Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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6,496 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Svetlana says:

    We need to ask Katie Derosa of The Victoria Times Colonist to do another report. Seems like there’s a lot of things the police couldn’t say…

    On February 3, 2010 she wrote:

    Saanich police insist the murder of 24-year-old real estate agent Lindsay Buziak is _not at risk_ of becoming a cold case.

    Fast _could not say _whether the department would ask for help from the major crime unit,

    “We’re not at that brick wall yet,” said Saanich police spokeswoman Sgt. Julie Fast. “We believe _there is more information_ out there.”

    “We _don’t wait_ for something to become a cold case before sparking a review,” Fast said

    Investigators have identified _a number of people of interest_ and interviewed hundreds.

    Fast _would not say_ if police have found the cellphone, which was deactivated shortly after the murder.

    Police _have not said_ whether the two people were seen near the home where Buziak was killed. _Nor have they said_ whether a murder weapon was found or if they were able to obtain the suspect’s DNA evidence from the scene.

  2. Svetlana says:

    Who are the first two people in the back of the photo?×420

  3. Frank Columbo says:

    Can anybody in the Calgary area help Jeff out he needs to send a DVD through the internet to the U.S. he needs a little expertise to make the video into something that can be sent maybe via e-mail. Maybe upload to youtube ?

    • originalAnon says:

      How many minutes is the DVD he wants to convert? There is online software he can download to his computer. Here is one from google search
      I always prepare my videos using Movie Maker which came free with my Windows software (don’t remember if its home or business version). If Jeff has a Mac rather than PC (I don’t have Mac), I am not going to be of much more help. But yes, if he converts the DVD (which I have also done through a first aid store like Walgreens, CVS, etc.) he can upload that to youtube and either unlist it and just share by link to select people or make it public and let everyone see it.

    • anon says:

      There are several ways to go about:
      1. You can upload it onto – it sends the DVD file directly to the recipient’s email (probably the most secured and fastest method that I know of).

      2. You can upload the file onto Google Drive and share the link from there.

      3. Of course, you have YouTube, Vimeo, etc. where you can encrypt the video and forward it over.

      As long as you can “burn” a soft copy of the DVD, you can pretty much upload to a few platforms and email/share the link.

      Hope it helps.

  4. Jus cause says:

    Odd or just a coincidence …. watching tv tonight I was watching csi Vegas and the character was Svetlana originally aired 2005-02-02 nesting dolls likely nothing but…

    • Svetlana says:

      I think the name was Svitlana. You got me intrigued. I must watch this show.

      The police SKETCH. I think the police forensics might have a match but they aren’t 100% sure as it is, after all, just a sketch based on a description by a witness so not all the features are accurate. Understanding this, I think it looks a lot like Michelle Lum.

      This witness is probably protected. Were they shown some real photos of the suspects to match what they saw?

      • Justice says:

        Protected, are you kidding me??? No one Other than the SPD is allowed to talk to them. PIs have been Threatened with loosing their license if they try to talk to any witnesses. We do not know if they even exist at this point. Maybe they don’t and that’s why the PIs were threatened so they don’t find out. I think they got the description from Jason himself and only Jason. If there was a witness in the neighborhood, they got the description the same night. When you see all the police activity in a neighboring house, you go out and talk to police officers on the scene to find out what happened. They (SPD) are incompetent corrupt liars. I still can not come up with a reasonable explanation As to why they waited a full year to release the drawing?? It is standard to release it immediately so the public can report seeing them before they forget or before the criminal gets To far away. That Fugly dress would have sparked a memory or two. Yes Shirley, your taste in clothing Like this one and your zebra dress is FUGLY. After one year, memories fade. Now we have amber alerts that go out immediately. I call BS on The existence of a woman witness and waiting One year to release the drawing. Jason got a good look at the man. Where is that drawing?? Oh yeah, they are waiting until 20 years to release that one Incase we forgot about the case. Lol, we won’t ever forget.

        • Svetlana says:

          I am getting sick of this police dept. How can they not release the suspect, which we all know who it is. If we feel like this, I can’t imagine the father. It’s just horrible. Probably even the wives and husbands and families of these officers know!

      • Jus cause says:

        Svetlana I am beginning too like you…

  5. anon says:

    Without a doubt, someone has a personal grudge with Lindsay to commit such a heinous crime. Where Lindsay’s body was found, it’s highly suggestive that all was planned out carefully such that they could clean up the scene easily (in the bathroom). They probably worked as a duo; one distracting Lindsay whilst the other must have been preparing the attack. If not, there may have been more than two of them at any one time. The others could have hid in the house waiting for Lindsay’s arrival. No professional hitman would stab the target over 40 times, that only leaves behind more evidence.

    Could it be a case of jealousy that spiral out of control or it was something deeply personal involving Jason and his mother? Maybe Lindsay knew something she wasn’t supposed to. Her existence could post a threat to the perpetrators (or Jason and his mother). Obviously, if it were Jason and his mother, they have hired some “Mexican/Spanish” couple to do it. Given the fact, Shirley Zailo, is wealthy and have connections in the city.

    It’s also very telling that the caller mentioned that “a previous client have passed on her number” to her. This only further proves that the caller has access to Lindsay’s work history. It concerns me that Lindsay could tell she’s in some sort of danger and even took the extra mile to call her father. For her to question the caller’s intentions to this extent, it must have alerted her of her safety. I can’t help but question what exactly does Lindsay know. This dark secret have cost her her life.

    It bothered me how sloppy Jason and Shirley Zailo was throughout the ordeal. Arriving late at the scene, pressuring Cohen Oatmen for dinner, checking directions with his brother, his mother coming by foot, etc.

    It didn’t felt right to me when Lindsay have raised concerns for her own safety, instead Jason brushed it off telling her to “take on the client for the high commission” How in the hell any man would do that to their partner?

    These are some pressing questions I have:

    1. Why did Jason not turn up immediately when he is aware of Lindsay’s concern?

    2. Why did he had to reassure her over the phone rather than accompanied her? It’s almost like he knew the couple were going to turn up.

    3. Did Jason voluntarily took a polygraph to prove his innocence?

    4. Did any of the suspects travelled to Vancouver when the cellphone was first purchased?

    5. Why did the Zailos disregarded their relationship with Zachary “Ziggy” Matheson? Did the police investigate this further?

    In my personal opinion, it all seem a tad too convenient. Since the killers could not contact Jason directly, they had to open the front door to signal to Jason that “it’s done.” The way Jason parked his vehicle suggest that ONLY he could see the door of the house on his rear view mirror. I bet when Shirley arrived by foot, the perpetrators were already cleaning up and changing at her house. I don’t think the killers were have travelled far within the day. Someone must have helped them escaped the crime scene and facilitated their house as a hideout. Lindsay have always wanted to break up with Jason because he was being overly possessive. Lindsay never felt comfortable that the Zailos have had dealings with Zachary “Ziggy” Matheson. I read somewhere that she tried to contact an old acquaintance of her ex, Erickson del Alcazar. I’m certain she wanted to uncover the truth behind the Zailos by soliciting information from Erickson. This could have complicated things for her and the Zailos must have decided to hire the couple to eliminate her since she was planning on leaving him. I feel Shirley may have been the mastermind behind this scheme.

    • originalAnon says:

      As flattered as I am that someone had the wherewithal to steal my moniker (anon), the above post is not from me. Wow. Did I just receive the biggest insight yet into this case. The killer (s) and their accomplices were right. We all here suck at solving murder. But now I can finally tie Jason Zailo to this case with the real motive once and for all. He’d better be ready to give his confession to the Saanich police now.
      Lindsay Buziak’s Murder: Dream House or Case of the Rock
      Everything we have always said about Jason and his family is right with one exception. We’re missing the engagement ring.
      The ring that Jason proposed with.
      That is what Lindsay wanted to tell her father “I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen”. Not drugs, not drug money or anything else illicit. It was a HUGE engagement ring that Jason was going to propose to her with just as she was thinking about leaving him.
      Lindsay knew he was the possessive jealous type and after she saw this engagement ring she looked up her ex-boyfriend Matt because she wasn’t sure how she was going to say no to Jason and leave him once and for all before the situation got too crazy.
      – There was a before: when she and Jason were dating and living together.
      – A during: when she was thinking about leaving him but he was getting ready to propose and an
      – after: when she saw this HUGE engagement ring and planned how she was going to back out- things were happening way too fast and she wanted to focus on her career. At 24 she still had plenty to time to get engaged to anyone. It did not have to be Jason.
      Someone smart like Lindsay would have reasoned if she accepted that engagement ring it would be all over. Jason and his family would be more vicious if she had accepted the ring and then broken things off later. What Lindsay didn’t realize is that by turning the ring down that would also lead to the Zailo family taking a hit to their pride.
      Jason proposed to her with a huge ring and she politely told him “no”.
      That’s when he started to plot to kill her. All this took place between Halloween in 2007 up to the night she was murdered on February 2nd 2008.
      We need to find the ring or evidence of the ring purchase and Jason Zailo is cooked. That’s all there is to it.
      All we need is one photo of the ring, one receipt for the ring purchase, or one eye witness that saw Jason either buying the ring or anywhere with the ring (storing, having a friend hang on to it, etc.). I don’t have the impression it was an heirloom ring, but if it was that could also explain why Shirley would get involved in the murder other than to protect her son (s). Buying it in Saanich would be too obvious and of course, they’re (Zailos) the type to try to make a big purchase like that with cash so they can negotiate a discount. So the purchase may have taken place either in Vancouver or Whistler. The proposal would have either been on Lindsay’s birthday in 2007, or on that last vacation with the Zailo family in Whistler.
      It would have been a huge blow to Jason’s ego if she turned him down, likewise with the rest of the Zailo family.

      • Justice says:

        Although I agree that the Zailos are complicit, I don’t believe turning down an engagement ring would spark the intention to commit murder if they already knew Lindsay planned on leaving their dirty little clan. People with money, power, Multiple $miii properties, multiple 100k speedboats and luxury cars, plus connections to law enforcement agencies, think they have control of everyone and everything. In this case, they do. Police continue to turn a blind eye. I wonder how it feels to be aN honest member of law enforcement having to Sit by and watch as the criminals Control the senior members of the police force. It is amazing how people can Publicly get away with murder And even treason if politics are involved. Public sentiment will have zero effect on an arrest until the people who are gaining from it are gone. We know who murdered Lindsay. We know high level people in the SPD are responsible for covering for the murderers and conspirators. Horsley will probably become the next chief of police Ugggghhhh. We can keep the spotlight on them until the arrogant SOBs slip up and get caught in their dark little webs. They may be winning in the courts but they are loosing in the public sector. They are pariahs in Our society. The only respect they get is from low life criminals that they do business with. Respectable people Fear and shun them. Even in light of the petition with thousands of signatures, the case sits in a box, collecting dust.

        • originalAnon says:

          Jason risked pissing off his own family by being with Lindsay to begin with. Mom had the two boys under control (Jason and Ryan) they both went gaga over the same woman: Lindsay. First Ryan then Jason. Jason ends up being the victor. It would help to know if Jason was the older or younger brother of Ryan. This would add important facts to the mix. If Jasons the younger brother, it would have been a coup. But if Jasons the older brother, it’s a non issue. If Jasons the younger brother, he gets more emotional, financial, psychological pressure from Mom and older brother. If Jasons the older brother, he puts pressure on Mom (as the man of the house since there appears to be no father) and puts pressure on Ryan. If Jasons the older brother and proposed to Lindsay, and she turns him down-this would infuriate him- even more embarrassing and infuriating if he proposed in front of friends and family. She then becomes “‘dat *itch” rather than the love of his life. People may have laughed and said “I told you so”. You don’t think that would drive someone to kill? The Zailos believing that Lindsay made a fool out of them? not just individually but collectively? Even as she’s telling Shirley neither of her sons are good enough for her, and by the way I don’t want you for a mother in law either? There’s got to be a reason rather than an every day break up and break off from a possessive family….the only other motive from the Zailos that I can think of would have been some type of insurance policy that they may have taken out on Lindsay which none of us have evidence of.

          • Svetlana says:

            If there was an insurance policy, someone must surely know this dirty secret? The workers at the insurance company? I think someone can have a life insurance on themself without having knowledge of it.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Motive? What if Lindsay saw something that put her life in peril. What if that something that she saw could bring down the family’s way of living if she was to leave the family fold? Maybe even put them in jail. She knew she had ” seen something ” that she shouldn’t have and was very concerned about it. There is your motive.

          • Justice says:

            Theories are like assholes. Everyone has one including the SPF. What we do not have are solutions. Let’s
            Focus on finding a solution to getting the case out of the grip of the incompetent SPD since the refuse to let it go. All avenues have not been exhausted. Ask your friends to sign the petition that Jeff’s friend started. Let’s get 10,000 signatures. Then 10,000 people should email the dick who said we should go talk to the police complaint board. This story needs to stay in the media. We need to keep the pressure on. Do you see the people in the US obeying governors who are ordering them to lock down when it is ridiculous. So we need to keep at it. Let’s focus on solutions, not arguing about or posting unfounded and with due respect, ridiculous theories.

      • Robin says:

        Anon…… NO..unless it was a stolen diamond from Elizabeth Taylor’s estate that was too hot for even the Zailo’s to handle. Try selling that story to a fairytale gone wrong not here.

        • originalAnon says:

          Robin: I am guessing that the police would have never questioned Jason about the possibility of any engagement ring because the police in Saanich as I am reading do not have it together enough to ask those kinds of questions. If Jason is to be ruled in or out as a suspect, a motive must be realized. That motive is physical not mental- its either money, drugs, a ring, a house or a something. Because there appears to have been more than one killer involved. Why or who would collude with Jason over something as dumb as you broke up with your girlfriend? Do you think someone- like Cohen Oatman- would go down for accessory to murder just because Lindsay wanted to break up with Jason?! You gotta be kidding me. There has to be something more to it. A break up is not a motive unless Jason orchestrated everything alone and then told his mom after the fact to help him cover it up. In that case Cohen Oatman would have been involved unknowingly in their drama and then asked to keep quite on a few details. That would mean Lindsay was killed before she got to 1702 DeSousa and then propped up – or in other words “Stage’d” there on the second floor- dead long before the 5:30pm hour that the police have agreed on. The only people that would use a home for staging are other realtors, those who work for realtors (that do furniture staging) or murders who do not want to get caught. So ask this question: is the home at 1702 DeSousa the actual murder scene? or were the killer so sophisticated that they staged the house to look that way (like the scene of the murder)? when in reality no murder ever took place there? It would be natural or logical that if a team of killers or a few individuals never wanted to get caught they would consider the few places that their target (in this case Lindsay) would go. So that when all was said and done it looks as if Lindsay got killed at work when it reality it could have been a golf course, a restaurant, her own home, a neighbors house, the beach, inside a car, at SHC, the realty office or even in Whistler? What evidence – besides the word of the police and Jason Zailo – do we have that she was actually murdered at 1702 DeSousa? Has anyone seen the medical report? Does a medical report even exist?

          • Jus cause says:

            Interesting theory…….

            • Robin says:

              Complicated nonsense theory. Whistler? Beach? SHC? Inside a car? 🙄
              Lindsay saw something that was dangerously illegal. Drugs, money laundering? Real estate fraud, mortgage fraud. Whatever it was it risked people’s lifestyle and income and would throw them all in jail if discovered. The fact that Lindsay wanted to not be part of the Munsters deeply insulted Lilly, Herman and Eddy. This murder most likely happened around 5 pm. JD lured Lindsay into the house on the pretence of showing her something. Lock box was not accessed. Lilly and Herman waited upstairs. JD lured Lindsay right to them then left. The couple were decoys meeting Marilyn at 5:30 in front of the house. CO was Herman’s alibi. He did not know he would be used like that and has been threatened to keep his mouth shut or else his happy family won’t be so happy. This vicious murder was all put together by Lilly. Herman was told over and over what his role demanded of him. Lilly was also jealous of Marilyn’s beauty, kind heart and the fact she was adored by everyone. The Munster’s wanted to buy some of that charm to make them look like the Brady Bunch. Lilly Herman and Eddy had motive, means, cold hearts mixed with psychopathic personalities that allowed them to be cold blooded killers. The murders, decoy couple and faux Lindsay left thru the kicked in fence that was kicked in specifically for the escape to neighbour TShein’s. TShein waited to drive them out of area or to Michelle Lum’s then took the couple to ferry to get on ferry that his oldest son was getting off of. Couple took phone, weapon, and all evidence from house onto ferry. They got rid of all evidence in different parts of Vancouver that night.
              Lilly tried to keep this as simple as she possibly could and only had the sleaziest cold hearted people she knew in on this savage murder of the girl she was crazy jealous of.
              Something like this is what happened IMO. Lilly had to organize this murder to be as simple as possible because Herman had to get it right without help of fellow Munsters this time. Poor Herman is a bit simple himself ya know.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Bang on imo.

              • originalAnon says:

                For the purposes of getting the murderer (s) of Lindsay arrested, it’s probably better to use the proper names of the parties. Don’t you think?

              • Wyatt says:

                Bang on Robin! How many times do we have to explain this murder? As for OriginalAnon”s theory of murdered elsewhere…. just how does that explain the blood bath? Some inspector Clueless’s need to go back to class.

          • Svetlana says:

            What happened after Jason and Lindsay left the restaurant? They each had a car I am presuming. But did they go to the restaurant with one car or met there in separate cars? Were there cameras at the condo or in the garage?

            What was Shirley’s alibi? Ryan’s alibi?

          • Svetlana says:

            @originalAnon, Most likely someone killed Lindsay before and that they just brought her body to the De Souza house, pretending to be workers and bringing in something from the broken fence,

            Either she was at the restaurant with Jason and they went “back home”, maybe to go to Shirley’s and Ryan’s place because she offered to go with her to the house. This is mostly likely scenario.

