Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Following says:

    From an investigation point of view: The realtor retrieves a key from the lockbox and opens the door. They either leave the key stationed in the lock in order to keep track of the key ( so they dont put it down in a room subconsciously and then cant find the key) or hold it, or put it in their pocket. Was the key on Libdsay, on the floor from the struggle, or no key found. If no key found it’s possible the murderers left from the front and locked up, disposing of the key when they took the ferry ride back. The fence boards would be a diversion of events. Any prints on the boards lifted?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Is it possible that the “Mexicans” briefly came out the front door not in an attempt to leave but instead to retrieve the key from the lock box? That way they could lock the front door and Jason would be able to say the front door was locked and the key was not in the lock box and therefore he a) took longer to reach Lindsay and b) he had an excuse to call his mom and give her a reason to rather quickly show up ( on foot ) at the scene of the crime. If that was the case I could see some hesitation and indecision as to whether or not to add that aspect to the official story which would explain the discrepancy with official statements made.

      • Following says:

        You as a realtor retrieve the key and keep it somewhere, either stationed in the lock, or in your hand, or in your pocket. You dont open the door and put the key back until you have finished showing. Had the murderers taken the key, they could lock up and take the key with them to dispose of later. If the key was still with Lindsay then they couldnt leave by the front door and lock it unless it was one of those doors that automatically lock when it closes. There are many new homes that have that feature. Even 10 or 20 years ago. Little details can be big clues. If the front door was locked, then the perps went thru the fence, or they had an extra key, or they went thru the front door and jz claimed it was locked.

  2. Retired Detective says:

    Aren’t several of the LEO who retired on Feb 1st 2008, working at the Police Complaint Board? So why did did they come back for that but can’t be asked to return for a very serious case? At least for a while until the investigation is under control?

    Horsley said they went off to pension and when that happens they aren’t asked to come back. It seems like a lot of retired LEO have come back. Included in the list of retired returnees, many of the LEO who worked as head of the file have come back to the Complaint Board. Who is he kidding here? The nonsensical stories Horsley has told just keep piling up sadly. This is why we cannot believe any information we get from the SPD. The stories that do not add up are piled up so high. Someday Horsley will retire and come back to work at the Complaint Board with the rest of them.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      This is an excerpt from a newspaper article with regards to the rehiring of retired SPD Chief Bob Downie. In this article they indicate this is not unusual for retired police officers as well.

      “It’s business as usual at the Saanich Police Department. Despite his retirement in July, Chief Constable Bob Downie is still running the department.

      Former Liberal Solicitor General Kash Heed says the idea of a police chief retiring, then immediately rehired is uncommon, but not unusual.

      “That’s where it’s a little unusual but has it been done here in British Columbia with municipal police agencies. And it’s been done elsewhere in Canada,” Heed said. “The concerning part that I have is that he is remaining with the organization. This is taxpayers’ money that is being spent in this particular area.”

      Here’s the breakdown on the amount of money Downie is earning as a contracted employee over the next two years. With an annual salary of more than $222,000, he’ll earn more than $445,000. He’s already received more than $378,000 in severance. He is receiving a pension of approximately $140,000 for the next 2 years, for a total of $280,000. Over the next two years, he’ll earn $1,104,212.20.

      “They are definitely making more than the premier of the entire province,” Kris Sims, the B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said.

      According to figures from the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, the premier earns approximately $200,000 a year, plus benefits. Sims says that is less than what the Saanich Police Board is paying its chief.

      “This is already a triple whammy for taxpayers in British Columbia,” Sims said. “And we’re very concerned about it. Because it is a lot of money.”

      Municipalities do hire retired police officers who are earning pensions. In 2009, Oak Bay hired a retired Saanich deputy chief for six months, who was earning a pension, while the municipality searched for a new police chief. But Heed says two to three years is too long to wait for a new chief.

      “Part of your duty and part of your governance with the police agency is to have that succession plan in place,” Heed said. “So you don’t have to go on a universal search for chief and spend all that taxpayer money.”

      There is an option for the Saanich Police Board to extend the chief’s contract for a third year.”

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Bob Downie is the Commander in Chief of the Saanich police. For those of you who have written letters to the Attorney General, the Minister of Safety or the Premier I’m sure you see that all these people refer you back to…………Saanich Chief Constable Bob Downie, Supreme Commander of everything police in Saanich, BC.
        Well. Bob Downie has never spoken publicly about the Lindsay Buziak Murder. Think about that. Your boss never speaking about your company, The Premier never speaking about BC, the Prime Minister never speaking about Canada. WTF goes on at that little police club in Saanich. Do you know that I was in Victoria in December just past and again just recently Feb 2 to participate in the Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice and on both occasions Chief Bob Downie was too busy to meet with me after I wrote him requests and wrote me that he didn’t see the point in meeting as he had nothing to tell me. How about I’m going to roll up my sleeves and make sure Lindsay’s murder is solved this year guaranteed Jeff. We’ve fucked around on this important matter too much already. Sorry Jeff.
        Instead he assigns deputy chief bad cop Scott Green and good cop Inspector Steve Morgan to have a go at trying to intimidate me for an email I wrote Chief Downie telling him to roll up his sleeves and get to work. That’s how lame they are. Bob can’t take care of his own personal business and socks his personal pet pit bull Grenn on me.
        Really folks, please believe me, it is really bad at Saanich police. They are so busy protecting and building up their fragile egos that nothing gets done except for a few good cons tables keeping the peace and giving out speeding tickets after chasing pets that go astray.

      • Robin says:

        This is another article from 3 yrs ago that shows how he was harassed when he was running for Mayor and was Mayor. Just a FYI to any people who do not know this but Chief Bob Downie’s wife Jennifer Downie is and was the executive assistant to the Mayor of Saanich. Clearly a conflict of interest! From the places I have worked over the years nothing ever gets done in an office without the executive assistant overseeing it. She had to know spyware was installed. Saanich is tainted anyway you look at. It needs a major investigation as to just wth goes on there.

      • Danielle says:

        Thanks for this information and breakdown. I’ve posted this on my FB page in order to make people who live in Saanich aware that they have a million dollar police chief, and I would encourage others to do the same. If we can bring more attention to Lindsays case by making more people aware of how their tax dollars are being misspent, and how ineffective the SPD is, then maybe public outcry will finally force our ELECTED officials to take this investigation out of the SPD’s corrupt and fumbling hands.

  3. Just A Canadian says:

    Jason was never there to protect Lindsay, he was there for his alibi. Until BC cleans up the bad cops, lawyers, politicians and real estate agents this won’t be solved. I am hoping because all this info, severe money laundering is coming into the news FINALLY, someone in charge might grow the balls needed to solve this and many more.

  4. Robert says:

    Following the evidence is the best way to seek the truth. Sometimes inferences can be drawn from lack of evidence as well. Drilling down to the fine details is important. I haven’t read or heard the following issues addressed (apologies if they have been).

    1) What were Jason’s immediate concerns when he found Lindsay’s body? On Dateline, he says he was concerned about the police coming (ostensibly to help Lindsay), although he said he knew deep down she was gone. Wouldn’t finding a recently brutally-murdered body in a contained space cause every person to instinctively enter into a fight or flight mode? Shouldn’t Jason’s instinctive next thought have been that the killers could still be in the house–perhaps hiding when they heard hime come in–and that he needed to take protective survival measures? Jason didn’t speak to this on Dateline. He didn’t express any concern at all about the murderers whereabouts even though the murder would have just happened and he didn’t see them come out the house!

    2) Jason’s movement of his Range Rover at the scene was entirely unnecessary. His movement of the car on Torquay, which really wasn’t parked in an overbearing position as it was across the street, seems very deliberate and unusual. The spot on Torquay is a dedicated parking spot that is not visible from Torquay; this suggests he had previous knowledge it was there. However, what is much more intriguing is that it is directly in front of is the side patio door–the same one that the killers left unlocked (and presumably exited).

    Jason’s placement of the car in this position would permit him to watch past his passenger, while chatting with him, with the passenger looking in the opposite direction. If you look at Google street view in 2009, the patio doors were clearly visible from Torquay as vegetation was less at the time. It was also winter with no foliage. Anyone sitting there in the driver’s seat could see over the fence and see movement of the patio doors. All without the passenger looking in the opposite direction.

    The Torquay spot was also a terrible position for Jason to watch for Lindsay and the “Mexicans” coming out of the house. The front door and driveway aren’t even visible from that spot as it’s well past the front setback of the house from DeSousa. It made no sense for him to park there, and moreover he didn’t text Lindsay that’s where he was parked. This requires explanation as it put Jason in a position where he couldn’t observe anything important to his alleged purpose of being at the house, and she wouldn’t have known where to find him.

    3) Where Jason and his friend chose to enter the house was not obvious. There is a side entrance door into the garage that is unobstructed, just off the driveway, and this would be the obvious door to try first. Jason would have known that most newly constructed homes in Victoria have such a door. It’s where lockboxes are often kept. Did he try this door? Did he go around to the back of the house, which is not fenced, to find a back door? Or did he immediately choose to boost his friend over the fence to the side patio door–the same one that happened to be left unlocked by the killers. It appears he had knowledge of the layout of the house, but deliberately chose an obstructed side patio door that was open.

    4) Finally, have the police investigated the so-called referring client to its logically end? Specifically, do they know who the “Mexicans” said referred them to Lindsay? How did the killers know that said client was away and wouldn’t answer his or her phone. This displays intimate knowledge of the client’s behaviour/lifestyle, such as a client who is known by the real estate office to spend winters out of the country and would not be answering their Victoria home phone number. This would be information that client might have shared with real estate office staff over the course of a previous purchase or sale. Has this client been interviewed, to ensure no stone has been left unturned on this path of inquiry?

    I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts on these points.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think you are bang on for 1, 2 and 3. I have a thought on the referring client to add. I think the intimate knowledge of the referring clients goes further. I think it’s possible the perpetrator had a personal connection with them as how could they be absolutely sure they were on vacation and also that they were not having their calls forwarded to them. I have to wonder if the referring clients were simply instructed to leave a vacation outgoing message and not to answer their phone. No matter how much you try to cover up an act of evil such as this the truth will literally “leak” out. You simply cannot think of every little thing. This case is full of such ” leaks” from Jason looking up into the security camera to his mom I am guessing having a few too many cocktails and calling LIndsay’s friend ( the one that knew first hand that Jason knew that Lindsay was going to leave him ) at 1 or 2 in the morning feigning a foreign accent. Her excuse when confronted with it? Oh, I guess Jason must have put your phone number in my phone and I accidentally dialed you ……come on……really? What person sneaks his girlfriend’s girlfriend’s phone number into his mom’s phone? Have the police followed up on any of this? I doubt it. If you were on this case it would have been solved years ago.

      • Robert says:

        I’ve shared your same deeper thoughts on the referring client. The existence of the “referring client” reveals that the conspirators had intimate knowledge of the real estate industry insofar that they predicted that question would be asked and, like you said, were certain that if Lindsay followed up on it, she wouldn’t be able to reach the client. It simply does not bear scrutiny that a common drug dealer would prepare so in depth on this issue and intuitively anticipate that question; it also is a critical question of access to client information. Realtors are obliged to keep client information confidential, so this wouldn’t be that easy to research outside of the real estate industry. In the event the client hadn’t yet bought or sold, it would be even more difficult to obtain this information (no publicly available purchase/sale records).

        In any event, in Lindsay’s relatively short real estate career and transactions, she would have had only had probably a handful of clients. Each one of these should have been interviewed, in the event SPD didn’t know which one was named, and it would be pretty easy to determine who was away at that time and how that information came into the conspirators hands, such as someone with close connections to the Zailos. Did the SPD obtain a warrant to search the brokerages records? I have no knowledge of this, but it wouldn’t be surprising if one of the Zailos had referred their client to Lindsay (such as a buyer–senior agents prefer listings) to help her in the early stage of her career. But that all needs to be determined.

        To me, this line of inquiry would have yielded valuable information, either further exonerating the Zailos (at least from the SPD’s perspective), or raising new questions for them. Who is this client and what do they have to say publicly?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I believe the SPD know who the clients are and have spoken to them. I wonder however if they have scrutinized them in a way that would be warranted in this case. It’s entirely possible that Shirley Zailo had a working relationship with them as well as a personal one.

          • Robin says:

            Entirely possible and most certainly I would say. That evil woman needs to be hung upside down to get answers out of her. So much of the planning leads back to Shirley Zailo’s knowledge of former clients and realestate information. There should be enough circumstantial evidence to arrest her. There is certainly lots of it.

    • Following says:

      Excellent. Several points I had not heard before. For most people, even hours after a murder, are concerned the killer is still in proximity. Especially a vicious one in such a very small window. This in itself speaks volumes.

    • Robin says:

      Jeff you have such smart people involved in this blog. All of those comments made today are excellent points. Well done

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The interesting thing about boosting over the fence that doesn’t make sense to me is where they looked over the fence was directly across from the 3 boards that were missing. If they looked over the fence they would have seen the three missing boards before an open door. Why not just walk through the fence. Seems fishy to me.
      Also, Joe desousa is supposedly fussy and didn’t want painters keeping their supplies in the garage so boards were removed in the fence so they could keep things on the patio. Let me give you insight into this.
      Who does touch ups outside in February when it’s rainy season?
      What painters leave tools and paint outside and especially February when it may freeze or get stolen?
      My experience is painters always travel with their tools.
      The boards were kicked in onto the patio and laying there in front of the opening askew with nails sticking out. Not a fussy builder style. This also seems fishy to me!
      Everything that went on at that house that evening was and is fishy including the story, the couple and the timeline. Too choreographed! Fishy.
      Someone needs to tell us the truth. We are certainly not getting truth from Joe, Jason, Cohen or Saanich police. Jason has lied to me. Cohen is scared out of his mind and Saanich police have lied to me and continue to.
      Someone needs to be squeezed for the truth but we have liars on both sides. Chief Downie, Inspector Morgan how about getting a grip here or turn this disaster of an investigation you people are fumbling with over to someone else. You have and are failing miserably.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think the boards being taken out were an attempt to divert attention away from their real exit route. Terry Sheins house. Jason probably knew that those boards were right there on the ground with nails sticking out and it was dark so decided to go over the fence instead. Not a big deal for those two. He could have easily diverted Cowen. Again, something they didn’t think of, that they could have to explain that. Then again, maybe they knew that they wouldn’t have to……. I’m sure Cowen has lots of reasons to question that evening. Like why was Jason so insistent that they go for dinner? It was odd behavior for him. Not only was Jason not prone to asking Cowen to go to dinner, he had just had a late lunch and I think was planning on playing hockey before too long. It just doesn’t add up.

