Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

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  1. retiredvicpi says:


    “One of the first things to lead you (to solving a crime) is the why, and we have not been able to figure that out,” said detective Sgt. Chris Horsley, who’s working on the file since the incident in February 2008.

    “We have theories and strong inclinations that would support the theories, but we have nothing definitive. We never have been able to positively identify why Lindsay was murdered.”

    Horsley said police don’t believe her killers live in the Victoria area, so investigators are working with the NBC show Dateline to get the message out across the continent.

    For more than two years SP have been on the hunt for the killers of local Real Estate agent Lindsay Buziak. And as “A” Vancouver Island reports, tonight investigators say when they do catch Buziak’s killer, they won’t find them in the Victoria area.

    Detective Chris Horsley: “If it is a murder for hire, it makes it that much HARDER for us to SOLVE. “Saanich police say despite following thousands of leads, they’re no closer to solving the case than they were 2 years ago. “The answers that we’re looking for just simply may not be in the Victoria area, so we need to put the net out wider.”

    “Det. Chris Horsley, one of the 10 major crime investigators working the file, said yesterday that she could have been targeted by hired professional killers.”


    I think the investigators now know the “who” and the “why”. They are just tidying up loose ends

    • Fred Couples says:

      After all these years they had better know the who and the why, and I think we are being misled when Det. Horsley says the killers may not live in the Victoria area. I think they do and the cops damn well know it.

      • retiredvicpi says:

        Unfortunately we can’t pick and choose what information the investigators are misleading us with, and what information they are being truthful with so it falls in line with our theories. It makes sense to me the killers may not be from around here. There are a few things the killers could have done differently to avoid being seen by any witnesses. You have to ask yourself why they didn’t.

  2. samspade90 says:

    Since we have a lot of newcomers to the site, I thought it would be a good idea to send this link with multiple photos of the interior of the DeSousa Pl. house. It will probably cause more questions to be asked than answered. It should probably be added to the ” Photos ” section on the main page.

    • samspade90 says:

      This is another Video that should be watched. If you pause it at 1:10 in, you will see Crime Scene Tape, Lindsay’s car, and a couple of Cops ?? looking near the opening of the open garage next door. At 1:15 we see a photo of the room to the left of the entry, where Lindsay took her shoes off. The floor of that room has been taken up, much like the floor in the master bedroom. These 2 photos were apparently taken by Jeff, when Joe let him inside the house. At 2:56 we see the Transfer Service removing Lindsay’s body. You can see a yellow evidence flag in front of the opening to the garage next door. There is other video where the Police are close to closing the crime scene and there is still someone processing the garage of the house next door. This leads me to believe that the garage next door is a vital part of the crime scene. I wonder why the floor downstairs was taken up. I have watched other Crime shows and have seen entire tiled entry ways taken up because of footprints. One would think that the tiled entry at 1702 would have been a major source of footprints, but wasn’t taken up. Watching the ” re-enactment video ” , it appears to me that the carpet is still on the stairs and I cannot see why it wouldn’t have been taken up also. Joe’s wife had cleaned the house that afternoon and the stairs probably would have been vacuumed as she came down the stairs. The carpet should have been a good source of blood and fiber evidence. Maybe the fact that Jason, Cohen and the Police had all been up and down those stairs, contaminated it. ?? It seems that there had to be a Realtor involved in finding the location of this house, but what if it was a tradesperson. A painter, familiar with the homes, could have left a small duffel bag under some of the drop cloths that were out in the patio area, containing clothes and shoes, for the killers or even just for the treacherous Bitch that was there. Perhaps they went to the garage next door to change. The Police have stated that one or both would be covered in blood, so changing clothes would be a good idea, before walking down the street. This is all Theory of course, but after 7 years with no arrests, we need to be open to every possibility. The planners and killers may have thought outside the box and we may have to also.

      • january says:

        werent jz and co parked in front of thegarage? did the garage have a door or was it unfinished?