            OR it wasn’t her at the restaurant. Did any of those waiters or waitresses talk to Jeff or the police?

            Did the police even get a warrant to check the Zailo’s house from top to bottom?

            • originalAnon says:

              My gut instinct about the afternoon of Lindsays murder is that the restaurant (Sauce) was empty and may have even been closed. That was from reading the closing article from one of the owners (the Chef) that was saying there was a period of time when they were very busy and then business dwindled to the point of closure. The business (Sauce) was resurrected and kept going but did not stay open too long after Lindsays murder.
              I liked the comment from someone earlier that said they were wondering if Jason and Lindsay left Sauce in one car and split into 2. Or if they both arrived in their own car and then both left in their own car. I am not sure that specific information exists outside a police file or even in one.
              It was a bar restaurant, so even if the place was open it could not have been that busy on a Saturday afternoon.
              I do not think too many Canadians are into American (pigskin) football. So what could have been on the television at the bar that would have attracted anyone to that watering hole at that time of day?
              Think about it: Jason (and Sauce?) claim it was after lunch hours but before dinner hours. Senior Citizens don’t eat dinner that early so it would have been just your local barflys.
              Late sleepers on Saturday don’t eat lunch that late- a brunch would go from 10am to 2pm.
              That whole time period is either a whopping lie or there was just no one there.
              Skeleton crew because of shift changes. Right? Server A would have been getting off her shift at 2? and then server B would have taken over?
              The scene was described as a “late lunch”. How the hell late can you get? it was between a late lunch and an early dinner. If I was a Saanich cop I would be asking “So if that was a late lunch Jason, tell me what you had for breakfast. And then tell me what you ended up eating for dinner that night after you discovered Lindsays body?” Jason as I understand is a fairly hearty stout guy and him being into sports, those guys can eat. There’s no way he missed breakfast even sleeping in drunk from the night before. And for him to say he was asking Cohen Oatman to eat dinner with him only a few short hours after he and Lindsay supposedly ate at Sauce is suspicious as well. Do we really eat big before a hockey game? Or after? Do we really miss your girlfriends best friends birthday party that night to hang out with some dude you opened a mortgage business with? Was he dating her or him? That’d definitely be something you shouldn’t have seen.

              • Svetlana says:

                Jason could be bisexual.

                • Robin says:

                  You know Svetlana you might have something there. JZ use to sell steroids with Ross Addicott who is definitely bi-sexual. JZ and RA could have very well been joined in a bisexual lovefest. Now that u mention it I am thinking maybe Lindsay caught them in bed together? Could that be what Lindsay was not suppose to see? Oh-oh Lilly won’t become a Grandmama that way will she?

                  • Svetlana says:

                    If this is what she saw, then she’d be too embarrassed to tell her family. On the other hand, she could’ve have mentioned his dark secret to her close friend(s).

                  • ConnectTheDots says:

                    It’s entirely possible but I don’t think that is what Lindsay “saw”. If she had stumbled in on that she would not have had the same concern about her life being in danger as I think she did. What ever it was that she saw she knew instantly that she could not say anything to anyone about it, even her dad. This tells me that she knew that this was a very, very serious situation that had already put her in danger and if she were to tell anyone it could put them in danger also. She could not help but tell her dad that she had seen something she shouldn’t have. She was very concerned about it but would not go so far as to tell him what it was. She was hoping to be able to deal with it herself. She had two choices. Stay beholden to this family forever or get out of the relationship now and hope that they let her go on with her life. She was working on doing that but unfortunately for Lindsay, she was overheard telling a friend about her plans. I think they decided they couldn’t let her go. Too much risk for them and a huge dollop of jealousy and petty personal anger as well.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  What on earth could this possibly have to do with the price of tea in China?

            • Robin says:

              No one is going to move a body around from place to place, that is crazy talk.

            • Justice says:

              The comments here are going off the rails. Posting nonsense for the sake of posting is not going to help solve this horrible murder. This site has attracted a few intelligent people who are genuine and actually helping. The rest are just people who want to see their wacky posts on the internet. Get a life or try to pull together a few intelligent thoughts wackos. You have enough information from the police to know your wacko nonsense theories are not possible. If you don’t know the facts, go read about them, use some rational thought and then come back. We know what happened. That isn’t a question. How to get the case moved to other more competent and non-corrupt investigators Is what is needed. Can you help with this? If you are unable to stop your compulsive nonsensical posting, go find another site to identify with. There are plenty of sites out there that need someone to help them with theories. This case is Most probably, just another woman murdered by her BF because she wanted to leave him. It is the most common reason a law abiding and productive woman dies Each and everyday. The only unusual thing here is the Set-up, the elaborate plan Used to Make a fool out of the victim and to make it look like someone else did it. That plan fortunately points back to the BF and his colluding family and maybe the SPD. So stop with all the nonsense. Besides talking theory and gibberish, what can you do to help? Please think about it and come back with some suggestions. The credibility of this site has been brought to the public’s attention. Let’s be responsible.

    • originalAnon says:

      Were the demographics in Saanich,Victoria that much different from 2008 till 2016? I am looking at the demographics report online for 2016 and it states that in Saanich the percent minorities combined is just 22% of the entire population so around 1/4. With “Mexicans” or Latinos being around .7% of that or somewhere in the middle of all minority groups. So it would have been unusual for realtor to receive a call from a Latino minority, or anyone with a different accent, to ask to look at a house in a million dollar neighborhood. The verdict has been that it was a fake accent but who would be dumb enough to use that, given that it would be unusual to begin with? Didn’t they think Lindsay would find the accent odd?

      • Robin says:

        Lilly the answer is Lilly would use an accent! Lindsay did find it odd! Maybe take the time to read the comment from Justice which is right above yours. Just because you think it doesn’t mean you post it.

  6. Svetlana says:

    What could have Lindsay confided in or vented about to her friends? Do the police know anything since they were indeed questioned or perhaps some may have even divulged their knowledge to the police? Often our deepest secrets or emotions about work, coworkers, and boyfriends are told to our close friends at that age. What was that all about when Shirley offered lunch to the girls after the funeral and then made throat slashing motions to them?

    • Justice says:

      You disappoint me Svet. I though you were a great media detective. Go through the Interviews found in the Archived news releases and you will find the truth. BTW, the only person mentioned In those interviews is Jason. You can even find an interview with Jason’s ex. She told reporters that she too received a call From a woman with a weird accent and reported it to the SPD. So if this was Related to someone thinking Lindsay was an informant in the Alberta drug bust, why involve the ex? Were the killers going after all of Jason’s Past and present girlfriends? Why for heaven’s sake?? These little things that happened are not so little. The police said they would not comment but if she did call and report the incident, they would follow up. Did they trace the call? Was it from another burn phone in Vancouver? This is one of many people who brought vital information to the SPD and the information fell into a bottomless Saanich crevasse. If they found nothing of importance, I can’t think of a reason why they would hold that back from Jeff. That also goes for the call Nikki received from the woman With the strange accent allegedly from Shirley’s phone. I’ve had conversations with Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Columbia’s, Philippine, Argentine, Italian, you name it. I live in the most Ethnically diverse area In the world, travel extensively, and personally know and have worked with people likely from all countries. I would describe none as having a “strange” accent. This makes me believe, the accent was likely fake rather than from a “strange or weird” language.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        We are all believing what is out there, the caller, the people meeting Lindsay, it goes on and on. Where is the proof? The house was for sale from what I have heard on a cul de sac of uncompleted homes. Who the hell saw Lindsay and two people? If it was a hired killer would they go to this extreme? I would think they would take her out the easiest chance they had. Lindsay was set up by the people she trusted the most. She probably saw her BF involved in illegal activities and just wanted to quietly leave, but they would not let her. Too many people involved here, none of them want their standard of living to change. This whole thing is sickening. I don’t believe any of the info that has been put out there.
        Lindsay was probably murdered shortly after her lunch date, if that is even true.

        • Robin says:

          Yes Jacc, I agree with you. Hello Original Anon… switch your brain to reality ok. This is a real life blog here not the big Faux Frog Prince and Creepy Stepmother with bad swirly dresses kill the beautiful girl because she refused the stolen diamond that was part of a money laundering deal.

  7. Kathy Westover says:

    Jeff, I have been reading your blog since this horrific event happened. I don’t have much to add regarding Canadian bureaucracy, but it is definitely seeming to be very corrupt. Why don’t other officials, who are above the Sannich police, get involved. They have to be aware, because as you have stated this is of international interest, and it is more than completely clear that after 12 years, not only are the Sannich police not doing the job they were sworn to do, but totally derelict in their duties and obligations they were sworn to uphold. Why don’t they arrest some of the people clearly involved even with relatively minor charges, and pressure them extensively, to get some real answers. It is beyond any reasonable belief the lack of action by them. And, where do you go. I don’t know the answer, I only know that you, sir, are an exemplary example of a stand-up man and father. It must be exhausting to continually fight, and just get nowhere, bullied, and worse. I just wanted to say that you are in my prayers often, you daughter is looking down from Heaven, and so gratefully to have had a father such as you. You are far and beyond what can be hoped for in most any person. I believe if such had happened to me, and my father was a God to me, he would not have the tenacity to act as you. Although he was a very tough, Christian man, it has to get beyond frustrating. I know this may not be a consolation at this time, but I sincerely believe God has rewards in heaven for you, and the answers, and weather this “heathens” believe in heaven and/or hell, they are going to find themselves for eternity in a very, very hot place. In the end, God reigns and he will make sure all those involved get justice.

    I’m sorry this is so long, but I have been reading for so long, I felt I must contribute something, and the only thing I have is my heart felt sympathy and empathy for you and a profound respect and admiration for all your are doing and your tenacity in doing such. I will continue to pray you see justice within your lifetime, but know you will get an eternal reward, and it will be a far different place than those responsible will go. With much respect, prayers, and admiration, Kathy.

    • Svetlana says:

      This was so planned and carried out by Sadistic people. I sense a woman planning this. Jason is too dumb to plan this but he wanted to play a part.

      Who are the sources that gave out this info to the reporters?

      Friends say Zailo went that evening with a friend to CHECK on Ms. Buziak, who had been uneasy about a 5:30 p.m. appointment to show the home to a new client.

      Friends in her Re/Max Camosun OFFICE said that she was uncomfortable about the appointment. She asked Mr. Zailo to MEET her at the house.

      How convenient to WAIT and STALL when he was supposed to meet her? Check on her?

      How convenient to call the police BEFORE entering the house and asking THEM to check on her.

      How convenient to hire a high profile criminal DEFENSE lawyer.

      • Anon says:

        That was a Freudian slip there, Jason reenacting the crime for the police? or reenacting the discovery of the body? If your not guilty, why bring a lawyer? I’ve contacted Crime Stoppers in the past because they have a website that shows very detailed crime reports with dates and times attached. I was interested in seeing some of the crimes in Saanich from November 2007 to March 2008. As various criminal activities are connected, so I could detect if there is some kind of pattern. But it does not appear to be available and Crime Stoppers never replied. Sad and unfortunate.

      • Svetlana says:

        They found out who made that call so why didn’t it become crucial anymore?

        “Finding out who made that 9-1-1 call that originally brought police to the property will be a cruicial part of the investigation, police said.”

        • Lizzy says:

          SPD says really stupid things all the time. They knew who made the call all along. Jason said “my girlfriend” and he was there on the phone with 911 when they arrived at the scene.

          More importantly, the article said Lindsay’s friends told the reporter that she was concerned about the showing. The SPD and Their 3 (yes only 3) Supporters continue to deny this. They say she was not worried about the showing at all. I know Lindsay was very intelligent and believe most women would be apprehensive about meeting a male stranger in a vacant house after dusk on a Friday night on a deserted street. Lindsay makes sense, the police and Jason do not. But we know, the SPD takes Jason’s word as truth. Because he passed a poly??

      • Dave says:

        If you are interviewing or interrogating someone, an honest person will be cooperative. He or she will take your side and be enthusiastic and willing to help you get at the truth. An honest person will recommend a strict rather than a lenient punishment. If he senses that you doubt him, he will be angry throughout and not in flashes. A dishonest person will pepper the story with all kinds of details at irrelevant places.
        The reason Zailo was cooperative with police was because there was a cooperative effort amongst both police and Zailos.
        What help has been offered from the three members of the caring Zailo Family?
        What have the Saanich Police done to advance the investigation?
        What we see here is the guilty party, and a cover up by police.
        You would be an absolute fool to think otherwise.

        • Retired Detective says:

          If the Zailos were innocent, don’t you think they would have had a list of people in the office who would check all the boxes and then help the police go after them? There would have been an arrest by now. After Lindsay’s murder, Rianne ran away from them. Some think she was the mastermind but I don’t believe she had the resources and influence for that job. If the Zailos thought she was the person who set Lindsay up, why didn’t they help the police go after her. They would have had evidence in the office if Rianne had been to the DeSousa house or had access to information about Lindsay’s clients like they did. Why didn’t Jason gone after Rianne if she was responsible for the death of the woman he claims to have loved so much?? He could have worked with the police. I do not see any real attempt by the Zailos or the police to go after Rianne. What does this tell us?

          • Svetlana says:

            Maybe he was having an affair with her. I wouldn’t put it past him.

            • Jus cause says:

              Svetlana I am beginning too like you…

            • Justice says:

              Is there any evidence to support your statement that Jason May have been having an affair with Rianne? If he is innocent, why not go after Rianne? I thought you said she was Vid’s girlfriend. So then you suggest she was fkng Jason and Vid? I think this is all BS.

              • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

                Where is the proof that anyone had a polygraph and passed? All talk out there but no proof of anything.

                • Svetlana says:

                  The police said it. 😦
                  But they also said:
                  On February 2nd, 2018, the 10th anniversary of Lindsay Buziak’s death, Saanich Police released a statement reaffirming their commitment to solving the case.

                  • Justice says:

                    Just because the police said anything means nothing. Their credibility has been destroyed because they released so much incorrect information followed by contradictory statements. The police just repeat what Jason told them like it is fact without any proof or they release incorrect facts that change over time. 12 years have passed with no leads and they just wait for a confession. This case does not qualify for an active investigation. They never investigated Jason’s statement that was full of lies. They never investigated the people who work in the Re/Max office or they would have arrested someone by now. The police have the authority to bring anyone in for questioning as many times as they want, if they have reason to believe they might know something. Lawyering up immediately is a red flag. Did they ever bring Vid in, you know the guy who picked up the burn phone? Or his GF who was Lindsay’s friend? They could put pressure on them in many ways if they lawyered up. They have not even tried to get anyone to talk. The people who do come forward with truthful information are dismissed because Jason said Lindsay was not worried about the showing and she was not going to break it off with him. He is the only person who has made those claims and the police chose to believe him over multiple people who claim the opposite and who have nothing to gain by lying. Jason has the most to loose here. Her friends had nothing to loose or gain but the police totally ignore their statements. The police either never comment on them or say we have nothing new and need someone to come forward. People have come forward. If you pass a poly but several unbiased and independent witnesses come forward With statements that show Jason was lying, wouldn’t that be a huge red flag? Either Horsley is the dumbest carnita ever or complicit himself.

  8. Probablywrongbutwhoreallyknows says:

    Why did jacine j move to Croatia shortly after the murder? She was also involved with a very intricate group of people. Best friends with vid so likely friends w/ r.gracia. grew up hunting ( I believe this creates an insensitivity to violence or perhaps blood) , being loyal to the wrong people, escorting, so no stranger to Victoria’s dark side. I truly believe she couldve be been a part of this murder. I believe that the zailos invested their money into the more lucrative drug dealing scene via the del alcazar Lopez family ( this being due to z.matheson) When the drug bust happened they pointed fingers at Lindsay ( incorrectly) and let the zailos know that they were also at risk and would go down with the ship. I believe that this large group of people were all aware ( 1 degree of separation On the island) and all were too selfish and unwilling to lose all of their monetary and social gains so they were willing to eliminate one life to ensure this didn’t happen.

    • Retired Detective says:

      This drug bust theory is a red herring. The question is, who wanted to eliminate Lindsay and why? Then you ask, who had the resources to set up the plan at the DeSousa vacant street/house? This leaves you with very few people who had motive and means plus the power to keep everyone quiet for 12 years. Now why the police constantly defend the group of people who fit this profile and have been caught lying about important points of interest, is beyond my rational thinking.

      • Rosanne says:

        Why would anyone have to keep others quiet for 12 years, when nobody is asking any questions? The police know how to get people to testify against others but are waiting for someone, anyone to wake up one morning and say I should go talk to the police today about my involvement in a murder.

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          Rosanne, this is the fundamental problem with Sandwich police and many other police agencies today. They wait for someone to confess or the crime to solve itself. Think about that for a moment. We don’t need police to wait. We need police to go out and do their fucking job which is get the information required or convince someone to talk not wait. Any imbecile can wait. Police are not paid to wait. Police are trained and paid to investigate, arrest and charge not wait! It’s called detective work. Real police make it happen they don’t wait. Lazy police wait and make excuses.

          Detective: a person, especially a police officer, whose occupation is to investigate and solve crimes.

          Solve: find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery).

          I don’t see “wait” in these definitions.

          Saanich police don’t have what if takes Rosanne and we need to pressure them and/or replace them. Wait is lazy or incompetent police. We all need to quit believing their “wait” bullshit. 12 years is too long to do their job. They have fucked up or are covering up.

          • Rosanne says:

            Totally agree. I know some good officers who want to do a good job and they cringe when I have asked about this case. The resources are there somehow this file has to get to the right place.

