Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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6,271 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Marcus Landry says:

    Best of luck find these fucking pukes karma will get them but hopefully they get delt with before it all comes around goes around god bless

  2. eight says:

    At the time of Lindsay’s murder, the long-running BC Rail trial was under way. Court filings, including to the Supreme Court were being made regarding secret witnesses. Also at the same time, two prominent people in the Vancouver Island real estate industry were under indictment for bribing a public servant to get land released from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The public servant was not only under indictment for accepting that bribe but was also named in several indictments in matters at hand in the BC Rail trial. (Eerily, given Lindsay’s similar reference to the fake buyers, he referred to Christy Clark’s brother Bruce as “The Mexican” in the transcript of a recorded RCMP wiretap.)

    The assistant special prosecutor in the BC Rail trial is on record as saying the individuals in the ALR trial were waiting to plead until they saw how the BC Rail trial would play out. And that wait appears to have been worth it. Charges against the two prominent real estate chaps were dropped, and their company was fined $200K in October of 2010. But here’s the thing: they couldn’t have known that in February of 2008, when they were staring down the barrel of prison time and the issue of secret witnesses was being litigated in the BC Rail trial. Same goes for the civil servant they bribed. He was in even more of a jam. On page 32 of this link (para #41) he is said by the RCMP to have $870,000 of unexplained income in his bank account:

    Click to access Search_Warrant_App_1068801a.pdf

    He also had personal and family ties to some in the same cast of characters we met in the Beltran saga. One of them was the brother of Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend and apparently was on the BC Rail trial’s witness list for some reason. Another, his cousin, was a drug dealer sentenced in 2008 to nine years in prison in part based on wiretaps from 2003 that may have also been produced as evidence (implicating who knows who in what) in the BC Rail trial had it not been shut down prematurely.

    But the government was so anxious to get the BC Rail trial put to bed without any high-profilers and their skeleton closets called to the stand that it cooked a secret (and illegal) $6.4 million plea deal with the civil servant behind the backs of the special prosecutor and the judge.

    The question that might be asked here is whether this was made possible because somebody had the motive, means, and morals in 2008 to eliminate a witness who saw something she shouldn’t have. A witness that should have been, and expected to be, protected by the Crown perhaps?

    I make no allegation about the individuals actually on trial; they may well have been squeaky clean except for the offences they were being tried on, but there were many in the shadows watching those trials with bated breath. All hoping nothing would come out implicating them. And some with a special interest in what a secret witness might reveal.

    Could Lindsay have interacted with any of the players in the web of that BC Rail or ALR trial to the extent she learned something that troubled her enough to secretly report it? Would she keep that secret from her close circle and even her father if asked to by the authorities, thinking (incorrectly) that those authorities would protect her? Would those same authorities be willing to look hard (or at all) into the many connections between the underworld and the politically and corporate elite and where Lindsay may have unknowingly and inconveniently intersected?

    Until the Saanich police or another investigative body recommends charges against the killers, we the public should feel free to ask any and all questions that come to mind. Because until the police can tell us who did it and why, our guess is as good as theirs.

    • Justice says:

      Lindsay was not a witness or informant anytime or anywhere. She had parted ways with her ex 2 years before. This is all an interesting theory but you have nothing that would make her a threat to anyone but the Zailos. Lindsay had relationships with people
      Who were connected to selling illegal drugs just like all the other girls on Vancouver Island. There is nothing, not one shred of evidence to tie here to a bust of any sort.
      There were several people in the office who are the obvious suspects: The Zailos and Rianne. Who had the enough Influence and resources To set up the plan?? Influence is the key.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        You just described Shirley Zailo.