        • samspade90 says:

          I’m sure that Jason pulled into the cul de sac and was still in the street, almost behind or a little past, Lindsay’s car. The front of his vehicle would be more or less looking into that empty garage, with no door, that was still under construction. He was there about 10 minutes, then moved out into the parking area on Torquay, and was there for about 10 minutes. It’s possible that the couple were waiting near the patio area, while he was parked on DeSousa and then moved to the garage when he moved to Torquay. This has been argued over, many times with the argument being that it doesn’t make sense to some. The only evidence I have of them possibly being in the garage, would be the Evidence flag.

          • january says:

            yes i suppose its possible but i dont see a killer loitering around for any length of time given the circumstances.

            • samspade90 says:

              Anything is possible. Suppose the plan was to just kill Lindsay. Then the planners decide they will also kill Jason. Could be the reason for the phone call to say the Male was coming alone, so Lindsay would ask Jason to come. Lindsay shows up by herself. Being leery, she tells them that she will be joined by an associate. They decide to kill her and when they come downstairs, they look out the door and now see Jason there in his vehicle. They may not have seen Cohen. They may have left the patio door open and were nearby, hoping Jason would come to the patio area to enter through the open door, when they would enter and kill him also. He instead pulls out to Torquay and they see Cohen, which messes up their plan. They now cannot exit on Torquay without being seen, so they move around and go to the garage next door. They may have gone there to change, or just hide while texting with their own phone, to a getaway driver. They may have originally planned on taking Lindsay’s car instead of using a getaway driver, which is why they were seen walking and not parking a car. The possibilities are endless. What makes sense to some will not make sense to others. Hopefully one day soon we will find out exactly how this was done and that it puts someone away for a long time.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        The treacherous bitch who went into the home that night was either the killer, the look-out, or a woman who was used by the conspirators and had no idea what was going to happen inside that house. Not likely, but that possibility needs to be considered. If the latter were true she may already be dead. If the killer who was covered in blood was going to change clothes I think the most logical place to do it would be right in the master bedroom where the killing took place. Fresh clothing could have been under the long coat the man was wearing. I agree, after 7 years with no arrests we need to be open to every possibility. We may differ in our theories but that’s okay, our reasons for being here are mutual. Finding justice for Lindsay.

      • Real man says:

        About when JZ arrives at the door with CO and calls 911 worried for Lindsay.This for me is one of the convincing mistakes that he makes and proves he is one of a few planners. Any man who loves his girl and is worried enough to call 911 should be in a hurry to get in to the house and make sure she is ok. If im worried about my girl at the door I bust in find her first then call 911 if she needs help. Point is the 911 call comes after people find an injured or dead person. Not when you find a locked door ? Who does that?. I had to call 911 because of a fire once ,I called because I saw the fire not because I thought a fire was about to happen.

        • get real says:

          The first 911 call is highly suspicious & who would think to call 911 before they know there is a real problem. 911 is for emergencies only. This creep didn’t give a rat’s ass about his girlfriend’s safety. He finds the front door locked, panics, and calls 911. I will be shocked if it turns out he had nothing to do with her murder.

          • shady says:

            One of the main reasons I find the first 911 call by Jason so strange is because most of his associates won’t even call the police if they see a child get hit by a bus. Last thing Jason wants is to be called a rat so to jump the gun on that truly makes me wonder

  3. cc says:

    In my humble opinion, I believe the investigators have been conducting a thorough job investigating Lindsay’s case from the beginning. After all, they have to submit investigative reports to the crown, who in turn will ultimately charge those responsible for Lindsay’s murder, then proceed to trial. Due to the complexity of the case, we should safely assume they have detailed and organized files to make sure that it is possible later, to tell a coherent and logical story about the murder and the accused involvement. The Crown would not want the accused defense team to refute a murder timeline, witness testimony, evidence, etc. Crown is looking to successfully prosecute this case, not bungle it. It would be difficult to envision a major investigation that does not involve the creation of some sort of a timeline. In Lindsay’s case a murder timeline was established and they were able to narrow down the time Lindsay was attacked as between “5:38 – 5:41 pm.” We can safely assume investigators were able to verify using multiple sources, that Lindsay was alive just before 5:38 pm. She was not murdered any earlier. Based on the murder timeline, we can assume the investigators have been able to eliminate certain individuals involvement in the murder itself. I do not believe the murder timeline would eliminate those same individuals from being possible “conspirator’s” though.

