Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    TONIGHT THURS FEB 20 CTV 6:00 News
    CTV News Vancouver Island will have a feature at 6:00 on Lindsay‘s unsolved murder and the petition to have it removed from Saanich police and turned over to a more capable authority.
    Please Watch
    Please sign the petition.
    Please share the petition.
    Thank you

  2. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Saanich police have mentioned a review of the Lindsay Buziak murder file in the media on more than one occasion. Usually they bring this up when they are under pressure from the public and the public motivates the gentle local media to even question them slightly about WTF is going on with Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder. Well I say balderdash with their review! They are conning everyone. Show us the review. Provide us with the review. Make the review public in its entirety or piss off with the stupid statement of recently having a review to make sure they meet national standards. That means nothing and is almost maliciously misleading. They don’t even say they met them! That is severely misleading. Saanich police are using deception to mislead the public!

    They don’t produce the review, they don’t provide a detailed conclusion of the review and most importantly they don’t release the review to the public. Therefore it’s just con crap akin to white collar criminals!

    We did a review a while back and it doesn’t require much of an expert or copious amount of pages, hours and time to come to a conclusion. It has been twelve years with nothing accomplished by Saanich police. No arrests or no charges. They are so embarrassed about their performance even their Chief Scotty Green and the new Saanich Mayor Freddy Haynes, head of the police board, are too chickenshit to speak about Lindsay’s unsolved murder publicly or privately with me the father. Shame on you two. Review done! Failed!

    The public, who are the most important and who Saanich police work for, have been publicly reviewing the Saanich police investigation of Lindsay’s murder for twelve years on Facebook and and the review has been horrible the whole time. That’s public feedback, a real review, not hollow words like we get from Saanich police through the media they call their media partners.

    Enough B.S. from Saanich police already! A wonderful young woman was murdered while working. We demand arrests and charges laid. Saanich police need to go after twelve years of fiddling around saying they are investigating and Lindsay’s murder remains a top priority. If it was a top priority it would have been solved and arrests/charges laid a long time ago. Actions are what count not hollow words. There has been no action just hollow talk!

    Saanich police have had their chance to get what they require and arrest/charge all involved. They “just cannot do it” so resign and turn it over boys and girls. Go play with your dump trucks, fancy cars, motorcycles and trying to be politicians. Let real police do real police work. Get out of the crime arena! You have failed your duty to the people.

  3. Mark Roush says:

    The Saanich police department NEEDS to open a COLD CASE UNIT, whose JOB is to RE-EXAMINE cold case files. The Cold Case SQUAD investigates homicide cases which remain unsolved and are not currently assigned to a homicide detective who is actively working on the case.(Chris Horsely is not a homicide detective.) If YOU have any information regarding an UNSOLVED HOMICIDE case,please contact a cold case Detective by phone or email.

  4. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    To the well meaning people who contact me and tell me to “move forward”, “move on”, find peace and “let it go” here is as polite as I can get on the family day long weekend in Alberta, Canada. Please learn from this before advising someone else to move on. Also, to all the crybabies at Saanich police and The Mayor of Saanich who think I’m being too hard on them:

    I am an elder and fully understand how life works. Yes, I have moved forward. I said good bye to my precious daughter Lindsay in the morgue. Yes, she has come to me in my dreams and in a guided meditation for people who think spirits, psychics and mediums can solve Lindsay’s murder. She said, “Daddy, Jason did it” when I asked her. Now that doesn’t mean that’s what happened so don’t go getting all excited. Police need to get focused and make arrests which they don’t seem to know how to do. That is me telling my truth about my dreams and a guided meditation that I experienced.

    I am at peace with Lindsay, God and the Universe. As an elder. a senior and a man, I aim to see justice is served as that is how I grew up and how it is supposed to be. It seems a lot of people just don’t care anymore including police. Think about it, a young woman was savagely killed while working 12 YEARS ago and police have accomplished nothing except clearing the main suspects! As a parent you just don’t walk away and “Oh Well just another kid”. As a citizen you shouldn’t just let that go. Certainly as a woman you should never allow this ever!! It is setting a precedent minimizing murder. Get Serious!

    The message right now in Saanich, B.C. Canada is you can kill a woman if you feel like it and get away with it. YES, murdering in Saanich, B.C. CANADA is okay according to Saanich police, The Mayor and Council and the British Columbia government because they are doing nothing about Lindsay’s murder and have done nothing for twelve bloody years!! That’s not right and I’m going to hold police, politicians, the perpetrators and the justice system accountable as that is what a man is supposed to do and what a man, a citizen, is supposed to stand for!

    Most people support me wholeheartedly while others say give it up, move on, get over it etc….. People have zero idea unless they have lost a child to murder and should hold their advice or help out. Go look at your child and think what would you do? It hurts deeply hearing someone say “move on” or “move forward” or “let it go”. Those are Hurtful, Poison words to a parent who has lost a child to murder! Please “think” before you give advice to someone experiencing something you know nothing about. Especially Murder. Justice for Lindsay Buziak and all the murdered and missing women some people think we should just let go…………

    Thank you
    Jeff Buziak, father

    • Rosanne Day says:

      You are doing the right thing for you. No one else knows what you are working with to untangle your new normal with Lindsay no longer here. My wish is that these are well meaning people who want their idea of the best for you and just do not understand grief. So sorry you have to go through any of this and feel the police added disrespect to a victim’s family is disgraceful. Sincerely, Rosanne

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    • Justice says:

      As a parent who has also lost a beautiful child, I say how dare they? How dare they have the arrogance to tell you how to feel or what to do especially in this horrific situation? These shameless people should be ashamed of themselves. Take your own advice and move on and away from here. You ignoramuses are giving advice you have no right, understanding or qualification to give. I’m glad you are not my parents. I would want a dad like Jeff Buziak who would fight for me, no matter the cost. Jeff is a hero.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        For any loving parent to have a child pass before them is devastating. To have a child murdered without anyone ever having to pay the price is beyond words. Jeff we, as parents understand and totally support you. As a parent, I can never imagine the pain of this loss. Stand tall and continue. Somehow one day someone will have the guts to solve Lindsay’s murder so “Lindsay, and Her Family May Rest”.

    • anon says:

      As a parent and family member of a victim, you are also a victim. You are therefore entitled to Victim Services:
      – Check under service based victim services

      -here is a link to the National office for victim services

      -Here is a link to additional victim services.
      Hope you can take advantage. It would be helpful to others to know if these resources help or not worth the time.

    • Svetlana says:

      People with hearts understand why you have this site running. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. May there be arrests soon.

      I feel that Ryan was the woman in the dress. The sketch looks like him.

  5. Ashley says:

    Please check out the petition attached!!

  6. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Lindsay’s murder isn’t a who’s right or wrong thing and I am certainly not interested in that idiocy like some toxic internet trolls seem to want to play. Lindsay’s murder is horrible and it was wrong. I, like many, many of you, just want arrests, charges and justice for this horrendous crime. I actually don’t really care about who the individuals are who conspired and perpetrated Lindsay’s horrific murder, I just want arrests and will stand firmly for that. Within reason everyone who has something to say are free to post on the Lindsay Buziak murder website as long as they are not offensive.

    I remain committed to seeing arrests are made as I promised Lindsay while holding her dead body in the morgue at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC. I seek neither fame or celebrity. I will polygraph for everything I have stated and I challenged Saanich police to the same but they refused. I am a father seeking Justice for my child which is long overdue and I will do whatever it takes to make sure justice is served to those responsible. That’s it!
    Jeff Buziak

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Those of us that support you Jeff in your journey totally understand. I too don’t care who, what, when, were or why. Lindsay and her family deserve justice, closure so she may rest in peace.

    • Wyatt says:

      Shameful…. from FB….. this skank fits in Lindsay’s execution, haven’t quite figured out exactly but clearly, with those Sharpe eyebrows and trafficking girls you know there’s nothing good in this skank, only a waste of oxygen along with those criminal twins!

      “Victoria human trafficking suspect adopts new name to conduct business on Facebook.
      Ziaee, believed to be the mother of the two 19-year-old brothers, continues to maintain an active presence on social media under a new name.

      According to screenshots shared across online groups in southern Vancouver Island, Ziaee is currently using a Facebook profile with the name ‘Nadi San’ to conduct transactions through Marketplace.

      This profile contains photos of Ziaee and the two 19-year-olds accused alongside her – images that appeared in her original Facebook profile created under her own name that appears to no longer exist.
      Over the weekend, ‘Nadi San’ posted several items for sale on Facebook Marketplace including two rings, a wallet, and a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. She also shared images of a Classic Porsche 911 car, with license plate ‘654 WAM’

      Terms of bail for Shermineh Sheri Ziaee included a $1,000 deposit along with several conditions, while Kelly required no monetary deposit.”

      Their terms include:

      abstaining from drugs or alcohol;
      no contact with anyone under the age of 18 under unless under approved circumstances;
      no contact with complainants, or co-accused;
      staying away from areas where children may be;
      stay within 150 kilometres of his residence;
      follow a curfew;
      and contact a probation officer following release

  7. Wyatt says:

    From Gangsters-Out…….

    “We are finally starting the hear about money laundering in BC Casinos but that is old news. What about the money laundering in real estate on Vancouver Island and in the Victoria nightclubs lead investigators are silent partners in? That is what needs to be addressed. The police are not supposed to profit from crime they are supposed to stop crime.
    Unlike the New York City police corruption under the direction of Micheal Dowd, the pandemic of police corruption in BC comes from the top down not the bottom up. The cops on the ground aren’t the problem here. Their bosses are the problem. They are the ones that do not let them prosecute Hells Angel associates that sell drugs any more. They are the ones that instruct them to give Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program police protection to sell cocaine. That treason comes from the top down. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit.”

    HELLO POLITICIANS! Is this the rationale for your failure to expose and eradicate Saanich Police corruption and deceit? Is is because the almighty powerful ones are indeed practicing willful blindness and obstruction of justice and they too shall be shamed if their names are exposed. Whose got that political will? Whose got the BALLS to step up?

    DAVID EBY? MIKE FARNWORTH? ELIZABETH MAY? DARRYL PLECAS? JOHN HOGAN? CAROLE JAMES? …..There are sooooo many who have the power and are in the position, I DON’T GET IT!! Surely, ONE of these powerful, political people has integrity and not involved in this police corruption.

  8. Krista from chicago says:

    anon posted a comment january 8TH that shirley was not wearing shoes when she showed up at the crimescene. anon how do you know this?

