Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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4,132 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Chantel says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss Mr. Buziak. I just became aware of this case last night, watching I.D. Your daughter, Lindsay, was absolutely beautiful and was just beginning her life. May she RIP. Also, Happy Belated Birthday, Lindsay!!🎈🎊🎉🎈🍰🎂🎈🍰🎂🎉🎊
    Also Mr. Buziak, I sincerely hope that you mailed that (comment you made above) letter to Chief Downie and Constable Chris Horsley.
    Lastly, out of all the theories, I alone, believe that Jason & his mother played a role. I have read comments on Reddit (by someone who has listened to all the podcasts about Lindsay’s case) & she stated that Shirley was very wealthy & bought Jason & Lindsay a house very early in their relationship (which I find odd). Seems like she really wanted Lindsay to stay with Jason & not leave him like what was suggested by her friends. I read Jason overheard Lindsay saying she was leaving him after all the real estate deals were wrapped up. He denies this. (😒😒) I believe both Jason & Shirley knew this & possibly knew she might want to go back to her ex, that’s why she seemed to shift blame on Lindsay’s ex on the Dateline episode. I just really believe they were in on it & if they were wealthy, they could definitely afford to cover it up.
    So sorry this is so lengthy, just wondering what your take is on this theory?? Because on Dateline, you did mention that you believed it was either Jason or her ex.
    Thank you for taking time out of your day to read & respond.
    Take care of yourself & God bless you!

  2. Dina Kim says:

    Have you tried personal readings with mediums?

  3. Dina Kim says:

    Has anyone looked into the possibility that her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend could have been upset that her boyfriend could go back to Lindsey?

    Also has or did anyone ever research work colleagues that could’ve been jealous of her work at the real estate agency and wanted her out of the way?

    • Robin says:

      Neither of those scenarios fit. It is much more sinister and corrupt. Jason overheard Lindsay telling her girlfriend she intended to leave Jason once some deals closed, jackass Jason was hiding behind a door listening to them, Lindsay caught him. Lindsay’s demise started right there. It is so obvious that Jason and his mother were behind Lindsay’s murder. They r gangsters parading around as real estate people. Lindsay told her Dad she saw something she shouldn’t have but would not say what. Whatever it was it scared Jason and his evil mother enough that they got very uptight with Lindsay wanting out of the Zailo fold. The secrets lie in the Zailo’s ugly hearts.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Well said Robin and bang on.

      • Following says:

        It is about the threat of losing big money or corruption with a jail sentence. Not a crime of passion for her to be leaving but a crime of “take this, you are stopped now”. It has too many players and steps to be because of Jason being left. This has more to do with some gravy train being interfered with. This is perhaps even Lindsay unknowingly getting involved with this family, realizing the level of corruption, even expressing that to Jason, moving her to plan her exit and Jason confiding to his mother shes leaving. There is big money in real estate, big opportunities for money laundering. In the states we now have a FinCen Disclosure to track cash sales. This is newish. Wonder if Canada had any document requirements for cash sales. Wonder how many cash sales were part of Jason’s and mothers transactions.

  4. Catherine says:

    Are the descriptions of the couple Lindsay met outside the house verified. By that I mean is the person who gave the descriptions trustworthy and did anyone else see these people? Seems strange that they have no car but were only seen outside the house and not getting in or out of a car?

  5. Jeff Buziak says:

    Lindsay Buziak 11/02/83 – 02/02/08 Murdered

    Dear Chief Downie

    Today is the day Lindsay was born in 1983 and not a day goes by I don’t think about her tragic loss and her vicious murder which remains unsolved since 02/02/08. Jerk-offs like your Constable Chris Horsley may think this is just another part day in the office for him and with his low brow intelligence judge me as mentally unstable then unapologetically threaten me but it’s not the case. I care and he needs to be disciplined and re-educated.
    I care for my children, for yours and all the other vulnerable young women out there who live in fear and rightly should because you people can’t seem to figure out how to outsmart some thugs and idiots. Do whatever you want to me, say whatever you want, I don’t care. I care about justice for my daughter and the safety of women out there who used to believe in you and rely on you for their safety and protection. How about doing something to show you care. How about some arrests.
    Chief Downie, this is fully your responsibility. This is your duty.
    Happy Birthday Lindsay Buziak.

    Jeff Buziak, father

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Please write Dr Phil explaining why a show is needed on Lindsay’s unsolved murder for your safety and peace of mind. Saanich police and politicians in BC don’t care about you or Lindsay’s murder or it would have been solved a long time ago. These authorities need to be exposed, as much as the people who conspired and killed Lindsay, for their “lackadaisical” attitude and approach towards Justice, safety and caring for the people they are hired/voted in to serve and protect.

      • Ed gonzalez says:

        Not sure how far you all are from the U.s. Border, has anyone reached out to the border patrol / immigration to see who may have crossed backed to the u.s. by car, or plane the day of the murder.. they swipe your passport everytime… there has to be a record of this somewhere, if the man and woman are mexican nationals, they may have passports.

    • Justice says:

      Happy Birthday Lindsay. The planet is a dreary place without you. We will not give up until w get justice, I promise.

    • Dona says:

      Happy Birthday to your angel Lindsay. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a horrible nightmare! She is such a beautiful girl. I watched the Dateline show about this. I believe that the boyfriend and his Mom were there. She probably wore a blonde wig. She has a very similar profile to the woman described. His actions were very suspect and he had her blood all over him. There is no way that there would not be a trail of blood leading from the scene with the way her murder has been described. The “friend” who was conveniently there with the boyfriend is involved as well. From what I’ve read in the comments from other people, these killers said that one of her clients referred them. How did these “Mexicans” know who her other client was or the name of another client of hers to say that is how they were referred if it wasn’t a set up by the boyfriend & his Mother? Their demeanor and body language on the show were that of guilty people and not people who truly cared about her. I also believe that the Mother lied about taking a walk with Lindsay and Lindsay saying that she was afraid of her ex boyfriend to her. Obviously she never said that to those she was closest to and that is something that she would share with her best friend. I would NEVER talk about my ex boyfriend to my current boyfriends Mother and I’m sure MOST women would agree that they wouldn’t either. So the FACT that she is lying about that to throw attention away from herself and her son points to guilt. Why would the police let someone go who was there at the scene with blood all over him? Why would he call 911 so quickly and tell them “the door was locked and he was going to break in”? He was already in the house and wanted the police to think that he couldn’t get in. That whole “break in” thing was staged.
      They are guilty and there are too many odd things that point right back to them.
      I will gladly write Dr. Phil and urge them to help.

  6. There is really no significance to the dress. I found it, and it came from a common store that is at the mall. A very small size, Shirley Zailo could never fit her fat ass in it. Some broad that didn’t own anything sophisticated to wear (possibly her wardrobe only had slutty things), went to a mall and bought a dress for the occasion. And if there was any DNA, fibers, etc. We will never know! Horsley wanted it bad, but also downplayed the significance of it. And Horsley would have burried any evidence if in fact they found anything.
    Everyone needs to realize that Horsley and Downie do not want Lindsay’s case solved or their lives would be over!

  7. Mary says:

    Please Continue to write Dr Phil. I send an email every two days begging him for help. Please take the time to send him a quick email as much as possible! Tell him your thoughts and it doesn’t take long. I feel we are so close to him taking Lindsay’s case on!

    Go to Dr. and click on the” contact the show link” on the top of the page and then the “email the show” link

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Thank you Mary and thank you to everyone who has written in to the Dr Phil Show. Please write again as the interest and determination we show will reflect on how much a show is needed. This will motivate the producers to work harder at making sure a show gets done. Continual writing by all of you will spur on support from Dr Phil show staff and Dr Phil himself. Again, thank you and please continue writing the Dr Phil show pleading to them to make a show on the horrific unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak.

    • Chantel says:

      I definitely will right now. And I will continue to do so once a week thereafter until Dr. Phil actually DOES a show on Lindsay!
      It’s not right because he has done many cases that are already solved! So why in the world would he not want to help Jeff & bring justice to Lindsay?!?!

  8. Kathleen Mathis says:

    I do feel that the detective has a laxidasical attitude toward this case. There are many details they didn’t look into. Why not try to find the stores that sell that dress? Look online, look in local stores, ask in a public forum if anyone has the same dress and where they bought it. Go from there. Didn’t anyone have security cameras in the neighborhood? What kind of car did they drive/how did they get to the house? If they shook Lindsay’s hand, wouldn’t their fingerprints be on her hand? Since they stabbed her, they probably put their hands on her shoulder/neck area to hold her still. Didn’t the boyfriend see a car outside of the house? I could go on…I hope your daughter’s murder is solved and you get some closure and peace soon!

    • Kathleen Mathis says:

      One of my first thoughts was Jason’s mother…look into her!!

    • Robert Mahon says:

      I read your posting and I thought you’re onto something there since they keep talking about that dress that dress could be the key you made a lot of very good points you sure you’re not a detective LOL but I agree with you

  9. Lovisa och Emelie says:

    Hi Jeff how can i contact The Saanich Police and tell them what i think. I am from Sweden and I am not great at writing in english so sorry If I get the words wrong. I want to know why Horsley still is a detective? Does’nt The Police force have somekind off respect and pride for there work? They should be ashamed and fire him. And get someone who wants to solve this case. I feel sick when i heard about this. It is so wrong. Jeff Buziak you are an Amazing person.