    A good timeline requires data from multiple and varied sources to be presented in a clear and concise way. The information that goes into a timeline can come from open source websites, internal case files, surveillance logs, and many other common and unconventional sources for example:
    1. witness statements 2. spouse and relatives accounts of work history. 3. suspect/POI statements during the instant case and or prior police contacts. 4. cell phone records and call logs which include dates/times, tower locations, GPS information(if enabled), and call duration. 5. Records for all phone numbers associated with the victim and her associates should be requested. 6. Land-line phone records. 7. locations, dates and times of credit card transactions and ATM withdrawals. 8. data from computer files, including smart phones and tablets – such as locations and times of Wi-Fi access, cached website information, emails sent and received, posts on social networking sites, as well as log-ins and log-outs(computer forensics job). 9. Geo tag data attached to digital photos. 10. data from GPS tracking devices and other satellite navigation devices. 11. Vehicle service and repair dates and locations, available via receipts or vehicle history reports such as car fax. 12. Insurance claim information for vehicle accidents, worker’s comp, etc. 13. Passport information, including issue dates and entry/exit stamps. 14. Flight arrival/departure information. 15. NCIC offline information. 16. Dates of licenses and permits, such as hunting and fishing licenses, firearm permits, marriage licenses, as well as professional licenses and the like. 17. Probation and parole records, such as meeting dates/times with officers, therapists and counsellors, missed appointments are just as important to include in a timeline. 18. Corrections data, including jail bookings, exact intake and release dates, work furlough history, and escape history – incarceration information should always be verified with the department of corrections that housed the inmate. 19. Court appearances, to include those that were missed by the subject. 20. Work schedule including “clock-in and clock-out times from the subject’s employer, to include days absent. Everything within a timeline is independently verified. This is especially important for open source and public records data, as well as for witness accounts. Based on this data I am sure the investigators were able to eliminate persons of interest as being the murderer and also verify alibis

    Timelines are important in that they produce a visual concept of the incident as dates and time are concerned. A timeline releases the investigator from committing these details to memory when it comes to evaluating data and conducting interviews. An examination of the timeline reveals any lack of detail that may need to be addressed and eventually gives supervisors and crown counsel the ability to understand the case. Each entry into the timeline should note the source of the information, if it has been verified and by whom, etc. Anything with a date, time, or a location is entered into a timeline. You never know at the beginning of an investigation whether that information will be critical later on to the interview strategy, prosecution strategy, or investigation of additional related cases. Consequently, you should have a way to enter everything into a timeline or case chronology at every step as you proceed through the investigation.

    If Jason was observed leaving SHC at 5:30(which was verified by surveillance footage and eye witness testimony) and Lindsay was seen alive (corroborated by BOTH eye and ear witnesses and other evidence) at 5:30 then that makes it 100% impossible for Jason to have murdered Lindsay in my opinion. The same rule applies to other suspects who have been verified by law enforcement to have been elsewhere at the time Lindsay was murdered. This does not absolve these people from being one of the “conspirators”. I am simply using Jason as an example, as a suspect who was likely eliminated early on in the investigation as being the murderer.

    Conspiracy- except where otherwise expressly provided by law, the following provisions apply in respect of conspiracy:
    (a) every one who conspires with any one to commit murder or to cause another person to be murdered, whether in Canada or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a maximum term of imprisonment for life;

    First degree murder – was planned and deliberate; was contracted

  4. John says:

    There are two different entities that need to be realized. The conspiracy to commit murder and the murder itself. A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to have someone murdered, the murder itself stands alone. To bring a murderer to trial there needs to be strong evidence ie an eye-witness, foot prints, finger prints, dna, voice identification, & exclusive opportunity. It will be much more difficult to prove conspiracy to commit murder. Just recently in the Surrey 6 trial, two of the conspirators were handed life sentences. That’s came about because two of the men involved came forward and turned on the others.

