Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



Brain Scratch – John Lordan
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  1. I just watched Shauna Rae’s video on this and all I can say is I hope that by you keeping this tragedy in front of the public, that the zailo family (and pd) will finally be brought to justice. I’m sorry for everything you’ve had to go through with what sounds to me like a huge coverup. I hope the case falls into the right hands and they actually finally solve this.

  2. Jeff Buziak says:

    Jason Zailo

    He lost his girlfriend, His love. The woman he was in relationship with that he stated publicly there weren’t any problems with. He lived with her. He says he loved her. He showed up at her murder scene because she wanted him there for her safety. He lies about that but he was there. He held her dead mutilated body. The best we have ever got out of Jason is she was “passed away”. I miss her. I don’t know what happened. She was dead son. Murdered! Where the hell were you?

    Jason Zailo holds the key.

    If there is one person who knew what was going on, in my opinion, it was Jason Zailo. If he didn’t know every detail then he sure as Christmas knows now. Its time to man up! Actually long past time to man up. Jason knows things and could do things but I see nothing. I have no contact with Jason and he makes no attempt to contact me in any way. He never calls. Initially I tried and he made one attempt but his mother soon crushed that and destroyed any communication or cooperation between us. She maintains control of him and the whole Lindsay situation. Jason, time to man-up and tell mommy to piss off. Reach down the front of your pants and if you feel two things in a sack that indicates man. Not man controlled by mommy. Man. Time to be one.

    If and when Jason chooses to tell the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak will be solved instantly. Arrests will be made (if Saanich police can actually manage that!) Who are you protecting son? What cost are you paying for doing that? Who’s boy are you? Who owns you?

    I guarantee that your life will never be settled in any way until you come to grips with being a man and fessing up about everything you know and let others take responsibility for their actions no matter who they are. The torment will never cease. God won’t save you. Alcohol and drugs will give you temporary relief in the moment but only in that moment and usage will have to increase to fight off demons which you know about already. You are not as cool and strong as you think you are. You are weak for holding the secrets to arrests and will pay the price for that. Guaranteed!

    As Lindsay sensed something was wrong with the clients and the showing, Jason knows what was going on in Lindsay’s life and who was responsible for her murder. He chooses to say nothing. That is very telling in itself. Think about it. Ten years have gone by and Jason and his mom are the most speculated people involved in Lindsay’s murder there is and what do we get from them? A fake attempt to tear. A hollow I don’t know. A shot at Matt MacDuff. Thats it! Oh yes……..cleared by comedy cops.

    Everyone has a theory now yet Jason says nothing to no one not even the father of the woman he loved and was living with. He should be at my side, my partner seeking justice or if nothing else making a huge attempt on his own to see Lindsay’s murder solved but yet he does nothing as if Lindsay was a toss away. Can you imagine a toss away! He’s scared. Weak. A terrified little boy. Someone else owns his sack.

    Jason spent over a year with Lindsay and according to Lindsay, every breathing moment he possibly could with her. He knows how Lindsay breathed, how she slept, how she went to the bathroom, her habits, her idiosyncrasies, her movements, her actions, her reactions and basically everything that was Lindsay. He knew everything going on in Lindsay’s life and if he didn’t Lindsay would have told him. I know Lindsay. Jason knew Lindsay. When someone you are that close to is murdered, you know what was going on and why and if you don’t have all the details you soon put two and two together and figure it out whether it was the love of your life or a close friend.

    Don’t, don’t fucking try to bullshit me son. You may think you have me fooled but you don’t. Many have tried. Ask S/Sgt Horsley. You know everything Jason.

    Your time will come sooner than you think and I will be there. Send anyone you want to “visit” me. I welcome it. Best you man up son.

    I’m not going anywhere.

    My truth
    Father, Lindsay Buziak

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for your insight.

      This case is making me emotionally unwell. I’ve been targeted twice in my life by people who I thought were my friends. It’s bringing back old memories and wounds that I didn’t realize would come back and I want to forget about so I will bow out now. I will say the people who targeted me for their own selfish reasons (a close g/f in my teens and a VP in my job) were the nicest people you would never suspect. Sometimes the obvious is not always the one. In my experience the wolf is usually dressed as an ice cream sundae. Nice people can be fake as hell and manipulative, TS seems to be in it up to his eyeballs. They spoke to his entire family he looks very guilty as a co-planner. A good interviewer should have gotten a confession to implicate the others.

      I wish you well and good luck!

  3. Linda says:

    The more I think about and read about this crime the details are so confusing. Can anyone clarify the following?

    SPD said that the only thing that witnesses remember about the woman in the multi colored dress is the dress not what she looks like. If this is fact where did the sketch of the woman on the website come from? Was this sketch released by police? If not, why is it out there?

    On the 2016 podcast Sgt Horsely says that the man who attended the showing was seen by a witness. If this is the case why isn’t there a photo sketch of the male suspect?

