Lindsay contacted the 2 listing agents, that is if they are innocent of course.

      • Robin says:

        Well Laurie Lidstone and Di Castri how were you kept away from showing up on De Sousa Lane on Feb.02,2008 at 5:30 pm while a 24 year old fellow realestate agent was being murdered? You must have spoken to the SPD or maybe you are more comfortable talking to the FBI. Which is it? You are going to try and help see that the people who murdered Lindsay are arrested and locked away aren’t you? I’m crazy to think you have done nothing to move Lindsay’s unsolved murder to its conclusion aren’t I? Aren’t I?

  3. Corrine Drake says:

    Shirley Zailo has joined a pickleball league with her new husband. Take her off the pickleball court and get her into a court of law before a judge. She is responsible for the death of Lindsay Buziak yet continues to lead her life as if though it never happened.

    Get her off the pickleball court.

    36. Greg Parsons & Shirley Zailo
    July 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019
    Confirmed entries – as of July 12th

    x2019 Registered Players – Vancouver Island Pickleball Association (

    • Robin says:

      Great post. Agree with you get her into the right court. Pickleball court??? The COURT of LAW is where she belongs! What a sick twisted system we live under. Run her off the pickleball court people.

      • OW says:

        That is a persecution based on an opinion that while may be shared by others is not fair to anyone who may be innocent. I would not try to discriminate against Shirley but would try spending my time poking holes in witness statements and proposing theories because that is the only way police are going to make an arrest. I feel like this entire convoluted mess is because there were one to two witness statements- who knows if they were accurate, mistakes or outright lies, that say there was a couple that was seen greeting Lindsay at the house on DeSousa. A couple called Lindsay and set up an appointment but did those people physically meet her there? Or were they merely part of the murder plot orchestration?
        The reason I find that convoluted is that when the couple supposedly met with Lindsay, she either knew them already (as in Shirley, Jason, Ryan, Rianne, etc.) or did not know them. If she did not know them, she trusted them enough to go into the house with them and attempt to do a legitimate showing.
        If she did know the prospect couple that showed up- when they showed up- that couple was either brandishing a gun on her and asking her to stay silent long enough to get her into the house or they somehow convinced her that they (as in Shirley, Jason, Ryan, Rianne, etc.) were there for another reason and they somehow (logic defying) got her to agree to play along with the farce long enough to get her inside the house and then murder her.
        If the couple showed up and looked or felt suspicious at all to Lindsay, do you think she would turn her back on them? At all? for any reason? and if she knew the couple already, wouldn’t she have sensed a weird problem on the rise and left or screamed while she was still outside the house rather than going in? What people are saying and have said about a couple plus Jason Z and Cohen Oatman-being there later on, rather than during, seems like a red herring.
        That is the puzzle piece that does not fit.
        Do you see Lindsay consenting to show a house or go inside if Shirley and Ryan Zailo showed up and one of them were wearing a wig? She would have said or done something to cancel. She would not have said, “oh ok so let me show you the house after you have surprised me looking like someone you are not in the driveway here”. She really would have been thinking to herself “this is too weird. Why are Shirley and Ryan here all dressed up? what’s going on?”- by that time I am aware that s*it is going down and then I AM OUT.
        So, this couple theory never made any sense. Hence no additional DNA evidence other than Jason, the DeSousa’s and possibly Cohen.
        I am putting myself in Lindsay’s shoes. I show up at a showing that I am already somewhat concerned about and seems questionable to me. Then my boyfriend who I am about to leave Mother and Brother shows up expecting to see this house. NO WAY. NO WAY. No bleeping way. I am back in my car and out, screaming my head off the entire way.
        Theory #1) If there was a couple Based on Lindsay’s behavior of not trying to escape outside before going in the house, it was a couple Lindsay did not know.
        Theory #2) If there was a couple and she did know them, they had to have been discreetly brandishing a gun on her to get her to agree to go inside.
        Theory #3) there was no couple that showed up on DeSousa for the showing- (yes, there were a couple that called) and it was the single biggest red herring in this entire mess. Only the Murderers showed up. Not extra people. Sorry “eyewitnesses” seeing a couple.
        Of course, most people are going to say “yeah, a realtor was found murdered here. I saw a couple talking to her”. It is textbook *Power of Suggestion*. A realtor shows a couple. How many witnesses would say “I saw the female realtor talking to one guy alone on a Saturday night”? No one! Because it would be too uncommon.
        Yes, people faked an accent and made an appointment with Lindsay. But did that couple ever arrive at DeSousa place or did Jason show up with Cohen Oatman and murder Lindsay himself?
        Jason: “stay outside Cohen because I have to give Lindsay these papers.”
        Leaves and comes back and says to Cohen: “dude- someone killed Lindsay what should I do? I don’t want to be implicated just because I found her like that”
        It was then that Cohen, by accident, becomes part of the murder scheme after the fact by only suggesting that Jason call and tell the police he had just found her so that neither of them are implicated for something-supposedly- neither of them did.

    • Wyatt says:

      Married? New “husband?” Who’s the thug? I mean, who else would hookup with a criminal but another criminal? Wonder if they plot murders together? Organize their money laundering? Real Estate scams? What fascinates me is the community and public who continue to socialize and associate with this criminal. She should have been out of “legit” business long time ago. Hey Saanich residents, band together and ostracize this criminal from amongst your community. The media should keep the Zailo’s in their radar and report as required to secure the safety and security of Saanich cause the SPD do dick all! Oh sorry, that’s not totally true, they do some kind of polar swim or some ridiculous “community” gesture. Oh hummm, waiting for some information regarding the “task force” assigned to Lindsay’s murder.

      • Corrine Drake says:

        I could be wrong but I am not seeing these men as thugs …. I see them as regular guys who were looking for a partner to share their life with. The only problem is they fell hard for the wrong woman. On the surface Shirley appeared to be a charming, delightful, intelligent career oriented lady …. but little did the men know that they were being lured into the web of a conniving, manipulative, controlling individual who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. Shirley was never alone for long, and clearly she craved the attention of men, and she always chose the ones she knew she could control.

        Each one left her, not the other way around. Maybe they just woke up one morning and realized that everything they thought was real was not real at all. Maybe they found out things about her that scared the hell out of them …. and out of fear they chose to remain silent. Her husband Vince left, remarried and moved to Arizona, Paul Bergshoeff moved to the Netherlands in late 2012, and Barry McLachlan Sarantitis ended the relationship and headed down to California to be with his US family.

        Now we have her new husband Greg. I wonder about him because he has been with Shirley for a few years now, just marrying her last year. Did he not think it important to ask questions and get to the real heart of the matter. THE TRUTH. The other guys may have unknowingly stepped into a mud puddle, but this guy I am just not sure about. Has he fallen under the spell of this woman too, or is there more to him than meets the eye…….

        • Rosanne says:

          You need to remember a lot of people, including myself, were and are under the impression that the police would only clear that family if they had ironclad proof that they had nothing to do with the crime. This is Canada where the police wouldn’t take off an exonerated by DNA, person wrongly convicted, as a suspect after the real criminal was in prison. Where the police said Joyce Millgard was the problem because she fought so hard for the release of her wrongly convicted innocent son. Getting an all clear is almost impossible and this one was so quick. That is an excellent excuse for anyone out there thinking they were not involved and the Saanich police wanted to limit the damage done so they didn’t become victims. Mr. Buziak’s efforts plant the seed of doubt. The stuff I have read on this site are the only things out in public that makes ” cleared as suspects” seem absolutely insane.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Very good point. There are a lot of people who haven’t taken the time to look into this who must believe that the Zailo’s must be innocent as they have been cleared by the police. This is one reason why the police have been, imo, desperate not to give this case see the light of day. If the Zailo’s are proven to be guilty how are they going to explain to the public why they thought it was their job to clear the Zailo’s almost from the get go. All three at once. Clearing the Zailo’s, if they are guilty, has put the public at great risk.

            • Rosanne says:

              Agree. What makes this worse is with the clear you also lose the “beyond a reasonable doubt” needed to get a criminal conviction. I can hear the defence lawyer now “ If even the police think the defendants didn’t’ do it, a judge or jury Must acquit!” I don’t think there is a stronger presumption of innocence then one given to you by the same people trying to charge you.The only thing that could save this is a judge or jury is made up of reasonable people and this case will have extreme head scratching to make sense out of it. It may turn out to be that the only believable part of this case will be the whole truth.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Agreed. I think that when someone who actually wants to get this case solved takes a look at all of the evidence they will see that the Zailo’s should not have been cleared. Even with a lie detector, which is well known to not be 100% accurate, it would not make sense to clear even one of them but all three all at once! Bizarre!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I agree with you Corrine. Lindsay, a beautiful young, vibrant, honest young woman. Not a thug by any means got caught up with them. They didn’t show her their true selves until she was too far in. I think this speaks to all 3 of Shirley’s exes leaving the country. The odds of that happening are slim to none under normal circumstances.

