Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters




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  1. Court Recorder says:

    ZIGGY MATHESON’S ex bum boy Rhys Bolton was in Provincial Court today represented by none other than BAD Hickford – defender of the criminal lifestyle in Victoria. Word on the street is Rhys knows about Lindsay’s execution but Bad Hickford doesn’t want anyone to know yet. He is setting it up as a real money-maker. Defender of all that is criminal.

    Victoria Law Courts-1201
    Room: 101 Court Date: 24-NOV-2015
    Bolton, Rhys Tyler Vernon
    Western Communities
    CCC 539 1
    001 Assault with a weapon
    002 Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
    003 Robbery
    004 Aggravated assault

  2. Joanna Mills says:

    Various RECENT comments taken from the Dateline NBC Dream House Mystery. Scroll down below the video in Parts 1 thru 6 to view all comments.

    link link

    Detective K 4 days ago

    she dies in 3 minutes between texts, then he pulls up during the murder but waits outside, then calls 911 after 10 minutes? before going in the back door? immediately assuming the worst? (that is not something a dude would do – dudes won’t ask directions and this is not a myth) …
    too many coincidences are not a coincidence

    jezebel 4444 2 months ago

    Duh, he was busy building his alibi, he covered most bases. Drop her off with shady customers with lots of cash and fake accent, aka..the mexicans, check. Show up 15 min later with a friend, check. Texting her every few min to say I’m on my way back, few min away then I’m here..(is that not meddling , I mean we all know it’s rude to play on your phone while talking to others)..check! Gaze at front door to see if if you can see what’s going on, noticing 3 figures hovered behind smoky glass..check! Then pull to a different street instead if being a caring boyfriend …check! Wait ten min then text more…check! Start panicking…check! Call 911…check! Break in or rather boost friend over fence to go through already unlocked door…check! Run straight upstairs instead of checking lower floor first…check! Find bloody girlfriend that was about to go back to Mr.Big…check! Now what did he forget to do. Stay with girlfriend that suspected something shady, notice what kind of vehicle they were in, notice if that vehicle was still there upon return, park in front of house or casually walk in to check on her, check lower level before running straight to her body, last but not least, shed at least one tear for the girl you loved so much!

    jezebel 4444 2 months ago

    My comment is above in response to “the four of nine”…I think they are saying he’s not a suspect, because he’s their biggest suspect. The prosecutor is lying when he says she’s stabbed repeatedly but this doesn’t mean it was personal. It was completely personal. Where’s the friend that happened to end up with him? Why’s he ready to break in just because she doesn’t answer a text, she’s showing a house. Its a gigantic house, she could of been upstairs in a walk in closet? What car was there when he pulled up? Seems like sloppy work.

    Detective K 5 days ago

    4:10 mark – the mother – oh, are we crying now? right. wipe eyes.

    Bravda slava 1 month ago

    My thinking : Jason Mother hiding something, she is in the same business , she said something about MAT, contradict what her DAD had said , sounds fishy, her son if he knew she was leaving him for mat , he could have arranged it, and made sure to have the alibi, Possible MAt girlfriend at that time,

    Detective K 5 days ago

    I have to apologize as a Canadian on behalf of all Canadian men. Our men are not too swift here. They solve problems the hockey way. And then navigate through life with cumulative concussions.

    Detective K 5 days ago

    he is the WORST actor. he could fill in for Cory on Teen Mom 2

    Detective K 5 days ago

    homegirl needs some kind of auditory cosmetic surgery for her wicked Canadian accent

    Detective K 5 days ago

    so if the ineffectual boyfriend waited outside the house, how did Boris and Natasha leave the house? through the backdoor? what was their getaway vehicle..?

    Detective K 5 days ago

    On Feb. 2, 2008, Buziak received a call from a woman asking for a showing at about 5:30 p.m. Later, Buziak got a call from a man, who said he’d meet with her alone instead. *why wasn’t this mentioned”?

    Alicia Engel 2 months ago

    +jezebel 4444 Exactly… I don’t think Jason actually did the stabbing; I think he and possibly his mother hired this couple to do it. He knew exactly what was going on in that house. Why else would he call 911 so suddenly? Just because the door is locked? I can understand if hours go by and she’s not answering and the door is locked.. but after only a few minutes? And this friend.. what was the point of bringing a friend? Possibly to be an alibi, to say “I was with Jason, he had nothing to do with this”? And like you said, she clearly was thinking of leaving him; you can’t tell me he didn’t feel some sort of strain in the relationship. The way he was so quick to say, “No truth to that at all”… very weird.

    link link

    • TL says:

      Interesting comments, and echo the ones made here. Could it be the entire viewing audience is wrong, has there been one comment that suggests another direction to look for her killer?
      Thanks for that repost of comments

    • Paul Bunion says:

      Yes many unanswered or hidden answers to many questions.

      So far my distant investigation has Jason as a very close person of interest as well as several others that have posted very graphic depictions of the murder.

      Time line to follow soon. And many photos to help in the attempt to bring this to a close for the whole family.

      Loose lips tell more than interviews and TV shows. And many that have posted have given more information to their knowledge ( Personal) and involvement than they can now take back.

