Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011


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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor of showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Det. Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact the Saanich Police: or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this horrible act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to her mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

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  1. Yes Max it was all part of the plan, every step he made. It wouldn’t have looked good if Jason went around to the back and went into the house via the patio doors prior to calling 911 at 6:05 pm. He did tell the 911 operator that he was going to try and break into the house. I guess he never had too because the door was left unlocked/open. Imagine that :)

    The other thing I can’t get past is how Jason said he knew Lindsay was “passed away” when he touched her skin. He’s not a Dr. so why would he assume she had passed away by touching her skin? Did he check for a pulse? Yeah you knew she was passed away alright, you knew that when you sent that text at 6:05 pm.

  2. Max Smart says:

    The SP said the 911 call made by JZ is significant to the investigation. I can see why.
    JZ doesn’t know that Lindsay is inside the house already dead. Lindsay could have been using the washroom, she could have been in the middle of an important call having to write something down. She could have been locking up the rest of the house not knowing the client locked the front door. JZ called 911 and SZ for the code to the house when they are at the front door. They hadn’t checked for another way into the house yet but he already knew it was a crime scene.

    Logical sequence would be front doors locked, check the back door, if the back doors locked start checking for open windows. Get in the house. Not front doors locked call 911.

    I’m pretty sure this has all been discussed but I just get it now. Do we know which call was made first?

  3. I don’t know whether Jason is guilty or innocent. My heart goes out to him if he is an innocent victim in all of this. But, as you say Concerned Citizen his emotions, his reactions, and his lack of ability to feel empathy, pain and his not at least taking the time to grieve to show respect for Lindsay’s family and friends, leaves us all wondering about the person he really is. Regardless of guilt or innocence, if I were Kylee Frank’s parents I would be very concerned. If he showed no sadness or emotion and could go on with his life as he did after Lindsay’s violent murder then they should realize he does not really have the depth or ability to truly love someone. Perhaps the women are a possession to him, arm candy and nothing more. When they are gone he goes out and gets another one. I do not have children of my own yet, but if I did, please, this is not the type of man I would want my daughter to bring home. HIs personality, his cold demeanor is frightening and though we can’t understand it, it would be in any parent’s best interest to keep a man with a personality like this as far away as possible from our daughters. But there are always those that will believe until they find out they are right or until they are proven wrong.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    I don’t care who you are or how you “deal with emotions” but there is NO way a loving boyfriend would even HAVE an appetite or want to be in public after the gruesome murder of his girlfriend, much less after FINDING her body the night BEFORE. A normal reaction would be wanting to be at home with family, or wanting to be alone, or even drowning sorrows in alcohol feeling the need dull the excruciating pain. A reaction which is not normal is matter of factly recounting the events of the day prior to your dead girlfriend’s friends around a table, shopping etc etc. Gimme a fkg break.
    Maybe that breakfast occurred because they felt the need to keep up appearances.

    • rasmus25 says:

      Exactly my thoughts, eating would be the last thing on my mind hours after finding my girlfriend murdered, spending the night at the police station, etc. But as Dennis Miller says, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong….

  5. Joanna Mills says:



    147212-1 1 13-Jul-2009 CCC – 430(4) Mischief $5000 or under Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER B Victoria BC
    150591-2-C 2 01-Apr-2010 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Vict
    146324-1 1 09-Jun-2009 CCC – 430(4) Mischief $5000 or under Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Victoria BC
    146324-1 3 09-Jun-2009 CCC – 352 possessing breaking instrument for coin device Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Victoria BC
    142820-1 1 21-Mar-2008 CCC – 355(b) PSP Under $5,000 Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Victoria BC
    130313-1 1 24-Feb-2005 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Victoria BC
    125234-1 1 15-Jan-2004 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER Bryant Victoria BC

  6. Timeline: This is fact.

    “When Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw two figures through the glass portion of the front door as stated on Dateline. Jason parked his Range Rover in the DeSousa cul de sac for approx. 10 minutes facing away from the house. He turned around in the cul de sac and turned right onto Torquay and sat there for approx. another 10 minutes.”

  7. Andreas Faulte says:

    I feel the phone arrived with the “man”, from Vancouver – he was the contract, not the woman who was likely just assisting with the illusion and maybe even the driver.

  8. Sam,

    Jason did not leave the jail in Jailhouse Rock clothing so obviously his mother or someone brought clothing for his departure. Maybe it was his brother’s clothes, or Paul’s or a friends. It really doesn’t matter. Whatever he was wearing could have been adequate for a few days. As for Jason eating in restaurants regularly that is not surprising, as a young couple in real estate working days, evenings, and weekends it would have been far more convenient to grab a bite at all hours depending on their busy schedule. Just like the late lunch at Sauce before heading off in their different directions to do their business.

    Perhaps I have explained myself incorrectly regarding the parking so let me clarify. Jason drove into the cul-de-sac glanced to his left and saw two shadows in the glass of the front door. He drove just a bit further past the house and parked his Landrover there for 10-15 minutes. He did not circle the cul-de-sac and come around to park in front of the house. So, he was parked across from the house with his back end facing Torquay. The back end of his vehicle did not face the front door of Torquay but technically it was behind him and not in front. I hope this makes more sense. And by the way, this is a fact!

  9. Andreas Faulte says:

    I still envision the woman as a local, wearing a wig – she probably was not the woman behind the voice ( that’s another feeling), and I feel she was a reluctant participant, but a participant all the same because she “owed someone something”, and was probably close to backing out ( hence the phone call from the man on Saturday) but was persuaded to keep her end of the deal. I still feel they were the front-of-house distraction of the theatre and at least the “man” was the killer while the woman likely went downstairs prior to collect the shoes and lock the door. She could’ve faked a reason to go downstairs just prior to the murder to do that. I also strongly feel there was a third person ( other than Lindsay) in the house, and that person was one of the planners who snuck in through the already opened patio door. It was he ( yes “he” ) who may have actually done the stabbing with such anger. Remember, Lindsay had to be lured to the house and made to feel like there was a deal happening (the theatrics) – her uneasiness aside. The players had no idea of leaving via the front door. The patio was there for all NOT to see.

  10. samspade90 says:

    Mikal, when you ask ” what’s wrong with wearing the clothes he had on his back “, are you talking about the clothes he was wearing when he got to DeSousa?? if it is, I explained that those clothes would have been kept by the police for testing. He would have been issued some
    ” jail clothes ” to replace them. If those are the clothes you are talking about, I would imagine they may have some sort of Printing on them indicating the person wearing them had or should be in jail and I certainly wouldn’t be wearing those around for a few days. As for eating breakfast
    out, I think Jason was used to eating many meals in restaurants. Comparing what he did and what we would do is useless. Jason appears to be a totally different character from most normal people. Do we know for sure that Jason parked with his rear facing Torquay ?? If you look at the photos from the Facebook site, there are 2 drawings showing, what appears to be the places he parked. The first has an asterisk and the number 1 beside it and it is in front of the home that is under construction on the immediate right of 1702. I am thinking he pulled into the cul-du-sac, stopped, and saw the figures behind the privacy glass and then followed the circle around until he stopped in front of the home next door. Why park with your rear facing the street when you could turn in the circle and be facing forward?? The second photo has an asterisk and the number 2 beside it out on Torquay, where Jason pulled out to after leaving his original position. If it has been stated by Jason before, that he was parked with his rear end facing Torquay, then I apologize for not remembering. We need to be careful that some of our opinions do not come across as Fact.

