Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

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  1. my opinion says:

    For the posters that come on the blog stating so and so is corrupt, and have some legitimate information and evidence to support these allegations why don’t you forward your information to Jeff Buziak? It would be most helpful. If you have solid information and evidence to support claims of money laundering, fraud, illegal land transfers, etc. please share that information with Lindsay’s Father if you are fearful of the police. Especially if you think it might help in Lindsay’s case? Posting snippets of information on the blog with nothing concrete to support your allegations suggests you may have nothing. Maybe you have concrete information but fearful of sharing it? If you really want to help this case consider sharing it, all of it. No one needs to know who you are.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      I think it’s great that people are coming on to share their experiences, If they are a little reluctant to share everything it’s understandable. Some folks may be concerned for their own safety and don’t want their identity to be figured out if they tell too much. Going to Jeff with the information is a great idea. As for money laundering, mortgage fraud and all the other crimes we discuss it’s happening on every corner in every city. Proving it is extremely difficult and that is why so many fraud/money laundering cases take years to solve. It’s an endless paper trail with tentacles everywhere. If we all keep digging who knows what we might come up with next.

      • TL says:

        I was thinking of buying a little place, where will I get the financing….oh wait a minute, who are those mortgage brokers in this story?

      • On The Clock says: happens all of the time and we all know the Canadian Justice System is a joke! So what could Lindsay possibly have seen that she needed to be killed over, maybe she saw some things & heard some things but was it really anything she would ever consider going to the police over to rat out? Police need real hard evidence..It makes sense that she saw this family she was around was evil and wanted to get away asap but in there sick twisted heads there would be no getting away..murder was the only thing that would satisfy these scumbags..I cannot wait for the day when police arrest and announce charges against everyone involved..who was l the man & female that walked up & greeted Lindsay with handshake!?!? They were outside what not even 3-5mins before entente house??
        Frank Colombo are they an actual couple and alive themselves? And do they live on the island?
        This is the biggest mystery to me on who those 2 could be because they had to be trusted to the end..if 1 cracks they’ll all go down!!!

        • sam says:

          The more organised the crime is, the more compartmentalized it will be. Contract killers know all too well how quickly they can become targets themselves. On the other hand is how quickly anyone going after them can become targets themselves. Therefore it has become a normal practice (if we can call it that) for the two major parties to never meet, and for the hired killer(s) to know why the target has been chosen. These types of killings require serious money.

          What keeps me jaw locked on the Zailo’s is the amount of information that was used to set Lindsay up. You have to ask yourself; if the Zailo’s truly had nothing to do with this crime then who could gain access to such detailed information to commit this Murder? We have a referral that was referenced. The listing agents out of town. The location of the crime and the fictitious requirements set by the fake buyers. The cell phone used. We have two eye witnesses who saw the initial greeting that suggests nothing out of the ordinary. No vehicle description whatsoever. Two killers who vanished after the attack from a very bloody attack. A next door neighbour who not only behaved in ways never witnessed by his own family on the day of the murder and beyond. Who was in very difficult financial times and now owns 3 franchises in the food industry. There is the boyfriend of SZ who just up and left the country even though his children are rooted here. We have countless events regarding people close to Lindsay whether personal or professional who have behaved in varying ways from cold to calculating and beyond.

          So given what we know, what we have seen regarding these peoples behavior, and where this investigation is at. Just who would have the motive, means, and access to this information? Let alone the the ability to have us all looking everywhere but at them as suspects? I can tell you that just the intel alone is fraught with complications for an outsider to manage. Now think about this my friends, because it goes to the heart of the crime. Could an outsider control enough elements to carry out this crime? If your opinion is no, then we can eliminate all the drug dealing theories right off the bat. Once we do that the possibilities of who gets quite narrow and rather quickly. Now getting back to “the package”. I refer to the gathering of intel which is common to the profession of contract murder. It does not matter how simple or sophisticated the process, all killers must get this package to carry out the crime. But the issue I have with this package is the fluidness of the intel. See this is where some separation of the possible suspects can be made and with a quality of certainty because of how the real estate sales business works. BIG MONEY to be made. In this case the listing real estate agent and the buyers chosen agent are from the same company. Not uncommon, but remember it’s about the intel. An outsider would have serious problems gathering, controlling, and acting on such that I find it hard to except that they would have taken such a chance to rely on it. So if the conspirators are not from the very offices where Lindsay was employed, then who or what kind of organizations could gain access to the information that was used with such confidence to take this risk?

          • Olivia Dunham says:

            Contract killers do not have to be involved at all. Lindsay may have known the woman she greeted. It could have been set up to look like contact killers were responsible for Lindsays death but it was likely someone she knew who stabbed her. If the zailos are involved it would be silly for them to plan around their own profession. On the other hand, if they have alibis they need not worry. I don’t see Paul being involved. If Zailo’s are involved I see Paul being a witness, that’s why he left the Country. I think this murder was set up to look like contract killers were hired when in fact it was a rage killing and the person who stabbed her was feeling the RAGE. Contract killers would not allow their electronic tracks to be traced unless it was for misdirection. The whole scenario can go so many different ways. Too many, twists and turns.
            If organized crime is involved than you cannot eliminate drugs. If the Zailos are involved in organized crime they are also involved in drugs. We can’t confirm which organized crime group they work for or who they associate with.

