Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011


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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters




726 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. KlallamKorrectional says:

    Looks like Saanich has a new mayor: Richard Atwell:

    Saanich, BC ­ Saanich mayoralty candidate Richard Atwell is gobsmacked by Frank Leonard
    bragging about his election endorsements from two Saanich municipal unions (police and fire).

    “The fact he is their employer and also sits on the Saanich Police Board, puts Frank Leonard
    in an obvious conflict of interest and highlights the cozy culture of entitlement that has
    characterized Saanich City Hall during his 18 years as Mayor”, said Atwell.

    “If elected Mayor of Saanich, I intend to dispense with these cozy arrangements and the old
    boys’ club at Saanich City Hall will be shut down and replaced with open, transparent and
    accountable local government.”

    November 7, 2014 – Saanich: The Saanich Police Association endorsed Mayor Frank Leonard in his bid for re-election as Mayor of Saanich today. This is the second election in a row that Leonard has earned the endorsement of (the police) union. “I am honoured to receive the support of the Police association,” said Leonard. “The members exemplify what it means to put the interests of the community first and I look forward to continuing the good work with them on behalf of all residents of Saanich in the years ahead.”

    Todd Lamb, Vice President of the Saanich Police Association indicated that leadership was the key issue for his members. “Our members met, and voted to endorse Mayor Frank Leonard, because we appreciate his leadership, which is important for our whole region,” said Lamb.

    • Recount says:

      With a 50.29% to 49.78% close race there is sure to be a recount.

      • TheSuperMinimum says:

        Doesn’t sound like a recount to me, over a thousand votes shy and a concession speech…

        Richard Atwell 14,178
        Frank Leonard 13,152

        “I believe I am leaving the municipality in great shape. I hope the new team will continue to make it better,” Leonard said.

  2. Manix says:

    I think Jason’s vehicle was there also for the purpose of obscuring any sounds from within the house. The motor running might have been intended for this purpose.
    I also think there was someone watching from somewhere. Possibly a house on Lindsay’s intended route to DeSouza had someone relaying information regarding her timing and whereabouts. Also, lights turned on or off could have been used as signals.
    This Terry Shein’s house could have housed a getaway vehicle, as I see on Google Earth that there is a side driveway coming off Torquay to his side fence.Is there a gate that could have been opened? Is it possible the murder weapon was tossed over the fence and into his yard for someone to dispose of?
    I find it strange that the “Mexican” couple arrived without a vehicle.
    They must not have walked very far for fear of being noticed.
    Does anybody know which direction the came from?
    Were they dropped off by a car on Torquay ?

  3. The name's Lake, Brannen Lake says:

    Good to remind ourselves that sometimes the cops do come through on cases that are considered “cold”. Here are examples from 2006 + 2009, arrests just a few days ago:

    • TL says:

      That is fabulous, really. It did give me hope… for a second, then i remembered we’ve got Saanich cops, these were solved on the Mainland.

  4. Joanna Mills says:

    A heinous senseless murder in Saanich. A vault of circumstantial evidence. A police department that know who did it. 7 years – no arrests. Influential people with the power to slow the wheels of justice. Why is it so easy to murder a young woman in Saanich and get away with it?

    • Double jeopardy.. says:

      Because the police are scared of those involved….

      • TL says:

        The more I hear about the inefficiency of the Saanich cops and why they haven’t solved this crime, perhaps more curious, is the many tips they have received that may or may not have been followed up, but one would think so many tips would have lead to a good suspect and an arrest.
        If it is true that they, the cops are afraid of the players, it would follow 1) it certainly isn’t street level drug thugs they are afraid of so that rules out them, at least as the murderers or the ones that ordered the hit. 2) if street level drug thugs do know, it’s no wonder there has been no one coming forward with a solid lead.

        If the cops themselves are afraid of these people, geeze what hope is there other than maybe, eventually it will be told by some ex Saanich cop on his death bed in a few years, when he can no longer be hurt by whomever.

        There seems to be no valour in people anymore. Whether you are at risk or not, that is something that may or may not happen. The ‘step up to the plate’ moment is here, You have the solution to a serious situation, the worst of human depravity, to kill an innocent. How you will reflect back at yourself in the years to come, is dictated by your choice of character in this case, here & now, because it’s the right thing to do.

        P.S. If you are afraid to go to the cops yourself with any info, let me know,. I’ll go take the message, or email Jeff. of course that identifies you but if you’re not the one involved in the murder, I don’t care what your name is just what your info is.

