Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Monica says:

    Please watch the most comprehensive video I’ve seen on this case to date, “Who Killed Lindsay Buziak – How is this real?” by Shauna Rae on YouTube. I’m from Victoria and have followed this case very carefully and know the facts, this was an excellent rendition. I will post more info once I make sure that my info doesn’t pop up once I post this comment.

    • Magdelina says:

      Monica, that Shauna Rae video I watched at least 10x. She is on point! With all this information people should be in prison. My gosh, the homes that Shirley owned that have these thugs living in. Wow! I’m obsessed with this, because its so obvious who is involved. Did they ck the fence for hair samples? DNA? U can take something Jason throws out for DNA(being he won’t give it) car parked down street instead of driveway then moves it at the side, signaling the killers? He was to be there to watch over her. Shirley calling Nikki in that fake accent, what the hell is going on that there can’t be an arrest? The lead cop is dirty thats for sure my friend. U r right about Shauna’s video & I hope Jeff saw it.

      • Monica says:

        I’m guessing that Jason wont provide his DNA because if his mother Shirley Zailo left any DNA behind after stabbing Lindsay 50+ times, it would show that his DNA is closely related to the murderers DNA – then it comes down to testing Shirley and BINGO, case solved. I don’t understand why the police can’t test a discarded Red Bull can (he seems like the RB guzzling type) and get his DNA that way. I see this criminal driving around Victoria in his fancy car, free as a bird, no cares at all, makes me furious. His alligator skin cowboy boot wearing brother, Ryan, is friends with some of my friends (ick, I know). Funny story, a friend of mine walked into a bar where Ryan and a bunch of guys were having drinks, this guy had never met Ryan before and had just heard something on the news about the Buziak murder case and said something like, ‘Can you believe it, Jason murdered that Lindsay Buziak girl!’ when another friend kicked his leg under the table and then Ryan told him that his brother had nothing to do with the murder, it was all ‘bullshit’. He didn’t realize that Ryan was Jason’s brother. I laughed so hard when he told me that story. All three need to be in prison for the rest of their lives.

        • Magdelina says:

          Wow that is something(the bar incident} so u live in that area? Monica if u hear anything else, please contact me. I’m so upset about this particular murder as it could have been solved. Please email me if u find out anything. God Bless you my dear friend.

    • R. O. says:

      There is a very similar case going on in Los Angeles right now. Michael Gargiulo, was charged with the murder of Ashton Kutchers gf, a sexual thrill killing, 18 years ago. Ashley Ellerin was viciously stabbed 47 times. What prompted me to post this message is the errie similarity of these two crimes. Gargiulo is actually charged with two murders, Ellerin in 2001 and an 18yr old Glenview, Illinois woman in 2008. I wonder if anyone can look into this and see if Gargiulo spent any time in BC? I know it’s a huge stretch, but the striking similarities between the viscousness/sexual thrill killing nature of these three crimes can’t be overlooked.

      • Emma says:

        I already mad comment of that to ConnectTheDots

      • Monica says:

        I have been following the case you speak of, but this was a targeted hit by someone very close to Lindsay. There is no way anyone could obtain the kind of info that the decoy buyers gave to Lindsay on the phone (when they provided her with the name of a previous client of Lindsay’s who just so happened to be out of town so Lindsay couldn’t call to confirm the validity of these people – this info HAD to come from someone that she worked with or her BF). No question who is behind this murder, the Zailo family.

        • see closely says:

          It would be interesting to know whether SPD(following the murder date)investigated all the guests in Greater Victoria area hotels and motels while trying to ID any person from out of Victoria-that may be a possible hired suspect in murder of Lindsay.It would be a lot of work for SPD but overwhelming majority would be very fast discounted in this regard.The small minority of these guests may be kept on file in SPD murder case.Did SPD shared this file with Jeff Buziak or any other relevant,interested party?

  2. Kman says:

    I was so disappointed in Dr. Phil’s treatment of you and only 30 minutes with limited info on the real facts. Great exposure for sure, but he completely missed the boat, painting you as some pathetic person wasting their life while law enforcement are always clean as a whistle. He clearly did zero homework on all the bizarre actions (before and after) of those under the spotlight. This is not the normal way to act after such a horrific murder of Lindsay.

    Let’s not forget the multiple Esquimalt cops years ago were caught up in a disgusting coke and hookers scandal became public where they became the users and customers. There is a history in this town of cops doing shady shit and attempted cover ups. Ex-Vic PD chief is a prime example.

    The one thing that bugs me big is Shirley making the call to Lindsay’s friend the next day with the fake Mexican accent and it was supposed to be a joke? Who the fuck jokes about your potential daughter inlaw after she was brutally murdered ? Even if you didn’t like someone, 99% of normal people would be shaken to their core for weeks/months after something so heinous. I think she dialed the wrong number to someone who was also involved in the murder to have a sick laugh.

    She is also a proven liar on TV lying about not knowing Ziggy, her sons’ close friend for years who was busted for cocaine/heroin etc in her rental house full of pot. Now she lives with an ex-cop who was investigating Lindsay ? This reeks of mass real estate money laundering/drugs since day one for me and her financials need the screws put to them. RevCanada should investigate if the cops won’t.

    I pray the right person(s) with a conscience comes forth and you finally get closure and justice Jeff.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think Shirley had a few too many drinks in the wee hours of the morning and thought she’d use her fake accent one more time to intimidate Nikki into silence.

  3. Just A Canadian says:

    I have not watched Dr Phil for years only watched cos Lindsays story was to be told. The exposure is great but the interview was a waste of time. I hope you were paid to attend Jeff. I think those of us that wanted this to happen believed that the known facts would be aired and that the show would be the whole hour. Phil basically was indeed a jerk, but Lindsay’s unsolved murder got there to whoever watches his show. Time is ticking, one day soon the walls are going to fall and all of the bottom feeders, in politics, policing, lawyers, finance, real estate, drug dealers are going to pay. This execution is personal. Now that BC is looking into all the money laundering going on all of you out there reading this should be scared, very very scared. Even if you were a “good friend” of Lindsays and you know what happened, you too will be going down. Enough is enough.

    • your time is running out says:

      Very true statement!
      My advise to Horsley- Arrest the Zailo’s now, before it is all exposed, or you will fall down hard with them! TICK TOCK! People are talking more now than ever and it’s only a matter of time before you are ALL exposed…the group of you who planed this together, or know exactly what happened and continue to TRY and cover this up! You said it yourself “we need someone to confess to get this solved…..and people are talking! You won’t be able to ignore it for much longer! So safe yourself and expose all that you have been covering up for the last 11 years! Thank take your family and go into hiding, as I am sure you have been threatened and silenced too!

    • TL says:

      That makes me think of something that fits with the idea that SPD officers involved in the invetigation are corrupt I think we all agree on that, maybe just maybe that’s what her friends are so afraid of. I mean in order for their info to be heard it would need to go thru those handling the case, there would be no way to keep anonymity and I’m sure they would be scared shitless to speak to anyone lest it gets back to Horsley they’re talking. After all this time there really can be no other reason why someone close to her hasn’t come forward with information, in fact distanced themselves from her father and his attempt to find the murderers. It also fits why the SPD won’t turn the case over to another agency/police department because names will definitely come out if those girls feel safe to come forward. Typical tactic of the guilty is to somehow lock away the evidence that would implicate them.

      Another thing that crossed my mind reading comments about Shirley’s involvement….. where did her cell phone ping that day? I doubt the cops even checked, too bad we don’t have someone with access so we could find out if she was hanging at Michele’s place mere blocks away waiting for her cue or more importantly, was she right at the house on DeSousa

      • Robin says:

        Good chance she was in the house at De Sousa or actually maybe Ryan was in there. How come none of us think about Ryan Zailo’s actions in Lindasay’s murder? Ryan met Lindsay at real estate school and brought her into the Remax his mother managed, but then Jason moved in. I heard at a party in Vic that Jason and Ryan actually ended up in a fist fight over Lindsay. He must have not been very happy that Jason ended up living with Lindsay.
        I bet they all used burner phones the day of Lindsay’s murder. They wouldn’t be that stupid to use their own phones from around the crime scene area.
        Pretty soon someone will jump off a bridge and then we’ll know a bit more. Splash, one down! Slowly but Shirley.

      • Justice says:

        All Shirley had to do was leave her cell phone at home to make it look like she was there. Her BF Paul, who by the way fled the country a few years after Lindsay’s murder, could have been at her home to answer it so unless it pinged somewhere else, tells us nothing.

        Lindsay’s friends have stated that they are afraid of Chris Horsley because of his bad reputation and behavior they all know about. As the former owner of seedy night clubs, he was seen by many people hanging out with drug dealers and many people have reported his cocaine use. He was assigned to Lindsay’s case from the beginning and became the head of her file shortly after so he has had inside information and control of the investigation the entire time and could steer it in any direction he pleased and does.