  10. Brian says:

    Incase you missed 60 Minutes last Sunday on DNA cold cases here’s the link. I would be pressing them hard to see why they haven’t sent any of their DNA evidence to this place who solved the cold case of the young Victoria couple as well as the California case. They are working on tech that’s able to predict face shape/hair color/ethnicity etc. It’s despicable the treatment you have gotten and this whole thing stinks. Hope something breaks soon for you.

  11. Ray Anna says:

    What has me confused is that they were able to find out where the burner phone was bought, but did they ever question the store clerks at that time to see what they had seen?

    • Robin says:

      I think it might have been because too much time had past. The burner phone was bought in Vancouver and probably November or December 2007. The Zailo’s and the other Mfkrs were planning this ever since JZ overheard Lindsay telling her girlfriend that she wanted to leave him as soon as some deals closed. Not sure if you have ever read but Dickhead Jason was hiding behind a door listening in on Lindsay’s conversation with her friend Nikki. Lindsay heard a noise and checked and there the dickless ahole was behind the door listening. After that Lindsay’s demise started to be plotted.

    • Janice Thomas says:

      Horsley refuses to give any information to the family of the murder victim. The only information the family has access to is what is in the conflicting reports to the public in many confusing press releases. We would hope that they followed up in Vancouver. We suspect that they did not do a very good job since they are not accustomed to investigating complicated murders. They should have called in for assistance from more experienced investigators immediately after securing the crime scene especially since the lead detectives just retired the night before. According to a witness driving the ambulance, They put up tape but let everyone walk all over the crime scene without booties, etc. When a murder is committed in a small town like the In the US, the State Police and FBI get called immediately because they are better trained and have more resources. Egos do not get involved; the victim is put first and foremost. Now it is almost 11 years and no suspects. Why aren’t they classifying it as a cold case. I believe it is because when that happens, more of the evidence will be released and they are protecting themselves and others. That is my opinion. Maybe they are just totally incompetent and have no motive. Is that really possible?

  12. Brittany Brown says:

    Jeff, I have emailed the authorities at the addresses you left in earlier comments about the case hoping they help you and give you relief. I watched your beautiful daughters case on True Crime Daily and it caught my attention. Someone knows something and there is always more that can be done. It isnt fair for you to go to sleep every night not having peace for your little girl. My father hasnt always been present. So to see such a loving father as yourself, it pains me to know you had an amazing daughter taken away. Good luck and I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I hope you get the answers you seek and justice for your little girl.
    Love from NC in USA

    • Robin says:

      Yah NC…we need u. Hey do you know my friend Karen, she lives in NC too………………just kidding. It’s so good that you care about Lindsay and Jeff, we all want this solved yesterday. Did u eml Dr. Phil too. If not please do because he may be doing a show about Lindsay’s unsolved murder. It would be so great if u would send him an eml too. Just in case u know my friend Karen tell her I said Hi….lol

      • Brittany Brown says:

        What would Karens last name be? you can email me if you aren’t comfortable putting it on here. But I do know a few Karen’s. lol. I am from between Raleigh, the capital of NC, and Wilson, NC.
        To answer your other question I did not email Dr.Phil but I will certainly do that now. My fiance and I were talking and even he said, if he knew I was asking him to come to that house because I was scared or nervous, he would’ve gotten out and come in as soon as he got there. He wouldn’t have sat in the car for over 20 minutes waiting. So I just think someone knows SOMETHING about this case and people need to fess up and be held accountable.I pray this case is solved fast and this poor father gets to finally have some sense of peace knowing the people responsible are being held accountable finally.

  13. Alex says:

    It has been almost 11 years. We are all aware of who may have been responsible and now it’s time to take action. Emails and phone calls to the police chief , Mayor , premier , etc is what each and everyone of us needs to be doing – We need to see arrests being made – the more emails and calls received , the closer we will get to arrests. I think it’s beautiful to see all the support and love given to Jeff Buziak. Having said that , let’s all send emails and make inquiries on a weekly basis until we see some arrests. In honour of Lindsay I will be doing it !

  14. Dirty politicians says:

    I really think that Lindsay saw something or knew too much, and with her leaving Jason, they didn’t want to take the chance of her not saying something. I think that the Z’s are guilty, and SZ told somebody in politics that was involved in the covered up BC Rail scandal and the raid on the legislature, that if she and her sons are not cleared that she will sing like a bird.

  15. Jeff Buziak says:

    A Reality

    It’s interesting how Saanich police continue to inform me, in various ways, how a murder investigation works and how I should understand and respect their role, their job, who they are and how they go about their duty. Okay, let’s look at this as it is quite easy to see what is wrong with their unrealistic expectations of me and all you wonderful individuals concerned, fed-up with Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

    Police Duty: Police are responsible for maintaining public safety and security by enforcing the law.

    Detective: a person, especially a police officer whose occupation is to investigate and solve crimes.

    This is clear and indisputable. Are Saanich Police doing this in Lindsay Buziak’s murder investigation? No.

    I have a duty at my work as do you at what you do. We accomplish what we are supposed to do in an expected timely manner or we get reprimanded, fired or not paid. Police have evolved their roles in this simple equation themselves, they now administer themselves, Do Not take any responsibility for a timely manner, and are accountable to only themselves. The huge problem is that we pay them. They effectively work for us and are accountable for our safety and security. They are supposed to be accountable and responsible to us. They are supposed to be providing us safety and security. Funny they don’t respect or acknowledge any of this but want us to respect them?

    Let’s look at this from a normal perspective with Lindsay’s murder as an example. I’ll list out the highlights in point form:

    A wonderful young woman senselessly and viciously murdered while at work Feb 2, 2008.
    10 plus years with no arrests and no suspects publicly named.
    Initial primary suspects publicly cleared.
    2 Mayors as head of the Police Board.
    3 Police Chiefs.
    4 Heads of Lindsay’s unsolved investigation file.
    No results, updates or timeline goals.

    Please tell me if this equates to anything acceptable where you work or what is required as Police Duty or of a detective as defined above? This is more akin to curing cancer with a never ending supply of money required to fuel the machine but even cancer researchers are making advances and saving countless lives accomplishing their goals. What are Saanich police accomplishing with Lindsay Buziak’s murder investigation? NOTHING. What would happen to you if all you did was go to work each day, shuffle paper, attend meetings, go to lunches, train, take courses but never accomplish anything but become good at making up new explanations and excuses why you haven’t? We all know that answer.

    Saanich police can’t seem to grasp this complex, to them not us, understanding of life, work and their responsibility to the public they are duty bound to serve. We have allowed them to become a lazy, ineffective, protected group accountable only to themselves. I don’t know about you but I am not prepared to stand for that no matter how many times they explain, blame or threaten me.

    I believe their goal most days is to dream up new excuses, explanations and reasons why they don’t accomplish anything except catch speeders with a radar gun and apprehend errant domestic animals. They want to put in time unnoticed to collect a pay check which leads to retirement as shown above. They scheme on how to shut me/us down and thwart all public efforts to see they, the police, solve Lindsay’s murder and are held accountable if they don’t.

    They sure as hell aren’t doing their duty or job by solving Lindsay’s murder. Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved year after year after bloody year. Saanich Police or the province of British Columbia are not maintaining public safety and security by enforcing the law. The conspirators and killers of Lindsay Buziak are walking around free amongst us. Is that safety and security? Certainly not in my books or any that I have read and studied.

    We need to hold them responsible and each year they fail at their duty, we, need to increase our pressure on them to do their duty. I aim to see that happen and invite everyone to join me in any way you can even if it is writing emails to the people mentioned below.

    Mayor of Saanich
    Richard Atwell.

    Attorney General
    David Eby

    Chief of Saanich Police
    Bob Downie

    Premier of B.C.
    Mr. John Horgan

    Minister of Public Safety
    Mr. Mike Farnsworth

    Please do this for Lindsay🥀

  16. Debee says:

    I know th Police said the couple used a burner fone, but was/is it possible to track where th couple were at th time of placing th calls to Lindsays’ fone? Now if there was a way to do this, more answers would come.. Hope answers, justice for Lindsay comes real soon. What a tremendous loss to all who knew her. And a loss to those who didnt get th chance. But all can be her voice to get th answers and justice she truly deserves.
    Keeping th family in my thoughts..

  17. Jeff Buziak says:

    A sad parody for sports fans that represents reality.

    Greater Victoria’s Lindsay Buziak
    Murder Mystery Championship

    This Annual Championship takes place in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada located on the west coast of Canada on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is an idyllic place to live, play and conduct business in one of the nicest settings and climates in all of Canada.
    The series kicked off February 2, 2008 with the savage murder of real estate agent Lindsay Buziak while showing a property at 1702 Desousa Place in Saanich a bedroom community of Victoria, BC.
    For the past ten years running the LBMM Championship has been won by Team Lowlife Loser Goofs. Each year they have taken it upon themselves to absolutely annihilate and embarrass Team Law Enforcement Justice. Team Lowlife Loser Goofs have an untouched record of effortlessly out gunning and outsmarting poorly lead Team Law Enforcement Justice.
    Let’s have a look at the teams:

    The Champions Team Lowlife Loser Goofs
    Team Manager-no one knows for sure and certainly unknown by team LEJ
    Team Leader-no one knows for sure and certainly unknown by team LEJ
    Players-typical lowlife Victoria goofs, drug dealers, addicts, thieves, cons, business people, friends of cops and politicians but all evil and criminals. One of their star players the brilliant low IQ scoring forward Vid “Super Loser” Acevedo, Players have remained the same for the past ten years of the championship.

