Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011


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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters




908 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. bb says:

    Saw Nick, Jared and Jason at sushi place in Langford. I decided to follow them. they went straight to zigs. They all went inside I waited for over 2 hours before I had to go to work. just seemed strange thought these guys were enemies.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      bb is it possible Jarrod Nichol’s wife Cassie Sahota used Angela Araujo’s parent’s home on Tasco Close as a base the night of the murder. Its very close. Mike Oulton, Angela Araujo’s partner in crime should be able to answer this. Can you ask him bb?

      • Just Sayin.... says:

        Would the planners really use someone Lindsay knew to do the murder? What if she got away, then she would easily be able to identify them. Just throwing it out there but I still believe that the actual murderers weren’t someone Lindsay knew and hired by the planners. My guess is someone from the mainland.

        • JS if you hang around long enough it is not hard to figure out who the killers are as well as who paid to have this done it’s a matter of proof in the form of forensic evidence to close the deal or somebody to talk. Zachery Matheson is expected to fill in a few blanks as his drug trafficking trial nears in exchange for a sweet deal.

          • Just Sayin.... says:

            I am hoping the same. The Surrey Six murderers eventually rolled over on each other so I am praying the same will happen here.

            I keep coming back to the same people as the planners but like I said, if Lindsay had fought off her attackers and had survived, she would have been able to identify them. Plus, she would have never gone inside with the couple if she recognized them when they showed up. That being said, these people would have needed a place close by to hide out until the heat was off, a home right around the corner would definitely do the trick.

            • TL says:

              Good idea about place to hide, especially if no one was home. could have been where they left from as well since no car was seen. As to her recognizing them, Cassie acted in porn movies and I’m sure her face could have been made up to be unrecognizable long enough for what happened. that could explain that part. but definitely there seems to be the need for a ‘home base’ close by, to pull this off and your suggestion is as viable as any I read or heard about. Perhaps the forensics peeps could search maybe a basement, or garage of the house you speak of. maybe remnants of the dress, now rags, would be evident.

            • Joanna Mills says:

              Who says Lindsay knew Cassie Sahota?

              • Just Sayin.... says:

                I just assumed she did through Jason but if she didn’t, then that definitely changes things in my opinion.

          • TL says:

            when is his trial? I was wondering the other day why he was out still

            • Joanna Mills says:

              His next court date is Feb 10/15

              • TL says:

                that long since the crime. my god, no wonder the boys get away with everything. By the time they get around to trial, nothing seems important enough for the court to get their shirt in a knot about thus the magic pass..”Be a good boy and stay out of trouble” I hope and pray the judge this time, has the balls to recognize the need for a stiff sentence in order to get this chump to turn over probably on many more crimes than this one.
                I just reflected on how scared shitless I would be if my buddies knew I was going down and that I had knowledge that would take them down, that would undoubtedly get me a lighter sentence. I’d be buying “Depends” by the shipping container

  2. Just Sayin.... says:

    I’m doing a unit on “Realtor Safety” for my course and sure enough, Jeff is on there telling Lindsay’s story. Its crazy that RECA and AREA will recognize this story and use it to promote realtor safety but nothing has ever been said by BCREA. Unreal…..

    • B.C. Critic says:

      Just like nothing was ever said before about the 290 unsolved murders in British Columbia until just recently! And that report, mentioned in a comment below, only covers a small portion of the province. Imagine the numbers of unsolved if the whole province was included! It just seems to me that the B.C. Government doesn’t really care about its murder victims or they wouldn’t keep the charge approval system in place. This system does nothing but hurt good folk and benefit the bad, just so the government can save a few lousy dollars or whatever.

      In the same newspaper article, finally after all this time, the police are publicly admitting that charge approval is the crux of the problem (and had stated years ago in the Cowper report that they wanted it gone, only to be ignored), citing that in at least 90% of their unsolved murder cases, the police have identified a suspect and that if they were in any other jurisdiction besides B.C., most of those murders would be solved. I would venture to believe that means Lindsay’s brutal killing as well!

      B.C., for suspect reasons, has kept in place this questionable charge approval system, which demands a much higher standard of proof than is necessary or required by the Criminal a Code of Canada to charge someone with murder, and then on top of that, the B.C. Crown won’t allow police to lay those charges as they see fit, like police are able to do in other provinces. Plus the Crown decides if laying a charge is in the public interest.