        There is an interview with Chektv news with one of Lindsay’s friends and she said she didn’t think Jason murdered Lindsay (he has an airtight alibi) but she knew who did and was angry and fearful. She obviously Left out stating she didn’t think Shirley or Ryan were involved.

        The professional criminal analysis on DateLine described the profile of the person who they believed artfully planned the murder. I will summarize;

        They said it was a very personal, crime of passion by someone extremely close to Lindsay who very likely worked in the same office. They also said it appeared to be a contract killing planned by a group of people. It was not professional but “artfully” planned so that there was very little evidence left behind.

        My last piece of evidence that makes Jason a prime suspect in my opinion is he lied on camera to the DateLine interviewer. He said he saw the killers through smoked glass windows by the front door. Chris Horsley told us On the Crime Watch Daily Show 9 years later that poor old Jason, almost ran into the couple as they were walking out of the open front door when he drove up to the house. He also said when they saw Jason they turned around and went back into the house without Lindsay in sight and closed the door behind them. Horsley said Jason believed the showing just started even though he knew the couple arrived 15 min earlier. If Horsley believes Jason’s lame excuse for not showing concern for Lindsay’s safety after she told him she had a bad feeling about the clients, he is either covering for Jason or totally incompetent. The house is only 20 feet from the street so he would have had a very clear view when his headlights blasted them directly in the face as he turned into the street. This is all on tape and available to the public.

        I think Jason lies on DateLine because he was worried Josh would ask questions about his nonsensical story and he would get caught in a lie and Shirley was there to make sure he kept his mouth shut. I think Horsley slipped up in the Crime Watch Daily Show when he told them that Jason saw the couple coming out the front door. Then he had to clean up the damage after telling everyone for years Jason saw people through the opaque glass front doors.

        I do not believe Jason’s absurd reasoning behind his actions knowing he knew Lindsay was uncomfortable about the clients enough to ask him to be at the showing with her. It has been established that she was worried for her safety. After witnessing the clients walking out of the house without Lindsay, turning around and immediately going back in and closing the door behind them, and not feeling any concern for Lindsay at all, and then sitting in the car for 10 min, moving the car to a place where they had zero view of the house for another 10 min, texting not calling Lindsay when he finally got worried 30 min after the clients arrived to his knowledge, calling mum and cops before checking the side door, I do not believe this stupid story, not for one minute, so how can Horsley not see it?? Or does he and is trying to manipulate and confuse all of us.

        • Robin says:

          Horsley is involved. Who is allowing this to continue though? Who is being protected? There must be a lot of criminals and unknown criminals getting worried that people don’t buy the nonsense story they worked so hard to put together. It has got to break soon. Dr. Phil better take his own advice and GET REAL!!! He didn’t do his due diligence for Lindsay. Lame Dr. Phil, lame like the Saanich cops. Oprah to the rescue please. We need a woman.

          • Magdelina says:

            Robin ur 💯 about Dr Phil! Disappointed. This just has to break soon. It’s so obvious. Shirley with her fake accent calling Nikki, I know her, Jason and her other son was involved. Cops covering 4 them as they have something on that cop.

          • Justice says:

            Oprah is the person who started the Dr Dick show. She’s retired now. I always hated and never watched that guy because of his nasty arrogance. I’m glad Jeff got the exposure for Lindsay and was able to tell everyone about the site. Dick inadvertently brought many new people to the site where they can read about the facts.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I believe she was hanging at Michelle’s house. Michelle’s sister was known to wear a blonde wig just like the one that the woman client was wearing. Wasn’t Ryan hanging at Michelle’s sisters house, also not far from the murder house? And the composite sketch sure looks like Shirley wearing that wig.

        • Retired Detective says:

          Ryan Zailo was with Ashley Lum who much later turned up at a murder mystery party with a short cropped blonde wig she claimed belonged to her sister Michelle.
          We do not have any evidence or witness accounts of Shirley Zailos whereabouts except a witness saw her walking towards DeSousa about the time the cops were putting up the crime scene tape. It is interesting she had no impartial eye witnesses to testify of her whereabouts during the murder. It’s hard to be at work or in a restaurant having dinner when you are murdering someone.

        • Robin says:

          It’s not her body though. I think that was all acting. I think Lindsay was murdered around 5 pm. She would have gone to the house right after lunch with OJason. Someone, Shirley maybe even Ryan we’re waiting upstIrs. Lindsay probably did a quick run through the house before clients arrived. That couple was just for appearance. I bet it was someone who just tried to look similar to Lindsay who met the couple.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Don’t forget that was a sketch that was taken from a witness that saw them in the dark. I think that the woman’s body does look like Shirley.

  4. karriesue says:

    Jeff I am sorry for your loss. I did just hear about your daughter’s murder on Dr. Phil so the publicity for the case is helping bring awareness. I also wrote in to the show and let them know I was so disheartened by the way you were treated. I personally felt, as a viewer, Lindsay’s story certainly deserved an entire episode. Many other less important topics have received entire episodes and I made that known as well. I let them know my thoughts on how you were treated as it was apparent after reviewing this website important facts and information was left out. I think asking you to return and do an entire episode (thus bringing even more awareness to Lindsay’s case) would be appropriate in this situation! If they don’t just know you came across so professional and seriously got the attention of so many people who will honestly follow this case and hopefully some who will offer their services and help if they are able. Praying for justice Jeff.

  5. Joy says:

    Jeff I have just discovered this case about your beautiful daughter, god love you all. Can I ask have you any idea what Lindsay heard or saw? Was it drugs related ? It’s obviously a personal hit. It was overkill. Also does anyone know what was the point of Jasons mother making those weird phonecalls in a strange accent to Lindsay’s friend and Somone else ? Btw iv lost what tiny bit of respect for Dr Phil I might have had. Hate the way he defends corrupt police.

    • M.J.G. says:

      I was not aware of this HORRIBLE murder until I saw it on the Dr. Phil Show. I was sooo intrigued by this case that I checked out the “LINDSAY BUZIAK MURDER” site to learn more about it! I read a lot of the comments…..some twice….and lots come to the very same conclusion…..gee, it really points out to where it points!
      It was then, that I became kind-of disappointed by Dr. Phil’s response…..however, it has to be, that, the staff and/or producer who investigated this case, came upon information that is and was permitted to be known. I am sure they could have found much, much more information pertaining to this delicate case, but, they too, might have come across closed doors! It’s a sure thing that the police department spoke highly of their time and efforts in this particular case and only gave what they are permitted to divulge….for now.
      Furthermore, I am not sure what the Police department might have said to Dr. Phil’s researchers about Mr. Buziak and his pursuit in finding the killer/killers….I’m assuming, not too kind! This could have had a huge influenced on the production of this episode….just saying.
      I do believe that Dr. Phil and his team have a great relationship and connection with all of the justice, health and mental system, but, this case is a Canadian case that happened in a small B.C. Town, guarded by a tightly-closed police department, with way too many hidden secrets!
      Let hope and pray that this case tickles Dr. Phil’s curiosity and pursues a follow-up episode. We must give Dr. Phil the “BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT” …..he spoke out what he was given by his team..(I do not think he did this research personally) ……therefore, let’s wait and see what come out of it……and like he said, SOMEONE WILL EVENTUALLY SLIP-UP ……and maybe, this case will get “SOLVED” before then!
      I am saying….something, someone, is blocking this case….we must put the blame in the right place…and it has not been found yet, with the tangible proof, of course!!!!!

      • David J Anderson says:

        NEVER should we give PHIL the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t deserve it. And don’t blame Phil’s behavior based on the information that was handed to him from the Saanich PD. Or, the bad-mouthing they did about Jeff. Phil has an agenda on his shows. And if he really was the great DR. PHIL, don’t you think he would have been able to figure out the difference between the inept SPD and a father doing whatever he can to find those responsible? Phil failed. Not the first and not the last.

        • Robin says:

          Right U R

        • Lillian says:

          I agree. Very, very disappointed.

        • M.J.G says:

          David J Anderson:
          Do you really think that Dr. Phil got the full story on this case? Honestly? Well, I do not think so. I think he got a second and third hand information from his staff which in turn got themselves from this and that and the police force which gave what suited them! I am assuming here, just like you are!!! How Dr. Phil responded to Mr. Buziak was proof that someone painted Mr Buziak in a poor/bad way. I admit that the time given to Mr. Buziak on “The Dr. Phil Show” was way too short…it should have been the full hour and plus….and allowing Mr. Buziak to speak more freely about his lost of his beautiful loving daughter; to express his grief, pain, his broken heart!….. BUT….in that given short time…..the exposure was priceless! Good or bad, It got out there! MILLIONS HAVE SEEN IT! I believe it will make a difference…..and a lot more people will be is snow balling……pressure is building up to a boiling point! LOOK! It got my attention in that short period of time of the show, and I am a nobody…so…image the important people (who happen to watch the show that day) that could make a difference by pressuring and pushing for answers …..possibly bringing the guilty down from their ivory towers!
          HOPE …let’s hope there be a second show, a full hour this time allocated to the “HORRIBLE MURDER OF LINDSEY BUZIAK”
          P.S. I sincerely understand your point of view David J Anderson

          • David J Anderson says:

            I’ll admit I can’t stand the MF’er, but don’t defend him and try to lay blame on his staffers who do the bulk of the work Nothing gets past Phil – it’s his show. Not his staffers, no one else’s. He researches the story he features after gathering the findings. The problem is that he has his OWN agenda. Jeff crossed that agenda by having serious issues with the SPD. That’s a no-no with Phil. He wants everyone to know what a patriot he is by standing side-by-side by our military and the Police. He is seriously biased and blinded by it. No one loves our cops or military or country more than Phil – just ask him.

