Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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7,694 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    People never commit murder without a reason. The reasons almost always have to do with money, love and fear. Lindsay knew too much. She was going to expose them. They needed to get rid of her.

    Who was the controlling, manipulative, greedy narcissist who ordered Lindsay Buziak’s execution?

    Lindsay was certainly the casualty of greed.

    Let’s make sure Lindsay gets the last word for all women who get trapped in a similar scenario.

    Let’s hold the Premier of B.C. John Horgan, the Minister of Public Safety for B.C. Mike Farnworth, and the Chief of Saanich police Scott Green personally responsible to see this heinous crime receives the justice it deserves and make the community safe again. These 3 so-called men are failing the people they serve, you.

    This is my mission. It should be everyone’s mission because I can’t do this alone. I need your support. Please do something. This is for everyone!

    Murder is supposed to be against the law. Apparently not in Lindsay’s case!

    Thank you
    Jeff Buziak, father

  2. ConnectTheDots says:

    Not necessarily. Victoria is a very small city. Everyone has themselves and family to protect and they can’t trust the police.

  3. Shannon says:

    Sending love and prayers from Florida USA. Just heard some ruthless disturbed individual sentva message that said no one cares anymore. Well we all have always cared. Not only that providence, not only Canada, but the world. We are waiting and demanding justice. We want the true perpetrators of this crime. Its was very planned but they had to have missed something. I know it’s 12 years later but i hope they checked flight records, rental cars, and tole cameras. Especially if there is a description of the car. There are some leads and we bed retired police people who specialize in cold cases. Possibly contact the show cold justice here in the states. They’ve solved a number of cases. The fact remains that many people know about this murder. Please have a conscience or at the very least make a deal for yourself now because its only a matter of time. Do you want to be a witness or co-conspirator. No offense to Canada but they did engineer the mr. Big sting. Used it several times and i think even called the “boss” Mr. Big many times. Only the absolute dumbest criminal would be caught in that sting. I truly hope they handle this case with the professionalism it deserves. If you have contact with or are a trained P.I. this case needs one badly. I will look up the name of a fantastic P.I. in the states that actually befriended the prime suspect for 2 years until he got him to confess everything while undercover and made him think that there was a deal if he would just produce the body and confess. Obviously the police could never do these things, but this P.I. was like a dog with a bone ill post his details cause hes the kind of guy you need on this case. If people will pay thousands of dollars in crowdfunding money for ridiculous scams I know this story will touch hearts the way it has mine, and will fund the cost of a great P.I. please please make sure you vet whomever you choose because there’s lot scammers out there. Just like what happened Natalee Holloway’s family. I will keep my thoughts and prayers for this family. We have not forgotten what happened to this beautiful woman. We care and we’re all pissed off and want these animals in cages where they belong. I hope you cam get current media coverage to reignite the story. Then use that to create a gofundme account, use that money to hire a great private investor. I will message you back with 2 or 3 of the best in the business that have worked on high profile cases and aren’t scammers. Who also by the way eat sleep live just the one case they are working on and the 3 im thinking of solved the cases and even the police were very grateful as he could do things the police could not.
    God bless you and your family. Justice for Lindsay Buziak!
    P.s. Mr. Buziak I just read your post and my heart aches for you sir. I want you to know you are not alone in this fight. People from other countries care. Its been way too long not knowing what happened to you beautiful daughter. Who is absolutely stunning young woman. The internet is how i heard about this case actually as it was not on national media well not all the way down here in Florida, but it absolutely needs to be. And use social media the way you are. Theres lots of true crime channels. I know sounds ridiculous but if you find one that seems credible with a large following contact them and ask them to do a story about your daughters case. The more people that hear it the better. Do it once you have the go fund me set up so they can ask people to donate. Do as many credible one said you can. Contact international news outlets. Worth a try. But I would absolutely hire a well vetted well known P.I. preferably one who has a good relationship with police. The case is 12 years old now so they should be more willing to open the case files for your P.I. I’ve seen cases solved by a really good p.l. especially one thats maybe a retired homicide detective. This is a big case and everyone wants it solved. Keep the faith Mr. Buziak. 12 years is a long time to wait for justice but I hope it gives you solace to know you do not stand alone, and what was done to your family can not go unpunished. Dear god please place your hands around this family and give them the strength fortitude and guidance to see this through and get justice for Lindsay amen.
    If you know anything about this case please find it in your heart to speak. Remember whoever speaks first especially in a cold case gets the best deal. Some times even immunity. If you don’t come forward they will find out and you will go down hard.

    • Svetlana says:

      I would start with the news media in the Netherlands. Where Paul, the ex-boyfriend of Shirley Zailo ran off to.

      • Svetlana says:

        Where was Paul Bergshoeff the night in question? I can see him as the 6 foot caucasian man with the brown long jacket.

        Google translate to Dutch
        Waar was Paul Bergshoeff de avond in kwestie? Ik kan hem zien als de 1,80 meter lange blanke man met de bruine lange jas.

    • Magdelina says:

      I believe they know all whom were involved. I believe the police know, as some were involved with drugs, dirty deals. Until they give all the information, this won’t be solved. Bottom line, its obvious, but they won’t snitch on one another as some police were involved and they of course want no jail time. Major coverup. Zaillos involved of course with them. 1 has to cut a deal, only way if they do something major, then they will talk, but they will never arrest any of them as they know they will go to prison, even if 1 of the dirty cops catch them killing someone. Sad but true

  4. Mark Roush says:

    What would the Saanich police department do if one of their own daughters was murdered? Would they all sit at their desk and wait for a phone call? ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!

  5. Mark Roush says:

    Is the Saanich police department GUILTY of NEPOTISM? The Studies show that NEPOTISM have resulted in BIAS decision making, UNFAIR TREATMENT and LOSSES to companies PERFORMANCE in the long term. Recent studies also prove NEPOTISM makes people feel DEMOTIVATED,lacking in CONFIDENCE and ALIENATED. It also hinders COMPETITION and INNOVATION. Saanich police department, hasn’t it been LONG OVERDUE for ALL of your Investigators and outside agencies to start knocking on doors ?

  6. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    You never know when and how hard it is going to hit you. MURDER. Tonight it came strong. I miss her so much. I’m sad. I feel so sorry for the horror she had to face in that house. I had to cry a bit or the rage would click in. It doesn’t go away. Especially with No Justice!

    Where is justice gone in our once wonderful Country-Canada?
    Is it really okay to murder a woman?
    I have to say Yes because nothing is done about it. In Lindsay’s case, a young woman’s life means nothing to police and politicians. They all hide like cowards. Local media have long lost the program of investigative journalism and are being shown up by the upstart Capital Daily who aren’t owned by Saanich police nor afraid of their bully Constable Horsley the gangster. They sadly have to go to court though to get info but no comment from the Satanic police. How horrible is that? Fight in court to get info from police who are supposed to be our protectors! Serve and Protect hahahaha. A joke now. Police serve themselves only.

    I’d like to know what really goes on at that corrupted Saanich police station except nothing obviously. Is it that dirty, dark and sinister there or are they just that fucking useless. Are you fucking useless Chief Scott Green or have you fully crossed over to the dark side? Right now with the lack of results after 12 agonizing years, with you being in every key leadership position since Lindsay’s murder, and how you people deceive us and hide information and the identity of known people involved, I’d say it’s one or the other and highly likely both.

    Get your head out of your ass Chief. Your career is on the line and what little reputation your play police have remaining is on the line too. Be a leader not a fucking turtle. Right now it appears you can’t lead a duck to a pond. Do you even care or is your eye solely fixed on your big fat Saanich pension?

    Lindsay was savagely murdered over 12 years ago now. Where is justice Chief Green? That’s your job in case you’ve forgot. Murder is against the law Scott. Have you lost sight of that concept son? Are you just another player at policing for a pension?

    No Results-No Respect.

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak!

  7. Robin says:

    Where is the Victoria Media I would like to know? The Victoria Times Colonist…. are you being intimidated by someone? It most certainly appears that way. Journalists are expected to tell the story, the real story, dig in, get dirty. How can the Victoria Times Colonist not be all over Lindsay’s unsolved murder. If I was running that show I would dedicate one day a week to Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder. It would be every Saturday too. The readership would double every few weeks I’d see to it. I’d have a crew dedicated just to “Justice for Lindsay” they would be everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. At this point I would be raising supreme hell everywhere there were politicians and police. I’d have people following the Mayor, they’d be at every single police board, city council meeting. My staff would have doubled then tripled. I would not be letting the public down, the family down. I’d be on the ass of the Zailo’s for a 3 part interview with Shirley Zailo, Jason Zailo and Ryan Zailo. I’d be interviewing Matt MacDuff asking him to tell us what he loved about Lindsay. I’d do that on Valentines Day. I’d be asking Richard Atwell to tell just wtf went on while he was Mayor. Yes if I was running the Victoria Times Colonist there would be no room for the turtle game they play now. I’d be cleaning house there because it obviously needs it, I’d be in there with the biggest possible broom and sweeping the old, boring, useless reporters to the cleaning department at the Empress. No one would be telling me what gets reported or not! Shame on the Victoria Times Colonist for obviously being controlled by the Saanich Police Dept. Do you realize people a journalist from Ontario was brought in to dig into a British Columbia cold case. C’mon people need to wake up! Who’s controlling the Capital City. Hats 🎩 🧢 off to Capital Daily for bringing in Zander Sherman and putting their money where their mouth is. Piss off over there at the Victoria Times Colonist. You obviously have lost your way. You don’t even deserve to be in business. Is there anyone there with guts who can report on the most vicious murder of a young LOCAL girl FFS. You are getting an F from me. Fail-Fail-Fail. Useless!

    • Svetlana says:

      They didn’t write any update on Lindsay Buziak. This news should get to all people’s homes especially in Victoria. Times Colonist is owned by Glacier Media, headquartered in Vancouver. Maybe these Key people should be questioned as to why there was no mention of the update by the editor of Times Colonist? Sam Grippo, chairman; Jonathon J.L. Kennedy, CEO; Orest Smysnuik, CFO

  8. eight says:

    Until those responsible are convicted, all theories about who the perpetrators are remain on the table. Some are less likely than others to be accurate, but cannot be ruled out in whole or in part until the evidence is tested in court. But just because a theory is possible doesn’t mean it’s probable.

