Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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4,592 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. I have read this entire website and I have no doubt her boyfriend is involved in this. Being stabbed that many times is not an execution of someone because they saw something they weren’t supposed to see. This is personal and fueled by anger. Why isn’t Jason involved in this search?

    We will never stop searching for our daughters case to be solved…don’t ever stop. The parents are the only ones who will stand for their children.

    • Helen says:

      I thought the boy friend passed a lie detector test given by police…but can he pass one from a outside source perhaps Steve wilkes…would the bf be willing to do another lie detector without police involvement

      • Robin says:

        I doubt it very much because he would not pass it. Would be good to ask them though. Dr. Phil maybe will do another show and ask the Zailo’s to do a poly, Dr. Phil has been known to do that with very qualified people. If u r innocent then u would jump at the chance to clear your name on such a major platform. Don’t hold your breath that the Zailo’s will be doing a poly offered by Dr. Phil. Why not eml Dr. Phil with that request people.

  2. Dear Mr. Buziak,

    Bravo!! You rarely find people so passionate about their love for their children that they are willing to risk everything to find the truth. In some ways I can relate to you as I lost my father back in the ’50s and when writing a book about him I uncovered that he had been murdered. It’s too late for me to find the truth but don’t let the passing of time hinder your deep convictions. I will go to my grave not knowing; please do not let that happen to you. I applaud you, sir. Stay focused! My prayers are with you.


  3. Herminia Encinas says:

    Hello friend I saw u on the Dr. Phil show today 24 2019 here in Bakersfield California. I was very moved & felt ur pain & my heart jumped thinking of the time my younger brother was murdered!
    It is an ever changing event that to this day duz not go away, it happened on June 6 1995, between 6pm -615pm. So I know all abot always remembing important dates & hours.others will never know wut it feels like to try & process horrible detail in regards to the pain & suffering that was inflected on our loved ones.there is no such thing as move on or stop thinking abot it ! Becuz u can not & will never stop thinking or looking for those responsible for taking our loved ones lives!!! I commend u for never surrendering getting info or catching these evil demonic people! Surely they dont need to b out on the streets they r cowards& don’t deserve to hav air to breath! Plz do not giv up ur daughter needs u to keep looking for who did this to her! U will find out with time that God will giv u , plz hang in there I pray for strength comes ur way she was truly blessed to hav u as her father & u wer blessed to hav her as ur daughter
    Herminia Encinas

  4. Duh says:

    The mom and the boyfriend did it!! Helloooo?!?! He doesn’t want to take a DNA test? The mysterious phone called eventually answered by shirley?! And shirley states oh my son must have added the number…why?!…AGAIN helllooooo?!?! DUH

  5. Jane Bell says:

    I don’t normally do this but I am one of those people who gets “feelings” about these kind of things and my feeling is that you guys are barking up the wrong tree. This was not done by someone she knew. You want to look for a now 32-37 year old white couple who moved into the neighborhood she was murdered in about the same time of the murder. This is a Natural Born Killers kind of thing wherein the husband admitted his dark desires to his wife and she expressed that she would assist him out of love and to fulfill her own dark desires. She lured Lindsay and was there during the murder but he killed her solely to satisfy a blood lust. Their promise to each other was that it was a one time thing before they went on to live their seemingly successful happy lives. He has not kept that promise, she has. He has killed again and she suspects it but will never breathe a word of it If I am wrong my apologies for troubling you with this random information.

    • clifford danco says:

      That is indeed random information but thanks for your input. This wasn’t a random killing at all that is 100% fact.

    • Helen says:

      I am saddened by your comment.i dont think its helpful to write a crime scene in your head with such weird details and pass it on to this grieving man
      Just saying

    • Joanna says:

      Are you a medium? Gee I hope you don’t count soley on that for your income.

    • Lillian says:

      Disturbing analysis. Very bizarre in fact. I would suggest you’re part ‘n parcel of the Horseflly and Minions who want to throw a ridiculous synopsis in the thread in a very, very poor attempt at diverting from the actual killers and corrupt coppers. We’re only insulted by your criminal association with the killers.

      • Team Lindsay says:

        I really love how everyone is able to spot the distractions posting here and other places. Keep your eyes opened and keep up the good work.

  6. Candace says:

    Why has the boyfriend not wanted to provide DNA ? If you have nothing to hide , then giving DNA is nothing .

    • M-Jeanne says:

      Did he actually refused? Oh, that’s not good!!! THAT’S A RED FLAG: If there was DNA collected at the time from the murder scene and was safely kept, to this day, by the police force, well…..whoever donates their DNA today, would most likely be checked and compare against the DNA taken back then from the murder scene…..and could be pin-pointed to ……example: sibling, father, mother, son, cousin….etc! Just saying!!!!

  7. Our daughter was murdered and her body never found. They know who did it and he was arrested but never indicted. Her name is Kristen Charbonneau and we have a website with the killer’s face, name and information.

    The police didn’t work the case and they aren’t doing anything now. We totally agree with every thing you are doing and encourage you to continue your pursuit. If we aren’t looking for evidence who will? We learned that even though the police may not be involved they botched the case because Kristen was an exotic dancer.

    We are very sorry for the loss of your daughter. Please keep fighting! Someone knows something

  8. Sonja J Galovics says:

    I just watched the Dr. Phil show about Lindsay Buziak & some months ago I was watching a re-run of I think it was Dateline. I email the police that I might have some information/clue to her death but never heard from them. I just called the number that was on Dr. Phil so I will just see if I get a phone call but the show talked about this website. I am a retired Realtor, I know what goes on in the office and working with other agents. If this was my daughter, I would investigate the real estate company to find out who had their license there at the time of the murder. After 11 yrs this might be hard to do but maybe the state licensing department would have that information. I personally think it was an agent in the office jealous of Lindsay. Lindsay was beautiful and I would imagine very successful Realtor getting all the good listing and sales….maybe even getting some of their buyers or sellers. The agents I worked with would sell their own Grandmothers to get business. I retired early because of all the back stabbing behind closed doors. Even my broker would walk in the office with one of my clients. The real estate office just might not have a record from 11 yrs ago but if the sales and listings during that time just might show something. Even other agents have a feeling of someone who just might have hated Lindsay over jealousy. Agents sometimes complain to other agents about how some agent in their office screwed them out of a big listing or sale. I don’t know if anyone has explored this angle but I just have a feeling this was a crime of jealousy. I want to help, I felt so bad for this father.

    • WatcherontheNorth says:

      This was a crime about rage committed by a very cunning psychopath who worked in the Re/Max office and I am sure there was plenty of jealousy. The woman who planned this murder needed access to a substantial amount of money and had connections to criminals. Lindsay’s murder was planned and coordinated by several different people, linked to the DeSousa house, the Re/Max office, someone with law enforcement training likely listed to the SPD and her boyfriend. All these roads lead to Shirley Zailo. No one else in the Re/Max office fits the bill. Also this is a Canadian case. The FBI does not serve Canada unfortunately. The RCMP and judicial system is very different in Canada. If this happened in the US, the case would have immediately been handed over the the state police. Small town police departments do not have the resources to investigate a complicated murder in the US and like Saanich. The difference is, we admit it and are given help without choice. Keeping this high profile land complicated, brutal murder case sequestered to the SPD is really absurd when you think about it. The RCMP should have been brought in since there were no available experienced detectives available on the night of February 2nd.

      I think I understand why Jason called the police to say his girlfriend was in a locked house and he was breaking in. He didn’t need to call them yet if he was about to go in the house. If he thought his life was in danger, he would have said I think someone may be harming my girlfriend in an empty house, please send help. By just saying (in his own words) his girlfriend was in a house and the door was locked does not raise a high emergency alert. The SPD likely would send a couple of low level officers to the house. Since 7 experienced officers retired the night before and everyone had been out partying late that night, it is likely that highly trained personnel were not on duty. Chris Horsley said it was not known to the public but I believe the murder conspirator knew about the retirements and used it to their advantage.

      If after finding the front door locked, Jason and his hockey teammate (both 6’2”) had checked the side door before calling Shirley and the police, it would have taken 2-3 minutes for them to search through the empty house. They would have called police sooner than they actually did if they just checked the side door, in the time it would have taken to find Lindsay’s body.

      If Jason’s 911 call said he found his girlfriend murdered, the SPD would have someone to secure a crime scene, the coroner and homicide detectives, not an basic police officers and an ambulance to corrupt the crime scene. This is why I know someone inside the SPD was involved in the planning because the Zailos are neither this stupid or intelligent to know how to literally cover their tracks. Someone with law enforcement training would know about the kind of things that can cause an investigation to go off the rails and almost everything went wrong in this investigation. I think the odds of so many things going wrong in an investigation by chance is very unlikely. This investigation had airtight alibis for the main suspects and was artfully planned by someone who knows about criminal investigations.

      The SPD said they withheld the witness description from the public for one year so they could bring attention to the case one year after the murder. I am still shocked by that really absurd decision and statement. They also recommended to the Buziak family, not to post a reward. This is really frustrating that the judicial system in British Columbia just lets this go on unchecked. Humanity is not a priority in the land of pine trees, ski resorts, maple syrup, drug trafficking and money laundering.

    • Following says:

      On this note, I would have someone research how many of SZ deals were all cash. If she was money laundering with her connections and that was her level of success then it’s a huge threat if that gets discovered. With SZ thinking and acting like Lindsay was going to be her protege daughter-in-law then seeing something could have been what Lindsay saw. You need a seasoned Canadian realtor that can go back to that time period and research purchases of SZ as the broker/realtor and find out what percentage were all cash purchases

      • Watcherononthenorth says:

        These ideas are so simple and would provide much important information. The SPD has not further investigated the Zailos or the Re/Max office after they passed the poly I spite of their reputations, unexplained wealth and and connections to criminals. What does this tell you About the SPD? Either they are really incompetent (I do t believe it) or they prefer it just goes away unsolved.