            Phil was rude and dismissive of Jeff’s plight. He intimated that it was time for Jeff to move on. Phil mentioned that Jeff was putting himself in harm’s way and said that wouldn’t be getting justice for Lindsay. Jeff said he was “All IN!” Phil talked about conspiracy as having a very low probability. What a moron – If ever there was a conspiratory murder, this one wreaks of it. Then, he talks about HIS wonderful experiences with police. It’s ALL about Phil, the all-knowing Dr of everything. How dare Jeff or anyone challenge the Police Dept.

            Phil did a story about a guest I knew very well. VERY WELL!!!!! He featured her on a 2-day back-to-back show and a follow-up show months later. This guest was a huge narcissist and a druggie. Neither Phil nor his staff was able to see she was lying. I’ll bet they didn’t do interviews with her friends/co-workers either. Had they, they most likely would have found that she was a fraud. She got 3 episodes with the GRAND DR. who painted her as a victim. I wrote the show and told them they had been had.

            Phil is a fraud as well. He’s quick to point out that he’s just an old, bald country boy from Texas and you can be honest with him. but that’s only if it fits into his narrative. He’s a marketing genius with a net worth of approximately $450 million.. Phil, like his sometimes guests – TD Jakes and Joel Osteen are pay-to-play prosperity preachers. These are fake preachers. Phil is a fake Dr.

            There were 2 people on that stage, but only one man. The other was a BLOWHARD and a coward. And a hypocrite. I wonder if Phil got a big thank you from the SPD. I’m sure he did.

          • MJG says:

            David J Anderson:
            WELL, what can I say to your reply…..other than, you must know better!
            I admit that You sure sound intelligent and knowledgeable and most likely right on a lot of your given information. I do respect your opinion, however, I hope that you respect mine.
            You know, Mr. Anderson, that all of us are deeply taken in by this devilish murder and we are all assuming….and hoping to help somehow…nothing more, nothing less. We do feel Mr. Buziak’s pain…we understand the “great injustice” this father is living through…..we are sad and angry for him…we want what he wants…justice for Lindsey….we want him to feel that us, the people, are with him, for him, support any way either silly or intelligent way we can. There is nothing more that I could add to this reply right now…..other than, keep up the search in the name of “LINDSEY BUZIAK”

      • Q ANON says:

        sorry to burst your bubble but Dr. Phil is compromised big time…… My guess is we’ll be learning all about who he really is as all of hollywood gets exposed over the upcoming months.


    THE POLICE ARENT DOING THEIR JOBS.. why did so many of them retire the day before??? also I think SHIRLEY IS DEF Involved.. even the way she acted on Dateline.. is very shifty.. Then for her to call nicky and change her voice??? come on… even I would know .. shes def involved!!!

  7. XY says:

    How is the evil witch SZ still in business? Like, who is doing business with her or her real estate team? Even with limited knowledge of this case, people locally must know she was involved.

    • owl says:

      I looked at her website the other day and they only have 6 listings total between her son and her. They’ve only sold 11 this year, I don’t know if that’s a lot or not.

    • Retired Detective says:

      Exactly, since the majority of the law abiding Victoria residents know about the Zailos and their connections to criminals, who is doing business with the Zailos to the tune of an enormous amount of income that is needed to support their lavish lifestyles ($100k+ Cars and boats plus $millions in real estate development and their own homes). There is only one conclusion to be had here folks. Shirley’s real estate ratings are awful and her number of sales listed publicly is not high enough. Jason had 2 mortgage offices but had to close one likely because he didn’t have enough business. Both businesses are notoriously known for money laundering as is real estate development/building and buying and selling expensive boats and cars. This is how they do it baby!

    • Lillian says:

      Yes, my sentiments exactly. The community of Saanich, the law-abiding community, need to pool their resources and support to get this case solved. Stop being fraidy cats, run these killers into the prison system, it can be done and take that low-life, corrupt Horsefly with them!

  8. Charmayne Jacintho says:

    This case has glaring give away for motives and gain by silencing a young innocent life! You didn’t think of everything and the police have been notified! Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that can be the downfall! I expect this case will be solved soon!

  9. says:

    I saw your story on Dr. Phil….I’m so unbelievably sorry for your loss!!! I hope they find who’s responsible!!!

  10. owl says:

    Jeff, I was wondering if you could elaborate more about Chris Horsley. You said that Lindsay’s girlfriends were scared of him. Why? Also his threats to you. Do you remember anything specifically that he said? He always seemed like a nice guy to me, although dumb.

    • Site Administration says:

      Thomas says:
      MAY 25, 2019 AT 7:00 PM
      I’ve heard from a number of people that Sgt. Chris Horsley from Saanich Police has been a long time user of cocaine during his policing career. I wonder if he would pass a their own CVSA if it was run by the OPCC?

      Lobo says:
      MAY 24, 2019 AT 11:29 PM
      The police need to do their job. 11 yrs is way too long to solve it. The cases that take 20 or 30 yrs to solve are a joke.
      Why people kill 3 reasons money, love or drugs. She said she saw something perhaps she saw a murder, a crime or drug deal. The woman who was part of it needs to do the right thing you know what you need to do stop being a coward. The truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable.

      homeschoolhospitality says:
      MAY 24, 2019 AT 9:59 PM
      Chris Horsley…. Cop by day, Club owner by night riding around on his Harley. I no longer live in Victo, but I did. The cocaine scene is huge. Most restaurant and club owners are involved. I had an ex that worked in the industry and although a couple years older than Lindsey, had mutual friends. Circa 2001…. I knew of Chris Horsley’s involvement in the club life. He always made quite the scene when he arrived on his bike. Many rumours of him being dirty. At the least, he had a conflict of interest between being a club owner ( partial/ silent / Or half partner- I dont know ) and being a detective.I believe he owned a club in Bastion Square area. Considering that everyone is connected in Victoria… I would take a closer look at him and his connections. Just sayin….


      • First Name says:

        Someone should look across the street from the Saanich Police Department at the Dry cleaning business that shut down last year. Word around town is that SPD members we’re getting paid off in dirty coke money when picking up their dry-cleaning.

        • Lillian says:

          Hey Horsefly…… do you get that tid-bit? Dry cleaners, across the street…. or are you connected to that criminal store front too? Hey, Chief DOWNIE…. time to rein in your corrupt staff!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      On the Crime Watch Daily show Part 3 (see links below), Chris Horsley of Saanich police says disrespectfully that I’m holding a modern day witch hunt, an internet witch hunt. I’m not sure if he was high that day or not but nevertheless I thought I should follow through with his accusation and blaming because he and Saanich police sure as hell weren’t achieving any results except pointing the finger at the Del Alcazar crime family in Victoria, the Calgary drug bust and all of us as his problem/excuse much the same as he accuses the people on this site of doing to others. As a result I turned to the witches to not disappoint Detective Horsley and his accusations.
      Over many months and many, many more hours, I spoke to more than 14 psychics and mediums throughout North America. Actually some found me. It was like I opened the psychic communication hot line. The one common thread throughout all of them was that law enforcement was involved in Lindsay’s demise, one way or another, and most named Mr Horsley as the LE involved and a guy named Jason. Truth.

      Its two years since The Crime Watch Daily Show and Lindsay’s murder is not solved and no suspects have been named. I thought Mr Horsley said Lindsay’s case is solvable? When? Along with the second coming or sooner Mr Horsley? How about Christmas 2019?

