Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011


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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters




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  1. ed says:

    Mannix hit the nail on the head about bear mntn. Full of shady deals, shady people and who are the realtors for 99% percent of them? What a surprise the answer is SZ and RZ. Who is the broker? Another big surprise…. JZ. The SP know all of this. Like I said before too many powerful people involved and everyone who cares hands are tied….

  2. Bart Samson says:

    I’ve seen discussion to the effect that the Couple exited the scene via loose boards in the back fence of the house. Does anyone know where these boards supposedly were? Would going through them and out of the yard have put you facing Torquay or Llandaff?

    • Kojak says:


      • Mannix says:

        Very curious as to which realtors at Lindsay’s ReMax office in Camosun have participated in her Walk for Justice.
        How many realtors work/worked there and which ones were supportive in the quest for those involved in Lindsay’s murder?
        I have heard the comment on this site more than once ” follow the money ” ,
        ” follow the money ”
        Did Lindsay work at Bear Mountain at one time?
        I am not sure if there is any truth to this but I have heard that some people in power, such as police officers have been given properties at Bear Mountain for next to nothing.
        How many cops actually live at Bear Mountain?
        This could be very interesting to know.
        there is a realtor from ReMax Camosun (Zailo’s office where Lindsay worked) who is now President of Bear Mountain.
        Yes, you can go to the Bear Mountain website and look at photos and see some information regarding those who are on the board of directors.
        Who from Lindsay’s office participated in her Walk for Justice?
        Actions speak louder than words.
        I am sincerely hoping for the Buziak Family that this is a good year.
        Let’s keep the information flowing.
        Which house on Tasco belongs to A. Araujo please?

        Justice for Lindsay

          • erin says:

            The Araujo’s on the member list are not Angela’s parents if that is what you are alluding to.

            • TL says:

              there are way more names on there than araujos that fit into the case. I’m sure they weren’t alluding to anyone specifically.

              • erin says:

                I read the list. I don’t see any names that fit into the case besides the Araujo’s and a police officer.

                • TL says:

                  “Palms were greased” I think that’s the saying. Payoffs, land development licenses, rezoning licencing,etc etc. all the things they barter within their own power influences, with others having different kinds of power. Things that get done to get the job done and in as little time as possible are all traded at that level. Mayor, Police Chiefs, police officers, drug dealers. Wait, wait, drug dealers don’t belong there, do they? That’s a different group of corruption & “palm greasers” Funny how cocaine makes friends of the strangest bed partners.

                  • erin says:

                    I’m familiar with how it all works but it’s a theory. I still don’t see anyone on the BM member list that has been named on the blog as possible persons of interest, besides the Araujo’s. I have however read the Victoria Golf Club member list and recognize a lot of names on that list, from the blog.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          Not 1 realtor from either of the Remax Camosun offices have ever come on the walk, and not 1 has offered to help Jeff in his quest to find the truth.

          The Lindsay Walk for Justice has many supporters, Lindsay’s friends, family and others who didn’t even know Lindsay. People come out to remember Lindsay and to show their support for Lindsay’s dad Jeff. I believe the turnout will be excellent this year just as it has in the past. Monday Feb 2nd we’ll do it again.

    • Bae says:

      speaking of the “loose boards” does this not indicate there must be a narrowing down of suspects based on needing knowledge of this particular Saanich house for sale?? I mean come on,,, only a certain amount of ppl would have inside information on this house. The killers or conspirators would not just randomly choose a house, enter, kill then conveniently exit through loose boards. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Someone in the community of Saanich must know about this house and that in itself should be rather simple to narrow down a suspect or 2 would it not? If I were investigating I would ask,,,1) who knew this house? 2) who had access to this house? etc, etc. If 5 ppl had this info then would you not stay focused on them and who they know?

      • John says:

        The only people that could know about the missing fence boards would be the builder, a few tradespeople, the listing realtor and anyone that may have viewed the home prior to the murder. As you say it certainly narrows down the possible suspects. Why would a 1 mil dollar home have missing boards in the fence, was that part of the plan too?

      • Miss Marple says:

        Do we know the exact time frame the boards were removed from the fence? They could have been removed anywhere from two months to two days before the murder. If it was just days that narrows things down even further.

        If the homeowner removed fence panels one can safely say there was no fence gate. I think that is odd.

        • JSP says:

          The boards were removed to allow painters easy access to their paint which was stored on the patio. They were just finishing up painting the interior of the house. How long would it take to paint the interior of that house? That might give us a general idea of how long the boards were out. So painters had general access to the house via the patio which means Joe didn’t have to let them in? If Joe had to be there to let them in, it would defeat the whole purpose of having to remove boards from the fence.

          • Joanna Mills says:

            What reputable builder stores paint for his tradespeople on an outdoor patio in the mid of winter, then has them climbing through missing fence boards to get to it. It’s freaking weird! On the right of the driveway there is a gate that enters to the backyard of the De Sousa home. Go through the gate and just to the left is the gas meter where the loc box can be seen. Then the exterior door that enters into the garage, that door has a leaded glass window which could easily have been broken should JZ have needed a way in.

            Why would the painters need to go through the missing boards in the fence if they could just go through the gate at the side of the house and directly into the backyard. What would be the purpose of locking the gate so no one could enter the backyard if anyone could slip through the missing boards in the fence?

            If you google map 1702 De Sousa or 1707 Llandaff and zoom in between houses you will see that the residents on Llandaff had a clear view of the driveway on De Sousa Pl, both from their back sundeck and upper level windows. This would be a good reason for the couple to have chosen to exit through the missing fence boards onto Torquay rather than out the garage door to the front. The conspirators scoped out all the possibilities and knew exactly the only safe route out of the DeSousa house. Through the missing fence boards which had to be part of the plan.

            • JSP says:

              I would like to know if Joe let the painters inside the house once they arrived. If so, there was no reason for them to enter via the missing boards. Is it possible there was another explanation for the missing boards in the fence?

  3. somequestions says:

    My question in Lindsay Buziak’s case is why did the killer(s) not park in the driveway? Was there no room? If you forget for a moment that the boyfriend is involved, I did not understand why they would not park in the driveway? Exiting through the garage to the car would be the shortest route to not being seen. I think they would have to think she is alone and that no one else is showing up. The only witness would be dead and the main i.d. for a vehicle, license plates, would be hard to see in the fading light.

    • Bart Samson says:

      The way you usually catch a bank-robber is via the getaway vehicle. This was a well coordinated conspiracy and they took precautions to avoid detection. As it was, there were witnesses to the woman’s clothing and face. Had there been a vehicle to trace, the police would have had even more to go on.

    • retiredvicpi says:

      The escape route was pre planned. Why park in the driveway if your plan of escape is through the missing boards and onto Torquay? If they parked in the driveway their vehicle would have been more noticeable, not to mention they did not escape from the front. Parking on a residential street their vehicle would blend in nicely with the other vehicles. No one would question a non descript car parked in a residential neighborhood. The parking area by the side of the house was very dark and shielded by heavy brush and trees. If you’re a killer fleeing a murder scene, likely with blood on your clothes, you are going to want your vehicle as close to your exit route as possible. It eliminates the need to walk anywhere. In this case, the killer’s had to take minimal steps to get to their vehicle after exiting from the missing boards in the fence. Sure beats the heck out of walking 3 to 5 minutes to a safe house or a waiting getaway driver. If the killer’s had blood on them, as was suggested by the investigators, I would surmise there would be a trail of blood droplets if they walked to a safe house.

      To this day I do not believe the killer couple were concerned about who saw them when they greeted Lindsay as they were not from the Victoria area. Investigators said when they do catch Lindsay’s killer, they won’t find them in the Victoria area. A murder for hire is much harder to solve and we are going on 7 years with no resolution. I believe the investigators have been working hard on this case and justice is near. It takes time.

      • somequestions says:

        Investigators actually said they will not find the killers in the Victoria area? If what I read is true from other commenters, that Lindsay Buziak was on the phone when the killers approached and that she had already accessed the lock box at 5:29pm, I am kind of surprised investigators would say that.

        During Lindsay and Jason’s lunch at Sauce, did Lindsay receive any calls, maybe a phone call to say “we are on our way” or “almost there”? According to google the trip from Vancouver to Saanich is over 3 hours long and the killers chose to arrive at exactly 5:30pm.?

        What if after getting all dressed up, travelling 3 hours to the house, arriving, and Lindsay has Jason or a family member with her? I think they would have to abort choosing that day for the murder. There are other houses and other days. They waited at least 3-6 weeks already based on the phone purchase.

        I just think that the killer(s) would choose a place convenient for them in case she has someone with her. I personally think the killer(s) are someone affiliated with the house or someone who lives close by.

        I think the killer(s) is someone who is involved in an occupation that requires patience and an ability to deal with people.

        • retiredvicpi says:

          “One of the first things to lead you (to solving a crime) is the why, and we have not been able to figure that out,” said detective Sgt. Chris Horsley, who’s working on the file since the incident in February 2008.

          “We have theories and strong inclinations that would support the theories, but we have nothing definitive. We never have been able to positively identify why Lindsay was murdered.”

          Horsley said police don’t believe her killers live in the Victoria area, so investigators are working with the NBC show Dateline to get the message out across the continent.

          For more than two years SP have been on the hunt for the killers of local Real Esate agent Lindsay Buziak. And as “A” Vancouver Island reports, tonight investigators say when they do catch Buziak’s killer, they won’t find them in the Victoria area.