    I tend to believe that theories necessitating the greatest number of conspirators necessary to plan, conduct, and cover up the murder are the least probable. The larger the number, the greater the chance of error or loose talk. Not to mention the complexity of getting everyone on board to start with. It’s hard enough to get a group of people to agree on what restaurant should be chosen for a celebration, let alone to plan, conduct and cover up a murder.

    In other words, I favour a theory that involves a number close to what we know would be the bare minimum, which is two. Three if we posit that someone with a strong motive hired those two. The more people we add to compensate for what could just be uncaring irresponsibility on the part of the boyfriend, and incompetence on the part of law enforcement, the more complex and implausible the conspiracy becomes.

    When this is finally solved, my guess (and that’s all it can be with the info at hand) is that those criminally responsible will comprise a fairly small group. A conspiracy so large that it includes the boyfriend and his family, the home’s owner, the boyfriend’s buddy, the mayor, the entire police force, and even the coroner (what motive would she harbour?) is a bridge too far for me.

    Hopefully we’ll get the truth soon.

    • Sheila Thailand says:

      Totally agree eight. If a number of people were involved, somebody would have blown it by now.

    • Robin says:

      Yes most definitely agree with u 8. Here’s the pos list Lily, Herman, Ede…. JD,House owner, CO, Herman’s alibi, TS, neighbor waiting who drove everyone out and away from crime scene, couple and fake Lindsay. Someone from SPD providing insider info.
      Seems like a lot but there it is.

    • Svetlana says:

      The person who planned this knew a lot about that house and how to trick Lindsay.
      Who knew that the coast was clear at the house at De Sousa Place?
      Who knew that the workers left?
      Who knew when the owners left?
      Who knew how empty it would be all around?
      Who knew that there would be no other people showing up at that time?
      Who knew that no other realtor would be there?
      Who knew about the missing fence boards from where the killers escaped?
      Who knew to suggest that house?
      Who knew that this plan would lure Lindsay to the house despite her not being the actual real estate agent for that house?
      What did the actual agents for that house, Nancy Di Castri & Laurie Lidstone, think?

    • Rosanne says:

      I like your thinking Eight and believe along the same lines.

    • Lillian says:

      I would agree with you, in part. I too believe there are several “conspirators” entrenched in this murder, albeit not in the huge numbers that is suggested. At least a half-dozen key players (Robin has that listed) and while I don’t believe the police participated in the murder plot, their willful blindness is definitely an aggravating factor, not to mention their association and interests with the criminals involved in real estate/money laundering. One just has to read the entire case involved with the BC Rail scandal….. lots of influential people involved in that and I don’t think the magnitude is any less in Lindsay murder, it’s more of a question of who”s the ring leaders (Zailo’s) and who are the followers (Oatman, Desousa etc.). On a final note, I don’t think there was ever a “suggestion” the coroner was/is part of this murder coverup, I surmise that it was noted she was perhaps “influenced” by the police and their information in regards to timeframes. It still goes without argument that coroners don’t publish such exact windows of death.

    • Wyatt says:

      There’s a vast difference in the definition of conspiracy vs corruption.

    • see closely says:

      I agree eight.Any theory is viable if those that are prevailing on this blog are not leading anywhere near to charges against murderers of Lindsay.Probability,versus the possibility is another matter though as you said yourself.
      Let’s not toss out any theory completely because they interfere with somebody’s else theory.That is a “dead street” as it is shown by over 12 years of inaction.

  9. Rosanne says:

    There are some problems with this. I have seen the mention of the witnesses, one was the builder DeSousa, another I remember as someone driving by. I think another was a neighbour witnessed the greeting. Now I can not be sure if that came from a reliable, ok in this case just an involved source or if I got that from someone on the internet. I guess I shouldn’t blab if I don’t know or am too lazy to research this.
    The second problem is the coroner works with science and facts. They get their information from the body. If the coroner was in on this it would have been better for them to pick an earlier time of day or a window of time when it seems a lot of people were making sure their faces were on security cameras to give them solid alibis away from the crime scene. To get such a small time of death was based on specifics. Again I’m just guessing and speculating.

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      From what I have read, if I understand correctly, this cul de sac only had one or two house built or being built at the time. I also understand at the time the “witnesses” would have seen anything it was dark. I don’t know, again until proven I believe nothing.

    • eight says:

      You are right. The coroner works with science and facts. Obviously the time of death was sometime between when Lindsay left the restaurant and 18:05H. Allow 20 minutes driving time if she went straight to the house (longer if she went home first), and the possible time frame becomes between 16:45H and 18:05H. The coroner listed the time of death as “Approximately 1740HOURS”, roughly in the middle of the possible time frame, likely because of the physical evidence detailing the pocket dial. Nothing in her report is inconsistent with what is known to us.

      Having said that, I have no doubt that if she was on the witness stand and was asked whether it was possible the time of death was 17:00H, or indeed any time between then and 18:00H, she would agree it was possible. The determination absent other corroborating factors is simply not accurate enough to nail it down to minutes.

      So there is absolutely no need whatever for anyone to suggest she is part of any conspiracy.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That makes complete sense and I don’t think the coroner would have been involved.

      • Robin says:

        She is absolutely not part of this. No no and no. Once again, it is only JZ who says Lindsay went home to change, such BS. He’s setting fake timeline. Lindsay goes straight to house, JDS was waiting and he lures Lindsay in, no lock box activated. Lindsay was being attacked around 1700-1715…. time of death is 1740. It took some time for Lindsay to die. This all works within the range of possibility, a couple minutes here and there. Were couple real. Well someone saw them. It was dusky so complete accuracy wasn’t huge. If there was a couple a fake Lindsay was likely necessary. That is person who knew how to access lock box. They all had been assigned jobs by Lily. Manipulate phone, hold bag open for clothe change plus weapon. It took a few to pull this brutal act out. I hope HELL is making room for these mthrfkrs, despicable wastes of space. Get some arrests made FFS or give this case to someone who can. Quit the cover up. This has been solved in Criminology 101 already you fools at the SPD.

        • Rosanne says:

          I wrote out this answer to my post this morning and decided not to post it but will now as I can see there is understanding for what I was saying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I guess I shouldn’t blab if I don’t know or am too lazy to research this. This was added not by me to my post and is true, for that I apologize. I looked this morning to see if I could find what I had read that made me have this opinion but there is just way too much information. I put in the disclaimer in my post because I am willing to admit that the information on the two witnesses I have in my mind could have been just spectulation from other posters. The one I remember most is that one of the witnesses had driven past and it would have been impossible for them to give a detailed description at that time of night in February just driving past. “Two witnesses” observing the couple walking to Lindsay and shaking hands and papers on the trunk of her car can be quoted from the police and media and timelines. Also if the couple that the witnesses “saw” were not the murderers, why in the hell would anyone think it was a good idea to march the imposters up to the blood and body to step in it. Those footsteps may be the piece of evidence that solves and convicts in this case. The other problem is they are footprints, Lindsay’s shoes were at the door so it would be a good guess that the murderers took off their shoes at the door as well. So the conspiricy brings in sham clients to stage the greeting and not only gets them to walk in blood but they want them to take off their shoes? I just have to think that is not something that would be done with pretend clients who at that point would know that Lindsay was upstairs dead by half an hour or so. After the staging of being seen they would only have had to walk in the house to ditch right out the back for the same effect. It does not make sense that they are not at the murder.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ” Again I’m just guessing and speculating” was also added to my post. I learned this information when I studied for my criminal justice degree. This case would be extremely unfortunate to get a forensic autopsy from a pathologist, working in Vancouver, that was so tied into the Saanich police, that they would jepardize everything they worked for to pick such an exact and narrow time of death, that could be easily be disproven by scientific facts, with the intention to help the murderers. Does this make sense? That is a specilized doctor so right there they would be smart enough to know if they were trying to help the murderes they would have used a time frame which would give the murderes more room for reasonable doubt. Right now whoever matches those foot prints along with how blood leaves a body and death occures has absolutely no proof they were somewhere else during those few minutes except at a murder.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          If that was not Lindsay then that could very well have been Shirley posing as a buyer. She was in the neighborhood and the artists drawing and the dress would all make sense. But who would have posed as Lindsay?

          • Robin says:

            Maybe Michelle Lum or pretty much anyone who had darker longer hair. Even on the crime stopper video it is not a good likeness of Lindsay. That person had a bob haircut that Lindsay did not have and that actor was way heavier than Lindsay. I do not think SZ was either part of the couple or the fake Lindsay. She was on the inside lying in wait. I feel SZ was one of the murderers, the display of violence screams SZ hate. It is common knowledge that this murder was personal because of the violence. This indicates Shirley and Ryan imo. I think SZ would have felt jealousy towards Lindsay for her youth, her beauty and the fact she was a nice person. Qualities SZ desperately wanted and she could only attain through plastic surgery. Before and after shots are out there. The nice person part we know was/is not SZ by nature but it was natural to Lindsay. SZ simply was jealous. It would be a real slap in the face to the Zailo’s that Lindsay did not want to be part of their family. They are superficial people who think they can buy people however they couldn’t buy Lindsay with their dirty money and stuff. Lindsay plain and simple thought they were scumbags and for this they were filled with rage and hate. They are used to being able to buy whoever they want but that does not work for decent people like Lindsay. That shite only works for twisted psychopathic criminal minded people. We know there was a couple because there was a witness or 2. That was a set up just for show. Joe DeSousa knows. The Zailo’s know. The couple know and the fake Lindsay knows. I guess Paul Bergshoeff could have been the guy to the couple like Svetlana thinks. Does anyone know his height? It’s not uncommon to be tall when you come from the Netherlands and he sure fkd off in a big way. Hmmmm… maybe u r right Svetlana. Michelle Lum could have been the female to the couple too. Whatever took place the SPD were counting on people just forgetting about this vicious murder, that much is obvious but that won’t be happening will it?