    The Annual Losers Team Law Enforcement Justice
    Owners: Saanich Municipality
    CEO: Saanich Police Board head Mayor Atwell preceded by Frank Leonard
    Team Manager: Chief Bob Downie preceded by Chief Mike Chadwick, Chief Derek Egan
    Head Coach: Chris “3 Jobs” Horsley preceded by Rob McColl, Craig Samson, Ross Poulton
    Players and Team Support: Saanich police finest detectives highly trained police officers with all the latest crime solving methods, strategies, equipment and electronics including guns and badges, Saanich police board and Saanich Municipal Council, the Mayors of Greater Victoria, the other four police forces of Greater Victoria, the world famous RCMP, the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit, The Attorney General Of BC David Eby, The Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnsworth, The Premier of BC John Horgan, The Laws of BC, The Laws of Canada, The Justice System, The BC Government, The BC Crown Prosecutors Office.

    This annual Championship culminates with a parade, The Lindsay Buziak Walk For Justice, Press releases and interviews and an award ceremony after the parade at Saanich Municipal Hall where the winning team is reluctantly praised and the constant losers Team Law Enforcement Justice chastised, laughed at and criticized by all.

    The prize is huge for the annual winners for the past ten years Team Lowlife Loser Goofs. These lucky winners the last ten years have been awarded freedom, lawlessness, pride of winning every year and an unbeaten-unchallenged record, free reign of Greater Victoria, open criminal activity without impunity, drug dealing, murder, violence, extortion, prostitution, theft, robbery, etc….including the ability to threaten, assault, murder, destroy families and extort all citizens with the protection of losing Team Law Enforcement Justice. And sadly, the unpunished vicious murder and life of a wonderful young woman Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak.

    The consolation prizes for the losers Team Law Enforcement Justice: Large public salaries, all employment benefits including health care, dental, sick leave and of course generous pensions, overtime, time off in lieu of overtime, uniforms, guns, badges, massages, chiropractors, counselling, paid training, impunity from the law to operate their own side deals, vehicles, air conditioned work place, computers, allowances and of course generous holidays.

    This Championship baffles everyone and puts the fear into the hearts and minds of every resident of Greater Victoria because of the continual embarrassing losing by Team Law Enforcement Justice.
    People ask what is going on? Don’t Team Law Enforcement Justice even care? Are they being paid off to lose annually by Team Lowlife Loser Goofs?
    People are now saying we need a new team to oppose the Lowlife Loser Goofs, more transparency, more effort, better leadership, new leadership. Dismantle Team Law Enforcement Justice because they only know how to lose.
    Something drastic needs to be done as we approach the end of the 10th season with Team Lowlife Loser Goofs looking to be the clear leaders to take yet annother championship finale and retain their crown and unbeaten streak!
    Without a doubt heads must roll starting with Team Law Enforcement Justice Head Coach Chris “3 Jobs” Horsley and followed by the team manager.
    Something Serious Must Be Done!

  18. michael89123 says:


    Shirley was laying in wait in the house and was the killer. The large number of stab wounds points to a crime of passion and by someone who knew Lindsay.

    Lindsay had mentioned that she saw something at work that she wasn’t suppose to see; I’ll wager it had to do with drugs; money — she probably saw a huge payoff; a delivery of drugs; or a house full of drugs that hadn’t been moved out on time — and Lindsay stumbled across them.

    A house of Shirley’s had been busted in the past and A TON of drugs had been seized by the cops. Did a paranoid Shirley believe that Lindsay had something to do with the police raid — perhaps believing that Lindsay had called the police about that thing that “she wasn’t suppose to see.”

    Michelle Lum was the caller (with the funny Spanish accent) who telephoned Lindsay and also was 1/2 of the couple who visited Lindsay at the house. Shirley was probably standing right next to Michelle Lum when she made the call to Lindsay, and Shirley coached Michelle as to what to say to sound knowledgeable and to explain to Lindsay how she happened to have Lindsay’s contact information.

    Michelle Lum lived very close to the house where Lindsay was murdered and the back fence of the show house had been broken out in advance — so that Shirley, Michelle, and the fake husband could sneak through it after they received the “all’s clear” signal from Jason (Shirley’s son and Lindsay’s boyfriend).

    The all’s clear signal from Jason was when he moved his car from outside the house (as he was supposedly there to give comfort to Lindsay as Lindsay was apprehensive about the “Mexican” couple) to around the block.

    Shirley then cleaned up at Michelle’s house (or removed her haz-mat suit and cleaned up a little); waited for the police to show up and a crowd to from; and then Shirley drove up to the crime scene in an attempt to give herself an alibi as if she just arrived from her home; miles away.

    A LOT of drug dealers hide their assets in expensive real-estate purchases. This would explain why Shirley so willy-nilly purchased a million dollar house for Jason and Lindsay when they had only been dating for a few weeks — she needed to launder more drug money.

    The house that the police raided — that was filled with a ton of drugs — was also a million dollar home that Shirley owned — and let a known drug dealer live at — which, of course, Shirley claimed that she had no knowledge of ….

    I’d like to see the police pull the cell phone records of Shirley at the time of the murder — I’ll bet it pings at a tower near the house of the crime scene and NOT at her Shirley’s home. And ask for rent receipts from the drug dealer who was living in Shirley’s million dollar rental. I’ll be he can’t produce any as Shirley was certainly allowing him to live there for free as they were partners in running and dealing drugs.

    Unfortunately, they probably have so much money that they have paid off the police — which is why nothing has ever been done with this case.

    I believe that Michelle Lum is the week link and if she were facing years in prison (as she is still a drug dealer and they could arrest her and charge her with being a habitual felon etc. — but they won’t) she would spill the beans if given immunity and a new identity and relocated to a new city.

    • Sally says:

      Paying off the police is not enough here. That’s peanuts to a doughnut-dunking high roller. The police are making tons of money in the same businesses as the murderers, the Zailo’s.
      Perhaps Michelle Lum will be interested in the reward money.
      She needs to contact Jeff and start the negotiations.
      Thank you for any and all help you’ve provided. It’s very nice to see there are people who really care.

      • Robin says:

        Michelle Lum does not have a conscience but I heard she does have a blonde wig.

        Dear Michelle,

        Wouldn’t your Grandfather be proud of you Michelle? I’m sure he’s looking down on you with the same disgust we all have for you, you sure do not contribute to society like he did, frankly you take, take, take and ruin society for others. Shame on you. What about this letter you wrote him after he died in 2007, just bullshit I guess.

        I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching if you will and have seriously been contemplating going back to school. I’m not sure what I will take yet but know I want to do something that will make a difference in this world just like you did.
        So watch over me and the rest of our family and know you will never be forgotten. You will be in my heart forever, your the very best grandpa anyone could have ever wished for, thankyou for being mine.
        Michelle Lum, Victoria

        How’s that promise going Michelle? It’s 11 years later, any positive updates, oh gee it was 2008 when you helped Shirley Zailo lure Lindsay to her death, and you wrote that letter to Grandpa when he died in July 2007.
        So did you take money laundering 101 from Shirley Zailo, drug dealing 101 and from Ziggy? Wouldn’t Grampy be proud of YOU
        Btw Michelle Grandpa would be able to recognize you in the blonde wig. Yes, even in heaven.

        Ed Lum seemed to be a fabulous citizen and made Victoria a better place. God Bless him.

        Part of Ed Lum’s Obituary

        For many years, Ed and his family operated Ed Lum’s Greenhouses in Saanich. Besides operating a successful business, Ed dedicated his life to community service. He was a founding and lifetime member of the Chinatown Lions Club. Ed served on Saanich Council as an Alderman for ten years, and as Mayor of Saanich from 1974 to 1977. He was the second Mayor of Chinese descent to be elected in Canada. Ed was especially proud of his accomplishments in office including the doubling of parkland and playgrounds, the development of Swan Lake Park, securing the Canada Post sorting station for Saanich, the creation of the Meals on Wheels program and initiating the Strawberry Festival. Ed was an elder in the Chinese Presbyterian Church. Ed was an avid gardener and lovingly tended his flower gardens. Ed is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Rose, his children Janice (Ken), Wendy (Bernie) and Mark (Julie). He was predeceased by his son Glenn (Rita). He also leaves his loving grandchildren Andrew, Michelle, Ashley, Kassondra and great granddaughter Zoe.

        Let’s hope the other grandchildren turned out better than Michelle.

    • TimeForChange says:

      I would say that is pretty bang on. Just a few thoughts though: If SZ was the one that murdered Lindsay I think that one of the Mexicans delivered the first blow from behind rendering Lindsay immobile by severing her spinal cord. The mexicans had to be people that Lindsay would not recognize keeping in mind that Victoria is a very small city with a lot of circles mixing in the night club scene. I think that the person who called to set up the viewing of the murder house was Shirley Zailo as she was caught red handed late one night after the murder making a call to one of Lindsay’s close friends using a fake accent. I think that she was trying to intimidate this friend into not saying anything about what they knew, for instance, that Lindsay was planning on leaving Jason contrary to what the Zailo’s reported to the police. Jeff talks of SZ threatening a group of Lindsay’s friends while in a car together during the funeral proceedings. The checking of the cell phone records is a good idea and I would bet that Shirley’s phone is shown to be pinging off of a tower close to the murder scene too probably placing her where she says she is not. I wonder if the SPD has even done that.