  11. Max Smart says:

    I think the SP have all the answers to your questions. I think the SP even know who paid for the murder. And I think they are being very short sited for some reason. They haven’t been able bring anything forward to the crown in 4 years. They haven’t asked for outside help from the forces that deal with these same perps day in and day out. But they go on national TV and say they are stymied in their investigation and need someone to come forward with information. Good investigative skills.
    Is this is the same force that prided themselves on there detective skills so much so that they didn’t need to join any integrated forces? So what happened? Is it pride? Maybe arrogance? Or maybe the answers are just too close to home?

  12. What would have been so wrong with wearing the clothes he had on his back for the next few days other then maybe washing his underwear. And if you were suffering the shock of just losing a lost one wouldn’t you rather eat breakfast at home with your family where you can grieve in private. Who thinks to go out for breakfast in a restaurant at such a gut-wrenching emotional time of just losing the women you loved.

    As Jason & Cohen never saw the couple leave while they were parked on Torquay we can be sure that the couple disappeared into the night while Jason was parked in front of the 1702 De Sousa home. He would have had a clear view of Torquay from his rear view mirror as he was parked with his rear end towards the house. Jason knew the couple had left and that was his queue to move out onto Torquay. They had no choice other then to go directly onto Torquay, whether they turned right towards Llandaff or left towards Kenmore who knows. The Saanich Police would know, the tracking dogs must have been at least able to pick up the scent of which direction they turned. Unless of course, they crossed the street, and went down the path through the park and out onto the cul-de-sac at the other end.

    As for stymied, yes we should be stymied but why the police. They are supposed to be the experts with the skills to solve homicides. Or maybe not. This is exactly why this case should have never landed in the hands of the Saanich Police in the first place. They couldn’t figure it out from the start and they can’t figure it out now. All they have done is lost precious time, and maybe even crucial evidence to the case. Let’s just hope there is still a ray of hope on the horizon.

  13. samspade90 says:

    To be fair to Jason, regarding the clothes shopping and breakfast, obviously the police would have taken the clothes he had on to be tested and issued him jailhouse sweats?? and would have closed off the condo to him in order to search it for clues and retrieve computers etc.
    He would not have access to the condo to retrieve clothes and get something to eat. That being said, going out clubbing and telling friends the extent of Lindsay’s injuries was ignorant. One of the questions I had was regarding Cohen, and whether he received the same treatment. Were his clothes taken and tested? Did the police remove his family from the home and search and retrieve? The police would have asked Cohen why he was with Jason that night. Surely he wouldn’t have said ” Jason had papers to deliver to Lindsay and asked me to come along”. Pretty lame. I wonder where the killers went immediately after exiting the home. Was Jason still parked out front or was he on Torquay by then ? In either position it would have been possible to notice the couple walking through the trees near Torquay and out to the street. I can’t see them risking it ( unless Jason and Cohen were both involved, but I doubt Cohen was). Could they have seen Jason parked on Torquay or out front and went behind the house and waited in the house being built next door?? The news video from the next day, shows about 3 police inside that garage. The woman had the skirt/dress on and heels, so I doubt they were wandering
    through backyards of occupied homes. Knowing where the dogs tracked the scent to would be so helpful. If the scent indicated that the couple went out through the trees onto Torquay, in the line of sight to Jason and Cohen, wouldn’t the police wonder why they didn’t see the couple?? That could implicate them both in the plot. Is it possible they walked behind 1702 and walked completely around all the backs of the homes being built and headed towards the direction of Kenmore??
    So many questions and circumstantial evidence and strange coincidences. No wonder the SP are stymied.

    • rasmus25 says:

      When you lose someone like that people will go out of their way to do things for you, to try and make things a little easier….surely people, his brother, mother, friends, neighbours would’ve been happy to lend/give him some clothes, have him over for breakfast. That is, if he even felt like eating….?!

  14. Nibor Sttalp says:

    Just catching up on all the posts as I’ve been out of town over the holidays. From the hits on this forum it is evident that the public want to see this murder case solved. I have tried to be very optimistic over this past year and have expressed my anger a few times at the inadequate policing, funding and political crap that has gone on over this past year. Will this year be any different? I guess only the Saanich Police and Mayor Frank Leonard who chairs the Police Board can give us the answers to those questions. Whether they will or not is highly doubtful. Feb 2, 2012 marks the 4th anniversary of Lindsay Buziak’s brutal murder and are the Saanich Police any further ahead in their investigation then they were 4 years ago. Are they intending to give a public statement as to how far they have advanced or will they once again, stand up and tell us that this case will not be solved until someone comes forward and gives them information. Clap, clap, hey to Cesear. Well, well, here we go again. The bullshit all over again. Maybe they will mix it up and change the lead investigator again. Confuse and bewilder, the new game plan. Well, regardless of their intentions, actions, remarks that come forward this group of dedicated truthseekers will continue on. I am glad to be home and will try to post more frequently. I wish I had more to offer.

    Oh, and by the way Mayor Leonard. Maybe it is time you came forward and took an interest in this case. You have done nothing but put the brakes on this case for the past 4 years. In my opinion you are one of the reasons this case has not been solved. Wonder what your agenda has been all about.

  15. Brent Taylor says:

    I get ya Justice but it is possible Nicholas had a huge debt to the organization and the others didn’t. As for him being connected to Lindsay’s murder there is a strong possibility. If I remember right he is connected to Adela Forjan who is connected to the Semren’s, connected to Ziggy and connected to Mike Oulton. They are all connected aren’t they so yes. Maybe he ran because he is connected to the murder and maybe that is why the cops are reluctant to bring him back. Maybe they don’t want this case solved. Then the question would be why not. How hard can it be to bring this guy back here. Arrest his wife Danielle for aiding and abetting his escape, arrest Mike Oulton who talks to him regularly. You really got to wonder what the cops are thinking, and if they even want this guy back here. There is far more to this story yet to be told.

  16. If that were the case the rest of them would have run with him ie: Jarrod Nicol and the many others who were busted right along with Nicholas. They are all involved in a Criminal Organization. From what I hear Nicholas has loads of cash and is pretty high up the ladder.

    Maybe Nicholas is on the run because he had something to do with Lindsay’s murder. Anything is possible.

  17. Brent Taylor says:

    Nicholas is on the run for a damn good reason and I think it has more to do with the criminal organization he was linked to rather than serving a few years jail time for trafficking in narcotics. Maybe he was in debt to them for a whack of money and after that last major drug bust he knew he could never pay it back and he was royally screwed. The cops admitted Lucier was connected to organized crime but would never say which organization it was. Maybe there was a hit out on Nicholas and he knew his days were numbered. The waters run deep and a hell of a lot deeper than drug trafficking. It’s payback time and that is why St. Nick is on the run.