      • clifford danco says:

        It would appear as though lindsays murder was a convoluted mess involving many low life pieces of shit …. I am shocked at how many people seem to be involved in some way or another… its fucked up to say the least.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        The SP don’t fear the conspirators. They had this case solved years ago but continued to be stonewalled by a Crown Counsel that will accept nothing less then a slam dunk conviction. Imagine the frustration. The Crown throws the file back in their face and says we need more! It’s not the cops we need to slam, it’s the Crown Counsel and an inept justice system. My god, the detectives on Lindsay’s case have put their heart & soul into solving this murder. Lay the responsibility for this unsolved murder where it belongs.

        • B.C. Critic says:

          I also believe Crown is at fault, and the only way I can prove it is to reference another area in BC. In this one particular small town there have been eight murders in eight years and not one conviction. When the RCMP there were able to prove a couple of those cases beyond a reasonable doubt forcing the Crown to allow them to lay charges, the Crown made sure to blow it in court through various means that come easy to them, especially when the media/public aren’t watching, so that no one is ever convicted, resulting in unsolved murders. I wish BC’s police forces weren’t so weak and spoke up about what is going on, because this is both unjust and frustrating for the victims, the public and for them.

  5. No Remorse says:

    Also just for fun in 2009, Victoria used car sales dude Tim Quocksister’s good pal Victoria fraud artist Colin Heatherington buys a 70′ long 68E Azimut Yacht which retails starting at 2.5 million and moors it at the waterfront property he is renting at 518 Lands End Road from Arizona Lawyer Daniel Cracchiolo. Heatherington buys it with fraud partners Florian Homm and Todd Ficeto. They of course call it “NO REMORSE”.

    Oh, was it mentioned that Colin Heatherington, Florian Homm and Todd Ficeto between Sept 2004 to June 2008 manipulated stocks to the tune of a $63 million dollar profit to themselves and are facing FRAUD charges? Approximately $11-$25 million of that went to Heatherington who is naturally being sought after by authorities. He is on the run so if seen report him because your mutual fund probably bought some of the manipulated stocks the merry trio were selling and now are worthless. After you report him have NO REMORSE.

    • Vic Law says:

      Also part of the story is Jason Zailo’s good Shawnigan Lake pal Tim Quocksister knows a good deal when he sees one. He and his friend fraud cash loaded Colin Heatherington buy the former high miler Traveller’s Inns at 626 Gorge Rd and 2828 Rock Bay Ave for $1.38 million and $1.9 million in 2009-2010 for community minded purposes of course. The problem arises that Heatherington is exposed as a fraudster so off with the properties in 2011 for $1.4 million and $2.1 million. However, always the dealer Quocksister stays on the ownership with new investors. Heatherington is out and running from the law in his leased 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia to his boat (with) NO REMORSE.

      • Ivana Cox says:

        O.K. O.K. Vic your going to have to spell it out to us, you think this is money laundering or what ? Also how would Lindsay be linked to these people ?

  6. Vic Law says:

    In July 2007 Tim Quocksister’s pal and business partner Colin Heatherington has RBC Dain Rauscher wire $500,000.00 CAD to the Bank of Montreal in the name of Colin Heatherington/CIC Global Capital then further has them wire $7,401,156.36 CAD from CIC Global RBC Dain account in Minneapolis, Minnesota to RBC trust account held by Victoria law firm Mullin Demeo to purchase 3265 Beach Dr from Geoff Courtnall for Seven Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand Dollars. $7,740,000.00

    Heatherington then sells 3265 Beach Drive in June 2009 for Six Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars. $6,500,000.00

    • clifford danco says:

      Thanks for that. Very interesting. Can you share how these 2 are connected to Jason it would be appreciated by many.

  7. 3265 Beach says:

    Jason what do you think your home boy Tim Quocksister and his close pal/financier ultra slick multimillion dollar stock fraudster criminal-on-the-run Colin Heatherington are going to do when you tell it like it is? Maybe while the weather is good you bad actors should go golf a round at the Vic Golf Club and strategize. Man its gettin hot over here in Australia! Say hi to Barry for me.

    • nowhereman says:

      Any particular reason why you have chosen to use Mr. Heatherington’s former address as your handle for this discussion board??? If you are who I believe you to be, then I would like you to make direct contact again. Australia loves sending bad boys packing.

