Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011



This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Juscause says:

    Just a thought….. you could always follow Mr Horgan’s lead and reach out to Ryan Reynolds…

  2. ConnectTheDots says:

    Knock Knock. Who’s there? Why thank you for asking SPD. It’s us, the taxpayers. The people
    you work for. We didn’t think you could hear us. Scott Green? Actually no, he works for us too.
    We would like to know a few things but let’s start with the two most confounding scenarios. Number one: Why would you, the people we pay to solve crimes, eliminate the most likely suspects thereby protecting them from prosecution? You haven’t arrested anyone else a decade later so what could have possibly justified clearing the people who are text book prime suspects? Number two: How is it possible, after a decade plus, that this case was not declared a cold case years ago let alone now . I mean, you do want to solve this case, right? That is what we are paying you to do. We are trying to believe that you are on the up and up but boy you are making it hard. With the movement to defund the police picking up support, I can’t help but think that this is a prime example of why that is probably going to happen sooner than later. We aren’t feeling that our tax dollars are being well spent here at all. Nothing is getting accomplished and the steps you have taken are not the kind that solves cases. In fact, it looks more like a cover up. Maybe private investigators rather than police that seem to have lost their focus on who they work for. That’s right, it is not Scott Green. Speaking of Scott. Where has he been? He hasn’t been seen or heard. Is that because his head is buried in the sand? If so, he should know that we are watching and also thinking that he too is not fulfilling his role. Well, it’s been nice chatting. We have so many other questions but look forward to you explaining how it is that an organization that is being paid to solve this crime appears to be trying their best to bury it as deep as they can. Just saying……. I sincerely hope you can clear this up for us because it is looking like we need to open up another investigation.

  3. eight says:

    The notion that no one has been charged in this case because a perpetrator is mentally incompetent is a non-starter. Clearly, there was a conspiracy here, and while one of the conspirators may try an insanity defence it would never fly for the other(s). In any event, the court makes the ruling on whether an individual is criminally responsible; not the investigating authority. One of the concepts in determining whether an individual was competent to a degree to bear criminal responsibility is whether that individual took rational steps to avoid being discovered as a guilty party. In other words, knew it was wrong and acted to avoid detection before and after. There can be no argument that didn’t happen here. The police in fact say it was well and carefully planned.

    As for the BC Rail affair, there are some interesting connections. And if Lindsay strayed into an area where she was perceived as a threat, it’s conceivable she was targeted as a result. As I’ve previously posted here there were undoubtedly some very nervous parties watching that trial (and the connected ALR trial) and wondering what would be revealed if everything was thrown on the table by defence counsel. And the identity of secret witnesses was being fiercely contested (all the way to the federal Supreme Court) at the time. If Lindsay was sworn to secrecy by the Crown, would she keep that promise, even from her father? Even if going as far as telling him she had seen something she shouldn’t have and couldn’t tell him right then, but would some day?

    It is very clear that government officials were desperate to end those trials before VIPs were called to the stand and chips started to fly. Desperate enough that the very arm of government responsible for ensuring the law is upheld actually broke laws to craft a deal with defence counsel to shut things down.

    That deal sequenced prerequisite events such that by the time the government’s obligation under the agreement (the release agreement) was due, the Deputy Finance Minister no longer had the authority to sign it. But he signed it anyway. That is illegal by way of contravening a provincial statute.

    In addition, and more consequential, the deal itself constituted an inducement to plead. That contravened the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Don’t take my word for it; here’s what former Attorney General Geoff Plant wrote in a public letter to former Solicitor General John Van Dongen about the deal.

    “What is clear is that there was no legally binding deal. There couldn’t be. The waiver of recovery of fees was not and could not be an inducement to plead guilty . As a matter of law they were not connected.”

    But the October 14, 2010 agreement was a legally binding agreement directly connecting the guilty pleas to the waiver. If Mr. Plant is correct, the law has been violated. By the Ministry of Attorney General.

    If the government was anxious enough about the trials to actually break the law to end them prematurely, what might someone waiting in fear of what would come out of full testimony have done?

    • Svetlana says:

      I am not sure why See Closely brought up the subject of suspects not arrested because they are mentally incompetent. I don’t get this aspect in this case. At first I thought he/she meant the police incompetency. Suspects all seem to have “normal” jobs.

      What I do get is that the family is involved and they must be arrested but start with the BF, and I am sure many people who know them as acquaintances even suspect them. Who knows, maybe they even commented on Youtube or here but could not give out that they know them.

      • see closely says:

        SPD is not advertizing what do they know.Therefore anybody can do it for them as I do, as I suspect that is what is happening.

