Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Justice for Lindsay. The Zailo’s should be looked into (again) – it’s odd that “the couple” looked for a specific property 3br/3bath (Lindsey found 2) and the only people who know of such properties are realtors…. the Zailo’s know who did this. They planned it well. They knew it was an up and coming neighborhood, only 4 houses in that area …. not many people to hear or see anything. This case needs to be turned over!

  2. Jeff Buziak says:


    What about B.C. Rail? Release those documents which are locked down!

    What secrets are the authorities keeping from us about Lindsay Buziak’s murder and why are Saanich police allowed to bumble along with it in secrecy as the usual B.C. historical practice?

    Where are Attorney General David Eby and Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth with the Saanich police cover up of Lindsay’s unsolved murder?

  3. Wyatt says:

    From Gangsters Out website!
    Good on you, nice to know you’re not intimidated by a bunch of dirty cops & their city paid lawyers! The corrupt message is loud and clear all you politicians, take heed.

    On February 27th I received a letter in the mail from Giles P.G. Deshon with the CARFRA Law firm in Victoria. He claimed that he had been retained by the Corporation of the District of Saanach and that he was contacting me about material I posted about Chirs Horsley, the police officer from Saanach PD who is in charge of the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation.

    On February 2nd I attended the Lindsay Buziak Rally for Justice in Victoria and got an earful of complaints about Chris Horsley. On February 7th I made a blog post about how Chris Horsley went to Calgary and made several bizarre threats against Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak.

    P Diddy wanted me to take down those blog pots and had a whole list of demands all about Chris Horsley specifically. On March 12th I sent my response to Mr Deshon. I thought it was interesting that he had been retained by the Corporation of the District of Saanich not Chris Horsely. I guess the District has money to burn in their budget. In my response I stated that:

    “Chris Horlsey visited Jeff Buziak in Calgary and threatened him. That is a true statement. Based on that event, it is my sincere opinion that he is now in a conflict of interest with the case and should not be on it. The conflict of interest that I see is the fact that he visited Jeff Buziak in Calgary and threatened him. For that reason I will continue to lobby that he is removed from that case as that would be in everyone’s best interest. It would be in your client’s best interest if they simply handed the file over to IHIT and rid themselves of this matter. ”

    Since then I found out about the Campaign to merge the Saanich Police Department with the Victoria City Police. I completely support that campaign. IHIT should take over Lindsay’s case.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      This just disgusts me to the nth degree but doesn’t surprise me because it’s the Saanich way. Cops rule in Saanich like gangsters and the Saanich taxpayers pay for the cops to play.
      Meanwhile it’s okay to murder women in Saanich because the very same police could care less about a murdered woman and are not capable of solving anything.
      12 years, No Results-No Respect
      Justice for Lindsay Buziak

    • Svetlana says:

      That is appalling that they went to such lengths to get a lawyer to now threaten a blogger site that reported on Lindsay. What is going on here?

      What is wrong with assigning the case to someone new? New people, who are NOT afraid to go after evidence instead of sitting on it. It’s been 12 1/2 years with not a peep from the police to the family. They deserve to be heard. Lindsay’s case deserves to be heard.

      Instead they go after a poor news reporter blogger. This is sad. Need police be reminded of the real victims here in this tragedy and their priorities?

  4. Real man says:

    I guess gangsters out has a new lawsuit everyone should check it out.

    • It was just another letter from another law firm which are a dime a dozen. I have not yet received a reply to my response nor a court writ so it’s just dust in the wind. I thought it was strange the lawyer was retained by the District of Saanich for Chris Horsley and not by Chris Horsley. I think it’s time to support a merger of Saanich and Victoria city halls.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        ……along with Oak Bay, Esquimalt and View Royal all as one.

        • Indeed. It’s already in the works. Saving money and rooting out corruption is in the public interest.

          • see closely says:

            Hopefully,Lisa Helps won’t be a part of this.She and Desjardings both absolved former Chief of VPD before a real investigation concluded that he needs to be fired.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Chris Horsley’s behavior ultimately rests on the shoulders of the municipality of Saanich. I suspect you haven’t heard back from them because you called their bluff and now they’re not sure what to do. They should be concerned/alarmed about the way their police force interacted with Richard Atwell while he was looking to replace the sitting mayor too. Both instances bizarre, and from what I understand illegal, behavior that should be investigated.

  5. ConnectTheDots says:

    I found it. On June 9, 2019 at 7:44 a.m. Tyler Denniston posted this:

    Tyler says:
    June 9, 2019 at 7:44 AM
    My name is Tyler Denniston and I have something I need to say to everyone. This has been bothering me for quite a while.
    I want to turn my life around to be a better person and learn how to be a man my family is proud of instead of the scumbag I am. Basically, I sell illegal drugs in Victoria, B.C. and I beat women who are crazy enough to fall for me. That’s been my life. I hang out mostly in Langford with losers because I am a loser. My drug supplier is a fat biker prick from up island called Jason Bader. Horsley the cop knows him too. I’ve never done anything else in my life. I hang around with other lowlifes including the Zailo brothers. This is what I want to say that is eating at me.
    Ryan Zailo has bragged to me and other people how he killed Lindsey Buziak. Ryan said the biggest high he has ever experienced in his life is when he plunged the knife into Lindsay’s neck then continued to stab her over and over again. He said the rush he got from that was the most incredible thing ever. The loser side of me got excited when I heard that but the little bit of good left in me is sick about it and I can’t take it any more. There are other guys who know and you guys need to support me here. Jason Zailo was there and my bro Rhys. Keegan knows too.
    I’m done with being a loser. I want to turn my life around and be a better person. I want to do the right thing. Please believe me. I’m talking to police about all this, my life and everybody I know living the loser life. I’m done.
    Here is who I am right now.

    Be sure to read the posts following from people who know him and other commentators. Has anyone heard if this was ever properly investigated? Does anyone know how Tyler is doing today? This would certainly explain why the whole family was in the neighborhood that day.

    • Svetlana says:

      The way this is written sounds more like a woman’s style. Just my feeling.

      • following says:

        I concur. This is a woman’s tone not a man’s tone.

        • Enough with the BS says:

          how is that a woman’s tone? and why would a woman write this?

          this was as authentic information that ever came to light and not only that is likely the truth based on all the information provided

          Jeff said that it was buried even though Tyler went forward with it

          • Svetlana says:

            Here is a post about him written by a woman Mar 26th, 2020 – 4:12 PM
            So did the police contact owner to check out the IP address of that post?

            • Justice says:

              Tyler’s contacted the SPD with that information in person but they never followed up. He claims he witnessed Zailo’s brother confess. Svetlana hon, why are you so interested in IP addresses? You and your buddy like to track people but why the obsession? Shouldn’t every lead be followed up by the investigators? I know for a fact you and your PC buddy are not part of this investigation, just obsessed armchair detectives. If the official police investigators followed up, they could meet with the informants in person and an IP address is moot. Has anyone followed up on your IP address?

              I have another question for you and The collector; do you really think the SPD is going to tell you or anyone else with a blog, anything critical to the investigation not released to the public including Lindsay’s full autopsy report? Foolish people act like fools.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Even if this is comes from a vindictive ex, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

  6. eight says:

    Has it been determined whether Aurick de Sousa was back in town for a visit in late January/early February 2008, and whether his wife would have an accent?

  7. Svetlana says:

    DNA. Did Jason provide his DNA? From what I gather, he hasn’t. Why not? What is there to hide? Why didn’t a Court Order him to do so?

  8. Faith McCain says:

    What remains witchy is the fact that this couple arrived on foot. This area of Gordon Head isn’t really accessible by foot, certainly not a road you’d stroll down in February unless you lived in the area.

    Did neighbors from the main road, not De Sousa, see a car parked off to the side of the road that’s right beside the backyard of the house? It would be nearly pitch black by the time the murderers left by 5:45-6:00pm.

    Personally I think the female murderer may have been Mila Beltran, along with perhaps Leo Beltran. She matches the description of the woman in the sketch. It certainly wasn’t Shirley, as the De Sousa neighbours saw an interaction between Lindsay and the couple that didn’t indicate familiarity.

    It’s plausible that when Jason saw the couple come out the front door, and then retreat back into the house, that he thought the house showing had just started or they were inspecting something. Lots of people show up late, although this couple was on time.

    One more thing, does ANYONE know the business address attached to the burner phone? Although the name registered to it was fake, the address given was legitimate though police didn’t see a connection. I would like to know the address and or business attached please.

    BTW, do the names JORDAN and MICHELLE ring a bell? I’ve heard these names loosely attached to this murder once.

    • Robin says:

      Hello Faith
      Have you ever thought that the actual murderer was already inside the house by maybe 4:30ish. I believe the couple showing up at 5:30 was all for show and to create a show for potential witnesses. I also think that person was not Lindsay who met the couple but someone pretending to be her. Lindsay and JaSIN left restaurant by 4:30 pm and Lindsay would go straight to house to check things over and that is when she was murdered. It was JaSIN who concocted the story about Lindsay going home to change. That was BS created in the mind of SZ. I believe Lindsay was murdered around 5:00-5:15. Owner of house was there around that time, he admits, so lock box would not have been used by Lindsay at all. I believe Jasin sent message from his vehicle to the house to say Lindsay was on her way. JDeDousa let Lindsay in. He knew Shirley or Ryan or both were upstairs then he lured Lindsay into house and upstairs with some nonsense story, then he immediately left. By the time the couple showed up they took part in clean up and escape plan. Poor Lindsay didn’t stand a chance with all those psychopaths. Her demise was thought through with every detail taken into consideration. SZ ran it through her twisted mind over and over and over. That family had motive and means and hate filled hearts. They resented Lindsay because she did not want to be part of their tainted life. This burned in SZ’s being. There is that much loathing in her to commit this crime. Please think about this because it is along these lines. Lindsay was a problem to them and whatever Lindsay knew would put them all in jail. This is really the only scenario that makes sense imo. No one else had any reason to hate Lindsay Buziak like SZ, the evil broom rider.

      • see closely says:


        • see closely says:

          I think that we all will be shocked when the truth will eventually come out.

          • Lynn Carmichael says:

            I agree with you.

            • see closely says:

              Almost two decades before Lindsay was murdered,another mystery was sprung on Victoria.Most people will remember the disappearance of Michael Dunahee.This assumed crime was never solved by Victoria Police Department.Strangely,nobody blamed VPD for inability of solving this disappearance of young,innocent boy like they do blame SPD for inability to solve Lindsay’s murder.
              What happened then?Nobody seems to know.This will remain so because sometimes the regular methods of investigation are not adequate.
              Statistics shows that very large percentages of murders and disappearances are due to familiar relationships and inter-human actions.
              Since this is factual,we need to accept that another,unorthodox methods of investigations are perhaps needed to intrude into the orthodox means of investigations.
              For example,we know that within two days of Michaels disappearance the part of Michaels family went for a long hike/trip to Cape Scott Park west of Port Hardy/Holberg.Did VPD spent any time to investigate whether there may be any linkage between this family trip and Michael’s disappearance?VPD never informed public anything relevant that could be interpreted by the public.
              In the same waySPD and/or AG prosecution never informed the public about any potential leads in Lindsay’s murder beside the possible link into presumable Zailos ,involvement or non-involvement, or drug linkage in Lindsay’s murder.I find it very odd and I believe that any means(orthodox or non orthodox)should be used -by anybody to try to help solve this crime.
              Personally,I will do my best on my own to help.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Sounds right to me Robin. We talk a lot about Jason but I think that Ryan played a pivotal role in this. Someone did post that he was heard bragging about his role.