    Keep running you bastard, this country is better off without scum like you. Not much hope for your son or daughter with a dad who is proud to be on a Canada Wide Most Wanted Poster and a guy who insists on having his son on his facebook friends lists. You’re no fkg cool dude like you think. You are a loser on the run. Hey Mike Oulton, why don’t you leave the country and run with him and take your hoe Angela with you. I will drive the two of you to the airport if you need a ride.

  18. Canada’s Most Wanted Criminals.

    I guess Nicholas didn’t make the cut. 99 percent of the goofs on the list were not even born in Canada.

  19. Nicholas Lucier is from out of the Country and he didn’t flee just because he was facing a little jail time. Maybe he fled for other reasons?

  20. Preciously why she wore that loud dress and why they walked to the house they wanted to be seen and they were. If you don’t want to be seen you wait until it’s pitch black outside and you wear something that’s not going to draw attention to yourself.

    This was well planned out so there is a reason for everything they did.

    • Max Smart says:

      Strange there were witnesses that saw the man and the woman with the loud dress before the murder. Even saw them with Lindsay. The same couple and the same loud dress leave the house and not one witness. Leading me to think the get away driver was waiting at the same spot that JZ pulled into when he moved onto Torquay. Why did JZ move from De Sousa onto Torquay?
      I have to admit when I first read about Lindsay’s murder years ago I got very angry to think that her b/f was parked right outside the house and I still do.

  21. Joanna Mills says:

    I don’t think the couple would have stood in the driveway for very long. They had no intentions of stepping out into the dark/dusk of night until they knew Lindsay was standing in the driveway by her vehicle. They could rest assured during those few short minutes no one would be able to give a good description if any. That is why the woman wore the dress and that is all the witnesses remember and that is what the planners were counting on. I still believe they are from the island. If not, Vancouver. But I do not think for a moment they are from out of country.

  22. Joanna Mills says:

    Yes, that Willis Muir is a piece of work isn’t he. Kids raised in a household like that never stood a chance in life. And that guy is tame compared to some of the lowlifes on Facebook. I find Brent Brown to be the most disgusting and offensive of the bunch. He is just one of many and his friends on Facebook are just as offensive as he is. It is hard to believe there is a world filled with humans like him. Did I say humans.

    • miichelle says:

      You don’t know a single thing about them other than what you have read online… Willis is a real piece of work? He’s a drug addict, that’s it. He doesn’t go to jail because he’s robbing people, assaulting people, or hurting anyone other than himself. I would really like to be able to take a look at your life and see why the fuck you seem to think you are so much better than everyone you post about here. If you don’t know for a FACT what you’re saying is true, don’t ruin someone else’s reputation.

  23. I guess it would be risky though if the couple are from the Island, better chance they would be recognized. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world that they would be seen considering they were walking and considering if Lindsay were too show up late to the showing due to a flat tire, etc. the couple would have been left standing in the driveway for all to see. It seems more plausible they were not from the Island the more I think about it.

  24. Apparently the police think the couple came from out of the Country go figure. Must be the Mexican theme that makes them think that. Yeah they came from Mexico the woman was even wearing a summery dress.

  25. “Police have determined that the cell phone was purchased under the name Paulo Rodriguez, an alias that investigators believe was “used as a diversion,” and brought to Vancouver Island from the Lower Mainland in the 24 hours before Ms. Buziak’s death.”

    “The phone was purchased in Vancouver and used exclusively for this crime,” said Saanich Police sergeant Julie Fast. “She was intentionally targeted, intentionally lured to the house and intentionally killed.”

    If the planners used the alias name “Wo Ton Lo Chin Chang” to purchase the cell phone would investigators still believe it was used as a diversion? Or are they referring to the specific name “Paulo Rodriguez”? Did the planners have a Mexican theme in mind? It is quite obvious they used an alias name as a diversion but why that name? Did Lindsay reference “the Mexican’s” to anyone other then Jason?

    The phone was activated less than 48 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder and half a dozen calls were made to Lindsay from Vancouver. They did not mention on Dateline if it was just the woman who called Lindsay from Vancouver. After her murder the phone was never used again. We know the man called Lindsay Saturday to say he would be coming alone but it was not mentioned on Dateline if the man made that call using the cell. From what I am hearing the calls were all made from Vancouver. If this is the case, why did they need to bring the cell phone with them? The man could have used a pay phone to call Lindsay on Saturday. I am wondering if this was done purposely by the man and woman to call at specific times and from specific locations.

    From what I am hearing on Dateline it sounds like the woman with the fake accent made half a dozen calls to Lindsay from Vancouver using the cell. The man made one call to Lindsay on Saturday from a pay phone(maybe) and it was the first time Lindsay may have spoken with him?

    I still believe the reason the man called Lindsay to say his wife would not be coming was an excuse to bring along a different woman. The purpose for this was to avoid having to fake her accent in person. We discussed in great length a year ago the possibility it was the phone that travelled to the Island and not the couple. This might explain why the woman called from Vancouver and the man made one call from Victoria.

    The other thing I’m wondering about is the so called mystery couple who police suspect of murdering Lindsay. It has been discussed in the past that if the couple was hired to murder Lindsay they could eventually meet the same fate. Have the investigator’s looked into any of the resent targeted hits in Vancouver that they claim were not gang related? The ages of some of the men and women who were murdered in Vancouver fit the age of the mystery couple. They may have received the same fate but not necessarily on the same day. Rumor has it something in their past caught up with them. Just a thought. I personally believe the mystery couple have close family ties to the planner’s but anything is possible.

  26. samspade90 says:

    Willis Schiwek, who now goes by the name Willis Muir on FB, has a young daughter. Here is a little blurb from her Wall:

    Miicheelley Eliizabethhxo
    so funny how many people are harsh RAT GOOFS in this town, but for some reason they all have a story to explain why it’s justified what they did.. a rat’s a rat regardless what your sob story! & you are who you associate with – you chill with a rat / skinner .. you might as well be one too!! time to clean out my friends list seeing how clearly waaaaaaay too many of you have much different morals than the people I like to associate with. goooood bye idiots!

    Share · Monday at 11:47pm near Victoria ·

    15 people like this.

    This is the type of child that is being forced upon society. Her Daddy is a GOOF, and she will be following him into his world by the sounds of it. And 15 people LIKE this statement.?? It’s getting easier and easier to see how a woman was involved in Lindsay’s murder. I bet Willis is actually proud of his daughter for her misguided stance.

