Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Svetlana says:

    So Michelle Lum was an associate of one of the Zailo brothers, perhaps both, and people said she had a blonde wig and lived close to DeSousa Place. What happened to that wig? Did police blunder with that too?

  2. anna says:

    Jeff Buziak, i am curious to know what any psychics may have told you about her murder? i understand you might have reasons as to why you’d not want to share such info.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      I have no problem sharing my truth. I spoke to many psychics after Constable Horsley of Saanich police accused me of holding a witch hunt when he was interviewed by Crime Watch Daily. I decided to go to the witches as he suggested. I spoke to probably close to 20 psychics from all around North America. Once I made that decision to speak to them it was as if I opened my door for business as they were contacting me as well.
      100% said mother and boyfriend involved along with a police officer with a name like ho hor horse…..horsey. They all said it was a very scary situation because of the police officer involved. The ones I spoke to in Victoria were very scared and did not want to be involved due to Horsley and Shirley Zailo involvement and fear for their lives because of those two.
      There you go. Believe it or not but that is what they all basically said. After 6 or 8 of them saying the same thing I became concerned then after about 14 I thought what the hell really goes on in Greater Victoria in the shadows. They murdered Lindsay and have covered it up for over 12 years I know that for sure. Lindsay’s murder then followed by the bungling antics of 4 police chiefs with the current one the worst, 3 Mayors with the first and current like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand, 4 or 5 heads of the file at Saanich police and of course the cop with the name like a ho ho hor horsey…..who is feared and portrays behaviours more gangster than cop.
      Are psychics our truth sayers?

      • micheal says:

        The fact Horsley himself isn’t calling for another agency to take the file i think is evidence of exactly what you say.
        Think about it if you, I or anyone where in his shoes and the father of a murder victim and the international public were suggesting I at best was incompantent at worst corrupt, wouldn’t you say I’m gonna show them and defend myself, im gonna get the best possible agents on this case and show them its not me being incompantent or corrupt. I know I would.
        I build houses for a living, and if I was truly doing my job correctly yet my client didn’t beileve so and the greater public didn’t either , I would be the first and the loudest to say ok let’s get the best experts here, you can even pick them and let them do it and let’s see if its a better product, and when its not I want an apology. but you dont see Horsley doing that.
        Now I know Horsley falls back on how it been reviewed by the RCMP. well sorry thats not the same thing. I’m sure all they do is see if anything is glaringly wrong. Well sorry just because nothing is glaringly wrong doesn’t mean everything is alright.
        Anyhow Jeff I wish strength , and I probably meaningless but I have had a werid feeling for a few weeks not something big is going to shake loose in this soon.

        • Robin says:

          Exactly that is what someone with integrity would do. We are not seeing any integrity come from the Saanich Police Chiefs, the Mayors or Chris Horsely. This is obviously a cover up. The Saanich Police and Police Board are corrupt!
          Lindsay’s story will be a movie in time, maybe then they will solve it!
          Well said Michael

  3. Brett says:

    How about the house being a target. No one would buy a house that a horrific murder happened.

  4. anna says:

    This is what i suspect, her bf’s drug dealers were coming around, go it could be that her bf owed some drug money debt and they killed her as his punishment, their way of collecting on his debt Or they felt she stood in their way of coming around making deals with her bf. yet at times i suspect others in this…i dont know but i hope she has justice someday, getting away with this is just unacceptable.

  5. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Lindsay Buziak Murder Contacts.

    For all you people who have questions about various details in the ongoing saga of Lindsay’s unsolved murder rather than fight amongst each other or guess please contact the following individuals who I am certain would be more than happy to answer all or any of the questions which continue to puzzle you.

    Saanich police: Chief Scott Green who has held all senior positions at Saanich police since Lindsay was murdered and solely responsible to see Lindsay’s savage murder is solved in a timely manner or commit harakiri in shame.

    Lindsay’s boss at the time, her direct supervisor and one of the last people to interact with Lindsay, Shirley Zailo.

    Lindsay’s boyfriend at the time of her death, son of the above, and probably the last or one of the last to interact with Lindsay before her savage murder. Jason Zailo

    I’m certain any of the above will gladly respond to all of your inquiries.

    Of course, if I can answer any of your questions I most certainly will.
    Jeff Buziak, father

    Thank you very much for your support.

  6. Personz says:

    Racquet Quocksister knows who did this she was high on cocaine the other night bragging about it. She a fetnayl dealing loser in town. Drives a mazzerati but has no real job? Hmm

    • Robin says:

      You mean Racquel Quoksister I guess. Maybe the SPD will pull her over and actually do their job trying to find out what she knows!

  7. Haah says:

    Ima fuckin Loser Jeff I hope u find the truth because you deserve it
    The lives ruined should all be pointing fingers at shitty cops not doing their jobs

    Maybe if I weren’t such a big loser and help women out sometimes your daughter wouldn’t have found herself in this predikamant.

    Bottom line losers like me who deserves to get smacked the fuck around for the shit we get others into being reject losers.

    Merry Xmas from a loser

  8. Brittany says:

    Is anyone aware who bought the 900,000 listing that seemed similar?

    • Wyatt says:

      Irrelevant. And it’s a narrative provided by steroid boy himself and no collaborating party. Another self serving claim and while it’s fairly easy to validate (the sale) no one seems o have taken that initiative. (Evidence)

      • Rosanne says:

        Lindsay was only staying with Jason because she was waiting for some commissions to get to her. I would think this sale was important and could have changed her life. If money laundering was what Lindsay saw, this sale could have been an up close and personal look at that, which gave her the proof she would need to cause some trouble. It would also cause Lindsay to not believe if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is as it has been said she had sold a house under similar circumstances before and I would think it was this one they were talking about. Every tiny thing that brought Lindsay to her killer would have significance, should have been looked into and by now solved this crime.

    • Svetlana says:

      That probably gave the Zailos the idea.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think this is a red herring.

  9. micheal says:

    Now the point of this post isn’t too dwell on what could have been done to stop this from ever happening. My point isn’t people around lindsay failed her. No the murder is the person at fault for this. That being said the point of this is to show why it may not be a “professional hit”
    For the life of me can’t think of any plausible reason someone having such werid feelings about a showing wouldn’t at the very least ask a name for the couple in so many phone calls, let alone ask ” what business is he transferring in” where you transferring from etc., it makes no sense. So much so I starting to feel one of those things cant be true.
    Either she did know the couples name and perhaps something about them made her not really want to do business with them and this is the source of her conflicted feelings … Or ( what I DONT THINK) she didn’t really have feelings of reservations about this showing. More over not a single person lindsay expressed her reservations too asked lindsay ” what did they say there name was?” Not 1, person thinks to ask her that. Not one person says when she says I don’t know her name, that she needs to at least ask that.
    lindsay is having someone at her office look up the phone number to see if it can provide more information about the couple but doesn’t ask a name? She is calling a former client or clients to see if they referred her. Well what was she gonna ask that client ” hey did you ever referr me to ……. oo thats right I dont even have their name to ask you.
    One must admit this is really fishy about this it just doesn’t add up and is a big stroke of luck for the killers.
    I realize hindsight is 20-20, but can’t get over the fact someone who desperately wants lindsay dead risks this entire plan falling apart over this one simple thing. she requests their name and places a call to the business and asks them ” hi im a realtor and I got a call that made me a little suspicious, do you have a ” Jon Doe” you are transferring to the B.C area. Sure some may say the business couldnt answer perhaps they aren’t allowed to disclose personal information about their staff like that. but at least try. and a response like that alone would basically confirm the man does work there, because if he didn’t they would be able to answer no. since he doesn’t work there they are not disclosing any information about an employee of theirs. plus even if the business did say they can’t disclose said information with out the employee consent lindsay could simply ask the callers to give their consent to their employer to disclose said information. I know of I was buying a house from a young lady and she made such a request to me I would say, no offense taken at all thats completely understandable ill gladly do that.
    That being said i don’t think a professional killer is going to risk this entire operation failing apart over a simple thing like that, that frankly I’m surprised didn’t happen.