    • ranger rick says:

      I’ve only read that she showed up on foot, in other words, no car. Perhaps anon misunderstood. Still, strange for someone to walk there, but I don’t know if the source could elaborate. Who saw her, from what direction? If streets were closed off by the police it might explain why someone would park farther away and walk in. I still think she’s guilty as hell based on her interview and being the only one saying Lindsay was scared of the ex, phoning the friend with a fake accent, her sketchy connections to criminals. How the hell was this woman cleared as a suspect? The SPD make me sick.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        If you read this post from anon closely, it states “We were told that when SZ showed up later at the crime scene she was not wearing shoes”.. I would like to know who the “WE” are and who told the “WE”. It is also posted something about SZ being ill. Who provided that information??? Who are you anon?

  9. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Here is what Dennis Watson of Gangster’s Out Blog has to say after participating in the Lindsay Buziak Memorial Walk in Victoria February 2, 2020

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Wow, yes yes yes.

    • Lillian says:

      Yes, read it this morning. Gotta love the write up! You beat me to the posting of the link. So glad you read it.
      That Mug-Shot of Horsefly is priceless. He’s got … “I’m a dirty pig and killer” written all over his face, doesn’t he? I realize he’s not the “killer” but short of being the knife wielding assailant, he might as well be holding the smoking gun (knife).
      TO ALL THOSE POLITICIANS THAT HAVE FAILED the community of Saanich, who have failed to provide safety & security to the citizens of BC, who have failed to cleanup and clean out the dirty pigs of Saanich, who have failed Lindsay Buziak, her family, her friends, her community —- STOP THE MADNESS and get the wheels of justice moving!

      • Donal Kimble says:

        what is required to expose Horsely further and charge him with corruption and collusion with criminals

        • Wyatt says:

          Some inside assistance. Involving/providing a trusted media correspondent who is given Classified information and able to expose the dirty pigs of Satanic Police. The politicians have no 🏀🏀 and they lag leadership to exercise their power and authority to remove Lindsay’s file from the corrupt dirty pigs. I kinda don’t grasp why Horsefly hasn’t been the subject as a “targeted” scum from the gang rivals that he claims have something to do with Lindsay’s execution.

          • Donald Kimble says:

            i would kindly suggest that this be the strategy to take in order for arrests to take place – you have Horsely standing tall blocking everything and in order for arrests to happen he has to be exposed and prosecuted

  10. Malin Antonsen says:

    This story is awful! Someone please help this father get some peace!! Is this really the world we want to leave our children? The police, the law and the system failed.
    Please tell me where I can sign, donate or do anything, something to help!
    Support and respect!! From NORWAY.

    • Svetlana says:

      Do you think Paul Bergshoeff living in Netherlands can be reached and questioned?

      • Wyatt says:

        Well, if they did find him and made an effort to communicate with him, I guarantee he won’t be disclosing anything to the dirty pigs of Sannich. Why would he? I would imagine he already felt “in danger” after Lindsay’s murder, hence the sudden departure. And he was privy to all the corruption and deceit so he doesn’t want to incriminate himself…. silence is his ally.

    • anon says:

      I know what it is like to be kicked around by a bureaucratic system. I spent 9 hours yesterday with little results going from department to department because they all believe they know the law and that it’s not their department that’s going to help. I pray daily for Lindsays family and the Saanich police. Do we know of any other outside agency that can make a recommendation (to the Saanich police) for an arrest?
      I just have a vision of Lindsay standing in front of the medicine cabinet the bathroom. The perpetrator is behind her and closes the cabinet door. She doesn’t see his face only a black hoodie. She is surprised and looks down to see the first wound under her left breast.
      I am wondering if anyone ever checked the sink drain to see if anything fell into it.
      Jason was wearing a black hoodie during his police interview at the house. Lots of people wear hoodies in that climate. And beanies.
      When you write down 333 it looks like 3 “Z”‘s in cursive script. I remember back in the 1990’s and late ’80s when people would use numeric codes on pagers to text each other like what’s used in Leet (L33T) speak. 143 was the code for love. 831 “I love you”.
      I think her Dad was on the right track trying to get notable people from Victoria to pitch in and help. What about Jamie Benn? David Foster? Nelly Furtado? Steve Nash?
      If you look at the population statistics for Saanich, Asians, not Latinos are the majority after Caucasians. I don’t recall seeing a photo or video of Oatman. If I were the detective on the case, I would have wanted to check the location of his phone before, during and after Lindsays murder to see if he was even with Jason at all. If you were a drug dealer and wanted a cover for what you were doing, Mortgage and Real Estate would be the cover, because you can still conduct your “business” at the same time. Has anyone ever looked at Jason’s, Shirleys or even Ryans sales receipts to see if their production stacks up against other people in their industry? It would be hard to prove but if Jason was actually dealing drugs during the time he and Lindsay were together he would have “0” in real estate sales and “0” in mortgage sales during the same period. He would have been with job titles but effectively unemployed. He could have been making an income on drug deals and not his sales jobs. A paper trail or lack of one.

  11. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    I requested a coffee with the lead detective, Damian Kowalewich, the day after Lindsay’s walk this year but was refused because my time constraint was too tight for him he said. He must have been busy with his View Royal council work. WTF! I guess a years notice is not enough for Saanich police. I’m there every fucking year and have been for 12 miserable years on the same day, murder day, always reaching out to listen to their smoke and mirrors talk but no…..a years notice isn’t enough, I guess, to arrange a coffee. I’d hate to see them try to arrange a tea party or solve a crime. (Oh yea they don’t do well solving crimes, I almost forgot haha) Reminds me when a friend found an exact, unwashed replica of the murder dress at a thrift store in Victoria and I had to have shouting matches with head of the file Chris “Cocaine” Horsley to retreive it. He wouldn’t go get it! The woman finally delivered it to Saanich police station herself 5 days later and I reimbursed her financially. This is the bizarre culture at that monkey show in Saanich and a good example of how Saanich play police operate.

    YOU TELL ME THIS GUY HAS TIME TO INVESTIGATE LINDSAY’S UNSOLVED MURDER: Damian is employed as a supervisor in the Major Crime Detective Section of a local municipal police department. He is active in community service, and is passionate about giving back and helping the younger generation to feel connected to their community through sports. He coaches JDF Minor hockey and lacrosse, and has cherished his role as a Special Olympics event coordinator. Damian is past President of the Saaanich Volunteer Services Society, and past Chairperson of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Federal Corrections. Damian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a post-bachelors leadership certificate.

    As a member of the Council’s Committee of the Whole, Damian is Chair of the Public Works & Transportation Committee; which is a topic he knows the community is greatly concerned about. He will continue to advocate to the different levels of government for a long-term transportation solution for View Royal and the Capital Regional District. Damian also serves as the liaison for the Town of View Royal, School District #61, and the local parent advisory groups, and is excited to be meeting the members of these groups.


    C’mon, who is fooling who here? His boss is Chris “Cocaine” Horsley the millionaire real estate investor, trucking company owner and playboy car collector. Its one big joke at Saanich play police! Become a Saanich detective and do whatever the hell you want and collect a healthy paycheck!

    Minister Farnworth, are YOU focused on your job and public safety in BC. If you are, we shouldn’t have to tell you what you have to do with Lindsay’s unsolved murder where killers and conspirators have been walking free in the community for 12 years while Saanich police play at being security guards while not working at other jobs more important to them.…/41st-Parliament/Farnworth-Mike

    PLEASE write an email to this minister and voice your disappointment with Saanich police playing with Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved Murder and ask him to do something about removing Saanich play Police from the file.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Done done and done. Never get a response from any of them. They are likely too deep in to do anything cos they are saving themselves. This whole case stinks of corruption up and down and it appears no one in Canada gives a shit. What a sad country we live in.

      • Lillian says:

        Yes, I too agree, there’s a lot of political butts being covered in this murder case. The write-up from Gangsters Out is super, he helps connect the dots that ignite the fear in all those dirty pigs and their powers that protect them. Shame on Elizabeth May for failing her community. For turning a blind will to the brutal execution of an innocent, defenceless woman. WHERE ARE THESE POLITICIANS THAT POSSESS THE POWER AND AUTHORITY to remove Lindsay’s file from their corrupt, deceitful clutches? Just do that ONE THING and remove this file from the Satanic Police! How hard is that? Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s “feelings”…. I’m sure if they’ve got nothing to “hide” they would be more than cooperative to give the file to a Task Force who have integrity and experience to solve it. We get it. Exposing LIndsay’s case to anyone outside the Satanic Police will have a domino effect… there are lots of dirty pigs out there to be penned. All should be suspended and probably ALL should be dismissed. No pension for those dirty pigs. COULD A POLITICIAN WHO HAS 🏀 🏀 PLEASE STEP UP AND GET SOME JUSTICE MOVING! Let 2020 be our oyster.

    • Svetlana says:

      It’s very suspicious that the police are covering up evidence. I wonder how much influence Shirley’s ex-lover Saanich policeman has in this case. Someone has to investigate Zailo family and police officers.

    • anon says:

      Maybe a Reserve Constable can do a better job…

  12. Wyatt says:

    File “checked” by RCMP….. don’t be fooled into believing this statement has ANY credence. If indeed some outside entity does “review the file,” it is simply a smoke and mirrors campaign and the ONLY information that they possibly review is tombstone data that keeps it in the “active” stage (vs Cold Case status). All they review is; activity, someone has signed and dated an activity schedule which gives a false impression that the file is “open and active.” Lindsay’s execution remains a coverup operation and as long as the powers that be fail to intervene and remove this file from their clutches then the Satanic Dirty Cops are enabled to continue their corruption and deceit.

    • Svetlana says:

      What happened to officer Chadwick that I saw on a youtube video of a news story about Lindsay?

      • anon says:

        Interesting that there are so many different Saanich officers on the videos commenting on Lindsay’s case yet no arrests have been made. I am also shocked that no one related to the case has been arrested on Probable Cause. Is that not a valid reason to arrest someone in Canada? “reasonable grounds” such as hey there JZ you were the only one there and knew to go upstairs were Lindsay was- what a coincidence. I’d call that reasonable grounds. You were with the victim just before and just after the murder. Surprisingly you say you were not there during the time in between JZ? How dumb do you think we all are? I would like to know who Jason Zailos father is because family ties make a difference. Is it Chris Horsely? Is Jasons father a convicted killer himself? Are Jason and his brother just IVF babies whose mother really does have a deep possibly inappropriate connection to them because they have no daddy? Is Jason and Ryans dad this European cop guy that Shirley was dating then when things took a turn for the worse like their family killing Lindsay, the Zailos dad got scared and went back to Norway/ Belgium or wherever he’s from? Maybe lien on Saanich PD to simply arrest Jason. If that happens, two things will fall out: either Jason will confess or the real killer will be revealed because Jason probably knows who it is. By saying “arrest someone anyone that is connected to Lindsay’s murder” is not enough motivation to the Saanich police. They have option anxiety disorder. If I had one angle to push on with them or back them into a wall, I would just push arresting Jason. If the killer is not him and he’s fine serving that persons time because he’s afraid to reveal it then let him serve. No truth is coming out because there is not enough pressure or threat of anything changing.