    The courts must send a message to society. Murder will not be tolerated and the penalties must fit the crime. Right now there is a conspiracy of silence on the island but the silence will break and justice will come. It is unlikely that the conspirators who planned to murder Lindsay are the couple that went into that house on Feb 2, 2008. If they were hired why have the police not been able to follow the money trail. Is it because no money traded hands?

    • clerk says:

      A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to do an unlawful act.The Crown needs only prove that there was “a meeting of the minds with regard to a common design to do something unlawful”

      A conspiracy must include (1) an agreement and (2) the unlawful objective or “common design” As well, unlawful objective does not need to come about. It is the planning that is the criminal act.

      An conspiracy made over the telephone will occur within the jurisdiction of both calling parties.

      It is not relevant whether “from an objective point of view, commission of the offence may be impossible

      First Degree Murder

      Proof of the element of “planned and deliberate”, or any of the specific elements of 231(3),(4),(5),(6.01),(6.1), and (6.2), are necessary to make out first degree murder. Without this element, second degree murder is made out.

      Presumptions of First Degree Murder
      There are several categories of first murder which either presume the offence is “planned and deliberate” or does not require the proof of being “planned and deliberate”.

      Contract Murder
      Under s. 231(3), a “contract murder” is deemed to be planned and deliberate where there is:

      a murder
      the murder “is committed pursuant to an arrangement”
      the arrangement involves “money or anything of value passes or is intended to pass from one person to another”, or “is promised by one person to another”
      the money is “consideration for that other’s causing or assisting in causing the death of anyone or counselling another person to do any act causing or assisting in causing that death” The requirement that the murder be “pursuant to an arrangement” must include an arrangement “in place at the time of the murder”.

      • clerk says:

        More Categories for “First Degree Murder”

        Murder — criminal organization

        (6.1) Irrespective of whether a murder is planned and deliberate on the part of a person, murder is first degree murder when

        (a) the death is caused by that person for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a criminal organization; or

        (b) the death is caused by that person while committing or attempting to commit an indictable offence under this or any other Act of Parliament for the benefit of, at the direction of or in association with a criminal organization.


        (6.2) Irrespective of whether a murder is planned and deliberate on the part of a person, murder is first degree murder when the death is caused by that person while committing or attempting to commit an offence under section 423.1.

        Criminal harassment

        (6) Irrespective of whether a murder is planned and deliberate on the part of any person, murder is first degree murder when the death is caused by that person while committing or attempting to commit an offence under section 264 and the person committing that offence intended to cause the person murdered to fear for the safety of the person murdered or the safety of anyone known to the person murdered.

  5. fatima says:

    I watched the dateline show today and found some parts of it most disturbing. The things that the boyfriend & his mother said were lies it was just so obvious and I don’t get why they would lie if they had nothing to hide. An innocent person can never incriminate themselves if they answer questions honestly. I read that her friends said she was leaving her boyfriend then he says on TV for all to hear that none of that was true. That’s just so stupid as he was outnumbered then his stupid mother jumps in to try & cover up for him with her crazy story and tries to discredit the ex-boyfriend who is on the show and appears credible. I watched the re-enactment video too and this guy is so cold & emotionless. I have no psychology degree but you don’t need one to see what’s going on here. The panel of experts all agreed that it was someone close to Lindsay that planned her murder so why is it that the police haven’t made any arrests in this case? It makes no sense.

    • somequestions says:

      The question I had after watching Dateline is why does Lindsay Buziak’s mom suspect the ex-boyfriend so much if he has an alibi for the time of her death? She must think it is a contract killing.

      I read this book about how to spot a criminal. I do not know whether the boyfriend or ex-boyfriend are right or left-handed, but when I saw Dateline and watched the body language and their eyes, the current boyfriend actually came off as more truthful than the ex-boyfriend to me. This is just my opinion before everyone goes off on it. Plus, I kept waiting for the ex-boyfriend to say what the current boyfriend did: I loved Lindsay. Maybe I am remembering wrong. Then again, maybe that was the current boyfriend’s motive, if I cannot have her, nobody can. Maybe the ex-boyfriend did say he loved Lindsay but Dateline did not include that part of the interview.

