Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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  1. Emma says:

    Has anybody ever thought maybe all of this is a red herring? Even thought these people (Keegan and friends?) have admitted online that they know info, I am personally starting to think that they are just trying to rattle us all up. After going over everything I know, I kept going back to the idea of, “if the Zailo’s were involved, why leave so many *hints*”?
    -blonde wig (apparently someone known owns a wig)
    -wouldnt Lindsay have recognized Ryan had he been in the house?
    -her personal cell phone number (could have been found on facebook at the time)
    -the personal client of Lindsays (too close to home and work for Shirley, especially to risk her rep)
    -Jason said he made a phone call to Ryan on the way to De Sousa, in front of Cohen(who was in the car) and it was also confirmed by the Saanich Police Department(they may be corrupt, but they cannot release false information)
    -the missing wood in the fence on patio, was due to the builder having his employee come to paint, so that would have just been a “lucky” back up getaway.
    -no one could have been in the house before Lindsay, otherwise the lockbox for the key, would have showed an earlier login.
    -Literally ANYONE could’ve have said 1M price range and 3 bedrooms- in 2008, that house would’ve easily been MAYBE $700,000.00CAD.
    -Why would the Zailo’s choose a street right down the street from a school, and neighbourhood where the houses are almost touching?
    -Jason could have invited Cohen along for the purpose of “maybe he was also somewhat afraid of what or who the people are”, especially if Lindsay, the love of his life was feeling a weird vibe, so maybe by coincidence he was like “Cohen, I need you to be my back up like im freaked too”,
    -Yes the video shows Jason walking Cohen to the car door, however maybe he was moving something quickly off the chair? (on this one, I can’t really back it up in Jasons case, but some people do move things of the seat for their guest)
    -Why would Jason, or ANY of the Zailos risk it, after Lindsay confided in her father about this?
    -In Shirleys defence, if my child phoned me freaked out about their partner being in a building and not answering their phone or anything, id certainly make my way down to that location, as for the fact that Shirley apparently walked there- she had no idea that murder would be the outcome (giving her the “if she isn’t involved benefit of the doubt)

    I think that Jason was somewhat involved in the drugs and owed $$ to the persons in Calgary- I presume he didn’t have the $$, asked Shirley, and she of course said no(thinking from a mothers perspective, you screwed up, you fix it), and im thinking they went for Lindsay. Why not take the most important thing in his life from him?

  2. Jeff Buziak says:

    The Attack was Savage, It was Personal

    • Svetlana says:

      The people who did this have no heart. I admire that you keep this website alive and I only found it when I saw the news story on MSN, and I am sure these vicious animals come here to read. But this will get solved and I hope that they get run over by a truck or struck by lightning. I will write to CBC Newsworld because sometimes they investigate crimes.

      • Magdelina says:

        Good for u! I live in the USA & didn’t know anything about this until, Dr Phil, even though he was a waste and should have dedicated the whole show on this, instead of all the ads & short segments! Now I know more, podcasts, etc. to me so obvious who is involved. Guaranteed if in the states this would have been solved. Once u start putting the pieces of the puzzle together u have ur answer. Just so much that doesn’t make sense. From the late lunch to an early dinner with s/one u don’t hang out with. From calling 4 directions, parking in 2 weird places not pulling in driveway. Shirley walking to scene no car? On and on. Her bust(new boobs) literally destroyed, fake accent, Nikki calling back with the call she got with the fake accent only to have Shirley answer. Just too much to even write. UNBELIEVABLE, DISGUSTING, AND THE COKE HEAD CROOKED COP!!!!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Yes, on and on. I expect charges to be announced any day now. As someone previously said, people from all over the world are closely watching this. I don’t see how they can deny Jeff, his family and the community justice any longer.

  3. Robert says:

    A competent police department wouldn’t take the highly unusual step of publicly clearing (or exonerating) murder suspects, unless that police department had rock-solid knowledge that it was impossible (or close to it) for the suspects to have participated in the crime and/or that the police know the identity of the actual killer(s). Also, police don’t publicly clear a suspect as part of a investigatory strategy to try to get the suspects to let their guard down. To do so would hand the suspect the legal defence of entrapment in the event they confessed to police. Accordingly, clearing a suspect effectively precludes any further police investigation of that suspect. Because it’s obvious to any lay person that the Zailos COULD have been involved in the crime, the fact they were cleared–precluding further examination of them–strongly indicates that the SPD believes for the past 9 years that it has known the identity of the killer(s).

    I believe that Jeff has mentioned that the SPD is just waiting around for a confession because they know the killer. 9 years later, this has proven ineffectual–it should not take nearly a decade to get a confession from a known killer. It suggests something else is going on and I think it could include the following:

    1) the SDP has got the identity of the true killers wrong (all the drug-related tangents would suggest this possibility) and, accordingly, made a colossal and irreversible error in investigatory judgment by prematurely clearing the Zailos. As detailed at length on this board, many unanswered questions remain about Jason’s behaviour and comments, Shirley’s comments, and, in any event, everyone closely tied to a crime remains a suspect until the killer(s) is/are identified, or

    2) SPD cleared the Zailos as part of a bigger coverup from the outset as has been suggested on this board. We have no evidence of any coverup and can only speculate in this regard and I feel it’s unlikely given lack of any evidence for it; or

    3) a combination of the above–SPD got the identity of the killers(s) wrong, then incompetently and prematurely cleared the Zailos and are now stalling to cover it up, because it has left them with a legal and investigatory disaster of not being able to further investigate the Zailos–a blunder so bad it would tempt any police department to try to sweep it under the rug.

    In any of the above scenarios, we can remain entirely confident that the SPD has not and cannot be legally investigating Shirley or Jason since 2010 at the latest. So as the public has been carefully dissecting Jason’s highly unusual behaviour and Shirley’s suspicious Dateline comments, and have become reasonable more and more suspicious, we know the police having been looking at any of this for over a decade. Any outside police agency would likely be precluded from considering the possible of Shirley and Jason since the SPD had already cleared them before other police agencies were involved.

    Given the potential entrapment issue created by publicly clearing the Zailos, the only way that the SPD could at this point investigate Jason & Shirley would be to retract their earlier statement exonerating them and letting them know that they’re suspects again. This is fraught with all kinds of obvious problems–tipping them off being the most obvious–perhaps giving them the defence of reasonable doubt if they ever get charged–and it would explain why the investigation is so obviously stalled and why the SPD’s conduct vis a vis Jeff feels like the SPD is engaged in a coverup (but the coverup being their own possible egregious errors in judgment that can’t be undone rather than some greater speculative coverup involving the police in the crime itself, which again I just don’t see).

    It would also means that the SPD isn’t and won’t take serious steps to solve this crime and any hope that the SPD is the route to justice on this matter is likely a waste of time and it’s going to have to be solved through alternative means.

    • Xxx says:

      This isn’t true. The defence of entrapment relates to inducing somebody to commit a crime in certain circumstances. Police might run into issues if they intentionally clear somebody in order to give that person a false sense of security and elicit a confession (though more from a PR perspective – ie getting a reputation for being “sneaky” or “underhanded” – than a legal one), but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. It certainly doesn’t enliven an entrapment defence and the fact that somebody is cleared does not create a “legal” impediment for investigating that person – one is not all of a sudden “free to go”, if you will. SPD can continue to investigate the Zailos notwithstanding that they told a press conference that they were no longer suspects. The only real issue for SPD at this point is embarrassment.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        So SPD should just admit their errs and take the music. Most of them that were involved with the case should be close to retirement anyhow. Retire and just go away but let this case be solved.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think you are giving the SPD way too much credit.

  4. Svetlana says:

    Look at two comments close to the end of this page about Bergshoeff. He should know something. Also, about the directions Jason asked Ryan-when did this happen and was it verified by the police with actual cell phone facts?
    On another note, after reading a few recent comments, I don’t think too many people are involved in this crime. But I have a HUGE feeling that one or more came from that SAME office – whether they worked there directly or indirectly.

    • Justice says:

      Sure, the murderer who confessed, Ryan Zailo, worked in the office with Shirley and Jason Zailo, the other conspirators and maybe murderers. What are the police doing now? Svetlana, you need to get caught up. We need help here with petitioning authorities above the SPD to look into the non-investigation going on in light of Ryan’s confession coming to our attention, not a bunch of distractions. Please send emails to the authorities posted many times on the blog and while you are at it read the historical posts to get caught up on relevant information. Focus Svetlana!

      • Svetlana says:

        Hello Justice, I have been looking at the videos and comments but there are 5000 comments on this website. I will certainly sign petitions, is there one petition online? Also it can be beneficial to talk about certain facts or unfacts on the current page. I have my suspicions. So I need to know when did this asking about directions happen?

        • Retired Dectective says:

          I believe that information about the call for directions came from Cohen, not the police. I do not think it was on DateLine. If Jason mentioned it on DateLine, Josh would have asked him why he didn’t use the GPS in his Range Rover. His Range Rover had GOS in 2008. My Prius had GPS in 2005. So Cohen heard Jason make a call. Did he really make a call or was it a pretend call to mislead Cohen? Police haven’t commented so all we have is Cohen and we know how reliable he has been. I think Cohen took a nap and slept through the murder. Robin, please post the addresses of the BC officials we can solicit for Justice for Lindsay. Jeff, can you post the email addresses on the site in a prominent position?

  5. These Eyes says:

    Tyler Denniston is currently a cocaine runner for Matt Rothstead in Victoria, BC. Matt is in trouble with the law so he gave his dial a coke phone to Tyler to run his coke for him. Someone I know bought some last week and Tyler delivered it to their door. You go Tyler!

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Even if Tyler still continues to do his drug deals. As long as he is willing to speak what he knows about Lindsays murder that really is all that matters here. If you know, time to save yourselves because this big house of corruption is coming down.

  6. Clarity says:

    Good on you Tyler Denniston, Rhys Craven, Samantha Rose and Keegan Frolich. It’s time you completely told the truth Tyler. You and your friends publicly unravelling this horrific tragedy is about as stand up as you can get and have ever been in your sad lives. Sincere apologies to the Buziak family and friends that these people took so long to tell the truth but they finally have. All the information below is true and I know because I heard it too.

    • Getalife says:

      Okay Samantha Rose. Good work and you are doing it for free.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Clarity thank you for your substantiation of the statements below. I take this very serious and have people in place to start a process of digging into this. Ultimately and without any choice, We have to rely on Saanich play police to unravel this and do their job once and for all. Lets see if new Saanich police chief Scott Green (Bob Downie is on holidays until he officially retires well, he has pretty much always been on holidays), Inspector Steve Morgan who is head of the Detective division at Saanich and 3 careers Horsley who “unbelievably” is still head of Lindsay’s file, know what to do and get to work on this now! Please. (Dr Phil told me to be nice to poor saanich police)
      More seriously, I want to sincerely thank Tyler Denniston, Rhys Craven, Samantha Rose, and Keegan Frolich for doing what is right and coming forward publicly with the truth. Tyler its good you want to turn your life around. Hopefully you do and the others support you.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Hoping this will solve this terrible murder. Ms Lindsay and her family deserve peace. Lindsay will be able to rest and her family can live without this heavy weight on their shoulders. For those of you speaking up, good on you. You all still have a conscience and you can indeed move forward and become the good people you are meant to be. Let’s get this done!!!

    • Emma says:

      If it’s true that Ryan Zailo did stab Lindsay, then how did Jason and Ryan speak on the phone about directions to the house without Ryan making the noises on the phone? Wouldn’t Cohen have heard as well?

      • Robin says:

        It did not have to be Ryan answering his phone, he would have left his phone where he wanted people to believe he was. He would not have taken his phone with him to DeSouza that’s a given. I wonder how Ryan feels now that he quit playing with the devil!? Must be quite a relief, good on u Ryan.

    • Fame Nation says:

      These are all truths. Tyler is a coke runner.

  7. The Team says:

    The 6 ft brown haired male seen with “Lindsay” in front of the house around 5:30 was always such a mystery. Now we know Ryan was there and actually committed the murder. He is 6 ft with brown hair. Witnesses stated he was with Ashley Lum that evening. She has a blonde wig in the same style. Think about this!!! She wore it to a murder mystery party shortly after the murder before the description was released to the public I feel it deep in my guts that that was Ryan and Ashley out front of the house with maybe Shirley. I believe that One of the women was wearing the wig and the other was posing as Lindsay. The one with the wig was dressed like Shirley so now we can connect the dots…..

    • Lillian says:

      Wow. It’s starting to make sense now. Lindsay was already dead when this “greeting” transpired (as previously suggested) and crazy Shirley posing as Lindsay with Ryan & Ashley. I always had an issue with the disarray of Lindsay’s shoes, they were thrown in that position and Lindsay was already butchered. Shirley & Ryan had been in the house waiting, before Lindsay got there, she had been viewing the house prior to the Mexicans and it was Shirley who accessed the lock box at 5:29, making it appear to be Lindsay, but they had already killed her! I would suggest when Lindsay actually arrived the door was unlocked &/or Shirley was there to greet her and coaxing her into the house as a pretence that she (crazy person) was there to “help”…. Ryan was upstairs, waiting while mommy-dearest brought him his prey. Lindsay likely wasn’t or felt threatened with only crazy lady appearing to be the only other party, so hence, why Lindsay didn’t appear to be concerned for her safety. This scenario gave them a tight time line to clean up and get out! Jason’s arrival was too soon and he was tipped off by the texts and Ryan trying to exit out the front door! It’s all comings together. Ryan the rejected guy who’s brother caught the candy….. that has to be a huge motivator. And mommy dearest is the psycho who put it all in play. Murder happens for love, money and revenge. In this case, all three!

      • Following says:

        In the US your lockbox key is assigned to you and you can retrieve which agent opened the lockbox. Technically you are not supposed to use someone else’s lockbox key. If sz opened it that tells you one thing. If lb opened it. That tells you something else. It would have been possible to pull the history of agents that had opened that lockbox on that house since the day the property was listed. That may have revealed a practice rehearsal of the players. I dont know if any LE was bright enough to remove that lockbox and run the opening history on it.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Thank you Following. Similar in Canada. I’m not saying this is what happened but someone could have used Lindsay’s electronic key to open the lockbox or someone could have accessed the house through an open door also.
          The owner/builder, Joe Desousa was in the house around 5 pm shortly after workers building the house next door left for the day. Joe Desousa was friends with Shirley Zailo and her then boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff and supposedly did not know there was a showing. The house had been on the market for in the neighborhood of a year with other agents as well.
          At the time of murder the house was listed for sale with Remax Camosun realty, with multiple offices throughout Victoria, of who Lindsay worked for and Shirley Zailo was a manager. Laurie Lidstone and Nancy DiCastri were the listing Remax realtors at the time both who knew Shirley Zailo well. They also knew Lindsay.