      The question is…Why? How can this idiotic system be fair and just for B.C. in the long run? How can this idiotic system be good for police moral or the grieving families of unsolved murder who keep waiting for justice, like Jeff and all of Lindsay’s supporters? What on earth is wrong with the B.C. legal system that they are willing to allow more and more unsolved murder to stack up month after month?

    • Jana Thornson says:

      When the topic of Lindsay Buziak’s violent murder arose BCREA and Re/Max buried their head in the sand. Not once did they invite Lindsay’s dad Jeff to speak on real estate safety matters. For god’s sake, he was a realtor with the Victoria Real Estate Board for over 20 years. In 2011 Jeff reached out and asked to speak on realtor safety at the Annual Re/max Convention. He was told NO! There was a few presentation tables available for RENT!!!!! Lindsay Buziak was a co-worker, one of us, she deserved respect. I heard a few realtors were so disgusted they voiced their concerns to Re/Max Head office. The ones that wrote received a pathetic bureaucratic response but it did not change the minds of head office. Lindsay’s dad was not allowed to speak at the convention. This one realtor in particular was so disgusted, disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed to be a representative of Re/Max that she left the company a few months later. She took a stand for what she believed in and never looked back. Re/Max should hang their head in shame.

      God bless you Lindsay, we will never forget you.

      • Just Sayin.... says:

        That is unbelievable. I firmly believe that all Real Estate companies and governing bodies, especially REMAX, the Victoria RE Board and BCREA should be using this story to promote realtor safety. I still cant believe that the next province over is doing MORE to promote safety and using Lindsay’s story to do that than the Province it occurred in, the company that she worked for and the Governing body used to license new realtors!! That makes me want to believe that they just want this story to go away along with the “negative press” it brings. Shame, shame, shame!!!

        Good for your friend, Jana. Good for her for standing up for what is right in this situation and taking her fate into her own hands and LEAVING an organization that not only doesn’t promote realtor safety but is taking every step possible to avoid it!!!!

  3. Jeff Buziak says:

    I try not to reminisce about things around Lindsay’s murder too much as my emotions go to a dark place no one wants to be. The daily activity with Lindsay’s murder is at such a volume that if I keep thinking back I can’t keep up so I’m mostly moving forward all the time with information, leads to follow, new contacts and old contacts which I welcome with open arms and keen interest. What sticks in my mind shortly after murder is the mindset of people I was interacting with.

    Believe it or not I had a couple narcissistic now ex-friends who approached me at my weakest moment to berate me about something I had done or said to them that was inappropriate in their minds and they wanted it dealt with. I did. I asked them if they remembered what had just happened to my precious daughter? They said they did and that it was sad but they were upset at me about something I did or said that bothered them from a year or two before. I dealt with it as they wished. I told them to fuck off. I know not nice but c’mon already, days after my daughter is murdered they want to berate me for a social slight that happened way before murder and I was one hurting man in that moment. Friends?

    The next group that stand out were all the kind, sympathetic, shocked people who were horrified and didn’t really know what to say but always started out with I’m sorry and usually quickly went to hugs because I grabbed them and hugged for all I was worth. Good souls. Good folks. Good people. Thank you.

    The next group were those that used clichés which made pangs of pain more poignant. I understood they meant well and appreciated their support but heh folks the last thing I wanted to hear was God works in mysterious ways, She was taken for a reason, Lindsay is in a better place, etc…….I wanted to walk away but I didn’t and just hugged and loved them because they did mean well. Thank you.

    Another group are ones who say they understand because their aunt, uncle, cousin etc…. had died in a car accident, cancer, fall, heart attack etc………This confused me because I had experienced loss from those kinds of things and it did not feel anywhere near the same intensity and I really don’t think they had the slightest clue how I was feeling. I was trying to feel sorry for them but I couldn’t. Sorry folks. I am sorry for your loss. I actually lost my mother to cancer when I was a young boy so I knew that pain and it wasn’t anywhere near the pain of losing your child to murder. Good folks. Maybe not the right words or analogies though. Hugged the crap outta them too! Thank you.

    There were ones that said nothing but my name and we just looked each other in the eye to our souls, hugged and cried. Thank you. Really good people.