        • Wyatt says:

          I’d have to agree…IVF babies. I mean, have you seen how UGLY the skank is? And she apparently has a personality to match.
          Unfortunately motivation and pressuring the Satanic Dirty Cops is a waste of energy. As long as they are corrupt and play their dirty lies to cover their snuggling with criminals we have zilch, zero, zip empowerment to “motivate’ useless, incompetent dirty pigs. This department will have to be cleansed by those who possess the power and authority to clean-it-up. That, unfortunately is the politicians we’ve elected to provide security and safety to the public. Yeah, good luck with that. Shame. It’s the only method to motivate the politicians. Shame. Shame. Shame on them for failing the BC community.

        • Rosanne says:

          There will never be jail time for Jason. He was cleared by the Saanich police. THAT is the only move they did make. Having done that he is no longer eligible for “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In my opinion any conviction as well. They gave him a solid defense, better than innocent people have. An arrest would be great, for a small measure if he had a part in it, but would be the most we could get.The courts can not waste their time on cases that have no chance of success. Saanich police have, with their own statements, helped the whole family avoid prosecution.

          • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

            Perhaps some at the Saanich Police Dept know more than they have shared. Their heads could be on the chopping block,.

          • anon says:

            Just a theory-
            The case of the missing earring: as Lindsay stood over the second floor bathroom sink adjusting her earring, while her prospects were supposed to be waiting downstairs, the perpetrators approached her from behind and murdered her. They did not realize that her loose earring had fallen into the drain and no one knew until the DeSousa house was finally sold more than a year after her murder because police would not have known to check inside the drain. The new owners noticed that the drain was slow and had it unclogged. When the plumber presented the earring to the new owners, they thought maybe it belonged to them so no one linked the earring to Lindsay.
            If we wanted to verify if this theory was correct, we would either need to talk to the new owners of 1702 DeSousa place or seed the record of effects that the police documented on Lindsays body. Was she missing an earring? Was she missing a ring? A necklace? Whatever it was that went missing went down the bathroom sink drain. Who knows, it might still be there.

            • Wyatt says:

              Not an accurate theory just a fictional version of events, good for a novel or movie perhaps but completely fictional. Even IF there was an earring in the drain it’s highly irrelevant and totally useless, not to mention, Lindsay was executed OUTSIDE the en-suite……

              • anon says:

                Yes. It is totally fiction. Thanks for clarifying that she was not in the bathroom. However, some bathrooms have a medicine cabinet and a sink outside the toileting area. As for the executors of Lindsay, they could have been sloppy with their work and might have touched the jewelry. Even if they were contract killers or Jason, there has to be one tiny mistake that they just wont be able to escape. The dead talk. We just have to listen.

              • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                Does anyone really know where she was attacked first? Maybe this sicko Anon was there? The attack could have moved outside of the en-suite. I do feel this anon person knows way more than anyone else on this page. Perhaps this anon was witness to what happened that night.

                • Cynthia says:

                  Anon seems like he is on drugs or something. He likes fantasy

                  • see closely says:

                    You can listen to Anon.or Rodgers or anybody or yourself.The results are the same.Nobody seem to really know anything.

                    • anon says:

                      Israel Keyes / Wife of Keyes
                      Lindsay facts:
                      – Keyes drove all over the world and planned and plotted multiple murders
                      – Many of those took place between anchorage Alaska and Washington State. Victoria is sandwiched in between the two locations
                      – From his location in Anchorage in 2008, Keyes would have driven 45 hours on Yukon 1 or BC 97 N to Saanich
                      – If he traveled from Anchorage to Vancouver and then took a ferry to Saanich, Victoria, that would have taken him 43 hours from Anchorage to Victoria and then took a ferry to Saanich.
                      – Many details about Keyes murders are still in sealed files
                      – The authorities admit to “case mismanagement”. Sound familiar?
                      – Keyes victims were unknown to him and he kept “kill kits” buried nearby. Those were “planned executions” does that sound familiar?
                      – Getting to Washington State from Anchorage would have taken 52 hours, 6 hours south of Saanich on Yukon 1
                      – Keyes admits to driving through Canada in 2007 and then again after to get to the couple in Vermont
                      – Keyes was caught 4 years after Lindsay’s murder
                      – Keyes’ first homicide was in 2001 in Neah bay, Washington less than 4 hours from Saanich, Victoria.
                      – Keyes’ crime spree lasted 14 years until his suicide in 2012
                      – Keyes’ wife and daughter currently reside in Las Vegas where they relocated from Anchorage, Alaska. The wife is a Realtor in Las Vegas
                      – Keyes’ had told investigators “I’ll tell you every thing you want to know as long as you stop bothering my wife” meaning he did not want police to discover that she may have worked with him on one or more of the murders. He both claimed and insisted that he acted alone.
                      – Keyes is a tall man with dark hair and his wife is a short blonde woman
                      – If Maureen Callahan, the writer who wrote a book about Keyes could not investigate sealed investigative files after his death, I doubt that the Saanich police could. Does anyone know if the Saanich police tried to do that at all?
                      – Keyes’ has been called a “meticulous planner/ serial killer”. Sound familiar?
                      – Keyes’ kill kits were left behind and buried. A cop would get a dog that could pick up on Keyes’ scent (not Lindsay’s) and have the dog sniff around the DeSouza property for the kit or where the kit might have been buried. It may be too late for that now but I don’t know how it works, so who knows?
                      – As for the guys’ name that the caller mentioned to Lindsay, Keyes and his wife could have picked that up off her facebook or other social media account at random.
                      – This is ALL information available to everyone on the internet. So do not pick on anon (me). I just summarized it for you all here.
                      If it’s not Jason its Keyes and his wife. If it’s not Keyes and his wife, it’s Jason.

                    • .. says:

                      Case is simple i can finish it

            • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

              Just a theory but who ever said she was missing an earring. The more you post the more I believe you were there. If you were and you have the guts let Jeff know privately what you know, if not quit playing games.

              • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                Wyatt take a close read at anons post about SZ not wearing shoes and being ill. The word “We” is used many times. Who the hell is “WE” unless you were there?

              • anon says:

                I was not there and you have to stop attacking me. People should be asking more questions and have more theories. Those people should be the cops. But citizens can ask them too. Regular people help solve crimes every day. I live far enough from Saanich and can account for my whereabouts that night. In fact, I have never been in Canada. One thing is certain a Ghost did not kill Lindsay. This man, Israel Keyes and his wife could have though. Why? He was a serial killer who traveled the globe killing. His home base was in Alaska…that’s by Canada. His wife is a realtor still roaming free in Las Vegas. Did anyone read the mans Wikipedia page? If not, here it is:
                His wife never got caught because he told investigators it was all always him and to “leave her alone” however, I will bet that she traveled with him on more than one occasion to do the killings because she appears to be into magik and wicca. They had a daughter together and guess what? the investigators were just as busy as Saanich Police so they stopped barking up Keyes wifes’ tree and just closed their case based on what Keyes told them. If the killer was not Jason or the Zailo gang or anyone in Saanich, my money is on Keyes and his wife. Why can’t Saanich police ask the FBI to trail her? She knows about corporate relocation because she did one on herself moving from Alaska to Vegas after Israel was arrested. If Shirley was the good future mother in law that she claims she would have been, she should get her butt back to the Re/Maxx office and scour records for any clue that Keyes’ wife ever called that office or if Keyes did any contract work for DeSousa. Because that is what he did in between his world wide murder spree, installing smokey glass and then some.

  13. Wyatt says:

    Ex-Mayor Atwall is vindicated! And Downie’s wifey worked in the Mayors office…. it’s not rocket science.

  14. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    TONIGHT late night at 11:20 pm pacific time, I will be on national radio live with Drex speaking about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and the embarrassing performance of Saanich police in making arrests and any progress after twelve years.

    • G says:

      Jeff, I apologize if this point has been made before. But if lyndsays murder was in anyway connected to those drug busts and the wanna be thugs involved, wouldnt chatter about her murder have been captured on wiretaps used to make those cases. I assume that federal wiretaps were used to secure evidence for those arrests

    • Svetlana says:

      I hope that show does trigger something for someone and that this year gets some arrests. The police are certainly jokers.

    • Wyatt says:

      Done. Good interview.

  15. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    I just arrived home and reflecting on my weekend in Victoria. I really need to thank all the wonderful people who showed up on Sunday for the Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice. It was an amazing gathering of very good, caring people who really want action from Saanich police NOW! Everyone has heard enough of their lame b.s. explanations and excuses. Action is what counts and what was felt that is needed by everyone as we walked to the BC Legislature. Saanich police have failed the community of Greater Victoria, Lindsay’s family and friends, the people of BC and all of Canada.
    Thank you, thank you everyone for your support

  16. Jerad says:

    I know this isn’t a reliable source, but on the Podcast “Crime Junkie” they talk about an individual that used to work at Remax with the victim’s boyfriend’s mother. She quit THE DAY AFTER the murder?!? Then she had ties with that drug raid. Not a suspect at all huh? I’m no investigator, but that seems fishy.

    • Joshua Ross Ketry says:

      Yeah I would like to investigate her more.

      Also, the person who was claimed that gave Lindsay’s cell phone number to the Mexicans. Whoever gave that name out had to know they would be unreachable. So whoever they were connected to should be on the radar.

  17. Josh says:

    With her anniversary I thought I would add some outside thoughts:

    1) I come back to the parameters the people put on the house. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, living quarters for a maid, and $1 million range. How many houses could have been for sale at the time with those parameters? Seems like the killer(s) could have easily manipulated the scene of the murder into the location of choice using those parameters. Is there a way to search everyone who viewed that listing prior to her death?
    2) I am not from the area but I heard that her phone pinged on a ferry? Did police investigate the ferry?

  18. AB says:

    I just watched a repeat of this story. I also just read through the details online. One thing that strikes me as Important is that one of lindsay’s friends reportedly received a call in the middle of the night, which was said to be from Shirley Zailo.
    Has this ever been followed up on? Have phone records for “Nikki” been verified? Something is not sitting right with the Zailos. For Shirley Zailo to be the ONLY PERSON to police “Lindsay told her she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend”, coupled with Shirley “allegedly using a fake accent and calling one of Lindsay’s best friends”, and being close friends with a man, who was a developer and has a cul de sac named after him in the exact upscale community/home where Lindsay was lured, strikes me as either strange coincidences/or highly suspicious. I am leaning towards the latter. Killers tend to insert themselves into cases. If it’s believed to be a murder for hire, then her current bf at the time Jason Zailo, could actually be involved. For police to clear him because he couldn’t have physically committed the murder makes no sense if they feel it is a murder for hire. Bringing his friend along with him to meet Lindsay at the house would have been for an alibi. It happens all the time. It also bothers me that he goes to the house with his friend, and says he could see shadowy figures at the door, so he waits in his car? I lived in a house for 7 years with the same exact type of front door. The glass is to make it difficult for someone to look into the house. For him to say he was on the street in his car and could clearly see what looked like 2 people is highly unlikely, if not bullshit. Then he says he saw two people coming out of the house ( why can’t he describe exactly what they looked like)? Then to say they went back into the house, so he pulls his car around the side of the house out of view and waits 10 more minutes???? His story is completely bizarre. There are too many shady things with JZ and his mother SZ. Look deeper in to the two of them. Leave no stone unturned with the two of them. Also, the FBI NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT IN HERE,. The local town police are either untrustworthy/shady/coverup or LAZY.