          • Following says:

            Yes, I remember it being a year on the market, which means they were pretty sure chances of running into another showing appt would be like …not… so pretty safe for a crime. True, you can give your key and tell them the personal code so someone else could use it but it will be recorded. So whether it was Sz key or someone else’s key, the origin of the people involved would be wrapped up in that key. As only a possibility, it should have been researched and if they kept the lockbox of evidence chances are they can still retrieve the accessor numbers of the box and determine at least who’s key had been used in the last 4 months, which is about how long the planning of the murder could be. The person who did it, would have needed to see the home to plan how it was all gonna go down. You could get some information if no one had accessed for 6 months. That would tell you the builder had the key. There is evidence in that box, even if its lack of any access in the last 4 months. Suspects dress was a design that SZ has worn in pictures. What’s the tossing of Lindsay’s shoes? Were those upstairs or were they by the front door?

            • MJG says:

              I had pointed out in a previous comment about the “CLEAN-UP” team hired that week before the planned murder and before the viewing. This cleaning could have been purposely ordered to eliminate any prints belonging to the Zailo family, making the house “SQEEKY CLEAN” just before the murder…..this is suspicious
              Then the killers were clothed with cleaning overalls and gloves…making sure there are no prints pertaining to them…past and present time of the murder. JUST SAYING!

      • The Team says:

        We solved the case and the Zailo s and their supporters/distractors must be pissed. We know exactly what happened due to Ryan’s big mouth and Jeff’s tenacity.

        • Robin says:

          I believe when Lindsay got there Joe DeSousa would have been watching out for her and met her, maybe distracted her and escorted her in. He probably engaged her to a point then split. No lock box accessed. Lindsay ran up the stairs and met the evil Zailo’s, Shirley and Ryan. They were hiding. Had hazmat suits on, they were well covered up. Couple… who knows but they arrived the night before and Terry Shein dropped them back at ferry that TS’s son got off of. Remember here…TS asked son to come on later ferry, son was intending early ferry in the day. When Shirley Zailo planned this she knew Lindsay would never meet couple at 5:30 anyway so thinking it would be someone Lindsay would recognize is a moot point. There was someone who was pretending to be Lindsay at the 5:30 meeting, SZ could easily find out Lindsay’s code to access key, even if she couldn’t she is so evil she would get that info out of Lindsay. Jason said Lindsay went home to change. Why did he need to point that out? It’s BS but he had sent text to SZ (probably from burner phone, and he would have sent text from bathroom so Lindsay would not question the phone) at lunch to say what Lindsay was wearing and then made up lie about Lindsay going home to change so no one would suspect person pretending to be Lindsay was part of this vicious murder. Couple and girl knew each other, they just played their parts. No need to worry if the “so called” girl was a petite boy, girl, or a Xdresser. Irrelevant. That girl pretending to be Lindsay caught my eye the first time I saw the Crimewatch
          re-enactment. I thought “ gee they could have done way better when trying to get a likeness of Lindsay. I thought about that every time I saw it. Close enough so people would not think hard on it but when you start thinking about it….nah…not her body, hair to short and any pictures I’ve seen of Lindsay she wasn’t didn’t wear a bob style. Plus girl was at least 40 lbs heavier I’d say. When couple went in house they all had jobs to do and went right to it. There were garbage bags for hazmat suits, booties, knives etc. They all helped so it would be quick. The 3 late ones would have thrown on gloves and booties. They had extra for SZ and RZ to put on after all other stuff removed. They all went out side door thru removed boards onto Terry Shein’s place who was ready to move. There was a signal sent so JZ knew when the coast was clear to call 911. That van was 1/2 way to ferry. Is there a 7 pm departure, I bet there was. SZ and RZ would have been dropped off at Ashley Lum’s which was close by.
          If anyone here has not listened to Casefile 28 you must. This guy explains everything about the TS escape details. He does an excellent job at explaining this part, this will put lots together when you hear it. I think the guy does a brilliant job explaining that part. He is the only one who really goes into that part as far as I know. The couple would have taken all the evidence from the house on the ferry that night. They would have stuffed it all into a rollerboard bag and looked like two people doing nothing criminal. They would have burned most stuff and destroyed knife/knives. I think that’s it except I will say TS had a BMW that he did not share with wife, she had minivan. On Feb 02, 2008 he told wife to use BMW and leave van for him????? She must question so many things about him and his behavior that day. I hope the SPD has questioned her but she has probably been told to “Shut UP” like Cohen Oatman. She could very well be the weakest link someday. Those boards were not booted out for the painters, that must have burned some of SZ, JZ, RZ, and Joe DeSousa’s brain cells thinking that up. It’s so obvious that a first criminology student could get this figured out. There are so many people here to interrogate, I would have had them arrested by the end of Feb. 2008 ffs. I believe a post by someone recently is bang on when they said the SPD have put all their energy thinking Lindsay was murdered because of the Del Alcazar bust in Calgary that they have missed what is right under their effin nose and don’t want to admit to being such losers who can’t see the obvious. Do cops have to have degrees in criminology? It appears not. It is totally shocking that we need to explain this 11 years later. What is going on in Saanich I wonder. The Saanich citizens should be marching to the cop shop with fury wondering what they are paying them SPD for. Maybe contact SFU in Burnaby, criminology dept. and ask for help. I do know they had people volunteering with flyers this year trying to recruit people for the Lindsay Buziak walk. 3 girls volunteered their time and money for flyers and ferry twice to Victoria to hang around the streets, malls, asking people to walk. I happen to know the girls as one is related to me. The ballsy brat even went to JZ place of business to drop off flyers. He wasn’t there and she was asked by receptionist “you do know JZ works here right” Ms 🏀 said “NO I had no idea, I’m just doing this mall today”. She was told she did not need to leave any flyers as they all knew who Lindsay was. I wish she would have said “You knew who Lindsay was, yet you still work here, are you for real lady”? Wow how about showing up for Sisters looking out for Sisters get together tonight at the local bar, my friends will have some questions for you. 7 pm

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I don’t believe that SPD couldn’t see what was right in front of them. Who clears your most likely suspects ( criminology 101 ) The current boyfriend, an old suitor and both of theirs psychotic full of hate for Lindsay mother who is also her boss that works in the same Remax office!!! This is just not done and I think it speaks volumes.

            • Donald Kimble says:

              horselys fucked up that JZ saw RZ leave the house on this podcast
              previously the line was through smoked mirrors

              how can that not be picked apart right there and then

              • Justice says:

                Horsley speaks with concern about Jason’s safety because he almost ran into the clients coming out the front door when he arrived at the house. I think the police should have said, if Jason had arrived one minute sooner, he would have caught the killers.

                Horsley also knows Jason saw the clients walking out the front door without Lindsay at a showing he knew she was concerned for her safety. He also knows Jason had a text that the clients arrived at the house at 5:30. Horsley said When Jason arrived and saw the clients leaving the house through the front door, Jason said he sat outside because he thought the showing just started, but he knew the clients had arrived 15 minutes earlier.

                Jason sat in his car across the street facing away from the house instead of parking in the driveway. Why? It makes no sense that he didn’t want the clients to see him and think he was a “meddling boyfriend” because the street is small and there were only empty lots on the street, with only the neighboring house that was clearly under construction, unfinished and unoccupied. Sitting in the car facing away from the house was orchestrated so Cohen wouldn’t have a clear view to recognize Ryan, his hockey teammate.

                Horsley essentially Defends Jason’s behavior in the crime watch daily interview. The information I provide here comes from Horsley’s video taped words. Interesting that that was the last interview Horsley gave. I think he said too much and we picked up on it. I think he is since afraid interviewers are going to call him out on his BS so he refuses to discuss the case publicly further.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  Horsley is the last person that should use the words smoke and mirrors in the same sentence. I think your right, he bungled that interview. Jason also bungled it when he used that pathetic excuse as to why Jason was playing musical parking instead of doing what he supposedly was there to do, protect Lindsay or drop off papers depending on who he was talking to……hmm, caught in another lie right there.

                • Retired Detective says:

                  Yes it makes no sense that he didn’t pull into the driveway. The only car in the driveway was Lindsay’s. He had to have noticed no car present for the clients. Even if there was a car parked near by on Torquay, it would seem weird that there was no client’s car in the driveway. If he wanted to seem like not the meddling BF, he parked a few feet from the driveway on a vacant street. His car would be noticed by the clients anywhere he parked on DeSousa and it would be obvious it was someone there for Lindsay. So if he was there in front of the house and the clients already saw him drive up, what was he trying to disguise by not making his presence known to the clients? The clients would have asked Lindsay if she knew who was sitting out front on the vacant street, if this was a legitimate showing. This stupid story is so full of holes and the SPD tries to fill them for the Zailos.

                  • Donald Kimble says:

                    i really think horsely should be investigated based on this last interview he did, he really said too much and was probably high – covering up for jason’s action is not only an over compensatory and obvious bias towards a cover up, anyone that doesn’t even know that much about the case can pick up on it – also the reason why nobody reaches out to you horsely cause they know you are rotten 100%

                • Following says:

                  First of all, if I meet clients for the first time, especially if I have my spidey senses up, I always bring someone and I WANT the people to know someone is there so they wont do anything if that’s what they planned. Does me no good for my body guard to be hidden, they would kill me!

  8. Svetlana says:

    Since learning of this horrific crime I will definitely write to the BC government to let them know the shoddy job that Vancouver Island police are doing under the payroll of the government. All someone has to do there is push some buttons…

  9. Svetlana says:

    The police obviously did not do their job and being the police they had access to everything. That phone was one the biggest pieces of EVIDENCE. No matter if the phone was registered with a fake name. That phone line had to have been activated with a code and to get that code you had to have paid for that code. Follow the place where that code was issued and look at the camera videos. Almost 12 years and this police did not do anything? Their definition of “investigation” is deplorable on top of not giving the father ALL information they got. Totally unacceptable in Canada.

  10. Rhys Craven says:

    Good on you Tyler. I think you’re totally nuts but I’ve got your back man. Beating women ain’t cool bro and I’ve always hated you for that. You need to stop that and the coke too.
    Yes I witnessed Ryan Zailo saying the same thing Tyler says. He talked about killing Lindsay thinking he was gangster. Ryan’s brother Jason Zailo was there so obviously he’s involved. They are both scumbags. I can’t believe they would kill that girl Lindsay over nothing. Pussies man.
    Yes Tyler gets his drugs to sell from Jason Bader. I’ve got shit from Bader to sell too. Bader is an arrogant asshole.
    It’s time I cleaned up my life too so Tyler thanks for taking the first move for us bro. Your brother Rob is going to be proud of you. I love you bro. Be strong.
    I hope they nail Ryan and Jason for killing Lindsay. What a couple pukes. I will testify too. Cohen knows but has had his life threatened. What a fucking mess. This needs to get sorted.
    There are others who know. C’mon guys. Let’s do this.

    • Rhys craven says:

      Woah . This is Rhys Craven and clearly Saanich police don’t believe us . What a Bunch of bullshit at that fuckn cop acadamy . 🤣

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Hi Rhys, Thank you again for being brave and good enough to do the right thing. Can you please tell us what kind of response you have had from the SPD?

  11. Svetlana says:

    If I was a detective, I would question all people close to her and who work at the office and that includes all Zailo family, very suspicious that they have connections with the druggies and her supposed best friend who worked at the office Rianne Gracia who also had connections with the druggies and who quit the next day.

  12. clifford danco says:

    If this post by Tyler is true… makes me wonder what the significance of Jason calling Ryan on the way there for directions was… does anyone know what time that call happened? Was it a signal of some kind… alerting them he’ll be there within X minutes.

    We also know Ryan didn’t show up at the house afterwards, even though his mom & jason were both there in the midst of a crazy emergency and he was just minutes away… this all makes me wonder.

  13. Kate says:

    Jeff Buziak, is this guy for real?

    • Lillian says:

      Seems too good to be true.
      GIVE US MORE Tyler!

      • Retired Detective says:

        Tyler said he was talking to police. Now what are the police going to do? I will give them one week to do something! This is not about Tyler. He came forward and gave the SPD a confession. Isn’t that what they say they have been waiting for? All these years, they knew Ryan FAILED TO PASS a polygraph exam. They have no excuse now that people are coming forward with witnessing Ryan confess to murdering Lindsay. The confession fits the crime. The witness description perfectly describes Ryan Zailo and Ashley Lum. They need to be questioned and investigated vigorously including DNA. Jason’s DNA with Ryan’s and Lindsay’s could easily be separated and identified from the crime scene if he left some behind, now we know who we are looking for. If the pathetic SPD fail to act once again, I am going to start my own investigation. I don’t care if they don’t like it and threaten to have me arrested. Think about how absurd that is! Here Ryan is with his buddy Ziggy, another murderer. They look so happy together.

        • Kate says:

          I agree with you Retired Detective, it’s probably futile to go to the corrupt Saanich police with this. They haven’t done squat for 11 yrs, you think they will now? I hope you and Lindsay’s dad keep on this and get answers to Lindsay’s murder once and for all!

        • Robin says:

          Retired Detective you mean u have not started your own investigation yet? I guess the active detectives are practicing retirement then, maybe taking a course to get ready for retirement then practicing more retirement at the OPCC, then retiring and coming back on a contract and teaching retirement. Nothing personal to the police who are not practicing retirement, thanks for what you do. Is the Saanich Police Department strictly a place to learn retirement though? Why didn’t they just explain that to the public? C’mon Lindsay’s unsolved murder does not belong in the hands of cops practising retirement, there’s actually a game for that u know. Lindsay’s murder is real and the lowlifes aren’t in retirement mode so let’s be adults and move Lindsay’s unsolved murder to police who are still actively working at catching real life murderers. Does that make sense?

          • Retired Detective says:

            SPD has kept our hands tied by threatening to arrest anyone investigating, asking questions of witnesses, knocking on doors near DeSousa or anything that might shed some light on Lindsay’s murder. They said anyone investigating even with a valid PI license, will face charges of obstructing justice.

            I have a plan that will originate from the US, untouchable by Canadian LE.

            • Robin says:

              Yahoo, I’d rather count on you!

              • Just A Canadian says:

                Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Donald Kimble says:

                  do it retired detective
                  everyones wrapped their head around this one on the outside

                  on the inside everyones in bed with each other with compromising blackmails should ryan be charged

                  if you think the US gives a shit then do it

                  if not then bring it to the RCMP who have to over rule SP in one way or another

                  • Magdelina says:

                    This US gal is very very disgusted about this! It is so solvable, but corrupt. Trust me a lot of people have been talking about this especially since Dateline and Dr Phil, even though Jeff didn’t get a full show about it, but we r on it also.