            • sam says:

              Any type of payment or reward for the act falls into the category of “contract killers”.
              Paul made a quiet return to the island and showed up at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Shawnigan Lake with none other than Mike Kelly and several others in the mortgage broker and real estate business. So if he left out of fear why would he find himself in Shirley’s neighbourhood celebrating a new housing development?
              The issue with the cell phone is somewhat of a nonstarter. It helps to pinpoint certain aspects of the timeline leading up to the crime, but it has become common knowledge, prepaid phones are all but untraceable to anyone who takes the time to be careful in how they acquire one.
              The last communication Lindsay had was with Jason via text. In it she stated, ” the Mexican’s are here”. This would have to mean that the couple turned in the driveway to meet Lindsay or, that Lindsay was somehow able to assess that they were whom she was waiting for in the driveway. I would think under the circumstances that had Lindsay recognized either person that her text would have reflected that. Moreover considering how Lindsay was feeling about this showing in general, had she recognized these people, she would have figured something was seriously wrong and acted accordingly. In today’s world with cell phones Lindsay could have easily made a call to whomever including 911 without the average person questioning the timing of the act. I know it’s all speculatory but given Lindsay’s uneasy sense she had about this showing, the couple would have had to alleviate Lindsay of her suspicion. had Lindsay recognized them do you think she would be more, or less suspicious about their intentions? Which way would you feel?
              Your so right about the Zailo’s and using the real estate profession to trap Lindsay. But their not normal thinkers. I said numerous times on this board that one of the most difficult processes there is, is to try to think like someone who is psychopathic and/or narcissistic. Have you never convinced yourself about something because you just wanted it to be the truth? Anyone who has loved and lost has. Maybe you convince yourself or tolerate that behavior from the one you love. But sooner or later reality takes over and that person is gone. Now try to imagine something similar but the person murders because you refuse to except their reality?
              If I may suggest Olivia, identify those twists and turns you see and set them aside. Consider them background noise like when your on the phone and mute the TV.
              The people that murdered Lindsay did not have direct motive. This is clear fact. The amount of damage done to Lindsay’s body suggests a rage killing. But if you knew you had pissed someone off and they wanted you dead would you enter this home with them? Would they think they could just show up and have you cooperate with them? Remember, Lindsay was a force in her own right and those that planned this knew all too well what they were up against in setting Lindsay up. Other than the manner of death, nothing else suggests a rage murder. If you read case studies of the different methods of murder you will find that nothing about this murder fits other than the physical damage done to Lindsay. Rage murder falls into the category of passion. Sick and twisted yes, but none the less. This couple showed up calm and collected. They had nothing but control while inside the house. Nothing touched to leave evidence. In and out in 15 minutes, and by all accounts half that time was spent playing the role of perspective buyers till Lindsay was in the right area of the house. With two of them, why did they not attack as soon as they entered the house? Approximately 7 minutes before the attack took place. Rage is an emotion that does not fit the elements of this crime.

              • TL says:

                . So if he left out of fear why would he find himself in Shirley’s neighbourhood celebrating a new housing development?

                Perhaps because she has settled down with a new man and doesn’t want to put her claws into him.

              • Olivia Dunham says:

                The grand opening at Shawnigan Station was held October 1, 2011. The developer held a barbeque. Paul attended and he was still living with Shirley at the time and had not yet moved out of the Country. Mike Kelly was the developer, Greg Martel was the mortgage Broker, and Chace Whitson was the realtor involved with Shawnigan Station. So Paul was still living here in 2011.

                From my knowledge Paul has not made a quiet return to Canada since he moved back to the Netherlands mid 2012.

                The last communication Lindsay had with Jason was via the telephone. She called Jason while he was at SHC. It was during this time Lindsay told Jason she had to go “the mexicans are here”. It appears Lindsay saw the couple walking from Torquay, up to the driveway. Apparently no vehicle was spotted. She may not have recognized the female at this point. If she recognized the female after getting a little closer, perhaps that put her at ease? The person who murdered Lindsay did not necessarily have to be someone Lindsay feared. It may have been someone she had complete trust in, someone she thought was her friend. It is possible it was just the female Lindsay recognized as I explained in my post. Not the man.

                I’m a little confused on your point about the “cell phone” the couple used. You said “if the Zailo’s truly had nothing to do with this crime then who could gain access to such detailed information to commit this Murder? We have a referral that was referenced. The listing agents out of town. The location of the crime and the fictitious requirements set by the fake buyers. The cell phone used.” If contract killers were hired then why did they allow their electronic tracks to be traced? We know the phone was untraceable but that wasn’t my question. What detailed information did the Zailo’s have about the crime phone? Am I missing some information here? I didn’t know they had details on the crime phone? As for the “listing agents” from my understanding they were in town. The referral client was “out of town”

          • nameless says:

            so the zailos used information only they would know and set up Lindsays murder? They hired hitmen but they never met them, they just spoke to them on the phone? How did they get the money to the hitmen and how did they know which hitmen to call? This sounds like a professional job. I’m trying to figure this all out. Especially how they paid the hitmen.

