Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Justice says:

    I have a question about Canadian investigations. So if someone is highly suspected of being involved in a crime, and they decide not to cooperate with police, even when there is strong evidence, law enforcement sits on their thumbs because they can’t force people to come in for an interview?

    There are several people like Vid who was at the ferry when the burner phone arrived and his GF who worked in the office. There is Ryan who has been witnessed as stating he didn’t pass the polygraph and now we have new witnesses stating they heard him confess.

    So if these suspects don’t want to cooperate, they can just ignore law enforcement? It seems like that is what is going on in Saanich doesn’t it? Canada is the best country in the world if you want to commit murder.

    • Donald Kimble says:

      im so motherfucking angry that this is taking place if it was up to me i’d go after ryan and horsely one on one no weapons and knock them both the fuck out
      pieces of shit that don’t deserve to live among humans

      • Wyatt says:

        Boy oh boy…. I’m standing right beside ya mister! I feel like Dorothy, click my heals, I wish, I wish, i wish! Only I’d be carrying a knife with me. An eye for an eye, right?

  2. Wish I could help says:

    This case has boggled my mind for at least a year now. Ever since I saw it on a dateline re-run, I just can’t stop thinking about it, researching it, listening to podcasts, etc. It is like the answer is staring me right in the face, but I just can’t see it.

    There are many things that have not “sit right” with me about this case, but one of them is the fact that Lindsay would have arrived/accessed the lock box just a minute or two before the scheduled meeting time at 5:30pm. I don’t know a lot about the real estate world, but if I was a junior realtor with a showing for a million dollar home, I would have arrived at least 30 minutes early to review the home myself and get organized. This leads me to believe that perhaps Lindsay did go straight to the house right after the late lunch at Sauce. Could she have had an alternate way into the house at that time, other than by using the lock box? Suppose someone was already in the house ( Joe DeSousa, Shirley Zailo) and let her in? Maybe the murder took place sooner? Is it possible for another person to have access to this lock box or does it keep track of which person unlocked it? I’m not familiar with how they work.

    If, in fact, she was murdered sooner, the rest seems hard to explain though…the witnesses seeing the couple shaking hands with Lindsay, the texts between her and Jason, the pocket dial, etc. However, this one piece of the timeline has always bothered me.

    Jeff…had Lindsay been to the house prior to that day, to preview it? If so, maybe she wouldn’t have needed to go early. Is it common for realtors to arrive just minutes before a showing? Otherwise, I find it odd that she wouldn’t have gone earlier.

    Jeff, keep fighting the fight! The truth will come out. The fact that no one has spoken out thus far leads me to believe that whoever is involved is either part of a very small group, part of a very tight group (family) or afraid for their lives.

    Also, I don’t think any drug-related criminals would go to this extent of planning things out so perfectly and over such an amount of time. Someone thought long and hard about this. Only someone in the real estate business would have access to the information needed to plan this murder. Only someone who was very close to Lindsay would have been able to keep track of things so closely. When you look at the people who might fit into all of these categories, the list becomes narrowed down quite quickly. It then boils down to the obvious problem…why can’t/won’t the police do anything about it!?!?

    • Magdelina says:

      You r so right. I believe Lindsay was murdered already and someone was pretending to be her with the couples knowledge to make it look good. She was dead already. I believe that 100 percent.

    • Svetlana says:

      It is possible that Shirley told Lindsay at the last minute “I’ll be at the house to help you…” She was at the house already.

  3. Wish I could help says:

    This case has boggled my mind for at least a year now. Ever since I saw it on a dateline re-run, I just can’t stop thinking about it, researching it, listening to podcasts, etc. It is like the answer is staring me right in the face, but I just can’t see it.

    There are many things that have not “sit right” with me about this case, but one of them is the fact that Lindsay would have arrived/accessed the lock box just a minute or two before the scheduled meeting time at 5:30pm. I don’t know a lot about the real estate world, but if I was a junior realtor with a showing for a million dollar home, I would have arrived at least 30 minutes early to review the home myself and get organized. This leads me to believe that perhaps Lindsay did go straight to the house right after the late lunch at Sauce. Could she have had an alternate way into the house at that time, other than by using the lock box? Suppose someone was already in the house ( Joe DeSousa, Shirley Zailo) and let her in? Maybe the murder took place sooner? Is it possible for another person to have access to this lock box or does it keep track of which person unlocked it? I’m not familiar with how they work.

    If, in fact, she was murdered sooner, the rest seems hard to explain though…the witnesses seeing the couple shaking hands with Lindsay, the texts between her and Jason, the pocket dial, etc. However, this one piece of the timeline has always bothered me.

    Jeff…had Lindsay been to the house prior to that day, to preview it? If so, maybe she wouldn’t have needed to go early. Is it common for realtors to arrive just minutes before a showing? Otherwise, I find it odd that she wouldn’t have gone earlier.

    Jeff, keep fighting the fight! The truth will come out. The fact that no one has spoken out thus far leads me to believe that whoever is involved is either part of a very small group, part of a very tight group (family) or afraid for their lives.

    Also, I don’t think any drug-related criminals would go to this extent of planning things out so perfectly and over such an amount of time. Someone thought long and hard about this. Only someone in the real estate business would have access to the information needed to plan this murder. Only someone who was very close to Lindsay would have been able to keep track of things so closely. When you look at the people who might fit into all of these categories, the list becomes narrowed down quite quickly. It then boils down to the obvious problem…why can’t/won’t the police do anything about it!?!?

    • Wyatt says:

      Allow me to reboot the timeline. What the SPD has “offered” as fact is indeed not fact to the events.
      Start with Lindsay’s arrival.
      She did not access the lock box, the door was unlocked and Desousa made a surprise appearance at the door on the pretence of showing her the house and we all know how effective the “element” of surprise can be. Ryan & mommy dearest are hidden upstairs, waiting for their prey.
      Her shoes still on, he quickly ushers her up the stairs as he’s likely stated to her that he needs to be somewhere else, giving Lindsay the “rush” feeling, escorts her to the M/bdrm where he likely stayed in the doorway while she entered to view the en-suite…… and Ryan was waiting! While her back was turned he stabbed her in the neck, effectively immobilizing her immediately. Ryan keeps stabbing her, venting his personal anger and resentment as she scorned him for big brother and now she’s leaving him (hence the accessory) …..controlling, narcissistic men are notoriously violent women haters.
      As Ryan’s violent rage lessons, mommy dearest is close by and rummages through Lindsay’s pocket for her cell, thus begins the appearance that Lindsay is still alive, when in fact she’s already dead (cia. 5:00ish) and mommy dearest tries to communicate with Jason in a ‘codeish’ language that would appear to be Lindsay but it’s also to buy them some time to clean up, setup and get out! When Jason arrived, his timing was off and Desousa and mommy dearest were trying to lock the lockbox & unlock it, to give it the appearance that Lindsay accessed it that time…. she didn’t, she was dead already! Ryan, DeSousa and mommy dearest got their allotted time to exit as demonstrated by Jason stalling, re-parking and basically showing his actions are extremely suspect and don’t fit with the evidence.
      Oh, how did Lindsay’s shoes and pocket dial happen? While mommy dearest and her killer sons were staging the crime scene, she hastily shoved Lindsay’s cell back in her pocket, inadvertently doing the “pocket dial”….. remember, Lindsay is already dead 45 mins. Mommy dearest then notices Lindsay still has her shoes on and panics to pull them off and throw them in the disarray that they landed, again, staging the crime scene.
      They bolt out the back, through the fence and it’s only speculation from there because the police aren’t forthcoming with that information. The burner phone, killer attire and knife were definitely thrown over the ferry ride that evening, whoever took them, someone who is part of the accessory.
      And who are those 3 who “appear” to be shaking hands. Lindsay IS NOT one of them. She is already dead. Again, part of their staging and I would suggest it’s the two Lum sisters and DeSousa that the eyewitnesses claim to observed. Remember, eye witness testimony is sketchy at best, it was dusk and not ideal for observing those “details” so I wouldn’t put much credence in those descriptions. But then again, investigators with experience and integrity would already file that under “duly noted.”

      Now, with the corrupt Horsley & minions having established a strong foothold of deception for their criminal associates it’s been an uphill battle ever since. Until the public can break this destructive trench of corruption there is little opportunity this “solvable” case will EVER be solved. As long as the dirty cops of SPD practice their corruption they will continue to feed the public the drug-cartel scenario in their efforts to deflect their own associations with the criminal world. It’s not that complicated. Not even close to what the dirty cops want the public to believe. It’s a known fact, drug cartel don’t execute “personal killings.” They certainly don’t overkill and butcher innocent, defenceless women, so let’s move on to the real killers.

      Good detective/investigators never, ever CLEAR anyone off the list! Especially with a notoriously unreliable, fallible, discredited lie detector! It’s inadmissible in Courts for a reason. Why are they even using it? Oh, that’s right – to EXCLUDE suspects! To take them off the PERSON OF INTEREST list! Now that’s sound detective work, ain’t it?

      • Just A Canadian says:

        I agree 100% Wyatt. The only problem is no one will listen. Every e mail sent is either ignored or sent back saying we don’t deal with this go to…..This is Canada! I cannot believe how corrupt BC has become. All I can think of is for the people that truly have knowledge to get in touch privately with Jeff, somehow you can find someone that will take your information seriously and let this family and beautiful young Woman have justice. Even Trudeaus office isn’t interested but I didn’t expect much from that one. Without people that are willing to testify and speak “their truth” all we can do is to continue writing and pressuring police and politicians. Very sad.

      • David J Anderson says:

        It appears that this forum can put together an accurate timeline of events including the players involved without the assistance of the corrupt SPD. Even if some of the scenarios are a bit off the mark, it’s evident that the SPD is not interested in concluding this case.

        Why is “Conflict of Interest” Cocaine Chris still in LE? Why is that even novices like many posters on here able to solve this murder while SPD does NOTHING – and will continue to do NOTHING?

        Sociopath Shirley orchestrated this murder and SPD doesn’t care. Only outside help is going to get justice for Lindsay. SPD is MIA.

        • see closely says:

          You all are ignoring the fact that it is AG with its prosecuting office that is the only one venue that can charge anybody.SPD can only recommend the charge.So question remains”Did SPD recommend any charge against anybody to AG.If they did,why prosecution did not charge anybody.Did prosecution believe there is not enough of evidence to establish the guilty result in Court of Law?It is certainly frustrating for all-especially for Jeff-but perhaps it is time for SPD to present the fact that they presented the recommendation to AG/prosecution.At least we would know who to blame(if anybody) for obvious inaction.It is either SPD or AG/prosecution.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      I don’t think Lindsay went home to change at all. I believe she was killed way before the “set-up” client handshake outside. This would have been so easy to prove by the server at Sauce that would have noticed what she was wearing (esp if it was a female) and what she was wearing when she was found, perhaps Sauce had cameras. When dealing with corruption nothing the SPD nor the Zailo family should be believed. Has anyone ever seen any of the evidence the SPD is spewing? NO DNA? Not if your corrupt and hiding it. None of their “spoken words” make any sense at all.

  4. Jeff Buziak says:

    ‎Lorna Selig‎ to Lindsay Buziak Murder

    So thrilled to have Jeff Buziak in our Safe4Life class today at Calgary Real Estate Board. He commented about the impact of practicing a surprise attack with our BlueMan. Perpetrators rely on the element of surprise and use it to their advantage. Our self defense training can show you how to work within that surprise and use it to escape. Jeff Buziak – it was my great pleasure to meet you today! I truly hope we can work together to share our message of awareness and safety.

    • ANNE says:

      I think I’m replying to a post about Jeff’s helping real estate agents stay safe ? If I clicked on the wrong comment, sorry – but I wanted to add that taking Kung Fu classes wouldn’t hurt either. Kung Fu was made famous by Bruce Lee, but it was developed by a woman.You have an advantage almost no matter what your size with Kung Fu since it was developed to make close contact fighting possible for women. Make sure your teacher has a good lineage though.