    • Bob-from-the-island says:

      The FBI has no jurisdiction in Canada nor should they ever have it.

    • Robert says:

      Indeed JZ’s movements at the house that evening were, at best, unusual. Not enough focus has been paid to the fact that–for a reason that is unconvincing–JZ moved his SUV into a position that made it possible for him, as the driver of the vehicle, to see if the side patio door was open–the same door from which the murderers allegedly left the house (Google map the house back at that time–there was little foliage and the view from the side of the house looks right into those doors). This also put him OUT of view of the front door, where you think he’d be waiting for Lindsey to come out after the showing. I don’t think SPD has put any careful analysis into his movements that night.

    • Svetlana says:

      That “alibi” who supposedly was right next to JZ makes me sick. I am sure he didn’t say all to police. I don’t think the police did the proper interrogation with them nor with all the other people.

  19. Wyatt says:

    Great write up! Thank you Gangsters Out for your support.

  20. Krista from Chicago says:

    Also, if Lindsay was seen “shaking hands” with the couple outside. Wouldn’t their DNA be on her hands?
    Their DNA has to be somewhere. I think real estate should do background checks on potential buyers to protect the agents. better to be protected than to “get a sale”

    • Svetlana says:

      Police should look for hidden blood in the cars that were owned at the time by the Zailos and their corrupt friends.

    • anon says:

      The DNA from the hand shake would either be on Lindsay’s watch, assuming she was wearing one, on the cuff of her jacket sleeves or shirt sleeves if they fell at her wrist. The DNA could also be on any rings Lindsay had on at the time of her murder. Another place would be on the elbow of her jacket as some people touch this when shaking hands.
      When I was a youth I did not have enough healthy respect for people that had to deal with bureaucracy to the extent that it affected their lives in such a negative way. The civil rights movement is one, the other is the disability rights movement. Anytime I become super frustrated or beyond baffled by some of the issues I encounter, I remember this little group of disabled people that kicked their governments arse.
      I too have thought about locking myself in a federal building when I can’t get the results that I want. I read earlier in the blog where the Saanich cop wouldn’t have coffee with Lindsay’s dad. That’s pretty low. It’s sad for humanity when someone or a group of people don’t have enough compassion to share their time with a person whose life they are deeply affecting.

      • Wyatt says:

        Anon…. your DNA analysis is solid but before you consider such high-tech application you must understand the sequence of events do not support that Lindsay ever shook hands with these fictitious buyers. Lindsay was already deceased at 5pm….. murdered already! She was not the person who shook anyone’s hand that evening. As for the “witnesses” who gave a statement regarding these fictitious buyers, their observations are not credible given the time of day (dusk) and the distance to which they claim to have witnessed these people and subsequent descriptions – too convenient. It is suspect that these witnesses were in fact, part ‘n parcel of the entire setup for the murder, perhaps unbeknownst to them the magnitude of the role they were playing, but nonetheless should have come clean after the fact. There is a lot of sick people involved in Lindsay’s execution and they look in the mirror every morning, makes me wonder how many mirrors need replacing for having cracked them everyday while looking at themselves. Killers and dirty pigs need to be busted!

  21. Krista from chicago says:

    Just saw the Dateline episode on this. Jeff you are such a strong person, father, and your dedication will pay off- the killers will be found. I am sorry to hear about such a tragedy. Lindsay seemed like such a beautiful soul. Be strong!

  22. VW says:

    This terrible murder is like a carbon copy of the murder of my friend Bev Seto, realtor in Abbotsford, stabbed to death by Wayne Evans in 1985. He was sentenced to life for her murder, and also Lavonne ?. He could have been out by the time Lindsay was killed.

    So sorry for your loss. The pain never goes away.

    • Lillian says:

      I remember Bev Seto’s murder, I worked in the jail where the killer/sex offender was assigned. To this day, I recall it clearly as if it were yesterday. She is remembered, even by others she did not know. I will take her case to my grave along with Melanie Carpenter and many more murdered/maimed women and children. The dark side of my job (now retired). ☹️ I guarantee, Lindsay was not executed by this sicko

    • Retired Detective says:

      It is far from a carbon copy of that murder and the guy was in jail in 2008. Please take a moment to get your facts straight before posting.

  23. Roberta says:

    Just saw the news report on Global news. Lindsay would be the same age as my daughter. I am going to begin a novena with the intention that you will get some answers soon. My heart goes out to your family.

  24. F Columbo says:

    The only long shot right now and for many years I am sure is co-operation. No co-operation no nuthin, is that a good outcome Chris ? We can bring outside resources in at no cost to look this case over… Ex.. FBI profilers , Polygraph experts to dissect polygraph’s ect. Are the Sandwich Police afraid of criticism ??? Dude nobody cares if the Sandwich police totally blew the entire investigation or not ! who cares who was right and who was wrong? worst case scenario this is in the news for 6 weeks max and disappears into oblivion. After **extensive** investigation and consideration over 12 years or so it makes no sense any other way what so ever, Jason Zailo is responsible for the death of Lindsay Buziak. The resources are there Chris , Free of charge, confidential, they just need co-operation nobody wants to waste time we need fresh eyes on the case

  25. Bob-from-the-island says:

    I wonder if this is any relation to Ali Ziaee?

    “Shawn Alexander Kelly, 23, of Victoria, Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi, both 19, of Nanaimo, are charged with receiving a financial benefit knowing it was obtained from the commission of an offence, transporting a person under the age of 18 for the purpose of exploiting them, procuring a person to offer or provide sexual services, harbouring a person who offers or provides sexual services for consideration and knowingly advertising to provide sexual services.

    Shermineh Sheri Ziaee, 36, of Victoria, is charged with the same five offences plus possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

    The four accused are scheduled to make their next court appearance Friday at 9:30 a.m. in Swift Current Provincial Court.

    The two young female passengers are from B.C. They are not related to any of the accused.

    The investigation is ongoing.”

  26. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Saanich Municipal Hall

    10:00 am

    Sunday February 2, 2020

    770 Vernon Avenue,
    Victoria, BC V8X 2W7

    • KissMyFace says:

      Jason says he is running late to meet her at the house, and she texts him gotta go the Mexicans are here….and when he does arrive late and sees the couple almost leave the house then go back in, he assumes the viewing is just starting? Doesn’t add up with Lindsay texting him earlier that the Mexicans had arrived. His timeline is way off

      • Wyatt says:

        Plus… this is HiS subjective version of events, highly questionable whether there were ANY “viewers” there (fake or otherwise) as Lindsay was already murdered and deceased by 5pm. Just like the skanky mommy dearest and HER version of having a “walk and conversation” with Lindsay the evening before…. all lies! No collaboration to be found in either scenario. Sense when did we give credit to killers?

        • Justice says:

          Well we aren’t the ones giving credit to killers. The dirty pigs are the ones covering and making excuses for the drug trafficking and money laundering killers.

      • Rosanne says:

        I wanted to join you for this walk but ran into black ice. I told a Great Saanich officer I was going to do this, so he wouldn’t take it personally. Funny, because it is the good officers who can see the big picture and feel your pain. I wish you could have seen how he cringed about this crime. The officers who are not able to get this job done and the higher ups who keep supporting this stall of not bringing the killer(s) to justice have lost the respect of even their own.As they should! Are they waiting for the killer(s) to kill again to get more evidence? If so warn your mothers, sisters and daughters of the danger of being in Saanich. Somebody needs to pay attention.

      • Moni says:

        He lying, I think Jason has something to do with this

        The Boyfriend
        He was the first person to find her, but not only that he was suppose to meet Lindsey at the house for the showing … but he late (what a coincidence) He and the couple were the only 2 besides Dad to know where Lindsey was showing the house.
        After he arrived and had been sitting for a while. He saw an strange couple leaving the house and when they spotted him they immediately went back inside, He then decided to park around the corner of the house (His excuse is cause he didn’t want to seem like a spying/nosey boyfriend) How would that be the case considering that Lindsey already knew he was coming to meet her for the showing to sit outside the house ? Furthermore he says he returned 20 mins later and that when he found her dead. *** I think he left because he arranged for it to happen*** He made sure he had an alibi with the co-worker and surveillance tapes.
        He was cooperative for the polygraph test but NOT DNA ? (What would he have to hide ? ) Besides the door and etc that he touched to open when he found Lindsey why wouldn’t he want to submit DNA ?
        The way the murder happened it seemed as if it was a jealously rage. Maybe a female that was messing with Lindsey boyfriend was apart of this as well. Maybe someone who wanted the boyfriend killed Lindsey.

        There is so much more I wanted to write and tell you in regards to my thoughts and I also have a question, who is this young lady ? Have she been questioned ? Something just doesn’t sit well. I think Lindsey boyfriend and maybe a female that knew of her is involved. I really don’t that this is a random act.

        • see closely says:

          I think that you are wrong saying that Lindsay’s boyfriend and dad were the only ones who knew that Lindsay was showing this house.
          There were others in Real Estate business(including Riana Gracia) who knew fully well the situation and one of them probably was the one who informed the killer/s.

          • Rosanne says:

            That does not make sense. The killers arranged the showing. They didn’t need anyone to tell them about that. They did need someone to tell them about the out of town clients that “referred” them or had that information told directly to them. Those clients should know who they told that they would be away, and asked especially if they talked to anyone at the real estate office. I can’t really see people telling random strangers that they are going away, oh and by the way we dealt with Lindsay. Buziak in the past. Someone who knew the killers also had to know all of the above.

            • following says:

              There is some validity to someone in the office because you can’t just commit a murder at any old house. A random type murder would not know how to ask for a vacant, somewhat isolated (not a crowded neighborhood), corner home. So, the murderers would have to ask to see a home that was new or had some of the features of that particular home or ask to see THAT particular home knowing already how to murder L in the bathroom. So I would say there was some kind of rehearsal, and knowledge of this home as the potential crime scene. It was also convenient for so many of the players.

              • Jeff Buziak says:

                Someone in Lindsay’s office who was familiar with the De Sousa house could have told her to show that house?