      • Mary says:

        Now my question for you Micheal, is this a theory, or do you actually know this to bed true? And can you tell us how you know? Thanks for your post Interesting

    • Robin says:

      Well thought out and I have thought very much like you have here. I believe it could only be Shirley Zailo who could muster up that kind of hate. Lindsay’s beauty and her great personality were something SZ could only wish for. Most likely she seethed with hate especially when she did not want to stay with her prize possession, Dumbo 🐘. So sad that Lindsay got fooled by the $$$ and bullshit. Wolves in cheap clothing is what those Zailo’s are.
      You have absolutely nailed Jason’s part in Lindsay’s demise. No academy awards for Dumbo. What a fkin asshole. The worst. They must live in doom and gloom when they r together knowing what they have done. Payday for them is going to be shear hell, it’s coming there way. Michelle Lum, I think u r correct. She would be in her blonde wig that day, skank. They exited out that broken fence, thru the hedge and into Terry Shein’s waiting van. If anyone is not clear on the exit plan listen to the podcast Casefile 28, it is explained very well. It is the only place I have ever heard it explained. TS would have taken the knife and bloody hazmat suit with him to the ferry or maybe that was Paul Bergshoeff’s job. Joe DeSousa must have known exactly what happened, he would have been there til SZ got in the house around 5 pm. He probably kicked out those 3 boards himself, what a liar saying it was the painters. FU Joe Greaseball DeSousa. What was Paul Bergshoeff’s part in this? Other than SZ’s whipping post/driver. Funny how he has Fkd off back to the Netherlands isn’t it? I’d run like hell too if I had screwed the witch. Idiot. SZ did not drive back to the house after the murder, she walked did she not? Where the fk was she? Close by? Maybe at Michelle Lum’s place which was, a short walk thru a park right to the murder house. All these low life scumbags didn’t jump off and say “No way do I want to be involved in murdering a beautiful girl with so much to live for, not one of you Fk up’s. Just wait til the day comes to pay, you’ll pay on earth and again when u leave earth. I hope Lindsay haunts u disgusting pos in your dreams. Justice is coming someday, somehow, someway u can count on that.
      One other thing I’m wondering about has Chris Horsley been involved in Lindsay’s murder since day one? So many Chief’s have come and gone what about Horsley’s position in this? Could someone tell me if he has been the one constant cop here? If so maybe he is the one getting paid off by these lowlife drug dealers. You know I don’t give a shit what drug dealers do, they are not part of my world but murdering Lindsay crossed a line that I can’t accept. This can only be the work of someone filled with hate and that screams Shirley Zailo and Ziggy. Let’s not forget the pos who is the lawyer for these assholes, you’re a real lowlife too Brad Hickford.

      • Sally says:

        What stands out to me is how many people have knowledge of Lindssy’s Murder. It’s incredible and very unusual for this many people to be involved.
        Someone has already done the right thing and came on this site and started the dialogue.
        It’s time for someone to contact Jeff and have a heart to heart.

    • Dina Kim says:

      Just makes complete sense!

  19. Robin says:

    Hello Everyone
    It’s time to send emls again…we need to stay at these people because no one is in jail for the savage murder of Lindsay. We need to keep the pressure on the following people. Please take the time to write 1 or all of them.

    Mayor of Saanich
    Richard Atwell.

    Attorney General
    David Eby

    Chief of Saanich Police
    Bob Downie

    Premier of B.C.
    Mr. John Horgan

    Minister of Public Safety
    Mr. Mike Farnsworth

    We do this for Lindsay🥀

  20. Kunoichi says:

    Emailed the show. I can’t wait for a national audience to see this case and ridiculously shameful mismanaged investigation. Almost need 2 episodes to explain it all. So many twists and turns but they all lead to one destination family.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:


  22. Jeff Buziak says:

    Huge Request Everyone Please

    I was contacted late today by an Executive Producer of the Dr Phil Show about being on the show. As usual with these people they are non-committal so this is where everyone needs to help out.
    PLEASE, please write an email to the Dr Phil Show pleading they do a show on The Unsolved Murder of Lindsay Buziak. Tell them action and arrests are long overdue and something really smells bad with the investigation.
    Also mention there are millions of Canadian viewers and we would really appreciate a show.
    Please Do It Now.

    Thank you

    Jeff Buziak

    • Mary says:

      This is what I said we needed from the start! I sent my email to Dr Phil pleading with him to help get this case solved. For Lindsay, her family, and the community! It has been long over due. As a daily Dr. Phil viewer I know that the more letters he gets the more he will pay attention to this. I can promise this will not be another wasted letter! Please Please Please email the Show- the more letters he receives the better chance that this case finally gets solved! Please support and pass this along to anyone and everyone you know cares and will email.

      Go to
      on the top section it will give you an option to contact Dr. Phil and then another one to email the show

      • Mary says:

        I should also say it took me less than 5 minutes to type out the letter. Please send one ASAP with follow ups as I intend to do everyday!

    • Robin says:

      When you choose the behaviour
      You also choose the consequences

      Says Dr. Phil

      Boy oh boy Jeff could we use Dr. Phil… email has been sent!

    • AH says:


      Jeff and others, any thoughts around the upcoming Saanich municipal election? I remember being full of new hope when Attwell was elected last round. I would like to support individuals that are not part of the “old boys club” of Saanich and the surrounding areas and of course any people that are looking to put pressure on the SPD and solve this case.

      • TimeForChange says:

        Last year I spent a lot of time talking to Mayor Richard Atwell during the Justice for Lindsay annual walk. He has attended this walk every year I believe. According to Mayor Atwell he was harrassed by the SPD just prior to the last election and after as well. They pulled him over about 4 times for no reason at all. Each time they made him blow into a breathalyzer with a result of 0.00 each time. They would say things like, ” well, well, if it isn’t Richard Atwell” as they were approaching the vehicle. Is that not criminal harassment? It’s like something out of a bad B movie. He completely understands the problem with the “old boys club”, has experienced it first hand, and I believe he will, if given time and the support he needs, tackle this problem. I would recommend voting for him and the councillors he needs to support him ( United for Saanich ) Kathleen Burton, Karen Harper, Ian Jessop and Corey Montgomery.

        • Bob-from-the-island says:

          I’ve never trusted the Saanich police.. There has been a few cases over the years where they showed a great deal of ignorance of the law. Two people I know of went to court and the SPD lost. One was in the media, another was an acquaintance.. Both similar circumstances and not connected to one another.
          Then there was the speeding motorcycle fiasco. remember that?
          Some rocket scientist thought it would be a good idea to take his motorcycle out with no plates and speed up the trans Canada from Saanich to somewhere near Langford splitting lanes and riding like an ass exceeding 160Km/h then put it on youtube. The saanich police find out who it was they go to seize the motorcycle without a warrant and sell the bike at auction before they guy sees a judge. They lost that case too.
          Most saanich police I’ve met are not very approachable in my opinion, they just have this Aura of darkness around them.
          One example that is anecdotal of course. I was walking into tim Hortons on Douglas near hillside I’m behind two cops in a crowded line right to the door one is from Victoria the other is from Saanich. The Victoria cop sees me says “Hello” the Saanich cop looks at me like I’m going to try something. Not the first time either. I’ve walked into tim’s with saanich police having their lunch and get scowling looks from them, I’m not the only one they do it too.
          When I moved to this area a long time ago I just always had a odd feeling around saanich police.
          I’ve never been arrested nor do I have a criminal record, I don’t even have a speeding ticket. Why do I feel this way about them? Am I alone on that?

    • Rj Matton says:

      I wanted to commend you sir on how you never gave up .I will email the Dr. Phil show I would suggest you don’t refer to them as these people you know Dr. Phil doesn’t like that not to correct your grammar or tell you what to say but I’d like to see you as a guest on his show with your best foot forward.
      And I do believe he will do the show

    • Bill says:

      What is their email address?

    • Chantel says:

      Done today Nov. 4th 2018
      God bless you Jeff! We will help in any way we can to get justice for Lindsay! RIP Lindsay. We have all grown to love you, even those of us that never got the pleasure of meeting you!

  23. Robin says:

    I can agree with the part that the killer was brought to the island, Vid picked up at ferry the night before and person stayed at Vid’s. After the murder the murderer left house with other two thru patio door, they went thru the hedge and into neighbours (terry shein’s) mini van. Terry was waiting and ready. Terry had asked his kid to come from Vancouver on later ferry which worked perfect for his alibi, picking up kid but also dropping off killer and couple. They also took knife and bloody clothes with them. They got on ferry son got off of. That idiotic Saanich Police dept couldn’t complete a 5 yr olds connect the dot puzzle together let alone Lindsay Buziak’s savage murder. The Zailo’s arranged Lindsay’s demise. Their behaviours scream that! I’d turn those fuckers upside down and inside out for answers same with that pos Vid. The answers r there but Horsley and Downie are obviously stopping these rotten earthbound mistakes to not answer for the murder of a young beautiful girl who had her whole life ahead of her. They will pay one day, no doubt about that. I hope all the players have a poison turkey and dog shit stirred into the gravy and donkey cum in the potatoes. If they ever show up where I work that’s what I’m prepared to do. Don’t have a happy thanksgiving Jason and Shirley Zailo. 👹👺.. devil people.