        • David J Anderson says:

          CTD, Ryan confessed you mean?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I remember reading a post that said that Ryan had bragged about his role in the murder. Does anyone else remember that? It was a while back and there are so many posts…..

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        The description of the people who showed up for the showing sounds a lot like Ryan and one of the Lum sisters one of which was known to have a blonde wig just like the one worn by the woman. Or Shirley wearing that wig and one of her dresses which has been shown to be her type of dress. They could have changed after the murder and presented themselves as the buying couple. As the woman greeting them probably wasn’t Lindsay there would be no concern with anyone recognizing them. Wasn’t Ryan’s alibi that he was in the neighborhood at one of the Lum sister’s house?

        • Svetlana says:

          The police know a lot but they aren’t giving out the information, at least to the family they should. Are they afraid that outsiders will put two and two together?

      • A matter of public record says:

        Robin the Coroner determined the time of death to be 5:40 pm. If you have any doubt you can email the coroner and request a copy of the report.

        • lbmurder says:

          Saanich police reported that is what the coroner said and we know how reliable Saanich police are. The coroner will not release that information to the public regardless.

          • A matter of public record says:

            Coroner’s reports are public documents. For a copy of a coroner’s report, contact the regional coroner office in your area. Case No: 2008-0197-0013 is a public record.

            • lbmurder says:

              Well then why don’t you get it and put it on this site?

            • Robin says:

              If you have that information why haven’t you put the report on this site by now Mr. Public Record. What are you waiting for? Odd to me that you have that and done nothing with it. Another indication of the Saanich way I suppose.

        • Robin says:

          How would you know that? You have no idea when Lindsay lost consciousness or how long it would take her to bleed to death so maybe the time of death was 5:40 pm but that time does not mean that Lindsay was not attacked 40 minutes sooner by fk heads lying in wait. I don’t need a coroner’s report to tell
          me what my brain in capable of figuring out.

        • Robin says:

          How would you know that? You have no idea when Lindsay lost consciousness or how long it would take for her to bleed to death. Maybe the time of death was 5:40 pm but that time does not mean that Lindsay was not attacked 40 minutes sooner by fk heads lying in wait. I don’t need a coroner’s report to tell
          me what my brain is capable of figuring out.

          • Rosanne says:

            It is easy to look up. A woman has about 4 litres of blood. There are major arteries in the neck. The way her neck was cut (as her Father said) it would take about 60 seconds to go unconscious and 3 minutes to death. When you add the other wounds it could have been faster.

        • Wyatt says:

          Time of death can not be stated accurately, especially to the minute! This is a very misleading statement and any “professional” coroner will not commit their “opinion” with such a specific time.

    • Justice says:

      First of all, Zailo was fully aware that the clients arrived at 5:30 on the dot. Not one minute early or one minute late. Zailo has a text message that shows the exact time he was made aware of this fact. Great orchestration! Zailo drove up to the house and saw the clients walking out the front door Without Lindsay about 15 minutes later. When they saw him, they abruptly turned and re-entered the house and closed the front door. He said he saw maybe 2 people behind the smoked glass door. He got a good look at the man because he was just 10 feet away with headlights pointed directly at them as the The car turned the corner onto DeSousa Place. Lindsay was alone In an empty house on a vacant street on a Friday evening past sunset, with these unknown clients who had not been vetted and had a deal “too good to be true”. Lindsay explicitly told her co-workers (statement is available in the media) and Jeff that the woman had a weird, fake sounding accent and she was apprehensive about going alone. She told all that Jason agreed to be there with her for her safety, a realtor’s SOP.

      So why would Jason believe they showing just started 15 min after the clients arrived? And why would the clients be leaving out the front door in the dark without the realtor Lindsay, if it just started? Why did they immediately go back into the house when they saw Zailo drive up? So if we were to look at Zailos thought process: the showing started at 5:45 inside the house and then immediately the clients went out and back in the front door without the realtor, Lindsay? She was concerned for her safety so why wasn’t Zailo?
      Zailo was also a mortgage broker. Why wouldn’t he have tried to up-sell a mortgage to the clients since they were cash buyers? Also why would he think Lindsay wasted 15 min before starting the showing when she had a birthday party to go to that evening? And if as he says, the only reason he was at the house was because he had papers that needed her immediate signature and was on his way to dinner and a hockey game, why would he just sit outside and wait for 20 min without trying to make contact?

      I also find it strange that the clients settled on only one house to view that Friday evening. They said they had 3 days to buy and Lindsay was going to Vancouver on Saturday for another party with her girlfriends. How often do people buy the first million& house they see after seeing it only once. They had 3 days to buy. It would be normal if they set up 4-6 showings over Friday and Saturday during daylight. There are so many red flags about these clients, there is no way Lindsay was not concerned.

      Zailos are obsessed with luxury vehicles. I’m sure he would have checked out the clients car to size them up. If I was a cash, million$ buyer, I would have brought my car over on the ferry. Although possible, it would be inconvenient to rent a car or have taxi-limo drive me around to shop for homes. So where was the vehicle Zailo? I know you would have been checking it out if you believed it was legit. Since there was no car anywhere insight, and you saw no cars on Torquay when you moved your car, why were you not concerned enough to do a welfare check? What is more important, seeming like you were a professional realtor from Lindsays office checking in (you called it meddling) or just sitting outside and waiting when all of these red flags were waving in your face??

      So Zailo, If Lindsay made a bigger sale because you up-sold the clients a $500k mortgage, the commission would have been 50% higher. Then you get to collect interest on the mortgage. This is not small potatoes. You appear to be a savvy businessman with all of your wealth and luxury homes, boats and cars. You sell mortgages and real estate. This exact kind of deal is the source of your bread and butter. If you believed these clients were legit, you would not have let a huge opportunity like that slip away especially in a down market when the financial stability of the world was in such despair. Your momster is also a savvy business woman. Word on the street is that it involves some illegal business but nonetheless, she is overbearing, controlling and greedy. I don’t believe for one minute that she would’ve ordered you to go and up-sell a house with a big fat mortgage. Who are you Zailos kidding with your pathetic explanations that go against everything your friends and associates know about you.

      • Svetlana says:

        There was another birthday party in Vancouver? I thought there was just one but locally.

      • Rosanne says:

        You make some very good points. As with everything so over thought out, what comes to my mind is that Jason drove up with a witness, so maybe the whole door show was to give him something to witness, that way when he tells the police what he saw, it becomes another fact. The two people (Jason and Cohen) independently collaborate each other that they saw murderers at the house. Which goes along with the other witnesses and what they saw. So it has to be a hunt for the “real killers” and couldn’t have anything to do with anyone else. What would be the point of having red herring decoy killers if nobody saw them? Professional hit people would have been more stealth. Hide the car and then walk down the street in a noticeable distinct dress???

      • bruce barber says:

        this makes total sense to me justice. I stated on here a few years ago that it is connected to the bc rail fiasco and I still believe that to be true. Which would explain the cover up by the police.I also believe that the Saanich police department has been corrupt for decades hence the perfect partners in crime.I also believe that they are getting very nervous with all this police defunding movement going on. What was done in the dark will be brought to light.

        • Jus cause says:

          I am wondering….. if… the Zailos did this and had help which is likely.. how much help will that help be once a light right and proper has been put on this will that same person again advise them?? If such a person exists

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think there was no car for either the buyers or Shirley when she showed up on foot ( put those two situations together and it goes from being extremely unusual and suspicious for each to screaming out suspicion for both ) as they were all in the area I’m guessing at one of the Lum sister’s houses or both.

    • Magdelina says:

      Robin, I believe your 100 right! Lindsey was killed much earlier, I believe. Couple all staged. Everything u said, I thought about it. So right on you are.

  9. Jus cause says:

    This will get solved we know your watching threatening fuk likely scared and you should be …

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      There appears to be alot of talk in beautiful BC about this horrific case. People need to be willing to sign a statement and stand behind what they heard. This needs to be first hand evidence, not through gossip. I am sure somehow Jeff can get you to sign your statement in confidentiality and take it out of BC.

  10. Svetlana says:

    Of all the times, 24 hours before Lindsay was murdered, she took a walk with Shirley (as per Shirley), and they talked about Matt and how Lindsay was afraid of him. Isn’t that a strange discussion and walk? Sounds more like an attempt to throw suspicion away from Zailos.

    • Robin says:

      These bizarre scenarios play out constantly on February 02, 2008. It is overplanned. It’s built to make the Zailo’s out to be kind, considerate caring people. The BS stinks to high heaven. What the powers that be are looking at is as effd up as it can possibly be. Lindsay’s story makes me hate the people I vote for, what’s the point? So much for living in a democratic society. Assholes……the police, the politicians, the Zailo’s and all the other low life people in Saanich and Victoria. FO all of U.
      Your ways will hit u square in the face eventually.

  11. Mark Roush says:

    The Honorable Janet Austin, OBC. Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Government House. 1401 Rockland Avenue. Victoria,British Columbia V8SiVg. Phone:250-387-2080. Fax:250-387-2078. Everyone,Express Your Disapproval Concerning The Saanich Police Department!

  12. Jus csuse says:

    Again someone has mentioned Bear Mountain… didn’t a developer go broke ?? Something to do with angry investors and the nhl somehow whether he was a previous player or such? Just interesting it keeps popping up…

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        Current Saanich cop and Head of Lindsay’s murder file, Chris Horsley, is/was a friend and business associate of Len Barrie. Horsley is also the cop who came to Calgary unannounced and threatened me with another Saanich cop Trevor Dyck. I was told by Horsley to shut down this website and stop what I was doing or he would publicly destroy me. Fucker still hasn’t apologized for that “slight” gangster-like indiscretion. I guess when you are a cop, a millionaire real estate investor, friend with Len Barrie and trucking firm owner you can get away with that type of behavior in Greater Victoria-Saanich. Saanich Police chiet Scott Green and Mayor Fred Haynes, head of the police board, don’t seem to care one little bit. Business as usual in Saanich. “The Saanich Way” is I’m told how Saanich police describe it in molding their officers.

      • Bob-from-the-island says:

        I wouldn’t take anything Media Coop says as even remotley true, they are know communist, liars and propagandist.
        Zoe Blunt is also a liar, a violent agitator and has rubbed shoulders with a communist city councillor form Victoria BC Ben Isitt, whom is another lying sack of bovine faeces that represents extremist and radicals of Victoria BC he also acts like a 15 year old.
        Zoe Blunt and Media CoOp lie lie lie and doxx people they don’t agree with, Call them racists with no real evidence of such. They are vile and should be treated only with the absolute most aggressive language possible.
        Do not trust anything that is written or said by Media Co OP or Zoe Blunt or deep green resistance (zoe blunt identifies with that group) Forest “ethics” which has changed their name because of the bad reputation they got from their Vandalism and defamation campaigns.
        I’m not defending the actions of Len Barrie but never ever ever ever trust Media Co_op esp Zoe Blunt.