      God bless the family

  3. Court Reporter says:

    Zailo pal ex-tenant drug thug punk goof Ziggy Matheson’s ex-minion drug boy Rhys Bolton is back in town after serving a 4-year sentence in a US prison for drug trafficking. He appeared in Supreme Court in Victoria today to face these charges.

    Victoria Law Courts
    Date: 18-NOV-2015
    HMTQ vs BOLTON, Rhys T. V.
    Publication – CCC 539 1
    001 Assault with a weapon
    002 Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
    003 Robbery
    004 Aggravated assault

  4. Paul Bunion says:

    Many discrepancies, Or ! purposely cover ups’ This has got my attention now, and will from my view be looked at.

    More to come..

    And for the ones that are following this I did not know about this murder until I investigated another persons back ground, and in that investigation this homicide was introduced to me. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what has taken place. And to answer that one question that is burning in the back of your mind right now. It is 26 years.

    • Reviewer says:

      Go Paul Bunion Go. 26 yrs and 1000s of convictions. At least someone can see through the diversions, and see the coverup! No, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, I agree! Hopefully those in charge of this case do contact you. Lindsays watching from above. The truth will be unveiled. Thank you on her behalf!

      • walter says:

        Let some of us know what you mean…. we are supposed to help and this website is to share. Yet whats this 26 years and 1000’s of convictions? Just tell us

        • Paul Bunion says:

          26 years experience, and 1000’s of convictions. Let us watch how the guilty stop responding now.

        • ranger rick says:

          So who’s the dirty cop?

          • Paul Bunion says:

            Assumptions are the mothers of all mistakes. Many here that have posted seem to be wanting the truth yet many others seem to be attempting to point fingers in other directions.

            Seems I have your attention. So please share with us your knowledge of facts about Lindsay’s murder.

            • Reviewer says:

              I don’t believe this about a dirty cop. I believe Mr Bunion is a seasoned investigator, who can see through the web of deceit. Lindsays execution was in the planning for months, and eyes had been on her! Planned to create diversions, and a web. Let’s just hope that someone goes in with a broom and finds the giant spider.

  5. Paul Bunion says:

    Through other means I have been introduced to this homicide. 26 years, and 1000’s of convictions. Vid, Jason, Jacine, and a few others you should go now and speak to Chris with the truth. And if Sgt. is watching this page I invite you sir to contact me.

  6. Chris C for Lindsay says:

    You took a life
    Do you know what you did
    A storm will soon arrive
    You’re next in line
    Arm yourself because no one is going to save you
    The others have betrayed you
    Are you ready to die
    If you think you’ve won
    The odds have betrayed you
    The Lindsay prize never fulfilled you
    It’s longing to kill you
    Prepare to die

    • TL says:

      Truly…. what a surprise it must be when you (the quilty) think what you are doing, because it is such a final act, is the way to once and for all be rid of a person only then finding them in every waking & sleeping minute of every day.

      Lindsay’s father is not the only one with her on his mind and while his thoughts are likely ones of grief, they are nonetheless loving in nature.

      Yours, you know.. YOU on the other hand, your thoughts of her, are quickly followed with a rush of adrenaline as a sense of foreboding, fear, anxiety, desperation, always hiding, always vigilant.

      Doctor would prescribe “TRUTH” as your remedy. Facing the consequences will begin to seem much easier than knowing her ghost.

      P.S. Lady MacBeth, have you managed to wash the blood from your hands yet? How does it feel when you look in the mirror and know you brought your sons to this evil.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Let’s not complicate this or protect the despicable characters involved, it’s right under our nose and always has been. The same suspects have been on our radar from the day Lindsay was brutally murdered. Nothings changed really has it! Put aside the motives, the “extended” connections because as we have seen first hand, they are endless. Let’s refer to the connections as cowards because that’s what they all are. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the dead girl — they only care about saving their own skin. By no stretch of the imagination have the conspirators got away with this murder and they have finally figured that out. Time for arrests.

  7. Jeff Buziak says:

    Happy Birthday my love. We miss you. For those of you who didn’t know Lindsay she was full of kindness, caring and love with a special beauty added that made her shine brightly. If I could be half the person Lindsay was I would consider myself blessed.
    Bless you my precious child. You will always be front and center in my heart right beside your amazing sister. I know you knew you always occupied that spot.
    I love you very much Lins.
    daddy xoxo

  8. Joanna Mills says:

    An angel was born November 2nd 1983. Happy Birthday Lindsay – always in our hearts you will never be forgotten.

  9. Langford Larry says:

    been hangin round town spendin time with my family. can’t imagine bein without my daughter. can’t fucking imagine what lindsays dad goes through everyday. gonna call him again one day soon. anybody no his number I think i lost it. scared callin him again cause i don’t wanna feel his pain. itll just make me fuckin crazy mad like last time and wanna kill sombody. fuckin cowards. spineless woman beater vid seems to be a target of cops right now. feel like just goin and doin what sombody shoulda done some time ago. break his fucken bones til he tells the truth jus like he beat his baby mama years back. fuckin pussy. went to derksens gym and watch him and his bum buds all man lovey hangin round together and no you take them fucks by themselves they are gutless goofs. little scared groopy goof boys with tats. speaking of goof that zailo tit does nuthin while derksen and his bumcazar buds stay close to each other cause there scared a there owen shadows. shits gunna come down and those fuckers gunna pay. garanteed. people gunna off em when arrests happen. goofs are scared. there times comin. soon. old school guys are talkin. women are pissed and talkin. cops ar showin sum movement. final round comin up. gunna be good watchin them fuckers die. word. larry out

    • Reviewer says:

      Let’s review

      3 major criminal events surround Lindsays death:

      1.  BC Rail scandal, 
      2. Drug bust in Calgary
      3. real estate, and mortgage fraud, money laundering, marijuana, 

      Common threads

      1.  BC Rail:  McDuffs were friends with?  Names
      2. Calgary Drug Bust people answered to?  Names
      3. Who are behind the scenes being protected?  