  9. T.H. says:

    Lindsay informed me she was seeing an older very wealthy man from Vancouver after her relationship with Matt and before Jason. I believe she said he was European (possibly Italian) and was somewhat stalking her with constant phone calls and she appeared to fear this man. I think she said he had an elevator in his home. I informed Saanich police of this shortly after the murder in an interview.

  10. Maria says:

    I saw you on Dr. Phil this morning and I feel for you and I can see the pain and frustrations in your heart. My nephew (my sister’s only son) who committed suicide and left Andrew Jullie was found in the St. James river in Chesterfield Virginia stabbed multiple times on his sides and back this year on March 7. He was 25 years old. He lived in San Diego but yet found dead in Virginia. There is an ongoing investigation but the police do not have much. They found his cell phone credit cards and I.D. On him but no DNA. He was bipolar so there might be many reasons why he was killed. Although I want to know who killed him and it upsets me and I want answers for my sister who I spent dead I have to realize I must think of the people I have around me that needs me. I have 7 children 17 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren and a husband. My nephew would want me to be good to them and to yes worry about him but to also care about not losing my identity. You have lost yourself and identity and your daughter loves you and does not want that. She is in your heart and she wants the best for you and if she could be alive for one minute she would hug you very tightly and tell you to be you again. You are letting the sickening bad people win. Of course continue to want to find the killer but please I want to see your heart that I know is good. If you need to talk to someone who cares you can contact me at 250 550 9024 or email me at I truly want the best for you

  11. Maria says:

    it doesn’t let me watch the dateline show

  12. Kerry Murphy says:

    Just watching you on Dr. Phil. Really wish I could be Perry Mason and solve your daughter’s horrendous murder! Bless you and I hope someone will come forward with information leading to her scumbag murderer! I applaud you on your relentless pursuit for justice, and I will pray for you and pray the Lord will help you soon! Take care, Kerry from Kitchener, Ontario.

  13. Amanda says:

    I’m very sorry for your lost. I’ve seen so many unsolved cases on ID /Dateline. Its heart breaking. The police didn’t investigate this case properly if It was their children been killed wouldn’t they want the police to find the killer? everything is in god’s hand and everyone that was involved in murdering Lindsay will pay for their deeds I wonder how they sleep at night to know that they have murder someone? I hope Lindsay haunts them I hope and pray to God her case gets solved. The show is airing on Dr. Phil show and I hope when the world sees it someone comes forward. It’s Unbelievable.

  14. Town Crier says:

    Everyone needs to watch this then scream at the top of your lungs at Saanich police and Attorney General of BC David Eby for being so complacent and allowing this unsolved murder to haunt and torment a whole province.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Going to watch you on Phil’s show tomorrow. At least Lindsay’s murder gets more exposure. This overkill murder is not about a drug deal gone bad. Or Lindsay “KNOWING” too much. This is something brewed up real close to home it appears. Who hated Lindsay that much? OJ Simpson did the same thing.

      • Stevie T. says:

        watched in,,, I felt bad for jeff… Dr. Phil was defending the police department in the sense of them not solving the crime after a decade. i think he doesn’t realize the islands crappy little police force is not to be compared to any USA detective force. PLUS he doesn’t know all the druggee losers there and the criminals and the gangs and the whole money laundering aspect that has been going on in Victoria for years! The Dr. Phil format is different then dateline or 20/20 BUT he does have a huge following perhaps he was able to inspire someone to come forth anonymously even with some facts they know about the case. The young girls Lindsey hung with are afraid to say anything.. I think its crystal clear who is involved here. anyways Jeff did a great job… and I hope something good comes from this.

        • David J Anderson says:

          Stevie T, you are correct about Phil and his stance on the Police. I knew he would do that before I watched the show. It’s what he does.

        • Following says:

          Yes, I concur. Jeff you responded excellently on ever question but Dr Pill as my husband calls him did not do his homework

        • Following says:

          Jeff, I concur, you came across as a loving father and I was disappointed on Dr Phil’s position. He could have been encouraging of active alternate investigations. The only good thing he did was let you speak and you were right on point.

    • David J Anderson says:

      I’m not a Phil fan and don’t refer to him as Dr. However, I noticed how the police kept Jeff at bay by reneging on turning over evidence by moving it from a cold to an active case. Damn right I’d be pissed off, too.

      And I don’t care if Jeff called that inept PD every name in the book. Their job is to find Lindsay’s killer (s). Not to take it out on Jeff because of hurt feelings..

      Someone on here mentioned Lindsay’s friends. Wouldn’t she tell at least one of them her secret that she didn’t tell Jeff? Where are these friends? And if the PD had an ounce of decency, they would be in contact with Jeff on a regular basis trying to solve this mystery. Regardless of what names they’ve been called.

      And as far as blowhard Phil goes, he’s always referring to bad ppl in every good bunch in regards to the police. Phil, we know that. Most of us respect LE. Most of us do not want to see police killed. This is different – this is an inept and ineffective PD who look incredibly stupid. Any PD can put out a statement and say they’re pursuing the case when they are truly not. This is why it smells like a cover-up.

      P.S. Jane Bell, I’d keep those sick and twisted feelings to yourself. Shame on you!

  15. Susie says:

    I just wanted to know something: perhaps Jeff or someone who is close to this case might be able to answer this. What have Lindsay’s close friends said about this? I find it really strange that this happened to Lindsay and for her friends to not be aware of who would do this. She had a lot of longtime, close friends: I remember some doing an interview and said they were afraid to talk – what do they know?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      They are afraid to speak about Lindsay’s murder. They are afraid to even speak about Lindsay to anyone. They do not trust Saanich police. They are very afraid of Constable Chris Horsley who is head of Lindsay’s murder non-investigation. Most people fear him. He threatened me right here in Calgary and now lies about the event.

      • Christina Dehnel says:

        I agree with you Mr. Buziak. I just now learned about your daughter on Dr. Phil. My immediate opinion is that there is conspiracy at work that may very well KEEP her killers permanently protected. Though I hope not. Whatever it is Lindsay knew it was big enough that police were involved and have seen fit to cover it up to protect their own asses. I am so sorry for what you’ve been through. As I live all the way in southern America I have no way of ever getting information but I at least wanted to offer condolences and tell you that I’m hoping for justice. Even if it isn’t “legal” Dharma will find these people, even if you never do. And that day, Lindsay will rest.

      • J says:

        Hey Jeff, I have two questions. First, what do they think could’ve been the thing that Lindsay saw and was scared about? Did she say anything to them about it? Do they have any idea? And second, why are they scared of Chris Horsley???

      • Rosanne says:

        Just thinking. With the new money laundering(drug,crime)/real estate connection exposed, has anyone looked at the transactions during that time? A person with information on that in 2008 would have been a huge risk.

    • Following says:

      I also wonder if she confided. She confided she was going to leave Jason. At her age you do confide in your girlfriends.

      • Stevie T. says:

        I think she did tell Nikki something because thats when Jason overheard them talking and they got scared and ran from the house. Why would you be that afraid of your boyfriend who you live with hearing something that would make him that mad or you that scared? also the weird call nikki . got from Shirley, clearly an attempt to intimidate her. Talk to Nikki. BUT she is probably too scared to say anything

  16. Gregory says:

    There is alot that’s fishy after watching the show. I really hope her family gets closure and revenge. RIP lindsay

  17. Emma says:

    Ive watched many videos, and im not sure I 100% followed everything, but one thing that has been on my mind about Shirley Zailo and her son, is, if Jason called Shirley to ask for the lock box code for a spare key because as he stated “im worried for LIndsay”, and for Shirley to call back and say she does not have the code- why would she then come to the house ON FOOT rather than drive?
    Part of me also believes the neighbour whom borrowed the car from his wife was involved, I personally envision it as the neighbour was Shirley’s look out for when to start walking down to the scene. I also believe the neighbour got the code from Shirley, went into the home to set up the murder scene, then WITHOUT locking the front door, he put the key back into the lockbox so Lindsay wouldn’t think anything suspicious, and he walked back into the house, locked the door behind him, and went upstairs to get into place.
    Then I believe Lindsay showed up, the clients shook hands with her, they went inside, and as soon as they all went upstairs, they started to stab her, thus making it easy for the neighbour AND the blonde woman and the well dressed man, to not only lock the front door to give Jason a “hey the job is complete, start acting worried” but to also escape through the patio doors, hop over the wood fence into the neighbours yard without anyone seeing…(mainly because I read he had fully detailed the car right after/the next day)

    Main reason I believe that the blonde female and the well dressed man went with said neighbour, is because everywhere ive read it says “Apparently got away on foot” – no one saw a car…

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Exactly. I think that Shirley was either at their friends house (who had a wig just like the one worn by the woman that was being shown the house) or the neighbor’s house.

  18. Jeff Buziak says:

    The Lindsay Buziak Murder story will be aired this Friday May 24, 2019 on the Dr Phil Show.
    Please check your own local listings for air times.
    Jeff Buziak

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The Dr Phil Show is the #1 rated daytime show in North America and is broadcast to 42 countries around the world. I hope everyone, everywhere screams at Saanich police so they wake up and do something besides sit and wait for a confession or a miracle which they are currently doing then hoping to look like heroes and take all the credit. They have been fiddling around with Lindsay’s UNSOLVED murder for over 11 years now with nothing to report…..NOTHING!
      Oh sorry, they publicly cleared a whole family. That’s been Saanich police’s greatest and “only” accomplishment in Lindsay’s murder investigation in over 11 years. They cleared someone! That’s it! W T F!!!