      • Magdelina says:

        Jeff, my heart bleeds for you! I believe wholeheartedly that Jason & his mother were involved in this. Even though he passed a lie detector test means nothing if you BELIEVE in your answer. If he was asked for DNA & won’t give it, why? Also, didn’t Nikki, Lindsays friend get a telephone call & that person spoke with a fake accent? When she called back (20-30x) didn’t Jasons mother answer? If so, there is your answer. I also believe Jason used his friend as an alibi, but also to make sure everything went as planned. Why did he park in the 2 weirdest spots? Why didn’t he pull in the driveway? I just believe & I’ve been reading, watching everything, and I believe they were involved. Also, Jeff, how did they get her personal cell number? How did they know her acquaintance name & that she or he would be out of town so Lindsay couldn’t get in touch with them to ask them who these people are & if she gave out Lindsays personal cell number. Just to start with all of that is a good start. I just don’t understand why they let this go, maybe because money talks. By the way, did the owner or contractor of the development say, good the bitch is dead? That’s been the talk also.
        God Bless & he will take care in the next life, but I would want justice in this life also!!!🙏🏻

        • Polygraph test????? says:

          He didn’t pass!!!!! The statement from SPD is that “the Zalio’s completed the polygraph exam to their satisfactory. THAT MEANS FUCK ALL! That doesn’t mean they passed!!! And if they were so innocent, why did Jason refuse to give DNA? Was it too close to the other DNA they found in the house? Like his Brothers?
          he took the polygraph, as they are not addmissable in court. DNA evidence is…and there is no way you can say that there was no DNA found! That is BS!
          When someone is murdered NO one, and I mean no one, is cleared until arrest are made! Everyone in law enforcement knows that! Although, when you have a million dollor life insurance policy on someone, like the Zailo’s did on Lindsay, you can not collect if you are a suspect in their murder case. Police and Zailos (or at least one detective) are protecting each other!

          • Magdelina says:

            Jeff, ur so right. When he was calling/texting his brother, I felt maybe he was involved. Directions? He had his friend in the car and who is he kidding, he knew the address. DNA will show any family member. U r 100 percent right. Until its solved, everyone is a suspect. I don’t know how u do it! I would have been in jail/prison by now. Well lets face it, if any of us were in that position, our asses would have been in prison in 2008. Bottom line.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            You are so right. To their satisfaction means NOTHING!! That is not a pass. And oh my god, did the Zailo’s take out a million dollar life insurance policy on Lindsay???? If they did, that screams of guilt. Jeff, have you heard of this? Would this not be something that could be verified?

            • M.J.G. says:

              WHAT? The Zailos had a life insurance policy of one million dollars on Lindsey? Was it taken through their Real-Estate company? And who was making the payments and who is the beneficiary?

          • Just a Canadian says:

            Polygraph test? hmmmmmmmmm Where is the proof that one was ever administered? What questions were asked if one did indeed happen? If the questions were is your name so and so and you live at so and so and you work at so and so yup they would pass. Time to speak up SPD et al. Bottom feeders all of them.

      • owl says:

        Thank you for the response

  11. Jeff Buziak says:


    Please allow me to put the record straight here. Jason, Ryan and Shirley Zailo all did polygraph interviews according to Saanich police and then one of their idiot officers announced to the media that the Zailo family were cleared because they passed lie detector tests. This was done right after the Dateline show was aired.

    I was stunned! I thought, and STILL do, that police are in the arresting business not the clearing business. My understanding from studying political science in university is that a judge and jury are in the judging/clearing business not some goof Saanich pr cop so……..I called the head of Lindsay’s file at that time S/Sgt Craig Samson and demanded from him the official word from Saanich police on their media announcement that the Zailo family were cleared. He said I’ll get back to you on that and he did. He said here is the official word from Saanich police you can use publicly,
    I said that doesn’t say anything conclusive S/Sgt!!!!! He said you wanted the official word from Saanich police and that is it Jeff. I have nothing more to say Jeff.

    Craig Samson retired from Saanich police and then went to work for the BC Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner along with the two other retired heads of Lindsay’s Saanich police non-investigation homicide file, Ross Poulton and Rob McColl(seen on Dateline). Shirley Zailos ex boyfriend Barry MacLachlan, retired Saanich police officer, also worked at The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner. So, if you lodge a complaint about Saanich police at the office of The BC Police Complaint Commissioner guess who is going to deal with your complaint?

    No, Dr Phil there is nothing strange going on with Lindsay’s murder investigation or with Saanich police. All is good sir!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The current head of Lindsay’s Saanich police non-investigation file is Constable Chris Horsley. Mr Horsley is a millionaire real estate investor and the owner of a trucking company. At the time of Lindsay’s murder, Chris Horsley was involved in ownership of night clubs in Victoria that he visited regularly sometimes riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and partying there. The nightclubs were and are known for sex, drugs and rock n roll as most are. A perfect investment for a police officer don’t you think?………in a corrupt 3rd world country. This is the same Chris Horsley who flew to Calgary where I live with another unidentified male to surprise visit me at work and tell me if I didn’t stop what I was doing and shut down this very website he would hold press interviews to discredit me and destroy me. He also ordered the other individual to not identify himself when I asked. He didn’t identify himself. But, Everything is good at Saanich police Dr Phil. They are good people.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        They committed a crime right there by advising to not identify them self and not identifying them self. Dr. Phil clearly did not do his homework for this show. Disappointing. A friend suggested that maybe he always doesn’t do his homework and if you are not privy to the case you just don’t know that. I thought he really dropped the ball. But you did great Jeff.

    • owl says:

      There’s a reason they don’t use lie detector tests in court. They’re not reliable. Innocent people can be found lying and guilty people can be found “telling the truth”. It just measures nervousness and stuff like that. If you’re a sociopath, like Jason appears, you would pass it even though you are lying.

      • Franny says:

        not really related to this case, but I remember years ago working with someone and they had to take a lie detector test as part of a job interview. He said he read up on how to beat it, what to do ect. I remember him saying you can hire someone to come teach you how to beat it. Like Owl said there is a reason they do not use them in court.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      This is my truth. I speak my truth to the very best of my ability.
      I WILL VOLUNTEER TO TAKE A LIE DETECTOR (POLYGRAPH) TEST FROM A HIGHLY QUALIFIED OPERATOR as long as they are not Saanich Police or anyone associated to them.

      I further challenge Constable Chris Horsley of Saanich Police and Ryan Zailo to do the same. I will answer questions they have and I want to have the operator ask them a few questions as well.

      Chris don’t sniff at this opportunity as it might help mend your reputation and Ryan, why don’t you take a stab at this opportunity as well?
      C’mon guys we have a serious murder to solve right?
      Why wouldn’t you do this to advance Lindsay’s homicide non-investigation at Saanich Police?
      I’m sure Dr Phil would be happy do this with his expert polygraph examiner as he thinks I’m being too hard on your poor feelings. Neither of you have ever done hard drugs, I hope, and you both purport to be professionals so I don’t see this as an issue right?

      • Melissa says:

        I don’t believe for a minute that they passed that poly if they did produce the results!! I’m sorry but you deserve to see them or for someone to take a closer look at them, IF there was one. I’ve watched Dr. Phil for years and he always sides with police, jury’s, attorneys and anyone who has the ability to cause problems for him. Everyday people do not like you and I do not have that kind of power. He’s very one sided when it comes to that kind of thing and I have never ever seen him side with anyone claiming injustice even when there was. Most of the time I do agree with him there have been a few times I have not this time I was absolutely livid!! He does a lot of good for a lot of people but I hated the way he treated you, it was hard to watch! My hope is by using his platform it will open doors and get things moving so Lindsay’s murderers can finally be caught, she will be able to Rest In Peace and you will finally know what happened.

        I love your challenge I think they should take a lie detector so everyone can see the real truth especially you!! People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing!!!

        • Magdelina says:

          Melissa you are 💯% right. I totally agree with you. With all the evidence I believe this could have been solved. Mother & son were in cahoots with others. Getting her personal cell phone number, too many coincidences that don’t add up. Anyone who believes their lies can pass it. I would want a highly qualified polygraph expert to give that test. I also believe he wouldn’t give his DNA & if true why? He had to find the body first, isn’t it funny in a big mansion like that he ran straight up the steps to the right room, unbelievable. He had to be in that house before.

    • Magdelina says:

      Omg, Shirley’s boyfriend retired police officer. There u go!!! Didn’t know that. Jeff, major major cover-up!!! If my child, I would be doing the same as u! I wouldn’t care if I lost everything, I would sleep in the streets before I would ever give up!!! Dr Phil, I can’t even watch anymore. He’s a smart man, but he’s not Jesus, he makes mistakes & I didn’t like him saying conspiracies, as if he is educated, he knows our country has given us reason to believe in them. Like I said before JFK/MLK/RFK, how all were assassinated under peculiar circumstances, and a lot is hidden from us. Our country isn’t taking care of the people, it’s THEM taking care of themselves, as in everything! Major corruption at every level, in many jobs, white and blue collar. 💰 that’s all it is. GREED! Moralistic people can’t be bought, but most of them can. It’s all about the Benjamin’s. I’m soooo shocked Shirley’s ex boyfriend, Barry. WOW 😮

  12. CC says:

    It seems to be someone that Lindsey worked with. I think whomever killed her wanted it to appear drug related but I think it was someone she worked with because it was so personal. An execution isnt so savage. At any rate, I pray the family gets answers and the people responsible are brought to justice.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Lindsay’s murder was not drug related like the lame police are trying to distract and confuse everyone with. This tactic by police is a diversion to taint Lindsay and make a lot of people think oh it’s just people in the drug business who cares. The police like people thinking that because then they can slack off and let the murder solve itself or not. If it does solve itself they will happily take all the credit.THIS IS NOT ABOUT LINDSAY BEING INVOLVED IN DRUGS. THIS MURDER IS PERSONAL!
      This is about a wonderful young woman working at her job in Saanich and being savagely executed while working and the conspirators and killers outsmarting the less than capable Saanich police for eleven BLOODY years. Saanich police should be ashamed instead of their lame excuses, explanations and attack of me and the public trying to help!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I agree. I heard them on the radio recently again issuing the same old statement, a little flowerier, but the same statement that they issue every year ad nauseum. This is still an active investigation blah blah blah blah. We need someone to come forward. What does active mean to them? Sitting back waiting for someone to risk their life by coming forward? We pay them to seek these people out. Keep sending those emails. We will crack this wall and considering how ridiculous this has gotten, 11 years later and they insist on keeping the investigation to themselves, I’m thinking sooner than later.