        • Robin says:

          Ok fair enough I don’t know who media Co Op is but the Times Columnist isn’t that much better. They are doing a piss poor job of reporting what is going on with Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder? It would seem to me by this point the Times Columnist would be questioning just what is going on over at the Saanich Police Department for the past 12.5 yrs. You would think the TC would be doing a five (5 ) Sunday’s in a row explanation of just why Lindsay’s unsolved murder is at such a standstill. The TC seems tightly controlled by SOMEONE since investigative journalism doesn’t seem to be happening for Lindsay in her own hometown. I believe the SPD referred to the TC their media partners at one time. That seems like a conflict of interest to the public don’t you think? So my question is who’s better in your opinion Media Co-op or the Times Columnist?

          • Dwayne says:

            Apparently this Zoe Blunt her real name is Tracie Park from what I understand,
            I did ask my past co worker about Jason and his remarks about Lindsay which he made at the gym, seems he just liked to brag to people, what a lo life.
            He should be dragged in with handcuffs on now and hung from the highest tree.

            • Rosanne says:

              There is a bit of a problem with the gym statement as it has been reported a number of times that the builder and owner of the house Lindsay was showing said the exact same words. Look up Joe DeSousa in the Lindsay Buziak timetable.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              What was he bragging about?

            • Retired Detective. says:

              So fill us in. This is important. What did your past co-worker tell you about what Zailo said about Lindsay? DeSousa said the bitch got what she deserved did Zailo day that too? So Rosanne and Dwayne seem to know something we don’t. Please fill us in Dwayne and Rosanne. Will your former co-worker be willing to share this information with the police? Back up you post or cut the BS.

              • Rosanne Day says:

                Were you trained to be like that? I do not take bullies well, so gathering up the most mercy I have this is my response to you. I am sure both Dwayne and I are only trying to help a bit. I am thinking what I know that you don’t is logic and sense. It is all over that Joe DeSousa said “The bitch …” and now 12 1/2 years later Jason is saying the same exact words in a gym. What I seem to know is that the longer this case hangs around the more reasonable doubt it is showing up. NOT more truth or great police work but tasty bites for any lawyer to chomp right down on so justice will never be served. The “clearing” of the Zailo Family is already an ax to the heart of any case going for conviction and take a look around, other police don’t do that in such haste. There is evidence out there that other police won’t even clear a suspect that has just won a wrongful conviction case. I don’t feel I have the time or energy to fill you in. There seems to be a lot of space there.

                • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

                  Why would this Joe DeSousa guy ever make such a comment? His business dealings obviously need to be looked into.Where is the person that heard what he said? Everyone is hiding, scared. Yup bet Lindsay was terrified that day,.

                  • Jeff Buziak, father says:

                    One more time. A person I know well told me Joe Desousa said that to him. I have no reason to doubt this individual. Also, I’ve also been told Shirley Zailo said to a good friend, “Time for her to go” in reference to Lindsay.

                    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

                      So time to get all of these people to sign a statement and find someone that will read and listen. This case needs proof, people that will stand behind what they say. Come on time to get it solved.

        • Jus. Cause says:

          Hi bob …. you have our attention ….and certainly Dwayne knows who you are talking about. Want to share anything else?

  13. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    My Birthday Message

    Stand Up for What is Right

    I want to share with you some of my thoughts on another passing year in my interesting, well experienced life.
    I’ve always been one to tell it the way it is and not be afraid to speak my mind or stand up for what is right. We have that freedom. Along the way I suffered at times for opening my mouth but generally it was the right thing to do and I don’t regret any of it. I’ve been beaten, verbally abused, ostracized, shot at, had a gun in my face and threatened lots but I am still here because you learn how to adapt and get toughened up. You don’t allow them to scare, intimidate or put you down. I don’t mean toughening up by muscles or learning how to fight either. I have always felt the physical abusive type are the weakest because they don’t have the brain power to have a discussion or at least a healthy hollering match. They revert to physical threat and violence which is the weakest form of human there is. They even murder! Weak cowards.

    I also managed to get a University Degree in Psychology which I take very seriously as some of you know. It set me on a path of deep understanding of people and lifelong improvement which is invaluable. I have also engaged in some very valuable counselling because of life and I see that as strengthening and not a weakness as many messed up people like to call it. An extraordinary woman/counselor/guide/mentor really cemented everything in for me many years back and I hold her in high regard to this day even though we don’t speak to each other for silly reasons but the right thing to do for now. She taught me the real meaning of telling the truth, being direct, being honest, not compromising and above all else being true to yourself. I am. Thank you, stubborn, wonderful woman.

    The truth. Cowards and very weak human beings conspired and murdered my daughter Lindsay. They will pay. It wasn’t a cartel or any other nefarious group who are unreachable. That’s just bullshit and another excuse espoused by Saanich police and their warped side kick, the “I used to be” and “pee collector” from Nanaimo and his TWO supporters. Saanich police are a useless, incompetent, dysfunctional and outdated organization who have failed in their duty and made a complete mess of Lindsay’s murder investigation because they really just can’t accomplish what is required of them and lack the leadership to make things happen. This isn’t just me speaking but “time” has spoken loud and clear. 12.5 years to do a job you are hired to do as professionals is just not acceptable in the world especially when the answers are staring you in the face. Incompetence! Don’t let anyone con you otherwise. Consider them false prophets if they try. Time doesn’t lie.

    I recently came across the writings of Canadian investigative journalist and author Yves Lavigne writing about police and criminals in Canada. Here are some excerpts of what he wrote in 1999 which best describe police culture and Saanich police today 21 years later. It’s horrible that this has been allowed to continue in Saanich, B.C.

    “The new millennium does not belong to the short sighted, the self-serving, or those who compromise. Law enforcement has failed society with its willingness to curb the growth (of crime)….
    We must look at and treat our police differently at the end of the century. They resist change, scrutiny and accountability; they fight society with spies who try to dig up information to silence police critics; they hire lawyers to stymie legitimate investigations into their actions;(they load the OPCC) they intimidate those who question them, with threats of newspaper ads and exposing their lives to the world(Horsley and Trevor Dyck on their taxpayer paid trip to threaten me in Calgary) and they manipulate the media to scare society into giving them money. Some of them have succumbed to corruption and there seems to be a systemic acceptance of deception calculated to increase budgets and the commission of crimes in the course of investigating others(even covering some up like Lindsay’s murder).”

    “Our law enforcement agencies have mutated into bureaucracies that have less to do with enforcing the rule of the law and more to do with creating secure niches, jobs and power bases from which to exercise political clout and shape public policy(View Royal councilor as lead investigator). Bureaucracies Kill. they smother initiative, drive, self-respect and, ultimately, the society that fostered them and allowed them to fester. The time has come to dismantle the police bureaucracies that burdens and stifles true law enforcement. The police should not be allowed to take control of public policy they were created to implement, enforce, and defend. Our police, who are SUPPOSED TO BE PUBLIC SERVANTS, are now at war with society in a grab for power and control.”

    “….the police fail to keep up with the times. Just as bikers use wannabes to do their dirty work and take the blame, the police have taken to using fawning wannabe writers(pee collector) and journalists(Times Colonist) to push their public relations efforts. (Horsley calling the media their media partners) These unquestioning stenographers transcribe as gospel everything given to them(by police). The police are not to be worshiped or adored. What they do is a job. If they do it well enough, they merit respect. The police think the media are theirs to manipulate to influence public opinion. The media are supposed to be an independent component in a system of checks and balances that keep society stable. They should report what works and what doesn’t, and give voice to ideas that will make the system work better. Too many media outlets and reporters curb criticism and commit stenography for fear of alienating so-called sources.(I was told this in reality by a Victoria so-called journalist) They let themselves be used as mouthpieces and have weakened their own power. Journalism is not a matter of filling space or time: it is a consciousness, conscience, compassion and combativeness….”

    “Many police actions seem to be driven by intellectual sloth and the lack of the sense of justice. Rather than uncover the truth, they contrive to cover up their ineptitude……our police agencies are sick….The police have become a law unto themselves and have let organized crime spread so they can create self-serving career-generating bureaucracies to manage the problem…..They are at war with society…..The police must always be accountable(Saanich police are not) and held accountable(our job and lazy media). The police must serve and protect, not be self-serving and self-promoting(Saanich police and Horsley are the poster people). The ability to recognize, admit, and correct failings is a sign of capability, maturity, and professionalism. Cops who shield their mistakes and incompetence or corrupt officers are THE WORMS THAT FEED OFF BAD APPLES.”

    “When a public institution such as a law enforcement agency sets out to manipulate public perception and fears through control of the media(Horsley and his media partners), no one is being served. This abuse of power and distortion of reality harms society, undermines attempts by more responsible media to expose the truth, and blinds the public to the facts they need to know to formulate informed opinions that can sway political thought and action….The police are causing irreparable damage to law enforcement and eroding public trust in the institution. Police officers are not elected. They have no right to play politics. THEY ARE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES BOUND TO OBEY ORDERS. Police who seek to control issues, intimidate or manipulate the public into supporting them, and silence their critics, are driven by a pathological sense of importance fed by their UNWILLINGNESS TO DO THEIR JOB. Their job is to enforce, not control. Police could best influence the public through actions, not rhetoric and deceit; by doing their jobs, rather than contriving and conspiring.”

    There you go folks. That is Saanich police in a nutshell. Something I have discovered and have been trying to inform people about for years now while my precious daughter’s murder remains unsolved and held in the clutches of an outdated, antiquated, manipulative, corrupt police agency. They need to be removed from Lindsay’s murder investigation Now!

    My Birthday message and my truth.

    Thank you
    Jeff Buziak, father

    • Jus cause says:

      It’s so unbelievable that this is not solved after all this time, and that IHIT or some other organization has not been asked to step up and assist. I find it as shocking, if not more so when I hear about what you your self have been subjected too. It sickens me to think that while trying to protect your family and seek justice for your family that such awful things have happened to you it’s truly beyond belief!! It’s saddens me more to think that In Canada Bc truly means bring cash 😦 I believe in my heart that those involved watch this site from time to time which makes you wonder … tho they have tried to intimidate you, they also fear you…

    • Jus cause says:

      And Happy Birthday! I wish this is the year you get closure.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      This reminds me of the fiasco surrounding Richard Atwell’s bid for the mayors seat in Saanich. Saanich police publicly endorsed the then sitting mayor, Frank Leonard, who had been mayor for ever. I found this very surprising that a police force would publicly endorse a politician. They then, according to Richard Atwell who was very open about this when being interviewed and when speaking to media, harassed Mr. Atwell before the election and after the election, which he won. Big upset in Saanich. According to Mr. Atwell, they harassed him by pulling him over in his car for no just cause and making him blow into a breathalyzer. They did this at least 3 times and each time he blew 0.00. Shocking if these allegations are true. Even more shocking is that even though Richard Atwell went public with these allegations nothing was ever done about it. Is that not criminal behavior? When Mayor Atwell took his seat at town hall, he was shocked to find that Saanich had installed spyware on his computer behind his back. He, being a techie, found it and had it removed. He said that Saanich council froze him out and would not cooperate with him to the point that he worked from his home for an extended period of time. Saanich council allegedly did this to the duly elected mayor on tax payers dollars!! Mr. Atwell also said when asked about this that he found it strange that he had hardly sat down in the mayors seat when he was approached by the police and told that everything was under control when it came to the Lindsay Buziak case. Basically made a point of telling him there was nothing to see there. And yes, the answers are staring them in the face.