  8. Erin McKimm says:

    What is wrong with our system that everything has to take so long. We were all hoping Ziggy would have been in jail for good a long time ago. Please get this creepy criminal off our streets. God this little varmint does nothing productive but creep around selling drugs and getting people hooked on his cut crap. Take Shannon Spruyt and Aislynn Drysdale who were both free spirited good young women turned into having dependency under the care and tutelage of scummy creepy little Ziggy. They both succumb to the very product the little scumbag provides so proudly to the public. Even his ohhhhh so innocent Landlord Shirley Zailo finally abandoned ship on the little creep but word is they both wanted money out of the Claude Road properties. Ziggy to pay for his similarly creepy lawyer Hickford and Shirley Zailo to pay for her personal bodywork, her Porsche Turbo Carrera and to continue supporting her sonny boys Ryan and Jason. Is our system letting us down. Ziggy is hard at work on another victim who he rescued from the pole only to impregnate and make dependent on his drugs and continued dealing. No justice is there? Let’s start talking action before more of our sisters fall victim to these creep drug dealers hanging around Victoria. Our silence is killing us sisters.

    • April Spackman says:

      Erin I couldn’t agree with you more on creep Ziggy. He should be thrown in a dark dungeon jail and the key tossed in the ocean. Enough of that smelly little rotten rodent already. Speaking of Ziggy, I was chatting with his best pal Ryan Zailo recently and he tells me his mom has been dating an ex Saanich cop and are madly in love no less. I didn’t know what to say? WTF is it some kind of joke? Its some Barry McLachlan guy who retired from Saanich police the day before Lindsay Buziak was murdered. Not sure whether to laugh or puke! Who has no standards there Barry or Shirley or Saanich police?
      I really wish Jason would do something about Lindsay’s murder as Saanich cops are so lame and now Shirley is playing them like a comedy harp. I thought Jason was a decent guy at one time but he is not doing a dam thing I can see to solve Lindsay’s murder. My God what a mess the Lindsay murder has become. Poor girl. Is Lindsay’s dad the only one still working on it?

    • The Real Barry says:

      What a joke, these guys think they can run the town with their drugs and such. Maybe the boys who have their money in a business just off near craigflower will come out of hiding. Mainland boys have been on the look out for them and have intrusted local gangster D***t. Johnson to handle it.

      Ziggy is just a punk who is also keeping a low profile as he is on Johnson’s list. After a few years in Calgary this guy is not here to screw around.

  9. Always in our thoughts says:

    Happy Birthday Lindsay.

  10. bytheriv9 says:

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay.

  11. Joanna Mills says:

    Happy Birthday Lindsay.

    • Andreas Faulte says:

      Happy birthday Lindsay. I hope your family will rest easy soon, and the narcissist who did this to you will realize the beginnings of their worst nightmare shortly. How about it SP? Are you ready soon?

  12. Sid says:

    The people who killed Lindsay had to have had knowledge about the house she was showing. They didn’t organize and plan to the extent they did and then randomly choose a place to then execute. No. They were given information about that particular house and that location. Someone in the realty business would have that information and provided them with the details. I think the only mainland connection was someone staying at a halfway house with connections to the drug dealer living or once living on Claude St in Langford. This guy is friends with the person who wanted her dead the most. The woman that accompanied them is friends of the guy on Claude Ave. Its not coincidental the dealings and drug cartel activities were allowed to operate there for so long. Not at all. They all have connections to the guy on Claude. They all are involved to some capacity with the drug subculture. I believe the guy that committed the actual crime has done stabbing before and was in prison. They have now moved off island was last I heard. Its not coincidental a friend or close friend of someone ran away to the Netherlands shortly thereafter. But the people, the two guy best buddies who wanted this done and paid for it live right here on the island. Their not that far away from a lot of the posters here. I just hope they are finally brought to justice somehow someway and charges laid. They need to man up for what they have done.

  13. Jeff Buziak says:

    Thank you for your support retired Saanich Police Chief Mike Chadwick:

    Saanich Police Chief Mike Chadwick says one of his biggest regrets is that the slaying of Lindsay Buziak remains unsolved.

    “There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about the Buziak homicide,” Chadwick told reporters earlier this week. “And it is a regret that that one is unsolved, because we have so very few unsolved homicides in our jurisdiction. … To have that one outstanding, it’s definitely something I would have liked to see resolved before my retirement.”

  14. Langford Larry says:

    Jason Zailo knows who called for Lindsay’s murder. His mommy and my old lawyer Hitchford are tellin him to shut it. He needs to review what those dangley things are for hangin between his legs. C’mon boy time to man up.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Jason I can’t believe this whole situation, Lindsay was your woman, your partner, your love as you stated on Dateline. How can you keep acting the way you do and let the monsters you know get away with what they did to Lindsay? What kind of scared little boy are you anyhow? Do something for God’s sake.