          • Corrine Drake says:

            I am saddened when reading these posts on Shirley Zailo’s facebook page. “You are so beautiful” “Wow Shirley, getting younger by the year. Gorgeous” “You look fabulous” “Stunning” And Shirley responds to all of her admirers by thanking them. Do these posters not realize that this woman had a complete make-over? Not just a facelift, a but facial reconstruction. $50 G plus can make a person look real beautiful and years younger, but it does not change who they are inside.

            I would never think to compliment a woman who felt the need to change their appearance so drastically. I would be more apt to compliment a “real” woman, a woman who liked herself for who she was and spent her money on things that really mattered. Shirley’s makeover goes well with her Porsche Carrera Turbo, her fancy vacations, and the superficial friends she clings to for the attention she so desperately craves. It is very disturbing to think that these women see Shirley as their role model when in fact she could well have played some role in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay.

            I wonder if anyone in her office has ever dared to look her in the eye and ask her why she has never done a thing to help in finding out who murdered Lindsay? She could have made some kind of effort …. just a small token effort to show she cared. Instead to this day, 13 years later she has done nothing…. That is what I call “sad”.

            • Robin says:

              Her friends are clued out women obviously! She looks like the granddaughter she never had. You are exactly correct when saying she can’t fix the inside, that is beyond any help. She’ll hurt badly one day, I hope I run into her somewhere someday so I can prick her with a pin and watch her blow up and fly around the room.

              • Wyatt says:

                Whenever I read about this tramp I always come back to the story from Jeff and his first encounter with her. Narcissistic psychopath is my assessment. Now who’d want to be associated with that?

        • Robin says:

          Run Vince Run
          Run Paul Run
          Run Barry Run
          I see a pattern here…….too be continued…..stay tuned for S4
          Run Greg Run

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          What is Greg’s last name? Is he someone that was local or did she meet him elsewhere?

          • Robin says:

            Greg Parsons, Calgary guy. Grad class 1975. Friend of mine in his grad class. Graduate of William Abethart High School.
            S4 of “Run Greg Run” being filmed now. Stay tuned to see how far Greg will Run. Parsons ancestral name is from Britain. Will Greg run that far home when his u no whats get squeezed like lemons for a G&T.

  4. Wyatt says:

    A great episode in regards to whose policing the police?
    We’ve been screaming this for years, the corruption and coverups by these forces who continue to be cloaked in security by their own. I’m going to write 5th Estate and thank Kelly for exposing this process that is infested with corruption.

  5. Jody says:

    This story was recently told to me snd with a daughter it’s haunting me.., I have done comments…

    How did they get her number late, was it her listing? It’s so weird hired killers would leave up to chance a 24 year old realtor being free to show a house to randoms at night

    – so the boyfriends story is that she asked him to meet her there in 15 min, how would the killers know that and be able to do what they did and get out in under 15 min? That’s impossible

    -house must be significant to whoever the lesson was for

    -my theories

    1 – it was a way to get someone high up in real estate/law enforcement/politics to do something like launder money or worse and showed them consequences of not doing it.

    2- it was bf and this is number one theory his story makes zero sense

    3- cops are involved somehow

    4- all of above combined

    5- the gossip a about it being tied to a gang and drugs makes zero sense I think it’s a cover, gangs don’t do this kind of thing and if by a slim chance they are involved they wouldn’t overtly draw attention to themselves like this so it makes zero sense.

    I’m so sorry for the torture this must cause you snd my heart goes out to your daughter.

  6. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Lindsay Buziak Murder Review February 2021
    Hello Everyone
    Here is my February 2021 review of the unsolved murder of my daughter Lindsay Buziak murdered on February 2, 2008 while at work. Her murder is being investigated(sic) by Saanich police of Victoria, BC CANADA. I attended Victoria recently to do the annual Walk for Justice for Lindsay on February 2, 2021. Saanich police released a public relations video at that time dated January 21. I will keep this as short as possible while still clearly giving the most accurate assessment possible of the whole scenario.

    Saanich police are given a mandate to fulfill for the citizens, by the citizens and the Minister of Public Safety on behalf of British Columbia to uphold and enforce the law and they individually swear an oath to perform their duty as stated. In the case of the Lindsay Buziak murder, Saanich police are supposed to react, investigate, arrest and serve charges to all those responsible for killing Lindsay in a swift, efficient, professional manner while communicating to the family and public, who they are responsible to and work for, and to keep us fully informed as to their progress.

    What have Saanich police done in this past 13 years since Lindsay Buziak was murdered at work the day after 7 senior Saanich police officers retired? They reacted! However since their initial confused reaction they have not arrested or charged anyone. They certainly have not kept us fully informed as to what their progress is, what they are working on, if anything at all, and they have not kept us updated with any type of meaningful progress report or target date for arrests and they work for us! They have not released the names of suspects and we don’t know if they even have any. They have given us countless explanations and excuses why they have failed at their job of investigating and solving a murder with arrests and charges. They have attacked, with threats, members of the public and me for holding them accountable and exposing who they really are. They have used public relations techniques to attempt to fool us that they are actually doing something by saying more than once over the years they are committed , recommitted, reviewed, working with the RCMP and now dropping the name of the FBI to attempt to create the illusion that they are on it working hard BUT, there are no arrests, charges or results of any kind and we are supposed to still believe them!

    Saanich police are simply using any tactic they can to cover-up for their failure to perform their duty. They do this only when I show up every year on February 2, Murder Day, to Walk for Justice for Lindsay or in the event of a major show I’ve participated in which they now refuse to participate. What are they doing and what are they informing us about, as they should be doing, the rest of the year while we all fret, worry and do everything we can to assist and remind them killers are walking free in Victoria? Yes, Nothing but hiding behind their blue line of silence and ignoring. Once a year they appoint some low ranking newbie smiling police officer to speak on their behalf and basically lie for them by dropping names of other agencies, reviews, videos and hollow words while their Chief of police hides in shame at some dog announcement and avoids reporters questions because he is ashamed and totally embarrassed at their failure. They react, not by working and arresting, but by playing an annual public relations game to try and fool everyone. They’ve failed! Their rating “F”.

    What have we been doing? What is our duty in this mess created by Saanich POLICE by their failure to perform their duty? Our job first and foremost is to recover from the excruciating shock of being informed a wonderful young woman was senselessly and savagely murdered while at work in Saanich, BC. Our duty/job is to observe and make sure police are doing something about the terrible crime against a woman. Our job is to assist police to provide them with information we know or hear about this terrible crime. Our job is to support police by providing them everything required to do their job as professionals. Finally and most importantly our job is to hold police accountable and make sure they are performing their duty owed to us because they work for us. Guess what? We are doing our job. We have been remarkable at our job! We have done everything and more that we are supposed to do! We have informed police, we have poked under every rock, we have discussed all aspects of Lindsay’s murder, we have encouraged others to go forward with information, we have done numerous shows, podcasts, letter writing, walks, media interviews, maintained a website, got the whole country involved, the world! We have acted above and beyond our duty as people, as citizens. Our Rating “A+” without doubt. BUT, NO Arrests! Why?

    SAANICH POLICE!!!!!!!!!!

    If there is a problem with drinking drivers killing people what do you do. As we see, the province gets more harsh with penalties. If the problem persists the penalties become increasingly harsher to the point of zero tolerance and people go directly to jail. Police increase their presence and become way more serious and aggressive. Police do what is demanded by the people to eliminate deaths by drinking and driving. What do police do in Saanich when a young woman is murdered at work? Yes, NOTHING!

    Saanich police are a department at Saanich municipality. They are a department along with maintenance, parks, sanitation, roads, water and sewer, fire etc. Please think about this. What if all those other departments acted like Saanich police do. No communication, an annual brief hollow press release but no parks get maintained, no repairs or janitorial services at Saanich buildings, parks not attended to, roads not repaired nor water or sewer repairs are done and fires are not put out or your cat rescued from a tree. What would that be like in Saanich? Would everyone sit back and say oh well they are trying? No! Why do we allow police to get away with murder or not doing anything about murder? I certainly won’t allow them to and I know you don’t want this fiasco either so lets step it up.

    Saanich police need to arrest and charge all those responsible for killing Lindsay Buziak or resign from the investigation in shame and defeat. No more hollow words, stupid pr videos and another useless recommitment to the case to fool some people. Arrests and charges are all Saanich police have left to save face or we need to completely expose and dismantle their little empire they have created to produce jobs leading to comfortable retirement plans. We need to continue to be more serious about holding Saanich police accountable and extend the accountability to elected officials responsible. For the last 13 years Saanich police have not been protecting us, they have been protecting criminals who murder. We have been doing our job however, there is something seriously wrong at Saanich police!