    • miichelle says:

      Why do all of you idiots feel the need to post random stupid facts about all of Victoria and make up stupid stories trying to solve this murder? Slandering every drug dealer & their families is doing NOTHING to help it. Calling people “GOOFS” left right and center, who do you think you are? Who are you to judge the way other people live their lives? Not every drug dealer is a murder, not every murderer is involved with the drug world. Slandering every person you can find dirt on the internet on is doing nothing but showing how dumb the world really is. You posting our names, charges, addresses doesn’t change the way we live our lives, doesn’t change our friendships or effect our daily lives. Do you see us hiding? We are not afraid of the repercussions, our names are posted daily on various websites by ANONYMOUS people over, and over and over again.. You say we’re all monsters, and dangerous; so why sit here and blog about us daily? Don’t you ever worry that maybe one day we will find out your identity? Then what? Run to your SAANICH POLICE who have done such a great job solving all the other crimes and murders?? LOL good luck. Maybe you should give us your names, we can do a little google search and we can tell you what we think about the way you live your lives and investigate all of your family and friends, and post their names, pictures and addresses.. Tell me you’ve never had an addict in your family? You’ve never known someone who got in a fight? Ever smoked a little weed? Maybe you let your 16 year old nephew have a few beers with you? All I’m saying is before you point fingers, and pass judgement on people you have NEVER met, seen, or know anything about other than what you read on the internet; make sure your own god damn hands are clean…

  27. Joanna Mills says:

    I made a post in reference to exactly this months ago Max, and I don’t think anyone ever disputed the possibility. I said it could have been part of the diversion tactic to buy the phone in Vancouver and have someone bring it over on the ferry. One person or two, could have taken the ferry across the waters, got off the ferry, met another vehicle in the parking lot, turned over the phone and turned around and went right back. If they were in a vehicle the person who brought the phone over could have been lucky enough to have immediately turned around and gotten in the lineup to come home. It would depend on the ferry line up going from Victoria to Horseshoe Bay on the evening of Feb 2nd. Or they could have had a pre-paid ticket for the return under another ficticious name. So now we have a diversion phone pinging off towers around Spencer’s Castle, Finlayson Road etc, and on it goes.

    Another possibility that would make perfect sense is that they were foot passengers, and if that were the case they would be guaranteed to get on the ferry back to the mainland with no waiting. Are we sure whether they came over from the Horseshoe Bay Terminal or could it have been the Tsawwassen Terminal. It depends if they went to Swartz Bay or Departure Bay.

    If there was any truth to this theory then the couple/killers could have been on the island all the time. And there are many who believe that is a possibility. We know the night was choreographered beautifully and the planners calculated their every move down to a science. So if the couple was already on the island they would not likely have headed back to the ferry after the murder because they never came from the mainland. This to me makes far more sense and would explain why the planners went to great lengths to make it look like the couple came from Vancouver when in fact they didn’t.

    • Or someone could have taken the ferry over to Vancouver and picked the phone up and brought it back to the Island while two different people murdered Lindsay, the possibilities are endless :)

  28. Max Smart says:

    IMO tracing of the cell phone used by the “mexicans” isn’t all that telling. Who is to say that the people that made the calls are the same people that showed up at the house. It was suggested by the experts that there were at least 3 and possibly as many as 6 involved in the planning and carrying out of Lindsay’s murder. We know it was a puppy phone. It could be transported by any mule crossing the waters daily.

    We know the payers are local. And we see there is a long list of lowlife at their fingertips 24/7.

  29. Damien last year we had a retired cop who posted some information regarding cell phone pings. He informed use triangulation is sometimes used to pinpoint the geographic position of the cellphone. He went on to say that callers from Washington can ping off towers on the Island. I believe we were discussing the cell tower near Spencer Castle and how cell towers cover a 5 mile radius.

    “Now cell phones come with GPS so your exact location can be traced. Even when your phone is turned off!! Also, the phones can be used as a listening device. It can be activated via a cell phone tower and law enforcement can listen to everything said within range of the cell phone. The phone doesn’t even have to be turned on. It’s like you are carrying around a microphone (see my blog titled “Is Your Cell Phone Bugged”).

  30. samspade90 says:

    Here’s some irony from Mike Oulton’s wall:


    “love these shoes and i’m so not…” on Cocaine & Caviar Clothing Co.’s Wall.

    Cocaine and Caviar Clothing Co. … really?? You spent years in a Mexican prison for Cocaine smuggling and your old lady runs a clothing store. Go figure.

  31. samspade90 says:

    I do not want to start an argument regarding cell phone technology, but the cell phone used was purchased at a convenience store in Vancouver, and most cheap, pay as you go phones, would not have GPS . Police have to use Triangulation to locate the approximate location of the phone. There was a story last year about people in Sooke using their cell phones and receiving large bills because the signal was received on a tower in Washington state, so it isn’t an exact science. I have read a few different things trying to discern whether cell phones send a signal even if they are turned off. It looks like once they are off, they cannot be tracked. This is an explanation from someone that makes a lot of sense:

    ” now the issue of can you be located if your phone is off is complicated as well. with the exception of some smart phones (TREO and others) when turn your phone off it is off there is no communication with the cell network. But the cell network does record what tower your were on when the phone was turned off (again not for location reasons but for call processing and billing reasons) so if you don’t move from that area the .gov with the correct warrant can get that info as well as the info that the particular tower is designed to cover Xmiles in Xdirection and get a very rough area where you might be. but if you leave that area and do not turn your phone back on you are GTG “

  32. Justice has just given us the correct answer. Jason did not need to send a text message to create a second alibi. He had Cohen Oatman with him and what a better alibi then a live human being in the passenger’s seat. And now we are only left with answer #3. What do you think about all this Cohen. Not to worry we know you can’t talk cause one day you are sure to be a material witness. But for who, the prosecution or the defense?

  33. That is why I’ve always believed the planners wanted the police to know the cell phone travelled to the Island 24 hours prior to Lindsay’s murder. All they had to do was remove the battery from the phone and nobody would have known where they travelled from or what day and time. Just because the phone came from the mainland it doesn’t mean the couple came with the phone. In my view anyway.

  34. I don’t think you have to call/text in order for it to ping off a tower, the phone is constantly sending signals to the closest cell tower, even if the phone isn’t in use. The location of the cell tower will tell you that the person is within a certain range. When the person moves they can be tracked by which cell towers the signal is bouncing to.

    Cell phones come with GPS so your exact location can be traced. Even when your phone is turned off.

    It has always been my belief Jason sent that text as a code for the killer(s). He had CO as his personal witness/alibi so he didn’t need to prove his whereabouts to anyone.

  35. If you ask me there are three reasons why Jason may have sent a text message to Lindsay at 5:38. #1: He was concerned about her. #2 He wanted his phone to ping off a tower, (as concerned citizen said) likely as a back-up alibi to being seen on the SHC security cameras. Or #3: It was the message to the killers to kill Lindsay. Eliminate #1 that he was concerned about her, he wasn’t. If he was the minute he arrived at the house he would have been shaking, worried and flown into action. He didn’t. #2 and #3 are the only choices. Choice #2 & #3 make him a part of the planning.

    Jason seems to have a wide social circle. Do all these people he associates with believe in him or do they watch him carefully not knowing what to think one way or the other. What astounds me is why none of them come forward with an explanation of Jason’s actions that night. Surely one of them must get angry enough to come and speak on his behalf. If you believe so strongly in this guy then make up a god damn name and come on this forum and explain why you think this guy is innocent. I dare just one of ya to defend your friend.