  5. Jeff Buziak says:

    Saanich police function in a world of their own with a very noticeable imperious attitude because of their ineptitude as best I can determine because they sure aren’t productive as detectives. They have been offered all kinds of advice and assistance but refuse to acknowledge any of it or whether they are even interested in what others have to say or what the public want to know. It really makes one wonder and appears to have all the makings of a cover-up or just plain real world incompetence because of the way they administer Lindsay’s murder investigation and communicate with family and the public about their progress. Because they are totally out of their league, they resort to some bizarre, antiquated policing technique from the 40’s or 50’s which is basically ignore everyone and let the crime solve itself over time and then manage the media to look like they are some kind of heroes. Its so obvious it is embarrassing for everyone but them it seems.

    • ANNE says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I’m not up to date with everything you’ve tried so far, is there anyone else you can go to, above the local cops ? Someone much higher than them ? Or , you’ve already tried ?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      “Because they are totally out of their league, they resort to some bizarre, antiquated policing technique from the 40’s or 50’s which is basically ignore everyone and let the crime solve itself over time and then manage the media to look like they are some kind of heroes. Its so obvious it is embarrassing for everyone but them it seems”
      I think you are being too kind Jeff. This smacks of a cover up to me.

    • Svetlana says:

      Someone above them must step in. There is no other way. It looks like they are sleeping on the job and only want to do choir singing. Lazy bums!

      • Kate says:

        You have a keen grasp of the obvious, Svet.

      • Robin says:

        Hi Svetlana
        That’s why we keep sending emails and keep Lindsay’s name out in the WORLD. We all need to keep sending emls until we can get Lindsay’s unsolved murder into the hands of real cops who actually intend to arrest the devils who murdered Lindsay. Never quit sending emls to the elected officials who represent us and WORK for us. We employ them!!

        • ANNE says:

          I was thinking a government official or two, should be pressed on getting the murder solved since the cops won’t. Jeff should go higher up, if he hasn’t already. Show up at the Capitol. LOOKS BAD FOR THE COUNTRY if this horrible, nasty crime doesn’t get solved. Embarrass them at the higher levels !

  6. Svetlana says:

    Was there a good explanation of how Shirley appeared out of nowhere at the house on Desousa Place?

    • Robin says:

      Very good question Svetlana, why don’t you ask Shirley herself.
      250-812-0309 or Please tell us what she says. Thank you

    • ANNE says:

      Hi Sveltlana,
      No there could be no GOOD explanation.That’s the problem. The entire case reeks with ridiculously massive amounts of “circumstantial” evidence. Just like Shirley being on the scene like she was. Gee what a coincidence. And a good, honest investigation would take EVERYTHING into consideration, would know how valuable a lot of circumstantial evidence is. It can be a very strong case with enough of it.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Not if you look at the big picture. I was visiting a friend in the neighborhood and coincidentally my son Ryan was also visiting a friend in the neighborhood, I believe related to the friend she was visiting who is known to own a blonde wig just like the one used in the murder. The whole family is in the neighborhood, within blocks of the murder house on the very day that Lindsay is murdered. Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Selina says:

    I felt compelled to write this. Call it women’s intuition. I strongly believe the boy friends mom (Jason’s mom) hired someone to kill Lindsey. I don’t think Jason knew about it. I think if a PI looked into that mother & son relationship they’d find that she’s probably an over bearing mother and he’s a blind mommas boy. Talk to Ex girlfriends of Jason. See what they say about his relationship with his mom. Look into his mom’s finances at that time. See if she moved any large amounts of money around. (Or she could of had cash) it’s obvious she totally made up the story about Lindsey telling her that she was afraid of her ex Matt.
    My theory….. people can sense when a relationship is coming to an end, Jason probably expressed his concerns to his mom. On that so called “walk” she had with Lindsey, Lindsay was probably honest with her and told her that she was missing her Ex Matt and wasn’t sure about continuing her relationship with Jason.
    Jason’s mom couldn’t let her break her son’s heart like that so she had her murdered. I bet no one knows accept for the murderer’s and Jason’s mom. Key to figuring this out is Jason’s mom’s phone records and financial records from around the time of the murder.

  8. Master of disguise says:

    If you really want to know who killed your daughter, go ask Randall Kenneth Carnell. He may not have known what he was doing at the time or why, but he has surly pieced it together by now. No wonder the neighbours across the street were so scared! He is an artist at what he does

    • Bob-from-the-island says:

      And who is this Randall Kenneth Carnell?

    • Justice says:

      Isn’t Randall Carnell a good friend of Constable Chris Horsley the head of Lindsay’s file at Saanich police?
      WTH is going on with Lindsay’s murder and these cops at Saanich police? WTF!!!!!!

      • ANNE says:

        Right ? This case is enough to drive everyone up a wall, the obvious cover up and corruption is too much to stand, it’s so disgusting. An outside influence,outside help in the investigation. Something international.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          This case is coming apart at the seams. The story always leaks out.

          • Just A Canadian says:

            Wow, there are many people living in Saanich that have information, based on what has been posted on here lately. Why don’t those of you that know something e mail Jeff and all of you can get together and go tell what you know. There is strength in numbers. I would suggest you go to the RCMP in Victoria. Get Lindsay’s friends to come along too. Enough is enough. As more info gets posted I get more and more disgusted with the people of Saanich. Grow some balls people.

            • Magdelina says:

              Amen to that Just A Canadian. In USA & this is unbelievable. Look at the American that got killed in a Greece & left in a cave, already a suspect. R u all kidding me. This is very obvious to me as I stated before. I emailed multiple times. This is solvable. Like my friend said, grow some balls & strength in numbers. They won’t kill all of you, stick together! Do this for your so called friend! Let this beautiful gal Rest In Peace for the love of God!

          • see closely says:

            I have been “studying” this case for a while now.Due to SPD saying that they are waiting for a confession,I am guessing that the killer is from greater Victoria area and that he is still in this area.He is not incarcerated(not in jail)but he is under the care.While he is legally guilty, he is “mentally” not responsible.That means that he is mentally unsound and SPD can’t touch him.

      • Victoria is a small place for everyone knows everyone says:

        He also does work for the small time movies and Halloween events, such as the haunted house on the ogden point peer and in north Saanich by the island farms. He can make anyone look like anything. The people were in disguise, that’s why she didn’t recognize them at first. And the shaking hand incident at 5:30 was not her. It was all staged very perfectly. Everyone has just chosen to believe what the SPD put out in the media, non of which makes any sense

        • Local Saanich resident says:

          If it is the one I’m thinking of, he was also a fire fighter for saanich for many years

          • Luke P says:

            Horsely has been in on the coverup since day 1 and had prior knowledge of the murder

            • Robin says:

              Yes it seems he was. So I’m thinking it was Jason who started saying Lindsay went home to change after lunch with him. Jason is lying and distracting. People who knew Lindsay would expect her to be dressed for the showing of house already. As a woman I would dress once and easily dress once for lunch and work. Caught ya JZ. Then Horsley has said that Lindsay called a friend from school which was the Del Alcazar punk that got busted, or/and he said she was at least on his FB page. He said that in an interview. The more I think about it these two occurrences were very likely plotted out by the murderers and conspirators. So if this makes sense and it fits the timelines then Horsley has been around since day 1 of Lindsay’s murder being planned. He is the one who started #2 distraction. If this is possible then the couple could have had more than 1 job beside pretending to be buyers, one of them would have been tech savvy and manipulated Lindsay’s phone to indicate she looked on drug punk’s FB page by simply going on it and whatever needed to be created to distract. Maybe?
              Jeff would know if Lindsay was trying to contact anyone in Calgary. Why would Lindsay talk to Punk drug dealer? I doubt she did. Jeff and Lindsay were skiing and living it up the whole time I bet.

              • Magdelina says:

                I also don’t believe she went home to change. I believe she was killed and an imposter was outside shaking hands. Illusions. I believe she went to the house 1st and went inside and was killed immediately. I don’t believe Jason was talking to her, if it is showing that on the phone, that was the killers to look like she was alive. 8 minutes killed and left soon after, nope.

    • carla martindale says:

      This may be edundant but has anyone considered that she may not have been the target? Perhaps theyy wanted access to the house and she saw something she souldn’t have. HAS ANYONE INVESTIGATED THAT ASPECT? iF SO, IT COULD BE RIVAL DRUG GROUP AND STILL DIFFICULT TO SOLVE.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        too well planned honey for her to walk in on something
        i believe victoria drug dealers ratted out the calgary ones to make it look like that

        • Robin says:

          Very good possibility but Lindsay’s demise started the night when Jason hid behind door eavesdropping on conversation when Lindsay told Nikki she wanted to leave Jason once some deals closed. Jason being dumped by Lindsay was a huge insult to Jason and Shirley. I mean “WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE” don’t we! “OH YAH WE DO” They really expected Lindsay to be content with them and the material junk their laundry money could buy. That shows how pathetic the Zailo’s are as human beings. Just YUK!! The hate they had in them for Lindsay after that was immense. They had some time to plan her murder and it was a good chance they found out about the Del Alcazar’s incoming drugs. With Lindsay visiting her Dad it probably all fit together for them. Who started saying Lindsay was contacting Emerson Del in Calgary? Could that be made up like the story of Lindsay going home to change? Did Horsley start that story? U know maybe these 2 stories were part of the planning to create confusion and distraction after the murder. Just who said Lindsay really contacted that Del Alcazar dude when she was in Calgary? I highly doubt Lindsay would take time away from her Dad for a drug dealer. Not fkn likely. It was Horsley saying that I do believe. Hmmmmm, anyone care to comment or correct me if I am wrong?

          • Robin says:

            When exactly was the conversation between Lindsay and Nikki? Does any of this fit together?

            • see closely says:

              My guess is that Lindsay’s murder is not connected to Victoria drug scene.Neither it is connected to Calgary drug scene.
              That leaves only her relatives and/or former friends to point the finger at.
              Both Jeff and SPD claim that they know who the killer is.
              In that case,why does not anybody point the finger?Why is not the killer charged?Is it because Prosecution does not want it happen?WHY!?

              • ANNE says:

                The Zailos are the obvious suspects. Ever heard of “corruption” and “laziness” ? That’s why no one’s been charged.

                • Kate says:

                  Or else Horsley is in cahoots with the Zailos. Why else would they be eliminated as suspects so fast? They need to get rid of this corrupt PD and bring in investigators with no ties and/or bias to the Zailos.

                  • ANNE says:

                    Yes that’s right. It’s highly weird that the detectives can’t get on with it. In cahoots, yes. Small town, and the ones with $$$ get away with things because of payoffs.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              It was shortly before her murder. I think it’s obvious if you look at all of the Zailo’s odd/bizarre behavior after that. Shirley calling Nikki in the middle of the night using that fake accent then when caught doing that using the excuse that Jason must have put Nikki’s phone number in his mother’s phone ( laughable) etc etc etc……..The list is long. That is when they started plotting to murder her imo. I would add that it was what she saw that she shouldn’t have that was the primary motivator for the Zailo’s. She became a loose end that needed to be silenced.

          • ANNE says:

            I agree with you, and only only a sociopath/psychopath would be so offended by a young woman’s choices that they would end her life.Shirley seems to fit that description, after finding out how she treated Mr. Buziak when she met him she seems unhinged. As if young people often don’t know exactly what or who they want in life ? It’s not a personal insult to reject Jason, it’s just life. Relationships end. But the psychos decided it was so bad they needed revenge….plus, Mr. Buziak said not on;y did Lindsay tell him she wanted to break up with Jason,but she also said she’d seen something that maybe she shouldn’t have.If I remember correctly.

          • Retired Detective says:

            In interviews Horsley said first that it was a relative of someone who got busted in the Calgary bust. Later interviews he said it was actually someone who got busted who was also a childhood friend alluding to DelA. This is one of the Jason and Erickson stories that have changed in several times during Horsley interviews. I’m not sure which DA it was, their names are so confusing, I can’t keep them straight.

            Also it was said she contacted him on FB then that changed to she called him and that changed to she may not have ever talked to him at all.