    • Pride&Prejudice says:

      I agree with everything you said 100%!
      The only way I could see adequate justice is th demise of Jadon or Ryan (preferably Jason) and SZ to live with that, knowing her actions caused her own kids death. AND, for the dirty cops HORSLEY AND DOWNIE, to be prosecuted for their involvement and be thrown in jail wherein the inmate’s would certainly make sure their own form of justice be carried out on those 2 gangster, despicable/criminals (posing as cops), and their families would see who they REALLY ARE!!!!

  24. Alex Rzepa says:

    I sent chief Bob Downie an email yesterday and received an email back from another person stating “ chief Downie has no information for you”. When I emailed before a few times inquiring about the status of the murder ( as I expressed to them it’s been 11 years and I would like To see some arrests) At that time he emailed me and told me he wasn’t allowed to speak to me about the case as it’s police business only. And now there is no info. Is there no info for me or is are no info at all ? I am genuinely confused If they aren’t going to make arrests why don’t they just tell us that ? I think the Saanich PD should be updating Lindsay’s family 1 x per month. I guess they aren’t doing anything and don’t plan to make arrests. I don’t know at this point. It is frustrating me because I’m always putting myself in her Fathers shoes as I have 3 young daughters. The reality is , the police don’t want to make arrests because If they did they would have already as its been over 10 years. This entire thing is wrong and makes me sad and frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas as to what we can all do to get some arrests ? I am willing to do it. I need people’s input. I tried to reach out to the police and they basically told me to fuck off on a few occasions. I just want to see arrests and I want jeff to see the murderers brought to justice. Thank you !

    • Robin says:

      Everyone show up to MARCH on Feb. 2, 2019.
      It’s time to send a message to OUR government that we r not happy people. Time to stand up and be heard!! Everyone should be outraged about many things in this province. Show up for Lindsay!! She needs US.

    • Robin says:

      After so many emls from the same person Alex that seems to be what happens. I now get that response from Attorney General David Eby. You need to find a new jerk off to complain to. They r a dime a dozen you shouldn’t have trouble finding one.

  25. Well, I just want to offer a moment of prayer for the Buziak family on this Thanksgiving weekend. Holidays are especially painful for families who have lost a loved one to murderers and I try to think of these families on these occasions.

  26. Oculus says:

    For many years I’ve been visiting this blog on a casual basis to read comments, glean some facts. and to generally be entertained with the gossip. Within this span of years I’ve formed some opinions based on my knowledge of crime and the criminal mindset. Last but not least I have some opinions on this very crime itself – The horrific Lindsay Buziak slaying.

    I have a pretty decent sixth sense when it comes to matters such as these because, I myself, have a criminal past. In fact, I know virtually every villain named within the pages of this very blog. Although I never conducted business with virtually any of them I do know their psyche and what, or what they’re not, capable of. We move about in different circles. I will say an un-named police agency made contact with me years ago to query me about Lindsay’s murder, but at that time I was of the opinion it was the work of Jason Zailo. They replied that they thought so too.

    Fast forward to today and I’ve mulled this case over in my mind countless times. I’ve since changed my mind about who did it and would like to share my theory. Forgive me if I get some of the timeline mixed up but the real crux of my theory is in detail. I’ll break down my thoughts into points:

    1. Murders such as these; murders for hire, especially sophisticated ones, are expertly choreographed. They are not random or charged to amateurs.There can be no margin for error.

    Conclusion: I extremely doubt anyone within these pages has the wit to pull off such an orchestrated hit. Like I mentioned previously, I know most of the players and intelligence is sorely lacking. Therefore it is my theory that the killer(s) were sourced abroad but it was conspired locally.

    This plan often works with great success because typically the assassin hired is from some back woods town or village, is very desperate, and typically has a clean criminal record. Whom better to carry out a violent crime such as this?

    To end, I implore, if too much time has not passed, is for Jeff and all of us to press authorities to give this angle a look. If nothing else, press authorities harder and be more critical. They are not doing a good job.

  27. Robin says:

    Same experience Jeff has with the Saanich PD. Salt in a wound for these parents. Not OK

    “Why do you get upset? Why do you not give us right information?” Priscilla said she asked the police.

    Her relationship with the RCMP has changed since then, she said. She no longer trusts them, and they have stopped regularly updating her on the case, she said.

    “I don’t even know why they’re there,” she said. “I don’t think they’re doing their job.”

  28. Justice says:

    Here is the latest news about the Victoria Police Chief who was fired yesterday. He has a very colorful last. This is great reading that shows is how corrupt the police are including a police Chief. Drugs, murder and the police go hand in hand around these parts folks.

    • Justice says:

      Sorry he was fired last year but the investigation has been ongoing and that was reported today. Here is a comment: 1 comment:

      trailrunner78October 3, 2018 at 9:08 AM
      “Does that means cops who sell pot are not allowed to enter the US?”

      It may well. Regardless of how many states (I think it’s 7 or 8 or something like that) have legalized weed at the state level, this has nothing to do with Federal law, where weed is still a Schedule 1 drug. In their eyes, this douchebag doing consulting for a company like that wouldn’t be much different that someone providing security consulting services for one of the cartels. The question is, do they know that he’s involved in this? They may not, they may just have him down in the system as a Canadian police officer for all the years he was one, but no recent update as to his present activities in the drug trade.

      All of that might change if someone picked up the phone and dropped a dime on him. :biggrin: It wouldn’t even require that kind of directness, an FOIA (FReedom of Information Act) request to the DEA
      for any information they may have regarding Frank Eisner, Andy Richards et al and their current employment. IF they had none before, they would after they received that request. Registered mail has to be signed for, they couldn’t claim later they never received that request, and they know that when they open it up, read it, and see that they already signed for it. Imagine Eisner showing up out at YVR to pre-clear US Customs and Immigration on this way to Hawaii or something with the family and being told he’s barred from entry. The family goes to Hawaii without him. LOL.

      Speaking of former Canadian LEO’s who need to be barred entry into the USA, I wonder what Jim Brown’s status is?

  29. Strength In Numbers says:

    The Victim

    What often gets lost when a crime goes unsolved for as long as Lindsay’s murder has, is that there is a victim of that crime. People tend to forget that a 24-year old woman named Lindsay Buziak had her life taken from her on February 2, 2008. Lindsay was the victim of the crime of murder. This crime was committed against her will. If someone had asked Lindsay the question, “Do you choose to live or die”, she would definitely have said, “I choose to live”. She didn’t want to die, but she wasn’t given a choice. Her killers chose for her. They chose to end her life.

    According to Saanich police, Lindsay was stabbed at least one time. What could one stab wound do to a beautiful young woman who was vibrant and full of life? It could make her cry out in pain as it sliced through her flesh. It could cause her to bleed profusely. It could disfigure her. It could take her breath from her. It could sever her spinal cord, pierce her heart, puncture her lung, cut through one of her organs, or sever one of her arteries. One stab wound could take Lindsay Buziak’s life. Just one.

    Regardless of the number of times Lindsay was stabbed, the attack on her was brutal enough to take her life. She died on the evening of February 2, 2008 as a result of that attack. She lost enough blood that a large portion of the flooring in the master bedroom at 1702 De Sousa Place was removed as evidence. In addition, a significant patch of subflooring had to be painted over to cover her blood after police had finished gathering evidence. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the attack on Lindsay was brutal and that she suffered should have their heads examined.

    Lindsay wasn’t given the chance to fight for her life. An accurate word to describe her killers is “cowards”. A very simple word with a very simple meaning. They didn’t give Lindsay the chance to fight because they knew if they had, she would have made sure there was plenty of their DNA left at the crime scene for police to find. They also knew there was a good chance she would survive the attack, and they couldn’t risk that. That’s one of the reasons she was stabbed multiple times. Her killers wanted her dead. They also wanted the attack to be as vicious and cruel as possible. Yes, one stab wound could have been fatal, but Lindsay’s killers wanted her to feel prolonged pain. They wanted her to suffer.

    Another very simple word to describe those who hatched the plan to kill Lindsay is “backstabbers”. This applies in the literal sense as well as the figurative. Unfortunately, Lindsay was betrayed (stabbed in the back) by people she thought she could trust. Inside the house, her killers waited until her back was turned before they attacked her. Cowards and backstabbers. They are the lowlifes of society. It’s incomprehensible that they have never been held accountable for this crime, and that they continue to live their lives and roam free in society. Lindsay no longer has that same freedom. It was taken from her. Stolen.

    It’s reprehensible that there are people who knew Lindsay and know who is responsible for her murder, but through their silence, they continue to support her killers. If you knew Lindsay well enough for her to call you her friend, and yet you continue to protect her killers by staying silent, what do you think that says about your character? What kind of friend does that make you? You failed Lindsay. Your silence makes you just as guilty as those who took her life. You are just as responsible for her death. The only thing that will make a difference is if you come forward with what you know. Canada is a large country. If you don’t feel safe talking to local law enforcement, take what you know somewhere else. Talk to whomever you feel comfortable talking to, whoever that might be, and get the truth out there. Find someone. Go to the media. Band together with others that you know who want Lindsay’s murder solved.