      • Jus caus says:

        Interesting ….. it’s almost like ppl on this island forget that ferry carriers and helicopters take you to and from the mainland in short time …. I have to wonder is anyone listening I find it hard to believe that they are not

  14. Amy McGregory says:

    The boyfriend and his mother killed Lindsay

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Hi Amy,
      Do you know this for sure or are you stating what appears to be the obvious given the circumstantial evidence? Do you know the cast of characters and have inside information?

  15. Svetlana says:

    I am shocked that the police will not give you back Lindsay’s diary. Totally unacceptable. Whose daughter was killed, theirs or yours?

    • eight says:

      Speaking of diaries, I’m playing catch-up here and the old hands that have been dogging this case from the start may find my questions and assumptions redundant. But in the spirit of there being no such thing as a dumb question when groups are trying to solve a problem, and the thought that sometimes it’s helpful to go over old ground, I’ll continue.

      Does anyone know how fastidious Lindsay was concerning diary entries, did she keep one besides the one from which the photo was taken showing February 01, 2008, and who would have had prior access to either?

      It niggles me that there was no name attached to the entry Lindsay made regarding the showing appointment. The killers would have to make a determination that not revealing a name would pose less of a risk of scaring Lindsay off than leaving an alias subject to checking. What would make that determination easier would be someone on the other end managing Lindsay’s reaction. The experienced realtors surrounding her should have been expected to be all over the major red flag presented by someone trying to book a showing without leaving a name, but it appears that they instead assuaged any trepidation she may have felt. Why?

      Name and number. A salesperson’s gold. One without the other makes no sense whatever. Lindsay wrote down a number. The most elemental logic, let alone standard business practice, would necessitate asking, “Okay, who do I ask for when and if I call this number?” And apparently the person who gave Lindsay the number provided her with the name of a previous client as a reference. When Lindsay called that client to check, they were evidently unavailable. But if she had made contact, who was she planning on asking about? “ Hi. Someone called me and gave me your name but wouldn’t give me theirs. Do you know them?” Awkward at best, major red flag at worst.

      Do we know for certain whether Lindsay just neglected to obtain a name in any of several calls, or whether the client(s) actually refused to reveal one? And is it possible the reason Lindsay didn’t write a name on the February 01 diary entry is that she wrote it somewhere else or on a previous page on the date of first contact, and police are withholding it (even if it is an alias) for “investigative” purposes?

      The answers to these questions are key to determining whether the killers just got unbelievably lucky at several points in the execution of this plot, or whether they had the necessary help that could only come from a select few.

      • Retired Detective says:

        The name would have certainly been fake like the name used to register the phone. Lindsay didn’t nick-name them “the Mexicans” from what I understand. That name came from Jason like all the other information the SPD are basing their incorrect facts on.

        • eight says:


          On the Lindsay Buziak Murder Timeline page of this website the following passage appears:

          “While driving Jason said to Lindsay ‘I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so’ and that’s when Lindsay said to Jason…. ‘okay I’ll see you in abit I gotta go the Mexicans are here’. Apparently this was Lindsay’s short hand name for her clients.”

          The conversation is not identified as a text, while other interactions in the sequencing leading up to the murder are. It would be important to know whether it was voice or text.
          Is there any evidence Lindsay referred to the clients as “Mexicans” at any other time to anyone? So far in my reading all I’ve come across is her reported description of the woman’s accent as sounding “weird”, and she couldn’t pin it down.

          I feel it’s important to know if she ever referred to them as “Mexicans” before and whether the conversation was voice or text because if there is no previous evidence of her using the term, and all the police have is Jason Zailo’s version of what she said in a phone call, the obvious question becomes how he knew they were Mexican.

          On the other hand, if it was a text the police know whether she used the term or not. Anybody know for sure?

          • Retired Detective says:

            I believe he called Lindsay and called Ryan. DateLine showed a phone with a text but that has not been confirmed by police that it was a text. Since Lindsay didn’t refer to the clients as “the Mexicans” it is likely there was a call and that information came from Zailo. The police said the text to Lindsay from Zailo saying he would be there in 5-10 min was the last. He claims he texted her around 6:00. We do not know what is true since Horsley’s story didn’t match Jason’s.

            Just with this small but important piece of evidence, can’t everyone see the confusion and inconsistencies surrounding the information released to the public by the SPD? It appears they are unorganized, uninformed, unprofessional, ignorant, and disrespectful to the Buziak family and the public. They are employed by the public and are required to answer to the public. Saanich and BC overall, needs major police reform. And as always, we have come full circle back to the source of the problem, the Saanich Police Department.

            • Jeff Buziak says:

              Bingo! Saanich police have made a complete mess of this whole investigation from day one! They are solely the reason nothing has been done on Lindsay’s murder in 12 and a half years! Arrogance to the extreme. Zero transparency. Deception, confusion, no continuity and piss poor to no effective leadership yet they proudly shine their badges and walk around with their heads up defending with explanations and excuses……mostly blaming everyone for their failure. They get their friends to review them and stroke them but we don’t get to see the review. This whole scenario stinks to high heaven of another cover-up by Saanich police.
              If it helps, Lindsay never once referred to the mystery couple as the Mexicans to me and we had various conversations about them.
              Saanich police are basing their entire investigation on what OJason Zailo and Cohen Oatman said and blaming the Del Alcazars and “A Cartel” so they can make like it is impossible to solve if it is cartel when really everything they need was in the house and is right under their white powder coated noses in Victoria! They want to squash the Del Alcazars so their friends can control the trade in Greater Victoria. Just ask the very well connected Chris Horsley, developer, financier, trucker, party boy, media partner, project manager and, oh ya, Saanich cop. He knows everything but won’t tell.
              No Results – No Respect
              Justice for Lindsay

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              ”Just with this small but important piece of evidence, can’t everyone see the confusion and inconsistencies surrounding the information released to the public by the SPD? It appears they are unorganized, uninformed, unprofessional, ignorant, and disrespectful to the Buziak family and the public.”
              Everything you would expect to see in a cover up.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I find it very interesting that he called Ryan as it has been said that Ryan has bragged about his role in this murder.

  16. Svetlana says:

    Just wondering just how single was Jason when he met Lindsay…

  17. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Nancy Hixt – Crime Beat

    Hi Everyone.
    I’ve been communicating with Nancy Hixt about doing a feature on Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Nancy and I have done some work on Lindsay’s murder and the effects of homicide on family and friends in the past. She has been very supportive and I respect her a lot for what she has done to help. Moving forward, Nancy has assured me Lindsay’s unsolved murder is on her radar and she is very aware of where it’s at since we’ve been in touch. Your support in emailing her is greatly appreciated and Nancy has got the message loud and clear of the support Lindsay’s unsolved murder receives. We can probably back off emailing her. Here is part of our conversation.

    “Hi Jeff, I wanted to touch base…I have been receiving a lot of messages about Lindsay’s case this week– which is always great– but if it’s possible to let any one you are dealing with know that this is already on my radar– and that I’m already looking into covering this for the podcast series–that would be great. I’m not sure if you are in contact with these people– but if you are it would be great to reassure them that I’m already on it 🙂 Hope you are having a great week!! and hope to talk soon!” Nancy.

    Thank you all for your dedicated support.
    The Lindsay Buziak Murder Posse.
    You are the Best!

    Jeff Buziak, father

    • Rosanne Day says:

      🔺🚔BREAKING: West Shore RCMP make arrests associated with 2019 murder of Metchosin man following prison break🚔🔺

      James Lee Busch and Zachary Armitage have been ch…
      See More
      64You and 63 others

      · Reply · 3h
      Jeremy Mar
      Jeremy Mar Arrested? I don’t get it…weren’t they put back in jail? This one seems pretty easy to figure out. Don’t get it twisted either I have compassion for the family and am happy they have answers BUT I also have a question when I read posts like this on social media. To look at all the dedicated resources and people used to solve this “mind boggling” case of who dun it.WHY CANT THEY TURN TO THE BUZIAK CASE and put THAT one to bed!

      This was posted in the “What the Hell just Happened” facebook page with over 25,000 members.

      • Robin says:

        Because Saanich Police are clued out maybe,
        Or maybe they are protecting the Zailo’s or maybe Chris Horsley is corrupt. I don’t live there but if I was a tax player in that community or a woman who lived there, or if I knew Lindsay or her family I would have raised HOLY HELL by now. The people in that community should be twisting off by now over Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Seems like lots of people need to stand upto the bullies who are scaring YOU from speaking your truth. Don’t be patting to many detectives on the back on your island they haven’t really done fuck all for Lindsay and her family in 12.5 yrs.

        “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

        “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.” …

        • Jus cause says:

          True that… but who say mr Horsley not waking up nights with sweaty feet ? I would imagine it’s getting harder to explain… bad ass friends or not… 😉

        • Jus cause says:

          This will come to light ….

        • Svetlana says:

          I saw this comment on a youtube video. Now why am I not surprised?
          “the boyfriend through the rumour mill was seen partying it up at a local nightclub a week after her brutal murder…hmmm”

          • Dwayne says:

            Svetlana your comment just brought a comment to light that a young coworker made very shortly after Lindsay’s death. We had stopped for coffee at work and the topic came up, he lived at Bear Mountain in a condo at the time. he went to the gym with Jason every day ,not sure if they were close friends or just gym buddies. He mentioned Jason told him the B##ch deserved everything she got.
            But again your comment brought that to light.
            Thank you I hope it can help

            • Svetlana says:

              There is a need for criminals to brag what they’ve done but in an indirect way. It’s obvious the boyfriend is involved. 12 years free so far. But hopefully his luck will run out.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                His brother may have been involved as well. This appears to have been one sick family affair.

      • Jus cause says:

        Hello 25000 members…. you all have email?? Want to be helpful?

  18. Jus cause says:

    I also sent a request email to Nancy

  19. Jus cause says:

    I just saw a new show in “crime beat” a B.C. based show focuses on murders locally maybe a good idea to reach out to them …

  20. bryan ralfs says:

    The Boyfriend Did This. Its Painful to See a Dad So Dedicated and Being So Misled.

  21. Kevin Bradford says:

    Wonder if it was someone in real estate”Jealous of her success” Someone with enough crime scene experience to know how NOT to leave evidence. Knife attacks usually end up cutting the suspect as well and would leave DNA evidence. Hope ya find justice and in any case God knows and you can be sure he will handle matters in his own due time. Take care and be safe and I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Lucinda says:

      My thoughts exactly after watching the show on ID. The Personal vicious attack, the way it was planned, it had to be someone she knew and someone who hated her, a competitor in the realtor business is likely. If someone felt she was taking $ away from them by succeeding is a real possibility. I’m sure the police checked all the people who worked with her?