          Detective Chris Horsley: “If it is a murder for hire, it makes it that much HARDER for us to SOLVE. “Saanich police say despite following thousands of leads, they’re no closer to solving the case than they were 2 years ago. “The answers that we’re looking for just simply may not be in the Victoria area, so we need to put the net out wider.”

          “Det. Chris Horsley, one of the 10 major crime investigators working the file, said yesterday that she could have been targeted by hired professional killers.”

          The interview was a few years ago and obviously things have changed in that they are much closer to solving the case.

          • Bae says:

            well what makes him so sure the killers didn’t hide out around Victoria and lurk around for a while? Or even purposely not care who seen as part of their guise? Or live in Victoria or the conspirators live right under your nose as close by as the western communities? If your busy looking for professional hit men living on a different continent then why maybe you might want to change your focus some? Just sayin

            • blog reader says:

              The killers could have been from anywhere. I guess since he is an experienced investigator and has all the other evidence he formed an opinion, much like we all do? Doesn’t make him right though.

              Maybe the conspirators live here but the killers don’t? We will have all the answers when the case goes to trial.

              • Jessie says:

                I think the conspirators all live here and some continue to be immersed in the real estate business and continue to carry on in friendship with the guy busted for large quantities of ghb the date rape drug, ecstasy, cannabis, etc. It really makes one wonder who else is involved in all this since no arrests have been made. The killers probably took off to Calgary or some place like that to get away and start a new life, a life not so under the scrutiny of Lindsay’s supporters getting to the truth of the matter.

                • Jessie says:

                  what I’m trying to say is the previous Mayor of Saanich was so tight lipped, passive & didn’t even have the decency to do the honorable and right thing which would be to attend the walks for justice and acknowledge Mr. Buziak, that really stands out and says so much more than his complete disrespectful silence. I hope those involved don’t think they so untouchable or invincible because they aren’t. Justice for Lindsay!

      • Bae says:

        What exactly is one of the main, key reasons an addict stays in the vicious circle of addiction never getting clean? DENIAL. If ppl are not willing to come out of the vicious circle of “denial” about who planned and then proceeded with the plan to end her life then how will this case ever move forward? I don’t believe for one second that some of those involved aren’t living right here on the island, westshore, etc. 7 years is a long time for this case, but I now wonder if denial isn’t part of the reason for this case growing cold?

        • nosey neighbor says:

          What makes you think the case is growing cold? Because there have been no arrests? Don’t let that fool you. Do the cops know who murdered Scarpino? His case is still unsolved too. Some cases are easy to solve while others are more complex. Don’t be discouraged. Justice is near.

  4. Langford Larry says:

    Once in a while I have a good bs with my old Hells Angel bud Gerry Hall out in East Sooke who says he is retired. Ya sure wink, wink. We talk about business, the old times and how the young guys now are a bunch of pussies totally fuckin everything up. They just don’t see the big picture. I couldn’t help bring up Lindsay’s murder and of course he is aware. He gave me the old HA line Don’t Get Involved. I said no Gerry sometimes you gotta put your foot down when it ain’t right. He just stared at me and then said they fucked up didn’t they? I said ya Gerry and its up to us old timers to use our wisdom and do something. He agrees Jason Zailo needs to do something about it besides the fuck all he is currently doing. He said someone needs to wake that boy up. They killed his woman and its up to him to take care of that business. What he also said was that Ziggy Matheson, Angela Araujo and Mike Oulton need to be shaken down hard. They’ve been pests for too long now. He said he would make a call.
    There it is from above me folks. I’ll be gettin heat on this one I can assure you.

    • TL says:

      You’ll only catch hell from peeps that don’t want this info out, the rest of us would be eternally grateful to see some shit go down on these jerks all their gold chains, hot cars, haircuts held up with glue in cute little points, waves etc. thinking they look so great, so cool. I for one would love to see their faces rubbed in a little violence perpetrated upon them so to teach them some humility, get their attitudes in check…. shave their heads let them live with that inferior feeling since their hairstyles are so important to them. Court is coming soon for Ziggy unless our justice system proves once again to be lacking in balls to put these twerps where they belong.
      For me that’s almost more frustrating than no one coming forward about Lindsay. That you expect in a murder, but to see these guys running around, living the good life, makes me sick to my stomach, Whether involved with Lindsay’s murder or not, there have been a number of druglosers named, that are carrying on like hotshots, on drug money, apparently so much of it it needs to be laundered, while the rest of us get up every day to the grind of making an honest living.
      So ya some marks on their ‘oh so toned’ bods, would set them back

  5. samspade90 says:

    Re-hashing the possible movements of the killers, got me thinking last night. Lindsay’s journal had the specifics the Couple were looking for, in order for them to steer Lindsay to the DeSousa house. They MUST have surveyed the area to do their planning. Why did they not mention that they would like Elementary schools nearby. ?? That would certainly narrow down the house selection. Could it be because subconsciously they were going to use the schools as part of the plan.?? There could also be 2 vehicles involved in this plan. The ” delivery ” vehicle parks on the street, in front of Gordon Head Elementary. The parking lot has locked gates, but there is a space on the street. This is about 200 metres from the DeSousa house. Close to 600 feet. Maybe 2 minute walk. The Female in the skirt can stay warm. The Couple and Driver are parked and wait for Lindsay to drive by, to see if she is alone. She turns off Kenmore, onto Torquay and heads for DeSousa. The Couple exit the vehicle and start walking. Let’s say that someone in a nearby house saw the ” Red Nissan Altima ” that was parked. The car then heads back down Kenmore closer to Shellbourne, to park and watch for Jason’s Range Rover or the Police. The delivery driver will be able to give a couple minutes warning to the killers, should he see something. The Couple have exited the vehicle and are walking to DeSousa. Lindsay has parked the car, maybe gathered up a few things and then headed to the lockbox to get the key. She comes back to her car and there is the Couple walking towards her. She may have been on the phone with Jason and said ” gotta go, the Mexicans are here “. Meanwhile there is a ” black mini van ” parked at Torquay Elementary, up the street, a few blocks. There are no locking gates there. This ” getaway ” driver, is watching for Police, and will also be able to give a few minutes warning. Assuming the Couple may now be using their real cellphones and the drivers will be texting. This driver will do the extraction. The Couple murder Lindsay and exit the house, text the getaway driver that they will be heading towards Torquay and get picked up along the way, and make their escape. The 2 vehicle plan is used in case Police canvass the neighbourhood and ask questions. Someone says they saw the couple exit a Red Nissan and walk up Torquay. Someone else says they saw a black mini van near Torquay Elementary. The Police think that, obviously, since it’s a Red Nissan we are looking for, the black van is not relevant. It is quite apparent that no one reported any vehicle descriptions at all. It makes sense to me that the drivers would keep a good distance away from the crime scene, watch the roads for Police, or Jason, and that is why no one reported any suspicious vehicles in the immediate area of the DeSousa house, and how they pulled this off.

    This plan also works for both scenarios, of Jason BEING part of the plan, or Jason being set up.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      When you exit the walkway from Tasco Close you are standing on Kenmore looking directly across to Gordon Head Elementary. If the killer couple left De Sousa and walked to the house on Tasco they would have turned right on Kenmore off Torquay, then entered the walkway that lead to Tasco just across from the school. If the killer couple was picked up by a vehicle the route then back to Tasco, they would have turned right on Kenmore, right on Columbia Dr, and right again on Tampico and onto to Tasco Cl. A 2-minute walk – one minute drive.

      If Tasco wasn’t the safe house then let’s go back to the Gordon Head Elementary theory. It makes some sense, however it is still a longshot. The walk from DeSousa to the school is 1-2 minutes, busy streets and a busy intersection. The tracking dogs would have been able to follow the scent to the school, and if that’s the case then the police would know it. Yet the murderers/conspirators continue to run free.

  6. Why and who says:

    I think the woman was the stabber. The killer’s could have made the appointment for 6:00 pm rather than 5:30 and the woman could have worn a black pant suit with a dark wig. They could have avoided being seen altogether if the appointment was made for a later time. The forensics team know if the stabber was the male or the female based on the bloody footprints alone. The male probably removed his coat after the murder and the female draped it over her shoulders and walked out of the house. No one would have seen any blood on her dress if they crossed paths with anyone on the street. The male called Lindsay to say he was coming alone when in fact that was not even necessary. Lindsay was was already expecting a couple and a couple showed up. So what was the point of the male calling Lindsay in the first place? Lindsay was already apprehensive so why make it worse by calling to say the wife wasn’t coming? Some believe the caller wanted Lindsay to be scared so she would bring Jason with her but that doesn’t make sense to me. There was no guarantee Lindsay would have brought Jason with her. I think the killer’s intended for Lindsay to be alone so bringing someone along would have put a dent in their plan. Lindsay’s stab wounds were indicative of rage not panic. When someone panics they drop the weapon and flee. They also tend to leave a heap of evidence behind. The amount of times Lindsay was stabbed screams “extreme anger”. It has been seven years with no arrests. That is telling in itself.

    1. Why did the male call Lindsay to say he was coming alone when he came with a female as planned?
    2. Why did the couple make the appointment for 5:30 and not 6:00 pm when it was completely dark outside and less chance of being seen by anyone?
    3. Why bring a female along if the male was the stabber?
    4. Why did the female wear a colorful, summery dress in February? Why was the man dressed for the weather conditions?
    5. Why did they take the murder weapon with them?
    6. Why did the couple travel to Victoria with their cell phone?
    7. How did the couple know Lindsay was alone when they met her in the driveway?
    8. Why were the killer’s concerned about not leaving their fingerprints behind at the crime scene but careless about leaving their bloody footprints at the crime scene?
    9. Bloody footprints at a crime scene can link a suspect to a crime scene. The killer’s were most certainly aware of this.
    10. If the female was the stabber why did she need the male there? To help subdue Lindsay?

