Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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4,592 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Colo250 says:

    I have been following this site for years.
    There are so many factors, and theories.
    Just wondering what most of you guys who frequent this site believe actually happened?

    • I too have followed and read everything and I believe that Jason is the informant. He made a plea deal when he was arrested way before the murder and turned informant ( regarding the Calgary bust) and Lindsey knew that and he silenced her with the help of his mom and made it look like she was the informant when it was him all along.That is why the police are protecting him. That is why he and his mom have been ” excused” as possible suspects. That also explains why Jason was very scared after the murder wad was allegedly heard saying the H.A. were coming for him. Why would he think that?~

      • Justice says:

        This theory fills in all of the gaps although I don’t entirely believe that Jason was being sincere when he said that HAs were after him. He may have been instructed to say that as part of the plan. Why was he not at mummy’s house but stopped to visit a drug dealers apt in his condo unit? His condo was under lockdown and being searched that night. Why go there and not to mummy’s? Surely Shirley would want him with her to make sure he wouldn’t say something to expose the Zailos guilt especially that same night. Or would want him home if she was innocent and should have been worried someone was going to murder Jason too since he was supposed to be there but never showed up. More fishy behavior. If Jason was out and about that night, Shirley approved and sent him out for a reason.

  2. Ben says:

    The media reported a few days ago that all police forces in the Victoria area are thinking of amalgamating into one police force.

    • Crazy8 says:

      And so they should. It’s a huge waste of money the way it is now. Big waste of tax payer $$ with multiple Mayors, councillors etc. Get rid of the dead and corrupt wood. Clean up and save lots of money. I’ll believe it when I see it though. To many on the take there.

  3. Kristen says:

    So I just watched this case on Dateline. I have a possible different theory on what happened. So the police concluded that Lindsey didn’t have any enemies. But what about the people that were close to her? What if this crime had absolutely nothing to do with Lindsey herself but what if it was actually an act of revenge or hate towards someone she knew. Maybe a parent, maybe a boyfriend or an ex, or maybe even a friend, but that could also be why people weren’t keen on talking with Dateline. Was that why the crime was so heinous, to scare someone -“ look what we did to your beloved Lindsey”. But this theory would explain why they can’t come up with more suspects, because quite possibly she was the unfortunate subject used to hurt someone else.

  4. violeta padilla says:

    I just saw the case on TV. Personally I think that everything seems very convenient for the boyfriend. He arrived at the exact moment to not see something, he was with a friend that can testifies what he did. He was in a place with cameras. He knew were she was going to be. He knew that she was suspicious about the customers and he didn’t meet her on time. The murders dressed in a very appropriate way to not arrise suspicious. The boyfriend knew all those details.

  5. Following says:

    Presumably they swabbed the phone for finger prints. Surely there were footprints (literally) with that much blood.

    • Retired Dick says:

      The SPD’s lips are sealed. It is very normal to release held back information to the oublic after 10 years because what have they got to loose? Not all of it but a few tid bits that could potentially spark a memory in someone who knows something and isnt aware it is important. Why are they so adamant about witholding everything???

      • Lillian says:

        I agree Retired Dick. Time to give this case to real detectives (outside SPD) who have the experience and expertise to get the job done. Horsefly and his minions are very useless and likely corrupt.

  6. Josh says:

    I think it’s crazy that these homes were in a million dollar community and there are absolutely 0 cameras at any of the surrounding properties that would capture them fleeing the scene and getting into a vehicle parked elsewhere… it’s also very strange that they walked back into the house upon seeing Jason… it’s almost like that was a sign like hey she is killed. Why would they come out and go back in as that would draw huge suspicion. I think Jason is full of shit.

  7. Lou Wonski says:

    Can you test Lindsay’s clothing again with an independent expert for DNA? Just thinking of all the advancements made since 2008… there might be something found today that couldn’t have been found yesterday.

    • Molecular Biologist says:

      Saanich police say its too expensive. I say they are full of shit. It is not expensive if it is done in a police lab where it is supposed to be tested. They can’t be serious if they say they don’t have the technology. It is old technology with new preparation methods. It is cheap and easy to use within the justice system anywhere in BC. Im sure a police lab in the US would help out if BC is that far in the dark ages. The SPD has to ask for help and for the past 10 years, have refused. This is really the reason why the case is not solved. It could be expensive if they send it out to a private lab but that would be ridiculous. My guess is the samples were not stored properly or lost. Take your pick. It is status quo for those jokers.

      • Danielle Bate says:

        What if the money was raised privately? Can you imagine if privately paid for testing revealed clues to the identity of the killer, and the SPD had just been sitting on the evidence for over a decade.

  8. Robin says:

    Why isn’t Lindsay’s murder solved?

    Let’s look a little closer at an article that was recently written in the Oak Bay News. Chief Bob Downie from the SPD asked the Saanich Councillors for an increase of 4.97% more than last year, not an unreasonable amount considering Saanich has CANADA’S Highest Profile Unsolved Murder, soon to be aired on The Dr Phil Show, on its hands. Chief Downie claims the amount he is asking for is partially due to “funding shortfalls in previous years” and partly from existing and new demands. Ok, that makes sense, BUT there are 3 councillors who think the budget increase is not necessary and the status quo should suffice. WHAT? Hello in there Councillor Karen Harper, Councillor Rebecca Mersereau and Councillor Ned Taylor, Saanich has an 11 year old high profile unsolved murder, a young woman who was born, raised and murdered in Saanich, B.C. Lindsay Buziak was also working that evening in her hometown, a very local young woman doing her job when she was murdered by the way. Councillors Karen Harper, Rebecca Mersereau and Ned Taylor think the status quo is ok! Have you completely lost your minds!
    What is God’s name are they thinking? Do they have children? Don’t they care about working women in their municipality and those living there now scared to go outside at night!
    They are really asking Chief Downie to accept the “status quo”. Are they so concerned about a slight increase to the SPD’s budget that they are willing to overlook the fact that this covers manpower for Lindsay’s high profile unsolved murder. How can elected officials do that? I must add right here these are women, women who likely have children and if they don’t they are heartless xxxxxes. Where is the support for women? A sister was MURDERED. Never to be seen again on EARTH. Gone forever.
    Let’s also remember right here that Lindsay had plans for the night of Feb. 02, 2008 and for the rest of her young life, frankly. Lindsay even imagined having her own apartment far away from the Zailo grasp. Lindsay loved life and she had a family who loved her immensely. Lindsay’s family has been desimated by the evil monsters who murdered her.
    I ask Councillors Karen Harper, Rebecca Mersereau and Ned Taylor where is your compassion and empathy for Lindsay and her family. What about the community you represent? It should be your highest priority to see that Lindsay’s murder is solved and the perpetrators are arrested. You people are actually going to squibble about a budget increase from Chief Downie under these circumstances? REALLY? Lindsay’s murder needs to be solved at all costs and given the funds and bodies it damn well deserves. Chief Downie has not asked for an unreasonable amount ffs.
    Furthermore, what about Councillor Rebecca Mersereau echoing the SPD has not made made the kind of sacrifices required of other departments. WHAT? There is NO OTHER DEPARTMENT dealing with an 11 year high profile unsolved murder of a young woman working for a Saanich based real estate company either!
    Here’s from the horse’s mouth

    Addressing the issue of departmental fairness, Downie said his department is not competing for resources with other departments.

    No, I wouldn’t see why the police would compete with maintenance or scheduling of the office staff!


    Supporters of this “status quo” budget also pointed to the results of the Saanich Citizens Survey, which found 97 per cent of respondents were either “somewhat satisfied” or “very satisfied” with police services.

    Blah blah blah- statistics-need I say more? How about bullshit! How can I manipulate those statistics to support what you want to see Councillor?


    I feel safe saying that Saanich residents are very happy with the police service they are receiving, despite the pressures,” said Harper.

    Me- Really? I’m with the Chief
    Chief Constable Bob Downie warned against reading too much into those results. Individuals like “Mr. Buziak” and others have a different view, when it comes to satisfaction levels with Saanich Police, he said.

    I suggest we do a survey asking Saanich residents if
    A. They are content with no arrests in Lindsay Buziak murder?
    B. Do you support a budget increase of 4.97% for the SPD?
    C. Would you support a 6% increase to the SPD with the intent of 4% increase solely concentrating on solving Lindsay Buziak’s murder
    D. Should Chief Downie take his request to the provincial government for approval and sidestep City Council?
    E. Do women feel safe in Saanich with Lindsay’s unsolved murder and her killers free in the community?

    Saanich police are short-staffed now, and a status quo budget would merely push various problems down the road without resolving them, Downie said.
    Me—UNACCEPTABLE Councillors
    ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS did I say let’s give Chief Downie 6% just because the councillors are being so stingy!

    Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!

    Maya Angelou

    • Robert says:

      While I agree with you about insufficient municipal police funding, which is a decision of Mayor and Council, the Saanich Police Department is accountable only to the Saanich Police Board, which is at arm’s length from Council. It’s worth noting that, amongst other duties, the Board evaluates the performance of the Chief Constable and has authority under section 171 of the Police Act to investigate complaints made about the Department. That said, the Board cannot direct the Chief of Police’s work; rather it oversees it from an accountability standpoint. Perhaps the board with its new members ought to take a fresh look at things. More information can be found here:

    • Lillian says:

      First, let me reiterate, Robin, I am in your corner on this unsolved murder but more funding is not going to ‘solve’ it. That’s simply fear mongering from the SPD using this OLD unsolved case as complex and complicated and somehow, magically, more budget money will solve it. The case doesn’t need MORE resources, it’s needs COMPETENT replacements. The SPD need to put aside their egos and corruption and relieve themselves of a murder they simply can not solve. It’s not that complicated. It’s really not that complex and the SPD are the ones stalling and expediting it’s ‘coldness.’ I think some serious house cleaning (dismissals) are required in the corrupt department, not more funding for more incompetent resources. Start showing what they “can do” not what they can’t.