    My theory is that the mastermind is not a drug dealer. I think street criminals were used for part of the plan but the mastermind is involved in real estate and the plot is more white collar. The reason I think this is because SP say the crime was not financial so the person(s) already have money. Also, it appears the neighbor who lived behind the house may have been involved because he hadn’t worked in two years, drove his mini van away from his house just before police showed up then had the van detailed the next day. One month after the crime he got a job as a VP as per his linkedin profile. His profile also shows that he has a background in criminology and is a strategic planner. Was he good friends with SZ’s ex who fled back to the Netherlands?

    The mastermind is going to ensure that no evidence links back to her/him/them. I think that the pawns were told pieces that only pertain to themselves (known criminals are used to purchase a phone and hit-person contacts etc) but the entire plan is not laid out for everyone it’s only known by the mastermind (and perhaps accomplice).

    I think the weakest link is the woman in the multi colored dress. All these high powered men and one little girl between 35-40. She is the biggest pawn of all. The focus stays on her because the dress makes her stand out the most and takes the focus off the men. Boy did they use her. I bet she got the least out of the plot and can’t do anything about it. She is being totally controlled. Think about it, she is not muscle the guys would not be afraid of her. Also, if this is fact (not sure)..the story is the Mexican man called Lindsay to say he was coming alone then they both showed up. If this is true this tells me that she wanted to back out but was talked into going because they needed the focus put on her. The very pawn that will end up taking the fall and got the least. That’s white collar boy thinking. My two cents.

    • I are one intelligent woman. Everything you said is very compelling,, I think you are right.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Great comments. One thing I wonder if there were even witnesses to the “Mexicans” meeting Lindsay and the dress. So many lies. Great investigative work Linda!!!

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Who hired neighbor as a VP?

        • Linda says:

          Terry Shein –

          (I swear it looks like the profile had some changes in the past few days so here is a copy past from the profile).

          General Manager
          Victoria Golf Club
          March 2003 – July 2006 (3 years 5 months)
          (there is a rumor on this forum that Terry was fired for stealing)

          Silvertip Golf Resort & Eagle Ranch Golf Resort
          Vice President & General Manager, Stone Creek Resort Operations
          Silvertip Golf Resort & Eagle Ranch Golf Resort
          March 2008 – May 2012 (4 years 3 months)Canmore
          VP & GM, Stone Creek Resort Operations

          Douglas College
          Douglas College
          Criminology / Business Administration
          1979 – 1983

          Specialties: Golf Course Management:
          Strategic Planning
          Service / Operational Audits
          Tactical Implementation Strategies
          Service Excellence Training (Hospitality)
          Policy & Procedure Manuals
          Project Management
          Personnel Recruitment

    • Alex says:

      Long complicated posts in my opinion don’t help put anyone in jail The people responsible for the murder of this beautiful , innocent woman are known already. The police need to make arrests and end this. Everyone knows who is repsnsible.

      • Linda says:

        If you know then please say who is responsible because I don’t know. The most evidence released by police albeit circumstancal points to Terry Shein as an accomplice. I find this crime bone chilling. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I’m interested in your insight. Thanks

        • Just A Canadian says:

          I don’t know who did this brutal crime either. Please do share. There is also hope in this being solved. Murders are being solved now. Too long now for Justice.

          • Alex says:

            It’s not about knowing who. It’s about proving it. It needs to be proven and arrests need to be made. Commitment by the police has not taken place for there are no arrests 10 years later. The police are either hiding what they know , pretending to not know or are completely incompetent. It cannot be all 3. So someone should tell me what is going on

    • Justice says:

      What if the greeting was staged and the woman was Shirley?

  4. Kristianne Damiera Stone says:


    Jeff… I know this is the truth and I know it because I have seen, experienced, and also have been able to document and/or find proof of some things that have made me a target of retaliation to discredit and silence me in very brutal ways. I also have proof and witnesses of the the technology that authorities use to manufacture false evidence to protect them from being exposed. When I told you I probably never witnessed anything your daughter did to have such brutality inflicted upon her and your family to keep it from being exposed it was only to deflect from them knowing fully any knowledge that I was possibly trying to convey to you. And the reason why I needed to have somebody actually speak to me and me not say things over the phone or any communication is because I didn’t want them to know what they are half in the knowledge of now when it comes to what I’ve been trying to expose. They have drugged me, raped me, murdered my dog, torched my car, and done many things to me and continue to do so that involve organizations and other such establishments that are very effective in preventing things from being exposed. And some of the evidence I have includes what they are doing with respect to the data and such on my devices as well as my evidence and I am able to understand this because I understand hacking and how to read what is being done. How they take someone out of the equation who can potentially expose these things is dependent on their circumstances and situations in life… It’s easy to discredit me in the ways they are and do things in such a way that plausible deny ability is pretty much guaranteed but when you have someone like your daughter who has a great support system and is harder to shut down in this way and know that they can’t destabilize and discredit her without possibility of being exposed that they need to be more overt in taking her out. Don’t believe what you see or hear someone doing it approaches by authorities because they have technology that can place anyone in a video, photo, voice recording that never happened or only happened in the sense that isn’t what you may see or hear to make you believe that individual is a criminal, pedophile, or anything else they want to use to turn people against them and effectively prevent the truth from being told. I have been trying to get this and the other disturbing information and somehow show the evidence of corruption that includes murder to you and others…and I am such a threat to be able to expose with proof that they have involved CSIS for some time to shut my chances of being able to do so under National Security Act that is a very great way to even use it to lie to judges about disclosing their illegal and violating criminal activities they are committing against citizens who are truly a threat but only in the sense that it would expose that very system for things that would essentially create a collapse and destabilization of our government on a level they are willing to execute and have been executing anyone that is not otherwise able to be set up to be institutionalized or incarcerated and/or otherwise knows too much about the truth. I believe you understand some of this by what you have wrote here on your truth. I will say now what I wouldn’t come straight out and say so many times because they know I’ve been able to find ways to get proof of or witness or otherwise be subjected to how far authorities will go to keep their crimes hidden from society’s sight that includes rape and murder and everything that can be manufactured to ensure their secrets don’t come to the light.