    • Bart Samson says:

      I’m not sure if the predicates to some of these questions are correct but q-7 is key. As you point out, once they make face-to-face with Lindsay, she couldn’t be allowed to communicate their description to anyone else. That would mean she has to be observed arriving alone and you would have to do that while concealed at or near the scene. Doing this from inside a vehicle is the easy answer. If you did this on your own, you would have to park it and you would be blind to what is going on outside the house while you’re inside. On the other hand, if there was a driver keeping the vehicle moving around, this would explain why Jason did not observe a parked vehicle leave after the crime.

      There were a lot of circumstances that had to collude in order to pull this off and plenty of opportunity for error. A lot of these conspiracies are unravelled not by mistakes that were made during -the- crime but previous attempts. Is it possible they had tried this before and aborted? Is it possible that the female would have been seen by Lindsay during one of these attempts and is this why she was hesitant to accompany the male this time?

      • olivia dunham says:

        If the couple were parked on Torquay they could have easily observed Lindsay arrive alone. Jason was parked on De sousa for 10 or 15 minutes so if a car left the scene Jason would not have seen it.

        • somequestions says:

          There is one very big problem with parking on Torquay that I wrote about in the photos section. If someone was parked on Torquay and looked to the right could they see a car in driveway?

          Let’s assume for a second that the killer(s) simply looked in their rear view mirror and assumed that the first car that turned onto DeSousa at 5:15?(whenever Lindsay arrived) was indeed her. Then they get out and walk up to her at her car. There is yet another problem. Why the papers on the trunk of Lindsay’s car? That suggests to me that she arrived first or with enough time to gather papers and information even with the killers watching her and that for some reason they did not approach her right away. But they certainly could not have seen that from the parking spot on Torquay, at least that is the way it looks in the photos.

          Question #7 above is indeed a very important one. I think if you read this blog you certainly get the impression that the reason the killer(s) knew she would be alone was because of the boyfriend. The boyfriend set her up to have her killed.

          The real question I would like to know is: Who arrived first, Lindsay Buziak or the killer(s)? This is difficult to say. The final text from Lindsay Buziak makes you wonder. Did she write it as the killer(s) were walking towards her or did she write it while they were engaged in conversation at the car and that is why there are papers on the trunk, because she was gathering info for the prospective buyers? In this scenario there is no lag time because her gathering papers and the killers approaching her.

          Imagine you are a contract killer and Jason or another family member ends up going to the showing and you arrive after Lindsay Buziak. If this murder was carefully planned, all that planning down the drain.

          • my thoughts says:

            In order to park in the spot on Torquay you have to drive by the house which gives you a clear view of the driveway. The murder was planned so the killers knew what Lindsay was driving. Since it was planned I will assume the killers arrived first so they could ensure Lindsay was alone. They got out of their car and walked up to the driveway which is where they greeted Lindsay. It only takes a second to grab papers from your car and lay them on the trunk. Lindsay was on the phone with Jason when she saw the couple approaching. It was not a text. The killers caught Lindsay off guard. That was the plan.

            • Joanna Mills says:

              Lindsay accessed the locbox at the side of the house at 5:29. She walked back to the front and saw the couple approaching. She said to Jason, ”I have to go the Mexican’s are here.” Jason left SHC at 5:30:36. Lindsay had hung up from Jason prior to greeting the couple in the driveway. She probably had a few seconds to reach into her vehicle for her file then quickly greeted them.

              • I’m sure angela could tell you exactly what happened, somebody should talk to her about it, I wonder if the Big Red Machine guy’s payed a visit to that ” viscious bitch ” ?

                • loooker says:

                  Angela would never do the dirty work . Try Cassie Nichol she is a follower that would do anything for money. She has sold drugs..sold her body prostiute and who knows what else

                • 101 says:

                  With the amount of bloody footprints left in the house I am sure the investigators have eliminated persons of interest. It would be hard to explain how your footprints got in the house.

            • sam i am says:

              jared was questioned about Lindsay . My question is why? was in with him and he seemed upset afterwards. was telling guys on the unit he was no rat and that his cop father in law should be the one questioned. Siad he knows not me

              • bff says:

                Mikey and Ang were questioned about Lindsay. Mike seemed really pissed about that and came on the blog sticking out his chest saying he was no rat.

          • Bart Samson says:

            I doubt these guys were relying on Jason to be in remote communication with them in the minutes leading up to the crime. He was observed in a public place and on videotape. Whatever his involvement (or non-involvement) what you are saying in para 2 is exactly my point. Observing her car turn into the De Sousa lane indicates she is there but it takes observing her park to know whether she has brought someone with her in the car. Because it’s a right angle, the only spot on Torquay where that’s possible is at the houses directly facing De Sousa. If this had been where they parked, however, either Jason or CO would have observed that vehicle upon arriving. Because the escape was made while both men were outside waiting it would also mean that they should have observed the car leaving the scene.

            The other reason there had to be a driver is that, if I understand what Joanna says below, it means that it was a matter of minutes between when Lindsay arrived and she was greeted by the couple. If that’s true, it means they would have had to observe her and get out of the car and start walking almost immediately.

            The reason I think the fact of a driver is important is because, if so, there was probably a plan for communicating with him after getting out. If that’s true, there has to be evidence for it in the cell tower dump. What you have to look for is calls exchanged between phones pinging from the same tower between 5:30 and 5:45.

            • my thoughts says:

              If the killers were already parked on Torquay prior to Lindsay’s arrival they would have observed she was alone. All they had to do was turn their head or look in the rear view mirror. Lindsay accessed the lock box at 5:29. Jason left SHC at 5:30 pm and he was on the phone with Lindsay. Lindsay told him she had to go as the mexicans were there. So you are talking about a difference of approximately one minute or less between the time Lindsay accessed the lock box and the time she observed the couple.

              I don’t believe Jason and CO were paying too much attention to who was parked where. They were two guys engrossed in conversation. There was probably cars parked all along Torquay, it is a residential neighborhood. The killers escape was made while Jason and Co were parked on Desousa so they would not have seen the killers escape from Torquay nor would they see a car leave that indent parking spot. Jason’s vehicle was facing away from Torguay closer to the garage of the unfinished house. We have to wonder why Jason parked on Desousa and not Torquay?

              The killers were aware of cell phone data evidence and for that reason alone opted out of employing a driver.

              • cc says:

                It was a normal Saturday night in the neighborhood. Vehicles parked on the street just like every other night. Residents were not expecting a murder to happen in the neighborhood that night so I don’t think they were looking out their windows taking notes of vehicles and plate numbers. If I were the killer’s why not park close to the house and make a quick escape rather than park or walk down the street and have a chance bump in with residential strollers. One or both of the killer’s would most likely have blood all over them and not just on their clothes. I kind of agree with you thoughts. Keep everything looking normal. All the killer’s had to do before they left the back of the house was have a quick look over the fence to make sure no one was near their car before they got in. Criminals are very tech-savvy so I don’t think they would bring any electronic devices along with them and use them in the immediate vicinity. The less people involved in the commission of a crime the better chance of getting away with it.

            • triangulation says:

              Maybe the killers were following behind Lindsay for quite a distance and therefore knew she was alone? They parked the car and gave Lindsay a minute or so before they exited their vehicle. Why hire a getaway driver and give the cops more evidence to sift through and possibly get caught based on cell phone transmissions?

              • QB says:

                Let’s not forget about the possibility of a nearby “safe house” for the killers to escape to after the murder. They could have ran there hidden by the darkness, arrive at safe house, wash up, change clothes and leave the area in the car waiting for them at the house.

                • Deborah says:

                  I posted about this topic a few months back. I think the killers left in a vehicle as the dogs that were brought in lost the scent. If the killers ran to a nearby house the canine dogs would have easily located them. Same scenario as in a break and enter case, the perp can run a few blocks and hide behind a building but still be apprehended by canine dogs. We can assume the male or female had blood on them and if they fled on foot to a nearby house, they most probably left a trail of blood along the way.

                  I can certainly see the killer’s driving to a nearby house.

    • Real man says:

      Question 1 – The male called to say he was coming alone to be sure Lindsay wanted Jason there for safety reasons and because the Killers needed Jason (one of the planners) to be there for all the signals from the killers.If Jason wasn’t there things could have gone wrong for the killers like being witnessed ect. My questions are how many corrupt cops are in Saanich ? How many corrupt Politicians? Who are the crown prosecuters ? And how many of these people are Free mason or illuminati satanic worshippers? Jasons tshirt in the knife picture is very symbolic and the masons and illuminati are all about symbols.

      • jan P. says:

        Lindsay could have brought someone else besides Jason. I don’t think this was the reason the man called Lindsay to say he was coming alone. There was another reason for that call.

        • pen says:

          The female screwed up when she called lindsay. The male had to do some damage control so that is the reason he called Lindsay to say his wife wouldn’t be coming.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Here’s a question I have:

      Who chose 1702 De Sousa Place as the house to murder Lindsay and why?