  9. All y’all gotta start thinking outside the box so to speak. This has all the hallmarks of someone coming in to do the crime that knew the area but had been away for sometime. Somebody offshore. Try to think of associates of the suspected parties that maybe moved away before the incident. There’s gotta be another angle to look at this thing.
    Just saying

  10. Retired Detective says:

    Administering and analyzing a polygraph exam is a very complicated processs. In a case like this, the best should have been brought in. Based on the status of this case, it is obvious that did not happen. I just learned some more information about polygraph test results. If a person does something bad for a bad reason, the poly will show guilt. If a person does something bad for a good reason like stealing to feed your starving baby, the poly stops working. So if Shirley and Jason had Lindsay murdered because it would save Jason’s life from the trouble he was in with drug cartels, the poly would not show any guilt. It simply would not work.

    • Robin says:

      Hello Retired Dectective
      If this was an issue that Jason had with a drug cartel u r saying they would take Lindsay’s life as a replacement for Jason’s life? Or do u mean the Zailo’s may have blamed Lindsay for something JZ did? I tend to go more in the direction that SZ was super pissed off at Lindsay for wanting out of the Zailo fold. SZ would take that so personally that she would be capable of being behind the planning and murdering of Lindsay. SZ thinks in her twisted, tainted head that she was actually creating a nice life for Lindsay with her dirty, rotten $$$. Those Zailo’s have been living dirty for so long they are out of touch on every level.

      • Retired Detective says:

        I have heard here that Jason may have been in trouble with people who lost millions in the Alberta drug bust and to get rid of her, they told the cartel that Lindsay was the informant. Jason may have been the one doing the police informing in order to get out of some drug related police charges. That took the spot light off Jason and put it onto Lindsay. Mommy saves her baby boob and gets rid of her problem. When everyone heard from the police that Lindsay was not an informant, Ziggy was heard saying that Lindsay’s murder was a big mistake. I find some credibility here.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I wonder if he said that because they realized she wasn’t an informant or because they did not realize the lengths her father would go to to bring them to justice.

        • M.J.G says:

          GEE….that makes sense, could very well be! But why the over kill…..killed and killed again? Too much time doing the killing…..There was just too much passion in it …too personal!
          But, what you said makes real sense….all of the possibilities make sense…it’s to find the correct one that fits this horrible crime!

      • Lillian says:

        Yes Robin…. I agree with you. Females are very capable of some nasty crimes, Holmoka comes to mind. It is the incompetence of Saanich Police s/Sgt Horsefly and his minions that are truly insulting.

    • Robert says:

      My understanding is that a sociopath can pass with flying colours. Polygraphs have limited relevance. It’s why they’re inadmissible in court proceedings.

    • Sandra Arnold says:

      Years ago, I had to take a polygraph in order to keep a job. A co-worker gave me a valium, I walked out of there like a saint. The person who administered the polygraph told me that if he ever had to hire anyone, i would be the one he would want. I lied through my teeth, not proud of it. The questions were about theft, which I had not done but they asked if I had ever stolen anything, even a pencil…I said no….it depends on what a person takes before the polygraph…

  11. Robin says:

    Jim Alexander on January 12, 2019 at 8:52 AM
    Any chance the SPD are on the take ? That would certainly explain their behavior. We know Shirley has the loot to pay ppl to stay quiet seeing that she bought Lindsay and her son a $1.385 million house plus 200k in renovations, This seems like a relatively easy case to solve and we’re on 10 years now. Is it incompetence or corruption ? I’m beginning to lean towards the latter.

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and YES…..why is this case not solved? I hope Dr. Phil is capable of a miracle.
    Maybe he can send a team to do a polygraph on the Zailo’s. Let’s start right there. What ya think Shirley, Ryan and Jason? You have nothing to hide do you? Let’s do Joe De Sousa too and let’s send someone on a field trip to the Netherlands to see how Paul Bergshoeff does on a poly? C’mon if you are all innocent help out here why don’t you?

  12. Nicole says:

    Nicole on March 21, 2019 at 7:09 AM
    I feel like the boyfriend had something to do with it. If I told my husband that I needed him to meet me at work because I was scared to walk outside alone(in this case sacred of the ppl seeking the house) MY HUSBAND IS GOING TO COME STRAIGHT INTO THE HOUSE ONCE HE ARRIVES!!! HES NOT GOING TO WAIT IN HIS CAR OUTSIDE! WHATS THE SENSE OF WAITING OUTSIDE IF I TOLD YOU THAT IM AFRAID OF THESE PEOPLE…YOU CANT HELP ME FROM OUTSIDE! THE BOYFRIEND SHOULD HAVE WENT INSIDE THE HOUSE AS SOON AS HE GOT THERE

    • Robin says:

      I totally agree with you Nicole. If I asked a guy no matter what the relationship to show up somewhere because I felt uncomfortable they would be there early, they would be in the house doing exactly what I asked without questioning it whatsoever. Furthermore if I asked my brother or a boyfriend I am sure they would ask their friend to show up too. That person may wait outside but the main protection would be right by my side. I don’t know of one guy that would skulk around like JZ did that day. He’s obviously complicit in the murder of Lindsay Buziak, no doubt about that at all. Shame on you JZ, your day is coming loser!

  13. Lillian says:

    Well, well, I read the news today [18th] and Horsefly shows up as Staff Sgt of SPD! He’s commenting on a sexual assault that took place at UVic. I want to tell the victim, don’t wait for this goof to help find the perpetrator, he spends his time covering up his screw ups. How is it that the SPD follows the old policy of “screw up and move up?” SMH.

  14. Robin says:——-
    Cops never do anything shifty do they? So now some loose cannon is running around and impersonating an officer maybe. I’m sure they aren’t getting ready for Halloween.

    From this article:
    People are reminded that they can request ID from anyone identifying themselves as a police officer and can also call the non-emergency number to confirm an officer’s identity.

    And remember what happened when Horsley went to Jeff’s workplace and Jeff asked the other cop to identify himself and Horsley said don’t, u don’t have too.

  15. Robin says:

    I tend to believe this scenario.

    What if the text messages that came from Linday’s phone were not made by Lindsay? The police seem to have based their timeline of the murder according to those text messages, Jason’s, and also the pocket dial.

    Also, why is it said everywhere that “it is believed” that she “may” have stopped at her place before going to the house showing in order to change clothes? Has anyone seen her or confirmed this? And, if so, who? Also, where exactly did she live at the time? Did she have enough time to go home before meeting “the Mexicans”?

    Let’s say Linday drove directly from Sauce to 1702 de Sousa Place. According to Google Maps, it’s about a 20 minute drive. They paid the bill at 4:24 pm. The showing was supposed to take place at 5:30. If she really wanted to sell that house, shouldn’t she go there first and make sure everything is clean and/or in order? LE says the lockbox was accessed at 5:29. They also assume that she was murdered between 5:38 and 5:41 since she didn’t open Jason’s last text message, and because she made a pocket dial. Also… in the last text she sent to Jason, she wrote “the Mexicans are here”, but people close to her (except her bf) said that she’d talked to them about the potential buyers and that they’d never heard her refer to them as “the Mexicans”. Weird…

    What if she got there in advance and someone was already waiting for her in the house? (Perhaps someone who had the actual key to the house, which wouldn’t be too hard to find because of all the connections between people in this case.) They could’ve killed her, taken her phone and sent fake text messages to pretend that she was still alive at this point (in order to fool the police and/or the boyfriend). The murderer(s) would’ve had the time to clean up, change clothes and leave before Jason showed up with CO. And… if the perps are those who are suspected by most people (except by LE, apparently), this would’ve given them the perfect opportunity to build their alibis for the time at which the potential buyers were supposed to be there.

    What about the couple that was witnessed walking to the house around 5:30? What if they were just there to make it seem like the murder happened at 5:30, and also to make LE look for two people who don’t really exist? The person who greeted them could’ve very well been another woman with dark hair, and not necessarily Linday. Also… at that time of the year and day, it should’ve been dark outside, so how were those witnesses able to provide a very precise description of the dress, see everyone’s hair colour, and also see the papers on the trunk of Linday’s car? It seems kind of strange that they could see so clearly in the dark. Who were those witnesses?! What if they made it up and there was actually no couple who arrived at the house around that time?

    What do you think about all this? Maybe my questions and theories are a bit “out there” but, if the time was wrong to begin with… LE hasn’t been searching in the right place, and the witnesses’ testimonies are worth nothing. Same goes for (potentially) fake witness testimonies.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Robin I do believe you are speaking what we are all thinking. Lindsays clothes at sauce and at the time of her murder could be confirmed if the people at the murder scene would tell the truth. I am sure the waitress at Sauce would remember what Lindsay was wearing that day.This case needs to be sent to people that care to solve it, that don’t have any personal involvement in any way. But is there anyone in BC that has a high position that isn’t on the take?