            • sam says:

              My best guess based on the industry of murder for hire is that those that wanted and paid for Lindsay’s murder did not meet with the killers. Given the level of sophistication, there was most likely a representative for the killers, and one for the conspirators. The method of payment could be a number of choices but numbered accounts is the most likely. The information had to be time sensitive given where and when the murder was carried out. Any number of changes could have taken place making this location fluid until Lindsay physically arrived on the scene. With Lindsay gone we can only speculate, but the work involved to get Lindsay to this particular house must of been an ongoing process. Their first contact with Lindsay was only two days prior. Most contract killing involves knowing someones routine or schedule and selecting a pinch point to carry out the murder. In Lindsay’s case they chose to create one. Why was this necessary? They could have caught her in traffic or in a parking lot somewhere. Leaving any point at night. Whoever planned this went to a lot of trouble that they did not have to in order to have Lindsay murdered. For what purpose? I believe they wanted the world to know the connection to her profession. Question is was this to misdirect us, or was it to to show us how evil they really are? Someone close to Lindsay had to have participated in this crime. Could it be done without their knowledge or only recognized after the fact? Because if they were somehow manipulated, you can bet they would have figured that out upon hearing of what happened. The fact that this person(s) hasn’t come forward or been uncovered by police suggests they were part of the plan from the start.

              As I mentioned in my post from yesterday regarding an outsider having done this. What possible benefit could there be to going to all this trouble to have us looking at the Zailo’s? If you wanted to frame this family wouldn’t you follow up with say the murder weapon for good measure?

              • TL says:

                I think it was their job in the ‘need for the hit’ more specifically JZ.

                I don’t think he knows who it was, I think you are right that the hit itself was arranged by ppl who know how to arrange a hit.

                Not knowing who it was that actually did the killing would help him maintain his composure when telling the story because in his mind, he doesn’t know who. He was just told to make sure she was at that house by 5:30 & that she would be alone for at least 15 minutes or so.

              • justsayin says:

                Over the last few years there has been all kinds of literature regarding “Professional Contract Killers” on the blog. From what I have read, I don’t believe professional contract killers are involved in this murder. The house was empty. The killers got lucky. Keep it simple.

                Sounds like a rage killing to me.

    • intel says:

      Crime stoppers would be a perfect avenue to share information. Your identity is protected. If you have any information about money laundering, fraud, any other types of illegal activities this would also be a good place to share. The only way to stop these type of crimes is to EXPOSE IT. People can get involved and at the same time, protect your identity This is why they set up this program. They understand people are fearful of sharing.

  2. Double jeopardy.. says:

    All the dialogue on here is excellent and relevant and if the public has all these comments they are all to be investigated. My concern goes back well before 2007. If someone had told me that Lindsay was to be murdered and she later was, I would have no choice to believe that they were involved and at the least in the conspiracy of the crime. The same applies to the SPD and mayor. In 2003, when someone told me of the corruption, it did not mean much and today as I read the blogs it really leaves me to wonder. 7 officers all retire at same time during the murder period. Unusual, suspicious but possible? How often has that ever happened in a similar size community. Was Serpico a movie or a true story? Unfortunately I for one have no confidence in how this has been handled. I believe the truth will reveal more than just a murderer. Can this crime be solved when it strips away at the very essence of those we are supposed to trust. (Ie. police, government elected officials and besurocrats). From reading and common knowledge if nothing else, if everyone knows that these people are involved in money laundering, drugs, corruption, why would there be no charges on those fronts. Why would Frank get a political appointment with all this scrutiny?? Was Lindsay asked to turn over information against some or all of these people by an eager investigator/ investigators and it only backfired. The wrong people became aware of this. It does happen. It happened to a friend of mine where the police asked to have a known criminals funds frozen and not released from their bank accounts all without a warrant. This resulted in a sedan sitting outside his home over the weekend, and him knowing it was wierd, he phoned the police for help and investigation over the weekend with no response or help. Monday morning my friend got a call from the client telling him about his home, his kids and what would happen. Only after all that did the police suggest that the funds be released. Sorry I for one don’t trust the SPD. This does not pass the smell test!!! I believe Lindsay was murdered to send a very strong message to a whole lot of people. I believe the conspiracy involved many, but the actual murders are only known by 5. The question will be when will someone’s conscience get the better of them. As for Jason he will only be able to tell his story, but sorry he cannot deliver the murders. No one would trust him to know all the pieces of the puzzle. This was organized with the planning, precision and implementation of a highly skilled organization. Who is better trained and organized than the Police???

    • another thought says:

      According to Inspector McColl it’s the norm to have several officers retire at a single time. I have not seen any evidence of corruption, money laundering, land transfers, fraud, etc. I have read blog posters comments on their own personal theories. How do personal blog theories equate to facts? If people were aware this existed and they have evidence of this why don’t they send the information ANONYMOUSLY to someone? Lindsay’s Father for example? If they are afraid of the police and want to help there is various avenues one can take to get that factual evidence out there. I cannot count how many times I’ve read comments from people that claim this or that but they don’t give names or precise details. If someone really wants to help they will give you those facts. A source is only as good as his/her information. Police use agents who can give them factual information which they can use in a court of law to gain a conviction. Not hearsay evidence. If there is corruption going on within the SPD than no one should ever expect Lindsay’s case to be solved. On the other hand, if there is no corruption involved you should expect a conclusion in this case. I think people are too quick to blame this or that when a case has dragged on for so long. We don’t know the legal reasons or the complex nature of the case. It’s easier to just lay blame on someone.

      “We’ve been planning for this for pretty much the whole calendar year,” he said. “We’ve spent a significant amount of time pre-hiring and preparing.”

      Seven officers retiring at the same time is more than normal, said McColl.