  7. Joanna Mills says:

    Why haven’t the Saanich Police been able to solve this murder? Is it because they are being stonewalled by the crown council and their federal law enforcement cousins who have CI’s and Deps in place and certain government officials who line their pockets with criminal money donations. The SP are not the ones covering up the criminal activity and suppressing this case but they are in over their heads. The SPD is small & powerless – small town and ambitious crown prosecutors and Federal Police agencies want to break bigger more prolific cases. Sometimes true justice is found by other means. Handing this case over to the RCMP or other agency isn’t necessarily the answer because there are crooked cops everywhere. This case is best left right where it is in the hope that a few honest cops with families of their own will see to it that Lindsay’s conspirators will face sweet justice one day soon.

    • TL says:

      OR MAYBE NOT SO SWEET JUSTICE. I know what you mean, that it would be sweet for everyone to see them arrested more importantly, charged. Happy New Year Joanna, Wishing you & everyone on this blog, the best news we can hear in 2015, early in 2015.

    • Tom says:

      Unknowingly good kind & decent people get involved with the wrong crowd and by the time one realizes their mistake it’s often too late. If you are seen as a threat to their way of life you will be destroyed. Their perceived loyalties & paranoia often attribute to their thirst for violence. There are always consequences for trying to leave the fold.

  8. ed says:

    It’s very sad that this case will never see charges laid. Too many corrupt cops and politicians on the payroll for for charges to ever see the light of day. We all know about the money laundering, fake mortgages and properties being used for grow ops and drug labs. How can a crime be solved when the act itself is mirrored by so many other crimes and conspirators. Hopefully someone takes this into there own hands and JZ gets his body parts cut off one at a time until he confesses. The actual murderers were just pawns, JZ is the reason this happened but we already all know that…

    • Tom says:

      Ed I disagree, regardless of the crooked cops and politicians you mention I think charges will be laid and justice will eventually be served in Lindsay’s case.

      • TL says:

        I have an uncanny intuition, I feel it coming soon. There have been round ups in a couple of the cities connected & mentioned in some of the posts here…..

        J A S O N “THEY” are going to get the truth from you. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK.
        “THEY” are coming for you and I’m not sure whether it’s something the investigators will figure out before the MURDERERS decide you need to be silenced before you break. Either way I’d want to get to the safe place, which oddly, as illegal as all the stuff you and you friends do, is the police for protection. I understand Mom’s boyfriend is an ex Saanich cop, surely he can talk to the right people to get some protection for you. Tell what you know, before you can’t.

  9. Jordan McCarthy says:

    I have not been around for a long time but I am compelled to step in & reiterate something I said a long time ago. Why is this case cursed by a long dark, seemingly endless tunnel of roadblocks. Why did the police clear the prime suspect yet not clear others that were under an umbrella of suspicion at that same time. I look at all the evidence (as circumstantial as it may be) that has surfaced over the past few years and it all points to the original prime suspect as having some involvement in Lindsay’s murder. It strikes me odd that even today the Saanich Police Dept. continue to act as the prime suspect’s protector. Not meaning to be critical but why the lack of transparency by the police department. Why the apathy by the past Mayor of Saanich? Why didn’t Mayor Leonard scream it to the rooftops that no one was going to murder a young woman in his community and get away with it. Should it not have been Frank Leonard leading the annual memorial walks held for Lindsay? Should it not have been Frank speaking out to the media? If the Mayor of Saanich had gotten involved it would have made a powerful statement to the people of Saanich, but Frank chose not to and a complacency fell over the entire community. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked, because when a police department and the Mayor who chairs the police board continue to use brakes rather than the gas pedal questions arise. The absurdity of their actions leaves me to believe that there is collusion by certain people in power who don’t want to see this murder solved.. I pray that I am wrong.

    • TL says:

      So right. I think they would all like it solved but without them having to be connected to any of the palms that got greased throughout these dealings. I still say someone should get a hold of Paulo B and what he knows. DeSousa or whatever the builders name is, and he were or are good friends, maybe he knows how to get a hold of him if only by phone, or email. He is someone that knows and not involved.

  10. Langford Larry says:

    Zailo what’s with you boy. Do something or do you need somebody to hold your hand. I’m even embarrassed about your manhood if you have any.
    Speaking of RCMP being a joke. Nanaimo is busy babysitting Dickhead Lucier while he lives life on the lamb. They are about as bad as the Langford detachment but not quite. Langford RCMP have for years been so consumed by internal drama that they don’t really have time to do any police work yet claim they are busy and overworked. It’s well known in the community that almost all members of Langford RCMP are screwing each other married and non-married. It’s outta control but no one higher up seems to care. The environment is incestuous and hard to keep up with who’s fkg who or who is breaking up with who because now they are fkg someone else’s partner. Time Ottawa stepped in as even Stu Young is shaking his more than liberal head over the issue. Had a beer with Stu and he says he don’t know what to do about it. Even Alpine isn’t as sleaze as the local RCMP detachment.

    • TL says:

      I believe he is in fear of being killed himself if he opens his mouth. Since it is very apparent that he has no balls, he would have broken down by now under any other circumstance. It can only be fear for his own life that keeps him from getting it off his shoulders. Even considering that, he could break, but he has his mothers life is on his shoulders as well. If he rats she goes down & she is the one that’s really connected as alluded to when her ex said he “moved back to Europe because he was afraid of what she is capable of”.

        • TL says:

          That is a lot of reading. tonnes of corruption. I know a boy that was selling pot and his supplier was two Victoria Cops, partners. He’d call, they’d meet take the cash, he’d get the grass. Easy, they make it look like a shakedown in the car.

      • Mannix says:

        Please have another look at Jason Zailo’s re-enactment on Dateline.
        (this includes police officers responsible for clearing Mr.Zailo and his family)
        Turn the volume down and watch him closely.
        Specifically the segment from 44 minutes to 112 minutes.
        Do his body movements arouse our curiosity ?
        Firstly he raises his left hand to his chin.
        He is in effect blocking or creating a proverbial barrier between himself and the camera crew.
        He looks quickly at the camera, then turns away and stares at the floor for awhile.
        His actions seem very telltale of his involvement and lend absolutely no credence to his plea of innocence.
        After seeing this we should all be very interested in knowing how he got cleared.
        Upon us now is but another entire year.
        Justice for Lindsay Buziak Now

        • Joanna Mills says:

          Today Jason’s friend’s list still shows at least 20 drug traffickers. This man has made no attempt to disassociate from these people, in fact he continues to add to his collection. This is an open invitation to every dealer out there wanting to launder their dirty money. Would an honest mortgage broker be doing this? This man’s arrogance tells me he fears no one, rather the opposite. “Shut the fuck up I’ll do what I want.” Even after his beloved girlfriend Lindsay was murdered he carried on business as usual.

          Alycia Faithfull LeBrun – one of the two people charged with conspiracy to traffic in narcotics in that 2008 Calgary drug bust.

          Alfred Kong sentenced to 5 yrs.

          Ali Bomba who is really Ziggy’s friend (Ali Ziaee) who got busted in that drug raid at 2768 Claude Rd. back in Jan 2013. The landlord Shirley Zailo who lied to the press and said, “my family has no connection to the man living in that house.” A six year rental and she didn’t know who was in there. Ziggy & Ali to appear in court Feb 2015.

          Chris Biros who was recently charged with making counterfeit money and fraud.

          These crimes are a lethal recipe for money laundering. Drugs are destroying families and killing people on our streets. Count the number of overdose/suicides in Victoria alone in 2014.

          Houghton said the 37-year-old is well known to police, and is believed to be associated with people involved in organized crime on Vancouver Island. “Both [men] are also alleged to have ties to Lower Mainland drug networks,” he said. – See more at:

  11. Joanna Mills says:

    June 2007 Jason & Lindsay move into SZ’s lakefront property on Pillow Rd. Lindsay had been overwhelmed with the luxuries few girls her age had ever imagined. including a $65,000 boat owned by the Zailo’s and docked on their property. In August only three months after moving in Lindsay bolted from Pillow Road. SZ rushed to Lindsay’s side and insisted she and Jason move into the prestigious Shutter’s condo at 68 Songhees. Dec 2007 it was clear to everyone Lindsay wanted out of the relationship altogether and Jason knew it. That Xmas Jason showered Lindsay with expensive gifts and surprised her with a family ski trip to Whistler.

    A light bulb moment! Why would Jason shower Lindsay with Xmas gifts when he had overheard Lindsay in their condo telling her friend that she was leaving him in the New Year – makes no sense. We know he called his mother the night Lindsay & her friend ran from the condo so SZ would know Lindsay was leaving. So why did the family surprise Lindsay with a ski trip to Whistler? Could SZ have known what her son was capable of? Was she afraid of what Jason might do if Lindsay left him? Was she pulling out all the stops to keep Lindsay from leaving Jason or was she resigned to the fact that Lindsay had made her decision.

    Two months ago in Used Victoria Jason ran an ad. He was selling his 2006 Malibu Wakesetter 21.5 VLX. Looks like he was finally selling the fancy boat he had used to impress Lindsay when he first met her. Always serviced at the Malibu dealer and kept in a heated garage over winter he said. Probably his mother’s garage on Haida Dr. Great condition asking $45,000. Call Jason at 250-588-9917.

    I heard that CRA got wind of the sale and seized the boat but who really knows for sure!!!!

    • John says:

      I think this family was avenging a perceived wrong, betrayal, and probably a perceived disclosure involving other people other than Jason. They did not want to kill Lindsay but felt they had no choice. There are more people involved in this murder not just this one family.