    • see closely says:

      This is eminently right,in my opinion-micheal

    • Rosanne says:

      I have to disagree with calling someone’s workplace to check on them.A google of the business to make sure it was real, maybe.A couple of reasons why. This man was going to be the new guy and a call asking about him or checking his truthfulness could have started rumors and caused him difficulty when his work was not involved and just being the reason for his move. To me that seems like going a bit overboard. Secondly, if a call like this had come into Lindsay’s office before they contacted her asking about her personal business she most likely would have found out. If I took a call asking about another employee I would tell them about it. There are weirdos and stalkers out there nowadays. It would have creeped her out because this is intrusive and not something generally done. If you think about this, it could have very easily been Lindsay meeting a couple and them buying a house from her and during that process both sides would come to know each other.

      • Michael says:

        I’m not following you, also not sure if you understood what i said.. if lindsay called the man’s business and said ” I’m a realtor and just got a call that sounds too good to be true, and I simply want to confirm jon doe works for you” what rumor would that start? she would not be saying there is anything off about the guy anything he is saying or do, she would simply express she has a werid feeling with in herself.
        if the work is the reason for his move then the work is very much involved, in fact his work is the sole reason he would need a new house. Also in most corporate transfers the work place is often directly part of the real estate transaction, either purchasing the new home or guarantee the sale of existing home.
        I dont know maybe it me I own a business and if I received a call from a young lady who had an odd feeling and just wanted to make sure she was safe by confirming an employee of mine was real and being transferred i would tell her yes , to make sure it went smooth as possible for my employee.
        but non the less this is all a secondary to my principal point, which is i have a hard time believing in 10 calls and with a bad feeling she never asked for a name
        of t directly involved in the real estate process.

        • lbmurder says:

          Lindsay was new in the business and under the direct supervision of her boss which you could ask these questions which trouble you. Lindsay’s boss was Shirley Zailo.

        • Wyatt says:

          The simple version without all the fanfare if this scenario was to be executed is to simply call that employer’s office, ask to speak to the person whom you wish and if the employer says… just a minute… or …. no one here by that name etc.etc…. you got your answer without violating “privacy” laws. But seriously, this is a moot point at this stage and isn’t worth a hill of beans for discussion or debate. I think it’s irrelevant. Next.

          • micheal says:

            I dont know if its irrelevant, I can’t explain why. but I think her being concerned over meeting this couple yet supposedly not once asking a name in 10 calls makes no sense, and could have some importance.
            And im sorry wyatt, I get your a keyboard warrior but you dont run this blog like you like to think and act. Now if Jeff said anything at all I would honor and respect anything he requested. But you wyatt are just another person on this blog. But I have noticed you do have quite the urge to want to control this blog, it’s odd to me actually.
            anyhow in the future if something isn’t worth discussion or debate For you than you dont have to engage of discussion or debate like you did, so I guess you did act feel it was worth discussion.
            perhaps you think i or others sit here and think oooo gee Wyatt said its irrelevant and next, better listen to Wyatt,but we don’t hate to burst your bubble.
            I gotta say everyone else seems very cooperative and respectful of each other here, than there is wyatt, the blog troll who I seen be rude to many people here.

            • Louise says:

              Interesting, you are extremely judgmental and have a difficult time with others trying to assist you in moving forward rather than rehashing old debated theories. I think we can all agree that it is the Zailo’s who orchestrated, planned and executed Lindsay and Horsley is instrumental in covering it up and corruption. I think it was rather rude and disrespectful of you to refer to Wyatt as a troll or control freak, he’s always stated HIS synopsis, he has ALWAYS been a solid supporter for the justice for Lindsay and if he seems a little rough around the edges for you, than maybeYOU should pass on commenting to or about him. In fact, I recall a couple posts where he actually “praised” you for a few of your posts. It’s too bad you’re so sensitive to your needs. Time to advocate to get this file from the SPD and into the hands of professionals.

        • Rosanne says:

          I will have to stick with a professional calling a workplace to check their client out behind their back and not preapproved is stepping over a boundary. If she needed to get ahold of him, calling and asking if they had a business number she could reach him at might be acceptable and give her some information. That they knew of him and he did work there. If he had been a real customer Lindsay could have lost a million dollar deal by messing where she should not have been. The Saanich police going to Jeff Buziak’s workplace was so out of line and unprofessional. There is NO way they can defend that action. It was wrong. Just my opinion but the relationship was at too early of a stage to start crossing lines. In these times it could be a stalker asking about one of your employees. I did work in medical offices and confidentiality rules were spelled out clearly.

          • Michael says:

            I hear ya Roseanne, i appreciate you being able to discuss things even when we see it differently like a respectful mature adult.

  10. micheal says:

    I had high hope for the crime phones, but have a feeling they are a dead end, maybe they simply paid some homeless guy to go buy them.
    or some drug dealer or something of the sort bulk bought a bunch of them and just says ” yeah I bought a ton of those gave them to my customers to use to contact me,

    • Godfather says:

      Drug dealers buy in bulk and they know where to buy to get the least amount of attention. They like to buy in busy Vancouver. They are bought by homeless and street people for a small fee ALL the time, a couple here a couple there. Price of doing nefarious business. Criminals never let their supply of cell phones diminish. They are bought in many different places all the time. They are thrown away like asswipe.

  11. T. Selvamani says:

    The killer is still alive, the killer planned the murder and sent the professional killer to kill her. The killer updating every on this investigation. Kindly check the person how Visited this Website frequently. More possibilities are there for the killer to visit this website.

    “*The person planned this murder and sent the professional killer to murder her.

    * The person is very very close to her life circle. “

  12. T. Selvamani says:

    Lindsay Buziak, This is a well Planned murder by her Husband. 95% her husband planned this Murder. I reduced 5% because he not killed her.

    Theory: 2
    There is a necessity, She has to be murder within 2 or 3 days. They taken away somethings from her or They want to stop her from doing something. They want her to die soon for sure. (She already involved in something that’s why she suspected the Phone call. ). I won’t believe the text message conversations. The murdere are sent by the very close circle to her. The lady and the man are Professional Murders sent by her Well Known person. She knows the up-normal things, because of, What she has done already? Victim of Revenge (Or) Victim of What she going to do? To stop it.

    “The Murderer is very very close in her Life circle” *100% sure.

    • Svetlana says:

      They stopped her from going to Vancouver to the birthday party. Who was at that party?

      • Wyatt says:

        Who’s “they?” I don’t think anyone “stopped” Lindsay from any function, if she wanted to go, she would and could have still gone. Nobody sinister there as I understand they were HER friends for a bachelorette party. All women. I feel your grasping at straws here AKA a red herring – just saying. It’s the Stupid Police we need to get off this case. They couldn’t solve the crime of nuts stolen by a squirrel so we need to pressure them to release this file! We know who killed Lindsay, we just got to find that investigative team who are good at their job and aren’t dirty or corrupt.

        • Svetlana says:

          They, meaning Zailos in regards to TSelvamani’s theory. Plus Shirley Zailo did those hand to throat gestures to her friends after the murder. It’s like she thinks that some of her friends knew something. And it’s like they wanted her to go fast because they suspect she was about to tell on them and most likely are the ones who removed Facebook messages. They are hiding some things in their dirty closet.

          How stupid can police be not to see that?

          He hands over her laptop with messages deleted till the day after her murder. If they could of thrown it away they would have done so but they knew it would look extremely suspicious so they deleted the evidence and pretended they were so innocent by handing over the laptop.


          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I believe one of Lindsay’s close friends did know something. I believe she was one of the girls in the car? Jeff? It was posted years ago that she witnessed Jason overhearing Lindsay telling her, while they were in Lindsay and Jason’s condo, that Lindsay was going to leave him as soon as some real estate transactions went through. Shirley was very aware that she had seen that as well as being privy to Jason’s reaction to over hearing that conversation. Apparently when Lindsay discovered him listening from the bedroom, Lindsay and her friend ran from the condo in fear and would not come back for many hours despite Jason calling her over and over again. After not being able to reach Lindsay he made one call to his mother. I believe that is when the plotting began. Apparently when Lindsay finally did go back, against her friends advice, Jason acted as if nothing had happened. As if he had not heard Lindsay telling her friend that Lindsay was going to leave him soon. I also think that it was that same friend that received the phone call very late at night from a woman with a strange fake sounding accent. When she woke up enough to realize it was probably the same accent that Lindsay had heard she panicked and quickly hung up. She then tried dialing the number back to find out who it was and after repeatedly dialing the number many times finally someone picked up. Guess who it was? Yup, you guessed it, SZ. When asked why she was calling one of Lindsay’s friends, someone Shirley didn’t really even know, she said that Jason must have put her phone number in her contacts without her knowing it and that she had accidently dialed her instead of a coworker with the same name. Yeah, right. 1) Why would Jason be putting his girlfriends, girlfriends contact info into his mothers phone contacts? 2) Without her knowledge for no reason at all? Nice try.