      • Dwayne says:

        There should be a camera in the Sauce that should capture a photo of people coming through the front door,
        Wonder if it has been looked at?

    • Lillian says:

      I’d say give the case to you, Because the SPD can’t figure it out. It’s not rocket science but Horsefly can’t seem to wrap his head around the evidence. Too busy covering up his screwup!

    • Stacy says:

      This is spot on ! I hope they solve this soon so the family can have justice.

  16. JEFF BUZIAK says:


    Breaking The Silence
    Justice for Lindsay & Accountability of the Police

    This is a fabulous article by Nicole Beaver in The Bolt News, a newspaper from Concordia University of Edmonton Students Association

    Nicole and I have spoken various times and she has been doing research on and interested in Lindsay’s unsolved murder for some time and why it isn’t solved. Nicole rightfully questions police and why murdered women are becoming more and more marginalized by authorities.

    Well done Nicole and thank you very, very much.

    Jeff Buziak

  17. Sandra Arnold says:

    Okay, maybe I missed the answer to this but, does anyone know what the neighbors, (who supposedly told this “buyer) about Lindsey) said when they got back into town….seems like the person who did this was known to these people..whether they were aware of what was going to happen or not…..seems easy enough if they had told a few people that they would be out of town…that is not something the killer could have just guessed!!!!!

  18. Robert says:

    When trying to understand the Saanich Police Departments’ complete failure on this case, it is useful to consider other unsolved crimes and how the police conducted themselves. Two cases spring to my mind: the first is the Jonbénet Ramsey murder in the US and the second is that of Lynne Harper (and the wrongful conviction of Steven Truscott) which happened in Ontario.

    With Jonbénet Ramsey, the police immediately zeroed in on the parents, despite complete lack of evidence connecting them to the murder. This single-minded focus caused important leads to be left untouched. Without rehashing the case, after pursuing the Ramseys unrelentingly without a shred of evidence against them, many years later the Boulder prosecutor (i.e. Crown) was forced to apologize to the Ramseys. The case and the attention around it can best be described as a speculative frenzy, with the police and public concocting theories of the crime–completely detached from the evidence and reality–based on their biases (in this instance their dislike of Patsy Ramsey for putting Jonbenet in pageants). Importantly, just this year a deeply troubled man–who was homeless but getting fed from a church near the Ramsey house at the time of her murder–finally confessed to the murder. But the evidence trail was long sitting there, starting with this same man calling a high school friend the day Jonbénet’s body was found and saying he just did something terrible to a little girl. The friend reported this promptly to the Boulder PD, who didn’t follow up for months and even then gave it little credence or followup. The same man showed up at the Ramsey house one year after the murder for a memorial (criminals often come back to the scene of the crime). He’s a convicted pedophile. He strangled his mother (unsuccessfully) with a cord (just like Jonbénet). Even now, with all this incredible information, the Boulder PD doesn’t seem to want to follow the evidence. This crime will likely never be solved due to the complete and utter incompetence of the Boulder PD and their refusal to acknowledge their mistakes. Interestingly, this crime also involved a botched/tainted crime scene by a small-city police department lacking homicide skills.

    The case of Steven Truscott is older, but like Jonbénet demonstrates the critical failure of police with a single-minded desire to pin the crime on someone. As a reminder, Truscott was convicted with killing Lynne Harper, a high school friend, near Goderich, Ontario. The evidence against Truscott was, at best, circumstantial. There was no credible physical evidence but in this case the police got an easy conviction. Ultimately, the Ontario Court of Appeal acquitted Truscott, but not after he’d been sentenced to death and subsequently spent 10 years in prison. Truscott happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why I raise this case is because the Ontario Provincial Police failed to do was follow up on important leads that didn’t fit with their single-minded intention to convict Truscott. A farmer, for example, saw a strange car parked near his field where Lynne was killed the evening of the murder. No one cared cause this just got in the way of their theory. Truscott had seen probably the same car that night. While the OPP and Crown ultimately got their conviction, it was against the wrong person and so justice has never been served in the case–and certainly never will given the passage of time and suspects being dead.

    The Saanich Police Department has fallen into the same trap as the cases above. Early on, they decided that those who were very close to Lindsay could not be responsible, despite their exceedingly suspicious conduct around the murder, plus their means and opportunity to commit the crime in the very controlled location in which it was carried out. Their motivation was partially revealed–or at least hinted at by Lindsay—in her earlier discussion with Jeff. For whatever reason (reasons have been widely speculated on this board), the SPD chose not to pursue these key suspects beyond some cursory investigation. Like the Jonbénet case, the police concocted an elaborate crime scenario–in Lindsay’s case involving drug deals and retribution–without a shred of evidence that Lindsay was caught up in that world.

    The result is a situation analogous to the Jonbénet and Harper murders: murder evidence trails left very cold by the passage of and waste of time as a result of the police single-mindedly focusing on a theory of the crime that does not fit the evidence of the crime. Obviously such an investigation based on such a faulty premise is bound fail. However, as that failure persists over time and deepens, the pattern is that police will only entrench more. We’ve seen this with the Boulder PD (it was the Prosecutor who apologized to the Ramseys, not the police) and they continue to ignore hot tips. And, as far as I know, the OPP has never taken responsibility or apologized for failing Steven Truscott and Lynn Harper; the Crown up until recently defended the actions of the police and the Crown at the time. We have already observed similar entrenchment with the Saanich PD–treating Jeff with disrespect, etc.

    I have no doubt that, as time continues to pass, the Saanich PD will only continue to entrench more and more and will never undertake any serious investigation of the prime suspects. Put yourselves in their shoes and just think how bad this will look for them if they actually put their minds to solving the crime. It would require them admitting that the suspects have continued to lived right here in our community right under their noses, continuing to engage in questionable and likely illegal activity through their businesses-, and the SPD let them walk because of shoddy policing (and probably because they had personal connections to the suspects). To go down this road would require them to admit their supreme failure as police (and perhaps corruption) and would likely resulting the province dismantling the department and asserting authority over the jurisdiction. I think we can all agree that the SPD has a major disincentive at this point to solve the crime.

    While I believe that justice can be served in this case, the Saanich PD is not going to be responsible for solving it. I think that the pressure is only going to solidify their resolve not to solve it. To solve this case–and achieved justice for Lindsay–another authority will need to take charge–be it a retired judge or some other independent investigator. Whether this happens depends on whether the community will allow this murder to be left unsolved. The time to up the ante is now. I hope that Jeff’s appearance on Dr. Phil will start putting this next stage in motion.

    • ranger rick says:

      This is so well thought out. I think what tends to get a bit lost in the various discussions on this page are small details from the podcasts. I was quite suprised to hear Jeff mention that a paramedic at the scene was taken aback by the lack of care in protecting the crime scene and witnessed the SPD tainting the area in how they moved in and out of the house. Forensic evidence likely would not stand up in court. It is an interesting parallel how the recently retired and experienced detectives were not called back in. Is this solely a cover up for their incompetence?
      The reluctance to solve this case seems to go deeper when you start looking at who appears to be involved. What is the connection though between key people in the SPD and real estate and perhaps what Lindsay knew? We have speculated the involvement of money laundering through real estate. It would be interesting to see which real estate agents handled the various property sales for certain members of law enforcement.
      How is it that not one person on the SPD has the integrity to break open this case?

      • Retired Detective says:

        It seems that everyone including Lindsay, her girlfriends and law enforcement have become desensitized to the very dangerous drug dealers living and trafficking through Victoria. They all grew up with the children of the Lopez cartel, the king-pin and went out to clubs with and even dated some of them. They were used to seeing guns and bags of money. Head of Lindsay’s murder file Chris Horsley owned a bar a while back where these criminals hung out with him. The island is full of corruption at all levels, bags of money, grow houses everywhere, and dump trucks of drugs. Occasionally, someone gets busted but the time served is a joke. Lindsay’s former BF is a buddy of Jas Bains the head of the gang in the cocaine trafficking case that took down the BC Legisture and Premier of BC. There was also a cop in Victoria linked to money laundering in the case. Neither were punished accordingly. If these guys didn’t get appropriate time for their crimes what can we expect? Narcotics and weed trafficking is a big business that runs the economy in BC through real estate, building and mortgage sales. You have to wonder what would happen if it all stopped? If we know, I think the leaders of BC also know. There will not be any big hammers coming down.

        The SPD botched the case and I believe it was orchestrated to be that way by the mastermind with possibly coaching from maybe someone inside the SPD. After all this time, unless they can come up with some new really solid forensic evidence, I believe there will be no arrests until someone talks. The crime scene was contaminated and if it was the Zailos, their DNA would be all over Lindsay expectedly.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Robert I do think you are right. The cops tend to focus on someone just to solve a case. I don’t think Ms Lindsays murder had anything to do with all the drugs and whatever went down in Calgary or BC. This was very personal. Hopefully one day BC will become clean and justice will prevail for this family.

  19. Hi Jeff I just wanted to say good luck to you, and I’m so happy this has happened and that all our emails made a difference.
    One step closer to the truth! I can’t wait to hear what dr. Phil has to say with respect to the Lac of any information regarding Lindsay case. Also, the lack of any interrogations, suspects, unwillingness to hand the case over to a more experienced investigative unit and unwilling to to share any information with you.
    My thoughts are with you.
    If you have any information on when the show may air, please let us know.
    All the best to you.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      And don’t forget clearing the most likely suspects 2 years into an 11 year unsolved murder. I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Phil has to say about that.