      • Magdelina says:

        Jeff, I totally agree with you! They r trying to make it like it was drugs. It’s a shame for that beautiful girls memory. It was so personal, overkill to the max. When I heard where she was slashed, & they knew about her surgery, it’s so obvious. She knew something, walked in on something & was silent for it; besides wanting to leave that cold blooded family. She was among wolves. They all are in cahoots.

  13. Donald Kimble says:

    was it me or was dr phil kind of a dick on the show? seemed like he either had some agenda or didn’t know enough about the case – clearly it looks like saanich police have done a coverup everyone knows it

    • Magdellina says:

      I keep on cking and listening to info. These people had her personal phone number. They supposedly knew her friend as reference and did their homework she or he would be out of town. They knew about her surgery a few wks previous & stabbed her there purposely. Jason to me was the lookout guy with an alibi. How he kept moving his vehicle to ridiculous areas. How Jason ran upstairs exactly to where the body was in that huge home??? How Nikki received a phone call from a person with a strange accent and called back 20-30x and finally his mother(Jason) answered the phone and said she was trying to call her secretary Nikki and Jason must have put her phone number in. Jason’s mother being friends with the developer of the location. Supposedly the developer was overheard saying the bitch got what she deserved. I don’t care he passed the lie detector test, people, if they believe their lies can pass. Why won’t he give his DNA? The mother and son was involved and knew about it. Jeff, trust me they did know what was going down, if they didn’t plan it themselves, there was help. I believe there was the killers, but those 2 did know all about it. What did Lindsay see that she wasn’t suppose to? The mother, regardless of her job and the monies she has, seems to have a little too much for that type of work. Buying them a home over a million dollars and renovations? Maybe drug monies and Lindsay walked in on something. Breaking up with her son was the icing on the cake. Maybe Lindsay discussed what she saw with the son and mother and they felt threatened. There is a missing piece of the puzzle as to what the girl saw, but I believe in my heart they were involved. The police should have taken DNA or hair samples where the fence was kicked out.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Not just you. It seemed to me that the SPD blinded Dr. Phil with their “nothing to see here” nonsense. Disappointing but like Jeff says, all exposure for this case is good.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        yeah im gonna guess they reached out to him prior to the airing and somehow made a deal to spin it – how can someone who either knows nothing about this case or worse off in the know not believe that it is indeed a major conspiracy – leads me to believe mr phil is one of those tops dogs that is all show i think he’s scum, really just wanted some ratings at the expense of Jeff but whatever the case exposure does help so screw him – what he doesn’t know that yes things need to fall apart as in people turning on each other for a conspiracy to fall apart this is very tough when the authorities are as corrupt as police force in a 3rd world country even in third worlds they will pin it on someone even if it’s the wrong person not saying thats the way to go but come on – this is a major disgrace

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think the SPD trashed Jeff. Made it out that he was a lunatic……and Dr. Phil bought it hook, line and sinker.

    • owl says:

      Yup but that’s what Dr. Phil is like. He’s an arrogant asshole. The part that really bothered me was when Jeff was talking to him and the entire time he’s looking down reading a book. It’s so fucking rude.

      • William Grant says:

        I lost total respect for Dr. Phil. He can dedicated two days of a show for some meaningless topic. Then only gives Jeff half a show on Lindsay’s case.

    • Team Lindsay says:

      I hate that arrogant SOB. I never watch his show because he is so nasty to people. He is a psychologist and should try to understand the pain people are suffering. I only watched the show because Jeff was on and appreciate the value of the immense exposure it gave Lindsay’s unsolved murder. Jeff was also able to express his feelings about how he has been treated by and the poor SPD investigation. The site is more active than I have ever seen before, since the show aired and it is unanimous, everyone is siding with Jeff and thinks Dr Phil is a dick. Thanks Dr Phil, for inadvertently making a case for bad police work at the SPD. By blindly defending the police, he looks foolish and afraid of law suits. By Dr Dick so easily dismissing the thought of police incompetency or corruption, he created curiosity. People aren’t stupid and see for themselves that something isn’t right in this case. He also showed Jeff’s website at the beginning of the show that brought a lot more people to this site and the numbers keep growing. I don’t like the guy at all but his show helped out here in the end.

      • David J Anderson says:

        Team Lindsay and the others who made comments about The Phil Show – you are correct.

        Phil sold his soul to Hollywood years ago. He’s created an empire using his role as some kind of alternative psychological,fix-all, universal Dr

        His catch-all, “How’s that working for ya?” and, “I’m not going to tell you how you feel because I don’t know” and, “You can’t make sense out of nonsense” phrases and his personalizing the show with tragic family news, the over-repeated years he’s been married, his Christian values, his over-repeated medical degrees, what he wouldn’t do to protect his family, blah, blah, blah.

        Phil picks and chooses who he will go to bat for. If there’s something in it for him from a global, money and legal perspective, he’s all in.

        He runs in circles with evil people including some of the biggest slimeball defense attorneys calling them friends. He’s outspoken about his support for Law enforcement and wants all to know he’s a martyr for them. That’s where Jeff screwed up, right?? This sack of excrement would rather insult a fathers devotion to his daughter’s killers than admit there’s something rotten in the Saanich LE.

        There have been several shows where Phil has sided with the perpetrator of crimes including murder, citing he doesn’t know what happened – “I don’t know what happened – I wasn’t there.” If you have a chance to find out the real Phil – watch one of his shows called “The Staircase” where a two-time wife murdering Michael Peterson is the guest on his show. David Rudolf was Peterson’s attorney. the same attorney who defended Rae Carruth. Another Phil friend, Dr. Henry Lee showed how a fall down a staircase can cast off blood to the moon and back.

        This Oprah-spun show is all about the Phil family. It’s about net worth. The branding of his Sons book company/band, The Doctors, Phil in the Blank, internet apps, and his wives beauty product line is the result. It’s about Diet books and self-help books and rubbing shoulders with other prominent people and companies. It’s about Robin pimping her beauty products. Everyone knows that in order to survive in this world you need to be a size Zero, wear tons of make-up, have a personal trainer, tear-up and talk about how much you care about everyone. And then do the “Model walk” with Phil by her side at the end of each show. It’s all about the bottom line, sales.

        Phil’s a sanctimonious son of a bitch. I’d like to punch him in the face.

        • TL says:

          You are absolutely right.. I haven’t watched the show because I refuse to watch the very very compromised Dr. Phil. I’m disappointed for Jeff but not surprised at all to see the comments about the show…. Remember the show with the girl that had been sex trafficked….. ya he’s fully aware of all that shit and based on my intel maybe involved himself, complicite in the knowledge & cover up.
          In the end the good news is I see it has generated much more public awareness by the number of posts to this blog each time the show runs in different time slots/areas & the more people energy, “Prayer” directed toward an issue, the further the Truth rises to the surface.

          Also wanted to comment on the post about the million dollar life insurance policy the zailos had on Lindsay. Is this true? I’ve only seen it mentioned one other time and my god if it’s true that is such an implication of guilt at the very least that they had prior knowledge that she was going to die. SCUMBAGS!!!
          I wonder if it was only she that had a policy or if jason also took one out as well when they were living together. There are strict laws about taking insurance out on an individual unless you have a legit connection to them ie: spouses, maybe a family but usually younger people don’t have insurance policies taken out on them & the amount/value of the policy is normally in line with the amount of financial loss the individuals death would cause. Lindsay was hardly bringing in that kind of income to the relationship to justify such a large policy.
          Would there be any value investigating the civil legalities for taking out such a policy without establishing the appropriate relationship to the insured individual? Unless the laws around taking out policies on someone have changed, for obvious reasons an adult has to sign off (be made aware) of a policy taken out on their life…..

          Jeff if there is such a insurance policy payout could you sue them in a civil suit where there doesn’t have to be a conclusion of guilt as the murderer but merely strong evidence that they are responsible in some way for the death of the Lindsay? ie: OJ was found not guilty but the family won their civil suit against him where it is not required to establish ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ rather the judge need only believe based on the preponderance of evidence it was likely him.