  4. Eve says:

    One thing that puzzles me is how JZ was cleared so quick. That’s just not even possible! How could they possibly clear all the Zailo’s so fast. That can’t be. And why only the Zailo’s?
    Next- what if the text messages that came from Lindsay’s phone were not made by Lindsay? The police seem to have based their timeline of the murder according to those text messages from Jason and also the pocket dial. I think that was all part of the plot to fool SPD.
    Why is it said that Lindsay went home to change before going to the showing? Who said that? I doubt very much that she would do that. The only person that said that seems to be Jason. Very odd. Did SPD confirm this? That should tell them a lot right there. If she did not go home was Jason following a script?
    Did Lindsay even have enough time to go home before going to the house?
    If Linday drove directly from Sauce to 1702 de Sousa Place. That is approx a 20 minute drive. They paid the bill at 4:24 pm. The showing was supposed to take place at 5:30 wouldn’t Lindsay go to the house right away to make sure everything looked ok, lights on etc. That would definitely be what 99.9% of real estate people would do.
    SPD say the lockbox was accessed at 5:29. Not necessarily. It would be so easy to make it look like that. Whoever planned Lindsay’s murder had lots of time to set this up to make a fake timeline for the SPD to create. Isn’t it odd that the LE assume that she was murdered between 5:38 and 5:41 since she didn’t open Jason’s last text message, and because she made a pocket dial. That is not necessarily so there either.
    In the last text she sent to Jason, she wrote “the Mexicans are here”, but no people close to Lindsay except Jason said she referred to the potential buyers as “the Mexicans”. What does “the Mexicans” really mean? My guess is it is part of the script meant to plant confusion or a distraction into people’s or LE’s head. Look away from the obvious. Another Script for Jason to follow is more like it.
    This is what I’m thinking…Lindsay arrived early and 1 or 2 people were already waiting for her in the house? What if owner who was at house around this time was involved and let the murderer/s in? That would be possible since there is/was already connections between the homeowner and Jason Zailo’s family. They had lots of room to build the script to their perfection. Those connections are just way too convenient if you ask me.
    Whoever killed Lindsay could have taken her phone and sent fake text messages to make it appear like she was still alive at 5:30. What if they were trying to make a false timeline to throw the investigation off from the get go? The murderer would have had time to clean up, change clothes and leave before Jason had to start his losing performance. If it happened this way the killers, the ones who are suspected by most people ( Zailo’s) except by the SPD may have been ready to leave by 5:45 and out of the area before Jason even called 911 at 6 pm. I think this is more likely what transpired. I think that meeting outside at 5:30 was a ruse just to make the scene look like something it really wasn’t at all.
    What about the couple that was witnessed walking to the house around 5:30? Maybe they were there to make it seem like the murder happened at the SPD’s suggested time and possibly make LE look for two people who don’t really exist? The person who greeted them could have very well been another woman with dark hair, and not Lindsay at all. Someone paid by you know who? Also… at that time of the year and day, it would have been dark outside, so how were those witnesses able to provide such a precise description of the dress, see everyone’s hair colour, and also see the papers on Lindsay’s car? That seems kind of strange that they could see so clearly in the dark. Was that part of the script too? Who were those witnesses? What if it was made up and there was actually no couple who arrived at the house around that time?
    Could the conspirators have paid witnesses to tell a false story.
    What do you think about all this? Surely the SPD has thought of all this. What if the witnesses’ testimonies are just part of the ruse.
    I have been thinking this out as I go along, I have just reread this and I think this version is closer to the truth. Does anyone else see what I am seeing?

    • Svetlana says:

      I feel that she wasn’t murdered at that time the police say. I feel something happened right after the lunch. Was she murdered soon afterwards on her way somewhere? Would the murderers, if they were any of the circle that Lindsay knew, be so bold as to actually murder at the house when so many people knew about the “showing” UNLESS they were hired strangers?
      But whatever the case, JASON is behind this murder. PLEASE PUT HIM IN JAIL. I hate looking at his fugly face when I google his name.

      12.5 years is too long to be free and prancing about like nothing happened.

    • Wyatt says:

      Eve…. I would say your theory is very accurate to the truth and supportive to what the rest of us have concluded long ago. The only factor that was void of mention was the corruption and dirty cops in the Satanic Police because without their sinister conduct this case would have been solved looooong time ago. This is the sole reason that justice has failed Lindsay. The dirty/corrupt cops of Saanich continue their road of impunity and as long as that is enabled then Lindsay’s killers will go unpunished.

    • Rosanne says:

      I keep getting stuck on every move on the day of the murder just seems planned. Over planned even. I have to agree with what Dr. Phil said” When you involve a bunch of people in a conspiracy, someone is going to talk.” Then I think about why nobody, including police want to say anything about this case. This brings me to pull in some of the stranger parts of this case. In my opinion the main suspect in the planning of this crime seems to have some connection to police and higher level drug people. Both of these groups want to avoid each other. Obviously with the way drugs flourish in this country the police are not doing a good job of policing the top end of the supply chain. May have even been told to back off. On the other side drug people want to avoid the police and any chance of their activities or money being interrupted. People involved and helping this murder happen have obvious reasons for keeping quiet. The other more innocent players want to stay out of the vision of both groups. Neither group seems to play by any rules, so the danger of getting their attention would keep my mouth shut. I just can not imagine how scared a witness would be when they have been convinced that this crime is not being solved, people are getting away with murder and it never is going to be solved. Adding their murder along with their loved ones wouldn’t be solved either. When the police treat the victims family the way they have, I would not trust them at all. With the quick clearing of the family, again I would think they have pull and influence with the police. That rarely happens and the police have even gone so far as to not clear proven wrongfully convicted people. There is some special treatment on this case. I also wonder if that move has also eliminated any chance of a conviction of beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors only take cases they have a chance of winning. On the drug side I think the connection has been exploited and made to look bigger than it was. There may have been a business connection that was being protected but any chance of that getting out and causing trouble would have also resulted in the murder of the careless person who let it be leaked. Oh wait, aren’t they connected to the police, maybe back off of them. I am sure there are people out there that would want to talk but they have no safe way or place to do that. Another reason this case should be moved into other cleaner hands. These are just my opinions based on what I have read about this murder. Interested in what others with more knowledge have to say.

    • bubba barber says:

      eve indeed a fresh look is what we need, You make some worthy suggestions that need to be looked at further. It is my believe from the beginning this has connections to the b.c. rail scandal. keep up the good work.

      • Robin says:

        Well the liberals sure have lots to hide from don’t they. We still are in the dark about what and who was on the take in B.C. Rail. Why?
        Government is counting on the people to forget all about the scummy B.C. Rail scoundrels, DRUGS in the Legislature, Jas Mohan Singh Bains phone being tapped which taped calls he and his cousin Dave Basi who was an aide to finance minister Gary Collins and Bob Virk who was an aide to Transportation Minister Judith Reid. Imagine that!!! BUSTED. Jasmohan Singh Bains actually went to jail for 9 yrs, but Dave and Bobby only got house arrest and guess what they plead guilty to breach of trust and accepting a benefit. Those liberals just can’t get it through their heads about accepting benefits can they? But hey we want to be stupid and play nice so let us taxpayers pick up their lawyer fees even though they plead guilty! C’mon people of B.C. you don’t mind do you? It was only 6 million dollars, yah, yah, yah, you read that right. They plead guilty but the people of B.C. wanted to pay the legal fees for what talking drugs on our time, grow ops, accepting benefits, leaking government information?