              • Rosanne says:

                I have to agree with this? So who did the referral mention they were going away to? There are less then a handful of people who would know them enough to know they could not be reached during this time and know the for sale house. This is pointing away from someone who knows professional killing and drug stuff and towards someone who knows real estate clients and real estate.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  Someone who knows the real estate clients and the real estate of this particular office. Also, who had intimate knowledge of the murder house and area. Also, who had personal reasons for wanting Lindsay silenced as well as having a personal vendetta against her. Hmmm, who could that be?

            • Svetlana says:

              Absolutely. This is why someone has to know something about those referrals. Did the police question them, and see who their circle of friends are? How close was Shirley to those clients to know that they’d be away?

              Those clients need to get in touch with Jeff. Those clients should be questioning how other people knew they’d be gone, and they can guess how the Zailos would have found out.

        • see closely says:

          I am pretty sure that SPD has Jason DNA even if if he refused to provide it to them legally.

  27. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Police are authorized by law to investigate and solve crimes. Police swear to an oath to uphold justice in the country, province, city they have jurisdiction over. That is their job. This is their mandate. NOTHING excuses them from performing their duty in an efficient, judicious and expeditious manner. Money, immunity etc….is an excuse for shoddy, inadequate police work which we are experiencing with Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Money and immunity won’t solve Lindsay’s murder. That has been tried to compensate for the current incompetent police lack of performance. C’mon, bad guys have got away with this for twelve years. There are no excuses or explanations for Saanich police any longer.
    What is needed here is Saanich police being dismissed from this case and the RCMP major crime unit appointed by Ottawa to take over or someone in authority grab new Saanich Chief Scotty Green by the balls, squeeze hard and tell him to make arrests within the next 6 months or he will be dismissed with dishonor. That’s what will solve Lindsay’s murder and arrests made! Police need to do their job or be fired just like the rest of the population function at their jobs.

    Saanich Municipal Hall
    10:00 am
    Sunday February 2, 2020
    770 Vernon Avenue,
    Victoria, BC

    • Wyatt says:

      Ok… I confess…. I chucked about the part to grab snotty-Scotty by the balls and squeeze… hard to grab what isn’t there, little-own SQUEEZE! 🤢
      I deeply regret I can not participate in the walk, I don’t reside on the island and I don’t travel, sorry. I will be there in spirit and heart and I will continue my small contributions to find justice for Lindsay. 💜💜

      • MJG says:

        WYATT, I’m with you…..I also, deeply regret not being able to participate in the walk and in supporting Jeff Buziak, for I am 2,000+ miles away. However, like you Wyatt, my heart and spirit is with Lindsey’s cause for justice. I sincerely pray “PEACE- AT-LAST” for Lindsey’s father, Jeff Buziak…an incredible “AWESOME” man and father. His great determination is beyond admiration.
        Year after year, rain or shine or even snow, Jeff Buziak persists on going, and searching, always hoping to accomplish justice for his beautiful daughter and to give her the…FINAL REST….he promised her!

  28. MJD from Michigan says:

    It’s pretty obvious to me, the murder is connected to low-life, coward drug thugs, so many signs point to it. Let me repeat that…..SO MANY SIGNS POINT TO THAT. Not sure if Lindsay uncovered something by accident, or saw or overheard something or if these low-life, coward drug thugs thought she may have informed on them. This whole thing was planned-out very well and was thought of well in advance. Personally, I would offer a $1 million dollar reward and that should flush out some slime under a rock to talk. If all of Lindsay’s friends, co-workers, local businesses, citizens, etc. kicked in $100 apiece along with Lindsay’s family, they could raise the reward money….count me in. Once they get the info on who was involved, charge the whole lot of them for 1st degree murder and let the bunch of them rot in prison like the scum they are.

    BTW, on a totally separate point, if I had been Lindsay’s BF, I would have manned-up and been at her side during the house showing, she was very concerned about it and not being there in person with her was LAME dude. I know agents who never go to a showing alone…period.

    Mr. Buziak, you are a great father and a courageous man, keep up the pressure on the authorities and keep Lindsay’s name in the news. Your daughter would be so proud of your efforts and the constant love you have for her. Thoughts go out to you from here in Michigan.

    • MJD from Michigan says:

      One other thing, I keep hearing that the knife attack was of a personal nature, that’s just plain silly in this case. Don’t some of you folks on here understand how the drug cartels and the underling slime-balls that work for them operate? They do these kinds of things, they send a message by making the killings as gruesome as they can….read up on what they do in Mexico to people they think are a threat to them.

      This case will never be solved unless somebody talks. Read that sentence again. The best way to get somebody to talk is to offer a million dollar reward, it can be done. Read that sentence again. Lindsay’s dad will need help raising that kind of money, so let’s get it going.

      The authorities will need to be involved by offering a package of immunity, relocation and protection as well. If the authorities are as dedicated as they say they are to solving this crime, then they will be most willing and cooperative to oblige with offering this package.

      • Wyatt says:

        Ok, so what part of corruption and deceit did you not grasp? Hard to “involve” the “authorities” when they’re too busy covering their own butts 💩💩 and engulfed in the association and socializing with the killer thugs. I can’t speak for what kind of drug killers you got in Michigan but in the real world, even they don’t kill an innocent, defenceless woman….. 40+ X’s…… hello! AND drug dealers have millions in their pockets at any given time, do you actually think a million dollar “reward” will be enticing? Wow, I don’t know what true crime you watch or read, but it ain’t anywhere near what this murder (PERSONAL!) has in store. Read that again….. PERSONAL!

      • Svetlana says:

        The knife could’ve been taken from a restaurant or did Zailo’s have a big set in their kitchen or buy one? Forensics would know more about the type but there is no access to this info.

      • Lillian says:

        Your theories are too bizarre to consider. The first order, you MUST understand the Satanic Police are CORRUPT! As long as they continue to ‘cover up’ for the murderers and continue to associate with them, this case is doomed from the start. Without integrity and confidence in the police force, no case is subject to be solved! Start your theory with Police corruption and dirty pigs. Then revisit your methodology on this execution.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      Thank you. Police are authorized by law to investigate and solve crimes. Police swear to an oath to uphold justice in the country, province, city they have jurisdiction over. That is their job. This is their mandate. NOTHING excuses them from performing their duty in an efficient, judicious and expeditious manner. Money, immunity etc….is an excuse for shoddy, inadequate police work which we are experiencing with Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Money and immunity won’t solve Lindsay’s murder. That has been tried to compensate for the current incompetent police lack of performance. C’mon, bad guys have got away with this for twelve years. There are no excuses or explanations for Saanich police any longer.
      What is needed here is Saanich police being dismissed from this case and the RCMP major crime unit appointed by Ottawa to take over or someone in authority grab new Saanich Chief Scotty Green by the balls, squeeze hard and tell him to make arrests within the next 6 months or he will be dismissed with dishonor. That’s what will solve Lindsay’s murder and arrests made! Police need to do their job or be fired just like the rest of the population function at their jobs.

    • Svetlana says:

      How could he have manned up when he was the murderer? I think his mom planned to go to the “showing” with Lindsay. Something all strange about how she had a talk with Lindsay the night before, and how she showed up at De Sousa place so quickly and without shoes or car. This alone should raise flags…

      I don’t know what the rules are in the real estate business, but was Di Castri and Lidstone supposed to be advised if someone was to show a house that was under their name? Did the big boss tell them? Who has access to all appts for that house on that day? Did the murderers know there was a possibility of the house being shown by the realtors on Feb. 2nd? Yes, so that is why they made sure the coast was clear. So definitely someone from the office with lots of power and access.

      • Lillian says:

        They are stupid only in their line of corruption and deceit. The Satanic Police are dirty pigs – plain and simple. They have spent the entire 12 years, from the beginning till now covering their lying, corrupt butts so their own line of dirty pigs is not exposed. As long as the murder of Lindsay remains in their clutches, they will continue to deceive and mislead the victims of this crime, we will have no opportunity to solve the execution of Lindsay Buziak. Until David EBY or FARNSWORTH or any other politically elected official who has the power and authority to remove this file from the Satanic Police she will be a Cold Case for a very long time. HOW STUPID IS THAT?

      • Retired Detective says:

        Where did you get information that Shirley showed up without shoes?

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          I questioned the no shoes earlier. Very weird. Who walks around without shoes? She is supposed to be a sophisticated rich woman, without shoes? I doubt it.

      • Justice says:

        How do you know Shirley showed up without shoes Svetlana? You are loosing what little credibility you have left.

    • Robin says:

      The problem is the authorities are not dedicated to solving Lindsay’s murder. They are traffic type cops pretending to be something they obviously are not. Solving Lindsay’s murder is way beyond what the Saanich Police are capable or there would already be arrests. The Saanich Police need to throw in the towel and let go of their selfish egos go. It’s unfair to Lindsay’s family and society that they allow Lindsay’s unsolved murder to linger on. 12 years soon!!! That is criminal in itself. If they want to be respected they would hand everything over to IHIT in Vancouver but obviously the criminals they are protecting would be exposed so they hold on to this case with all their might. They wonder why everyone suspects that this is COVER UP that’s because IT IS

  29. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Please read, share and attend

    • anon says:

      From the 1994 Movie titled “Speed” starring Keanu Reeves as Jack:
      “””” ……Jack rides under the bus on a towed sledge, but he cannot defuse the bomb, and accidentally punctures the fuel tanks when the sledge breaks from its tow line. Once pulled back aboard by the passengers, Jack learns that Harry has died, and that Payne has been watching the passengers on the bus with a hidden surveillance camera. Mac has a local news crew record the transmission and rebroadcast it in a loop to fool Payne, while the passengers are offloaded onto an airport bus. Jack and Annie escape the bus from a floor access panel. …….”””
      Get the part about “rebroadcast”? to fool the police? Look at the actual footage on Dateline of Jason Zailo and his friend in the parking lot at SHC getting into their car. It’s too damn light out. If it’s the time of day everyone says that it is when it actually happened, on February 2nd 2008 it would have been DARK at that time. It was DARK when Lindsay supposedly met the prospect couple at 1702 DeSousa Place AND it was also DARK when Jason and his friend were leaving the parking lot to make their way to DeSouza place. On the footage, its light enough to see makes and models of the cars. If it would have been dusk there is no way that much detail can be seen. Bye Jason, you’ve been caught. Turn yourself in.