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              That level of violence does suggest someone very close to her like the Zailos. I have the utmost respect for your opinion Robin. Do you think it’s possible that the buyers were Paul B. and Shirley? One of the Lum sisters apparently had or has a wig just like the blonde wig worn by the woman buyer and the dress is just like the kind of dress that Shirley likes to wear. If that was the Lum’s wig on the prospective buyer then that would mean Michelle could be involved and she could have stood in for Lindsay leaving Ryan to be waiting in the house for Lindsay. I think he too could have displayed that level of anger and it has been said that he has bragged about his role in this. Desousa providing entry to the house as needed. Out the back to Terry’s waiting van. Jason trying to provide a timeline and providing a witness and moving his car around until the coast was clear for them to discover Lindsay. The only other person would be the phone provider. Vid? I did read that it pinged close to the house he was renting from Shirley. Which is not true because he was not renting from Shirley. I make shit up like the next that Wasn’t Ryan’s alibi that he was supposedly at one of the Lum sisters house not too far away which is warped info I make up to try and confuse. He was actually picking up Ashley Lum at her mums quite a ways away that evening.

              • Robin says:

                Hi CTDots
                No I do not think part of the couple was SZ. I do think she was the murderer. It seems to be common knowledge that she is a very nasty sort. The level of rage came from someone who was angry at Lindsay and we know that SZ tried to make Lindsay cozy in fancy home and condo however Lindsay had a mind of her own and didn’t give a flying fk about houses on the lake, boats, refurbished condo, blah blah blah and that would only aggravate SZ more because she thinks she can buy people. SZ was insulted. Hence the stabbing in the boobs, that to me screams SZ being super pissed off behaviour. Who else really fits the MO. I could be wrong of course but I don’t think I am. SZ would like nothing more than to hurt Lindsay for the pathetic insult she felt. She is just an out of control bitch woman and that is not a secret around town nor has it ever been.
                Next tell me this..are you sure Ryan was picking up someone at Ashley Lum’s Mom’s place?
                Are you trying be confusing? Don’t be confusing ok. Why would you want to bring confusion to this site anyway?
                Next….why do you say Vid rented from SZ, did he? Or r u confusing him with Ziggy? Ziggy did rent a house from SZ on Claude Rd.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  Hi Robin, I understand that it could have been Shirley. I would not doubt her capacity to have committed this murder for a minute. I believe she is at the very least the ring leader and probably plotted most of it herself. I suggested Ryan because I read somewhere, I think on this website, that he was heard bragging about the thrill he got from committing this crime. The comments are so many that it would take a lot of time to find it but I do remember somebody posting that somewhere. He had been jilted by Lindsay and that could have left a smoldering rage in him. I don’t believe that he was at the Lum’s picking up whoever as he claims to have been. I think he probably played a role in this. I thought that I had read that Vid had lived in that house but maybe it was Ziggy, an associate of his. Some of the posting from years gone by suggested that the phone pinging close to that house could mean that Vid was involved. The last thing I would want to do is cause confusion on this website.

          • Svetlana says:

            It could’ve been Ryan dressed as a girl.

        • PandaBear says:

          He has bullshit written all over his face.

    • Svetlana says:

      One of the witnesses was Joe De Sousa, the owner of the house? What did he witness?

      • Rosanne says:

        Sorry. That was speculation from a poster or I just got it wrong. The timelines are saying DeSousa left at 4:30. That would cause a problem for him giving a description at 5:30.

  10. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Lindsay’s murder has been a nightmare and very difficult to deal with for family and friends. Absolute devastation. Personally, I try to find balance by spending a lot of time in nature while also working and continuing my push to see justice is served.

    Unfortunately, the biggest pushback to justice has been Saanich police and politicians lacking backbone to act in an acceptable manner and who both sadly are supposed to represent the justice system and law enforcement, not criminals! They allow Lindsay’s killers and conspirators freedom while friends, family and community mourn, suffer, live in fear and wonder what is going on? It’s virtually unhumanitarian and cruel. There must be arrests for the community and family and friends.

    More importantly Saanich police and senior politicians like David Eby and Mike Farnworth have let everyone In BC down as there have been no consequences for savagely executing a young woman while she was working. Women should be outraged! Everyone should be outraged!

    The message is you can kill a woman and get away with it in Saanich.

    As far back as the 10 Commandments This has been one of the most important fundamental laws to mankind, thou shalt not murder! Why so blaze now. Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

    What’s happened to the importance of this Law in B.C./Saanich? Well, for the last 12+ years NOTHING!

    Please think about this. WE have allowed police and politicians to get away with this reckless wonton behaviour by not keeping them accountable to their duty to uphold the laws of our country and province. It’s derelict of duty and treason.

    Right now I hold The Silent Saanich police chief Scott Green fully responsible and if he fails to act he should be jailed for treason and derelict of duty. By protecting the names of the people involved, by not arresting those involved and by withholding information from friends, family and the public makes this chief of police an accomplice which is against the law and akin to being part of murder.

    We, the public, have a right to know and to act when our Paid public servants fail us!

    Thank you

    • Svetlana says:

      Scott Green, how does it feel to know who did this and yet you bump into them in supermarkets, shopping centres, parks, or maybe even at a dentist office?

    • see closely says:

      The fact remains that we know who stalled charges for the killers of Lindsay. We know it was SPD. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

  11. Svetlana says:

    The police sketch from witnesses. It does look like Shirley Zailo’s profile. At first I thought the sketch looked part Native American. But now knowing that Shirley is half English and half Maltese (North African) this would explain it.

    • Wyatt says:

      Ok, mommy dearest
      You have to ask yourself, given the darkness of the day and that no one has EVER identified these “witnesses” even in superficial terms, ie: neighbour, dog walker etc., I would suggest the “witnesses” never existed and most certainly if they did, would not be able to sketch any individual with that detail shown in this sketch, plus the unusual dress is just too orchestrated, the killers and cops trying too hard to manufacture distractions. I suggest that this “encounter” or “greeting” never took place. Lindsay was deceased at 5pm, long before the lockbox “appears” to be accessed and long before the “pocket dial” and long before these alleged Mexicans allegedly arrived. If you take all that manufactured information and dismiss it, then the truth starts to emerge and the truthful evidence starts to fit the picture. In the end we are still burdened with dirty cops covering-up for the killers. Their “connections” and “associations” are more entwined and corrupted than legally accepted and it is difficult to understand and accept that the cops have been able to hide their dirtiness for 13 years, or longer likely as their corruption was established long before Lindsay’s murder.
      What really is disturbing in the Coroner’s report where he depicts a very minute timeframe
      of Lindsay’s death. Everyone knows that coroner’s do not commit to such tight/small times for the deceased. He simply used the information provided by the dirty cops (pocket dial, unanswered texts, lockbox access etc) to fit his analysis. Very poor experience or sadly influenced by the cops. Just imagine if the time frames were widened to include her arrival time to discovery……. opens up a whole new window, don’t it?

      • Svetlana says:

        I forgot to say- witnesses may be protected for their security.

        • Wyatt says:

          What security? Providing a general ID as suggested (neighbours/dog walkers) would validate their existence without names. Besides, I can tell you If I was a “witness” I’d have been front/centre with the family and media…. makes the dirty cops accountable. Nothing to be afraid of….

          • Robin says:

            I agree. I would be making it known I saw what I saw! Loud and clear it would be too. After this length of time with no arrests by the SPD I’d be public with whatever I knew.
            SPD are obviously as shifty as can be. Useless Fkhds!

          • micheal says:

            I can understand completely a witness not waiting to get in front of the world and say ” i’m the person who gave information about a ruthless killer to the police” when that killer is still on the loose. There is obviously a plasuible reason to be scared of doing that. Look what these suck people did! its easy to say you would be doing that, maybe you dont have kids but when you do you have to consider the risks your action could place on them. So perhaps the witness has kids and isnt going to put him or his family in any danger. Again the risk reward is not there, the risk is the killer comes for you or your family the reward is what actually the exact opposite of ” making dirty cops accountable”
            How would the witness coming forward saying the police are telling the truth i do exist and that is what i saw prove the police are dirty liars?

      • Wyatt says:

        Happy that my posting in regards to mommy dearest had a part of the first line edited out. It was too low brow. Thank you.

  12. ConnectTheDots says:
    “The mood at Leonard’s campaign office remained tense throughout the evening after advance voting results showed Atwell had a slight advantage over Leonard.”
    Yes, I can imagine it was tense…very tense.

  13. silver says:

    We chat with award winning author and journalist Zander Sherman about his investigation and exclusive article on the murder of Lindsay Buziak and just what the new information he uncovered could mean for the case.

    • Wyatt says:

      Excellent reporter and an excellent job to obtain this info. I can’t wait for 2021 with high hopes that the judicial system will set us free! Free to rightfully have vital information that the police have hidden and kept from the public (or more importantly the family.) 13 years is a super long time to have circumvented and withheld their policing duties. We’ve all witnessed how police will “ask for the public’s assistance” long after the fact, how ridiculously lazy and inept. People don’t recall details 13 years later and those that are guilty of murder and conspiracy are never going to incriminate themselves. Free to expose the corruption and dirty cops of Saanich Police. Is karma coming? Is our judicial system finally going to hold the corrupt police and killers accountable and responsible? Will our judicial system restore the public’s trust in the police? Will the judicial system renew the integrity into the Saanich Police – or any police for that matter?
      ITO’s….. who’d thought that was the avenue to pursue? Then again, who has the funding to hire lawyers to fight our battle in court? When the average Joe-Bloe can not access the judicial system because of money costs than that says a lot about our system which is intended to have access to ALL Canadian citizens, rich or poor. I would think the tax paying citizens of Saanich would not be too supportive to have their tax dollar spent in court by the police who are clearly in dire need of hiding something. Hey, Mayor Haynes, did these funding expenses show up in the police budget? Is that one of the secret items discussed at the “in camera” budget meetings? More secrets that need to be kept from the citizens of Saanich? Who police’s the police? Oh, that’s right, more police! Nothing sinister in that process!
      Thank you Zander for lifting our spirits and renewing our belief that we will have justice for Lindsay.