    After recently meeting with Saanich police at their request and listening to their new commitment they thanked me for arranging with volunteers to put them in touch with the FBI. Unfortunately, they won’t tell me what they are doing or when we can expect arrests. They tell me they are serious which I’ve heard for 13 agonizing years now. They were adamant I only use their appointed contact at Saanich police to share thoughts and information. When I asked for the contact information of the other officer present at the meeting as back-up I was refused that with a raised voice. I came across information so I called last Thursday and still haven’t had a call back from Saanich police. They continue to show me/us who they really are.

    Lets step it up and work harder this year. Please. If we stop nothing gets done at Saanich police on Lindsay’s murder. If I don’t show up there won’t even be a public relations release by a junior Saanich police constable who knows nothing about Lindsay’s murder. Chief Scott Green will retire with his big fat pension like his 3 predecessors have done since Lindsay was murdered. Another Mayor will come and go. Lindsay’s murder will not be solved unless we take action. We need to pressure Saanich police and senior politicians more.

    Please write the following individuals regularly demanding action in the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. Everyone from anywhere in the world but especially in Canada, in British Columbia, in Victoria, in Saanich. This is very important and it does make a difference. This concerns all of us. The murder of women must stop. It is the ultimate abuse. Killers are free in Victoria, BC! Murder has been allowed.

    Premier of BC, John Horgan

    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of BC, Mike Farnworth

    Attorney General of BC, David Eby

    Mayor of Saanich, Fred Haynes

    Saanich police Chief, Scott Green

    Thank you very much for your time and support. Lets Do This!
    Justice 4 Lindsay

    Jeff Buziak, father

    • eight says:

      Mr. Buziak, your tenacity is admirable and I have every confidence it will ultimately be the reason this case is solved, no matter who nails it down. You’re the main reason so many stay at this. Sooner or later someone will say something that jogs a memory or inspires someone with key information to come forward.

      Depending on the model and features of Lindsay’s cell phone (I understand it was a Blackberry?) and whether Bluetooth was enabled and the phone discoverable, it may have recognized any other phone or device within range that was similarly enabled. Hopefully that aspect is being investigated as part of the digital advancements Saanich police referenced in their latest PR exercise. The potential is there to discover things like whether she went home after the late lunch, or encountered anyone other than the actual killers at the site (like Jose de Sousa). Who knows, the killers themselves may have been careless enough to carry a cell that was discoverable and reveal useful information.

      Similarly it is almost impossible to believe that the identity of whoever deleted Lindsay’s social media activity is not known. The chain of custody for her device must be very limited.

      It is completely understandable that there may be some information Saanich police possess that would harm the investigation or a possible trial were it released prematurely. But the longer a TOTAL blackout is maintained, the less that argument is acceptable and the more it looks like a cover up rather than an investigation. You and your family deserve better, and those on your contact list above must be reminded of that.

      • Darwin says:

        Premier of BC, John Horgan, Phone: 250.387.1715
        Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of BC, Mike Farnworth Phone: 604.927.2088
        Attorney General of BC, David Eby,Phone: 604.660.1297
        Mayor of Saanich, Fred Haynes, Phone: 250.475.5510
        Saanich police Chief, Scott Green, Phone: 250.475.4321
        The Saanich Police have put a page about Lindsay on their website:
        The Case file number if you want to include that on any correspondence to the leaders in Saanich by email or by phone appears as #2008-02682

    • OceanWaves says:

      This is sad to read. The Saanich PD have not acted in a trustworthy way to you, but have asked you to trust them to solve your daughters murder. That’s untenable. They have yelled at you, shut you out of operations and expect you not to be upset and provide them with your glowing support. They make no sense. Saanich PD would never act this way if it was one of their own children that were murdered. I keep praying that there will be people there that would treat you, the parent and concerned citizen, with dignity and respect. It sounds like their assigned “family liaison” if you want to call him or her that, does not update you regularly if at all. Your thoughts and opinions are not being honored by the Saanich police. It looks like even if they say thank you for additional resources such as volunteers, that they don’t really appreciate them. It also looks like even though its true that they work for the people in Saanich and Canada that they, the Saanich police, believe that they are entities unto themselves as in private business and that the public are merely outsiders and not stake holders in the community. The implications of that way of acting and thinking by Saanich PD are dangerous for the safety and health of the community in Saanich and Canada. Not only is the case not being solved, but the cruelty towards the families of victims has to stop. No one ever asked Saanich PD to kiss anyone’s butt, just show a little human kindness, the kind that they reserve for the Charity Fundraisers that they do, the PR they do when rescuing a cat from a tree, anything at this point would be better than Saanich PD’s campaign to shut out Lindsay’s Dad and treat him like an unwanted problem. I don’t care how much work I have to get done or what’s going on, I am all in until Lindsay’s murder gets solved.

  7. Notsherlock says:

    Has anyone heard of Beltrans? I had never heard about them before. just wondered what some of you thought. This case is so messed up. It seems like stuff only made for movies.

    • Frank Columbo says:

      Rumour on the street is the Beltrans are upper level Cocaine people and some how connected to the Calgary Cocaine bust.

      • Frank Columbo says:

        The Dal Cazars are related to or associated with the Beltrans, the only Dal Cazar not convicted of Cocaine trafficking in a christmas family photo was a baby, every single family member in the photo had been convicted of trafficking Cocaine.

        • Robin says:

          Society’s greatest… wtf do they do besides go to the gym and play THUG life? God they even have babies? Yikes there’s more of them in the works! Sad

  8. micheal says:

    Does anyone know for a fact, ( not speculation) If Lindsay ended up making contact with Erickson and what he claims they spoke about?
    I assume she was reaching out to him for her own sake, perhaps it related to what she saw that she says she should not have and someone of his ilk would be the type of person to answer her question or perhaps provide her advise on how to best handle something.
    It does not seem that he was a friend of hers she would be reaching out just to say hello to. It also seems Lindsay would not be involved in giving him any sort of warning of something she had heard. Everything out there seems to show she didnt get mixed up in that sort of thing.
    I just think her reaching out to him, and the burner phone being activated 2 days after a drug bust he had ties too has to be related to this awful murder.

  9. Abigail Boateng says:

    Hi, maybe this is obvious but I just wanted to say that the person that murdered Lindsay or was involved in the planning of the murder is likely someone that has access to Lindsay’s customer files/database. I don’t know if the person that ‘referred’ Lindsay to the murderers is real or has been interviewed. But the murderers would have known that this person would be out of town and unable to confirm the identity of the murderers.

  10. Leslie says:

    If Lindsay’s boyfriend was supposed to be there to protect her what was he doing sitting in a car outside? i have a realtor friend and when she has open houses etc I sometimes go along so that everyone can clearly see there is someone else with the realtor. Definately something off about that, and as well, he has a friend with him? so 2 men sat outside in a car????? How was that supposed to protect Lindsay?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Exactly. His actions don’t fit the script. There is a script it does fit though.

    • Following says:

      Thats exactly what I said and I am a realtor – for 32 years. You don’t take someone to hide and wait for something to happen. You take someone so the client can see they are being watched. That’s to prevent something from happening. It totally does not make sense. There are all sorts of things you must do to protect yourself – meeting people at a vacant house, at early evening, in a near vacant community is not what you do alone.

  11. Hl Hannon says:


    If you want to pressure the Saanich PD, use all your social media to do what I am doing on Twitter. Each time SPD tweets, I respond with something about Lindsay’s murder. As examples, below, are SPD’s most recent (11/02/2021) tweets and my responses thereto.

    SAANICH PD:::::::::::Polar Plunge today on the coldest of #yyj days. COVID-19 was no match for Quaranteam who braved the chilly water for Special Olympics this morning. Our own Cst. Bruschetta along with the rest of the team and Special Olympian!

    MY RESPONSE STOP THE B.S. ARREST LINDSAY BUZIAK’S MURDERER. Your job is to find justice for victims, not to tell us about a polar plunge. Do what you are paid to do.
    SAANICH PD:::::::::::A resident was startled yesterday morning by a suspect breaking into their basement suite. Neighbours and the homeowner provided key descriptors that helped our officers quickly locate & arrest the suspect. Great work!

    MY RESPONSE You clowns need to stop bragging until you arrest Lindsay Buziak’s murderer. You sound like a bunch of pre-school children saying, “Mommy, mommy, look what I did…”
    SAANICH PD:::::::::::PSD Jonny assisted patrol members in this arrest. A resident was startled yesterday morning by a suspect breaking into their basement suite. Neighbours and the homeowner provided key descriptors that helped our officers quickly locate & arrest the suspect. Great work!

    MY RESPONSE:::::::Maybe the k-9 can assist you in arresting Lindsay Buziak’s murderer. WE’RE SICK OF YOUR PR PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. WE WANT ACTION INSTEAD OF YOUR CONTINUED CLOWN SHOW
    SAANICH PD:::::::::::Join the conversation today and take part in the National Online Moose Hide Campaign Day. We will be watching to show our commitment to ending violence against women and children.