        • Following says:

          Diversion theory is good. Maybe the Mexican s did start to come out the front and that’s why jz moved the car. Maybe the real getaway was the front door. Was the key located in the master bedroom?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I believe that the only evidence that the ” Mexicans” came out the front door at all is from Jason. Another possible diversion from the intended escape route as well as an attempt to explain why he sat there for so long? It looked like they were getting ready to leave so I was waiting for them to come back out. I know it’s lame but it certainly wouldn’t be the first lame aspect to this case. If Terry Shein’s uncharacteristic behavior that day with regards to the family van is tied into this murder they would instinctively want to deflect away from something that is so close to the scene. Thus taking out those fence boards and giving that statement to police. Note too that there has been conflicting statements made with regards to that aspect of this case. Did Jason just see shadows in the door entrance way or did they briefly come out the front door? It’s odd too how Horsley has himself issued these two conflicting statements verbally to the public. In yet these people are cleared?? Does he not see a big red flag there? Seeing them in the foyer and seeing them exit the door are two very different scenarios.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I think it is telling too that those fence boards were left lying on the ground right where someone would go through the hole in the fence with nails sticking up. More evidence that whoever took those boards out knew that nobody would actually be using that hole in the fence to enter or exit the yard. They didn’t think about that being the obvious path for Jason it he was parked there in his car when he decided to ” check on Lindsay “.

    • US Investigator says:


      Our points are very aligned. I’ve been fiddling around with this case during my spare time and I can tell you with 25 years of law enforcement experience, 15 as an investigator..This case has plenty of obvious holes in it and is 100% solvable. When you look at the facts, Jason is at least a person of interest, Cohen is at least a credible witness, and Lindsay’s client is an extremely credible witness/resource/key to this investigation.

      As far as the Saanich police goes, Sgt. Horsley is a waste of space, if you dig deep in his background you’ll find that he’s been associated with side projects, and side girlfriends…. He also is friends with an LEO who was fucking Shirley Zailo at one point. This alone is a conflict of interest. He shouldn’t be on the case. We’ve caught him in a lie from statements he made on Dateline that did not match what he said to the public back in 2008 when Lindsay was murdered.

      Another point. If you think back to 2008, Saanich Police had seven officers retire a day, or days before Lindsay’s murder. And after speaking to one of the seven investigators we found that they have NOT been contacted to assist int he Investigation. The seven officers combined had over 110 years worth of LEO experience. If this case is so complex and hard for Saanich Police to Solve, why aren’t they seeking help from their recently retired Senior Investigators whom by the way seem ready to assist.

      Also I would be curious to see what the phone records looked like for Jason, Shirley, Lindsay’s “client”, from the day of the murder to maybe 6 months prior. I’m sure if you give that a detailed look, a lot of questions will be answered.

      I conclude with this. Jason Zailo, Shirley Zailo are guilty of having a part in Lindsay’s murder. Lindsay’s close friends, Cohen, and those in that immediate friend group hold the key to solving this case. They all have small clues and details that they’re holding in. They may be afraid, may have gotten threatened, who knows but the people responsible live in Victoria, and are living normal lives. I believe that only a very small number of people know who killed this young woman, this why Shirley and Jason are able to live normal lives, They’re very comfortable with who knows about the murder. They kept this plan between a small number of people who all had a hand in the planning.

      • michelle says:

        yes this case is solvable but when the cops know the Zailo family and are a part of the cover up , This is what the problem is

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I think that with the proper scrutiny and investigation ( like those phone records you just mentioned ) this case is solvable in sooo many ways. The SPD just need to properly investigate it………. and unclearing their most likely suspects would be a good place to start. You are an investigator, thank you very much for helping with this, what do you think of the Zailo’s actually being cleared early on in the investigation? What do you make of that? 11 years later no one has been arrested and the Zailo’s are cleared!

        • Robert says:

          Regarding the Zailos being cleared early on, I can only see one of the two possible scenarios below applying:

          1) the SPD is more clever than anyone has given them credit for, and only publicly “cleared” the Zailos as a strategy to get them to let down their guard and hopefully make a mistake. Remember: good police will never do anything to help a suspect, except to help them incriminate themselves; or

          2) the SPD truly bought into Jason’s polygraph and abandoned suspicion of him at that point. Relying solely upon the polygraph to completely clear Jason, in spite of Jason’s unusual and suspicious movements as discussed on this site, would reveal shocking incompetence on the part of the SPD. Polygraphs are notoriously unreliable, they’re inadmissible in court, and at the end of the day they only test and measure emotions. Jason is openly emotionless, even in the face of the brutal murder of his girlfriend. His flat affect makes him obviously unsuitable for a reliable polygraph; for that reason he may have been the one to volunteer to do it. Also, he didn’t physically murder Lindsay, so he could answer questions in that regard truthfully. Major questions remain about the polygraph: at that point in the investigation did the SPD even get into a line of questioning of Jason regarding his possible involvement in a murder conspiracy? Or did they focus his polygraph questioning on whether he physically participate in the actual murder?

          In any case, why would Shirley benefit from Jason’s polygraph, even if it was exculpatory?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Yes, why would Shirley benefit from that, or Ryan. All three of them cleared all at once leaving us with a ridiculous situation 11 years later. No arrests made so clearly they had no good reason for clearing the Zailo family. I think there is a third possibility. That would be a cover up. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the murder took place the day after 7 SPD police officers retired, some of them seasoned homicide detectives. A lot of the police force was probably celebrating with them the night before. Shocking to many but it does happen and would certainly explain a lot….. Don’t forget, Victoria has a small town atmosphere with many of it’s citizens from both sides of the fence old school mates, acquaintances and maybe even drinking buddies. We know that Shirley Zailo has dated within the police force and I think her father was a Saanich police officer.

            • Robert says:

              If not a cover-up, at least it seems that the conspirators would have had personal knowledge that the retirements were upcoming and that afterward would be the best time to carry out the murder. If this is the case, it seems that the conspirators were very clever–and correct about the advantage it gave them–in this regard.

              Do you know if a formal complaint has been filed with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner? Even if there are conflicts of interest there, those can be addressed and I believe would be subject to judicial review.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                The Police Complaint Commisioner Office is made up of retired Saanich Police officers. They are quite happy with the way things are going. I don’t know if there has been a formal complaint filed. Jeff, do you know?

        • US Investigator says:

          There’s two possible scenarios here. First, SPD could have their minds focused on evidence that APPEARS to omit the Zailo’s from any participation in this murder. And this evidence likely won”t be released to the public do to the mere fact that the case is unsolved.

          Second, I believe Shirley can buy her way out of anything and there could 100% be some shady business going on between her and the department. If she’s able to buy her son a $1.3 million dollar home, paying off the cops would be no problem.

          Lets take a look at the Lead Investigator/SGT’s ethical behavior. He’s been caught in a lie on dateline/media interviews, he’s been seen in public making out with a woman other than his wife (verified), He seems to have ownership in the real estate/nightclub business. Does this sound like a person who’s able to be trusted on probably the biggest murder in Canada? Does this sound like a person who is able to devote the time needed on this case? IS this guy fucking credible? NO!!

          This case needs to be handed over to the top law enforcement officials, or DA, and Investigators with no association with that area need to take over. I guarantee you if they do that, this case will be solved in less than 6 months.

  5. Mark Roush says:

    Even as I have seen, they that plough iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. And for those who wait upon the Lord, he will renew thy strength.

  6. Killer Killer says:

    be a good dad..take a nice knife track each one down…slit their throats,watch them die, for the pleasure of suffering of course.Who cares if they even if they didn.t do it.

    You will feel better and society as a whole will be better without them.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      As a father, the thought is never far away. I wanted to do things the right way but it appears the system, our so called Justice system, and especially Saanich police are letting everyone down, certainly Lindsay and all young women in Greater Victoria.
      Each year I hear the same hollow words from different police officers and then they put out a lame public relations officer to spew more insulting cop crap which people used to believe. They really believe we are that stupid and believe their excuses for not being able to do their job. Saanich Police are the only ones believing what they say now. Then, weak politicians refuse to hold Saanich police accountable so Saanich police fiddle with Lindsay’s murder occasionally, at their whim, waiting for someone to bring them information. The Chief of Saanich Police publicly hides just like the conspirators and killers, saying nothing and hoping Lindsay’s murder goes away so he can retire just like his 2 predecessors and the 3 former heads of Lindsay’s file with undeserving fat pensions. Saanich Police have blatantly failed at their duty for 11 years in front of our very eyes. From a police and a citizens perspective this situation is disturbing, disgusting and pathetic. Shame on you Saanich police. Shame on you.
      Yes that thought of real justice lingers and is never far away. Is that where we are at; Police incapable of doing their job because of lack of leadership, ability, focus, effort and accountability? Sadly, I believe that is what the scenario is with Lindsays unsolved murder but I maybe foolishly hang on to my faith in our system that some decent cop or politician will make a difference. Sad isn’t it!
      When do I/we do what needs to be done for everyone’s sake and peace of mind?
      It appears no one is accountable. Police aren’t. Politicians aren’t. The conspirators and killers aren’t.
      Why should I be accountable if I take justice into my own hands?
      Somebody needs to do something as this bizarre, indignant, offensive lack of justice has dragged on much too long. Much too long!

      • Cop Watcher says:

        Saanich police are useless Jeff. Do what needs to be done or nothing will ever happen in your lifetime. People need Justice and Saanich police are in this a way over their heads. Do it.

    • Retired Detective says:

      I don’t think Jeff needs to join the darkest side of humanity.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      I will purchase this book and make sure everyone I know reads it. I was shocked with what I read about the Zailo family and the grandma. The picture with Jason holding the knife at a dinner out has always bothered me. We all know there is evil in the world this family might just be on top in Saanich BC.

  7. Conor says:

    I believe the couple looking for a house were a ruse to get Lindsay in the house. The killer was waiting in the house. Shirley, Jason and Ryan Zailo are in the drug business knee deep. Lindsay saw something that would have exposed the Zailo family, their associates, law enforcement and other criminal drug activity. She was murdered because they didn’t want to lose their lavish lifestyles and go to prison. Money laundering…

  8. Jeff Buziak says:

    CASEFILE PODCAST has just completed and update to their original podcasts.

    Here is a link to the interview.

  9. Following says:

    OMG, I listened to the Shed the Light podcast and the guilt is extremely obvious. I got curious and looked at Shirley’s relax website. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw what dress she was wearing. As a woman we have a certain style that we gravitate to when we are older. We tend to buy the same styles as we always do because we look good in that particular style. When I saw her scuba dress, its block pattern, I immediately thought that was the same “style” as the Mexican woman was wearing. Scuba dress, contrast colors, bold pattern on solid, almost as if Shirley bought the murder dress and said wear this. Wonder if they located where that particular dress was purchased from. Probably not since this is a deep cover up. The only way this will be solved is thru private investigation. Was any dna collected from the bedroom? If she fought back that knife could have slipped the perp and caused his blood to let. They can do reverse ancestry now by populating criminal blood in the systems and spewing out relatives of the perp. I think they are up to 25+ arrests from as long as 35 years ago crimes.

    • I haven’t looked recently at her site but if that’s the case.. she may be intentionally mocking the situation as the anniversary is coming up. Sociopaths do that. They have no remorse and she may be taunting the public because if she is wearing a dress similar to that in the drawing the question is why? KNOWING people are watching her especially what is posted online on her website. The fact she threatened Lindsey’s friends ( so it has been revealed) after the funeral that they need to shut up and not say anything says a whole bunch .. s o c i o p a t h .

      • Following says:

        I know, right? She definitely bought both dresses. She cant help it. She cant unbe what is programmed in her sub conscious. Those are both the same style. To be honest I dont think she is aware of that coincidence. Since sociopaths think they are smarter than everyone else, that just adds up as another coincidence. It’s even a bigger flag because she has no daughter. Consequently if shes micro managing a complicated real estate plot she would be picking out that wig and picking out the dress. The wig purchase can be traced. She planned this after Lindsay said she was leaving. And if Lindsay was not happy, hence the house moves, then sz was building anger for a long time. I recall the dateline double interview when Jason said something when answering a question and she side glanced a gave a look like “good answer” as though she was surprised about that. And it’s also telling that they did the interview together and not separate. Since when does that happen. We didnt see the other boyfriend interviewed with his mother. Or even his wife. She was there to carry the conversation. The boyfriend was the one outside while the crime was committed. He should have been interviewed by dateline alone. Wonder if they would do a follow up interview and see if he would do it by himself. Also did JZ get married or is he still single?

    • Retired Detective says:

      They could do many things to investigate in this case if they really wanted to.

    • Retired Detective says:

      I think Shirley is taunting us by wearing that dress. She really believes she is made of Teflon.

    • Lisa F. says:

      I SAW THE SAME THING OMG! I literally sent the image to my husband!

      • Following says:

        I know, right? She definitely bought both dresses. She cant help it. She cant unbe what is programmed in her sub conscious. Those are both the same style.

    • Robin says:

      I totally agree with you about these dresses. I thought before that the one the other person wore was probably one that Shirley wore when she was younger. I bet they are from the same designer and most likely from the same store. I agree women due tend to own another similar dress by same designer if we liked it previously.

  10. Robin says:

    It seems the majority of us know who was behind Lindsay’s murder. It is time we collectively react to the corruption surrounding Lindsay’s murder. At this point our only hope is showing our displeasure with the cover up and collusion that is obviously coming directly from the SPD. This much is obvious and enough pussy footing around. We need to show up for Lindsay at the walk her Dad holds on Feb 2, 2019. This is a must, we can not accept the corruption that stares us in the face. We can not trust the SPD whatsoever. Give us a team that can solve Lindsay’s viscous murder and put these nut jobs in jail where they will be with their own kind. WALK WALK WALK—- we don’t need to wait another year.

  11. If you don’t have spotify. This is also available on Google, Stitcher, Apple Podcast, and Anchor

    • Kelsey S. says:

      WOW! My husband and I just listened to this. Jason is definitely involved. The whole looking up at the camera, and parking his SUV in weird spots. Great job on this, can’t wait for more!!!

  12. Sally says:

    Just watched dateline re: lindsay and the youtube shauna rae discussing this case with much more info. She alluded to a possible third person already being in the bedroom waiting, she said that the boyfriend’s mom showed up eventually on foot, if I remember correctly. From all that I’ve heard and my gut telling me the boyfriend was definitely in on it from his actions that night, I want to know exactly where his mother was at that time. I wouldn’t put it past her from my gut watching her and her son and all I learned from shauna’s podcast about the mother’s personality and actions.