      • Robin says:

        Shameful, who holds the cops to accountability because it appears to me that there are a lot of cold cases in this country, the neglect towards the money laundering and real estate mess not to mention the fentanyl deaths. Who’s blowing who?

    • Susie says:

      This case is incredibly sad, what an embarrassment for the SAANICH POLICE DEPARTMENT. When this happened, I never thought that we’d be discussing what might have happened all these years later – I thought there would be an immediate arrest.

      I’ve been following this from The beginning. My only “theory” is this: there is 100% a criminal organization behind this. And I don’t think it’s Victoria based. The one thing Victorians like to do is talk. And all I’ve heard over the last 11 years is theories and speculation. The person that is behind this might be living here but the machine behind it is elsewhere. Otherwise I think we’d have an arrest

      It’s unbelievably disturbing that this can happen in this city. Time to put more pressure on the saanich police and anyone who has the power to do something about this. We should all be concerned that something like this can happen and no one is in jail. I have no faith in our justice system as is – but this is completely ridiculous!

      Prayers for Jeff, keeping pushing forward. I know my dad would be doing the same for me.

      • Retired Detective says:

        I agree but I believe it was a personal matter not related to criminal activity carried out and planned by people in Victoria who are deeply rooted in illegal drug trafficking.

    • JoAnn Mathews says:

      Im watching Dr Phil now my heart goes out to you there is something fishy about this case keep Lindsay memory alive ..Praying you find the killer /killers..

  19. Serenity says:

    Your research is amazing! Keep up the good work! I will continue to pray for justice for Lindsay!

  20. Lillian says:

    Is anyone else hopeful that this public inquiry into money laundering will trickle down to getting this case back in action? Will it expose the Shirley & Jason killers AND the corrupted SPD?

    • Joanna Mills says:

      I am very hopeful and if it doesn’t get there then they are protecting lots of dirt bags. Enuf of this BS. A cop recently said before the inquiry was approved that he expected if it was approved we’d see lots of people jumping off the Lion’s Gate bridge!!!
      Sooo long farewell if that’s the way ya gotta go, can ya leave me some money to fix my car behind the 3rd tree at 2nd beach, I’ll be sure to decorate it so you know it’s the spot.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Yes, I am hopeful. There is some conx somewhere, real estate, drugs, money laundering, the Zailo’s! Hello Saanich Police is anyone in that place you work at or is it a meth lab?

  21. Sandy says:

    Have the police investigated that maybe she sold a home or homes that a competitive realtor was trying to sell? Those are expensive homes and realtors make a lot of money. She very likely could’ve been competing against a crazy sociopath trying to be a successful realtor. The brutality of the murder says that they were angry. I didn’t hear on the show that they ever looked down this avenue. I know that in real estate sales the U.S.the buyer can contact any agency they prefer to set up the buy even if it’s not the sign in front of the house. Was there another realtor that was trying to sell a house that Lindsay ended up selling? An unbalanced person who feels they’ve been cheated that sees signs all over town with the face of the person that wronged her might sit down and tell her man, that’s she’s supporting to do the murder. Just my theory. Hope it helps.

    • Retired detective says:

      There is absolutely no evidence that points to that theory and a lot that points to the BF. The BF is the most reasonable suspect. Any other would be much more complicated. The answer usually lies in the less complicated answer. Jealousy, rejection and revenge at that level of rage comes from a very personal relationship not a girlfriend or coworker.

      • Sandy says:

        I wasn’t implying it was a friend or co-worker. I was suggesting it could be a competing realtor in the same area. To me, that is the least complicated. People get really mad when they blame others for taking money from them.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          If you look at the circumstantial evidence it points in one direction and that direction is not the one you speak of.

        • Retired Detective says:

          Your idea is not less complicated. Actually it is the same motive the Zailos had; money. If you know the facts that Lindsay was on her second attempt to leave the Zailos, the Zailos had motive. I don’t know of any other realtors who believed Lindsay was a threat to their money. A good criminal profiler can easily see this was planned by a woman. It takes one crazy bitch to plan this kind of murder. I don’t think Shirley is all that smart, just a bully and a psycho criminal. I still believe Shirley had someone in LE help her with the plan so the investigation would be led down many rabbit holes and making sure they all had very nice alibis with video and phone call trails. Phones were used throughout the whole plan. Dummy Vid picked up the phone when it arrived on the island and they made sure the battery was active so it would be tracked to his house. We now know Vid is connected to the Zailos but at the time he had a stronger connection to Matt. Involving Vid would point it to the Bains upcoming trial. That scenario quickly fell through because we now know that the police informant was known to Bains at the time and it wasn’t Lindsay. He also knew her well and it makes no sense. Shirley had motive, money, time access to information required, and connections to the owner of the house and to SPD. This took a lot of money to get it done and to keep people quiet. Jason’s behavior the night of the murder and ever since, is inexplicable if he is not involved. It becomes more complicated to suggest someone else had the motive, psychopathy, and connections. When people here and elsewhere try to distract us from the suspected Zailos, JD and the SPD connection, I get suspicious that they are doing it intentionally and I feel a need to point it out. Distraction and confusion from the truth has played a major part in the inconclusive police investigation.

          • Robin says:

            Very well said, excellent post retired detective.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I agree, there is so much circumstantial evidence pointing to the boyfriend and his mother that you have to wonder why anyone would try to say that another theory makes more sense.

            • Donald Kimble says:

              yeah the OP is trying to act like a genuine poster IMO. one of the more obvious things that is coming to light is that i would bet the CH and even the chief knew about the whole plan prior and were paid off handsomely and continue to be paid the logic points in this direction thanks to this site and the people posting what they know if it wasn’t for that this case wouldn’t be alive – leads me to believe that it continues to irritate all guilty parties and someone is going to slip up sooner or later how many payoffs does it take until people start to turn on each other for instance how does Vid openly stiill live and earn his living as a dealer

          • Sandy says:

            I know virtually nothing about all of this. I just had a point of view that I saw no one else had. Just a suggestion.

            • Joanna Mills says:

              No harm done Sandy but it’s more complicated. The Zailo’s actions scream of guilt. The post from Retired Detective on the morning of May 18 is excellent and bang on. There have been people who want to get you looking in other directions, even Chris Horsley the lead detective has tried to distract us all but his interests lay more in real estate than policing. Eventually you just hit a wall when you try to explain the Zailo’s behaviour. Then you have to wonder why people are trying to get you to look away from them. Look at Jason’s behaviour the day Lindsay was murdered and try to rationalize why he did nothing except wait for everything to transpire before he made his feeble show of protecting his girlfriend by calling 911.

          • Lillian says:

            I agree…”Shirley is not all that smart” in fact, I’d go out on a limb here and say she’s another psycho (like her baby boy as leaves don’t fall far from the tree) who will get caught, they always do BECAUSE they aren’t smart. In this case, the corrupt SPD is the only line keeping her and sicko son from being charged.

          • Connie R Niswonger says:

            Detective, I agree with everything U R saying here. R U still helping the father in any part of his tireless hunt 4 info? Could U pls explain why the FBI isn’t involved if their not?

          • Curious says:

            I think your bang on. I’m sure I read that Shirley went for a walk with Lindsay the day before she was to show the house. Did Shirley ever go for a walk with Lindsay any other time. My instinct on this point is that Shirley was selling Lindsay the opportunity to sell an expensive house and make some big money as it is widely reported that Lindsay was nervous about going. Shirley’s job was to calm Lindsay down and make damn sure she attended that showing. Instinct number two is that Jason’s job was to act concerned about Lindsay worrying about the showing and tell the world he was going to go to the showing. He enlists an unsuspecting friend to tag along with him for the afternoon so that he can back up everywhere Jason’s been and be at the house when they find Lindsay. Question, “Was Jason conveniently late to be with his concerned girlfriend because he was a concerned boyfriend? Or was he conveniently late? You don’t show up late if your not merely setting your alibi. You actually drive Lindsay there and show the house with Lindsay because you to are a realtor. Jason actually spends the afternoon prior to the murder doing nothing and then not only doesn’t go with her, he shows up late!!!!!!!! Both Shirley’s actions and Jason’s show they both did absolutely nothing to ensure Lindsay would be safe but they both went out of their way to make sure one she would be there and two give her the impression Jason would be to. I have to believe that the Police know this. At the same time, the Police aren’t going to make any arrests until they are 100% sure, and have the evidence to back it in court. They need someone to talk so they can prove motive.

      • Robin says:

        Yes, yes, yes,yes, yes on all of the points you made Retired Detective. No no no, neva neva neva to the the above comments.

    • Sonja J Galovics says:

      Totally agree with your theory….but I think it was someone in her office. Read my post. I am a retired Realtor and I know first hand how evil & vicious these agents are over listings and sales. After 11 yrs it would be hard to investigate, who had their license there, what were the listings and sales but many times agents will bitch about another agent just screwed them out of a big sale or listing. Someone just might have some information about a very upset Realtor losing business to Lindsay.

    • Following says:

      Realtors dont do that. Realtors dont kill realtors. It’s not how the business works. It’s not that much money and realtors are just business people not crazed psychopaths. This is about SZ thinking Lindsay is the perfect mate for her weird son. SZ bringing her quickly into the business, probably rifled her a few deals. SZ is very controlling. I think Lindsay was observant of something very illegal and after that didnt want to be associated with it. I think SZ felt she had to get rid of the risk but it was the stupidest plan ever. But then narcissists think they are smarter than others and narcissists do dream up elaborate plans. Drug dealers no. In and out, incognito, quick method. Just look at cases like Scott Peterson and Scott Petersen. Both had elaborate plans. That’s why this is personal. Too much planning and precision went into this and it’s so obvious who the players are. JZ even brought his own witness. I’m sure that dude is terrified.