    MY RESPONSE::::::::It seems to me as though arresting Lindsay Buziak’s murderer might be making a real statement that Saanich PD is against violence to women. You guys are clowns. Why don’t you shut your pie holes until you actually do something other than give lip service and brag.

    • Robin says:

      I love your responses. Good for you Hal. I totally agree with your thinking. The SPD are really getting away with murder. Their bald headed PR guy is just giving more lip service. Just solve Lindsay’s murder and quit blabbing SPD!

      • Hal Hannon says:

        Thx Robin,

        Since I started responding to Saanich PD tweets with tweets about Lindsay, SPD has suddenly stopped tweeting. At first, they had a couple of goons tweet back at me, but when I shot them down the way Snoopy dispatched the Red Baron, they disappeared too.

        People, you need to engage SPD with your rqge on all social media. Any comment SPD makes needs to be met with a dozen responses. Help me on Twitter when they regroup and crawl from their grave, and be a dozen strong on all social media platforms.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      What a great idea! I love your examples…..

    • Wyatt says:

      Love it! I don’t have a Twitter account but maybe I’d best consider that. Great tool. Thanks for the insight and motivation.

    • IHeart80s says:

      It looks like the Saanich PD took the one attached to Polar Plunge down. How sad for them that they cannot accept feedback from concerned public. If a person does some research on how cases get solved and which ones sit on the shelf, there has to be a common theme. One theme is that one or more persons in authority are willing to take personal responsibility for getting the case solved. Teams of police and FBI don’t solve cases on luck or hangin’ at the coffee shop. They don’t sit around waiting for a perpetrator to call them and confess or for technology improvements. They certainly don’t take personal or company time to threaten family members of the victim. Those who solve cases are actively going out and getting the case solved. They recruit the public and family members to assist. They recruit other staff members to pitch in and they recruit other agencies early in the game for a faster solve and arrest. Until an arrest is made, no person of interest or suspect is off the hook. It’s simple, either Lindsay’s murderers were someone she knew and knew well and those persons lived locally, or they were from out of town and came in and out of town as tourists. If you lived locally, like Jason Z. for example, you cleaned yourself up and went home after Lindsay’s murder. If you were from out of town and became a tourist in Saanich that weekend, you came into town, murdered Lindsay and then did other touristy things until you went home. Logic dictates there is more evidence about you if you were the tourist couple dropping in to do the murder. Less evidence about any out of towners (local hotel records, etc.) means it was ultimately- and equally as sad- an all local deal.
      How many tourists come in to Saanich on Groundhog Day weekend folks? the number can’t be that high.

      • Hal Hannon says:

        If I had to hazard a guess I would theorize that the FBI tracked the flight information of Lindsay’s out of town home buyers. I believe police know who actually did the stabbing, and also, that they strongly suspect an individual in ordering of the hit, but knowing something and proving it are a long way apart.

        That is the only thing that makes sense. They don’t need an FBI profiler. RCMP has profilers. And they don’t need boots on the ground up here. RCMP has those also.

        Another possibility, and perhaps running alongside the flight info, would be phone records. Remember, Saanich said they knew who bought the phones up here, but this murder also required communication down there, So there had to have been phone conversations down there to which Canada would not have access, especially if whoever called from here to there used a burner phone.

        • OW says:

          By down there do you mean the United States? Reality check and this is for everyone including realtors-you dont turn your back to anyone unless you trust them. Lindsay I read or heard on a podcast was stabbed from behind. That means she trusted the person well enough to turn her back to them. Or she had her back turned because she was running for her life. Meaning the killer or killers may have given her enough time to try to flee and she may have thought she could jump out the window upstairs to safety. Especially if her shoes weren’t on. Let’s play this out. You’re Jason Z. and you want to kill Lindsay because shes done with you and your family. You stage everything down to the decoy couple. Once the 3 are in the house though, you show up and the decoy couple leaves out the backdoor. You inform Lindsay who has already taken her shoes off that shes going to die. She runs upstairs thinking she can try to climb out the window but you (Jason) catch up to her before she does. That’s it. She never makes it to the window.

      • see closely says:

        you can count on SPD that they do have records from local hotels about out of towners.It’s only logical.

  12. Svetlana says:

    Wonder if they can get more info on that “fake” confession awhile ago. Whoever did it, knows something or was involved.

  13. following says:

    Yep, as a fellow agent you never sit outside to be there after the crime, you be there, let yourself be known, to prevent something from happening. Not a bandaid, a deterrent.

    • Svetlana says:

      Hope Investigators check all guests that were at the Mountain where Lindsay and Zailos went on a ski trip in December.

      Also who was Jason seeing after the murder?

  14. JJ says:

    First, I’m so sorry for what happened to Lindsay. Second, I read a few of the comments and I agree about the boyfriend, I don’t care if he was on Mars, he could have had someone do it, I just don’t know what his motivation would be. Although the last I watched someone got killed for $8 so I guess motivation is relative. Again I’m sorry and I’m praying you find justice soon.

    • Frank Columbo says:

      The FBI Profilers that look at this case will with out any doubt know if this is boy friend/ Girl friend IMO. Odds are the people behind this are going to be caught the Task force is loaded with very good investigators with access to the latest technology.

      • see closely says:

        Nonsense!Profilers are just people who guess.Often silly.

      • Hal Hannon says:

        If I had to hazard a guess I would theorize that the FBI tracked the flight information of Lindsay’s out of town home buyers. I believe they know who actually fid the stabbing and strongly suspect a specific individual of ordering the hit, but knowing something and proving it are a long way apart.

        That is one of the only things that makes sense as to why SPD would supposedly involve the FBI, if indeed they really did, and this is just not a ruse to deflect responsibility. SPD doesn’t need an FBI profiler. RCMP has profilers, and SPD doesn’t need boots on the ground up here. RCMP has those also.

        Another possibility, and perhaps running parallel with any flight information request(s), would be the need for phone records. Remember, Saanich PD said that they knew who bought the burner phone(s) up here that the perpetrators carried, but this murder, being a hired hit, required communication down there also. So, there had to have been phone conversations down there to which Canada would not have access, especially if whoever called from here to there also used a burner phone, which would be a strong probability.

  15. Pat ross says:

    My first thought, when watching this episode was, when her boyfriend had a friend with him when he went to meet Lindsey at the house, what a perfect alibi! No way he did it because he had an alibi, his friend. Is it possible and did they check the boyfriends time line before he picked up his friend could he have gone to the house and killed her? They said he was full of blood, or could he have paid someone to kill her because he knew she was going to break up with him? Did it seem strange to the police or family that her boyfriend picked up a friend and then drove to pick her up? Why was the friend with him.? Were the three of them going out somewhere together after Lindsey was done showing the house? Was the boyfriend’s friend interviewed? Thoroughly?

    • lbmurder says:

      Yes except your last word. The real problem is that it is being investigated by a police force who get lost driving to work most days and the administrator of the file is a player, a millionaire real estate investor who is known to associate with questionable individuals and do business with them. They have a police chief who looks the other way while imitating a turtle who secretly just wants his fat cat pension and nothing to do with a wonderful young woman’s murder he has watched over for 13 years in various supervisory positions. Their pr department is the hardest working group because they obviously have to be to cloak all their bullshit in satin sheets.

      • OW says:

        Let’s get back to Terry Schein for a moment. He and his kids all over social media. Wife hiding out? Is her name Sabrina? Had no idea that Mr. Terry Schein had ties all over B.C. especially Vancouver. I want to see his wifes photo. No way do I believe that their own children can be solid alibis. First off, they could be confused and dont know what they are talking about (such as what time mom dropped you off) and secondly why would they rat their own parents out to police?

        • Robin says:

          Terry Shein’s wife is Marcy Shein, they have 3. Those kids are old enough to remember what a boondoggle Feb 02, 2008 was to wonder WTF was going on with Dad. Marcy (mom) knows about husband’s odd behaviour. They need to be questioned in separate rooms sooner than later. But u know those SP can’t add 2 and 2 to get 4. They should have had that figured out YEARS ago. They are too lame though, another miss from the SPD is the DeSousa neighbours “The Shein’s”.

          • OW says:

            Not trying to be judg-y here but if I were Marcy Shein with children and my home was next door to the DeSousa residence where Lindsay was murdered I’d be all over the SPD and RCMP to catch the killers. I might get even more vocal after moving away too. The neighborhood women and mothers should be all over this. Where are the leadership of Gordon Head in all this? They’d be more organized beating back critters toppling over rubbish bins than a murder in their neighborhood because they don’t have to clean it up. Apathy hurts people too. Mrs. DeSousa worked for a travel and touring company and won the lottery. No mention whatsoever publicly that either of these two women were concerned about Lindsay’s murder. VERY INTERESTING.