      • Robin says:

        As interest and annoying as the information on B.C. Rail you just can’t shake the Zailo’s off. Jason’s behaviour on the day Lindsay was murdered cannot be brushed off. The fact that Paul Bergshoeff and Joe DeSousa and SZ had a connection adds upto them. Is it not obvious when JD’s house just happened to be the one Lindsay showed. The requests of the caller would take to that very house and I am sure SZ was hanging around Lindsay the day she got the call to point Lindsay in that very direction. There are many many reasons why you can’t move past the Zailo’s. If you are not aware of them then you will not need to go very far back to come across them. They have been pointed out many times. What about SZ saying she went for a walk with Lindsay and Lindsay said she was scared of Matt, such bullshit. Slightly over planned. The couple who were out of town they happened to give Lindsay’s nbr to people, more bullshit. The odds of winning the 649 are higher than all the occurrences coming together like they did. This has SZ’s mark all over it. These aren’t all the synchronicities either. Maybe the SPD should turn this case over to the Fire Department to get solved.

        Cops aren’t apples. There can be one bad apple in a barrel of good. But if you have one bad cop in a precinct, and 99 cops who don’t call the bad cop out, that’s a hundred bad cops.

  3. eight says:

    One theory I’ve read online posits that Leo Beltran was led to believe Lindsay was the informant responsible for the investigation and so he moved within a matter of days to plan and personally carry out the killing.

    Did Beltran have motive, means and morals to carry out the murder? You bet. My question is whether he would be reckless enough to do so given the circumstances.

    Knowing that there had obviously been a police investigation into the activities of his crew (even though he had not yet been arrested), he would have had to consider the possibility police were watching him. He would also have to consider that if Lindsay was indeed the informant, the police might be keeping a protective eye on her. Would it be wise then for him to personally and immediately set out from Calgary to unfamiliar territory on Vancouver Island to commit a murder under the possibility that both he and the victim were being surveilled?

    Or would he have felt it wiser to let it be known that the cartel would be looking for some rapid indication that whoever the snitch in the supply chain was, they had been dealt with? Apparently some midnight rousing to that effect did take place according to Sgt. Horsley. That might have prompted whoever the real informant(s) were to find a scapegoat. They would know that Lindsay wasn’t the real snitch and therefore not under police watch, and as time was of the essence in mollifying the cartel they had to act quickly.

    Of course that possibility presents major problems as well. Lindsay was likely to recognize any of the locals, so they couldn’t act as potential buyers. Nor obviously could the real informant, who was known to the police and would surely attract their immediate attention upon Lindsay’s murder.

    Any number of those attached to the drug scene and their acquaintances on the Island could have contacts in Vancouver or elsewhere willing to do a job for a price or to pay off a debt. And some had local contacts in the realty business to facilitate a ruse. But other than Beltran or the real informant(s) who would have a motive connected to the Calgary drug bust?

    Beltran or the real informant(s) had obvious motives but would have had to realize that because of that they would be very conspicuous and immediate suspects. If not already under surveillance both should have been, and should have expected to be in any case.

    It appears then that the Calgary drug bust was probably used at most (if at all) only as convenient cover for some other motive. By someone who had the connections to the underworld and Lindsay’s real estate circumstances necessary to plan and carry out the hit using very few people, and those few being capable of maintaining complete radio silence.

    That someone may have been more connected to the laundering arm of illegal drug operations than the import and sale division. There is a public inquiry under way right now looking into the rampant money laundering that was going on back then. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers are key players necessary for laundering money. Lindsay, by way of her occupation and connections to certain individuals in that industry may have unintentionally entered the laundromat. I wonder how capable the Saanich police are in that area, and whether they have been loathe to look around some corners for fear of what they might find.

    • lbmurder says:

      Time has shown Saanich police are not capable. No question there now. The tricky part is how close is Constable Horsey considering his part time police focus and his success as a real estate entrepreneur financier. Red flag?

      • Rick Larsob says:

        Let’s be honest you have every mother fucker pin pointed and done in . The cops are useless bastards worse than the fucking scum that run the streets shooting up. Except they cost a lot more. Ever wonder why the police and government workers hate being filmed because they are doing fuck all. FUCK ALL useless bastards.