      There is still the job. Salespeople, in my opinion, are some of the most impatient individuals. From Dateline I know that her current boyfriend was a mortgage broker with a real estate license. It does not make any sense.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Matt has attended every Memorial Walk for Justice and a few times his family did too. I think that speaks volumes to how much Matt and his family cared for Lindsay. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

        • somequestions says:

          I agree Joanna and I did not know he has attended every Memorial Walk for Justice. I just thought the reactions of both guys should have been reversed. Maybe the lack of emotion is why so many people suspect the current boyfriend. I can understand that. He has some shady friends, at least from reading this blog.

          I do not know the dynamics of Lindsay and Matt’s relationship. That is why I wondered about her mom. Maybe it was an amicable breakup as well? The ironic thing is about what you said, actions speak louder than words. It was the reaction on Dateline of breaking down into tears when he recollected hearing of Lindsay’s death. I got the impression he still loved her.

          • Joanna Mills says:

            Damn you make some good points. and yes, the reactions of the two boyfriends should have been reversed. Jason says, I loved Lindsay and I want this case solved as soon as possible, yet he did nothing to help. He wants everyone to know he loved Lindsay, but is hitting on her friends within a week of her murder. Sorry if I don’t get it.

            • somequestions says:

              Everything I write is just a guess. Jason’s mom looks nervous and shifty in the interview so maybe she had something to do with it? Jason called 911 before really even knowing there was a major problem is also suspicious. I am too suspicious of everything.

              There was that part on Dateline when they said that Lindsay and Matt had been apart for nearly two years and had not had contact for months prior to the murder. Then I added on another two years for the Dateline interview to take place. That is the only reason I thought her ex-boyfriend’s reaction to the news of her death was strange. It must have been a very strong relationship.

  6. Joanna Mills says:

    Mike Smyth, columnist for the Province Newspaper is hosting the Simi Sara Show on CKNW AM-980 Vancouver (Wednesday) tomorrow afternoon at 1:20 pm. He will be interviewing Jeff Buziak who will be speaking on his daughter Lindsay’s unsolved 2008 murder in Saanich, BC.

  7. ed says:

    Jeff thx for your honest reply to my question. Joanne you are off on my motive for the below post but I can respect your frustration. We all are, 7 years no charges for any of the crimes that the people in the case are mixed up in. Life continues as normal for them while we sit and wait helpless. My concern is the SP will never solve this case and it might not be because they can’t but more that they won’t.

  8. somequestions says:

    The only other question I wondered was whether or not the heat was on when Lindsay Buziak’s body was found? The woman was wearing a dress and if the showing takes a while and Lindsay wants to make them feel comfortable I thought she would turn on the heat. It is too bad Dateline did not give out more information like that. I would have been interested in that info. Where in the house is the thermostat located? I would think there would be at least footprints underneath facing it seeing as how she took off her heels? Was she wearing stockings? I know I ask a lot of questions.

    • Janice says:

      I read somewhere that the listing realtor did not notify the seller that there was to be a showing that evening, because the house was vacant & there was a lock box for easy entry. Lindsay got to the house at 5:30 the same time the buyer’s showed up so she would not have had the time to turn on the heat and warm the place up. She would not even have time to turn on any lights before she met the couple. The builder Mr. De Sousa left the site around 5:00 and who knows if he kept the heat turned up or down, or what lights he left on when he locked up at the end of a day. If this is how it was then Lindsay wouldn’t have been facing a thermostat.

      • somequestions says:

        I understand. There are a myriad of possibilities. I just thought with her heels off and showing a house to a woman in a dress that she would have got cold feet walking on wooden floors and maybe at least went over to see if she could turn on the heat. Or maybe the builder left on the heat like you wrote? If she was wearing stockings maybe she did not feel the cold as much. Does wearing stockings make much of a difference walking on a cold wooden floor? What type of outfit was Lindsay Buziak wearing when she was found, dress or pants?