            • see closely says:

              It is very interesting that maternal branch of Lindsay’s family is never commenting in this blog.My take is that they do not agree with the “facts” and tenor of opinions by goofs like me.Sorry

  13. Wyatt says:

    Ok. I just have to throw this out there….. first let it be known I don’t have a religious bone in my skelton… I shall claim… I believe in science. Having said that, I do “believe” in spirit. I like to think our dear departed still hover amongst the ones they love and sometimes give us a subtle sign of that spirit, or presence, if you will. So here’s where I’m going with this … I could NEVER purchase a home or live on the property where such a violent, rage infused, planned killing took place. NEVER. So what I read previously (hope I got that correct) was that Desousa retained the murder house and most recently his son (weird name) Argyle or something similar, apparently is residing in the murder mansion. I like to think that Lindsay visits there from time to time, just to stir the pot – so to speak. Maybe she wisps a breeze of freezing air across their beds while they lay awake causing them a fright or scare or just plain “creeped out.” Maybe those vehicle keys that they can’t locate will never be found. That item that was put on the counter has been missing forever! A lamp will flicker without cause. I sure hope she puts in a few “creeped out” moments for us all.
    Here’s to you Lindsay 🍷 you may be gone but you will NEVER be forgotten. RIP young lady.

  14. eight says:

    Tristin Hopper posted this message on Twitter last Monday:

    “For those asking, I am no longer editor of Capital Daily because they fired me. It, uh, wasn’t amicable.”

    Hopefully this will not impact the assignment with Zander Sherman looking into Lindsay’s case.

    Regarding his work so far, there are many intriguing aspects of the information in the documents he’s obtained, and many takes on where they may lead. Wyatt provided a good walk through them this morning.

    Two that jump out at me are the fact that the identity of the phones’ owner(s) is known, and Lindsay sold a $900K listing under similar circumstances just a month prior.

    Needless to say, the reason the identity of the owner(s) of the burner phones has not led to charges must include quite a twist. It should have been a key turning point in solving the case but apparently wasn’t. Even if they were communal phones used by several people the list couldn’t be so long as to preclude discovering who made the calls. And whoever made the calls is at the very least a conspirator. If they turned out to be deceased it’s still very hard to imagine why this wasn’t a major breakthrough.

    All along we’ve been given to understand that this showing was really a big deal to Lindsay because of the dollar value. For instance in the third podcast of the “Brainscratch” interviews, her father says, “…she called me immediately when she got the phone call because she was so excited. This would have been her premier deal of her career so far.”

    Now we learn that she may have successfully had just as big a deal in similar circumstances shortly before this one. If that is true, it may explain a) – why she went ahead with this one, and b) – where the conspirators got the idea for the ruse. Again pointing to people aware of her personal situation. People close to her.

    Hopefully Mr. Sherman is allowed to continue his pursuits.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      “Needless to say, the reason the identity of the owner(s) of the burner phones has not led to charges must include quite a twist”
      That’s a nice way of putting it…..I think we will have to remove the case from the SPD to find out what that “twist” is.
      I hope that Tristan Hopper was not fired because of allowing Zander Sherman to pursue justice for Lindsay. Right now, imo, he poses the biggest threat the SPD has ever had with regards to someone being able to pry the lid off of this case. We need to find out more about this and also if Zander is now going to be told he can no longer pursue this case and or be fired also. I would not be surprised at all if that is what is happening.

    • Wyatt says:

      This is suspicious. No? I’m not a Twitter follower so thank you eight for advising us of this outcome. I say suspicious because I did not immediately connect Tristin’s dismissal to be connected to Zander’s research until I read CTD’s suggestion. Is it fair to say that Tristin’s dismissal was somehow orchestrated via SPD connections? (Mayor, Chief Green, Police Board etc.) Was Capital Daily “threatened” with charges of obstruction due to their story? Is Zander getting so close to prying the lid off Pandora’s box that Horsley, Green etc. are starting to sweat? Are they (SPD) trying to shut up and control the paper? Like they do with the Times Columist? Are they threatening them as they did to Jeff? Tristin has extensive journalism so this dismissal seems rather suspect and if he’s looking at wrongful dismissal charges based on SPD threats than he is limited to disclosure at this time. Interesting and disturbing situation. 🧐

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Yes, I agree. Disturbing. This is exactly what I was hoping would not happen but thought that it probably would. B.C. is so corrupt and has been for a long time.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        We need to pay close attention to what is happening here.

  15. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Murder Murder Murder

    Lindsay Buziak Unsolved Murder 02/02/08

    Saanich, B.C. Canada

    Why is murder allowed in Saanich BC? “Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter. Manslaughter is killing committed in the absence of malice, brought about by reasonable provocation, or diminished capacity. Involuntary manslaughter, where it is recognized, is a killing that lacks all but the most attenuated guilty intent, recklessness.”

    “Most societies consider murder to be an extremely serious crime, and thus that a person convicted of murder should receive harsh punishments for the purposes of retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, or incapacitation. In most countries, a person convicted of murder generally faces a long-term prison sentence, a life sentence, and even a death penalty may be imposed.”
    “Most societies consider murder to be an extremely serious crime” Why do Saanich police allow it in their municipality that is part of the capital province of British Columbia, Victoria, BC and not consider murder an extremely serious crime? Are Saanich police naïve, dumb, useless or corrupted supporting criminals? They are certainly not upholding the law in Saanich, BC.

    “In Canada, murder is defined in the Criminal Code, a statute passed by the Parliament of Canada that applies uniformly across the country. Murder is the most serious category of culpable homicide, the others being manslaughter and infanticide.” In Saanich, BC, the Saanich police do nothing about murder, say nothing about murder and vigorously defend and attack anyone who questions their attitude towards them for doing nothing about murder. Basically they do nothing about murder except defend, their abysmal reputation and occasionally provide excuses and explanations why they allow murder in Saanich with no consequences.

    In Canada murder is an indictable offence and the most serious criminal act in Canada. “Indictable offences capture crimes such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, extortion, cocaine trafficking and other serious crimes.” Well the other indictable offences also appear to be allowed in Saanich, BC as well. Well known drug dealers operate in Saanich without impunity. Why? Saanich police. Saanich police claim Lindsay had criminal elements on her phone list but yet none of those people are in jail. Why? Saanich police. Saanich police know these people by name and so does anyone who grew up in Saanich but yet they are allowed to continue by Saanich police. In Saanich it appears anything goes and is overlooked or supported by Saanich police.

    With Saanich police failing to uphold the law it appears there could be a very relevant case they are an accessory to the murder of Lindsay Buziak and other indictable offences. “An accessory is distinguished from an accomplice, who normally is present at the crime and participates in some way. An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being committed, will be committed, or has been committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way. The assistance to the criminal may be of any type, including emotional or financial assistance as well as physical assistance or concealment.” Are Saanich police assisting the people who murdered Lindsay Buziak? Are Saanich police concealing anything about Lindsay’s murder? YES they most certainly are. They know exactly what happened, why Lindsay was murdered and by who but refuse to take action to the extent they are defending information about the criminals who viciously murdered Lindsay in court.

    Tell me, Who are the real criminals in Saanich, B.C. CANADA?

    No Justice – No Respect

    • see closely says:

      The AG Prosecution office of Minister David Eby is guilty-in my opinion -for preventing( for its own need),to bring Lindsay’s murder case to the rightful end.Who, or what is preventing AG Prosecution office from charging the potential killers of Lindsay by the charge of MURDER ?We all need to find the reason for AG Prosecution office and Saanich police not to charge the killers of Lindsay.

  16. Mark says:

    I Question the Integrity from the two “Eyewitnesses.” I Question their Relationship with Joe Desousa. Investigators MUST re-interview the so-called “Eyewitnesses.”