    • Svetlana says:

      If there was money laundering going on at Camosun then there could’ve been a number of agents involved.

    • Following says:

      More often than not it’s the obvious. The fact the boyfriend was there, the mother arrived so quickly, the whole story had a narrative, it’s probably Lindsay saw something, didnt want to marry the guy, she needed to be eliminated to preserve the source of money. It writes like a novel. 10 years ago you could read a lockbox. The lockbox could have told the key story. If the lockbox is still part of evidence it’s going to involve one key access. Whether a copy of the key was made, the times the key was accessed, even lack of any key access tells you the story. Since the novel is so precise you cant help feel there was a rehearsal. The key access would tell you a lot.

  4. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    We all know there is corruption in BC. I think it is pretty clear what happened to Lindsay and by who. What I don’t like is name calling on this site. I assume we are all adults and name calling just make this site less credible. Can we stick to names and not name calling? I support this site but when I have to read posts and posts with name calling I find the posts to be childish. Sorry if you don’t like it but can we just stick to the facts and the real names of those involved? Thanks

    • Robin says:

      Just a Canadian Citizen
      I apologize for offending you but for me I am just calling it as I see it. They are not proving to me in any way that they deserve the titles they are carrying right now. I hate putting lipstick on pigs. Maybe I did get a bit carried away but it sure felt good and even better to see it in print. However I will consider your opinion for sure.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Thanks Robin. I understand the anger and hatred and pain but this is a serious site. I want to read posts that hold up to the standards of being respectful to Lindsay and her family. Name calling takes this site to a lower level and we are all respectful Canadians whether those we spoke of deserve it or not. Thanks.

        • Robin says:

          Just a Canadian Citizen
          Just to be clear I have total respect for Lindsay and her family and this site. That’s a given. Anger, pain, and hate, no chance of any of that over any of them. I always think of my Dad’s quote when thinking of THEM, he said this after we watched the police carrying all those boxes out of the legislature building the night the B.C. Rail scandal broke on the news. “When I see what goes on around me I think I am a GD genius”. Also sorry to tell you I am becoming a disrespectful Canadian because of what goes on in B.C. (Being Corrupt) maybe if I had a hockey bag of money to launder my disrespect could be bought back. Being that Cohen O. is a manager at a B.C. Casino now he could get me at least one of those hockey bags.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            While Just a Canadian Citizen has a good point I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your post Robin and I think that you are bang on with your points and the direction of your sarcasm.

            • Robin says:

              I laughed while writing that post and I did enjoy the truthful feelings it brought to my gut however I also know better and my Mom would be appalled. I agree thst JACC had a point too. However………………………….
              Politicians and Police are a very frustrating bunch. It becomes very frustrating when they do not answer questions from the people who pay them. I’ve lost faith in the system that does not act with honesty and integrity which is what has happened in B.C.
              Why are politicians hiding the details of the B.C. Rail Scandal from the people of this province? Obviously because the public would be outraged at the details. This information belongs to all of us and any government that hides details from the people is a dictatorship. I despise the Liberals and now the NDP for covering up deceitful behaviour of criminals, this is criminal behaviour all by itself.
              I know for a fact how many people have written our politicians and SPD about Lindsay’s unsolved murder and they haven’t even got the decency to respond. With so many people questioning the going ons the least they could do is remove Lindsay’s case from the Saanich Police after 12 yrs of nothingness. They at least owe that to Lindsay, her family and the public. If they can’t have arrests in 12 yrs it is obvious they need an intervention. With what the politicians have allowed to go on in B.C. why would we trust police or government, look how Rich Coleman has slinked away now that the public are onto him. When was the last time Gordon Campbell poked his head out of his ass? The public are ignored! It is insanity. I’m real tired of it hence my post full of name calling and swearing. I’m tired of not being listened to, I’m disgusted that we have to fight for the police and government to get a handle on Lindsay’s unsolved murder, there is a cover up going on here, what else could it be with what we are witnessing all around us. If we can’t get justice for a young women who was viciously murdered by criminals in 12 years what’s the point of being in a civilized society? To any people who have a daughter how would you feel if it was your daughter that was lured to her job and viciously MURDERED? Why aren’t the police and politicians doing more for Lindsay and her family? What about all the other murdered and missing women in B.C.?
              I respect JACC and Jeff’s site and everyone else too enough that I know I was out of line with name calling and lack of respect for those men but maybe they’ll listen to that, they aren’t listening to rational, appropriate language and proper titles. I know the police and politicians can do way more to see that we, the people see justice for deadbeats who think murdering someone is ok so get doing it! I do not want to live amongst people who are capable of ruining the lives of so many people. How do you think Lindsay felt knowing the end of her life was near and her death would be what her family would be confronted with soon? You can bet that thought crossed her mind when she realized or was told she was going to be killed. The gut feelings she had been getting since she took those phony calls came together then. She was betrayed by people who had pretended to care about her. She had just had lunch with one of them. There is a place for psychopaths that can go that far and it is called JAIL. Put them there FFS.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                I laughed when I read your post too. I agree with everything you have said. The most damning aspect of this case imo is the clearing of the whole Zailo family early on in the investigation. Who does that? Everyone knows, and I hope the police would be part of that, that the people closest to a murder victim are your most likely suspects. Especially a murder with the kind of personal over kill that you see here. The SPD seem to have forgotten who they work for. Hint: It is not the Zailos. They either need to unclear the Zailos or make some arrests. NOW WOULD BE GOOD.

          • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

            I can’t imagine the heartache this family has gone through. We need to find a way to get this declared a cold case. I don’t live in BC but I believe there is alot of illegal actions going on in all of the provinces. Honestly besides all the letters, this site, the petition I have no answer how to get through to anyone in charge. This truly breaks my heart.

  5. Rosanne says:

    These two items appeared back to back in my newsfeed. What has this got to do with Lindsay?

    There are some very strange coincidences. The first article states how money laundering with mortgages is happening,

    ” Making a connection between criminals and real estate.
    Canadian banks offer ‘one-stop shopping’ for money … 25, 2020 ”

    This second podcast is very interesting and more coincidences. This case is 18 years old and unsolved. The police apparently know what happened but it remains an open case and they seem to be waiting for some kind of confession. The main suspect comes from ” a prominent real estate family,” So the police somehow back off on him. Heavy criminals are also quickly brought into this case.

    “Case of missing Nanaimo woman inspires new true crime …
    Nanaimo News Bulletin-May 26, 2020”

    When did Real Estate, Police, Criminals become connected and why when a murder takes place with all 3 elements does it seem that some pretty influential eyes are turning away? The police on their own without help higher up the power chain could not get away with this crap! The banks on their own could not either! Real Estate is regulated and watched, how can they literally get away with murder?

    My personal experience with real estate has been with a few real nice ladies who probably have never had a traffic ticket. What the heck is going on here?

    • Following says:

      I completely agree. A real estate forensic of Shirley’s business wouldnt be a waste of time. Number of all cash deals, lists of repeat buyers and sellers, spacing of those purchases, profits made, losses made, closing statements and bank trading of funds. If there was a sudden pause just before Lindsay’s death in all cash deals and then a resumption of all cash deals. Electronic access to lockbox records. This was a well written script that obviously had planning. If there is an all cash transaction gap and a resumption after her death, that’s telling. Wouldnt be surprised if SZ did it herself

    • Robin says:

      Money, money, Money, dirty money, drugs, money, inflated real estate prices, dirty money, Hong Kong going back to China, dirty money, shifty real estate owners/managers, Rmx Camosun, criminal minds, politicians, power, dirty money, police, dirty money, dirty, dirty money, drugs, drugs, drugs, dirty money, on and on and on…… lack of morals, shifty, selfish people, connections, liars, cheaters, murderers, money, money, money, DIRTY money, connections. That’s how and why they can get away with murder. BUT they aren’t going to get away with murder because we are here a long time not a good time.