        The pair were charged with fraud and breach of trust in connection with the $1-billion privatization sale of B.C. Rail to CN in 2003, which culminated in a police raid on the legislature in December that year amid allegations the men leaked government information to one of three bidders.

        TWISTED. What could the liberal government and now the NDP possibly have to coverup? Why the lockdown still. What don’t the powers that be want us to know? Who does what? Just who is connected to who in Victoria? Who is making money nefariously? What did Lindsay Buziak know that she needed to be taken out? OR were the Zailo’s extremely insulted that Lindsay wanted to be rid of JaSIN or was it that she wanted no part of their illegally drug filled, money laundering world, and boy wonder’s feelings were hurt so Mommy to the rescue? Who and what was the reason Lindsay was silenced? B.C. Rail-POSSIBLY- Zailo’s criminal world/JaSIN’s injured nuts? Likely? OR BOTH? You think there’s a B.C. Rail connection Bubba? Gee do ya think? Somehow I think it’s all connected.

        Why is so hard to get arrests for the murder of a 24 year old girl? Just what will be exposed once the cover is lifted?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I agree with you 100%. It’s crystal clear to a lot of us. One of the strangest parts of this heinous murder is how the whole Zailo family was cleared so early in the investigation obviously before they could prove that someone else had committed this crime. They cleared the most likely, according to their own standards, suspects. Those closest to her, even the boyfriend she was talking about leaving. You. Simply. Do. Not. Do. That. I think your theory is very close to what happened if not exactly what happened. I also think that the clients of Lindsay’s that were conveniently out of town when she tried to call them to confirm their referral should be looked at too. Did the SPD do that? I wouldn’t bet on it. All they would have had to do is change the outgoing message on their answering machine. The Zailo’s could have easily pulled this off given their connections as seen with the house that was chosen for the crime to take place. The whole family was in the neighborhood too at the time of the murder. I mean, come on. Why on earth were the Zailo’s cleared? Also, given the time the lunch tab was paid I don’t believe Lindsay would have planned to have to go home and change. She was already professionally dressed being the professional she was. The lunch ended at exactly the right time for her to head over to the house and get things ready. Are you kidding me that she would have planned to then race home and then hopefully get to the showing on time? I think Jason said that to give extra credibility to their false timeline. She could not have been murdered at the house earlier as she was at home changing. The only problem with that is that it makes no sense at all. But, heh, it’s hard to get all of the little details of a murder to line up perfectly and be 100% credible. In fact, it is impossible. There are so many such holes in this case it leaks like a sieve.
      In yet, all the SPD can think to do is clear the most likely suspects and pick on the victims father as he seeks justice for his beloved daughter.

    • Rosanne says:

      Why couldn’t the missing fence pieces and the open sliding door Mr. Oatman went in, which is assumed to be the exit for the murders, have been his/her/ or their entrance to the house as well?

  5. Robin says:

    Hello See Closely
    Could you explain what you mean by this please.

    Perhaps one of the killers is not possible to be charged of murder because of mental incompetency and legalities with both SPD and AG office.

    • see closely says:

      AG office might be prevented by mental health act to proceed with the charges if the suspect is deemed unable to be responsible to reply to any charges presented by AG offiice,Therefore, the Ag office is stymied by the mental act that is supposed to prevent mentally incompetents from being charged.The psychiatrist physicians in the charge of such person are thus prevented from testifying to criminal investigation officers about the relevant mental patient.Thus!No charges are possible by the AG office.Not fair to murdered person and his family but such is the law!

      • Robin says:

        Thanks for the information. However I would sure appreciate if a lawyer could tell us if this is even possible. I just can’t imagine that there would be any system ever that would just allow sleeping dogs to lie after such a crime/sin as murder. How could that information possibly be held back from family? What about their rights? The public can’t be left in the dark either. There is enough corruption in Canada let alone have such a loophole as having mental health issue shutting a murder right down. I sure don’t want to live in a society like that. People still have a right to know what goes on when lives are taken no matter who lost the program enough to commit MURDER. If that really was the case then I’m suffering bbaaadddlllleeee from mental illness so watch out Zailo’s. I’m feeling rather Kkraaaaazzeeeeee.

        • see closely says:

          Do you remember when that little girl(can’t remember her name but she was used by her mother for competing in some kinds of shows impersonating the adult women-pretty sick in my opinion) in USA was murdered and one family member was sort-of accused of that deed but everything was hushed-up,likely to some mental legality.Perhaps this should show that it is certainly being possible.

          • Robin says:

            Jon Benet Ramsay
            Imo it was her brother. Like Lindsay there can only be so many people that could/want or have a reason to murder someone. It’s definitely not as complicated as cops make it. I think u r correct in your comparison here. Both murders indicate cover ups for different reasons. Lindsay’s is more nefarious than Jon Benet’s. I think Jon Benet was hit on the head by her brother in his immature rage and the parents are covering for him. It appears to me with Lindsay where there is smoke there is fire and 98% of the people all see the same guilty party. The Zailo’s. What’s that funny saying? If it looks like a dick and it behaves like a dick it’s probably a dick. Something like that. Or was it a duck. Whatever u get my point.

            • Rosanne says:

              Go look this case up. Male dna NOT belonging to any male in her family was found on her body. Her brother successfully sued for the hell he was put through over this case. He was 8 when it happened and just couldn’t physically have done it. If you think her parents finished her off, she was alive and scratching as the rope tightened. But you did find another case where the police refused to declare the family innocent, when they knew the family was.