        I had a friend who rented a house with wooden floors. Place was always so drafty and cold and it had big windows too that let out heat. Guy even rented with two other people, had to leave because heating and water bill were too high. Now he lives in a smaller house but at least he does not have to deal with the wooden floors. It is just a thought I had.

  9. ed says:

    The reason I asked about CH is because I remember a few years ago sitting at moka house on admirals watching him perv hard on this girl working there, must of been 18ish. Smacked her ass and everything, thought he was being sneaky about it and then laughing with his crew and I remember thinking what a scum bag…. If I had hard evidence he would be the last person I would take it to.

    • Joanna Mills says:

      While this Ziggy/Perez/del Alcazar/Oulton/Araujo camp like making posts and voicing their opinions like those above we feel that it is simply their criminal minds making up stories to discredit and distract people from the real issue which is seeing Lindsay’s murderers brought to justice and drug dealing criminals as yourselves arrested, charged and thrown in jail as you do nothing for society but scam, steal, and pollute with drugs while not paying taxes or valuing what good people in society do for you and allow you to exist. Next time you see Mr Horsley in a coffee shop we would suggest you introduce yourself to him and praise him for his tenacity in Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

      You will find Chris Horsley to be very welcoming, appreciative of your compliments and very friendly even to scumbag rat criminals like you. The police are the only thing short of a big gun that good citizens have between them and you bums. Grow up, get a job and quit your disgusting criminal ways. Right now since most of you are cycling through the court system, you might want to keep a bit lower profile and save this kind of crap for discussion at meetings with your pal in Beecher Bay on how to quit being scumbag rat criminals. Piss off.

    • Lp says:

      When the scumbags are arrested and charged CH and the rest of the team will deserve the media spotlight won’t they? Justice for Lindsay and BIG SHOUT OUTS will be going out to ALL the law enforcement members/agencies who worked their butts off on this case. Justice for Lindsay!!!!!!

  10. somequestions says:

    There is an interesting aspect of the photo with the whitened part of the floor. Compared to the Dateline re-creation Lindsay’s body and head were facing away from the bathroom, but this photo, if the floor was painted over because that is where her body was lying, seems to suggest her body was in a different part of the room closer to the bathroom.

    If the couple were standing between Lindsay and the bathroom and the killers pulled a butcher knife out(like Dateline shows), did she turn around the try to run away and get downstairs?

    If Lindsay was standing next to the bathroom(like this photo suggests) and the killers pulled out a butcher knife, did she try to get inside the bathroom and lock the door to call police?

    That is the problem with relying on news programs like Dateline or other newspaper accounts because often times they are different from the actual facts of the case. Maybe I am wrong but I read all the stab wounds were from the front. That is why I thought it was strange.

    • cc says:

      I don’t recall the investigators stating on TV exactly where Lindsay’s body was found? Dateline uses props(butcher knife), that does not mean a butcher knife was used to commit the murder. As for the “information” told to Dateline, I would say that is accurate. Dateline got unprecedented access to the police file and it would have been a complete waste of time for the investigators to appear on dateline only to give false information. Dateline episodes are based on true crime and facts.

  11. ed says:

    Jeff, do you trust Chris Horsley and his pack of suit wearing “cops”?

    • Chris would love to have credit for the kill, Who wouldn’t ? IMO most cops would arrest their own mother in a nursing home so why doubt Horsley ? Career guy family not much of a criminal history or anything ? he passed his annual polygraph obviously so I wouldn’t doubt him, we can’t arrest and charge anybody Chris can so we need to get along and work together to get this done.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        I do not question Chris Horsley’s or Saanich police’s commitment to Lindsay’s unsolved execution. I have issue with the length of time they are taking and whether or not they should be partnering with other agencies with expertise to see the conspirators and murderers are brought to justice and exposed publicly. Chris Horsley is my contact and has been very good at listening to my concerns. As with other contacts I have had though, he tells me nothing about details of the investigation except that they are working on it. He cares. He listens. He is a father. He realizes the importance to Saanich of solving Lindsay’s murder now under his administration.
        What does that mean? I don’t know so I continue the mission to see this horrible murder of my daughter Lindsay Buziak does not turn into a cold case.
        Chris Horsley attended the Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice February 2, 2015 as did Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell and many other family, friends, supporters and very concerned citizens.
        I cannot get involved with police conspiracy theories as it is too distracting and unsettling. What I do know is that Saanich police are in charge of Lindsay’s file and do not intend to give it to anyone else to solve. They cannot be mandated to turn the file over to another agency is also my understanding. We have Saanich police and I have accepted that. I am told they have some of the best officers out of any agency and are very capable. I accept that. I’m told they are dedicated and I accept that. I focus on my work and I have to believe they are focusing on their work. Time is telling us all whether they can do what it takes. I’m not the judge of their abilities. Time is!