      Lindsay came off of a relationship with McDuff.  McDuff was friends with?  Zailo, Mr. Smooth, just appears out of  nowhere to woo Lindsay, after brother, tried.  Were they must trying to “contain” her.  

      Zailos were friends with Ziggy Matheson, who answered to ?  Delalcazars answered to Ziggy.  Ziggy answers to ?  Name ? 

      There is a chain of command.  There is Mr. Big, Mr.  Bigger and Mr. Biggest.

      When Bains was arrested in 2004, Mr. Bigger would have replaced Mr. Big.   No one has said who Mr. Big was in 2008.  It sure would NOT  have been Bains.  he would have been replaced, back in 04.  

      All these low life’s, Vid, delalcazars, are the lower part of the totem pole, and are kept in line by Mr. Big, Mr  Bigger and Mr. biggest.  

      Mr. Big, Bigger and Biggest would never commit the crime themselves, they would just give the order.  Execute!  The Zs report to others, and if there  is evidence of fraud, real estate, mortgage etc, they would have leverage because they are covering for the bigger and biggest!  

      Organized crime is like a ponzi scheme.  There is a heirarchy!  


      Who was Mr. big in 2006/07/08  No way it was Bains
      Is the BC rail scandal, which was totally whitewashed, and the taxpayers stuck with a $6million bill for criminals, the original fear.  Were all these docs triple deleted?

      Was  the Calgary drug bust, her fear, which would have led up the food chain?  To who?  The new Mr. Big?  

      Did Lindsay have names of people involved in real estate, mortages fraud?  

      Were orders given, and orders followed?

      Were all 3 of these connected?  

      Was it simply a quest for blood, from abroad, Croatia?  Were the Zs involved in overseas $ fraud?

      What I do know, is “create a diversion over there, so no one knows what’s going on over here?”  Organized crime is stellar at creating diversions.  

      Would the Zs really create a scenario of international connections, “Mexicans” and draw in organized crime, without “authority”.  

      The organized crime unit must be involved in this case.  But, the big players would have all been elsewhere, would have separated, and scattered.   Hiding in the weeds.  

      Can someone connect the names to hierarchy?  

      And, Dunc Bailey, who did attend that debriefing meeting?  Tell us.  And, if it was just lowlife names, who do they report to.  No one can convince me, that this executuion, was not “senior” in “decision making”. That is why it is taking so long to bring forth charges.  

      And, Langford Larry, always like your comments, but where are the MEN?  Maybe the “boys” already know the answers!  They are All “chicken shits”, ALONE!  Little boys, pretending to be MEN!  No real “MAN” would ever condone an execution of a young 24 yr old young woman, unless protecting “an organization”. 

      All comments welcome!  

      • Reviewer says:

        Further, no MAN,period on the end, would harm a woman, let alone execute. This appears to be an execution to protect ” a family, involved in family business”. What’s that called “mob business”. ? ???isn’t that what we see on tv. The old family business protecting the mob,and the family involved in the mob. No way, this was just a jealous boyfriend. She, Lindsay, interferred somehow, with success, and potential harm to the Unit!!! The whole!!!! Period on the end!!!! There is a whole hierarchy here!!! Her interference was her non compliance. Unfortunately, she didn’t share enough, and kept her fears to herself. Any others, pls share. Fear is their tool.

        • Clarice says:

          Check out the bahviour after her murder….Lindsay’s career in real estate was starting to soar & she was becoming successful, she planned on leaving her boyfriend & changing & venturing out on her own. Jealousy, rage, narcissistic betrayal stopped her from ever completing her dreams in life. Don’t give these cowards & crybabies any amount of MOB ties or big time coverups. Sure they wanted to cover up their drug trafficking but its nothing more than a pathetic low life crime atrophy these guys only wish they were rolling with the big boys if there is such a thing. jealous, because he couldn’t have her.

          • TL says:

            Thank you I wasn’t sure how to respond to the venture back across the continents.

            There’s plenty enough evidence in this blog alone to point to who the worried parties, the planners, the conspirators are. They surrounded Lindsay with purported love, expensive trips, gifts, homes all while planning in the background what would happen if they couldn’t bring her around. Visions of sugar plums dancing in her head, for her to want all those things badly enough that she too would sell her soul to the devil. Lindsay was not geared that way, even if she did seemingly associate with these ppl who she may or may not have known were dealing drugs,,, isn’t that far of a stretch for the way many successful realtors as well as other successful people, like to socialize. Often enjoying a little ‘snow’ without leaving the party. So she would have been exposed to a certain amount of that as a successful realtor, almost expected of her to mingle in order to stick with the high rollers & maintain her success. A member of the ‘winners’ circle so to speak.