            • Magdelina says:

              We had a case years ago we knew husband did it, but didn’t have proof in the 80’s. Well, guess what the bastard got arrested 10 years later. They never gave up. Pressured the brother to the point, and this is sad, the brother, the day going to the DA & giving info, past the courthouse and committed suicide in a purposeful head on crash, that pushed them harder and without DNA, just common sense the sob prison!!!

            • Bob-from-the-island says:

              How are you going to do that? If they are untouchable by Canadian law enforcement even if they are in our back yard?

          • Magdelina says:

            Call the FBI, as the Sannich police r corrupt as hell.

        • Wyatt says:

          Who at the “police?” The corrupt ones? Where does this guy go? The dirty line of cops runs deep and dark, where does it end and the good cops begin?

  14. Svetlana says:

    I find this person very suspicious, Rianne Gracia. I think it is the same person that was supposedly Lindsay’s best friend and who refused to cooperate with police and she apparently quit her job the day after Lindsay was murdered and she worked for the same office and on top of it all was/is the girlfriend of V. Acevedo.

    • Retired Detective says:

      Ryan has been heard by several people confessing to murdering Lindsay. He was seen with Ashley Lum that evening, someone who fits the artist drawing and has worn that kind of blonde wig. He did not mention Rianne Gracia in his confession. Do you have any leads or confessions that confirm Rianne Gracia helped The Zailos other than theories. So far no one has provided one shred of evidence that Rianne was involved so until that happens, it is just a distraction.

      If she did help the Zailos, we will find out when they are charged. It seems a lot of people helped the Zailos including people who come to the site here and pose as interested people who want to help but only intend to distract. What I find insane is the nUmber of people who know what happened and who just do not care enough to come forward with that information. Too many drugs and depravity in Victoria.

      • see closely says:

        Too much of assumptions about people who “pose as interested people …but only intend to distract.”If it was so then they would have to be in cahoots both with SPD and Zailos.As I said too much of assumption based on No facts.

    • Janey says:

      I agree, Rianne Gracia hasn’t been given enough attention.. How did she begin working for the government, after suddenly leaving the Real Estate firm.. The current problems at the Legislature oddly seem to have threads in this

      • Janey says:

        “Then there’s Buziak’s former co-worker from Re/Max, the one involved with the mid-level drug dealer. She quit Re/Max the day after the murder and has been described as a less than cooperative person-of-interest ever since.
        She had connections with the former government and went on to take a job in the finance ministry, as a corporate compliance clerk in the registration and certification division after the murder. The division’s responsibilities include lotteries and gaming integrity.
        Later she became a program assistant in the ministry’s corporate information and records management office which has responsibility for the government’s access to information operations, privacy and government records service.
        She no longer seems to work for the government and was unable to be located for comment. Her government email address and telephone numbers are no longer in service”

  15. Tyler says:

    My name is Tyler Denniston and I have something I need to say to everyone. This has been bothering me for quite a while.
    I want to turn my life around to be a better person and learn how to be a man my family is proud of instead of the scumbag I am. Basically, I sell illegal drugs in Victoria, B.C. and I beat women who are crazy enough to fall for me. That’s been my life. I hang out mostly in Langford with losers because I am a loser. My drug supplier is a fat biker prick from up island called Jason Bader. Horsley the cop knows him too. I’ve never done anything else in my life. I hang around with other lowlifes including the Zailo brothers. This is what I want to say that is eating at me.
    Ryan Zailo has bragged to me and other people how he killed Lindsey Buziak. Ryan said the biggest high he has ever experienced in his life is when he plunged the knife into Lindsay’s neck then continued to stab her over and over again. He said the rush he got from that was the most incredible thing ever. The loser side of me got excited when I heard that but the little bit of good left in me is sick about it and I can’t take it any more. There are other guys who know and you guys need to support me here. Jason Zailo was there and my bro Rhys. Keegan knows too.
    I’m done with being a loser. I want to turn my life around and be a better person. I want to do the right thing. Please believe me. I’m talking to police about all this, my life and everybody I know living the loser life. I’m done.

    Here is who I am right now.

    • Samantha Rose says:

      Tyler I’m so proud of you hunny. I know how much this has been disturbing you about Ryan & Jason Zailo killing that girl. I’m actually tired of the abuse you inflict on me over this and other things as well. None of it is my fault. Please get prof help sweetie. You really need it. I’ll try my best to be there for you while you go thru this stuff. Love you Ty.

      • David J Anderson says:

        If true, arrests should be made immediately.

      • TL says:

        Samantha… I know of tyler from an incident a few years ago that left a friend with a concussion after being cold cocked by him.

      • Magdelina says:

        Tyler very proud of u now do the right thing. Please. God will forgive u if u do the right thing. Remember on the cross, God gave blessings to the murderers and thieves as they were contrite. Do it before its too late. I would give up my life to help another persons life. Don’t be afraid. Do it! God Bless You!!!!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Tyler, thank you for doing the right thing. This act alone proves that under all of the thorns there is a brave compassionate young man. Therefore I do believe that you can turn your life around and live a good life. A life that you can be proud of. Counselling would help you immensely. You let us know what kind support you need. I would also make sure that your story gets to others, maybe the Victoria police chief and further up the chain. He seems like a man of scruples.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Please take steps to ensure your safety.

      • Magdelina says:

        Please Tyler for the sake of the living and lindsay please do it. For the sake of God’s daughter, Lindsay do the right thing. How do u expect to live in eternity forever without taking the risks to do the right thing? I would risk my life to help someone. Go to the FBI,don’t go to the Sannich police, go to TV, etc. please and may God protect you.

    • Keegan Frolich says:

      I’m so proud of you Tyler. Yes you need to change your life completely and I hope you get the help you need. Selling illegal drugs and severely abusing women is no way to live hunny.

      Please go all the way Tyler. Nail those bastards for killing Lindsay Buziak. That’s just not right and that Z family needs to be arrested before they do it again. I love you Tyler.


    • Team says:

      More than one person has heard Ryan Zailo brag about not passing the polygraph administered by someone hired at the SPD. Ryan is tall, 6ft+ and was with Ashley Lum who happens to have a blonde wig that is the same style as the witness description. The witness description looks like Ashley wearing a blonde wig. If this is true, Jason arrived as Ryan and Ashley were heading out the front door, one minute too early. He parked away from the house so Cohen would not be able to recognize Ryan. He moved to the side after he was sure Shirley left the house by way of the patio. He moved the car to the street so Ryan and Ashley could leave through the front door to go to down the street to their car.

      Not pursuing this huge lead, would be unbelievable and very telling. I know investigating this trail will be a lot of work for the SPD, but they must look into what this witness has to say. The witness sounds credible and his story makes sense after all we know.

      • Svetlana says:

        But wouldn’t she have recognized them on the spot before going in the house?

        • The Team says:

          Is it necessary that she did not know them? Ryan could have said hey this is my friend Ashley. Mummy sent me over to make sure you were safe.

        • Magdelina says:

          Maybe Ryan was already in the house

        • Retired Detective says:

          I’m sure she recognized Ryan. There is no evidence she actually met with someone she didn’t know. She was seen in front of the house with two people. Horsley there was shaking of hands and deduced she didn’t know them. He has no clue what happened. She may or may not have shook hands. Did she know Ashley Lum? If not maybe Ryan introduces them. He likely said Shirley sent him to check on her since Jason was late.

          As far as the text message, “the Mexicans are here” Lindsay never called them the Mexicans, that was Jason so who sent the text?

          Ryan and Ashley with Shirley in the house makes the most sense to me with all we know.

          • Robin says:

            I think possibly Lindsay was murdered between 5:00-5:15. It was only Jason that said Lindsay went home to change. I bet Lindsay went right to the house and it could have been Ryan and Shirley waiting upstairs or only Ryan. Lindsay could have done a quick run thru the house before couple arrived and she was attacked upstairs by person or persons waiting. The couple arriving at 5:30 to meet Lindsay could have been a complete set up just to make it look like it was the said couple. It would have been easy to have someone look similar to Lindsay. In the Crimewatch video that girl is NOT a close likeness of Lindsay. Lindsay was petite that person was surely not. Lindsay’s murder was planned with every detail taken into consideration and it seems to me this was all possible. Could the meeting out front only been for appearance and then those two helped killer/killers with gargabe bags, hazmat suits, knives and getting out of house to neighbor’s van quickly? Could that couple have gotten onto ferry that Terry Shein’s son got off of? Terry Shein specifically asked his son to arrive later in the day and then proceeded to insist they meet Mom and other son for dinner which was unusual. The son that got off ferry did not want to go for dinner and went home while other 3 went for dinner. When son got home he was shocked and scared with crime scene and police wanting to search their house. When son called Dad to tell him he did not rush home nor did he tell wife what was going on. Very unusual parenting.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              Yes, I think Terry Shein was definitely involved.

            • Magdelina says:

              That is very true. Who’s to say Lindsay went home to change? They could have been waiting in the house for her. It was so planned. Right to the T. I wholeheartedly believe Jason was one of them that did it. This is too easy to investigate. 1+1=2, connect all the dots, substantially there is a lot of evidence.

              • Just A Canadian says:

                Would be super easy to confirm if Lindsay had gone home to change or not. The restaurant maybe had cameras? Whoever waited on the two probably noticed what Lindsay was wearing, especially if she was dressed up. What was she wearing when she was found??????? Would have been so easy 11 years ago to confirm if she went home to change or not, this information would help with the timeline.

          • Wyatt says:

            Ashley Lum eh…. wonder how your grandfather would react to his granddaughter being an accessory to such a heinous crime? He’s been dead as long as Lindsay but he contributed to society, unlike Ashley Lum who is a burden. How do you live with yourself?

            • Svetlana says:

              Who exactly is Ashley Lum? I did see the obituary of her grandfather and her photo is on this site. Was she questioned by the police?

              • Lillian says:

                I believe the picture is of her sister, Michelle Lum, not Ashley. And I understand that Michelle lives in the vicinity of the murder house and she was accessory to the access/exit for the killer(s).

          • ranger rick says:

            I find the timing off with that last text Lindsay apparently sent to Jason. You’re telling me she had a late lunch and had time to go home and change before driving to the other side of town during traffic? And then still had enough time to prep and go over a house she was not too familiar with? The way it plays out is that she accessed the lock box and the clients showed up quite soon after…on foot in the approaching dark. The fact that they arrived on foot would take anyone off guard let alone give time to text anyone in front of their clients.

            • Following says:

              Funny you should say that. As a realtor, arriving by foot without an explanation immediately is a red flag situation. I find it abhorrent that the owner of REMax was aware she was concerned and did not make sure she was accompanied. I would consider a wrongful death lawsuit if they have such a thing in Canada. She worked under that broker who was responsible for all her actions. She was nervous and possibly encouraged to go as it meant income for the brokerage.

              • ranger rick says:

                Shirley Zailo was her boss at the time. It has been discussed before that it would have been easy for her to talk Lindsay into showing this house despite her uneasiness.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Ryan was not one of the “mexicans”. Lindsay might not have known Ashley Lum. I’m thinking the woman could have been Ashley or Shirley. Shirley could have easily explained away a blonde wig. Either way the woman was wearing a dress similar to Shirley’s style.

      • Lillian says:

        Loose lips sink ships, a principle that applies to killers, they can’t help it, they’re psychopaths. Bye, bye Shirley, Jason & RYAN! Your drug buddies consider you ALL a liability now and you’ve clearly demonstrated that you will soon flip on them.

    • Jake says:

      Good luck loser, can’t trust the cops and u can’t trust your lowlife so called friends. You r a dirty scumbag thru and thru like the Zailo’s and all the other pieces of crap that can’t be decent human beings and care for each other rather than harm. Live your fictitious lives but it’ll catch up with each and every one of ya. This is not the first time the Ryan Zailo story has been told either. It is old news to some people and I was told by 1 of them years ago. Off to hell with u, at least you will know lots of people there.

      • Robin says:

        Why not Ryan Zailo? He was the one who met Lindsay first. He suggested she come to the mommy dearest managed while they were in school together. What young guy wouldn’t want pretty Lindsay for a girlfriend BUT loyal (NOT) brother Jason decided he should have her somehow. I guess what Jason wants Jason gets. Must be a sore point for Ryan though. So Ryan must have had some anger issues around Lindsay do you think? Not to mention all the ways the Zailo’s tried to provide a luxury life for Lindsay that she chose to not prostitute herself for. Errrrrrr…. who does that to the “do ya know who I am” family? Oh yes there would have so much anger towards Lindsay from those 3 stooges, but Ryan would have extra anger built up and now we find out he unleashed it on poor Lindsay. I can see it, oh yes I can. I unfortunately know how angry men can get when they are rejected. Yes the poor babies just lose control. Yes this was an all the family affair. Makes sense to me. 101 from mafia school. The Zailo’s were snubbed, boo hoo, and whah whah. Lindsay knew something about their dirty dealings that they couldn’t risk her speaking of. Ruining their livelihood and that of many other lowlife, two faced, pathetic people. So here we are 11 years later and the only reason we find out details is because we have shifted into the social media and blog age. Thank god for small miracles. We may have corruption all around us with rich wankers, corrupt cops and politicians, shifty neighbors, deceitful colleagues, parading around in sheep’s and cheap clothing but at least we can call them out. That is a miracle in my world. Praise for The Lindsay Buziak website. Justice for Lindsay will be served one way or another. Ryan Zailo the stabber, he waited for Lindsay in the upstairs bathroom. Lindsay did not go home to change as Jason said, she went right to the house. Lindsay was murdered when she was doing a check on the house before showing it. I always thought it was Shirley but it was Ryan or maybe both of them. Whoever met the couple was not Lindsay, that was all a set up imo. That girl was way heavier than Lindsay and not a good likeness of her.
        Well bless the Lord we have had a miracle today and it showed up on social media. Praise the almighty, he does work in mysterious ways.