        • M.J.G says:

          Boy…I’d hate to be your enemy David. Please disregard my opinion about Dr. Phil..I guess you know him better than most of us!

  14. K kilduff says:

    So sorry for your family. I pray the killers will be brought to justice.

  15. Kat says:

    Buziak Family: I just watched Lindsey’s story on the ID Channel, And I am so very sorry for your loss, Lindsey appeared to be a very kind vibrant young lady. As a parent No Do Not ever give up looking for the murderers who committed this heinous act, You need to be Lindsey s voice.
    Have you looked into hiring a Private Investigator? Did the police do a full search of the home inside and outside, looking for any DNA? I do not know the entire details of the crime scene-Did the Medical Examiner check for dna under Lindseys fingernails… I just find it odd that no dna was found in or around the house or on Lindsey. Did anyone get a description of the vehicle? A neighbor seen Lindsey talk to a male and female outside this house, it does not appear Lindsey knew her killers…A drug hit….I am not an expert in this area, but why would it be a drug hit, usually with a drug hit they kidnap their victim hold them and may torture them and then kill them
    and dispose of the body, usually never to be found. This sounds more like a personal hit. Was Lindsey’s kindness taken out of context. Lindsey shared with her boyfriend her concerns. I am not saying the boyfriend had anything to do with her murder, but men are protectors he should of been there to protect her, when he saw that door open and close he moved his vehicle? why? he should of called 911 and started entering that home ready to Fight. Once again not saying he hurt Lindsey but i think the police needed to do a more detailed background check on him and his life.
    I would consider having another fresh set of eyes from the police dept look into Lindsey’s case.
    Get criminal young law students to look into it, request a new detective to look into the case.
    This happened in a small town? You may need big city eyes to look into this case. I do not know if you have an FBI unit? Usually the FBI will build a profiler case of the murderers who commit these types of crimes, and they usually do a good job. Some profilers are so good they can describe the killers to a tea, Age, possible occupation, personality type/s. Was this house looked at before did the police research who looked at this new house before Lindsey was killed, as she was killed upstairs in the bedroom. Burner phones dont like them, can that number be traced? Dinged
    Cameras outside any area stores showing anyone around that time bought a burner phone? small town? The boyfriend, once again not saying he hurt Lindsey he was just so calm to me on tv-even years later the emotions of losing such a precious individual in a persons life would stir up Emotions-what is his past? More should be looked at in every direction. Every Area.
    You have to be very careful…with psychics however some people are much more sensitive to the environment than others are…just something to consider. Buziak Family: Ignore any negativity you receive, some people have no love in their Heart… You never give up on your Child – I believe the killers can be brought to justice and i think this case can be solved the killers could still be in that surrounding area. Cold calculated killers. Keep Lindsey’s story in the news, on billboards if you can. I dont know if your country has a website of unsolved murders, if it does put hers on that site… Visit the John Walsh Show… Some killers like to brag about their crimes, did the police look into the prison system? Some prisons will place these stories on tv. law enforcement can usually weed out who is telling the truth and who is not. The police need to keep the family updated and keep this case active. Buziak Family: Stay Strong and Healthy Lindsey would want this…She is in Heaven in peace – I truly pray her killers will be caught and brought to justice. Mr Buziak I pray God gives you strength-Stay strong and healthy. May God Bless you and your Family.


  16. owl says:

    Let’s just say for a second that Jason wasn’t involved. Why would he tell Cohen that he had to drop off some papers at the house when he was supposed to be going over there to be with Lindsay because she was nervous about the showing? Why wouldn’t he tell her that? Also, why would he make plans to have dinner with him, and be so insistent about it, if he was supposed to be at the showing with Lindsay at that time and it would presumably take half an hour or so? And lastly, why hasn’t he seemed to express any remorse? If I was supposed to be at a showing to protect my girlfriend because she felt nervous, and I didn’t show up, and she was murdered as a result, I would be overwhelmed with guilt, but from his interview on Dateline, he didn’t seem to express any of that. These reasons along, apart from everything else, are why it is so obvious to me that he is involved. And lastly, like other people have mentioned before, he claimed he didn’t want to seem like the meddling boyfriend but he was dropping off papers so that could’ve been his excuse to join the showing. He had a legitimate excuse to be there, apart from protecting Lindsay.

  17. Maria says:

    Her boyfriend and his family seem so involved in her murder. The detectives should investigate more thoroughly into her bf and his mother, etc. I just saw the ID episode. Oh my ! Such a tragic way to die. I pray for her justice. R.i.P Lindsay

  18. Darrell says:

    I just watched the program on ID about this case and couldn’t help but wonder why the boyfriend would be so late to meet her and then park down the street? This is not normal behavior. I would have been at that door as soon as I saw someone else there. Even if he has an alibi for the timeline, he would certainly have to be involved in some way. Stabbed 40 times is not a normal execution style murder. I don’t care if the guy passed a lie detector or not. Good liars can beat those machines. This man should be tortured until he confesses to what he knows. Sorry but that’s how I feel if it was my daughter. I pray you get justice soon.

  19. Just A Canadian says:

    Unfortunately when the low lives see the news, they feel the need to respond. Jeff I as a parent would never give up until my child got justice. Lindsay is so proud of you!!! Just carry on and ignore the low lives.

  20. Anne Rethg says:

    Saw your plight on the Dr. Phil show and I’m very sorry for your tragic loss. I wish for you every success in finding those who took her life.

    Saanich police are useless and abusive, I am still actively stalked by a Saanich officer whom use to me my neighbour.

  21. Louise says:

    Hello. I am unfamiliar with this case other than looking into it for the past hour or two. So this might’ve been dismissed years ago. But in that time I have found a message that said Lindsay could have somehow been connected with a group called the Shoreline 6 (?) and might’ve been a revenge situation somehow. It would make sense that it was premeditated if the previous killing was 10 years prior. I’m sorry for the pain all this has caused and I hope you find the perpetrators. Best of luck.

    • Team Lindsay says:

      Louise, if you are a speed reader, I apologize for misidentifying you ahead of my comments. If you are who I suspect you are, no apologies. There is no connection to that murder and Lindsay, another distraction. It would have taken you hours to find that comment made About 4 years ago so it appears you are extremely familiar with Lindsay’s murder. If there was a comment page on the Dr Phil show, you would be posting your trash there but since there is not, you came back to this site to try to distract and confuse. A lot of time and energy has been wasted in an unsuccessful attempt to derail Jeff’s attempt to get those responsible for his daughters death, brought to justice. If you agree or disagree with the persons he believes are responsible, at this point what does it matter? It is not your place to dictate what other people think. Worry about your own thoughts Joanna and Justice. Find another cause and stop wasting everyone’s time including your own. We want the case declared cold or handed over to another agency because the SPD appears to be doing nothing and refuses to release any information about the investigation and will not explain why. The immediate problem is not who did it but what is going on in the SPD. Who did it, is an opinion until someone is charged. Opinions are like Uranus, we all have one. So what? If you have a problem with that, you need help. If you are a good person and genuinely want to Be a good human being and help out, write to the agencies posted all over the site and ask to have the case handed over to a different agency. If we had confirmation that another agency did a thorough investigation into the SPD and the Zailos unexplained wealth and found nothing, I would trust the outcome. Unfortunately, it is well known, there are criminal elements connected to the head of Lindsay’s file at the SPD and her boyfriends family (who all worked at the ReMax office). Everyone in Victoria knows they al have connections to illegal activities but none have been charged. To deny this is absurd. Why does no one in LE care?

      • Louise says:

        Hi Team Lindsay. My apologies. I am not familiar with whomever you think I am. I watched Dr. Phil and he said to mention anything however small you think it is. So I started searching and someone left that comment on a news story less than a day ago. The reason I repeated it here instead of calling the number Dr. Phil posted is because I thought someone who know far more than me could vet it.

        I’m truly sorry it was not a useful tip. I had only wanted to send something that I saw that might help. I hope the killer/killers are captured and brought to justice.

  22. Jeff Buziak says:


    See more about the Lindsay Buziak case on the premiere of the new series Still A Mystery on Monday, May 27 at 5/4c on Investigation Discovery!

  23. B says:

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I pray for her resting in peace and the criminals caught. Prayers for your family

  24. ranger rick says:

    I missed the show on Friday but this is what I found. Well done Jeff. I’m always amazed how well you keep yourself contained even though there is so much more you could reveal. Your podcasts are terrific because they really go into detail about all that has transpired and why the SPD need to be taken off this case. We all know who planned this and who is protecting them.

    • She G says:

      The American media has done a stellar job on this horrific case. We cannot say the same for our silent Canadian media. No one has picked this up. All of us have written/emailed for years and nothing has been done. There will be a break sometime, somewhere. In the meantime a BIG shout out to our friends of the south.