            To the contributor that thought the accent could be a good indication the ‘order’ came from a drug mafia in another country….. again, there is evidence in this blog that may or may not be correct but the implication in the earlier post of perhaps why the mexican accent, presents valid possibility to explain that. No need to travel outside of Victoria to find Lindsay’s murderers, nope no need at all.

            • Reviewer says:

              Agreed, wording was poor. However, I still believe there is something larger at play here than jealousy.

              Let’s re review

              Comments on this blog that indicate other than just jealousy.  These are facts: 

              1.  Owner of home, Desousa,  developer stated  to someone, “she deserved it” 
              2. Ziggy said to someone “it was a mistake”
              3. Creep thugs threatened Dallas Destiny ” the same would happen to her as Lindsay bitch”
              4. Creep thug stated “tell them about Lindsay bitch”
              5. This execution was 3 months in the planning stage
              6. Neighbor bolts from town
              7. Paul bolts from town
              8. 36 oaths says look to big boys
              9. Execution, 40 plus stab wounds, is anger, retribution, and a message. 
              10. Debrief meeting indicates an organized killing
              11. Lindsay stated in 06 and 07 she saw something.  her career was not booming at this time.  

              No way, just jealousy!  There is way more at play here.  

              Let’s go back to the fall of  2007.  What was happening?  

              What happened to Kyle McDonald from Shawnigan Lake?
              Didn’t Dave Basi get busted for pot house in Shawnigan Lake that someone rented back in 05. 
              Lindsay bolted from Shawnigan Lake house! 

              So, we have Shawnigan Lake in common, with another  drug bust, Basi,  missing person, and an executed Lindsay, and the Zs.  We can add this to the list.   

              Lindsays friends.  We have girls associated with some very big  dudes! 

              This is a very big spiders web.

              The police, must have a huge board, like a spiders web.  BC Rail, McDuffs, Calgary drug Bust, Shawnigan Lake, Zs, disappearance of McDonald, Basi, girlfriends men, real estate, mortgages, money laundering, marijuana, cocaine, etc etc.  Are they all connected?  

              The question is “Who is the big spider that needed to be protected?  Is it just SZ?  

              These are just facts, not fiction.  Remember, Lindsay was Executed. More like a coverup than jealousy. A cover up of Just family business, or organized crime business? Both? Or one and the same? That is the question!

              I agree no need to look further than Victoria, for the facilitators. For the conspirators probably the same, BC!

              The big question is were the facilitators ordered to take action, or were the facilitators acting on their own behalf?

              We won’t know until we hear of arrests!

              Let’s all hope that will be before the end of this year. And not go into another year not knowing the truth.

              We now have a new federal female Minister of Justice we could all write to and put some pressure on the system to find the truth. If everyone wrote a quick note asking the new federal Minister of Justice to look into why this murder has not been solved, we may get somewhere. It sure wouldn’t hurt.

    • ROXY says:

      The recent posts about Vid are vague and I am sure they were not meant for all of us to understand. Fair enough. It’s time for those who dare to speak out about what they know about this guy. I don’t know a lot but what I can tell you is this. He prays on vulnerable women and uses his child as bait. It sickens me when I look at his facebook wall. He paints a picture of himself as a loving father when it is the farthest thing from the truth, and is continually posting pictures of his daughter. He continually slams his ex-wife & says he hates her, but says they produced a beautiful little girl. It is pathetic to see girls posting on his page, oh Vid your little girl is so adorable, you are such a great dad. Bullshit baffles brains I guess, because unless someone tells me different Vid has no legal access to his daughter and rarely sees her. Vid was charged with beating his wife, sure he got off but everyone in town knows he did it. bruises & hospital reports don’t lie.

      This loser doesn’t work has never worked and just because he’s never been charged with illegal drug related offences doesn’t make him innocent. It’s been his source of income for 20 years and it’s the only life he knows. Vid used to trade his drugs for stolen property, it wasn’t always cash, he’d take anything he could get when times were tough. He’s been an alcoholic his entire life, a real mean drunk and he’s been known to send out enforcers to settle scores. I and others wonder what pays for Vid’s last minute excursions to Croatia, the proceeds of crime or the pockets of his Croatian animal murderer. Everyone needs to share what they know about Vid’s involvement and/or knowledge of Lindsay’s murder; even the smallest bit of information. A beautiful young woman was senselessly executed by losers and cowards. Vid fits this description well. Please do the right thing for all women.