  6. EyeWitness says:

    HEY COHEN!! Didn’t you find it strange that your buddy drove away from the house not once but TWO times? First time, Second time. One, Two. Secret messages?
    You witnessed it. You were there.

    • Robin says:

      And Cohen you know don’t you, but u are bullied into silence aren’t you? Must be awful to look that POS everyday knowing he used you as his scapegoat. What goes around will surely come around. How ya sleeping at night Cohen?

      • Blackjack says:

        In January 2008 he started working for Dominion Lending Centres Inc., for 6 years as a mortgage broker. That’s right before Lindsay was murdered.
        Then he worked for Mortgage Alliance and Zilla Mortgages, again as a broker
        this very year when he becomes a General Manager for the CASINO.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I thought his association with Jason was mostly through hockey. Interesting that he joined up with them professionally just before Lindsay’s murder. What was he doing for a living before that?

        • Robin says:

          So good old Cohen has been promoted by the dirty people, interesting. Did you say MANAGER of a casino, lol, an effd
          up corrupt B.C. casino… the ones where you can get a hockey bag of cash to mess around with? Holy FK… hey SPD, Chris Hor$ley, Chief WTF, Detective who gives a FK, Mayor Fkface, Premier fkhead, AG David, ignoring all U FK heads, P$ Minister Mike, fk it all…… WAKE THE FUCK UP, who’s running this shit show of a province the LIBERALS?
          This is a bloody script for TV right before my GD eyes. How was it that none of you were born with balls? Aren’t ya all pathetic, weak men!

          • see closely says:

            What you conveniently omitted from your opinion is that the government of BC for the last three years is NDP in cohort together with its Green party’s a** lickers.That put your opinion and bias in right perspective.

            • Robin says:

              I could have continued on believe me with every politician but I think we all know the history of the Liberal government in B.C. my point being really just who are any of them looking after way up there at the top. They can’t possibly be oblivious to what is going on with Lindsay’s unsolved murder so just who the fuck are they serving? I have tried over and over to get the attention of all these so called MEN at not one has enough balls to confront a serious issue like MURDER of a young woman who was just beginning to put her life together on her terms. These men and all politicians need to be called out on this, they are all looking the other way on purpose. They are disgusting sheep posing as men in suits. Wimps effin wimps.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            If this information about Cohen is correct it really does complete the script. How is it that the SPD have gotten away with clearing these people? And so quickly into the investigation?

          • Justice says:

            Thanks for speaking the truth!!
            They have balls but they like the money more than justice.

      • Jus cause says:

        I’m guessing night time is the time it creeps into your thoughts… feet get sweaty 🥵 you wonder. replay in your mind … gotta be awful

        • Robin says:

          Yup I bet hey Cohen. The nights must be awfully restless for ya. I guess both you and Lindsay learned a real tough lesson about getting involved with the Zailo’s. The wolves in sheep’s clothing family. I bet ya Jason asked ya if you wanted a job at Dominion lending too hey Cohen, they were plotting Lindsay’s murder I bet by November 2007. You played right into their dirty, grimy hands CO. FO CO

  7. Felicia says:

    Lindsay Buziak knew too much information about the drug break in Calgary of that year. She knew that her boyfriend was a part of the gang that was busted and the gang was worried that she knew too much and would call the cops. The boyfriend hired the lady in the colourful dress and the man to kill Lindsay while acting as buyers. This is how her boyfriend knew where to find her after she buttdialed him during her murder. He didn’t look around, he ran straight to the master bedroom where she was killed. He was a mastermind and knew exactly how to make himself seem completely innocent.

    • Robin says:

      You seem very sure of what you say. Where did you get your information from please? OR is this your opinion from watching shows and reading what is in the media.

    • Svetlana says:

      He knew she was at that house so he was not trying to find her – not sure where you got that statement from which makes no sense about buttdialing him. And people should stop using that term buttdial – it is POCKET DIAL.