    There were ones who were extremely distraught and I had to muster all my strength to support them because they were almost overwrought with grief. I thought I couldn’t bear the thought of Lindsay being murdered but these folks were very disturbed to the point I was concerned for their well being. I understood THEIR pain and joined with them to feel it and let it flow through us. It wasn’t easy but humans have some way of sharing and enduring with another human you sense is hurting to a depth that matches yours or at least you connect with them in an energy that says you are one in your feelings. Thank you. I’m sorry you had to feel that level of hurt and confusion. Whew! I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry for your loss and Thank you.

    Okay, there were two others who haunt me to this day. Both close to Lindsay. They still disturb me but as I grew up with abusive care givers I understand where they were coming from or do I? One was an angry attacking manipulator. If I didn’t do as they wanted, say what they wanted to hear or did something they didn’t like they lashed out at me. They also criticized Lindsay to me. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I stopped that quickly. WTF! I didn’t tolerate that so we soon parted ways after a few of those experiences. The other was relieved. It was like they were enjoying the scenario that was taking place and revelling in all the drama and attention. It was like they had been released and were free. They just had to spend some time dealing with a murder but otherwise they were seemingly having a grande time. Just as if they had finally reached the popularity they had always dreamt of. Very strange! I know people handle things differently and both of them even stated that but really lets get serious, a really wonderful young woman close to us had just been viciously executed. Hmmmm, the behaviour of these people still stands out as very odd and cold when I have time to think back to the first while after Lindsay’s murder. I think of darkness with these people.

    I write this not for sympathy but for your information, sharing and hopefully to help you to understand what goes on with folks after a tragic incident like Lindsay’s murder. People are deeply affected and deal with the circumstances in many different ways but most hurt and are disturbed. Some give telling signs to their heartlessness while most come from a place of sympathy and caring as we all should with any tragedy. To the rats responsible for Lindsay’s execution, I will say again you are gutless cowards, we know who you are and we are hunting you daily like an exterminator hunts vermin. Lindsay will receive justice and you deserve to be exterminated like the rats you are.


    • clifford danco says:

      Interesting read Jeff…so many different kinds of people. But some of them really do give telling signs to their heartlessness like you say. I tend to watch a lot of crime mysteries from dateline, 48 hours etc… and what stands out is how time and time again those responsible for the murders gave themselves away with their complete lack of emotion… their chilling disposition. Their behavior after the murder being odd. Something not seeming right. No tears. Comments they made. They can’t help it…they are heartless and maybe its not easy to fake having a heart! The angry attacking manipulator and the relieved one. They gave themselves away early on. I can’t wait for justice for those 2…. they truly are sick and evil.

  4. Jeff Buziak says:

    God help us all please. Sounds like a desperate plea doesn’t it? Well I read the newspapers this morning and here is what I saw besides more murders, stabbings and shootings taking place in B.C.:

    Yes Suzie Anton and smiley Christy Clark are going to take aim at distracted drivers. Wow! Brilliant girls! Its not that I don’t think distracted driving is a problem BUT (I can’t stress the BUT enough) there are 290 UNSOLVED murders on the Lower Mainland of B.C. in the past 12 years.

    Yes folks, 290 unsolved murders on the Lower Mainland alone. This, of course does not include the rest of the province or the islands. What are these two women thinking? Somebody please tell me because I think they must be on the same illegal drugs that form the backbone of the B.C. economy. These two comedians who run the Government out there are ignoring an epidemic of murdering going on in B.C. while cutting back funding to police, increasing police work load and now harassing stressed out hard working folks scurrying around trying to make a living and pay their bills while their neighbours are being murdered daily. Aren’t these two sick soul sisters saying we don’t care about murdered folks in our province but we care about all you out there talking on your cell phones, sipping coffee and putting on lipstick while driving?

    Suzie and Christy don’t care because they have government cars, government planes and drivers/pilots. They are now focusing on harassing the citizens to show their power while allowing murderers to walk free. Think about this please. 290 UNSOLVED murders in the past 12 years on the Lower Mainland. No, Lindsay Buziak is not included in this count.

    In Alberta these types of politicians are thrown out of office. Christy was but she had a second coming in drug infested Kelowna where the Bacon execution took place in broad daylight with assault rifles. So, Kelowna watch out for the distracted driving police.

    • TL says:

      Top that off with the citizen rats, sorry, informants for the cops. WHAT. Ya Joe Citizen is standing and watching and calling in your plate numbers. Is this what we need police for, is this what we need our tax dollars spent on especially when our very own police departments have unsolved heinous murders to investigate and a handful of somewhat qualified investigators needs the help of feet on the ground officers to do something far more useful than doing a traffic stop for seeing someone putting lipstick on while driving. Statistically you cannot even tell us what percentage of accidents are caused by distraction. Do something admirable in your lifetime. You will long be caring rather than the cold bitch you seem to be. Christy Clark, you make bad politics, cookie.