  20. Jeff Buziak says:

    I want to express a huge thank you to everyone who wrote in to the Dr Phil Show.
    Your energy and efforts have paid off.
    Thank you, thank you.
    I have just arrived in Los Angeles to film for the Dr Phil Show and, of course, meet with Dr Phil.
    The decision was made to feature Lindsay’s unsolved murder on Dr Phil and I was flown down early this morning to begin the filming process. I don’t have details to share with you yet but will keep you informed. I am in L.A. at a hotel awaiting my next instructions.
    Thank you

  21. Justice says:

    Does anyone out there know an attorney who would be willing to answer these questions pro bono?

    • Robin says:

      We need a good lawyer to help out, C’mon u lawyers step up. Lindsay Buziak wants to RIP and wants her father to have peace. Lindsay deserves your help.

  22. Following says:

    That’s really thinking out of the box. New idea. I cant see sz getting that close to the dirty work. It’s not how she does things it seems.

  23. Danise says:

    They could’ve tracked the phone better, could’ve went back to the store ran surveillance!!!!! This was pre meditated and it saddens me!! She was on 24 smh

  24. Just A Canadian says:

    Who would stab a woman in the chest that many times but another woman that is jealous of her? If the SPD is on the take, there could have been much evidence that was just tossed in the trash. One of the videos show garbage bags being taken out of the house, I don’t know if this was a live video or a remake? What the hell was in the garbage bags???????????

    • Justice says:

      The cops were probably trying to clean up the crime scene for the murderers. The photos of the crime scene were staged, taken after the house was cleaned and painted. What kind of police investigations do that? I have never seen anything like that. Usually when a crime scene photo is released, it is the crime scene as the police found it, not staged.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        How do you know the crime scene photos were staged and taken after the room was cleaned and painted?

      • Just A Canadian says:

        You are right Justice. Although I would not want to see what it really looked like you are right. This case is so screwed up. Poor Lindsay and her family, makes me ill.

        • Sandra Arnold says:

          Would there be enough evidence against Shirley for Jeff to file a wrongful death suit? He is going to have to do something big to get this back on the front burner, and in the public eye. Someone knows something, and usually people that commit murders cannot keep their mouths shut. Just wondering

      • Robin says:

        Speaking of photos……
        I reviewed the Crime stoppers video recently because something felt incongruent but I could not figure out why I felt that. After watching 3x I now know why. That girl who is pretending to be Lindsay is not at all like Lindsay. I have gone back to look at many pictures of Lindsay and the actress does not capture Lindsay’s likeness. First of all this person is not petite. She has much bigger legs than Lindsay and a bigger frame all the way around. It is not a likeness of how Lindsay seemed to wear her hair either. Lindsay always had more volume and her hair was never cut in that severe straight bob style that I can see. Lindsay has always been described as petite less than 100lbs, this actress is not petite and weighs more like 140 lbs. Why would Crime Stoppers not be completely accurate in this video? They could have done way better at selecting a gal who resembled Lindsay.

  25. The truth always comes out! says:

    I believe there was a struggle, and that’s what put them behind. Then they had to go into her phone and delete some of the history.
    Another thing to remember – the SPD put out a statement “the Zailo’s have passed the polygraph test to our satisfaction”
    They never once said they passed it!
    What does that mean? Two completely different things, just a mincing of words, because they think we are stupid enough not to notice that fact

    • Following says:

      Ask the question. If you’re going to commit a criminal you’re going to be looking around to see who is watching. You would also check out the window to be sure no other agent was showing at the same time, and after it’s done you would not stick around nor have the presence of mind to delete off the phone. It’s a very all consuming act. SZ would never do the deed. To old, too heavy and not her style. She gets others to do her dirty work . There has to be sock prints in the blood. There has to be sock prints going down the stairs. It’s the coordinating timing of this crime that points to the criminals. It’s too orchestrated right down to the placement of the witness car. The movement of the witness car, the supposed butt dial that was a signal it’s done and the future disgruntled mother in law within minutes of the crime scene.

      • Justice says:

        If Lindsay arrived at a reasonable time like 5:00, not 30 min before the appointment to walk through a house she had never seen before, the murdering cold hearted animals would have 45 minutes to complete the act and clean up. They definitely and thoroughly cleaned up. Joe Desousa is a perfectionist. He was admittedly at the house around that time. I would expect he would want to show Lindsay around to help with the clients who were looking for a house exactly like his, had the cash and were going to buy immediate. This makes perfect sense so why leave just before a showing when he could tell the clients about what a fab house he built and offer customizations?

        Jason arrived just before 5:45 a few minutes too early and ran into the tow mo keys leaving the front door. If you know the neighborhood, the school located 2 blocks away has a parking lot with a view from the street obstructed by shrubbery. Leaving through the front would lead you in that direction. They were already, what looks like an intentional move, seen by neighbors so it would not be weird to if anyone saw them leave.

        The killers were going to the back neighbors who drove them in their van back to Swartz where he picked up his son in his wife’s van. They had to go through the back of the fence behind bushes so no one would see them go there explaining the missing fence boards.

        Jason arrived too early. He was full of adrenaline and traffic may have been light. He is just as psycho as his mother but just not as smart. I say this because he showed no emotion the day after His girlfriend was murdered. These are very cold hearted psychopaths. I never understood why Jason moved his car but I always believed Shirley, and now Joe left through the front door like they were seen initially doing. Jason must have been getting signals from the window or somewhere in the house because he seemed to be following someone’s direction through out the plan from start to finish.

        Why did he text Lindsay and call Shirley and Ryan? He never once called Lindsay. He called Shirley to make sure she was far enough away. I do not believe Jason was Trying to be professional by Waiting outside. That is the opposite of professional. What is more important, being professional or insuring the welfare of someone you love. I see no love here.

        • Matt P. says:

          Valid point Justice. Why did Jason call Shirley & Ryan, but text Lindsay? Ryan is involved.

          • The truth always comes out says:

            Exactly! If you texted you girlfriend and she didn’t message back you would call her first, before anyone, over and over, to try and get a hold of her and make sure she was safe. After that, you would reach out to mommy to try and get the code, unless that isn’t why you were calling your Mother and brother at all. Great story and alibi to explain the calls though!

  26. Mark A Roush says:

    In my opinion, from the onset of the “Investigation”, there has been theories upon theories that has led investigators astray and that “ONE” piece of “EVIDENCE” could have led Investigators in the right direction from the start and would have saved them many hours and many day’s spent in Unproductive results. That one piece of Evidence came from the disguised woman caller who enticed Lindsay with the deception of wanting to buy a home and never thought that the information she gave Lindsay would ever be revealed. But it was revealed when Lindsay called her father to voice her concerns. The Woman who disguised her Voice was fully aware and had Knowledge of Lindsay’s clients, Past and Present. The Probability for anyone outside of Lindsay’s real-estate office at Remax Camosun having knowledge of Lindsay’s clients, Impossible. The only people that had access to Lindsay’s clients, the only people that could have known the genuine reference name of the former client of Lindsay’s that was given by the Imposter, Are “ONLY” those people that worked along side Lindsay at Remax Camosun !!! On dateline, Josh Mankiewicz said the investigators were thinking “Way outside the Box”, I believe Investigators need to put there Heads, There thoughts back Inside the Box, The Remax Camosun Box, Because all those WILD theories of Drug Cartels, Drug Dealers, Hitmen, Crazed thrill killers, These types of people had Absolutely no Access, no Knowledge to Lindsay’s business, Particularly Lindsay’s Former Clients !!! So now, 11 years later, what is the status of the Investigation ? Where did all those Wild theories lead Investigators ? It led them to a COLD CASE!!! That’s where it led them !!! But they do not want to ADMIT that the Case is Cold, Why? Approximately 1 year ago, February 1st, 2018, Global News, Topic, “Saanich Police renew commitment to Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved Murder…This is a Quote by Chris Horsley. “Well with any homicide investigation, where it’s not readily apparent at the onset who’s responsible, there maybe many Investigative avenues, and we certainly went down lot’s of those. We’ve had suspects, we ruled out suspects, and we’re certainly continuing with our Investigation, but by no means is this a cold case, Therefore it’s an active file with the Saanich police and we certainly wouldn’t discuss our suspects openly on t.v.” End of Quote. What does this statement mean ? This statement tells me that finally after many years, It is Apparent to all Investigators those people who are responsible and they have the right suspects in there sights. So what are the Investigators waiting around for after 11 years? It would be Good for that “1” phone call to come in, but after 11 years now, It’s not likely to happen, Because in my Opinion this is a handful of tight knit people that as Horsley said, “Pre Planned and Pre Orchestrated, Without a Doubt ” the Murder of Lindsay. I am still praying for “JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY” and Lindsay’s Family.

    • ConnectTheDots says:


    • The truth always comes out! says:

      Agreed! Although they (the realtors at her office) were all silenced by a confidentiality agreement and their lips have been glued because of it. (told personally to me by someone who work at her office)

      • Retired Detective says:

        If you personally know people who worked in her office, I hope you tell Jeff personally. You might be able to help fill in some blanks like who were the former clients?