  10. Langford Larry says:

    back home from workin in alberta and first thing wifey talks about is Lindsay’s murder. Im thinkin Whoa girl can we do this in the bedroom. Shes gone from tellin me to stay outta it to tellin me we need to do more. Talk first n play second I was told. I know I picked right eh. I’m on it this weekend I tells her. Guess cops are out knockin on doors and the women are rattled. wifey is on friends list with everyone from Shirley Zailo and her pansies to Delcazars and the macduffer women. Would be good to see the women sort this out but they always want to squawk a lot and have men do the work don’t they. C’mon girls grow some. Lindsay was one of yous. We all know this involves Victoria goofs who are too lily livered to call it out. Cops gunna sweat them and their familys out then if they too chicken ass. Guess cops showed up at our door asking where I was and how good we know Vid, delcazars, zailos, macduffers etc. wifey didn’t like that so some girls had a meetin and are gunna turn on goofs who know sumthin cause its now seriously disruptin their nice little lifes. This is good .Might start to respect some of these dip chicks if they actually do sumthin about Lindsay’s murder besides getting their fkin hair and nails done. Got me pissed. Larry out.

    • TL says:

      Larry, I didn’t intend this to you directly, I was in the comments box to reply to your post when I found the story showing just one example of the kinds of corruption police officers can be involved with, trying to cover it up leaves them vulnerable, favours & lies for superiors etc.etc. The snowball builds resulting in shoddy investigative work with stalls, promises of effort with no results. Let’s not forget, leaves a father waiting for the answer to the only question he has…. Who Killed Lindsay?

      The Burnaby Now is reporting that “a former peace officer with the Burnaby RCMP is serving a 14-month jail sentence for stealing a kilogram of cocaine from a police exhibit locker in the spring of 2011. Gary Read, a longtime special constable once in charge of exhibits in Burnaby, was charged with theft in November 2011 after an exhibit audit at the local RCMP detachment in the spring of 2011 revealed some drugs were unaccounted for.

      • Lulu USA says:

        Glad :/ to know Canada is just as corrupt as EVERY state in America…
        Lindsay did everything she was supposed to and then some. She was killed because she was awesome. There is nothing she could have done about that.
        God got another very special angel…

  11. Vid Acevedo says:

    Charbel why you dancin round like a douche. We all tired coverin fer you nigga. Grow sum balls prick. Tell em what went down with Lindsay bitch. I had nough of you sittin round fuckin the dog and sellin the pups. Fuck you greasy desert fuck. Tell the truth dog. Charbel Hage is your goof. Ain’t us good guys. I don’t give a fuck anymore!

    • Paul Bunion says:

      Well well, Acevedo speaks, or better yet types a response. Many photos I have, and much evidence is now known that was not before. Now to answer that question that is burning in the back of your mind right now? 26 years, and 1000’s of convictions.

    • the end of the road says:

      Vid … where are you celebrating your last Thanksgiving dinner on the outside tonight?

  12. Dunc Bailey says:

    I assume you all know about the meeting in Victoria shortly after Lindsay’s murder for a debrief. Ask Erickson. right doggy.

    • Medardo says:

      Bailey shut the fk up or you will end up the same doggy. in or out.

      • Alex wilson says:

        Who else was at the meeting if you have a set of balls then tell everyone here.

        • Dunc Bailey says:

          Alex I’m trying to be helpful. I’ll gladly talk to cops if they are still working the murder. Lindsay was totally innocent and I’m pissed about what happened to her because of goofs without “a set of balls”. For details of the meeting I would ask Erickson, Medardo or everyone’s travelling mouthpiece Tired of Waiting.

          • Alex wilson says:

            Good on you man, the world needs more people like you who are willing to stand up for whats right. The cops are still working the murder and they need help

  13. tired of waiting says:

    Chris from the SPD is out putting heat on a few heavy hitters around town. Guys facing years in jail need to talk and they know it. they are worried. they know that 1st to flip gets the least time. Times up guys.

    • Tick Tock says:

      If the heat’s on as you say then the fuckers involved in this murder should be running scared. There’s no mountain high enough, no valley low enough for these cowards to hide. Sounds like the cops are right up their ass & in their face…if that’s the case the end is near. Bastards can rot in HELL.

      I’d be watching for the drones flying overhead.

    • TL says:

      sorry, I’ll believe Chris H is doing anything really investigative when I see the results of the 8 years he has had to investigate, come to meaningful fruition, regardless of whom it is he will put behind bars. The suspicions of police involvement in hampering the investigation into Lindsay’s murder, regardless of the name or position, stature in life, will he be honest about those names.

      I’ll believe he is getting close to an arrest when he arrests those, whom without their involvement, Lindsay would still be alive. We know, yet we still wait. What is his holdup, is he intimidated by the positions some involved hold? Man decides from a place of fear, A Hero Acts!

      If he has no bone in the deal, why would he not act expediently? Just here, we have concluded where the starting gate is, by process of elimination. We’ve even allowed for outrageous scenarios of Russian Drug Mafia, Mexican drug lords, Croatian women??? Mafia and Bikers usually don’t kill women and children, not even family members of their rivals.

      Whomever stabbed Lindsay to death, would not have had access to her were it not for the actions of her boyfriend and his family. I don’t know about the law, but I have heard about conspiracy to murder being the same as if the killer were you Jason, and you Shirley.

      Do you still imagine Lindsay’s blood, warm on your hands Jason?

      Lady Macbeth lead her son away to wash his hands, and she seems quite sure that “A little water clears us of this deed”. Ironically, when she later goes mad, she sees blood on her hands that she cannot wash away, no matter how much water she uses”.

      May torment fill your every waking minute, vision of blood obscures every beauty from your view.