              • Robin says:

                Just to finish up about JBR. I realize the brother was young but I suspect he hit her over the head with the nearby flashlight. He may have been pissed off she ate some of his pineapple. The parents I suppose were busy all night setting the scene. I don’t know about the DNA. Who knows where they found that. When you have money it’s incredible who’s for sell. Anyway enough about that poor young girl. Sorry Jeff just wanted to say that.
                It’s really surprising what a person can buy with $$. Anything really I suppose. Someone has been paid big time to shut down Lindsay’s murder investigation that is for sure. We have incompetent police, shifty politicians, criminals, money launderers, drug dealers, real estate scoundrels here. Lots of pond scum to shut down a murder. Truth will come out because we are not letting go you rotten POS. Lots of dogs with bones here and some pretty smart and honest ones obviously. A shame we can’t get honesty from the SPD and our overpaid on the take politicians.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            With regards to the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey the brother’s possible involvement may have been kept under the radar as the Ramsay’s were also well connected. He was underage but not in any way at any time considered to be mentally ill.

      • Rosanne says:

        Not guilty by reason of insanity. This is just not true. People are charged you just can not find them guilty in Canada without mens rea-“the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing that constitutes part of a crime, as opposed to the action or conduct of the accused.” They just let a man out of an institution that started eating a person on a bus, now if that isn’t insane, I don’t know what would be. They did not hold a trial for him because they knew he didn’t have the mental awareness to commit the crime but they did not just thurst him back on the public.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Hogwash. There is no way that a clean justice system would allow the perpetrators of this really awful murder continue on as if nothing had happened.

  6. Svetlana says:

    Problem is that police aren’t talking. They know a lot of things but they aren’t apparently saying anything to anyone, not even to the family of Lindsay. I am not sure just how many officers even have access to this case. They can’t just not say how they are progressing. What kind of system is this? To leave family members in the dark is incomprehensible.
    Who are these clients that were referred to the couple? Did they know Zailos on a personal level or even then owner of Camosun?

    I feel that Lindsay would not have gone into the house with those people without Jason being there.

    I may have asked before but I don’t understand if they both went to the restaurant in separate cars from their home? Was there one car and Jason drove her back home possibly? Their neighbours- didn’t police question them to see what they’ve seen and heard?

    • see closely says:

      Your first and last question is self answering in the context of both.SPD is not talking.They must have some reason,would they not?Perhaps one of the killers is not possible to be charged of murder because of mental incompetency and legalities with both SPD and AG office.I hope that eventually all will be revealed and the case brought to its right end.

  7. RIP Lindsey says:

    This murder was PERSONAL! RIP dear sweet Lindsey.

  8. Wyatt says:

    Plea for help with cold case…”
    Police appeal for help with four-year-old cold case……

    This case was posted on CASTANET (local news media) and my immediate response was, why is a 4 year old case classified as “cold” yet Lindsay’s 12 ½ Year Old case is not?
    Why Mr. Eby? Why Mayor Haynes? Why Premier Horgan? Why Elizabeth May?
    Why, why, why? So many powerful people to ask that question.
    Well, I’ll tell ya why. Because the Satanic PD are so corrupt and dirty that they’ve got a slug of powerful people covering their arses! What does it take to expose the scandal and dirty cops?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Yes, WHY??? This case is so _ucked up it makes you sick. The SPD need to be held accountable for their inactions as well as some of their actions with regards to this case. Why the hell was this case not declared a cold case years ago!

  9. Justice for Lyndsey says:

    The mom definitely is the mastermind of this murder. She probably discovered some things while working at Shirley’s real estate company and angry about helping her in her real estate career. I saw a picture of Jason with Satanist t shirt on and flashing satanic hand signals. satanism reaches up into police depts and district attorneys office and I fear that you will never get justice until you go outside this city. I am from United States and you need to go to the equivalent of our FBI and hope to find a man of integrity and hasn’t been corrupted by satanism. This case can be solved but NOT locally.

  10. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    There was video in use at BC Ferries but unfortunately Sandwich police were too late on the draw and video was not kept in memory long enough to wait for a lame police agency employing a lollygag strategy. They also misplaced their manual, Detective Work for Dummies 101, at that time and weren’t aware you could order a new one online that came with 2 free badges and detective certificates as a bonus. In the early stages of Lindsay’s murder investigation Sandwich police were trying to figure out how to operate their newly purchased CVSA machine thinking it would solve Lindsay’s murder while they remained focused on their main careers outside Sandwich police.

  11. Denea Jo Roark Bagherian says:

    When the people were boarding the ferry, was there a security videotape of ferry passengers? Other passengers on ferry maybe with tourist photos that would include these people?
    Also if a ferry was taken to the city then there must have been a car rental \ how else would they get from the arriving ferry terminal to the real estate property? Car rental
    Files should still be available.

    • see closely says:

      No.There were a masses of people.Many hundreds, sometimes thousands of passengers and car riders that went through the ferries between Vancouver and Victoria.There was no video cameras regularly used in those times.(2000-2010)Besides,people had no idea that murderous attempt was in process so if any accidental captures of people on ferry was certainly not kept or forwarded to police after the happening of murder .Car rental-time dependent-would be very limited as most passengers would be either picked-up or used public transfer.Is there a public security videos on ferries in New York to Manhattan Island?How relevant it would be to any crime?

    • see closely says:

      In this area the ferry runs start at 5 am and the last runs from 9pm..It is almost 2 hours crossing and hundreds of cars and its drivers and foot passengers are able to mingle freely on the board
      which is over three levels.It is not a dingy local operation that may be like in your area.

      • Robin says:

        Yes and furthermore these scumbags who were all aware of what was happening would have been observing closely ever step they would be taking. I’m sure they purposely avoided a car rental for the very purpose of not needing unnecessary exposure when they could simply be driven around by the local losers inconspicuously which is why someone was able to determine loser Vid picked them up at ferry and kept phone and maybe them overnight on Feb. 01, 2008.

        • Svetlana says:

          I wonder if any of those associated criminals that are in jail have access to internet and phone. Maybe someone can reach out to them and see what they know.