    • TL says:

      Again the gifts would appear to be a sign of his love for her. Look at the gifts I bought her at Christmas, We all went as a family to Whistler. So the gifts = alibi, motive, removes him from being the one that wanted her dead. That could be a scenario SZ wanted done to be sure JZ had cushion from suspicion. The trip could also have been an opportunity to feel Lindsay out for her possible willing involvement in their crimes. Again the expensive gifts and trip to show off what the illegal money affords them that she too could have.

      • Mannix says:

        Shirley Zailo took Lindsay for the walk to gain knowledge of how Lindsay was feeling and possibly relay information later that night to the killers.
        Who did Shirley Zailo contact later that night after the walk with Lindsay??
        This is a damn good question.
        Who was Shirley Zailo in contact with in the days/weeks/months
        prior to Lindsays murder????

        Did Cohen know more of the plan? He was a big money guy.
        Where was Ryan hiding that night?
        Why the hell are these cops being so tight lipped about the investigation?
        Cant wait to see ALL THOSE INVOLVED EXPOSED.

        Justice for Lindsay Buziak

    • Fear the feds says:

      REV Canada have different statutes on how they can investigate they can do wire taps and carve through finances without court order. Nothing shakes up criminals faster than having an audit as it goes to the heart of what they value MONEY once Revenue Canada starts to pull a string…..assets get seized, liens get made bank accounts get poured over, doesnt matter what side of the law you are on nobody wants RC up their ass. Big fish will eat little fish to keep their money safe and quiet. If little fish loses big fishes money…..little fish better swim far and fast.

      • TL says:

        and revenue Canada has far reaching, deep digging experience to follow the money trail until it passes into obscurity from view to anyone else.

  12. 101 says:

    A good investigator is knowledgeable, creative, patient and persistent. Exceptional intelligence is NOT a requisite trait of an effective investigator; objectivity, LOGIC and COMMON SENSE are more important. All issues in dispute must be supported by evidence.

  13. Carrie says:

    Thinking of Lindsay today on Christmas. I check back in from time to time and see if any progress has been made in finding justice for Lindsay…. I continue to hope and pray that one day we will all celebrate with the murderers behind bars. Still, the theories circulate in my head on what really happened to Lindsay that night and who orchestrated such a horrific murder and why. I have always felt Jason, Shirley and maybe even the brother were all involved in Lindsay’s murder. They are an odd bunch and act so emotionless that its hard to think they are innocent. However, it is very brazen for Jason to plot the murder of his girlfriend and have his mother’s blessing on top of it and to further include himself in being at the crime scene, finding her dead, calling the police, knowing he will be interrogated to no end and stupid enough to go through with it. It is a difficult theory to imagine, really. And, if Shirley is also involved, would she really be okay with Jason being there, talking with the police, knowing how completely dense he can be? That is a lot of responsibility on one person – Jason – to not screw up and say or do the wrong thing. What we do know is that Lindsay wanted out of her relationship with Jason and wanted out of the real estate office in which she worked. Lindsay knew something and was trying to distance herself and make her exit. It may be that Shirley and the brother of Jason planned the whole thing and knowing that Jason is pliable, could get him to do anything they wanted (and if he knew nothing of the plot, he couldn’t mess anything up!). The police could question him and he could only answer what he really knew…maybe nothing. Shirley may have been the one who suggested that Jason attend the showing for the sake of Lindsay’s safety, this could be a part of the plot and could have been suggested after the walk with Lindsay. Who knows?! Jason may have been the dummy used by the orchestrators of Lindsay murder.

  14. somequestions says:

    I agree that the boyfriend and even the mother are good suspects. But when I heard the part on Dateline about Lindsay Buziak taking a long walk with Shirley Zailo just 24 hours before the murder discussing her life and relationships, it really made me think. Why would someone who does not like Lindsay Buziak want to be around here?

    Not liking someone and murder tend to go together. That is what I think.

    • somequestions says:

      I meant the question to be, Why would someone who does not like Lindsay Buziak want to be around her?

    • QB says:

      You are assuming that the walk in fact happened, and the only person that can substantiate that is the known and proven liar SZ herself. Even if the walk did happen, once again it is only SZ’s words to go by. Lindsay is not here to dispute or refute that statement.

      • bella says:

        There is likely evidence to substantiate the walk happened by way of witnesses, cell records, dinner receipts, etc. As far as what was said on the walk, that cannot be substantiated.

        Again, individuals who were involved in Lindsay’s murder would likely have evidence to support their timeline of events and alibi. That’s part of the game.

      • somequestions says:

        The question I had was why would Shirley Zailo lie on a national t.v. new program?

        It is just like the ski trip pictures. When you factor in the timing of the ski trip and the purchase of the cell phone used by the killers, I thought Jason Zailo looked rather happy for a guy that just called in or was about to call in a hit on his girlfriend.

  15. another opinion says:

    Jason was part of the plan

    I think this murder could have been staged to look personal and made to appear as though Jason did it. I think that was the objective here. When a crime is staged, the responsible person is not someone who just happened upon the victim. It is usually someone who had some kind of association or relationship with the victim. If Jason was one of the conspirators they could have staged the murder to look exactly the way they wanted it to appear [appear as though Jason was being framed and it was personal in nature] knowing full well [it was personal but Jason could not have carried it out because he was miles away]. Hence the reason for the solid alibi, video footage, personal witness, other family members injected into pre-offence events, full cooperation with the authorities, lie detector, the whole nine yards. Who in their right mind who conspired to have their girlfriend murdered would do all that for the authorities if he was involved right? I don’t think the authorities have eliminated Jason as a conspirator based on his cooperation with them. They were not fooled by his overly cooperative behavior. Look, even a seasoned prosecutor has doubt Jason is involved. He said “not even the dumbest criminal shows up at their own crime scene, let alone bring someone with them.” People in general say “Jason was set up” “he was at the wrong place at the wrong time” “he couldn’t have done this because he loved Lindsay”. Jason probably said to the authorities “why the hell would I murder my girlfriend then bring my friend with me to discover her body?” “why would I submit to a poly if I did this?” “who would do that?” I think a conspirator would do that, that’s who. It was impossible for Jason to have murdered Lindsay but it was not impossible for Jason to have conspired with others to set this murder up, exactly the way it went down, expecting a certain outcome. If Jason was aware of the plan and not a conspirator he could have stopped her execution simple as that. Facts speak for themselves. Both men and women have conspired to have their spouses murdered and appeared at the crime scene to discover their bodies. Happens all the time.

    I have read the entire blog and mostly focused on the timeline and dateline story and based my theory from that. According to dateline Shirley claimed Lindsay was afraid of Matt yet didn’t Lindsay run out of the condo she shared with Jason when she caught Jason eavesdropping on her and nikki’s conversation? Wouldn’t that indicate that Lindsay was afraid of Jason? Why else would Lindsay and her friend flee the condo? Josh suggested at least three people were involved [two killers and the person who hired them]. Det. McColl agreed one of the killer’s could have been the mastermind but said it seemed more likely a 4th or 5th person was involved. They all agreed it was a criminal conspiracy of some significance to wipe out a young realtor. Reasons behind this crime could have been large amount of money, large amount of drugs or considerable wrong done to the financier who was behind the murder. I would suggest the later.

    New information and tips may have come in since the airing of dateline but the timeline is still the same and the case still remains unsolved. We don’t know one way or another if new or even old information for that matter is even relevant to this case.[calgary drug bust, Victoria drug busts, high level drug dealers, certain real estate deals, etc] It’s all speculation. Unfortunately the police have all the information and we have all the theories. One thing I will say is I am an avid Dateline watcher and every episode I’ve seen there is Josh, Keith, or Lester interviewing family and friends of the victim and the suspects. I don’t think I’ve seen an episode yet where dateline has interviewed suspects or persons of interest that did not turn out to be charged with the victims murder in the end. Watch for the follow up show to the “Dream House Mystery”.

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak. The cowards will be arrested and charged in the very near future.

    • Mannix says:

      Whatever happened to Kyle MacDonald? He was a resident of Shawnigan Lake. The Zailo’s have a place on Shawnigan Lake as I understand it. Kyle MacDonald was 24 years old when he vanished August 30/2007 after taking a plane from Victoria to Vancouver. He was never seen again.August 30/2007 is only five months after Lindsay’s murder.Strange. Did Kyle also “see something he shouldn’t have”? I dont think Shawnigan Lake is very big. I have seen two photos while researching Justice for Lindsay and the two photos I have seen of Shawnigan Lake are of the Zailo boys. One of Ryan wakeboarding at night and another of Jason with a friend of his who appears to be texting on his phone. I guess if Ryan is wakeboarding at night the Zailo boys must be well acquainted with Shawnigan Lake.
      This is something that takes place at Shawnigan Lake

      So did Kyle see or know something he shouldn’t have seen or known and somebody got rid of him when he got off the plane in Vancouver?
      There is absolutely no way in the world Jason Zailo could sit there stone faced as he did on Dateline after losing his girlfriend in such a terrible way. His Mother showed little to no emotion aswell. More of the latter.
      Did Lindsay see something related to mortgage fraud as has recently happened in Calgary? Someone said something about the search of the Victoria Legislature related to the sale of BC rail and drugs. Hey, here’s something else I remember about Shawnigan Lake. Dave Basi, who was Ministerial Assistant to Finance Minister Gary Collins had a grow op that got busted in his house at Shawnigan Lake.
      Read this .