  5. Linda says:

    I just listened to the podcast, not sure the date of this but I now have a better understanding of the facts. Sgt Horsley agreed the podcast was mostly accurate. It’s best to deal with factual information and not speculate.

    As I stated in an earlier post I am a retired Anti Money Laundering Investigator (only a few months retired). In order to give the reader some context around my comments here is some background so you can understand why I say what I say…..Located in Toronto, some call this city the centre of the universe when it comes to developing corporate policies, excellent fraud/AML, crime training. Toronto is very fast moving. Fast or faster than NYC and London, this is where “head office” is for Financial Institutions. I’ve traveled extensively around the world and coast to coast for work. From the tiny towns of the Yukon and to Nanaimo.

    The weirdest place I’ve ever been is Nanaimo. My colleague and I could not wait to leave. Why? (Not meant to offend anyone this is our observations) Because the pace was so sloooow and like a step back in time. We would go out to eat and it would take forever because all the severs knew everyone in the restaurant and needed to chat about everything and seem to view strangers as a pain in the butt who were interrupting their social life. No sense of urgency for people who have to go to work. The morning we flew out we were subjected to a 30 minute search for drugs from top to bottom. They even emptied our suitcases. This is the only airport out of hundreds that did this. I asked the screener, “are you having a slow day”, he says, no this is standard procedure. Boarding the flight my colleague said this town is so weird, they are stuck in a time warp and have no idea that they have not caught up to the rest of the world.

    To be fair northern Ontario is like this too. Many years ago I was working in a very small bank branch and my arrival from Toronto was not welcome. Comments like “are you a spy” started to emerge. It became a ” me and them” mentality. Not long after I started my new job I fell into a web of small town cover up. Everyone in town was granted credit and favors. False employment letters were made by staff for people who did not have jobs so they could qualify for credit among other fraudulent activity. It was a hornets nest of lies and staff backing each other up with false stores. I immediately contacted the Northern Ontario District Office who wanted me out there. The District Manager had no interest in letting this cat out of the bag. It was then I needed to make the biggest decision of my career so I contacted the Toronto Executive who had the most to lose if this branch went under. I sent him proof and worked with him and his team under cover to decline credit, stop cheques, hold funds and let the chips start to fall. In the end the town was deeply affected and the bus company, grocery store and gas station all went under. Once you pick at a thread the entire sweater falls apart.

    My comments on the podcast are around Sgt Horsley’s comments:

    1) He stated that he oversees all of the tips and has to substantiate with documentation why the lead is or is not viable. If he is a real estate developer who knows everyone in the community then there is a high probability that he has done business with SZ, JZ and the real estate developer who owned the house. This is conflict of interest and he should NOT be overseeing anything to do with this case. By the comments on the board the community is suspicious of the police so who in their right mind who talk or send in a tip? This appears to be grounds to move the investigation to the mainland where there is no possibility of a connection. Unless the community can trust they won’t come forward. Horsely said no has picked up the phone to call him. Well hell no!!!

    2) He said that SP is now part of the integrated task force and that task force will not look at the case because it’s historical. Hmmm….isn’t this another word for “cold”?

    3) He said no details of the wounds were disclosed. I heard him say on Crimewatch Daily that she was attacked from behind with no defensive wounds. Jeff said it was a frontal attack. This information is confusing.

    4) He confirmed that SZ rented a house to a drug dealer for 5 years. She stated she didn’t know this. Hmmm….a successful realtor who doesn’t do due diligence on renters begs the question how much due diligence is done on home buyers. Anti Money Laundering laws are strict for realtors. I doubt her words.

    My closing thoughts are on the planning. In conferences with the FBI we are taught about ponzi schemes and the mastermind mentality. FBI says the number one thing is the mastermind always has an escape plan and pawns who will be left holding the bag. It appears this rings true on this case as the main players have been cleared. The rest will swing if they don’t get brave and step up before this entire scheme falls apart. It takes one small thread. A leak, a comment or a falling out and you will be done for. Technology is catching up and will be jailed at some point. New crime controls are catching old murder cases after 20 years. New developments in DNA. Who can survive with this on their brain 24/7 only to be jailed later in life? If loose lips don’t get you technology will. If you don’t believe me google “Data Scientist” jobs Toronto. Banks have lots of data the new Scientist positions are making algorithms to find you.