            Since the story is so inconsistent, I would just put it to the side because it came from the SPD. I am also questioning this Garry guy who wears blue glasses and follows this blog closely, is getting information from the SPD for his book. It is once again, a different story than what we have heard from the SPD. If what he says is true, the SPD has been outright misleading the public.

      • ANNE says:

        That doesn’t sound like a probable theory.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Carla, have you gone through and looked at the circumstantial evidence? There is a ton of it and it clearly points in one direction, those closest to her as is often the case.

  9. Wyatt says:

    An in-depth read on the web of tangled corruption at all levels of this judicial system. No wonder we’re having a difficult time exposing the dirty cops and corruption. Don’t be discouraged, we will persevere and one day, Lindsay will Rest In Peace.

  10. Jeff Buziak says:


    Extremely important! Please e-mail the following people and in your own words ask them what the heck are they doing with Lindsay’s unsolved murder all this time and it is time Lindsay’s murder was solved!!!!! They have to know we are onto their slack antics and won’t listen to their bogus excuses any longer.

    Saanich Police Chief Scott Green:
    Saanich Police Inspector Steve Morgan, head of detective division:
    Saanich Police Constable “Cocaine” Chris Horsley, in charge if Lindsay’s murder file:

    Please don’t hold back. Let them have it. As you all know well, Saanich police have fiddled around with Lindsay’s unsolved murder long enough! 12 YEARS!
    They must have zero pride in their police force?
    How embarrassing but they don’t seem to care. Let them know we do!

    • TL says:

      Can we address it as:

      Saanich Police Constable Chris Horsley
      Vernon Ave.
      Victoria BC

      Dear “Cocaine” Chris Horsley

      cc: Police Chief
      Office of the Police Commissioner
      Mayor of Saanich
      Premier’s Office
      Office of Attorney General for BC
      Office of Attorney General for Canada
      Times Colonist

    • Svetlana says:

      Also wrote to Bill Blair Minister for security and crime!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Here is a letter sent to Saanich police Inspector Steve Morgan, head of the detective division, that certainly explains things in a very moving way. Yes, I asked permission to reprint this from the author. Thank you MJG and to everyone writing to authorities.

      Subject: LINDSAY BUZIAK “ a 12 year long “UNSOLVED MURDER”

      Mister Morgan Sir,

      As you all, very well know, that Lindsay Buziak at one time, was (just like you) alive, enjoying life……a precious young human soul that was suddenly chopped down like a tree…and in a twinkle of an eye, she became a “SPIRITUAL” soul…..caught and unsettled, prisoner of a file, a file supposedly “ACTIVE” trapped in a filing cabinet somewhere in your office…in the “MERCY” of your department….

      Her spirit is crying out, counting on your goodwill, trusting you to bring her final peace…


      May you find it in the goodness of your heart to give her “JUSTICE” …I do not have to remind you that you do represent “justice” and you did take the “oath” to do so! Therefore, I trust that “you will” give her, her day in court.


      • see closely says:

        It is hard to believe that anybody would not agree to this.That includes SPD and Prosecution-whether controlled by NDP or Liberal governments.For it was under both of these governments that the mismanagement of this human tragedy occured.Fix it !Fix it now, so human soul can rest in peace.

      • Robin says:

        Wow that is a beautifully done letter. You did an excellent job and if that doesn’t make Mister Morgan feel like solving Lindsay’s murder then nothing will.

  11. Svetlana says:

    I feel that this person(s) wanted revenge for something. This is a deep jealousy and vengeance. Why? Because it is as if making fun of Lindsay’s lifestyle and they said in their minds, well she wants a million dollars, I will give her a million dollars… So that is why they lured her in this way with a million dollar house, a housekeeper area. It sounds like the criminals did not have kids otherwise they would’ve called it a nanny suite. I don’t know all the backgrounds of people, only what I can get from the internet but this is what dawned on me today about why they wanted an expensive house as opposed to a cheaper house although the house looked rather cheap and small maybe this is Joe De Sousa’s style as a developer to make money off of people with bits of land. Disgusting and sick humans, if I can even call them human.

    • Donald Kimble says:

      You make zero sense in all of your posts.

      • Robin says:

        I agree with you DK. There is an odd agenda happening there.

      • Svetlana says:

        I am trying to help here and no different from the almost 5000 other posts on this site. Seems like I hit some kind of nerve here. Maybe you have some kind of problem? If you don’t like it then don’t post, why don’t you just add to my post saying something meaningful and instead of attacking me?

        • The Team says:

          Here we go. I suggest ignoring these distracting posts and keep focused on the task at hand: writing to the people in BC who can open this case up to a reliable and competent Law Enforcement agency. People come here to argue and distract in an attempt to distract from the known facts central to Lindsay’s murder. These people try to divide people with the purpose of throwing off the investigation. We are united. We have a confession. Each and every piece of the puzzle now fits. No reason to post about other cases. We need more witnesses to keep coming forward with what they saw or heard. Svetlana hon, if you have not figured out yet, no one is listening to your nonsense. I will attack people who have an alternate objective here. It is my opinion that you are up to no good.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            ” Each and every piece of the puzzle now fits ” So true. All these years I’ve wondered why Ryan was also in the neighborhood. I thought maybe for a sick, narcissistic thrill. Why not? The rest of the family was there and maybe he didn’t want to be left out. After all, Lindsay did pass him up for his brother. Now it all makes sense. The SPD have got what they’ve been claiming they need. Someone, for whatever reason, to come forward with what happened. Now it is time to act.

            • see closely says:

              I am afraid that many people on this blog are stuck in one only gear.If
              the puzzle” is finished then SPD would present its case to prosecution.Obviously,there are other leads that can’t be ignoredd.By the way my e-mail to came back as “undelivered.”Anybody else experienced the same?

              • Jeff Buziak says:

                He is hiding from the public who he is supposed to be serving and protecting and who pay his salary. He is either embarrassed or arrogant. Probably both.
                See if you can find his new email address please?

                • see closely says:

                  In my second try:The “automatic” response was,that he is on vacation until July 15th.By the way,who is the Rogers who is writing the book about the Lindsey’s murder?I am not sure that he is really such an expert that he is so egoistic about.

                  • Jeff Buziak says:

                    I’m really not sure who he is. He came across as the voice of truth then turned into the voice of blue. He showed his true color. An ex-cop supporting cops. An Opportunist trying to take advantage of Lindsay’s unsolved murder and her family to make a buck and to try and make a name for himself. Sad.

                  • Robin says:

                    He is a former cop and I don’t think the book will be worth reading. How can he possibly be writing Lindsay’s story now. Weird. His blog is bs too.

                • see closely says:

                  Scott Green is on vacation until July 15.Contact in lieu is Ms.Kerri Tuggle(

                  • Jeff Buziak says:

                    I guess they have no Chief because Downie is on Holidays too. God forbid they left Cocaine Chris in charge. Time for another Murder in Saanich boys, everyone in charge is on holidays and party boy is in charge!

                    • see closely says:

                      Acting Chief is supposedly Gary Schenk (250-475-4374).I guess e-mail should be gschenk@saanichpolice,ca

                  • Just A Canadian says:

                    I thought this Scott Green took over July 1st. How can he be on holidays already? WTF

              • Retired Detective says:

                Sorry buddy, the SPD appears to have zero intention of bringing any charges even with multiple witnesses to a confession. The one focus is to get it priced out of their dirty hands.

              • MJG says:

                SEE CLOSELY: yes, I got the same returned message….strange!?

                • Donald Kimble says:

                  Retired detective you seemed to be on something. What progress info can you provide I assume the US cannot meddle unless there is some US based Origin crime. Zailos need to be investigated with money laundering first 1 rule go after new liberal legislation. Murder charges follow

        • Donald Kimble says:

          Sorry every post you write is designed to distract from the principle culprits. I’ve noticed this and it’s very sly. Considering your last post contained inside info incorrectly implicating or pointing finger matt. This alone exposed you.

          • Donald Kimble says:

            Principle culprits being Ryan and Shirley. My take on Jason is that he is merely an accessory at best just as dateline said.

  12. Donald Kimble says:

    just wondering if any of the witness testimony of ryan’s confession to the murder have been followed up on

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Saanich police have been forwarded all information and will not disclose what, if anything, they have done.

      • Ashley Marie says:

        Did Ryan confuse to someone? I always felt like he had an in on it all. I can imagine he was pretty upset that he wanted to date Lindsay, introduced her to his mother which led to her job, then she goes for Jason. Could account for the brutality of the attack. I pray for justice!!

  13. Wyatt says:

    After 30 years a killer is finally convicted of the murders of Saanich couple, Tanya & Jay. What phenomenal DNA research to find this murderer. Today, another 23 year old case (Cathy Berard) looking for her killer. Is this where Lindsay’s case will fall? Decades old before it’s assigned to a team of uncorrupt investigators? Will the dirty cops ever be charged with obstruction of justice? Where is that governing body that is to ensure the police don’t become and perpetuate DIRTY COPS and CORRUPTION? How is it that the community of Saanich isn’t screaming public discord at the blatant CORRUPTION in their policing? Why is the Mayor not acting on these very serious complaints? Why is the Police Board not acting on these very serious complaints? Is it because they are in it too? Yup. That’s a good indicator that the Saanich Police CORRUPTION is long and deep. Where is Dexter when we need him?

    • Lillian says:

      Yeah, there’s a few that fit the “code.” The crazy murderous Zailo’s. Horsefly, Downie, Green, the Lum sisters, DeSousa….. wow Dexter would clean house! The corrupt dirty coppers would be…. well preferably dead cause they’re just a waste of oxygen, non-contributors to society and the remaining killers would get their karma.

      • Svetlana says:

        Lum sisters are sisters-in-law with Matt McDuff. Victoria must be a small city! No wonder Bergshoeff left the country in a hurry leaving his boys.

        It is so small that you would think Jason and Cohen Oatman would still be best buddies. But for some reason their only buddy time was on that fateful day for Lindsay.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Okay Svet darling, you make statements like you are the authority. Be cool girl. We appreciate your assistance but, try to avoid confusing people.
          Ashley Lum married Matt’s wife’s cousin. Not sister in law.
          Bergshoeff had a son and daughter I believe.
          Cohen Oatman currently works for Jason Zailo at Modern Mortgage Group.
          How are you making out with your emails to the Saanich police?
          Did you send them to who I suggested?
          Thank you

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Cohen Oatman currently works for Jason Zailo? So he went from team mate who didn’t associate closely with Jason ( was wondering why the heck this guy was so adamant that they go out for dinner ) to currently and possibly since then working for Jason? Wow. You just can’t make this stuff up…….SPD, you’ve got some digging to do.

          • Donald Kimble says:

            She’s a spook Jeff. All of her posts are disguised to derail and distract your site. She pretends to not know anything then comes out with these mistaken details that could only be twisted by an insider.

            • Jeff Buziak says:

              Typically if someone is on here for nefarious reasons they will get flushed out and, of course, I will expose them fully.

          • Svetlana says:

            Hi Jeff, sorry for the cousin, sister in law confusion. When I saw the two brothers – the twin grandfathers in their photo on the internet, for some reason I thought the wife was the sister but he is her cousin. Thank you for setting that straight. Also in my language, we have no word for cousin. We still call them brother/sister.

            I did write and if I see more official names I will write to them too and I hope that they will push to do something to solve this case. Something has to be done. This is not right. It is unacceptable in Canada. These murderers must not be free.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I agree. This is not acceptable in Canada and these murderers must not continue to be free to walk among us. As long as they do, other lives are in danger. This is a solvable murder. They do not need to just sit back and wait for someone else to solve it for them. Completely unacceptable.

        • Justice says:

          Hey Svetlana,
          You could be helpful and contact the authorities to ask for a new investigation. Sounds like this could be a lot of help.
          The killers tried very unsuccessfully to pull Matt into the pool of suspects but nobody ever believed that scenario.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          “For some reason” is exactly right. They were not close. It was not in character for Jason to practically plead with this team mate of his ( I believe he called multiple times ) to go out for dinner with him. This was shortly after he had a restaurant meal with Lindsay and also shortly before he was supposed to play hockey. Hmmm, I wonder what that “some reason” could have been?