            • Robin says:

              Because they both wondered about the involvement of their husbands. Their lack of silence over the years is very telling because if those men were not involved and knew nothing they would have been in the media somewhere in 13yrs. When people show you who they are believe them.

              • Wyatt says:

                I think it amounts to willful blindness. Much like a parent (usually the mother) refuses to believe her son is a sex offender, murderer, serial killer, etc.etc. It’s the “denial” factor. Of all my years in law enforcement, I’ve only ever encountered one mother who turned her son into police and that’s the Abbotsford Killer, Terry Driver. Even then she collected the reward money! How twisted is that?

          • IHeart80s says:

            I have always felt that the police sketch of the female looked indigenous or had an ethnic not completely anglo spin to it. Scheins daughter says her ancestry is part of Metis nation of British Columbia. I would like to put Marcy Sheins face next to the police sketch and see how close the resemblance is. Marcy was definitely in the age range along with her husband of the description of the couple that met with Lindsay. And conveniently lived next door to the murder scene. These thread posts are right, if you are a mom, you look away if you think your son did something to his girlfriend. If you are a wife like Marcy you don’t want to believe your husband is a habitual pleasure seeker with a roving eye or an obsession with a single woman in town. You might even blame your husbands obsession on the other woman as if it was Lindsay’s fault that Terry had a thing for her and then be mad enough to murder her.

            • Svetlana says:

              SZ has the look you’re talking about because I believe that she is half Maltese and half British.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Yes she does, she is a dead ringer for the witness picture. Dress and all.

                • following says:

                  Except Lindsay would have recognized her.

                  • ConnectTheDots says:

                    Yes, but that could have been easily explained away. For instance, if it was Shirley and Ryan ( which it looks like it could have been ) then they could have said that they have stopped by to make sure that she is ok. We know how concerned you have been. Lindsay might have thought that was a little weird but she is not going to run away from them yelling murderer. If it was Shirley and the prospective ” buyer ” she could have also come up with a plausible story and there again Lindsay, taken by surprise, is not going to make a scene by refusing to go inside with them. I mean, after all, Shirley is her boyfriends mother and she is trying to keep things copacetic …….I just can’t get past the witness description of the people who supposedly showed up being so much like Shirley and when you add in the description of the dress she was wearing and that being a style worn by Shirley I just don’t think that is a coincidence. Either that description was given by Jason and he conjured up an image of his mother or somebody saw someone who looks remarkably like Shirley who was wearing a dress style that Shirley is known to wear.

                    • OW says:

                      Disagree. The witness statements I have heard about say that they believe the prospect couple were in their 30’s. Shirley was clearly in her 50’s at the time having grown *ss sons. I am in no way trying to defend the Zailo family but rather draw attention to the fact that there may have never been a couple at all and the murderer may have been Jason or the DeSousa’s. Anyone have any inkling of Jason having done business with Mr.DeSousa? It would be interesting to know how Mr. DeSousa financed his development. Being an *ss does not make someone a murderer. You have to have more than that to make an arrest and get a conviction. Here’s something: If Jasons Dad is Vince Zailo, that guy was working for a flooring company in B.C. The DeSousa development was so small but yet a couple was quoted in one of the Lindsay news articles as saying they just purchased a home there when her murder happened. That same couple was the owners of a major flooring company in Victoria. Don’t just look at the behaviors of potential murderers, look also at Lindsay’s behavior or lack of. She already was saying she was going to leave Jason, seeing Shirley at the house after getting weird calls – no Lindsay would not go inside. She was young and impressionable but that young lady was not dumb. I’m reading everyone here on this site the riot act, now hear this LINDSAY WAS NOT A YOUNG DUMB GIRL. She was a hard working smart professional that was conned into a meeting that ended her life. Does anyone know what the difference is?! For F’s sakes, stop thinking that Lindsay was so stupid as to go inside a house with Shirley and Ryan when she knew that they knew her and Jason were breaking up. I never met Lindsay but I know from her behavior she was not dumb. Someone tricked her- that’s totally different. Get the picture?

                    • Rosanne says:

                      In keeping an open mind. Lindsay took a ski trip with Jason, Shirley and Ryan after it was known she was leaving Jason. She was not frightened of them. An intruder wearing a ski mask would have been so much easier than burner phones and empty million dollar homes in move in condition. I believe someone was hired to kill Lindsay, but there are too many pieces that say this was personal and not business.

                    • ConnectTheDots says:

                      I disagree. It was dark outside and nobody was scrutinizing them. They glanced at the couple if they were there and that was it. While she knew she was possibly in a dangerous position I don’t think that she thought for a minute that the Zailo’s would viciously murder her. If she did the last person she would be asking to be there to protect her would be Jason. I don’t think that a normal young person could fathom such evil. Yes, Lindsay was smart but she was also 24 years old and I think too young to listen to her gut instincts. Even many older adults don’t know to do that. We will just have to agree to disagree on this.

    • Steve Nickles says:

      I was thinking the same. I want to know more about this friend he brought along. I call BS. There was no friend. Check his timeline. The two that went to that house were the boyfriend and his mom with a blonde wig. Lindsey was going to leave him,the boyfriend and momma didn’t like it. You can see it in her face in the interviews. Lindsey probably had some information on some corruption her mom had done in real estate and if she broke up with her son she might talk. Done

  16. Spotted this says:

    Want to try something weird? Google News “2020 drug arrests Vancouver Island ”. If you get the same thing I did there were about 50.. The news reports seem to show Saanich with 4 drug busts and 12 people arrested, also helping on 3 busts outside of Saanich where Saanich officers are helping the Van Isle emergency response team and BC’s uniform gang enforcement team. West shore has more than double and Victoria more than triple busts, which combined is close to half. Nanaimo has 6, even little Sooke and Sayward have 1 each. It gets even weirder when you read , Saanich working on their own, caught the first one as a suspected drunk driver with drugs in plain sight. The second one was a stop of a reported stolen car and less than 24 hours later one of the same traffic officers from the first bust stopped a suspected prohibited driver and found drugs and weapons inside the vehicle. There is mention of 1 Saanich only investigation resulting in 6 arrested. One of the traffic arrests almost ran into a Saanich patrol car that got their attention. That seem like a pretty daring thing to do to get yourself caught. Just 1 arrest in Victoria took in 17 dealers and another one they worked with Vancouver nabbed over 30 million in bad stuff. I don’t know what all this means, maybe the news doesn’t report what Saanich does, but they have a spokesperson. I thought maybe bad guys are scared and don’t want to mess with Saanich. Oh wait, one of the arrest stories is of a Saanich man with”a significant history of drug trafficking “ but that case started when Tasers were intercepted in the mail” before they got to Saanich. There maybe statistics that prove that Saanich is doing as well if not better in drug seizures and arrests. I couldn’t find them and really hope this picture isn’t as lopsided as it seems to be. Does this say corruption, absolutely not without much further investigation. It is just weird.

    • OceanWaves says:

      I am questioning why so much interest in taking down drug dealers. The money and drugs go somewhere after they are captured. Those drugs, fire arms, cars and cash do not always stay in the lock up where they are supposed to and known to go missing. I agree that drugs are bad, and trafficking drugs is bad. Trafficking fire arms is worse. But THE worst crime to humanity is murder. So why not invest more resources into solving murders than in taking down drug dealers? Those who are addicted often find other ways to get high if they don’t have their “stuff” so taking a dealer off the street does not necessarily mean the use of drugs will decline. Most addicts just find replacement dealers and replacement substances. I feel after all I have read here that Jason was a low level dealer and at times may have even used himself. I’ve been with someone who knew I was vehemently against drug use of any kind (down to aspirins) but he was so good at hiding it I never suspected and we were married and lived together for several years. When he confessed to me later on I was shocked at the level of drug use he admitted to. The only thing I was aware of the entire time I was actually with him was his constant lying (and later found cheating). If Jason had a pager (and a cell phone??) in 2008, he most assuredly had women on the side and sold or had a close connection himself (not Lindsay) to dealers. Have the police checked out where Jason’s pager and cell phone were purchased and registered to? (a building in Vancouver with “no connection” to Lindsay’s murder?!). ??

      • Conn says:

        The war on drugs has been a complete failure and given that alcohol is legal probably unconstitutional too. I agree that the war should be redirected at people who commit murder and other heinous crimes.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        My last post should say ConnectTheDots. Not Conn. Can you please correct that for me?

      • Svetlana says:

        Someone must have known if he was cheating. If he was, which I also always suspected, then it was with a co-worker because often it’s with the co-worker or neighbor.
        Hope the investigators check out all his incoming and outgoing calls. Maybe he was also using burner phones. If he was selling steroids (like where do you even get them in the first place to sell them and who were his customers?) then I wouldn’t put it past him to be selling bigger stuff.