        • Sandra Arnold says:

          Sorry, but if you know details about a murder, your confidentiality agreement should go out the window. If you know something and you don’t come forth, you should be held liable for withholding information. I hope your friend that works there realizes that he/she, if they know something, are helping to keep a family in grief, year after year….and if they do, I hope their conscience eats them alive…although after this long, they surely do not have one…

          • The truth always comes out! says:

            I believed that the confidentiality agreement was from the spd. The said they didn’t want any information leaked as it could ruin their investment. Sounds like a good way to cover it up and keep things hidden from the public. And Jeff has already been given this information.

            • Sandra Arnold says:

              When you take away the stupid drug angle….you have two people left….Shirley and Jason…Jason learned his possessive and controlling ways from someone, I would guess Shirley…when he went whining to mommy that Lindsey was going to leave him, mommy told him not to worry….and mommy gave him the instructions of what to do…and mommy took care of the rest of it….it would be hard to believe that Lindsey did not recognize Shirley but again, Shirley could have told her she was going to walk through the house with her, since this was such a big deal… one else makes sense, given what we know

    • Rj says:

      My question would be who had motive who would benefit by committing such a horrible crime ?
      What changes in that real estate office came about if any after that horrible crime.
      And if I’m not mistaken it was a Savage Overkill attack so that clearly states someone was extremely angry more than just wanting her killed.
      And I believe it’s already been ruled out of the wrong person meaning she was targeted it was well-planned and then well advanced and they knew how to get her there by using names of people that she knew so it’s definitely an in a circle thing.
      And then the part about the boyfriend being there for her safety but yet never entering actually seen people come to the door and then close the door that to me especially if I’m there for protection would look a little odd especially if I done don’t see the people come out I don’t know I think it’s so close to home that that’s why they’re not seeing it.
      I read the father was hoping Phil Donahue show would do a show on this but how about that cold case files show is that still on is that a current show?
      The woman goes out with the team and they interview everybody they would Stir It Up I’m sure

  27. The truth always comes out says:

    There have been many rumors, theories, and stories that have been let out by the press, community, and the Saanich Police Department, of what really happened on February 2nd, 2008, none of which add up, including the timeline.
    Here is the story of what really happened that day. This was a Huge listing for a junior agent. Does it make sense for a professional, like Lindsay, to enter the house at 5:29, only a minute from the time she was going to meet her clients, NO!
    Lindsay met Jason for lunch and left Sauce, already dressed in business attire, at 4:30pm, in rush hour traffic, giving herself enough time to go and make sure the house was ready and do a walk through so she was prepared before showing her potential clients. What has been claimed, is that witnesses saw Lindsay greeting her clients, a man and woman, on a sunny day at 5:30pm. That does not make any logical sense as the sun went down and it was dark at 5:13 that day. What the witnesses did see, was Lindsay , around 5pm, meeting Shirley and shaking hands with home owner Joe De Sousa before going in to see the home.
    Lindsay was waiting in the front living room, watching for her clients, as she was nervous, when she heard foot step coming from the opposite side of the house. Remember that the living room and patio that leads to the kitchen run parallel to each other. She walked through the living room, heading towards the front entrance/ stairway to the upstairs bedrooms, and that is where she initially came in to contact with her killers.
    At that moment she froze with Panic and ran up the stairs. Now you might be asking yourself why not run out the front door? If you have ever been in a frozen state of fear, you will understand that you go into complete shock. You do not have the ability think clearly. The only thing in front of her was the stairs so she looked up and ran. The main attack took place in front of the master bathroom because Lindsay was trying to lock herself in it so she could call for help. As we know, from video footage, Jason was no where near the house at that time. By the time he did arrive at the house, she was already dead.
    Now, lets address the pocket dial that apparently took place during the attack.It wasn’t a pocket dial but a call for help as the killers thought Lindsay was already dead, as she laid there hanging on by her last breath. that is when the killers went up and finished her off, as they were communicating with someone outside of the house that got the call. The texts that were made around 530 were not made by her. The lock box on the house at 5:29 was not used by Lindsay, but by someone who now had her card and was privy to the information needed to use it. Lindsay was already passed by this time.
    All of this was plotted and well planned out by the people who set up Lindsay to have her silenced and killed

    In summary, Lindsay knew to much. She was a young woman, who was naive, and got herself involved with the wrong people, and once she realized how deep it went, she wanted out. Unfortunately it was too late for her. She became a liability and she paid a high price for it,….

    Her life!

    • Robin says:

      You seem very sure of this scenario TACO, I tend to think you may be absolutely right. Why do you say meeting Shirley and Joe DeSousa at 5 pm though? R u saying witness did not see person in blonde wig? You think SZ planned this and also murdered Lindsay? While Lindsay was waiting for the couple SZ slipped into a coverall of some sort hoping not to leave evidence is this what u r thinking? Poor Lindsay saw that evil ugly psychopath bitch and knew then what was going on. SZ conspired and committed the murder of Lindsay, but SZ was seen at the scene of the crime shortly after police and news arrived, do u think that fits? SZ definitely is the one who had access to Lindsay’s prior client list and could easily find clients who would not be around on Feb. 02. Are u thinking SZ left thru patio door and knocked out boards to Terry Shein’s waiting van? Then Terry Shein would get rid of evidence while going to pick up kid on arriving ferry? Maybe Terry gave bag of evidence, coverup, knife, phone to waiting person who took ferry back to Vancouver on returning ferry then disposed of it. Holy shit. No wonder Paul Bergshoeff fkd off back to the Netherlands!! SHIRLEY ZAILO is the one!!! What the hell are the Saanich Police doing besides NOTHING!!! May those ZAILO’s rot in hell.

      • Following says:

        Interesting theory. It takes a lot of energy to Perform that crime. Cant be sz doing it. I do believe her being in neighborhood shows some complicity. It’s going be someone who owes her. A normal person wouldnt participate, too dangerous to ask a normal person. I think she reached out to her group. Hence the phone from Vancouver. I do believe she would want as much distance as possible but her psychology would have the need for the aftermath events. If the something that couldnt be said was the motive, then clearly, sz would not want to be linked. Same result. Prison and obliterate her empire cash cow. Could be right about the butt dial. Very likely a signal deed was done. 40 would is a lot blood, a lot of blood footprints and very slippery. Question becomes, clothing, left without their shoes? Tracks. How do you walk out with that amount of blood.

    • Retired Detective says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I have been saying the same thing since I thought about the time the sun set that day. I also do not think she went home to change after sauce. It was Saturday and that is an important work day for realtors so she was already working and dressed for work. She was going out to a party after the showing and would have to change again. Changing clothes before the showing makes no sense. That tidbit came ffom Jason, the only person who could have known Lindsay planned on doing that if it is true.

      It is very dark at 5:30 in early Feb. even if you have daylight, the person would have been on torquay. That is not close enough to make out someone’s face clearly even in daylight. Eye witness testimony can sometimes be off by hours and even days and descriptions often ID the wrong people. Trying to suggest she was a victim of random crime, Scott Peterson’s lawyers tried to use a neighbors testimony that said they saw some burgers in the neighborhood the day Lacy disappeared. The criminals were apprehended and the break-in was was recorded in the police record. It happened on a different day.

      Your scenario sent chills down my spine. The drawing looks like Shirley. I think there is a good possibility the person who gave the police artist the description is Jason. He was the closest to them with headlights directly on them as he drove into the cul de sac. The street is only a few feet from the front door but 30 feet from the torquay sidewalk across the street. Horsley told us that Jason saw them walking out of the front door, full frontal view from 5 feet away with bright lights directly in their faces.

      I saw an artists drawing of the man Diane Downs described who shot and murdered one of her children. She made up the whole story because she is the one who did it. If you look at the drawing, it looks just like the male version her. She described herself. The eyes show it all. She has sampaku eyes just like Jason. It made me think that Jason May have subconsciously described Shirley if he was the “witness” the police said gave the description. They said they had more than one witness and technically, Jason and Cohen are witnesses. Cohen maybhave helped the artist draw who he really saw if he was looking up as they approached. He claims he wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on but I don’t believe him. He is also afraid for his own safety. BTW, that is the worst police artist drawing of a suspect. I wonder iwhybwe don’t have one of the man???

      I also agree, there was no pocket dial. I still have my blackberry from back then. It is not easy to pocket dial one of those. Brainiac Horsley decided it was a true pocket dial because the phone was found in her pocket. What a brilliant detective. I always thought someone else made the call to stamp the time of the attack but never considered it may have been Lindsay attempting to make a call for help. This is so cold blooded and chilling.

      Unless Shirley confesses, we will never know what happened in that house Lindsay may have willingly gone upstairs to see the bedrooms with Joe and Shirley who parked their cars two blocks south, by the school and walked up the street unnoticed. They likely had someone waiting upstairs to help with the attack.

      Jason arrived 5 minutes too soon and didn’t know what to do when he realized Shirley was still there. He sat in the car waiting for a signal and then moved to torquay. The only explaination I have for that move is the killer(s) had to leave from the patio in the back to go north to TS’s house and Shirley and Joe needed to get to their cars to the south from the front door. Jason was caught in the middle. Maybe the killers were cleaning up and needed 10 Additional minutes. Shirley was supposed to have made her exit by then but was running late. Jason was supposed to park out front after Shirley left and wait 10-15 minutes for the killers to get out through the back. Something happened in the house that put them behind schedule. It would be easier to lure Lindsay to a secluded room in the house that to drag her there. There was no evidence of a struggle so she likely walked through the house unaware of what was about to happen. She would have felt secure with Shirley and Joe, letting her guard down. The murder took longer than they expected. I think Jason waited for the killers to get out through the back first and then moved to the side so mommy could leave out the front. This so far is the most simple and reasonable explaination I have heard!! Thank you so much!!!