  14. A girl says:

    Ugh it’s definitely the boyfriend at the time . Wish the cops would have done more research into him at the time. Such as phone records , his steps in the weeks the other burner phone was purchased.. he probably bought a burner phone too. His computer records and search records( would probably show searches for the home Lindsay was showing in the weeks before her murder) , him and his guilty ass moms checking and savings account (payment to hit men).
    Lindsay’s dad said she was wanting to break up with him once she got a few big deals .. and conveniently she gets a buyer interested in a million dollar home. The home was probably scoped out for neighbors and the boyfriend knew he to park on the side CONVENIENTLY away from seeing the killers leave .

    He had no emotions on dateline not even a smile about when talking about her during the good times . And then his eyes start watering at the end , his mom looks at him and starts wiping her eye like “oh okay we’re crying now.” You say you love her and weren’t even close to breaking up but no emotion that she’s dead nor blame or guilt for not being there and not doing anything . His body isn’t singing with his words when he talks he’s acting . And why would Lindsay tell his mom about her ex ? And that she’s scared of him for no reason . They were just trying to throw people off but it just looks blatantly obvious that they are trying to distract . They should have both of em take a lie detector test just to see , I know they are inadmissible but it would def make them seem more guilty.
    Lindsay may have found out some secrets about the business like they are siphoning money or something and told them “if you fire me I will tell.. let me just get a couple big deals and I’ll leave” could be a motive . Or maybe he just found out that she was going to leave him
    and couldn’t handle it. People have killed for less.

  15. Sarah Arnold says:

    I just watched Dateline on OWN in Florida. I found this website to learn more details. My first impression was the boyfriend and his Mom were shady as hell! However, dateline investigators didn’t think it was him at all, so now I’m confused. So, here I am… wish this was a podcast as someone else said because the last one I listened to was “up and vanished” and the renewed media attention helped solve the case. But I’m almost 3,000 miles away and heard of it tonight, so the reach is far! Hoping for a silver case soon!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Please google Brainscratch Lindsay Buziak and/or Who Killed Lindsay Buziak and you will be provided with hours of podcasts to view and listen to.

  16. Svetlana says:

    Detective Horsley! How difficult is it to investigate the ferries leaving from Vancouver to Victoria on the day that the phone was located leaving there?

    Did the police even test ALL suspects vehicles for Lindsay’s DNA?

    Do we have to tell them how to do their job?

    That police dept. needs FRESH EYES in order to solve this NOW which should have been solved 12 years ago.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Good questions Svetlana. Please write e-mails and ask those and all your questions to the following people:
      New/old Saanich police Chief Scott Green,
      Head of the Saanich police detective division Steve Morgan,
      Head of Lindsay’s murder file Chris Horsley,
      THEN, please report back to all of us the responses you received as many people want to know the same. If you have further investigative questions please refer them to the same people and also please report back to us the response you receive. Thank you.
      Of course anyone else who has investigative questions, please do the same and e-mail the people listed above because they hold the answers to your questions or they are completely clueless.
      Svetlana, YES, we have to tell them how to do their job and keep them accountable. They are like trying to get a messy teenager to clean up their room. You have to stay on them. Please do that. Please everyone. They try to make me look like a bad guy or crazy because I hound them to solve my daughter’s murder and refuse to believe their bullshit excuses and explanations why they haven’t done their job. If everyone stays on them their source of excuses and blaming diminishes to only themselves. Please pressure them. They are the problem! Thank you.

  17. Svetlana says:

    I read somewhere that the phone was followed straight to Vid Acevido’s house. This is a big clue. He should be interrogated by investigators. This man’s photo is in the Undesirables Victoria section.

    • Annie says:

      Ugh it’s definitely the boyfriend at the time . Wish the cops would have done more research into him at the time. Such as phone records , his steps in the weeks the other burner phone was purchased.. he probably bought a burner phone too. His computer records and search records( would probably show searches for the home Lindsay was showing in the weeks before her murder) , him and his guilty ass moms checking and savings account (payment to hit men).
      Lindsay’s dad said she was wanting to break up with him once she got a few big deals .. and conveniently she gets a buyer interested in a million dollar home. The home was probably scoped out for neighbors and the boyfriend knew he to park on the side CONVENIENTLY away from seeing the killers leave .

      He had no emotions on dateline not even a smile about when talking about her during the good times . And then his eyes start watering at the end , his mom looks at him and starts wiping her eye like “oh okay we’re crying now.” You say you love her and weren’t even close to breaking up but no emotion that she’s dead nor blame or guilt for not being there and not doing anything . His body isn’t singing with his words when he talks he’s acting . And why would Lindsay tell his mom about her ex ? And that she’s scared of him for no reason . They were just trying to throw people off but it just looks blatantly obvious that they are trying to distract . They should have both of em take a lie detector test just to see , I know they are inadmissible but it would def make them seem more guilty.
      Lindsay may have found out some secrets about the business like they are siphoning money or something and told them “if you fire me I will tell.. let me just get a couple big deals and I’ll leave” could be a motive . Or maybe he just found out that she was going to leave him
      and couldn’t handle it. People have killed for less.

  18. Following says:

    Great tips! Never turn your back. It’s ok to let a customer go in without you. At open houses, you can sit on the porch or lawn area and let customers go in. Alternately, have two exits open during open houses. One in front, one in back. First open house, check doors, check ways to quickly exit. Leave doors open, propped open. Should someone come in and close the door, go out the back. Should you need to scream, neighbors can hear. Never worry about looking foolish. Listen to potential buyers as they ask questions. If they arent logical buyer questions and seem to be steering you to other parts of the house, disengage and walk outside. Always position yourself where you can see who has driven up. If your senses seem something is not logical, walk outside to greet them and let them tour the house by themselves. Never go in their car and have people follow you in your car. Real buyers dont care because they want to participate. In 30 years, I stopped driving people in my car at year 7. Dont wear expensive jewelry, take only what you need. DL, a little cash, cell phone, credit card. Always let family or friends know what open house you’re doing, when you will be finished and have them call you. If someone shows up after you have closed your open house, let them in but dont go with them. Unfortunately, you have to let them in or offer to show them another day. Discrimination lawsuits have effectively been won this way. When showing or open housing hi rise condos (typically 1 door only) work in pairs never alone. A closed fire door muffles activity. If it’s a remote home, dont do it, or have your husband sit with you in the house. I’ve also hired burly college students to help me at an open house. Pretending to be buyer. In 30 years I’ve had about 6 near misses. My first 3 taught me a lot about safety. Listen, trust your gut, nothing wrong with letting someone go in the house without you. Nothing wrong with sitting on the porch for an open house. Never turn your back, ever. If you suspect a client sees this as “date” with a friendly pretty woman who seems eager to please, trust that feeling. Nefarious characters are looking for a victim. Never act like an easy mark.

    • Lillian says:

      I am reminded of the murder of Bev Seto, realtor in the Fraser Valley. I always do my best to remember the victims names and rarely refer to the killers by name mainly because most seek notoriety and giving them a name other then “killers” is best. The convicted, in this case, was sent to the prison I had worked and it was known early on that the police had gotten the ‘wrong’ guy and as it turned out that is why his conviction was eventually overturned and the “real” killer was suspected to be his more functional brother, the convicted guy was challenged in many ways and he took the fall for his brother and the cops took the bait because it was easy and the public pressure caused the cops to sacrifice integrity in order to have an arrest and charge. Now of course, no one has been charged or convicted of her murder as the cops screwed up any chance of that. Anyhow, I remember clearly the day that Bev was murdered. I recall with clarity the horror to which she meet her death, I had read enough files/cases to understand that our society is infested with deviant, sick killers. Russell Williams, Bernardo & his killing sick Holmolka, Robert Pickton, Clifford Olsen and now the Zailo’s……it always makes me sick.

      Agent’s murder shocks real estate community

      The brutal murder of 37-year-old realtor Beverly Seto this week sent shock waves through the local real estate community and prompted female agents to cancel open houses for fear that a sex killer is on the loose.

      “They are really scared and I don’t blame them,” said Bob Johnston, Ms. Seto’s former boss, of Wall and Redekop Realty in Abbotsford.

      Ms. Seto’s body was found Sunday evening in a home in a Matsqui subdivision where she had held an open house earlier in the day, less than two blocks from her home.

      Police said the victim was sexually assaulted and stabbed as many as 20 times. The killing bore striking similarities to the death of 27-year-old Lavonne Williams, who was raped and murdered five months ago while house-sitting in Clearbrook.

      Flash forward: In January, 1986, 21-year-old Wesley Gareth Evans, a mentally ill man who lived four blocks from the scene of Ms. Seto’s murder, was convicted of killing both Ms. Seto and Ms. Williams. The conviction was overturned in 1991.

      • Vicdude says:

        What’s your point? Look I’ve been here for at least 3 years, it’s great that more people are aware of the site and the tragedy. But quite frankly, these kind of post are idiotic….. Reminds me of this case…. or have you looked into the murder of another young blah blah blah, the answer is here in Victoria. Always has been.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Irrelevant to this case.

        • Lillian says:

          While Lindsay’s slaughter was not BECAUSE she was a realtor, it was a convenient mitigating factor, it is “relevant” to share that Realtors have been assaulted and murdered for many years and it is a long road to implement safety measures. Too sad you failed to see the supportive intent.

          • Vicdude says:

            We all know women, in general are much more likely to be victims of violent crime, however pointing out cases that happened well over 30 years ago is irrelevant.

    • ANNE says:

      Hi Mr. Buziak,
      Apologies in advance of this question bothers you, but if you don’t mind, would you be willing to post Lindsay’s birth time? I’m an amateur astrologer and greatly wonder what might be seen in her natal chart, and also the progressed astrology of around the time when the crime occurred. I can’t without knowing her exact time of birth though, {need to know the hour and minutes, if there were any minutes after the hour}. Thanks, I completely understand if you’d rather not.

      If I’m right, her birth date was November 2, 1983 and birthplace was Victoria,BC – but if any of that’s not correct please tell me.
      If you’re OK with it, please tell me if there’s a city more exact than “Victoria”, for example if her birth city is a city within Victoria itself it would help if I knew what city it was. The more accurate/exact the better. Although the atlas in my astrological software might only go as far as “Victoria” I could always try to get a more specific area/city.

      Thank you and I hope you’re doing well.

      I really think this case is stalled for no good reason at all. The evidence or circumstances would stack up well as a circumstantial case.Enough circumstantial evidence is as good as a “smoking gun”.

      1. The fact one of Lindsay’s friends called a number back who had made weird calls and Shirley answered the phone ! What ? That is a stunning bit of evidence !
      2. Shirley’s friend,DeSousa, saying that “the b*tch got what she deserved”, VERY TELLING. He would have had no knowledge of Lindsay. He obviously formed his nasty opinion of Lindsay through someone….and gee, Shirley was a person in common and probably the only person De Sousa and Lindsay had in common !
      3. One of the most dangerous times for women is when breaking up. That’s a fact police know full well. And Lindsay was unsure of her BF, Shirley’s son. Shirley had tried to BUY Lindsay for her son. They were BOTH offended {I’m sure of it} when Lindsay wasn’t sure whether or not to stay with Jason.
      4. You had direct personal experience of how nasty Shirley can be……
      5. The real estate world obviously had a direct connection to the crime.
      6. Phony accents, anything to get Lindsay to that house, something a real estate person could arrange to do {of course}.

      And more, as you know ! A good investigator or D.A. would see the overwhelming clues as to who was involved, enough “circumstantial” evidence often wins trials.Happens all the time.
      I was excited to see you get on to the “DR. PHil” show, I thought it was the break you needed. But then he turned out to be a complete ass. I’m so sorry. I looked up online whether or not he’s truly respected as a “doctor” of any kind, and there seems to be a lot of “dirt” about him.

      Best wishes.

      • Kate says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more Anne. Dr. Phil was a total a-hole to Jeff and I hated how he kept criticizing Jeff for accusing the SPD of being inept and being involved in a cover-up. Oh yes Jeff, be nice to those Saanich policemen—Puhleeze!! It’s been 11 yrs and nothing done! And he only gave Jeff a few minutes to talk about the case. No respect here for the dick Dr. Phil.