  13. Kellie says:

    I do not know the case well but I’m a lifelong people observer and I can predict behavior very accurately often. The case seems very personal but from a social hierarchy standpoint. My opinion is that it was orchestrated by a close girlfriend who maybe wasn’t close enough. She was popular, known, loved and sought after by females for friendship. I’ve seen this story of thing get out of hand by women who try to raise their social level by doing favors, buying gifts, etc expecting to move up in the social circle. When they don’t get the notice they feel they deserve they can become bitter and vengeful. I’ve seen girls ruin relationships, careers, and even “steal” boyfriends of girls they felt wronged by for the social hierarchy reasons. I’ve known women who are still bitter and vengeful 10+ years later. I’d look at the close girl friends and friends just outside the group of 4 who wanted in or wanted to be her. The person who wanted her murdered (incorrectly) felt very wronged by her. Her value in life was on a very social level the murderer must have felt “wronged” on a social level or “robbed of the friendship hierarchy” on a social level. Someone possibly more awkward or uncomfortable in a social setting so they basically “purchase” friends as compensation for lack of social skills.

    • phillip moris says:

      yeah right…sure theres elements of that but the only female that dumb fuck logic points to was SZ

      • Retired Detective says:

        Definitely planned by a woman. Definitely planned by someone in the Re/Max office. Definitely planned by someone who had enough rage towards Lindsay to inflict that horrific attack. Definitely planned sby asomeone who was sophisticated and mature. Definitely planned by someone who has ties to serious crime. Definitely planned by someone who has ties to the Saanich Police Department. Shirley is the only person who fits the criteria. Her father worked at the SPD and she dated a SPD cop. She has large amounts of unexplained income. She had access to Lindsay’s clients files. She is a vile person. She is overall a very angry and aggressive person. She lies to police and passes a polygraph. Someone tried to distract us before with Themis theory before but it does not fit the crime.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Time for some arrests SPD

        • Following says:

          Seems to be the common thread. In that womans mind she was hoping Lindsay was going to be her sons wife. In fact she encouraged it with gifts of expensive residences use very early on. Who encourages their son to shack up with a honey? No one, right. She her motive was to have her son be attched to a gorgeous realtor (fits her narrative of her life story) who all together can make a further higher success of her empire. When she brings Lindsay into the fold she wasnt expecting her to be legit and want out of the organization. Shockingly, Lindsay saw something she wasnt happy about. Expressed her unhappiness to the boyfriend son who in turn told his mother. Mother panics and decides this is not a good thing. A potential threat to her fortune. Mother believes she can put this all together to get rid of the threat. After all, realtors are killed all the time (which they are not). Definitely a grandiose scheme pinpoints a woman with a grandiose complex diagnosis. Otherwise, it would have been a simple knock off without all the drama. Definitely planned where her son had to follow his part which he dutifully did. No man would have orchestrated this. No way. Not a chance. The most girly plan was with Scott Peterson in Modesto but even that involved fishing, a boat and cement.

        • Bill says:

          Who was Shirly’s father then? While many elements do suggest the Zailo’s involvement, I would be interested to hear your take on the points you make above on how you state “definitely”. Appearances have a way of deceiving. Moreover is one’s ability to only see what they want to.
          After all this time, it is easy for me to self doubt my theories, become hardened in my beliefs, and draw conclusions that may cloud my judgements. In catching myself possibly taking this path I wish to revisit all that I can in the hope that I can learn new information that may prove my theories or completely change my perceptions. So please if you would, give us the details Retired, who knows, could just make the difference to what I already am hypothesizing.

          • Retired Detective says:

            Most of These things all have been discussed on the blog before and come from a very reliable 1st hand source very close to the case. If it has not been discussed before, it came from the same reliable source. None of this is new or secret. Most is public knowledge. All can be found in records that the SPD are not interested in giving any importance to. All they have to do is look into their financial records. My point was, having all this information and a motive, why Is Shirley Zailo cleared? Dirty law enforcement is the only reasonable answer.

      • Retired Detective says:

        Don’t forget Shirley and boys have direct connections to major convicted and incarcerated drug dealing criminals like Ziggy Mattheson, her long time tenant and a best bud of the baby boys. She should be the main suspect but since members of the SPD have been benefiting from all the crime, she remains not under servailence and remains cleared according to Horsley, a corrupt cop. They will all come tumbling down together. Then this will be over.

  14. Jeff Buziak says:

    Truth and Lies

    Truth About Lindsay’s Unsolved Murder
    More Saanich Police Lies

    How could a police department possibly solve a murder when members involved in the investigation lie? Here we go again! This is like a horror movie!

    I was personally called into the Office of Inspector Rob McCall of Saanich police long before he retired and went to work for The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner. Actually it was right after the year two press conference at Saanich police station. McCall is the bright eyed mr.cheery cop on Dateline with Constable Chris Horsley now head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder. McCall had been promoted to Inspector as head of Saanich detectives and in charge of Lindsay’s murder file after training and preparation as being in charge of personnel at Saanich police. Yea, he instantly became an expert detective leading the charge.

    I went into his office at his request and there were two uniformed Saanich police officers present of which Inspector McCall informed me were required as witnesses to what he had to speak to me about. He told me it was a serious official police matter he called Duty to Warn. He said, “as a result of our investigations we have discovered that your life is in danger and we are obligated by law to inform you of this”. He further explained that the officers were there to witness what he was informing me of and they both acknowledged he informed me and that I had acknowledged being told? He further informed me that Saanich police could not provide me with any protection and I acknowledged he told me and the two officers acknowledged hearing both as witnesses. I asked him if that was a hit on me and he said yes and could not tell me who because of the Privacy Act. I expressed my disappointment and disdain and left living now for years believing I could be “next” at any moment.

    Well, now I am informed that the liar retired Saanich police inspector Rob McCall has a different version of the meeting according to now current Inspector and head of detectives Steve Morgan. He states as follows, “I have spoken with retired Inspector Rob McColl. He has clarified with me that your conversation with him was not an official Duty to Warn. An official Duty to Warn comes as a result of direct threats to an individual. If someone is given an official Duty to Warn there are procedural and paperwork requirements. Retired Inspector McColl advised that the discussion he had with you was in relation to the actions you were taking at the time and that they may put you in some form of jeopardy. Saanich Police had no knowledge of any specific threats against you.”

    So, there you go. The Official word from Saanich police! I was dreaming I guess! Or was McCall just too dam lazy to fill out the paper work or was it another attempt by Saanich police to intimidate me so they can continue to cover-up Lindsay’s murder? At that time I wasn’t taking any actions but started as a result of the Duty to Warn by inspector McCall. He can’t even get his story straight the liar. I thought at that point what have I got to lose. I could be dead at any moment. This is simply another example of dirty cops at Saanich Police.

    No wonder Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved. Lying, conniving, manipulating, threatening bunch of buffoons. Folks, I swear on my life Inspector McCall did as I said above in the presence of two uniformed Saanich police officers. Are all three of them liars? I didn’t even know anything about Duty to Warn until Inspector McCall introduced me to it.

    However, the now head of Saanich detectives Inspector Steve Morgan isn’t going too deep to investigate this latest lie. The first answer he gets from McCall is good enough to protect The Blue uniform. Whatever his blue buddy says has to be the truth.

    This is just more attempts by Saanich police to make me out as or attempt to make me crazy by their lies, deceit, manipulation threats and intimidation while Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved for 11 years. Something Saanich police are too embarrassed to admit they can’t do or won’t for reasons only known to them. How about some truth Saanich Police? Shame, shame, shame Saanich police. Shame on you.

    (Retired Saanich Police Inspector Rob McCall)
    Lie: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.
    Liar: a person who tells lies.

    And on and on and on this disgusting saga continues with Saanich police while the killers and planners of Lindsay Buziak remain free in Saanich to kill again. Where is Justice in BC (big crime)? Where is the Attorney General? Where is the Minister of Safety? Where is the Premier while these jokers at Saanich police fumble their way through the years with lies, explanations and excuses why they can’t seem to solve a murder right under their dirty little noses? What is really going on? Do they actually want Lindsay’s murder solved?

    Who are the bad guys? Not one person I speak with trust, believe or have any faith in Saanich police. The reality is their full time job has been protecting their butts and blaming everything and everybody else why they haven’t been able to do the job they are commissioned to do. I have become their convenient main target instead of the killers and planners of Lindsay because I aim to keep them accountable and they don’t like being exposed for who and what they really are!

    Shame on you Saanich police. Shame on you!
    What are you covering up with my precious daughter’s unsolved murder?

    BTW Deputy Chief Green and Inspector Morgan, this isn’t criticism of Saanich police. I’m just having a discussion with my friends because of the actions(lack of) you are taking concerning my daughters unsolved murder. If this was official criticism there would be procedural and paperwork requirements. I’m not aware of any criticism. You understand this kind of language right boys?

    • phillip moris says:

      Hi, i’m just wondering if after all this time you feel as though you’ve been entirely deceived by the SP from day one and if you had any inkling of this taking place from the onset – seems like all of the obvious has become unravelled after more than a decade – this would have required an immense amount of planning and ultimately large payoffs

  15. Diane ferraro says:

    Definitely someone she worked with was responsible for her murder

    • It was personal. That is one FACT that I don’t think can be argued. Everyone agrees there was overkill. Someone was angry and wanted to take out their anger on this young woman. This wasn’t a rape or a burglary or a random attack. This was personal. Which is even more disturbing that the killer has not been charged by now. It’s a small group of people to investigate.It’s hard to believe when murders get solved DAILY across the USA and Canada with no leads no suspects and yet this case seems very ” solvable” yet it remains unsolved.

  16. Shirley Park says:

    Did the house she was murdered in sell?
    I think it had something to do with the house.
    Someone not wanting it to sell.

    • Following says:

      Not a common method for a seller deciding not to sell. The house is important because they new it was vacant. Although 5:30 is a common showing time as people get off work at 5 so that was risky.

  17. Jeff Buziak says:

    The Lindsay Story pre-Walk 2019

    Lindsay was a wonderful vivacious young woman living life to be the best it could be and to be the best she could be. She was brought up well knowing the difference between right and wrong and knowing good people from bad, evil people. She was taught not to judge harshly but accept everyone who was decent and give them room to straighten out if they veered off track. She was on her own establishing her own version of those principles along with success in her chosen career. The last piece of her challenge was finding the right partner to grow with and raise her own family with. She knew what she required and she knew steps had to be taken if she chose wrong and improvement wasn’t in sight. If things were just bad, she knew to get out and take a new track. What happened?
    What happened is simple. She didn’t get out in time and maybe there was no escape. Some really bad, evil people wanted to reel Lindsay into their way of living life and when she wouldn’t oblige them they conspired a devious real estate based plan that only real estate and law enforcement people would know to terminate her. Lindsay wasn’t interested in their way and was quite happy to go on her own way but, these particular people are so evil and such disgusting human beings they decided to terminate her rather than allow a wonderful young woman to quietly go about living her life in a manner which best suited her and not them. It was our way or termination.
    As we now know, they have got away with the savage, vicious and brutal killing of Lindsay Buziak because she wanted to live life on her own terms. So what’s happening?
    What’s happening now is the same thing that happened to Lindsay. Those same evil monsters that killed Lindsay are seeing to it that the system protects them and does nothing about the savage, brutal and vicious killing of our Lindsay. Anyone and everyone who questions the authorities who are supposed to protect Lindsay and then quickly punish those who killed her are now trying to reel in anyone who steps out boldly to question why there is no justice being served for the murder of Lindsay Buziak. The authorities drag things out through 3 mayors, three police chiefs, two governments and 4 heads of Lindsay’s unsolved murder file with nothing to report and sadly no results in 11 brutal, life draining years. No one holds them accountable but us who they attack through their media partners as Saanich cop Chris Horsley calls the media? Lindsay’s family and friends are conned, lied to, deceived, threatened and intimidated by not only those who killed Lindsay but also by the very authorities who are supposed to be solving Lindsay’s murder and upholding law and order in the province of Big Crime (B.C.). Why you ask?
    It’s all about lifestyle and those involved and surrounding Lindsay’s unsolved murder, good and bad, that live life large and make dam sure Lindsay’s murder never gets solved. It’s all about money. Just ask the head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder file Chris Horsley of Saanich police.
    I say, “Who Are The Bad Guys?” Politicians? Police? Business people? drug dealers?
    It’s hard to tell these days because the lines between all of them have become very blurry and Lindsay Buziak paid the price for those lucrative, blurred white lines.
    Who’s next Constable Chris Horsley?
    You know everything that’s going on don’t you my friend?
    You are the key to unlock this nightmare as head of the file at Saanich police but you aren’t doing a dam thing about it except lies, threats and intimidation. Is it all a blur Constable Horsley?

    • Robin says:

      This was posted today on another unsolved murder case I follow. It was posted by the administrator. It has NOTHING to do with Lindsay except that it is likely has similar cover up techniques applied so the public question nothing.

      The first evening either someone from HIGH LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT or HIGH LEVEL OF POLICE told at least one Reporter TO NOT REPORT THE MAJOR CRIME AS A DOUBLE MURDER !

      Isn’t that awful? Who do we trust? Well from my perspective at this time in my life I have to believe it. After what I know has happened with Lindsay’s unsolved murder almost 11 yrs later, the way Jeff has been treated by the SPD and Chris Horsley, After all the emails I know I have sent and other people have sent with questions to my Premier, the Attorney General, the 2 Mayors of Saanich, the Chief of Saanich Police, Bob Downie and all I get back is some automatic response saying nothing I have to believe what this administrator said. I know he has no reason to lie.
      This province is a mess from all the corruption going on around us, it is ruined for the average person. Has our government earned our trust, far from it I’d say. It appears to me that they are keeping everything possible from the people they work for. Why do we not know about the B.C. Rail scandal after all these years? How did all that money laundering happen at the casinos? Senator Larry Campbell’s quote to Sam Cooper when asked about hockey bags of $$. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” WTF is that? The real estate prices? Gordon Campbell? Christie Clark? Why has no one been arrested for the murder of Lindsay? We cannot let that go. C’mon look at this tainted picture. If you care about any of this or if you care about the future in this province for your children it is time to speak up and show our elected officials we damn well know what is going on here and we will not tolerate the status quo. The Lindsay Buziak walk for Justice is less than 2 wks away now, I suggest everyone show up and be heard. You cannot snuff out Lindsay like she did not matter. She mattered! Let’s show up for her and support the relentless energy Jeff Buziak has shown in the 11 yrs since Lindsay was murderered. It is the duty of all of us.