      • The truth always comes out! says:

        I believe there was a struggle, and that’s what put them behind. Then they had to go into her phone and delete some of the history.
        Another thing to remember – the SPD put out a statement “the Zailo’s have passed the polygraph test to our satisfaction”
        They never once said they passed it!
        What does that mean? Two completely different things, just a mincing of words, because they think we are stupid enough not to notice that fact

    • Following says:

      Key access is clocked via software. It would shown access earlier. Police could access all showings and times from the beginning of the listing. Even before that, when it was on another house. It has to be in the office since they had access to past clients and past client schedules. The fact the referred clients were out of town is interesting. Was that a deal that Shirley orchestrated for her future sons wife so she knew them personally and therefore, knew they were out of town. You cant have tons of people involved. Far too risky. Someone will speak. I sent think sz would be capable of doing it from a strength point of view. Number of footprints at the crime scene in the blood can determine how it went down.

      • Retired Detective says:

        If you already have a key, you don’t need to access the lock box.

        • The truth always comes out! says:

          Thank you! You do NOT need a key if the owner is there showing you around. But I have to add – we don’t actually know there was no struggle…. That is just another thing we have been told!

    • US Investigator says:

      “The truth always comes out” Your theory is spot on. I’m willing to bet, the witnesses who saw a man and a woman greeting Lindsay really saw SZ & JD. I’m also willing to bet that Lindsay never went home…This was a bogus lie from JZ. Saanich Police aren’t doing their due diligence. This case should have been solved that year. You can’t always take evidence as you see it…Just because a call went out from Linsays cell doesn’t mean she placed it. Just because Lindsay texted JZ back when he was enroute to 1702 Desousa doesn’t mean Lindsay made that text, I believe she was already dead. Now a huge problem at this moment is those investigators let so much time pass. Are credible witnesses still credible? Is there evidence that was over looked? Did they break any chain of custody with any evidence? Is it too late to investigate Linsays route from sauce to 1702 Desousa to determine if she did stop home or not? The investigators on this case need to release more information so that the public can provide the last piece to the puzzle.

      • Forensic Scientist says:

        In my opinion, the fact that they refuse to release any information, ask for help, or classify it as a cold case raises a lot of concerns from the public. I understand they are concerned evidence might be destroyed or alibis changed before a trial but it looks like they are not going to have a trial at this point. It is unfortunate that without a confession or an informant, this case will go nowhere because they say, there was no detectable physical evidence. Everyday forensics are getting better at finding trace evidence and linking DNA up to criminals from cases that are even 40 years old. They collected blood and other physical evidence at the DeSousa rime scene. Even a mixture of more than one person’s blood can be analyzed. If they took samples, the evidence should be there waiting for technology to catch up. It is not that expensive to run a DNA test. The materials cost a few dollars.
        The police labs should not be inhibiting police investigations by jacking up the price.

    • TL says:

      so if she didn’t send the last text messages, that would mean she didn’t send “the Mexicans are here” which mean it was intended to point investigation elsewhere.
      That always bothered me since it was very important to Lindsay to maintain professionalism and actually referring to them as ‘the mexicans’ in a text rather than ‘the clients’ are here just never sat right with me but it was numbnuts who she had shared her anxieties, one being it seemed like it was a fake mexican accent

      We know shirley used a fake hispanic voice on a call to a secretary also working in that office who must have been scared sheetless hearing that accent knowing those details of Lindsays murder, had the presence of mind to use (what is it) *67 or *69 gives last number that called then after what did she say, 2 or 3 attempts it was answered and it was shirley on the line
      Another interesting theory you bring up is based on the timeline of the witness seeing Lindsay shaking hands with ?? (shirley & joe) then goes inside with them to get a rundown of the house features right from the builder himself. At this point I’m not familiar with timeline, it’s been a while, but if your scenario fits the timeline, seems a good path to go down.

      from that point, it she wasn’t the one that texted, could she have been killed then during the time shirley and joe were leading her like a lamb to slaughter around the house, knowing her murderers lay in wait in the upstairs bedroom. does the timeline bear out that possibility

      Now it’s dark past 5:15 & other ‘big mean shirl’ & joe are seen but no one else is seen going into the house with her: That scenario would mean one of two things; someone lay in wait or shirley and joe murdered her.

      Also, there wasn’t a lot of blood at the scene comparative to her injuries was there?

      I’m wondering…. if joe knew he could have placed a painters drop sheet on the floor & with that patch of unfinished floor she wouldn’t have thought twice, in fact would have fully engaged in being shown something noteworthy about the house she was about to show; unfinished painting, or carpet / flooring still to be installed.. you would want to have that information for the client.

      -Witness testimony does describe the people they saw shaking hands with Lindsay and it does not match shirley and joe that reduces probability of the theory shirley and joe carried out the murder but not necessarily completely. Again I find your theory intriguing, places shirley in the area at the time of the murder which many here have surmised with her coming down the street toward the house within minutes of the call going out to police Even if she wasn’t in the house, what are the odds of her being within blocks at the exact moment Lindsay is being murdered and she KNEW it was happening, so did numbnuts.

      These people are sick and money is their master, once they’ve involved themselves in this they can never get out, the people that made them all that money, came from drug lords, mean ones MS13 tattoos all over themselves to prove they’re men. That’s the real reason Lindsay was murdered, she knew something, a risk that could not be taken because it threatened their ‘fifedome’, their money laundering schemes through real estate deals (which ultimately drove the prices on homes in victoria unfairly, based on fake inflated numbers using ill gotten cash) not only them but those ppl that made them all that money


      FYI: bout 5 years ago, I contacted horsely about a connection between shirley and “The infamous dress” certainly worthy of investigating it further rather than telling me “oh that has nothing to do with it.

      * girlfriend is selling house, listed with same company shirley manages but different office, still she has access through lockbox and friend was in and out of hospital at the time & not always home. One day when she came home shirley was there not the listed and it felt as if she had been going thru the house….. After murder friends of my friend that she goes dancing with and stuff, call her up and say, “hey that looks like your dress, the one you like to wear when we go out’ Curiously, my friend is mexican with a relatively heavy hispanic accent…….. was shirley trying to set her up as possible suspect?

      shirley hates my friend because Paulo who shirley was living with at the time of Lindsays murder, had a major desire for my friend and shirley really wanted him so she hated my friend. Sounds trite and childish but that is how shrirley solves her problems of the heart, with intimidation of the problem.

      She used to follow my friend around, weird shit. friend would turn around in grocery store and there would be shirley just standing there staring at her, she would see her in traffic too many times for it too be coincidence. As well she had threatened her told her to stay away from him….

      That was also the same time she lost a bunch of weight so she would be more attractive to him and eventually they did live together…. until Lindsays murder when he packed up and sold off his business interests and went back to holland faster than a cat on a hot tin roof, making the statement he was leaving because he knew what ‘she’ shirley was capable of & it scared the bejesus out of him. There is no doubt she is a dangerous woman I think capable of ordering a murder

      Bless you all for dedication to the hard work you are doing for Lindsay.

      I apologize for rambling or half finished sentences😵 it’s 5:am😌

      • Retired Detective says:

        Thank you for the new information. Can you ask your friend if she is certain that she had a dress like the one described by the witness and if she definitely last saw it before she found Shirley in her house but not after? Thanks so very much!!

        • Sandra Arnold says:

          Wouldn’t you think Lindsey would have recognize Shirley? There are so many ways this could have happened but there had to be fingerprints somewhere…cannot imagine they had that long to clean up everywhere….the drug angle is just too ignorant…She was leaving Shirley’s baby boy and whether it was Shirley or someone she hired….Shirley was not going to have that happen….she wanted her boy happy and if Lindsey was not going to stay with him, Lindsey would not be with anyone…my opinion

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Shirley and Joe could have easily explained away their presence there. It’s possible that Lindsay shook Joe’s hand and not Shirley’s.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think the witness composite looks a lot like Shirley. There is a woman in the Zailo’s circle of friends, Michelle Lum, who lived in the neighborhood at the time of the murder and who was known to have a blonde wig that looks just like the hair of the woman seen by the witness. Shirley could have easily put that wig on as it even matches her usual haircut.

        • TL says:

          I agree and in that piece of the timeline we’ve always ruled her out because a ‘couple’ showed up just as everyone expected she was meeting. It was last minute wife cancelled, office closed no coworkers around to express that ‘new’ detail with so when neighbor witness says two ppl everyone that knew her, about the showing, just assumed she would be meeting with ‘the couple’

          So no one has focussed on shirley being the woman in the couple the neighbour saw ruling her out for reasons I’ve mentioned because until she got the last minute call only the husband would be coming EVERYONE THOUGHT COUPLE, witness sees couple, many have said suspect drawing kinda looks like shirley but couple shows up so everyone’s like ‘nah can’t be shirley, who would the guy be if it was shirley’

          Lindsay totally freaked (in fact, didn’t she call Jeff to tell him the wife had cancelled, she was so off put by her intuition). This is when she ‘really’ asked numbnuts to come with her I bet, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the first strange ‘couple’ she had at showing that she would not have engaged in a showing alone with the husband.