      Maybe we are getting somewhere here…
      Quite sure there are lots of crooked cops and politicians in Victoria.
      Cassie Sihota’s Dad is a cop in Victoria.
      Dave Basi is in Victoria.
      Is Christy Clark a Liberal? Because Canadian Steamship Lines (lines) was/is owned by our old Prime Minister Paul Martin and he is also a Liberal. His ship was busted with 83 kilos.
      Here read this.

      They go on to say
      “Police made it clear that Martin’s relatives and employees were not involved in any way.”
      Sounds like what the cops said about the Zailo Family.
      What did Lindsay see or know that she shouldn’t have?
      How deep is the rabbit hole?
      The Hells Angels are the enforcers and dealers for the Government. Them and their puppet clubs are a way for the government to distance themselves from the drugs and violence and lay blame on the bikers when in fact its our government who are bringing the drugs into our country. Open your eyes people.
      I need to ask once more, why did Joe DeSouza say those disgusting words pertaining to Lindsay? Words so foul they are not worth repeating.He is apparently very close to Shirley Zailo and her ex boyfriend.
      Is Joe DeSouza involved?
      It was his house. Did his wife do such a thorough cleaning prior so there would be less for the cops?
      I see a guy in Victoria named Troy DeSouza. Is he related?
      Have a look.

      Strange coincidences ?

      The day for Justice draws nearer.
      Mr. Buziak I am so very sorry for your loss of your Beautiful Lindsay.
      Many continue to fight on behalf of you and your Family Mr. Buziak.
      May all these bastards rot in hell
      Justice for Lindsay Buziak

      • another opinion says:

        Troy DeSouza is not related to Joe Desousa.

        When people vanish the HA’s are usually responsible.

        • theendisnear says:

          The timing of Kyle Macdonald’s disappearance is so close to the timing of what Lindsay shouldn’t have seen can not be ignored. wtf have the cops even considered this a link to her murder? There has to be a record of Kyle being picked up in the inner harbor and dropped off at a destination in Vancouver so what happened to him after that. If I were the cops I’d be plunging Shawnigan Lake for dead bodies. Kyle didn’t deserve to die anymore then Lindsay did. The conspirators facilitate murders but who facilitates the conspirators. Lindsay knew the secret maybe Kyle did too. Whoever entered the murder house that night and slaughtered Lindsay was probably pumped up on steroids or some other drug that altered their psyche. The woman slaughtered Lindsay while empowered by the adrenalin rush then after the kill the emotional adrenalin dump enabled the killer to regain her senses. I think it was HER.

          • It sadens me that a person as young as Kyle macdonald met with foul play, I know he got involved in the drug scene but the fact of the matter is there is still a family missing there loved one. Kyle was discussed quite some time ago and this is the story that came together : Kyle apparently was a marijuana grower, somebody like Ziggy came along and suggested he should pool his money with a bunch of other growers and get into the cocaine business where the real money is. The marijuana growers pooled their money to buy cocaine and it looks like he was off to Vancouver via float plane to ? It was supposedly a fishing trip but the only thing that appears to have been in the deep blue see is Kyle. I don’t recall many other details but it was mentioned on the blog Ziggy Matheson was the last person to see Kyle. Also Godmother Z’s ex. seems to be in hiding in Europe apparently he commented he was afraid of his ex.

  16. samspade90 says:

    The fact that almost everyone who has seen Dateline and reads about Lindsay’s murder, and believes Jason was involved, bolsters my belief that Jason was set up to make it look that way. My belief is that Jason and his family have been involved in illegal activity, Lindsay found out something ( her letter states the something she saw that she shouldn’t have ) and she was murdered to stop her from ” ratting “. In this regard, Jason and the Zailos are culpable for her murder.
    The number one thing, when committing a crime ( especially murder ), is to leave the Police with as little to go on as possible. Why hire someone to kill your G/F ?? The B/F, Husband and EX are always the first suspects. The ” over kill ” screams that it was personal, thus pointing back to the boys above. Why have her murdered in your Mother’s B/F’s, best friends house.?? Why go to the crime scene and be the one who finds her ?? Why take an honest, forthcoming, reliable witness, with you. ?? ( You want someone who is going to back up everything you said and did, especially if you said or did something suspicious ). If Jason was part of the plan, he would know that they would find Lindsay and the Police would be called immediately. Do you want the Police coming within the hour of your G/F being murdered.?? It’s only a little after 6 p.m. The Cops are going to swarm the neighbourhood. What if a neighbour sees all the Cops and comes over and says ” I saw the couple an hour ago meeting Lindsay, here’s their description “. ” I looked out and saw a couple climbing over the orange mesh fence and onto Torquay “. ” I saw them walk from the direction of Gordon Head School “. ” I saw them walk out of the cul de sac and head towards Torquay Elementary “. ” I saw them get into a silver Chrysler 300 “. ” I saw that Range Rover with 2 suspicious guys, sitting and waiting outside for 20 minutes “. The Police might send out Officers to canvass the immediate neighbourhood. Do you want the tracking dogs there within an hour ?? NO, you want as many hours to pass as possible, so witnesses forget things they saw.
    There is supposition that the couple opened the door a crack, when Jason first appeared on the street, and that was a signal that the job was done. Put yourself in there. You just murdered a girl and someone has pulled into the tiny street out front. Wouldn’t you open the door a bit to see who it was. ?? A contractor coming back ?? Police ?? Did your idiot getaway driver decide to come and pick you up at the house ?? People have questioned Jason rushing upstairs immediately, as a sign of his guilt. If your friend has walked through the better part of the main floor and hasn’t found her, you have yelled ” LINDSAY….LINDSAY ” a couple times without answer, and the stairs are right there, wouldn’t you go right up them ?? I would.
    I believe that Jason and his Mother and Brother know the who’s and why’s. Watching the Dateline interview ( keep in mind it was 2 years after Lindsay’s murder ), Jason wants it to be clear that he loved Lindsay, did not have anything to do with her murder, she wasn’t leaving him, and he wanted this solved as soon as possible. Mom chimes in with her statement about Matt, Lindsay’s Ex. Other than the statement about Matt, there are no other guesses as to who may have murdered Lindsay. If Jason was involved, wouldn’t he suggest that the Mexicans from Vancouver obviously did it, but has no clue why. Maybe Lindsay had caused grief for a previous client. She worked in Vancouver a few years before Victoria, maybe she pissed off someone in Vancouver, after all that’s where the phone was purchased and registered. Maybe she slighted or insulted a Girl in Victoria at a club. Maybe it was Matt, as his Mom said. The guilty have a tendency to deflect and come up with possibilities. He doesn’t give anything, doesn’t express anger. Just wants it clear that he loved her and had nothing to do with her murder. But, he knows why and by whom and knows enough to not go hunting and poking around. The killers have achieved their objective, pointed the blame in Jason’s direction, knowing he must keep quiet and accept the derision and contempt. .

    • John says:

      Lindsay leaving the family unit was seen as a threat. The girl knew she had to get out and would not be bought with expensive gifts & promises. In their minds they had shaped her career, given her business, and when she found out about what was going on she told them in no uncertain terms she was out. I can’t say if this family planned her murder but I can say they knew what was going to happen to her. Jason’s need for self-preservation was why he allowed his girlfriend to be sacrificed. His every move was calculated because it’s just the way his part in the plan was set up. Is Jason acting afraid of anyone doesn’t seem so. Lindsay knew all the players in the game she just didn’t realize how dangerous they were. Are there cops involved, political figures maybe? Culpable homicide is killing someone but without direct intent either through recklessness or negligence. I see direct intent because Mr. Zailo placed himself right in the middle of a murder scene. Whether he wrote the script or just went along with whoever did I have no idea. There’s a chance other members of his family knew nothing about the plan to kill the girl they could be doing what some families would do. Protect family no matter what the crime. Running straight up the stairs is not something I would do. I’d head straight to the garage to look for another vehicle or to the basement if there was one. This guy sat on dateline & said he wanted this murdered solved as quickly as possible but he sat back & did nothing. That’s where I agree with you, he did nothing because he knows who murdered Lindsay or I think he did nothing because he was in on the plan all along.

    • answers says:

      >> number one thing when committing a crime is leave no forensic evidence behind (safe to say killer’s accomplished that goal)

      >> why not hire someone to kill your girlfriend, especially if you want to find the body and know you will be the number one suspect.

      >> hearsay says JDS was mother’s boyfriends best friend. No facts to substantiate that.

      >> murder was personal but number one suspect had a solid alibi so he’s in the clear. Why not go find the body? If you can’t be the one to kill her the next best thing would be to see her dead.

      >> If you want someone to bolster your alibi bring your honest friend with you. You’re not going to do anything suspiciousand/or lie, that would defeat the whole purpose of bringing your personal witness with you.

      >> Jason knew Lindsay was already dead when he and co arrived.

      >> Jason knew the killer’s were long gone when he called the police. Jason knew that a scent could not be picked up by tracking dogs, as killer’s left in a car. It did not matter that police arrived soon after Lindsay’s murder and that is why Jason called them.

      >> Killer’s brazenly walked up to the house. I do not think they were concerned who saw them nor were the conspirators. They were not locals. Witnesses did say they saw the couple shaking hands with Lindsay and did give a general description but to date no one has been able to identify the killer’s. It didn’t matter who saw Jason and co sitting there as they would be able to explain that to police. The police did canvass the area immediately after Lindsay was murdered. If the scent of the killer’s left with the vehicle tracking dogs are useless.