      • anon says:

        I went to this website Time and to verify my theory. Sure enough, it was dark in Victoria BC at 5:13pm on Saturday February 2nd 2008 – the Sun had already set.
        Therefore, this video of Jason and Oatman leaving SHC at 5:30pm is hereby inadmissible as evidence that they were NOT at the crime scene committing the crime at 5:30pm themselves. These days, you don’t have to be a news cameraman to manipulate video footage or times. No one can manipulate the sun. Failure of criminals Jason and Oatman to use video footage of the true time they left (because it was not 5:30pm) or shoot the footage of their leaving on another night when it was actually dark outside. If it was too dark for eye witnesses to clearly see the so called Prospects that Lindsay met in the driveway, then it was too dark for you (anyone) to see Jason walking to his car at the same time of night, 5:30pm. You can see the signal lights were on, that’s a given. But there were no streetlights on. It was not dark. It was not even dusk on Jason’s canned video footage. Footage that was made on either another time and date or earlier in the day then presented as being 5:30pm on Saturday February 2nd 2008.

        • Robin says:

          Boy oh boy that is so telling. That is a very empowering detail. Good on U anon

          • anon says:

            The footage I am referring to can be found on this video (part 2 of the Dateline video) from 1:16 minutes in to 1:22 minutes out:
            If that is indeed the footage from the parking lot that the police are using to clear Jason Zailo it is light out which is contrary to the date and time website which tells when the sun went down which is 15 minutes before the time they are claiming Jason and his friend left the property.
            I can see both Jason and his brother Ryan comparing themselves to Paulo Rodriguez (fake name used to purchase burner phone that called Lindsay) because there was a reality show on MTV in 2004 called Manhunt. One of the contestants was a guy named Paulo Rodriguez- a 23 year old Student from Capetown, South Africa. If you compare his face to Jason and Ryans, you can see there is a huge resemblance. I would not put it past either of them to say to a prospective date when asked “who do you look like?” answering “I look like Paulo Rodriguez. The guy from MTV’s Manhunt, the search for America’s most gorgeous male model”. Interestingly, I went to search for the mans photo just now and all of those with MTV’s Paulo have been taken from the internet. I just saw it last summer in 2019, so someone had to have worked really really hard to get all of those photos pulled. What are the killers going to do next? Try to rid the internet of the Dateline video? They have to realize they will be caught sooner rather than later. BTW: getting back to this so called “eye witness” of the prospect couple, they said the man was a 6ft tall white male with dark hair. Isn’t Jason the same description?
            I’m just speculating because I don’t know any better but consider this theory: Lindsay was thinking about leaving Jason and met a plastic surgeon. Some time either before or after she had her implants done she makes the decision to leave Jason so she could date the surgeon, the same one who gave her the implants. Jason finds out about it and plots to kill Lindsay.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              OMG. In that security video it is daytime when they are leaving at what is supposed to be 5:30. THIS IS JASON’S ALIBI. The sky in Victoria is NOT light blue in early Feb. at 5:30. This is very telling.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              It looks like that video was taken about 3:00. The lights are just coming on but the sky is still light blue.

          • Retired Detective says:

            A few years ago I took a photo outside in my yard at 5:30 pm on Feb 2. I would call it dark twilight. From 20 feet away, a person’s face would be very hard to see clearly enough for a sketch or an ID let alone on a grainy parking lot security camera video. The parking lot may have been well lighted Or the video may have been enhanced. It is surprising that the police released the tape, once again to vindicate the Zailos since they are so reluctant to release information in general.

            Any witness description of the clients should be ignored unless they walked directly past them which I doubt. The only credible description could come from Jason whose headlights would have shown directly in the face of the man who would have been about 10’feet away as he was walking out the front door.

            • anon says:

              I know at least one thing that DeSouza bought after Lindsays murder. I watched the video on youtube from Investigation Discovery titled The Brutal “Stabbing of Realtor Lindsay Buziak | Still a Mystery”. In that video , there is a sign on the property lawn that says “Leauni Estates”. That means the property was changed legally from DeSouza to Leauni. Who is that? People don’t pick names out of the sky. Second issue with that video (or people in it). Jason. He texts Lindsay from SHC – which BTW is right near Sauce- saying he was 9 miles away. That’s not 9 miles from SHC to DeSouza place. It’s 16 miles. Easy to figure that out on google maps. He would have had to be texting Lindsay “I’m 9 miles away” from the area by Cedar Hill golf course – the Cedar Hill recreation center is 10 miles away. The video says Jason claimed he “lost track of time”. I’ll bet he did. Here’s another inconsistency. Your mom is dating a Saanich cop- Paul Bergschoeff. But you find your girlfriend/ fiancee murdered. The first thing you do is call a STRANGER at 911? I don’t think so. I think you first call your Momma and say “what do I do?” before you call 911. Here is a good link on Psychology Today about profiling the murderer:

  30. Winter says:

    PAUL BERGSHOEFF. Why did he pack up and leave the country?

    Interesting photos here. What’s a restaurant manager doing with developers, realtors and mortgage lenders? Some of these names look familiar. I think it was from year 2011.

    Paul Bergshoeff with Jason Binab, Mike Kelly and David Strasser – Photo by Kirby Brame.
    Norah Clarke from Harbour View Mortgages with Trina Tyler from Remax Alliance – Photo by Kirby Brame
    Karin McFadden and Allyse Donahue, assistant at Binab Strasser – Photo by Kirby Brame
    Laurel Loxam HVM with Cam Ondrik and David Strasser from Remax Alliance – Photo by Kirby Brame
    Developer Mike Kelly and Laurel Loxam from HVM – Photo by Kirby Brame
    John and Jim Grant aka ‘The Burger Bro’s’ as they cooked up some delectable treats for guests – Photo by Kirby Brame
    Norah Clarke from Harbour View Mortgages with project developer Mike Kelly – Photo by Kirby Brame

    South Shawnigan Station Grand Opening BBQ
    The Grand Opening at Shawnigan Station was held on October 1st and brought out a slew of potential buyers looking for a gorgeous home just outside of Victoria.
    The developers held a barbeque and gave out some great prizes to people that made the trip out for the afternoon. South Shawnigan Station is Phase 2 of The Estates

    • anon says:

      – Remember Sesame Streets’ “Which of these things are not like the other? Which are kind of the same?” Photos can be very telling. For example, 99% of the photos that you see of Lindsay online are either a) her by herself. b) Lindsay with her family or c) Lindsay with Jason and their core group of Victoria friends. However, there is one online photo of Lindsay I keep looking at that seems like the odd ball out. That’s the one with her in the middle surrounded by several blondes and then flanked with two Asian women on each side. None- but maybe one- blonde appear to be from Lindsay’s core group. Looking at photos is not only about what (or who) you see but also about (what or who) you don’t see. The photo that I am referring to is called “Out with the girls” in the photo spread on the Vancouver Sun. Investigators are taught to look at funeral and memorial photos because usually the killer appears in them. They say the murder (s) get a rise out of being there undetected.
      -the internet, not her family, is telling me that Lindsay either spoke French or was studying French. This would have been common for someone in Canada. What would be uncommon is that (possibly?) Lindsay neither spoke French nor was studying French but had a French note book/ calendar to write her appointments on.
      -everyone is hush hush about the implants. Who paid for them? Where and whom were they purchased from? (who was the plastic surgeon?) – why is that information such a secret?

      • Svetlana says:

        I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with that photo. It looks like she was much younger there, maybe high school. I found it here:×420

        But you will see who attended one of the older walks for justice in the youtube videos from the news station. Investigators answers are right there- one of the conspirators being interviewed…

        I think you must be American because in Canada, packaging must be bilingual. Lindsay’s calendar was showing English and French so nothing unusual about that.

        • Watch closely says:

          Svetlana, you are such an expert in these things. You must spend a lot of your time searching the web for clues. Have you thought about helping Jeff with his investigation? I’m sure he would really appreciate it if you could help since you are located in Canada and have access to many resources.

          • Svetlana says:

            I think looking at this site’s old posts it looks like many things were covered including the BC rail scam and the name of Greg Martel, the guy in the green t-shirt in one of the photos who is also associated with Harbourview amongst other things. That pic, by the way, always bothered me….it’s the one with Jason holding the knife.

            We’re at the point where someone needs to push the police to charge some people.

            • Justice says:

              Please tell us more about Greg Martel, the guy in the green t-shirt in one of the photos who is also associated with Harbourview amongst other things.

              What is Harbourview and what other things. I can’t find any of that information.

              Do you have anymore information we haven’t heard about before?

              What do you know about Chris Horsley?

  31. Catherine Spencer says:

    In 12 years the assumptions that this crime was related to the Zailos have not delivered a conviction. There is increasing information which suggests that it is not them- if you refocus this blog in that direction perhaps more information will be revealed. Try a different tact? If the crime was carried out by the Mexican brother and sister suggested on other sites, then continuing to chase and push the Zailo line is covering up opportunities to catch the real killers. While people are focusing on the Zailos or complaining about the police, energy is being diverted from a potential avenue to solution. This blog is delivering the same scenarios and not delivering…try a different approach to move things forwards?

    • Wyatt says:

      And what exactly do you bring to the table? Nothing!
      And why are YOU not out there chasing YOUR ridiculous theory?
      Try a different mind set, YOU just might “get it.”

    • Svetlana says:

      It’s so obvious there is a cover up going on. Who will be the brave one to look into tax returns, bank accounts, etc. if they have access?

      To move things forward, arrest Zailo. He needs to be brought inside the courtroom.

      • see closely says:

        I did not pay much attention to the USA’s justice system previously.But,here it is :In most of the cases the investigations of crimes are conducted by police forces under the supervision of District Attorneys.That means the police does not have a power to charge anybody-it must be done through the Attorney’s office.We all know that many charges well supported by police force investigations are ,in fact,not allowed to proceed for various reasons -including political.Hello,Justin Trudeau in Canada.
        After unsatisfactory replies to my inquiries both from SPD and AG Prosecution office regarding Lindsay murder investigation.I have come to sad conclusion that there indeed may be some kind of cover-up.Most likely from AG Prosecution since they are the ones who have the power,
        Only thing I don’t understand is why this potential cover-up was done both in times of Liberal government and then later by NDP AG prosecutor.Who knows the answer?Certainly not me although I have some very unorthodox resources to explore- some of which I presented on this site.

        • Robin says:

          I tend to think the NDP government do not know what to do because they inherited one hell of a mess from the liberals. The liberals have been protecting unsavoury people for a long time as we saw in the SNC Lavilan BS that JT was trying to cover up. Gordon Campbell who was the Liberal leader at the time of Lindsay’s murder has LOTS of buried BS he hopes will stay buried. For starters the B.C. Rail scandal which proved employees of that government were complicit in drugs, real estate, money laundering. You just have to google the names Jas (Jasmohan) Bains, Dave Basi and Bob Virk and keep reading til you figure it out. Campbell had to get out of dodge in 2010 hence he resigned as Premier Corrupt of B.C.
          The liberal government are all crooks and they have ruined B.C. for generations to follow by allowing criminal activity to happen in “Not so Beautiful anymore B.C.” As soon as the people of this Province stand up and demand to know what and who exactly was bought off in government then we will also discover who murdered Lindsay Buziak. Once we can get the Premier Horgan, David Eby and Mike Farnsworth to be honest we will know just what went on when the liberals were in power.
          If you care at all PEOPLE you will start demanding that your voice be heard by gathering together and showing you expect better from government and demand answers. You can start by showing up February 02, 2020 at Saanich Municipal Hall at 10 am and march with all of the people to the legislature building in Victoria in memory of Lindsay’s unsolved murder, it will be 12 years this year since Lindsay was murdered by savages who are not making B.C. a better place to live and raise your families!! It’s past due that Canadians and especially people from B.C. let our government know they work for US not the other way around. It’s absolute BS that Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved. Time for the PEOPLE to fix all the wrongs the Liberal government have allowed. Let’s support Jeff and Lindsay this Sunday. People need to start using their voice and we will only succeed in numbers because they blatantly ignore us otherwise.