  18. Jazzmin13 says:

    Tunnel Vision. Sure the Zailos did it.
    The Deed itself??? With that much $$$.
    Have a Dope Sick Money Hungry Hentchmen Do it.
    Brad Cameron

  19. Mark Roush says:

    For Chris Horsely to Publicly Imply that a Polygraph Test Exonerated Jason Zailo is Absurd !! Where is the Proof that a Polygraph Examination Existed for Jason Zailo ?? Who Was the Polygraph Examiner, that can Verify Chris Horsely’s Statement ?? Let Him/Her come out Publicly to Verify Chris Horsely’s Preliminary Statement of Innocence towards Jason Zailo !! According to Dr. Phil, Jack Trimarco is the ” Top Polygraph Operator on the Globe “. I would Like to see Jason Zailo, his Brother, his Mother and Joe Desousa on Dr. Phil’s Show to Take a Polygraph Test by Dr. Phil’s Polygraph Operator, Jack Trimarco !! On Dateline, Josh said: The Task of Unraveling the Mystery fell to Police in Saannich, Inspector Rob Mccall Led the Investigation, backed by a team that Included ” Detective Sergeant Chris Horsely. In November of 2018 there is a Depiction of Chris Horsely as a Motorcycle Traffic Cop wishing his Daughter Happy Birthday. My Question, How did a Motorcycle Traffic Cop become a “Detective Sergeant” and how would Chris Horsely feel if He was not able to Wish his Daughter a Happy 20th. Birthday Where would Chris Horsely’s Priorities be then ???

    • Retired Detective says:

      Polygraphs are meant to be used as an investigative tool for law enforcement, not a way to totally clear someone from suspicion. It is not really important if a suspect is believable if the evidence casts suspicion. In this case, Lindsay said she knew something and was disturbed. She was planning on leaving Jason and Shirley. She told a lot of people and there is a witness who knows Jason was aware of her plans. Jason’s behavior the night of the murder is bizarre to put it mildly and both he and Shirley have been caught on tape making false/lies statements. Yes you are correct. Horsley is going to believe the poly results and disregard all this evidence. He is a true moron or complicit

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The Head of Lindsay’s file at the time of the Zailo polygraphs was Craig Sampson who has since retired and went to work for the British Columbia Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner along with previous head of Lindsay’s file Ross Poulton and Rob McCall as well worked there after retiring from Saanich police. Craig Sampson told me at the time that the official word was, “The Zailo family have participated in polygraph interviews to our satisfaction at this time.” That’s it. What Horsley said publicly is what he made up and as usual is misleading.
      At the time of Lindsay’s murder, Saanich police officer and former Keg restaurant manager, Chris Horsley was involved in ownership of nightclubs and liquor licensed restaurants in the Victoria area and also establishing his trucking company and on his way to being a millionaire real estate investor as his house building cop partner referred to him as. Oh yeah, he was playing Saanich police officer as well. I was told by a media representative that Saanich police officer Horsley is Victoria’s worst kept secret!

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Oh yes I forgot to mention that former Shirley Zailo boyfriend and retired Saanich police officer Barry MacLachlin(sp) also worked for the BC Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.
        How it works in British Columbia is the more I disclose publicly the more that information is closed off to the public.
        BC=Bring Cash and you can have whatever you want. Real estate, mortgages, laundering, gambling, extortion, drugs and even murder will get swept under the carpet if you bring enough cash. It used to be Beautiful British Columbia (BC=before crime) now it’s dirty bc.

      • Dani says:

        I found this article referencing the SPD’s use of the CVSA instead of the polygraph. Note the need to specifically mention that the CVSA wasn’t used in the Buziak investigation. Are we just supposed to take the SPD’s word on that, because it seems odd single out one homicide case when the article isn’t even about Lindsay’s murder.

        From Vic News April 2011

        For five years, until late 2007, Saanich police also used the CVSA in criminal investigations.

        “We have not used it in a homicide context, other than to verify witness statements,” Jantzen said.

        He says the CVSA was not used at any point during the unsolved Lindsay Buziak case, though polygraph tests were administered the investigation.

        • Retired Detective says:

          Yeah and why did they not use the fabulous CVSA instead of the polygraph? The head of the file had a vested interest In The CVSA system but chose to use a poly instead? At the time of Lindsay’s murder, CVSA was being promoted by Don Webe and Ken Wall, SPD detectives who retired the day before Lindsay was murdered. One of them left to go work for the CVSA company. Did this statement about not using the CVSA on the Zailos come out after the research about CVSA being as good as a crystal ball? They went out of their way to mention this which makes me doubt its truth.

    • JKenda says:

      The polygraph exam’s given to the Zailo’s are a huge problem, the polygraph’s appear to be the reason the Saanich police refuse to look any further at the Z family. We don’t know if the polygraph’s were administered by a back water Hick police department or if lawyer Brad negotiated softball polygraph questions to the point the polygraph was useless. The existing polygraphs and the questions asked during the polygraph need to be reviewed by an outside expert ! I would trust Jack Trimarco’s judgment he is supposed to be the best you can get but you would need a Ouija board to contact him because he is dead. There are other polygraph examiners that could do just as well as Jack ex-FBI ect. I am aware of a murder case where previous polygraphs used to exonerate a person were reexamined by an expert and the expert said the suspect lied from beginning to end.

      • Retired Detective says:

        They did not have anyone for polys in Sannich because they had been using CSVA so they brought someone in from Vancouver but what does that mean? Who was he and how good was he or she? If CSVA was believed to be so fab, why change it for this? So much contradiction that pours out of the SPD. I would love to see the report. It was early in the investigation and many inconsistencies in Jason and Shirley’s statements have surfaced since then. No suspicions about that Sissy Boy Horsley?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Polygraph tests should never be relied on 100% no matter what kind it is or who is administering it. That is why they are not admissible in court. Everyone knows that. The SPD clearing the whole Zailo family based on a polygraph test is 100% bogus just like Saanich Police.

  20. Jeff Buziak says:

    The TRIPLICITY SHELL GAME in beautiful British Columbia, CANADA

    There is a triplicity of veiled corruption transpiring in the BC justice system that has evolved to a disaster and lack of accountability to the people being deceived that are supposed to be represented and served by the very Triplicity deceiving them. The safety of all citizens of British Columbia is at risk as a result. This Triplicity involves police, the Attorney General and BC Crown Counsel. The people and offices involved in this triplicity are all public servants and employees of the people but they play a shell game of deception and manipulation at the cost of lives and justice in British Columbia. Criminals know the game well and play it to their advantage while the ones who are supposed to be protected and have justice served, the citizens, are being poorly treated, mishandled, deceived and not served well at all by their own employees.

    Here is how their little shell game works to deceive citizens. Police are supposed to investigate and solve crimes by making arrests. However, in beautiful British Columbia Crown Counsel authorizes police to make arrests as they deem worthy usually based on best interests of the public (playing God) and their calculation of success at trial (lazy reasoning). Police can do their thing and be ready to go but Crown Counsel can hold things off for a myriad of reasons including they don’t have the court time for years and it’s not in the public’s interest (it was only a young woman. Who cares).
    Now the third to this shell game. The Attorney General, in this case the weak David Eby, is the ultimate boss of both police and Crown Counsel by The Constitution of Canada and Parliamentary Decree. However, he and his predecessors claim this to be true but historically and presently will not get involved with the day to day operations of police or the Crown Counsel office. It would be like your boss showing up everyday saying he is not going to be involved with what you do or the day to day operations of the company or business he/she is fully in charge of. Good job. Where do I get a high paying job like that? Basically the Attorney General is a highly paid circle-jerk talking mouthpiece of the government who is paid by and represents the people by constantly deceiving them. Makes sense right? Vote in and appoint an idiot to con the people he serves.
    Here is their shell game. No one claims responsibility and none in the triplicity are accountable because they pass all responsibility and accountability back and forth amongst each other and to each other while you, the public, are left wondering which shell you should guess holds the one responsible and the answers to your frustration. It makes you dizzy and crazy because you never guess right and that is exactly what they want so they can do whatever the hell they like without being held responsible or accountable. Who wins you ask? They do and criminals do.
    If you ask Saanich police why Lindsay’s case isn’t solved they claim they don’t have enough and Crown Counsel won’t allow them to charge anyone at this time. Crown Counsel will tell you they cannot tell you any details of the file because their isn’t a file as defined by them and refer you back to Saanich police who tell you they cannot disclose any details of the file because it’s all in the hands and discretion of Crown Counsel. Okay you say, lets go to their boss Attorney General David Eby. Of course he is a lawyer and all Crown Counsel are his alumni lawyer buddies so he is going to protect them. Eby refers you back to police because he claims he is not going to get involved in the day to day operations of Crown Counsel or the police (totally useless boss hired by the citizens) so there’s your shell game of deceit and deception. Who is under what shell and who is responsible. Where are the answers you want from your publicly paid servants regarding the disappearance or murder of your loved one? Which shell are the answers under? In British Columbia the answers are not under any of the three shells. The answers are hidden in secrecy by the Triplicity of secrecy of the three offices of police, Crown Counsel and Attorney General who are all not serving the public’s best interest and should be publicly exposed. Do you know that when I phone the Crown Counsel office they won’t even tell me who is the head Crown Counsel. That’s disgusting! These are your employees.
    This is my exposure of The Triplicity which I’m sure many families who have disappeared or murdered loved ones have experienced. This Triplicity wants you to go home and shut up so they can do as they feel and if you don’t do as instructed they will frustrate you to no end with their shell game of deceit and deception while claiming you are crazy. Good public representation right? Hire, vote for and pay people to represent you who try to make you go crazy while claiming you are and nothing gets done for justice for your murdered and missing loved one. Is this what the citizens want from their own employees who think they are above accountability and superior to the people they are supposed to serve and protect? This is crazy!

    Here is the simple truth about Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder Feb 2, 2008.

    1. Lindsay’s unsolved murder contains Highly Sensitive information above and beyond a normal investigation and the file is locked down in secrecy. There are very few people who have access to the file and Saanich, BC police will not share it with media, the family, capable private investigators nor give it over to a more capable policing agency. Saanich police do not know how to succeed!

    2. Saanich police claim they do not have enough evidence to arrest or go to trial. In BC, The Crown Prosecutors Office under the control of Attorney General David Eby has to approve and direct police to make arrests. So Attorney General David Eby, his Crown Prosecutors and Saanich police need to do more but they are not!

    3. Saanich police state to me privately that they are done their investigation. I was told this 3 years ago by Chief Downie when he reassigned all officers working on Lindsay’s murder. I was recently told this to my face by Deputy Chief Scott Green in the presence of Inspector Steve Morgan. They claim they assess any new leads that fall on their laps as to whether they warrant investigation or not but do not work Lindsay’s case full time or daily with assigned officers. Publicly they say cop talk b.s. leading the public to believe otherwise.

    These three things don’t make sense. If you don’t have enough you go get more, you work harder, smarter, bring in more people or you fire the incompetents who can’t get the job done. Not at Saanich police though. They promote people and retire them with full pensions. Some go work for the Office of the Police Complaint Commission while others focus on their side businesses while collecting their police pay checks or fat pensions with benefits while Lindsay’s murder drags on into the 11th year with no arrests and no suspects.

    Local media refuse to take Saanich police to task and no media in Canada seems to care much really. We have had two major USA TV shows and over five podcasts all done out of Canada. When I speak to local media they say they have to check with police and can’t upset the police. Saanich police call local media their media partners. This is corruption! Media is supposed to be informing the public not speaking on behalf of police. I ask them why they don’t check with me when police spew them the crap they report and ignore what I say! They won’t answer that question.

    Police claim that Lindsay’s file is active and remains a high priority with them so they look good in the public’s eye. They are going to announce that they are having another review of the investigation being done by the RCMP. It’s all con and bullshit folks. We should be the ones reviewing but we don’t have to because we know they have failed in their duty to us who they are supposed to be serving and protecting. The review will take months and cost a fortune. Any one of us could do it in minutes like this:
    Is the case solved? (No)
    How long has this been going on? (11 years)
    Have you named any suspects? ((No)
    What are you doing about it? (If information comes to our office we determine is worthy we assign an officer to look into it otherwise our investigation is done)
    Okay review completed.
    Conclusion: You have 90 days to make arrests or you are all fired and the Attorney General will be replaced.
    This is not rocket science like police try to make us believe. They get away with this because we, the people allow them to. If three thousand people showed up for the Lindsay walk things would happen. If ten thousand people showed up results would be immediate. Instead we all let it go except a select few and the Attorney General, Crown Counsel and Saanich police have no urgency to do anything that causes them any stress or extra work.
    It was only a girl what’s the big deal? Is this what we have come to folks?
    It’s only a girl. The Triplicity Rules?

    Saanich police are not capable of closing this case with arrests. They do not have a winning mentality. Attorney General David Eby and his Crown Council office are too spineless to move forward. Friends and family of Lindsay Buziak remain in hell prison, fearful, while the conspirators and murderers of Lindsay Buziak remain free as birds and Saanich police, Attorney General Eby, Premier Horgan and Crown Counsel collect their fat paycheques every two weeks and do nothing. The people want results from these public servants. Where is it? Why do the public tolerate this insolence from their employees Saanich police, Attorney General David Eby, Crown Counsel and David Eby’s boss Premier John Horgan?
    We need to hold all of these public servants accountable as the murdered and missing is on the rise in BC and all we get from these people we hire to be in charge of our safety is circle talk and manipulation. Enough! The murder of Lindsay Buziak must be solved!! Let’s start dismantling The Triplicity here!

    Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice
    February 2, 2019 Victoria, BC
    10 am start
    Royal Oak Burial Park Entrance
    4673 Falaise Drive

    • Jeff Buziak says:


      Its very interesting the power we have now in reaching out to people with social media.

      Saanich police officer Chris Horsley, yeah the guy who showed up in Calgary with another man who they both refused to identify because they were there to intimidate and threaten me who is also head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder file, emphatically informed me that Lindsay’s murder trial would be held in Vancouver not Victoria and that a Crown Counsel member in Vancouver had already been chosen to prosecute the case that Saanich police were in dialogue with was all a lie.

      I just got off the phone today January 14, 2019 with Dan McLaughlin, Communications Counsel for the BC Crown Prosecutor’s Office. Mr McLaughlin, without mincing words, informed me directly that Saanich police have not submitted anything to the BC Crown Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder. There is NO FILE in the B.C. Crown Prosecutors Office from Saanich police regarding Lindsay’s murder.

      Stunning! W T F !!!!!!!!!

      What are Saanich police doing?
      What is Chris Horsley hiding?
      Why did he lie to me?
      Is my gut feeling Lindsay’s murder investigation by Saanich police is a cover-up and Horsley is directly manipulating the file and us true? Appears to be!
      WTF is going on there in Saanich police world?