      But, as police departments across Canada wrestle with an aging workforce, it is hardly a surprise.

      Another four to five officers are expected to retire in Saanich next year.

    • Dan. P says:

      Are you saying your friend knows something about the police and they were intimidating him? Or are you saying your friend was an informant? In either case I would have wrote down the license plate number of the sedan, taken pictures of the sedan, taken pictures of the driver of the sedan, and spoke to the manager of the bank with a recorder hidden in my hand. I would put all this information in a safe place. I would then let the individuals involved know what I had done. I would then call a reporter with the TC and tell them my story. If a bank freezes someones account without a warrant there would be a paper trail. That is illegal. I for one believe there is ALWAYS something one can do. You stand up and fight and don’t allow anyone to intimidate you. Even if there are threats to your family. Make it public. Do you think someone is going to go after you after you’ve made it public? Sure your friend has every reason to be scared but as long as your friend has information that could hurt someone he will have to fear for his life. You can’t hold onto it forever and they won’t let you live forever.

      • Double jeopardy.. says:

        My friend was asked by a proactive police dept. to hold funds and investigate as proceeds of crime. Bankers have there own security requirements and cooperation is important as you never know when you need them. The unfortunate part is when there are multiple municipalities there are multiple police dept. Therefore when he provided police dept. “A” the license of the sedan and details of threat they immediately recommended release of funds. Now police dept. “B” which is where he lived refused to dispatch notwithstanding they had all the same information . Therefore unless there is an outside task force, giving any information to Lindsay’s dad has very little way of being put to good use. Who do you trust!!

    • ddd says:

      DJ are you referring to the timeline of BC Rail scandal? I have long suspected this murder might be related to Project Everywhichway and the BC Rail scandal. Matt and Malcolm were mentioned in a few articles(you have to read it to connect it all together). One was mentioned as having a grow op. Jas Bains was supposed to go to trial March 3, 2008 but it was delayed until April 2008. Lindsay was murdered before Jas Bains trial.

      • Rocket Fuuds says:

        Lindsay claimed she saw something in 2006 and again in 2007. She was dating Matt part of 2006 and Jason in 2007. Maybe what Lindsay was referring to was events relating to the boys involved in project every which way. Things were heating up around 2007/2008 regarding witnesses, trial dates, etc. Maybe Lindsay was a secret witness? Or maybe the bad boys just thought she was? Jas Bains trial was originally slated for March 2008. Timeline is awfully suspicious if you ask me.

        As we well know, people involved in the criminal world do not usually change their ways and become productive citizens. They usually find better ways of not getting caught.

        • CactusClubb says:

          Don’t forget Scarpino. He was tied to these guys and he was murdered two weeks before Lindsay. His murder still unsolved.

  3. langford grapevine says:


    July 17, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    Lindsay was murdered after making it known she was leaving Jason. She made it known in 2006 that she saw something she shouldn’t have seen. She mentioned it a second time in 2007. So why was she not killed in 2006? Whatever she saw had to do with ziggy and Zailos is my guess. She started dating Jason in late 2006.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      Ziggy Matheson, Landlord Shirley Z, (2768 Claude Rd) Close friends JZ & RZ. Shaun Laverty—stabber (friend of Ziggy’s) , Rhys Bolton—Ziggy’s right hand man, (2008) Lindsay Sorrell—girlfriend to Shaun Laverty in Dec 2007, (married Rhys Bolton in 2011). Ziggy’s friend Ali Ziaee who rented the house next door to Ziggy on Claude Rd Both homes owned by SZ. All friends at the time of Lindsay’s murder. All living or hanging out in the Claude Road/Peatt Rd area. 2778 Peatt Rd where Ziggy had his stash house, same building where Lindsay Sorrell lived. What a tangled web we weave when always trying to deceive.

      • Max says:

        Looks like Victoria got a little too hot after last years bust for the capital city crew and most moved on to Edmonton.

        What do drug traffickers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents all have in common? Fraud.

        What is the reason there is never severe penalties? Connections.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          This month a Victoria realtor was handed a 5-year license suspension for his unethical behavior in a real estate transaction. 5 years is rare but it goes to shows that severe penalties are imposed when necessary.

          • TL says:

            off topic of your post….. I sure wish Jeff could share with us what the letter Lindsay wrote to him implicated. If not the actual players involved, just the ‘act’ or ‘transaction’. It seems as if that might bring more focus on who the players might be and leave the rest behind since there are so many scenarios bounced around. Focus on one reality, one fact would be refreshing, thought provoking.

            • Lydia says:

              Lindsay’s dad would have turned over that letter to the cops the minute he discovered it. He would have been told to never disclose the contents. How gut-wrenching. He shares her letter with the cops but is told to keep his mouth shut. Again the victims of crime are left to bear the burden of insurmountable trauma.

  4. RIP Lindsay says:

    Something I’ve been thinking about recently..

    How long had Lindsay been a real estate agent for?

    How did she come to be one? by that I mean, did she attend post secondary of any kind or did her job just kind of “fall in to place”? (I have no idea if you need schooling to do real esate?)

    Was she “well off” financially before doing real estate?

    Was she “well off” financially after starting real estate? and by that I mean, was she amazing at her job and made a lot of money doing what came naturally to her? Did she receive any promotions, etc.

    Was it ‘obvious’ she had money? (nice car, nice home, nice clothes, owned newest technology, vacations/traveling, dining out often, partying, etc.) and could it be perceived that she was “showing off” how successful she was?