      • Robin says:

        I don’t think Lindsay had been in the business long enough to have enemies other than the family she did not want to be part of. Lily took it as a real insult I think. They bought her all the nicest things and it didn’t work so next is anger. The Munsters were rejected and it is that simple. Lily thought she should have respect like the Godfather. Poor Lindsay just didn’t know how twisted people could be.

  22. Justice says:

    So this is what I don’t get:
    If uncle C, Leo Beltran and the DelAlcazars lost the money in the Alberta drug bust, who told them Lindsay was the snitch and had enough fabricated evidence or influence to convince them of that lie?

    Lindsay did not try to contact Erickson when she went to Calgary in December 2000. She sent a friend who happened to be his relative, a message on FB. That is the only information about that visit that was collected. A big nothing burger.

    Ziggy was part of the Hell’s Angels operation so they likely didn’t loose anything in that bust and may have been happy to see a competitor fail. The Strong connection Between Ziggy, Jason, Cohen and Shirley would tell us that if the Zailos Were in the money laundering business with the Hell’s Angels (as speculated because of their businesses and unexplained wealth during a time when the mortgage and real estate business just crashed and Jason is wearing a shirt with angel wings in one of his photos interestingly) they would not have a need to give anyone up as a sacrifice for the loss.

    The connection between Lindsay and Uncle C and the huge loss from the bust Would be RG. She is also connected to the Zailos because she worked in the office.RG was Vid Acevedo’s ex GF. She was insecure, had trouble with her BF relationships and was easily manipulated by men. The problem here with believing That she was the mastermind for setting up Lindsay as a snitch is that she had no motive to murder one of her only good friends who had helped her in the past. I also do not believe RG Could have influenced Or convinced Uncle C To murder Lindsay. I also do not see the RC having the resources to set up the Artfully planned Murder alone. Vid and company are too dumb And lazy to set up something like that. Women who have been scorned are the ones who set-up elaborate murder plans. I can’t see a bunch of goods sitting around planning anything to this extent. RC May know something though and should be harassed within the limits of the law by SPD. Also if Vid knew the plan was to murder Lindsay, he likely would have told her ex and that would have been the end of that plan. Vid knew Lindsay was not a snitch and would have checked with the ex before going to Uncle C.

    So let’s look at the other scenario.
    Lindsay was leaving Zombie nation. She knew something that would hurt the Z nations future assets. Z nation set up the murder plan, a type of plan typically set up by a woman. They got pleasure from taunting Lindsay with money from a huge sale. They got pleasure from setting her up to take the bait and then showing her she got fooled and she shouldn’t have betrayed them
    By leaving the fold after all they did for her lol.

    We know Vid picked up the burn phone from the ferry and took it home for the night. Did he know what was in the box? Or who he was bringing home? His phone was on and pinging. He left it on because I believe he didn’t know what was happening. The burn phone was left on,I believe intentionally so it could be tracked to Vid. If he Had known what the burn phone was for and was turned on, I doubt he would have left his on and then brought it home for the night. This tells me
    Vid likely didn’t know what was going to happen with the phone and that takes RC out of the equation leaving the only other people with access to information used for the murder plan: Z nation.

    Who did Vid give the phone to??? Or did he just drop it off somewhere? There is a photo with Vid and Ziggy Hanging out together out there. I think Vid was set up with the phone pings to point the finger at Uncle C and the Alberta drug bust and Shirley lying about Lindsay being afraid of her ex was just another attempt
    At that.

  23. mullings says:

    The call that Lindsay friend Nikki got from SZ should be looked at and it will give the police cause to dig into their phone records, and that is where they will find who really planed it.
    As for motive Zailo’s family is the only ones with a motive, Lindsay was leaving their office, leaving the relationship and they just new that she new too much, its why her boyfriend encouraged or better yet convinced her to take the sale, cuz he knew what was planned, if police look very closely at his movements on that day they would see that he knew what was happening inside the house, by his action and movements after he arrived at the house, he notice that only Lindsay car was there, first red flag, the couple open the door to walk out saw him and then close the door and reparks away from the front door? and waits 10 minutes!!!! knowing he was already late.
    all this case needs a more pressure on the Zailo family.

    • Justice says:

      So since Jason passed a poly, whatever that means, everything and anything he says is now accepted as the truth lol. So if Jason said Lindsay Never said she was going to break off the relationship, then it must be true lol in spite of what her Friends said on camera. So if Jason saId Lindsay wasn’t worried about the showing and didn’t ask him to be there for her safety and protection when meeting strangers at night in a deserted house on a deserted street, then it must be true in spite of her co-workers saying the opposite to the media. The fact that there are unbiased witnesses who have already testified in the media to the contrary of what Jason told police, should raise questions about his truthfulness and the accuracy of the poly. A poly works if it intimidates a person into confessing. We all know about false confessions now too. Horsley needs to get his head out of his ass and stop believing Jason and Shirley who also lied on DL about Lindsay saying she was afraid of her ex. Basing a case on the results of 3 people who may have been coached or worse yet, had a bad poly tech, is irresponsible and down right an insult to our intelligence and to justice.

      • Retired Detective says:

        Good point Justice.
        When Shirley was asked why Lindsay was afraid of
        Her ex, her response was weird. She said “I don’t know, she was disappointed in the relationship”. It seemed the question Was unexpected and she had not prepared a and couldn’t come up with an answer so she stumbled just like Jason stumbled and the nervousness in his demeanor seemed to intensify when he told DL why he called police, “you know, uh like I went into panic mode, uh like you know”. When some one says “you know” it is a way to try to get them on your side and when someone starts stumbling with an answer, it indicates possible deception. Stating clearly, she didn’t answer phone so after several attempts, we went to the front door and found it locked. We rang the bell but there was no answer so since her shoes and car We’re still at the house, We called the police. But no, lots of stumbling through that part of the interview like Shirley’s answer. The rest of the interviews with J and S were calm even when he described finding Lindsay’s body. Pretty weird if you ask me and I believe that’s why people who saw the episode became seriously suspicious of the munsters; they may not have known why but subconsciously they sensed deception. So if the majority of the general population sensed Munster Deception then why are the police not? Oh yeah, the poly results show The munsters are truthful people.

        If someone told me they were afraid of someone, my immediate and unequivocal response would be WHY??? Being disappointed in a relationship is not a legitimate answer to why a person is afraid of an ex.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Interesting that the SPD did not say that Jason and family had passed the polygraph. They said that they had participated to their satisfaction, whatever that means. I think that if they had passed the test the SPD would have said that. They took a polygraph and passed it. That they did not say that makes me think that they most likely did not pass it. Which makes it all the more damning imo that the Zailo’s ( all three of them ) were cleared in one swoop early on in the investigation. Did Ryan take a polygraph? Does anyone know? Someone posted that he had been heard bragging about his involvement in this.

        • Svetlana says:

          He’s bloody guilty. Hope they catch him this year. Panic mode. Like he’s some sort of electrical equipment that turns off and on. His mother probably turned his panic mode on.

      • lbmurder says:

        “Passed a poly” is a misnomer.
        According to Craig Samson of Saanich police, then head of Lindsay’s investigation, this is the official wording of Saanich police. Quote Craig Samson.

        “The Zailo family participated in polygraph interviews to our satisfaction at this time”

        That is not passed. Whatever Constable Horsley says in the media, as we now know, is often misdirection, misleading and not entirely accurate. The official statement is the quote above so people have to quit saying they passed, Jason passed etc…., because according to Saanich police that is not the official word. It is the words of wankers. Don’t be one!

        • eight says:

          Saanich police Sgt. Horsely on video in his own words seems to be a wanker by your definition.

          “Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense police scrutiny. However, Mr. Zailo was cooperative with police,” said Sgt. Horsley. “He also partook in a polygraph exam, and he passed.

          “Based on forensic evidence, timeline of communications, witness testimony, video surveillance, we know he’s not the killer,” said Sgt. Horsley. “Was he perhaps somehow involved in the planning? Well he successfully passed a polygraph and he successfully took part in all these interviews with us. So at this point in time he’s not considered a suspect.”

          • lbmurder says:

            It’s good of you to agree and provide the clear evidence.

          • lbmurder says:

            Horsley was a mere minion at the time. Craig Samson was his superior officer and fully in charge of the investigation and all actions involved including the polygraph interviews.
            Who would you believe? The minion or the commanding officer? Craig Samson gave the official word.

            • eight says:

              Horsley’s statements on a national broadcast were specific. His superior’s (as quoted by you), are open to interpretation based on what one assumes would satisfy him. What should the public think?

              Section 2 of the Police Act provides that, “The minister must ensure that an adequate and effective level of policing and law enforcement is maintained throughout British Columbia.”

              The Saanich police, in neither word nor deed, engender trust that they will ever solve this case. That is therefore neither adequate nor effective, and Minister Farnworth is in neglect of his duty.

              Time to let another investigative body have a crack at it.

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          Those are the exact words spoken to me by Craig Samson of Saanich police who was head of Lindsay’s investigation at the time.

          “The Zailo family participated in polygraph interviews to our satisfaction at this time”

          • Justice says:

            Horsley’s response is a bit weird here anyway. Normally, they would say that the suspect took a poly that showed he was being truthful about not having any knowledge or involvement in the crime. Saying someone passed, passed how? Did he study and get all the answers correct? Well that would be more than “passed”. You only need to answer 70% to get a C in order to pass at University. He didn’t say he aced the exam now did he? I think we can see that Horsley’s statement isn’t specific enough but just enough to be misleading.

            But Horsley did say “So AT THIS TIME he is not a suspect”. At this time can Always change to a different conclusion at another time down the road. No one from the SPD has ever stated that any of the Zailos have been cleared Because they do not have enough information to be able to clear anyone at this time.

            If anyone claims that the SPD told them anything about the poor Zailos being innocent, they are ignorant fools. The SPD will not tell Lindsay’s family that the Zailos are innocent, why would they tell anyone else who could put the investigation in jeopardy by blabbing it on a public forum?

          • eight says:

            Mr. Buziak, apparently there was some controversy regarding Saanich police and Detective Sampson regarding the use of lie detection devices as illustrated in this link:


            Given that the Saanich police did not have a polygraph machine at the time, but did have a CVSA and three active or former detectives as principals in a firm marketing that competing technology, do you know whether the public was ever accurately told which technology was used to “clear” the Zailos, and who actually performed the tests?

            • Justice says:

              They were not cleared!!!!!! And they took polygraphs but we only know “they passed” but we do not know what that means. Passed how and why and what? What does passed mean technically? They did not say the results of their polygraphs indicated no deception so we believe they have been truthful about not being involved in the murder. That is a typical statement made by police, not they passed.

              • eight says:

                Your use of six exclamation marks is noted. You might notice the use of quotation marks in my post to indicate that I by no means consider the statements by Saanich police surrounding polygraphs as proof the Zailos are not implicated in this murder.

      • Amy McGregory says:

        not necessarily. The questions on the poly are not about wether they were breaking up or not but about if he killed her . Polygraphs are just a few questions that are yes or no answers

    • Svetlana says:

      Crime Watch Daily show. I am in disbelief. Hey you passed our interviews, you are not guilty, you are free!