      Saanich police Chief Bob Downie?

      Attorney General David Eby, Q.C.

      Premier John Joseph Horgan?

      I suggest all of you public representatives/employees address this atrocity of justice and get to the bottom of this matter once and for all. It’s outrageous how Lindsay’s unsolved murder is being handled by Saanich police!

      We, the public, demand a public inquiry.

      Jeff Buziak, father of Lindsay Buziak.

      • Robin says:

        Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice
        This is exactly why we need to clear our calendars and show up for Lindsay’s walk this year. It is on a Saturday this year which means more people should be on days offs and available. Let’s show Lindsay WE STILL CARE. We are not going to forget what happened to her. We will not live in a society where these viciously planned acts go without punishment. We will not accept rules for the corrupt and twisted ones and then a different set of laws for the honest hard working people of B.C. Make B.C. great again and clean this province up. It is time to wake up and say We want JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY BUZIAK and we want it soon. We will not tolerate this kind of shenanigans that so called BEAUTIFUL B.C. has become because thugs and misfits ruin lives for the majority. We all share this province and the people who aren’t playing fairly need to be arrested and exposed at all costs. Enough is enough and we past enough years ago people. Do whatever it takes to show up at Lindsay’s walk, we need to unite and take this province back from the corruption that is strangling it. We, the honest ones need to be the birds of a feather that flock together. Walk, walk, WALK for Lindsay on Feb.2.
        AND time to get sending emls to the powers that be..we do not accept the status quo, we want better from the following people.

        Premier John Horgan

        Attorney General-David Eby

        Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General-Mike Farnsworth

        Honourable Jinny Sims
        Minister of Citizens’ Services

        Honourable Carole James
        Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier

        Mayor of Saanich-Mr. Fred Haynes

        Chief Constable Bob Downie

        Saanich Councillors

      • Sheila says:

        Do we know anybody in media who can help? One would assume that for a journalist this would possibly be a story that could make them a household name. Maybe they are afraid for their careers?

        • Jazzmin13 says:

          I will be Sharing my entire Story on the Lindsay Buziak Murder WebSite!!!! Soon. I gave a HUGE TIP! My Life was changed ForEver. Wheres my Letter Mr Horsley???? Anything can be Bought and Sold at Our Place!

      • Robin says:

        174657-1 Acevedo, Edgar O. 18-Jul-2019 0900
        Well here’s how it works if you and your lawyer are going to abuse I mean use the system. In case you Vid, has been charged with assault, extortion and uttering threats to cause bodily harm. His lawyer is playing the system for this troublemaking thug by saying something that is going to stall his case as long as he can. Just take the useless piece of shit a few miles off shore and throw him overboard with the rest of his useless pals. Vid is just another waste of human space in Victoria destroying families and the moral fibre of society.

  21. Mark Roush says:

    Does anyone know where Joe Desousa Lives now ?? Does anyone know the Date the house at 1702 Desousa pl. went on the market to be Sold ??

  22. Robin says:

    I must try to call the R.A. Judge Higinbotham to ask what he/she thinks in retrospect. Here is the story of a real island thug. An entrepreneur, a man with a degree from Royal Roads, a letter from his mother-in-law saying how he has changed, oh yes a much better man now!!!!! Yah, Yah, Yah…if you believe that I can sale you a house in Vancouver for 120,000 $…4 bdrm, 4 bath, in a very desirable area.
    Well Judge you’ve been fooled, have you ever heard that a leopard does not change his spots? For anyone who is interested the leopard will be back in court in Victoria on 25Jan 2019 at 0930 charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. Popcorn will be sold at the door, lines of fentanyl will be sold in the men’s washroom stall #1. The bathroom in the basement behind the high end stolen cars. Password for entrance to the bathroom is Zailo. Oh yah the fentanyl is cut with a health food substance called turmeric which is good for many things that cause you aggravation, once cut with fentanyl it helps you cope with society. Remember my house for sale in Vancouver, I just lowered the price by 20,000 because I am committing an indictable offence myself tonight, shit why have I been going to work for peanuts for all these years when I could be jerking around fellow humans and playing possum with the justice system.

    The Legislature Raids
    Police raided BC Legislature Dec. 28, 2003. Trial stopped Oct. 18, 2010 cutting off vital Cabinet testimony. More danger ahead: BC Legislature sat only 4 days – Feb. 14, 2011. Feb 16: BCRail back in BCSC on Basi-Virk wire taps; Feb. 17: Crown wishing to seize Defense documents; March 15: Crown orders seizure “for destruction” of trial documents. Christy Clark is premier. Campbell quits (escapes). Bass quits. Angry? Sign on “for Basi-Virk Public Inquiry” at … BC Mary

    Thursday, December 11, 2008
    Jasmohan Singh Bains sentenced to 9 years
    Yesterday, the following comment was received here and the Anonymous sender may have thought I didn’t appreciate it. Oh yes, I certainly did appreciate it …

    Anonymous said…
    I heard that it came out in court today that Jasmohan Baines received a 9 year sentence after having been found guilty of conspiracy.

    December 10, 2008 11:01 PM

    but because I had seen no mention of this event in the news, I didn’t know whether it was accurate or not, so I set out to verify the sources. Why was this important?

    As you may recall, Jasmohan Singh Bains was one of the “persons of interest” arrested as a result of “Project Everywhichway”, the raids on the Legislature. Bains was mentioned by Janet Winteringham in the Basi-Virk hearings in BC Supreme Court as follows:

    Ms. Winteringham said the defence was simply wrong when it stated that the investigation, code named Project Everywhichway, suddenly veered off course to target Mr. Basi, who was an aide to then-finance-minister Gary Collins, and Mr. Virk, who was an aide to Judith Reid, the transport minister.

    In fact, she said, Mr. Basi emerged as an early person of interest in a drug investigation that was triggered when informants told the RCMP that the arrest, in May, 2002, of U.S. drug dealer Cirilo Lopez had created an opening for a new drug boss on Vancouver Island.

    “The word on the street was that Jas Bains was going to be the person taking over,” Ms. Winteringham said.

    Mr. Bains is Mr. Basi’s cousin.

    That drug investigation identified Ravinder Singh Dosanjh, who was then a Victoria police constable, and Mandeep Singh Sandhu as other persons of interest. Both are related to Mr. Basi.

    So it was important to get it right, as to whether or not Jasmohan Bains had been convicted and sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. It was important to know the charges, too … as in “conspiracy” to do what? And in the end, I thought it was important to show the reasons in very human terms for the 9-year sentence. After a lot of help this past 24 hours, I can now report as follows:

    Regina versus Bains File No. 127870C-3 took pace in B.C. Provincial Court, Victoria, B.C., on June 16 – 17 and 24-28, 2008.

    Judgment was rendered on September 4, 2008 by R.A. Higinbotham.
    Bains was charged with one count of conspiring to traffic in cocaine “with named and unnamed co-conspirators”. The named co-conspirators relavant to the evidence introduced in this trial are Blythe Vernon, Brahm Mikol and John Scallon. [Unnamed co-conspirator(s) could possibly include the secret witness now being shielded by Special Prosecutor. – BC Mary]

    The charge against Bains followed an investigation into the activities of the accused and his associates known as “Project Every Which Way”. Investigators employed a variety of tactics in pursuing this investigation including the use of surveillance, controlled delivery of money, and judicially authorized wiretaps and searches …

    “In the face of a significant volume of evidence, I am grateful to counsel for the admissions made and the well-focussed closing submissions, which assist the court in isolating the key issues to be decided …

    All other potential issues have been conceded, including the accuracy of the transcripts of intercepted communications, [some portions of this evidence could conceivably be heard in the Basi Virk trial. – BC Mary] all relevant particulars relating to surveillance, continuity of seized exhibits, the nature of the substances seized and analyzed, and the identities of those arrested. The filed admissions do not concede the identities of the parties to the intercepted communications but Mr Bagnall [counsel for the defendant] confirmed during the course of his submission that this was no longer in issue …

    The evidence against Mr Bains is overwhelming and convincing. It leaves me in no doubt that he conspired with those named in the charge to traffic in cocaine and I find him guilty as charged.

    And now The Reasons for Sentence

    Case Name:
    R. v. Bains

    2008 BCPC 261
    File No. 127870-C3
    Registry: Victoria
    British Columbia Provincial Court
    Victoria, British Columbia

    R.A. Higinbotham Prov. Ct. J.

    Heard: September 9, 2008.
    Judgment: September 11, 2008.


    1 R.A. HIGINBOTHAM PROV. CT. J.:– I convicted Mr. Bains on September 4, 2008 of committing the offence of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. The offence occurred approximately five years ago. In giving my reasons for judgment, I characterized the role of Mr. Bains in this conspiracy as follows:

    * Mr. Bains had sent 12 kilograms of cocaine for distribution, and advised at least one of his co-conspirators that he could probably supply as many as 50 kilograms per week;
    * He directed the operations of his co-conspirators in a broad sense, although he left the details of distribution within Toronto to (co-conspirators) Mikol and Scallon;
    * The evidence does not reveal the existence of any person to whom Mr. Bains reported, but implies that no such person existed;
    * Mr. Bains obtained the cocaine referred to in the charge through a cash purchase. He was not required to pass along any of the money he received;
    * Mr. Bains had the power to authorize or approve changes in the price per kilogram for Toronto distribution purposes.

    These factors, and the rest of the evidence taken as a whole, persuade me that Mr. Bains was the sine qua non of this conspiracy. He was the initiator, the driving force, and the chief executive officer of the trafficking enterprise, and he answered to no other person.

    2 These findings constitute significant aggravating factors. Mr. Bains contributed in an important way to the infliction of untold damage on human lives through his distribution of this harmful drug. When I refer to this drug as harmful, I do not just refer to its impact upon individual users; I also refer to its impact upon society as a whole. Cocaine is not a purely “recreational” drug, as it was once thought to be. For many years now it has been capable of transformation into crack, a cheap and highly addictive form of cocaine that renders the addict incapable of little else but the all-consuming drive to get more. It leads to property and other crimes which affect all of society. The crack addict is unlikely to afford to feed this craving without resort to theft, breaking and entry, or robbery. There is a trickle-down effect resulting from Mr. Bains’ conduct that hits the community as a whole.

    3 The impact of this type of offence on the community has led appellate courts to conclude that deterrence and denunciation must be the primary considerations for a sentencing judge. That is my starting position.

    4 During the course of submissions counsel made an effort to distinguish cases based upon the actual quantities and value of the drugs. In my opinion this type of analysis has limited utility once a certain threshold is reached. As it applies to this case, I consider it an aggravating factor that Bains sent twelve kilograms of cocaine to Toronto. That is a lot of cocaine, and if undetected, this shipment would have provided Mr. Bains with a cash inflow approaching $400,000, tax free. I consider it a further aggravating factor that he stated he was willing and able to provide up to fifty kilograms per week to a buyer located by one of his co-conspirators. Given the amounts referred to, the degree of culpability is very high, and no useful distinctions can be made by comparing this case with others where different, but also very significant quantities of cocaine were trafficked.

    5 Crown counsel submitted that the range of sentence for cases like this is between ten and fourteen years imprisonment, while defence counsel argued the range is between five and eight years imprisonment. Both made valid arguments in support of their respective positions. When I examine the cases brought to my attention, I see consistency in the stated approach taken by sentencing judges as regards the principles laid down by the appellate courts, yet there is a greater than expected range in the actual sentences imposed. Perhaps that does nothing more than exemplify the human nature of the sentencing process. No two offenders are identical, and differences can always be found in the circumstances surrounding the commission of the offence. Judges are also human, and the submissions of counsel may strike more or less of a responsive chord with each of them.

    6 I am grateful to counsel for the sentencing examples provided to the court. They provide a kind of standard, however broad, against which to measure the proportionality of any contemplated sentence in this case. Having said that, none of the cases fetter my discretion to impose a sentence that I deem fit, having regard to the sentencing factors set out in section 718 of the Criminal Code, and the penalty provisions set out for this offence in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

    7 Crown counsel outlined what he considered to be aggravating factors in this case, many of which can be found in my earlier comments and in my earlier decision on conviction. Crown counsel wishes to add that a further aggravating feature is that Mr. Bains was motivated entirely by greed, based entirely upon his personal choice, and not motivated by any circumstance over which he had little or no control. I prefer to think of this as simply denying Mr. Bains a potential mitigating factor.

    8 In other cases, there is often evidence of the involvement of weapons, or violence, or threats of violence. There is none of that here to operate as a further aggravating factor, but the absence of evidence of those features is not a true mitigating factor either. I consider it neutral. The unquestionable impact of putting such a quantity of cocaine out on the streets is, in and of itself, the main feature of this case that demands a denunciatory sentence be imposed.

    9 Despite the offence committed against the community, and Mr. Bains’ key role in its commission, there are mitigating factors that must be taken into account. He is thirty-three years old, and has been facing this judgment day for almost five years, his initial arrest having taken place in December of 2003. He has no prior record of convictions. For four years he has been subject to release conditions and he has been compliant with those conditions.

    10 During the period he has been on bail he has taken the opportunity to attend university and obtain a business degree. He has struggled to maintain his marriage and be a good father to his son, who will soon be turning six years old. I am particularly impressed by the recent letter written by his mother-in-law Sharon Ridley as to the changes she has seen in Mr. Bains, and particularly with her comments as to the quality of his parenting and his obvious love for his wife and son.

    11 It should be noted that Mr. Bains also had a wife and one year old son when these offences were committed, and it most certainly cannot be said that he was then a good husband and father. What good husband and father would place his family at such risk by carrying on the business of a high level drug dealer?

    12 I accept without equivocation that Ms. Ridley shares my view of her son-in-saw Mr. Bains as he was in 2003, and she has changed her view of him as he is now. I unequivocally accept her opinion that he has matured into a devoted family man with legitimate aspirations for the future. Her opinion is also supported by his good conduct on bail and his successful educational efforts.
    13 Based upon the foregoing, and the presence of a strong and supportive extended family, I am of the opinion that Mr. Bains presents himself as having strong prospects for rehabilitation. His ability to reform is further enhanced by his intelligence and his entrepreneurial skills. While there is still a risk that these latter attributes, combined with his having had a taste of wealth, could plunge him back into the drug business, I think it unlikely, particularly given the impact of the sentence to be imposed.

    14 In order to achieve a balance to the various aggravating and mitigating factors that apply here, I start with the premise that the circumstances of the crime itself, including the amount of drugs and Mr. Bains’ lead role in its distribution, require not only a sentence that will convince him to never get involved again, but also a sentence that adequately reflects the community’s abhorrence at his cavalier wreaking of misery upon the less fortunate members of our society.