    • Wyatt says:

      Hopefully ONE DAY this execution file will be removed from the SPD because anything coming out of that office and from the mouths of these dirty coppers holds no value at this stage. I don’t think they possess any skills to interview a stuffed rat 🐁 so I highly doubt their ability to investigate this murder is viable.🙈🙉🙊

  17. Wyatt says:


    I too would love to receive a copy of the documents that Capital Daily was able to acquire. However, legally, I’m not sure they are permitted to publicly share/post and furthermore perhaps they don’t want to play their cards just yet. Wish I could answer that for myself.

    I’ve had some enjoyment dissecting what was shared and taken the time to play with my theory and questions that I believe are close to the truth. If nothing else, I will stay steadfast that the Zailo’s are the evil planners at trying to get away with murder and that Horsley, Haynes, Green and many other corrupt individuals who are associated with criminals and their activities are the instigators covering up Lindsay’s murder in order to cover their own criminal conduct.

    Buziack Murder lies …..

    …… why the woman had chosen Buziak, a new real estate agent with limited experience. The woman would only say the young realtor had been “referred.” ….at minimum Buziak would need to thank the person who had allegedly recommended her. But when Buziak called around to ask her other clients, no one knew anything about it … in the documents there’s no mention of a “referral client” whom Buziak allegedly tried to contact but was away on holiday, as has been previously reported.

    * A LIE as Horsley stated Lindsay tried to contact these referrals and Horsley said they were out of town, on holidays. When in fact, according to these reports, Lindsay tried to locate these referrals via her list but came up empty, which suggests she was never provided a name of these “referrals” that’s why cell calls we’re unable to determine who these referrals were because there was none.

    Over the following days, there were 10 more calls between the Vancouver number and Buziak’s phone. If the “couple” provided a name, Buziak doesn’t seem to have told anyone or written it down. The nickname she assigned the number — “Million dollar” — offered no clues.

    * Yet another lie setup by the killer and Horsley eluding that it was fact. Lindsay NEVER previously referred to these phantom clients as “Mexicans” that came from the killer who used her BB to text Zailo.

    At some point, according to the documents, the owners of what would come to be known as the main crime phone travelled to the Island via BC Ferries. Police believe that Buziak provided the address of the now infamous, 1702 De Sousa Pl., during an approximately 10-minute call. After hanging up, according to the documents, the caller may have used MapQuest for the purpose of “familiarizing themselves with the area” and “planning escape routes.” 

    * Horsley setup this suggestion to be the killers who travelled with the cell, when in fact it could have been anybody! The owner of the crime cell is not proof of a killer.
    * What a red herring… caller used MapQuest to familiarize & plan escape route… who made that suggestion? Horsley? MapQuest is a far cry from “planning an escape route ”. Yet another red herring by Horsley.

    At 7:15pm that evening, Shirley Zailo ….showed up at the condo where her son and Buziak lived. The documents don’t say why Shirley was at the condo, but she apparently overheard a fifteen-minute conversation between Buziak and the caller. 

    * Why is this relevant if they can’t determine WHY she was at Lindsay’s? They suggest that SZ overheard a conversation but how is that relevant to Lindsay’s murder if there wasn’t some underlying connection – what’s the connection? What was the conversation? There must be remarks/statements to make it suspicious.

    According to the documents, Buziak planned to meet the caller and her husband at the home at 5:30pm. The couple would be flying in from Vancouver that afternoon. 

    * I thought Horsley stated only the man was coming? And didn’t Horsley imply that the cell travelled with the killers via ferry? Which one is it? Yet another lie. Flying? Who obtained that information? From where! Or was it made up by Horsley? And he didn’t think of a flying manifest? Oooops…. a slip up by the incompetent corrupted pig.

    Buziak appears to have felt increasingly conflicted. The commission she would get from any sale would be substantial — ….. — and according to a letter allegedly from a friend, Buziak was “stressed about money.”

    * Now that I believe. She was not necessarily ‘conflicted’ but likely extremely reserved about these alleged clients, her instincts were in overdrive and I suspect she was being pressured by SZ & JZ to show this house (as they desperately wanted her there at that time etc) the Zailo’s likely minimized or dismissed her concerns, telling her she was overly paranoid, this is when JZ offered his empty protective services to assure Lindsay nothing would happen as he would be there. And was she stressed about money? You bet. She was lining up her ducks to kick that crazy JZ to the curb and she wanted out! She needed money to do that. She was furiously independent and she wanted to get out of this awful situation on her terms, she wanted to show herself she could do it and keep her family pride. Nothing wrong with that. She just had no inkling these MF’s were going to kill her. That had never occurred to her.

    And there was an even more pressing matter: Her friend’s bachelorette party. It was in Vancouver on that Saturday night…..

    * Yeah, I don’t think that was a pressing issue in the sense she needed her bread and butter so she knew her priority was to make some sales. While she was perhaps disappointed not to make the party I’d like to know WHO concluded that it was a “pressing” issue? Horsley? Did she ever make that suggestion to anyone? She likely expressed her disappointment that she would not make the party but she was not “pressed” about that. She had her priorities figured out.

    Buziak was still awake around midnight when Zailo returned home from playing hockey. In another previously unreported detail, Zailo offered — as apparently he had done before — to do the showing for Buziak (…..). As well, Zailo reminded Buziak that she had received a similar call from a woman about a month earlier, and that the client’s $900,000 budget had been almost identical. But in that case, the mysterious call had ultimately yielded a sale. There’s no indication the two calls are connected, and Zailo appears to have brought it up only to reassure Buziak.

    * Who believes any of this? Zailo just made this up to give the appearance that he was a loving, caring BF. Not! There’s no collaborative evidence to support this and it’s extremely self serving for Zailo. I don’t believe any of this conversation happen. Especially at this time we are fully aware that it was no secret that Lindsay was dumping this butthead and getting out of dodge. Just another red herring set up by Zailo and concluded by the incompetent Horsley.

    The days leading up to the showing would also reveal an odd pattern in Buziak’s online activity…. Saanich Police would closely examine Buziak’s laptop, which Zailo voluntarily provided….. the police noted that there were missing chat messages, though they were unable to determine when those files had been deleted. Facebook —was another source of inquiry the Saanich Police noticed — a span ranging from two weeks before Buziak’s death until one day after — “there were no messages from any of Buziak’s 700 friends …” (The messages being discussed appear to have been from Buziak’s “wall,” where friends could post messages seen by other friends). Given Buziak’s usual pattern of daily Facebook activity, investigators found this “very odd,” but it’s unclear what, if anything, they believe is responsible for the change. 
    On Buziak’s list of Facebook friends, they quickly saw people who were “violent criminals and involved in the illegal distribution of drugs.” The names of those people are still heavily redacted, but the Saanich Police initially believed that Buziak’s association to them “may have played a role” in her death. The documents also mention Buziak’s four-day trip to Calgary in December, 2007. Buziak was visiting her father, but also went out with friends. As has been previously reported, at least one of those friends was involved in a major drug bust after Buziak’s death. If those details are in the documents, they are still redacted.

    * Zailo provided the laptop, at what timeframe? AFTER Lindsay’s murder? Why was this laptop not with Lindsay? In her vehicle? If not on her person? I’ve never been with a real estate agent who didn’t have their laptop attached to their hip. It’s pretty obvious Zailo (or someone he knew) deleted the damaging messages. He would have something to gain whereas Lindsay had nothing to hide.
    * While Horsley was attempting to setup a drug related connection to Lindsay’s murder the information he tried to suggest (guilt by association) backfired when they could not extract any form of drug activity with Lindsay. None. Zero. Zilch. Horsley was cornered and he had to walk on eggshells because he IS THE ONE who is connected to the drug/money laundering/real estate scandals so he didn’t want to draw attention to these criminals because ultimately he would probably piss them off by pointing Lindsay’s murder in their direction, thereby drawing ‘heat’ to them. So Horsley had to leave the ball in the air by stating they could find no drug connection but that’s because he had no evidence…. says he.

    On February 2, the day of the showing, Buziak stopped by Remax’s office, where she worked. According to a receptionist whose identity is still redacted…. the receptionist said Buziak was feeling “really weird” and “freaked out” about the showing. Buziak appears to have provided the receptionist and another coworker with the phone number for “Million dollar” to see if they could find a record with other agents in Victoria. Nothing came back. 