    • rasmus25 says:

      Exactly Damien, if he was truly concerned he would’ve gone to the door immediately…freaking out because he was late….when it was locked, he would’ve found a way in, whether it was kicking in the door, smashing a window, boosting his buddy over the fence, etc….when he had his worst fears realized and found his beloved girlfriend murdered, he should’ve been hysterical….should’ve been in mourning/unable to function for some time after, not going out for breakfast & clothes shopping the next day. Not describing the murder scene days later to Lindsay’s friends. Not out clubbing the next weekend. Not going to Las Vegas that same spring with a new girlfriend…..but then again everyone reacts differently.

      I just don’t understand the concept of sending a message saying I’m just a few minutes away to someone you know is waiting, then waiting outside for 20+ minutes in 2 different parking spots.

  36. Police bust two significant grow-ops over holidays

    Saanich police uncovered a total of 1,250 marijuana plants and more than 20 pounds of dried marijuana in two drug raids conducted around Christmastime.

    The first occurred on Dec. 19 at a home in the 5400-block of the Patricia Bay Highway. Police discovered “a sophisticated marijuana production” complete with 750 plants and 11 pounds of dried product, said Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

    The second bust happened Dec. 28 at a home in the 4300-block of Quadra Street. Police found an estimated 500 plants and 10 pounds of dried marijuana.

    The busts are unrelated, Jantzen said.

    No charges or arrests were made in relation to the first grow-op, but three individuals living in the Quadra Street home were arrested and charged with production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

    The value of the marijuana that was uncovered – if all the plants were mature – is in the “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Jantzen said.

    B.C. key source for ecstasy exports to U.S.

    American drug-enforcement agent cites big hike in seizures at border B.C. has been the primary source of ecstasy for Americans wanting a hit of the love drug because of previous lax regulations around the precursor chemicals needed to manufacture it, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

    But tougher new laws on possessing the chemicals in Canada has led to a drop in the number of labs up here – and is leading to the spread of new types of drugs, police say.

    Jeffrey Scott, a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said his country has seen a marked increase in ecstasy seizures along its border with Canada, most of them linked with Canadian-based Vietnamese drug trafficking gangs. In 2010, he said, 15 million tablets of ecstasy, also known as MDMA, were seized in the U.S. – with four million of those on the country’s northern border, compared with two million in 2006.

    “It goes without saying that ecstasy seizures around the northern border show an increase,” Scott said. “Canadian-based, ethnic-Asian drug trafficking organizations remain one of the primary suppliers in the U.S.”

    Last year, Joseph Patrick Curry, a 50-year-old Fraser Valley man who once had close ties to the leader of the United Nations gang, was sentenced in a Washington court to more than eight years in a U.S. jail for ecstasy smuggling.

    In a separate case, Silvano Cicuto, 72, of New Westminster, was convicted in New York of ecstasy smuggling.

    Scott said it’s often easier to ship ecstasy rather than a bulk shipment of marijuana because pills can be stashed in a suitcase.

    Ecstasy is usually marketed to people younger than 30 for parties and raves. The drug, which can cost as little as $3 to $10 per pill, offers effects that can last two to six hours “if the first pill doesn’t kill you,” said Sgt. Duncan Pound of the RCMP’s drug enforcement division.

    Ecstasy is considered a dangerous drug cocktail that varies in potency because the criminals who manufacture it aren’t regulated and care more about making a profit, Pound said.

    The drug is often laced with other drugs such as methamphetamine, ketamine and cocaine, which have their own adverse effects.

    In the past week, use of the drug has left a 17year old Abbotsford girl dead and a 24-year-old woman from the same Fraser Valley community in hospital in critical condition. At least three recent deaths in Calgary have been linked to the drug.

    B.C.’s chief medical health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, said that according to the B.C. Coroners Service, there were an average of 10 to 24 ecstasy-related deaths per year in the province from 2007 to 2010.

    People who suffer an adverse reaction to ecstasy can have psychotic breakdowns, hallucinations and agitation as well as seizures, kidney failure and, in rare cases, heart attacks.

    “You don’t know what’s in it and you don’t know what the dosages are,” Kendall said. “Depending on the dose, your size, how long you’ve been taking it – you can have a variety of adverse effects.”

    Police and health officials in B.C. have issued a public warning urging people to avoid taking the drug.

    Pound said Canada had been a hotbed for producing ecstasy because it was easier to access the precursor chemicals – ephedrine and pseudoephedrine – than in the U.S.

    Before 2011, the importation of the chemicals was regulated, but possession once they were in the country was not illegal, making Canada an attractive location in which to manufacture ecstasy.

    An amendment to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act now makes it a crime to possess the tools of synthetic drug production.

    Pound said the new law has led to an increase in new drugs that are similar to ecstasy – with similar euphoric stimulants – but don’t have the same complex chemical makeup.

    “They’re trying to find a new niche where they can make money,” he said.
    Read more:

  37. Joanna Mills says:


    It looks like Davin couldn’t stay out of trouble over the Xmas holidays. He has been charged with assault causing bodily harm and unlawful confinement. So we have Davin Sahota, Gopal Sahota, and Cassie Sahota the children of Central Saanich cop Dillon Sahota all involved in criminal activity. Mainly drug trafficking and assaults. Then of course we have Cassie Sahota married to Jarrod Nicol who was charged in one of Victoria’s largest drug busts. Ban on Publication of course as always. He appears in court today for sentencing unless there is another procedural delay which would not surprise anyone. And look who else is appearing in court today, Zachary Scott Matheson (Ziggy) Want to bet the little weasel walks with a slap on the wrist. Why even arrest the guy for willfully resisting or obstructing a police officer. What a joke! Moral of this story, think twice about going to your local police station for help. Cause you don’t know what any of them are into themselves. Think twice about turning anyone in that you suspect of doing drugs. You will probably be wasting your time.

  38. Max Smart says:

    It is that first text after the phone call to Lindsay that I can’t get past. He claimed no knowledge that Lindsay was apprehensive about the showing and told Dateline that he was only there to deliver documents to Lindsay.

    So why text Lindsay to say a couple minutes away when she already knew that he was on his way.
    It shows a level of concern which fits with what everyone else said. That Lindsay wanted someone to be there.

  39. Over the holidays I went over the events of the night Lindsay was murdered and tried to make some sense of it all. I have done everything to try and see Jason as an innocent victim in all of this and figure out how someone could have set him up. Whoever planned this murder certainly did not want Jason to arrive on the scene before they had committed the crime and were well on their way. (if he were innocent). They would have found a way to assure that he did not arrive at 5:30 p.m. So I ask myself this, who had the power/control to make sure that Jason was late. In my mind only the people he had business dealings with that evening could have stalled him. John Semren, owner of SHC, and whose condo he had listed. Nada Azouri, John’s girlfriend whose condo was in the process of being listed. Then we have Jason’s brother Ryan, and his mother Shirley both involved in these real estate transactions. Were they the ones to set Jason up for a fall? One of them, all of them, or none. I can’t see anyone else with the power to hold him back from getting to De Sousa Place on time.