        • Vicsleuther19 says:

          Lindsay knew Ryan and would have recognized him if he was the male seen by witnesses greeting her with the woman in the notable dress. If the witness information widely distributed by the Saanich Police and discussed in public is credible and accurate, it is unlikely Ryan was the male seen greeting Lindsay. However, based on the information I’ve found available in the public domain, I don’t recall reading Ryan had ‘alibi’ level evidence proving he could not have been in the house prior to, at the time of, or shortly after the time of death. Could it be possible the woman and man who were seen greeting Lindsay were not the killer(s) but were decoy buyers to get Lindsay into the house and/or the ‘clean-up crew’ who’s job was to delete the forensic evidence after the killer (possibly Ryan based on OP) completed the murder? Situations such as this where an accusation of a confession is presented are the major reason police retain closely guarded ‘hold back information’. The public will not know these key details which could only be know by the killer(s) and/or conspirators, however we can use the same means of deduction and fitment checking to the accepted facts with the information we do have to assess the credibility and plausibility of this new information. Given the quantity of theories and accusations presented by the public, we all must accept that a significant number of those or aspects of those are inherently correct. There is only one true version of events that occurred regarding Lindsay’s murder. Sound detective work must be prefaced from a foundation of facts. Successful prosecution is only possible if the logical pathway by which acts are determined to have been committed and charge(s) is/are laid is foundationally correct and proveable, start to finish. Just as those involved in Lindsay’s murder are only as protected as their weakest link, the purveyance of justice is only as likely as the strength of the logic and evidence which retitles suspects to accuseds. Just as there is power and privilege granted by this website to discuss and expose truth regarding Lindsay’s murder there is also great responsibility which comes with that. The pieces required to ‘solving’ (ie proving) this case clearly exist. Under no circumstances should diliberate attempts to misdirect or muddy the waters be tolerated. Well intentioned but less than useful or potentially detrimental information should be recorded and filed, but care taken to assess if there is value in releasing. Let’s see if Saanich police have what it takes. Godspeed.

          • Wyatt says:

            All what you claim is sound and good, but it’s based on the police being anything other then corrupt! None of these goals are accomplished while the police force is dirty. That “hold back” evidence is now tainted worthless because it was being “held back” (or perhaps lost) for corruption purposes. The entire investigation is now in a state of being discredited regardless how viable and sound the evidence. Claiming the SPD hold some level of honour, trust and confidence at this stage is unfounded.

            • Just A Canadian says:

              Yup but this can go higher than the corrupt SPD

            • Vicsleuther19 says:

              Let me be clear in no uncertain terms: At this stage, given the information brought forward by the public, lack of visible action by SPD, discrepancies in information released by SPD and refusal to transfer the case to an authority with broader experience and much less probability of acquaintance and corruption with the parties involved (RCMP) (FBI and/or DEA will only involve themselves if there is x-border involvement – cartel theory, however it is still cdn LE that would have to recommend charges), it is highly probable that there is A) something the public is unaware of or has incorrectly concluded or B) the SPD is corrupt and actively impeding, tainting, or stalling the investigation to protect themselves and others. Personally, I would assume and act as though BOTH are true. Corrupt or not, the SPD know (or knew-possibly lost or compromised 11yrs later) information that the public almost certainly does not. Regarding B) the point of my post above is that if credible information is brought forward and corroborated (ie potentially Tyler and co’s posts), investigate the piss out of it. Link the facts. Document everything. Compile the full truth of ‘what happened’ start to finish. Witness statements, and testimony will almost certainly be required. If you, Jeff, or someone has a package of evidence that stands on its own merits and proves this case, it could be brought to the RCMP (perhaps best at a far removed office), crown prosecutor, or attorney general, I would suggest in person. Keep a second identical duplicate copy at a trusted attorney’s office for release should anything untoward happen, as insurance and a corruption sensor and prover. SPD would certainly be engaged by RCMP, CP, or AG if this scenario occurred. The point being, if SPD are widely covering, impeding, or tainting the investigation, or simply unable to ‘solve’ this case, another investigation needs to happen. If a non-SPD investigation is going to produce justice, the evidence must link, logically, irrefutably, and be strong enough to withstand the scrutiny it will surely face at trial. The public is reliant on the criminal justice system (LE, CP’s, Courts, Judges etc); we can in certain circumstance execute ‘citizens arrests’ if I am not mistaken, however to my knowledge, citizens of the public cannot lay charges. If justice other than vigilante or street is to be served, the criminal justice system must be used. The challenge herein is navigating that system without running into the many walls and falling into the many traps that lay await in that porous system. If one can plot in advance the path from start to finish (convictions) and lockdown the evidence required, I believe justice can be served irregardless of the SPD. Lindsay’s unsolved murder is a heinous stain on the Greater Victoria Area and most importantly the SPD. It’s beyond time this is cleaned up and a measure of closure is obtained for the community but most importantly for Lindsay’s family and friends. There is no knowing the torture they endure still living in this purgatory. To all of you reading with information or evidence, time to lock it down and button it. You CAN do it.

        • Lillian says:

          That was a great read! I did it 3x! I’m not a religious person in anyway shape/form, but I’ll take your hallelujah!! And offer an Amen.

    • Svetlana says:

      What is the motive?

      • Donald Kimble says:

        Jealousy and along with rejection of a family. The whole her knowing or compromising the criminal empire is just an excuse for them to garner corrupt police support ie. Hosely’s interest. There’s no indication that she posed a risk of being a whistle blower or informant. In this case it is purely personal and the Zailos put a lot of people in heat as a result of it being a personal hit.

        • Justice says:

          Well said Donald, exactly put. Now the world knows about the scumbag Zailos. Come on SPD, start doing your job instead of complaining about us on this site interfering with you not doing anything at all for 11 years.

        • Wyatt says:


        • Svetlana says:

          From what I gather, I also think it has nothing to do about whistle blower/informant or mistaken informant or whatever happened in Calgary. If it was a mistaken informant like I read on the internet which some people think, then the real informant would have been killed eventually and plus it was checked by police that she was not that person. At least they were able to do that bit. Definitely people close to her did this and out of some kind of intense jealousy. They need to be caught. After 12 years I would look at the lives of these people right now and see what they are up to.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think that she did see something and that is ultimately why they ( the Zailos ) felt they had to stop her from possibly talking. Her past rejection of Ryan must have made it easier for him if he did indeed commit this heinous act. It all makes sense. I was wondering why Ryan was in the neighborhood too. This makes the puzzle all fit into place.

    • Donald Kimble says:

      Good on you Tyler. Your abominable existence is no longer there with taking these steps. The drugs are not the answer at the end of the day.

      Sounds like you have a decent head on your shoulders and just be careful.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        the missing piece of the check mate puzzle is cohen oatman. he is the one that can make the verdict guilty as charged

        why cohen have you been so afraid = if saanich police are on the 187 then you would think you could expose that and be a hero

        nobody will touch you, i’m guessing cohen heard and saw a lot of incriminating testimony that would land all three Z’s in jail

        just dump this loser family

        • The Team says:

          I think Cohen was chosen because they knew he was someone who wouldn’t pay much attention to what was going on. Remember he didn’t even know they were going to the house before dinner. He had no reason to suspect or pay attention to details. Jason likely kept him distracted with directions and chatter. When they pulled up to the house, it took seconds to swing the car in the opposite direction of the house. Obviously Cohen didn’t see the clients faces or he would have recognized Ryan.

          Horsley said they were lucky they didn’t get there one minute earlier or they would have met them at the door. They were lucky that Cohen didn’t recognize Ryan.

          I think Cohen was chosen for a reason and do not believe he observed much of anything in the dark and easily distracted by Jason or his phone.

    • Bob-from-the-island says:

      This better not be another troll post to gain attention.

      • Retired Detective says:

        Have some patience. I believe Tyler already spoke to police. The SPD now has to question people they should have questioned 11 years ago. We are watching. We have eyes all over Victoria. We know the SPD has visited some of the suspects and witnesses and have to take this seriously now. If they don’t follow up to our satisfaction, we now have information that would implicate the SPD in covering up if they do not go after Ryan Zailo. The SPD and gangster wanna be Horsley are not going to be able to sweep this under their dirty rug. The only reason the drug dealers let him hang out with them is so he can help cover up their crimes.
        We have a lot of dirt on Horsley too. He is the next one to go down when the witnesses go to authorities about what they have seen him snort. The SPD needs to Administer unannounced drug tests On all personnel
        including Horsley.

  16. Svetlana says:

    It should be easy to solve this case. For instance,
    The phone that pinged at one location in Victoria. This is a very big clue and EVIDENCE right there. DNA should be looked at one more time and with newer technology and scientists it is possible something can be detected that wasn’t seen before.
    About seeing the ‘couple’ at the door and then retreating from the door, what is this all about? Who said this and who saw this? If true, then was that a SIGNAL to someone?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think that was a signal too.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That is if that actually happened as it was Jason who reported that so who knows. He might have made that up or it was a signal.

    • JT says:

      On the DateLine episode, Jason states he saw the killers through smoked glass next to the front door. Horsley states he actually saw them walking out the open front door and then turned and went back in when they saw the car turn into the cup de sac. He repeated that information to crime watch daily. He was concerned for poor Jason that if he had arrived any sooner, Jason would have met the killers face to face. Oh poor little Jason. Horsley has so much concern for two 6ft+ 240 lb+ semi-pro hockey players.

      That means Jason bold-faced lied on DateLine. That is an example of how easily, calmly, and well Jason can lie. It is online for everyone to watch. He is a fabulous lier. Why does this not raise great concerns about the Zailos involvement int Lindsay’s murder? BTW, why has Ryan never been interviewed? He is part of the timeline/alibi. I heard he didn’t pass his polygraph and bragged about it. He is the one the SPD needs to focus on because he has a big mouth. I’ve been saying this for years.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        The SPD should have taken a statement from Tyler and anybody else that has stepped up to bring this madness to an end by now and offered them protection. I’m expecting arrests any day now and so is everyone I have talked to about this. We don’t know if any of the statements are true at all as far as seeing people through a smokey glass or almost bumping right into them leaving goes considering the source for both of those inconsistent stories. And Horsley repeating it as if there is no big glaring inconsistency. Crazy. Jason could have made that up to try to explain why he was playing musical parking instead of doing what he was supposedly there to do. Support and protect Lindsay. And what about those papers he told Cohen he had to drop off. If he was going to wait until the end of the showing anyways there was no real need for him to be there. The whole situation is one lie after another. Wake up SPD and make some arrests.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Totally agree ConnectTheDots. Again the information given to the public is from the Zailo people and the SPD. Did anyone actually see Lindsay shake hands with anyone, going home to change? Jason just ate lunch with Lindsay, wanted Cohen to go have dinner? Jason parking, moving the car etc etc etc. Complex case to solve? No DNA? This would have been solved years ago had someone besides the SPD been involved. I believe it is time for the RCMP in Ottawa to take charge of this bullshit. Enough is Enough. Time for protection for Lindsays friends to speak what they know and everyone else that needs to set their conscience free. This murder, I am sure, has haunted many for 11 years because they have no one in the SPD or even BC to talk to. Take it higher, take it to The House of Commons and get it done. It’s time. Those of you that had nothing to do with Lindsays murder, time to talk and save yourselves before the evil blames you.

          • Robin says:

            I totally agree with everything you have said. We are witnessing a awful situation with major corruption all around Lindsay’s murder. All the players, criminal minds, the B.C. Rail Scandal, Basi and Virk plead guilty in the BC Rail Scandal yet the taxpayer pays 6 million for their lawyers. They get house arrest. Now we find out about B.C. money laundering, the hockey bags of cash at Vancouver casinos. The complete mess of the real estate market which is where the Zailo’s laundered lots of drug money. The murder of a 24 year old girl is amongst all this. I believe if Jeff hadn’t been so persistent with finding the the perpetrators then this would be sitting right where the Saanich Police have wanted it. To fade away. That was part of the plan but none of the criminals realized the tenaciousness of Jeff. The plan was that Lindsay’s murder would fall off everyone’s radar and the criminals would just moved on. Look what has been uncovered in 11 years, it is disgustibg. Look how hard Jeff and his supporters have had to work to get the attention of anyone who would listen. This is most disturbing knowing how hard we have had to work to get the attention of the authorities. It has felt like we have been the criminals. This has not instilled my faith in my government, RCMP or municipal police. It’s quite the opposite. All anyone wants is to hold the people who murdered a beautiful young woman, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, accountable for changing the course of everyone’s life and by stealing Lindsay’s life.

  17. Svetlana says:

    I think the remark that Lindsay said about seeing something she should not have 2X within a year?, is not about drugs. It is something sexual. If it had been about drugs and knowing how close Jeff is with his daughter she would have told him it was drugs but it is something about love/sex affairs etc. we don’t want to tell our parents what we have seen our husbands/boyfriends doing out of embarrassment/shame.

  18. Saanich Resident says:

    I wonder is there is a connection between the drug money the Saanich Police pigs we’re getting paid off at the dry cleaning business in Saanich Plaza, Mr. Downies retirement and retirement as a contractor, and everything that’s going on down at the Legislature. The dudes at the legislature under investigation hung out at the Union Club quite a bit with a number of scumbag local lawyers, and politicians (including Frank Leonard who was mayor and on the Sannich Police board during: 1996-2014).

  19. Svetlana says:

    Why don’t we hear anything from Cohen Oatman, the friend and alibi? It is very strange that he didn’t see or sense something strange? I don’t think he is so innocent….

    • Lillian says:

      I would imagine he’s in great fear of having his throat slit too. Much like the EX of mommy dearest who fled back to the Netherlands in fear of his life. Besides, I get the impression Cohen is a very weak man, he obviously has valuable testimony but his fear is greater then his courage. That’s how criminals operate – by fear. And just who does he share that information with? Who’s to be trusted? The SPD can’t have it, they’re corrupt.

      • Rosanne says:

        This is why people like Dr. Phil roll their eyes at conspiracy theories. They get blown up to the point everyone is a suspect. This man and his actions show clearly he was chosen because he is a good upstanding person who would be trusted and believed as an alibi. There is not one mention of him or his actions that indicate his involvement in a murder. He wasn’t even aware they were going to check on Lindsay until he was in the car heading to a dinner invatation he wasn’t really wanting to go to but felt obligated.
        All of the Sannich police officers are not dirty scumbags and Lindsay’s girlfriends are not all withholding information in fear, which would solve this case.
        This case has enough really strange bits that should be concentrated on. This part on the internet already may be insuring that nobody is ever brought to justice as in my opinion any lawyer has been handed enough credible, take that back, interesting theories to speak about in court which could leave a jury unable to get beyond a reasonable doubt.

        • Lillian says:

          So if not ALL the Saanich Police Officer’s are scumbags, then why are they not stepping up to the “good cop” podium and putting their scumbag/dirty cop buddies on notice? It would surmise the “good/clean” ones out number the dirty scumbags but they’ve yet to be busted…… why is that? I despise dirty cops, I would like to believe the “good/clean” ones do too, but perhaps the line of corruption in the SPD is rather deep and dark and that corrupt line of authority is difficult to expose when you don’t know where the good-line starts and the dirty-one ends. Who do you trust? That’s disrepute in its finest form.
          As for justice for Lindsay. Yeah, cause what’s transpired over 11 years is working, right? We can only strive and hope the courts are smarter then you give them credit, although I’m not a fan of the criminal-system, I will always hope justice prevails.