    * Even on this day, her instincts were accurate, she desperately tried to explain her reservations to herself, looking for an odd connection that would give her cause to halt the entire thing. But nothing of significant backed up her instincts, it must have been extremely frustrating cause ya can’t explain instincts, you just feel it. Haven’t we all been there?

    Buziak is said to have eaten quickly, wanting to change before the showing. The documents say Zailo once again offered to show the house on Buziak’s behalf, but Buziak apparently declined. In typical fashion for the busy, sociable realtor, she apparently planned on attending both the showing and the Vancouver bachelorette party. 

    * This information is bogus and self serving for Zailo. There’s absolutely nothing to collaborate this statement and it’s solely from the assisted killer himself.

    Around 4:30pm, Buziak likely returned to her and Zailo’s condo. While she was getting ready for the showing, Zailo went to SHC Autographx, an autoshop five minutes from Sauce. The owners had apparently hired Buziak to help sell a property, and Zailo seems to have gone there to present an offer. 

    * Here’s where things go terribly askew. Lindsay never returned to her condo to ‘change’…. that’s another self serving statement from Zailo to coordinate the timeline the killers have arranged. It’s quite easy to verify if Lindsay did in fact change her clothes, I’m sure the waitress or cams could depict whether she was killed in the same attire that she had lunch. But no where does anyone claim to verify that evidence. Lindsay had never been in this house, she wanted a heads up for herself to know what the layout was etc. She went directly to the house to be the professional she was and sought knowledge of its existence. Any good realtor does that and she was good. She was at the house cia. 5pm
    * I don’t believe ANY of Zailo’s rationale to be truthful and be where he was, when he was. This is all an alibi setup. If he promised Lindsay that he would accompany her at the house, than why was he not with her? Why did it take him over an hour to depart from this SHC location when he was to be with Lindsay? And wasn’t this place closed on this Saturday, at 2pm? No one explained that discrepancy. Zailo didn’t want to be anywhere near the crime scene or be a part of it.

    While at SHC, Buziak called Zailo to tell him she was on her way to Gordon Head. The documents say Zailo then offered to meet her there, ostensibly to deliver the paperwork from the SHC couple — which may have required Buziak’s signature — but also to make sure she was okay. The documents say that Buziak agreed to let Zailo follow her, but still wanted to do the showing herself. As Zailo later told police, Buziak had a “very strong personality and liked to do things herself.” 
    * I suppose cell records would have verified this call but the content and intent is solely from Zailo. I would suggest Zailo asked Lindsay to call him once she arrived at the house and the intent was so Zailo had knowledge that she was indeed there and the killing would follow shortly from this call, giving him a timeline to arrive. As for Zailo stating he offered his BF services yet again is suspect as its only self serving and the other party who is privileged to this conversation is deceased so it’s only Zailo who makes it up to suit his alibi. As for Lindsay signing documents, there’s no mention from Zailo at previous points that they discussed any such paperwork. Lindsay is an independent person, not stubborn or strong willed as Zailo implies, she probably agreed to his suggestion to drive over to the house to do whatever it was he was telling her he needed to do but looking after her welfare was not one of them. Let us not loose the intent of Lindsay to split from this fool at a time that would be financially viable so I’m sure she didn’t express any affection for his presence at this time. And all this time, Zailo is very aware that she intends to kick him to the curb very soon. He can deny this fact but too many other very credible witnesses knew this was her intent.

    Right around the same time, the documents say Zailo got another call, which was from his friend Cohen Oatman. According to Oatman’s redacted statement to police, he and Zailo had plans to meet for dinner, but his cell phone battery had died and he called Zailo from a payphone in town. The two decided to go to the Gordon Head house together to wait for Buziak before presumably continuing on with their plans. Oatman drove to the SHC parking lot, left his vehicle, and got into Zailo’s 2005 Range Rover. Security footage shows them leaving SHC at 5:30pm.

    * This is apparently a complete lie! Pay phones are very traceable & If Oatman used one he would have been able to identify its location and time it was used but apparently there were no pay phones! And he supposedly used his cell to call 911…. interesting. And none of us can understand how Zailo just ate at 16:30 and was planning dinner an hour later, how hungry is this guy? This is where the picture doesn’t fit the story in a very obvious way.

    According to the documents, Zailo tried to find the address using his vehicle’s navigation system, but it didn’t work, so he called Buziak to ask for directions. The visiting couple had apparently just arrived at the house and Buziak had to cut the conversation short: “Oh, I’ve got to go. They’re here.” Zailo then told her to text him the address. The text came soon after, and Zailo responded by letting Buziak know he was on his way. As has been previously reported, that last text was never opened. 

    * This is the timeframe that Lindsay was murdered.
    * There is no time stamp for this call. A very crucial time because according to Zailo he talked to Lindsay (although we think it was one of the killers) and while he called on the pretence for directions, he was attempting to find out where he was in terms of arriving and if the killing was complete. We were given two versions of the response, supposedly from Lindsay, one being “they are here” and the other “the Mexicans are here”….. which one is it? Although we think it’s irrelevant other than Lindsay NEVER called these phantom clients “Mexicans” and we believe it was SZ using Lindsay BB at this time to give the appearance that Lindsay was still alive, when in fact she was not. And Zailo’s version of events do not fit the picture, again! Why would he need directions or an address? If he states he is this wonderful, loving, caring BF who only wished to attend for Lindsay’s welfare would he not have known before…. way before…. where this house was located? Not to mention the builder, Desousa, is extensibly connected to the Zailo’s via personal and business dealing so Zailo knew where the house was. This call was a ruse call to understand where he was in terms of arrival time and alibi.
    * The last text from Zailo stating he was on his way – that was intended for the killer to know where he was in relation to arrival time. It was not opened because the killer(s) were busy cleaning up and setting up there crime scene, there was much work to do in a very short period of time. Besides the recipient of a text does not have to “open” it to read the beginning of a text again another inconsistent statement by Horsley.

    Zailo and Oatman arrived at the house about 5:45pm. As they were turning onto the street, Zailo is said to have glimpsed a male figure through one of the house’s front door windows. Reading the documents gives the impression that the sound of Zailo’s vehicle prompted the couple to abandon their plan of leaving out the front door and instead flee out the back, as police have said they did. 

    * Zailo stalled his arrival time as much as he could stretch but he was still too early! The killers had completed their killing but not the crime scene setup. Zailo arrived just after the killers had activated the lockbox to appear that Lindsay had done it and they rushed back into the house, locked the door, RZ made a dash for the rear fence while SZ needed to return Lindsay cell back on her person, she ran upstairs, jammed it into Lindsay jacket pocket and “pocket dialed” without realizing she’d done that in her rush to return it. She also stopped to grab Lindsay shoes to throw downstairs at the entrance because she wanted it to appear that Lindsay had taken off her shoes when in fact, she did not. While doing this rushed organized crime scene, SZ was in stocking feet, up/down the stairs, hence that would explain the bloody footprints in stockings, if that is indeed evidence.

    * The description of the alleged clients is unconvincing. I don’t believe they existed, nor do I believe they were witnessed. None of these “witnesses” have ever shown themselves or made claim to their statements. Perhaps they did witness people, but it was not on this day, at this time or conducive to this killing.

    Previous reporting has been vague about what happened next, saying Zailo “and a friend” found Buziak’s body, and that the two subsequent 911 calls were made by the same person. But the documents shed significant light on this critical time and contradict previous accounts. 
    After pulling onto the street — a tiny cul-de-sac with only one finished house at the time — Zailo texted and called Buziak’s cell. Her black BMW was in the driveway, he noticed, but there were no other cars on the road (and police say the suspect couple left on foot). For ten minutes, Zailo and Oatman waited and watched. Again, by my team’s calculations, they got out at about 6:00pm and walked up to the house. The front door was closed and locked, which Zailo found odd (during real estate showings, the front door is customarily left open). He rang the doorbell “about ten times” with no answer.

    * Contradiction. Zailo sat around, pointed his vehicle in the wrong direction, moved it to another location to obscure line of sight to the home and texted more unanswered texts to ensure it was clear for him to enter the home, clearing his alibi time for arrival at the crime scene.