          So he calls mom, said he called for his brother to get directions but really it was to message them that Lindsay was getting sketchy what should he do to keep her there? Now shirley has to put herself into the picture, jay says he’ll be right there to calm her so when Shirley shows up WITH THE LONE MALE CLIENT, tells Lindsay she brought the guy to be sure she was okay, they knew she was worried and numbnut son wanted someone else there so she wouldn’t be alone when client arrived …

          shirley leaves out the back thru ‘broken slats somewhat hidden by leafy bush/tree, brand new home being shown and the carpenters were there that very afternoon ??? what’s wrong with that picture? So she slips out the back drops in on michelle lums, maybe michelle knew nothing, shirley conveniently uses the ‘I was in the neighbourhood’. shortly after arriving gets call alerting to an emergency back at the house that no one knows she just left, mere minutes before..

          phone rings: What?!?!?! ‘oh my god”! I’ll be right there numbnut’. sorry michelle I have to go OR michelle well knew why shirley had come there… to wait for that very call & in fact the murderer may very well have been laid up there waiting prior

          Shirley just delivered Lindsay’s murderer….

          Not going on wild goose chase, just different view of the evidence we’ve chased around due to lack of cooperation by SPD and not gotten far considering the years, not that that is our fault, we also have jobs too bad saanich can’t do theirs.

          relooking at evidence within the proposed timeline.. consider for a fact it was shirley as you’ve suggested the witness saw as drawing depicts, that would put shirley physically there at the scene at the point of witnessed handshake, easily slip away leaving ‘the client’.

          In the event anyone did actually id her, she could fall back on “I mean I feel terrible, but how could I have known”?

          God Bless

          • Lillian says:

            This question may have already been asked/answered but I’ve missed it….. just exactly WHO are these “witnesses?”…. where did they come from? Eye witnesses are for the most part, unreliable. And I have a real issue with SPD excluding those who “passed” a lie detector….. they are not permitted in the courts as evidence for a reason…. they are extremely unreliable and subjective, not to mention, the operator can be as incompetent as any detective, like Horsefly! The fact that Horsefly states the killers are no longer a “suspect” based solely on the lie detector results is telling of how incompetent these guys really are. The detection is a tool, not an inclusion or exclusion absolute. I am obsessed with this murder and the incompetence of this PD….. when will those with the power and authority step up and hand it over to real detectives who are not afraid? The SPD are very afraid, a bunch of pussies!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        This is totally relevant information and that horsley wasn’t even interested in it speaks to why this case has not been solved.

    • Just cause says:

      Yikes! Only one question… I recall that right after the murder it came out that Jason’s ex got a call as well I’m guessing mistaken identity? But why the mistake? Or was it intentional ?

  28. Peter says:

    This message is to Jeff:

    A very valuable lesson someone told once me once was to record the conversation whenever you go into meeting.

    You need to record every conversation you have with the police on some kind of device. Catch them in the act of lying, they can’t run from that.

    Don’t know if you’ve already been doing this but it thought I’d mention it

    • Peter says:

      Oh and don’t make it obvious that you have it of course

      • Sandra Arnold says:

        Excellent idea. It is wayyyyy past time to solve this….what more do they want….sorry guys, but it is really doubtful that your suspects (if your even looking at them, anymore) are going to get a conscience and confess…God forbid, something happen to one of their daughters, I imagine it would be a different story!

        • Peter says:

          I’m talking about recording every conversation he has with police, witnesses, everyone. You never know what they’re going to say, it might not crack this case but at least it could put the cops in a bad position if he catches them in a lie. Worse thing that could happen is nothing suspicious is said and you just delete the recording.

          • Sandra Arnold says:

            If he could record his meetings, it would be great…someone knows something..whether it be the police or someone at her workplace. I saw where someone said that a person who worked at her office said they had to sign confidentiality agreements…give me a break! If someone knows something about her murder, I hope their conscience eats them up….and if it is the police covering for SZ, I pray that their sins are displayed for all the world to see….how can anyone murder another human being and go on with life as usual….I will never understand that…truthfully, no one else had a motive….he was losing her and mama bear would not have her little baby hurt….it will come out…if not here…when they stand before God, none of it will be hidden…and the outcome will be much worse than confessing here on earth!!!

  29. Lillian says:

    I’ve written to W5 and Fifth Estate asking them to put a Canadian media story to these incompetent coppers. Next, AG, Hogan, SPD …. anyone else? I have a great site (https://behindtheyellowtapeca) Behind The Yellow Tape that is written by an EX RCMP (or retired, not sure) who has some very, very insightful stories to tell on the inner working (corruption) in the policing establishment. I tried to interest him in this case, but I was unsuccessful. But, he writes great work, I highly recommend a visit to his blog. In the meantime, we need to pressure SPD to handover this file to experienced investigators and I am still sickened by Horsfles (pun intended) audacity to visit Jeff at his workplace and actually harass and question Jeff’s “mental health”….. that whole thing disgusts me and he should be reprimanded for such atrocious conduct, dismissed actually.

  30. Sandra says:

    The drug angle makes no sense…..why would this old friend suddenly decide to tell Lindsey about his relatives drug involvement? I mean, that is not something you go around telling people, and even if he did…why would they go after her and not the one who told…it seems that Lindsey would have told her Dad about it, they seemed very close….her boyfriend….first, if he were so protective, why wasn’t he there when she first arrived at the house? Also, why were there no fingerprints on the stairway? Women, especially those in heels, are going to hold on to the railing. No fingerprints would tell me that someone wiped it clean…and that throws a monkey wrench in the boyfriends story, as far as the timeline…did the killers have enough time to kill Lindsey, wipe down the stairway and any place else they could have touched, before the boyfriend arrived? Just my opinion, but I think the boyfriend gave himself an alibi by showing up and finding her…I believe he did not show up when she first arrived because he knew what was going to happen and therefore he could not have been there at the beginning…Lindsey told her Dad she was going to break up with him….then a few months later, she is killed….it does not take a genius to know that someone who is overbearing and protective sees his mate as his property….the old, “if I can’t have her, no one can”. Just because he was going to be there, does not mean he did not know her plans…Unless there is more to the old friend/drug angle…..the obvious answer is the boyfriend….I pray that her family gets the closure they need….evil cannot hide forever and everyone’s prayers will help

    • Following says:

      I think its bigger than that. As a mother I want my sons married to incredible women. I’m all for supporting a great match. I think Lindsay fit her ideal as well. Perhaps over doing it with houses, furniture, taking her into the fold. I think some family business was shared and consequently Lindsay wanted out. She became a threat to a financial monopoly and had to go. Way too many coincidences and you just have to look for the psychopath in the group who is so incredibly narcissistic that she believes she can spin a great tale and not get caught. Which they do you know.

  31. Mark A Roush says:

    In response to connect the dots and Chris Horsley’s statement with crime watch daily on 6/9/17. Jason Zailo has never been truthful and forthcoming with the Saannich police department. There is absolutely nothing true that has been said from the Zailo’s !!! This statement Chris Horsley gave, that was obviously given to him by Jason Zailo is deceptive and nonsense !!! The Scenario given by Zailo and Horsley about the killers leaving at 5;45pm from the front door is a false scenario !!! This scenario did not exist !!! But didn’t horsley appear to be Jovial spewing that rubbish !!! And he has the audacity to Blame social media for Impeding his investigation. He’s doing a good job himself for Impeding his own so-called investigation !!! Chris Horsley definitely needs to put his head on straight and fly right !!!

  32. ConnectTheDots says:

    Going through older posts and came across this one from Justice. I think it’s insightful and another example of them slipping up. Like I said earlier, when you commit an act of evil the truth just “leaks” out. This case is like a sieve. Also relevant is the discrepancy between the two different accounts of this. One being that Jason could only see two figures behind the front door glass and then this account.

    ” Does Chris Horsley really believe what Jason told him: Jason believed the showing was just starting when he saw the killers LEAVING THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR/ COMING OUT THE FRONT DOOR of the house as he drove up??? Since when do people LEAVE through the front door when a showing is just starting? I thought people normally go INTO a house when a real estate showing is starting? Am I understanding this correctly? What is going on here???

    Chris Horsley on Crime Watch Daily:
    Jason Zailo tells police he drives up to the house just four minutes later at 5:45, and then he tells them that he may have actually seen the murderers: a tall Caucasian man, and a blonde woman wearing a colorful dress.

    “The killers were actually about to walk out the front door and leave, and he turned into the cul-de-sac and interrupted them LEAVING,” said Sgt. Horsley. “If he had been five seconds later he would have driven right into the suspects walking out here into the driveway.”

    Instead, he tells police the couple turned around and closed the door.

    “And his assumption is these are the clients and the showing is just starting as the door closes,” said Horsley. “He then parks outside because he is waiting for the showing to end.”

    • Dwayne says:

      Very sad that this has been going on so so long, It must be so very draining and hard on Jeff.
      Has anyone actually sat with a good lawyer or had a meeting with a retired judge or ?.
      To see what it would actually take or what would be involved to get this out of the hands of the SPD?
      Justice for Lindsay

    • Following says:

      Bet that was a mistake. Bet they did try and leave thru the front door but j was a tad early. The perps turned around. Did the passenger see them? Probably why j had to go and park round the side. So the perps could leave by the front door. Someone screwed up on timing. Too many players. The perps had to be people Lindsay wouldnt recognize. I dont think this should take a rocket scientist to solve. Someone just needs all the facts that is not associated with this town. I think the evidence is all there. Even the body is there. With all that commotion some forensic proof must be there. A hair, an eyelash, a drop of blood. A fingerprint, a shoe print.