            • Jeff Buziak, father says:

              Somehow is just not acceptable. This isn’t tiddily winks. This is murder and Saanich police have failed, with resources, because they haven’t got what it takes, refuse to get serious, focused and step up their game because they are lazy arrogant dipshits with the poorest inbred leadership one could imagine or…….Lindsay’s murder would have been solved. FULL STOP!
              Time always brings out the truth and 12 years has proven Saanich police and their leadership are useless!
              How about if there are no arrests by June the public demands Chief Scotty Green is fired for dereliction of duty. Failure to perform. Poor leadership. Scott Green now Chief of Saanich police has had various roles involving Lindsay’s murder through his inbred rise to Chief. What has he accomplished to become chief? Nothing. Overseen a botched murder investigation so the inner circle promote him to chief. That’s how sick the culture is at Saanich police and the few good officers there are taught to fall in line with the insidious culture established there or leave. It’s a fucking mess!
              Saanich police are an embarrassment to police everywhere. 12 years and nothing!
              Murder is overlooked in Saanich under the current regime because Saanich police do nothing about it.
              If you want to murder someone make sure you do it in Saanich. Police won’t do anything except ask the public for support then blame the public for getting involved, give copious amounts of explanations and excuses why they don’t do anything about murder and then they will wait. However, the reality is they aren’t really waiting for anything to do with murder, they are waiting to retire. Then they go get a job with The BC Police Complaint Commission to protect their lazy buddies back at Saanich police. That’s what Saanich police are really waiting for right Scotty? You just want to get the hell out of there so you can collect your big fat pension and fuck the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder. Right Scotty Green? You could care less about some chick getting murdered. Your kids are protected and you’re going to get a big fat pension. Fuck everybody else! Fuck Saanich!
              This is the reality at Satanic police.

              • Robin says:

                I totally agree with what you have said Jeff. 12 yrs of nothing is what there is from the SPD The leadership is lame. It’s hard to believe there isn’t someone with integrity who would be willing to step up and demand arrests or move this case. You have lots of support from good people Jeff and we are with you til there are arrests or we die. Beautiful B.C. is tainted. Every comment on podcasts or shows all say the same thing, BF and MIL. SP need to be removed immediately from Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Something is really wrong there with the SPD. Thank u to Premier Horgan, Mike Farnsworth and David Eby for absolutely NOTHING! Shame on all of you.

    • Jus cause says:

      Let’s talk about this girl lets get vid all riled up 😉

      • Sandy says:

        I don’t think Vid cares about his own daughter let alone some skank.

        • Juscause says:

          I disagree I think he is utterly devoted to her did t he even go to visit her in Croatia? It not sound like he thinks she is a skank at all I’d say her loves her….. His child is better off without him…

      • Svetlana says:

        If he was involved he’d be living in a mansion now.

        • Justice says:


          • Svetlana says:

            In case people didn’t get it….I was saying that because if he did kill Lindsay, he’d be getting a lot of money and even if it wasn’t enough he’d be sure to get more for the rest of his life. So how are his living conditions, in a ratty old apartment living from paycheque to paycheque, rooming house on welfare, jail, mansion, or just a nice condo, or a well to do lifestyle?

            • Watching and waiting says:

              Maybe Vid didn’t know the what the phone He picked up at the ferry was being used for. He was set up to make it look like the DAs ordered the hit for Uncle C. This would tie the murder to her ex instead of he BF. Shirles tried to do that on DL. Vid knows who did it.

    • Svetlana says:

      I was looking up her name and she is so despicable! Bloody sad to see her laughing over a dead lion, a majestic animal, that she just killed. Sick sick sick!

      • Jus cause says:

        Truly sick and definitely heartless but if these rare beautiful animals mean nothing to her where do people rank?! I mean clearing knives blood not bother her could she attack a person the same way? And would vid stand silently by with hearts in his beety little eyes? What I wonder besides this is how many involved preten innocent go forward in life but this shit has got to eat at you fester in little ways drug addiction shopping abuse gambling those involved truly must be carrying some heavy filled bags it must be getting tiring looking over your shoulders at each other

        • see closely says:

          SPD said that they are waiting for a confesion.That means one of murderers is in a “protective custody” not necessary criminal one.Right now they(SPD)-or AG-can’t legally touch him/her as the law won’t allow it. such as it is.The institute will not co-operate with SPD nor AG office.Therefore AG won’t approve the charge against the murderer and the accomplice.
          That is my belief anyway.

          • Svetlana says:

            What is AG? They have a lot of information in their data and doing nothing but waiting till the end of Earth. Someone in power has to put the culprits in handcuffs!

            • see closely says:

              Not if they are in “protective custody.”

              • originalAnon says:

                How many years can one remain in protective custody? for the rest of their lives? I think that’s BS. There has to be an end date to it. Certainly a 12 year stint in protective custody is long enough.

                • see closely says:

                  There is a protective custody for either criminals,witnesses and mental or disabled patients deemed unable to care for themselves.

  9. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    I just caught up on reading. It is so obvious who slaughtered Lindsay and who knows. Unfortunately the province of BC is so corrupt there isn’t anyone in power not on the take. Her murder was so so personal, no one hired to take her out would do what was done to her. They would shoot her and carry on. I still hope and pray someone in the Canadian Government will get the guts/balls whatever to solve this murder.

    • Robin says:

      You are correct. There is no Sinaloa cartel or hired hit man this is the Zailo’s doing. They thought they controlled Lindsay and SZ was super pissed when she knew Lindsay wanted away from their dirtbag ways. SZ resented all the money she had spent trying to make it all look so perfect. Good people can’t be bought Shirl. Go FK yourself SZ, JZ, RZ, JD, PB, Terry Shein the Uber driver, and the pathetic actors doing their thing at 5:30, all 3 of you! The SPD, you corrupt POS who will have their day yet. And yes the tainted BC Government who are looking the other way. BC Rail, money laundering, it just goes on and on. BUT it is obvious Lindsay was murdered by the now day version of the Munster family with Lily (SZ) at the helm, JZ as little boy Eddy and RZ as Grandpa. You guys had no clue how to be around a beautiful, fun loving spirit like Marilyn (Lindsay) anyway. FK u all. You all will be met eventually with fire and gas. Rot on earth and hell the lot of you.

      • David Anderson says:

        Yeah, Shirley is the ring leader here. The SPD are losers (the ones uninvolved with solving the murder) and know full well Shirley is the mastermind of killing Lindsay. I’ve emailed her a few times with a few things to think about.

        What do innocent ppl do? They shout it from the rooftops their innocence.

        Shirley – crickets!

        Shirley needs to be brought to justice. The lake of fire might be the closest that she faces justice

        • Svetlana says:

          Even my cat knows they did it.

          • anon says:

            …. And the Saanich police know who dunnit and here is why: they have already admitted that Jason, Oatman, DeSouza, DiCastri and Lidstone are Lindsay’s Murderers. When and how did they admit that? The Saanich police never said there was “no DNA” they said there was no DNA that was not supposed to be in the house already. That’s in a video recorded interview with Horsley either the Dateline episode or one of the others that are hanging out there. I remember seeing it. I remember thinking: that means either the killers wore gloves or the killers were one or more of the 5 people listed above. Now think about this- an expensive area home sits on the market for a year before Lindsay’s murder. The capable and braggadocios realtors DiCastri and Lidstone never hold an open house for other brokers? agents? A Sunday open house for the general population? No one goes to see the place, not even for a looky loo? There’s been no other private showings during that calendar year with people who would have left finger prints and DNA somewhere? Not even the cleaning lady who cleaned the place prior to an earlier showing? I don’t know what Real Estate sales are like in Victoria BC but where I am from at least 200 people go to every Sunday showing. Some are recorded (leaving cards, signing lists) others aren’t. I don’t know guys. Something about the DNA line really bothers me. The murderers may have worn gloves if they have never been to the property. But if they had already been there and are authorized (such as Lidstone and DiCastri) they would not have worn gloves. So really the DNA one must check out is on Lindsay’s clothing, jewelry and shoes. The shoes that were propped in the foyer. Staged as they were just like any other listing.

            • Svetlana says:

              I don’t know if it was under another real estate company before Camosun but it was listed some time in the beginning of January 2008.

              • originalAnon says:

                I read that it was ready for occupancy and sitting vacant on the market for a year until DiCastri and Lidstone took over. Then after Lindsays murder a few weeks later, the house continued to stay on the market until someone purchased it the following year. Interesting that DiCastri and Lidstone took the listing on just a few weeks before Lindsays murder. If that.

        • sven says:

          Saying innocent people do this or guilty people do that is juvenile. You can never understand how someone will act in that position until you’re there.

        • Thivya says:

          On that time there is no cctv camera is fixed on the near area🤔.i think indian cid is more intelligent in finding criminals. I guess some one close with lindsay friend can any personal intensions to kill lindsay.

  10. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Riding a bicycle is one of the most complicated things humans learn to do in life. You have to pedal, brake, shift gears, steer, ring a fkg bell all while balancing on two wheels and wearing a clown hat you strap onto your head! Does it take 12+ years to figure out how to ride a bike? Hell no! Even idiots master it before they start grade school. How long does it take to solve a murder according to Saanich police? Who fucking knows!!!
    Certainly more than 12 years.
    I doubt there is one Saanich police detective who is capable of riding a bicycle……..the chief hasn’t even learned how to talk yet!

    • D l g says:

      They said on date line they had dinner before she meet her clients have they looked for surveillance cameras from the restaurants are stores around the restaurant maybe a car watching them at the restaurant lots of video around

      • originalAnon says:

        There would have definitely been cameras in that area (Near Sauce) because it appears to be the touristy part of town and therefore susceptible to more theft. Just around that year and 2 years prior (2006) lots of American towns installed more cameras (calling them “Red light cameras”) for cops to catch people making traffic infractions. These charges would range from $350 and up (many $500 and $750 at a time). The company that sold the most cameras that were put on stop lights was from Arizona. I am not sure if any of those cameras made their way to Saanich at the same time, but it was so big in the USA that at one intersection alone made over a million dollars. Looks like Canadian Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) program in BC did not get rolling till years later.

    • anon says:

      Chris Horsley: always the first man on the scene everywhere in Saanich. Was embroiled in another murder controversy (a domestic) before and after Lindsay’s Murder in Oak Bay. Serrated knife inside a home took place in September 2007. Court hearings went on in March, April 2008. When Chris was supposed to be focusing on next victim Lindsay.
      Pattern here of Saanich Victoria news being published several months or weeks after something occurs. Slow information coming out means either bad media management or someone trying to control the media in the area. In the article (s) reg. the Oak Bay family murders Chris and his colleagues are questioned because the family may have been alive and then left for dead. Why is that important? It shows that the Saanich police department are divided on procedural issues. They can’t agree on how to get the job done. Yes, we all knew that, but there is evidence of it outside of Lindsay’s murder.
      Trevor Dyck: The picture perfect cop and dad in every way. Built to perform after policing hours as a security guard, private detective or actor stunt man in any Hollywood film playing the heavy or side kick for a gang coming after good guy Bruce Willis.
      1. Best Dad award: volunteering for kids hockey.
      2. Best cop award: 2015, why his partner (Chris Horsley?? A Pair of Police… does not want his name mentioned is shocking)
      What a pair! Would like to know who the mystery man (or woman??) is.
      3. Has a brother in Calgary. Cute wife with shoulder length blonde hair.
      4. On a cops salary can buy $339 seats to see favorite hockey team with wife. Total $680 not including food. Well, you’ve been working hard so you deserve it.
      5. Dutch name Dyck comes from German ancestry. Descendants now in Canada, Paraguay, United States and Mexico. Not pronounced “Dick” but “Dike” .
      I’ve seen Jeff Bell’s name on quite a few Saanich press articles. Very popular columnist.
      What Chris and Trevor did to Jeff Buziak was wrong. Why?
      a. Violates Saanich Police Professional Standards (no standards are listed and no contact is listed but they’ve got Standards)
      b. Violates Procedural By Laws as set forth by the Police Board. The Saanich Police Board Policies manual and Procedural Bylaw is a 33 page document on the Saanich Police website. Contact Lynn George Secretary to complain about that one (Section 3.3 page 8 perhaps? Conflict of Interest?) at 250-475-4377
      c. Violates the official British Columbia Police Code of Ethics . Contact the following to complain: Tom Stamatakis, Ian MacKenzie, Bud Mercer, Bev Busson, Don McKenzie. A 1 page document available on the Saanich Police website.

      • anon says:

        I found it. The Saanich cop that won the award with Trevor Dyck is called Francisco Aviles:

        He doesn’t want his name mentioned as a hero because Constable Aviles can not control his behavior

        One wonders if he was working with Saanich P.D. in February 2008. After reading all of these articles about Saanich PD there appears to be a Team A and a Team B and by design, which may have cost one family their lives ( ), those teams are pitted against each other.
        Sadly victims Lindsay Buziak, her family and the Lee family suffered needlessly because the Saanich police are a house divided. Plus, they (Saanich) give out way too many awards to their Police Department. It’s like telling all kids in 3rd grade they got an “A” not because they did the work and not because they did great work but because they simply showed up.

        Louis V. Gerstner Jr., the man that is credited with turning IBM’s fortunes around said “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game. It is the game”.
        On that note, gotta agree with Jeff Buziak that the killer is not being charged and arrested because of the Saanich police culture and not because of a lack of evidence/ information.

        • Svetlana says:

          I am sure they got the evidence, I could even see it in Horsley’s face on Dateline, they must have checked people’s arms for any wounds or bruises, or checked DNA, maybe her girlfriends knew some secrets, or complaints that Lindsay vented about perhaps? But what is stopping them from moving forward? If this is a cold case then they will have to release all their findings to the father or even to the news, apparently from what I read here, but I am not a lawyer. This will point to a few people. In the below article what did the police exercise and see?

          Police seek electronic clues to killing
          Police are peering behind digital doors – including the popular Facebook social networking website – as they search for the person that stabbed real-estate agent Lindsay Buziak to death nearly a week ago in suburban Victoria.
          Sergeant John Price of the Saanich police said investigators are looking at what kind of communication Ms. Buziak had in the days leading up to her death, and examining who has visited her Facebook listing since she was killed. “You leave an electronic trail no matter who you are,” he said.

          Sgt. Price said investigators will analyze Ms. Buziak’s cellphone records to see with whom she had been talking and when.

          “It would be fair comment to make, that with the advancement in technology comes an increase in avenues to investigate,” Sgt. Price said. “We’re going to exercise that.”

          Sgt. Price also said they can also look at other communication tools, such as PDAs, BlackBerrys, e-mail accounts and social-networking websites, such as Facebook. He said that not only applies to Ms. Buziak, but other people as well. “Family, personal friends, co-workers, whoever investigators believe they need to talk to.”

          Sgt. Price said although phone companies and Internet service providers are helpful, subpoenas and court orders are usually obtained to get access to an individual’s personal information.

          • Jeff Buziak says:

            ………And after all that officialdom what have the monkeys at Saanich police accomplished in 12 1/2 years……not a dam thing. As a matter of fact, the current Chief of Police at Saanich is Scotty Green who was a detective, who was head of the Detective Division and what did he accomplish with Lindsays murder…..not a dam thing. Well, I’m wrong. Scott Green managed to weasel his way to becoming chief Constable by not accomplishing a dam thing along the way. A direct result of the sick, unproductive, dysfunctional culture at Saanich police. They have two important things to do in Saanich as protectors of the people:
            1. Solve the highest profile murder in Canada. FAILURE!
            2. Catch some speeders. Pass.
            I say if there are no arrests in Lindsay’s murder investigation by July 1, 2020, yes this year, current chief of Saanich police Scott Green is dismissed for poor performance, failure of duty and abysmal leadership. Anyone agree?

            • Robin says:

              Agree? I would like to know what he did to get that job? He needs to be gone at the end of this day. The only hope for Saanich is that they get a person from another province be Chief in Saanich.
              What an absolute waste of money to keep the SPD going. I can’t get my head around what has been going on with Lindsay’s murder investigation, WTF are they doing? They need a real overhaul there. Do tax payers of Saanich find this acceptable or do they just not care? I would like to hear from someone who lives in Saanich if the public understand the horse and pony show in the SPD?

            • Jeff Buziak, father says:

              That is how the real world works. If you can’t do your job you are relieved of duty….fired.
              Only in the fantasy world of Saanich police can you fail at your job then become the chief of police!

              • Robin says:

                Chief of Police is a Non union position too. I have never seen a manager at my job last long at all if they were unable to get the job done. I have been around to see many walked out by security. No accountability whatsoever at SPD. Secret society over there in Saanich. I’m so sorry Jeff that Lindsay’s murder is wrapped around this archaic mindset.

  11. Kim says:

    Does anyone know if Lindsay could have recently became pregnant?

  12. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your support.

    Here is a link to a podcast which was just released. Please listen, share and write a letter to police and/or a politician and poke them to get on with arresting everyone involved in Lindsay’s murder. Thank you.

    • Rosanne says:

      Excellent presentation of a horrible situation.

    • Svetlana says:

      So instead of being brought to justice this pathetic soul goes out frolicking with a new girlfriend right after? Puh!

      • Following says:

        i don’t understand why a private detective, or the RCMP cant intervene and get the file. Is there a pro bono attorney out there that can file some legal right to have alternate outside investigation.