  19. Wyatt says:

    Here’s a confusing note….. the local rags have a section for the mug shots of the “wanted” list, how come these aren’t printed?
    ZAILO, Ryan for the slaughter and murder of Lindsay Buziak
    ZAILO, Shirley, AKA mommy dearest and super UGLY, conspiracy to commit MURDER, aiding and abetting
    ZAILO, Jason, AKA loser EX BF, conspiracy to commit MURDER, aiding and abetting
    DeSOUSA, aiding and abetting
    DOWNIE, corrupt cop, willful blindness, conspiracy and corruption
    HORSEFLY, (correct spelling impossible) corrupt, dirty cop, tampering with evidence, aiding and abetting, drug dealer, known associate with gangs And conspiracy to commit murder.

    Oh that’s right, they can’t SOLVE a SOLVABLE case (their claim) until that public person comes forward with some magical piece of evidence that’s going to SOLVE this SOLVABLE murder! Not to mention that the incompetent Horsefly team of useless detectives can’t manage to utilize the mountain of “evidence” already in their arsenal. Why is that? CAUSE THEY’RE ALL DIRTY, THATS WHY!

    And as a final insult to the Saanich community….. the math on dipsh*t Downie’s retirement “payout” is a total of $1 million bucks! Wow, that’s pretty generous considering you got no return on your investment, well, you got a DIRTY cop and his dirty side kicks, but that’s a loss, not a gain. Up next? Apparently that Snotty Scotty Green is next in line for the taking. Hang onto your wallets!

    • Kate says:

      Yikes! It sounds like you guys need to “drain the swamp” of scum as our Prez Trump used to say. A whole new police dept. is in order or nothing will ever get done with this case. I thing the corrupt SPD thought Jeff would just quietly go away & they could just put this case on the back burner. Thank goodness he’s been on them like flies on sh*t! Get the case solved!!

      • see closely says:

        What if SPD-11 years ago-tracked and listed the suspects out off Greater Victoria?

        What if they really know who the killer is but do not have a corroborating evidence?

        What if that is a reason why SPD/prosecution office was waiting for a confesion of killing ?

        Just being present in Victoria is not a necessary and definite proof of killing Lindsay.You need far more to charge anybody.

        Who else-apart from the “usual” suspects on this blog-came to Greater Victoria a day or two prior to murder and left Greater Victoria either by ferry,the plane or vehicle after the murder?Anybody on this blog knows?

        SPD maybe can’t charge the suspect because of the lack of distinct evidence but perhaps somebody on this blog has this information without understanding of its importance.

        • Retired Detective says:

          I think we know who was involved since we have multiple witnesses to Ryan’s murder confession. I believe Vid picked up the phone at the Ferry from Vancouver, knowingly or not and took it home for the night. He then gave it to Ziggy? who gave it to Shirley so a man could call Lindsay from Victoria. The killers knew about pings.

    • ANNE says:

      Exactly. There’s enough circumstantial evidence to do something with too, and it’s maddening.

  20. John from NY says:

    I was wondering why Mr. Buziak has not done his own podcast? What a great way to get his story out in his own words.Part one could be his story and experiences and part two could be a question and answer episode so listeners could ask Mr. Buziak question directly. Maybe some of the people on this site could help get it started? What about a FaceBook group? This could give Mr. Buziak the opportunity to clear up any rumors on social media and people could get the information directly from Mr. Buziak. I realize there are many podcasts already on the internet but those are not being hosted by the Father of the murder victim. Let’s hear directly from Mr. Buziak rather than others. This site is a great source of information too but again, I personally would like to hear directly from Mr. Buziak rather than others speaking for him. Maybe the site developer could set aside an area on the site where viewers could ask Mr. Buziak direct questions. I think this would lend more credibility to Mr. Buziak’s positive and negative experiences rather than having others tell it for him.

    I admire what you are all doing here.

    • Magdelina says:

      I totally agree with u 💯%! Jeff should be doing Podcasts. Maybe not daily, but wkly or monthly, to keep us up to date. I know I’ve emailed many times and I would like to be kept up to date on anything. There r a lot of rumors out there and he is the only one who can keep things straight!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      John thank you for your Great idea! I’m pretty much flat out with what I do along with trying to make a living and keeping centered. Today, for instance, I’m participating in 5 media interviews, coordinating other projects, trying to make a living, planning the weekend, attending a job with contractors to bid on, answering texts, messages, e-mail;s, phone calls on Lindsay’s murder and my real estate work. SO, I encourage everyone with good ideas and suggestions to do rather than tell. Therefore, I trust you will be willing to implement what you are suggesting. I will not do facebook as they monitor, block and delete some things I say.
      Please keep us informed as to your progress in setting up a ready to go vehicle to do as you suggest. You are in charge.
      Thank you

      • Emma says:

        At this rate, I would be willing to plan a campout in front of the police station and just not leave until either they “solve” the case(which I believe they already know everything) OR until Chris Horsley backs off and lets someone else take over. I believe actions are only going to work in this case, words don’t seem to do anything!

      • Glynda says:

        So sorry that that there has been no justice for your daughter. Glad you are keeping her name out there.

  21. Tupac says:

    Didn’t a member of the Zailo family “fall down the stairs & die” and also happened to be discovered by Jason and they also had a large life insurance policy? Or it that just a rumour?

    Go back n watch every interview Donkey Horsely gives n read every quote of him in the papers about the murder it’s insane the amount of contradictions he states about Jason’s actions to what Jason has publicly stated about his actions about the murder, just look at his face you can just see how full of shit he is, hes had to been paid off or involved some way or another

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      I get the occasional phone call from serious individuals in the criminal underworld of Victoria and recently I received one that was not an exception but very detailed and informative. Of course I can’t name names because I don’t have any proof but here is the highlight:
      “The criminal underworld runs deep in Victoria and has for a very long time. Very deep into society as Victorians know it. Police in Saanich and Victoria are paid usually $5k a month to overlook things and sometimes substantially more if there is more involvement on their part. Saanich are the worst. Certain members are involved in Lindsay’s murder and are being paid to squash it. If you don’t stop they will kill you! Police will direct that”
      Yea, Saanich police. Another promotion for Chief from within without open job posting or open competition. Says it all doesn’t it? Saanich police are going Green. Scott Green as new Chief and my first and only experience with him was not pleasant at all! He was arrogant and in full attack mode.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        geez i would assume hes on the take as well then
        its really odd this situation and social media keeping things in perspective
        i would take those threats up and not discount them
        the good thing is it would be very obvious if something happened to you and an utter travesty
        i still cant understand for the better of me why the RCMP don’t man in
        this was a case i learnt about while working abroad and it spooked everyone the fuck out

        at any rate these fools have been found out and what it takes is legal action, the star appearances and work ethic/morals to solving this has been spearheaded by you i imagine there is a case against SP for their negligence and harassment of you

        are lawyers scared of this case? i wouldn;t see why someone wouldn’t take you on pro bono for a cut – bury them jeff sue the department for all they got – you have all everything documented

        someone needs to find you a lawyer with balls

      • ANNE says:

        Sorry to hear that. It makes me think of how the world is supposedly ruled by Satan. Easy to believe when reading about the corruption in this case and lack of justice.

    • knicks says:

      No I believe that’s correct. I think it was actually Shirley’s mother and she may have been discovered by Shirley or Jason, but I’m not sure about the life insurance policy.

  22. Lillian says:

    Today, I sent this to the editors of the local paper (Saanich News & Times Colonist) under the subject title for the “People of Saanich, open letter”….. let’s see if they print it.
    Also wrote MP Elizabeth May, this is her riding. And, grasping at straws…. but also did Darryl Plecas, house speaker…. ya never know.

    From: Lillian Abrams
    Sent: June 9, 2019 8:16 PM
    Subject: SPD Corruption & Murder

    Chief Downie &
    Incoming Chief Green
    Saanich Police Department

    Lindsay Buziak, Daughter, Sister, Real Estate Agent, citizen of Saanich

    Chiefs Downie & Green:

    I write to you both at the same time as it is my understanding that Downie is on the road to retire and Green is in to take his place. As a courtesy, of course, so you’re both briefed equally.

    I don’t think I need to give any introductions to the above captioned and I give you both credit that you are fully aware of the dirty cops amidst your department. My intent is to make an effort to impress upon both of you that you have such a dirty line of cops under your noses and the failure to correct this has gone on for too many years. Mr. Downie’s lack of initiative to clean up and clean out the dirty cops have concluded in the community of Saanich to have zero – I mean zero – confidence, trust and support in the Saanich Police Department.

    It takes alot of energy and lies to keep the road of deceit and corruption in place, but eventually lies are confused, those who are corrupt are confused and the truth will prevail because it NEVER changes. It is very disturbing that the SPD has been covering up Lindsay’s murder for more than ELEVEN years or at the very least they lack humility to forward the case to an experienced team outside the SPD to solve it. It’s not rocket science although those dirty cops in the SPD would want us in community to believe it is.

    The community of Saanich will not rest until these dirty cops are removed from the department and Lindsay’s murder is solved. We will continue to write, protest and make our voices heard until that one person has that integrity to clean out the dirty cops! And when that happens, only then will the SPD be in a position to rebuild and restore the public’s trust and confidence in policing.

    Here’s hoping, Mr. Green, you will be able to accomplish what your predecessor was unable or unwilling to complete.


    Lillian Abrams
    June 9, 2019

    cc: Board of Directors
    Mayor Saanich

    • Robin says:

      Excellent Lillian

      • Magdelina says:

        That was perfect, but then again, if they do something I will be shocked. Look if they can kill JFK & cover up something like that for all these years, and we have all new evidence and deathbed confessions, then u know this is nothing to those horrible people.

    • Magdelina says:

      I agree with that segment, but Lindsays murder was a planned execution. 2 separate things. Yes, real estate agents should NEVER go anywhere alone, but even if Lindsay had someone with her, they would have been executed.

  23. Svetlana says:

    How do you text and drive at the same time? Just a couple of minutes away… This is a joke of a text. This is a lying text, a cover-up text. Jason plus some other people were in on this I feel, but may not have been the mother however a mother will almost always cover up for their child no matter what their child did. Even the mothers of school bullies will protect will deny their child is bad.

    • Magdelina says:

      Ask the kids, u can text and drive at the same drive. Sad, but true. Some get lucky without an accident, but I see it all the time. As far as Jason, it was fake, it was probably to his brother where he was at, etc., but texting and driving is dangerous, but back then they allowed it, today they r trying to stop it. I almost got in accidents from people doing that, especially the young ones.

  24. Mark Roush says:

    Is there not investigative journalism in saanich ?? In Victoria bc ?? In Vancouver ?? Property developers work with many different counterparts, Architects, City planners, Engineers, Surveyors, Contractors, Lawyers, Etc. Joe desousa has Co-conspirator written in his forehead. To the Mayors of Saanich, past and present, did you know then, and do you know now that your main responsibility, you’re main priority Is LAW and ORDER to the people you serve !! To all those in Law enforcement in Saanich, LAWMEN , YOUR DUTY IS TO THE PEOPLE, NOT YOUR PRIDE!! Is there a Political coverup involving the Saanich police department ?? In my opinion this is a very real possibility. So, to all of the Investigative reporters in Saanich , in the greater Victoria area, in Vancouver bc, Thoroughly Investigate Joe Desousa and his Father, Residents of Saanich and all others that are under the cloud of suspicion involving the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. In ending, Just how much CLOUT and INFLUENCE do the DESOUSA’S wield in SAANICH, BC. ??

    • Lillian says:

      Holy crap…. I didn’t make this sh*t up, it’s pasted from the Times Colonist, Tim Bell’s column. HELLO Sannich residents…. there’s not a better definition of NEPOTISM then your make up of your SPD! This breeds the corruption, deceit and dirty cops! And the Mayor and council, whom YOU voted for, is smack in the middle of promoting the dirty cops in your detachment.

      Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes read out Green’s name as a roomful of officers and other staff applauded. (WHO IS ALSO DIRECTOR OF POLICE BOARD – CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND GIVES HIM POWER TO HIDE CORRUPTION)
      Haynes said discussions about choosing a chief brought up the “rural-urban mix” in Saanich.
      “I’m very proud to be a member of the Saanich Police Department, And I believe very strongly in our mission, to provide quality police service by working with the community to keep Saanich safe.” (GOTTA PUKE HERE 🤮)
      Police board human-resources chairwoman Mary Collins said the selection process meant talking to a wide range of people. (THERE WAS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BRING IN FROM THE OUTSIDE, TO CLEAN UP THE CORRUPTION AND RESTORE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE FROM THE COMMUNITY – MISSED THAT BOAT MARRRRYYYY)
      “Certainly, we realized that we had wonderful talent within the Saanich Police Department itself, and that we would proceed on that basis.” Choosing a chief from within the ranks has been a trend for some time in Saanich, with department veteran Downie having taken over the job from Mike Chadwick, who was a 35-year department member. Chadwick, in turn, succeeded Derek Egan, who was also a Saanich police officer for 35 years.

      The citizens of Saanich need to step up to the podium – complain, complain, complain!!!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I believe this is why they were so intimidated by the last mayor, Richard Atwell. He was not one of “theirs” and completely saw through the old boys club as well as experienced it first hand. He was unjustly pulled over by the SPD 4 times. I believe it was 2 while campaigning and 2 after he had won the election. Each time the SPD made him take a breathalyzer and each time it registered 0.00. He said that the last time the police officer was saying ” Well, well, well if it isn’t Mayor Atwell.” as he was approaching the car. It’s like a scene out of a bad B movie! Last time I checked that was called criminal harassment. He was also spied on and frozen out by Saanich council. The police chief’s wife is secretary to the mayor. You just can’t make this stuff up. Richard Atwell was quite up front about this and repeated his story a number of times to the media. You would think that the people put in place to protect the public would be interested in a story about criminal harassment, particularly pertaining to our hired police force, wouldn’t you?
        Overtly and illegally spying on and freezing out your new boss in a democratic society is ok? What the hell is going on in Saanich?

        • Donald Kimble says:

          O…M…G for real?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Yes, for real. I know, it’s hard to believe, but Richard told his story multiple times through media as well as to me personally. This is how the SPD and council operates. What were they so afraid of? He also said that within days of winning the election the SPD kind of bizarrely told him that the Lindsay Buziak file was just fine and basically that there was nothing to see there. He wondered why they were so anxious to point that out to him.

        • Robin says:

          This is a copy and paste from the local Victoria paper….
          Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell’s concerns about spyware on his office computer at city hall were legitimate, says a report from B.C.’s information and privacy commissioner.

          ‘One of the most disappointing findings … is the district’s near-complete lack of awareness and understanding of the privacy provisions.’
          — Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham

          2) Atwell was sworn in on Dec. 1 and the software was installed Dec. 2, Woodland said.
          Woodland managed to meet with Atwell on Dec. 11. “It took me a couple of days to figure out how to get in contact with him in an appropriate manner.”
          Woodland said he had an ethical responsibility to take the information to the new mayor because the unionized staffer did not feel comfortable doing so.
          Atwell, who has a technology background, told Woodland he was shocked by the information but thankful he had been made aware of it, Woodland said.

          Atwell claimed earlier this year that the software was being used to spy on him by recording his keystrokes and taking screen shots.

          So there you have it people, what does go on in Saanich? What does Saanich have to hide? Something is very wrong there. I do not think the SPD have any intention to solve Lindsay’s murder, what is it that the Zailo’s have over that community? What the hell has gone on their over the years? We are going to have to up our game somehow people because something is very wrong in Victoria/Saanich. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. Just how far back does it go and who is being protected? Hindsight tells us now how corrupt the liberal government was (never vote for that corrupt party again) but why is the NDP not doing more to action all the emails we send? If anyone here knows people in high places I’d say you should be talking to those people to see if they can help. This Province is tainted and it runs deep.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Justice for LIndsey!!!

          • TL says:

            One evening while shopping at a time had a bumper sticker “Who Murdered Lindsay Buziak” on my car and also a ‘button badge’ said same thing I wore on my coat, I was approached at my car by a older couple introduced themselves as Saanich Mayor Richard Atwells parents & asked if I had another bumper sticker, that their son would like to have one. I didn’t have extras but I caught up with them in the store and gave them my button badge for him… they were really pleased to get it for him, clearly his parents knew how powerless he felt about Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

            Might be a good resource if he’s reached out to, he may have ideas/connections with honest people where Jeff could take credible info that comes in or maybe even some inside info that he could share.

        • Lillian says:

          Jeeezzzuz….. what a story! How the heck did this Haynes goof get voted in? Shame, shame on Saanich….. WTF were you guys thinking?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Yes, I agree. Mayor Atwell was a breathe of fresh air in Saanich. And he was aware of the problem in Saanich and could have done something about it if he had the time. Unfortunately, judging by their behavior surrounding Mayor Atwell’s electoral win, there are enough people working for and I would say living in Saanich that don’t want any fresh air or fresh anything else getting in their way. This ties into how long the SPD have held Lindsay’s murder investigation close to them, making sure they don’t lose control of it. To have not declared it a cold case after 11 years of nothing except clearing the most obvious suspects, all three of them, is to say the least odd behavior for a police force.

    • Robin says:

      Good question Mark. Imo it is obvious there is not an investigative journalist in B.C. or they would be all over Lindsay’s unsolved murder. How can they not be? I think they are very controlled, media in Canada appears to be heavily controlled. Any decent journalist would feel it was their duty to be digging deeply into what happened to Lindsay. Any journalist who has guts should be fkin outraged that 11 yrs has gone by with the only updates coming from Jeff or this blog. Be reminded here that the SPD, HEAD of Lindsay’s file, the one and only Super Dud, Cocaine Chris Horsley flew to Calgary on OUR hard earned dimes to threaten Jeff into closing down his blog or else he would discredit him!!!! What happened to the words in our National anthem “The true North strong and FREE”. So back to the original question, is there not an investigative journalist in Saanich, Victoria, Vancouver? The answer is NO there isn’t not a one. Canada has one investigative journalist and his name is Sam Cooper and he is very very busy trying to uncover all the corruption in B.C. luckily we have Sam because he has done a brilliant job reporting on casinogate, moneylaundering, luxury cars, and the dirty players. He is the only guy in Canada who is actually digging deep. If you aren’t following him you should be because he is putting himself out there like journalists should. I can only wonder who controls the media in the land of the free? Why is it that W5 or Fifth Estate hasn’t done a show on Lindsay’s unsolved murder? All the shows have been done by US affiliates. Dateline and Crimewatch Daily did shows in 2010. Discovery ID has done 2 shows, John Lordan the host of “Brain Scratch” did a very well received 3 part series in 2018. Dr. Phil had Jeff on his show this year. Podcasts have been done by Shannon Rae from the US, Casefile 28 done by an Aussie, a couple Brits have done podcasts too. No, not one Canadian….not one, AND get this! I have recently discovered that Lindsay’s first cousin Niki Reitmayer works for CKNW which is a Vancouver radio station owned by Global and this year she was rewarded for her most excellent work on a variety of podcasts she has hosts called “This is Why” she was actually chosen as the Winner of the RTDNA Award for best podcast. Wouldn’t you think she would feel compelled to do a podcast on the vicious murder of her FIRST cousin, would she not grab some attention to Lindsay’s unsolved murder by doing a podcast, to have someone directly related to Lindsay speaking out on their own show. Would that not be what most of us would do? Hard as it may be would you not feel compelled to do whatever you could to see your cousin got Justice? You do podcasts but ignore your murdered 24 year old cousin? Once again the dynamics that surround Lindsay’s unsolved murder are very suspicious. We are not the True North Strong and FREE. Our media is heavily controlled by people who do not want the citizens of this country to know the level our government has participated in the corruption that surrounds us. It is deep and obviously we would be furious to know what really has transpired. There is the reality IMO…. so Mark once again Investigative journalist in Saanich? Victoria? Vancouver? No we do not have any. We have 1 in Canada and Sam Cooper who now works out of Ottawa. Oh and one other thing 20/20 from New York and ABC affiliate was prepared to do a show in January 2018 but the Saanich Police would not particate so 20/20 went away. WTF
      🇨🇦🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇨🇦 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇨🇦 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇨🇦 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇨🇦 🇨🇳

  25. Svetlana says:

    What is puzzling is that phone call to Nikki. It is possible that Shirley called Nikki by accident and was caught off guard hearing a different voice so instead of hanging up she “pretended” to have made a wrong number. But that in itself is not the strange part as it could happen and maybe she put her future daughter in law’s best friend contact in her phone in case of emergencies and I don’t know if this was ever an investigated fact. So what is strange is a Nicole and I guess the nick name would be Nikki or Nicki ? working for that same office as a realtor and Shirley probably calling her in the middle of the night – how would you feel if your boss calls you at your home in the middle of the night? Never did this happen to me. So just how close were they I would look into this relationship. Did the police investigate this woman?

    How many ex girlfriends / lovers did Jason have and were they all interviewed, especially the people at Remax? May I ask if any of these women were friends with Lindsay?

    • Robin says:

      If Jason had any side girlfriends it is irrelevant because Lindsay would have put a ribbon around his neck and given him away to the first taker. Svetlana you really need to keep reading and listening to podcasts to catch up on Lindsay’s unsolved murder ok. Your enthusiasm is exactly what is needed but you must realize no one will answer your questions here. All the information is available through TV shows, podcasts, and by using google.
      I will say I was shocked also that Shirley Zailo called Lindsay’s friend Nikki but I bet Shirley was up late having cocktails and made a very poor decision that she regretted by calling I guess the wrong Nikki. Luckily Nikki hit redial and was persistent enough to keep calling the number til SZ answered because in my opinion right there SZ is very suspicious. She could be interrogated there and any good detective could break her. The SPD has many opportunities to call people in and break them into talking but they can’t even be bothered otherwise there would be arrests. So I’m left thinking that the SPD do sweet FA to get arrests in the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. It’s way to bizarre what has transpired and transpires in the community of Saanich.

      • Svetlana says:

        Investigating everything is relevant just like everyone who posts their opinions is important as is every angle. You cannot brush it under a rug.

        • ThenTeam says:

          Everyone’s posts and opinions are not equal. If you read the goal of this site, it is to share information. Do you have any information to share? You seem to be uninformed or misinformed in many of your posts. They may lead to confusion. Focus on helping Jeff’s and his supporters to get the case out of the SPD’s hands. That would really help here. Distractions and redundant, persistent questions, is not what we have seen here much previously. Do you have an agenda?

          We can talk theories until the end of time to no avail. Our theories are meaningless to solving this murder. We need the case removed from the SPD so we can feel our community is getting the full investigation into a horrible murder that took place 11 years ago. We are extremely frustrated because there is little evidence of a decent investigation in light of a lot of information that is available and the horrific manner they are treating the parent of a murder victim. I have never actually heard of homicide detectives (are there any officially trained HOMICIDE detectives working in the SPD?) treating a grieving father, in the manner they treat Jeff Buziak. Parents of murder victims are expected to be angry and very emotional. They demand justice for their children justifiably. That is the SPD’s main purpose in existence. Why they are shocked that Jeff is angry and dissatisfied with the poor job they are doing and then refusing to answer his questions, with total lack of compassion, is very unusual for homicide detectives, if that is what they really are. Small town, no trained homicide detectives, why not immediately call in the RCMP? Just a travesty.

          Svetlana, hun, if you want to help, starting writing letters weather you think the Zailos or A jealous girlfriend did it because it doesn’t matter to us. We just want those monsters to pay for senselessly murdering a beautiful, lovely, talented young woman who deserved to live a full and long, happy life.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Unless the writing is on the wall. Keep reading, it will become clearer to you.

      • Svetlana says:

        Robin there are 5000 comments and I read 2000 so far. I think I am just about caught up. patience my dear. Dont get testy hun. I am doing my best to get caught up.