  14. David says:

    Mr. Buziak,

    I am extremely sorry for the loss of such a beautiful child, do not give up and I will pray for some resolution soon. All the best from Texas

  15. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Who Are You?

    Why do you continue to protect the bad people and the people responsible for my daughter Lindsay Buziak’s savage senseless murder of February 2, 2008? Have you forgot that murder is against the Law? Have you forgot that your job is to investigate, solve and arrest people responsible for murder in a timely and efficient manner? Have you forgot your job is to uphold the law and protect innocent people? Do you even comprehend there are killers free in the community?

    WHY do you now go to court to protect the names and identity of people who are involved in Lindsay’s murder? Why are you trying to stop Capital Media from telling us the truth? Why do you spend taxpayers dollars seeking court injunctions or redacting information the public taxpayers want to know and have a right to know about Lindsay’s murder?

    Why did you send two officers to Calgary lead by your bully officer Chris Horsley to threaten me to stop my pursuit of justice for my child or you would publicly discredit me and personally destroy me(the words of Constable Horsley)? Have you sent two officers to all suspects in Lindsay’s murder, like you sent to me, and said the same thing to them, tell us what you know/did or we will publicly discredit you and personally destroy you? Why are you protecting those bad people with all your might and using taxpayers money to accomplish this? Why Saanich police? Why do you continue to protect criminals and attack innocents? Why do you protect bad people? Do you even care about any of this?

    Who the hell are you people?
    Are you the real gangsters of Greater Victoria?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I find it interesting that there is yet another discrepancy between previously reported info and what they are now saying. Why was it reported that the buyers had been referred by another client of hers when apparently that was not the case? What proof do they have that SZ overheard a phone call between Lindsay and the buyers?

        • Wyatt says:

          Yeah, again I think much of the info provided by the dirty cops is simply made up as they go along and that which is shared with the public is red herrings at best. It’s pretty easy to verify Lindsay’s communications via cell, there would be a record of her “attempted” call to the alleged referral clients and likely a good indication of her location on those calls. (ie: was she in the office area or another location?) after all the police had (not shared with anyone) info on the TWO cells used, who they were owned by and the calls made to/from Lindsay, clearly they would have evidence on other calls. As for the “buying couple” … ? I still am not convinced they existed, this is a made up police version to fit their corruption/coverup story. Those that “witnessed” the greeting have never been identified, even as simply – neighbours and I don’t believe Lindsay was alive at this time frame, she was long since stabbed to death around 5pm up in the killing room.
          That’s the thing about the truth – it NEVER changes.
          Lies on the other hand…. well they change all the time, just like the cops in this murder. You can only tell so many lies before the house of corrupt and dirty cops come crumbling down.
          Let’s hope they feel the noose getting tighter.
          I can see them all scrambling to meet at the local “safe-gang” watering hole to revisit their current position, who’s going to say what? How do we keep this evidence from the courts? How do we destroy and loose evidence, innocently, so as not to draw attention to our dirty ways? Who’s going to get thrown under the bus? Who’s the patsy?
          There’s going to be alot of strategy meetings going on. 🤥

        • Svetlana says:

          How was Jason so sure to get Oatman to be by his side that very night? What if Oatman had other plans? Then what was the 2nd alibi that JZ had? OR could be Oatman is involved too.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            It has been said that Oatman initially turned down Jason’s offer to join him for dinner. The invitation was last minute and Oatman had plans with his wife. I don’t think that Oatman was particularly close to Jason at the time. After Jason called repeatedly, some might say desperately, Oatman and his wife decided that while they found this odd to say the least he should go. Could it be that someone else backed out at the last minute? Has Oatman’s wife been interviewed? If they didn’t know what was behind Jason’s desperate attempt to get Oatman to go for dinner with him on that night they surely do now and must feel so duped. Apparently he was very freaked out after the murder. The Zailos’s have kept the Oatmans very close to them since and the police should be checking their bank accounts.

          • Wyatt says:

            It’s questionable if Oatman was aware of the murder plot, but regardless, he is now. He’d have to be one thick MF to be clueless at this stage. He also works with/for the Zailo killers so he’s moved forward to be included in their murderous ways. You don’t have to be holding the smoking gun to be “involved” in a murder.

          • see closely says:

            most likely because he had no idea that murder will happen so Oatman just came along with him. Common sense. Nobody knew what will happen.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        There isn’t much to say to a grieving family that can help but by this blog Canadians care about Lindsay and want this solved. Perhaps our e mails need to go to the Supreme Court in BC and maybe then there will be justice.

    • Rosanne says:

      Absolutely! As a minimum Saanich, name your person(s) of interest. At least the public would have a warning and be able to protect themselves a tiny bit, since obviously Saanich Police doesn’t feel protecting the public from murderers is a part of their job.

  16. clifford danco says:

    “…..They also determined there was a second phone that had been used to check the voicemail of the first, and therefore suspected that two “crime phones” and various “conspirators” had planned and facilitated Buziak’s death. Eventually, the Saanich Police found the real identity of the owner of both phones, though that name — for now — remains blacked out.”


    So wait a minute… the police know who owns both phones?! They have known this shit all along?? WTF

    • Svetlana says:

      I want to know since when they obtained this information. They know too much and they hide too much. WHO ARE THEY PROTECTING? WHO IS ALLOWING THIS FROM THEIR DEPT.?

      • Robin says:

        Drum 🥁 roll please
        That would be the oh so Silent Chief of Police at the Saanich Police Department, the one, the only, the ever so quiet, the17th Chief in one of the last remaining “Old Boy’s Club” in British Columbia, put your hands together for absolutely nothing, nothing but awkward silence
        from the No.1 guy, the Top cop, the guy it seems we pay to NEVER communicate with us
        Let’s give a big fake bull shit welcome to Saanich police Chief Scott Green. Let’s all thank him for nothing, for not commenting once on the most vicious murder coming from his jurisdiction, the unsolved murder of 24 year old Lindsay Buziak. Thanks for NOTHING Chief Scott Green. How are you sleeping at night Chief? Don’t tell me….. no comment

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          Robin you are absolutely right! Saanich police Chief Scott green has never spoken publicly about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and neither did his predecessor Bob “Millionaire retirement package” Downie. As a matter of fact ole Scotty green won’t communicate with me. WTF! The leaders of an organization refuse to speak publicly about the failings of their organization!! There have been four Saanich chiefs since Lindsay was murdered and what do the public get? Ya, some bullshit public relations cop who knows nothing trying to fog the public with a canned statement. No other organization in the world does that. In a crisis or important happenings, the head of an organization always speaks to the public and takes responsibility. Not in Saanich.
          Saanich have a crisis of major importance. A wonderful young woman was murdered while at work 13 years ago and those fucking bozos at Saanich and their chiefs cant figure it out or refuse to because they are protecting something bad or someone bad. The killers and conspirators walk free among you!! WTF!
          Lindsay’s UNsolved murder is the highest profile unsolved murder in Canada known internationally and these mickey mouse small town police chiefs are too fucking cowardly to stand up and face the public but instead hide like snakes under rocks and ignore everyone. This is a horrific joke of epic proportions and the obvious sign of very, very weak men who have no right to hold the office of Chief! Except in Saanich where they are pushed up the ladder by their buddies who hold the power and not from ability or merit. Treasonous! A corrupted organization!

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            They were relying 100% on this case being long forgotten by now. They didn’t count on you Jeff or that citizens would be so outraged by their lack of resolve to get this case solved. Instead they have directed their energy towards trying their best to shut you up, keeping this “investigation” all to themselves and ensuring that no one that they do not approve of becomes mayor. They approve of the current mayor which has to make you wonder how much he knows and why they are not threatened by him. One thing that they made obvious during the previous election, they are scared shitless of someone winning that seat that is not part of “the old boys club”. What does that say? They even went so far as to publicly endorse the sitting mayor Frank Leonard, who was mayor from 1996 to 2013, during the election that saw Richard Atwell unseat him despite the desperate attempts by the SPD to intimidate Richard from running for mayor. 13 years is a long time to be able to keep things under wraps. Police departments have no business publicly endorsing any politician ( it is not their place and is simply not done ) in yet there they were putting out radio commercials endorsing Frank Leonard. WTF. Really, who gives a damn what the police department thinks about the publics preference with who they elect as mayor. I don’t know which is more shocking, their endorsement or that nobody called them on that. They were also not called out for criminally harassing Richard Atwell during that campaign when he went public with that. There is definitely something nefarious going on in that department as well as in B.C.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Second guessing myself now as to whether it was radio commercials or during interviews but I do know I heard them endorsing Frank Leonard and I thought “That’s weird.”

    • Svetlana says:

      Someone’s telling them hush. Well hush will be no more.

  17. Robin says:

    He pretends to be connected to the SPD and in the know when in actuality he is a wannabee author hoping to find fame and fortune claiming to be so informed on Lindsay’s murder. IMO
    he’s an Ashole who is a fraud and full of S??T. He attacks the father of a murder victim ffs. You know if ya can’t help a family who was forced into this nightmare then piss off. Don’t add to the harm, that is basic human decency which he is obviously lacking. His blog was full of his people throwing the questions he wanted to answer. It was boring, biased and BS. The 3 B’s. He had rose coloured glasses on. The Zailo’s innocent. How come 99% of the other concerned people only say Boyfriend, mother in law..JZ…SZ? That dude needs to write a blog called “ What’s Happening at the Butterfly Club”
    Btw it was SZ or JZ that informed that is why there are no arrests, the Zailo’s are being protected.
    Good Riddance to GR…. grgrgrgrgrrrrrr

    • McGuire says:

      Thank you for your insight, Robin.

      His people were probably hoping to find fame and fortune too.

      Will the real informant please stand up.