    So I get past this and say he could be innocent and was framed. Then I get to the text he made at 5:38, a two minute time period between that text and the time Lindsay was murdered. Okay I can get past this. Then we get to the house and there is the dance that just keeps on going for 20 minutes while Jason sits around. No panic even though Lindsay didn’t answer the text that he sent at 5:38. No panic even though there was no other vehicle in sight other than Lindsay’s No panic until 6:06 when he knocks on the door and no one answers. Then he panics. So now, as hard as I tried, I cannot see that he has no part in the planning of this murder. Unless he was told what to do and how to do it without having any idea why he was doing it. Is that even remotely possible.

    Much of the timeline follows Dateline and what Dets. Horsley and McColl said on the show. That was considered to be the most factual information to go by. Det. Horsley said on the show that Jason was on his way to ”deliver” documents to Lindsay at 1702 De Sousa Place, but Anne Hatherly, CanWest News Service said that Chris Horsley said that Jason was going to the house because he had real estate documents for Lindsay to sign. We know the press can sometimes make errors in what is printed, because of the misinformation they are given. But this seems like a crucial piece of information that could help in this case. Of course, the police already have the answer and we don’t.

    Anne Hatherly, Canwest News Service : Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:00 AM

    Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Slain realtor may have been mistaken target

    Saanich police Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley revealed new details about the killing, saying police are looking for fresh tips since they’re running into “more closed doors than open ones lately.” Many of those details point to a high level of sophistication and planning by the killers, Horsley said, right down to leaving no electronic tracks beyond the cellphone that was bought to communicate with Buziak, then discarded.

    Horsley said Saanich investigators have scoured Buziak’s financial records, online social-networking chats — even those that she deleted — and have found nothing to indicate any criminal or drug dealings that might lead to a motive in the slaying.That clean sheet, combined with the fact that her killers operated at a level seen in professional hits, leads investigators to believe that while Buziak was clearly the intended target, she may have been slain based on misinformation. Buziak was a young real estate agent working to establish herself in the Victoria market when she was contacted by a man and woman who said they were interested in a million-dollar property.

    Horsley dismissed reports that Buziak was nervous to meet with the couple, saying she thought the showing was unusual because she was not the listing agent, but she wasn’t apprehensive about it. While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend, real estate agent Jason Zailo, to check on her at the house, Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign. Read more:

  40. B.C. gangs 2011: list of main gangs operating in B.C.

    B.C. has been rocked by gang violence recently. Here is some background on some of the largest gangs operating in B.C.

    By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun December 29, 2011

    Read more:

  41. Notorious gangs of British Columbia

    Red Scorpions, Hells Angels, Independent Soldiers, UN gang among the notorious

    About 120 criminal gangs operate in British Columbia. Some are notorious for their illegal activities and have become well-known to the public, but many others do their best to maintain a low profile and don’t even have names.

    The best-known gangs are not necessarily the most dangerous or most powerful, Supt. Pat Fogarty said in an interview. He’s the police officer in charge of the Organized Crime Branch of B.C.’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which keeps tabs on the activities of gangs and their members and gets them behind bars when necessary

    They are all associates of the HA’s no matter how you look at it.

  42. Joanna Mills says:

    Yes one by one they are being taken down by law enforcement and hopefully some of the penalties will fit the crime. The good old Red Scorpions thought they could reach the top but they have pretty much hit the bottom and on their way out. Good old Quang Le who formed this group in 2000 while sitting in the Willington Corrections Center, gathered about 20 new members from there, and went on to recruit new members by offering them free crack if they joined.

    Though the Red Scorpions once thought of themselves as a level equal to the Hell’s Angels they quickly learned they were no match. The Scorpions, and the UN gangs are nothing more than mid-level street gangs, however, still linked to criminal organizations. The Hell’s Angels on the other hand are a top echilon criminal organization on the same level as the mafia and the Big Circle Gang. Then you have all the wanna be gangs fighting to climb the rungs of the ladder to a higher position but never make it too far up before being knocked off their rung..

    The high-echilon organizations survive by transporting drugs and weapons, prostitution/human trafficking, extortion, and other white collar crime. They all own ”legitimate” businesses and proclaim to be pillars of their community. Wink, Wink. With the way the judicial system in this country works they gangs are going to be with us for a very long time. They are here to stay.

  43. Killer’s conviction reduced on appeal

    Re-sentencing expected for club shooting ‘mastermind’

    The first-degree murder conviction against a self described Red Scorpion gang member said to be the mastermind behind a View Street shooting was reduced to second-degree murder by the B.C. Court of Appeal. That means Somphavanh Chanthabouala will be re-sentenced on the lesser conviction, something his lawyer Hovan Patey hopes will happen soon in the new year. No date has yet been set.

    Read more:

    Tommy Somphavanh The Goof

    Notice all the little 3′ 2″ Asian noodles on his friends list. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a racist but I can’t stand Asian thugs!!!! Check out his friend Ben Bc he looks like Popeye the sailor man :) I noticed Tommy is even friends with someone who works at the Canada Border Services Agency….hummmmm!/profile.php?id=100002230888813

    Ben Bc…. associated with Aaron Perez, and Mistah Milz..hummm very interesting.

    Surrey death highrise given as address by man linked to Red Scorpions

    SURREY — A young man linked to the Red Scorpion gang has listed his address in the same Surrey highrise where six people were slaughtered a year ago, The Vancouver Sun has learned

    Kevin Robson The Idiot Chanthabouala

    Another bust that involves some of our BC Goof’s including Ricco Zanolli and the Strongitharm Brother’s. The Strongitharm Brother’s are friends of Angela Araujo, Thiago Araujo and many of the other idiot’s we’ve posted on this blog. Nine charged in major drug bustOne by one, they were paraded into provincial court in St. John’s. Nine of the 13 people believed to have been involved in a major drug operation in this province – with more than $1 million worth of cocaine and marijuana – stood before a judge and were formally charged..

    From drug trafficking and possessing drugs for the purpose of trafficking to money laundering and committing a crime for a criminal organization, the charges were read by Judge Robert Hyslop to each accused as they appeared individually. Their appearances took up the entire afternoon in Courtroom No. 7. The eight men and one woman were arrested Tuesday night in St. John’s, Mount Pearl and Conception Bay South. It was the result of a four-month drug investigation, dubbed Operation Razorback, which was initiated by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, with the assistance of the RCMP B division. The RCMP Richmond detachment, Victoria Police Department, Saanich police and RCMP Vancouver Airport Crime Unit also helped out.

  44. Max Smart says:

    The planners and players have had almost 4 years of freedom. I hope they think about Lindsay every day. And I hope they think about how badly they screwed up when they murdered Lindsay.
    But most of all I hope 2012 brings justice and some closure for Lindsay, Jeff and her family.