    • Charlie chan says:

      The ferries are huge vessels with multiple car decks and multiple passenger decks. Easy to evade any ctv cameras by simply staying in your car. The phone travelling from Vancouver to Victoria the night before could be another deflection similar to the “Mexicans” did it. I’ve been here since Jeff’s first blog and I think we’re close. Need a good media person to follow it through.

  12. eight says:

    A Google search indicates consensus that the average home showing lasts for about fifteen minutes. Jason Zailo, an experienced realtor, would know that.

    But Mr. Zailo didn’t leave SHC until the same time he knew the showing was to start, texting that he would arrive in ten to fifteen minutes “or so”, despite apparently not knowing how to get there.

    It is reasonable to conclude that he had no intention of arriving until after the showing.

    When he did finally arrive after twice giving Lindsay his estimated time of arrival, the logical action would be for him to let her know he was there. “Here.”, “Outside now.”, “Should I come in?” Something along those lines. Instead he did nothing. Why no communication upon arrival?

    When he turned into De Sousa Place he says he saw one of the “clients” (re)entering the house. There can be no innocent reason for not announcing his arrival at that time. In fact, since he knew Lindsay expected him to be there, it was his duty to check in and let her, and more importantly the “clients”, know he was on site. Even if he just then waited outside.

    With the benefit of hindsight we know that Lindsay had already been killed by the time he arrived. But he (if he’s innocent of the plot) didn’t know that. So having let her down once, he let her down again. Both times deliberate actions.

    It is a fact that if Jason Zailo is innocent of the plot, and that if he had shown up on time to let the “clients” Lindsay was concerned about know that he was there, she would not have been murdered. It is also a fact that if he is innocent of the plot and if he had gone directly to the house to announce his arrival, he would almost certainly have interrupted the killers’ escape.

    So Jason Zailo is guilty. Of either conspiracy to murder, or extreme irresponsibility.

    And the Saanich police are guilty. Of two mutually exclusive public statements. They can’t say that the murder was very well planned and organized, and at the same time say that it could only have happened because of the extremely irresponsible (non) actions of one individual.

    Because that’s what they’re saying by not considering Jason Zailo as a suspect. They can’t have it both ways, and it’s about time they stopped hiding in the water they’ve muddied.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Exactly. The SPD were counting on the populace being too busy and self absorbed with their own lives to give a darn about the vicious slaying of this innocent young woman. They were counting on people being not too smart when it comes to noticing all of the inconsistencies and “coincidences” and strange behavior. They were wrong on all counts.

    • Svetlana says:

      Jason said Lindsay went home to change after the restaurant lunch. Police must’ve checked that and thought to be true. Was it confirmed by them? Why would she have gone to change – is it to pick up someone to bring to the showing? Isn’t it funny how Shirley arrived to the murder house on foot. And how do we really know that the wife decided to go with the husband on the last minute? It could’ve been only the male that showed up and that was the plan all along – that the woman was not going to be there. Those witnesses are key people to recognizing the 2 women there outside the house. Do they know one was Shirley but couldn’t prove it to the police?

      He lied about him and Lindsay not having problems in their relationship. Her friends and father knew they were having issues. So why should he hide this? Another way to save his ***.

      Also pictures don’t lie. In the earlier pics he had sort of a tamer look but that look later on turned to something like he wanted to kill someone look.

      Hopefully this year is the year that the police open their eyes and arrest him!

      • see closely says:

        Really Svetlana?Could it have been because many were accusing him of murder?How would you react if you were accused of doing such thing?

        • Svetlana says:

          I would definitely say the truth especially when someone is murdered, or at least say what a normal couple might say “We had our ups and downs”. He’s hiding something so it doesn’t come out during an interrogation- why were you not having a good relationship, what was happening, what made her mad, what made you mad, what did you argue about, etc. He wouldn’t be able to answer them because it was about something illegal! Seems like you are defending the guilty party!

  13. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    I often point out poor leadership at Saanich police but I stand corrected; No Leadership a lot of the time at Saanich police. This is very common at the play protectors of Saanich.

    I will be away from the office until Monday August 10, 2020 and not checking my e-mail or phone messages. During my absence, Acting Chief Gary Schenk will be in charge and can be reached at 250-475-4374 or via e-mail at

    You may also obtain assistance from our Executive Assistant, Ms. Kerri Tuggle, at 250-475-4366 or via e-mail at

    Scott Green
    Chief Constable

    Everyone there, in reality, are all acting because no one knows what the hell they are doing or supposed to be doing. How about solve a murder then take holidays?

    12 years – Nothing!

    No Results – No Respect

    • Svetlana says:

      I don’t know how it works with police but I have a feeling that Lindsay’s case is under lock and key with select people having access or at least administration knows who accesses it each time. This needs to be looked at by an outsider. I feel they missed some angles. Not enough backtracking of all people circulating in Lindsay’s life. Give the data to your average Tom on the street and he could’ve solved this in a jiffy!

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:


      The Chief at Saanich police is supposed to lead, organize, set goals and achieve results. Well, we have had 4 at Saanich police since Lindsay’s murder and not one of them have achieved any results.

      “A team leader is someone who provides guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to a group of individuals (the team) for the purpose of achieving a key result or group of aligned results. … When a team leader motivates a team, group members can function in a goal oriented manner.”

      Unfortunately for the citizens of Saanich, at Saanich police you become Chief from an antiquated system based on an old boys club within the organization that includes the Mayor who is directed by police and head of the police board. Saanich police chief is a pushed to the top by their old boys club regardless of accomplishments or merit. Its all about being the best boy in the old boys club. Its about high pay, its about lots of time off, its about socializing, its about a lucrative retirement package and its about status. At Saanich its about all the things a chief of police/leader is not supposed to be. The chiefs job at Saanich never goes out to an open competition. The old boys club makes sure of that and the Mayor supports that except for Mayor Atwell who the police tried to run out of town and were eventually successful at having him replaced with the current compliant Mayor Whats His Name Frederick Something.