      >> Both Jason and co did see the door slightly ajar and two shadowy figures inside. It may or may not have been a signal. It could go either way.

      >> the couple were already downstairs at the door when Jason arrived. Amazing timing.

      >> Cohen walked from the patio doors to the front door. He was instructed by Jason to unlock the front door. He was not instructed by Jason to canvass the entire house and look for Lindsay and then unlock the front door. Cohen did what he was told. Jason could have told Cohen to go check upstairs while Jason checked the main area. Instead Jason pushed Cohen aside and ran straight upstairs calling out Lindsay’s name. He was already running up the stairs when he began calling for Lindsay.

      >> I believe Jason, Ryan, Shirley and a few others know the who’s and the why’s because they are the conspirators.

      >> Three of Lindsay’s friends were interviewed the night before Dateline aired and they told the reporter that Lindsay told them she was going to leave Jason. She also told this to her Father and a few others. Jason lied on Dateline and said Lindsay was not leaving him. If you are one of the conspirators of course you are going to LIE.

      >> Jason did suggest the Mexicans did it

      >> If Lindsay pissed off a client in 2006 I do not see why they would wait two years to seek their revenge.

      >> phone was purchased and registered in Vancouver as a diversion. Police agree.

      >> the guilty have a tendency to deflect and that’s just what Shirley and Jason did

      >> the conspirators achieved their goal and Lindsay is now dead. They are not home free, not by a long shot.

  17. Rocky says:

    The boy friend murdered he and that’s brutally obvious, either that or he is the most unlucky man on earth, unlucky like OJ Simpson. The idea that he thought his girlfriend could be in danger is strange, then he feels so strong sbout this that he actually goes along and brings a friend? This stinks and it smells like a dumpster in a hot day. I don’t know how he is involved exactly but he is. I have been told he passed a polygraph, that’s fine but what questions was he asked?

    • 101 says:

      No the boyfriend did not murder Lindsay. He conspired to have her murdered. He is worse than the killer’s.

    • TL says:

      Rocky, I just re-read your post and something struck me as so off it’s worth consideration.

      You said something that screamed in my investigative mind;







      • logic mindset says:

        You have to put yourself in the mindset of Jason and not Lindsay’s friends, co-workers or the general public. Jason said Lindsay was not at all concerned about the couple so why would he act out the way we all think he should? Remember Jason said he was not supposed to attend with Lindsay rather he was to drop off documents. I don’t recall hearing that Jason felt Lindsay was in danger? If Jason is one of the conspirators it would be very normal for him to state the opposite of what Lindsay told her friends. This should help answer all your “why” questions.

        • TL says:

          Answered why? actually no cause you don’t have the details right. I may have missed something but mostly I’m pretty confident about the information on which I base my comments only deviating from fact when expressing my opinions, my take on human behaviour in such a situation.

          Yes it is from the point of view of how a normal person would respond. His mother would have wanted to know who these heavy accented that sounded Mexican, people were.

          Long ago, previous conversations on this blog mentioned another Realtor receiving a similar sounding request for appointment. I don’t know if that is a fact but I did hear that early on in the investigation. It was never deemed a serious concern, but curious. No one suspected anything nefarious, it was a simply one of those curious things people that work together in an office would chat about, expressing how weird it seemed, wondering.

          If a coworker, I certainly would have been dying to know when she got back to the office who they were.

          “I don’t recall hearing that Jason felt Lindsay was in danger” Danger is certainly too strong of a word for the sensing she had. Lindsay was at the very least curious who these mysterious clients could be and her sense of foreboding has been alluded to in previous posts.

          Don’t forget she had already visited her father sharing her feeling about whatever was going on, sensing she may be in danger having witnessed what she did. This would be a huge reason for any apprehension she was having.

          The so called documents he was there to get her signature on, did he take those with him when he went into the house? Would have made sense to facilitate filling said documents out on a flat counter top.

          What else did you say; “This should help answer all your “why” questions”
          I don’t have any why questions, using the word in my statement serves only for the reader to consider my proposal to compare his behaviour against what they would consider normal human behaviour under the circumstance.

          I certainly do not expect anyone to agree with me, I’m sure I am as far off as anyone but I’m also not stupid, have a logical thinking process along with many years of studying human facial inflections for intended deceit.

          • logic mindset says:

            I am up to par on all the details. I will reiterate what I said in my previous post, put yourself in the mindset of Jason and all your questions will be answered. We all have the same questions. Why did Jason do this when he should have done that. We know what most people would do in this situation but if you’re one of the conspirators you would act differently. Did Jason say he was concerned about Lindsay’s appointment and the couple? Or, was it others who said that? You ask “why would he not have waited to see who the couple was?” My question would be “why would he care who they were?” Jason was not concerned about the appt, he was there to drop off documents not to check on Lindsay, remember? So his displayed behavior was normal based on his reason for being there. He grew concerned only after he sent her a text message and she did not respond. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

            Jason’s actions and behavior have to match his story.

            • TL says:

              But they don’t. If he was ‘in on it’ then what I am saying, is exactly how someone guilty would act. There have been many signs, little innuendos, the show he and his mom acted as if guilty. Of course they were trying not to look guilty but that is the gift of trained officers, to read what is really going in someones mind, not what they’re saying.

              I was going to ask you the last post, decided not to, but now I have to. It sounds as if you are very close to Jason and know his thoughts and feelings about this event. If that is true, then it explains why you are shifting guilt away from him when pretty much everyone thinks he, at the very least, knew what was going down whether you believe it or not.

              • logic mindset says:

                Jason went there to drop off documents. His behavior was normal for that part of his story. He did not care who the couple were so why try and find out? You said he was concerned about the appt and should have wondered who the couple was. I answered you.

                I don’t think you understand my post. Please reread. I am not trying to shift guilt away from someone I think is one of the conspirators.

                • TL says:

                  that being said though, you are trying to shift guilt away from Jason as being one of the conspirators. Am I right or am I reading you wrong

                  • logic mindset says:


                    Me: You have to put yourself in the mindset of Jason and not Lindsay’s friends, co-workers or the general public. Jason said Lindsay was not at all concerned about the couple so why would he act out the way we all think he should? Remember Jason said he was not supposed to attend with Lindsay rather he was to drop off documents. I don’t recall hearing that Jason felt Lindsay was in danger? If Jason is one of the conspirators it would be very normal for him to state the opposite of what Lindsay told her friends. You ask “why would he not have waited to see who the couple was?” My question would be “why would he care who they were?” Jason was not concerned about the appt, he was there to drop off documents not to check on Lindsay, remember? So his displayed behavior was normal based on his reason for being there. He grew concerned only after he sent her a text message and she did not respond. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

                    I answered your question.

          • perceptive says:

            If Jason took the documents into the house I doubt they were left on the counter top, considering he ran straight upstairs. He probably brought them with him though. As mindset said, his actions should match his story if he is one of the conspirators.

            • TL says:

              Exactly, which is why his actions were carried out to look like he had nothing to do with it,so he doesn’t look like he is a conspirator.

              • perceptive says:

                I think jasons actions were carried out more so to match parts of his story. You thought his behaviour was abnormal when he didn’t try and figure out who the mystery couple were but it’s been said Jason was not there out of concern for Lindsay so why then would he worry about who the couple were? It would be normal for jason to act the way he did as far as not wondering who the couple were. Whether he was a conspirator or not.

  18. somequestions says:

    I had another question about the parking spot on Torguay. The story is that the lockbox was not accessed until 5:29pm. and Lindsay Buziak had papers on the trunk of her car like she was preparing for someone or getting organized. It is like she had some extra time.

    If the killers wanted to make sure Lindsay Buziak came alone and if they have never seen her before, why did they park on Torguay? If you parked on Torguay and looked to the right would you be able to see Lindsay Buziak’s car in the driveway?

    • TL says:

      there is no evidence of a car parked anywhere close, some have surmised they walked there from somewhere close

      • ummmm says:

        There is no evidence to suggest a car was not parked anywhere close either, including torquay. some have surmised a car was parked on torquay and that would make logical sense. If I were the killer and I was going to make an exit out of a home covered in blood I would want to walk a minimal distance to avoid being seen. Why add another person into the equation when one of the killer’s could have been the driver.

    • jaz says:

      Why not park on Torquay? Why walk two or more blocks and have the whole neighborhood possibly ID you? The killer’s were aware of what Lindsay looked like.

      • somequestions says:

        I thought about the possibility of a driver waiting, but to me it does not make sense. Witnesses saw two people approach Lindsay Buziak. Who was in the car?

        It would be interesting to see how dark it was at 5:20 – 5:30 pm on February 2, 2008. Maybe that is why they chose 5:30pm if they chose that time. Darkness makes it harder to identify and see people.

        Even the method of murder is questionable. I wondered whether anybody heard a scream? Maybe that is why they chose that house because it gives maximum amount of space for a scream not to be heard? Then the killer would have to know not just about that house but the houses close by and since it looks like different real estate people sold different houses, that would be quite a feat in terms of picking a location.

        It made me think that the killer(s) either lives or works near the house where Lindsay Buziak was killed.

        • jaz says:

          No one would be in the car if the killer’s drove their own car.

          The sunset was at 5:12 PM on Feb 2, 2008 and a half hour later is considered night.

          One can assume if the couple were concerned about someone identifying them the woman would have chose different attire. Maybe a dark pair of slacks with a dark jacket?

  19. Why did the conspirators choose to end Lindsay’s life in the way that they did. The only answer that makes any sense is that Jason was involved and chose how she should die. Sick? It’s sick alright.