        Whatever he was doing back then, would it have ceased after Lindsay’s murder?

  17. Svetlana says:

    In the Polls section of this website, a commentator mentioned Shirley Zailo was on the board of directors of Saanich Police. I have never read that before but this is now interesting if true.

  18. Frank Columbo says:

    It is probably going to be like time really dragging on for most people since the start of the New Task Force, it will for me I want to see how this all turns out in the end. Oddly all the things and people that would be heaven sent to this case all collided together at the same place at the same time into a Task force. I think it all fell into place because of 1 FBI guy that gave a shit that’s what I heard or read some where recently. This Task Force no question has the talent to solve this case that’s not even up for debate IMO but the key to success IMO is *communication* along with *strategizing* even on a daily basis between the Task Force members. All the talent is there, all the resource’s are available but everybody needs to be moving the same direction at the same time looking at all the incoming information real time in unison.

  19. Z says:

    These are the things women have to deal with in the real estate industry ? We WILL see justice for Lindsay soon.

  20. Ken Chappelle says:

    I’m getting a little feed back through the grape vine as they say, seems the re-investigation is kicking into gear a little faster than I thought it would or could have hoped for. The idea of a total re-investigation was definitely the way to go it would probably take a year to read a file this size or even more, a great idea.

    • Svetlana says:

      I think they got some leads.

      • Ken Chappelle says:

        Sounds like they have new things to check out it also sounds like they are going to re-investigate from scratch if so everything from the get go will get a second look a very good idea. I don’t see how you could pull together a better team the U.S. team, representatives of the FBI are very very good at what they do. The RCMP investigators have solved several murder cases now that were seriously just plain hopeless. The Saanich police have new fresh eyes if they have grit and determination this case can be resolved. All people can do is be patient and support this relaunch and effort.

        • Miranda McCurdy says:

          I have never doubted that the Saanich Police had grit and determination, now with fresh eyes and outside collaboration with the FBI I am confident this case will be solved sooner than we think. I will bet you a Starbucks coffee on that Mr. Chappelle.

          • Frank Columbo says:

            Nice of you to stop by Miranda, anything is possible I wouldn’t be surprised at anything the case could be solved sooner than people think I agree. My old buddies at the LAPD mentioned they heard a rumour there might be a team of FBI profiler’s going through the case to me that’s a big deal a real big deal. Nobody outside the police really know much about this case but the original investigation seemed to be unfocused with some confusion thrown in. Profiler’s should really be able to help the police get focused and headed in the right direction, clear up confusion.

  21. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    Wow, just read about all the new information. Praying that someone can solve this murder and allow Lindsay and her family some peace.

  22. Brenda Loose says:

    I have been following this terrible murder of such a lovely woman and I, like so many, have a lot of questions. 1) is there anywhere on the net that we can hear the pocket dial that was made while Lindsay was being killed? I know they say it’s all mumbling but a word or a voice or something my click in someone’s brain. 2) if the couple went back in when they saw the boyfriends car coming their plan was obviously to leave out the front door which means their form of transportation must of been out front They had to go back into the house and therefore forcing them to go out there back door, did anyone see them leaving or what vehicle they got into or if they where seen before when Lindsay greeted them, was their car spotted then? 3) what friend did she talk to when she went to see her father I had heard Rn was a brother of one of the drug dealers.

    • Svetlana says:

      Their plan could’ve been to leave from a different door, and the part about the front door is a sign for “someone”. Part of the fence was already taken down from before, so they had an escape route planned.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I agree. That was probably a signal to Jason that they were on their way out the back. He gives them some time to make sure that they are away from the scene and then begins his role in finding Lindsay.

        • Rosanne says:

          I also feel Jason went through a lot of trouble having a witness with him and the whole front door thing may have been to give CO 2 people to witness. Jason would have had a lot of explaining to do if nobody but him was around that house just hanging out and then Lindsay was found murdered.

          • Svetlana says:

            How convenient for him to get an alibi. Whether CO saw the people or not, Jason made sure his own ass was covered by little gullible Oatman, that is if CO was innocent.

            He thought he could get away with it and having the nerve to say I had nothing to do with it. He’s shitting bricks now.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Good point.

  23. Dennis says:

    Yes, let us HOPE these are not just flowery words to give us a false sense of JUSTICE.
    The old adage of … “actions speak louder than words” couldn’t be more profound than now.

    • Lillian says:

      From Gangster Out Website….

      Monday, February 1, 2021
      New Task force in Lindsay Buziak murder investigation

      The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that ” Investigators from the U.S. have joined a new team taking a fresh look at the unsolved homicide of Victoria real estate agent Lindsay Buziak, and police say there’s movement in the 13-year-old case. Buziak was 24 when she was fatally stabbed (more than 40 times.) while showing a property in Saanich on Feb. 2, 2008.” It was not a gang hit.

      “Saanich police Const. Markus Anastasiades says the new team includes representatives from the FBI, as well as continued support from the RCMP. In a statement released Sunday, he says technology developed since Buziak’s death has highlighted additional leads and forensic evidence. He says officers are again speaking to all possible suspects.”

      No they’re not. Chris Horsely exonerated the Zailos from day one. The prime suspects are not even being considered. Chris Horsely is in a conflict of interest. What’s bringing in the FBI going to do? Are you going to pretend that the murders and the co-conspirators are not living in Victoria? It’s cruel to lie and pretend the Saanich PD are trying to solve this case. We can tell you who did it and who was behind it. We can also tell you who needs to be taken off the case.

      The press release about the *new* task force was an offensive publicity stunt the day before the anniversary of the murder when her father is in town raising public awareness about the case. If SPD is on the case, nothing is being done. If Chris Horsley is on the case, nothing is being done. That is the truth. It’s time to merge Saanich PD with Victoria PD and hand over the file.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I find the phrase “all possible suspects” interesting. Why wouldn’t they just say ” all suspects”. I think the word possible is there to include the Zailos. They are not suspects as they were cleared but they are possible suspects in that they certainly could have done this.

      • Svetlana says:

        I also have a feeling “technology” has something to do with the laptop and the deleted messages. Maybe even checked out other people’s messages from that time period.

        • Ken Chappelle says:

          They as much as said so, “with advances in digital technology” . Touch DNA may also be in play from anything like the printed out listing from Lindsay’s file folder one of the killers touched or maybe a door knob. If they managed to recover DNA that could be the nail in the coffin of the killers that could even tell police your race which would eliminate a lot of people possibly.

  24. Bill says:

    Praying this new attention finally brings closure to this horrific murder. I hope people are starting to squirm knowing their time is numbered. Justice for Lindsay and her family is 13 years overdue! The Saanich Police department should have no input on the new investigation. Praying for closure!

  25. Darrell says:

    My being convinced that these 2 killers were from out of country,
    and given that there are only 3 ways to enter and exit Vancouver Island
    (by ferry, boat, air) without being ably trackable. Really?
    Air travel produces records.
    Small boat travel is unlikely.
    But ferries are easy to book online and if they stay in their vehicle during the trip to/from, they would not been seen. So my guess is they came over by ferry.
    The dress that was found was likely swapped out and discarded. Where at?
    My suspicion is that this was a ‘Contract Hit’ as a result of the true or false info that prompted it. But people like to brag and people like to talk, ..
    .. so perhaps this most recent activity prompting Police review, is a consequence of that.
    My kindest regards and warm wishes to father Jeff and all of Linda’s family ..!!
    I hope justice prevails, and that they are provided the closure and peace that said justice brings.
    My kindest regards,
    darrell ~

    • Darwin says:

      I do not know if small aircraft are tracked in Canada. Would be on the North East coast as close as you can get to Gordon Head area of Saanich that you can get to by boat. What if the murderers had their own boat? or their own small aircraft? wouldn’t that be more difficult to track?
      The fake Mexican accent is a clue to who the murderers of Lindsay are. These people can be Caribbean, Chilean, Argentinian, Columbian, or Castilian. Lindsay picked up on something weird. None of us heard the callers, Portuguese (Brazilian and that of Portugal) can also pass for a “fake Mexican accent.”

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Or a Caucasian faking a Mexican or similar accent making it sound strange such as the phone call that Nikki received in the wee hours of the morning from none other than Shirley Zailo.