    If I had this on my shoulders I would get myself a really good lawyer from the mainland. Confess under client privacy privilege and broker a deal with SP. If you can’t trust SP then lawyer up.

    Words for Jeff: This has been a long hard road for you be sure to take good care of yourself. It doesn’t sound like you will ever give up but you can focus on something more positive by trying to get the laws or procedures changed. As an example, to honor her memory “The Lindsay Buziack Act” which requires the following changes in the investigation of homicides on Vancouver Isand:

    Enter all changes you think should be made…


    The sad thing now is without closure for you or the community everyone lives in fear and mistrust. SP you need to address this and move the dam case to the mainland and away from possible conflicts of interest.

    God Bless

    • Linda. Thank you for that. I feel better already knowing your eyes are on this. Very enlightening, and encouraging. Justice For Lindsey is getting closer & closer i feel it.~

      • Just A Canadian says:

        Glad you are responding too Linda! I agree the corrupt all need to get lawyers and get this solved. Enough is enough.

    • Can’t wait says:

      Linda, great post. It sure would be great to prove that he is actually doing business with these people. That would say a lot. Does anybody have any proof of this?

    • She G says:

      Happy Fathers Day – Jeff! She loves you and is looking down! One day…..the pieces will come together!

    • Justice says:

      Linda, I was wondering if you would be willing to collaborate on this case. If so, let Jeff know so we can connect. Thanks so much!

  6. Liam says:

    It has been 11 years. Either the police was paid off to not make arrests , or they know who did it and won’t arrest them or they are lazy pigs or the stupidest law enforcement agency of all time. – Not sure which one of the 4 it is but it’s one of those 4 reasons. Does anyone know ???

    • Robin says:

      The first 3. Major corruption is why no one has been arrested. The SPD have complete control and can’t let another jurisdiction or the RCMP take over because some the SPD are protecting the criminals and getting their kick backs. If there are not any arrests by next February we needs everyone to show up to do the walk with Jeff. Start telling your friends about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. We need to get mad at the nothingness from the SPD, the Attorney General, the Premier, Mike Farnsworth, the Public Safety Minister, Stan Lowe, the Police Complaints Commisioner, Chief Bob Downie. All I can say is I have spent 6 months sending letters, eml after eml and I none the wiser. Just a lot of nothing. It seems to me that many of the mentioned people prefer no questions were asked. They want Lindsay to be forgotten about. Out of sight out of mind. Well that is NOT going to happen. Make some ARRESTS for FFS.

    • Robin says:

      The first 3. Major corruption is why no one has been arrested. The SPD have complete control and can’t let another jurisdiction or the RCMP take over because some the SPD are protecting the criminals and getting their kick backs. If there are not any arrests by next February we needs everyone to show up to do the walk with Jeff. Start telling your friends about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. We need to get mad at the nothingness from the SPD, the Attorney General, the Premier, Mike Farnsworth, the Public Safety Minister, Stan Lowe, the Police Complaints Commisioner, Chief Bob Downie. All I can say is I have spent 6 months sending letters, eml after eml and I am none the wiser. Just a lot of nothing. It seems to me that many of the mentioned people prefer no questions were asked. They want Lindsay to be forgotten about. Out of sight out of mind. Well that is NOT going to happen. Make some ARRESTS for FFS.

    • Sally says:

      All the evidence points to the SPD being directly involved. They allowed the crime scene to be contaminated. They cleared the Zailos early on when there was no reason to do so.
      Also, they immediately claimed the case was active when Jeff asked them to let someone else take a look and help. The truth is no police department keeps cases active beyond a couple of years. It’s just not feasible. But they claimed that it’s active because they know the rules: as long as the case is active they don’t have to give outsiders access. This is proof in itself that they are involved. Giving access means everyone will find out the truth, that members of the SPD enabled the murder and are actively participating in the cover-up.

  7. Fergal OhEarga says:

    Well. I had seen the original Dateline episode some years ago and been intrigued, thinking it was a murder that should have been solved. I came across this website sometime around a year ago when I just happened to think about the case and was hoping it had been resolved. In the meantime, I had read a little about it where I could find things. First off, I have been a solicitor/lawyer for over 35 years and bring a heavy bit of scepticism to pretty much everything, so I found most of the comments here pretty judgemental and not terribly deliberative. And, as I said in a post awhile ago, lots of times when viewed in hindsight what would ordinarily been a normal, random set of circumstances takes on a wholly different and often (actually, almost always) incorrect context. So the basic ‘blame the boyfriend and his mum’ kind of thing didn’t move me too much, particularly because you would expect virtually every police force in the world to have gone carefully through the available evidence and excluded everyone who they were certain had no involvement.