          • Rosanne says:

            The “good cop” does stand up. There are close to 200 police in Saanich. This Article from the Daily News shows they do get turned in, investigated and charged.

            The police watchdog annual report shows that Saanich had six substantiated allegations against officers which were concluded between Apr. 1, 2017, and Mar. 31, 2018. (Black Press File Photo)

            Report shows Saanich police officer retroactively fired over corruption, deceit, relationship with sex worker
            Saanich Police had six of eight substantiated allegations against officers in Greater Victoria

            KERI COLESNov. 20, 2018 3:22 p.m.LOCAL NEWSNEWS

            A police complaint commissioner report, released Tuesday, gives insight into serious substantiated allegations of misconduct against police officers in Greater Victoria – ranging from using the services of sex trade workers, to corruption and deceit.

            The Saanich Police Department had six of the eight substantiated allegations against municipal officers in Greater Victoria which were concluded between Apr. 1, 2017, and Mar. 31, 2018, according to the 2017/2018 Annual Report released by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC). The OPCC is a civilian, independent office of the legislature that oversees complaints and investigations involving municipal police in B.C.

            The misconduct allegations include corrupt practice, deceit, discreditable conduct, improper disclosure, neglect of duty and improper use or care of a firearm.

            RELATED: Oak Bay police officer fired after hiring sex trade worker, watchdog says

            In one case, a Saanich officer faced 11 misconduct allegations related to an inappropriate relationship with a known sex trade worker, allegedly attempting to collect money on behalf of the sex worker via threats and coercion, including threats of criminal sanctions.

            Following a report of a domestic assault, sexual assault and robbery of the sex worker on Jan. 2, 2015, the officer failed to conduct an adequate investigation and then filed a false or misleading investigative report and made false or misleading radio broadcasts related to the investigation.

            The report also says the officer allegedly sent and received sexual text messages and images to and from the victim.

            Multiple allegations of deceit stemmed from the misconduct investigation, due to the officer making misleading statements to the investigating officer and Crown Counsel, in addition to the claim that the sex worker was the first female the police officer had ever attempted to gather information from.

            “When the initial allegations came forward, we took immediate action by removing the officer from operational duties and the former officer was subsequently suspended. We also immediately notified the OPCC and requested their oversight,” said Saanich police Sgt. Jereme Leslie. “As the allegations were significant, and potentially criminal in nature, we coordinated investigative efforts with the BC Prosecution Service.”

            The police officer resigned during the Police Act investigation, which was suspended during the criminal investigation into the allegation. After reviewing the criminal investigation, Crown Counsel did not approve charges and the suspension of the Police Act proceedings was lifted.

            The Discipline Authority found the officer’s conduct in relation to these allegations to be “inexcusable and put the public at risk, the public’s confidence in the Saanich police at risk, the reputation of the Saanich police at risk and, in their totality, were grounds for dismissal.”

            As the former member resigned from the Saanich Police Department, the Discipline Authority’s decisions regarding discipline were written as though the police officer was still with the department so they form part of the service record of discipline for the member regardless of their employment situation.

            Based on a review of the evidence, the OPCC was satisfied with the decision.

            RELATED: Watchdog calls for probe into police board spending on ex-Victoria police chief

            The same officer faced four misconduct allegations including corrupt practice, discreditable conduct and deceit for allegedly misappropriating money seized from a confidential informant on Jan. 24, 2015. The police officer is said to have threatened to reveal a confidential informant’s status to their criminal associates and knowingly provided false or misleading evidence to the Police Act investigator about the meaning of text messages related to the allegation and threats.

            A second officer faced misconduct allegations for leaving a loaded service firearm in a public washroom on May 23, 2017. The police officer readily admitted to it and accepted responsibility. The proposed discipline for the police officer was a verbal reprimand which the OPCC approved.

            A third police officer faced a misconduct allegation for neglect of duty after leaving a backpack in a covert police vehicle parked outside of a hotel overnight. The backpack was stolen on the morning of Aug. 13, 2017.

            The contents of the backpack included a mini Glock magazine containing eight .40 caliber rounds, one OC spray, a video camera containing surveillance footage, a police issued notebook, binoculars, and a camouflage rain jacket and pants. The magazine with ammunition, OC spray, JVC video camera, police notebook and a jacket were recovered a few days after but the binoculars and several of the police officer’s personal clothing items remain missing.

            The officer accepted full responsibility and there was no sign of any deceitful or malicious intent behind the officers’ actions, according to the report. The proposed discipline was advice to future conduct which the OPCC determined to be appropriate.

            The fourth officer faced neglect of duty and discreditable conduct allegations for continuing an informant relationship after the department ordered for the relationship to be terminated. The police officer is said to have inappropriately shared personal information with the informant through text messaging.

            Both allegations of misconduct were substantiated by the Discipline Authority who proposed a 30-day suspension for each allegation that was to be served concurrently. OPCC approved.

            The fifth officer got a written reprimand for disclosing information acquired as a police officer to their spouse and for having knowledge of matters that the police officer should have brought to the attention of the police department. The OPCC was satisfied that the decision of the Discipline Authority.

            The annual report shows that Oak Bay had two substantiated allegations against officers, one for using the services of sex trade workers and one for negligent discharge of a firearm. The Victoria Police Department and Central Saanich Police Service had no substantiated misconduct during the fiscal year 2017/2018, according to the annual report.

            Investigations into allegations against police officers are done within the police department, however, an OPCC investigative analyst is assigned to the file and monitors the investigation to make sure it is conducted professionally and addresses the concerns raised.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I think that most rational people would know and understand that that is just the tip of the iceberg. Certainly locals know that. Pretty much for PR purposes. To make some people ( rose colored glasses ) think that all is good and they are on top of things and certainly not crooked. And then there is reality. I think a big part of the reason that no body will come forward is because certain members of the police are complicate or worse. And the others are ( whether they like it or not ) part of the old boys club. It is unsafe for them to go to them. Just look at the sexual harassment cases coming forward. This is how our police have been behaving. And that again, is just the tip of the iceberg.

            • Lillian says:

              That’s a whole lot of misconduct and corruption loose at this PD. Nothing but slaps on the wrists from OCPP and internal process. These dirty cops should have ALL been dismissed! Zero tolerance! It certainly demonstrates the hiring practices are less then standard criteria and full of nepotism.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Dr. Phil can roll his eyes all he wants. The evidence clearly points in one direction. Anybody that looks at all of the evidence can see beyond a reasonable doubt what happened and who was behind it. I used to respect Dr. Phil. No more.

          • Kate says:

            I totally agree with you! Dr. Phil was horrible to Jeff Buziak in my opinion. His discounting Mr. Buziak’s theory of corruption & inept police work on the part of Saanich police. I won’t watch Dr. Phil again.

        • Kate says:

          I’m an American who’s followed this case closely and thought Dr. Phil’s treatment of Jeff was terrible. His discounting of the corruption & cover-up by the Saanich police was dispicable. He was a total dick to JB on the show. Keep up the fight for justice for Lindsay Jeff! A lot of people are behind you!

    • Robin says:

      Because I am sure he has been told by the Big Bullies to “Keep his mouth SHUT” he has a wife and kids and he is not going to mess with these people after witnessing first hand what the Zailo’s are capable of. He must loathe Jason Zailo.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I heard that he is nervous as hell about being there. He was coerced into going by Jason ( someone he did not hang out with ) on the pretext of going for a meal. Jason had just finished having a meal with Lindsay………..

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      You bet he knows what happened. Had to realize after the fact that he had been duped by Jason. All sorts of odd behavior.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      If you type his name into the net he apparently works at lending money just like Jason does. Their lives are intertwined in financing of real estate.

      • Robin says:

        You can bet Cohan is minding his P&Q’s at Dominion lending and I bet he is being paid well for it. He sold himself to the devil because he saw what the Zailo’s are capable of so he is keeping his mouth shut. Cohan knows Jason used him.

  20. Lillian says:

    So…. this morning I receive a call from Trevor Dyck’s bum buddy, Mike Millard! The “other” fake representative from the Professional Standards Office. Apparently MORGAN sloughed my allegations off to Mikey and Mikey proceeded to tell me that “they” were forwarding it to the OPCC! hahahaha. Really? First, I asked him why he was calling me as I did not write to him. He made up some lame remark that the file came to his desk and he was providing it to OPCC. Yeah right! Clearly MORGAN is part ‘n parcel of this line of corruption. Mikey got quite condescending and his tone was far from professional so I just hung up on him after telling him NOT to call me again! I wasn’t interested in having a conversation with him! A nobody! An underling to MORGAN. This is my email to MORGAN:

    MR. Morgan. I received a very rude and condescending telephone call via your underling, Mike Millard. I had to terminate the call due to his disrespect and tone.

    I had not written to Mike so I had no need to communicate with him nor did he with me. I see that you dismissed your responsibility in regards to my allegations and took it upon yourself to leave it with Mike. It is my understanding, from Mike, that he was ‘forwarding’ my complaint to the OPCC. If I had wanted my complaint filed with the OPCC, then I would have done so. For your information, I surmise the OPCC is likely part ’n parcel of this corruption line as it is comprised of ‘retired’ Saanich Police, therefore I have zero faith that this complaint would be processed in an unbiased manner. Thats called trust and confidence, Mr. Morgan. Something the SPD is lacking from the community.

    By your actions (or lack thereof) to take this complaint seriously and ensure it is processed via the detachment level it would demonstrate that you are claiming there is no internal mandate, standards or policy to ensure there are no dirty cops in your midst? Is that correct? Or is this just your inept way of sloughing off your responsibilities? OR, worse, are you part of the corruption? Just asking. I certainly don’t expect you would incriminate yourself.

    In the future, for the record, as telephone conversations are not recorded and clearly there is a lack of professionalism (Mike Millard) and telephone etiquette, IF you must communicate with me, then I request it is in written form for quality purposes and record. I did not request or have any expectations for ANY communication from you and while I appreciate you may have considered Mike’s nasty call a “courtesy’ it was neither welcomed or warranted. However, having been advised that you have sloughed off your duty to ensure there is no corruption and dirty cops in your midst, then I really have no desire to ‘hear’ from you or your underlings. I shall move on to communicate with those who have integrity, power and authority to share the community’s grave concerns regarding corruption at the SPD.

    cc: Board of Directors

    All this additional information being posted here (today) is phenomenal. I feel the walls cracking. I feel we are on the verge of getting someone’s attention, someone with the integrity, the power, the authority to bust these wall down. On D-day no less. Come on Lindsay’s friends! Be brave, do the right thing, lets get these dirty cops outta town and give the community of Saanich back to the citizens! I’m a tenacious old buzzard. I want results!

  21. Richard Hutchins says:

    P.S. To my previous post —
    Jason went around the corner to wait because Jason did not want his alibi to witness the killers!

    • Svetlana says:

      So you mean he and Cohen waited on de Sousa Place then afterwards decided to go to the main street called Torquay Drive? What was the reason given to Cohen to change streets? Also, why would Jason want a second dinner with Cohen when he just finished one with Lindsay?

      • Magdelina says:

        U got that right. Its’ so obvious, but the crooked cops won’t let this get solved. It will be solved trust me. One that will go to jail will open his trap for a better deal eventually

  22. Richard Hutchins says:

    I just watched this show on Dateline (YouTube).
    I am an attorney — I have some experience in these matters.
    My impressions:
    Jason had it done!
    Jason had a witness with him just in order to provide an alibi when he “discovered” her body; why take an alibi to visit your girlfriend???
    That’s why Jason waited out in the car after he, initially, arrived — when he saw the killers through the window, he realized that he had arrived too early (so he, conveniently, went around the corner so that he would not witness the killers leave); why not just wait out in the street?
    Jason had a motive — Lindsay was going to leave him (Lindsay had told him that she was going to leave him).

    • David J Anderson says:

      Good call, Richard. And Jason more than likely told Lindsay or showed her what his Crime Boss Mom and he were up to in regards to drug/money laundering. He may have been trying to intimidate Lindsay. And that’s why she didn’t tell Jeff.

      Jeff said, “Boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend.” And he was right.

      Sociopath Shirley begets sociopath Son.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think that Jason was involved but it was his mom that had it done. Super sick but I think it was his mom directing Jason.

  23. Just A Canadian says:

    To Lindsay’s friends that I believe know who killed her. You still have time to report this to someone. Why not try the RCMP in Ottawa, hopefully no connection to the corruption in BC. I hope the last 11 years of your lives have been hell. No sympathy cos you had the choice to help or to hinder this murder. The walls are coming down and you are all as guilty as the creeps that killed her. Run fast and send some e mails, stand up for your friend and do what is right.

    • TL says:

      Yes, to her friends….. If you’re afraid because you know the cops are corrupt and will hurt you if they find out you’re talking, send Jeff a letter so no one can trace an email or text and tell him all you know. This will help him gather all the information available to present to the first honest cop that will listen to him and seriously look at the case. Since he understands he needs for now to keep any info given to him on the down low you certainly don’t have to worry about him outing you; in turn you will finally have the opportunity to honour your Beautiful Friend, Lindsay ‘anonymously’. Help Jeff pinpoint the direction of focus in his search for justice while he gathers all the information possible for the first opportunity he has to present it to decent police officers who will take evidence and run with it.
      Believe me Lindsay is watching all of this I’m sure she wouldn’t want you, her friends, to suffer the Karma of keeping the secrets that would bring her justice & them peace of mind.

      A suggestion might be to contact Jeff; he often posts his email address here you could contact him for his mailing address and send an unsigned letter, he will know who its from thru your request for his mailing address at the same time allow you to stay anonymous until it is safe to come forward.

      Finally help Lindsays family be at Peace knowing She received justice & help yourselves, your future state of minds, your consciences, knowing you did the right thing to help Jeff get that justice. Help all of her loved ones get justice for her including all of you, you all deserve justice too after what the experience has done to your livelihood, your peace of mind as you move forward with your lives.

      Trust me regrets are hell when you get to my age because as we look back over our lives there’s little one can do to right the unresolved wrongs. I Pray for all of you that you’re finally relieved of your burden by taking an opportunity to tell someone what you know

      • Donald Kimble says:

        were lindsay’s friends not threatened directly in person after the funeral – Jeff mentioned that Shirley signaled a knife chop to the throat to lindsays friends in a car upon leaving the funeral if they so mentioned anything to cops.

        i believe this type of testimony would be key to putting her and jason/ryan away

  24. JS says:

    Someone uploaded “Still a Mystery” to youtube. Lindsay’s case is covered in the second half.