    • Sonja says:

      Hello, Mr Buziak. I just saw the Dateline episode regarding your daughter’s case. I wanted to say how sorry I am for your family. It’s a horrible thing when someone is murdered, but for me, it’s even more horrible when the person is a young, outgoing person with a career.. doing something positive with their life.
      After watching Dateline, I didn’t get the impression either one of the men, her boyfriend, or ex boyfriend had anything to do with the murder. But, what I did wonder was if the police had considered the angle that somebody just wanted to know what it was like to kill someone… and, to just see if they could commit the perfect crime? There was a lot of planning to this crime, and from the story I saw, there wasn’t any evidence that she had any known enemies or confrontations with anyone prior to that day. Could it be that she was picked because she was young and pretty by someone just looking to see if they could get away with murder? I would think if that was the case, they would pick someone young and pretty because those cases get more attention from the public. They could have picked someone in real estate because it’s an easy way to get them somewhere alone, and real estate people always have their pics on their profile, so she may have been chosen because of her looks. One of the things I didn’t hear them say on Dateline was which person actually stabbed her. They said there was two people, they thought, who were involved. The man was supposed to be a considerable bit taller than the woman. The stab wounds would probably be able to show which one actually committed the crime, as they said she was stabbed by one person. The reason why I thought that would be significant is that if the woman was the one who did the actual crime, it might mean something different than if the man did it. Another thing they really didn’t go into was if they left on foot, how did nobody see those people walking away? None of those expensive homes around the area had surveillance cameras anywhere around them? I don’t know, but I’m guessing they parked on the next street over or down the street at a business since there wasn’t a vehicle there and they left on foot. Nobody anywhere else, no other street, no store, no where had surveillance of a woman in that dress who fit that description? Have there been any other crimes similar to this one since 2008 in Canada? Again, I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope the find out who did it soon.

      • Justice says:

        Can you post the link to the DL episode for us. It is not available on NBC any longer. Thanks!

      • David J Anderson says:

        “”somebody just wanted to know what it was like to kill someone?””

        Your theory is Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!

        This murder was personal and within her VERY-INNER circle. The Zailo Crime family.

    • anon says:

      Jeff: Have you ever wondered if one of your real estate clients or vendors wanted revenge on you and took it out on your daughter? a spurned girlfriend? a jealous family member? I’m guessing that has crossed your mind. It might be a stretch but unfortunately no rock (or stone?) should go un-turned. I’m guessing because the phone was bought in Vancouver, that it has something to do with Vancouver and not necessarily Saanich.

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        Anon I find it odd that at this late date you continue grasping at straws and continuing to reach for anything other than what is clearly obvious after all this time. It appears you do this on purpose. My history has been thoroughly scrutinized in every area by myself and authorities and I have been very forthwith on everything and to everyone about everything and everyone in my life. NO. All possibilities have been considered and explored.
        Maybe, and a high probability, we should be looking more closely at YOU?

        • anon says:

          Because I have been to Canada?

        • anon says:

          But how many people out there know that Terry Schein, the former GM of the Victoria Golf Course and neighbor at 1702 De Sousa, opened an f*n Fro Yo shop 6 years after Lindsay’s murder not on the Official Start of Spring March 19, 20 or 21, or even the Official Start of Summer which is June 20th. This guy opens a fro yo shop on February 2nd. We all know what day that is. Now, if you can find me any business journal or any text book about good business that’s says opening an ice cream store in the winter time is a good idea then you can tell me again to f*off. Isn’t Terry the so called “eye witness” who says he saw Lindsay greeting the “prospects?”. Funny how several of the people connected to Lindsay’s life and neighborhood also gathered enough sudden wealth to start opening Franchises and coffee shops after her murder. I don’t know anyone else in Saanich that knew Lindsay had the cajones to open their new business on the date of her murder even if it was after the fact. How much does it cost to open a Menchies Franchise these days? It isn’t cheap.

          • anon says:

            Article about Terrys place which was published a little over a month after the store opened
            How much it costs. Wow, the numbers seems glaringly familiar.
            Once again, I am straws grasping because I have something, anything to gain by trying to help here. Maybe I am good a research and time to do it because I have my own net worth. Being a nit picker and a straws grasper which makes me suspicious and not helpful. Right?

          • Justice says:

            Can you share your source please?
            This information you are providing, negates a lot of the BS you spew. Please share the link or JUST STOP!

            • anon says:

              I’ll continue here: Terry was a golf course GM. That means he earned no more than $98K per year for his job. For him to be able to afford to purchase a Franchise on his own for (coughs) $330,000 means either he had other investors or he received this money through other legitimate (inheritance?) or illegitimate (gambling? drug dealing?) means. His social media page says that he is now the president of his own “investment” group: Keldonus holdings. When you look up the meaning of that name it means “town of the keels”. What are Keels? A keel is “the chief structural member of a boat or ship that extends longitudinally along the center of its bottom and that often projects from the bottom” (from merriam webster).
              What does a fro yo shop have to do with boats? not a damn thing. Maybe people are disturbed because they don’t know how to research for details that are not obvious. Lindsay was either murdered for love or money. My guess is that it was money and not love. Once you find the money trail and how much it was, it’s an easier case to solve. Find the money, find Lindsay’s killers. Not a world wide cartel, true. But rather local group of cartel wannabes.

              • anon says:

                Let me add to that, Terry already owned a home in the 1702 DeSousa neighborhood. So when you add that mortgage to the purchase of a franchise there is no way his salary connects.

          • Robin says:

            Anon could you please tell us more about why you think TS was one of the witnesses. I think he was the driver to get the murderers out of the area but never heard of him being a witness also. Can you elaborate please and thanks.

            • anon says:

              Robin: thanks for asking. I have read more than one comment on these various Lindsay Buziak murder websites regarding that the eye witness is a male. I heard Jeff (Buziak) say that the male eye witness told him that he was driving by and saw the couple with Lindsay for “just a few seconds”. I have also heard on another podcast (there are many) that there was a female eye witness. Jason (Zailo) claims to have been an eye witness to this alleged couple/ wannabe prospects. My hope for this case is that someone will get the police to check this blog to see if they can’t pull one thread of new and useful information out of it and solve Lindsay’s murder once and for all. In lieu of that- Godliness is organization, the opposite of that is hell which is disorganization. I am praying to find out the building address in Vancouver that the burner phone is attached to. I will bet my next years rental income that property belongs to someone in Lindsay’s close circle that wanted her murdered. There is no such thing as complete randomness in life. Folks that believe in that philosophy are in for a big surprise. It’s not random that the killers chose the DeSouza house, its not random that the killers purchased a phone in Vancouver to use on her murder, The date of Groundhog day for Lindsay’s killing is not random. It’s not random that the burner phone buyer said the name “paulo rodriguez” when the registered the phone. People like Terry Schein and Shileys ex boyfriend buying Franchises after Lindsays murder is not common or random. Jason and Oatman still being in the mortgage business is also not random. The fact that the golf course that Terry managed lay between the DeSousa house and SHC and Sauce is not random. Another wish of mine is to be able to post photos and screenshots on this website.
              This murder has to do with big money from Gambling more than it does drugs. I can sense that. How the gambling money interacts with the drug trafficking and mortgages and real estate I do not know. There are three (3) casinos in Victoria. Such a small place to have 3 casinos. Don’t you think?

              • Justice says:

                Where better to launder money than in a casino? Another note: Jason has never admitted to anyone that I know of, that he saw the couple. On several media outlets, Horsley said jason saw them coming out the front door. After the slip, he stopped giving interviews. What Jason says on DateLine is nothing close to seeing the killers coming out of the front door. Josh tries to clarify it when he asked More QuestionS about what he saw, Shadows of maybe 2 people behind smoked glass. Since that is the story told to Jeff Buziak for almost 10 years, I believe Jason did not tell DL he saw the killers.

              • see closely says:

                My source “tells me” that one of murderers may be working in “Elements”casino.How about that?

                • Svetlana says:

                  From a CBC news report:

                  Vander Graaf could not be reached for comment, but Schalk blames the B.C. Lottery Corporation and the B.C. government for failing to act.

                  “It was demoralizing. It astounded us that nobody was doing anything and appeared not to want to do anything,” said Schalk.

                  “At times, we were even told we should not be talking about money laundering.”
                  Report authors fired

                  On Dec. 4, 2014 — five weeks after the October 2014 report was submitted — both Vander Graaf and Schalk were fired from their jobs.

                  • anon says:

                    Is the lottery corporation an issue or is the real issue the Gaming Commission of British Columbia? (BC Gaming Commission)?? If your entire economy is based on Highs and Lows rather than a consistent financial base of every day commerce, you’re asking for trouble. I often wonder if someone murdering Lindsay and focusing on her breasts are a red herring or ruse meant to get people to think it was personal/love revenge (such as another woman getting angry that her husband bought breasts for Lindsay?) or that breasts were the actual focus. I almost think that if it was a jealous female getting girlfriend/x-girlfriend or wife revenge on Lindsay, she would have went for the other female parts. So for me, the killers wanted to make it look like it was a breast/ female revenge rather than something that had to do with money and or drug crime.

                • Justice says:

                  I didn’t know Ryan or Michelle are casino workers.

                  • anon says:

                    I assume by Ryan you mean Ryan Zailo? and Michelle? Who is Michelle? Again… organize..organize… organize…

                  • anon says:

                    I don’t fully understand this connection. Was Ryan Zailo dating Michelle Lum at the time of Lindsay’s murder? I am trying to organize some of this massive amount of information here and want to know. I see this photo of Michelle Lum on this website under Undesirables in Victoria (looks like half the town)
                    and then can someone tell me if Michelle Lum is the Asian woman on the top left in this photo titled “Out with the Girls” ?:
                    I would suggest if we want to get justice for Lindsay and help her family- and for the new people coming to visit this website that we all include first and last names in our comments when referring to people we believe are involved in Lindsay’s Murder. And that we spell those first and last names correctly. So that if you are a detective for example and are looking for a micro sized important piece of information, you can easily do so by using the finder function on the website. The reason why I say this is because I want to go back and find the name (memory loss from trauma is great if you know anyone that has it) of the other police officer that threatened Jeff Buziak with that officers side kick Chris Horsley. I can’t remember the name and I don’t want to bug Jeff. But I want to do some more internet research on that guy because not much has been heard or seen about him. Unfortunately there is no glossary or index of names on this website where one could easily thumb through. I want to help, but time is always limited.

                    • lbmurder says:

                      Trevor Dyck

                    • Retired Detective says:

                      If you can’t remember, do a search on the blog and it will direct you to the posts you are can not remember. For example, search: Ryan or Lum or sidekick so you will not waste other people’s time. Write this down on a sticky note and put it on the side if your monitor screen so you don’t forget.

    • David J Anderson says:


      Great podcast. Best line: “If you don’t do your job – you’re fired. Simple!”

  13. Robin says:

    I’m no lawyer however I have been reading sections of The Criminal Code of Canada on and off for a couple weeks now. I have also been reading about circumstantial evidence questioning if convictions are possible or even allowed in Canada with Circumstantial evidence only. And it seems the answer is YES.

    Taken from Canada’s Criminal Code

    (“It is enough if it is made plain to the members of the jury that before basing a verdict of guilty on circumstantial evidence they must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the guilt of the accused is the only reasonable inference to be drawn from the proven facts.’)

    The terms accessory and abettor derive from the English common law, which distinguished between accomplices and principals in assessing guilt for crime. (An abettor was also known in the common law as a principal in the second degree.) Modern statutes abolish these differences and consider all accomplices as principals. It is no longer necessary to prove which kind of an accomplice a person is or to find the principal guilty before the accomplice can be convicted. Once a crime has been committed and a party is shown to have contributed to its commission, that person may be punished as a principal.

    An accomplice differs from an accessory in that an accomplice is present at the actual crime, and could be prosecuted even if the main criminal (the principal) is not charged or convicted. An accessory is generally not present at the actual crime, and may be subject to lesser penalties than an accomplice or principal.

    An accessory-after-the-fact is someone who assists 1) someone who has committed a crime, 2) after the person has committed the crime, 3) with knowledge that the person committed the crime, and 4) with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment.

    I was thinking of the charge of murder of course but the more I thought about it why not go for the sure thing which is JZ and CO.
    What is wrong with the Crown Prosecutors in B.C. what the eff are they doing with their time that they are not all over this? Wouldn’t you think that after 12 long years of Fk all you would at least start with dinging those 2 douchebags with something and in my short walk through the Criminal Code of Canada why not take a chance on AssH 1 and AssH2 in hopes that you will scare the you know what out of CO and JaSIN that way you’ll at least be doing something!!!! And probably getting further along by at least interrogating them, break the MFKRS down. Who knows what else will fall out of their pathetic mouths. Isn’t that at least making a move towards what is RIGHT?
    Do we have total losers for Crown Prosecutors or maybe we have no Crown Prosecutors, it’s pretty hard to tell if you want my opinion!
    C’mon you can’t tell me that there is not loads of evidence, we know from this blog there is lots of circumstantial evidence, and I bet we haven’t talked about 1/2 of what they do have. What is going on? Why is absolutely nothing happening here. JaSIN and CO were upto something obviously, they so were not at the crime scene to be Lindsay’s security!
    Even from my eyes who only see the bits and pieces can see it but imagine if we could know/see everything the SPD know. Nothing here makes any sense. After 12 years would you at least not start with these 2 and just take the risk of shaking them down, bust them up, make CO cry, scare the living life out of him. Tell him he won’t be seeing his boys graduate, get the AH talking. Scare JaSIN, make him cry. Tell him Mommy won’t be able to kiss him nightie night!
    There is so much more that could be done here by the Crown Prosecutors. What’s the real story here?

    How to Commit Murder in B.C. and Never Answer For It!

    The Zailo family biography, the True Story of Real Estate, Money Laundering, Drug Dealing and Murder
    Fooling the Canadian People, How to Convince them you are Working for them, Getting Paid and Working Towards Your Pension.
    A Lead Detective’s Story
    Crazy Horse

    • Following says:

      there is also the infamous OJ after trial when he was found not guilty but the civil trial held him accountable. not sure how that works in Canada. your system is more lenient than the US system. in Canada, even if its horrific they tend to have 25 year sentences rather than true life sentences without parole.

      • Robin says:

        Stop what? The Zailo’s for pretending they did not murder or conspire to murder Lindsay? Stop the Attorney General and Public Safety Minister for not kicking the SPD ass or at least putting a big fire under their ass! Stop the Saanich Police from not doing enough to get arrests?
        OR do you mean STOP Lindsay’s family from grieving or expecting arrests. WTF do you mean Taco?
        OR do you mean me for being outspoken?
        How about you stop being an AHole for not expecting more from the Saanich Police, Mayor, Premier, Saanich Police Board, what about them? They work for us and it is their job to see that the people pay for luring and murdering and scaring the shit out of a young women just starting her independent life. You Stop forgetting all that Taco, how about that.

        • Svetlana says:

          I think something hit a nerve in this person Taco. Could be Oatman?

        • Justice says:

          Taco is a former carnita who is obsessed with what people post here. We disagree with what the Saanich carnitas tell us and are unsatisfied with the very poor job they are doing. Taco and his two pretend carnitas have a need to feel superior and important because they have no lives. By attacking the grieving parent of a murder victim and opinions posted on this site, shows how narcissistic and pathetic that trio truly is.

          I take freedom of speech seriously. Everything I have posted here is my opinion and always made that clear. My opinion is based on documented testimony that can still be found on various news outlets.

          The Zailos Will be fair game for speculation and are fair game in the media because of their Intimate relationship with a murder victim. Until there is an arrest, they will always be suspects, guilty or not. I do not see them working with Jeff to help find the murderers. I feel it is ridiculous that a former carnita would take an active and public role in defending any potential suspects until there is an arrest. LE knows from experience that although someone may not be a suspect now, that could change in the future if evidence is brought forward.

          It has been well established that the Zailos had a longtime business and Personal friend relationship with a major, convicted drug dealer. To deny this and minimize it is irresponsible and misleading. It makes it convenient to dismiss the relationship with Ziggy as nothing. Taco, do you think we are going to put on a blindfold like you have and believe everything the Saanich carnitas and Jason Zailo tell us, even when it is ridiculous and preposterous.

          On DateLine, Jason clearly says he saw “maybe 2 people behind smoked glass”. Josh asks him several more questions And I can not see how they cut out where he told them he actually saw a man and a woman walking out through the front door as the Carnita Taco claims.

          There is an interview with Lindsay’s friends who state that about 3 months before her murder (November 2 was her birthday), Lindsay told her that she was going to break off her relationship with Jason. Since Jason said it is not true, Taco bases his evidence on what Jason says and dismissed the fact as a rumor made to smear the Zailos in-spite of the testimony of multiple people on the record.

          There have been several sources who gave interviews to the press within a few days of Lindsay’s murder. Her coworkers in the Re/Max office state that she was Concerned about the clients so Jason was going to go with her. This is on the record. Maybe Jason was bringing a contract from SHC as well that needed immediate attention on a Saturday night?? What bothers me is why Jason, a top earning realtor and broker, didn’t want to go in and try to up-sell a mortgage for a bigger house since they were cash buyers? Doesn’t he own his own brokerage now? Passing up an opportunity like that because he didn’t want to be a meddling BF is again preposterous. His role would be a business partner with a business opportunity, not a BF. It would have been ideal for him to arrive on time. I am unable to accept his excuse like Taco carnita can. I don’t wear a carnita blindfold.

          So far the Lead Saanich carnitas Base their theory on what Jason has told them and have ignored what many other close friend’s, family and associates of Lindsay have Independently and publicly on the record have stated. Taco carnita doesn’t like it when we poke holes in the Saanich carnitas lame theories and poor performance. They cover up for each other because they are either incompetent or corrupt or both. The Carnitas two besties need to feel important. They have identified themselves with carnitas to feel important when in reality, they And Taco are meaningless in this situation.

          I believe the Saanich carnitas, Taco carnita, 2 groupie carnitas, the Zailos, Rianne, Vid, The Del Bros, Ziggy (in prison), DeSousa, Matt, Paul, Barry, the Lums and others get the daily posts on this site via email. It has been 11 yrs and nobody has filed a law suit or formal complaint. Think about that Taco!!

          • Svetlana says:

            I don’t believe him when he said he saw two people. Even a child can see Zailo’s lying on Dateline. Where is this video now – I can’t find it anywhere?