    I must say that having watched the 3+ hours of Jeff Buziak talking to the ‘BrainScratch’ fella has made a very big impression on me. I expected a hysterical, tunnel-visioned father with an unhealthy and misguided fixation on the Zailo family … it often happens and there are a myriad of cases where aggrieved families focus on a (usually a police determined) suspect who continue to believe in the person’s guilt even when the person is absolved by DNA evidence. What I saw instead was a rational, even-handed and fair-minded individual willing to listen to everything and consider everything. Although he is personal witness to little, he is absolutely credible. I believe he just wants to find the murderers, whoever they may be, and find actual, proper justice for his daughter. Although it doesn’t really matter, I’m a pretty time-hardened individual after all my years in practice and I was quite moved both by his words, his demeanour and his rationality. While his interpretation of things he doesn’t know about could easily be wrong or exaggerated, I absolutely trust what he is saying about things he knows personally.

    So, what’s the point of all this? Mr Buziak said two things that made a deep impression on me, The first was his recounting of his first meeting with the Zailo family. As noted above, I think Mr Buziak was recounting this truthfully, and it is a very telling episode in many more ways than one. For instance, it (possibly) explains why an involved person would have done the interview on Dateline … someone who demonstrates the kind of behaviour described by Mr Buziak is most likely controlling, egocentric. So perhaps she thought she and her son could go on television and explain it all away. The second thing that Mr Buziak said that truly gobsmacked me was that the ‘lead investigator’ was only a part-time policeman and had substantial outside business interests! That truly is shocking to me. I don’t know if that is ordinary in Canada but it certainly could never happen in my country.

    Sitting at a distance of thousands of kilometres, there isn’t really anything I can do to help with this case, other than urge Canadians to insist that investigation of the matter be taken up by the RCMP. It is surprising to me that they haven’t already taken it on themselves, but perhaps in Canada they haven’t the authority to do so unless asked by the police force with jurisdiction. Here in Ireland we only have one police force for the entire country, so that isn’t an issue. In any event, I hope there are some Canadians following this website and that they will do everything possible to get the proverbial ‘fresh, independent eyes’ on this truly awful case.

    Best wishes Mr Buziak.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      Why would a Father ever need to tell lies? The lies are from the people within this circle of crime. Are you aware Fergal OhEgara of the corruption and crime in beautiful BC Canada?
      Drugs and crime are rampant especially with ocean ports. It is up to the people in charge, Government and Cops to contain it. The news reports have made it clear that BC kind of looked the other way and now it is off the wall. The question remains who will have the guts to clean up this beautiful Province and how??????????

      • Robin says:

        We have a real circle of jerks involved in Lindsay’s murder. Real estate (money laundering) Zailo’s. Lots of people know about this too since it has been going on for approx 20 yrs. SPD, politicians and other greedy POS who can part with 50,000-100,000 in order to double or triple that for their insane high end BS lifestyle. Then we have the drug dealers who have the conx with the next level of drug dealers. Meanwhile cops, politicians, etc look the other way while everyone does their part. They all need a new SUV with blacked out windows, bullet proof too. Bigger, better house with better security or a kid heading off to US university. $$$$$💰💵. So the drug dealer has all his misfits who can’t read or write so they need this job to pay for tattoos and their bs lifestyle. So that group cuts it all up and adds fentanyl so it goes further so they make more money plus they are using the pure stuff themselves while getting it ready for the next level of people who just want a good time and want to try getting effd up. Who cares if this group lives or dies. The Real estate, money launderers ( Zailo’s) drug dealers (Ziggy, Zailo’s, Del Alcazar’s Vid…..) the rich fkrz who put up 50,000 $, SPD…..they’ve all got what they wanted. MONEY. And the circle of the low life carries on. It’s just that the low life who murdered Lindsay are all protecting each other because they are still in the game. Lindsay knew what was going on and because she didn’t like the Zailo’s circle or like being bought exspensive shit or sleeping with psycho Jason or watching freak show Shirley Zailo try to control everyone and everything she became a problem since she wanted to leave JZ. All Lindsay wanted was to get the fuck away from the Zailo’s but she knew something that would potentially put lots of public people in the slammer. So 10 yrs have past and the Zailo’s are still hiding lots of secrets, so are some corrupt police and politicians and big time drug dealers who hide in big houses and big vehicles with blacked out windows. Ah….the circle of life.
        The SPD are protecting lots of people here, the public would go crazy knowing who was involved. The SPD do not want any help from RCMP. They need to control all information to protect the people with high end vehicles with blacked out windows.

        • Just A Canadian says:

          Robin, hopefully soon this corruption will be over. So unfair for innocent people to constantly live in fear. Lindsay only wanted to move on but the evil could not take the chance she would spill whatever she knew. I doubt she would have ever said anything to anyone. People without souls one day get dealt exactly what they give. Enough.