  25. Larry says:

    Like many others involved in this tragedy I am quit simply fed up with the lies coming from the Saanich Police and the officials in-charge. The Saanich Police, more accurately Chris Horsley has been doing anything but bust the murderers and seeing Justice done.


    WHY? Because Chris Hosley is a big part of the problem. You see…Chris and these murderers go way back.
    When I was in my early twenties I partied at all of Victoria’s hot spots. New York,New York (NY/NY) was one of my favorite haunts and it was one of Mr Horsley’s too.

    On many occasion while enjoying the VIP lounges around Victoria’s nite life scene (the one inside NY/NY especially) I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Mr. Horsley and his COCAINE snorting buddies. It was a regular occurrence. Big money got tossed around and of course, they had the drugs and the babes.
    At that time a couple of things stood out as odd and uncomfortable about Mr. Horsley. He was irritatingly arrogant, he was a cop at the time he was cavorting with these lowlife drug dealers and the worst aspect of his personality was, while he was partying and having women jump all over him while ‘bro hugging’ his desperado buddies, this A hole had a wife and new born baby at home. What a dick I thought.

    Fast forward to today, Mr. Horsley is now a higher level representative of Saanich Police Department while handling……well, nothing really. He manages to pull out a fairly healthy wage I guess.
    However, I need everyone to consider a few things. Mr. Horsley is living well beyond his means and is lending money to his tight group of friends and business partners. One of those friends is a builder named Mr. Stevens of Lida Homes. Mr. Stevens is a Saanich Cop about the same age as Mr. Horsley.
    Interesting, right?

    Well get this, Mr. Stevens and Lida Homes started building maybe 7 years ago and the company almost immediately shot to the top of the Victoria building community and now his big signs are everywhere. He seemed to have lots of money to be able to do projects and build houses. He seemed to get cheap labour too. There are romours going around that he would higher felons. Felons that he had something over maybe? Anyways…just speculation and rumors. Well it gets even more interesting.
    Mr. Stevens, owner of Lida Homes borrows copious amounts of money from…you guessed it. Chris Horsley.

    This guy is dirty. Maybe someone should ask to see his tax returns cause it seems he and Stevens have way too much cash. Maybe someone should ask others Victorians of his age group to see if they have witnessed or are witnessing what I see now as the…


    • Donal Kimble says:

      My inkling is that Horsely had prior knowledge that the murder was going to take place. He knows everything. Absolutely everything and not from a cop standpoint, but from his dirty cop standpoint. He’s doing all he can to keep the lid on the case and deflecting everything in sight. Everyone knows he’s a wannabe gangster and someone with zero morals who was likely bullied in highschool and was nothing growing up. His payback is now and unfortunately for him the ice is melting under him.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        There is no other reason why he went to Calgary to intimidate Jeff. He is directly involved in the cover up and is squirming to protect himself first and foremost.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Donald it was bizarre the whole situation. Here I thought they were at my place of work because they were going to inform me they had arrested someone instead I am attacked and the other asshole Horsley brought along wouldn’t identify himself and Horsley ordered him not to. I complained to Saanich police superiors (soon to be chief) Scott Green and Inspector Steve Morgan and to the Police Complaint Commission, made up of retired Saanich police officers, and was told I had waited too long to file a complaint. Inspector Morgan told me the officers’ story was different than mine. I challenged them all to sit down to a lie detector and Morgan didn’t see the sense in that. I said it would prove to him he has lying officers on his staff and probably why Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved. He didn’t want to know that.
          While I was speaking to a junior investigator at the BC Complaint Commission, Saanich police were speaking on the phone directly with his superior who he refused to identify. I’m sure you can guess why? 3 former heads of Lindsay’s file, before Horsley, retired and have worked at the Office of the Police Complaint Commission along with Shirley Zailo’s ex-boyfriend Barry MacLachlan and his pals Ross Poulton, Craig Samson and Rob McCall. Fortunately we know 1+1=2 but Saanich police think we are all dumb and the answer is 3 because they are real smart coppers.
          B.C. is very messed up as is becoming apparent to everyone in the media because of cops like this. I’ve now found out the other “asshole” was Saanich cop Trevor Dyck. I asked him what the hell they were doing in Calgary besides wasting time threatening me? Dyck responded, “We got a roadie out of the deal”. Can you bloody imagine!!
          Of course things with Horsley and Saanich police always get more bizarre!!!! Guess what the Trevor Dyck does at Saanich police?

          The Professional Standards Office is available Monday through Friday 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM and can be contacted at:

          Sergeant Trevor Dyck

          250-475-4313 (Direct Line)

          Professional Standards, are you kidding me! Horsley and Dyck broke every rule of professional standards in one visit to me in Calgary.

          This is my truth.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        I have always thought that the dirty cop was involved with Lindsay’s murder, not just knew of the plan but a part of it. He needed to protect his corruption. The walls are coming down……………………………….

    • Robin says:

      Wow.. thanks so much for posting this today. It proves what everyone has been thinking. I hope this encourages others who have also experienced the two faced Horsley to speak up about their own experiences with him and other wolves in sheep’s clothing. He is an absolute piece of shit and no one should be protecting his ass. I don’t really give two F’s what shifty things people do on earth to be who they are or who they want to pretend to be, BUT here is the exception. This horse’s ass is in a very powerful position and is trusted and paid to protect honest citizens and to act with integrity. He does not deserve the money he is paid and he most certainly needs a big boot in the ass. How dare him be so complicit in the murder of a young woman who was loved by many and had a whole life ahead of her. Let’s not forget the terror that Lindsay had to endure Feb 02, 2008. She was betrayed by a bunch of low life POS, they do not deserve 1 oz of goodwill from anyone. How dare these criminals move amongst us pretending to be decent, honest working people such as cops, real estate people, mortgage brokers. How can anyone who knows the truth about them knowingly move around amongst them? How dare anyone who thinks these people should be allowed to continue moving amongst decent citizens when you know the level of corruption that they are involved in. The intimidation is not acceptable and if you are reading this, you damn well know better. A sleezy, slimy group of dirtbags do not deserve to be breathing the same air decent people do and it is time to say what you know so we can put our elected officials into motion to do what they should be doing for Lindsay. Don’t be such a wimp and stand up for what is right here. The lines of decency have been crossed and it is the responsibility of many to speak up. Enough is enough. Why would you protect people who would kill a young woman and live a life that is so Influenced by crime that it has made B.C. an impossible place for the average working person to live a basic decent life. Whoever you are make up a pseudo name and post your own truth on here about Horsley or any other bad Saanich cop for Lindsay, for Saanich. Why would anyone protect corrupt police? Please help get to the bottom of this.

      • see closely says:

        Many people(if not all) on this blog believe that SPD knows who the murderer of Lindsay is but protect him/her.I think that it is time to ask these questions.

        1)Does SPD actually knows this?
        2)If it does, did it have enough of proof so it would stick in a court case?
        3)If it does,did they present it to a Crown Prosecutor for approving the charge?
        4)Obviously,prosecutor rejected it as the case is still unresolved today after 11 years.Remember that Prosecutor approves any charges-not Investigating force!
        5)Why the Prosecutor rejected the case?
        6)Are we saying that Prosecutor is actually protecting the murdered when we say that SPD is protecting him/her?

        In that case.SPD is falsely accused of corruption or else SPD is in “cahoots” with the prosecution.
        It is getting far too complex.

        We also need to consider that today NDP”s AG would be very happy to blame former AG in Liberal government for screwing the case.The fact that he is not blaming the former Liberal government for the judicial corruption(as they would be happy to) is the indication that there is not,nor was there before,any corruption regarding this case.

        Sorry if this opinion goes against the prevalent one in this blog.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          No need to apologize as everyone is entitled to their opinion/assumptions.
          Yes, Spd know who executed Lindsay and they are WAITING for a confession. I have been told this by the Chief, two heads of the detective division and two heads of Lindsay’s file. I say quit waiting and do something about it but they refuse unless it falls in their lap.
          The AG could care less as experienced by the many, including myself, who have taken the time to write to him and his predecessors which I’m sure you haven’t.
          Spd, according to the representative of the Crown prosecutors office I spoke with this year have not submitted anything to them and there is no Lindsay file at the Crown prosecutors office.
          So, please tell us what these nincompoops have been doing for 11 years!
          p.s. 11 years is not acceptable unless you are really gullible and brainwashed. Please go to work every day for 11 years and not do your job and see what happens to you in way less than eleven years. Saanich police have accomplished 1 thing in eleven years and that is publicly clearing a family. Thats it! Hardly doing their job which is to investigate and solve crimes not wait for a confession and clear one group. HINT: They are in the arresting business.
          The current Chief Downie told me in person he was reassigning all officers working on Lindsay’s murder investigation because he wasn’t going to have them sitting around with their feet on their desks waiting for a confession but they would retain their titles and he did just that at the time. He made the Horsley a project manager for office renos because of his real estate construction knowledge and then a patrol commander catching speeders and shoplifters. Need I say more about your darling Saanich police?
          Sorry if I have squashed you idealistic opinion. We deal with reality here.

          • see closely says:

            Sorry Jeff.
            SPD is not my favorite organization.I don’t have any in this case.I am surprised(regarding your info regarding your reply to my opinion) that no report regarding Lindsay was submitted to AG/Prosecutor office in the time period from 2008-2019.Can’t understand it!SPD-in this context-is negligent in my mind.If it is trying to blame a victim’s family for pushing for results, is inexcusable to me.

            I am absolving nobody but somebody did the heinous deed.There is obviously and unfortunately no doubt about that.11 years is a long time and I do understand your frustration.

            • see closely says:

              There are many names named on this blog-regarding possible killers of Lindsay.There is also mention that SPD knows the name of murderer but is waiting for a confession.That is a nonsense to me.
              If you know the name of killer and SPD knows it too let us know it on this blog.Otherwise, it is all smoke and screen and we are bound to just guess based on rumours.The naming of killer will not impede the case since SPD did not submit any report to AG/Prosecution office according to you.After all it is 11 years when the crime was committed.
              By the way,did AG/Prosecution office ever asked for the report regarding this case from SPD?
              In my mind that is a negligence by the AG/Prosecution office if they did not..Did you ever went that way in your own investigation?And what was the answer?

          • see closely says:

            You said that prosecution office told you that they have no file about Lindsay case from SPD.

            As far as I can ascertain Prosecution did not get any report from SPD about Lindsay murder and they did not ask SPD about the progress on the case.
            This fact is actual from 2008-2014.
            In the year 2015 prosecution office inquired SPD about the case and SPD advanced the file to them regarding the investigation.
            AG/prosecution rejected the charge.
            in 2017 SPD left another investigation file with the AG office and AG again rejected it for charges.
            After 2017, there was no interaction between SPD and AG/prosecution office regarding Lindsay case.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              The SPD need to get out there and dig for answers. They are not doing that. Why? It would not take much to crack this case wide open. They are paid to solve cases, not sit back and wait for someone else to solve it for them. The word active as in active case should mean that someone is actively trying to solve it. If they are not willing to do that for whatever reason they need to declare it a cold case, as is the norm, and let other eyes have a look at this. As many eyes as possible. This case is solvable. By them just sitting on it they are actually in the way of it being solved. Again, you have to wonder why?

          • Lillian says:

            reassigning all officers working on Lindsay’s murder investigation because he wasn’t going to have them sitting around with their feet on their desks waiting for a confession but they would retain their titles and he did just that at the time. He made the Horsley a project manager for office renos because of his real estate construction knowledge and then a patrol commander catching speeders and shoplifters


  26. Roy says:

    Hope you and your family can find peace soon. My deepest condolences from norway ❤

  27. Svetlana says:

    May I ask if Shirley is Native Indian and what is her maiden name?
    What happened to her husband – the father of her 2 sons? Did her 2 sons get married since the 12 years that’s passed?

    • TL says:

      Check this out…. a guy confessed??? he has pretty much been debunked (the site has lots of gang news including pictures & articles on the players in Jason & Shirley’s circle….)

      Lindsay Buziak Murder Yields A Confession
      August 10, 2017 (Hal Ali Ziaee, Charbel Hage, Delalcazar brothers, Edgar Acevedo, Jason Zailo, Lindsay Buziak, Ross Addicott, Ziggy Matheson)

      • Team Lindsay says:

        That post came from two twats who are trying to distract from the truth and discredit Jeff and his supporters on the site here. The murder conspirators wouldn’t have involved a gutter slug like Addicott. He would have confessed or snitched by now. They did it themselves.

  28. Lillian says:

    Hey Horsefly….. I got a few more “tips” for ya. Ya know, when you’re in fed prison. They don’t do PC (protective custody) anymore, aka known as SEG. Some idiot in the court system ruled its was cruel & unusual punishment so now they’re busy eliminating that section. Apparently it was irrelevant that those in PC wanted to be there by their own volition or to protect the GP (general population). So, now the system is all GP, if you will, which makes the uncontrolled prison environment – out of control, it’s a free for all! So what that means for you, being a dirty cop ‘all, is great danger to your well being. My experience has been the dirty coppers in prison were only able to survive by being PC, that is no longer an option for you. I suspect that you don’t have an inkling of the criminal world you’ve got yourself mixed up in. You see, these murderers would just as soon slice your throat as shake your hand. No qualms with these killers. And now, they see you as a dirty cop who turned on his own, so they think you’ll turn on them….. that makes you a liability. And we all know how they “take care” of their liabilities. Right? And those crazy murderous Zailo’s! They are cop magnets and will soon be caught in this money laundering/drug inquiry so they too will be a liability….. is this where karma comes in? Feel the walls crumbling around ya? Dirty cops ALWAYS get caught! Most times later then sooner, but they are exposed! Oh, in jail the other inmates give pet names to dirty coppers…. wonder what you’ll get?

  29. Donald Kimble says:

    thats the only thing i could think of when the dateline thing aired but of course provided how long its been its not the reason

  30. Jeff Buziak says:

    Please e-mail these individuals and tell them to get off their butts and get solving Lindsay Buziak’s murder now in its 11th year with ZERO results(in your own words of course). Saanich police have accomplished 1 thing in eleven years and that was publicly clearing a whole family. Police are supposed to be in the arresting business not the clearing business!
    They think they are doing a good job!!!!!! At what?