    Is Jason’s family very well off? How long did they date for? And could it be perceived that although Lindsay worked hard for her was “because of Jason’s family” that she had everything she did?

    The reason I ask is because this year I’ll be 24 years old and Lindsay had just turned 24 pretty shortly before she was murdered… A lot of people I went to high school with are either still in school or JUST starting their careers now or haven’t gone to school at all and work part time or not high paying jobs. By everything I have read about Lindsay, she was very sociable and kind and popular and a very happy person who absolutely LOVED her job (which at 24 is amazing!).
    Just going off of my own experience of being an almost 24 year old – like I said before, not a lot of people I know have high paying careers since they are still relatively ‘new’ to their career, or don’t have one at all. I myself sometimes feel a twinge of jealousy or envy when I see people doing “better” than I am. I think that’s just human nature.. but as we know, jealousy can do A LOT to a person especially to someone who doesn’t like Lindsay.
    I see so much jealousy now with people my age who I know who say “they didn’t work for what they have like I did!” and “they have more than I do!” when they see someone else doing well for themselves. That’s also why I bring up Jason. Because I could definitely see somebody (acquaintance, friend, coworker, etc.) THINKING she is only succeeding so much because her boyfriend’s mom is her manager and that she isn’t “working hard” for things a lot of 24 year olds don’t have yet and/or she “doesn’t deserve” what she has. Especially if it’s someone in the same career who isn’t doing as well as she is or someone around the same age.
    Some people seriously HATE seeing others succeed and HATE seeing people happy with their lives. I know a few people who are exactly like that. I don’t know why that would drive someone to commit murder but I seriously wonder if there was someone in Lindsay’s life past or present who couldn’t stand the thought of her being happy and loving life and successful in a job she loved and worked hard for!

    • Joanna Mills says:

      It’s common for girls of Lindsay’s age to be jealous of friends who were “perceived” to be more successful than they were. It’s an emotion that passes in time with maturity and it would be rare for a young girl to do a rage killing because their friend owned designer purses, shoes, jewellery, when they didn’t. Hardly a justification for a brutal murder. Lindsay didn’t own property, she didn’t come from wealth. She was just a hard working young woman who chose real estate as a career and loved what she did.

      The only reason she lived at Shawnigan Lake was because JZ’s mother pressured her and JZ to live there. It only took a few months before Lindsay knew she was in a “crazy” place and she told Jason she was getting the hell out. Next thing you know, SZ has laid out a plan. She now has Jason & Lindsay moving into the luxury condo at 68 Songhees. Lindsay decides to give it another go thinking it just has to get better now Jason’s mother won’t be showing up unannounced like she did at Shawnigan Lake.

      There is no 24-year old girl that could resist all the temptations that were thrown her way. A few choice listings, trips, jewellery, and other perks, all bestowed upon her in an attempt to keep her silence, and under control. Once they realized she was not a woman that could be controlled they set their plan in motion to silence her.

      • TL says:

        I was just talking to my hubby about my thoughts on this as a hit by officials that may be concerned about what she saw, what she might know about land deals. That I thought it came down to “Bring her on board or get rid of her”
        He said something interesting….
        “But why so violent then. It was a vicious murder & it would be hard to fathom any of the white collar officials, or ex police would be accepting such of violence to address any such concerns. Which open a portal back to my way long ago thinking, that JZ did his part, but only because it was for his good friend Ziggy why else & for who else would he have helped by corralling Lindsay’s activities, ensuring her presence at the house. Ziggy has, at the very least been suspected of murder, certainly capable. So I’m rethinking….., but why so violent. The only reason I can think of, is that the ppl that did it are violent. White collar not so much. But Ziggy Matheson would be capable of arranging some whacked out, drugged up violent street bitch, to carry out a vicious murder & he certainly would have been worried if she could bear witness to any upcoming charges he might be facing. Very worried if the likelihood of her being subpoenaed as a witness was eminent & the knowledge that she would speak the truth was undoubted.Oddly in some ways I hope it is him so i can grasp why JZ would have so blatantly & with such ease, assisted in her demise. No conscience of guilt. Very sad. all the way around and i hope they find out sooner rather than later. I can say there were two cold cases solved within a week & arrests made, one of them after 50+ years both through DNA.

        Anyway just more thoughts, the process of elimination is somewhat like the peeling of an onion

        • it's hammer time says:

          Ziggy wasn’t facing any upcoming charges prior to Lindsay’s murder. Crime scene indicators point to a level of sophistication and a drugged out street bitch does not have that kind of sophistication. She would have left evidence all over the house.

          It was violent because it was up close and personal. Hired killers who did not know Lindsay would not have the rage required to murder her the way she was murdered.

          • sam says:

            Hired killers are just that. They will kill any way they are paid to do. The question is how much more does such an act cost? Not whether you can get a contract killer willing to carry out such brutality.

            • it's hammer time says:

              I doubt contract killers were hired. This murder was personal in nature. The manner in which Lindsay was murdered and the overkill indicates it was up close and personal.

              • sam says:

                Just because the level of brutality is high in this case, that does not rule out hired killers. You would have us believe that someone Lindsay knew was able to get face to face and not have Lindsay recognize them, enter the house and show them around for 5 to 7 minutes before they blew up and rage killed Lindsay? All the while having the knowledge and skill not to leave any trace evidence?