    Lindsay was robbed of living the life that she deserved to live. She was a good person who always tried to do the right thing. Someone decided it was their right to take her life. No one is entitled to that. Isn’t it time to see justice served?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I follow this blog 3-4 times a day for updates as I one day hope to read that LB’s killer or killers have been arrested. To you sir/ma’am that entry is if not one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever read on this blog or any. Keep it up,that has to pull the heartstrings of anyone involved. I truly sense any day now the truth will come out.

  30. Jeff Buziak says:

    IMO, Mr Jasmohan Singh “Jas” Bains from Duncan B.C. should start calling, threatening and intimidating Wikipedia, its principles and founders rather than myself as his information is clearly on their site available to everyone in the world who wants to know about corruption in the B.C. government and Jas Bains’ criminal involvement in that at the highest levels of the government.

    The then B.C. Liberal government did some backroom deals with Jas Bains’s associates and the whole public corruption fiasco was locked down in secrecy out of reach of the public and media. The Current NDP government promised that when they gained control of the government, which they now have, that they would open a public inquiry into The “Drugs in the Legislature/B.C. Rail Scandal” which they have failed to uphold their promise.
    Premier Horgan, are you also being influenced and controlled by the criminal associates/relatives of Jas Bains?

    No matter who Jas Bains whines to, complains to, threatens and intimidates he will always remain in history as the “Key” criminal drug dealer who was busted and broke open one of the biggest criminal corruption scandals in B.C. government history yet to be fully resolved. Jas Bains and associates purchased and distributed drugs as far as Toronto, Ontario from Victoria, BC and was, along with others including a relative employed as a ministerial aide with the BC government laundering money and attempting to fully infiltrate the B.C. government by himself getting a cushy job there. Can you imagine? Truly a sinister criminal who still uses thug methods of threat and intimidation to achieve his selfish ways. I personally will not tolerate being threatened and intimidated by gangsters and criminals like Jas Bains.

    Jas Bains please leave me alone and stick to operating your food business in Duncan, B.C.. Quit using gangster tactics to try to get your selfish way. Raise your young family by using kind, caring, principles and set an example for others how to behave as a helpful and productive member of society and not how to be a criminal gangster. Start by disclosing the truth about everything you know about your huge sinister illegal drug operation and the B.C. Rail scandal and ALSO, who murdered Lindsay Buziak. Until you are prepared to do that Jas Bains no one, including me, wants to hear from you. You are who you are, a criminal, so quit trying to threaten and intimidate others into believing you are someone else with angelic qualities. Your documented history and criminal record shows otherwise and your behaviour towards me shows you haven’t changed. Its up to you to prove to everyone you are no longer a criminal thug nor do you behave like one.

    Please tell us all about your drug operation, who everyone was involved with you, who supplied you and how you operated. Details. Tell us about your cousin and all the players involved in The B.C. Rail Scandal and where all the payoffs and drug money went. Name all the criminals, government employees, politicians and others involved in both the major historical raids and investigations and how it all operated then we will start to believe you have changed and are rehabilitated as YOU do know about all of it.
    Who are all the people involved in the execution of Lindsay Buziak???
    Who are the dirty cops?

    Details Jas Bains. Until you are prepared to do that. STFU and be grateful no one is harassing you and society is allowing you to live amongst them and operate a food business in Duncan, B.C.. Accept you are a convicted criminal and now do your part to make society and the world a better place by “fully disclosing everything you know”. Its entirely up to you Jasmohan Singh “Jas” Bains.
    Who do you NOW want to be?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      July 10, 2008 – The Supreme Court of Canada, the nation’s highest court, hears a Crown appeal (Regina v. Basi) of the decision to allow the defendants’ lawyers to be present during a pre-trial hearing regarding disclosure of documents to the defence that involved a police informant. The BC Court of Appeal had previously split 2-1 in upholding the trial judge’s decision.
      Jasmohan (Jas) Bains, convicted of charges related to cocaine. The police wiretap of Bains, a cousin of Dave Basi, in the original drug investigation had led them to investigate the legislature in 2003.[8]
      Source: Wikipedia

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      If Jas Bains had an ounce of social conscience in him and a smidgen of rehabilitation he would spill the beans on everything he knows including names, dates, times and details of all his criminal operations/involvement and everyone he knows doing criminal activity in Victoria. Instead, like a gangster, he does time and now keeps his mouth shut lurking around trying to intimidate to quash his past and keep secret everything he knows allowing society to deteriorate because he did time and now could care less about others.
      What about Lindsay Jas?
      What about all the drugs in society Jas?
      What about the future for your children Jas?
      Its all about you telling us everything you know that will make this world a better place not keeping secrets and watching others suffer when you know you could make a difference.
      Man-up son.

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Wow I never heard about all of this corruption in the BC government. I don’t care for politics and don’t live in BC. For this Jas person, clear your conscience now for your families sake and your own. You have done your time and now it is time the others do theirs too. You owe it to your children!

    • Justice says:

      I put my money on Jas boy doesn’t know what Wikipedia is or even how to spell it. Can someone help that boy?

    • Robin says:

      Oh I’m sure he’s still the bad guy…he ain’t gonna change. Once ya get use to having money the illegal way u can’t go back to living honestly…no way. He’s got lots of people covering for him. Investments like real estate in other names…let’s hope Mr. German shows us what these pos have been upto.

  31. Following says:

    People do care. People are watching. Eliminating you would be their undoing. All the more reason it is “they”. Must be hard to be the captain of this huge sailing ship. Mark Klass comes to mind. John Walsh. Dedicated men, along with you, to the scumbag patrol.You are not alone. There are strangers that support your anger and your quest for resolution. Your loss is unimaginable. You are very brave. You are a solid person.

  32. Laura says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I learned about the case of Lindsay earlier this year, but just now watched the interview you did for Brainscratch…and I was honestly shocked to see how many fake youtube accounts have been created just to spam the comments, discrediting you, defending the SPD & the Zailo family, claiming (funnily enough) that fake accounts were set up all over the web to support your case. I’ve dealt with trolls in my life before and this is all disgustingly similar. They are all so easy to identify and obvious it’s honestly quite laughable and I have a gut feeling SZ is behind at least a good portion of them – if not all.

    I’m really sorry for your loss and I’m really sorry you have to go through all of this and still get no justice for you daughter. I sincerely hope this gets solved soon, it sure ain’t a mystery that’d need >10 years of investigating.
    If there are people that don’t believe in police corruption I’ll show them this case.

    Sending you lots of love and strength all the way from Poland.

    • Justice says:

      The comments you speak of come from the same two trolls. They work for Horsley. They spend all of their time harassing people on a very lame website dedicated to defending the Zailos and destracting from the known facts. Hell, they even posted my name and address with a huge pile of BS in those comments until John removed it. That is pure intimidation. They have no lives and are filled with hate. Horsley tells the trolls what to say and Shirley tells Horsley what to do so you are correct, Shirley is behind it. It is of my opinion that the trolls were behind the “confession” posted on this site last year. Then Horsley tried unsuccessfully to shut down this site because of that so called confession. Can you see the overall situation here? We are the only people wh are truly working to solve this crime and you have trolls working for Shirley/Horsley who are trying to distract us and shut us down since we are undistractable.

  33. Jeff Buziak says:

    Jasmohan Singh “Jas” Bains, Duncan, British Columbia

    As many of you know and for those of you who don’t, I was served a “Duty to Inform” by Saanich police inspector Rob McColl, now retired and employed at The Office of the Police Complaint Commission, then head of the detective division at Saanich police. Inspector McColl along with two uniformed Saanich police officers served the notice to me in his office at Saanich police headquarters and also officially informed me that Saanich police could not provide me with any protection.

    A Duty to Inform is police informing you that through their investigations they discovered there is a “HIT” out on you. Due to the Canadian Privacy Act they also told me, they couldn’t provide me with the name or names of people wanting to kill me. To this day Saanich police have not informed me otherwise so I live with the possibility I could be murdered at any moment just like Lindsay.

    Now Jas Bains. Jas Bains is a convicted criminal who was the key to the so called “Drugs in the Legislature” scandal and pivotal in police uncovering “The BC Rail Corruption Scandal” still locked down in secrecy by your wonderful BC Government. Jas Bains was convicted and served time in federal prison. Check the button on this site titled “Timeline of Project EveryWhichWay BC Rail Scandal” with many interesting links.

    Jas Bains has harassed, threatened and attempted to intimidate me in the past and again today September 23, 2018. I have officially asked him to quit contacting me, threatening me and intimidating me. He, in some sort of twisted right, thinks he can do that because he served his time and is now an innocent so his name should never be mentioned anywhere including this site ever again. His criminal record shows he is a convicted criminal with deep ties in the community and up to and including high prople in the government at one time. An individual, I feel, I should fear and be very concerned about.

    Here is where it gets interesting, after you read everything on the button to the right and all the links. Jas Bains claims he was a friend of Lindsay’s but in fact he was and remains good friends with Lindsay’s former boyfriend and his brother. Jas Bains has never done one Lindsay Walk or anything to help find out who Lindsay’s killers and conspirators are? Is that what friends do? I tend to think Jas Bains was not any friend of Lindsay’s. He certainly shows he isn’t. He is only interested in Jas Bains. With his connections in the criminal world and elsewhere I would bet he could find out who killed Lindsay in hours if not two days at most if he doesn’t already know. Even his best pal states everyone is a suspect until arrests. I consider Mr Bains dangerous still.