      We reached out to Jason for an interview – HE DECLINED but Jason did talk to police.

      Detective Horsley:
      Mr. Zailo and his friend were under intense police SCRUTINY. However, Mr. Zailo was cooperative with police. He also partook in a polygraph exam and HE PASSED.

      Interviewer, Ana Garcia: Is Jason at all under SUSPICION by the police?

      Detective Horsley:
      Based on FORENSIC evidence, TIMELINE of communications, WITNESS testimony, video surveillance, WE KNOW he’s NOT the killer.

      Was he perhaps SOMEHOW INVOLVED in the planning? Well, he SUCCESSFULLY PASSED the polygraph and he successfully took part in all THESE INTERVIEWS with us. So at this point in time, he’s NOT CONSIDERED a suspect.

  24. No says:

    Maybe Jason know the victims(his cooperation with police only for he will not kill her) and the Canadian friend related to the comment in the website .

  25. Svetlana says:


  26. mullings says:

    Boyfriend and his mother is the conspirators, motive is clear, police are not looking into them deep enough.

    • Robin says:

      You say not looking very deep?? Lol how about looking the wrong way completely. Kindergarten cops!!! Chris Hor$ley is still trying to use his shoe as a phone.

  27. Presumption of innocence says:

    A vacant house on a new street, in a quiet neighbourhood, viewing after the sun goes down. A suspicious phone call from a no name client. Needs to buy in two days. Client calls Lindsay not the listing agent. All warning signs that something isn’t right. A manager won’t know every time a realtor in their office has a showing and what the circumstances are, but here this is not the case. If manager Shirley Zailo got a call to show a home under these circumstances would she have gone alone? Lindsay should have been advised to take a back-up realtor with her, and who knows maybe she was. None of this proves the Zailo family had any involvement in Lindsay’s murder, but it does show they are irresponsible and just didn’t care about Lindsay’s well-being. Was Shirley so busy that day that she didn’t see the danger brewing? So many things that happened that night make them look guilty, but are they really? Consider the possibility that they are innocent, and consider the harm that has been done to them by all the speculation. I will reserve judgement until arrests are made and we hear the facts of this case in a court of law.

    • Robin says:

      You just convinced me more of their guilt. You are exactly correct that SZ should have intervened more for Lindsay’s safety but she was the one who set it all up so you can’t be the cat and the mouse at the same time. Who else had all the means to arrange it right at her fingertips? Yes yes yes they are guilty and getting this case to a court of law is the problem. You go ahead and look the other way like the SPD but not me. Why don’t they go on the walks for justice for Lindsay if they are innocent? Why did they decline the Dr. Phil show? Why are they not helping to look for the perpetrators? We hear zippo from them! That is not the way a boyfriend behaves when the girl he loved has been murdered. Why won’t he give his DNA? Why did he lawyer up with slimy BHicup immediately? Birds of a feather flock together.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Bingo Robin. The tricky thing is to have the evidence needed to take it to the prosecutor. When the cops say there is no evidence or DNA then what? I have watched many true stories on Dateline, 48 hours where the criminals were sent to jail on just circumstantial evidence. Whoever killed Lindsay committed overkill so this is a very personal crime. Who in BC has the guts to take this to the prosecutors, perhaps they are on the take too? Disgusting.

      • Svetlana says:

        Lindsay must have fought them and in doing so got DNA under her fingernails and they must have gotten scratched. If someone remembers anyone with scratches they should speak up. Put these vile filthy monsters away for good.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          If they attacked from behind, which I think they did, they could have rendered her helpless to fight back.

      • Presumption of innocence says:

        There is a video that shows the Zailos on the walk in 2011, and Jason spoke to the press on that walk. The family co-operated fully with the police and we’re cleared. You failed to consider that someone else in the Remax office could be involved. Every realtor in that office had the same opportunity to access information. As did the support staff and owners of the company. I don’t consider the Zailos suspects in this murder, and maybe in the end I will be wrong.

        • lbmurder says:

          If I may, you are spreading false information by stating everyone else in the office had access to the same information. Only support staff, management and those working with Lindsay would be entitled to all Lindsay’s information.

        • Robin says:

          Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle!!!! JZ went on a walk in 2011…. let’s do some math.
          2020-2011=9….. holy smoke he went on the walk 9, nine, neuf years ago… JZ please move to the front so you can collect your reward for being boyfriend of the century! You know I am sure any MAN who was innocent of any involvement in the crime I would make it a point to be visible on that walk every single year. Would that not support the fact that you say you “had nothing to do with it” as far as him speaking to the media..yes he mumbled something to the media that really said nothing much considering he is devastated that his girlfriend was murdered and he was suppose to be there to make sure nothing nefarious happened. Yes u r right it could have been someone else in that office, maybe but I doubt it. The Munsters had means, motive and Lily is very connected to Joey DeSousa and his million $$ property. As far as others in that office goes well they are probably scared to help convict the Zailo’s and the Munsters count on their bullying techniques.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Sure, there is a small possibility that someone else from that office “could” be involved. You still don’t clear your most obvious ( those closest to her who also had access to the information required and had relationships with the homeowner of the murder house, the SPD and other people who look like they may have been involved ) suspects.

        • Justice says:

          They were never cleared by SPD. They cooperated and were not considered suspects at the time when the police said that. That does not mean they are cleared. This is an ongoing investigation and until a person is charged, no one will be “cleared” so don’t get confused by that statement. We know Jason took a Poly but that’s all. We do know he lied about several critical points because there are witnesses who have testified in the media to the contrary. The police are basing their investigation on what lying Jason told them because he passed a poly in spite of contrary statements of Lindsay’s friends and coworkers who had nothing to gain by lying. Jason’s lies have never made sense either. These lies are huge red flags to everyone but Horsley, Looser ex-cop pee-tester and his 2 wanna-be minions. Pee-tester said people hide behind pseudonyms. I think he does so he can post here too since nobody visits him, jelly pee-tester.

          • lbmurder says:

            “Passed a poly” is a misnomer.
            According to Craig Samson of Saanich police, then head of Lindsay’s investigation, this is the official wording of Saanich police. Quote Craig Samson.

            “The Zailo family participated in polygraph interviews to our satisfaction at this time”

            That is not passed. Whatever Constable Horsley says in the media, as we now know, is often misdirection, misleading and not entirely accurate. The official statement is the quote above so people have to quit saying they passed, Jason passed etc…., because according to Saanich police that is not the official word. It is the words of wankers. Don’t be one!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      What you have mentioned here is a small drop in the bucket of odd/bizarre/suspicious behavior on the part of the Zailos on the day of and after the vicious, very personal slaughter of Lindsay. Does some of this shout absolute guilt? No. But put it all together and it paints a picture that can’t be ignored and most certainly screams that these people should not have been cleared!

  28. Marcus Landry says:

    Best of luck find these fucking pukes karma will get them but hopefully they get delt with before it all comes around goes around god bless

  29. eight says:

    At the time of Lindsay’s murder, the long-running BC Rail trial was under way. Court filings, including to the Supreme Court were being made regarding secret witnesses. Also at the same time, two prominent people in the Vancouver Island real estate industry were under indictment for bribing a public servant to get land released from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The public servant was not only under indictment for accepting that bribe but was also named in several indictments in matters at hand in the BC Rail trial. (Eerily, given Lindsay’s similar reference to the fake buyers, he referred to Christy Clark’s brother Bruce as “The Mexican” in the transcript of a recorded RCMP wiretap.)

    The assistant special prosecutor in the BC Rail trial is on record as saying the individuals in the ALR trial were waiting to plead until they saw how the BC Rail trial would play out. And that wait appears to have been worth it. Charges against the two prominent real estate chaps were dropped, and their company was fined $200K in October of 2010. But here’s the thing: they couldn’t have known that in February of 2008, when they were staring down the barrel of prison time and the issue of secret witnesses was being litigated in the BC Rail trial. Same goes for the civil servant they bribed. He was in even more of a jam. On page 32 of this link (para #41) he is said by the RCMP to have $870,000 of unexplained income in his bank account:

    Click to access Search_Warrant_App_1068801a.pdf

    He also had personal and family ties to some in the same cast of characters we met in the Beltran saga. One of them was the brother of Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend and apparently was on the BC Rail trial’s witness list for some reason. Another, his cousin, was a drug dealer sentenced in 2008 to nine years in prison in part based on wiretaps from 2003 that may have also been produced as evidence (implicating who knows who in what) in the BC Rail trial had it not been shut down prematurely.

    But the government was so anxious to get the BC Rail trial put to bed without any high-profilers and their skeleton closets called to the stand that it cooked a secret (and illegal) $6.4 million plea deal with the civil servant behind the backs of the special prosecutor and the judge.

    The question that might be asked here is whether this was made possible because somebody had the motive, means, and morals in 2008 to eliminate a witness who saw something she shouldn’t have. A witness that should have been, and expected to be, protected by the Crown perhaps?

    I make no allegation about the individuals actually on trial; they may well have been squeaky clean except for the offences they were being tried on, but there were many in the shadows watching those trials with bated breath. All hoping nothing would come out implicating them. And some with a special interest in what a secret witness might reveal.

    Could Lindsay have interacted with any of the players in the web of that BC Rail or ALR trial to the extent she learned something that troubled her enough to secretly report it? Would she keep that secret from her close circle and even her father if asked to by the authorities, thinking (incorrectly) that those authorities would protect her? Would those same authorities be willing to look hard (or at all) into the many connections between the underworld and the politically and corporate elite and where Lindsay may have unknowingly and inconveniently intersected?

    Until the Saanich police or another investigative body recommends charges against the killers, we the public should feel free to ask any and all questions that come to mind. Because until the police can tell us who did it and why, our guess is as good as theirs.

    • Justice says:

      Lindsay was not a witness or informant anytime or anywhere. She had parted ways with her ex 2 years before. This is all an interesting theory but you have nothing that would make her a threat to anyone but the Zailos. Lindsay had relationships with people
      Who were connected to selling illegal drugs just like all the other girls on Vancouver Island. There is nothing, not one shred of evidence to tie here to a bust of any sort.
      There were several people in the office who are the obvious suspects: The Zailos and Rianne. Who had the enough Influence and resources To set up the plan?? Influence is the key.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        You just described Shirley Zailo.

      • Robin says:

        As interest and annoying as the information on B.C. Rail you just can’t shake the Zailo’s off. Jason’s behaviour on the day Lindsay was murdered cannot be brushed off. The fact that Paul Bergshoeff and Joe DeSousa and SZ had a connection adds upto them. Is it not obvious when JD’s house just happened to be the one Lindsay showed. The requests of the caller would take to that very house and I am sure SZ was hanging around Lindsay the day she got the call to point Lindsay in that very direction. There are many many reasons why you can’t move past the Zailo’s. If you are not aware of them then you will not need to go very far back to come across them. They have been pointed out many times. What about SZ saying she went for a walk with Lindsay and Lindsay said she was scared of Matt, such bullshit. Slightly over planned. The couple who were out of town they happened to give Lindsay’s nbr to people, more bullshit. The odds of winning the 649 are higher than all the occurrences coming together like they did. This has SZ’s mark all over it. These aren’t all the synchronicities either. Maybe the SPD should turn this case over to the Fire Department to get solved.