  8. Heather Muller says:

    I watched Dateline tonight.look into her successful real estate business and the fact that she may have stepped on some toes on her way to the top. Money and succeess often breeds resentment and hatred. Someone knew she was a realtor and knew what to say when asking to look for place.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      I doubt this young woman stepped on anyone’s toes. More likely those in the real estate, drug dealing, money laundering business chose to get rid of her. Unfortunately Lindsay got involved with the psycho evil side of the BC Real Estate Market. Of course someone knew she was a realtor.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        yeah that was an attempt to distract – as if someone would fucking kill someone b/c there competition in the work place

        the facts are she saw something probably directly related to the zailos which incriminated a group of people that are linked to powerful people

        she was killed and it was probably approved by multiple stakeholders to which up until now seems to appear to have compromised the SPD as well

        however it would be an assumption to say that they went overboard with taking out the act b/c she was leaving Jason and did not really pose the risk that they had tried to present

  9. Just A Canadian says:

    One thing I did learn from watching 20/20 was that a burn phone needs to have a cell phone to contact it to activate it. Somehow the cops on the show I watched were able to figure out the cell that set up the burn phone. So who set up this burn phone? Someone knows for sure but are hiding all the details that will solve this murder. The autopsy report will show time of death and so much information, who has their grip on this info? Was Lindsay found dead in the same clothes she wore when she had her late lunch? So many questions that would solve this case. You can all hide for now but one day, very soon you are coming down. All of you.

    • Justice says:

      I believe Deflective Horsley said the phone was activated through “simply banging some numbers out” on the Internet. Can they trace the IP address? It is easy to hide your IP by using someone else’s WIFi like at Starbucks. Remember I think someone with extensive LE training helped out with the planning because The Zailos Don’t seem that savvy.

  10. Timberwolf says:

    This is so unreal.

    • Just A Canadian says:

      This is totally unreal for people that follow the law, believe in the law and have nothing to do with corruption. People without a conscience, and yes they do have black eyes (no soul), have no problem with killing people who may (or may not) do something to change their criminal lifestyle. I have learned a lot since reading up about this murder. All I know, and I know nothing about criminal behaviour except what I watch on Dateline, 20/20 and 48 hours is whoever killed Lindsay was totally enraged and yup this was very very personal. Who would honestly want to kill this young woman? Yup the cops know, many people know but won’t spill for fear of their lives. Time to get to the “Top of the pyramid” to make it fall. One day it will fall very very hard. Time for Justice for this family.

  11. JS says:

    LordanARTS talking about Lindsay at Crimecon.

    Starts at 3:00

    • Donald Kimble says:

      The biggest giveaway of Horsley’s speel when he goes on the record in the media is his insistance that people sharing leads and tips is bad for the case. This is a dead giveaway that his paranoid for his own good and will try anyway possible to manipulate the public through mere bland preplanned statements. This site has uncovered a lot of things that probably 80-90% are true to the common person. The SPD and the greater Victoria community should be ashamed of themselves for letting such a blatantly obvious case of guilt go under their very noses.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Thank you Donald. People are certainly seeing what is really going on with Saanich police and Lindsay’s unsolved murder. I now refer to the Saanich police PR program as EEBAT. EXPLANATIONS, EXCUSES and BLAMING why they have no results in Lindsay’s murder. In desperation they ATTACK to shut people up then THREATEN them. Unfortunately they don’t use this tactic on bad people or suspects. They use it on us, you and me who are anxiously trying to help and find resolution before another young woman or man is savagely executed by the same people.
        There are good people in Victoria assisting but when Saanich police find out who they are they enact their EEBAT of which Chris Horsley believes he is a master at. Untouchable because of his badge. People are seeing through his wily ways.
        Saanich police say they have recommitted to Lindsay’s case after the Feb 2, 2018 Lindsay Walk. I see nothing and have heard nothing and I take that statement as they weren’t committed prior or they wouldn’t need to recommit. Just more hollow words.
        Saanich police are actually ignoring me now like a teenage girl does to one of her girlfriends that doesn’t toe the line. So unprofessional and the worst form of abuse according to any psychologist.
        They first need to learn what commitment really means. They don’t know and have never been committed hence Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved. Lets help them out right here by giving them the real meaning of commitment they need to learn and follow or stick to chasing pigs, potato chip thieves and speeders while leaving detective work to real police detectives that understand commitment and don’t rely solely on EEBAT for ten years until they are exposed and people clearly see what is really going on.

        Commitment is what
        Transforms the promise into reality.
        It is the words that speak
        Boldly of your intentions.
        And the actions which speak
        Louder than the words.
        It is making the time
        When there is none.
        Coming through time
        After time after time,
        Year after year after year.
        Commitment is the stuff
        Character is made of;
        The power to change
        The face of things.
        It is the daily triumph
        Of integrity over skepticism.

        • Drugs$sexrock&roll says:

          Excellent words Jeff. Winners push through to the finish line.The game is not over. They quit a long time ago because they had a “connected” defense. People are awakening.

          • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

            Someone must have power over the SPD. I can’t believe the SPD has that much power. The million dollar question is who will have the balls to look into this pile of corruption?

            • GangstersCodeOfSilence says:

              It is the Commissioner that has the power over Downie! I have sent my letter to the police board that handles complaints. It was forwarded to someone else (can’t think of the name at the moment), but they were very informative, and ultimately told me to send it to the Police Commissioner, which I have done, no reply yet%!

              • Just A Canadian says:

                Are you sure that there isn’t anyone in there that knows? I would suggest sending E Mail on facebook to the Mayor. Mayor Altwell.