    Zailo and Oatman then walked to the back of the house. They looked for a basement entrance “but found it in darkness,” according to the documents. They returned to the front yard and peered in the windows. Buziak had unlocked the house with a lockbox — a lockable container used by realtors to store house keys — and Zailo theorized Buziak must have taken it inside the house with her, preventing anyone else from entering. Zailo noticed the “for sale” sign on the lawn, which — in the still relatively early days of cell phones — had the office number of the listing agent and not their personal cell number. It was after-hours, and Zailo called his mother to get a direct line for the house’s listing agent, who was one of Buziak’s colleagues. He then paged the agent asking for the passcode for the garage, but the documents don’t say if any response was received. 

    * Basement entrance? This has never been identified as an avenue to enter and found in darkness. What does that mean? There is a basement entrance and Oatman & Zailo found it in the dark? Bizarre and inconsistent with the sliding door entrance. Who makes the statement that Lindsay accessed the lockbox? Zailo? Or Horsley? While it may be evident that the box was indeed accessed at the time stated (17:29) it DOES NOT depict WHO that person was. We are fairly certain it wasn’t Lindsay as she was long deceased at 17:29. And where is that key? On Lindsay? Did SZ put it there when she returned Lindsay’s BB?
    * The conversation between Zailo and SZ is highly unlikely to have been as stated, which is given by Zailo, by the way. It was likely a tip to SZ of Zailo’s position at the house and getting some kind of “ok” for him to enter as they had cleared the killing scene. Another failed follow up with the listing agent (cell records) to validate that Zailo made an effort to contact the listing agent. And while we’re on the subject of listing agents, isn’t it customary and work ethic to advise the listing agent of a showing? No mention of that information ever having been acquired.

    At 6:05pm, Zailo called 911. According to a transcripted summary of the call, he explained that he and his girlfriend were both realtors, and that she was meeting a female client from out of town. He then said Buziak had asked him to “kind of follow her” because she was “kind of scared.” He had arrived at the house after Buziak, he said, and seen a man “in the door” (it had glass panels). He and his friend had tried the door but it was locked. Buziak’s car was there, and through the front door window he could see the heels she had kicked off prior to walking through the house.

    * A full 25 mins (or longer) he waited and stalled for time before making a serious effort to ensure Lindsay’s welfare. If the bells rang any louder here, we’d all be deaf!
    * Where did he get female from? I thought everyone believed it was a lone male she was to meet.
    * All of Zailo’s statements from this point on are weak and unbelievable. He interjects his assessment of events to suit his alibi and deflect any suspicion. He thinks we’re all as stupid and sacked-out on steroids as he is. Poor fella. He has no clue how obvious his involvement is.

    After hanging up, (from 911) Zailo and Oatman walked to the side of the house, and for the first time noticed a large, almost completely enclosed patio. They peered over the fence and saw the open back door, at which point they began to panic. Zailo boosted his friend over the fence before running back around to the front door. Oatman went through the inside of the house and unlocked the front door. Zailo and Oatman then began doing a sweep of the house, Oatman covering the first floor while Zailo ran at what he has described as full speed upstairs. 

    * Now they panic! Really! And again the story doesn’t fit the picture. Ask any loving, caring BF who would find themselves in this position, they would either have kicked in the front door OR they themselves would have leaped the fence. We all know how powerful and strong we are in the panic moment with adrenaline and there’s no way a real BF would have behaved the way Zailo did. He was simply staying to his script to solidify an alibi, it was not he who made entrance to the house, but someone else so he could not be accused of being “alone” in the home for even a short period of time, that would draw suspicion that he may have compromised evidence. It’s all so orchestrated and planned, however weak, but planned nonetheless.
    * Going directly upstairs is so obviously staged in the sense he forgot his rehearsed choreograph and in his “panic” he was to sweep the downstairs first, with Oatman, then upstairs, probably with the intent of Oatman finding Lindsay rather than Zalio but that plan didn’t execute as expected so he improvised and later couldn’t rationalize his movements so he made up the scenario of Oatman was to sweep downstairs.

    Buziak was in the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. As soon as Zailo found her, he appears to have summoned Oatman, who made a second call to 911 at 6:11pm. According to Oatman’s summary of the call, he said that he and Zailo had just entered the house, seen “bloody footprints” and found Buziak lying in a “pool of blood.” The documents say Zailo checked Buziak’s arm for a pulse and tried to perform CPR. Police would later say she had been attacked between 5:38 and 5:41pm, when her Blackberry made an accidental call. This is corroborated by the coroner’s report — a previously undisclosed document — that puts her time of death at approximately 5:40pm, five minutes before Zailo and Oatman showed up. The official cause of death was determined to be blood loss due to “multiple” stab wounds.

    * Oatman made the 2nd 911 call. I thought his cell was dead? Or did he use Zailo’s? No evidence presented on this issue. At 18:11 Lindsay has been long deceased, likely shortly after her arrival time (cia 5pm) up to approximately 17:20 no where near the pocket dial time. The killers had a ton of work to do before they could exit the scene and killing Lindsay at 17:40 would just not fit the picture and provides the killers very little time to cleanup, setup and clear out.
    * it’s not rocket science that coroner’s do not give specific time of deaths. It would be suspect how this coroner could make such an accurate ruling or is this remark concluded by Horsley to fit the pocket dial? Coroner’s will present a time frame of death, never by specific minutes. In this case, Lindsay’s time of death should have been from her soonest arrival at the house and the actual discovery of her body, in other words, between 16:45 – 18:11
    * CPR on a body with 40+ holes! She would have been in a very large pool of her blood, in fact she was likely all bled out at this stage. This was simply a “show” for Zailo to give the appearance he made an effort….. yeah right. An effort to ensure she was dead. Dead people don’t talk.

    When the Saanich Police arrived, the documents show they took Zailo to the police station for an interview, checked the house to see if anyone was still inside, and began searching the area with a canine unit. The police dog deployed apparently searched along the property’s eastern and western perimeter, but not along the south, which was considered “contaminated” by the movements of police officers and first-responders (who presumably threw the dog off the scent). Inside the house, police searched for a “knife or other sharp object,” hair and fibre evidence, DNA, and “blood splatter” evidence. They don’t appear to have found a weapon, but what they were able to determine from the other evidence — including the bloody footprints — is not apparent. The property owner, who had been in the home just prior to the showing, appears to have provided fingerprint and footprint samples so they could be eliminated from suspicion

    * At this stage we will never know what the SPD did/didn’t do. How proficient and efficient they really were. With Horsley at the helm and his merry minions and the allegations of SPD corruption and cover up, we will probably never know the extent of this botched and inept police force. There would appear to be a very extensive scandal in the midst of the SPD and Lindsay’s execution is collateral damage for a very personal hatred and violent rage. Steroids and drugs will do that along with a skitzo mommy that has your umbilical cord still attached makes for a volatile recipe.

    According to the documents, the Saanich Police then immediately looked into the phone used to contact Buziak. It was pre-paid and had not been used to contact anyone but Buziak. The name used to register the phone was “Paulo Rodriquez,” which the Saanich Police determined to be a fake name. 
    Based on cell tower information, police appear to know the area where the phone was purchased, and where the person or people who used the phone are “mostly likely from.” They also determined there was a second phone that had been used to check the voicemail of the first, and therefore suspected that two “crime phones” and various “conspirators” had planned and facilitated Buziak’s death. Eventually, the Saanich Police found the real identity of the owner of both phones, though that name — for now — remains blacked out.

    * And why can these incompetent, dirty cops not make a charge? It’s almost 13 years for Lindsay how much longer?


    • Robin says:

      Well done

    • Robin says:

      Well done Wyatt.
      Another thing that sticks out to me is this….

      At 7:15pm that evening, Shirley Zailo ….showed up at the condo where her son and Buziak lived. The documents don’t say why Shirley was at the condo, but she apparently overheard a fifteen-minute conversation between Buziak and the caller.

      SZ showed up because she knew there would be a conversation happening at that exact time. She was there to gauge Lindsay’s reaction and any comments she made to Jason after. They needed to see if Lindsay was questioning or suspicious of anything at that point. SZ and JaSIN discussed her coming over prior without a doubt. They are the worst kind of people on earth. Unmistakable psychopaths. Real fks ups.
      B.C. 🐝 careful….of wolves in cheap clothing

      • Wyatt says:

        Ahhh… I would agree with you. Make sense now. Thanks for filling that gap.