                I for one welcome your theories.

                • it's hammer time says:

                  It does not rule out “up close and personal” either. A hired killer would have killed her with one slice and walked out. People are murdered all the time by someone they trust completely. It’s not always the “boogie man” Who said Lindsay didn’t recognize the female at the house? Maybe she did? And yes someone Lindsay trusted completely could have turned on her in heartbeat and stabbed her to death. That’s why they were in that house. She was lured there remember. Maybe they had a lot to say before they inflicted the wounds?

                  We don’t know the exact time Lindsay was attacked. Her last verbal contact was at 5:30 or a tad earlier. How many spouses for example yell and scream at each other before one of them lashes out?

        • anon poster says:

          No one is going to get involved in a murder just because they are friends. Especially ziggy. He would have to be facing 20 years in prison for him to get involved.

  5. somequestions says:

    I think the market listing timeline all depends on whether or not Lindsay Buziak chose to show that house to the killers or whether the killers asked to see that particular house. I am sure there had to be other houses to show especially since Lindsay Buziak was not the primary agent selling the house.

    I do not really understand the significance of going to all the trouble with a cell phone and real estate showing. If Jason is involved, I do not understand why he did not just tell the killers that he would be at such and such place and his girlfriend will be at home alone. Then make it look like a home invasion robbery coming home as the grieving boyfriend. Lindsay would have no protection or even notice of what was going to happen. In this scenario Lindsay never speaks to her killers or has information written down about them in a journal.

    If Jason and his co-conspirators are the ones involved in Lindsay Buziak’s murder, the whole plan does not make a lot of sense to me.

    • Q^Q says:

      Makes sense if the conspirators staged the crime to appear as though hired killers were responsible.

    • jen says:

      She did have other houses on her list to show the couple but the De Sousa house was FIRST on the list. They killed her in that house, that’s why it was first on the list. They had no intentions of viewing other homes or purchasing that home.

    • kent says:

      How would the killers get in the condo building in order to stage a home invasion? It doesn’t matter if Lindsay had notes written in her daytimer or not. It was bogus information. I think the whole point of the elaborate planning was to make it look like a HIT.

    • TL says:

      BINGO!. the reason she was killed during a real estate showing is because the ppl involved live’s revolved around real estate. If they were going to completely control the time line making sure Lindsay got there at the exact time, that JZ was delayed by mere seconds of the murder taking place. Think of that alone, chilling.

      People who murder usually stick to what they know. scenario’s they can play out in their minds over & over establishing a story, that will come across as believable. Absolute control over every minute of the day. I wouldn’t doubt if SZ drove the murderers there since no car was seemingly connected to the murderers. That would explain how she just happened to be in the area.

      If you were a mechanic would you use a vacant house to stage a murder. More than likely a motor vehicle incident.

      • jake says:

        Nothing like pointing the finger at yourselves. Pretty stupid of the zailos to plan a murder around what they know best. Jason called his Mom so the cell phone records will prove what area of town she was in around 6:05 pm. An admin assistant or a realtor in any office could have planned this out. Doesn’t have to be re/max

        We don’t know if a car was there or not. With so many cars parked in a residential neighbourhood how would one even know if one belonged to the killer?

      • Kojak says:

        If I was a mechanic I would not stage a motor vehicle incident to murder someone. Especially like cutting the brake lines. You may as well put a bulls eye on your forehead. Same goes for realtors. If that is your line of work why plan a murder around what you do for a living?

        • TL says:

          well brake line are a little obvious, there are far more nefarious things to do besides I didn’t say the guy would be so obvious as to make the where & how known, but hey, your shop, the guys over to fix his car, you whack him with a crowbar, load him into whatever and drive his body far away thus assuming that while you are a mechanic and you did use your shop to do the murder, you removed the body far enough away that your ‘shop’ wouldn’t be suspect. You know the lay of the land well enough to concoct a story removing your self or your shop as suspect.
          The murderer still can only guarantee absolute secrecy of a planned murder, if it is familiar location. So if the cops suspected a guy that is a mechanic, regardless of where the body was found, they would likely go to where he works to look for evidence.

          • Kojak says:

            “If you were a mechanic would you use a vacant house to stage a murder. More than likely a motor vehicle incident.”

            cutting the brake lines is a “motor vehicle incident”. you said people stick to what they know. If you’re planning a murder I would not be sticking to what I know best as you are basically saying “look at me”. Would a Dr. kill his wife with an overdose of insulin? If he did, pretty stupid move. In Lindsays murder case you say realtors lured a realtor to a house on the pretense they were going to purchase it. Why would realtors plan a murder around what they know best? Wouldn’t it have been better to do what the mechanic did in your example “hit him with a crow bar and remove the body far away from his shop”?

          • jake says:

            ‘I didn’t say the guy would be so obvious as to make the where & how known.’

            But you are claiming the zailos were really obvious with how they planned it? the where and the how?

            • TL says:

              I didn’t say they were really obvious in their planning, I said when cops are trying to solve a murder, they look at who had motive, means, opportunity, the most to gain or lose depending on how you look at it. In this case, the answers to those questions that every murder investigator asks, pretty much point directly at them. Well JZ for sure helped orchestrate the timing, ensuring she got to the location. At the very least, mommy covered up his involvement. .