    • micheal says:

      I agree with you. I stepped away from this Blog for a little bit because i feel some folks here do not tolerate any views that consider it perhaps was not the Zailos. I just wanted to make sure i was not being caught in an echo chamber of confirmation bias. The intolerance of any view that questions Zailos involvement even started to became became mildly suspect to m,. To the point I even started to wondered if the desire in some to completely shut down anyone who was looking at other options was doing so for nefarious reasons.
      When i First heard of case before diving in deep, i was suspect of the Zailos, As i learned more it went down to 50-50 , than i came here and it went back up to thinking they had to be involved.
      What Troubles me when it comes to Zailos involvement is the burner phone being activated 2 days after that drug bust, and Lindsay having reached out to Erickson when she was visiting her dad. I have to assume she was reaching out to do something for her own good. perhaps it relates to the things she saw that she should not have seen. I highly doubt it was to just say hi to him while she was in town, I also highly doubt the call was to do something for his good. I think she saw something, knew it was not good that she saw it and reached out to someone of his ilk for some sort of advise. Does anyone know if they actually spoke and if so what he claims was talked about?
      I agree Jasons actions that day are suspect, and he did lawyer up right away, But upon reflecting further on that, he was also placed in handcuffs right away and being the boyfriend he knows he will be a suspect. So i can understand him hiring a lawyer to make sure the police dont try to pin it on you if you are innocent, as far as his behavior that date, such as showing up late when he is supposed to be there for protection, moving the car around etc, well he does kinds strike me as a duh duh kinda guy, his actions may not make sense maybe just because he is kinda a dummy.

      • lbmurder says:

        As long as you don’t create turmoil here by accusing other posters of being idiots, arguing, being irrational and getting out of line by critiquing this site or administrators you are fine. Maybe you were out of line and we questioned you? This site is to voice your opinion about Lindsay’s murder and the so-called investigation not negatively judging others trying to voice their opinions or what they say.

      • Rosanne says:

        A couple of things that your post brought up to me but I agree with you on what you said. First what if Lindsay saw somewhere that her friends family bought a house or 2 from her office? Just thinking if I was an ambitious junior real estate agent, I would call up my friend and tell him to send his family to me in the future. The second thing that bothers me is now it is well known Lindsay didn’t have any involvement with the drug bust. So if the drug people were convinced that it was narrowed down to someone who worked at her office and obviously they worked tightly with someone who worked with her.( knowing the referral reference and using her personal cell number, knowing she wasn’t going to be in Vancouver that weekend) When they found out it wasn’t Lindsay. Where is the other body? Did they say “Oops, we had the wrong person killed.” Then “ we changed our mind and no longer care to get the real person who cost us a lot of money.” It isn’t like they would have had to wait long until the police lost interest.

        • Micheal says:

          I dont know, perhaps the killer was in jail or fled the country and wasnt going to make a trip back to get the correct person who was the informant. or perhaps they still thought she was the informant for awhile after.
          I’d just really like to know if she ended up talking to Erickson and if so what he claims she wanted to tell him.
          here some pure speculation, but maybe she was killed by the real informant. Maybe she was actually trying to warn Erickson somone else was gonna inform on him. Maybe what she saw that she should have, had it got out she saw it people would have thought she was the informant so she called him to say hey look I saw this but you need to know I’m not gonna say a thing.
          I’m just very surprised we don’t know if she ended up getting in touch with him and of so what he claims she said

          • Rosanne says:

            One other thing to remember. The guy in Edmonton was a friend of her ex-boyfriend. She had mentioned that she was missing her ex. She most likely was just calling to poke around and see if he would give her information on the ex’s situation. They most likely would have talked about things and people they had in common. There is also a big risk that was taken at this point as Lindsay knew something in December and by February could have told a single person, which would have solved this case for the police. I mean logically, you think Lindsay had information that could cause a huge drug bust so you make up a bunch of suspicious bullshit, that had her something isn’t right antennas buzzing and then give her 9 days to talk to her nearest and dearest to tell them something is not right with these clients but not say, She was more concerned because she had seen XYZ, that she should not have or even wonder out loud if it could be connected. This is not someone professionally taking care of a problem. This is screaming someone unprofessional trying to look like they are. They are just lucky but new eyes looking into this are going to make that luck run out.

      • notsherlock says:

        You raise some well grounded points michael but the drug bust was on January 22, 2008, and the cops said the burner phone was activated 48 hours ahead of Lindsey’s murder. Is there new information with respect to the burner phone?

        • micheal says:

          I don’t recall where I read it was activated 2 days after the bust. perhaps I was wrong or what I read was wrong and it was 2 days before the murder. but either way, either time frame combined with lindsay reaching out to this well known shady character is something I can’t shake as just a coincidence.

  26. Marke says:

    Thinking of Lindsay and her family today

  27. Ken Chappelle says:

    Saanich Police in partnership with RCMP… and .. an elite group of retired high level FBI, Secret Service, DEA agents will look at this case with fresh eyes . I think they should warn any people with any knowledge of this murder they are a loose end. In the case of real serious criminals they want everything the police investigate to be a dead end, if your dead that’s a dead end.

  28. Rosanne says:

    Due to Covid rules, Mr. Jeff Buziak is walking alone for justice for his murdered daughter, Lindsay Buziak. Please positively express your support and share this This blog will not let me add the image of Mr. Buziak with the sign walking. You can get a copy on google.

    • Micheal says:

      My god, I didn’t know had to March alone this year. that’s awful, they should have allowed others to March with him. Geez here in the US protesting police seems to be the only things society is ok with people putting coivd second too

    • Wyatt says:

      Wow, could that “media spokes person” be anymore scripted? I didn’t feel one sincere word come out of his mouth! No compassion. No emotion. Dead. 🤮

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Being very careful what they say. Personally, I think the Capital Daily’s success in getting reports released and knowing that they are also pushing for more reports to be released plus our unrelenting push for justice has made the SPD realize that they can’t keep this case under wraps for ever and therefore they had better switch to damage control and get this case solved. Did you notice the line that they want anybody that feels like they were duped into playing a role to not be afraid to step forward and say so? Shout out to Cohen Oatman? Now is the time to come clean and put this behind them and also protect their own lives. The last thing anybody wants to be right now is a loose end.

  29. ConnectTheDots says:

    If they have new leads this case should be cracked wide open.

  30. Justice says:

    Congratulations to everyone here who has put so much work into getting Lindsay’s homicide turned over to a law enforcement agency who has the potential to make some long awaited arrests!!

    Photo illustration: Tristan Pratt
    Police re-launching Buziak investigation with FBI assistance

    Saanich Police announced on Sunday that a new task force has been created to look into the 2008 murder of 24-year-old realtor Lindsay Buziak. The task force is collaborating with the FBI and RCMP, Saanich Police said in a Sunday video announcement. Buziak was fatally stabbed exactly 13 years ago tomorrow while showing a home to unidentified buyers who then fled and disappeared. Police are now re-testing evidence using technology that did not exist before, such as certain DNA technology. Police said in the video that some people’s relationships to the case may have changed over the years such that they may now be more willing to come forward.

    Last year, Capital Daily went to court seeking previously unreleased police documents on the investigation. On Sept. 11, the Saanich Police and Crown consented to release dozens of judicial authorizations related to the case. Capital Daily reviewed all 1,600 of them to create what was then the most comprehensive description of Lindsay Buziak’s final days and the ensuing investigation.

    • Svetlana says:

      Was Jason’s DNA taken? Some places say yes, some say no.

      • Darwin says:

        What do we think about Jason Zailo impregnating someone other than Lindsay-even though he was at the time living with Lindsay- and he told that woman he would not leave Lindsay. So his baby mama was incensed, went berserk and murdered Lindsay? That might mean that there is a child of Jason’s around Saanich that is kept hush hush and Shirley is a granny. Or after murdering Lindsay, the murderess terminated her pregnancy? I could definitely imagine Jason cheating on Lindsay.

      • Wyatt says:

        I do not recall that he “cooperated” in that respect. I believe and if my memory is correct, he REFUSED to provide DNA as legal instructions from his lawyer!
        Telling isn’t it? When in fact if he was innocent in any form he would be screaming such and provide DNA ….. as we all know, many of those wrongfully convicted have been exonerated based on DNA which can also prove guilt.

        • Rosanne says:

          He may be worried that his DNA might show up in an unrelated crime.

          • PandaBear says:

            He was in a circle of friends that were gangsters.

          • Micheal says:

            that’s a great point. and i also don’t really see what having his DNA would do, he was there at murder scene. his DNA will be there.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I think it must have been Ryan or/and Shirley’s DNA that was the concern. If found, they could compare it to Jason’s DNA.

              • Rosanne says:

                13 years ago they weren’t thinking about that.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  It may not have been as common but I do think that DNA was a tool for police to use 13 years ago.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  I think that it was common enough 13 years ago that anybody planning on committing murder would have taken it into consideration.

                  • Rosanne says:

                    They were connecting a person with their own DNA 13 years ago. I am answering a post that said Jason didn’t give his DNA because it could link to his Mom or Brother. That is new and wouldn’t not have been thought about when he didn’t give his sample..

                    • ConnectTheDots says:

                      That was my post. Are you sure about that? 13 years is not that long ago and it seems to me that we have had that capability for quite some time now. I think that it would have been a concern of theirs.