  32. Els Michielsen says:

    My heart is going out to you and all the people who loved Lindsay. I’m praying for all of you and that the lord speak to the killer so he turn himself in, Loeve and prays from Els Breda the Netherlands Europe

  33. Little D says:

    I just listened on Crime Junkie (via Spotify) about this murder. I’m sorry this had to happen. I’m getting strong feelings certain police people have a hand in the drug cartel and there is a major cover-up. I’m sure it’s been said already and I’ve only read a few comments here so I’m sorry if I’m repeating what others may have said. I hope justice comes and those involved get what they deserve. RIP Lindsay

    • Wyatt says:

      Yeah, I just listened to this “crime junkie” podcast by a couple teeny boppers that base all of their story from that goofy Garry Rodgers’ website AND total credit to cocaine Horsefly and his merry minions! These two are so far off the accurate scale that I am 🤮🤮🤮 again. I wouldn’t waste anytime or energy on these two! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  34. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    The crushing weight of Lindsay’s murder weighs heavily on me daily. 12 years. Unsolved by incompetence! 12 years of nonsense. The insanity of a system that is capable but that has been permeated by people confused, disjointed, organized but disorganized, unmotivated and truly incapable of accomplishing larger tasks and goals beyond their scope and abilities but seek the power and control to just have it and in that process stifle the system and justice so rightly deserved by victims and those suffering as a result of the darkness of humanity. People. Resistance. Ego. Pride. Power. Corruption….. All masking reality. The simplicity of the system, tasks and people’s jobs wasted on confusion, explanation, excuses and the mire of society with people enjoying their comfort on the suffering of others. Too much darkness. People need to stand out for righteousness not vanity and position in life. Take stock. Step up in 2020. Do what is right. Make things happen. Do something other than talk and show. Do your job and more. Be real.
    To Saanich police chief Scott Green, roll up your sleeves and do your job. Yes you pal. You are a public servant sworn by oath to protect the people and uphold justice. Quit hiding and being a pussy. You have been involved with Lindsay’s unsolved murder from the beginning. You were a detective, you were an inspector, you were head of the detective division, you were deputy chief all during the time you and Saanich police fiddled with Lindsay’s murder. It’s been unsolved for twelve years. You are now Chief of police. You are the so-called leader. Roll up your sleeves and lead. Show us your skills for once. Solve Lindsay’s murder with arrests. Yes you…..Scott Green. Do your fucking job! You are failing miserably right now and have been for 12 years in every position and promotion/pay raise……and don’t ever try to bully and intimidate me again!

    • Kimberley says:

      After listening to a podcast about Lindsay’s case, I started doing some digging and found some information that I find very interesting. I may be completely off, but I feel as tho I have a theory of what may have happened. I am in no way a trained investigator I just don’t know what to do with this information that I’ve found.

      • Wyatt says:

        Post it here or read past posts as the “theory” has already been dissected and concluded. And with a corrupt and deceitful Satanic police at the helm there is little chance of solving this murder until Horsefly, Green and all their dirty pigs are ousted from their duties, they no longer serve the public, only their thug buddies.

    • Svetlana says:

      I think news media should have done more on this murder. I don’t believe they reported much on it. I only heard about this tragedy this year and it was through the internet MSN newsfeed, not even on the regular TV news stations like CBC or CTV.

      I don’t know what they’re waiting for. They have all the evidence to make charges. Even imbeciles can see who did it.

      • Robin says:

        Canadian media will barely touch Lindsay’s unsolved murder! I would say they have been shut down by top cops and government very high up the chain. Once the house of cards starting falling apart it’ll expose many people who have allowed major corruption to happen and many shitheads who “were on the take”
        Why have all the shows Jeff has been on are American shows. WTF.. where’s W5 and The Fifth Estate? It is absolute BS that Lindsay’s murder is not solved, something really stinks badly in scraanichville Mike Farnsworth’s and in offices of Fred Hayne’s and David Eby’s. COVERUP. They want Lindsay to be forgotten about and would prefer we all joined a butterfly club! BUT….. we are going nowhere til someone is arrested. I am really disillusioned with police and government people. There are so many people that could do more to get JUSTICE for Lindsay!

        • Wyatt says:

          Yeah, I’ve written to both (W5/5th Estate) and I got a “nice reply” from W5, I got nothing from 5th estate. I think we need to bombard them with requests in order for them to take notice. Outcry from the public is a powerful motivator for the press, in turn, they can be a powerful route to expose the corruption and make politicians very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, while the press can be our allies, their silence and lack of investigation can hinder our accomplishments. When I watch their series in the Jassi murder and the long road of covering that story (along with the air India bombing 182) I am anxious for them to expose this corruption from the Saanich Police to the politicians who failed to execute their duties, from the legislature to the Police Board. It will take a tenacious and experienced “investigator” to uncover this long line of deceit and willful blindness. Not too many press investigators have those kind of balls. 🏀🏀
          But…. we shall persevere, 2020 is our oyster and we will be a thorn in all sides that need to be poked. Let’s get those dirty pigs ousted from the Satanic Police and get those killers off the street and out of the community!
          Step up David Eby, exercise your power and authority that you’ve been awarded to ensure that policing is clean and of benefit to the paying public. Remove Lindsay’s file from the Satanic Police and assign it to a team with integrity, experience and gumption to get the killers charged and off the street! You have the power. You have the authority. Do it! For the community and the murder victims.

          • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

            I too have e mailed Canadian TV shows and the politicians etc, no one responds. Lindsay’s execution holds too much too much info for too many people on the higher up positions in BC.

    • anon says:

      I would have liked to see the other entries in Lindsay’s journal. If it’s in police possession, couldn’t Lindsay’s family get a copy of the entire journal as a memento? Maybe there is something in there that has meaning to the family that might provide clues only her family could understand. It almost appeared as though Lindsay used the day timer booklet as more of a note pad than a calendar to follow. I would like to hear more about what her life was like outside of Jason and her work. Was she taking any classes after work at the time of her murder or even the previous year? What were her goals outside of getting away from Jason and her real estate career? Did she ultimately want to work in family business or would she have been content working on her own as a broker? Was she thinking about relocating herself (to another country like her sister?) or did she love Victoria B.C. so much that she would stay forever even if she had to face down SZ and JZ for the rest of her life? I just think that no one should be cleared as a suspect if there has never really been a named suspect. Everyone who has ever been interviewed and “cleared” should realize that charges can still be filed against them at any time until the case is solved. Maybe that reality check would prompt someone (SZ, JZ?) who is close lipped into talking. If I were the local Saanich police, I would file charges against Jason post haste for disturbing crime scene evidence. Here is another issue- I would look into any purchases for parts and supplies that were made by DeSouza after Lindsays murder for the home at 1702. Did he replace a cabinet? A closet door? It’s all in his tax records. The police can easily access those and I think the public can to. Or someone (a private investigator?) can disguise themselves as DeSouza and request a copy of his 2008 taxes from the Canadian tax man.

      • see closely says:

        Anon.The last sentence (the suggestion in it)would be a criminal matter.Anybody in known would know it.So it is not going to happen.

  35. anon says:

    – SZ or PB may have been the High Noon informant (s). At the time of Lindsay’s murder, Shirley was also responsible for selling million-dollar homes- a junior agent like Lindsay would not get a call for that unless it was a referral. So the killers (if hired assassins) were told to “make sure that they asked for a million-dollar home” in order to get Shirley who at that time was the Million Dollar listing agent at that brokerage . By some flyer mix up, they got Lindsay instead.
    – Why were the killers saying they were relocating from Vancouver to Saanich, Victoria when it may be a long shot but entirely possible that you could commute there for work while you were still looking for a home?
    – Let’s say the murders were telling the truth about these things: they were a couple from Vancouver. It would have taken them up to 4 hours by ferry, car and foot to go from Vancouver to Saanich, Victoria. They would have made that huge trip earlier in the day Saturday- starting in the morning or no later than noon time, and then arrived on DeSousa at the appointment time. The husband first called and said his wife was sick and could not come. But then when they showed up to meet Lindsay, they were both there. We were told that when SZ showed up later at the crime scene she was not wearing shoes. Is it reasonable to believe that a person who was feeling under the weather would not go somewhere without their shoes? The other theory is that this couple, who killed Lindsay, came into town from Vancouver the night before and stayed at a hotel nearby DeSousa place.
    – If you take a ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, you can also take your car for $90. Once you are in Nanaimo it takes an hour and a half by car to get to Victoria. If you are a couple and Lindsay’s murders coming from Vancouver, you would park that same car a block or two away from the crime scene and walk the rest of the way.
    – Killer/ Murder of Lindsay IS the unreachable referral. Does this man or woman have a spouse? Where are they from? What do they do for work? Why were they unreachable the week of Lindsay’s murder? Lindsay asked the caller how they got her information, the caller with the accent said from “______” who is the unreachable referral.
    – Jason: errands, papers, hockey game. Doesn’t sound as if he planned to be with Lindsay at all that night even though it was her friend Andrea’s birthday. This does not make much sense given that he seems to have been at every other party with Lindsay according to the photos on line.
    – January was when high noon went down it was only a few weeks before Lindsay was murdered
    – In a recent previous transaction, Jason was the seller’s agent (and the mortgage broker?) Lindsay was the buyer’s representative. Let’s say either the seller or the buyers of this specific transaction were the murderers. What would the sellers gain by killing the buyer’s agent? What would the buyers gain by killing their own agent?
    – Where do news anchors buy their dresses? They all wear very specific style types and designers. I just saw one local female weather journalist wearing a dress eerily like the dress shown in the Lindsay Buziak case. The murderers of Lindsay were a couple from Vancouver. The wife had access to dresses that are typically worn by news anchors now called TV Journalist women. The wife/ murderer of Lindsay may have been a realtor that does a lot of work with female news anchors.
    – Lindsay may have been contacting her ex-boyfriend Matt to warn him about threats coming in from gangsters and or police in Victoria who were involved in the High Noon bust- either that he- Matt- would get busted right along with those folks or that he needed to watch out for possible retaliation after the bust took place. What Lindsay might have seen then that she should not have seen were photos of those people who were going to get busted. The only way she would have seen those photos was through Shirley and her then boyfriend -former Saanich cop – Paul Bergshoeff (sp?)
    – BTW: One question- isn’t Ziggys Lawyer Brad Hickford also Jason Zailos Mortgage broker / boss? I saw that Jason and Ziggy had the same lawyer? Brad? Does Brad Hickford own a mortgage lending company? That would have been a possible conflict of interest had Ziggy wanted to sue Jasons mom (his landlord) for any reason.