    Chief Bob Downie of Saanich police

    New Chief Aug 1 currently acting Saanich police Chief:
    Deputy Chief Scott Green

    Head of Saanich Police Detective Division
    Steve Morgan

    Head of Lindsay’s non-investigation at Saanich police
    Chris Horsley

    John Horgan Premier of BC

    David Eby
    Attorney General of BC

    Mike Farnsworth
    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General for BC

    Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

    David Lametti
    Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

    Mayor Fred Haynes
    Saanich Mayor/Head of police Board for Saanich

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Inspector Steve Morgan of Saanich police keeps mentioning some idiotic review that was done on Lindsay’s file by only God knows who so I stated today to him to show me the review or I don’t want to hear about it anymore. If it is done by some other police agency it really means nothing. It’s like me reviewing my driving. I’m the best driver in the world. Talking to police now is a mind twister because they are just cons speaking a language they make up which is akin to some crooked promoter trying to sell you stocks in a South American mining venture. I informed him the real review is from the people who the police work for not some other bogus police agency that is kept secret!
      SO my friends, please write Inspector Morgan of Saanich police, chief Downie, deputy chief green and review how you feel they have handled the Lindsay Buziak Murder Non-Investigation. Your opinion is who they need to hear the review from not one of their buddies. Please. Thank you.

    • Lillian says:

      One step behind ya Jeff. I did ALL these and added a couple more:
      *Board of Directors
      Saanich Police
      *Inspector Dean Duthrie
      Professional Standards Division
      *Policing & Security
      Victoria BC
      *Carol James
      Finance/Deputy Premier
      *CHEK News
      *Global BC
      *Victoria News
      *CBC Eric Rankin

      Here’s an excerpt from my submission to Steve Morgan:

      ……. of the captioned and the unacceptable insulting and harassing conduct of S/Sgt Chris Horsley that he has hurled upon Mr. Buziak for ELEVEN years!

      In case you hadn’t noticed or perhaps too busy covering up for the dirty cop who covers up for his criminal buddies, you’ve got a dirty cop in your detachment. And your Chief DOWNIE does a really lousy job of promoting trust and confidence from the community by covering up for Horsley. Yeah it’s pretty disgraceful, isn’t it? It’s no secret in the Saanich community that Horsley associates with known criminals, does a little drug exchange and is heavily involved in the money laundering business. And those Zailo crooks. What part of those criminals can’t the SPD figure out? This is not rocket science. It’s just a matter of time before this dirty cop gets caught, but hey, who should go with him? The superior ”who’s looked the other way?” How about Horsley and an Unidentified cohort making a trip to Alberta to visit Mr. Buziak at his place employment. Questioning Mr. Buziak on his “mental status“ in regards to the case and the murder of his daughter? Who paid for that trip? The taxpayers of Saanich? Don’t think they would take kindly to that expenditure. Not to mention the harassment and insults thrown at Mr. Buziak. Who does that? A dirty cop who’s got something to hide, thats who. A dirty cop who tries to intimidate Mr. Buziak with idle threats. This case needs to be removed from the Saanich docket and assigned to a team of experts and detectives. The team who isn’t afraid to air the dirty cop and his laundry. A team who will expedite this case into charges and a conviction.

      Mr Morgan. YOU have a dirty cop in your midst. You have a mountain of evidence and information to substantiate this allegation. ….. time to execute your duty and expose the dirty cop! Time to get the killers. Time to quit harassing and insulting Mr. Buziak. Time to cease insulting other police agencies by employing a dirty cop. The dirty cop needs to be dismissed of his duties. Time to do the right thing.

      The End….
      Of this guys letter, but they all got their own variation depending on who I wrote.
      Also, I did it the old fashioned way, pen to paper, or computer to paper in the 21st century. I’m a big believer in the personal route, the only one I emailed was the Board of Directors as they have a meeting on the 5th so I wanted the correspondence read at the agenda and I sent it to the secretary because Haynes is the Chair and I already wrote him under the Mayor position. If it’s the last thing I get to do, I will play whatever small role to bring this dirty cop to his knees and take the killers with him.

      • Dave says:

        (T)heres a story about William Barnes of Saanich caught in a cross border smuggling in a speedboat just recently. Caught with lots of meth, coke, firearms etc. with plenty found in his Saanich home as well.
        Did the civil forfeiture office take the house then?
        That would seem logical.
        One story on the subject claims it took 14 months to proceed with charges because of the
        “”Complex process”” of filing charges in BC.
        The case was heard in
        Victoria Law Court and now is apparently proceeding to I believe the Supreme Court.
        Most likely will be tossed by a crooked judge named … (?)
        Is there a colleague of this individual in that office where Lindsay worked at
        Remax Camosun?
        Why haven’t the owners or managers of Remax shown any interest in this Savage case or shown and compassion ?
        Truly barbaric and arrests need to begin regarding.
        Rest in Peace beautiful Lindsay.
        God bless you Jeff.

        • Following says:

          Good question. What about wrongful death lawsuit that the owner of the Remax Brokerage didnt do enough to protect it agent knowing there was in trepidation on the agents part for showing the property.

  31. David J Anderson says:

    Crimes With Chrymes -The Lindsay Buziak Mystery

    • Svetlana says:

      In that video he said that the cell phone was purchased in Calgary. Someone should correct him!

      • Justice says:

        If you are the information correction representative, you should start with the Saanich Police Department and Chris Horsley.

        • Donald Kimble says:

          Horsely’s brain has been fried from blow. He’s so well known by all the dealers that he’s not a real cop. He’s a philandering wannabe mobster living a lie. He forgets who he is like the bad lieutenant character. A real tragedy of a person whereby the dollars and coke went to his head. The problem with cocaine is that it makes guys like Ryan talk and Horsely associate with the same people. It clouds all their judgement and slip ups cannot be reverted. Jeff has shown that through his pure determination of getting justice for Lindsay and his unwillingness to turn to booze and drugs as an escape is paying dividends.

    • Wyatt says:

      This video is REALLY bad! Maybe consider removing it.

  32. Jeanne says:

    I can’t imagine the pain your going through- love and support are with you as well as blessings and prayers. She is amazing hands now, that May not take the weight Or the pain of your heart but it is true🙏
    God Bless

  33. Lynn says:

    I just saw this story on Dr Phil, a little late (thanks PVR) and took particular interest as a Canadian. I’d never heard of this story, but it does raise a number of questions. I’d guess it’s more of an incompetent small town police force without the skill or experience of a more seasoned Homicide department. Peppered maybe with touch of malicious disengagement.

    And unlike most here, I like Dr Phil. While it was a weak interview I chalk that up to the producer of this segment. Whoever did the background foot worked failed to capture many salient points. And Phil seemed to be lacking empathy and engagement. And either short on facts or short on insight.
    Regardless, the positive part of the show is not lost. The story has just gained widespread attention and more traction. Thirsty for more information. I will be viewing the other available stories. Hopefully more investigative crime shows will pick this up and feature this story where it will get the attention it deserves. Hello #NBCDateline #20/20

    And Jeff my heart goes out to you. LIndsay would be so proud of you. I’m sure she would encourage you to live your life now. Your duty as a father can never be questioned.

    • JS says:

      Lynn, Dateline did cover the story a couple of years after her murder. Someone uploaded the video to youtube.

      Watch around 41:20 very carefully. Jason (Lindsay’s bf at the time of her murder) wipes his eyes when there are no tears and his mother then does the exact same thing after. It is very uncomfortable to watch because it is not a genuine display of emotion.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Two people trying to appear to be emotional. Yet not one tear between the two of them. That is how sociopaths behave. Pretending to care. It’s hard to squeeze out tears though when there is no emotion.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Phil is a sell out for police and prosperity preachers. Quit blaming it on his staff for Phil being an ass. He has an agenda – How dare Jeff to think the cops in Saanich are dirty. SMFH!

  34. Svetlana says:

    I wonder if police do their job and check out all businesses?
    This is an interesting link and her name is listed as company officer with her Vancouver address and was incorporated in autumn of 2007 but dissolved in 2011. This company seems to continue its name in California – just do the research…

    • Lillian says:

      Holy crap. Interesting. Screams money-laundering, don’t it? I wonder if CRA would make an effort? Those guys got some mighty powers but they are inconsistent too.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      This smacks of money laundering. Nothing to see here, right SPD????

      • David J Anderson says:

        Yes, it does. And possibly even more corruption.

        • Robin says:

          Gee isn’t it odd that B.C. is effd up from real estate and money laundering, how far back does this go U asked? Well Sam Cooper the investigative reporter who has taken on the task of investigating this figures it goes back to Premier Glen Clark days which is
          1996-1999. Holy F💥⚡️K BATMAN you say???….yup CORRUPTION is right. So crazy that the Shirley Zailo is a manager at Remax, Jason Zailo is a mortgage broker and real estate agent and Ryan is a real estate agent who actually met Lindsay at real estate school….imagine the odds of all that will ya? Hey Hey Hey Saanich POLICE get your GD batmobiles revved up and start solving Lindsay Buziak’s bloody murder. It’s stinking to high heaven in the bat cave! Quit making it look like the Joker and Penguin are winning will ya. What exactly is the problem over in Saanichville City? Do some heads to roll there what the F⚡️🧨K

          • Lillian says:

            Wow, Glen Clark eh? It’s ALL soooooo bizarre and incredibly insulting to us Canadians. I’ve always had a guarded contempt for politicians but this sh*t just makes my blood boil.
            Hey Horsefly….. shakin’ in your bat boots yet? I gotta warn ya, dirty cops don’t fend well in federal prison. I worked there for 25 years and you are so gonna be someone’s bum buddy! Course, maybe you’ll like that, what do I know?

      • vicsleuther19 says:

        Very interesting. I could imagine a possible way to ‘pay’ a person or parties in a manner that does not involve cash or meeting face to face would be to incorporate a company in Canada or BC such that the ‘payer’ is an investor (possibly a controlling shareholder) and the person or parties being paid are also controlling shareholders, or ‘owners’. The investor could ‘fund’ the company with the amount decided upon for the service or act, and the shareholders or ‘owners’ could thereby withdraw the funds from the corporation in the form of dividends, salary, management fees etc. over time so as not arouse undue suspicion. Furthermore the recipients of the funds would be receiving ‘clean’ money.

    • Knicks77 says:

      That’s very interesting Svetlana. I took a look around after you posted this and it appears as though they may still be operating in Vancouver as well, but under a different name now. The other interesting part I noticed was that the original company that was dissolved in 2011 was dissolved due to non compliance, but when I checked if a dissolved corporation could still operate this is what I found.

      When administrative dissolution occurs, a business can still operate, have bank accounts, and accept payments. However, a creditor cannot go after any possible assets of that entity.

      So, if could still operate, but the assets of that entity are protected from creditors. Hmmm…

      • Svetlana says:

        Yes and my question is did police check out the business dealings and companies of all the people involved, not only the mother, but the developer, the colleagues, even the boyfriend and his colleagues and his dealings and partnerships? I am sure Police have access to all information they need when they do investigations. If they knew something, they certainly didn’t want to make it public – there is a cover up. But why.. I don’t know if RCMP got involved and if not then why not… There is just too much that someone higher-up SHOULD HAVE and MUST HAVE gotten involved.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          As far as I know the RCMP have been invited to have a look at it and I believe it has been said that they are happy with the investigation. Maybe 5 years into it? But they will not hand it over to them. Jeff?

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Seriously??????? Wow

      • Lillian says:

        4. How to report
        Once you submit a lead, it is not possible for you to take it back. Thank you for helping to fight tax cheating.

        Submit a lead online

        Other ways to report:
        National Leads Centre
        Canada Revenue Agency
        200 Town Centre Court
        Scarborough ON M1P 4Y3
        Office hours: 8:15 am to 4:45 pm, Eastern time

        From the CRA website. We are going to screw these killers if it’s the last thing we do! Capone comes to mind.

  35. Robin says:

    John Horgan

    David Eby

    Mike Farnsworth
    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

    Justin Trudeau

    David Lametti
    Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

    Mayor Fred Haynes
    Saanich Mayor

    Chief Bob Downie

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Report a lead on tax cheating in Canada. Google it. Much information provided by CRA if someone has something to report. A letter can go to National Leads Centre, Canada Revenue Agency, 200 Town Centre Court, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 4Y3. CRA loves to get tips about tax evasion.

  36. Ben says:

    Does anyone have a link to the Dr Phil full episode for free viewing?

  37. Svetlana says:

    Found this about that accent, what’s this about?

    “Another young female real estate agent, Jasmine Parsons, who previously dated Mr. Zailo, told police she received a suspicious call from a woman with a heavy foreign accent the day after Ms. Buziak was killed.”

    And here is confirming question about who chose that particular house, looks like nobody knows.

    “Const. Brajcich did not say if the caller wanted to see the vacant house on De Sousa Place or if that was a property Ms. Buziak chose to show.”

  38. Donald Kimble says:

    How is SHIRLEY ZAILO still able walk free – it’s clear as day she has CHRIS HORSELY compromised and even the chief of police with dirty payoffs. There is absolutely no other explaination and more so over the top obvious that the clearing of the family projects : saanich police are protecting them! why? why? why? you couldn’t write this: even in a movie you would think nah that would never happen in real life

    • Saanich Resident says:

      They’re protecting them likely due to a much bigger network of corruption that they’re involved in I’m assuming. Lindsay had stated that she saw something she shouldn’t have — efforts should be thrown onto what this was or is…. was it a big drug deal, was it a Saanich police officer payoff in a McDonalds drive through?, was it Chief Downie and Horsley getting it on in the back of a pink VW van…..

      • Dave says:


        B.C. man charged with litany of drug charges in cross-border smuggling operation
        B.C. man charged with litany of drug charges in cross-border smuggling operation
        Dozens of kilograms of cocaine, methamphetamine and more than a dozen firearms were seized after a join Canada-U.S. drug smuggling investigation. (Katya Slepian/Black Press Media)

        A six-month joint Canada-U.S. investigation has led to a slew of charges for two men after dozens of kilos of narcotics and weapons were seized.

        Officials at a press conference in Surrey Wednesday said that William Barnes of Saanich, B.C., and Gary Horton of Washington State have been charged with a slew of drug trafficking and firearms-related charges.

        READ: Police fear fewer fentanyl imports don’t signal the end of the overdose crisis

        Barnes, 51, is facing 11 charges including importing cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, possession of trafficking methamphetamine, possession for the purpose of trafficking heroin, two counts of possession of a prohibited large capacity magazines and possession of proceeds of a crime.

        More than a dozen firearms were seized at William Barnes’ Saanich home. (Katya Slepian/Black Press Media)
        Federal RCMP Chief Supt. Keith Finn, who is the force’s deputy criminal operations officer, said that the operation was carried out as part of the Pacific Shiprider program.

        Barnes was arrested in February 2017 but Finn said that it took 14 months announce charges because of the “complex process” of laying charges in B.C.