      • Svetlana says:

        Definitely suspicious and she said in Dateline she took a walk with Lindsay the night before. For what? To give her pointers on how to sell the house? Because as I have said they wanted control over her every move and watch her. Like cats watch and play with their meal before they pounce on it. I wish another legal jurisdiction will take over this investigation for once and for all.

        • Wyatt says:

          I believe there was “no walk” – that is simply a lie. There’s no way Lindsay had any connection with this nut-bar so this statement Is not collaborative by the other person who apparently was part of it! Just another mommy dearest lie! Thinking she’s smarter than the cops. Well, in this case, we’re all smarter than these dirty pigs.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Good job Wyatt! So what do the police do with all of these glaring inconsistencies? They clear the most obvious suspects almost from the get go. Outrageous and makes them look guilty alongside the Zailos. Not what the tax payers are paying them for. We need someone else to solve this very solvable case and launch an investigation into the SPD.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Wow great job. When you look at every situation as you have it becomes even more clear. My heart hurts for Lindsay, just a young woman trying to get a successful career on her own to be brutally murdered. Someone must have the morales to get this case solved.

        • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

          I will never understand why there is no one in CANADA that can take over this case and solve it?????????????????????????

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I suspect that there is money laundering involved on some level. Money laundering is a huge problem in B.C. Even with the long overdue current investigation going on I’ll bet we only get scraps of insight into the real scope of the situation.

            • Robin says:

              Agree, I am expecting to be told more BS when Austin Cullen finishes his inquiry. I hope not but I too had the same thought. B.C. is very corrupt, Vancouver and Vancouver Island are out of control and have been for possibly 20 years. B.C. Be careful…Brutally Corrupt…Broke Citizens….not so Beautiful B.C.

              • Wyatt says:

                Yup at least 20 years! We are going back to the Gordon Campbell (Mr. Drunk himself) and the Christy (crusty) Clark era’s. That’s 20 years of liberal scandals. Remember the BC rail? Same 💩 just a different subject and this one includes coverup and corruption of a murder that had absolutely no connection to this money laundering/drug money. Politicians protecting their financial resource of “donations” to the Liberal party. It’s all so disgraceful and shameful. It all disgusts me to no end.

    • micheal says:

      wait just so I’m clear , you no longer think SZ did the killing then came back to stage the the show of lindsay meeting a couple? Now your saying the couple never existed.
      Im just making sure I understand you properly because not to long ago at all, maybe just a few weeks ago, I beileve you were pretty admant and telling me and Roseanne I beileve her name was that we had no clue, didn’t know what they were talking when we said we don’t think SZ did the killing and then came back to stage the meeting.
      I must be misunderstanding something cause I thought you made it pretty clear that anyone who doesnt think that SZ killed her AND then came back after to stage the meeting killing lindsay is clueless. now not only are they not clueless you dont even think thats what happend anymore yourself?
      maybe I’m confusing you with someone else, ill have to scroll back in the comments to look. because I’m kinda stunned right now, on this 180 flip.

      • Wyatt says:

        Who exactly is your inquiry addressed to? It is very difficult to decipher what you’ve written. If it is me, Wyatt, and if I read your post correctly, there’s no 180 to my original post. I NEVER believed SZ was part of the greeting committee, in fact, I don’t believe that trio ever existed. My position has always been that these “witnesses” to the trio were fictitious or sadly mistaken. I will never be convinced that a “wig” can be identified as a “wig” and the detail of description just does not correspond with the hour of late dusk… I don’t believe anyone can see anything that specifically at that distance or time. I will ALWAYS be of the position that SZ & RZ were in stealth mode in the master closet, Desousa led Ms. Lindsay to the killing field while she crossed the room to the master ensuite, out sprang the killer family in hazmat suits and ambushed her from behind… hence no defensive wounds, she did not see them coming and succumbed to her violent killing almost instantly. The rest is explained, I think rather articulately on my lengthy dissection of the documents. Trust this will clarify MY position.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          That does sound possible. That would mean that either one or two people posed as witnesses and told a complete lie to the police or the lie came from the police themselves. The witness description of what happened is too on spot to the situation to have been anything else, imo.

          • Wyatt says:

            I agree with you CTD. Either a lie by either parties (witnesses or police) OR if there is an ounce of truth than they are sadly mistaken on the date/time of this alleged sighting. I will NEVER be convinced that one can identify a wig as a wig at any distance or this time of day.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I think that the whole idea of a blonde wig comes from the witness description of the woman buyer looking so much like SZ, complete with her distinct style of dress, only with blonde hair. Also, close associates of theirs who just happen to live close to that house have been known to own such a wig.

              • Svetlana says:

                The police could’ve easily checked all stores in BC for wig purchases by Zailo.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  No need for the Zailos to buy one. They had a close associate that lived near the murder house that was known to already have one. Just like the hair of the witness account of the female buyer.

      • Rosanne says:

        I agree with you Michael.

  18. come on man says:

    Disclosure in respect of informant handler notes — Officers that have “handled” informants understand the delicate balance between handler notes, intelligence (information), and protection of the informant’s identity. Although practices vary slightly amongst police agencies, most dictate that all intelligence derived from a confidential informant be reproduced in the handler notes, and those notes are then carefully guarded and disclosure, even to other members of the police force, is severely restricted. Under that protocol, only non-identifying information from the handler notes will be downloaded into source debriefing reports.

    Are we supposed to entertain the notion that an officer of the court would disclose the name of an informant or other minute details with some anyone?

    • Wyatt says:

      So what are you telling us? That informants are free to commit murder because their “handler” willfully looks the other way? Are you saying informants are above the law and operate without impunity?

      • Robin says:

        This is Beautuful B.C. don’t forget. Where
        Being Corrupt pays, you will only thrive in B.C. if you leave your morals at home. Never attempt to leave home with morals and do not dare get on a B.C. Ferry heading to Vancouver Island!!! You will not thrive and may not even survive. B.C.
        Be Careful. Victoria, B.C. ( 🐝 careful)

  19. Elaine says:

    Can you please let me know the reasons why it’s so obvious Jason was involved ? If liars change their story why did Jason AND Cohen BOTH tell the same story at first and then changed the story after police clarified what happened ?? Do you believe Cohen was involved as well ? Even though apparently Cohen was not close with Jason and didn’t even want to go out with him ? Does anyone have a link for the dateline episode that works ?- the one linked on this website doesn’t work anymore. I heard it has an interview with Jason maybe then it will be more obvious to me that he was involved if I can see his demeanour.

    • Svetlana says:

      I am not sure why their video on Dateline is not working, nor why copies of it were taken down from youtube. Maybe someone can contact them and see what is happening.

      I can say from what I remember of that video, Jason’s demeanor screams GUILTY. You can see him being interviewed in some youtube videos from the justice for Lindsay walk. Again, very shifty and hiding something behind those guilty eyes and almost looking satisfied.

      • Robin says:

        To me on Dateline and on news show at walk he looks scared shitless!!!!! And why did Mommy have to take her baby there? Jeff and Matt didn’t have Mommies with them!!! He was so uncomfortable because he knew it was all lies and he knew people could see through it.
        As far as the show not being available on YouTube I think it is making money on other networks in Ireland plus I’m pretty sure it has been on Oprah’s channel. It’s out there but they are making $$ elsewhere.

        • Wyatt says:

          I know – right? How does one remove the umbilical cord from mommy dearest when your that age? Wonder if he still wets the bed?

        • Michael says:

          well to be fair Shirley is relevant to the case , so she has a reason to be there herself. I imagine dateline spefically invited her unlike Jeff and Matt’s mom. it not like she was merely there for motherly support.
          And had Jeff or Matt brought someone say even there Mother for emtional or some sort of support I dont think I would mock that and say they needed their mommies.