      The current chief has been away from the job almost as much as he has been holding his handed to him position. It doesn’t seem to end and communication is non-existent as arrogance overrules good governance with this current chief and Mayor duo.

      The result of this fiasco is a police agency maybe a little better than a glorified security firm with few goals, little leadership and NO RESULTS. They probably know how to catch speeders. Lindsay’s unsolved murder drags on and on while leadership take constant holidays and time off leaving the police force to function in a fiddle dee dum manner accomplishing very little but trying always to ‘look good”. Lindsay’s murder is left to a trucking company owner who is a millionaire real estate investor and his side kick who is a View royal councilor. Where is the chief of saanich police?

      “I will be away from the office until Monday August 10, 2020 and not checking my e-mail or phone messages. During my absence, Acting Chief Gary Schenk will be in charge and can be reached at 250-475-4374 or via e-mail at

      You may also obtain assistance from our Executive Assistant, Ms. Kerri Tuggle, at 250-475-4366 or via e-mail at

      Scott Green
      Chief Constable

      Guess who the next chief will be?

      Thankfully, Kerry Tuggle is always there and will actually answer the phone with respect and helpfulness. Maybe Kerry should be in charge of Lindsay’s murder? The rest of the crew are hopeless because of the Saanich way they must adhere to or be pushed aside.
      This is “The Saanich Way”


      • Faye says:

        I want justice for Lindsey. I check online occasionally to see if anything has progressed. Forgive me if info via the psychic realm seems trivial to you, but I happened to see a very interesting and very believable reading today (link below). I’ve always believed Shirley was responsible, w/Jason & bro in on it.

        Remember, Lindsey said something about ‘something” that she was going to talk about? Reader says: Lindsey discovered Shirley & man “in uniform” having ‘encounter.’ Said she wouldn’t tell. This man is in Pdept and will be there till 2024 and she thinks the case will be solved. I think others ‘know’ therefore that’s why nothing pans out.
        I think the cartel idea is a distraction.

        I’m a crime junkie and I’ve found many readers who’ve verified much of what ensues….this is also one realm that, if someone is guilty, they will fear….as the evidence is out there for those who can “see”….and this is not the first reading that targets Shirley. We know she didn’t like Lindsey, obviously jealous, beautiful, smart, being w/Jason, AND now, w/such info, Lindsey would have even more “over” Shirley.
        It’s painful to see how hard you work to find justice for Lindsey, without results. So many people have come to love her spirit due to your keeping her story alive.
        She’s not forgotten….Keep strong, and safe….believe in justice.

  14. eight says:

    This crime relied on two critical factors. The showing agent had to be Lindsay Buziak, and she had to be alone.

    Police say the crime was well planned. That surely included controlling those factors, because if either were not met Lindsay would not have been there for the taking.

    It could have been a different property, although this one was ideal. It could have been a different time and date, as long as it was the first showing. But it had to be Lindsay, and she had to be alone.

    The number of people who could have controlled those factors is very small.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Well said.

    • Robin says:

      Hello 8–there is only one person who had total control of this set up. SZ. Bizarre that her boyfriend was friends with home owner J. De Sousa, what are the chances of that. 1/10…What were the chances the people who referred Lindsay were out of town? 0/10….I’m sure SZ suggested this house to Lindsay immediately. What are the chances JDeSousa’s house had what the couple were looking for? 5/10-6/10….what are the chances of Lindsay being lured to that house with SZ plotting this…10/10….what were the chances of the time being 5:30 pm for the viewing…0/10 because usually a couple from out of town would arrive early Saturday not waste the day when they urgently needed a house. Odd that it was dusk, working people gone, dinner time for most neighbours etc so local traffic would likely be on the light side. What would the chances of Terry Shein being the neighbour who was capable of planning the escape for couple and the murderer/s,? 0/10….3 boards kicked out of fence for painter’s quick access to Joe’s house and then to TS’s yard plus hedge to keep them out of sight…0/10….It just goes on and on like that all day. There is no way that many instances can align itself. What about cop retirement party the very night Lindsay is murdered, experienced cops now off the books.. that’s a 0/10 too. This leads to the only person who had access to all the people, the real estate info and the contacts to plot this out so precisely There is only one person and surely points to SZ (Lily Munster) what about JZ (Herman Munster) taking Lindsay to lunch and then picking up his albi, showing up late, doing all the effd up parking BS. 1/10. What about the bizarre walk Lily and Marilyn (Lindsay) had the on Feb.07 when Lindsay said she was scared of Matt….0/10 there. What were the chances Herman would run immediately upstairs to where Lindsay was on the first time he was in the house….hmmmm I’ll be generous and give Herman a 1/10….There are a bunch more 0/10 when you take into account Terry Shein’s day on Feb.08, he insisted wife drive his car and leave him van…0/10… he asks son to arrive on ferry from Vancouver later in the day instead of his original plan to come earlier in the convenient is that timing, out of the neighbourhood before police get called…0/10….what about Herman having a late lunch then wanting dinner with CO…0/10… no one does that.
      You know that Cohan Oatman is really the key to solving Lindsay’s murder! From what he witnessed in the vehicle with Herman would be so telling. The only way that can’t be pulled out of him is that no one is even trying! I tell ya any good detective would have had that wrapped up in no time. Cohan Oatman has obviously been threatened by the Munsters, bizarre he works with Herman or did work with him. He must get big bonus’s to keep his yap shut. These type of peculiar occurrences are just everywhere that particular weekend. When will we see the Munster’s arrested? Imagine they have had over twelve years now of not being brought to justice. Lily is no spring chicken so the sooner she sets up her home in a cement cell they better. Get with it SOMEONE, SPD are just pathetic and that’s a 10/10 for sure.