  45. Joanna Mills says:

    One DRUG TRAFFICKER after the other appear before the courts, usually with a smirk on their face. They know the system inside and out, and they know they are going home. If you look at the penalties given by the judges it is easy to see why drug trafficking is now being seen by some as a lucrative career rather than a crime. Read the penalties these judges are giving out. PROBATION, conditional discharge, prohibition on firearms, suspended sentence, 3 days in jail, in other words ”go home son, I don’t want to see you back in my courtroom again. And remember you can’t carry that gun around with you anymore. Someone could get hurt”. “Thank you your honour, I promise never to reoffend”. The next night that same offender is back on the streets selling crack, heroine, Ecstasy (MDMA), steroids or whatever else he has in his knapsack/pocket. The way the backlog of cases in the BC courts are running and depending the jurisdiction these cases can take a year or more to ever be heard.

    Not only are these traffickers bringing in huge money, they have all the women they can get their hands on, many of them girls that will do anything for the drug. Sex, steal for you and even help you sell your drugs. The fast life will eventually catch up and you’s be dead, but until then why not have some fun. Everyone else is doing it.

    5 young people overdosed on Ecstasy over the Xmas holidays, and two died. Cheryl McCormack 17 years old was one of them. These young people don’t realize that (MDMA) is usually cut with chemicals that are harmful and deadly. Drug traffickers sell these drugs to our children, therefore these drug traffickers are contributing to their deaths. And you can be sure they do not feel an ounce of remorse for the people they victimize or kill. They don’t get the big picture. I am starting to think that we should all start carrying a weapon for our protection. And maybe selling a little crack cocaine on the side. I could use a little extra cash in my pocket like everyone else and hell if I get caught I can go before a judge and grin too. How hard is that.


    BRITISH Columbia’s justice system is in crisis. This year, we saw serious cases delayed or thrown out because of a lack of judges to hear them or sheriffs to keep the courtroom safe.
    The Liberals have also gutted the legal aid system; a penny-wise, pound-foolish policy that denies skilled counsel to those in need and bogs down an already groaning system in the process.

    Read more:

  46. Joanna Mills says:

    Timeline of Lindsay’s murder as per Dateline, Inspector Rob McColl and Detective-Sgt. Chris Horsley. The bulk of the clues came from Jason Zailo himself.

    Jason and Lindsay went to Sauce for a late lunch. Lindsay and Jason paid the bill at Sauce at 4:24 pm. Their server knew Lindsay well. Jason then went to SHC and Lindsay is believed to have gone home to change her clothes.

    Joe DeSousa left the site at approx. 4:30 pm. Other workers left the area at around 5:00 pm. 2
    witnesses saw the suspect couple walk into the cul de sac at approximately 5:30 pm. The witnesses saw Lindsay greeting the couple by the back of her car in the driveway as shown on crimestoppers.

    There were papers on the trunk of Lindsay’s car. The real estate lockbox was accessed at 5:29 pm. While Lindsay was meeting the couple the surveillance camera at SHC caught Jason and CO getting into Jason’s RR at 5:30 pm and heading to the house. While driving Jason called Lindsay and said “I’ll come meet you and I’ll be 10 – 15 minutes or so” and that’s when Lindsay said to Jason…. “okay I’ll see you in abit I gotta go the Mexicans are here”. Apparently this was Lindsay’s short hand name for her clients.

    5:38 pm Jason sends Lindsay a text “just a couple of minutes away.” That text was never opened by Lindsay. According to Detective Sgt. Horsley: “the last text Jason said was I’m just a couple of minutes away”. That text was never opened by Lindsay. Dateline said this was Jason’s final text. (how could this be Jason’s final text when Jason stated on Dateline that when he was parked on Torquay he sent Lindsay a text that said “are you okay”…Jason received no response. So which text was the last one……..the one at 5:38 pm as per Det-Sgt. Horsley on Dateline or the text Jason said he sent to Lindsay just prior to his call to 911 at 6:05 pm? It sounds like Horsley and Dateline support the 5:38 pm text as being the final one.)

    5:38 pm to 5:41 pm police believe this is when Lindsay was murdered.

    5:41 pm Lindsay’s blackberry made a phone call out and the SP believe that was the direct result of the attack. It was truly a pocket dial call as her BB was in her pocket.

    When Jason and CO drove into the cul de sac at approx. 5:45 pm Jason and CO saw two figures through the glass portion of the front door as stated on Dateline. Jason parked his Range Rover in the DeSousa cul de sac for approx. 10 minutes facing away from the house. He turned around in the cul de sac and turned right onto Torquay and sat there for approx. another 10 minutes. Jason sent Lindsay a text message “are you okay” and it was not answered. Both CO and Jason walked up to the front door and found it locked. Jason called 911 (approx. 6:05 pm). They both went around to the Torquay side of the house and CO gained entry via the already open patio doors by Jason boosting CO over the patio fence who then opened the front door allowing Jason entry.

    When they found Lindsay’s body CO called 911 (6:11 pm) and while on the phone CO could hear sirens coming. The police were there within minutes because they were already enroute after Jason made the first 911 call. When police arrived Jason and CO were waving their arms in the upstairs bedroom window. The police went into the home up to the bedroom and immediately took both Jason and CO to the police station separately

    The cell phone that the couple used to contact Lindsay was purchased 3-6 weeks before the murder at a Vancouver convenience store. It was activated via the internet less than 48 hours before Lindsay’s murder. Vancouver is from where the first calls to Lindsay were made, confirmed by hits on cell towers in the city. Police said at least half dozen calls were made to Lindsay and after her murder the cell phone was never used again. They believed the killer(s) knew how to carry out the murder and then cover their tracks. The expert’s all agreed a significant degree of planning went into this murder. They explored the theory that professionals were hired with specific instructions to express the anger that someone else felt towards Lindsay. The retired Homicide Detective believed the killer(s) were told to make her suffer and make it brutal. The experts agreed the murder was personal and that somebody close to Lindsay planned it and hired the killer(s). They all agreed it was very well planned but the killer(s) were not necessarily professional. The couple probably had a history of violent crimes. They said this murder was artfully designed.

    Inspector McColl Feb 2, 2011:

    “Having had this on our plate (at the time of the broadcast) for more than two years, we had plenty of time to develop theories, look at them closely and think outside of the box,” McColl said, noting that police AGREE with the Dateline investigators’ conclusion that Buziak was an innocent party, and her murder was a TARGETED hit arranged by someone CLOSE to her. Saanich police have narrowed down the investigation to “three or four” working theories.

    Brajcich: Police say 911 call a clue to Victoria real estate agent’s death Brajcich said Buziak had an appointment to show the house where her body was found, and investigators are focusing on one major clue — the 911 call in which the caller asked police to check on the house.

    “The 911 call is a very important part of our investigation right now and we are not going to release the information about the 911 call,” Brajcich said.

  47. These supporters Nicholas has prove one thing for certain. They don’t give a damn what anyone thinks and they will take their chances at being his facebook friend. They likely have the same snake values and morals that Nicholas portrays. His friends, relatives and anyone joining him are supporting his being on the run. Not one of them has the guts to do the right think and turn the bastard in. Mike Oulton isn’t fooling anyone, that skumbag hasn’t changed a bit because if he had he would not be supporting Nicholas’s running on a Canada Wide Warrant. He is probably the one who helped Nicholas flee the country. We know that the two of them talk on the phone, and why the cops haven’t caught up with Nicholas who the hell knows. How hard is it to put the squeeze on some of his friends. Have they even bothered to question Mike and Angela or any of the others that have been covering for him all this time. What would Mike’s response be if they did. “I have no idea where the guy is man, I just chat him up a bit cause I know it must get really lonely being out there on the run and away from your family”. Mike Oulton, Angela Araujo, Ziggy, Shawn Laverty and the rest of the sorry lot will never change. Crime is their game and they are all in it together. Protect each other until the end. And let’s hope their end is coming soon.