        He declined to answer if Barnes had been known to police prior to his arrest.

        Dozens of kilos of methamphetamine were seized. (Katya Slepian/Black Press Media)
        Officials intercepted a shipment coming by boat from the U.S. into Canada near the U.S. St. Juan Islands off the south coast of Vancouver Island.

        “Large bags were transferred from one vessel to the other. When the boat returned to Victoria, officers detained Mr. Barnes under the Customs Act and located bricks of what appeared to be illegal narcotics,” said Finn.

        Police then searched Barnes’ Saanich home and seized more than 55 kilograms of cocaine, more than 47 kilograms of methamphetamine, more than one kilogram of heroin, 15 firearms, more than $150,000 in cash and a large-capacity magazine. They also seized two high-speed boats.

        Finn said that the drugs were being tested for fentanyl and that it would “not be surprising” if the deadly drug was found during a trace analysis.

        The two boats seized from William Barnes’ residence in Saanich, B.C. (Katya Slepian/Black Press Media)
        U.S. border security officials caught the U.S. vessel as it headed back towards Washington State following the drug deal.

        Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) then interviewed Horton and seized 35 kilograms of cocaine and 37 kilograms of methamphetamine.

        Horton has plead guilty to conspiring to export narcotics and is scheduled for sentencing in September, said Dan Behrends, acting sssistant special agent in charge for HSI Blaine.


  39. Monica says:

    I’m from Victoria and have followed this case since the day it happened. I’ve always felt that Jason and his family were involved in this (I personally know Ryan Zailo, but am NOT a friend of his). After watching, “Who Killed Lindsay Buziak – How is This Real’ by Shauna Rae on YouTube I had an epiphany, SHIRLEY ZAILO is the one that murdered Lindsay. I had no idea that Ryan Zailo was only one and a half blocks away from the murder scene when the murder took place and his mother, Shirley Zailo just happened to show up at the murder scene ON FOOT 30 min’s after it had happened. Shirley Zailo was also friends with the developer who was selling this house, hence the perfect set up for a murder. My theory is that she was already hiding in the bedroom with knife in hand waiting for the two decoy buyers to lure Lindsay up the stairs to her death. Once Lindsay walked into that bedroom, Shirley jumped out and stabbed her in the back of her neck, incapacitating her (the knife severed her spine apparently), then she would be standing over Lindsay so Lindsay could see who was murdering her, which I’m sure she took great pleasure in. That is why the murder was so brutal, 50 stab wounds mostly to her breasts and a slashed neck. No hired killer would do that, that is PERSONAL. She wanted to destroy Lindsay for rejecting her precious son and not succumbing to the lure of all the money Shirley threw at her to keep her with Jason. She knew that Lindsay had discovered something she should not have (my guess is money laundering through her real estate business related to drugs), and that posed a very large problem for her and her drug cash flow. When the fake buyers initially called Lindsay and Lindsay asked how they got her name, they gave her a name of one of Lindsay’s previous clients who just so happened to be out of town at the time so that Lindsay could not verify the authenticity of these ‘buyers’. Who would know this info other than someone that worked with Lindsay, ie Shirley Zailo. After the murder, Shirley called Lindsay’s best friend and used a fake accent, sound familiar? That fact alone shouts of her involvement. Also, the BS story that Shirley came up with stating that just the day before Lindsay was murdered, she claims that Lindsay told her that she was very afraid of her ex boyfriend, Matt. Nothing could be further from the truth, she apparently still loved Matt and missed him very much. All of Lindsay’s friends agree with this, she was NEVER afraid of Matt. This begs the question, why would SZ make this bold faced lie up? To deflect the attention of the police away from her and her sons and make Matt the suspect (he lived in a different Province at the time).

    I’m disgusted with the Saanich Police and now feel that they are corrupt. I have friends in the Victoria PD and they said it is well known who the killer is, yet Saanich PD won’t do anything about it. Why not indict Shirley and Jason — the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming (watch the YouTube video I mentioned, you will be blown away. It is the most comprehensive account I have seen so far. Also, CaseFile Podcast did a fantastic episode on this murder, very in depth).
    Shirley needs to be in jail for the rest of her pathetic life, along with Jason (and hopefully Ryan as I’m positive all three are guilty as sin).

    The Saanich PD have given Victoria a black eye and this needs to be resolved NOW. I’m going to be writing the SPD along with other agencies and hope others do the same – put some heavy pressure on to solve this case. I just may write a letter to Shirley while I’m at it, let her know that people have figured this out and that she can’t hide for much longer.

    Saanich PD mailing address:

    Saanich Police
    760 Vernon Avenue
    Victoria, BC
    Canada V8X2W6

    And if you care to write to either Shirley Zailo and/or Ryan Zailo to put the pressure on… (do not threaten them, perhaps just urge them to clear their conscience and let a father finally put his daughter to rest), you can email or call them. There was no physical address listed.


    250-812-0309 Shirley & Ryan Zailo – Personal Real Estate Corporation
    RE/MAX Camosun
    Zailo Personal Real Estate Corporation
    Victoria, BC
    Phone: 250-812-0309

    Jeff, my heart goes out to you in your quest for justice for your beautiful daughter, and hope this case will finally be resolved. Victoria loves and supports you.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Monica, I think you’re right. The brutality of the murder suggests that Shirley had pure hatred for Lindsay. Lindsay either saw what you mentioned or something worse. She knew there was no way Lindsay would keep quiet about it forever. “This woman is going to pay for what she saw/who she thinks she is/No one is going to fuck with SZ”. And look at all the players involved. Jason who thought a better parking view was in order while his GF is being murdered? Jason’s non-emotional attitude a few days later at the scene of the crime. No breakdowns, a matter of fact demeanor? Telling how he ran up the stairs while sitting outside in his car earlier? And he conveniently passes a polygraph? And the other players’ proximity to the crime scene – not a coincidence at all.

      But to go to the lengths of near-decapitation is so over the top. Tells me, you’ll never talk again. And stabbing her breasts speaks to possess a real immature jealousy/rage that’s difficult to comprehend. And drug cartels aren’t going to set up a fake house for a showing. They’ll put 2 bullets in you in a second and they’re off. The brutality shows a Mob-like hit from an emotionally unstable RE broker. Not a drug cartel murder. Not a random psychopath attack. The million dollar home was to make sure Lindsay wouldn’t pass on the opportunity. This was premeditated and the ring leader is Shirley Z.

      It looks the SPD is really dirty, too. It’s sad when the police are part of the criminal element.

      Thanks for Shirley’s email address.

      • Robin says:

        I don’t know about emling the Zailo’s, it’s just going to piss them off. I would think time might be better spent emling Premier Horgan, David Eby, Trudeau, your MP or MLA or Dr. Phil. The Zailo’s are never going to admit to murdering Lindsay. Ironically, they probably believe themselves that they never even did it after all this time. We must have someone’s attention by now I would think.

        • Lillian says:

          Contact with psychopaths is NOT recommended. They are on a very narcissistic planet and they know enough not to incriminate themselves and they sustain no level of conscious, morals or values. They will NEVER own their murderous executions, they will deny,deny,deny even with overwhelming evidence. Plus in their deviant, sick minds, it’s ALWAYS someone else fault for their criminal conduct. The best is to run them into the ground. No more criminal resources. Even criminals don’t like liabilities (crazies), attracting law enforcement, so they will target them too, one day.

    • owl says:

      Apparently Jason called Shirley when he was at the house to get the code to the lockbox. If she had just murdered Lindsay, she would’ve been escaping at that point. It’s possible Jason and Shirley lied about that conversation but phone records would not. Perhaps it was code? He called her to find out if the murder was done and the way they did that was by asking for the lock box code. I wonder what Shirley’s alibi was. Where was she? It’s too bad all this information is kept secret.

      I do remember at the time that the theory was that the hitmen were told to make it brutal. I think that’s possible too. Or if they were newish hitmen they might’ve just wanted to make sure she was dead.

      I remember in 2010 I was walking and saw a sign in front of a house for Shirley Zailo realty. She was selling it. It was so bizarre to me that she can just go on continuing to sell homes, that people will do business with her, when there’s this cloud of suspicion above her. I wonder if people even know. I wonder if people ever call her and make comments to her.

      • Lillian says:

        I would suggest the only ones “doing business” with the killers are the ones in the criminal circle. Certainly the law-abiding community of Saanich don’t! Karma is coming. Their only options are to flee and Horsefly, Downie, take your minions and cower in your cave cause the law is coming to getcha!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Bang on. The only thing I can add to that is I think that the useless text that Jason sent to Lindsay en route to the crime scene, “I’m almost there.” when he was minutes from the scene was meant to distract her so that the attack could take place from behind. Mean while he is parking in ridiculous spots and just sitting there while the attack is going down. Shame on the SPD for trying to ignore the obvious. And clearing them as well…….

      • see closely says:

        I am a very recent correspondent to this blog and am a bit disappointed with most of opinions.While it is easy to blame the “usual perpetrators” and also slander them terribly I think that the list of “suspects” is far too narrow and that in 11 years since the murder the police would really know if any of these suspects is guilty and charged them.
        On other hand,I believe that when SPD claims that they can’t release the name or names of their suspect because they are still investigating they are disingenuous.It is-after all-11 years and if they have suspect,they should have also cause,motive and relation to Lindsay.
        Also,somebody on this blog said that SPD is waiting for a confession from this particular suspect or his/hers accomplice.That would suggest to me at least-that this person is or was either incarcerated or possibly too sick/ill to be questioned by SPD.
        My advice to all is to widen the net and revisit the investigation.It is presently stalled and it needs to be revisited from the start.

        See closely

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          The circumstantial evidence speaks for itself. All you have to do is connect the dots. That it points to the people surrounding Lindsay at the time of her murder, the boyfriend who has lied about knowing that Lindsay was going to leave him and his controlling, hateful mother should not surprise anyone. Even you, someone who apparently hasn’t had the time to look at all of the evidence, can’t help but point out the odd behavior of the SPD.

        • Lillian says:

          Clearly, you are a follower (if not the actual minion) of Corrupt Horsefly and his minions. A feeble attempt to divert the attention from the sinister killers and their cohorts. OR…. you truly have not read much from this site and in need of much more reading. You make the assumption that the SPD have integrity, which they do not. Hence, would you be forthcoming with valuable information to a corrupt, criminal bunch who think nothing of brutally snuffing an innocent woman? MY ADVICE to you….. go do some reading OR take your AKA “see closely” and return to your cave of darkness. Oh…. and do share with your criminal, corrupt allies….. the walls are crumbling…. they (you) will be busted so run Forrest…. fun….

      • owl says:

        I think the plan was to stab her from behind when she was entering the ensuite in the master bedroom. I think they wanted to do it upstairs because it would be harder for her to get away. If you look at a layout of the top floor, the master bedroom is set back a bit. We know she was stabbed from behind and there were no defensive wounds so she did not see it coming. Her body was found right by the entrance to the ensuite in the master bedroom. If the woman was storing the knife in her purse she could;ve taken it out and handed it to the man while they were walking up the stairs with Lindsay in front.

    • see closely says:

      Anybody knows the name of developer whose house the murder was commited?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That would be Joe De Sousa. I believe he lives in the house to this day. He is or was a friend of Paul Bergshoeff who was Shirley Zailo’s boyfriend at the time of the murder. He left the country shortly after. Coincidence? I think not.

        • Svetlana says:

          I wonder what came out of the police interview with her boyfriend and strange how he left the country? But his son who I believe still lives in Victoria? His photo is on this site under Undesirables Victoria.

  40. nyfan03 says:

    I just watched the program on ID called Still Missing.
    I was and still am shaking from this story. I watch a lot of these type of shows on ID. First I want to say I am so sorry for your loss. I too have a daughter and I just feel so bad for your family.
    I started to read some articles pertaining to the case. I have a working theory that her boyfriends mom Shirley Zailo had something to do with this murder. I know this is just a theory but the fact is she called Lindsay friend Nikki in the middle of the night a couple years later. Nikki who was in a deep sleep tried calling back the number about 20 times and finally Shirley answered. As you probably know Shirley stated that she made a mistake and was trying to get a hold of her assistant who’s name was Nikki. Then she states that her son probably added this Nikki to her phone. First why would her son add his girlfriends friend to his mothers phone. Also when Shirley called the first time whole Nikki was a sleep she used a heavy Spanish accent. The same accent your daughter heard while scheduling the appointment to see the house. Then when the authorities asked her about this she then denied ever calling. Why would she call Nikki? I think to scare her and to stop her from pushing to hard. Now what motive would Shirley have to hire someone to kill your daughter. Well first let me say everything else fits. Having Lindsay’s # and the contact person the caller gave to Lindsay’s was a friend of Shirley’s. Shirley knew that contact person was out of town and not able to verify. Shirley knee the house and knew where to have them park the car so the car would not be seen. These people have been to the house before and scouted it with Shirley. They knew the exit out of the back. Now for the motive. You would know better then I if this rings true. But I don’t think Shirley thought that Lindsay was good enough for her perfect son. Maybe she loved a ex of his or just maybe the breeding wasn’t right for Shirley. But this person is a powerful person with a lot of connections. This type of person doesn’t like not getting her way. Her husband was in the area a hour before the murder.
    Everything fits . They have to pull her phone records from that time period ( if there still available ) to see if she was in contact with someone. Also bank records to see if there was any type of withdrawal to pay someone.

    I am not sure what u think.
    How well did u know her boyfriends family? Did they stay connected to your family after the murder? This has to be someone who knew your daughter. I believe they were the developers on the house .
    I don’t know if someone looked into this theory but they should.
    I hope this helps and if not I am sorry to waste your time.
    Thank you and again very sorry for your lost.
    Robert Zimmer

    • Magdelina says:

      I just sent them the most nasty letters of what I felt. I feel better. Thanks for the link. I would like the link for that dirty cop/detective, the one that did coke and own nightclubs? Is that the one? Anyone send me a link to that dirty s.o.b.
      Thank you so

      • Lillian says:

        Ahh, good for you. I too have done a slug of nasty letters, from the Mayor to Fed. AG. The dirty cop you’re looking for is Chris Horsefly (pun intended) it’s actually Horsley, but have you ever seen those insects? Almost as ugly and thick as Horsefly! I don’t think he has a link specific, but his equally dirty chief DOWNIE does, just go to the Saanich PD website. Now I’m going to embark hounding the media, they should have exposed this dirty, corrupt police long time ago.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree they had something to do with that because why would you not go into the house. He gave them just enough time to get in and get out. Then on top of that when he gets into the house why he run straight upstairs to the master bedroom. Plus also if you are very calm during a polygraph test you will pass.

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