    • Svetlana says:

      Yes strange that he was not to attend the birthday party with Lindsay that night, because he had “other” plans to determine the fate of poor Lindsay.

      I saw that weather girl wearing the dress you are talking about but it and associating the murderer with news anchor women have nothing to do with Lindsay’s murder.

      The dress is passé, means nothing. Dresses like that, with big floral prints, blocked patterns, are mass produced in China and distributed throughout the world and are popular. The murderer shred her dress to pieces or threw it out the same night.

      But if someone who recalls any of their friends, family or acquaintances having such a dress around the time or could be an older dress from another year, then they should call the police or contact Jeff.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      SZ was not wearing shoes? Where did you get this info from?

    • see closely says:

      .” The wife/ murderer of Lindsay may have been a realtor that does a lot of work with female news anchors.”

      Or she has no real connection working in Real Estate business but has connection to someone who does and can get information from them.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    My one question is: when Jason came through the front door, why did he know to go upstairs, first? Rather than search the main floor?
    I apologize if this had already been addressed. …delete, if so.

    • Eunoia says:

      I heard about the murder of Lindsay through a podcast called Crime Junkies, what about you? I personally do not know the answer to your question but I do not recall hearing or reading that Jason looked upstairs first. Could you share with us the source of your statement?

      • Justice says:

        There is a video of Jason showing the police detectives what he did on the night of Lindsay’s murder at the crime scene house. That is what he tells and shows police himself.

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          Jason showed the cops and that has always been an issue. You ran upstairs right after entering the house. Why?

          • anon says:

            Speaking to this point, was Jason ever present at any of the other open houses that Lindsay was hosting? I see the two (2) flyers that are presented by her on the Chris Hansens Crime Watch Daily. One appears to be a vacant lot address 554 View Royal avenue and was purchased in September 2013 to be developed in 2014 (was that a Horsley dump truck in this photo?)
            Lets not forget who the Mayor of View Royal is now, Horsleys side kick. The second flyer 601-737 Humboldt Street Condos or otherwise known as the “Aria” which at the time would have been a 2 min car ride or 10 min (only) walk to Sauce Restaurant. The property is condominiums with some shops on the ground floor- one of which houses another real estate firm called Engle & Volkers (appears to be Nordic?). Both flyers contain properties in the half million dollar range. There are two (2) websites listed on each flyer- I am assuming now defunct website of Lindsays which was and the other website which appears to be (??) – was that a website belonging to Jason? Lot’s of people come through those open houses depending on what day (or night) and time they are held. On a Tuesday night in a major metropolitan city I had nearly 200 people come through between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.There were over 8 offers. We often let the prospective buyers know that there is a sign in sheet and where to leave their own business card or that of their agent (buyers rep), if they brought their agent with them. There are also interest cards people can fill out or email the sellers agent directly. Of the listings and showings/ open houses Lindsay had before her murder, does anyone know how much checking around the police did to see whom she might have met at those other properties? and if Jason had regularly (or not regularly) been with her?
            I don’t know about y’all but I am now super curious about this View Royal property.

  37. Carlene Wynn says:

    First, I am just heartbroken for this family. Please know that you are doing exactly what I would do if my child had been murdered. God-speed Lindsay. This may have been asked so I apologize in advance if it is a redundant question- Did Jason not find it odd that there was no vehicle other than Lindsay’s at this showing? I would have confronted the couple immediately had I observed them exiting the front door without a vehicle. That to me is a huge red flag. Does anyone know what his response to that question was as I am certain it had to have been asked?

  38. Robin says:

    These are comments I took from another site just to show how many people find the Zailo’s behaviour incongruent. Funny how so many people get the same gut instinct, that is very telling IMO.

    1. Were they made aware in their real estate classes the dangers of meeting unfamiliar people alone without having confirmed their identification? Was Jason’s mother aware of the situation? As a seasoned realtor, alarm bells should have went off in her head. I just find it strange that she ended up their alone after he promised he’d come with her.

    2. after he also encouraged her to ignore her instincts and go for the big commission.

    3. drugs have become the go-to conclusion for killings that seem totally out of the blue, whether or not it makes any sense at all. i truly doubt lindsay was killed over anything drug-related.

    my gut says jason’s mom is AWFULLY suspicious.

    4. The murder was set up with obvious criminal sophistication. They used a burner phone, they parked their car where it was not visible from the front of the house, and they had apparently planned an escape route. This doesn’t mean they were some kind of “hit team”, only that it was well planned.

    5. I just listened to the podcast about this case that covered a lot of events from the approximate year before the murder. I’d never heard some of the details released in that podcast, such as, if I’m understanding correctly, that Sheryl Zailo bought a home for Jason and Lindsay relatively early in their relationship. A very upscale home, which she then spent a small fortune renovating. Then Lindsay broke up with Jason. Then they decided to try again, and were purchased a condo by Sheryl. Then Jason overhears Lindsay telling Nikki that she’s outta there as soon as all their real estate deals are cleared, and they RUN from the house?! In a normal relationship that would have resulted in an argument and usually a breakup, not bolting out the door and then NEVER discussing it.

    Now my theory borrows a bit from all theories Ive seen so far, as well as some personal experiences when dating spoiled mama’s boy types.

    So imagine Sheryl the first few months of the relationship between Jason and Lindsay: you see your son smitten with a beautiful young real estate agent who has the potential to go far under the right guidance. Sheryl probably helped her along with her career, more than likely giving her an advantage over other fresh faces on the scene: lobbing her easy sales, connecting her with the right people, etc. She goes and buys them their “first home” and spends a fortune renovating it, just for Lindsay to decide she wasn’t happy and missed her ex.

    Then, if I’m understanding correctly, they get back together and Sheryl then buys a condo for them. Doesn’t take long before Lindsay is caught by Jason telling her friend that she is leaving again as soon as all their deals go through. Then Jason pretends that never happened and whisks her away on a family trip. Suddenly Lindsay is placated and everything is fine. Until she is murdered. I really feel as though maybe Sheryl was starting to become a bit resentful, she had put all this money into the relationship between Jason and Lindsay, only for Lindsay to be fickle about it and waffle back and forth between wanting to be with him. Not that I think this is at ALL justification for murder; people in their early 20s are supposed to be fickle in love. But maybe at some point in the relationship Jason tried to impress Lindsay with his bad boy street cred and opened his mouth about some of the things he and his family are capable of doing under the guise of a real estate business.

    I think that over time Sheryl became very critical of Lindsay as Jason’s choice of partner and had concerns about how much Jason was telling her. I think she could see what Jason couldn’t: dude, she’s just not that into you. I think she was getting fed up with playing happy families with a girl who she knew was not going to be with her son for the long term. And I think Lindsay just became a thorn in her side, she went from being pliable and an asset to whatever they have going on, to a liability, and Sheryl wanted her gone. I don’t think it was related to one bust or one incident of criminality, I think the dynamics of the year before have so much to do with this yet there is so little about that available online.

    6. WOW!!! After reading your hypothesis, I think you might have something. I just saw the Dateline episode on this case. It’s very disturbing and haunting. Being a retired psych RN, I found Sheryl’s on-camera behavior and affect to be a bit “off”. Sheryl appeared to be placing suspicion on the ex-boyfriend in her Dateline interview. Thank you for your most insightful information and thoughts on this. You should contact Jeff Buziak with your thoughts.

    7. I 100% agree with your theory as well, as a fellow woman who has dated spoiled, mama’s boy types. Of course it is all speculation, but like you say, the relationship between Lindsay and Sheryl is something you can’t google or research. Grade A hypothesis, and I honestly believe that’s what happened.

    8. Casefile has a pretty in depth episode on Lindsay. Personally I kind of think the mom and boyfriend were in it together.

    9. Also–the significance of mutilating the breast implants in a crime that is not considered to be sexual in nature. Why would someone painstakingly mutilate breast implants unless possibly they felt as though they had paid for them…

    10. Doesn’t her boyfriend keep some not very pleasant company? His behaviour is pretty strange-eager for her to go despite her reservations, decides to go & pick up somebody else making himself late, then when they arrive they see two people leaving the property who then hurry back inside but instead of knocking on the door decide to drive off after 10 minutes & then waited another 10 before going back. Doesn’t add up.

    11. Money Laundering.. she knew too much. The matriarch didn’t want her to destroy her house of cards. My opinion. The couple I don’t believe killed her there is no proof of that I think they were just two people commissioned.. to be part of this elaborate plan , show up act like a couple wanting to buy a property… go in the home.. up the stairs where the MURDERER was waiting. This was a personal Kill planned hit people don’t stab someone 40 x. The man could have put her in a choke hold and strangled her no blood in and out get paid. The person wielding the knife wanted her dead and there was a personal reason for it. I believe she was ” silenced”. She had told her father she had ” seen” something she shouldn’t have. Using real estate to clean drug money very common especially at the time 10 yrs ago in Victoria. I think the cops don’t have to look that far for the people involved. The couple the dress the burner phone travelling from Vancouver all calculated to distract away from the actual murderer. That is what I think based on all the evidence released thus far.

    12. What’s the connection between the boyfriend, the mother and known drug dealers? Just putting it out there…

    • see closely says:

      Since you don’t really know who murderer/s are, you can’t infer any connection.That is a fact Robin.

      • Lillian says:


      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        That might be but there is so much “circumstantial evidence” that there really isn’t much room to dispute. The writing is on the wall just the SPD are not smart enough or strong enough to deal with it. Total corruption.

    • Svetlana says:

      They were looking for a housekeeper area. For me, this strikes as old school term like housewife. So with that I picture an older woman to use that term.

    • Wyatt says:

      Year 12 on the horizon! I do not understand how the good people of this country, who possess the power and authority to clean up and clean out the Satanic police have not stepped up? What exactly are these powerful reps afraid of? Are they part ‘n parcel of the big corruption? Have they exercised willful blindness? Do they fear their integrity and conduct (or lack thereof) will be scrutinized? Where are your balls ⚽️ political leaders? Who is protecting the public? Where is the voice for the dead and murdered? Where is the confidence and trust from the community? CLEAN OUT THE DIRTY PIGS OF SAANICH POLICE! We need justice to prevail! ⚖️

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