    Let me finish with this, Submissions for the 2008 criminal trial of Jas Bains started approximately 4 weeks after Lindsay was murdered on February 2.

    What did Lindsay see she shouldn’t have seen? Was she a Crown witness in the Trial of Jas Bains and co-defendants which might of harmed them? Did she see people high up involved in the BC Rail scandal? We don’t know because the BC government will not open the File, which is corruption at its finest, and Lindsay is dead!! One of Jas Bains co-accused was a girlfriend of Ross Addicott who was an associate of Jason Zailo’s.

    Jas Bains served federal prison time and now resides in Duncan, BC with his wife and child. He owns his own food business.


    Mr Jas Bains, you are a convicted criminal and have associated with other dangerous criminals. I feel threatened and intimidated by you and am concerned for my safety. Please do not contact me any further.
    September 23, 2018
    Jeff Buziak

    If I am “murdered” or “disappear” don’t forget to remind police to look here.

    • Robin says:

      Well holy FK what a prick Jas (Oatmeal ) Bains is. Obviously his jail time didn’t have a big enough impact. I thought he would just try to live a low key granola lifestyle after doing time in jail but I guess oatmeal and yogurt in Duncan doesn’t keep you living the life cocaine can.
      IF anything should happen to you Jeff I will raise HOLY FUCKEN HELL in this god damn Province. I will collect everyone I know from this blog and my friends from every corner of this fkin country and there will be an UPRISING like there has never been in Canada. The politicians and police will not hear the end of it. Solve Lindsay’s murder FFS Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie.
      This is appalling that JOB attempts any contact with you Jeff. JOB claims to be Lindsay’s friend, with friends like him who needs enemies. Thanks Job (Jas Oatmeal Bains) for reminding me that we the honest working people haven’t had a chance to see exactly who screwed the B.C. people over in the B.C. Rail Scandal. Time to pressure NDP leader/Premier of BC John Horgan to find out what all you dirt bags were up to with drugs, money laundering, influence pedaling and government corruption costing BC citizens millions of dollars.
      Jas Bains, you were the key you little weasel.

    • JKenda says:

      Malcom the maniac never did take the polygraph exam I would have thought he would want to clear his name of any suspicion and get on with his life instead of threatening and harassing Jeff.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        Talk about someone incriminating himself entirely – very disturbing that the entire story is coming to light. Please Jeff take care of yourself – to the others such as the low lives that need to crawl under a rock and seize their scathing existence – fess up and own up to your actions for in this life and after – karma will creep up and obliterate your fake existence

      • Justice says:

        I do not think Malcolm was ever a suspect. He may be aware of who did it but polygraph exams are used as a tool to get the truth form suspects. I believe many people know who did it. We know who did it. This is just distracting from the Zailos, something theirndefenders work for. Remember, Shirleynlied about Lindsay telling her she was afraid of Matt. Everyone needs to calm the fk down about polys. The only time they are helpful is if the investigators can use the results to intimidate suspects into confessing. They are not admissible and most often inconclusive. Get a Chrystal ball if you want the same quality of information.

    • Justice says:

      Jas is clearly mentioned in the Wikipedia page as the source of the BC Railroad Legislative Scandal because they were tapping his and his cousin Basi’s phone on suspicion of major drug trafficking. The taps led to information regarding the raid and ultimately the resignation of the BC Prime Minister. I’m not sure why he is so worried about his reputation when he is well known for major drug trafficking, his arrest, prison sentence and inadvertent assistance in the BC Raid. Everywhichway was about you Jas. You are an ex-con and everyone knows it and it is not ever going away.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      IMO, Mr Jasmohan Singh “Jas” Bains from Duncan B.C. should start calling, threatening and intimidating Wikipedia, its principles and founders rather than myself as his information is clearly on their site available to everyone in the world who wants to know about corruption in the B.C. government and Jas Bains’ criminal involvement in that at the highest levels of the government.

      The then B.C. Liberal government did some backroom deals with Jas Bains’s associates and the whole public corruption fiasco was locked down in secrecy out of reach of the public and media. The Current NDP government promised that when they gained control of the government, which they now have, that they would open a public inquiry into The “Drugs in the Legislature/B.C. Rail Scandal” which they have failed to uphold their promise.
      Premier Horgan, are you also being influenced and controlled by the criminal associates/relatives of Jas Bains?

      No matter who Jas Bains whines to, complains to, threatens and intimidates he will always remain in history as the “Key” criminal drug dealer who was busted and broke open one of the biggest criminal corruption scandals in B.C. government history yet to be fully resolved. Jas Bains and associates purchased and distributed drugs as far as Toronto, Ontario from Victoria, BC and was, along with others including a relative employed as a ministerial aide with the BC government laundering money and attempting to fully infiltrate the B.C. government by himself getting a cushy job there. Can you imagine? Truly a sinister criminal who still uses thug methods of threat and intimidation to achieve his selfish ways. I personally will not tolerate being threatened and intimidated by gangsters and criminals like Jas Bains.

      Jas Bains please leave me alone and stick to operating your food business in Duncan, B.C.. Quit using gangster tactics to try to get your selfish way. Raise your young family by using kind, caring, principles and set an example for others how to behave as a helpful and productive member of society and not how to be a criminal gangster. Start by disclosing the truth about everything you know about your huge sinister illegal drug operation and the B.C. Rail scandal and ALSO, who murdered Lindsay Buziak. Until you are prepared to do that Jas Bains no one, including me, wants to hear from you. You are who you are, a criminal, so quit trying to threaten and intimidate others into believing you are someone else with angelic qualities. Your documented history and criminal record shows otherwise and your behaviour towards me shows you haven’t changed. Its up to you to prove to everyone you are no longer a criminal thug nor do you behave like one.

      Please tell us all about your drug operation, who everyone was involved with you, who supplied you and how you operated. Details. Tell us about your cousin and all the players involved in The B.C. Rail Scandal and where all the payoffs and drug money went. Name all the criminals, government employees, politicians and others involved in both the major historical raids and investigations and how it all operated then we will start to believe you have changed and are rehabilitated as YOU do know about all of it.
      Who are all the people involved in the execution of Lindsay Buziak???
      Who are the dirty cops?

      Details Jas Bains. Until you are prepared to do that. STFU and be grateful no one is harassing you and society is allowing you to live amongst them and operate a food business in Duncan, B.C.. Accept you are a convicted criminal and now do your part to make society and the world a better place by fully disclosing everything you know.

    • Donald Kimble says:

      i heard this Jeff – you sound so composed in every media outlet that you participate in. No fear – fuck me and fuck them- they cannot stop you – Horsely and Downie are the type of revolting characters that hold positions of power and abuse it to the maximum – this is not only obvious but demeaning to the human species

      im just glad that guys like Jeff exist
      fuck em all;

      Also the fact that they tried to incriminate Mexicans for the murder – can this not remediate the problem? Perhaps this fabrication has not been brought to light enough as surely Ese’s/Carnales would not be very happy to have their race tarnished/blamed for this senseless chicken shit execution

  34. Benson P says:


    Here is a quick correspondence between Chris H and myself. He responded to my question just yesterday:

    “Hello Chris,

    It’s been 10 years since the execution of Lindsay Buziak with no current leads.

    Don’t you think it’s time to hand over this case to someone that can competently do their job? What sort of damage can be done with a fresh set of eyes besides potentially cracking the case?

    Or is that exactly what you’re trying to protect?”

    His response…

    “Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the ongoing Lindsay Buziak homicide investigation. At this time, the Saanich Police can not discuss any specific details of the case; as the investigation is ongoing.

    If you have any specific information, or concerns regarding the management of this investigation; I am simply not the person to address these issues. Feel free to contact the Chief Constable of the Saanich Police Department who can assist you with a better understanding of the jurisdictional roles and responsibilities in policing within British Columbia. The Chief Constable is also responsible for the overall assignment of investigations within our organization.

    The Saanich Police continues to partner with the RCMP in an effort to solve this crime, and ensure that “fresh eyes” are reviewing the case for any potential investigative opportunities.

    If you had something specific to discuss about the case, and If I am able to release the information, I will gladly discuss with you.”

    Just thought I’d share.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

      Here is what Chris Horsley said about Lindsay’s unsolved murder eight years ago:

      Here is what Chris Horsley said four years ago:

      Here is what Chris Horsley said two years ago:

      Here is what Chris Horsley said about Lindsay’s unsolved murder last year:
      Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah and its social media’s fault because they put out false information (that originated from Saanich police and Chris Horsley)

      Here is the short version of what Chris Horsley said above: blahblahblahfkgblahblahblah!

      Here is what the current Saanich Chief Constable Bob Downie has publicly said about Lindsay’s unsolved murder under his command:


      Here is what Constable Chris Horsley, head of Lindsay’s file SHOULD be saying:

      Jesus people I can’t believe we have been fiddling around with this unsolved murder for over ten years now!! I am sorry. I’m going to get off my arse and have this murder solved by murder day February 2, 2019 or I will resign as head of the file and enroll in police courses on how to investigate and solve murders. I will sell my trucking company and stop being a real estate investor or I will quit being a part time cop and stick with truck driving. This is totally embarrassing!