  12. Jeff Buziak says:

    Dogs, docks, Right to Die, pipelines, marijuana (BC Bud) and who the Mayors of Vancouver and Saanich, BC are sleeping with seem to occupy the importance and energy of the press and the people of BC right now and has for quite some time. I understand these issues and love dogs but….. The dead and those continuing to be murdered don’t even get people riled for more than a moment but holler at or boot poochey in the arse because he/she is misbehaving and thousands will show up to protest, volunteer, demonstrate and donate. They will seethe if you don’t go to jail immediately. On top of this, the press front pages all these other issues while second/back paging homicide and unsolved murders. Murder actually riles me. In fact it inflames me and so it should all you. People are being killed in BC at an alarming rate. What is happening with people’s values that they ignore citizens and neighbour’s lives being terminated while they cry vociferously about dogs, docks, right to die, pipelines, drugs and consensual sex?
    Where did we devalue the importance of human life and the right to live while promoting the right to die and the importance of animals, pipelines, marijuana and consensual sex over human life? The Premier of the province and most politicians carefully choose topics they will support and money is always at the forefront of their public stands. Balanced budgets and cash creating pipelines dominate their time while murdered citizens become forgotten by name and used as statistics to explain clearance rates and solve rates which politicians use to reduce police budgets. The same politicians allow fractured policing, undermanned police forces, under resourced police forces and set the highest charge approval by the Crown there is in all of Canada. In fact BC is one of the only provinces that require Crown approval before police can charge for murder. These same politicians have created the foundation for easy murder/crime in BC with their brilliant governance and gave themselves a raise in pay as reward. Where is the importance of human life and protection of citizens and their right to live safely in their priority lists?
    There are hundreds and hundreds of unsolved murders in Beautiful British Columbia. Between 2002 and 2013 there were 290 unsolved murders on the lower mainland alone. 26.4 per year, 2.4 per month unsolved murders on the lower mainland. Shame on BC for those statistics! 178 of those unsolved murders can be directly attributed to IHIT. There are many more in the rest of BC including Vancouver Island and the so called peaceful capital of Victoria, BC.
    My wonderful daughter Lindsay Buziak is one of the unsolved BC murders. It has been seven years since Lindsay was viciously executed by stabbing while working as a realtor showing a home to so-called buyers. Because it is BC, Lindsay’s conspirators and killers are sitting back laughing, that they got away with murder, while enjoying a nice BC bud and one of the Province’s many fine micro brewery beers. These criminals are also laughing at the province, its people, its politicians, the police and the press because murder is easy in BC; just like it is to get another mutt from the SPCA. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s family and friends can’t go get another daughter, friend, aunt, niece, cousin or wonderful woman from the pound. Lindsay is gone and will never lick anyone’s face again.
    Where is BC Premier Christy Clark on this topic? This horrendous murder rate in BC has to stop and the change must begin from the top and the beautiful capital city of British Columbia might not be a bad place to start. Christy where are you? Who are you sleeping with? Are you secretly building a new waterfront dock? How do you treat your dog? Do you have any good BC bud you want to share? How is your pipeline taxing initiative coming along? Why are there so many murders in BC which you are the Boss of? Why are there so many unsolved murders like Lindsay Buziak’s? Do you even care?
    Recently elected Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell and the head of Lindsay’s unsolved murder Chris Horsley of Saanich police were on the Lindsay Buziak Walk for Justice held in Victoria February 2, 2015. They care. Victoria Times Colonist and other press forgot to mention that.
    Premier Christy Clark wasn’t there.
    Jeff Buziak

  13. somequestions says:

    You really have to wonder about the woman in this case. What type of a woman stands around while another woman is stabbed to death, especially if the perceived wrong is against a man?