        • Justice says:

          So I suggest that you get caught up by listening to John Lordan and CaseFile. Most of the information we have can be found there in about 3 hours of listening. This site is for suggestions, help and any new information. I suggest before posting any new information, contacting Jeff is the best place to start.

          If you have questions, listen to the above shows. All the answers to your questions are there. We would really appreciate help from retired law enforcement, FBI, or trained investigators. The most we can do as a community is make our voices heard. There are many posts with the names and contact information of BC and Canadian officials that need to hear from the enraged community.

          Getting someone to take a look at this horrific crime with fresh, unbiased and uncorrupt eyes is our main goal currently. There is plenty of evidence to further investigate the Zailos’ involvement in Lindsay’s murder. We have several witnesses to Ryan Zailo’s confession. Since the Saanich PD appear to be doing essentially nothing with this very strong evidence, it lends more support to the theory that a well known by the community, cocaine snorting, lead Detective, is continuing to cover for the Zailos and possibly himself.

          If you really want to help, write some letters.

          • Donald Kimble says:

            This lassy is either trolling to make this blog look unprofessional by deflecting/distracting. I’d ban this person because they are asking really obvious dumb questions which to me serve as a purpose to derail good comments.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I don’t think that Shirley called the wrong Nikki. And I don’t believe her assertion that Jason put his girlfriend’s (LIndsay) girlfriend’s (Nikki) phone number in his mother’s phone while she wasn’t looking. Crazy and just not believable. I do think that Shirley, concerned that Nikki was an eye witness to a crucial piece of evidence in this case, did have too many drinks that night and I’m sure regrettably decided to call her using the same fake accent that was used to lure Lindsay to her death to intimidate Nikki into silence. It worked. I think that Nikki would be wise to break that silence.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          I think that Lindsay’s friends have gone through hell for the last 11 years. Where do they go? Who can they tell? I am super pissed off at them but I also understand. I don’t live there and don’t know any of these people involved. I do believe there are many involved. The SPD is the first place to start. We are working on finding someone who will indeed break up this “old boy club”. Lindsay, the people of Saanich have the right to feel safe. Time for all those in charge in BC to quit passing the buck. People want action, not just talk that does nothing.

  26. Just A Canadian says:

    One thing that really bothers me about this whole case is….The SPD threatening to charge PI’s, Jeff etc with obstructing justice, they are not doing anything about JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY. Don’t get how anyone could be charged, legally, when they aren’t doing anything……….hmmmmm

    • Lillian says:

      The only OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE is practiced by the dirty cops at Sannich Police Department. Horsefly, Dipsh*t DOWNIE, now Goofy Green along with their minions.
      When the guilty are exposed their only defence is the deflection defence.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Totally agree Lillian but they threaten those that are trying to help. Why why why?

        • Lillian says:

          Take their “threats” with a grain of salt. They are simply trying to control our efforts with fear tactics. Because? It usually works, but some of us are on to their empty threats and I would simply laugh at them and tell them to 🖕OFF! In fact, the closer we get to busting their corruption the more threats you’ll receive, that’s a good thing! The pressure is contiguous and stronger with each step, no matter how small it may seem, the more they are exposed, the closer they are to being busted. Oh … the shame dipsh*t DOWNIE, cocaine Horsefly and all those minions will receive will be our karma, wait for it. Be strong…. don’t permit these dirty bastards to intimidate you.

  27. Wyatt says:

    FIVE… that’s FIVE, charged in the murder of the young woman named Dhesi and the inept and dirty, corrupt team from Saanich can’t find ONE in Lindsay’s murder. Let’s give Lindsay’s file to the team that clearly have integrity, experience and ability to solve heinous crimes.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Wyatt, I couldn’t agree with you more wholeheartedly. As a matter of fact it makes me ill. From the threats and insidious pushback I and we receive from Saanich police it is clear their culture is a mess and they are desperately trying to ashamedly protect that very screwed up culture they comfortly cavort in. It’s sickening. Please, please everyone, lets really step it up and pressure these pimps of the system at Saanich police. Write letters, post, do what you can to help Lindsay and all women out there who fear senselessly because of the incompetence like this from police and politicians in B.C.
      In 11 years the total accomplishment of Saanich police in solving Lindsay Buziak’s murder has been to publicly clear the main suspects and to display an example of almost unbelievable ineptitude to everyone around the world!

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        …….yet these pimps of in-Justice desperately cling to Lindsay’s file with white knuckled boney fingers like it is the last manifesto of police villainy in the world. Why? They aren’t the first agency to be duplicitous in their operations and won’t be the last. What are they hiding?
        Thanks Chief Bob Downie. Have a Happy retirement.(that’s Dr Phil telling me to be nice)….fkn useless tits.

        • Robin says:

          U got it all correct there Jeff, it just so so pathetic it drives me crazy. What are they hiding, who are the covering for? Thanks Bob Downie for absolutely nothing! He had the opportunity to get Lindsay’s murder solved and couldn’t be bothered or was told “not to solve “. Whoever is controlling this just know you will never rest and as you get older it is going to hurt worse. We as in supporters of Jeff are never going away……EVER. We intend to hammer away everyday for as long as we need to. Do know that we speak to friends and colleagues about Lindsay’s unsolved murder as often and as much as we can. There is an active Lindsay Buziak movement and we won’t be throwing in the towel til there are arrests.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          “What are they hiding?” Unfortunately, I do think that is the question that should be asked in this case. The SPD just don’t seem to be working to solve it. At the very least, 11 years into this unsolved murder, they should unclear the most obvious suspects. Either make some arrests or put the main players back into the equation. They owe the public at least this much. If they are serious about this case they would have to do that. This is not rocket science. If they are not sure enough,11 years later, that someone else committed this heinous act to arrest someone then they must put the people who were closest to her and had motive back into the equation. Anything short of that amounts to obstruction of justice in my opinion. WTF is going on at the SPD?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Jeff, I wonder if this is an angle that you could/should pursue legally?

          • Kate says:

            I still can’t believe the Zailos were cleared so quickly. Their behavior is more than suspicious along with Jason’s total lack of emotion regarding Lindsay, someone he supposedly loved. Is the SPD in cahoots with the Zailos, and why?

        • Lillian says:

          (Excuse me, I gotta take some gravol) 🤮
          …. his job generated some controversy in 2017 after he left his position with a cheque for $379,000 in severance and banked pay, then came back as a contractor, earning $223,000 annually plus benefits, but the situation generated criticism of some of the payouts and other perks in the public sector.

          Gee, tax payers of Saanich….. did you get your moneys worth? Surprise! You got ripped off!

      • Svetlana says:

        I keep watching the Dateline Dream House mystery and those 2 Saanich police officers look handicapped. I don’t know how old is this episode but I think they need to do another one.

        Is it possible that what Lindsay saw was an affair that Jason was having? I think this was going on…

        It is very strange why Jason would park away from the house- probably to show the murderers where he is exactly because they would have a good view of that part of the street. Why isn’t his alibi speaking about what really went on in the car…

        Then he later turned and parked on the main street where the house is on the corner and he and Cohen are able to see the fence of the patio but would not be able to see the front of the house.

        I think the murderers left from the front and must have escaped between the newly built houses on that side.

        I don’t think the house plan shows any other doors?

        Watching Jason speak on Dateline I feel he is lying and so is his mother. I don’t even like her ugly accent. I realize not all English people speak the same but that type of voice bothers me and I feel that she is hiding something with that voice.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        There are many many people that know what happened but won’t speak cos they have no on in Saanich to keep them safe. If all of you just stood up to the SPD with what you know you could help solve this case and get the weight off your back. Pease step up cos we know you know. I can’t imagine the pain you have all to bear for the last 11 years. Time to step up now

        • Aaaa says:

          Ugh it’s definitely the boyfriend at the time . Wish the cops would have done more research into him at the time. Such as phone records , his steps in the weeks the other burner phone was purchased.. he probably bought a burner phone too. His computer records and search records( would probably show searches for the home Lindsay was showing in the weeks before her murder) , him and his guilty ass moms checking and savings account (payment to hit men).
          Lindsay’s dad said she was wanting to break up with him once she got a few big deals .. and conveniently she gets a buyer interested in a million dollar home. The home was probably scoped out for neighbors and the boyfriend knew he to park on the side CONVENIENTLY away from seeing the killers leave .

          He had no emotions on dateline not even a smile about when talking about her during the good times . And then his eyes start watering at the end , his mom looks at him and starts wiping her eye like “oh okay we’re crying now.” You say you love her and weren’t even close to breaking up but no emotion that she’s dead nor blame or guilt for not being there and not doing anything . His body isn’t singing with his words when he talks he’s acting . And why would Lindsay tell his mom about her ex ? And that she’s scared of him for no reason . They were just trying to throw people off but it just looks blatantly obvious that they are trying to distract . They should have both of em take a lie detector test just to see , I know they are inadmissible but it would def make them seem more guilty.
          Lindsay may have found out some secrets about the business like they are siphoning money or something and told them “if you fire me I will tell.. let me just get a couple big deals and I’ll leave” could be a motive . Or maybe he just found out that she was going to leave him
          and couldn’t handle it. People have killed for less.

  28. Svetlana says:

    Why did the ex boyfriend of Shirley, Paul Bergshoeff leave Canada to go to Nederland Holland? Did he leave his own son alone in Victoria? At least I think that’s his son pictured in the Undesirables section.

    Whoever planned this knew her, but did the couple that she met in front of the house know her? If not, then someone with A LOT of money did this.

    If somebody knows something or anything they should speak up, go to the police or write to Jeff, no matter what it is.

  29. Debra says:

    Jeff Buziak, After hearing an interview you did with Lordan ARTS, I would like to give my opinion. My sense are usually correct, I strongly feel, that Jason and his mother Shirley had Lindsay murdered. And I feel there was more than one motive. I believe the 2 people who met with her, were Shirley in disguise, and her boyfriend at the time Paul. If it wasn’t them two there, it was 2 people Jason and Shirley hired, through the drug dealers, the guy the guy where the phone was at for a time. I think his name started with a V. And I believe the motives were 3. Jason was mad cause he knew she didn’t want him anymore, his mother hated her, and hated you, and Jason knew Lindsay had seen something, and he had to silence her. I truly feel I am most likely right on all this. Of course, I could be wrong. But for the most part, I feel it, it seems obvious to me. I truly feel Jason and his mother caused it. I’m very sorry for your loss, and I hope soon that you get justice.

  30. Lillian says:

    “Thank you for your email of June 6, 2019, regarding the tragic homicide of Lindsay Buziak and concerns with the Saanich Police Department. Your email has been forwarded to the Policing and Security Branch, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, for response.

    Your email presents concerns that the investigation into the homicide of Lindsay Buziak remains unresolved and that you suggest assistance is required to move the investigation to a conclusion.”

    An excerpt from the response of the one I wrote directly to the Commissioner of Policing. The remaining diatribe is a series of “other” departments that I may want to contact, ie: Dipsh*t DOWNIE, OPCC, Saanich Police Board….. excuse me while I puke! Talk about passing the buck! I’ve already written to these entities! Now I’m writing the local newspapers (both Saanich & Victoria) on FB and posting remarks in their comments. Making snide remarks such as the District shutting down a “jam stand” as opposed to cleaning out their dirty police department and solving murders!

    I’m gonna assume this website is a real thorn in their behinds, given the extent they are trying to shut it down. We need to publicize ALL of their communication (or lack thereof) like I’ve done, we need to demonstrate that no one is addressing the dirty cops of Saanich! Cut and paste their replies along with what we’ve written. They have gotten “some” good advice as to not pursue charges…. can you imagine how utterly disgraceful that would be in the headlines? SAANICH POLICE CHARGE FATHER OF MURDERED DAUGHTER with obstruction! If they think they’re feeling heat now, that avenue would be their end. While there are several people in a position who have the power and authority to make this right, we just haven’t tapped them yet, we need to keep the pressure on.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      We are working on finding the right people Lillian, hopefully very soon!

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Lindsay’s murder has now become “personal” for many of us. No giving up on this, not a chance.