      Here is what Chief Constable Bob Downie should be saying to Saanich police when he addresses them:

      Okay officers, we’ve played around avoiding solving the Lindsay Buziak murder long enough. I’ve had it with you people and your explanations and excuses why this isn’t solved. I want action and I want it now. Lindsay is our responsibility and it’s high time we took this personal. For those of you sitting there thinking you can’t speak to us like that we belong to a union, fuck the union there was a young woman murdered under our noses who was born and raised in Saanich and you jokers have played around with this way too long. We are looking like total idiots. Solve Lindsay’s murder now or heads are going to roll and I mean it.
      I’m getting directly involved. If Chris Horsley doesn’t like that he can leave this police force right now. As most of you know I was a detective before becoming Chief Constable and I am taking off my gold braided bus drivers hat and fancy jacket, rolling up my sleeves and solving this horrible murder along with all of you here. Let’s get focused and let’s get to work as I’m targeting arrests before The Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice February 2, 2019 as our goal. If that doesn’t happen, Horsley, you’re fired, all detectives working the case, you will be docked a weeks pay and required to take police courses on investigating and SOLVING murders and I will resign as Chief due to failing at my duty. Now let’s get focused, get to work and do our duty which in this case is arresting everyone involved in Lindsay’s murder even if that is one or more of you!
      I’m done being nice guy.

      • Conspiracy says:

        They SPD will continue to cover up this murder until they are pushed to the point that they have to finally solve it! It’s one big conspiracy and they are involved or the case would be solved! With all the leads and tips from people, some who were extremely close to her,(word gets around quickly in Victoria) there is no other reason that this wouldn’t be solved unless they are covering up their botched investigation or have personal reasons to protect themselves by not solving it! Word on the street is Both!

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Thank you Conspiracy. This is exactly what I hear from people as well and politicians like Attorney General David Eby and Minister of Safety Mike Farnsworth are supporting this horrendous injustice by passing the buck and refusing to get involved. Are they on the take too?

          • Robin says:

            If they aren’t on the take they are just a bunch of wimps who won’t rock the boat. Canada and Victoria are really gutless, why I even take the time to VOTE is something to ponder.

        • Robin says:

          Totally agree with you..I am so disgusted with the SPD and all government officials. I have sent eml after eml to every possible person who should be intervening and nothing, I hear nothing or some bs about how they will be pushing it on to the next person so they can do nothing. It’s not that the system is even broken it’s just that a bunch of pussy willows r the go to sheep. Where r the men with balls who are overseeing the murder of a young woman named Lindsay the people who are suppose to be protecting the public’s interests. They r nowhere near Saanich or Victoria!!!
          Maybe an earthquake can just dump Vancouver Island into the ocean and we can be done with all of you, including the citizens who should be waking up to smell the fkn roses!!

          • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

            They have too much to lose and will end up in jail. Crooked cops, politicians, real estate agents, mtge brokers, lawyers, it goes on and on. People with no feelings except for themselves. Sick sick sick

        • Justice says:

          If it was just a botched investigation they would not be holding on to the case so tightly. They would have asked for help. So far that has never happened. I think they are cowards or covering their asses. The RCMP did take a look at their investigation but did not assist in it. I’m not sure why they were looking into it in the first place. Was there suspicion that Saanich was not doing their job or was incompetent? The RCMP may have been fooled by whatever Horsley showed them into believing he was doing everything he could do to solve the case.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      This is who gets the attention in B.C. of hundreds of officers from Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and hundreds of officers from other agencies putting the police count well over one thousand officers because these people were shot at:
      “The Wolf Pack”,
      Jonathan Bacon-Red Scorpion Gang Leader killed,
      Larry Amero-Hells Angel wounded,
      James Riach-Independent Soldier gang,
      Leah Hadden Watts-Hells Angel niece wounded permanently,
      Lindsay Black friend.
      Hundreds of officers for the duration of the investigation. Aug 2011-May 2018 sentencing. Less than seven years.

  35. Nick Simpson says:

    Hey Jeff.

    Keep going…..

    Wondering if you give any sort of validity to the thug known as Ross Addicott and his confession to this murder?

  36. Jeff Buziak says:

    I am scheduled to be live on The Lynda Steele Show tomorrow afternoon Wednesday Sept 19 at 4:05 pm Vancouver time. CKNW Radio am 980.

  37. Jeff Buziak says:

    Dear Honorable Mayor Richard Atwell

    Sir, I found this recent article about the selection of the new police Chief for the Calgary Police Service. I sincerely hope that the next Saanich police Chief is chosen by a public open competition method as used in Calgary and most cities across Canada as opposed to the antiquated “Old Boys Club Method” currently, historically and surreptitiously employed internally by your Saanich police. Even the interim Chief is chosen by the police commission rather than the outgoing Chief or automatically the deputy Chief being appointed. Its time sir.

    The Attorney general of B.C. states his job is to provide adequate policing in the province of British Columbia. I find the “Old Boys Club Method” of choosing a police Chief is more akin to mafia administration methods as opposed to adequate policing the Attorney General espouses he is providing British Columbia citizens especially Saanich where my daughter’s execution style murder has gone unsolved for over TEN years and carefully chosen to occur the day after SEVEN senior Saanich police officers retired and NONE were called back to assist. Hardly adequate policing sir.

    Search for Calgary’s next police chief expected to take five or six months
    An interim chief will be selected by the police commission next week.

    Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter.


    Jeff Buziak, father of executed 24 year old Saanich realtor Lindsay Buziak, (unsolved 11 years).

  38. TigerLilyStar says:

    Hello Jeff,

    You are an incredible person, your fight for justice for Lindsay is inspiring and heroic as you have had to deal with thugs and threats. Lindsay’s boyfriend JZ is clearly involved in her murder along with others, that is very clear. JZ unloving and unprotective actions expose his complicity as he broke his promise to the person he claimed to love by not being there for her and making Lindsay feel safe and at ease.

    What this case needs is for someone to bravely come forward as it has been stated by police Lindsay was not the snitch so doesn’t those in the know feel guilty? Please help Lindsay get justice and SPEAK UP!

    Justice will prevail. Lindsay and her family will have justice after detective CH is off the case. I hope Jeff and your family are granted closure as you deserve to heal as you lost your daughter in such a brutal and unforgiving way.

    Hoping for the best!

  39. Robin says:

    The bottom 2 comments are taken from gangsters out blog.
    The reason I can’t hook into the del alcazar’s is because Jason was overheard Lindsay telling her friend Nikki that she wanted out of relationship plus Jason’s behaviour when he arrived at the house is so telling. The burner phones were bought before Lindsay went to Calgary, is that correct. I think that as soon as Jason overheard Lindsay and Nikki, SZ started planning Lindsay’s murder. The time frame fits the Zailo’s as being guilty better than the Del’s does it not? Lindsay told her Dad she saw something she shouldn’t have so that tells us the Zailo’s had a motive. Lindsay’s murder took a few months to plan and since the Calgary bust was in January 2008 it just doesn’t fit in with the time needed to plan such a calculated murder. I still can’t help but think how pissed off that SZ would have been that Lindsay didn’t want to be with Jason. SZ obviously operates from a creepy idea of what happiness and contentment are. I think she thought Lindsay should have been happy with the material things dirty money can provide so she took it real personal that Lindsay wanted away from her pathetic manboy, SZ is wired up with more psychopathic behaviours so she couldn’t even begin to understand how healthy people think. With that thought and Lindsay telling her Dad she saw something it was enough for SZ to arrange her murder. My conclusion anyway.

    Who lost millions and millions in revenue? Delalcazars…..that’s who. Didn’t cops seize around 80-100 kilos total? Street value would be what? approx 8 or 9 mil? Huge motive! If the dels were such good friends with Linds why do they have the unspoken-rule that her name must never be spoken

    Erickson was arrested jan 22nd, crime phone was activated jan 30th, female suspect called Linds jan 30-31, Linds murdered Feb 2nd. 12 days after Erickson was arrested. Dels paid back the money they owed the cartel. The cartel weren’t out anything. It was the dels who had the biggest loss! If the Dels had not paid back the Cartel for the seized cocaine would the cartel not have gone after the Dels? Isn’t that how it works? Just curious.

    • Justice says:

      I think Shirley decided to murder Lindsay that night in the condo after she found out her gutless wonder of a son was going to be rejected for the second time and possibly for Lindsay’s ex. Psycho’s are often paranoid. I think they were spyng on her all the time and had her phone call records. It is not hard to do if you share a cell pnone plan. Shirley may have offered to pay for it as part of her job at the Re/Max. The plan was made, they pretended to be the perfect family at Christmas, huge gifts,never speaking of what Jason overheard for the next month. They got help from someone who had training and access to SPD inside information. They were waiting for the right time. It may have been tentative. The day after the SPD retirements scheduled for Feb 1st would be optimal. Let’s tell Joe D that she is an informant and he will let us use his house. The drug bust occurred and maybe the Zailos were involved in the loss of cash owed to the Mexicans or Hells Angles (I can’t keep up with the drug lords here). They used her murder to tell the cartel, she was an informant and they took care of her. When police revealed Lindsay was not an informant, Ziggy said her murder was a big mistake.

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