        Cops aren’t apples. There can be one bad apple in a barrel of good. But if you have one bad cop in a precinct, and 99 cops who don’t call the bad cop out, that’s a hundred bad cops.

        • eight says:

          The possibility that Lindsay discovered something related to money laundering connected to some “elite” members of society and the possibility that the Zailos were involved are not mutually exclusive possibilities.

          There is evidence (provided by her father) that Lindsay discovered something that troubled her and she was unwilling to tell him what it was. It is a fact that she was involved in real estate and was connected to people (including the Zailos) who were connected to many shady individuals who have strong links to high profilers involved in the BC Rail affair. That trial resulted from information gathered in an investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering. It therefore remains a possibility that Lindsay was witness to information dangerous to some and ultimately herself, and to assert with certitude that Lindsay was not a witness or informant anytime or anywhere, is among other things, premature.

          It seems to me that if the goal is to light a fire under the investigative feet of the Saanich police or to have the file transferred to another body, then the individuals who can make that happen will need to become uncomfortable with the status quo. They seem quite comfortable now with public speculation focused on the usual suspects. Asking questions that have not yet been canvassed may jog memories or make someone uncomfortable enough to create some movement and start threads unraveling. The current focus isn’t working.

          • Svetlana says:

            I wonder if Lindsay saw the Camosun office selling leaking condos? Wasn’t it big news at the time? I sure remember those days and that’s all you hear about on the nightly news.

          • Robin says:

            Lead the way 8.

  30. eight says:

    One theory I’ve read online posits that Leo Beltran was led to believe Lindsay was the informant responsible for the investigation and so he moved within a matter of days to plan and personally carry out the killing.

    Did Beltran have motive, means and morals to carry out the murder? You bet. My question is whether he would be reckless enough to do so given the circumstances.

    Knowing that there had obviously been a police investigation into the activities of his crew (even though he had not yet been arrested), he would have had to consider the possibility police were watching him. He would also have to consider that if Lindsay was indeed the informant, the police might be keeping a protective eye on her. Would it be wise then for him to personally and immediately set out from Calgary to unfamiliar territory on Vancouver Island to commit a murder under the possibility that both he and the victim were being surveilled?

    Or would he have felt it wiser to let it be known that the cartel would be looking for some rapid indication that whoever the snitch in the supply chain was, they had been dealt with? Apparently some midnight rousing to that effect did take place according to Sgt. Horsley. That might have prompted whoever the real informant(s) were to find a scapegoat. They would know that Lindsay wasn’t the real snitch and therefore not under police watch, and as time was of the essence in mollifying the cartel they had to act quickly.

    Of course that possibility presents major problems as well. Lindsay was likely to recognize any of the locals, so they couldn’t act as potential buyers. Nor obviously could the real informant, who was known to the police and would surely attract their immediate attention upon Lindsay’s murder.

    Any number of those attached to the drug scene and their acquaintances on the Island could have contacts in Vancouver or elsewhere willing to do a job for a price or to pay off a debt. And some had local contacts in the realty business to facilitate a ruse. But other than Beltran or the real informant(s) who would have a motive connected to the Calgary drug bust?

    Beltran or the real informant(s) had obvious motives but would have had to realize that because of that they would be very conspicuous and immediate suspects. If not already under surveillance both should have been, and should have expected to be in any case.

    It appears then that the Calgary drug bust was probably used at most (if at all) only as convenient cover for some other motive. By someone who had the connections to the underworld and Lindsay’s real estate circumstances necessary to plan and carry out the hit using very few people, and those few being capable of maintaining complete radio silence.

    That someone may have been more connected to the laundering arm of illegal drug operations than the import and sale division. There is a public inquiry under way right now looking into the rampant money laundering that was going on back then. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers are key players necessary for laundering money. Lindsay, by way of her occupation and connections to certain individuals in that industry may have unintentionally entered the laundromat. I wonder how capable the Saanich police are in that area, and whether they have been loathe to look around some corners for fear of what they might find.

    • lbmurder says:

      Time has shown Saanich police are not capable. No question there now. The tricky part is how close is Constable Horsey considering his part time police focus and his success as a real estate entrepreneur financier. Red flag?

      • Rick Larsob says:

        Let’s be honest you have every mother fucker pin pointed and done in . The cops are useless bastards worse than the fucking scum that run the streets shooting up. Except they cost a lot more. Ever wonder why the police and government workers hate being filmed because they are doing fuck all. FUCK ALL useless bastards.

    • Svetlana says:

      If there was money laundering going on at Camosun then there could’ve been a number of agents involved.

      • lbmurder says:

        Don’t forget management and the owner.

      • Robin says:

        IF? C’mon now remove the rose coloured glasses…..The problem is getting the truth from public inquiries. Don’t count on the truth in the Cullen commission either.

    • Following says:

      More often than not it’s the obvious. The fact the boyfriend was there, the mother arrived so quickly, the whole story had a narrative, it’s probably Lindsay saw something, didnt want to marry the guy, she needed to be eliminated to preserve the source of money. It writes like a novel. 10 years ago you could read a lockbox. The lockbox could have told the key story. If the lockbox is still part of evidence it’s going to involve one key access. Whether a copy of the key was made, the times the key was accessed, even lack of any key access tells you the story. Since the novel is so precise you cant help feel there was a rehearsal. The key access would tell you a lot.

      • Retired Detective says:

        Good point Justice.
        When Shirley was asked why Lindsay was afraid of
        Her ex, her response was weird. She said “I don’t know, she was disappointed in the relationship?” It seemed the question Was unexpected and she had not prepared a and couldn’t come up with an answer so she stumbled just like Jason stumbled and the nervousness in his demeanor seemed to intensify when he told DL why he called police, “you know, uh like I went into panic mode, uh like you know”. When some one says “you know” it is a way to try to get them on your side and when someone starts stumbling with an answer, it indicates possible deception. Stating clearly, she didn’t answer phone so after several attempts, we went to the front door and found it locked. We rang the bell but there was no answer so since her shoes and car We’re still at the house, We called the police. But no, lots of stumbling through that part of the interview like Shirley’s answer. The rest of the interviews with J and S were calm even when he described finding Lindsay’s body. Pretty weird if you ask me and I believe that’s why people who saw the episode became seriously suspicious of the Zailos; they may not have known why but subconsciously they sensed deception. So if the majority of the general population sensed Deception then why are the police not? Oh yeah, the poly results show The Zailos are truthful people.

        If someone told me they were afraid of someone, my immediate and unequivocal response would be WHY??? Being disappointed in a relationship is not a legitimate answer to why a person is afraid of an ex.

        • lbmurder says:

          “Passed a poly” is a misnomer.
          According to Craig Samson of Saanich police, then head of Lindsay’s investigation, this is the official wording of Saanich police. Quote Craig Samson.

          “The Zailo family participated in polygraph interviews to our satisfaction at this time”

          That is not passed. Whatever Constable Horsley says in the media, as we now know, is often misdirection, misleading and not entirely accurate. The official statement is the quote above so people have to quit saying they passed, Jason passed etc…., because according to Saanich police that is not the official word. It is the words of wankers. Don’t be one!

  31. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    We all know there is corruption in BC. I think it is pretty clear what happened to Lindsay and by who. What I don’t like is name calling on this site. I assume we are all adults and name calling just make this site less credible. Can we stick to names and not name calling? I support this site but when I have to read posts and posts with name calling I find the posts to be childish. Sorry if you don’t like it but can we just stick to the facts and the real names of those involved? Thanks

    • Robin says:

      Just a Canadian Citizen
      I apologize for offending you but for me I am just calling it as I see it. They are not proving to me in any way that they deserve the titles they are carrying right now. I hate putting lipstick on pigs. Maybe I did get a bit carried away but it sure felt good and even better to see it in print. However I will consider your opinion for sure.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Thanks Robin. I understand the anger and hatred and pain but this is a serious site. I want to read posts that hold up to the standards of being respectful to Lindsay and her family. Name calling takes this site to a lower level and we are all respectful Canadians whether those we spoke of deserve it or not. Thanks.

        • Robin says:

          Just a Canadian Citizen
          Just to be clear I have total respect for Lindsay and her family and this site. That’s a given. Anger, pain, and hate, no chance of any of that over any of them. I always think of my Dad’s quote when thinking of THEM, he said this after we watched the police carrying all those boxes out of the legislature building the night the B.C. Rail scandal broke on the news. “When I see what goes on around me I think I am a GD genius”. Also sorry to tell you I am becoming a disrespectful Canadian because of what goes on in B.C. (Being Corrupt) maybe if I had a hockey bag of money to launder my disrespect could be bought back. Being that Cohen O. is a manager at a B.C. Casino now he could get me at least one of those hockey bags.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            While Just a Canadian Citizen has a good point I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your post Robin and I think that you are bang on with your points and the direction of your sarcasm.

            • Robin says:

              I laughed while writing that post and I did enjoy the truthful feelings it brought to my gut however I also know better and my Mom would be appalled. I agree thst JACC had a point too. However………………………….
              Politicians and Police are a very frustrating bunch. It becomes very frustrating when they do not answer questions from the people who pay them. I’ve lost faith in the system that does not act with honesty and integrity which is what has happened in B.C.
              Why are politicians hiding the details of the B.C. Rail Scandal from the people of this province? Obviously because the public would be outraged at the details. This information belongs to all of us and any government that hides details from the people is a dictatorship. I despise the Liberals and now the NDP for covering up deceitful behaviour of criminals, this is criminal behaviour all by itself.
              I know for a fact how many people have written our politicians and SPD about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and they haven’t even got the decency to respond. With so many people questioning the going ons the least they could do is remove Lindsay’s case from the Saanich Police after 12 yrs of nothingness. They at least owe that to Lindsay, her family and the public. If they can’t have arrests in 12 yrs it is obvious they need an intervention. With what the politicians have allowed to go on in B.C. why would we trust police or government, look how Rich Coleman has slinked away now that the public are onto him. When was the last time Gordon Campbell poked his head out of his ass? The public are ignored! It is insanity. I’m real tired of it hence my post full of name calling and swearing. I’m tired of not being listened to, I’m disgusted that we have to fight for the police and government to get a handle on Lindsay’s unsolved murder, there is a cover up going on here, what else could it be with what we are witnessing all around us. If we can’t get justice for a young women who was viciously murdered by criminals in 12 years what’s the point of being in a civilized society? To any people who have a daughter how would you feel if it was your daughter that was lured to her job and viciously MURDERED? Why aren’t the police and politicians doing more for Lindsay and her family? What about all the other murdered and missing women in B.C.?
              I respect JACC and Jeff’s site and everyone else too enough that I know I was out of line with name calling and lack of respect for those men but maybe they’ll listen to that, they aren’t listening to rational, appropriate language and proper titles. I know the police and politicians can do way more to see that we, the people see justice for deadbeats who think murdering someone is ok so get doing it! I do not want to live amongst people who are capable of ruining the lives of so many people. How do you think Lindsay felt knowing the end of her life was near and her death would be what her family would be confronted with soon? You can bet that thought crossed her mind when she realized or was told she was going to be killed. The gut feelings she had been getting since she took those phony calls came together then. She was betrayed by people who had pretended to care about her. She had just had lunch with one of them. There is a place for psychopaths that can go that far and it is called JAIL. Put them there FFS.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                I laughed when I read your post too. I agree with everything you have said. The most damning aspect of this case imo is the clearing of the whole Zailo family early on in the investigation. Who does that? Everyone knows, and I hope the police would be part of that, that the people closest to a murder victim are your most likely suspects. Especially a murder with the kind of personal over kill that you see here. The SPD seem to have forgotten who they work for. Hint: It is not the Zailos. They either need to unclear the Zailos or make some arrests. NOW WOULD BE GOOD.

          • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

            I can’t imagine the heartache this family has gone through. We need to find a way to get this declared a cold case. I don’t live in BC but I believe there is alot of illegal actions going on in all of the provinces. Honestly besides all the letters, this site, the petition I have no answer how to get through to anyone in charge. This truly breaks my heart.

  32. Rosanne says:

    These two items appeared back to back in my newsfeed. What has this got to do with Lindsay?

    There are some very strange coincidences. The first article states how money laundering with mortgages is happening,

    ” Making a connection between criminals and real estate.
    Canadian banks offer ‘one-stop shopping’ for money … 25, 2020 ”

    This second podcast is very interesting and more coincidences. This case is 18 years old and unsolved. The police apparently know what happened but it remains an open case and they seem to be waiting for some kind of confession. The main suspect comes from ” a prominent real estate family,” So the police somehow back off on him. Heavy criminals are also quickly brought into this case.

    “Case of missing Nanaimo woman inspires new true crime …
    Nanaimo News Bulletin-May 26, 2020”

    When did Real Estate, Police, Criminals become connected and why when a murder takes place with all 3 elements does it seem that some pretty influential eyes are turning away? The police on their own without help higher up the power chain could not get away with this crap! The banks on their own could not either! Real Estate is regulated and watched, how can they literally get away with murder?

    My personal experience with real estate has been with a few real nice ladies who probably have never had a traffic ticket. What the heck is going on here?

    • Following says:

      I completely agree. A real estate forensic of Shirley’s business wouldnt be a waste of time. Number of all cash deals, lists of repeat buyers and sellers, spacing of those purchases, profits made, losses made, closing statements and bank trading of funds. If there was a sudden pause just before Lindsay’s death in all cash deals and then a resumption of all cash deals. Electronic access to lockbox records. This was a well written script that obviously had planning. If there is an all cash transaction gap and a resumption after her death, that’s telling. Wouldnt be surprised if SZ did it herself

    • Robin says:

      Money, money, Money, dirty money, drugs, money, inflated real estate prices, dirty money, Hong Kong going back to China, dirty money, shifty real estate owners/managers, Rmx Camosun, criminal minds, politicians, power, dirty money, police, dirty money, dirty, dirty money, drugs, drugs, drugs, dirty money, on and on and on…… lack of morals, shifty, selfish people, connections, liars, cheaters, murderers, money, money, money, DIRTY money, connections. That’s how and why they can get away with murder. BUT they aren’t going to get away with murder because we are here a long time not a good time.

  33. EyeWitness says:

    HEY COHEN!! Didn’t you find it strange that your buddy drove away from the house not once but TWO times? First time, Second time. One, Two. Secret messages?
    You witnessed it. You were there.

    • Robin says:

      And Cohen you know don’t you, but u are bullied into silence aren’t you? Must be awful to look that POS everyday knowing he used you as his scapegoat. What goes around will surely come around. How ya sleeping at night Cohen?

      • Blackjack says:

        In January 2008 he started working for Dominion Lending Centres Inc., for 6 years as a mortgage broker. That’s right before Lindsay was murdered.
        Then he worked for Mortgage Alliance and Zilla Mortgages, again as a broker
        this very year when he becomes a General Manager for the CASINO.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I thought his association with Jason was mostly through hockey. Interesting that he joined up with them professionally just before Lindsay’s murder. What was he doing for a living before that?

        • Robin says:

          So good old Cohen has been promoted by the dirty people, interesting. Did you say MANAGER of a casino, lol, an effd
          up corrupt B.C. casino… the ones where you can get a hockey bag of cash to mess around with? Holy FK… hey SPD, Chris Hor$ley, Chief WTF, Detective who gives a FK, Mayor Fkface, Premier fkhead, AG David, ignoring all U FK heads, P$ Minister Mike, fk it all…… WAKE THE FUCK UP, who’s running this shit show of a province the LIBERALS?
          This is a bloody script for TV right before my GD eyes. How was it that none of you were born with balls? Aren’t ya all pathetic, weak men!

          • see closely says:

            What you conveniently omitted from your opinion is that the government of BC for the last three years is NDP in cohort together with its Green party’s a** lickers.That put your opinion and bias in right perspective.

            • Robin says:

              I could have continued on believe me with every politician but I think we all know the history of the Liberal government in B.C. my point being really just who are any of them looking after way up there at the top. They can’t possibly be oblivious to what is going on with Lindsay’s unsolved murder so just who the fuck are they serving? I have tried over and over to get the attention of all these so called MEN at not one has enough balls to confront a serious issue like MURDER of a young woman who was just beginning to put her life together on her terms. These men and all politicians need to be called out on this, they are all looking the other way on purpose. They are disgusting sheep posing as men in suits. Wimps effin wimps.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            If this information about Cohen is correct it really does complete the script. How is it that the SPD have gotten away with clearing these people? And so quickly into the investigation?

          • Justice says:

            Thanks for speaking the truth!!
            They have balls but they like the money more than justice.

      • Jus cause says:

        I’m guessing night time is the time it creeps into your thoughts… feet get sweaty 🥵 you wonder. replay in your mind … gotta be awful

        • Robin says:

          Yup I bet hey Cohen. The nights must be awfully restless for ya. I guess both you and Lindsay learned a real tough lesson about getting involved with the Zailo’s. The wolves in sheep’s clothing family. I bet ya Jason asked ya if you wanted a job at Dominion lending too hey Cohen, they were plotting Lindsay’s murder I bet by November 2007. You played right into their dirty, grimy hands CO. FO CO

  34. Felicia says:

    Lindsay Buziak knew too much information about the drug break in Calgary of that year. She knew that her boyfriend was a part of the gang that was busted and the gang was worried that she knew too much and would call the cops. The boyfriend hired the lady in the colourful dress and the man to kill Lindsay while acting as buyers. This is how her boyfriend knew where to find her after she buttdialed him during her murder. He didn’t look around, he ran straight to the master bedroom where she was killed. He was a mastermind and knew exactly how to make himself seem completely innocent.

    • Robin says:

      You seem very sure of what you say. Where did you get your information from please? OR is this your opinion from watching shows and reading what is in the media.

    • Svetlana says:

      He knew she was at that house so he was not trying to find her – not sure where you got that statement from which makes no sense about buttdialing him. And people should stop using that term buttdial – it is POCKET DIAL.

  35. Concerned says:

    You should speak to Sharon Price. She owns and operates a few BnB’s on Trutch street, and had rented to the men who were arrested in SK for human trafficking earlier this year. These men were also selling cocaine and there have been some people speculating that these men and the woman they were arrested with may have had something to do with Lidsay’s murder. As we all know Lindsay said she “saw something she shouldn’t have” and unfortunately there is a strong feeling amping the community that she saw something regarding drugs (either buying, selling, or influential people taking them – maybe something worse). I hope that Saanich police will actually investigate this horrific murder as her family deserves to know what happened, and the people responsible for this crime should be brought to justice.

    • lbmurder says:

      It is also believed that Saanich police May have been involved in what Lindsay saw that was criminal in nature. Saanich police have been very quiet about this tragedy and try to hide everything about it including details and protecting key suspects while attacking and discrediting Lindsay’s father.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        This makes the most sense as to why this case has been buried so nefariously by Saanich police. She saw something that implicated them and whatever it was must’ve been serious fucking shit for them to be so obviously in on this coverup.

        • Magdelina says:

          I believe ur 💯% right. It makes so much sense. I’ve been reading and watching the same shows over and over, believing its so solvable, now I believe this is the reason why!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          This makes total sense. It explains a lot such as the location of the murder ( Saanich ) making it within their jurisdiction. The day the murder took place ( the day after the retirements of their most experienced homicide detectives. Why this case has been headed by the same police officer that has been unable to solve it after all these years. Their refusal to declare this a cold case after way too many years of it not being solved by their police department. The conflicting information given out by that same police officer. The completely unorthodox visit that Jeff received from again that same police officer who illegally directed his side kick to not identify himself.

        • Justice says:

          Yes that is the best way to describe it, Chris Horsley buried the case and to protect who and why??

    • Svetlana says:

      They wanted easy money in the criminal world BUT these men were about 10 years old at the time of Lindsay’s murder in 2008, with the exception of the Iranian woman Shermineh Sheri Ziaee who was 24 at the time. I think they’ll be doing jail time in Saskatoon. lol

      “Those facing charges include Victoria resident Shawn Alexander Kelly, who is facing five charges, Nanaimo resident Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi, who is facing five charges, Nanaimo resident Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi, who is facing five charges, and Victoria resident Shermineh Sheri Ziaee, who is is facing six charges.”

  36. Robin says:

    New podcast today about Lindsay’s unsolved murder. This is very well done. We hear more from the perspective of a family member and what it is like to endure such a loss. I believe we have all become numb to the number of unsolved murders in Canada. We can not accept this as the new “Norm”. Murder in unacceptable in our society, who are these losers that think they can take people away from their families? Why are they sharing the earth with the rest of us? Where THE HELL are the politicians and our supposed justice system allowing this scenario to continue and grow? At least enforce justice and the laws existing on criminals rather than turn a blind eye as in Lindsay’s unsolved murder .
    It’s been 12 years since Lindsay was viciously murdered and where is this investigation exactly? Obviously the Saanich Police can’t get Lindsay and her family justice so I say “Time UP” give the file to the police that can get arrests, why is that too much to ask? That is the least that should be done after this amount of time. Good grief!

    • Rosanne says:

      The depth of this tragedy comes through in every word of this podcast. Frustration and disgust for how this victim and her family have been treated and their inability to get answers or help, is growing beyond the pain of a horrible murder. Canada, British Columbia and Saanich we have to be able to do better than this!

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Just listened to the new podcast. Great job Jeff for sharing your personal side. Those of us with empathy will want to help even more. This so needs to be declared a cold case.

  37. see closely says:

    While we are back in fairly recent history.
    Apparently,sometimes, in 2008 in the semi secret judicial trial,the judge committed one male person to Coquitlam’s Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.The information about this person,s name and the reason for his incarceration(a protective custody?)was prevented from coming out in public.
    Could this person be the one SPD referred to when they said that they are waiting for a confession?

  38. Robin says:

    For some reason I can not get the URL for part 1 however it is available at the end of part 2.

  39. Jus cause says:

    And jus like that justice has silenced us all…. jus sayin…

    • Svetlana says:


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