    • Bart Samson says:

      Hello Jeff,

      Particularly in light of the Crown’s apparent hesitation, I’m curious why you aren’t pursuing the conspirators in civil court. As I’m sure you have discovered, that is one tool often used to catalyse these cases stuck in the mud.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        Bart that avenue is easier said than done and I’m not interested in fattening the wallets of slick lawyers ready to pounce on any excuse to begin billing. I think everyone has experienced that scenario at some point in their lives. When there are arrests that approach is much easier and even easier after a conviction.

        Our mission at this time is to do everything possible, within the law, to see the cowards involved in the murder of my daughter are arrested and charged. When that is done we can then evaluate other alternative forms of punishment.

        Alternatively. we can take the law into our own hands, as seems to be the way in BC, and take care of justice our own way. Sometimes I think we are not far away from this considering the way the court system, lawyers and politicians are currently handling justice in BC.

        Both of these methods are readily available to me but I am sticking with the law of the land for now. If we believe in the system, we all need to assist with this unsolved murder in any way we can. The system is on the line as it always is. If we don’t support it things will deteriorate very quickly.

        I can’t believe the cowards who planned and murdered Lindsay won’t step up and take responsibility when they know they are going down. They will be very surprised when they feel the metal of the handcuffs around their wrists and they have to wait for their phone call to cry in the ear of Victoria lowlife’s favoured law boy Bradley Hickford.

        • Cpt M. says:

          What did Brad ever do thats good?, nuthin, keep bashing people. totally warranted. good work. about time someone takes a stance against these drug pigs like del alcazars and their ilk. even brad will give up on them eventually.

          • TL says:

            I’m not sure. If I was him as a lawyer, I’d be sad that I was driving a challenger while zailo is driving an Audi worth upwards of $150K.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          If there is anything you know about Lindsay’s murder please contact me if you don’t feel comfortable contacting Saanich police. You can begin contact by emailing me at We can proceed at your comfort level from there.
          For those of you who want to complain about things in general, the way the investigation is progressing or about this blog, Please call our 24 hr complaint line 250-475-4321. A trained representative will be willing to assist you with your complaint.

          • TL says:

            It is so past time to bring Justice to Lindsay and I challenge someone that knows, the ones that know for sure, to contact you. It is the right thing to do.

  5. Joanna Mills says:

    I spent the day with Jeff in Calgary yesterday. It’s clear the man remains focused and more determined than ever to expose the people responsible for Lindsay’s murder. The cops don’t share info with Jeff but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that they are slowly closing in on the conspirators. Jeff has received enough tips and info from the public, supporters and private investigators to know exactly who is behind this dastardly viscous crime. He has a strong support group and lots of people who do not fear giving him information. When he repeatedly gets the same tips coming in from different sources he knows he has the right information. He isn’t prepared to go to the dark side at this point for justice but that is constantly lingering on his mind due to offers he has received. He would like to see this done right but hasn’t ruled out a walk on the dark side which seems to be the acceptable way for justice in B.C.

    If you have info you feel could help contact Jeff via email or phone him. He is a straight-up easy to-talk-to trustworthy guy who will protect your identity at all costs. The cops may think they are the only ones with key info but they would be sadly mistaken if they go on that premise. All the evidence to date clearly points to the same devious arrogant suspects who believe they are invincible. Fucking losers are sadly mistaken. Keep the info coming to tip the scales to arrests.

  6. clifford danco says:

    Any updates from the streets? Langford larry you alright?

    • Blizzard says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Haven’t heard anything from LL in a very long time.

    • TL says:


  7. Joanna Mills says:

    I clearly remember when Mike Chadwick retired from his position as Chief of Police at the Saanich police Dept on Feb 1st he spoke eloquently and with emotion about his retirement and he mentioned Lindsay more than once when making public statements. He said the one regret he had was that Lindsay’s murder was not solved during his term of office. The man cared deeply about the murder of young ReMax Camosun realtor Lindsay Buziak and wasn’t afraid to express his thoughts.