    15 From that starting point, I take into account the mitigating factors referred to above. They serve to reduce the sentence I would otherwise impose. In considering the case as a whole, I then look to other sentencing decisions with an eye to ensuring that the test of proportionality has been met. In particular, I compare the aggravating and mitigating factors in Mr. Bains’ case to those that appear to have been taken into account in the sentencing of his co-conspirators. It has nothing to do with whether I concur with those decisions. The fact of the matter is that the sentence imposed on Mr. Bains must have an understandable relationship to the sentences imposed upon those who worked directly under him within the same conspiracy.

    16 Finally, as a sentencing judge I must step back and consider whether a proposed sentence will have a crushing effect on the prospects for Mr. Bains’ reform and rehabilitation.

    17 The approach I have outlined above leads me to conclude that the sentence I am about to impose is the least possible that adequately reflects the sentencing principles of deterrence and denunciation. I have also come to the opinion that to impose a greater punishment would go beyond those principles and might crush any future prospects for rehabilitation. I sentence Mr. Bains to serve a sentence of nine years imprisonment.

    18 I have been asked by defence counsel to make a recommendation to the corrections department that Mr. Bains serve his sentence at the William Head institution. While I am convinced that Mr. Bains’ rehabilitation will be far better served with frequent and generous family contact, it is not my practice to make such recommendations, primarily because there are many other factors that corrections officials consider in order to classify inmates to which I am not privy. I am certain, however, that one amongst their considerations will be the findings I have made at this hearing.

    19 The Crown further asks for an order of forfeiture of the sum of $12,718.11. These funds were seized from Mr. Bains’ person and from his residence on the date of his arrest. I order that those funds are forfeited to the Crown under the provisions of Part 12 of the Criminal Code.

    20 In addition, the Crown seeks a fine in lieu of forfeiture of funds received by Mr. Bains during the course of the investigation. The value of these funds is known to be $242,170.00, and due diligence has not discovered the location of those funds. It is not contested that these funds were proceeds of crime. I have little discretion in this matter, and this case does not fall within that narrow discretion. Further, the ability of the offender to pay is irrelevant. I must also impose default imprisonment of between two and three years, given the amount of the fine. My only real discretion is in determining the amount of time Mr. Bains will be given to pay the fine. I therefore order that Mr. Bains pay a fine in the amount of $242,170.00 in lieu of restitution pursuant to the provisions of Part 12 of the Criminal Code. He will have two years in which to pay the fine. In default of payment, Mr. Bains will serve three years imprisonment, consecutive to the term of imprisonment to which I have earlier sentenced him.

    21 Finally, I impose a ten year firearms prohibition pursuant to section 109 of the Code.

    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 6:39 p.m.
    Thanks Mary. I don’t see any reference to basi in the judges decision on bains. i’m still waiting for the massive organized crime drug conspiracy involving basi and virk in the legislature.

    what i really want is to know more about the bc rail aspect. Another question, why was the part about bains kept silent until now? Maybe you could ask anonymous why this is so.


    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 6:49 p.m.
    Great research! Who do we thank for such great work?

    Where is the MSM in reporting on this?


    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 7:11 p.m.

    i urge you to ensure that if any msm reports on this story that they offer you credit on your hard work. don’t be modest, you are truly putting the msm to shame with this type of old fashioned digging. how did you do it, for us mere mortals to try and understand the depths of your hard work? did you get a tip from someone on the inside?

    it is about journalistic integrity with a msm that forgets what that means


    BC MaryDecember 11, 2008 at 7:32 p.m.
    C’mon, 6:03:

    Basi wasn’t on trial, Bains was on trial. Didn’t you read the reasons for judgment? And the reasons for sentence? And the continuing story of the Legislature Raids?

    Type in Bains in the search box (top left) and see the many explanations of where he fits in.

    Yes, for cryin’ out loud, wouldn’t we ALL like to know more about the BC Rail aspect.

    Ditto for why the Bains trial was never mentioned in the press.

    Sheesh, I kinda thought you’d be pleased that a Citizen Detective had picked up on news of the trial and that BC Mary had tracked it down. Nobody else did that for you, did they? Harrumph.



    BC MaryDecember 11, 2008 at 7:36 p.m.
    Aw, gee, 6:49 … I wish I had seen your lovely remark before I started yelling at poor 6:49.

    Thank you! It was my pleasure to fill in yet another one of those blank spaces in the great crossword puzzle that is Basi Virk / BC Rail.

    Say it again, would you? [blush]



    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 9:08 p.m.
    So who tipped you off on this scoop Mary??


    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 9:24 p.m.
    “……He is 33 years old, and has been facing this judgment day for five years, his initial arrest having taken place in December of 2003. He has no prior record of convictions………during the period he has been on bail he has taken the opportunity to attend university and obtain a business degree……..”

    2006 Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

    And so too did 166 other individuals take the two year course at Royal Roads, but just how many of them had to make that decision knowing that having a university education would be a great reference when it came time to impress the sentencing judge at his trial’s completion?


    When the dust finally settles on the Basi/Virk/Basi trial will the trio to be able to show the Court that during their duration of waiting that they too spent two years, or more, at university to prove that they learned their lesson well.


    BC MaryDecember 11, 2008 at 9:33 p.m.
    Anon 9:08,

    Ya mean who exactly is the astute Anon-y-mouse who overheard the reference in the Basi-Virk courtroom and then sent that comment in to The Legislature Raids?

    Yep. That’s who.

    And many thanks indeed to that person.



    AnonymousDecember 11, 2008 at 9:51 p.m.
    Yes – it was mentioned in the material filed by the lawyers for basi and virk.


    Gary EDecember 12, 2008 at 8:06 a.m.
    “1 R.A. HIGINBOTHAM PROV. CT. J.:– I convicted Mr. Bains on September 4, 2008 of committing the offence of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. The offence occurred approximately five years ago.”

    I find it interesting that this man was charged, tried, convicted and sentenced, in under five years while , I alledge the governments in this country have delayed the Legislature Raids Case #23299 for five years now and it has yet to go to trial. What’s wrong with this picture?


    BC MaryDecember 12, 2008 at 8:16 a.m.
    Right on, Gary.

    And how about Saddam Hussein. Remember him? He was arrested AFTER Basi, Virk, Basi and his trial and sentence have been carried out long ago. Could the case against the Iraqi leader be an easier trial than Basi Virk?



    AnonymousDecember 12, 2008 at 8:27 a.m.
    What disturbs me is that the sentence against Bains was passed on September 11th and we don’t find out about it until December 11th. Why were all the reporters, including Bill T., totally asleep at the wheel on this?


    BC MaryDecember 12, 2008 at 9:25 a.m.
    Anonymous 8:27,

    Too right.

    And it shows how important Citizen Journalists are!

    I’ve lost count of the times when a citizen’s tip broke open a whole chapter of this Basi Virk story.

    Usually it’s just one line … from somebody who walked in off Smythe Street, and took a seat in the public gallery of the Basi Virk courtroom.

    But what a difference their close-up view has made.



    G WestDecember 13, 2008 at 9:07 a.m.
    So, we now have the ‘Reasons for Sentence’…information that, for whatever mysterious reason, has been in the ‘public realm’ for some time but NOT in the public sphere until now.

    How can it be that the first installment of this story, which was covered by Neal Hall in a quite extensive article in the Vancouver Sun on April 6, 2007 has not now been followed up with an equally extensive piece by the same author concerning the conviction of the ringleader of the little band of drug dealers?

    I can provide the whole of Hall’s piece about act I, unfortunately, the link to the story is useless.

    Another product of the ‘improvements’ wrought at the Sun I guess.

    Let me know Mary, if you haven’t got the story yourself, if you’d like me to post it….


    BC MaryDecember 13, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.
    Good question, G. Neal Hall would surely not have forgotten the trial, the verdict, or the sentence.

    I do have his April ’07 story but I always like it when YOU post things … and many thanks!



    AnonymousDecember 14, 2008 at 7:57 a.m.
    Perhaps what we need to do is be handed (by BC Mary) a responsiblitiy to look after the latest cases before a specific Court.

    Who has got the time to keep a list of all of the Courtroom procedures that are going on in the Province of British Columbia?


    BC MaryDecember 14, 2008 at 8:35 a.m.
    Good one, 7:57!

    No kidding, even if we kept track of only one Court House — checking their web-site every morning, letting others know — people would stand a chance of being able to attend.

    What I really, really wish is that more citizens could attend these courtroom sessions. We’ve seen how important it can be, when a citizen picks up on even one single significant point and tells us about it.

    We have this unique reporting system … all set to go. And no kidding, the world has never seen anything like it before.

    So it’s doubly appalling that British Columbians find themselves unaware of 90% of what’s going on in the BCRail Case, and left completely in the dark for 6 months about the Jasmohan Bains trial.



    GazetteerDecember 14, 2008 at 4:29 p.m.
    7:57’s is a good idea.

    Divvying the documents up amongst Citizen Diggers is what they do at Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo when they are deluged with dumps designed to obfuscate….



    G WestDecember 14, 2008 at 5:27 p.m.

    That should get you to it – anyone who is interested…but don’t bother chasing it up from the Sun’s useless search facility – those links are all dead.


    AnonymousDecember 23, 2008 at 12:33 p.m.
    Bains will be on the street in 18 months that leaves him six months to pay his fine and I guess its back to jail for a few months.


    AnonymousFebruary 17, 2009 at 12:38 p.m.
    I grew up with Jas Bains. He had a propensity for making poor decisions, but was always a good guy. It appears that his need to be the big man finally won out. That’s a real shame.


    BC MaryFebruary 17, 2009 at 12:50 p.m.
    Anon 12:38,

    What a kind thing that was, for you to speak up that way.

    Let’s hope that the good-part stays strong and that Jas can find a better path for himself and his family.

    I worry a lot about young people making poor decisions in the current economic crisis. If they had decent employment (not airy-fairy schemes), it’d be different for them.

    But I think we really have to figure out what to do to make the economy more realistic. To create satisfying work. And to re-build our society.

    • Robin says:

      I found this to be an interesting read. I hope you did too. It’s an older article but for those of us who have not been around since this blog was started I found it to be of historical interest to Lindsay’s unsolved murder. With Jas Bain’s new charge of “committing an indictable offence” again it is of particular interest to me. The judge originally said she “was impressed by the recent letter written by his mother-in-law Sharon Ridley as to the changes she has seen in Mr. Bains, and particularly with her comments as to the quality of his parenting” “ Mr. Bains has matured into a devoted family man with legitimate aspirations for the future.” Her opinion is also supported by his good conduct on bail and his successful educational efforts. What happened? The judge asked what good father and husband would place his family at such risk by carrying on the business of a high level drug dealer? Don’t snow the SNOWMAN please. They thought he was reformed. Oops. It is 15 yrs later so his son is 16 now, way to go Dad. I wonder what Grandma Ridley is thinking now? You know I checked on the Ridley family and they are a very old Victoria family with lots of real estate and land to play with. Does this seem as odd to you as it does to me?
      You know if Jas Bains was so reformed why would he not help solve Linday’s unsolved murder? Reformed my ass! He knows what happened in that house that night I bet. The justice system better not do him any favours this time. Did u notice he was even given special consideration in serving his time at William Head prison so he could be close to family since the judge felt “his rehabilitation would be far better served with frequent and generous family contact.” What bullshit, who are these people? Jas Bains, wolf in sheeps clothing is more like it.
      Why are the B.C. Rail documents sealed? Why is all this being kept from the public? C’mon Premier Horgan you said if you were elected you would open this information upto the people. Quit pussyfooting around with the people of this Province. Enough already. Expose the B.C. Rail Scandal to the people. Show us who the rest of the wolves in cheap clothing are, and that is not a typo. Show us who these money launderering, real estate, drug dealing, people are. Expose Gordon Campbell for what he is. Expose Christie Clark. Arrest the people who murdered Lindsay Buziak, the 24 year old girl who was snuffed out in our Capital city. None of you are fooling the people, you all look like the dishonest people you are. It’s time you and David Eby got together and tell us what happened. Let Lindsay RIP and let her family have some PEACE for Christ’s sake.
      What is Grandma Ridley thinking now?
      Here is a hint lady. A thug is a thug is a thug!

      • Justice says:

        Maybe the sentencing leniency was based on an agreement that sentencing would go easy on the Big Man Jas for keeping his mouth shut about what he knew regarding ongoing illegal activities like drugs and laundering policies in the BC Government. What the judge is saying in the reports is sadly comical and unheard of when sentencing a cartel Mr Big. He needed no protection and was not kept in custody. That tells me there was never any danger he would bring down the house of cards by testifying against his associates, drug dealers and government officials.

      • Retired Detective says:

        When you think about it, allowing a major drug dealer to walk free for years before sentencing and giving him a extremely lenient punishment for such serious crimes is evidence that the BC government protects the criminals when it comes to drug trafficking, bribes, murder and money laundering.

  23. jack says:

    I’m thinking it just may be a couple who happen to be serial killers………..this happened in Sarasota, FL years ago too………..a woman realtor was showing a house at night to a couple…….and she was murdered in the house too……

  24. Mark Roush says:

    What were the set of circumstances behind Chris Horsley’s surprise visit 600 miles from Saannich to Calgary ?? What was the context of conversation ?? Was it an Intimidation visit ?? If so, I would visit the department of Internal Affairs and Sue Chris Horsley and Get an Investigation started on Him !! And for Shirley Zailo, An Investigation need’s to be started on Her, Starting at the time she began Her Real-Estate Career to discover her potential and Likely Real Estate business Deals with Certain Saannich police department personnel and possibly, Certain police protection concerning Illegal drugs.

    • Following says:

      This may or may not be relevant but USA Treasury has just lowered the threshold for title companies to comply on information gathering on all cash transactions from $2M down to now $300K. That tells you that money laundering is now a smaller time business not just a big time business. I suggest an investigation regarding all cash purchases would be prudent for that real estate office of SZ. At least to rule out a huge motive for silencing a soon to be ex confidante. All in all, murder is rarely this complicated. It typically boils down to some irrational thought process on a primitive matter such as greed, love or revenge.

      • Justice says:

        Why would they do that when it will cut back on the tax revenue brought in by buying and selling real estate?

        • Following says:

          It makes no difference in property tax revenue. If you are selling 7 $299k properties for all cash that is the same tax revenue as 1 $2.1M property. The idea is that title companies dont have to track funds to identify where the cash came from. Now they will have to track funds for all cash deals over $300K. Used to be you could walk in with cashiers check, no matter questions asked where the cash came from. Now they make title companies responsible for sourcing the cash.