  33. Jo-Anne says:

    I was curious, I know this is way off base of where the investigation was and is…. But has Joseph Davis ever been looked at or considered a suspect? It seems that this guys preys and goes out of his way to lure Female Real estate agents and is a violent sex offender?

  34. Mark A Roush says:

    Even though Al Capone had a “front” for his illegal activities, The Federal Court issued the contempt citation, The FBI became involved in Investigating Capones activities, his business practices, The FBI worked with the treasury department and the Internal Revenue Service and Al Capone was convicted of Tax Evasion and sentenced to 11 years in Federal Prison. The Zailo’s “front” or “cover” has been the Real Estate Business to conduct their Illegal Organization. In America it’s called the IRS, In Canada it’s called CRS. Shirley Zailo need’s to be Audited by the CRA, in conjunction with CSIS, and then, Lindsay’s case, Quite Possibly will be solved by “the POWERS that be” !!!

  35. Donald Kimble says:

    Can someone shed light on the occult aspect of this killing. Considering the overkill of 40+ stab wounds something has to be connected to the occult as this goes above and beyond any other murder. How could this type of sacrifice go justified within the criminal world where some rules are actually required to be followed? This type of murder of an innocent party would have grave consequences within the criminal world as Lindsay did not pose a threat. The personal aspect of the murder would surely need to be accounted for – why did Jason worry about bikers after the murder? Why were the other dealers in Alberta busted and who benefited from that?

    • Following says:

      It’s not going to be occult. Too risky. It’s clearly those orchestrating the tight timeline.

    • Retired Detective says:

      40+ stab wounds indicates that it was very personal. Lindsay’s killer was very close to her, very emotionally involved with her and had a vast amount of pent up rage. It takes blind rage to do that. Although anything is possible, this being an occult killing is not highly probable. There is not one shred of evidence that links this murder to the occult. There is a vast amount of information linking the Zailos to Lindsay’s murder and the refusal by the SPD to do anything about it.

      • Lillian says:

        I so agree with you. This incompetent SPD need to be accountable for their poor investigating skills. Time to give the file to real coppers who are not afraid to solve it.

        • US Investigator says:

          I am with you on this one RD. The totality of circumstances tells me that the person responsible knew Lindsay well, carefully planned this crime over a course of time, and had an immense amount of anger towards her. The SPD need to be stripped from this case asap. It will never get solved under their watch.

      • Jo-Anne says:

        Agreed, 40 plus stab wounds would suggest a crime of passion. It would only take a few stab wounds or even 1 in the right area to murder someone. I also understand it would take excessive energy and some time to inflict 40 stab wounds.

    • Lillian says:

      You’re creating a red herring. Nothing here to suggest such a theory.

      • Derek M. says:

        Misunderstanding it. The planning and execution aspects indicates evil and occult like characteristics albeit it being done by Zailos. When a party as them are that evil you have to wonder what else. Why did Jeff mention macabre like elements involved. What goes on on the island –

        • Retired Detective says:

          Illegal trafficking from humans to phentynol and cocaine are present on your pristine island and everywhere else in the world. Money laundering is a big business. Everything bad goes on everywhere! That is the world we live in today. We live in a very false sense of security. We have invited immigrants from countries that house horrible people who then join up with our horrible people. China = phentynol and Mexico = heroin. Those countries have histories of poverty and suppression. The psychopaths took over. We are all in danger now. They are among us. Buy a gun and start locking your doors and windows. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Start vetting your children’s friends and families if you want to keep them safe. I think a launderer moved in next door to me in my very low crime and affluent neighborhood. Way too much money for a contractor and he keeps bright security lighting on all over the property when it is dark.

  36. Thomas says:

    This is an article about how the Mexican cartels
    have infiltrated the Mexican Government to the point that they can get away with murder. These cartels hate trafficking to the distributors in Victoria. It seems that Canada is just as bad. Just because Canada smells of pine trees, maple syrup and money doesn’t mean it isn’t as corrupt as the Mexican government. Canada’s hiding piles of dirt under the guise of its splendor.

    • Thomas says:

      The don’t hate sorry, my spellcheck is haunted. They are routing their drugs to Canada and the US through Victoria and Vancouver’s unprotected west coast. It’s an open invitation.

    • Mexican says:

      Indeed just as the chapo trial ensnared previous 4 presidents with payoffs in the hundreds of millions

      Zailos Pay off Saanich Police in the tunes of millions per year as well. Follow the money. Simple as that

  37. Mark Roush says:

    August of 2010, Dateline finishes shooting. Dateline aired in September 2010, Approximately 2 1/2 years after the murder of Lindsay. A quote from Josh Mankiewicz. ” There’s been a tremendous amount of suspicion focusing on the Zailo’s, and people who are suspicious of them can look at this Interview and now decide for themselves “. It’s interesting that Josh used the word ” Tremendous “, That means { A great amount }. And I wondered how many people did Josh actually talk to during the time he was in Victoria, B.C. interviewing people for dateline to make that statement. I have a Question for all followers…A point to ponder…Why did Shirley Zailo choose to use a disposable cell phone in her Scheme to murder Lindsay ???

    • Retired Detective says:

      It is not traceable to a specific person and used by drug dealers all the time. They buy them in bulk for future use after the store security cams have been erased. Are we missing something here Mark?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      So that it could not be traced back to herself or anyone else. What they did not think of was that the person who picked up the phone had their phone on them which could be traced via cell phone tower pings right back to the neighborhood of a well known thug close to the Zailos who was living in a house owned by Shirley Zailo. I would like to see which cell phone towers Shirley Zailo’s phone was pinging off while the murder was taking place. I’ll bet she was at the house of a friend of theirs that lived in the same neighborhood as the murder scene. I’m trying to remember, is that the Lums? Ryan apparently was also visiting a friend in a neighborhood close to the murder scene. Possibly they were at the same house. This would explain Shirley being able to ( and choosing to ) quickly walk to the scene of the crime.

      • Following says:

        Another one of those coincidences.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Yes, this case is full of circumstantial evidence pointing to the Zailos. It wouldn’t take much, imo, to get the hard evidence. Which makes it all the more disturbing that the SPD have cleared the Zailos, all three of them, and by all appearances are not doing the digging necessary to get this case solved all the while refusing to hand it over to a dept. that would do the work necessary to getting it solved. 11 years. It is time SPD to show us what you have dug up or pass this case on.

          • Robin says:

            I totally agree but how do we get that to happen. The circumstantial evidence is in abundance here. How can the crown not do more for Lindsay? It is so disturbing to keep running into brick walls here with the SPD, they obviously are pushing everyone of us away for some illegal gain somewhere/somehow.
            WTF is going on here?

    • Lee says:

      Yup that would be vid

  38. Asker of Questions says:

    I don’t hear much about basic forensic material in the investigation. Was any released that doesn’t get discussed? Was the scene finger printed? Footprints on the property? Flesh under Lindsey’s fingernails from fighting back? Tire treads of any kind? Traffic cam footage of any kind near by that captured a vehicle of similar description?

    • Lillian says:

      No defensive wounds… she was immobilized immediately by first slicing her throat (she had no idea it was coming) followed by the “personal” 40+ stab wounds. “Professional” killers don’t execute in this manner, it’s actually an insult to suggest it was a “professional” murder, it WAS personal! And as far as the SPD claiming the crime scene was a ‘nightmare’ is a ridiculous remark. In fact, it would be a forensics dream…. clean, no one living there, no other ‘evidence’ to be collected and vetted so the SPD either did a really lousy job at collecting or they are not forthcoming with what they have collected. The expectations of the SPD waiting for that ‘break’ in the case by the public providing that piece of evidence only solidifies their competence. This police outfit (so they call themselves) is a far cry from being able to solve this case, they require the case to be assigned to those who are capable and have no fear of the killers. It’s that simple.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think it was more sinister than that. I read somewhere that the first strike came from behind rendering her paralyzed so that she could not defend herself from the rest of the attack. Hence, no defense wounds. Whoever wielded the knife knew what they were doing. The attack was meant to make her suffer. The attack was very, very personal.

  39. Jeff Buziak says:

    Here is the most recent podcast being released on Lindsay’s unsolved murder by Shed the Light:

  40. Thomas says:

    I went out with my buddies for a beer one night last night week. While we were sitting there having a drink, I noticed someone who looked like Detective Constable Chris Horsley of the Saanich Police Department. He was sitting near the back of the bar in a booth that was dimly lit. I walked over to get a closer look when I went to use the restroom. I have seen him on many different news reports and I have seen him in-person directing traffic in Saanich so I am sure it was him. I was hoping I would catch him talking to criminals but to my shock and dismay, he was making out with an Asian woman and his wife is definitely not the Asian. If he is lying and cheating on his wife, isn’t that enough to get him fired? If he is lying an cheating on his own wife, why would he not lie and cheat when it comes to the law. He is not trying too hard to be discreet about the Asian. He is actually out in public with the Asian. This is pretty bold, kind of like Shirley wearing the Zeebra dress on her Website.

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