            After the lunch, someone had to be with her to follow her every move because this was a plan not to risk being found out – so here is the “support” for her on this day. I think she picked up Shirley and they went together to the house. Hence why Jason said she “went home” to change clothes.This can explain why after the murder, the mother appeared out of nowhere without a car, apparently having walked blocks and blocks.

            I’m wondering about the actual owner of Remax Camosun at that time- how does he play in all of this? Being an owner wouldn’t he know what is going on at his establishment or have any suspicions?

            • Jeff Buziak, father says:

              The actual owner of ReMax Camosun at the time, Wayne Schrader, acted like an indifferent arrogant prick towards me and that has not changed since Lindsay’s murder because that is who he is.
              Past behaviour is a good indication of future behaviour. This includes murder!

              • anon says:

                It is my understanding based on reading internet news paper articles that Mr. Schrader sold his real estate brokerage to someone else not long after Lindsay’s murder. Is this true? Knowing the industry, I felt that was a little strange given that most real estate brokers like to keep their name on the business even when they are mostly in retirement mode. Does anyone know what Mr. Schrader is doing now? Has he too opened a coffee shop? fled to another country? gone into the “mortgage” business? Let’s find out …

  14. Azhar says:

    Did you find the killer?

    • Svetlana says:

      STUPID police.It’s obvious someone from real estate killed her. An outside person would not go through such lengths to “locate” a reference phone number and knowing that they will be out of town.

      • see closely says:

        Svetlana.It is likely somebody in the same office-who was very, very close to Lindsay- used the relevant information. Karma will get them eventually.Both the planners and the killers.

  15. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    The Heavy, Heavy Weight of Murder and Canada’s Complacency With It

    I don’t think I have to express to anyone how heavily Lindsay’s unsolved murder weighs on me every single day of every week of every month of every “Saanich police” wasted year (4,415 days actually) while I force myself to hold my chin up and soldier on for Justice. For Justice! As many do in our beloved country. Why do I have to battle with my birth country for Justice that elected officials and authorities are “supposed” to be upholding and are mandated by legislation to enforce? Why do weak publicly elected politicians in British Columbia and Canada allow this travesty, managed by Saanich police, to bumble on year after year after year? The Lindsay Buziak Murder.

    For many of you who don’t know, I travel at times to seek clarity and peace of mind, to seek wisdom and to seek answers to why. Why am I and thousands of others, who strongly support what I do, questioning and battling with the country, the elected officials and the police for what should be a right and is a mandated public service, supposedly provided by oath sworn public servants, that is supposed to be done expeditiously without complaint, explanations, excuses and buck passing? What has our country deteriorated to? Politicians ignore us. Police intimidate , ignore and bully us. We are supposed to be living in an advanced system and society. What is going wrong when scum in a small community can murder a young woman at work and get away with it while being protected by police and politicians who ignore it, us and the justice they are mandated to uphold? Please pay attention to this and do something about it. Please.

    Do you know the Premier of British Columbia John Horgan, yes the boss of the whole province, lives and represents the riding he was elected in which is about 30 minutes from Lindsay’s savage murder scene and does fuck all about it! Talk to him folks. Pressure him and don’t allow him to brush you off. C’mon Langford-Juan de Fuca people, put some pressure on him or your daughter could be next. Make an appointment to see him at his riding office in your constituency area and ask him WTF and DO NOT allow him to brush you off. Force him to make a commitment to do something about this horrendous tragedy or refuse to leave his office. Take me with you please. C’mon Ellie Horgan, poke your husband into action. You have 2 children. My precious child was murdered and your husband’s government, the one he is THE authority over, is doing nothing about the murder of a wonderful young woman at work 30 minutes from where you live. Mrs Horgan is this how you want the justice system your husband overseas to protect your children? I doubt that very much!

    This past winter I travelled to India, Thailand and Vietnam to see a different way, different people, different cultures and how they function. I’ve been to this region many times since Lindsay was murdered. I go on my own and other times very special friends take me and or assist me. One incredible friend took me, reluctantly, after Lindsay’s murder. He just bought my ticket and said, you are going Jeff. He met me there and stayed with me daily for a month knowing how fragile and distraught I was at the time. So very understanding and so very caring and patient. I saw a kind, caring, peaceful people, steeped in Buddhism but very serious about justice. I digress, sorry.

    India has 1.4 Billion people and is 1/3 the land size of Canada which has only 37 million people. India is supposed to be a democracy but is ravaged by poverty and over crowding. India’s major religion is Hindu. Thailand is military rule. There are 69 million people in Thailand which is one half the land size of British Columbia which has a total of 5 million people! Mostly the Thai people are poor but happy and strong Buddhists in their belief. Vietnam has 97 million people and is a very strong communist country. People are poor and suppressed but friendly and non-confrontational. The land size of Vietnam is one third the size of British Columbia but the population is almost 20 times larger than B.C.! Most people in Vietnam are non-religious but there is a smattering of Buddhists, Roman Catholic, Hoa, Hoa, and Cao Dai with the largest group made up of the Buddhist philosophy. I prayed in every country.

    Three countries with 1.566 BILLION people. Yes one Billion five hundred and sixty-six Million people occupying a land base 40% of Canada’s land size which has a paltry 37 million people. Consider yourself extremely fortunate. Very, very fortunate. I spent time in the slums of Bombay. It was atrocious. I travelled, stayed and walked where most tourists do not venture to try and understand how people live. How is there some kind of order, justice and how do all those people survive daily without anarchy and mass confusion. At times it was hard to see but it was always there. Why? Because people believe and make sure they get along one way or another. They follow the law or pay the price. Our problems in the west are minor compared to theirs except for one thing that is taken very seriously everywhere except here in Canada and especially British Columbia; Murder. Why? Everywhere I travelled murder is against the law, religion, philosophy and the morals of people without religion. It is an offence to humanity which requires serious and swift retribution.

    In the countries I travelled to Justice happens. Here in our supposed sophisticated Canada it does not happen. Murder in Canada is treated with leniency, complacency and indifference by authorities and a lot of the population unless it happens to one of theirs. Something is wrong people. This needs to be corrected or murder will become more and more frequent until we hold the authorities accountable.

    What happens in the countries I visited that differs from the way our authorities mishandle murder here? Well there is justice and it DOES NOT take over twelve years with nothing to happen like in Saanich, British Columbia Canada that is certain. If police do nothing in India, Thailand or Vietnam like they are doing with Lindsay Buziak’s murder in Saanich, the people take care of Justice themselves and they are overlooked and not the criminals like the murderers are overlooked in British Columbia and Canada for years and years. Police enforce justice there or people do and the beat goes on. Finished, they move forward knowing justice has been served. No more murderers!

    Are 1.566 Billion people wrong and us 37 million people, less me, right? I don’t think so. Murder is wrong, against the law and justice must be served one way or another swiftly and efficiently or chaos will eventually ensue in society!

    Thank you
    Jeff Buziak, father

    Please Share If You Care

    • anon says:

      Jeff, et al: approximately 6 days after Lindsay’s 24th birthday (November 2nd, 2007), the boyfriend that she had been living with- Jason Zailo along with his bestie, Cohen Oatman, announce that they will be working together as new mortgage brokers are Terry Martin’s Mortgage Centre. Located in Pacific Properties Royal Oak Shopping Centre, The phone numbers listed in the local Victoria News paper (name redacted, so people can’t take it down) are Jason: 588- 9917 and Cohen 661-6939. Mind you, the Mortgage crisis around the world had already started. Who’s making an announcement and moving to a new office in the mortgage business? They were together (Jason and Cohen) on MORE than making plans for dinner or hockey.

  16. Svetlana says:

    What evidence is Saanich police concealing from the public and, in doing so, helping the perpetrators remain scot -free? I cannot believe that in these 12 years they don’t have anything.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      In reality, by their lack of results, Saanich police are protecting the conspirators and murderers of Lindsay Buziak while putting the public in extreme danger and torturing family and friends. They could care less about justice, the community or the safety of young women. All they care about are their fragile egos. They are the real fucking criminals and are smug about it to our faces. They know.
      – seven senior officers retire the day before Lindsay’s savage public execution.
      – none are called back or asked to help.
      – Saanich police screw up the crime scene.
      – they send their best rogue cop to silence me.
      – they release conflicting information.
      – they insinuate local petty criminals and a cartel to hide their incompetence.
      – they protect the real killers and conspirators.
      – 3 Mayors head of the police board.
      – 4 police Chiefs.
      – 4 heads of the file.
      – NO SUSPECTS named.
      – retire, retire, retire.
      – last two useless police chiefs refuse to address the public.
      – they refuse to remove themselves from the investigation they have failed at.
      – they claim some phoney reviews they refuse to make public but declare themselves good.
      – they have gone silent.
      – they refuse to name who is head of the file.
      – part time cops fiddle with the case.
      – they have zero public confidence.
      – they refuse to declare the case cold to protect themselves and the criminals.
      – they blame us.
      – politicians hide and pass the buck.
      – police report nothing.
      – police order silence.
      – the public are being psychologically manipulated there is law and order.
      – 12 years and NOTHING.
      – Saanich police are the real GANGSTERS.


      Lindsay Buziak’s Unsolved Murder is the undeniable precedent.

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        The useless tits can’t “Show Us” what they are made of so they try to tell us, con us, manipulate us, ignore us, silence us, suppress us, intimidate us and threaten us. That’s called Bullying folks. They are no professional police force. They are a farce. Gangsters, playing police.

      • Anon says:

        Appearances to 4 types of Saanich police:
        1) care and are interested but not educated enough to make a difference
        Or have a difficult time breaking through barriers from colleagues and the system.
        2) willful, defiant, uncaring, deceitful and not educated. Makes “0” difference in the lives of his or colleagues and in that of the public. Creates more problems than they solve.
        3) educated but too distracted and unfocused. May care about people but can’t make a difference because his or her supervisor lack leadership skills
        4) educated, trying to make a difference, care but bogged down in quagmire of colleagues and political forces of the above 1-3.
        If #4 exists at Saanich P.D., we all need to find out who that person is and pray for them by name, that they are able to get on Lindsay’s case.

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          Thank you Anon. No truer words have been spoken of Saanich police!

        • Svetlana says:

          I find some things in this article a bit strange but maybe because it was published soon after the murder.

          SAANICH, B.C
          Special to The Globe and Mail
          Published February 4, 2008

          A 24-year-old real estate agent was found slain this weekend in a luxury home in suburban Victoria where sources say she had arranged to meet a mysterious buyer who wanted to find a house that very day.
          Lindsay Buziak was apparently scheduled to show the home, currently listed in the stately Gordon Head neighbourhood, to a woman some time Saturday afternoon, said a source in her office.

          The prospective buyer, who came to Ms. Buziak as a referral, was apparently insistent on buying a million-dollar house before nightfall. That struck Ms. Buziak as odd, said the source, but the agent intended to work with the woman to see whether a home could be found.
          The source said Ms. Buziak’s boyfriend, Jason Zailo, who also works for Re/Max Camosun, tried to track her down Saturday afternoon. He apparently traced her to the home, but it’s unclear whether he arrived before or after police.

          Saanich Police Constable Brad Brajcich said the cause of death was not known and he would not say whether a weapon was found in the house. A 911 call was made, but Constable Brajcich would not say who made it or where it came from.

          The listed price for the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home is $964,000. The home was unoccupied, having been built only three months ago. It sits on a private street, where three other homes are being built.

          Laurie Lidstone, one of the two listing agents for the home, wouldn’t comment on whether she knew that Ms. Buziak was showing the house, but she did say “it was standard procedure when you’re going to view the house to page the realtor.”

          Wayne Schrader, owner of the Re/Max Camosun office, said Ms. Buziak had been a real estate agent for “a couple of years.” He said the police aren’t sharing much information with them, but added that the news of her death had hit everyone really hard.
          “All we know is it was very sudden. The only thing we wish to say is our hearts go out to the family right now.”

          Civilian search and rescue teams were called out to comb the area in what police described as “evidence searches.”

          • Anon says:

            I’ve always been curious about the 2 listing agents. And I’ll beat this drum once again: the fact that the “prospects” insisted on meeting Lindsay there buy nightfall speaks to me about the killers’ involvement in Wicca or other dark arts. If I were the cops, I’d seriously be grilling every tattoo shop and their employees from Victoria to Vancouver for clues.

            • Following says:

              This was an old listing in terms of running into other realtors showing. It was clearly picked because it was known to be vacant in a neighborhood that was somewhat vacant. It still boil down to what time Lindsay accessed the lockbox. Also, who had ever accessed the lockbox. A copy of the key could have been made and the original returned within an hour. It could have been made months ago. All that information is stored on the lockbox itself.
              The other telltale sign – besides the alibi debacle, if when Jason re-enacted what he did, coming into the home he ran up the stairs. First, why run? Assuming there is something terrible happening is not where your mind would first go to. You wouldn’t want to run up looking panicked if they were just in a bedroom discussing things. Secondly, you would look calmly downstairs first. If they clients were downstairs and you just ran upstairs that would freak out the clients downstairs. That behaviour is just not logical. If you were concerned about the showing, first you would knock, then you would enter, then you would cover downstairs and garage first, then go upstairs. You would also call out either the agent’s name, or be saying ‘hello?’ . If what I read was true that the mother came by on foot within 30 minutes, that makes no sense. She would drive as close as she could, then walk in. It’s odd that she was so close as well. Was she at home? Even more reason to drive. Nobody in a hurry walks. Is there confirmation that the two were the actual murderers? Was there someone else, lying in wait? How many carpet impressions? Quite possible Lindsay took the lead into the master and went into the bathroom while the knowing couple just stayed out of the way. That way they could exit with no blood on them. The killer had to have blood. There had to be blood exiting and squeezing through the fence. Was any blood evidence collected? Did Lindsay still have the key on her? Typically, I keep mine in my hand or leave it in the front door so I don’t accidentally put it somewhere. It’s also odd, not that its a blame here, more from an observation, odd that if Lindsay did see something she should not have seen, and gotten a lure out to a property while being suspicious, she would have told several agents, loved ones, before she went. What did she tell them? Exactly. And if she was that nervous, why did she not bring an actual person to the showing. Did Jason try and talk her out of that? By offering to follow? Did Lindsay say to her friends she was nervous and that Jason said he would join me, or did he say he would park out front. These are things you discuss with your fellow realtors or girlfriends. Like: ” I asked Jason to come with me, he said he would park outside. I told him to actually come with me but he insisted on being outside.” Did Lindsay “find” them the house or did the perps call saying they wanted to see that house. Who suggested that house? Murderers who want to commit the deed in a house have to be certain that no one else will be there. Agent’s have a way of “showing” homes. Did police use a realtor with say, 3 or 4 years experience and ask how they would have shown the house? Giving the police an idea of how the scenario might have played out. These people could not have been someone Lindsay knew. Even disguised she would have known them. Just some thoughts. Need an outside investigator for sure.

      • anon says:

        All day long:
        The team of Lidstone/ DiCastri was formed in 2006. That’s 2 years before Lindsay was murdered. They had native knowledge of the home that Lindsay was lured to when she was murdered as they happened to be the listing agents for that property on DeSousa place which is a Gordon Head property. Not a property located in Chatterton which is where the Lidstone/ DiCastri office is located. Both women are blonde. They are a pair. They worked for the same company that Lindsay did. Why were these two women NEVER (Ever?) suspects?
        Look at the Lidstone/ DiCastri website. One of them has the same pose that Lindsay did on her salesperson flyer.
        Bottom line, the swirl dress and the outfit of the “man” and “woman” who were seen with Lindsay could have been costume (s) meant to throw people off. As mentioned by several people before in this blog, the couple meeting Lindsay could have been 2 men, 2 women or a man and a woman. But they were dressed (in costumes?) like a man and a woman.
        – Halloween October 31st, 2007: Costumes purchased. Some people pick up costumes from local second hand stores before going to Halloween parties. In Lindsay’s age group, I am sure throngs of her friends attended Halloween parties on that night.
        -2 days later on November 2nd: International 22 yr old student Meredith Kercher was murdered inside her home in Italy. AND it’s Lindsay’s 24th birthday which appears to be celebrated with Jason and a random friend of his.
        -November 6th 2007: Jason Zailo and Cohen Oatman announce their partnership (here’s another pair) in the Mortgage industry which is failing.
        -Late January 2008: Lindsay received a call from a woman with a weird accent asking about the home that happens to be listed by DiCastri/ Lidstone
        -Not more than a week or two later on Ground Hog Day, 3 months to the day of Lindsay’s birthday on February 2nd 2008, Lindsay meets a pair (2 people) at the 1702 DeSousa residence. She is murdered and unable to attend her friend Andrea LeLanis birthday party.

  17. Swathika says:

    Did you check random number call?. Whose number?.

  18. Rosanne says:

    Well here is something we do know. The piece that sends red flags to this very well planned murder is the female buyer. There is no way a professional hitman is going to call their victim and throw out something that could alarm them, unless he had no choice. When he called to say his wife was not going to make it to the showing he was lucky that Lindsay didn’t show up with at least one other person if not more. I will suggest that at the time of the call they couldn’t get a wife and were more worried about her not wanting to go onto an empty house with him alone. This would mean the ‘wife’ has the least invested in this murder and may have not even known it was going to happen. She could have been hired.If a second person participated they could have easily been waiting in the house. The people around Lindsay already knew she was suspicious, they would not have wanted her to change her plans with this new information. I can’t see anyone going to all the trouble the murders did and then getting the idea hours before to add this twist. Lindsay was very brave or had been talked into security because when she drove up it was to meet a man on his own.