      • Robin says:

        No kidding, shame on all the Canadian media! It sure has made me wonder exactly who holds all the power in Canada! Why would American shows be doing shows before Canadian shows? When u consider all the emls that have gone to the Canadian shows, magazines and politicians over the last few years and still nothing, that is so pathetic! We shouldn’t have to tell them or ask them to cover Lindsay’s unsolved murder, they should be all over it, all year. Our pathetic politicians don’t even contact us ffs. I’m so done with the apathetic status quo going on in Canada, so much so that I am going to tell you what I have done because of it. Approximately 2 months ago I emld Jody Wilson-Raybould with a few questions about her thoughts, some of my thoughts thrown in. Guess what, she emld me back eventually and suggested we meet for coffee. Jody is my MP. Today I went to where she announced to media she would be running as an independent and I met her. I was raised by strong NDP parents but I’m joining Jody. She is so cool. She remembered my name, amongst the 15,000 emls she received and she said one of her people will be calling my people (lol) so we can meet for coffee. I said I had an important topic to discuss with her and she said she was all ears. Imagine that! You all know what I’ll be talking to her about now don’t you? It most certainly won’t be about Justin Trudeau’s hair believe me. As I looked around the room this morning I thought I wonder who’s important here that will be getting to know me and Lindsay Buziak’s story. Those people were there and I’m hot on their trail.

  25. Abdula says:

    Put it to bed Jeff. She is dead so many years now. You are not doing your self any good. Get on with your life. It is known you want the cops to find the killer but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Enjoy the rest of your life in peace. Oh and why isn’t her mother talking maybe the mother has let it be is the mother a suspect? Peace to you now.

    • TL says:

      Wow! You either possess no compassion or experience in life with the pain of losing someone so close to you. I wish you well when tragedy strikes your own life.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The odd person like you motivates me to do more. The trouble in the world right now is because of the odd people like you. Thank you for the motivation.

      • M.J. Gagné says:

        ABDULA…..I think Mr. Jeff Buziak should put it to “REST” in “YOUR” bed and see how you handle it! SHAME ON YOU to even tell him what to do with his pain, his compassion and drive for justice ….
        It’s not a cat he lost here….it’s his beautiful daughter!

      • Eliza Minnick says:

        Don’t pay attention to these comments. You have so many supporters, and if it isn’t solved at least you will know you couldn’t have tried harder. This person must not have kids.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Abdula, I’d hate to have you as a father. I prefer to have a fighter like Jeff. I distance myself from weak people like you. Jeff would have no peace if he quit now. Sadly, you can’t understand that. SMH.

    • Robin says:

      What planet r u living on? You just live on your planet and leave us earthlings alone. We do not need any advice from Uranus here. Get back in your spaceship and leave Earth ASAP. You took a really wrong turn when U left Uranus, never leave again. Go home as soon as possible, you are scaring the earthlings.

    • Melissa says:

      Please keep your judgmental comments to yourself! Unless you have important information concerning Lindsay’s brutal murder or you’re supporting this loving father trying to bring attention and awareness to finding his daughters killer/killers it’s completely fine to keep your opinion to yourself! It serves no purpose here and it really shows your poor character.

    • Sheila says:

      Abdula go troll somewhere else, your hate is not needed here.

    • Team Lindsay says:

      When your child is murdered, you never get over it and have the ability to live your life in peace even after the ones responsible receive punishment for the crime. In this case, we know who did it and get to watch them live a free and very comfortable life. The police know who did it and do nothing indicating there is a hidden agenda. Jeff might as well keep fighting for the justice his daughter deserves. I hope you never get the chance to understand the horror. Everybody: this is just another pathetic internet troll who I choose to ignore going further.

    • Mark Roush says:

      Blocking all illogical people such as Abdula is in order. I do not enjoy reading rubbish. Resolve is in order, just continue to be steadfast in your faith Jeff.

    • J says:

      Wow you are a f***ing idiot

    • B says:

      Shame on you! He lost his daughter to a horrific murder. You should support him in his fight to find the murderers. Justice needs to be served here.

    • Mary G says:

      What a horrendous thing to say. Everybody Grieves differently. Her mother did not murder her. Just because she does not speak does not mean she is guilty.
      Telling someone to move on when their child has been brutally murdered is completely ignorant and lacks compassion. I’m not sure if you have children, but I know that if something happened to my child I would be knocking on every single door and Victoria until I found out what happened. until you lose a child, you don’t and couldn’t possibly know what it is like.
      Jeff and his persistent pursuit on getting this case solved is an inspiration. Many people would have tired out or given up.
      Maybe this is what keeps Jeff alive, the hope that this will be solved. It’s easy to say move on with your life and go in peace, but I suspect if he gave up on this now, a humongous part of him would die inside.

    • Kim olexa says:

      The murder of someones daughter should never be put to rest…god bless her dad for still fighting for her. The police do not seem to care if this case ever gets solved. Hopefully a high profile investigater will get invloved to assist. God bless

    • Lillian says:

      Abdula? AKA criminal from the Horsefly (pun intended) and minions. You’ll be caught Abdula! Wait for it!

    • M. Shepherd says:

      what the hell is wrong with you???!!! You are the definition of a piece of shit! Trying to derail the investigation?? Sounds like you should be a suspect!!



  26. Kate says:

    I pray this case gets solved soon. I don’t understand how 11 yrs. later and police have no arrests. Makes me sick this beautiful young woman whose life was savagely taken by these lowlifes–whoever they are. Kinda like here in America with the JonBenet Ramsey case. An innocent 6-yr-old girl murdered in ’96 and likewise–no arrests and killer is walking free! Keep going Jeff–I admire your perseverance and tireless work in bringing Lindsay’s killers to justice!

  27. Bigger picture says:

    Jeff, I first would like to tell you that I admire your drive and perseverance to have this murder solved. I admire your unwillingness to accept the excuses, statistics, and the fact that no arrests have been made.
    In Victoria there is a food chain. The people at the top are white collared shirt people, who are well-known and society, but completely fly under the radar. They pay off the bottom feeders, lower level drug dealers, to do their dirty work.
    An important part of his case is when she told you that she saw something she shouldn’t have. It was not what she saw, but who she saw. She stumbled into a room, with people who we’re never supposed to be seen. They were then exposed and she became a liability because of it.
    This was a well thought-out plan, and hit was called by the higher-ups as they were worried that she would say something. They paid the lower level drug dealers to do their dirty work.

    Focus on the bigger picture. As there is a far bigger picture than people are looking at.

    Rest in peace sweet Lindsay

    • Vane Bowers says:

      I admire Jeff, that you are working bring Lindsay’s killer to justice. Jesus is coming, & it is going to be in the resurrection that you will see her again.

      Rest in peace, Lindsay!

  28. Who she saw says:

    I would like to say again that I admire your determination and perseverance to get this case solved. You’re a lovely daughter would be so proud of you. I also admire your unwillingness to accept that no action or arrests have been made. Don’t ever stop fighting. The truth will come out.
    I want to also say that a very important part of this whole case, is when she told you that she saw something that she shouldn’t have.
    People know about this are choosing to remain silent. The bottom feeder drug dealers would not be something that she feared. It’s the White collar, higher up on the food chain, that are running the show and called this hit. The bottom people, we’re just paid to do their dirty work.
    It is not what she saw, but what she walked into and who she saw. And that is what scared her so much and made her a liability to them. These people go nameless and hide under the radar. Unfortunately she stumbled into a room where she does not supposed to be, and saw people she was never supposed to have seen.

    I hope that this case get solved and rest in peace sweet Lindsay

  29. DEBORAH BAXTER says:

    Jeff, I am so sorry for your loss of Lindsay. I have watched Dr. Phil’s story on your daughter twice now. Can’t understand why it has taken so long to solve this case. Unless it is a inside job. I do wish you find peace. These low life people that took Lindsay away and will go to hell and burn forever … I do pray for you and your family and friends. Being strong and courageous, takes God’s Grace and Favor… Good luck.

  30. Watchersonthenorth says:

    I think the community knows exactly who decided to brutally murder Lindsay Buziak. The multiple attempts to break-up with OJason, the direct link to the Re/Max office, the established connection of the Zailos to criminals and unexplained wealth, The Zailos’ behavior before, during and after Lindsay was murdered, all point to one set of suspects. I don’t think they are smart or resourceful enough to pull that off without help from someone in law enforcement and the home’s owner bit just put that aside for now. We know Shirley planned the execution of Lindsay Buziak. She has never been charged and walks free. Anyone who knows the truth has remained silent out of loyalty or fear but we all know the truth. When we see or think of Shirley, we see a vile sub-human being. Everyone knows. We know what everyone is thinking when they see her: disgust! She walks free but lives in a world where she is despised and hated by everyone. I believe her sons also feel the same way but are too afraid to show it. Eventually someone so vile will be taken out of this world when they cross the wrong path. She is an aging woman who will not be able to maintain control and power for much longer because it takes A lot of money for that. Her sons will not be able to sustain their unexplained income without her either because they are neither smart enough or psycho enough. Tick tick tick…….Boom!