  22. Enrico says:

    I checked the tv listings of Dr. Phil which will air an episode titled “A Daugther’s Brutal Murder; Her Father’s Quest For Justice” on May 24th (next Friday). This must be it?

    According to the Bell Fibe TV app, the episode will air on CTV & NBC as follows:

    Victoria CTV2 @6pm channel # 1260 * imagine there’ll be 5pm as well.
    Vancouver CTV @5pm channel # 1253
    Calgary CTV @5pm channel # 1256
    Toronto CTV @2pm channel # 1201
    Toronto CTV2 @5pm channel # 1202
    Regina CTV @4pm channel # 1257
    Winnipeg CTV @3pm channel # 1261
    Alberta CTV2 @3pm channel # 1258
    Montreal CTV @2pm channel # 1252
    Ottawa CTV @2pm channel # 1255
    Halifax CTV @12pm channel # 1251

    NBC Buffalo @2pm channel # 1220
    NBC Seattle @5pm channel # 1285

    I am subscribed to all channels above but obviously there are more that haven’t been mentioned. Check your local listings for complete accuracy. Set your DVR’s if you’re unable to watch live.

    I’m looking forward to watching Jeff’s interview with Dr. Phil. That man deserves justice for Lindsay.

  23. Lobo says:

    The stabbing is to personal. Check with mutual friends somebody who feels slighted. The woman in the dress does it make you feel good that you have very little self esteem? Does your companion he is impotent? You know drugs do that. Your both pathetic he will turn on you if not already.

  24. Robin says:

    These recent comments were in “who do you think murdered Lindsay”. I am moving them so they get read and to make it easier to read. The following comments show once again what common sense tells the majority of us. Hmmmm..imagine that..what gives with Lindsay’s unsolved murder..WHY? Please take the time to send emails to our politicians, we need to speak up NOW especially with all the dirty dealings in B.C. coming to light this past week. Somewhere in the criminal activities that have gone on with real estate, money laundering, luxury cars, fentanyl and other drugs, the truth to what happened to Lindsay lies. Let’s not forget the B.C. Rail scandal that has been kept from the public too? Why? We need someone to be appointed to investigate MURDER. Let’s start by asking for Lindsay’s unsolved murder to have a Dr. Peter German type investigation. Let’s point out the obvious. We need a Charbeneau type Commission in B.C. like they had in Quebec. We want someone appointed to investigating why a 24 yr old girl was slaughtered, somewhere Lindsay’s demise will be noticed amongst this criminal activity I just know it.
    Get emailing! I’m sure Lindsay thanks everyone in advance, she was silenced by the slimy, greedy freaky people. Be Lindsay’s voice! This Province belongs to everyone not these smug few hundred!

    Here’s the comments:

    Gregory O’Brien on May 13, 2019 at 5:08 PM

    This crime I believe was committed by The boyfriend and his mother. There is no other reason why this young lady was murdered but that “momma’s boy”was gonna get dumped. And the mother seems to be the only to say that she was afraid of her ex.

    Andrew on May 8, 2019 at 9:09 PM

    I just found out about this case today. I used to live in the area and went for runs in that neighborhood in early 2008. Wish I could help but I can’t.
    My theoretical take is Shirley was hiding upstairs, had a mystery man and the woman who lived down the street lure Lindsay in. Jason was involved too. But I don’t think anyone else was involved. The reason for overkill crimes like these tend to happen from personal vendettas building up through paranoid obsessions and fueled by self-enforcing gossip circles, and I could see Shirley at the center of all this. I don’t think one needs drug-trade or real-estate related criminal activity to provide a motive for this kind of murder. I think that’s a red herring.
    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Stephanie on May 9, 2019 at 2:29 PM

    Did you see today the discovery of billions of dollars being laundered through real estate in BC? As soon as I heard that I thought of Lindsay. Really makes you think eh?

    Stephanie on April 24, 2019 at 5:27 AM

    We all know the corruption of the rcmp and other police departments in Canada. I’m not surprised that a wealthy son and mother got away with murder…Also being stabbed multiple times = crime of passion.

    Casey on April 19, 2019 at 4:46 AM

    I just listened to Lindsay’s story on Shauna Rae’s YouTube channel. In my opinion the main people responsible for organizing her murder are Shirley and Jason. Not sure on the actual killer(s) though
    maybe even Shirley, she sounds scary. ☹️ I hope so much for justice. The police department sounds corrupt. Outside investigators need to be brought in. I can’t believe no evidence was found! Sounds off to me…

  25. Robin says:

    Hi Everyone
    I think now is an appropriate time to send the
    following people an email. Let your thoughts be
    known, remember they work for US.

    Premier John Horgan

    Prime Minister Trudeau
    Justin Trudeau
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6

    (No postage required!)

    Phone: 1 613 992-4211

    Bill Blair
    Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction
    Bill Blair
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6

    (No postage required!)

    1 613 995-0284

    Carole James
    Minister of Finance
    250- 387-3751

    Honourable David Eby
    Attorney General
    (250) 387-1866

    Mike Farnsworth
    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

    • Lillian says:

      AND…. to the District of Saanich, they are, after all, the ones who ’employee’ the SPD, they too should be made accountable and be held to investigate corruption.
      Mayor FRED HAYNES
      Saanich Municipal Hall
      770 Vernon Avenue
      Victoria V8X 2W7

  26. Robin says:

    IMO…Lindsay’s unsolved murder is tied up in all this B.C. bullshit, somewhere in this mess is Lindsay. It is so controlled by a few dirtbag FAT CATS who do not want to be exposed for the creepy people that they actually are. I believe there are many people who could help solve Lindsay’s murder but these same people, including some of her do called girlfriends, are living dishonest lives by thriving on proceeds of money laundering, real estate fraud and luxury cars. These people are amongst us, take notice of lifestyles, shiftiness, their cars, homes etc. They slink around doing their criminal deeds trying to look like the rest of us BUT God forbid they should have to live like us! They don’t have the guts! They are pretentious POS. They are business people, politicians, cops, RCMP, real estate people, bankers,
    They are all connected, working for each other. They are Wannabeez. Lindsay saw something she told her Dad, obviously it was something to do with the Zailo’s. The Zailo’s are big in real estate, SZ manages a Remax, JZ is a mortgage broker and real estate poser plus ultimate loser, RZ is also in real estate working for mummy……HELLO.. they are good friends with Ziggy, pictures prove that. Ziggy rented a house from SZ, he’s a known drug dealer (heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy etc…) and he is now in jail.
    Lindsay and her family need justice, the honest people of this Province need justice. These complicit jackass losers need to be a exposed to all of us. It is upto all of us to stay at this for Lindsay until we have arrests. We are the only hope for justice here. These FU’s are going to be exposed. We deserve to know every damn one of these pigs who parade amongst us acting superior.
    Dr. Phil I hope someone on your team is following B.C. politics because that is where the key to solving Lindsay’s murder lies. The province is a real mess. We need you Dr. Phil. The Canadian media are being controlled by the same people who do not want to be exposed. Why are media from the U.S.A., Britain and Australia exposing Lindsay’s unsolved murder? Where is Maclean’s magazine, what about W5, Fifth Estate, CKNW, Global, Victoria Times Colonist? This country is full of sissy ass media people. I’d say the cat word but gee I’d hate to be rude. How about WIMPS…..lame old Canada. Sad. No balls Canada.

    • bubba barber says:

      so sad but you nailed it the ol boys club is alive and well but wtf can we do about it. there is more of us than them.

      • Robin says:

        What we can do for now is take the time to speak to our MLA’s and remind them of Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder. Let them know how we feel about her murder still being unsolved and let him/her know how unacceptable we find the state of this Province. It is obvious that Lindsay’s murder is not being solved on purpose! It is being stalled on purpose by complicit people who could very well be cops, politicians, criminals as a matter of fact that is who is stalling Lindsay’s murder from being solved. Once they start shaking the poison tree all the apples start falling off is my opinion, SPEAK UP!!!! This is absolute bullshit! Take a stand people, you surely can’t stand what is going on here. It’s time even the quiet ones found their voice. Emls….phone calls, talk about this to people, call media, call federally and provincially. Somewhere amongst all the buttplugs lies the conspirators and murderers of Lindsay. We all have a responsibility to Lindsay, the upcoming generations, the honest working people to speak up and let our thoughts be known! Don’t be a deadbeat like the people who murdered Lindsay and the ones who effd up this Province for the bigger percent of us. Use your voice and get typing and don’t wimp out, act like the French do when they are Pissed off ffs. It’s past due people.
        Stop by your MLA or MP’s office and tell them how U feel. Try to imagine how scared Lindsay must have felt on Feb 02, 2008 and get GD mad. The state of this Province and Lindsay’s death is all from the same douchebags. Dare to CARE is where we are at now in this Buggered up B.C.

        • Donald Kimble says:

          the exposure of money laundering within bc real estate is a bigger scandal overall and lindsay knew about this and very likely reached out to the cops – if this can be dug up somehow and proven then the rotten apples from the tree start falling

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think you are bang on Robin except for one thing. I think it is fear that stops Lindsay’s friends from coming forward. I too think that the money laundering catastrophe in B.C. is part and parcel to Lindsay’s murder. It is all connected. B.C. has been on a crime spree that has left a huge path of destruction. IMO, Lindsay was just another person that got caught up with the wrong guy and consequently ended up knowing too much……Once you’ve seen something you can’t unsee it. She knew she was in trouble but had no choice but to try to remove herself from the situation. We need law enforcement, especially useless Saanich Police and head of Lindsays file party-boy Horsley, to step up to the plate with this and not just sit back waiting for a tip to come in. They must know that is not going to happen. They are being paid to protect the public. Sitting back waiting for a tip to come in is not doing that. I also think that this case would not be hard to solve if they really wanted to. Why do they refuse to classify it as a cold case? Why did they clear the most likely suspects? Robin is right Dr. Phil. We really do need an outside light shone on this.