  18. McGuire says:

    In the 12 years since Lindsay Buziak’s murder multiple blogs have been created, but only one person has written about the main informant who made the initial call to the Calgary Police in November 2007 and triggered the High Noon Investigation. From my understanding, Garry Rogers also spoke about writing a book with respect to the informant. He spoke at great length about the informant on his blog but now the blog is at a standstill. What happened?

    • MC says:

      Informant you say
      Maybe this from MC & GJENGKRIMINALITET

      MC & Gjengkriminalitet is neutral ground.This blog has NO club’s affiliation, we’re only here to spread the news about what´s going on in GANGLAND around the World.

      The Lindsay Buziak Blog has posted an interesting timeline of events related to the drug trafficking aspect of the BC Rail scandal. Jas Bains was taking over the Victoria drug trade after a rival dealer was arrested. When Lindsay went to Calgary to visit an old friend she told him she was leaving Jason. She did not rat out her friend in Calgary. Is it possible Jason and Ziggy ratted out a rival in Calgary and falsely accused Lindsay of being the informant? Yes it is. Oh yes it is. It surely is.

      • silver says:

        I’ve been following and writing the odd comment on the lindsay blog for going on 10 years and I vaguely remember some discussion that ziggy and members of the z family could have been the actual informants of operation high noon. For sure lindsay was not the informant and the police established that straight away! There was some other discussion that one of lindsays friends or a person who was part of the BC rail drug organization could have set lindsay up. It could have been anyone from any one of those camps.

        Let’s get this case resolved once and for all! JFL!

    • Svetlana says:

      Can someone write what happened in November 2007? There was a bust in Victoria?

    • Wyatt says:

      Garry RogerRabbitt is a loser! Didn’t take the rest of us long to figure out that he’s full of 💩💩 and makes 💩up as he goes along. Who even visits his site anyways? He hasn’t a clue about the killing of a Lindsay, his “theories” are just that & they are fictional in order to substantiate a book. It kinda goes w/o saying, but I don’t see any publisher interested in his writings, only those tabloid crappy ones. Don’t waste your time/energy on this goof.

  19. PandaBear says:

    The Zailos are now investing their hard earned money on diapers ’cause they’re sh**ng in their pants.

    • Robin says:

      Yah and they stink to high heaven.

    • Wyatt says:

      Oh boy, I would love to see the panic purchase of all those adult depends by the Zailio’s. Oh and just a heads up for them when they’re serving their LIFE sentences in jail and they soon belong to another, more tougher, influential convict who owns them as their bit*hes…. they’ll be needing the CSC to supply them with depends because their anus muscles will be so loose they can’t hold their 💩 in their colon. True! And…. Karma!

  20. Panda says:

    Does the last name dheenshaw ring a bell for anyone?

  21. Wyatt says:

    A new blog from our advocate in regards to the Zander article.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Great blog and he is right. It would be best if Saanich merged with Victoria and it is time for Chris Horsley to be removed from this case. The tax payers deserve that after all these years. He has proven that he can’t get this case solved. He appears misguided when making key decisions and can’t seem to keep his facts straight.

    • Svetlana says:

      Saanich police are going to have some explaining to do in court as to what the hold up was on the case or at the least why not go public with the concrete information they obtained. Not sure when they got the name of the cell phone user but I can understand maybe a year or two to gather evidence and an arrest, but 12 years and still holding on to this under lock and key? Preposterous!

      Can’t wait till the name is made public. I will not be surprised if it is associated with Jason Zailo.

  22. Svetlana says:

    A new video made by That Chapter. The Unsolved Case of Lindsay Buziak

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      As a follow up to this video, do you want to know what else ALL the psychics say, “Police Involvement in Lindsay’s murder”. It scares every one of them and I have talked to more than a dozen. Ask your favourite psychic and let us know.

  23. George Ortiz says:

    To the person who left that message about admitting to killing Lindsay Buziak all I can say is what a coward you are, it’s real easy for you to leave an anonymous message taunting people about what you did hiding behind a computer or cellphone to do your Cowardly work, You should be a little bit more open And straightforward Instead of being the punk that you are, Did it make you feel real good killing that lady?, did it make you feel more like a man? Tell you what you should try to pick an appointment more your size what do say.
    To the family 👪 you have my condolences eventually they’ll catch that Creep, God Bless 🙏.

  24. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    Time to get new “qualified” police officers/RCMP/ onto this case. Time to interview each and everyone of the names that have been on this blog, individually cleared or not, close relatives of each and everyone of these people as well. Lindsay’s friends too as I am sure they have some information never shared because they could not trust anyone. Enough. I realize it is not that easy but in time it can be.

    • Svetlana says:

      Probably the wives and husbands and friends of Saanich police know what’s going on with the case more than the victim’s family. I did see some interesting youtube comments from people who live in Vitoria and are acquainted with Zailos. They said that they are involved.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      That is exactly what needs to be done. Again and again until the truth comes out.

  25. Robin says:

    Here’s another question from Zander’s article
    that is making me wonder the intelligence of the SPD

    A plan emerged to show the couple a number of listings — all of them “vacant” and “new,” as per the caller’s wishes. On Friday, February 1, Buziak appears to have emailed some suggestions.
    They had an eml address to follow SO…………
    Did they?
    And……..the couple were flying over to Victoria

    According to the documents, Buziak planned to meet the caller and her husband at the Gordon Head home at 5:30pm, just after the February sun had set. The couple would be flying in from Vancouver that afternoon.

    Did they request flight manifests from Air Canada? A list of names is kept for EVERY flight, it is the law of Transportation Canada. There would be lots of information to get from those records. Names, phone nbrs , emls, credit card info, when booking was made and where, how. ID would have been seen. They would have been seen going through security at a rather specific time, on and on. There are cameras everywhere at airports. Once through security every move can be traced. The corruption surrounding Lindsay’s murder is outrageous. All those municipalities are corrupt in Victoria, it’s just sickening to me.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      It’s sickening to me too. I’ll bet they did none of that. Also, how stringent were they in investigating the couple that supposedly referred the buyers to Lindsay? I think they must have been involved in that they had to make sure that when Lindsay called there was no one there to take her call. Even better, they were on vacation. What are the odds of that? So easy to do. An outgoing message saying we are currently out of the country. Did the SPD do their due diligence? I doubt it.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        I honestly have a really hard time believing anything out there from the SPD. If someone wanted to solve this case there are so many avenues to be looked at. Circumstantial evidence can also put individuals behind bars. Once again this “frozen case” needs to be moved into trusting hands. Lindsay and her family deserve justice no matter what dirty dealings come out, she deserves to rest now.

    • Svetlana says:

      Wonder which testimony that was from – that the couple was flying in.

      It seems that the writer who poured over the documents got the impression that the house prospects were “emailed” to the couple. Maybe whoever wrote that document meant by text message? This point definitely needs to be checked.

      And to mention MapQuest means the police must’ve checked that out.

      It’s just discouraging at how police knew so much yet no arrests made.

    • Wyatt says:

      I believe what’s really sickening about this entire murder is that the police are part of it. I am not convinced that there was ever a “Mexican” couple who existed never mind got on a plane and flew to Victoria or travelled on a ferry for that matter. I just don’t believe they existed. It’s ALL fictional and made up by the police as they went along, seriously, most if not ALL the information derived from police reports and the police themselves is a story to cover their own corruption. If one steps back and questions ALL the statements provided to the police by the murderers, than it clearly comes to light that it’s ALL made up to fit an MO to Lindsay’s killing. Just take the statement that skanky mommy dearest provided in regards to the fictitious scenario of her and Lindsay going for a walk and Lindsay “confiding” some cockamamie story of being afraid of her ex boyfriend. Who believes that rubbish? Clearly skanky mommy dearest would NEVER be privileged to know ANY of Lindsay’s concerns, fears or otherwise, its pretty obvious Lindsay or any smart person wouldn’t have ANY personal sharing with that thing. Then, let’s take soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend Jason, making up a timeline of Lindsay going home to change…. now, we all know that’s not true and very easy to prove. Another BS lie. Or the long drawn out “wait” that soon-to-be-exboyfriend, Jason, managed to execute while Lindsay was being violently stabbed to death and he required time to ensure her death was complete and he required “time” to make sure that happened…. and who runs immediately to the crime scene when you’re allegedly looking for Lindsay in a very large house? Too orchestrated, too predictable, too obvious it was a murder executed by skanky mommy dearest with her Norman Bates sons in quick tow, after all, she has total control over them and has raised them to be the killers they are. And then, factor in the dirty cops like Horsefly and the corrupt Chief’s who also have benefited from this corruption and also the Mayor and council who fail to exercise their duty within the powers of the Police Act for them to ‘investigate’ the public’s allegations of corruption. Instead, the continuum of placing more dirty police chief’s in the already dirty police force only solidifies that POWER TENDS TO CORRUPT AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

      My homework tells me that we can write to all these ministries (ie, Eby, Farnworth etc] but apparently they do not possess the power or authority to remove Lindsay’s case from the Stupid Police – the only one who has that Power and Authority? No one does! Not one department or minister has the jurisdiction to do it, that’s why it’s not been done, our laws give them no power to do so. There are only two ways to get this file from the Stupid Police. They must be found guilty of corruption to which that “corruption” has compromised the investigation (obviously) and then the file will be reassigned OR the pressure upon the Stupid Police is insurmountable and they VOLUNTARILY hand it over to another agency. We all know how the BC Rail scandal got swept away with millions of tax dollars paying the bill! Can you imagine the exasperating efforts to expose this scandal and the coverup by the dirty cops for Lindsay’s murder? It’s big. It’s political. It’s scandalous. There would be a lot of heads to roll, beginning with the dirty chiefs, cops and mayor and council. Due diligence was NEVER practiced here.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Well said Wyatt and you’ve hit the nail on the head on all aspects. There is one office in B.C. that apparently is not willing to put up with the continued denial of it’s citizens rights. The Supreme Court of B.C. That is where this battle for our rights has to and will go to. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of total control over this case by the SPD. This is where things start to unravel. They can only hold on tight to this for so long without dragging all of the other politicians who have been covering for them down with them. The more time that goes by and the more pressure they get the more absurd and obvious this situation looks to the public. Thank goodness the Supreme Court of B.C. has some scruples and is not willing to allow this charade to continue. I look forward to some more decisions coming from there soon.

        • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

          I totally agree. There has to be someone that can stop this corruption. This is Canada not some little country with no concern about justice. BC belongs to Canada time to get this solved, these little coppers in the SPD should have no control over justice.

  26. R Baker says:

    I’m just reading about this terrible tragedy. What jumped out at me was this, the timeline. Am I missing something here? Jason seems to be part of this whole thing, just by looking at the tight timeline. He took Lindsay to lunch and is texting and checking in with her and within an hour, she is dead. Why was he joining her at this showing anyway, is this something he usually does? Why was he asking her “are you okay”? If she is showing a house, it would not likely she wouldn’t be answering her phone while with a client. Then he is “concerned yet parks across the street and waits for 10 minutes? A guy is standing outside with the door open, why is this unusual, isn’t he supposed to be looking at the house? His story does not make sense.

    • Robert says:

      Nothing makes sense about this terrible crime.

      Clearing the entire zailo family lends to the premise that the Saanich Police already had suspects in their field of vision, and may even have known the male and female that entered the DeSousa property with Lindsay that night. But without DNA evidence, fingerprints or witness testimony they are unable to make arrests.

      It is clear that the murderers took great care not to leave evidence at the scene of the crime that could incriminate them. On the Dateline NBC show, which aired September 2010, Rob Mccoll made this statement, “This is a criminal conspiracy of some significance and could involve a large amount of money, large amount of drugs. It could be that considerable wrong was done to whoever the financier was. One of the two people at the home could be the mastermind, and the money man”

  27. MA says:

    Rianne Garcia definitely has something to do with this. Her behaviour clearly shows she’s guilty.

  28. Tara says:

    I’m new to this story so my sincere apologies if this has been asked before. The “undesirables” page.. are all of those people ones that are also believed to be involved or know something about Lindsay’s death? or just simply people to be aware of? Just seeking clarification!

  29. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Please Share
    Tonight’s Evening News Hour
    Tues, Oct 6
    I was just interviewed by CTV Island News for tonite‘s 5 or 6 broadcast. Please watch and let me know how it went.
    I believe Zander Sherman was also interviewed.
    Saanich police gave their usual bullshit response that they can’t comment.

    • Svetlana says:

      I saw the clip

      Police plan on being in court till 2021. Wonder if that means more details will be published.
      I wonder how much from the report came from JZ. What was the visit for by SZ to their condo the night before and she mentioned on Dateline she took a walk with Lindsay. Did those papers say she took a walk?

      Sherman is right that there are now more questions than previously especially about the phone. Was there a reason to not arrest this person at the time? I guess that’s why it’s all still in court.

      In the USA if they knew who the owner was of the cell phone, the criminal would’ve been locked up. But this is Canada! The information was there and available according to the law, yet what was the obstruction! Why does one have to put so much energy and effort into getting something that is allowed and especially to the family?

      • Rosanne says:

        How sad Saanich will spend the next year in court trying to prevent the story of what happened or didn’t happen on this case getting out to the public. They should have done the work to have already removed Murders from the public and be spending their time in court getting everyone in jail that needs to be there!

        • Svetlana says:

          What bothers me, it’s not just them, but the authority who checked on how they did the investigation. Was it the RCMP? How could it have been okay to not pursue that person – the only connection they had to the murder phone? It there a good reason for that? No wonder there is petition to remove these two authorities from the case and get someone independent.

          Article from last March:

          In an emailed statement, Const. Markus Anastasiades said Saanich police would not speak to media. Anastasiades said Saanich police has been in “a partnership with the RCMP that began at the initial crime scene. That partnership continues to this day.”

          Anastasiades said the RCMP has conducted two “comprehensive reviews” of their investigation, one in 2008 and another in 2019, and that Saanich police are “moving forward with the recommendations of the most recent review.”

          • Wyatt says:

            Smoke & mirrors sweetie…. the “review” from outside agency (presumably RCMP) is simply a distraction from the true facts. It is tombstone data. Meaning? A list of check boxes that are ticked with inquiries like 1) Last time file accessed? 2) initials from whom last reviewed? 3) date last revised ? 4) last notation on file? 5) etc,etc….. you catch my drift? Nothing of substance is “reviewed” it’s simply kept “active” by being reviewed. No one is doing any due diligence or quality control it’s covering their arses for the duration. Until the corruption at the Stupid Police, the district of Saanich and all those conspirators are exposed, it will remain in the state it’s been for another 13 years or more. Sad, but likely true.

            • Svetlana says:

              That’s why this has to be changed. No more of this checklist type of easy work. Someone has to roll up their sleeves and dig.

              • Rosanne says:

                There are 6 RCMP offices in Lower Vancouver Island and 2 other Police stations. Every one of them may be thinking another office did the check that this case was being worked properly. Every one of them may also be thinking whatever other department that did the review is incompetent. Saanich has not shown this review. Who would it go to but the chief. As this case proves anyone higher up in the food chain outside of the Saanich Police doesn’t want a thing to do with this. I could tell you I just had this post approved for content and guess what if I had really messed this post up , I might even tell you tell you something like that first to back you off. The problem is your taxes aren’t paying me to preform or for transparency.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  Yup. And there are a whole lot of people by now who know what happened and someone will alleviate their burden.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  I think they all know what is going on with this case.

                • Svetlana says:

                  Sometimes I think the “reviewers” don’t want to hurt feelings because they know each other on a personal basis, not just work.

                  • Rosanne says:

                    Yes, can you imagine if you were a Victoria Police or RCMP officer and your review of a Saanich Case, say the Lindsay Buziak one, hit the media saying how inept, unprofessional and compromised Saanich was? Officers have
                    been shunned and damaged to the point of suicide for trying to quietly report another officer in their own departments for stuff. Reporting anything that would make another whole organization look bad, would probably mean you never worked safely in this town again and isn’t going to happen. These “reviews” have a positive known outcome before the visiting officer gets a coffee. In the us verses them environment, they will be firmly planted on the them side right up to and including the ” independent” office of the police complaint commissioner stacked with ex officers. These are my opinions and in the interest of justice, I would be fine if a real review of this case was made by anyone other than the victim’s family. Brave be the officer that would stand up and say letting a killer run free for 12 years is not doing a good job.

        • Robin says:

          Saanich Police are obviously led by thugs so the obvious is sadly not how it works in Saanich. If only the 4 chief of police that have been on watch since Lindsay was murdered cared as much as the people who want Lindsay’s murder solved. 4 police chiefs! There lies the problem you can’t deny.

  30. waitforit says:

    I read Mr. Sherman’s article and some of the revealing details chronicled below certainly grabbed my attention.

    The plan to end Buziak’s life was put into motion with a phone call at the end of January, 2008, several days before the fatal showing. The woman on the phone was in need of a million-dollar house. A plan emerged to show the couple a number of listings — all of them “vacant” and “new,” as per the caller’s wishes.
    Buziak thought the woman on the phone had a “strong Mexican or Spanish accent.”
    Police believe that Buziak provided the address 1702 De Sousa Pl., during an approximately 10-minute call with the female caller.
    after hanging up, the caller may have used MapQuest for the purpose of “familiarizing themselves with the area” and “planning escape routes.”
    At some point, according to the documents, the owners of what would come to be known as the main crime phone travelled to the Island via BC Ferries.
    They also determined there was a second phone that had been used to check the voicemail of the first
    Buziak planned to meet the caller and her husband at the Gordon Head home at 5:30pm on February 2.
    according to the documents, the Saanich Police appear to know where the person or people who used the phone are “mostly likely from.”
    The Saanich Police know the real identity of the owner of both phones.
    According to police, the man and woman who met Lindsay at 1702 DeSousa Pl. were Caucasian.

    two crime phones and two killers who appeared to have no prior knowledge of the million-dollar vacant property at 1702 DeSousa Pl. until Lindsay provided the address to the female caller on February 1.
    The police have been aware of the identity of the killers since as early as June 2009.
    What the police are lacking in this unfortunate case is the critical evidence to prove these two people murdered Lindsay.
    Knowing something and proving it are two very different things.
    Do the police have “wiretap” “consent wiretap” evidence of the owner(s) of the phones admitting to their participation in the murder or discussing details only the killers would know?
    Were there “bodily impressions” warrants issued authorizing a peace officer to obtain footprint, foot impressions from the owner(s) of the phones since “bloody footprints” were found at the crime scene?
    The devil is in the details.
    Wait for it.

  31. Robin says:

    Ok people time to send some emls with updated comments…Let’s f….n scream loud for Lindsay!
    This is absolute BS what is going on. We cannot stand for this in Canada 🇨🇦 we stand on guard for Lindsay

    David Eby-B.C.’s Attorney General
    Derrick Harder-SAME EML
    Senior Ministerial Assistant- 250 387-1866
    Gala Milne
    Senior Ministerial Assistant -250-387-1866

    Mike Farnsworth- Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
    Phone: 250 356-2178
    Toll Free within Canada and USA: 1-800-663-7867

    Mark Sieben-SAME EML
    Deputy Solicitor General
    Phone: 250 356-0149

    John Horgan-Premier of B.C.
    Don Wright
    Deputy Minister to the Premier

    Bobbi Plecas
    Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, Office of the Premier

    Saanich Mayor-Fred Haynes
    Phone: 250-818-6368

    Police Chief of Saanich-Scott Green
    Chief Constable
    Non-Emergency Line: 250-475-4321

    Brenda Lucki
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Brian Brennan, Deputy Commissioner Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    • Svetlana says:

      Erasing all of Lindsay’s chat messages. Sounds like a very angry boyfriend.

    • Svetlana says:

      I hope police still have that laptop. What needs to be done is an expert to undelete everything and I’m not talking about any ordinary tech guy, maybe even pictures or Word files. Facebook needs to hand over the deleted messages. Nothing ever gets truly deleted.