  31. Kat Holliday says:

    I saw you story on Dr. Phil and what instantly struck me is why not seek out a psychic detective to help you solve this horrendous crime? You can easily seek out some of the very best psychics who help not only local law enforcements across the country, but also those that aid the FBI simply by doing a google search. It is with a psychic detective that you will find all of the answers you are looking for. Godspeed.

  32. Debi says:

    In my case, I had made a complaint to a higher board for an officer who was supposed to be investigating a criminal matter and wasn’t. It has to be done within a year of the infraction on the part of the officer. I am wondering if this is an option for you? If there is something in the recent past year that is reportable and would get the matter moving in a different direction to uncover ineptitude under BC Police Act? I am praying for justice for Lindsay and the truth to be revealed to you, Mr. Buziak.

    • Debi says:

      I would start filing complaints on the police inaction here:

      1. Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, British Columbia

      2. Independent Investigation Office, British Columbia

  33. n lawrence says:

    May God bless your efforts and I hope you are able to find this criminal. My heart breaks for all you are having to endure and the loss of your baby angel girl.

  34. Penny Bache says:

    So Sorry for the tragedy of the murder of your beautiful daughter God Bless you and keep you strong thru this and remember that God is with you now and always

  35. Damian g says:

    He admittedly told me that he was a partner in Darcy’s and upstairs… And it just so happens that it was in the same year, and before and after, Lindsay’s death

  36. homeschoolhospitality says:

    Chris Horsley…. Cop by day, Club owner by night riding around on his Harley. I no longer live in Victo, but I did. The cocaine scene is huge. Most restaurant and club owners are involved. I had an ex that worked in the industry and although a couple years older than Lindsey, had mutual friends. Circa 2001…. I knew of Chris Horsley’s involvement in the club life. He always made quite the scene when he arrived on his bike. Many rumours of him being dirty. At the least, he had a conflict of interest between being a club owner ( partial/ silent / Or half partner- I dont know ) and being a detective.I believe he owned a club in Bastion Square area. Considering that everyone is connected in Victoria… I would take a closer look at him and his connections. Just sayin….

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Thank you. I’ve heard about this and his partying ways. Yes, this cop is STILL head of Lindsays non-investigation file at Saanich police. Same cop who flew out to Calgary to intimidate and threaten me because he lost it and showed who he really was; a gangster. He also owns a successful trucking company, is a millionaire real estate investor and probably has a couple laundry washing machines too.

      • Following says:

        Jeff, I was a bit disappointed in Dr Phil’s handling of the interview. I felt like he didnt do his homework. Especially when it came to the LE environment and connections to SZ, drugs et al. You did get some exposure and hopefully some more tips come in. If a PI could get the file and perhaps Parabon could do forensic geneology on some DNA. With that much personal contact there has to be some DNA. If its money maybe we can start a go fund me.

        • Lillian says:

          Yes, I too was disappointed at his quick dismissal of the corrupt/conspiracy theory. I truly believe this corruption is what’s stalling everything. Dr.Phil is correct that conspiracy and corruption take an enormous amount of cooperation and energy to keep in place, but it does transpire, the Kennedy/Monroe has been successful for decades. Given the makeup of the Saanich community and the corrupt police agency, this coverup is very successful and active. Wake up politicians, starting with the EX AG Wilson-Raybould….. is this not HER riding? Where is her advocacy to ensure the corruption in HER district is cleansed and the law is enforced? Federal election on the horizon, she wants to run as independent and tell her “truth”…. let’s make her do the walk with the talk!

          • Rowen says:

            I was also unhappy, no, annoyed, at Dr Phil’s blanket description of “conspiracy theories” being something (paraphrasing here) that many people commit to being involved in and keeping it quiet an improbability these many years That is simply not true. A conspiracy, by definition, is two or more people plotting, planning and arranging to do something. The core facts state two people were witnessed at house at the time of this awful crime, therefore, two people planned to murder her. When people start using the term “conspiracy theorists” it is usually a precursor to dismiss anything that comes after as harebrained or too far fetched. It is not unreasonable to consider an 11 year old case, with zero investigative activity ( receiving tips isn’t investigating) a cold case so I DO question an investigative body that will not seek other avenues of help re: another agency, or allowing the family to hire their own investigators. By keeping it “active” it is in the authority of someone in that police Dept.; so I tender the following questions: why, how many officers, how much of the investigative budget is spent on this case, level of experience of those investigators and who are they related to, and, what if this was their child?

            • David J Anderson says:

              Rowen, You nailed it. That’s why I call him a blowhard. Phil constantly talks about his sons and if something happened to them………..

              Then he throws in the conspiracy.term to Jeff in a negative fashion. Obviously, Mr. “I’ve Done My Homework” didn’t do his homework.

              When you’re trying to find the culprits you turn over every stone you possibly can – conspiracy or not

              Also, Phil was Jeff by saying he doesn’t trust the incompetent Saanich PD yet tells people who might know something to contact the incompetent police. What is Jeff supposed to say? That he’ll pass it on to the PD?

              Really pissed me off.

            • Magdelina says:

              Dr Phil always using his education like a big deal. JFK/MLK/RFK let him tell me these murders weren’t conspiracies. I’m 62 & studied these killings from day 1. He has MORE ADS on tv than any other show. He plugs, Phil in the blank, & he has to cut the time from show to parade his friggin wife, so we can see her outfit. Give me a break!!! He is so arrogant & full of himself! What if that was his wife or sons? I totally believe 💯 that Jason & his mother was involved in someway. So obvious to me. All the detectives that retired the day before Lindsay was murdered wanted to help, but were told no. These murderers should be in jail. They were so savage!!! William, what u said I agree with you totally!!!! I pray something breaks soon so the family can have a little peace.

          • Robin says:

            Jody Wilson-Raybould’s riding is in Vancouver not Vancouver Island. Her riding is Vancouver-Granville. I will be talking to her about Lindsay’s unsolved murder when we have coffee together. I met her this morning and I was very impressed.

            • Lillian says:

              Thanks Robin…. didn’t do my homework there, sorry, I had extracted it from a caption not realizing the error, sometimes I get blinded by my disgust at SPD. And double thanks for getting a meeting, maybe we can get her to query her counterpart in that riding….. pressure, it’s powerful when we can get the attention from the right party.

      • Sheila Thailand says:

        Jeff, check your private Facebook messages, sent you something from Twitter last night. Woman wants to speak with you. Could be nothing, could be something.

    • A member of the old school bar scene says:


      Exactly! And it was called Darcy’s and upstairs, and the partner’s were so silent that only few people know who they are. Most club owners are well know in the scene- not with this bar and night club. He also owned another bar before that, Bartholomews. He has been in the seen and working as an officer for many years…..CONFLICT!

  37. Dana Marshall says:

    I’m praying for justice for you and your family from Mobile, Alabama

  38. mrJ says:

    I’m currently viewing your story on the Dr. Phil show…I have to say that I am terribly sorry that this has happened to you. I have children of my own and do imagine these things happening to them, its terrifying. My imagination is nothing compared to the reality you’ve faced these past years. Sadly, I’ve nothing to help aid you in your search for the cowardly monsters that stole your daughter’s life except this…right or wrong, the commitment you’ve shown in finding these murderers is incredible. I believe in what you’re doing and don’t understand how anyone couldn’t. Accepting that 40% of murders going unsolved in this country is, well, unacceptable. I hope that you may find peace again in this life, through justice, but until that time, may you be guided and protected by the courage and righteousness that lives in your soul.

  39. Just A Canadian says:

    Watched the Dr Phil show today May 24th. Great to get Lindsay’s name out there for all to see. The 20 minute program really provided little information. Hopefully someone will step up and just remember what they chose to forget 11 years ago.

  40. Gwen Roseler says:

    Hello! I just watched the Dr. Phil episode. My heart breaks for you, sir. I FIRMLY believe the police CAN and WILL botch a death investigation and cover up their actions. Similar situation happened when my brother was murdered in Salem, Oregon on April 2,2013. I too have taken the route you have to find justice. Please visit Facebook page JusticeforBrad. If you ever want to talk, I’m here for you.

    • Helen says:

      I just watched dr Phil today and my heart breaks for you and your a fellow Canadian I’d like to start a GoFundMe page to help you in the days ahead.this man has been victimized to the maximum and shouldn’t be penniless because his daughter was murdered. Let us wrap our arms around you and hold you up until your strong enough to stand up on your own again.please take a break from the case and use this money to get away somewhere to find peace cause you’ll never have closure.not even if there caught.youll never understand Why this was done except there is evil in this world and your daughter is safe now in gods hands away from harm…except I’m sure she’s looking down at you from heaven and she’s saddened by your demise…please try to live and love again and remember no matter where you go her heart will follow you
      Gods speed my friend

    • Following says:

      You are a nice person Gwen. I’m sure that one can feel very alone in this situation and I hope Jeff takes you up on your offer. I think that would be helpful as a personal support.

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