            • Liam says:

              2 days ago I was told by the Saanich police department that the public is not allowed to know anything about the investigation. I asked the chief if there were any arrests coming up soon as it’s been almost 11 years. I was basically told to fuck off politely –
              So , could someone tell me as a Canadian citizen who cares about everyone and specifically solving this murder by seeing arrests , how do I respond to to this department and how can I help?

  12. Truly says:

    Can anyone confirm if at the time that lindsay was living downtown with Jason that their condo building was quite the party place? Someone told me today that there had actually been a brothel in one of the condos as well as a wide array of other things going on. I was further told that after lindsay was murdered alot of things going on in the building were shut down (or moved)

  13. Strength In Numbers says:

    I know I’ve brought this up before, but I wanted to bring it up again, because I believe it could be important. I asked if the house at 1702 De Sousa Place had a basement because on Dateline, they said it was a five-bedroom, four-bath executive home, and the copy of the listing shows the same thing. The floor plans showed 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Someone replied and said it didn’t have a basement, so I didn’t pursue it further. While researching, however, I came across a news article that again said the house had 5 beds, 4 baths. I went back to the Dateline video, and froze each frame that showed the listing. The listing shows 2 kitchens, and part of the description says, 1 bedroom suite with separate entry and separate laundry. I looked on BC Assessment, and it says, “Basement Finished Area 450”. I’ve gone on Google maps and can’t see a separate entry, although I can’t see the patio side or the back of the house. I guess my questions are, why would the listing mention a suite if it didn’t exist, and why would BC Assessment show a finished basement area if there isn’t one?

    • Justice says:

      There is only one staircase shown in the house floor plans and it goes to the second floor, not to a basement. The house has no backdoor. Only the front door and side garage entry door. The patio at the time had no gate in the fence but had French double glass doors opening to it from the family room. I don’t see any other doors on the house using google earth. So if the listing was incorrect, that is what the killers used to lure Lindsay to the house. If this is true, the killers chose the house for obvious reasons and used the listing to describe their needs. If they were using the incorrect listing, they almost described it word for word. Is it possible the article you read was mixed up and was using the description of what the killers said they were looking for?

      • Strength In Numbers says:

        Hi Justice. From the very beginning, the Victoria Times Colonist reported that the house at 1702 De Sousa Place had five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

        February 3, 2008: The house at 1702 De Sousa is listed by Re/Max Agents Nancy Di Castri and Laurie Lidstone for $964,900. The house is described as an outstanding executive home in a brand new upscale small four lot subdivision. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

        February 1, 2009: (An article about how the house hadn’t sold one year after Lindsay’s murder, but it was still for sale). The five-bedroom luxury house, with four bathrooms, hardwood floors, ceramic tile and granite countertops, is described as a “dream home” on online listings.

        On Dateline, the listing shows 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 ensuites, 2 fireplaces, 2 kitchens, and then in the description, 1 bedroom suite with separate entry and separate laundry (just before that, it looks like it might say “basement almost completed”) but I’m not sure, because it fades out.

        I don’t have access to any of the listings, so I can’t confirm the information. The February 1, 2009 article said that after Lindsay’s murder, Re/Max Camosun dropped the listing, but they reconnected with the property, and the listing was back with them again at the time the article was written, although it was listed with a different agent.

        So, in 2008, 2009 and 2010, the house was reported as having five bedrooms and four bathrooms, with the actual listing shown on Dateline in 2010 revealing new details about the suite. If, at any point, the information was incorrect, it would be expected that the listing agents, Re/Max Camosun managing staff, and the owner would have noticed and come forward and made sure it was corrected.

        Who entered the information for the online listings viewed by the Victoria Times Colonist and the paper copy provided to Dateline? What about the information on BC Assessment that lists 450 sq ft of finished basement area?

        If there wasn’t a suite, it raises the questions of who listed that there was one, and was it to make sure Lindsay included the house in the listings she provided to the clients, since they were looking for a separate area for a housekeeper?

        If there was a suite, someone could have been lying in wait, either for Lindsay to arrive, or for the showing to start (murderers, accomplices, conspirators).

    • Justice says:

      If you look at the floor plans you can see the door directly behind the staircase that has no where to go except down stairs. It is between the kitchen and dining room at the back of the staircase. This is common design for stair cases. Or it could just be a closet. There is a very weird door that should be the way into the garage but I don’t think it is an exit door. I have no idea what that door leads to based on the floor plan. I don’t see anything on google maps where the garage door is open. I will see if I can dig that up

    • Justice says:

      You can’t really see into that side of the garage to see if there is a garage entrance door to the house. Maybe it is a little mud room but there is no door on the inside of the garage on the house side. And it looks like a closet or something on the inside of the house garage wall. So it sounds like there is a basement. Just wondering why do you think that is important? No door to the house through the garage could also be important since Jason called mum for the combination.

  14. Clarice Starlng says:

    I told Jeff a very long time ago, that Aaron Perez was the one that attacked Lindsay and did the stabbing.
    I got this information from a very reliable
    Source. so I am very glad to see that somebody else is bringing up his name.
    IMO; he was laying in wait, in the master bedroom bathroom.