      • TL says:

        I completely agree. He is the common denominator.

        HE = JASON ZAILO, clearly at the very least, knows who did this. I don’t think he has the balls to have done it himself since he doesn’t have the balls to come forward and be a man now, and certainly lacked any when she was being murdered.

        1)Lindsay wanted out of the relationship for some reason different than most folks end
        relationships, something she knew that didn’t sit right with her. I believe there was fear as she took steps to distance herself from him.

        2)HE had lunch with her so he could control her whereabouts, making him the last one to see her.

        3)HE knew she was concerned yet knowing what was coming, he did absolutely nothing to keep her safe.

        4)HE called her even though she was working doing real estate business. Odd since I’m sure they don’t coddle each others sales appointments but THIS makes him the last person to talk to her with the call ended just as the ‘Mexicans’ arrived.

        5)HE calls again to see if she was okay, again, while she was conducting business. This being the call checking to see if she was ‘still answering’. Any other given day, it would be highly inappropriate for her to be getting repeat phone calls while in meeting with potential purchasers and he would be well aware of that. This call however served to alert the murderers his ETA
        6)HE parked the wrong way with the back of his vehicle toward the house which gave him a view of the entrance way in his side mirror.

        7)HE has his liar sitting in the passenger seat and he is intentionally obscuring his view of the front door of the house by the way he parked, the way he turned the vehicle around, and parking on the side street instead of in front of house at end of the driveway.

        8)HE said he could see people in the entrance way indicating to him Lindsay was just about done even though he knew she was already likely dead upstairs and not in the entrance way with the murderers.

        9)HE waits until he no longer sees people in the entrance way, his clue to turn the SUV around doing so in a manner that added more time for the murderers escape while obscuring his liars view of the murderers cutting across the front of the vehicle.

        10)HE knew they were going to be cutting across the cul-de-sac, shortest route, less time on open streets where there is a greater risk to be seen he needed to continue obscuring his liars view of them,so this is when he turns the vehicle around. (3 point turn rather than drive the cul-de-sac circle)

        11)HE then parks around the corner on the side street instead of right in front of the house at the end of the driveway, avoiding the witnessing of the murderers escape across the cul-de-sac (perhaps into one of the other houses being constructed.)

        12)HE has his liar with him. Why? what better alibi witness?

        13)HE, once in the house, immediately goes to the bottom of the stairs, calls her name while starting his ascent up the stairs, directly into the bedroom where Lindsay lay dead. How convenient. Most of us would enter the house call out, listen for an answer from where we would not know until we heard it. If we didn’t hear anything, the first place we thought of wouldn’t likely be upstairs and would go to the other rooms on the bottom floor first. Maybe she was in the bathroom. Immediately he heads upstairs directly to the room she was in. VERY TELLING JASON.

        • Sid says:

          I’ve been following the posts for years and wanted to make a comment. A complete n thorough/accurate depiction of the time line and events leading right up to the minute of Lindsay’s execution, I must say. Very tragic and I know this must get solved. I think these posts help. I always considered the ‘liar’ as innocent until the ‘liars’ actions told a completely different story after this horrible crime took place. I am a little shocked these two clowns are allowed to continue getting away with this?? I see enough evidence to bring charges right now, a citizens arrest? Is that possible. The sidekick in the car with him needs his sorry lamo ass hauled down to the cop shop and booked. He doesn’t want to talk? Why. Why pledge loyalty to someone you call a friend and yet who clearly paid to have someone he claimed to love, so viciously killed? Sidekick in the car needs to get off his throne and come down and start admitting to the truth. Both have been odvious for a while now of their involvement. It just took a little longer to convince me that liar wasn’t innocent.

  15. No where Man says:

    As I follow this case and consider various comments, I continue to ask the most basic questions to myself. What’s the pay off? Everything we think, say, or do needs a pay off. These low life criminals seek all kinds of pay off, so to consider what statements they make here must be taken for what they are. Self serving. When one strips away the garble your not left with any substance.

    As of late, there has been a resurgence in some posters speculating about the home of one of the many suspects belonging to a family member only moments away from the crime scene. While there has been reported suspicious behavior not being given further consideration.

    One of the hallmarks of a murder for hire is the degree(s) of separation taken to re-direct an investigation.