    • Lillian says:

      Oh…. you took the words right off my face! I am right beside you.

  27. Jeff Buziak says:

    The current head of Lindsay’s murder investigation file is the problem. If after 11 years there is no success, it’s always a leadership problem. Thankfully Chief Downie is retiring as he has failed and I’m not sure his replacement Scott Green has what it takes to see Lindsays murder solved with arrests. Certainly Constable Horsley who is head of the file needs to be replaced as he has failed miserably and most question his character and reputation.

    • Melissa says:

      i just watched Dr. Phil and it was heart wrenching I don’t know what it is like to lose a child and I can’t even begin to feel you’re pain but my heart breaks for you. I am a single Mom with 3 boys and I am not sure what I would do if something happened to one of them let alone something so brutal! I hope and pray you get justice for Lindsay very soon! There are so many details to this case and a lot of players involved that know exactly what happened. Please if you know something don’t be afraid give this man some peace, what if this was your Mom, Dad, Grandfather, or Grandmother, he deserves to know what happened to his daughter.

  28. john glencross says:

    the rcmp should take over this case even if our PM Trudeau has to get involve to force the issue. An inquiry or something like a grand jury should be assembled in order to lay indictable charges. Mr. Vid should be the interviewed under oath (which doesn’t guarantee his truth). all other theories are just theories I think just cloud the real issue here. this crime must be solved. Ottawa should be brought in to get things moving. Mr. Buriak has been spinning his tires for 11 years now. its time to get this going. signed get justice for lindsay

    • Lillian says:

      The best we can do is pressure the AG (provincial & federal) and keep the public motivated to help solve this case.
      Second, I have encountered this great website;
      that is operated by one from “inside” the entire system (retired now) and I’ve extracted a couple of interesting remarks that are helpful into the insight of just exactly how ineffective and inefficient these investigators/detectives really are.

      The numbers of unsolved homicide files that are on “paper” in this Province are somewhat daunting. In 2016, there were 900-1300 unsolved homicides held by the RCMP in the Province of British Columbia alone. There was another 200-300 which would be the responsibility of the Municipal Forces and there is no evidence to suggest that those Municipal agencies have been any better than the RCMP. If one draws this issue outward, on a national basis, the situation would be magnified by 10 times.
      The police agencies have a public relations mantra which is that no file is ever “closed” without it being solved. Technically they are right in their assertions, they don’t put a big “CH” (Concluded Here) on the file, but they are being totally misleading. They are trying to generate the impression that they are active and constructively reviewing and comparing these files on a regular basis. That is not true.

      It is very gut wrenching to understand that many (perhaps not all) of these “task” forces and “special” units to IHIT are smoke and mirrors to give the public a false sense of the police forces’ putting their “best” and “experienced” in these positions when in fact, they are busy patting each other on the shoulder and moving them up to positions they neither qualify or have merit to occupy.

      This case haunts me. I’m somewhat obsessed with being an annoyance with any entity I can hold accountable and I desperately want to wake up that person (whoever that is as I’ve not figured it out) who has the power, authority AND guts to get this case assigned to a competent investigator at whatever department they occupy! I think us Joe Public play a big role in getting that accomplished but sometimes I am more reserved to understand that IF and WHEN that happens, the justice system will fail us yet again with a meagre charge and sentence.
      On this Mother’s Day and being one myself, I think of Lindsay, her Mom AND Dad. Please know our thoughts and hearts are with you today…. everyday. 💜

  29. Following says:

    Cool, that this could have been a scenario. The dress certainly was a SZ dress style. If the police were making money on real estate ventures thru SZ, th err n that a l.j so is a red flag and conflict of interest.

  30. Following says:

    Here’s another angle. What if one of the perps was Shirley. What if she told Lindsay or even just showed up with the coconspiritor to make Linsay feel comfortable. If my boss showed up in a wig, I would never say anything, giggle, or whatever. I would pretend it’s normal. What if S was the one who did the deed, raced away and showed up 30 mins after the cops looking quite normal. Could be you know.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Very good point. Shirley could have easily explained away the wig. Lindsay would not have questioned it as Shirley is apparently a bully and prospective buyer standing right there. I think it was him that she shook hands with. According to past posts a friend of the Zailos, Michelle Lum, lived in the neighborhood and had a blonde wig just like that one. Also according to past posts Ryan Z was at Michelle’s sisters house, also in the neighborhood, at the time of the murder. That whole thing with the female buyer backing out at the last minute would then make sense. This would give Shirley a reason for showing up herself at the last minute, or if Shirley was in fact the female ” Mexican ” putting on a fake accent, explain why it is she that is showing up……………And that witness sketch sure looks like Shirley in a blonde wig. Even wearing the same type of dress that Shirley has been seen wearing ………

  31. Max says:

    Does anyone know if 911 call is available. Statement analysis can reveal a lot from what person says.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Police refuse to share or make public the two 911 calls made by Jason Zailo and Cohen Oatman who were at the scene together.

  32. Pores Noah says:

    Jeff do you suspect police corruption? And who do you think is number 1 suspect?
    Jason and his mother(I treat those 2 as 1) to me are a no brainer.
    His demeanor.
    Motive: According to Lindsay “she hates me!” and he overheard Lindsay saying she wanted to break up.
    No DNA offered.
    Was supposed to be there to protect her but waited?
    Called 911? I would’ve jumped through window immediately.
    She knew at least 1 person cause she went in without waiting for Jason. I shake hands with friends all the time
    The attack was overkill. Therefore strangers are less likely.
    I keep hearing how close the community is. Could that extend to police department with killers?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      I believe Saanich police are involved in activities surrounding and involving Lindsay’s murder that they do not want the public to know about. They are hiding something or protecting someone. The head of Lindsay’s file needs to be replaced as he has failed to accomplish the assignment. In the normal world he would be fired.
      A successful experienced outsider needs to be brought in to head this investigation as there is no one at Saanich police capable. If there was anyone capable at Saanich police this murder would have been solved years ago. It’s simple, Saanich police don’t know how. They are waiting for a confession which is pathetic, lazy and reeks of incompetence or plain cover up but their egos now want to save face so they are trying to blame me, the public and social media as being the problem. They have resorted to bullying me which I find totally unprofessional and disgusting.
      Saanich police are the problem. Don’t let them fool you with their lame explanations, excuses and blaming. They haven’t got what it takes in today’s world to be successful. This isn’t me judging either. They have had 11 years to do a job and have failed to get it done. In any other real world work or business this is clearly incompetence.
      There is real estate and police knowledge involved in Lindsay’s murder. The setup to murder used real estate knowledge and Lindsay’s murder took place in Saanich the day after 7 senior Saanich police officers retired. The current head of Lindsay’s file at Saanich police is a millionaire real estate investor and owned night clubs he attended to party at at the time of Lindsay’s murder. I was told he is Victoria’s worst kept secret for his partying ways and the people he associates with or has. He threatened me to shut up and shut down this site or he would publicly discredit me and destroy me. As a matter of fact he came to Calgary to personally do that on taxpayers dollars. I now wonder who the real gangsters are out there?
      If you want to know more about my thoughts please google “Brainscratch Lindsay Buziak”. This is a three part podcast I did with John Lordan I encourage you all to watch/listen to.

      • Anne says:

        If Chris Horsley is a millionaire why does he waste his time in law enforcement? Is he there to make certain Lindsay’s case is never solved? Does he help cover up other illegal activities? Also in Florida recently the parents of a missing young woman , Jennifer Kesse, sued the police department to get their daughter’s records. They kept giving the excuse that it was still an open investigation. The case has been unsolved since
        2006. The court ordered they must release them to the parents and then they plan to give them to private
        investigators. Is that something that would work for Lindsay? I’m sure that enough people care about her that you would get financial help to do this. I want justice for Lindsay and her family!

        • ranger rick says:

          That is an excellent question. I have always wondered what the police have to gain by keeping this investigation shut down. One podcast brought light to the fact that the crime scene was poorly contained, one paramedic could not believe the contamination of officers going in and out. We know that less experienced officers were in charge since the recent retirements in the force. I can’t buy in to that they are trying to cover up their inexperience in managing this…..I’m sure I read that some of these retired officers offered to come back but were refused. I followed a case near Toronto with now convicted killer Dellen Millard. The police initially bungled the case–and never really apologized– but they sure made up for it in the following investigation so enough evidence was found to put this guy away. We all can see there is a lot of evidence to look into for this case. Certainly JZ’s public lies about his relationship with Lindsay should raise red flags.
          The other angle is what do these officers have to gain in a case tied to real estate? Some have suggested involvement in money laundering. I find it curious that each incoming police chief has turned a blind eye and even attacked Jeff over this investigation. It seems like everyone in LE close to this case is behaving in a way that impedes progress. What is the big secret over at SaanichPD?

          • Sheila says:

            I find it mind boggling that police seem to have turned a blind eye to ALL of the money laundering in the last 20 years!! I wish that this case would be turned over to the RCMP, or even IHIT. Anyone that will actually investigate!

          • Jeff Buziak says:

            Yes, what is the Big Secret at Saanich police and Why is this taking so long? They tell me they are waiting for a confession. Well, we don’t need highly paid detectives to wait for a confession. Lay them off if they have nothing to do, can’t think of anything to do and are too incompetent to solve this simple murder.