              If her body had been found elsewhere, & they suspected jz, the cops would search any properties he had access to at the time of her death in an attempt to find the location the murder took place to strengthen their suspicions.Whether it was raw land or a home that he showed around the time of death. Why, because more often than not murderers utilize what they know best, including bodies are usually dumped in places well known to the murderer.

              • jake says:

                I know what you said in your posts. Why would the zailo’s be so obvious in planning this murder around real estate which is what they know? If the zailo’s chose a real estate theme to murder Lindsay would that not be really OBVIOUS? That’s what they know right???? Just like if the mechanic cut the brake lines?????? Investigators look at the crime scene, interviews, statements and victimology to try and figure out motive, means, opportunity. So who had the opportunity to conspire to murder Lindsay? Who had the means? Lots of people imo.

                “the reason she was killed during a real estate showing is because the ppl involved live’s revolved around real estate. People who murder usually stick to what they know.

                • TL says:


                  When developing your theory or theories about what happened, it’s important in violent crime investigation to give equal consideration to motive, means, and opportunity. A lot of the literature on serial killers and repeat offenders is too heavily slanted toward motive and motive-based typologies. Equally, if not more important, is means (who had the physical strength to commit this particular crime) and opportunity (who had access to or could have been present at the crime scene). It’s helpful to create what is known as a time line, which accounts for the whereabouts of all the principals in the case before, during, and after the crime. Suspects can be systematically eliminated one-by-one on the basis of opportunity alone. You can always go back and consider motive and means later. Criminal personality profiling should be reserved for when there is no apparent motive.

                  • jake says:

                    In a case based on CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, it is often said that the rule in hodge’s applies >>(( the court must be satisfied “not only that those circumstances were consistent with his having committed the act, but they must also be satisfied that the facts were such as to be inconsistent with any other rational conclusion than that the suspect was the guilty person” The rule says that one can only convict on circumstantial evidence if the evidence is consistent with guilt and inconsistent with any other rational conclusion. Other rational conclusions must be based on inferences from FACTS and not merely SPECULATIVE. Underlying the rule, is the principle of reasonable doubt. Circumstantial evidence is based on reasoning and inference-drawing through probability. The judge must apply logic, common sense and experience to the evidence. They must consider the inherent probabilities and improbabilities, frequently eliminating the possibility of COINCIDENCE.

                    Examples of circumstantial evidence:

                    motive (past hostility to Victim)
                    opportunity (including exclusive opportunity)
                    means, capacity and skills
                    post-offence conduct (flight, false alibi, destruction of evidence)
                    knowledge and state of mind
                    disposition for violence by victim
                    A judge must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the only rational inference that can be drawn from the circumstantial evidence is one of guilt. Proof by circumstantial evidence requires consideration of the evidence as a whole and not in part. A conclusion cannot be found without evidence, which is to say that it CANNOT BE SPECULATION.

                    A conclusion cannot be found WITHOUT EVIDENCE, which is to say that it CANNOT BE SPECULATION.

                    Motive is a form of ulterior intent that permits the inferential PROOF of other essential elements of the offence. Evidence of a motive to commit the offence is circumstantial evidence SUPPORTING a conviction. Conversely, evidence of a LACK of motive is circumstantial evidence supporting an ACQUITTAL. Evidence of a lack of motive is not the same as lack of evidence of a motive. Evidence of motive goes to prove intent as well as the act.

                    Means, Capacity and Expertise.

                    Evidence of the accused in possession of the weapon of the offence at a time outside of the offence time is admissible to prove that the accused had the necessary means to commit the offence. Without further details it cannot be put to establish that he had the weapon of the assault or that he be convicted for the offence.

                    Evidence of tools and gear in the possession of the accused consistent with the offence is evidence of expertise


                    Where the accused is the last person seen with the victim is circumstantial evidence of opportunity. However, opportunity alone CANNOT be sufficient to make the case. Evidence of the accused’s frequented the area near where the victim frequented and where victim’s body was found. Evidence that shows only a single person was present at the time of the offence and was otherwise capable of committing the offence, then it will be sufficient to prove identity of the culprit

                    Exclusive Opportunity

                    Evidence that shows only a single person was present at the time of the offence and was otherwise capable of committing the offence, then it will be sufficient to prove identity of the culprit. The issue is whether the opportunity is truly “exclusive” and NOT SIMPLY A LIKELY AMONGST SEVERAL POTENTIAL PERSONS. This will often address factors such as who had access to the location of the offence as well as timing of events and each person’s location during or near that time.

                    Demeanour evidence may constitute circumstantial evidence of guilty knowledge. The judge should consider the nature and context of the observations, such as a person’s natural display of nervousness common to interactions with police

                  • huh says:

                    Every murder case has a timeline. Do we know if the timeline in this case is even accurate? How do we know the police have not put out false information to misdirect like they’ve done with other pieces of information? Is there a chance Lindsay may have been murdered earlier? ALL the information which generated the murder timeline came from the police. If the police are CORRUPT why would we believe anything they have to say? Why is everyone basing the motive, means, and opportunity on a timeline generated by a corrupt police department?

                    Something to think about.