    When a woman wants to have her husband killed, she might have another man help her. Or she hires a hitman and she provides information on when he will be alone, but asks that it be done at the same time that she is at work, for example, providing her with an alibi. The woman in this case gave up her alibi by showing up at the house.

    I do not think this is a contract killing. I think the two people that went in the house are the two people that committed the crime.

    It would also have to be a very strong relationship between the man and woman. Patience, like trust is something that is built up over time. I would expect the two people involved would still be together today.

    The common saying is that the two most common reasons for murder are love and money. It is amazing if the motive was money that there is no paper trail leading back to anyone.

    In my opinion, the psychological explanation would be this: If someone you barely know lies to you or cheats you, you are going to feel a sense of loss and probably some anger. The world is not always fair. But when it is someone close you, someone you felt you knew and could trust, that is a different type of betrayal altogether.

    • George says:

      I’ve been an avid reader of this blog since its inception, read all the hashed out theories & possible criminal organization connections. It’s my opinion if any criminal organization was involved they would be reading this blog 24/7. These fucks play for real and if one poster got anywhere near close to the truth Jeff Buziak or a few of his main trumpeters would have been silenced by now. That’s why I think this murder was very personal, close to home and a murder that will be very hard to solve. The cops will need air-tight evidence to bring this case to trial and I don’t know if SP have what it takes to close the deal.

      • somequestions says:

        The central question in Lindsay Buziak’s case is how did the killers know she would be alone? Because of that her boyfriend at the time was and remains a good suspect. Suppose for a second that it is not the boyfriend. The plan would have blown up in their face. The killers in this case really did get lucky.

        First you have the cell phone. If the killers had shown up and some of the house workers were still there or Jason had managed to show up earlier, I think they would have had to cancel the plan if they watched her from a distance. So they call her to cancel. But the call bounces off a Sannich cell tower, not a Vancouver one.

        Then there is the journal entry that they need to buy in 2 days. The sense of urgency is now going to be suspicious now that they cancelled the meeting. She is a salesperson.

        If I were investigating this case I would ask the following question: If her boyfriend Jason had been out of town and Lindsay received the same phone to show a house that needed to be purchased in 2 days and she was apprehensive about it, who would be the first person she would call to meet her there so she felt safe(and do it at a moment’s notice)?

        I cannot imagine Sannich police have not already asked that question.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          In response to your questions:

          They knew Lindsay would be alone because they planned it that way.

          Why would the call bounce off a Vancouver cell tower when the call came from the island: It bounced off a cell tower in the vicinity of Cook & Finlayson.

          To your last questions, if Jason had been out of town at the time of the murder who would Lindsay have reached out to meet her:

          Her boyfriend’s mother, the manager of that real estate office most likely.

        • ----------- says:

          5:30 pm was the chosen time because the killers knew the tradesmen were gone.

          If the killer’s crashed in their car on the way to the house Lindsay would not have been murdered.

          If Lindsay ran out of gas on the way to the house she would not have been there to meet the killers.

          • Andreas Faulte says:

            They had to create the dual notion of curious calmness to lure her in to the deal, then abruptly create a nervous environment to have a certain person meet her at the house to be with the fake Mexicans, because it was likely already established Jason was spending the evening with CO. Draw the conclusion. I have my suspects.

            • somequestions says:

              I just thought the phrase “needs to buy in 2 days” was odd in Lindsay Buziak’s journal. You probably will not get the best deal is what I was explaining.

              I agree with everyone that somehow they knew Lindsay Buziak would be alone and there are many explanations. But we could all be wrong about the people. As Detective Horsley said, it was a meeting, a shaking of the hands. They could be complete strangers.

              One thing I would want to know is what was the quickest real estate deal Lindsay Buziak closed.

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