  14. Jeff Buziak says:

    I’m speaking at a Homicide conference later this week in Edmonton. I’m more than willing to do this for all the suffering families out there but I would rather not as it is very emotional and takes me back to dark places no one should have to go. We shouldn’t have to go there. People shouldn’t be murdering. Criminals/murderers/rapist and pedophiles need to stop or be severely punished as they did their victims and more. There should not have to be conferences on how to deal with homicide grief attended by hundreds of people. So sad.
    Where is justice, law and order?

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Former solicitor-general Kash Heed, a longtime cop, said the gun and gang violence on the Lower Mainland is out of control. Two gangsters allegedly shot a rival at a Surrey school Sept. 15. They’re still on the run. And in Abbotsford, a senior died Sept. 2 after catching a stray bullet as his neighbour’s house was sprayed with gunfire.

      “From what we’ve witnessed in the past few months, the police have lost the battle with the gang situation. Police are completely overwhelmed with what is happening. They are just reacting to a perpetuating problem,” Heed said. “There are no signs of this curtailing itself. We truly have to go back and look at … a different way of doing business or we are never going to get a handle on this situation.”

      ….and Premier of Brutish Columbia Christy Clark simply smiles? What a leader!

  15. Jeff Buziak says:

    I am outside your window, the cops are watching your back door, you cowards think you’re home free: think again. The noose is tightening. Your days are now numbered. Serious people await the public announcement.. Justice will be served. You will feel Lindsay’s horror.

    • Arthur Friend says:

      Jeff. you are going to have the justice you deserve (one way or another). Your patience is so commendable. You have a lot of control. The sad part is that finally watching these people incarcerated won’t bring your heart back into eqaulibrium. You know that now after having deal with it for these years. It’s grief that not even time can erase. But seeing these criminal sociopaths behind bars will allow you to feel that you vindicated Lindsay’s murder and that you never let up. I hope to see this thing resolved very soon. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be.

  16. Joanna Mills says:


    have investigated more homicides in Victoria this year than in previous years.

    As of September, the unit has recorded six deaths in Victoria so far this year – four of which have been deemed a homicide and two still being treated as a suspicious death.

    Last year, the unit recorded one homicide in Esquimalt, a suspicious death in Victoria, and began investigating the disappearance of Dana McKeller, who went missing from his Victoria home on Sept. 2. The 51-year-old’s body was found nine months later at a rural property on Goward Road in Saanich.

    Sgt. Brad Fraser with VIIMCU said the number of homicides and suspicious deaths this year are a bit higher compared to the five-year average, but there doesn’t appear to be any trends.

    “Fortunately, Victoria doesn’t have any real big gang wars going on, nothing like the Lower Mainland. These deaths, for the most part, are associated,” said Fraser, adding it doesn’t appear any of the victims and their killers were strangers.

    “These deaths are the result of just people’s interactions with one another…But there are some historical files where it’s going to be a stranger that is likely responsible for that homicide.”

    In 2010, police recorded one homicide in Victoria, and three in 2011 (one was manslaughter). Other years, Victoria and Esquimalt haven’t recorded any homicides at all.

    But the numbers could easily be higher. According to Fraser, there have been a few situations where people have been severely injured due to violence, but paramedics have prevented them from becoming another homicide victim. Community involvement in safe streets has also helped keep the murder rate low.

    “There’s definitely some community involvement in people looking after one another,” said Fraser, noting police also receive a tremendous amount of support from the community when it comes to homicide investigations.

    “You don’t always get that with every type of crime. Murders, it’s different. People say this person lost their life and I want to help.”

    • Arthur Friend says:

      Victoria is transitioning into a major city. The advent of the new arena is a anchor. This is now a major city and no longer what it used to be. The law enforcement machine needs to be able to effectively cope with this new reality. I’m not convinced that they are capable.

  17. Charles reinhart says:

    In 1998 a young couple was beaten to death with a hammer in there apartment on jubilee st ,they had a boat and many cars,and sea doos,the were involved in drugs many professionals are subtly involved in bulk drugs,and many real criminals resent that,also b.c. is listed as one of the most corrupt places on earth and cautioned not to invest there,without drugs b.c. would look like mexico city,drugs supports the largest part of the economy,that and wrongful convictions that is

    • John says:

      I agree, crime in BC is out of control and unfortunately, we can’t even trust our own government to do something about it. They’re filling their own pockets with dirty money so if we can’t trust them who DO we trust.


      BASI/VIRK Basi doing 100’s of drug deals on his government phone. How about Jas Bains, a ministerial aid running drugs between Victoria & Toronto. Mr. BIG they called him.

      Then after their arrests the government puts up $6 million dollars for their legal defense. SHOCKING, not really.

      Pharmaceutical companies donated tens of thousands of dollars to the B.C. Liberal government in recent years. B.C. health researcher firing scandal timeline

      Gordon Campbell (BC Premier, arrested in Hawaii for DUI) (Liberals). Also implicated in Railgate.

      • Joanna Mills says:

        Bribes, payoffs, and drug trafficking within government, and don’t forget the dirty cop Rob Dosanj, connected to that Rat pack of dirty government. Without him his co-accused couldn’t have pulled it off. What happened to Gordon Campbell after his resignation? Slipped out the back door of the legislature, shipped of to England and landed another cushy position. Witness protection maybe?