      • see closely says:

        So far,I only heard(in this pod)about Lindsay’s friend saying something about Lindsay’s older,wealthy suitor from Vancouver.Did anybody-including PD -ever looked into this possibility?Anybody knows?

        • Retired Detective says:

          Maybe Lindsay briefly dated someone form
          Vancouver. Unless he had a strong connection to the Re/Max office, Joe DeSousa and the SPD, I think we can rule him out.

        • Watching says:

          Just two old twats trying to distract from the Zailos. No one ever mentioned this “suitor” until recently. What kind of old person uses the word suitor?

    • Realdeal says:

      What you wrote seems so obvious to me. Every single thing the boyfriend said or did is way too convenient. He was involved for sure. I wish I could tell Mr. Buziak about this theory.

  33. Robin says:

    Here is the other one I thought was worth a reread

    C. Caissie on December 13, 2017 at 11:01 PM
    I am by no means an expert in these matters, but I do believe I have an acute sense of intuition, gut feeling and what one would call driven by logic and proper reasoning.

    The drug bust theory is always possible and I’m not discounting it, but I must say this whole angle of Jason knowing or believing Lindsay was going to leave him, and knowing that Lindsay may have been contemplating leaving the Re/Max office managed by Shirley (who I believe is Jason’s mother), and now knowing these people (Zailos) were described as being “controlling, overbearing, jealous and possessive”…this particular information is quite disturbing, and it does give motive and a reasonable assumption or theory that needs to be scrutinized very closely by law enforcement.

    Experts looking at this case have gone on record as saying they believe whoever was responsible for Lindsay’s murder was known to her…maybe not her direct killers as the mystery couple is concerned, but i am talking about a murder for hire plot perpetrated by someone she knew and wanted her gone.

    Jason showing little to no emotion for Lindsay’s death was and always will be something that perplexes me (when people you supposedly love die and you show no emotion, well to me that makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever). This whole “people show emotion in different ways crap” just doesn’t cut it for me. She was brutally murdered, if I was her boyfriend and loved her, I’d be a wreck and a total mess.

    His appearance at the crime scene and reason given for being there could have been a further ruse to make his story more believable that he was actually a “so-called victim in all this” as opposed to an individual who was actually behind this plot. It gave his story a “cover for being there” and somehow in his view it probably was more believable if it appeared like he tried to help Lindsay, as opposed to being responsible for her death.That way, he was insulating himself from scrutiny for being present in the house, touching her body, having her blood on him, etc…while trying to “show” he was there to help.

    This mystery couple was seen, so it cannot be denied that Lindsay met and interacted with this mystery couple (on the phone prior to meeting them face to face, and at the house that day), and they were most probably responsible for her direct murder. However, a murder for hire scenario is quite possible, and the exchange of texts between Jason and Lindsay could have been a “cover” or alibi for Jason. The exact timing of the murder, the texts, and then Jason and his buddy entering the house (while this mystery couple vanishes without a trace) is puzzling. Jason parked on the road to the side of the house and out of view (while the murder was taking place) could have been deliberate on his part. How is this all connected? Is it all connected?

    The fact that Jason had a buddy with him does not exclude his possible involvement or culpability at all, because either his buddy could have been in on it and knew what was happening, or only Jason could have known what was going on and he was just bringing his buddy with him for the ride…and as a “cover” to further his alibi (unbeknownst to his buddy). Anything is possible with this scenario, as well as the fact that Shirley (knowing Lindsay was so well liked by everyone) may have been upset and/or very angry that if Lindsay was to leave her son, plus leave Re/Max…it could have been too much to take, a bitter pill impossible to swallow. Shirley would have probably surmised that Lindsay would take her clients with her if she left Re/Max, perhaps hurt Re/Max business for Shirley’s office and affecting Shirley’s pocket book in some way. It could have been planned between both the son and mother, for personal and professional reasons.

    There is motive in this scenario (by one or both), and I tend to believe this angle of Lindsay murdered by someone she knew, and someone who knew she could be lured to a specific house…all because of a control issue, jealousy, possessiveness (“if I can’t have you, no one will” type deal). Murder for hire plots can be hard to prove and disentangle, can be complex and met with a lot of silence (reason why nobody is talking). Were Jason or Shirley ever asked to take a polygraph? Also, the murder occurring the day after the big party for the retirees…was this open knowledge known to many ppl? Was this information known well in advance at the time this murder for hire plot could have been in the planning stages?

    One last thing, on the Dateline program, Jason flat out denied that Lindsay was perhaps planning on leaving him (which in his view, if that was an affirmative that she was, suspicion would surely have been directed his way and a lot more heat, so he denied it and shot that notion down and said “absolutely not” – or something to that effect). Whereas we know Lindsay talked to her father in private about leaving Jason, and she told other things to her friends that makes a lot of this information very relevant in this case (in my opinion) and it’s information that Jason cannot dispute or deny if this info was said to other people. She did say to some people she was planning on leaving Jason and she was not happy, and Jason’s denial of that fact means nothing to support his story. Would he not be expected to deny it? Would he actually admit “Oh yes, she was planning on leaving me or talked about it” then she ends up murdered…how well would that look for him? So of course he was going to say no.

    • JG says:

      I 100% was on same wavelength. Was there a private investigation conducted? Ever thought about looking into this for “fun” ?any winess statements or documentation out there for the public ?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Thank you Robin. Good post. Really lays it out. And there is more. So much more. Why is this case not solved?

      • I don’t think Jason is that smart to plan and execute a murder for hire such as this. I do believe Jason and his mother are involved based on what I have heard and read. This murder was very well planned out and methodical. Not sloppy at all. Who ever committed this crime knows what they are doing and know how to cover their tracks and I also believe they have probably done something like this before. Also, another thing bothering me is, how did the Mexicans get to that location? Did anyone see their vehicle? Did they take a taxi? Or maybe they did live in the neighborhood. And did anyone see them leaving the scene? How did they get away? Somebody must have seen two people fleeing the area during daylight hours, I presume and that dress would certainly make the woman more visible.

        • jack w weinrich says:

          Well, being stabbed 40 times is, I would think, quite sloppy. But, yes- how did the ‘Mexicans’ get there? How could they simply vanish? Nobody saw them in the area at all?

        • Ann robbins says:

          This had to have been a very bloody scene. Whoever did it would have had blood on their hands, clothing, hair etc. so I can’t see a bloodied person fleeing in sight of other people. Would like to see the pictures of boyfriend and friends clothing. Or didn’t they take any?

  34. Robin says:

    I was reading through some old posts and found a couple that I thought were exceptionally good posts and should be reread or reposted for any people who are new to the site and may not have come across them. This post is from “Timeline of the Calgary Drug Investigation and Bust” which can be found by going to the menu in the top left hand corner.

    Team Lindsay on June 14, 2017 at 12:11 PM

    Did anyone ever say they knew that Lindsay was meeting with Law Enforcement during 2007? Was Lindsay a drug dealer or user? If Lindsay was meeting with people in Calgary because she was a snitch, do you think she would tell Rianne Gracia knowing she was a friend of Vid? The answer to all of these questions is NO! Snitches are usually drug dealers, users, someone in trouble with the law or they are undercover agents. So was Lindsay an undercover agent? NO! So if Lindsay was not working as an undercover agent, why is anyone even considering this? The SPD put this theory out to the public on Dateline.

    During the Dateline episode, McCoy states that Lindsay spoke to two friends when she visited Calgary and one was arrested in the Alberta Drug bust. During the recent Crime Watch episode, Chris Horsley says that she spoke to a REALITIVE of Erickson DelAlcazar. There is a big difference making contact with the old friends, but not Erickson himself. This new information makes an extremely weak theory that Lindsay was believed to be a snitch, ridiculous. Why was the SPD so misleading? I find it very disturbing that SPD would put out false information that resulted in a huge distortion of the facts resulting in a major distraction from the real perpetrators.

    Lindsay was not someone who fits the profile of a snitch, not even close. This is the first time I heard confirmation that there even was a snitch in the Alberta drug bust. Personally, I do not believe there was a snitch at all. LE knew about the Lopez/DelAlcazar cartel for years. All they had to do was use simple surveillance on the gang of goofs to see the obvious cocaine trafficking routes. They were being watched for about one year from both Victoria and Calgary and LE finally busted them using a simple traffic stop. For the DelAlcazars to believe Lindsay was a snitch even if the Zailos lied and said she was, is a far reach for anyone to believe. The elaborate planning for Lindsay’s murder could not have taken place during January 22nd and February 1st. That is ridiculous to believe.

    There was a snitch mentioned in the Everywitchway scandal in court records for a court ruling because it was unusual for defense attorneys to be present when they testify. Their identity was revealed to those charged with crimes but it was definitely not Lindsay and Baines knew who it was so her murder is not connected here either.

    The first day after a crime is committed is the most crucial for gathering testimony and evidence. Lindsay was murdered on the Saturday, exactly one day after nine senior police officers retired in Saanich. The department had been to a big party the night before. Two of the lead homicide detectives Don Wiebe and Robert Wall, that would have been assigned to Lindsay’s murder, were included in the group of retirees. Saanich Police Det. Sgt. Craig Sampson, was assigned to be the lead detective on Lindsay’s case. These three detectives have been involved in an SPD CVSA/polygraph scandal in 2011 that includes cases in 2008, and the investigation of Lindsay’s murder. The murder was committed in Saanich for a reason and someone involved in the planning had inside information.