    • Svetlana says:

      This is kind of going in a circle. Obviously it is about Lindsay, and don’t real estate agents usually go alone? But in this case, her boyfriend was supposed to have been with her. Perfect person for the plan. He was there, yet he wasn’t and had an alibi to boot and made sure to call the police before he entered the house (“break in OR SOMETHING”). He knew what that something was. Why didn’t he use the missing fence board section? The yard does not appear to be so large. Whose idea was it to climb over instead of using the easy way in. Because it would point fingers at him if he shows he knew about that space in the fence where the criminals got away from and even give them more time to escape just in case. All signs point to the boyfriend. Guilty to the tops. You can see it hiding in his eyes!

  15. Svetlana says:

    Did Lindsay know about Paul Bergshoeff, being the boyfriend of Shirley and how he looked like?

    • lbmurder says:

      Svetlana, Paul was living with Shirley so OF COURSE Lindsay knew Paul and “how he looked like”!

      • Svetlana says:

        This makes it even more suspicious because he also owned a coffee shop/restaurant. What better way to dispense drugs. Where was he on Feb.2.2008? I feel that the police didn’t check him out thoroughly nor question all his staff even his son who also had a drug problem which is no secret as I found a health website where he is shown as rehabilitated. Hopefully they did or will, especially after he fled to the free marijuana capital of Europe, Netherlands.

  16. Svetlana says:

    Out of curiosity, regarding the house: which real estate office had it before Camosun? I read somewhere that it was hard to sell so the owner registered it with Camosun.

  17. Robin says:

    You r hired Mattie Ross. Report for duty at your earliest convenience. Jeff’s still relying on the system I believe.

  18. Mattie Ross says:

    At this point why doesn’t Jeff just pay off someone to take out all the Zalios and call it a day. When you are living in the Wild West it’s time for True Grit.

    • Wyatt says:

      Hey, Mattie…. start a gofundme page, maybe you’ll get some offers.
      Don’t think most of us here haven’t considered that? Men’sraya & activereyes = ones a crime, the other is not.

  19. Svetlana says:

    Why isn’t Dateline The Dream House Mystery working? I recall how Jason was pretending very hard to remember the details.

  20. Robin says:

    Maybe they can make court time for the murder of Lindsay now that Bacon’s almost finished in court. All these people need to be in the slammer for good. Let’s get moving on Lindsay’s murder now.

  21. Robin says:

    JZ did know Lindsay was upstairs. The evil conspirators had reviewed each of their roles over and over for the 1-2 months planning stage of this vicious attack on Lindsay. JaSIN was operating from automatic pilot all day on February 02, 2008. He was not able to think straight that day or many other days since he found out Lily Munster wanted to murder Lindsay. JZ knew it was wrong and evil but no doubt JZ or any of the other conspirators would have had the guts to challenge Lily on anything. Lily simply overlooked the detail of Herman immediately running upstairs and what it would mean. The stress hormone cortisol in JZ’s blood stream would have been pumping at a very high level so he just had to follow Mummy’s plan without any thought. The conspirators made a huge misstep and they know they screwed up too. Just think of all the planning and reviewing and remembering that SZ, RZ ( Eddy Munster) JZ, JDeSousa, Paul Bunion, Terry Shein, the couple, the person pretending to be Lindsay out front at 5:30 had to do. They simply overlooked the blatant act of Herman running upstairs immediately. This is ONE of the many reasons that these people could have been arrested a long time ago. They have SO MUCH circumstantial evidence to prove premeditation that you can’t help but wonder who all is involved in this cover up. Crown council should be screaming at the SPD to make arrests. JaSIN running upstairs is just one of the obvious reasons Lindsay’s vicious murder does not need to be stagnated like it is. I just don’t know what we do next to wake up Premier John Horgan, Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth or Attorney General David Eby. It’s so hard to believe that of all the official people and others cops who know what is going on that we can’t get a few to stand up for Lindsay and the JUSTICE she and her family so deserve. It’s just so disturbing.

    • see closely says:

      You got it all wrong Robin.There is very good likelyhood that-in actuality- crown counsel disapproved SPD’s report and refused charges against the probable perpetrator/s of Lindsay’s murder.I pursued this line of action as a freedom of information but did not get ahead as both Crown Counsel office and SPD refused me information whether this actually happened.That is both “Pro or Against.”

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        see closely, this is the last time you will be allowed to try and mislead everyone with your false twist of information .I personally spoke to a senior representative of the crown prosecutors office of B.C. and was sternly informed nothing had ever been submitted to crown council from Saanich police so please stop your speculative nonsense on this topic. You received no information from them because there isn’t any. Saanich police are too busy fiddling with Lindsay’s non-investigation and are nowhere.

      • Robin says:

        Hi Cclosley
        But there is so much evidence here that points to Zailo’s, how could Crown Counsel not see that. What is the point of FOI if we can never see what they see or don’t see, they could lie to the people whenever they wanted to. If they refused SPD’s information how do we ever know if they are doing a proper job or covering up for criminals? Can people question Crown council or even pay them a friendly visit to ask questions?

      • Wyatt says:

        See closely is clearly cross eyed! Cross eyed and delirious to the blatant, obvious facts of this killing. Ya can’t fix stupid…….. need I state more?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        The SPD have not said anything about all of the suspicious behavior surrounding the Zailos because they CLEARED THEM prematurely and apparently without cause. Given the circumstantial evidence and the strange behavior of the Zailos, their positioning and their lies ( Cohen can you please, please, please go for dinner with me as I’m starving but first we have to drop off some papers to Lindsay, no mention to him of Lindsay’s concern and the real reason he was supposed to be there) it is pretty obvious what happened that day. I could go on and on about all of the strange behavior and “coincidences”.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      That’s right Robin. SZ did not think of everything. You just can’t. Like, “Jason, when you are at Cohens don’t look right up into the security camera.” That is not something people would normally do. Unless, of course, you are wanting the security camera to be your alibi. In that case, it would be tempting to look right into the camera so that there is no confusion as to who is there. I think the couple could well have been Ryan and one of the Lum sisters or Shirley wearing the Lum sisters blonde wig which looks just like the wig worn. Ryan’s alibi is that he was at one of the Lum sister’s houses, close to the murder house. I think Shirley was the one with the fake sounding Mexican accent.