    • Robin says:

      It’s crazy how they say write the OPCC, the Saanich Police Board, Chief Downie like this is a new idea!
      How many of us have done this time after time already and all I got was an automatic reply and absolutely nothing else. I have written countless times to these people. It’s really hard to believe. I’m actually pissed off enough now with what I have observed that I am prepared to keep pushing the powers that be just to see how long it takes to listen to the people who they work for.

  31. Jeff Buziak says:

    I dont know what the hell is wrong with policing in British Columbia but Attorney General David Eby has to hear from citizens that he is not providing adequate policing in BC as his mandate demands. Police have lost the whole concept of Serve and Protect the citizens they are paid by to do that for. They think they are some kind of security agency doing what they feel like doing. WTF!
    They are warning people to watch out but charge people who protect themselves. Do something about it nimrods! Thats what the citizens are paying you to do!!! This is really out of control in BC.

    • Kate says:

      These women need to be armed ( I would be, but then I’m in America & we can carry guns) when they show real estate since the inept PD won’t protect them.

      • Magdelina says:

        Amen to that Kate. I also live in the US & never saw so much evidence in my life & absolutely not 1 arrest. So obvious. They r like the keystone cops. Sad! Corrupt is the word!

  32. Robin says:

    Saanich will say Good bye to Dead End Downie and Hello to the new Saviour of Saanich, Chief Scott Green. Is it going to be more of the same? When I read this comment today I thought “oh no, more of the same”.

    The board said the hiring comes after months of “extensive research” and candidate interviews.

    Yah, yah, yah……C’mon bring in some new blood ffs. How pathetic. You mean to tell me of all the “extensive research” you had to stay in house? Extensive? Yah right! Saanich already has an reputation for being an “old boys’ club” and I suppose we’ll watch it play out again! Just what goes on there at the SPD? I was really hoping we’d see a new out of Province Chief blow in and fire Cocaine Chris Hosley and arrest the lunatics who murdered Lindsay. I was hoping for a new Chief who knew none of the “OLD BOYS “ and he would stun the Saanich Police on the first day. He would already know everything about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and asked the same questions the public ask on the blog. He’d say “I’m Chief Doobee and I believe we have a vicious unsolved murder in this community that has been lingering for far to long I suggest the jail cells and interrogation rooms be ready because we’ll be making some arrests.
    I’m here and no more fking about. Cocaine Chris can I see U in my office IMMEDIATELY!
    “You’re Done-U are off the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder case, I don’t know why this didn’t happen years ago, get lost now! I’m too busy for your type. I need people who can see past the end of their coke nose.
    So we’ve got Saviour Scott Green, “Beam us up Scotty” a young lady was murdered 11 yrs ago now and we are watching you.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Robin just to add to this crazy situation at Saanich police, your favourite saanich copper cocaine chris tells people Jeff is a loser, he has no friends, don’t believe a word he says and to add insult even further he recently told a close friend of mine that Saanich police have explored every legal avenue they could to charge me to shut me up and close down this website but couldn’t find any grounds to charge. That is disgusting!! Pure vengeance, cover-up and taking things way too personal there Cocoa Chrissy boy. Can you imagine the time, money and energy Saanich police allow that goofus to focus his angst on me instead of on Lindsay’s unsolved murder? Its really unbelievable and long past time for the cocaine cowboy to go!

      Gangster Chris Horsley and his gangster cop side kick Constable Trevor Dyck still haven’t manned-up and apologized for threatening me and ordering the other person to not identify himself. Both have lied about the situation to their superiors who believe them. I challenged them all to polygraph and the superiors refused. This is the real Saanich police and the reason Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved.

      Hello Premier Horgan!
      Hello Attorney General David Eby!
      Do either of you care at all about Murdered Women in B.C.? Saanich police don’t and are more feared than the local gangsters as gangsters not police who are supposed to serve and protect citizens who pay their salaries, huge overtime and obscene retirement packages.
      Now that we know they are out to get me lets see where this goes as I’m not stopping.

      Thank you everyone for your support.
      My truth.

      • Kate says:

        Your tireless crusade to find Lindsay’s killer(s) is so inspiring. The SPD is a joke, and yes, I agree they thought (and hoped) you’d just lay down and eventually stop looking for answers to this heinous murder. Keep pressing forward Jeff! I feel the truth has to come out sometime–hopefully soon. So many are behind you and want this case solved.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Cocaine Chris Horsley is head of Lindsay’s murder file and Trevor “Secret Squirrel” Dyck is in charge of Saanich Police Professional Standards Office. This is all a joke right? Professional comedy writers couldn’t even make this up.
        It all makes me ill. Just solve Lindsay’s murder already play police. Goof around with something else. I’ve had enough of your comedy show and I think everyone else has as well. SOLVE THE DAM MURDER!

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Agree with you 100% Jeff. Enough is enough.

        • MJG says:

          Hello Jeff,
          I am wondering Jeff, if you are aware of this TV program in Quebec that is called “TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE” which has a panel talking about important current events and inviting the pertaining guest to discuss their situation?! I am wondering if you would be interested in taking a crack at it?! For sure that they are always looking for interesting topics and subjects to air which yours is extremely interesting! It would be good to spread it to Quebec;…..and then there is the newspaper/journal “ALLO POLICE” which could pick-up “THE LINDSEY BUZIAK MURDER CASE” ….maybe spreading this case to other provenances which could be embarrassing for B.C.
          (I would like to know your opinion on this)

          And if that is not enough, how about a good old fashion “PRAYER GROUP” with car loads of people gathered in one place, praying together for this case to be cracked. There is “POWER” in prayer, especially when there are many many people gathered together… may sound corny, but prayer moves mountains and Lindsey’s case has become a mountain which is due to be moved!!! There is nothing to lose here….the worst that could happen is that the “SAME” people involved, blocking – laughing – mocking this power of prayer….could be in for a big surprise….cause no one person alive can mock the power of GOD without consequences!
          There are still believers out there, more than we think….and….asking for their prayers will generate SHAME upon the guilty!
          JUST SAYING

          • Jeff Buziak says:

            I fully support your ideas and thank you and everyone for their support. As a matter of fact we hold an annual Walk For Justice on February 2 where everyone are welcome to come and pray for resolution right at the exact spot where Lindsay’s ashes lay rumbling in frustration at the idiots at Saanich Police.
            As far as Quebec productions, I love our québécois neighbors and appoint you in charge of that project to have Lindsay’s unsolved murder discussed on their programs. You and/or they can reach me at
            Please keep us abreast of your progress.
            Thank you

            • MJG says:

              Jeff, Thank you kindly for your response.
              I am deeply touched by your trust in me to pursue the Quebec project.
              I am not sure of what I can do, but, I will give it a try. Due to my age, I do not know anyone anymore except one that might direct me to the right people….hopefully!
              SHOULD I get the proper contacts, I will refer them to you.
              Please keep me in your prayers so I could get this done.
              We ALL want the same thing for you and Lindsey…..JUSTICE!!!!

      • Svetlana says:

        I am sorry what you went through and I am so disgusted with how the police has handled this, it is deplorable beyond words,. This site must be kept up and you as a father have every right to have this site, to grieve for her and keep her alive in this way for justice, even all the other people who have sites and videos about Lindsay.

        Maybe people can also write to the Vancouver Police Department?
        Investigations: Led by Deputy Chief Constable Laurence Rankin, and Chief Constable Adam Palmer

        Also I will write to W5.
        W5 is Canada’s most-watched current affairs and documentary program, tackling major stories and investigations.

        People should write to CBC, CTV and the premier of BC and Federal Government Trudeau.

        But I feel that those murderers are definitely being WATCHED. If we, as readers have suspicions, the police must have even more in their books.

        How can they live with themselves with what they’ve done? I hope they get cancer and die slowly with lots of pain.

      • Robin says:

        Well Jeff we know Cocaine Chris Horsley is the loser not you. I actually think it is admirable how you have stood up for Lindsay’s unsolved murder. It’s an example for other parents I think. I’m appalled at the time the SPD has spent trying to stop you and the Lindsay Blog. What a huge waste of energy and manpower resulting in wasting tax payers $$. To think they do not have a Chief that can bring the focus back to the murder of Lindsay is shocking . You can’t help but wondering what they are trying to cover up by not focusing on the murder of a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her.
        WTH goes on there. How long before provincial or federal government step in? I wonder if the SPD are aggravated with you because they need people to forget about Lindsay’s unsolved murder so no one ever finds about how the SPD have made a mess of everything. You have to wonder why they just can’t focus on the actual crime. I’m really sorry you have to put up with this lack of respect from Cocaine Chris, he should be answering for speaking so unprofessionally. He and whoever his band of misfits are I don’t know yet but hopefully it will be unraveled in time. I thought cops were suppose to set the example but I guess things have changed since cops visited my school in 1969. Horsley’s shit show stinks.

  33. Svetlana says:

    The photo which is a police sketch from the witnesses, it doesn’t look like an Asian face. I would say that is a Caucasian face. It is probably not too accurate but does give some clues about the facial structure- the curvature of the nose probably on the long side and curving downwards with a small tip. I would question those witnesses some more.

  34. Svetlana says:

    Look at the De sousa houses on the maps. Jason parked way past the house on De Sousa place and on the other side of the house, with the rear of the car towards the house. Doing this will have the killers be able to spot it from the upstairs bedroom window and Jason to have a good view of the house from his mirror. WHY??? If Jason parked on De Sousa place but closer to the corner of Torquay Drive the killers would not have been able to see his car from that bedroom window as it is set more back. Afterwards- there must have been a cue at some point because Jason then moves the car to Torquay Drive right around the corner of the house. WHY??? The killers got away unnoticed? There are so many houses in that area. WHO lives close by?
    When the Saanich police knew that the phone travelled to Victoria, did they even check all passengers? Were they that dumb?

    • Robert says:

      The parking spot on Torquay Drive looks directly toward the side patio door that was left ajar when the killers fled. The vegetation was minimal when the house was built, and it was winter so no deciduous leaves. If you were involved in the crime and were planning to come to Lindsay’s “rescue”, wouldn’t it be useful to have a sign that the killers had already left before entering the house? Jason’s movement of the car to Torquay is more than suspicious.

      • Svetlana says:

        So if the door was left a bit open does this mean it is a clue to someone waiting at the parking spot? I believe it can be seen because of some fence planks that were gone? Were they missing from that side of the patio?

  35. Svetlana says:

    Suspicious is why he calls her at 5:30 but he was supposed to be there before. He texts her 7 minutes later and does not call her, and why to text saying I’ll be there in 2 minutes but she is already with the “clients” at that time. Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Cohen Oatman?

  36. Katherine Nemet says:

    I am hoping that you will be able to find your daughter killer. So good luck

  37. Jeff Buziak says:

    Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece. Andrea Bocelli
    Sannich cop Chris Horsley says to people don’t believe anything you read on that Lindsay site.
    What an ass! You have no idea chump. Go play in the snow and let a serious detective get on with arresting those responsible for Lindsay’s savage murder you are attempting to cover up. The will of the people want you replaced. It’s long past time the Attorney General David Eby stepped in and took charge. Saanich police are in way over their heads.
    Lindsay’s wonderful sister Sara did the hair and makeup at Andrea Bocelli’s concert in Vancouver last night.
    Please Listen to this.

    • The World Is Watching says:

      Beautiful, Thankyou Jeff! You may become Canada’s version of John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted). Your love, Courage and Tenacity are superior!! A lot of dirty deeds going on in Victoria, murder, drugs, Police corruption, Real Estate money laundering and probably a lot more. Don’t give up,every day more people are tuning into to this…You are being heard!!!

      • Just A Canadian says:

        There appear to be quite a few people commenting that actually know something. Time for witness protection to come into play. I don’t know should people with this kind of knowledge not be protected 24/7 so the criminals can be charged and pay their dues? If crimes can’t be solved then what use is a police force?????????? Sickening

    • Svetlana says:

      Horsley looks kind of dumb, I must say!

      • MJG says:

        In response you: CONNECT THE DOTS:
        You are so so right in saying that the whole world is watching now….lots of intelligent heads are at work figuring it out….willing to help…scrutinize everything! More power in solving this case …..and the heat goes on!

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