                    • justsayin says:

                      “BINGO!. the reason she was killed during a real estate showing is because the ppl involved live’s revolved around real estate. If they were going to completely control the time line making sure Lindsay got there at the exact time, that JZ was delayed by mere seconds of the murder taking place”

                      So the z’s are guilty based on their occupation and based on a timeline generated by corrupt police? So the z’s chose to incorporate a real estate theme into the planning? Why do that? Wouldn’t that be really obvious that realtors had to be involved in the murder plot? Jason went to SHC first, maybe SHC controlled the timeline because Jason was late because of them. Do we know if Jason excused himself from the meeting or that the people at SHC said “we are done” and that’s when Jason left? What if Jason was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the way to the crime scene? He wouldn’t have been the first person to find Lindsay’s body. That would be pretty risky. The appointment was for 5:30 so the killers controlled that part of the timeline. That’s all I see.

                      I don’t see this as evidence of a motive. It could all be coincidence. We just don’t know all the other details.

    • sam says:

      This attack took place the way it did for more than one reason IMO. Plausible deniability while at the same time expressing the rage of the financier. Jason vacating so someone can enter and murder in his own home? The one element that contract murder must universally overcome is the appearance of guilt by those responsible. So ask yourself; how do I do that? In this case the question could be; who do I want to have always thinking it was me? Because when it come to murder, you can bet that someone is always believing it was a certain person or group. The flip side is trying to calculate the effect on the victims family and friends. Many perpetrators have ended up murdered themselves for their crime.

  6. my thoughts says:

    Maybe the reason why Lindsay wasn’t murdered earlier was because J took his house off the market. His house was on the market November 8, 2007 and the crime phone was bought that same month. The murder was being planned November 2007. The listing was cancelled over the Christmas season then N and L relisted it on Jan 9, 2008. The crime phone was ACTIVATED January 2008. The timeline of the house being listed, cancelled and relisted fits with the timeline of the crime phone being bought, and activated.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      And John Semren’s condo was listed on Jan 16/08 who just happened to be the owner of SHC. The start location of the murder for hire night. Alibi security cameras, alibi witnesses, all in place at SHC. Other than Nancy & Laurie who would be the 1st to know Joe’s house was being re-listed on Jan 9/08. The manager of the Remax Camosun office? Maybe Joe’s cancelling the listing over the holidays put a halt on the murder plan, then once it was back on the market, the plan was again a go.

      • Bruce barber says:

        I believe it involves lindsays accidental discovery of mortgage fraud and insider farm land transfers involving an ex saanich mayor,its much bigger than drug dealing,

        • Joanna Mills says:

          This is very interesting information. Can you elaborate.

        • tired of waiting says:

          I agree with you Bruce, mortgage fraud could very well be the case. Way more money involved. Not sure about frank the Mayor being involved. He has issues, but as far as this case goes he is a little like G. Bush during 911. Just no clue what to do. But just to put some spin on thing, Frank’s brother in law is Dale the scum bag that is partners in Alpine Automotive, his partner is another mayor.

        • TL says:

          Maybe what she walked in on was MUCH bigger than a drug deal since she doesn’t seem like a prude, just not into the lifestyle. Maybe she walked in on SZ and say someone like Frank Leonard and overheard some of the convo. Those ppl at that level would be very concerned if SZ was not able to harness the girl in so to speak. We know she tried. I just cannot see her being killed over witnessing a drug deal. I’ve seen them go down and wasn’t a threat to any of those ppl. They move around typically so one person cannot have enough info to really be a threat.
          BUT fudging designated farm land laws, would be serious problem for someone if it were to get out. That’s pretty much the same situation as Len Barry & Bear Mountain development. almost a list of the same ‘officials’ wonder who the realtor was. gotta look that up.

          I’ve always thought that SZ didn’t have the balls of coming to a conclusion that Lindsay needed to be taken out, however, I do believe she is capable of & did do her part to placate her concerned ‘clients’ even though that meant “bring Lindsay on board (corrupt her too) or get rid of her”

      • TL says:

        would that scenario fit the timeline for purchase of the phones. were they bought around the same time the house was taken off the market?

        • my thoughts says:

          We don’t know the exact day the cell phone was purchased. Just the month and year. Only one cell phone was bought.

          “Maybe the reason why Lindsay wasn’t murdered earlier was because Joe took his house off the market. His house was on the market November 8, 2007 and the crime phone was bought that same month. The murder was being planned November 2007. The listing was cancelled over the Christmas season then Nancy and Laurie relisted it on Jan 9, 2008. The crime phone was ACTIVATED January 2008. The timeline of the house being listed, cancelled and relisted fits with the timeline of the crime phone being bought, and activated.”

  7. agent 99 says:

    Because robbery wasn’t the motive nor did they stage it to look like a robbery.

    The boyfriend had an alibi so he’s in the clear of the murder. Doesn’t absolve him of conspiracy though. Looks like a good enough reason to stage the crime to look like hired killers were responsible. Take the focus of yourself even when you know you have an alibi. Criminals are quite aware of the law.

    The phone was activated in January 2008 and travelled from the Vancouver area to Greater Victoria sometime in the 24 hours before Buziak’s murder. Lindsay’s plan was to attend the birthday party AFTER the showing. The DeSousa home was first on the list. Real estate agents show homes seven days per week, during daylight hours.

    • who did it says:

      Was it Lindsay greeting the couple? Does JZ have an alibi for the entire time from when he left Lindsay at the restaurant until the time he left shc at 5:30? Are the witnesses at shc reliable? Could they be involved? Could he have left shc gone to the house murdered Lindsay and got back to shc before his friend arrived? That guy cannot be ruled out quite yet despite his tight alibi & timeline.
      He’s the guy with the motive, the most to lose not to mention his whacked mother.

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