  22. JB says:

    My question is…. why did he immediately go upstairs? This big house why not check downstairs first. If it was me, I would be looking around downstairs first before heading upstairs. It is as if he KNEW she was upstairs.

    • eight says:

      “When police arrived Jason and CO were waving their arms in the upstairs bedroom window.”

    • Svetlana says:

      He found the door locked and he immediately called the police to say he will break in. That is strange.

      • see closely says:

        Why is it strange?

        • Robin says:

          Because he was acting/following Mummy’s instructions. If he truly cared and didn’t already know what was going on he would have done what any guy would have done if he thought his girlfriend was in danger…. BUST that effin door down. That asshole Herman Munster (JZ) has no acting ability whatsoever. I guess Mummy didn’t have time to send him to acting school. He is just so obvious that any moron can figure out what he was upto.

        • Wyatt says:

          You’re the “strange” one.

        • Justice says:

          It is strange because he had not heard anything from Lindsay’s phone for 1/2 hr. She was with strangers in a deserted street in a vacant house at night. He saw the “clients” leaving through the front door without Lindsay When they saw his headlamps shine in their faces, they abruptly turned and went back into the house. There was no car in the driveway other than Lindsay’s. He knew Lindsay was concerned for her safety (and I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about how he was dropping off papers, not there for a welfare check. He was 1/2 hrs late by the time he went to the door. Why after 30 min did Zailo become concerned after everything I have stated here? I don’t buy his stupid excuses. There are witnesses. Zailo is a liar. Liars usually remain front and center as homicide suspects. All of this is strange. Maybe the SPD is pretending to believe them while waiting for a witness To come forward because they made such a mess out of the crime scene.

        • Justice says:

          It is strange because he had not heard anything from Lindsay’s phone for 1/2 hr. She was with strangers in a deserted street in a vacant house at night. He saw the “clients” leaving through the front door without Lindsay When they saw his headlamps shine in their faces, they abruptly turned and went back into the house. There was no car in the driveway other than Lindsay’s. He knew Lindsay was concerned for her safety (and I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about how he was dropping off papers, not there for a welfare check. He was 1/2 hrs late by the time he went to the door. Why after 30 min did Zailo become concerned after everything I have stated here? I don’t buy his stupid excuses. There are witnesses. Zailo is a liar. Liars usually remain front and center as homicide suspects. All of this is strange. Maybe the SPD is pretending to believe them while waiting for a witness To come forward because they made such a mess out of the crime scene.

  23. Jus cause says:

    Indeed ….. it is that is if it actually happens. I am skeptical I think ag office,police, weak corrupt lazy most ag marry govt workers or teachers dream of pension… I once knew a ag who dressed up as gangsters for Halloween weak I thought instead of emulating how about charging convicting ?! Or do they fear that the well paid lawyers the douches hire are simply better educated better skilled? Easier to give up dream of pension ?? Sad Indeed

  24. eight says:

    Something about the circumstances surrounding the paperwork that Jason Zailo had to deliver to Lindsay at the showing seems irregular and I wonder if it has been discussed on this forum. If so, I apologize; I’m attempting to read the entire history, but it is substantial.

    The site where Jason Zailo apparently picked up the documents is only four minutes from where they had lunch. Why, if the documents were so important and timely, did they not just pop over and pick them up?

    Jason Zailo apparently claimed the reason he didn’t immediately check in personally at the viewing is that he didn’t want to appear as a meddling boyfriend. Yet his phone messages indicate he was overtly attempting to give Lindsay some assurance that he would be there imminently. So he must have known she was expecting him. Why then, did he hide for some considerable time and claim he didn’t approach the house because he thought she would object? Wouldn’t the perfect cover if that was true be to knock on the door and hand over the documents? All business, and no reason for the clients to think otherwise.

    It also seems strange that since the documents were supposed to be a major reason for his attendance and would have provided cover for his purported excuse for not immediately going to the door, that when he finally did go to the door there is no mention of him taking the documents with him. He did however bring along another person. Hardly something one would do if really worried about intruding.

    • Svetlana says:

      When he texted to Lindsay’s phone – just two minutes away… means absolutely garbage! It’s a coverup and a secret code to the killers!

      • Charlie chan says:

        Just curious as to why you think the killers needed a code from Jason?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Why wouldn’t they? It keeps their timeline in line. FYI, I am two minutes away from arriving with Cohen so get ready to partially come out the front door so that myself and our witness ( Cohen ) can see that and thereby divert attention away from our real intended escape route. I believe out the back and most likely into their neighbor Terry’s waiting van. I will then continue to play out my role and dilly dally around giving you some time to make a clean get away.

          • Robin says:

            That’s it exactly.

          • Svetlana says:

            Yes, and the killers aren’t allowed to use their real cell phones, Z needs some sort of confirmation that it was done without sounding suspicious. When he moved his car to the side street Torquay, the murderers could probably see below from the bedroom window on that side so it was their next cue. BUT texting 2 minutes away IS SUSPICIOUS. Usually means I am taking my sweet time to get to you and not that serious about being on time.

            • Robin says:

              The planning is just so obvious at every step. Why there haven’t been arrests and convictions by now is to assume we have lame police involved, pathetic prosecutors and many politicians who are as corrupt as it gets. I can’t believe how many assholes are involved in covering Lindsay’s murder up. Many, many wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s infuriating to watch what goes on. Zero respect for all the criminals including police and politicians. As low as it gets——all of them scraping their asses on the ground constantly, parading around with such authority. Whackos all on the TAKE! It drives me crazy that honest citizens bury their heads in the sand. Sad state of affairs this country is in if you ask me. That Liberal party is the worst, so many should be in the slammer with the Z’s. POS’s

          • Mark Roush says:

            It is not WISE to believe anything from the Mouth’s of the Zailos !!!

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