  19. Alex says:

    Did the police check about the travel history on feburary 2,2008. Vehicle entry in any toll booth. The comment which was done some unknown person. I feel his comments has a clue. The line ” The streets always rule” it’s a line taken from fast and furious movies said by vin diesel.
    The next line ” B__ches die everyday” is an album song. Stating about love failure and taking down the partner’s life.

    • anon says:

      Interesting that Lindsay’s friends including Jason and his own mother were into the automobile scene. I read on this website or some other one that Shirley once had a tricked out BMW. SHC, the supposed “alibi” of Jason and Oatman was an auto detail shop where you could purchase rims and other accessories. Here is more commentary about the streets: Also very interesting when you look at the photo of the actress that plays character Michelle Rodriguez (Paulo Rodriguez anyone? disposable phone?) she looks like Rianne Gracia. Since the Fast and Furious franchise started in 2001… I have no doubt its a real connection…

    • see closely says:

      I re-read the account of Lindsay’s murder by Wikipedia to refresh my knowledge of the case
      I come to opinion that the date of travelling-on ferry- of cellphone(February 1st,) that was used in January to set-up appointment to view the house where murder was commited was probably a ruse and decoy that was meant to sow a confusion into timing where murderers came to Victoria.In fact it does not even prove that it was a date murderers came into Victoria.
      Reason why I say this is that murderers knew what they were doing.It was no case of chance.
      The murderers did not need to be on the same ferry at the time the relevant cellphone was travelling to Victoria.In fact they may have been in Victoria several days prior to February1st.

      There is a service in departure area of ferry(either in Vancouver or Victoria) where walk-on passengers can deposit their bags prior to walk-on to ferry and retrieve it on other end of ferry trip in arrival area.
      There is no real control over this service.ANYBODY can deposit any bag(at least that’s how it was 15 or so years ago.) and send it by ferry to other side (Victoria in this case).
      My theory is that murderers hired a patsy to deposit the bag with this cellphone .That was done in order to distort the timing of murderers to Victoria.That would cause SPD to waste the time as they investigate possible overnight guests in Victoria area hotels and motels on February 1st while they were already in Victoria for several days.
      It is even possible that SPD found about this ruse if they retrieved this bag with the cellphone from ferry arrivals in Swartz Bay if ferry reported unclaimed bag.SPD may have not mention this possible fact in order to continue its investigations in secret as any police department would.

      My other point is(in this context) that murderers may not had been from mainland at all and just arranged this ruse to divert attention from possibility that they were from within of Greater Victoria and that possibly Lindsay may have known them.

      • Following says:

        Good stuff. So, lets think this thru. If I was going to murder someone, why would i make it complicated, involve other people, involve dressing up, getaway cars, lures etc. If I wanted to do the deed it would not be this involved. Therefore, it has to be someone she knows. It has to be more than one person responsible. This is an elaborate plan. Following the thought that Lindsay saw something. It’s clear the mother was involved in some kind of money scheme. Would be prudent to check her brokerage for the number of all cash deals. Number of purchases she arranged. The danger becomes when you involve a lot of people, that’s more people talking. Jealousy of another agent (did Lindsay make a lot of money? probably not) isn’t enough to develop this large scale ruse. If listing agents own a company or are established, I assure you, they are not interested in killing their competition. They want to beat them, but not kill them. She would have to be taking a lot of business for them to consider killing someone. The style of this is one person, ordering a group of people who are attached in a grave matter, to this one person. Highly unlikely that a group would all decide to voluntarily violently kill a young woman. If the schemer approached someone and they said “no” then the possibility of them being turned in goes way up. So, whomever schemed this up had enough ‘over’ a select intertwined group that they HAD to participate with an overwhelming threat if they didn’t participate. That can only mean something very illegal, threat of lifestyle, threat of death. This kind of crime wreaks of a woman mastermind rather than a male mastermind. Too many unnecessary players, too elaborate a plot, too many orchestrated motions. Such as, Jason being ‘told’ to look into the camera for the alibi. His mother walking to the scene, giving the cops enough time to either remove the body or have it blocked off so she didn’t have to see the result. Too many, you be at the restaurant, you remove the fence board, you leave the back door open, you park around the side, you get there a little late, too many female ideas – too elaborate for a male running the show. Too close to home for a male running the show. My theory, the mother wanted to get rid of her before she ruined the money laundering for drug people scheme. Her brokerage just buys and sells homes – her son refinances – her unmarried dufus who she was hoping like crazy would marry Lindsay. Lindsay fit her idea of the kind of woman for her son. She gave Lindsay more opportunity because she was thinking if she had another close person in this scheme she could double her money. She bought her stuff, housing, did whatever she wanted because she wanted Lindsay to marry her son. When she thought it was good as done, Lindsay saw what went down. While Lindsay, stunned, thought about it, probably had discussions with Jason about it, then decided she wanted out. Meanwhile, Jason and his mom were fretting that she might go to the RCMP about it, was leaving Jason anyway, and therefore Lindsay was a threat to the their whole livelihood and a threat for prison. In the mother’s mind, time for her to go. Hatched the plot, used her people and her son, made sure she arrived in time to confirm she was really dead and therefore relieved. If someone followed that theory, the evidence might just jump out. I believe the description of the dress worn by Mrs Buyer was exactly like the dress on the mothers ad at that time. It wasn’t the mother who did it, but she lent her the dress, or bought her the dress (mothers taste in clothing is distinct). Probably too long for you all to read.

        • see closely says:

          Zaillos were investigated already far too much.Very likely not killers of Lindsay.
          However.Is there another woman with a strong personality and potential hate of Lindsay who could have initiated and even participated in Lindsay’s murder?Let’s widen the gallery.

        • Wyatt says:

          I would support your theory. I believe you’re correct to say it’s much “simpler” and female driven than any other suggestion. The only issue I don’t agree with is that Lindsay met these alleged buyers. I firmly believe she was met at the door upon her initial arrival (4:45 ish) by that Desousa prick and he opened the door and invited her in as a ruse to “show” her the home before any perceived buyers arrived. She was slaughtered by 5pm and any alleged sightings of Lindsay after that time is pure conjecture. The unsolved murder is still solely the responsibility of the Satanic Police, they have failed miserably at their duty and continue to coverup and deceive the public, the victim and her family. We can not seem to motivate the politicians who have the power and authority to remove this file from their corrupt clutches. Is this case bigger than the Rail scandal?

  20. Jeff Buziak says:

    Saanich Police Quarterly Review conducted by the CICC of Canada

    January 1 – March 30, 2020

    This comprehensive review is part of an ongoing review of the Saanich police as a result of grave concern for the safety of citizens residing in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, Saanich, British Columbia Canada and in the name of Justice due in accordance to the laws of Canada and, in this case, specifically to the unsolved murder of Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak February 2, 2008 Saanich, British Columbia Canada.

    This comprehensive review is based on a 10 Category Approach.
    The review utilizes a Points Rating Methodology.
    A score of 0-10 points are awarded per category.
    The review and recommendations are based on the following scoring:

    Pass 51 points. Warning given with direct overview and new leadership required.
    Average 65-75 points. Probation with direction and outside supervision required.
    Good 76-90 points. Outside ongoing oversight required.
    Excellent 91-100 points.
    30 day Termination notice recommended 30-50 points.
    Immediate Dismissal below 30 points.

    The Review

    1. Overall Results/Success.

    Score: 0

    2. Public Transparency.

    Score: 0

    3. Informative Communication with victims of crime.

    Score: 0.5

    4. Informative Communication with media.

    Score: 0.5

    5. Following through with tips.

    Score: 1

    6. Leadership.

    Score: 0

    7. Public Trust.

    Score: 0

    8. Setting goals and tasks made known to the public.

    Score: 0

    9. Setting timelines and meeting timeline objectives with reporting to the public.

    Score: 0

    10. Honesty and integrity

    Score: 0

    Total Score: 2


    It is the strong recommendation of the CICC that Saanich police be immediately dismissed from any further involvement with the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation. Saanich police have failed miserably in this quarterly review and shown a lack of concern towards the public, the public’s safety and their duty to uphold the law and enforce justice since the murder of Lindsay Buziak 02/02/2008.

    As a result of this atrocious quarterly rating, it is further recommended by CICC that a leadership replacement be promptly initiated at Saanich police. Replacement leadership is directed to be selected by an open public competition for the positions of Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable and Inspector of Detective Division and replacement candidates be awarded by merit and experience. Current Chief Constable and current Deputy Chief Constable to be excluded from the completion and dismissed forthwith from the Saanich police department due to their poor leadership performance and neglect of duty in the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder. Inspector of Detective Division to be demoted to Sergeant with appropriate salary reduction and educational upgrading and training mandatory. Outside applicants are to be encouraged to apply and given preference.

    Sincerely in the interest of Public Safety

    Council of Independent Concerned Citizens of Canada (CICC, Canada)

    • Bruce Barber says:

      Love ya jeff you are a brave soldier keep on fighting we are getting close I can feel it in my bones

    • Robin says:

      Accurate I’d say. We’ve seen a whole lot of nothing in 12 yrs. That is what needs to be investigated at this point.

    • Svetlana says:

      3. Informative Communication with victims of crime.
      Score: 0.5
      I’d give 0 for this but I guess the 0.5 score was when Saanich police communicated with you to threaten you.

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        Yes and they answer the odd email with a whole lot of nothing! They are supposed to be on our side hahahahaha. They protect the criminals and befriend them. They are our frienemies not our protectors.

  21. Shivakumar rao says:

    I will give you 2 tpis sir
    1)plz check all contacts in your daughter phone list out all contacts and call them tell I know you are killed my daughter I have a evidance tell them to don’t escape police are coming to catch you if they became silent or not talking properly suspect that person,killer will definitely get confuse he will try to escape than u can catch him
    If any number is switch off contact them directly
    2 )ask your daughter friends and Jason if any small or bigg insults done by Lindsey buzaik to their friends or any other persons this may aslo be reson for her murder
    3) check previous details in her dairy may get you some hints there
    4)killer may be in friend zone of Lindsey buzaik he/she may not come kill her but he/she give some money to somebody to kill her check out supary killer in that city contact supary killers as much as possible u can find killer
    Definitely he or she will in the conatacts of your daughter phone

  22. Robin says:

    Things must be a bit slow at the Saanich Police Department right now, maybe they can dust off all the evidence they do have, review it all and make a couple arrests.
    Better yet why don’t you put all the evidence together and give it to IHIT. I’m sure they could make arrests within a week.
    I won’t hold my breath with hope since that won’t happen because the SPD need complete control so there aren’t arrests. To bad the politicians won’t stand up for Lindsay like they do for a virus.

  23. rohan says:

    What happened to the call history of victim.
    If Mexicans were there at scene definitely an intimation to victim would have given through call/ msg before their meet up..
    What does the autopsy says about the stabbed wounds..
    How depth the wound is and any guesses what kind of weapon used to perform the conspiracy..
    The witnesses should be re-investigated..

    • Svetlana says:

      Everything should be reinvestigated. Totally unacceptable in Canada. And they should charge on suspicion of murder, and show all evidence that police were hiding.

    • Svetlana says:

      This was no hired hit. They wouldn’t dare show how sick they are to anyone but to themselves. It’s someone who knew Lindsay. This is why no one talked.

    • anon says:

      There are any number of reasons why a killer or killers would use a knife over another type of weapon. Here are psychological profiles of those

      • Svetlana says:

        There are gun laws in Canada and bullets can be traced, plus the murderers of Lindsay would not have used a gun even if they had one because of the noise.

        • anon says:

          “…the murderers of Lindsay would not have used a gun… because of the noise”… Svetlana, that is exactly the right track people should be on to solve this murder. IF the killers were NOT Jason and Oatman, they would have had NO problem using a gun. Why? because they intended to flee the scene right afterwards. But because it WAS Jason and Oatman and had to “stick around” to “corroborate their own story” they could not use a gun. Why? Someone would have heard that and the police would have arrived at the scene looking for a gun and not listening to Jasons B.S. There would not have been enough time to Jason and Oatman to ditch this gun. HOWEVER, if the killers were truly indeed strangers (strangers, indeed) they would not have given a rats a** about the neighbors hearing the sound of a gun because they did NOT have to stay at the crime scene. They would have left the scene immediately and literally been in another country in less than 2 hours. Question: If you are somewhere- lets say a soccer game before it- and after it- Aren’t you there during it? Jason says he was with Lindsay before and after the showing. He was there during the showing. Look at Jasons behavior- I am betting that he was physically with Lindsay at EVERY showing she ever had. Why would this showing be any different? Saanich P.D. = completely incompetent or purposefully looking the other way. OR both.

        • Justice says:

          Gun laws mean nothing to criminals.

          This was a set up meant to trap and taunt Lindsay.

          The killers lured her to the vacant house under the guise she was going to make a big sale. When she got there she found out it was a ruse. The joke was on her. Then they showed her what happens to people who are not loyal to the family. These are prideful people and wanted her to be aware that there was a huge price for rejecting them. They wanted to see the fear and pain her eyes. This was personal revenge.

          If it was a drug cartel, the hit would have been clean and simple. The cartel would want it clear that it was from them. For a long time there was no suspicion of a cartel involvement. The cartel would have wanted everyone to know they did it immediately. From the beginning the experts agree, this was not a drug cartel hit. I don’t know where this cartel theory grew legs but it doesn’t fit and never has.

          Cartel theory: they set up an artfully planned murder where they had to use a knife because of fear of the sound of gun shots instead of a simple double tap in a dark parking lot??? Think about that please.

          • see closely says:

            I agree Justice

          • Robin says:

            Nothing to think about because you absolutely correct. Yes, yes and yes. U R bang on. Very good posts today.

          • Svetlana says:

            This is why it’s not a “Cartel” theory. They would use guns, no doubt about it, traced bullets or not, gun residue on hands or not, but the people who killed Lindsay were the ones right in her circle, having nice jobs and good friends, and so used the knife.This was easiest for them and less likely to get caught.

            These police are so dumb it’s incredible.

    • anon says:

      There are- according to media and recorded history-more than a thousand ways to kill someone. This entire “i’m going to knife someone at their work on an ambush basis” has always been haunting to me. What kind of person do you have to be to set someone up knowing that they want to be somewhere to make a living? A personality profile of a person who ambushes people – that to me points to Chris Horsley himself. Perhaps he ambushed Lindsay and then later did it to her father. What is the motive?
      On the other hand, a person that fancies themselves good at cutting with knives is the former owner/ chef at Sauce. He’s (Steve Hof) a guy that brags about his culinary skills on social media. Long after Sauce has been shuttered.
      Another person who brags about skills in cutting is Lindsay’s plastic surgeon- the one who did her breast augmentation (whomever that is, I don’t know- could be a woman or a man… or both s in a plastic surgery team). There have been high level doctors, including plastic surgeons that turn out to be murderers, addicts and unsavory people just as in other professions.
      Whomever they are, they have deeply underestimated the fact that this murder will be solved because of their own missteps after the killing.

  24. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    • Svetlana says:

      I did see Jason had a strange look in his eyes in the photos of Lindsay’s birthday party. I can only presume that the day was November 2 2007 since she was born on November 2nd. His look was as though he was angry and masking something. I don’t know if it was directed to the person who was taking the picture or not. But if someone knows anything, let Jeff know.

  25. LLC says:

    This is and always has been such a great tragedy. So senseless. How, in this day & age can there be no suspect (s), no arrests? It’s beyond alarming. I’ve followed this case since it happened. I cannot wrap my head around it. Something is very, very wrong here. As always, my heartfelt condolences & continued support for Jeff. #WeWillNotForget #JusticeforLindsay is needed & long, long overdue.

    • anon says:

      Has anyone ever visited Paul Bergshoeffs’ Brentwood Bay B.C. coffee shop before he sold it? Maybe he saw Lindsay and Jason as barriers to doing something he wanted to do. Maybe his original intent was to kill both Lindsay and Jason, but maybe Jason agreed never to open his mouth and Paul let him off the hook. What inspires someone to go into retail foods? an entrepreneur vs a individual interested in the public…

      • Svetlana says:

        I don’t think this is plausible. It’s obvious of the two, who did it. I guess people go into retail to make money? To be their own boss, I guess. Did you see the pic of his son in the undesirables section? I think he had an addiction problem.

        • Justice says:

          Lindsay’s murder attracts a lot of attention because it is not your typical everyday murder. Lindsay was a successful professional, in a relationship with a guy who had a wealthy family that provided her with a luxurious lifestyle. She was set up with an artful and complex plan that left little evidence in a house that was vacant and had just been wiped clean. Some believe she was murdered because she was set up to take the blame for the Alberta drug bust. Although this may play a roll, no one can come up with a person who had a motive or such horrible hate towards Lindsay to want her to take the blame and pay the price for something she had nothing to do with. People have made remarks about how her friend was a horrible person and a psychopath so if these people know, then Lindsay would have known too. Some believe her childhood friend had a hand in it but I find it hard to believe that Lindsay would help a murdering “psychopath” get a job at the same Re/Max office.

          This story is interesting to many people who find satisfaction in figuring out puzzles and this is clearly a puzzle especially when you add in the fact that Lindsay told people she was disappointed in her relationship with her BF. I know there are people out there that claim that is not true but there is testimony from a firsthand witness, on camera so we should not so easily dismiss it as a rumor.

          Since Lindsay was well known in the community that included childhood friends from a high level drug trafficking family, they would have known her and would have seriously questioned her as being a Law Enforcement informant. Like Yolanda McClary and Saanich Police, Detective McColl, many believe this angle is a red herring.

          Because this case is interesting and complicated, many media outlets are interested in using it for their show material because it will draw a large audience. The media outlets are using Lindsay’s murder at some level, to make money. That includes Garry Rogers, who knows that the public interest will sell his books. This is free enterprise folks but Jeff has been smart enough to use it to his advantage to keep Lindsay’s case relevant after 12 years of going unsolved. Jeff makes not a penny for one minute of his time, working with the media and his only motive is to get his daughter’s killers brought to justice. Jeff has spent a good portion of his life since the murder, trying to get justice for Lindsay. I do not see any other motive for his media appearances.