        What is it that drove these young men with their aspiring careers in government to turn to drug trafficking, bribes and payoffs? Was it the control & power it brought them, the money or a combination of both. They all fell from their ivory towers and are now a disgrace to this country.

        Where is Christi Clark these days? Her trail of false promises follow her everywhere she goes!! Yet she continues to soapbox on issues that are of little importance. “CHRISTI, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS AND BRING THE TOPIC OF MURDERED WOMEN TO THE FOREFRONT.
        It’s out of control Christi, so for god sake do something about it.”

        “Premier Clark is with the rest of Canada’s premiers on Prince Edward Island saying she backs a national inquiry into missing and murdered women, yet the B.C. Liberals just cut more than a million dollars in funding for the very police investigators whose job it is to solve these horrible crimes and help bring closure to families whose loved ones who were murdered,”

  18. Jeff Buziak says:


    How long must we endure? How long do we need to tolerate and try to understand the logic of bleeding hearts protecting rights of criminals? This horrific tragedy is another very, very serious reminder of our broken justice system. Do we need to know why Hailey and her father were senselessly murdered? Do we need to know how? Do we need to listen to some smarmy defense lawyer spew bullshit trying to explain the reason for this or Lindsay’s murder? Do we need to wait 3-5 years for a trial to play out after arrests to hear some weak judge reason on their compromised sentence? Do we need parole hearings that torment families and victims making them physically and mentally ill over and over until they die while predators and murderers play the system like a new Playstation game? What is wrong with us. What is wrong with our politicians? Do we need more reminders? Do you want to experience this personally to make an informed decision?

    We don’t need more predators and murderers on parole. We don’t need more lengthy trials. We DO NOT need publication bans on anything. ELIMINATE THEM ALL

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Lindsay, please take little Hailey by her hand and lead her to safety and happiness. Lins, please hug her everyday and tell her we love her like we all love you. Daddy xoxo

    • Al Bunn says:

      I understand your anger, Jeff, and I feel exactly the same way. Unfortunately the only way the Justice System will change is if someone in power (Lawyer, Judge, Politician) loses a loved one to murder and then they will know what it feels like. Currently they get to sit on their pedestals in their Ivory Towers while the rest of us have to suffer in silence.

      • Jeff Buziak says:

        The bottom line is that killers don’t give a f**k about you, me, the victim or anyone else. Why should we care about them and their rights all of a sudden because they are caught??????? The cowards are always trying to weasel out. Please, Please think about that.
        We have dedicated the last 7.5 years of our lives to help bring Lindsay’s killers to justice then it will be 3-5 years before a trial after arrests. I’m all in mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. Lindsay’s family has been gutted. Friends are tormented. The community is bewildered. Lindsay Warriors are committed. The conspirators and killers are still having a good time then will cry like little babies when caught.
        Lindsay isn’t coming back but hopefully we are making a difference for your daughter, your wife, your girlfriend, your aunt, your niece. Until you have experienced homicide of a loved one believe me you have no idea the devastation. This is a serious growing trend by people who don’t deserve to live with us on this planet after committing a heinous murder no matter what their feeble excuse is that some smarmy, snake-oil, defense lawyer will use while bleeding a family or us taxpayers of huge dollars to look like an OJ hero.
        Wrong! wrong! wrong!
        Fry the bastards.

  19. Frank Furillo says:

    Breaking news which gives hope justice in B.C. may still be occasionally working. Lets all believe Saanich police are going to announce arrests soon in our Lindsay’s unsolved murder.

    Update: RCMP have announced a charge of first-degree murder against 51-year-old Larry Darling in the 2006 death of Port Alberni woman Kristy Morrey.

    Original story: RCMP in Port Alberni, B.C., have called a news conference for later this morning to announce a significant development in a cold case.

    A senior officer, along with relatives of 28-year-old Kristy Morrey, will attend the news conference where charges are expected to be announced. Morrey was found dead in her Port Alberni home on Aug. 20, 2006.

    Officers initially believed she had died of natural causes, but one year later they announced the case was a homicide, although the cause of death has never been revealed. Investigators have always believed someone in the Vancouver Island city has information that could crack the case.

    In the years after the murder, police also said they were confident that advances in forensic technology could eventually lead to charges.