  25. Mark Roush says:

    “Internal Affairs”, in Canada, Address ; 6-489 Timothy St. New Market ON . Phone # 1-905-895-2882. Website Is Informative. This Crime was a Family Affair with possible and probable Inside Connections Within the SAANNICH Police Department. Possible and Probable Certain Saannich Police Department Personnel Involved with the Zailo’s In Real Estate Business Transactions and Possibly the Illegal Drug Trade Also. A Good Place To Start for Canada’s ” INTERNAL AFFAIRS ” IS Chris Horsely !!!

  26. Jeff Buziak says:

    3 127870-3-C Bains, Jasmohan Singh

    5228DBJ 001CCC 465 1 c Conspiracy to commit indictable offence

    This appears to be the Jas Bains in court in Victoria this morning and recently off Federal parole for his role In the Drugs In The Legislature and BC Rail Scandal. Also Mr Bains recently the same individual threatening me with retribution and legal action for having his name on this site to where both Saanich police and Duncan RCMP were involved. It appears Jas Bains isn’t the innocent angel he purports to be.
    JAS Bains trial for his role in Drugs in the Legislature/BC Rail Scsndsl began approximately 5 weeks after Lindsay was murdered. He was convicted and served federal prison time for his role. The BC Rail scandal was sealed in secrecy by the BC Government and remains so to this day because citizens do not raise enough concern for it to be reopened. The connection to Lindsay is JAS Bains is a good friend of the Macduff brothers.
    This is all I know so unless you do some research please don’t ask me what the above count charges refer to. Find out and tell us please.

    • Justice says:

      Sounds like more than just a traffic ticket.

      • Robin says:

        Definitely more than a traffic ticket.

        Indictable Offences. Indictable offences are the most serious of criminal offences and would include murder, acts of terrorism, robbery, drug trafficking, treason, certain types of sexual assault, and other very serious criminal acts.

        • Justice says:

          Hummm, murder drug trafficking, sounds familiar. How about Human traffickiing? What an upstanding citizen. People do not change. Scum is scum. That goes for the Zailos too. Glad to hear Vid and the D’boys ate back in court. Too bad Canada doesn’t have the three strikes law like the US. They would be in jail for life by now, seriously. If this doesn’t tell you what a lackadaisical attitude Canada takes about trafficking in just about anything, you need glasses people. Even law abiding Canadian’s aren’t aware of the deep corruption but it could always be worse. We will do everything we can to expose the corruption in Saanich. Someone murdered the wrong girl.

        • TL says:


          Crown mistakenly exposed police informant, killing massive B.C. money laundering probe
          if they were investigating SPD involvement in this, we can kiss that goodbye. Tha is exactly the MO of the globalist cabal

          ps. sorry robin I just grabbed the first reply I could use to post this😊

    • Robin says:

      That group must hate when the their names are publicly displayed……guess who else was in court this week….VID-Assault, uttering threats to cause bodily harm and extortion
      174657-1 Acevedo, Edgar Ovidio——-nice guy hey. He was in court yesterday 08 Jan 2019. I wonder if there will be another chance to see him in person, he doesn’t seem to come out of his hole much. Isn’t this the slime ball who picked up the phone at the ferry and kept it overnight? Once known as the Third Twin. Now tight with Del Alcazar crime family.

      • Robin says:

        Also this week we can’t forget VID’s buddy, the partner (thug) in crime.
        176187-1—Delalcazar, Emerson Lopez——Assault…he’ll be back for sentencing on 24Jan 2019.
        Do these guys have nothing better to do than go to court time after time. It seems it is all they have done since leaving school. Grow up FFS, move on, do something good for the world why don’t you or exit the planet for everyone’s well being.

  27. Mark Roush says:

    Jeff, My Deepest, Heart Felt Sympathy Go’s Out To You And Your Family, I Could Not Even Start To Imagine The Severest Of Pain That You And Your Family Has Had To Endure. I Could Not Begin To Imagine How I Would Feel To Lose One Of My Children to Violence. Jeff, Keep Your Faith In GOD And Pray To Him For His Comforting Arm’s AND He Will Embrace You In Your Time Of Need. May GOD Bless You, Jeff and Your Family In Your Time Of Emotional Need !! Sincerely, Mark.

  28. Jeff Buziak says:

    This time of the year Kills me inside!
    Lindsay’s mom, her sister and I have been in prison for 11 years now doing hard time.
    When do we get parole from this hellish nightmare?
    Do you think Christmas was fun for us?
    Do you think New Years was a celebration for us?
    I’m sorry, I had to say that.
    I hate this state we are in having to manage; Lindsay’s UNSOLVED murder while Saanich Police headed by Chief Bob Downie, the Attorney General David Eby, the Premier John Horgan could care less. It was just a girl.

    Here is the truth about Lindsay Buziak’s UNSOLVED murder in its simplest form:

    1. Lindsay’s unsolved murder contains “Highly Sensitive” information above and beyond a normal investigation and the file is locked down in secrecy. There are very few people who have access to the file and Saanich, BC police will not share it with capable private investigators nor give it over to a more capable policing agency. This is the same principle as the still locked down BC Rail Scandal which cost Premier Campbell his job and BC taxpayers millions of dollars.

    2. Saanich police claim they do not have enough evidence to arrest or go to trial.
    In BC, The Crown Prosecutors Office under the control of Attorney General David Eby has to approve and direct police to make arrests. So Attorney General David Eby, his Crown Prosecutors and Saanich police need to do more but they are not! They could care less and pass the buck as many of you know.

    3. Saanich police have also stated they are done their investigation. I was told this 3 years ago by Chief Downie when he reassigned all officers working on Lindsay’s murder. I was recently told this to my face by Deputy Chief Scott Green in the presence of Inspector Steve Morgan.

    These three things don’t make sense. If you don’t have enough you go get more, you work harder, smarter, bring in more people or you fire the incompetents who can’t get the job done. Not at Saanich police though. They promote people and retire them with full pensions. Some go work for the Office of the Police Complaint Commission while others focus on their side businesses while collecting their police pay checks or fat pensions with benefits while Lindsay’s murder drags on into the 11th year with no arrests and no suspects. What these three things tell us is that there is a cover up going on or more effort would have been put into solving this case now or in the past. This is corruption at its finest and the highly sensitive information is protecting someone. Who? Who is benifitting? Police are supposed to be working for and reporting to us along with the Attorney General and the Premier. None of them are. Are you okay with this?

    Local media refuse to take Saanich police and the politicians to task and no media in Canada seems to care much really. We have had two major USA TV shows and over five podcasts all done out of Canada. When I speak to local media they say they have to check with police and can’t upset the police. Saanich police call local media their media partners. This is corruption! Media is supposed to be informing the public not speaking on behalf of police. I ask them why they don’t check with me when police spew them the crap they report and ignore what I say? They won’t answer that question.

    Police claim that Lindsay’s file is active and remains a high priority with them so they look good in the public’s eye. They are going to announce that they are having another review of the investigation done by the RCMP. It’s all con and bullshit folks. We should be the ones reviewing but we don’t have to because we know they have failed in their duty to us who they are supposed to be serving and protecting. The review will take months and cost a fortune. Anyone of us could do it in minutes. Is the case solved? (No) How long has this been going on? (11 years) Have you named any suspects? ((No) What are you doing about it? (If information comes to our office we determine is worthy we assign an officer to look into it otherwise our investigation is done) Okay, review completed.
    Conclusion: You have 90 days to make arrests or you are all fired and the Attorney General will be replaced.
    This is not rocket science like police try to make us believe. They get away with this because we, the people, allow them to. If three thousand people showed up for the Lindsay walk things would happen. If ten thousand people showed up results would be immediate. Instead we all let it go except a select few and the Attorney General and Saanich police have no urgency to do anything that causes them any stress.
    Their attitude is that it was only a girl what’s the big deal? Is this what we have come to folks?
    It’s only a girl. We need to walk!

    Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice
    February 2, 2019 Victoria, BC
    10 am start
    Royal Oak Burial Park Entrance
    4673 Falaise Drive

    • Robin says:

      You do not need to be sorry for anything you say Jeff, and Lindsay is not just a girl. She was a beautiful, young woman on the cusp of a very exciting life, she was a daughter, a sister, a friend and a human being who was given the gift of life, no one has the right to take this away from her and the people who love her. Lindsay’s Mom, sister and yourself live a nightmare that no one should be living. Lindsay should have been with all of you celebrating the holidays. Everyone who follows Lindsay’s unsolved murder knows that justice has not been served. It’s very blatant IMO. Eby, Horgan,Gordon Campbell and Christie Clark and the rest of the people we ELECT to represent us have failed in their jobs.
      Good old Gordon Campbell, (loser) stepped down only to be moved into a better job by his buddy Stephen Harper. He did a favour for Harper with the HST and in turn the UK High Commissioner appointment was given to him. What a job that would be when he really deserved to be FIRED and RETIRED but not in Canada, here they get promoted. He was upto his eyeballs in the B.C. Rail Scandal, the police had been listening to his phone calls. He stepped down while his bags were being packed for the UK. Don’t think he didn’t lap the perks up there too. The London Olympics, 2012, Oh boy I’d like to see his expense account for those 2 wks. Can u just imagine. Yes the B.C. Rail Scandal is locked down alright and pretty much forgotten about as all our politicians probably anticipated and hoped for. They count on the public to just forget. I haven’t forgotten though, I have the best memory of my Dad and I watching the news right after Xmas 2003. The cops were packing boxes down the steps of B.C. legislature building. I loved watching my Dad’s reaction, I will forever have that look on his face implanted in my head. One of the last times watching him react to the elected hooligans. He said “When he sees what goes on around him he thinks he’s a GD genius.” Here we are 15 yrs later, 6 million $ that the taxpayers paid in lawyers fees for the idiots that admitted their guilt and only got 2 yrs house arrest. We still have no clue what actually happened. WTH. Talk about corruption.
      Before I close on Gordon Campbell……… Who knew this? this is a copy and paste from newspaper article dated June 02, 2016.
      Campbell and other participants at the one-day London summit declared that corruption should be exposed, pursued and punished, and that those who have suffered should be fully supported. “Corruption should be driven out — wherever it may exist,” said the summit’s declaration.
      16 June, 2016-another article
      In a Global Declaration Against Corruption, participants agreed on three key actions: exposing corruption and ensuring there is nowhere to hide; pursuing and punishing the corrupt and supporting those who have suffered from corruption; and driving out corruption, wherever it exists. On exposing corruption, the Declaration urges, inter alia: increasing the transparency of government budgets, tax information and procurement to deter tax evasion and expose the misuse or theft of taxpayer money; ending the misuse of anonymous companies to hide the proceeds of corruption; driving out those who hide the proceeds of corruption; and making it easier for people to report corruption without fear of reprisal.

      Lucky for all us Canadians we had Gordon Campbell right there in the UK so he could attend this summit and what a difference it has made! Have you noticed? Who’s bullshitting who? Was he hungover from Martini’s and sleeping?

      Speaking of corruption, I don’t doubt for 1 second that Lindsay’s unsolved murder has been shut down the same way the B.C. Rail scandal has. The SPD and our elected politicians are protecting criminals. What else could it be? They treat Jeff like he is the problem, Hhheeellloooooo in there policeman his daughter was viciously murdered! Why do they try to intimidate Jeff? Why have they told him there is a hit on his life? The police and politicians are the ones who need to be held to task here not the father of a murdered young lady. The cops act like bullies, who wouldn’t be asking them the same question if they were in that horrendous situation. Any parent who can still think is entitled to ask questions and expect answers AND be treated with RESPECT. Who and the F do these cops think they are? We the taxpayer pay them ffs. Why when we send eml after eml to our politicians do we get an immediate nonsensical reply. Have any of us ever heard directly from Chief Downie, David Eby, John Horgan, Mike Farnsworth, Justin Trudeau, the Mayor of Saanich, the OPCC, the Saanich Police Board? I know how many emls I have sent and I have never heard from anyone of them. Would you not think one of us might have been contacted in the last year. They don’t care. They want us to get lost so Lindsay’s murder can fade away and the corruption that surrounds Lindsay’s murder may never be brought to the attention of the Canadian people. The wimpy politicians and tainted police will not be held accountable. Who’s making them tow the line? How can we arrive at any other conclusion, it is that obvious IMO. We are being sold a bill of goods here. This isn’t the kind of world my parents wanted for me, this isn’t the kind of world I want to live in or that I want anyone else living in. It’s out of control and we need to start speaking up. If they won’t speak to us then the next thing we have is to UNITE for Lindsay’s Walk for Justice on Feb. 02,2019. If you care you’ll be at the walk, we cannot accept the status quo.

  29. Mark Roush says:

    I have heard Police Departments Announce “COLD CASES” at 8 months, 1 Year, ETC. The SAANNICH POLICE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES !!!

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      The reality is they could care less. They are all about looking good so they give their “media partners” lip service and their media partners spew it regardless of what I say. The police focus more on attacking and trying to intimidate me than they do on solving Lindsay’s murder because I hold them accountable and it “doesn’t look good”.
      I was recently in Victoria and personally attacked by Deputy Chief Scott Green. He will likely be the next chief because corrupt Saanich police do not hire from the outside. They promote from within and always have. Green treated me like he was some kind of gangster enforcer just like Constable Horsley did when him and his twit sidekick did when they came to Calgary to threaten and intimidate me. Bunch of buffoons. Inspector Morgan was present and I could see his embarrassment but he towed the line. They recorded the meeting and I was promised a copy of it which I have yet to receive.
      Media partners is corruption. The media is supposed to be independent reporting to the people. Not in Victoria they don’t. They report on behalf of the police. They are scared of the police. We allow all this folks!

      • Justice says:

        Twats not twits.

        • Just cause says:

          Well said…. I find it odd that if you as a citizen are not happy with your case you can not request another agency to assist take over etc, I mean if ill you can pick your own dr what really is the difference short of health care re policing both are supposed to be set up for our help at least we would be led to believe….

  30. Mark Roush says:

    Jeff, I Believe it’s the Right Time for ALL the GOOD PEOPLE to MARCH on ” PARLIAMENT HILL’

    • Robin says:

      Let’s start with the Lindsay Buziak walk for Justice on Feb 02, 2019. We all need to show up with our own possi of supporters. Time to let the Saanich Police know we have had enough of them. We demand arrests.