      • Wyatt says:

        The sad part of the evidence that has been overlooked, misplaced or destroyed is that the SPD have intentionally seen to that “compromise of evidence” in order to cover their corruption. While us arm-chair detectives have a dump truck full of talent to solve Lindsay’s murder it would appear the stupid police haven’t a lick of detective skill….. or they do, but are too busy destroying evidence to cover their own corruption. This destruction of crucial evidence will be the demise of this murder.

        • Svetlana says:

          There is so much evidence that it is mind boggling at why it was covered up for so long. As I have said before I think close friends or even acquaintances knew something, probably provided info already to the police. Probably it’s in the blacked out pages. That is why police kept saying someone knows, as though expecting the killers to come forward. BUT they KNEW who owned the murder phone. When did they find this out? Why wasn’t he/she arrested? Is the person out of the country? Is the person in jail? Is the person still alive?

          From the list, I think Matheson is in jail, not sure about Acevedo. Bergshoeff is out of the country, the woman animal killer Jadresko, who is in the photos and friends with the druggies, is/was out of the country.

          Because of this public information, I hope CTV, CBC, etc. will make another news story on it which can help push to make this investigation completely public – no redactions or hiding names.

          • Tupac says:

            I discovered Jacine’s Instagram account years ago and it was absolutely disgusting the content she posted was horrendous & while she’s a killer (wildlife) no doubt but I dunno about humans she does travel back to the island so she’s not afraid to come back to BC, Canada.

            I did DM her and asked if she was involved in Lindsay’s murder she replied and said “I don’t even know that girl, never met her, lol”

            She’s definitely psychotic or a sociopath & I no doubt believe 100% she would have the capability to stab a human being to death she is very very very very evil…

            • Wyatt says:

              Wow, she is one sick MF! If you check out the few pixs posted on her SICK FB page, scroll down The explicit crap till you get to the one with her “sideish” profile with some other broad pointing to her boob, the sketch came immediately to my eyes. Was she in fact the female outside the killing house? She’s just another Skank! Why does FB permit this sick stuff to be posted?

              • PandaBear says:

                I don’t see it. Probably removed all pics after seeing your message here. But it’s enough to make you gag just by googling her name. She does seem to feel sorry for homeless pets. Remorse?

        • Svetlana says:

          As article says, police have a lot of information. We would be too dumb to think that they don’t know who is involved. Police in general have lots of info at their disposal. Question is why is it taking so long to make an arrest or two. In a way, the only good thing is that it is moving along.

      • ELI5 says:

        POLICE FORENSIC EXPERTS (or anyone really) can use software tools that brute force look for all the orphaned file segments. The same goes for smartphones. Smartphone forensics experts can retrieve just about anything from any phone.

        If you delete something from your computer, it does not really get deleted. Therefore the police would be able to retrieve the information deleted. The space that the deleted file took on your hard drive is just set available for other files. Those files are coming from somewhere and your computer will house records of what it’s been doing, what sites you’ve visited and what files you’ve downloaded and where they’ve been downloaded to. It is even possible to retrieve information from a USB if the information has been deleted from there.

        • Rosanne says:

          Victoria has a computer company called Black Apple computers that recovered photos from my dead dead phone. They brought it back to life after a number of computer places told me it was hopeless.I am actually using it 3 years later to write this message.

        • Rosanne says:

          Victoria has a computer company called Black Apple computers that recovered photos from my dead dead phone. They brought it back to life after a number of computer places told me it was hopeless.I am actually using it 3 years later to write this message.

    • Robin says:

      From the article
      The days leading up to the showing would also reveal an odd pattern in Buziak’s online activity. In their investigation, Saanich Police would closely examine Buziak’s Toshiba laptop, which Zailo voluntarily provided. Looking at Buziak’s digital life, the police noted that there were missing chat messages, though they were unable to determine when those files had been deleted.

      So what did the Saanich Police do to get the necessary answers?

      Here is ONE example of why there is a petition to remove Lindsay’s murder investigation to more competent investigators! I’m astounded. There are people who can determine this information quite easily. I have a list of 20 questions so far from this article. The people are absolutely correct the SPD are not qualified to be holding onto Lindsay’s murder investigation. I am more disturbed than ever. Let the questions begin. I do not trust Jason Zailo at all. I believe he is a liar. I wonder if he can remember his lies? Due to the ineptness of the SPD he has had 12 yrs to make them the truth in his psychopathic head.
      Am I judging this investigation unfairly? There just seems to be information here that should put this investigation into a more advanced state, what is going on?
      Thank you Zander and your team.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        You are not crazy Robin. When they realized some messages had been deleted they must have realized that those deleted comments would probably be crucial to the case. If they had properly investigated that those results would be part of the investigation on file today. I’ll bet they did nothing. The SPD do not seem to be putting their energy towards getting this case solved. Instead they seem to be putting their energy towards discouraging Lindsay’s father from trying to find out who slaughtered his daughter. Not acceptable and you have to wonder why…….

        • colleen says:

          IT MAKES SENSE THAT THE VEHICLE’S NAVIGATION SYSTEM would not pick up the address because DeSousa Place was a new street, a subdivision developed a year earlier. Google maps only updates every few years.

          The crime phones were purchased at a convenience store on Davie Street in Vancouver’s West End in November 2007 and activated in that same vicinity approximately 48 hours before Lindsay’s murder. As the phones were purchased & activated in that same area, the buyer would be someone who either lived in the West End or frequented that area while doing their drug transactions. IMO

          I suspect Edgar Acevedo (Vid) would be the guy. Why hasn’t Vid been arrested and charged by now?

          • lbmurder says:

            Because Vid is a Saanich police informant and police protect their informants.

            • Colleen says:

              The name of one of the people who Lindsay met up with in Calgary while visiting her dad is blacked out, however, one of the friends she met up with is no secret. Lindsay met up with her old high school friend Mitch Hawthorn. In the early fall of 2008 Mitch was arrested in a major drug bust in Calgary. He was a small player in that bust, and as for the Calgary HIGH NOON bust Mitch had no involvement. Mitch and Viddy are close friends. Viddy used to bunk at Mitch’s place when he went to Cowtown.

              It’s no secret viddy is an informant.

            • Wyatt says:

              Oh agree! Especially when those “informants” could easily turn on the Stupid Police thereby leaving the corrupt Stupid Police In a whirl wind of trouble. Just imagine the day when Horsefly and his ogre comrades are busted! I sure hope I’m still around to witness their demise.

            • Svetlana says:

              Didn’t the witness/es say the man was 6 feet tall? Vid looks like a midget. Unless the witnesses couldn’t tell or the man was with a very short woman so it appeared that he was tall? RZ, PB however appear to be about that height.

              Remember JZ was supposed to not know much about the house. Did it matter whether the address was on the map? He had to play the game next to his alibi…

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Good question. In the comments earlier on it was said that the phone pinged the night before Lindsay’s murder near Vid’s house. The one he was renting from SZ. Does anyone know if that is true?

            • Robin says:

              I didn’t know Vid rented a place from Lily? (SZ)
              I know Ziggy did, he had rented her house on Claude Rd. How much Real Estate do the Munsters own? Duh 🙄 stupid questions. LOTS and LOTS I bet. Maybe it is even in the name of Lily Munster, Ede and Herman.

    • Svetlana says:

      That’s why I felt the Zailo’s did some funny business with Lindsay’s phone contacts – that’s how SZ called Lindsay’s friend by mistake one night. How did she get Nicki’s number? Because they took all her contacts-they were checking her. I think you can download them into another phone. So that’s what happened. She did not call Nicki on purpose to scare her like some commentators thought. In a way she did tell the truth about thinking she was calling her receptionist. But this was one huge clue along with the knowledge that the police had about the laptop… my god. What were they doing?

      On top of that, they knew who owned the burner phone! They knew their man, one piece to this tragedy. Why was that blacked out? If it wasn’t, this would have been solved.

      • Svetlana says:

        NEXT STEP: Name of the real owner of the burner phone. Unblock the name. and why wasn’t this person interrogated? Is he even in the country? This is just crazy. And which dept was that again that audited the way Saanich police conducted this investigation? Maybe they should be contacted or a higher-up authority.

        • Svetlana says:

          I said he but could be a she. I hope all the blacked out stuff will be made public eventually. There was no mention of the witnesses or investigating Shirley and Ryan and their home and car.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            The SPD cleared them as quickly as they possibly could in a very bizarre move a couple of years after the murder and before they could tell us who did it. Way to go SPD. Like that is what we pay you for……….

        • Robin says:

          Emls please send emls

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think Shirley knew exactly who she was calling.

    • Wyatt says:

      I think there’s still some fudging in the police reports, I am never convinced that Lindsay was executed between 5:30 & the “pocket dial”…. she was deceased at 5pm! F**ktard Desousa let Lindsay in the house, led her through to the killing fields & simply setup the lock box to “appear” the access time. I’m not convinced, ever, that these “million dollar” (aka the Mexicans) clients existed let alone appeared at the home. Now that all her social media has disappeared, the noose only gets tighter and tighter around the Stupid Police. Koodo’s to this reporter, it is the tenacious one we’ve been crying for. I will now subscribe the Capital Daily.

      • Svetlana says:

        There was no actual number of a referral client! Just a general mention of a client. So Lindsay was calling around to her old clients.
        Where was W5 and the Fifth Estate? These facts in the report should have been public long ago.

      • Risanne says:

        How would you account for the bloody footprints? The article also states that DeSousa provided finger and foot prints to be excluded as a suspect.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          DeSousa didn’t have to step in blood to have played a role in this murder and his finger prints would be all over the house regardless so him providing his finger prints and foot prints don’t mean anything.

        • Svetlana says:

          Det. Horsley did confirm that there was a man and a woman, I guess deduced by their forensics team.

          • Robin says:

            Shirley and Ryan Zailo and JaSIN out on the beat.

            Aka: Lily, Ede and Herman, team nightmare

          • Wyatt says:

            Just curious, why would anyone BELIEVE anything that Horsefly states? He’s a proven liar. He’s as corrupt as you can get in policing. So why would ANYTHING that POS says have an ounce of truth? Please refrain from BELIEVING ANYTHING that puked-out of that POS mouth! He is a sad example of a policeman.