    • Mary G says:

      Can you tell us any details on how you know that? Do you know who else may have been with him or going there?

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Why don’t you contact Jeff again and let him know who your reliable source is and then you can go from there?| Time for the truth

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        If you have information please contact Jeff personally and it will be off this site. Perhaps you can help to quietly solve this case. The only one that needs to know is Lindsays Dad. I am sure somehow he will keep your name safe if you just let him know. No one on this site needs to know everything until this is solved. Please reach out to Jeff personally.

      • Clarice Starling says:

        I have.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          And I would guess that Jeff has already shared this with the SPD…….

          • Robin says:

            The End
            Detective Horsley

            • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

              That is the whole point, there has to be someone else to share information with. Obviously the SPD and many of the politicians are corrupt. So the next step is to find someone outside of the boy’s group that is not corrupt and to not give up. I realize this is an uphill battle but Jeff has to keep fighting and he will find someone that will listen and do something. There must be someone in this dam Country that will listen.

              • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                If those of you that know can get in touch with Jeff off this site perhaps you can all get together somewhere and spill what you know in private with him. Perhaps signing document with your picture so he could go to the RCMP or even Trudeau. Real people need to help this get solved. If your shoulders are heavy speak to Jeff and all of you can figure out who will listen and is not corrupt.

                • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                  There is much power in numbers. The more that speak up to Jeff in private the more chance this can be solved and you will no longer have to fear for your lives. Please speak up. If Jeff needs my help I will sit in with you even though I have no knowledge of the people involved.

                  • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                    Why the hell would anyone share anything with the SPD? They are corrupt assholes.

                  • Mary G says:

                    I think a lot of people do privately message Jeff. Part of posting on here as well, is to show other people that it is a safe place to post and hopefully get more people to come forward with information. If people weren’t sharing what they know on here too, less people would be posting about what they know!
                    The more people open up, the more will follow!

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                The current mayor of Saanich, Richard Atwell, is not part of the old boys club. This is why, imo, the SPD tried to dissuade him from running in the election that unseated the last mayor. The SPD harassed him by pulling him over for no cause on a number of occasions. Sometimes making him take a breathalyzer which read 0.00 every time. If you attempt to reach him you must follow up and make sure that he has received your email/letter as his secretary is the Saanich police chiefs wife. That’s right. I’m not making this up. I would ask him to contact you and confirm that he has received your message.

                • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                  Isn’t he the one that gave the police chief more money than he deserved for an extended stay?

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Mayor Richard Atwell has seen first hand what the SPD are capable of. Saanich council and the SPD have all been unhappy with the unseating of the last mayor and are not very cooperative with the new one. This is like something out of a bad B movie about some small hick town where the police rule the town. Maybe Mayor Richard Atwell, who is a stand up kind of guy, can point us in the right direction.

                • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

                  He is squeaky clean with an affair and who knows what else, He is just as corrupt as the rest. Is there no one in BC that is not on the take. Christ

            • Cabal says:

              For those that believe in the power of prayer, I ask that each day u take 2 minutes and say a prayer for Jeff and Lindsay’s truth and justice. We ask for God to intervene. Believe, believe, believe.

          • GangstersCodeOfSilence says:

            Are you kidding? SPD I believe had 2 warrants out on Perez, as well as Calgary Police Dept.
            Horsley ( with our taxpaying money) Takes some big goon who would not identify himself, fly’s to Calgary (with gun), to threaten Jeff, telling him to back off of his murdered daughters case, IMO That in itself is criminal.
            They could’ve spent their time picking up Aaron Perez for the warrants they had on him, but apparently it was more important to Horsley, to spend our tax dollars to Threaten Jeff.
            Secondly,Calgary PD, were notified as to the exact whereabouts Perez was staying or hiding out at, and they did nothing! Why in the world would Jeff want to share this information with Horsley? IMO Horsley would not do anything about it, just like he hasn’t done anything about any other information that has been provided.
            IMO Horsley Is in on this whole conspiracy/crime, and IF that is a fact, he would protect Perez, Or the house of cards would all fall down!
            I clearly do not understand how people on this site or anywhere else, have not caught on after 10 long years, that giving any information to Horsley, Will not accomplish anything!
            I have a question, are there people on this site that still Believe that SPD (or at least two members) of SPD, are any better than the gangsters?
            After 10 long years, with absoluteIy no progress (arrests), I am curious as to what all the people on this site believe, with respect to weather or not there are corrupt police officers at SPD, or are they NOT involved with the drugs, money laundering, etc.?? What do all the facts tell you?

            • Drugs$sexrock&roll says:

              I agree 100%. Stated before I’m shocked this case is still in the hands of spd. Is victoria justice system also covering? With the information jeff has provided, this case should be in new hands and at the highest level of justice. The suits,money,power and authority. Happening worldwide- people are awakening and demanding justice.

              • Mary G says:

                AGREED!!!! ZERO point in telling SPD anything. If they wanted this case solved, they would have solved it! They do not! And there are a few there who are directly blocking it from being solved! Don’t waste your time calling Crime stoppers either- it goes directly to the head of file! Horsley!

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