  31. Catherine says:

    The new information on life insurance has got me thinking. Could the thing that Lyndsay saw that she should not have seen be a copy of her own life insurance policy? Is that why she did not act.on it? It wasn’t illegal but wasn’t right.
    Could JZ and SZ have targeted her as he victim before the relationship even started. She may have been picked out as a suitable candidate and then JZ starts dating her. The extravagant expenses – the house etc are bought to keep her in the relationship. JZ I’d possessive and jealous because he has to keep her in the relationship not out of wanting her but wanting to keep her until they can kill her. Is the need for the insurance money part of a need to invest in something bigger and something illegal where funds which are not from their businesses are needed. Was the attack designed to look like a Pyschopath to detract from an insurance job?

    • Following says:

      Dont think the insurance policy was the reason. They made more money in real estate to offset any benefit. I think SZ eyed Lindsay as the perfect protege and perfect wife… I think SZ thought she was more in than she actually was and may have shared far too much. Certainly did with living accommodations. I think SZ had a grandiose idea going on and after revealing way too much. Panicked. Would be interesting to find out the initial draw date on the policy. Way too much real estate world plotting for this to be something other than what it is. Bad acting, overdone plot, and, what did she see.

      • Thomas says:

        I agree Following! Add the fact that a psycho like Shirley would not take Lindsay’s rejection of Ryan, Jason, herself and the Re/Max job wry well after all she did for Lindsay. What did she really do, launder some money in the lake house and condo? She was most likely angry enough to commit murder like a rejected typical insecure, psychopathic control freak. The life insurance policy if it really exists, may have been a fringe benefit set up just prior to the murder to cover Zailo financial losses in the Alberta drug bust. Either way, if it does exist, it is a really big deal that the prosecutors are virtually ignoring it as a motive for Shirley and publicly cleared her. I hope Bill is sending the information he posted here to unbiased officials if there are any. I look forward to prosecutors to prove us wrong about their lack of interest in solving this case by arresting someone.

      • Robin says:

        Totally agree about insurance policy, that amount would be small potatoes compared to the drug money they made and the money the Zailo’s launder. Just look at what SZ unloaded on the house she bought for Lindsay and JZ and then the condo. If Dr. Peter German doesn’t find out what the Zailo’s have been upto his phase 2 investigation on real estate and money laundering then he is incompetent. It’s going to be interesting to see how much integrity he has, and who he really works for. We know the Zailo’s have no integrity whatsoever. SZ is a murdering gangster.

        • Thomas says:

          Robin, it is a sad reality that Canada has historically been using money laundering from illegal substance sales to drive the economy since US alcohol prohibition. It is believed if the laundering real eastate business stopped, the Canadian housing market and economy will collapse. Canada can’t afford to stop it. They are making it look like they are trying. The Canadian banks have more relaxed rules for cash deposits than the US that encourage laundering. If the financial institution doesn’t report cash deposits because they are on the laundering payroll, the bank regulators will never get an alert. I always had a pristine view of Canada but when researching, found it has a very dark underbelly.

          • Robin says:

            Thanks for the explanation Thomas. So Canada really is the Wild Wild West then. So if that is the case then it should be publicly announced so we can all find illegal ways to get along, why make it for just gangsters, police and politicians? I went in on the $$$ too. So there are laws and rules for idiots only. What do we do then, just roll over? What about the Zailo’s? Should they get away with corruption, drug dealing and MURDER? Is that what is really going on here? Police and Politicians are just going to ignore us and that’s that. Who wants to join my gang?

            • Thomas says:

              I was so shocked to learn about these problems in Canada. Im sure the US has contributed as just as much in other ways. Remember how the CIA was shipping cocaine into the US for some bullshit reason like selling guns to the rebels in Nicaragua. This is something that I hoped to expose about why B.C. is a major drug trafficking hub. The coastline is barely patrolled. It’s like an invitation. This was so shocking to me and is one of the things that drew me into Lindsay’s murder. Drug dealing is so common that nice girls like Lindsay were exposed to it as part of normal life. There has to be something wrong if illegal drug dealing is just part of normal life. Vancouver and Surrey are the same. What do we do? I think we joined a gang that would like to fight for law and order and justice for innocent victims, murdered because they saw something they shouldn’t and the police refuse to help before and after because the police are part of the problem. We can keep exposing them and walk with Jeff in February the 2nd.

              • Robin says:

                Yes Thomas, we will definitely walk with Jeff. Let’s make it big this year for these reasons, Lindsay and Jeff deserve our support without a doubt and because it is a Saturday and more people have Saturdays off. This year we need to be seen and heard by our lackadaisical politicians and SPD. Damn these people that did this to Lindsay. It’s not ever going to be ok. I hope people from all over the island who have lost loved ones in this way show up to this walk for JUSTICE

  32. Following says:

    Also, since it was a crime of passion, was obviously a set up, obviously using real estate business then it has to be someone in her close circle. There are too many players for one of them not to squeal. The people outside, the actual killer inside, the get away vehicle, the knowledge of the house used, the knowledge of the referring family away on vacation, the knowledge of the neighbor, the builder, the boyfriend who left the country… all too many coincidences. Scott Peterson was convicted on too many coincidences. I have known some mother son relationships where the mother was a hot shot realtor and the adult child was controlled. SZ probably wanted a tight family operation and Lindsay’s looks fit into her plan of son married to a gorgeous woman who will be groomed for the chosen lifestyle. It’s not a drug hit. A drug hit would have been a gun. Or a throat slit. It would not have had such an elaborate timeline of events and certainly not additional actors. That’s from someone’s mind who thinks they need an elaborate story to make it seem real. Typically, those are significant other concoctions.

    • Kellie says:

      My opinion is that it was orchestrated by someone close. Someone who maybe gave her gifts, covered drinks, etc. Someone close or not close enough trying to move up in their social hierarchy. The person became bitter when the desired position was not reached. I’m leaning toward a female. She was popular, I’m certain people wanted to be her or be around her. I see time and again more social and popular girls get bizarre and, at times, very vicious drama from women who feel slighted in social situations. However, the boyfriend took her on a skiing trip around the time friends reported Lindsay was thinking about leaving. So I suppose he could have felt slighted by that. But the nature of death seems extremely emotional. He did not strike me as emotional. He could be the culprit, it seems convenient with the real estate ties and the location but almost too convenient. He very well could be the one who planned it but that draws a very large arrow toward himself and his family. If he were the culprit I imagine he would do the crime somewhere else to keep suspicion off him. Also who were his connections in Vancouver?

      I think it was a girl who wanted in her group of friends. Possibly that girl who reported getting a call in that strange fake accent saying it was Shirley. That might have been trying to deflect or control suspicion. Authorities should look into her.

  33. Following says:

    It’s very complete. A client floor call is always suspect. The woman said several points. She said the clients said 3 bed 3 bath with nanny quarters. She said Lindsay was having trouble locating one to show them. Who directed her to De Sousa if the clients didnt bring it up. Who suggested she show that particular property. In order for the murderer to have a vacant house either the murderer suggested it but Shauna Rae says Lindsay identified the property. Someone suggested that property knowing that was the intended vacant crime scene. Someone made the home accessible, someone took the 3 boards off. How many footprints were in the blood at the crime scene. I am positive the two Mexicans were not the killers but part of the plan. The theatrics of this (knowing the referring couple were out of town) suggests it’s someone very familiar with how showings and real estate works. Not something people are privy too unless they have been at it awhile. Too many t’s crossed and i’s dotted in a cleverly real estate way. Also, I’m pretty sure SZ has a money train going with all those sales, and money laundering happening. I bet Lindsay was brought into the fold because mummy wanted her boy to marry a beautiful realtor who would fully participate. Bet she made a few mistakes by 1, buying them the house, 2 buying them the condo, 3 carrying on illicit business of shuffling cash deals. Bet a good analysis will show quite a number of all cashers. Miscalculated who Lindsay was. Lindsay saw something alright. Lots of hands in a honeypot.

  34. Jeff Buziak says:

    This young woman, Shauna Rae, did a very good job with this podcast. I was not interviewed by her so believe she formed her own conclusions from the extensive research she did.

    • Sally says:

      Yes, this is the one. It appears that there are many people linked around the boyfriend and his mother…money…drugs…crime. What did the dealer lindsay reached out to while visiting you say she wanted? I hope you have the answer to that. Is the town so small that its being bought out by this circle of people? From the few posts ive seen you write it would appear so. I can’t wrap my head around that. Im so sorry you are not getting the truth especially from the people who are supposed to be on your side. On lindsays side. I truly hope that someone that can bring you answers and truth and that can bring justice to your daughter rallies around you and your family soon. Im so sorry.

  35. Mark Roush says:

    A point to ponder is responding to Jeff’s question to Jason’s urgency for cowen to go out to dinner with him when he just had a late dinner with Lindsay at 4pm. before I respond to Jason’s Urgency, I am Interested to know why Cowen did not appear on Dateline ? Was he threatened by the Zailo’s not to Appear ? I surmise Cowen is an Honest, Hardworking, Upright Citizen, Gullible, and can be easily Manipulated. Jason’s Persistent Request to Cowen to go out to “Dinner” was simply a Ruse created by Jason, Mainly for Jason’s Alibi, do to the fact that Jason parked his car under a Camera to meet Cowen in the parking Lot at SHC Autographx, as shown on the Video. And the Video is Interesting because it Appears as if Jason’s Looking straight up at the Camera to make sure that the Police can Easily Recognize him, because Jason Knows he will be sitting in the Saanich Police Department, to be Interrogated soon. Perhaps Jason’s Urgency was Twofold, Because Jason Appears to be a Mama’s Boy and a Coward, Perhaps Jason thought He would Cower under Pressure from the Police with there Interrogation of Him, and in his mind he needed Someone, Cowen to be there not only to Substantiate his Alibi, To be there for Emotional Support Also. There was Never going to be a Dinner with Cowen !!! and Jason Knew that !!! It would be Interesting to know what Cowen was thinking during his fateful journey with Jason that day. When someone, such as I, who got on the internet to search for SHC, the initial information about the business is basic, general information. what’s interesting to me is the business hours and it says Saturday 10am-5pm, but if you go to there actual Website the business hours for Saturday is by Appointment Only, 10am-2pm. What were there business hours on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008? Why did Jason “Supposedly” stay there for 1 hour? {4:30-5″30}. Why did Jason leave at 5:30 0n the dot? Did the “Keystone Cops” of Saannich investigate Jason’s motive for being there for 1hour? Did the “Keystone cops” of Saannich question the Owner of SHC and his Employees that were working that day concerning Jason’s Visit? Why did Jason direct Cowen to meet him, {Out of All Places} at SHC? Did Cowen go inside SHC?, or Was he Directed to Wait by Jason’s Car? The Video only shows Jason and Cowen apparently meeting at Jason’s car. Were there Video Cameras inside SHC? If so’ were they checked by Investigators to prove if Jason was Actually Inside SHC the Entire time {1hour} as he said he was? In Ending, I believe COWEN was an INNOCENT, {VICTIM of CIRCUMSTANCE} that was EXPLOITED by Jason Zailo to provide Emotional Support and a Stronger Alibi for him!!! ….In The End, All Roads Will Lead Back To The Zailo’s !!! My Prayers, JUSTICE FOR LINDSAY !!!

  36. Bill says:

    Oh the irony of those who post with nothing more than a thought or feeling that they are right regardless of any foundation in fact.

    What’s more important; to be right, or to have learned something you previously did not know?

    Thomas, to attempt to answer your question(s). Lindsay’s only reason of going back to her residence was to do just that. Now, we all can argue our position on any one aspect of what we have all been told, or we can deduce what is most likely the truth wrapped in deceit. If we are to consider the process of lying from a basic behavior stand point, then it is more than likely that Jason Zailo told the truth about this than not, as it is within the structure of the behavior to offer what the individual believes to be a non threatening foundation to the body of the lie itself. What we don’t know for sure is whether SPD was able to confirm this by way of surveillance footage or possibly just discovering a change of clothes left out at the foot of her bed.

    Studies have shown that women change their clothes an average of 3-4 times a day depending on the circumstances of their professions or their present surroundings.

    Proof of a life insurance policy; well Thomas you mention some statistics above of murder victims and those that are first on the scene of said murder, and that there is a statistical likelihood of their involvement. So is this your personal threshold for believing that the Zailo’s are responsible for Lindsay’s death? The fact is in Canada that no person who is named as beneficiary has any obligation to disclose to anyone that they indeed are as named. But this does not mean that the information is not available. As I have made perfectly clear, this new information came by way of a retired law enforcement officer, who is in no way connected to this murder investigation that I am aware of. Now, you and everyone else can dismiss whatever you want to, regarding the information I or anyone here has shared over the years. But…. I will ask the question once again; are you doing so because you choose to want to be right in your position? Or would it not serve us all to stay open mined to what someone else may know, that we do not?

    For all/any of you that have arrived here only days, weeks, months, or even a few years ago, let me state that you are at a bit of a disadvantage in that many many people have already posted and/or covered so much of what you are yourselves speculating over.

    Some of us have been with this case much longer and have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours during this time conversing and considering the possibilities with Lindsay”s murder.

    When I started here posting, I analyzed every angle I could. I researched the weather, creating a model for consideration. I mapped out where we believe all the players were, and timed out the travel and the routes of travel. Given my background I looked at alternative modes of travel to and from the island during this time. I looked at the choices of egress the murderers had at their disposal. I researched what protocols were employed for containment. Applied known methods of analysis to the syntax of the statements made by those involved. Spent hours and hours doing background research on some of these people to include such things as known acquaintances, personal lifestyle choices, spending habits, previous employers and reasons for leaving, investment in real estate. I even applied forensic tests where I could including the Luscher color test based on the choices of colours certain individuals chose to wear. And after 9 years, I am still seeking to learn what others have to say or think. Can you say the same Thomas?

    What is proof? Is it someone confessing? False confessions are real, are they not? Did Saddam Husein ever possess weapons of mass destruction? We now know that that was all a complete fabrication, yet the White House sold it and killed hundreds of thousands of people, and for what?

    This murder, Lindsay’s murder, continues to evolve into places we are still confused by. Having or believing that only certain people or events took place only stifles the efforts of everyone else who continue to put forth their ideas, or share new information.

    As 2019 approaches, I would ask that everyone remember, none of us knows with certainty why Lindsay was taken from us, moreover is that thinking, believing that “your” theory is the right one without keeping an open mind may keep you from that ah ha moment that could change everything.

    Jeff gets many many emails about this blog, and the associated theories. It is my pledge in Lindsay’s memory, that I will write at least one email a month to someone, anyone I can think of that may have some measure of influence to bring about a just conclusion for the Buziak’s and everyone who Lindsay’s life meant something to. Jeff will receive a copy of what and who I write, rather that just another go nowhere email.


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