          BTW, Chris Horsley always participated in the media interviews with Jeff so is he a fame monger too? I find it interesting that Chris Horsley stopped participating in the interviews when he slipped up and told us that Jason actually saw the man walking out the front door, a very different story then what we had been led to believe. I believe he knew there would be some tough questions to answer after the slip and had no answers as to why this information had been withheld from Lindsay’s family.

          Svetlana, I was wondering, what do you think about Pee Collector Rogers and how he is making disparaging remarks about Jeff on his website? He wrote that Jeff is using Lindsay’s murder for fame referring to the Dr Phil show as an example. You are quite remarkable when it comes to digging out details about people of interest like Paul’s son, so I figured you would have come across that blog. Do you think he is correct in stating the father of a murder victim who never before looked for celebrity, is using his daughter’s murder as a way to gain personal fame? Do you think he has gone too far?

          If this was Pee Collector’s child, I would hope he would be going to the same lengths to bring those responsible to justice after 12 years and no arrests. You have children and grandchildren, what would you do?

          • Gail B says:

            Take notice that there are no advertisements or books for sale on this site, a stark difference to Pee Collector’s blog site. Most of the photos Pee Collector uses on his blog originated from this site. Most of the details Pee Collector used to gather the information to form his story came from Jeff Buziak. The Saanich police state that they do not talk about the case to anyone and Saanich Police stated in writing they did not share any new information with Pee Collector. Some of the information he posts is more detailed than what the SPD has released to the Buziak family so who was his source or is it merely a fabrication to make his fictional story fit. Where does one draw the line when dealing with the parent of a savagely murdered child? What is the motive here, justice for Lindsay or selling a book? He says he can’t sell his book because he has to name names but he names names on his site. He hasn’t sold many books on Amazon as far as I can tell by the reviews so he is no best selling author another fabrication. He could print a few copies himself without a publisher. What is stopping him if he is so certain? These are questions I have asked him but as he says on his blog, this kind of email goes to his junk mail. But he criticizes this site for having tunnel vision. He really should just stick to collecting pee and maybe try some from a few Saanich police officers.

            This case hasn’t been solved after 12 years. Jeff has a right to be vocal about his feelings. The SPD has contradicted themselves on many occasions leading to a loss of confidence in their ability to solve the case. Police departments are used to criticism when they can’t solve a case. It goes with the job. Why not hand it off if they can’t solve it after 12 years. I think they should feel relieved to get it off their plate. They don’t have what it takes.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            “I find it interesting that Chris Horsley stopped participating in the interviews when he slipped up and told us that Jason actually saw the man walking out the front door, a very different story then what we had been led to believe. I believe he knew there would be some tough questions to answer after the slip and had no answers as to why this information had been withheld from Lindsay’s family.”
            Yes, very interesting and, like so many other aspects to this case, very telling. The truth is glaring if you look at all of the other ” interesting” aspects to this case. He couldn’t explain why it was that the story changed so much. What did you just say?? If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck guess what?

          • David J Anderson says:


          • Svetlana says:

            I’d ignore that site – it looks so fake and only gossiping about Jeff. Disrespecting Jeff’s name and looking only in one direction of Lindsay’s murder. Who is he to determine who killed Lindsay? Other bloggers about this case do not do such things. If he has something important to say then he should go to his own connections with the police and work with them, instead of opening a blog about the murder to pass his retirement time,(how many years now) only to make horrendous accusations against and mock the father of a murdered girl. Even the comments look one sided. Strange and phony.

            • Svetlana says:

              To add to my post, he refuses to hear other opinions as though only his matter and his count.

            • Jeff Buziak, father. says:

              I find it best not to give people like the “pee collector, I used to be guy” the time of day or a moment of thought. People like “pee collector, I used to be guy” are just yucky, divisive, disruptive and non-productive types desperately seeking attention in their hapless lives so the less we address that pissy slime-ball the better. Not at all is best.
              He wants attention so bad he will stoop to any low to get it. He will even pee himself in anticipation of anyone mentioning his name. He is right where he supposed to be; up to his eyeballs in pee. Let’s just leave him be and not degrade this wonderful, productive site dedicated to such a honourable cause with the mention of that piss of a man please. He doesn’t bother me so let him mire surrounded in his urine collection and not tarnish this great site by mentioning him. Thank you.

  26. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    How many of you have ever heard of the term GASLIGHTING? Its a horrible, insidious technique used by manipulators, abusers, those in power or those wanting to gain power over you. Usually someone who is trying to drive you mad to have their way. When you try to expose the “gaslighters” they jump all over you and use every means at their disposal to squash you. There should really be a law against this with harsh penalties but it is often hard to prove. Over time these “gaslighters” hope they are able to wear you down; break you in any way they can! They covertly try to tell you that you are mentally unstable. They tell others that you are crazy. They try to turn people against you, they threaten, they project untruth on you, they bully, they try to confuse you, they ignore you and they use others who believe them to support their campaign of attempting to break you down mentally and try to make you question your sanity. Its horrible to be on the receiving end of this and it is certainly psychological torment at its most extreme. Its Evil at work!

    This folks is sadly what Saanich police and now the current Mayor of Saanich have been doing to me and others for years along with individuals they can convince to support and believe them. A father mourning the loss of his daughter and hoping for justice. Supporters and a public, a community demanding justice and safety. The really insidious part is they are believed to be the authority, supposedly our friends and protectors, and the honest ones but sadly not in this situation. Saanich police also have the power of local media mostly on their side. In Victoria I have been told more than once by some local media that they cannot attack or criticize Saanich police because they have to live there. Constable Horsley of Saanich police even goes so far as to refer to local media as “our media partners” which is complete corruption in our day and age. Media are supposed to be unbiased and reporting the news. If so, why does the media always tell me they have to check with Saanich police first before reporting anything? Why does media never check with me about what crap Saanich police tell them and report what I say about Saanich police or about what is going on with Lindsay’s unsolved murder and with Saanich police? Why are media not reporting the truth? Saanich police do not tell the truth!

    Saanich police are the ones who have put out false and misleading information about Lindsay’s unsolved murder as we proved by reviewing all news releases quoting Saanich police but yet Saanich police accuse others, the lindsaybuziakmurder site and myself of putting out false and misleading information when in fact we often use media information from Saanich police as our source. Certainly Saanich police and now the current Mayor have mislead and ignore me. They have lied to me and certainly threatened me by their visit to my place of work in Calgary. They use Lindsay, her case, as a tool against me to stop informing everyone the truth. They are supposed to tell the truth! They have told others I am a liar, a drunk, have no friends and am crazy when in fact I do not drink, do not do drugs, lie, take any medication and have participated in 6 years of counselling following Lindsay’s murder. In reality, people tell me of Saanich police officers abusing alcohol and illegal drugs, of lying and bullying. I make it my mandate to be as transparent as I can be and always tell the truth. Why would I lie? I just want arrests and charges in my daughter’s murder after 12 long punishing years. I have nothing to lie about.

    Saanich police even convinced some has-been, “I used to be guy”, falsely claiming to have inside information, to spout their cause when in fact he is simply a self absorbed narcissistic wanna-be looking to attach himself to Lindsay’s murder for monetary gain. How low can they stoop? In reality what he really does is work as a pee collector up island collecting human pee and delivering it to a lab for testing. A pee collector cum cheerleader for Saanich police personally disparaging everything supporters of Justice for Lindsay and I say. How low! This isn’t about you “I Used To Be Guy”…..or me so quit your lowlife posturing for personal gain pee collector. This is about Lindsay’s savage killing and Justice. Keep your nose in the pee instead of my daughter’s unsolved murder. No one wants to hear some nonsense from a pee collecting “I used to be guy”.

    The goal of Saanich police right now and for some time is to use gaslighting in hope they drive me crazy and/or turn everyone against me so I will go away and/or die and they can blunder along unsuccessfully with Lindsay’s case until it solves itself or people just forget about it and they continue to merrily play their police game and look good publicly playing police.

    We/I am holding them accountable and they can’t stand it because they have failed at their sworn duty and can’t face the shame! Lets not let Chief Scott Green and his Saanich police get away with not doing their job and lets certainly not let the conspirators and killers of Lindsay get away with murder also. Saanich police need to stop this horrible conduct with Lindsay’s murder investigation, stop their horrible conduct towards a public desperately trying to help while waiting for arrests and stop their horrible conduct of gaslighting me/us. They need to step aside as over Six Thousand One Hundred concerned members of the public demand them to by a petition everyone should sign if they care about justice for a murdered woman. Saanich police need to apologize, hold their heads in shame and take responsibility for their failure. They need to stand down.

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak.
    Thank you

    PLEASE Share

    • see closely says:

      I think everyone here is doing a great job. There are-in my opinion no “dead-end” zones in Lindsay’s murder. We need to keep looking closer to the circle of people around her. This is where the key to her murder is.

  27. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    This I received from a friend of Lindsay’s who is upset by the way Saanich police have tried to disguisedly portray Lindsay in the media, which I am offended by, but like everyone have always hoped they would just do their job which they have obviously failed to do:


    I met Lindsay when she was around 14 through high school friends and later when she was with Matt and then Jason Zailo. She was so cute and little and sweet and soft in her way of being a real down to earth kind of girl. Lindsay was very personable and friendly to everyone. I remember the first time she came up to introduce herself to me at Mayfair mall with her little sister Sara. Lindsay wasn’t afraid to meet new friends at all and went after whatever she wanted with all her heart and was the kind of girl that wore her heart on her sleeve, a very lovable and a brave soul. She was very stylish, petite and she stood up for the things she believed in with all her heart and was and is so special to this day to me as a dear friend.

    Lindsay was really inspiring as a friend and person to us all as her friend. Lindsay’s smile would light up any room she was in and her laugh made you want to laugh with her. I really miss that about her. I miss her laugh and her jokes as she was really funny and had a good sense of humor. We would poke fun about our boyfriends when we got chances to talk together, she was always so busy working we both where . It’s really sad how things have been made up about Lindsay in this situation. Mainly so many things have been twisted up. Lindsay has been dumbed down a bit with people saying she was a girl mixed up.

    She wasn’t mixed up with the wrong people she was just polite with good manors and friendly to everyone. Lindsay was a well raised girl. She was polite and kind to everyone who came into contact with her. She was kind yes to friends of mutual friends that had bad reputations here in Victoria. This is a small town and the circles of friends here can mix sometimes. Lindsay was kind to all because she had a non judging heart. She was open to everyone and did not deserve this to happen to her as no one does. How can her other girlfriends allow people to taint her reputation when she was not mixed up with anything or anyone bad if she could help it. Lindsay was good and a great friend to have.

    Lindsay kept busy to herself and was always a relationship kind of girl. She never had time to be that social, to be connected and made into this gang type of girl by knowing some troubled people through other friends or boyfriends. That part really hurts me because people’s level of empathy towards what happened to her goes down thinking, well if she hangs around bad people then these things happen kind of attitude when that’s just not the case at all! It was a rare sighting if you saw Lindsay out on the town as she worked a lot building her new career and a life focused on her success in real estate as far as I knew as her friend.

  28. Jeff Buziak. father says:

    From a supporter who sent this to me and also to the Prime Minister and others:

    Hi Mr. Mike Farnsworth and David Eby,

    I have just signed a petition that has over 6 thousand signatures asking for the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder file to be turned over to an outside agency so that this decade plus heinous unsolved murder can have fresh eyes take a look at it and hopefully at long last solve it.
    The Saanich police department has lost the faith of the people when it comes to solving this case. They clearly can not solve it and yet they refuse to declare it a cold case so that others can have a look at the evidence. In the mean time the people of Saanich are supposed to be ok knowing that the evil people who committed this horrendous crime are still walking amongst us. We are not ok with that knowledge.
    The Saanich Police Dept. are supposed to serve and protect the public, not desperately cling onto a decade plus unsolved murder leaving the perpetrators free to walk amongst us. Why has this case not followed the path of most unsolved murders? Why has this case not been declared a cold case as most unsolved cases are after a few years? Why does this case have the same person heading this unsolved murder after all these years?
    Something is not adding up here and we the public want to see change with regards to this case. This case clearly must be removed from the jurisdiction of the Saanich Police Department if it is ever going to be solved. When can we, the tax payers, expect that?

    • Svetlana says:

      Something’s definitely not adding up. Sounds crooked to me. Are there any decent police officers left in Saanich? Do all police have access to ALL evidence? Another investigative force needs to study this evidence and the people involved in Lindsay’s life. We must put a STOP to this game from Saanich!

    • Rosanne Day says:

      My message to the host of this new show. I sure look forward to the Lindsay Buziak case from a victims point of view. What is still happening to a victim’s family is a crime and needs to be in the public.

  29. Robin says:

    As of this morning the petition for Lindsay has 6070 signatures, that’s a lot of people trying to communicate they have an issue to politicians and police IMO.
    Communication is key but why is it that the SPD choose to up the bully behaviour and communicate less. I’m constantly shocked by the arrogance and lack of empathy that the SPD show toward Lindsay, her family and the media who represents the rest of us. The SPD work for the public and should be communicating to the public, so how is it they feel entitled to disregard the very people who are screaming for some accountability here? It’s just abusive behaviour on the part of the SPD.? It’s basic communication the SPD are incapable of here. Who chooses the bullying antic of “IGNORING”. How could a Police Department be so insensitive to a family who will forever be empty and wounded inside. Where’s the Mayor, the Chief of the SPD? We no longer even know who is the head of Lindsay’s investigation! That’s BAD, real BAD!
    I am disgusted by the behaviour of the SPD, all the more reason Lindsay’s file needs to be removed from the SPD, this investigation is tainted by the behaviour of the SPD. How could they possibly choose to ignore?

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Good reply Robin. From what I know police departments are paid by taxpayers money. Let it go SPD this is a frozen case. Time for someone to step up and take over. Enough

    • Svetlana says:

      This can’t go on anymore. TIME TO ARREST SZ. I do believe in a spirit world, not the kind that religions teach us..but nevertheless I was shown in my dream who the murderer was.
      But the key thing is that Saanich police have some kind of evidence and theories that must be released to the public, to the family, to the good of society, to humanity.

      Do it now. Because tomorrow never comes.

    • Rosanne Day says:

      Award-winning podcast ‘Crime Beat’ to become TV series

      Posted February 25, 2020 9:02 am
      Updated March 5, 2020 8:42 am

      WATCH: After debuting as the No. 1 podcast in Canada (Apple Podcasts) last year, Curiouscast’s Crime Beat will be

      • Rosanne Day says:

        I sure look forward to the Lindsay Buziak case from a victims point of view. What is still happening to a victim’s family is a crime and needs to be in the public. My message to the host

  30. chammie says:

    Was there video footage of the cell phone being purchased?

    • Svetlana says:

      Apparently they don’t keep them for so long. I question the store clerks. How can they not remember people who bought burner cell phones!!! Clerks remember many faces. What about video footage of all passengers on the ferries! Unless the police already have some information that they are not releasing. I think Saanich police botched everything.

    • Svetlana says:

      I had a dream, maybe sounds weird but I am sure it was related to Lindsay. Dreams can say a lot and the only person who can interpret them is yourself. In my dream I saw, table don’t take, big glass thing no, wood cabinet yes, apartment building- maybe water closeby, shady types around, at the end of dream, one blurry photo and looks like Shirley Zailo.

  31. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Lindsay’s murder is an international tragedy and I appreciate the support of all the fine, caring women and men from around the world. Basically, we are speaking of a femicide here. The terminating of the life of a wonderful young woman while at work because some depraved individual decided that who Lindsay Buziak was, said or did wasn’t to their liking so they executed her. This is more than a local issue in quiet little Victoria, B.C.
    The world should care and the world should respond because this simply adds to the plight of women if the world doesn’t respond or care. Saanich police unmistakably don’t care or there would have been arrests a long, long time ago. A precedent has already been set because of Sandwich police and their contemptible, dismissive attitude and performance surrounding Lindsay’s savage execution 7.5 kilometers from their police station on February 2, 2008.
    Psychologically, that precedent clearly is its safe to murder a woman in Saanich because police won’t act or get their act together in time to ensure there is swift justice and further Saanich police will do everything in their powers to quash anyone attempting to hold them accountable including using misinformation, psychological torment, threats and legal bullying funded by Saanich taxpayers to defend their less than shiny image. Really, their false image is whats important to them not some chick at work who got bludgeoned to death under their watch.
    Obviously, however, it isn’t safe to be a woman in Saanich, B.C. because there are killers on the loose that have got away with murder and all Saanich police will do is have another review and threaten to sue! Really, really pathetic Chief Constable Scotty Green and Mayor Freddy Haynes. Who the hell are you people? Who is in charge at Saanich. It appears the monkeys run the zoo there!
    How about arrests Saanich police or politely removing yourselves from something you have failed at. Save the taxpayers of Saanich more frivolous spending on lawyers defending your poor reps because of who you have obviously shown yourselves to be? Well over 5,700 people don’t want you on the job anymore and that number is growing. You just can’t fool us anymore like in the past even with your new amateur Greek pr rookie. So very sad when all you had to do was your sworn duty.

    Please Sign. Please Share. Thank you.

  32. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    This was sent to me from a friend in the USA:

  33. anon says:

    Keep in mind those peoples names you posted only want to hear complaints from Canadians. Others who live outside Canada receive messages back saying something to the effect of “thanks for your opinion but we correspond with issues and persons that are Canadian”. Of course it’s stated in a much more bucolic and beauracratic way. That doesn’t mean people outside Canada should try, but Canadians should try more. 😊

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      You are right.