  20. Al Bunn says:

    Great website Jeff. Excellent way to get the message out to the general public regarding Lindsay’s murder. I am hopeful that something positive will happen regarding this case in the near future. Your dedication to getting this murder solved is highly commendable. Some people are “thinkers” and some people are “doers” and in your case you are both. You’ve probably been told this before but because you are such a good communicator I think you could write an excellent book (memoir) regarding your daughter Lindsay, when it’s the right time. Let’s hope this thing gets solved soon so that in the event that you do write a book there is an ending that has provided some Justice for Lindsay’s murder.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Al thank you for your direct compliments. I’m afraid I cannot take much credit as the team of Lindsay Warriors who dedicate themselves to this cause certainly deserve all the credit. Lindsay’s murder is going to be solved. Chris Horsley and his team at Saanich police have clung to this file with an iron grip so they must solve this or turn in their badges. I believe they want to retain their badges. They are going to arrest all involved.
      There isn’t a half a day in the year I am not doing something in trying to solve Lindsay’s murder and bring all involved to justice. We will succeed. All of us. People like you keep us fuelled and I know the Lindsay Warriors need encouragement once in a while and I certainly don’t give them enough. Someday I will tell the story to someone of all the dedicated individuals that tirelessly work on Lindsay’s unsolved murder and most have never even met Lindsay. We communicate seven days a week year round. Really, I can’t fathom their dedication when I think about it. I’m afraid to think of their dedication. They humble me as I’m not always the easiest guy on people.
      A number of people have suggested a book but frankly I don’t think about that at all. I will address that when I get over the accomplishment of seeing all involved fully covered in the media and exposed as the cowards they are. Cowards, every one of them.
      Al, I know you and Petra have your own challenges with the murder of your family member in B.C. I wish I could take that away from you. I know you have been gagged by the justice system in B.C. and I dread that time I am told to zip it. I don’t believe I will be able to. Lets hope I have the public support when some judge throws me in jail for breaking a gag order. I don’t believe in them at all as they are for the criminals protection only.
      In the mean time, we soldier on with the determination the cowards who conspired and murdered Lindsay will be arrested soon.I have all the time in the world to continue spying on these rat cowards and will until the handcuffs of Saanich police tighten on their wrists. They will remember my smile when I look them in the eye. Rat cowards!
      I am speaking at another EPS Conference in early October on the plight of homicide victims who are a growing group no thanks to our justice system continuing to protect the criminals.

      • TL says:

        Well I don’t know how that works, telling someone they can’t speak about an experience they themselves have had, but I do know they can’t shut me up and for the little that I do know about all the niggly details, times of phone calls etc. I am convinced I do know who the people are, that were instrumental to ensuring Lindsay’s arrival to her death. I entirely believe that were it not for their involvement, she would still be alive, she wouldn’t have been lead to her slaughter.

        So I just wanted to say that until her murder is solved, I will not keep quiet, if opportunity presents itself to point and call out to those responsible, I’ll be fighting for a spot at the front of the line. A line consisting of all these people because I am confident there are many in here that will also not stand quiet while we stand at your back.

        Personally I cannot wait until the time comes where it can be vocalized, I will be elated at the freedom to call the queen of spades just a spade and an ugly one at that

    • John says:

      Social media technology advancements over the last decade has opened the floodgates for anyone wanting a platform to get their message out for a cause that matters. Jeff Buziak has proven that it can be done & he has allowed no one to get in his way. He’s most definitely a doer. Never stop fighting for the justice your daughter so rightfully deserves. You are an inspiration to all.

  21. Andreas Faulte says:

    There’s no such thing as “coincidences”, or “luck” in the murder realm, but rather “bad planning”, “good planning”, or both – somethings this murder had. It also had “simplicity”, “bravado”, and “arrogance”, not to mention a “predictability” of enormous quantity, because of that “arrogance”. Things in this case actually have stayed “linked”, rather than be “scattered”, and all this is a clue to who was behind it – down to the faked accents. One does not have to look far.

  22. tired of waiting says:

    There has been a confession!

    Saanich Police have confessed that they have no clue in what they are doing.

    • Tick Tock says:

      Criminals don’t commit perfect crimes & the arrests of these perpetrators will come in due time. The conspirators were not perfect in their planning & execution. Let’s not criticise the police!! No matter what the police do someone will always find fault and question their actions. If they make a quick arrest, it’s called a rush to judgement. If they wait too long they are called desperate to arrest someone. Then others will call it a police conspiracy.

      There is a lot of octopus ink involved here. Like the call to another realtor the day after the murder. And who would want to muddy the waters other then the murderer or someone protecting the murderer. That was a bogus call to draw attention to alternative suspects and leads. Criminals must realize actions like this are what will trip them up in the end. The 1st 911 call was not thought through completely, Mysterious & vague, and that will probably be another dumbass move that trips them up. I have every reason to believe the cops are on top of their game. And why? Because this is far from the perfect crime.

      • QB says:

        And let’s recall who that realtor was. None other than….. JZ’s ex-girlfriend!

        • Joanna Mills says:

          Yes, that call was made to JZ’s ex-girlfriend. And let’s not forget the 2nd mysterious call received by Lindsay’s friend NB around that same time. NB was clever enough to dial *67 and trace it’s origin. The caller turned out to be JZ’s mother.

        • Joanna Mills says:

          On Tuesday, 22-year-old real estate agent Jasmine Parsons said she received a similar call Sunday from a woman with a heavy accent.

          “She just said, ‘Can you come over, I want to list my house,” said Parsons, 22, who works for One Percent Realty in Victoria.

          “I’m like, ‘Okay what’s your address?’ She’s like, ‘Oh, you know what, I’m not sure. Can I call you back?’ And she didn’t call back.”
          The call to Parsons came from a private number. At the time, she said she knew Buziak had been killed, but did not know about reports of a woman with an accent. After she was told, she said she reported the call to police.

          Parsons, whose smiling picture is displayed prominently on her website, said she now makes sure she’s not alone at showings.

          “I get creepy phone calls all the time, now I’m just a little more aware,” she said.

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