                    • Rosanne says:

                      I didn’t do a ton of research but google is saying the first GEDmatch was in December 2018. That is where a suspect was identified by using their relatives profile. Long time away from 2008. Canada’s DNA. Data bank was way behind the states. It will be weird if DNA solves this case because the push to get Canada up to par on DNA data bases and over some privacy issues was a bill called Lindsay’s Law. Lindsay Peterson, a Vancouver Island teenager went missing in 1993 and in 2016 her law went through that meant crime scene DNA can be compared to missing persons. There is so much more to this than I can explain but the doors of this DNA science are open in Canada. now.

  31. Saanich Resident says:

    Big news today. The FBI would not get involved if there was not some aspect of the case that involves US jurisdiction.

    • Svetlana says:

      They usually do USA investigations but they can also help other countries when requested.

      • Janet says:

        If they are going to use geology expert Cee Cee Moore – they would need to go through the FBI

      • Ken Chappelle says:

        At this point it looks like ex FBI, Secret Service, DEA, retired agents. The most important in my opinion are the Profilers they will definitely clear the muddied waters and this case is and has been nothing but confusion from day one. This Task force is going to result in a lot of arrests in the future possibly down into the U.S. and Mexico.

  32. eight says:

    Is this just getting out in front of the anniversary and the expected renewed criticism, or are they really making progress? Sure hope it’s the latter, but with these guys you never know.

    Investigation into the murder of Lindsay Buziak – › watch

    • Lillian says:

      I too wonder the same. More smoke and mirrors? Hard not to be cynical given the past 13 years of extreme disappointment and corruption.

  33. Ken Chappelle says:

    I am very great full to lead investigator Damian Kowalewich for accepting the help from the U.S. experts, just what the case needed fresh expert eyes. The U.S. experts mentioned in the news recently are the best of the best IMO, the city of Saanich dose not have enough money to higher people like this.

    • Svetlana says:

      FBI is FBI. They have more knowledge. I have a feeling this was requested awhile ago and it became official now. It could be because of the government, media, petition and good people. There were clues in those reports.

      • Ken Chappelle says:

        I requested the help, I e-mailed several times over 2 years and eventually gained the interest of some decent law enforcement people in the U.S. also talked via e-mail to all concerned. Fact is I pretty much begged law enforcement to accept the help of outside experts like Profilers, I’m almost stunned they accepted the help. I expected to be rebuffed by the Saanich Police hands down and initially felt I was but Damian Kowalewich lead investigator made a really good decision he decided to hear the U.S. retired FBI investigator out. SPD is taking advantage of the experience and expertise of the U.S. FBI Profiler’s and other experts good on them.

        • Rosanne says:

          This is good and sounds in the right direction. I want the police to know if they had not excluded the victim’s family from the loop it would have been difficult to know what side to support. That was just cruel to leave a single one of them thinking nothing was being done, their Lindsay didn’t matter and the killers were walking around freely with a get to stay out of jail card. It would have taken so little to give this family hope faith and reassurance. Trust and respect are earned, the Saanich police at the moment seem like they are earning a bit of that, why ruin the joy with letting the victim’s wake up a single extra morning wondering what they have to do that day for justice. Nobody should have to wait in the dark. It makes it even worse that Lindsay’s father was telling anyone who would listen, for years, that this case needed help and fresh eyes. to see the police finally coming up with such a bright idea. I sure hope the law side had learned enough to have not made the family hear this very professional announcement from their press release. We think, we caught you Saanich doing better and understand that only a few are responsible. I for one am believing if you had been even seen as doing that sooner your reputation would be in much better shape. Opportunity is knocking, to redeem yourself, just do it! If Saanich doesn’t want strangers, even on the internet telling them how to do their job, they should have been showing us what they could do before we even had to think about it.

  34. Wyatt says:

    Saanich Police announced on Sunday that a new task force has been created to look into the 2008 murder of 24-year-old realtor Lindsay Buziak. The task force is collaborating with the FBI and RCMP, Saanich Police said in a Sunday video announcement. Buziak was fatally stabbed exactly 13 years ago tomorrow while showing a home to unidentified buyers who then fled and disappeared. Police are now re-testing evidence using technology that did not exist before, such as certain DNA technology. Police said in the video that some people’s relationships to the case may have changed over the years such that they may now be more willing to come forward.

    Last year, Capital Daily went to court seeking previously unreleased police documents on the investigation. On Sept. 11, the Saanich Police and Crown consented to release dozens of judicial authorizations related to the case. Capital Daily reviewed all 1,600 of them to create what was then the most comprehensive description of Lindsay Buziak’s final days and the ensuing investigation.

    *New Task Force* = as opposed to what! The “old task force?” The “old one” that should have solved Lindsay’s murder 13 years ago? The “old one” that is corrupt and full of dirty cops? I thought this killing was not classified under “cold case?” Aren’t “task forces” initiated when “cold cases” are revitalized? Do we think this “new” task force is a coincidence? Has someone FINALLY stepped up to the accountability plate and noticed that the SPD are corrupt and dirty? Do you think the recent dirty copper from the RCMP who just got busted for associating and socializing with criminals has any stirred connection with the SPD (Horsley/Green) doing the same thing? Do we dare hold our breath waiting for these dirty cops to be busted?

    *Some people’s relationship has changed*…. WTF does that mean? The dirty cops got busted? Oh, wouldn’t that be fitting at this point? Who’s “coming forward?” Did the dirty cops at SPD finally get cornered? This avenue is wide open for interruption.

    *Police are now re-testing evidence…. *. Seriously? Just now? 13 friggin YEARS later?

    This article gives me renewed hope that FINALLY the SPD and all their dirty cops will be under investigation and eventually dismissed….Without pension!
    Maybe 2021 will be not so bad after all.
    ……… 🍷⚖️ Here’s to you Ms. Lindsay

    • see closely says:

      Perhaps this task force will re-examine why AG office did not allow SPD’s case go to justice trial.

      • Saanich Resident says:

        Wyatt curious if you know which date the Capital Daily went to court for release of the docs you mentioned?

        • Wyatt says:

          Negative. Capital Daily would be able to provide that information but I don’t recall specific dates being posted. I understood they were heading back to court this year for more release of information/documents but I don’t think that’s happened yet. I often wonder if their ability to have the previous items published from the courts hasn’t been a motivating factor for this renewed “task force” because I suspect the SPD are scared of being ordered to release more facts and their efforts to implement a “new task force” had developed as a defence to the courts to deny anymore disclosures because the SPD can state any released information/documents to the public would now “compromise” the new task force. I am deeply sceptical and cynical given their reputation for covering up and corruption. If it takes a year for this alleged new task force to “read the file” then I suspect they are just throwing smoke and mirrors our way. A feeble effort to calm our efforts to expose the truth behind this murder and the SPD. I would like to know why they don’t identify WHO these experts are who are on this task force? Do they really exist? Or is it just new names from the coverup squad?

          • lbmurder says:

            Chief Scott Green was at a dog team announcement on Lindsay’s recent murder day walk and refused to answer any questions about Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

            • Wyatt says:

              🤨 interesting, do we think he’s getting nervous in the service? He’s got a job to lose when the corruption is exposed. Just my thoughts.

            • Robin says:

              Wimp Green…some Chief of police he is. What a total gutless WANKER. Dog patrol is where he belongs. I can’t believe he can’t at least make a statement letting the public know all new details for solving Lindsay’s murder in 2021. Not a man at all. Woof woof better 🐶 dog catcher i’d say.

  35. Wyatt says:

    From Capital Daily…..

    Feb 1, 2021 — Today, Islanders await a new update on COVID-19 case numbers and vaccination delays, but a different and somewhat unexpected update has also arrived. Saanich Police announced last night that they will be re-launching their investigation into the stabbing death of realtor Lindsay Buziak—one of the most infamous unsolved cases not only on the Island but in Canada.

    “Re-launching” …. do we laugh or ? Interesting. Timing? Tomorrow is 13 YEARS!

    • Wyatt says:

      Saanich Police announced on Sunday that a new task force has been created to look into the 2008 murder of 24-year-old realtor Lindsay Buziak. The task force is collaborating with the FBI and RCMP, Saanich Police said in a Sunday video announcement. Buziak was fatally stabbed exactly 13 years ago tomorrow while showing a home to unidentified buyers who then fled and disappeared. Police are now re-testing evidence using technology that did not exist before, such as certain DNA technology. Police said in the video that some people’s relationships to the case may have changed over the years such that they may now be more willing to come forward.

      Last year, Capital Daily went to court seeking previously unreleased police documents on the investigation. On Sept. 11, the Saanich Police and Crown consented to release dozens of judicial authorizations related to the case. Capital Daily reviewed all 1,600 of them to create what was then the most comprehensive description of Lindsay Buziak’s final days and the ensuing investigation.

  36. Jus cause says:

    Here’s hoping that new to be newly announced task force brings answers….

  37. Pamela says:

    Did anyone watch the news?!? They said they have new leads?!?

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