    The drug busts are just another distraction from who arranged for Lindsay’s murder and the real motive. Due to the complexity of the plan, the conspirators would have had to start planning as early as late November, early December, about the same time when she decided she was going to leave Jason and the Re/Max office managed by Shirley. This was going to be her second attempt after being enticed/coerced with the Sudders condo when she tried to flee Zailo isolation at the Shawnigan Lake house. This point in time is something important to focus on in a murder investigation. Around that time, Lindsay was overheard by a spying Jason saying she was waiting for some deals to close and then was planning on leaving the Zailos who she described as being controlling, overbearing, jealous and possessive. This is motive for murder and it occurred around the time when the planning of her murder started. The murder was scheduled for the day after the SPD retirement at that time.

    The Dateline professional criminal profilers believe Lindsay’s murder had nothing to do with a drug bust and there is no logical sense that a drug cartel would be involved. They felt it was planned by someone she knows who was close to her and worked in the same Re/Max office. They felt it was planned but not professional. They said the violence used was personal, not a method used to send a message.

  35. Jeff Buziak says:

    Hello Everyone. Sadly I say this over and over again without hesitation or doubt because this is what I have observed and experienced over the past 11 years closely monitoring, studying and being involved in Lindsay’s unsolved murder from year 2 when it started to be clear who Saanich police really are. It has only got worse because now they get aggressive and lie to protect their incompetence. As you all know this isn’t rocket science. It’s human behaviour which has been studied since the beginning of time and not difficult to figure out by anyone with a bit of common sense. I have a university degree from UVIC in psychology.
    Lindsay’s murder is being play investigated by a crew of ever changing rank sensitive amateurs thinking they are detectives because they read the manual and even sadder is they work at the investigation only when they find the time or are wanting to look busy meanwhile they thwart and threaten anyone who try’s to help them out or do something constructive. Even the Chiefs of Saanich Police try to sneak through their term hoping nobody holds them responsible while they fill their pockets and slither off into retirement. There have been 3 chiefs so far and from what I’ve experienced the next one may be worse. So far all he has shown me is what a belligerent prick he can be. They’re all an unapologetic arrogant bunch so I feel no guilt calling them out. They just blatantly refuse to step up their game.
    These so-called Saanich police in charge of Lindsay’s murder investigation are really experts at explanations, excuses, blaming and diligently monitoring their time off, lunches, coffee breaks, holidays and retirement packages. Lindsay’s murder is really a sad situation that should have been resolved a long time ago but unfortunately we are stuck with these wanna-be cops until somebody does something to bring in a more competent authority that is determined to expeditiously make arrests happen. Street justice would get things moving along a bit quicker as that is the way British Columbia seems to function. I constantly question if that is what is required here and I guess if I’m questioning it I know the answer!

    • TL says:

      I was speaking to my spouse the other day about this and how the saanich cops are/have treated you. He has a daughter, it made him so angry he immediately went to street justice as the only solution.
      I mean since the saanich cops don’t seem to care about those who are murdered, why not. Who would investigate? certainly not them.
      As sad, disgusting whatever adjective you use, Lindsay is not the only one these same group of affiliated low lifes has murdered, yet to be solved, a couple of young men come to mind, one found floating in the inner harbour; just another drug related death to them….

    • Donald Kimble says:

      hopefully the dr. phil show helps mount the pressure on the ridiculous task force(Saanich Police)

  36. Just A Canadian says:

    I really think the writing is on the wall, not too tough to figure out. SPD appear to have a reason that is again, personal, and those above to not give this young woman the justice she deserves. BC is totally corrupt and no one has the balls to stand up and stop it. Ms Lindsay Buziak was just a young woman with a wonderful life ahead of her that got involved with the wrong people. Unfortunately those that are hired to serve and protect are in too deep. I still hope one day someone will give Lindsay and her family the justice they deserve. Not being involved in drugs or anything I am truly shocked at what goes on.

  37. Robert says:

    Can anyone provide an update on whether the Independent Investigations Office has carried out an investigation in this case and, if so, what was the outcome? I keyword searched this site and the IIOBC’s website and neither return any hits. SPD’s website only makes reference to a review by the RCMP Office of Investigational Standards and Practices (OISP), and this was in 2008 or earlier.

    • Lillian says:

      These ‘special ops’ are simply smoke and mirrors to the public. It’s a pathetic effort to appease the public into surmising that all avenues of investigation have been ‘investigated.’ In fact, its just a futile paper trail showing that T’s have been crossed and I’s have been dotted, ie: dates, times, sentence structure, policy adherence. Really has no jurisdiction or power to ensure an investigation is indeed thoroughly investigated. Again, no one is accountable. Throw the process in the rubbish, cause that’s all it is.

  38. Tabitha Cano says:

    To me I think her bf at the time and his colleague had a plot to kill her the story just don’t make since I believe his colleague was dropped off and entered the house from the back door and killed her

    • Robin says:

      What? Have you read much about this case?

    • Retired Dick says:

      Cohen shared some information about what happened. For all we know, he made up a story for Jason. The truth is, we have no idea about what happened that night. The witnesses saw people from across the street in the dark. Witness accounts are often incorrect in broad daylight. What we do know is that it was personal, likely planned by a woman who felt enormous rage towards Lindsay with deep connections to the Re-Max office Lindsay worked in. Shirley had motive, access and rage with the psychopathy to go with it. The expert profilers already shared this with the SPD and the world on DateLine. After that, the SPD cleared Shirley. Go figure???

  39. Jeff Buziak says:

    Dear Chief Constable Bob Downie

    Chief Constable of Saanich police what is your legacy as head of the Saanich, BC police dept. going to be when your retire from Your very lucrative post this year? I reassigned all the officers involved with the highest profile unsolved murder in Canada, The Lindsay Buziak murder, to other duties because I didn’t want them sitting around with their feet up on their desks waiting for a confession (your words to me sir) or are YOU going to make some arrests before you whistle off to retirement with your million dollar pay off not really giving a shit? Are you going to leave Constable Chris Horsley in charge of the mock investigation chasing ghosts in wonderland with Alice down some rabbit holes or are YOU going to see there are arrests made before you whistle along to retirement with your million dollar pay off caring less about some murdered chick in Saanich? Are you going to avoid me like you did this year because you have nothing new to report and you can’t look me in the eye and tell me you have failed or are you going to make some arrests before you cruise off to retirement with your million dollar pay off without any care in the world about a wonderful young woman born, raised, schooled, working and MURDERED in Saanich while at work?
    Seems obvious to me Bob.
    How about we hear from you as you haven’t peeped even once publicly about your care or determination to see Lindsay Buziak’s murder gets solved under your watch as commander. You’ve hid behind your pr reps and your angry deputy chief really well. What is it going to be Bob?
    What is your legacy as Chief Constable of Saanich police going to be? You failed to solve the highest profile murder in Canada or you stepped up and made arrests?
    In Japanese tradition it would be make arrests or a Seppuku. Retirement wouldn’t be the easy way out like you have. Shall I buy you the harakiri so you don’t have to dip into your million dollar pay off or are you going to show us what a good cop you can be?

    • Robin says:

      Hey Bob Downie and the boys from SPD…c’mon take off the rose coloured glasses u put on everyday to avoid seeing what any semi intelligent person with a gut instinct can see here. Surely Bob you are going to take care of Lindsay’s unsolved murder before you give up the title of Chief. Just look below this comment and hopefully you and the rest of the SPD can see what everyone else sees so obviously. Maybe the orders to not solve Lindsay’s murder come from much higher politicians or police because Lindsay’s murderers are directly related to what the powers that be want to keep people ignorant about. We see today from Peter German’s report that B.C. hasn’t looked into money laundering, luxury cars or real estate at all……hmmm the very thing the Zailo’s have and do spend all their time doing, interesting and puzzling at the same time isn’t it? How high up do the orders come from? Is that what’s going on Chief? We’ll be watching for Peter German’s report in its entirety which will be soon. In the meantime solve Lindsay’s murder will ya? God knows you got some big $$$ the last couple years to do more than shuffle numbers and people.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Jeff Buziak, Once again I’m so sorry for the senseless death of your daughter. Also, for the ineptitude of the powers that be who appear to be sitting on this case.

      I’m unsure if this has been brought up before, but do you know Ken Brennan, retired PI who I believe works as a consultant now? After reading through these threads and seeing how this case has stalled perhaps he could help you out. I’m sure he’s heard about this case. That may require cooperation with the Saanich Police. But it could significantly put the focus on who really killed Lindsay.

      PS: Ken is a badass!

  40. Mark A Roush says:

    Lindsay was murdered by the master schemer, Shirley Zailo, who was in FEAR that upon the break up of Lindsay and Jason Zailo that Lindsay would begin to talk and expose the Zailo’s CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, and in Shirley’s EVIL mind’ this could have led to the Zailo’s, Shirley, Jason and Ryan losing there real estate licenses and possibly prison sentences if the police were informed. In my opinion, every other theory is RUBBISH !!!

    • Following says:

      Yes. Precisely. Sz had it in her mind that lb was “the one” for her son and perfect for the business. Lb saw some activity, knew it was grossly illegal but didnt really know what to do. Decided to leave, too risky for SZ and the egotistical plot was hatched leading right to her front door.

    • TL says:

      I AGREE 100%



    • Chantel says:

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Robin says:

      Exactly… you nailed it totally!

    • Colo250 says:

      So it’s been said there were some local drug dealers involved, is that not a valid theory. Who bought the phone, who did the unthinkable?
      I’ve read so much and frankly am having a hard time forming g an opinion even though I’ve read basically everything I can find.

      • TL says:

        shirley runs with this drug dealers and while they have been mentioned, there has been no concrete connection to why anyone in the drug world would want to have her taken out….. but shirley had much to hide about her involvement in helping launder the money coming from the drug sales thru real estate deals which in turn ‘falsely’ drove the huge jump in housing costs in Victoria.