      • anon says:

        I’m trying to think about Lindsay’s case in this way:
        1) the Saanich police may not know much more than the public does about who murdered Lindsay.
        2) There is a person out there who is better suited to solve this case. Seems like a retired officer from another Canadian tourist town (Vancouver?, Toronto?), on contract/ consulting basis to Saanich, that specializes in domestic abuse and specializes in homicide would fit the bill. That person must have several arrests under their belt. That person should have experience busting through bureaucracy/ busting through red tape and getting past BS.
        I know I may have asked before but since the fake prospect couple said they were coming from Vancouver and purchased a burner phone in Vancouver, how come the Vancouver police are not the lead on the case? Do we think they might do a better job? I personally would like to know what address was given on the burner phone and why the police do not think there is any connection to that building where the address actually was? Or is it just that they never found the connection so they assume there never was one?
        3) What about Paul Bergshoeff? Everyone seems to think he’s left Canada, but then why is it when you google him he’s got a facebook page AND it says that he owns JJ’s Coffee Shop in Brentwood Bay, Victoria. Who are the other owners? Is he the sole owner? He’s seemed to avoid a lot of press. What if Paul had a crush on Lindsay while he was dating Shirley and tried to get at her??- thereby making Shirley jealous enough to kill her? I can’t believe by looking at Paul online there that he was ever a cop or that Shirley would even date him. Appears to me, as a female, that he is a short guy and not that good looking. Was he on the Whistler trip with the Zailos and Lindsay before her murder? Did he have children of his own in the same age range as the Zailos or Lindsay? Has Paul ever been pulled in for a lie detector test in the matter of Lindsay’s murder? Has Chris Horsley ever been asked to take a lie detector test in the matter of Lindsays murder? Is there a petition for that that I can sign?

  34. Robin says:

    Totally agree with this article-just do something to make a change at the SPD

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      It is pathetic Robin. They are supposed to be our friends and protectors not our enemies. They are supposed to uphold the law and arrest people who break the law not allow people to get away with murder for twelve years then threaten, intimidate and psychologically torment me and others because I call their lazy asses out. No wonder they are referred to as a type of farm animal. They are arrogant, deceiving, dishonorable people who have lost the meaning of the oath they swore to. They need to be replaced and sternly admonished by a higher authority for their horrendous mishandling of Lindsay’s savage UNSOLVED murder and people’s efforts to help.
      Its 12 years! They have failed miserably. They can spew all the bullshit they want now about phony reviews, they can covertly engage parrot leaches on the internet to support them and call their idiotic engagement a priority which is all crap! Time has proven their incompetence. I don’t have to defend that fact.
      Time is the ultimate teller of truth and the truth is they have nothing after 12 years so they need to be replaced by someone capable of doing the job.
      This is a plain and simple fact proven by time and their horrible performance.

  35. Robin says:

    Everyone is interested in talking about who murdered Lindsay Buziak. Except Saanich police.
    Taken from the Vancouver Sun today

    So the SPD now have a PR person to do the talking now . Why? The head of Lindsay’s file for years , Chris Horsely can’t inform the public, his employers about what he is doing to see that there are arrests for Lindsay’s brutal murder. He can’t keep his story straight. Well how about the new Chief giving an update then. Oh no we need a PR person who has extra training in saying NOTHING. How lame are the SPD. Just move this case FFS, just do what the 5300 people on the petition are asking for. They work for the public and that’s US.

    Markus Anastasiades, public information and communications officer for the Saanich Police Department, says the department has been working with RCMP since the initial crime scene.
    “We are currently moving forward with the recommendations of the most recent review,” Anastasiades said. “The Lindsay Buziak homicide remains an open and active investigation of the Saanich Police, and we remain committed to bringing this file to a successful conclusion.

    Yah-YAH-Yah, sure you do SPD. You’ve had 12 yrs already.

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      The savage murder of Lindsay and this petition must stay in the news. At some point someone will have to remove this case from the Saanich PD. This case is not just cold it is flippin “FROZEN” Enough is enough. Thanks for sharing the articles Robin.

    • Svetlana says:

      What are they waiting for? What are they investigating for 12 years now! Totally UNACCEPTABLE. If they have some people in their radars then why don’t they just arrest on suspicion and let the rest fall into place! Some will certainly fall….

      I pray that this petition does something and that the case gets as much news coverage as possible. Keep writing to news channels as we get results with that. Media is powerful.

  36. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Here is what the website Gangsters Out Blog has to say about British Columbia, The Attorney General David Eby and the head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder file, Saanich police constable Chris “Al Capone” Horsley:

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      I had become suspect of Saanich police detective Chris Horsley certainly after hearing he was a silent partner in the Upstairs Cabaret and Darcy’s Pub at the time of Lindsay’s murder. Further he was praised by the cop owner of LIDA Homes as being the millionaire investor enabling the company to start and flourish. Of course he owns his trucking company and is known as good time party guy (I say party guy lightly from what the reality is). This isn’t a dedicated, focused police officer and detective but this is how Saanich police operate. Anything goes.

      Saanich police protect themselves by officers going to work for The Office of The Police Complaint Commission after retirement as did the 3 heads of Lindsay’s file preceding Cocaine Horsley (Ross Poulton, Craig Samson, Rob “Bad Memory” McColl) along with Shirley Zailo’s former boyfriend retired Saanich cop Barry MacLachlan. So Minister Farnworth thank you for your recommendation that if we are disgruntled we can approach the OPCC. Nice try my friend! Open your eyes and see what is going on in your portfolio. This is why we are coming directly to you!! Watch our Petition grow and get ready for us to appear on your doorstep with it. Everyone please sign the petition:

      Back to El Patron. When Chris Horsley came to visit me in Calgary and threatened me while also commanding the other person with him not to identify himself, who I later found out was Trevor Dyck, head of Standards and Practices at Saanich Police (HAHaHaHa are you kidding me), I began to see El Patron Horsley was more than just a Saanich police officer with interests on the side. My wisdom as an elder told me by his demeanor, history, reality and actions that he is up to a way more outside police work than in and he is a cop on the side for convenience and to complement his other more serious activities outside police work. In Calgary in front of me El Patron was flexing his muscle and his ego was present in a big way. The real Chris “El Patron” Horsley showed his true character for a moment in time, a slip and a mistake in judgement due to ego. Oops! BUT, Saanich police superiors allow him to remain head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder! What the Hell is going on at Saanich police?

      Recently I have also found out El Patron Horsley was involved with Len Barrie of Bear Mountain fame in real estate dealings and other ???? ventures. He hides as a silent partner with the money. More seriously, he was also silent partner in Sauce Restaurant where Lindsay met with Jason Zailo for a meal, her last, before she was savagely executed at a house owned by a friend of Shirley Zailo. This is very serious stuff here for a police officer to not only be investigating, but be the head of the file and personally have his nose right in the middle of the whole mess called Lindsay Buziak’s Unsolved Murder. Do you sense anything out of place here yet? A conflict? Do you smell things are rotten?

      Minister Farnworth, are you seeing anything here or are you choosing to turn a blind eye to this mess called Saanich Police & Lindsay Buziak’s (UNSOLVED) Murder and continue to allow the once Beautiful British Columbia to deteriorate further into the hands of criminals like is happening right under your nose while you make excuses for not taking action? C’mon Minister Farnworth you have a chance to make a difference here and make a mark in BC’s history by doing something meaningful as opposed to ducking and hiding, slippin and slidin, smoke and mirrors politician talk.
      Step up. Be responsible. Take action. Remove Saanich play police from this investigation, please.

      Jeff Buziak, father

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        Wow Jeff. Time for this case to become a “cold case” so someone not involved in the BC corruption can conduct an unbiased review. Do the Saanich PD have any evidence? Did they ever keep anything ever? If not that would be a serious issue to be looked into. Onward……………

      • Svetlana says:

        CTV news on Feb 20 says this. Something not right with this! RCMP helped only 2 times? Yet Saanich Police seem to be so proud that it is a joint investigation. I see nothing joint about it.

        Saanich police provided a statement to CTV News saying the department’s joint investigation with the RCMP “continues to this day.”
        “In fact, the RCMP assisted the Saanich police by conducting comprehensive reviews of the Saanich police investigation in 2008 and again in 2019, where RCMP subject-matter experts worked at the Saanich Police Department,” the statements said.
        “We are currently moving forward with the recommendations of the most recent review. The Lindsay Buziak homicide remains an open and active investigation of the Saanich police, and we remain committed to bringing this file to a successful conclusion.”

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          I wonder how much time Saanich police think they need? 100 years? They are so full of it. Former Chief Bob Downie said to me in the presence of El Patron Horsley that, “he wasn’t going to have officers sitting around with their feet up on their desks waiting for a confession”.
          He was The head of Saanich police, The Chief calling it like it was under El Patron Horsley’s leadership and still head of the file under Chief Scott Green. (I will polygraph to this being true)
          Now does this sound like an, “open and active investigation of the Saanich police, and we remain committed to bringing this file to a successful conclusion.” HaHaHaHa. They don’t fool me at Saanich play police.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        Silent partner at Sauce is the best lead to go on.This needs to be exposed to the max. Especially considering the missing video, the fudged up timelines and all things nonsensical leading up to the “showing” along with Jason’s fabrications.

      • Svetlana says:

        What was he doing while on duty? I wonder how much does he really know…

        Katie DeRosa
        / Times Colonist
        January 30, 2014 09:28 PM
        For retiring Saanich police chief, a bittersweet finish

        Saanich Police Chief Mike Chadwick, who serves his last day on the job today, says one of his biggest regrets is that the slaying of Lindsay Buziak remains unsolved.

        “There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about the Buziak homicide,” Chadwick told reporters earlier this week. “And it is a regret that that one is unsolved, because we have so very few unsolved homicides in our jurisdiction. … To have that one outstanding, it’s definitely something I would have liked to see resolved before my retirement.”

        Hired by Saanich police in June 1975 at age 20, Chadwick today caps 39 years of policing with the force. He has been chief since Aug. 1, 2009.

        Chadwick, 59, said some of his most fulfilling work was his time as a road sergeant, when he got to work the front line and saw rookie cops grow in maturity and experience.

        One file he said he’ll never forget was his investigative role helping to solve the murder of Marguerite Telesford, who went missing Jan. 18, 1987, while jogging in Saanich. Scott Ian MacKay was convicted because of a key piece of evidence — a blue pompom that was discovered wedged underneath his pickup truck.

        “As a result of that, her parents had closure on the disappearance of their daughter,” Chadwick said. “That was a long haul, but at the end of it, there was a real sense of satisfaction.”

        The Saanich department was criticized for not joining the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit when the homicide investigation team was formed in 2007. Chadwick reversed that decision and the department joined the unit in 2012.

        Chadwick has remained staunchly against the creation of a single police force in Greater Victoria, saying he’s an “integrationist” who supports individual departments working together through specialized integrated units.

        When he announced his retirement late last year, Chadwick told the Times Colonist he didn’t think the province should mandate participation in certain units. The Regional Crime Unit, set up in 2008 to target the region’s most prolific offenders, has repeatedly lost support from police departments citing budget constraints.

        Saanich has always put a focus on community policing, with a “no call too small” mantra, which Chadwick supported, saying he loved talking with residents to find out what’s important to them.

        The Saanich force has a long history of promoting within the ranks, unlike Victoria, which tends to hire from outside police departments. Deputy chief Bob Downie will step in as Saanich’s top cop effective Feb. 1 and Insp. Scott Green is being promoted to deputy chief.

        Chadwick said his leadership style has always been to not “hold the reins too tight” because he has trust in the great people who work for the department.
        He’s retiring now, he said, because he promised his wife he would slow down before his 60th birthday.

        Chadwick said his fourth grandchild is on the way and he and his wife expect to do some travelling.

  37. Robin says:

    I’m not saying the same thing is going on in Saanich BUT it sure could be AND we know there are some cops living beyond their means in Saanich. Not naming anyone but there could be a dark horse that lacks integrity like this DEA agent.

    AND what about this?

    Dix promises review of BC Rail sale-April, 2013

    VANCOUVER – A New Democrat government would not hold a referendum on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion but they would conduct a review of the BC Rail sale and the criminal charges that resulted.

    Dix says there are still unanswered questions about the BC Rail sale itself and the trial of two former Liberal government aides whose legal fees were paid by government after a guilty plea.

    No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious.”

    — George Bernard Shaw

    • anon says:

      I’m now thinking that the laws should be changed in every port city because of the tourists and the criminals who seek after quick cash in those areas at any cost. The penalty for any crime should be 2x’s that of a non port city. I would like to find out Saanich’s policy on police to person ratio – not just residents but accounting for average tourist influx. That would be good information to have as a way to force the issue about changing Lindsays case to another task force outside of the area. I can only guess that the day to day Saanich police coverage is fractional, and that tourist numbers are low-balled because of under the table cash tourism. City managers don’t want to spend the necessary cash just to maintain a level of quality.

  38. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    I just can’t stand people who bullshit me. People like Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth and his pal Attorney General David Eby who have both bullshitted all of us who write into them and recently heard the Minister of Public Safety Farnworth on the news telling us he can’t do anything about the police doing nothing but playing with Lindsay Buziak’s savage murder. Well, read this legal quote about these two bullshitters claiming, “I can’t personally do anything about the police”.

    In BC, police powers derive from the Police Act 1996 (the “Act”). As a whole, policing falls within the responsibilities of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, but the area of “Independent Investigations Office” falls within the responsibilities of the Attorney General.

    Throughout the Act “Minister” is generally referred to, but Ministry of Attorney General is specifically referred to as such (in Part 7.1 sections ss. 38.01-38.13) when referring to what falls within whose responsibility. The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General is responsible for policing and therefore the “minister” in the Act.

    Very simplified, the Minister is responsible for the governance and function of the police structure, and ultimately responsible for all aspects of ensuring adequate and effective levels of policing and law enforcement (the Act gives the Minister discretion to do whatever is necessary to ensure this). The Attorney General is responsible for making sure that justice is served through the independent investigation office.

    So you two are in charge and can do what is necessary. Do something then bullshitters. A wonderful young woman was murdered 12 years ago while at work and you two bozos can do something about it. DO IT and quit bullshitting the citizens you represent in British Columbia. I’ve had enough of the lies from everyone. How about do your jobs and enforce the law and show there is justice in your messed up province that used to be Beautiful British Columbia.

    Thank you

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      I apologize for my bluntness to all of you who are sensitive to that. Please let me explain. My sweet daughter was savagely murdered 12 years ago while working in Saanich, BC and the Saanich police force has fiddled (blundered and stumbled) with the investigation accomplishing nothing except publicly clearing a family who should be suspects not cleared. How can you clear anyone until there are arrests, charges and a trial?

      Over this time there have been three Mayors, 4 police chiefs and 4 heads of Lindsay’s murder and NOTHING Zero. They all failed but yet the brilliant politicians allow this less than mediocre circus of monkeys continue to fiddle with my child’s unsolved murder producing nothing but stupid statements veiled to sound important, excuses, explanations, blaming and even threatening me to stop everything I do.

      Enough folks. Please help me to bring this all this to a conclusion and not now allow the politicians in charge to give us more of the same crap we have been hearing for the last twelve year from Saanich police. They have brilliant answers for everything but can’t figure out how to arrest and charge!

      Arrest, charges and trials are what needs to happen and Saanich police need to be replaced because their b.s. is no longer tolerable and they are not capable period. They’ve proved that over twelve years. Enough.

      Thank you

    • see closely says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly.AG is the one with the power to do something.I don’t believe that SPD did report to the AG as Jeff said and was told by the AG office. Instead they are hiding behind”it is an active file.”Why?

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        If Saanich classifies Lindsay’s murder as a cold case then the family and the media have access to the file. Saanich told me it was a cold case year two so I demanded the file. They had a meeting and the same day said they changed their mind and it was active and have said it’s active ever since for that reason and that reason only! That was Rob McColl now retired who went on to work at the Office of the Police Complaint Commission like his three predecessors from Saanich police did. Corrupt.

    • Anon says:

      Right now is the time to get assistance from victim services when it’s an open police file. They can get the resources necessary to get the active case moving once if he comes in active or closed as a Cold Case file it’s more difficult to get victim services to help

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        Let’s not get sidetracked. What we need is Minister of Safety Mike Farnworth to replace Saanich police with an agency that is capable of accomplishing the job of arresting and charging people responsible. Minister Farnworth has that ability and he needs to fire their asses and put an end to this nightmare and make the province safe again. Right now it’s okay to kill women in British Columbia because there are no consequences!

        • anon says:

          You can do both. If you register yourself at victim services they will help you get the case file out from the hands of the same police department that threatened you.
          I also agree w/ comments and speculation on this website that the couple that contacted Lindsay could have been 2 men w/ one being dressed like a woman. Likewise the 6ft tall “man” that was seen could have been a woman dressed as a man. It could also have been 2 women with one dressed as a man.. ..Did Lindsay have a couple in her circle that was a 6ft tall woman and a 5’5″ man? Or a 6ft tall man w/ a 5’5″ male friend? Again I wonder why the “eye whitness” thought the couple was “well dressed”. …

      • Robin says:

        Good idea Anon

        • Veritas Fabula says:

          Maybe a good “idea” but total nonsense. Victim Services is run by volunteers and has ZERO input in police matters. You would have a better chance of asking the clerk at 7-11. Victim Services do great work, but have no authority on policing.

  39. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    From a supporter:

    Tony Floyd: I hate Victoria so much. They could have closed this case a decade ago but they prefer to play ball with the criminals (and let the money exchange hands) instead of justice. This case was about sending a message that you don’t mess with drug dealers. When the police could have sent a message to the gangs by prosecuting them they cooperate with them (and take their money) instead.

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