  20. I think it’s time for a cold case like unit of seasoned Homicide investigators from a totally different jurisdiction to sit down and start going through the case file from day 1 right from scratch, there has to be something in that file some where that can get this case moving forward. I say from a totally different jurisdiction because being familiar with some of the persons of interest can some times be decieving, can’t see the forest for the tree’s so to speak.

  21. somequestions says:

    I know this might be a stupid question about Lindsay Buziak’s case, but did the house have a doorbell that was working? I think the killers would lock the front door once they were inside the house. It would be difficult with Lindsay watching them since that is against protocol. I think one of them would have to excuse themselves from Lindsay’s showing in order to lock the front door so they are not interrupted. 15-20 minutes is a long time to just hope that no one shows up. Then someone did show up. With all the forethought and planning by the killers I thought it was strange they would lock the front door after murdering Lindsay Buziak. If they truly were strangers from a different area and they changed their clothes and Lindsay’s boyfriend does not show up right away, they might have been able to walk directly out the front door. They walked in the front door.

    • TL says:

      All the questions you ask have been addressed in previous posts. one thing, ‘they’ could have locked the door while putting their shoes on after, when j says he could see ppl through the obscure glass, in the entrance way. there has been speculation that they came out thru front door and across cul-de-sac to safety. So starting at the beginning of this year, you will find the answers to your curiosities in the posts. Cheers

    • blogy says:

      questions please refer back to dateline link and murder timeline link on the front page. Most of your questions will be answered. The killers left through the missing fence boards. If you focus on too much speculation it can get confusing.

    • agent 99 says:

      somequestions I tend to agree with you that the killer’s locked the front door as soon as they entered the house. The killer’s would need a key to lock the front door from the outside had they used that route to exit from.

      • I’m pretty sure the sp know which way the killer’s did leave and apparently the Saanich Police spent a lot of time in the garage of the unfinnished house next door. The thing that stands out a bit to me is O.J. initially parked in the De Sousa pl. cudesac then moved out onto Torquay, problem is he parked on Torquay right in front of the missing boards on the fence ! At this point O.J. and only O.J. could see in the rear view mirror anybody entering or leaving De Sousa pl. ! anybody in the passenger seat could not see people or cars entering or leaving De Sousa pl. in the rear view mirror ! Now O.J. decides to go into De Sousa pl. to check up on Lindsay which actually clears the way for anybody that wanted to flee via the missing boards in the fence to go ahead and flee unseen.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          It’s logical that the couple left out the back as that was the door not just left unlocked but the door visibly wide open when Cohen looked over the fence. That back door was their “in”. If Jason’s ”cue” was the shadows of two people in the front entry and a door slightly ajar, then the couple probably raced out the back, through the missing boards in the fence while Jason sat for 10 minutes in the cul-de-sac. When he moved onto Torquay and sat for another ten minutes he was probably just making sure the killers had enough time for a clean get-away. The police were all over the interior of the garage next door, who knows what they found in there.

          • TL says:

            wouldn’t it be nice to know what evidence they do have so all the thinkers and puzzle solvers are not all over the place, focusing our energy on concrete evidence so we can unwrap the rest of the puzzle pieces, knowing what the picture looks like so far, we could bring into focus the remaining pieces.

            • re-evaluating says:

              without knowing all the evidence we are all left to think and wonder. I think that is human nature. All we have are theories and speculation. I don’t think we have any concrete evidence do we? We have information put forth by investigators some of which could be misleading, some of which could be accurate. Your theory is just as good as the next guys.

          • damon says:

            Why didn’t Jason just stay in the cul-de-sac? why the need to move onto torquay? How could he know for sure the couple was already gone unless they had signalled them? Can someone explain this please.

            • Judge Judy says:

              I don’t see the couple going into the garage next door because Jason and Cohen were parked out there for 10 minutes. They would have seen the couple enter the garage. I guess it’s possible the couple hung out in the patio area until Jason moved to Torquay then ran to the garage but I don’t see that either. I don’t see them lingering around waiting to sneak into the garage. Did it even have a door? I think their main goal would have been to get the hell out of the area. What purpose would there be to go into the garage anyway? It sounds more logical they had a pre-planned escape route and a waiting car on Torq. I think a car was already parked in the space on torq. when Jason arrived so he parked on DeSousa instead. The couple saw Jason arrive and park on DeSousa. That’s when they made their great escape. Jason left the cul-de-sac and parked on Torq. because he did not want to appear as though he was meddling boyfriend. That’s how I see it. That’s a pretty damn good theory if I must say so myself.

              The police were looking for possible discarded clothes and a murder weapon so seems logical they would be looking in the garage next door and other surrounding areas.

              • mesha says:

                Cops said they didn’t find any discarded clothing or a murder weapon so what purpose would the killers have for going in to the garage? To change their clothes then take them with them? Nawwwwwwwww

            • jack said so says:

              If Jason was one of the conspirators he would know for sure when the killers left. He moved his vehicle when they left the area.

    • vu says:

      The sp know how the killers left ot was all over the news.
      i do not think the killers would dawdle around for twenty minutes and wait for jason to leave his car before making their escape.they probably left when jason and cohan were parked on de sousa and got in to their own car that was parked on torquay.

      • agent 99 says:

        I agree vu. The killer’s were already in the process of leaving when Jason rolled up. They saw he was parked on DeSousa so they slipped through the missing boards and out onto Torquay.

        • The Saanich Police claim to know every move the killers made inside the house and through the use of luminol they probably do. Also the sp brought in a police dog to track the killers first a young dog then an older more experienced dog they would know for sure which way the killers left but I don’t believe that was released to the public. I’m quite sure the killers and anybody involved in this killing actually check in and read this blog once in a while so Merry Christmas to them and I hope I see you soon on the front page of my news paper.

  22. NEWSFLASH says:

    Strawbuyers: In every city, every community, snakes in suits.

    The individuals are Ricco King, 42, who is from Fort McMurray but resides in Calgary; Farhan Sattar, 35, who is from Golden, B.C., but resides in Calgary; Jared Jenkins, 30, from Calgary; and Santino DiMarzo, 30, from Calgary. Sattar.

    According to police, the group allegedly used fictitious companies to commit mortgage fraud by falsifying documents related to employment records, bank statements, credit information and tax assessments.

  23. Joanna Mills says:

    Christmas 2014 – the 7th year Lindsay’s family & friends will be celebrating the holidays without their beloved daughter, sister, friend. 7 years of silence. 7 years of waiting for answers that don’t come. Then we have the family that knows who plotted Lindsay’s murder acting as if it never happened. I’m sure the Haida Christmas will be as it always is, the wreath at the front entry, the decorated tree, then come the fake smiles, the awkward glances all to impress the ones that dare to enter. The two brothers, the adopted son Ziggy Matheson and now the new member of the family, the retired Saanich cop Barry. Barry should be carving the turkey this year, Jason could say grace and Ryan can serve. Or he can just sit at the table and text like he did on the fist annual walk for justice. They will exchange their elaborate gifts and not give a second thought to Lindsay. $150 K vehicles, boats but not a penny spent to help search for Lindsay’s murderers. The Victoria Real Estate Board and Lindsay’s family offered rewards but not a penny came from the pockets of the Zailo’s. They had to keep their money to buy their toys. If Lindsay had never met this family she would be alive today. As for that retired cop he is a disgrace to the entire Saanich Police Dept. Ziggy Matheson’s next court date comes up in February 2015. With the help of his new friend Barry & his slick lawyer Bad Hickford Ziggy just may slip through the cracks again.

    We have a beautiful young woman who lost her life 7 years ago. What are the Saanich Police doing to solve this horrific crime. This is a bad soap opera that just never seems to end. Time for an ending!!!!!

    • TL says:

      May slip through the ‘crack’ again.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        I said cracks because there are a multitude of ”cracks” in the legal system that allow freaks like Ziggy to keep getting off. He’s a beater, a trafficker and a murderer. He’d put a bullet in the back of your head or hot doze you without a second thought. If he decides you need to go, you’re gone. Why would anyone that cares about their family and their reputation embrace this psycho?

        • clifford danco says:

          You’re right that it “never seems to end” and its time for an ending. How much damn longer does the SP need this is getting f*cking ridiculous!

          • jenn says:

            Don’t sit back in silence while injustice carries on. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. When I am with friends or in a group situation I make a point of bringing up Lindsay’s name. Some want to talk about it others look at me like I’m an alien. Lindsay needs a voice and I intend to keep talking it’s better to do something then nothing at all. The ending is in the hands of the police.

          • TL says:

            especially when all the conversation that has occurred here alone, continues to point back to three people, every time.

    • Mannix says:

      We are a civilized society are we not people?
      How in your hearts can you people allow this injustice to continue? Mr. DeSouza. Why did you say such terrible words regarding Lindsay? Do you have children of your own?
      Do you have Brother’s and Sister’s Mr. DeSouza?
      Please tell us about them and how they might feel if they had to endure the murder of one of their precious Children or perhaps a Sibling.
      We as a civilized society will persist to expose the perpetrators of this viscous killing.
      We as a civilized society will not allow this to continue and will push for Justice For Lindsay.
      To all those in the know,
      please do what is right.
      The hour is now people.
      The hour is now.

  24. Oldschool says:

    Tuele, Christoper – mentioned previously on this site recently passed away. Was it a real overdose or something more similar to Shannon Spruyt being hot-dosed by Zig.

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