    Many posters here have further speculated about named individuals and whether they have, could, or would commit murder. When in fact, all that needs to be considered is where did two people hired to do this murder come from? Personally I do not see any of the names mentioned here, having the “know how” for this particular crime.

    Make no mistake, this murder has professional written all over it. As a matter of coarse, the person(s) who initiated this murder chose not to go to the street for this act to be carried out. The kinds of people who pay for these levels of targeted murder never give much thought to anyone but themselves.

    Misdirection has been at the forefront of Lindsay’s murder before it ever took place. The amount of overkill that was used was done so for the post cover up. Some have commented about the precision that was employed. This is a key fact. The Surrey Six murder is a good example of thugs pretending to be pros. Professionals in that case would have stood down long before killing those many people that were not the target. While gang style thugs killed them all.

    Ask this question; why was no one seen coming or going from the house, and that only two people driving by saw the couple outside the home? The house mentioned by others was only a 2-min walk but the chances of this couple walking there with no one seeing them is remote at best. We do not know for sure whether the couple cleaned up or changed their closes at the crime scene, but having to do any blood removal from the body would result in DNA transfer wherever the act took place. Professionals would know this and therefore would not risk the possibility.

    Getting back to who could carry out such crimes. It is quite common to turn to people who have been exposed to such heinous violence. More importantly though is people who have little or no conscience in part do to this exposure. Most military trained do not fit this category due to the kind of violence they have taken part in, and the level of faith based conviction instilled in them during training. Next is the need of secrecy. Being able to keep secrets through training is nothing like remaining loyal. Psychologically, they are very different. Again, the Surrey six murder involved street loyalty and not repetitious secrecy.

    Again given the degree(s) of separation, compartmentalization is also a common ploy in carrying out organized murder. Not to say that more than one group wouldn’t have any idea of the act taking place, but the fact that what they do know would not constitute witness testimony should the circumstances arise.

    Now, one would have to read many posts to realize sum of the information I refer to. But given my view on this case and what I know to be facts, I must consider that the couple who committed this murder are law enforcement, whether active or retired. The “Mexicans” play into this theory all the more given the corruption of so many Mexican police officers.

    There is a man who I’ll call the “ice cream man” that I believe played a significant role in this murder. His activities and behavior before, during , and after Lindsay’s murder were not only out of character for him, but down right suspicious. This included his travels to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, and interactions with his immediate family before and after the murder itself. His connection to law enforcement, organized crime, and Mexican nationals has been confirmed. The changes to his financial status following this murder also lends itself to the overall suspicious behavior of this man. His connection to the Remax owner is also confirmed, as is his acquaintances to the Zailo’s, SZ’s former boyfriend now living in Holland and married, and the location of the murder. Out of all the people mentioned on this blog, only he the “ice cream man”
    has a cross link on so many levels.

    As to motive; that continues to be a head scratcher. But I will say this. Real estate has become the money laundering method of choice. Guys like Ziggy don’t even come close to the kind of wealth I’m talking about. If I am right? It would explain why no one on the street level really has any information they can share, and why people like Mayor Frank and company have remained silent to this day. I will say this though. How about someone at SPD piss test Horsley and his crew. Word is he likes to party hard. Care to way in?

    • Frank Columbo says:

      no where man most of your questions have over a long period of time been answered, but we have never been able to connect anybody of interest to Law Enforcement or Remax. Could you possibly give us a hint as to who you think this ice cream man is (next door neighbour Terry Shein)? Also I have never heard Chris Horsley has a taste for cocaine or anything else I sincerely doubt that is the case I’m sure if there was serious question about this he would step up and do a piss test but really what would be the point ? I have heard cocaine leaves a persons body in 24 hrs. If you have heard anything regarding cocaine and the Law Enforcement people please pass this and anything else you may have heard to Jeff. Ultimately if you can read back through the volumes of information collected on this blog as well as the old fb forum it’s obvious who wanted this killing and who the killers are, we know who they are and they know we know who they are problem is it’s a matter of having concrete proof to satisfy the Crown

    • TL says:

      It certainly is clear that it wasn’t an ‘off the island’ job otherwise the rats would have been bolstering their own egos having ‘knowledge’ ‘being on the inside’ of the murder. For sure not afraid to add it to their “I’m a tough guy” persona because they know for a fact it won’t come back to them. Yet there is none of that going on, instead we hear silence or tidbits but as others have said, nothing except whining about not being able to do business in order to support (I love this one) their families. What a joke! Unless you have enough heart and soul in you to realize the depth of despair a parent feels when their child dies, worse, when their innocent beautiful daughter is senselessly murdered, then you will never be any kind of a decent parent but rather one that breeds more low life human beings.
      Bless You Jeff, You know the ones pulling for Lindsay. Unlike the silence of those responsible, we won’t be silent and will not ever stop asking the question; WHO KILLED LINDSAY?.
      She was a resident of Greater Victoria and young up and coming businesswoman, based in the Township of Saanich, a contributor to her community and she deserves justice, a thorough and fair investigation.
      Saanich residents year after year and throughout the years to come, will be either reminded or made aware of who Lindsay Buziak is and why we all know who she is. Because of the lack of justice in her case. The lackadaisical attempts by Saanich Police seemingly unmotivated to call a spade a spade and do some tough interrogations. . Its almost as if you could tell them about a guy with a pound of coke and their like, “Oh, okay well we’ll look into it. we might not be able to get anyone out there for a few days” ……. the lack of justice achieved by the Police Dept paid for with Saanich taxpayers dollars, some of the highest taxes in the GVR has been somewhat dismal. That scar on the Saanich community, will not just fade away to obscurity but rather fester throughout time. The time between the day she was so brutally murdered until the day someone is charged. Then we all, even those that did not know Lindsay personally, can say we didn’t give up and we continue to seek justice where due. We will continue to suggest, ask, tell, accuse, demand for as long as it takes to bring Justice to Lindsay and her family.

    • Yolanda says:

      Terry Shein is the ice cream man… no need to hide his identity…. this is him:

    • Frank Columbo says:

      O.K. but how does he connect to Law Enforcement or Remax ? I thought he was a golf course manager ?

      • no where man says:

        I have no doubt that everyone’s input here serves a purpose, however those of you who reply with concluding statements that infer your theories are fact do so with a closed mind.

        Stating that this wasn’t an off island job without any evidence to support your statement can leave you blind to other possibilities. Prepaid phones can be bought at any 7-11 or gas station. Yet the phone used to contact Lindsay was bought weeks before in Vancouver. Surveillance recordings produced at BC Ferries point of sales are kept indefinitely, as is all forms of travel open to the public. Why would someone go to such effort to make this trip for a phone when Vancouver Island has countless points of sale available to them? A used phone at the pawn shop and a fresh sim card and your on a network. No, the purchase of the cell phone weeks before Lindsay’s murder and only used for her killing is antidotal that this was a well organized plan with a mainland connection. I doubt someone from Victoria would spend the time necessary to locate a point of purchase with little to no security camera footage. Followed by the leg work necessary to locate a usable address to go with it. I am of the opinion that those residing in Victoria who took part in this crime knew as little as required to the overall plan. With the exception of those who made the initial decision to have Lindsay killed.

        I think the questions here are what kinds of people spend the kind of money to play golf at that club? What profession allows for the greatest amount of contact with criminals? One might think law enforcement but they only arrest and forward their work to the crown. Confess your deeds to a police officer and you go to jail. Confess your crime to your lawyer and your protected, mean while the lawyer gets very useful information about other people as well as you.

        Real estate agents can access any home that has a lock box. We can safely assume that the De Sousa location was chosen for more than just it’s potential commission to lure Lindsay in. Now some may say that it was Lindsay who chose to show this listing. However, with the client providing the list of attributes, this would of given Lindsay a very short list. I believe this home was the chosen point of attack regardless of Lindsay’s short list. You can count on one hand who had the access to Lindsay to manipulate her into showing this house. Influencing her to show the house on that day and at that time would have required managerial consent. We know Lindsay was pulling away from the Colwood office in favor of the Chatterton Way location, and that the listing was in that office where she was preferring to work. We also know that De Sousa made comments after the fact that, “Lindsay got what she deserved”. What home builder would say such things if there was no involvement on some level?

        Sophistication of the crime speaks volumes here. When Ziggy and his boys shot that guy for whatever the reasons were. They made no attempts to create any doubt to the masses. And relied on the lawyer and the system to get away with that murder. Street level front line murder is never clever. Planning normally consists of locating and killing, regardless of who’s watching. This murder required timely planning to best protect those that conspired based on who they were and what they had at stake.

        • 6789 says:

          From my own experience, police will often lead the public and media down a path, knowing full the intent is to actually go in another direction.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      What if De Sousa Place was chosen as the murder house because the conspirators had a connection to Shein. Maybe the guy was slowly lured into the conspiracy until there was no way out. How well was Shein connected to influential powerful people while working at the Victoria Golf Club?

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