  8. Concerned says:

    You should speak to Sharon Price. She owns and operates a few BnB’s on Trutch street, and had rented to the men who were arrested in SK for human trafficking earlier this year. These men were also selling cocaine and there have been some people speculating that these men and the woman they were arrested with may have had something to do with Lidsay’s murder. As we all know Lindsay said she “saw something she shouldn’t have” and unfortunately there is a strong feeling amping the community that she saw something regarding drugs (either buying, selling, or influential people taking them – maybe something worse). I hope that Saanich police will actually investigate this horrific murder as her family deserves to know what happened, and the people responsible for this crime should be brought to justice.

    • lbmurder says:

      It is also believed that Saanich police May have been involved in what Lindsay saw that was criminal in nature. Saanich police have been very quiet about this tragedy and try to hide everything about it including details and protecting key suspects while attacking and discrediting Lindsay’s father.

      • Donald Kimble says:

        This makes the most sense as to why this case has been buried so nefariously by Saanich police. She saw something that implicated them and whatever it was must’ve been serious fucking shit for them to be so obviously in on this coverup.

        • Magdelina says:

          I believe ur 💯% right. It makes so much sense. I’ve been reading and watching the same shows over and over, believing its so solvable, now I believe this is the reason why!

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          This makes total sense. It explains a lot such as the location of the murder ( Saanich ) making it within their jurisdiction. The day the murder took place ( the day after the retirements of their most experienced homicide detectives. Why this case has been headed by the same police officer that has been unable to solve it after all these years. Their refusal to declare this a cold case after way too many years of it not being solved by their police department. The conflicting information given out by that same police officer. The completely unorthodox visit that Jeff received from again that same police officer who illegally directed his side kick to not identify himself.

        • Justice says:

          Yes that is the best way to describe it, Chris Horsley buried the case and to protect who and why??

    • Svetlana says:

      They wanted easy money in the criminal world BUT these men were about 10 years old at the time of Lindsay’s murder in 2008, with the exception of the Iranian woman Shermineh Sheri Ziaee who was 24 at the time. I think they’ll be doing jail time in Saskatoon. lol

      “Those facing charges include Victoria resident Shawn Alexander Kelly, who is facing five charges, Nanaimo resident Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi, who is facing five charges, Nanaimo resident Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi, who is facing five charges, and Victoria resident Shermineh Sheri Ziaee, who is is facing six charges.”

  9. Robin says:

    New podcast today about Lindsay’s unsolved murder. This is very well done. We hear more from the perspective of a family member and what it is like to endure such a loss. I believe we have all become numb to the number of unsolved murders in Canada. We can not accept this as the new “Norm”. Murder in unacceptable in our society, who are these losers that think they can take people away from their families? Why are they sharing the earth with the rest of us? Where THE HELL are the politicians and our supposed justice system allowing this scenario to continue and grow? At least enforce justice and the laws existing on criminals rather than turn a blind eye as in Lindsay’s unsolved murder .
    It’s been 12 years since Lindsay was viciously murdered and where is this investigation exactly? Obviously the Saanich Police can’t get Lindsay and her family justice so I say “Time UP” give the file to the police that can get arrests, why is that too much to ask? That is the least that should be done after this amount of time. Good grief!

    • Rosanne says:

      The depth of this tragedy comes through in every word of this podcast. Frustration and disgust for how this victim and her family have been treated and their inability to get answers or help, is growing beyond the pain of a horrible murder. Canada, British Columbia and Saanich we have to be able to do better than this!

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Just listened to the new podcast. Great job Jeff for sharing your personal side. Those of us with empathy will want to help even more. This so needs to be declared a cold case.

  10. Robin says:

    For some reason I can not get the URL for part 1 however it is available at the end of part 2.

  11. Jus cause says:

    And jus like that justice has silenced us all…. jus sayin…

    • Svetlana says:


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