          • Wyatt says:

            FAIR to mommy dearest! 🤮
            What an awful post. Who gives a rats behind about the NUT BAR from hell.
            And I’ll make bets that steroid/drug user JaSIN still wets the bed! 😀

            • Michael says:

              oo yeah, if you had comprehension skills there is no way you could even interpret the goal of what I said as fair to ” mommy dearest” if anything it could be interpreted as asking to be fair to Jason as the insult of needing his mommy was directed at him. But again you let you emtions override your brains ability to think straight.
              but again im always fair to the truth, the truth is the only thing that matters , if a particular truth happens to reflect good on a bad person or bad on a good its still is truth., im sorry I have the emtional maturity to understand that .
              I’m also wise enough to understand it actually hurts the case against SZ and JZ if people realize things are being made up just to bash them. Why not just stick to bashing them based on truthful things? it gives the bashing more credibility.
              But no sorry a fact is a fact SZ was not simply at the dateline as emtional support for Jason, she was there because dateline specifically requested her there, and did not apparently request and interview of Jeff mom or Matt’s mom.
              To say otherwise is to spread lies and false information, and the truth to me is more important than Zailo bashing.

          • Robin says:

            To be fair, nothing doing! SZ was not relevant to Dateline, JaSIN needed Mommy, Dateline did not need Mommy Dearest. What did she add to it, absolutely NOTHING!! “We loved Lindsay for that” oh please Michael, she was there to keep him on script. They both look like deer in headlights anyway and the big bus was going to nail them, that was enlightening for viewers IMO. The Zailo’s were never prepared for television shows, media, blogs or for so many people to recognize guilt when they see it. They expected Lindsay’s unsolved murder to be forgotten long ago. This is what has surprised them and in the end will bring them down. Justice for Murder is the only answer here. People UNITE, I’m with Jeff. Murder is not something we will accept. Don’t put lipstick on pigs 🐽 Michael.

            • micheal says:

              you need to work on your comprehension skills and re read the original comment i replied to and what I oringally wrote.
              its has nothing to do with putting lipstick on a pig.
              I simply stated the reality, SZ was involved she was lindsays boss at the time, she was there because dateline invited her there to be interviewed. she was not there simply because Jason needed her for support.
              some of you people let your emtions block out your common sense and reason. relax.
              I’m very against murder and with Jeff as well. And being the level headed guy Jeff seems to be, I im sure he would want a real justice true and fair trial for SZ and or who ever else may have done this and not a lynch mob.
              So excuse me for being able to simply point out a small fact. I just didn’t want people who had not seen the dateline to be mislead, and think she was just there cause Jason wanted her rather, rather than the truth which was dateline wanted her there to be interviewed.

  20. micheal says:

    along with my other comment from today’s date about Jason possibly having lindsay phone the entire time from the moment they leave lunch, he could have not only hurried up the stairs to get his last task done of putting phone on her,,, he probably would have wanted to rush up there too cause he didn’t want CO to see him take the phone and slide it in lindsay pocket.

    • Louise says:

      Pinging would have validated this scenario. Course we’ll never know the truthful investigation skills that were applied (or not) because Horsley can’t keep his lying in order. I believe mommy-dearest was lingering around at this time but she wasn’t “lingering” as she was in panic mode trying to hustle her and boy-goofy out of the crime scene because her other goon-boy had arrived too early.

      • micheal says:

        thanks , I wasnt sure how close everything was , ( from house, where they had lunch etc and just how many sqaure miles a ping can narrow something down.
        So i guess im still not sold on the theory SZ did the killing than came back after to put on a staged meeting. Not saying she didnt do it, simply saying i dont think that that is the order of events. I still beileve lindsay was alive did meet out front with a couple and was killed after.
        On another matter i just out of curiosity Googled SZ and saw her real estate business webpage, and sure it just a personal feeling but that zebra print dress she has on, on that webpage just gave me a bad feeling. Someone clearly likes black dresses with a very unique and bold pattern on the front. I mean to me personally the tone of that dress is so similar to the murder dress i cant beileve she would even wear it let alone post it for the world to see.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          One of the many little incriminating details they didn’t think of. A blonde wig should do it without any thought about the very distinctive style of dress typically worn by her and the many pictures that exist with her wearing them.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Nor did they think about the fact that the blonde wig is exactly the same style and length as her own hair. Hmmm.

          • Louise says:

            Q? Where did this “blonde wig” identity come from? Who made that conclusion? How could anyone identify a wig, especially at dusk and at a distance (I assume – according to witness claim)? Is this a truthful, accurate piece of evidence?

            • Robin says:

              Or is this part of JaSIN’s script. He really had lots of lines to remember. Too bad the bozo SPD can’t get the job done, it would be so easy to trip him up. This only adds to the fact the SPD are helping to keep Lindsay’s murder in the UNSOLVED status it is in. Any new detective would jump at the chance to question JaSIN, a seasoned detective would wrap it all up in a couple hours. WTF 🤬 goes on at the Saanich cop shops “learning to live with lies 101”? Such a disgrace!

    • Robin says:

      Women do not hand over their cell phones to boyfriends so they can be without!!! Not a chance, no.. no.. no… never.. never.. never. Not possible. If that was even asked Lindsay would have “Shirley” said right then and there WTF is JaSIN upto and definitely called her Dad.

  21. Micheal says:

    what if JZ had lindsays phone the entire time, what if he picked it up or took it out of her purse when they were leaving lunch? him having her phone would prevent her from being able to call for help.
    what made me think of this is I was considering people theory that lindsay was killed much earlier, and SZ was the lady pretending to be the potential
    buyer that showed up around 530. but that didn’t add up. I dont see it making sense that SZ or anyone for that matter would enter house at 530 linger there for 11 minutes in a brutal crime scene for no reason than place the phone in lindays pocket at 541.
    is it possible JZ had the phone the entire time the pocket dial was done by him and part of the reason he ran up those stairs so fast knowing that looks shady is because the urge to get the phone off him and onto lindsay and complete this last task for his part in this overwhelmed the idea of playing it cool and looking a few other places first as to not look suspicious by running right to body.
    is their anything that in missing that would dismiss this as a possibility?

    • Elaine says:

      Cell tower evidence can prove whether Jason was with Lindsay or not at the time of her murder and that if her phone was in fact with her. Why don’t dummy police release this info? There also appears to be video evidence and witness testimony that confirm the timeline that police have given but they won’t share….why?

  22. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Covid 19
    This seems to be a serious matter and a huge inconvenience for everyone. This potentially deadly virus has impacted families, individuals, businesses and the economies of every province in this country. The impact, they tell us, can be severe even though most of us don’t seem to know anyone who has died from this virus. It appears the elderly are most vulnerable as they are with all health risks from flus to pneumonia and must be protected. I suppose we all have to do our part and yes, I do wear a mask as instructed by our political leaders advised by health officials. This state of affairs makes me think and reflect as it has with most people but…..

    WHAT ABOUT MURDER? …hmmm it’s okay!

    Lindsay was murdered over twelve years ago now and not by virus but by the deliberate act of individuals who are actually the most deadly disease of mankind and society. How many murders since Lindsay’s in B.C.? Why no public warnings? Why no action by politicians? Why no implementation of existing laws by the justice system? Why no containment/arrests by police? Why are we not wearing guns to protect ourselves? A virus that could potentially cause death sees an enormous effort by political leaders to stop but the murder of a woman in Saanich, B.C. and the murder and missing of hundreds of women unsolved is OKAY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.

    A virus is maybe; Murder is definite! The media and politicians are all over a virus but murder our women and they could care less. Insanity. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. No protection, no consequences. Stop a virus but keep murdering women. Who cares about them…..besides me and Lindsay’s supporters. Think about that. Which virus/disease is more important to you and your loved ones?

    The disease/virus that killed Lindsay and many more women in British Columbia is allowed to spread freely but a bad flu must be stopped at all costs! Insanity! Who is next? Your daughter, sister, mom, aunt, cousin……police and politicians don’t care!

    Woman in B.C. are more vulnerable to murder than they are a virus but who cares right? Put your mask on darling and you will be okay.

    • Robin says:

      Well written Jeff. I totally agree with everything you have said. We are witnessing the decline of civilization I believe. We keep up our fight for Justice for Lindsay no matter what!

  23. Micheal says:

    2 questions 1.Is there a place one can read the actual documents recently released that the news paper reported on. I have read the article and what the article says they say but would like to read the documents directly.
    2. Is it true that Phone calls from the burner phone were made to Lindsay to begin setting up this showing PRIOR to the drug bust in Calgary even taking place?

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