        Drug dealers will be drug dealers but a grown woman with everything to lose would be desperate. Plus i know too well how awful of a person she is, how capable she is of threatening people. It was told to a good friend of mine that shirley had threatened to have her taken out if my friend didn’t back down from contact with Paul’ who shirley was desperate to date but was thwarted by Pauls attraction to my friend….. My friend would feel as if she was being watched, turn around in grocery store and there would be shirley staring at her, driving she would see shirley… bunch of creepy things including telling a mutual acquaintance she would kill my friend if she didn’t back off Paul, the same Paul that headed back to europe just after Lindsay’s murder, citing that he was afraid of shirley knowing what she was capable of.

        Even the dress that was described by witness…other friends of my friend called her and said ‘that dress in the news about Lindsay’s murder ‘looks like the one you like to wear when we go out dancing’ …. Shirley had access to my friends belongings due to my friends house being on the market & remember hated my friend. what a way to set someone up.

        just in this little snippit info shows how close she was to the Lindsay event has enough ‘coincidences’ that cause one to pause and wonder hmmm, even the actions of, by that time shirleys boyfriend Paul, quickly leaving town shortly after Linday’s murder, imo speaks volumes to what she was capable

        Oh btw, my friend has a heavy ‘mexican’ accent like the one used, described by Lindsay as mexican sounding accent. Was she trying to set up my friend…. or simply emulating someone she setting up the hit

        this is all old news I posted here in the blog a number of years ago but supports the theory this was all shirley.

      • Robert says:

        Your question requires some clarification, Colo250 since there are subtleties involved in answering it.

        First, a Saanich Police Department (SPD) working theory is that Lindsay came into the possession of significant knowledge relating to a larger BC/Alberta drug crime syndicate. The SPD posit that Lindsay’s “knowledge” lead to her murder which was carried out to silence her. As far as the public knows, there is no evidence to support this “theory”, beyond remote circumstantial evidence. There’s no evidence that Lindsay came into drug crime knowledge. She didn’t disclose anything about drug crimes to those people closest to her. We don’t even know what the police speculate she knew. Circumstantially, there’s information out there that Lindsay had contact in her social circles with persons involved in the drug trade. Her friends did too, but none of them were murdered. There is no evidence that she was personally involved in drugs or drug-related crime in any way. Accordingly, this SPD theory seems to be quite speculative, at least based on the publicly-available evidence. Accordingly, many objective observers don’t find all that useful, but as evidence of SPD incompetency.

        Second, there are local drug dealers who have connections to the Zailos. Specifically, it is known that Shirley Zailo was landlord to at least one pretty bad one. There are allegations that it is common knowledge in the community that the Zailos’ connections to these characters run deeper. The Zailos’ lifestyles appear to exceed their income derived from their legal businesses. Commenters on this board have indicated their belief that the Zailos engaged their local drug contacts to assist in carrying out Lindsay’s murder. There’s evidence that the burner cell phone used in the crime “pinged” off cell towers near one of these dealer’s homes.

        While there probably are connections between the local drug dealers and the larger drug-crime syndicate I’ve referenced above, any involvement of local drug dealers in Lindsay’s murder does not necessitate a bigger drug crime syndicate being involved, or even suggest it was.

        In that regard, I believe that the SPD’s interest in the local drug dealers involvement led them on a speculative wild goose chase to try to find some kind of logical explanation for Lindsay’s murder. While knowledge of a big drug crime is a tempting idea (being right out of a movie of crime drama), in this case it is not the result of following the evidence trail. That’s why it’s lead to a dead end. Us part-time sleuths, who are interested in following the evidence instead of speculating, find that the evidence necessitates answering some serious outstanding questions relating to the Zailos. The public doesn’t know if this was ever done, since the SPD apparently determined using the notoriously unreliable polygraph test that the Zailos weren’t involved. It is not unreasonable to believe that the failure of the SPD to thoroughly and aggressively investigate the Zailos may be exactly why this case remains unsolved.

      • Retired Dick says:

        This case is pretty simple and obvious. The only people who keep Blowing smoke up our asses with drug dealer theories are people who have associations with the Saanich Police. An alleged tie to drug dealers was part of the plan to distract from an evil woman scorned. If you read everything and understand what the criminal profilers on Dateline say, drug dealers have been ruled out since there is not one speck of evidence linking them to this murder. This was personal. Look that up if you don’t understand what that means. Unless you have some
        Evidence linking Lindsay to a drug deal, it is just distracting. No one has found one shred of evidence yet.

      • Robin says:

        You have read so much and can’t form an opinion? Well that’s somewhat surprising because this is criminology 101. You better keep reading, watching shows and listening to podcasts. The penny will drop soon.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Really? If you look at all of the evidence coupled with the odd behavior of the Zailo’s and other key players it is obvious what happened. Imo, the Zailo’s definitely had a hand in this and I believe it was because they knew that Lindsay was going to leave the fold, thus putting their criminal empire at risk. If the SPD really put their mind to this they could easily solve this case. Instead they appear to be working against this case being solved. I have yet to hear one good reason for clearing their number one suspects, the Zailo’s. You simply do not clear anyone, let alone the boyfriend and his mother, her boss, unless you know who did the crime. They clearly did not have any evidence that proved that it could not be the Zailo’s. If they did there would have been arrests. WTF!!!

        • Chantel says:

          @ConnectTheDots – exactly! I agree with you that the Zailo family played a role in her death. How can they possibly be cleared? SMH.
          I strongly believe that the SP are sitting on key evidence. With enough professional legal support, the right arrest(s) can be made. For obvious reasons, the public can’t have access to all evidence, which leaves us trying to piece things together with speculation, but overall, there is NO WAY that this crime was executed so cleanly that the detectives are left stumped (as we are led to believe).
          It’s the inside club of the SP that prevents us from ever knowing why an arrest has not been made. Unfortunately, this case has egos blocking the justice system from prevailing.

        • see closely says:

          Well,I am new to this pod and am still gathering the facts but the one info that I have read was an existence of older,wealthy Vancouver based Lindsay’s suitor as described by one of her friends.That is the one between Matt and Jason.I saw it only once in this pod and I don’t know if there was any effort by anyone relevant to ID this fellow and if he was somewhat involved.So,at least to me-if his ID and possible involvement in the murder can’t be positively disregarded,he(if he actually existed)is still suspect.
          I will look into this in my own unorthodox way and will leave info whether I am right or wrong.

    • Lillian says:

      Mark…. you are 100% correct. It’s not rocket science as the SPD would like to lead us to believe. Downie and his Horsefly minions need to be relieved of this case. Time for real coppers to solve it.

      • Robin says:

        The only answer can be is that someone in a high place does not want Lindsay’s murder solved. Could it be that too many people in high places have been on the take and if arrests are made the house of cards will fall on politicians, RCMP, lawyers, police? What about B.C. Rail, look how far back that goes, 2003 to be exact. The documents are sealed still, we are none the wiser why drugs were involved in legislature. Why did the taxpayer pay for Dave Basi’s and Bob Virk’s lawyers. They bloody well plead guilty. I think those 2 POS only got house arrest too. Jas Bains went to jail for drugs after that, his cousin was Dave Basi in the B.C. Rail scandal. Go back and read that and I think you’ll see the conx. How come Gordon Campbell resigned after that. Why was he appointed that position in London with the Canadian Embassy after that? I was told Harper owed him. Yesterday Sam Cooper who has been reporting on all this money laundering corruption said that he had to be careful what and who he said was involved because it is still being investigated but he thought this all went to very high places in government and he would not say how far back he thought this went. He is adamant we need a public inquiry to get to the bottom of this. Today i understood from CKNW that Horgan is one step closer to a public inquiry. I bet this is why nothing has moved on Lindsay’s murder, this is all connected to the people who have robbed the people of this Province, they knew about the drugs, effd up the real estate market for generations, these FU’s are driving vehicles that only 20% of the people drive. They are the ones with extra $$$$$$$$$$. They thought Lindsay would just fade away like all the other murdered people, eventually people just move on, they forget, give it time. I bet that has been said many times by the complicit POS, they just weren’t expecting a guy like Jeff Buziak! We need to support Jeff and Lindsay more than ever because I think the truth is wrapped up in the B.C. Rail scandal and people who have been on the take, I bet we’d be shocked who they are. When was the last time anyone even thought about the B.C. Rail scandal ? See u forgot just like you were supposed to.

        • TL says:

          I haven’t forgotten about BC rail and have done some digging into their connection to shirley via real estate money laundering but like you said…. how ever do normal working people break thru the wall they build around these events of corruption when the people we count on to monitor our well being have seen the evidence and do nothing…..

          Once we get rid of trudeau & all his corrupt cronies maybe the country can begin to be cleaned up to be the Great North Strong and Free again. Believe me the attitude of local cops is filtered down thru corruption at much higher levels of government willing to overlook the corruption in smaller police forces because the ‘chatter’ keeps the focus off of their atrocious crimes against humanity.

          That is where we need to start; make sure Trudeau is not re elected nor anyone that aspires to his ilk…. There are good honest people running for office that get lost in all the money the corrupt ones throw around. In fact local elections can be effective by demanding whomever is running commits to cleaning up the local corruption starting with solving the murder of Lindsay Buziak.

          • Lillian says:

            I agree. This country is in a heap of corruption and political mayhem, starting with the police forces. My sincere reservations regarding Lindsay’s case is that if/when we do finally get someone charged, it will be plea bargained to such a ridiculous lesser version of events because Crown is also “stuck” on the “probability of conviction” vs the people’s right to bring perpetrators to court. Our justice system has fallen into such a state of disrepute it is broken beyond repair and in the end, serves no justice for anyone.

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