    Now we have Wayne Schrader the selling owner of ReMax Camosun speaking to the media about his retirement. Not a word about Lindsay Buziak who was murdered while under the watch of Wayne and his management team of Ray Blender and Shirley Zailo at Re/Max Camosun Realty. All I hear this man say, is I, I, I, not a word about his own family or Lindsay’s family, friends and fellow associates who are still grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter, friend and associate. After Wayne’s silence all these years his self-serving attitude comes as no surprise. Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved by Saanich police. Read below:

  8. Jackie says:

    Perhaps it’s time for some changes in the real estate industry? Two agents must be present to show a property seems like a good start …

  9. Manix says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Buziak Family.
    I hope my words do not offend the Buziak Family in any way and please accept my Sincere appologies if they do.We absolutely have to look closely at ALL POSSIBILITIES.
    This DeSouza creep seems to be way out of line with his statement regarding Lindsay.
    What was his reason for this foul comment? Anybody Know?
    This guy is a person of interest!!
    He and his crew just left the house?
    Is it possible he or one of his “workers” texted the killers to give them notice Lindsay was alone? Was there another unfinished house across the street that someone could have been hiding in and sending messages from there?
    Seems to me it would be very risky or in fact impossible for a well dressed couple to hide in the bushes to wait for Lindsay. But with Ryan and Michelle Lum so close by it seems possible they could have dropped them off just around the corner and picked them up at the side of the house and this couple could very well have been staying at their house before and after the attack.
    Did Michelle Lum have a reason to dislike Lindsay? Jealous of Lindsay’s bright charismatic nature I bet.
    This couple must have had a driver to drop them off and pick them up.I would think someone who was fairly knowledgeable about the neighbourhood.
    Is it possible the couple walked back to Michelle Lum’s house? It is a very short distance.
    This woman could have had a dark slip or dress rolled up and when they left they could have had dark windbreakers and she could have rolled a dark dress down over her noticeable pink outfit.
    In the video they show the man weariing a long dark trenchcoat.This would hide any blood.
    Notice how the tone goes up at the end of every sentence Jason speaks?
    He looks super nervous in the re-enactment. As the detective climbs the stairs he turns away from the camera and stares at the floor. Then he turns and looks at the camera and looks guilty as sin and changes his stance and puts his hands in his pockets.
    Listen to him when he says”Lindsay,Lindsay,Lindsay”. The guy is guilty as hell !!!!
    And he always seems to have his hood up. What the hell is with hiding under your hood?
    This Mother and Son are a couple of class “A” creeps.
    The Mother is the orchestrator of this whole thing and Lindsay found out they were tied in with organized crime with the higher ranks and laundering money through these coffee shops and tanning salons etc.for the higher ups.
    They had to get rid of Lindsay to protect the coke and heroin dealing they were involved in and the dark secret went way past them and towards the higher ranks.
    Google “Canadian Steamship Lines/Cocaine” and see what comes up… SURPRISE !!!
    Anything to line their pockets and make a buck at the expense of others. The media making it all seem so glamourous.
    Lots of sick disgusting twisted fucked-up motherfuckers in this world with their fucked up tattoos and shirts with death logos on them.
    I’m glad I grew up at a time when people had a conscience.
    These Jason and Shirley POS’ and this Zachary tweezot and their associates will rot in hell for this.
    I know this case will be solved.
    For Lindsay and her Family and Friends we MUST expose this vermin.

  10. justice says:

    I was banging cassie when jared was out and while he was in jail. I use to pick her up in Langford side street never wanted me to pick her up at jareds familys place since jared was in jail and didn’t want him knowing. she was banging my friend to I recently found out. she was easy and I was using at the time so it was convenient. she is disgusting but I wrapped it. guess im a bit bitter I use to hit that for free last time jared went in she tried to charge me. said times were tough she had to do something to survive. im sober now for 6 months and am disgusted by my behavior. she is capable of anything this girl heard jared was alright but she called him a loser that fucked up her kid by going away. tolb me all sorts of shit about how she had no help from her family her dad was mad cause of the heat she brought to the family. her brothers also in the is dead now of an OD I think. the other still actice works with asif. as far a this site you could be on to something. cassie is like two different people. she can suck a guy in that’s for sure. I had an aunt die and leave me her house. well guess whos been calling me up again. Catherine knew my aunt she must have told her. im clean bitch your shit don’t work on me anymore. if she would sell her ass what else would she do. and once she even brought hewr kid over put him infront of the tv and off we went. sick I know . and I regret it now.

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