          • Svetlana says:

            Did they even check the shoe sizes of the footprints and compare to Ryan and Shirley?

      • Robin says:

        Yes I am subscribing too Wyatt. I believe like you Lindsay was bleeding out by 5:30. I think it is JZ who tried to set the scene different by saying Lindsay went home to change before showing, that is a lie. Lindsay went right from Sauce to house and there was Joe DeSousa waiting to let Lindsay in so not to access lock box. I also agree that the SPD have played with the documents and that is because they owed SZ a favour or they r protecting her. She is the informant in the Calgary drug bust and she made it look like it was Lindsay. SZ needed to be rid of Lindsay because Lindsay didn’t want to be part of the Munster family anyway. Lindsay knew that SZ ratted Del Alcazar out and she wanted to warn him when she was in Calgary visiting her Dad. The SPD are tainted at the top and they r covering up details. No wonder they won’t let anyone else investigate Lindsay’s murder. Shirley Zailo the informant. She is the murderer of Lindsay too I bet. She needs to be arrested NOW.
        What if SZ ratted out Del Alcazar’s to Calgary cops via SPD about upcoming drug movement that was taking place and Lindsay overheard Zailo’s discussing it. Lindsay then tried to warn Erickson when she was in Calgary. When bust happened in Calgary maybe Del Alcazar’s threatened Zailo’s so Zailo’s knew Lindsay told Erickson. SZ murdered Lindsay for it. Zailo’s were pissed off with Lindsay for not wanting to be part of their twisted cult anyway.

    • Svetlana says:

      I didn’t understand what SHC couple?

      While at SHC, Buziak called Zailo to tell him she was on her way to Gordon Head. The documents also say Zailo then offered to meet her there, ostensibly to deliver the paperwork from the SHC couple — which may have required Buziak’s signature — but also to make sure she was okay.

    • Wyatt says:

      Wow… what a great article and good detective work by this fella! I found the ending comment of the Stupid Police having knowledge of the identity of BOTH cell phones (I was unaware of #2) yet those names (or name) has not been slipped to the public. Still too much redacted information, the SPD are simply stretching their corruption to the fullest. I wonder if they feel the pressure? Hope so. I hope they have nightmares of being in prison and being someone’s “B**ch….. karma.

      • PandaBear says:

        It was one owner for both phones. The 2nd phone was used to check messages on the burner phone. They traced the phone and didn’t do anything? Here we are all these years questioning that damn phone and wondering how can it possibly not be traceable. The conspirators are shaking in their pants right now.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Where was that second phone pinging from when the messages were checked? If the SPD had done their due diligence that would probably be very telling info. I’ll bet the perpetrators didn’t think of that.

      • Svetlana says:

        Maybe what Lindsay saw was Shadow Flipping, something corrupt in the real estate business. Her leaving would be a threat to them and their business and so they hired someone from Vancouver. For sure, some of her friends must know something. She may have divulged some info to them in online chats whatever she knew.

  32. arunkumar says:

    may be is lover friends r lindsay friends .
    u just go through thr friends u may find the cule.

    • Svetlana says:

      Do you mean Lindsay’s friend was seeing her boyfriend behind her back?

      • Rosanne says:

        This looks like a fake accent or someone had a bit to drink. I am wondering if we keep responding to this post if the mother is going to answer it in a few days and tell us the son accidently put this address on her phone? The main thing wrong with this line of thinking is an acquaintance would, could and should have expected that Lindsay would be accompanied by her protective boyfriend at the very least for a cold call at night.

  33. Kay Tyler says:

    I have just seen the documentary of this poor girls murder. Having children and grandchildren myself i could not even begin to think of the pain this has caused this family.
    I really do hope you get answers and those horrific unhuman pieces of dirt are caught. If they are I would hope they could bring back the electric chair as they deserve every bit of pain they put Lindsey through and you as a family. Totally heartbreaking 💔 x

  34. Judi says:

    I’m listening to Murder in my Family. I can hear the pain in her father’s voice. I hear his resolve. He is brutally honest about his belief that “murder is business.” He has a commitment to self care. I have no words except I hope he succeeds in finding the persons responsible.

  35. B Huntsberry says:

    I’ve seen Lindsey’s story on Dateline & Still a mystery, has anyone explored the possibility that it could be a rival agent? The murder was extremely well executed, well planned, and took very little time to commit. The fact that the perspective buyers used all the right lingo to lure Lindsey, large house, purchasing in 2 days, million dollar price tag, very enticing & something someone in the real estate industry would have great knowledge of. May God keep you & I pray that these perpetrators are found so that Lindsey & her family can get justice & prace

    • Svetlana says:

      The conspirators are realtors and someone who has money because asking in that manner is a rich person’s lingo. How difficult is that for the police to look into?

    • Robin says:

      Anyone explored that it could be a rival agent you ask? I guess you are new to this site because 99% of the people that are minimally read up on Lindsay’s unsolved murder all say BF— Jason Zailo and his mother Shirley Zailo. The coincidences are just too many to think otherwise. If only Lindsay’s murder investigation could get into the hands of real cops who happen to care enough to solve this murder it’s pretty likely you’ll see the connection to the Remax that Lindsay worked at. Unfortunately Lindsay attended the same real estate class as Jason’s brother Ryan Zailo and there starts the nasty business. Too bad the Zailo’s didn’t/don’t keep their nasty deeds amongst their nasty group. Wackos

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Well said.

      • OceanWaves says:

        Other people were in that Real Estate class besides Lindsay and Ryan. Think about it. There’s always background people that you never hear about that are just as connected. Taking a class with someone does not make you a potential murderer but does make you a potential colleague which in turn can make you a potential suspect in this case. If it was a “rival” here are her characteristics:
        1. people compared her physically to Lindsay and the rival would have been closer in age to Lindsay than Shirley Zailo.
        2. people compared her personality to Lindsay
        3. She and Lindsay would have had a love interest in common (although Lindsay may not have been interested, the male interest to the “rival” in question would have taken an interest in Lindsay and upset the rival
        4. people compared the rivals career path to Lindsay’s career path.
        5. people close to the rival told the rival “why don’t you be more like Lindsay”
        That would have driven the rival out of their mind. No matter what the rival did, she was always being compared to Lindsay. I would bet friends of Lindsay would know who that rival is and have told the police about her. Where that information went, who knows. Until the file is marked cold, no one will know.
        6. Ultimately the rival thought she would loose her man to Lindsay and could not tolerate that thought.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Your theory is 100% far fetched. Sure, it could be anybody she bumped into or it could be what it clearly looks like it is. Which theory matches the weird, bizarre and suspicious behavior of the Zailos just before the murder and after the murder. Who had the means and the motive? Who was closest to her? Who was she getting ready to leave? Her boyfriend at the time lied about that. You don’t find that suspicious? It isn’t that she was in the same class as Ryan. It is that he expressed an interest in her just before she started going out with his brother. If it looks like a snake in the grass and walks like a snake in the grass guess what? It probably is a snake in the grass. This case screams out the obvious. I have to wonder why you can’t see that or are trying to distract from that.

        • Svetlana says:

          Could she possibly be friends with any of Lindsay’s friends?

  36. following says:

    The complete bottom line is all the coincidence to this crazy set up. Too planned, too obvious, too many predictable and disturbing coincidences. You need an independent investigator who is respected by Saanich police.

    • Robin says:

      Hi following
      Just a slight correction…. you need? Who’s you? Lindsay is dead, a 24 year old girl was viciously MURDERED by a out of control family who think they can fool the public and just carry on as if we won’t notice! This is not a YOU this is a WE. This is now a problem for every decent person breathing earth’s air.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      The SPD are not going to respect anyone who pries this case out of their hands. They desperately do not want any one else looking at it. Ask the last mayor of Saanich how desperate they are to keep this to themselves.

  37. Robin says:

    This is such a tragic local murder also. As I was reading this article I noticed this comment that made me think WTF again when it comes to Lindsay’s murder investigation.
    Wendy Ladner Beaudry was murdered April 3, 2009. This article was written in April 3, 2019 and Wendy’s murder had already been turned over to the RCMP’s Major Crimes Special Projects Unit 5 years prior.
    Here’s the quote from the article.
    “the case was turned over to RCMP’s Major Crimes Special Projects Unit five years ago”.
    WTF? So that was 2014 and here we are 2020 and still the Saanich Police are Krazeee glued to Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Boy oh boy if that doesn’t scream COVER UP!!!! This is so frustrating, I swear on every bible on earth I will never rest til I, like Jeff Buziak see ARRESTS! Those Saanich Police are gangsters if you ask me. Special treatment for corrupt, connected, shifty dirtbags in B.C.’s capital city. Disgusting FK’s.

  38. Svetlana says:

    In this shocking story of today, it shows how inadequate policing is in BC against money laundering.This is disturbing and wonder why these criminals are getting away with it.
    Shooting at the Manzo Itamae Japanese Restaurant left Jian Jun Zhu dead and his associate, Paul King Jin, wounded.

    B.C. Attorney General David Eby says a deadly shooting at a Richmond restaurant on Friday that targeted two men alleged to be major money launderers is “very disturbing.”

    The shooting at the Manzo Itamae Japanese Restaurant left Jian Jun Zhu dead and his associate, Paul King Jin, wounded. Zhu was the subject of a major RCMP investigation into the alleged laundering of as much as $200 million a year.

    And Jin is alleged to have been involved in illegal gambling and laundering his criminal proceeds through Zhu’s underground bank, Silver International.
    B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said his party will push crime and public safety as a significant election issue when the province goes to the polls this fall. He also said his concerns include the shooting that left Zhu dead, but offered no specifics about what the Liberals would do differently.

    ***There’s never been a public explanation by the RCMP or prosecutors as to why the charges were dropped in E-Pirate — B.C.’s largest money-laundering case — or why it has taken so long to decide whether to charge Jin for allegedly earning tens of millions of dollars from illegal gambling and loan-sharking.***

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