  48. samspade90 says:

    The other day Cory Deliciosa ( Nicholas Lucier ) had 5 Facebook friends. She/He now has a 6th
    friend…..Mike Oulton. Mike, your credibility about going straight and flying right is sadly compromised when you associate with a Wanted man. Nicholas thinks he is smart by creating a phony persona, but uses it on social media?? I am wondering how the Courts will treat this new brand of aiding and abetting a fugitive. When the police prove that Nicholas was Natasha Summers and Cory Deliciosa and that his kid, Nick Jr., and his FB friends all know about him being on the run, will they be charged somehow?? The Mayans say that 2012 will be the End of the World but I don’t believe it. I am hoping that 2012 will be the end of the world as Lindsay’s murderers know it. I hope every time they hear a siren, they get a sharp stabbing pain in what used to be their hearts. I wish nothing but the worst for all you Gangsters, Wanksters and GOOFS in 2012.

  49. I too hope these perpetrators are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law, and the sooner the better. I realize this is a difficult case for the Saanich Police as the planning of this crime had a high level of sophistication which makes it that more hard to solve. Is it not a fact that the RCMP are our NATIONAL Police force and have jurisdiction anywhere in Canada. It would be nice to think they could all work together in order to bring justice to Lindsay and ease some of the family’s grief by knowing who committed this murder and why. Is that too much to ask for. The people in Victoria are counting on you to get this done.

  50. Brent Taylor says:

    2011 passed by so very quickly and here we are on the first day of the New Year 2012. I want to believe that this will be the year the people responsible for the murder of Lindsay Buziak will be exposed and brought to justice. For that to happen we have to trust that the Saanich Police Dept. are still actively working the case and that the detectives are making headway. In the meantime we will continue to do everything possible to search for information that might help along the way. Happy New Year to everyone.

  51. Here’s the latest news. Front page of the Vancouver Province. Vancouver’s Mayor, Gregor Robertson’s step son is facing firearm and cocaine charges. Seemingly the foster son was with them for two years and has been on his own since 2009. Although I most certainly am not saying Robertson is above reproach, anyone’s son can get involved in the drug trade.

    I do think City Counsel giving the Hells Angels $2 million extra for the Drake hotel was very suspicious, but that was when the NPA was in power. Nevertheless, I am very curious as to why City Hall continues to let the Hells Angels sell pot out of the black door but not anyone else out of the Amsterdam café. Giving the Hells Angels a monopoly on the pot trade is wrong.

    Yet I do think Saanich Police officer Dillon Sahota’s son Paul Sahota and son in law Jarrod Nicol’s involvement in the drug trade is very significant since Dillon Sahota owned one of the houses where drugs were seized and how that whole Victoria cocaine trade is tied to the BC Liberals through the Bassi Virk BC Rail scam.

  52. Joanna Mills says:



    Publication 29Jun2011 CCC 517 (1) Ban on Publication ordered (JIR Hearing)
    154463-1 1 24-Jun-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    154463-1 2 24-Jun-2011 CDS – 4(1) Possession of Controlled Substance SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    153371-1 1 23-Jan-2011 CCC – 264.1(1)(a) Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm Commit SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    149389-1 1 26-Nov-2009 CCC – 334(b) Theft $5000 or under Commit SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    149389-2-B 1 03-Mar-2011 CCC – 733.1(1) Breach of Probation Order. Commit SORREL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    138492-2-C 1 18-Jan-2007 CCC – 810(1) Fear of injury/damage by another person Cause SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Victoria BC
    137973-1-T 1 09-Sep-2006 CCC – 334(b) Theft $5000 or under Commit SORRELL, ROBERT Thomas Abbotsford BC

  53. Rob Nicholson braces for provincial wrath over controversial crime bill

    OTTAWA — Canadian jail cells are not going to be brimming with teenagers and college kids who share pot with their pals, according to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson who maintains one of the most contentious facets of his omnibus crime bill has been grossly misrepresented.

    Mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana production are designed to target organized crime, gangs and grow-ops, he said in a year-end interview with Postmedia News. They don’t apply to young offenders and even new provisions that aim to penalize adults who are trafficking drugs around schools mean perpetrators would have to be caught with an “eight-pound joint” to be saddled with a mandatory minimum under the safe streets and communities act, he argued. “For the most part the laws with respect to marijuana aren’t changed but they are changed with respect to trafficking associated with organized crime, gangs and grow-ops for the purpose of trafficking,” he said.

    “I want to make that very clear because it was not clear in some of the criticisms. If somebody was thrown in jail under this bill, they were in the business of trafficking. It’s been a particularly acrimonious year for Nicholson, who has come under fire for bundling nine vastly different bills into one and pushing it through Parliament thanks to his party’s new majority. 2012 isn’t expected to get any easier. In January, Nicholson will meet with his provincial counterparts in what will undoubtedly be a difficult session.

    Ontario and Quebec have both refused to pick up additional costs associated with the C-10 crime bill. Quebec’s justice minister also recently left Ottawa fuming after the federal government refused to consider amendments aimed at preserving Quebec’s approach to criminal justice, which favours rehabilitation and reintegration, particularly where youth are concerned.

    An old government cost breakdown associated solely with amendments to the Youth Criminal Justice Act — which was among the pieces of legislation wrapped into the crime bill after the government failed to pass it in previous minority Parliaments — found incarceration levels would increase by 33 per cent at a cost of $717 million over five years. And half of that would be absorbed by the provinces. Nicholson, however, has stood by newer figures that suggest the entire safe streets and communities act would cost the federal government $78.6 million over five years.

    The government has not speculated on costs to the provinces but Nicholson knows exactly what he’ll say to his counterparts when the subject comes up. “One of the things that I will reiterate is that we have acted on a number of the measures that they have proposed to us,” he said, noting many of the changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as well as an earlier decision to eliminate two-for-one sentencing, was based on their advice.
    “I say to them many of the costs associated with C-10 will be borne by the federal government with respect to the prosecution of drugs which is a major component of this and that the federal government has increased its allotment to the provinces every single year we have been in government, most recently by $2.4 billion.”

    Read more:

  54. Thanks for clarifying who you meant by Mr. Big. I have to admit I was confused. I don’t have answers to your questions, I think we would all like to hear the answers to these questions. Maybe someone else knows something and can fill us in.

  55. samspade90 says:

    Brook, sorry about the confusion. I have only a small knowledge of SITC. I have never actually seen an episode. Picked up most of my knowledge from the older kids in the street. I was referring to Jason when I said Big. And of course Jason’s associates when I mentioned them.
    I had completely forgot about Matt, since most of us are sure he is not involved in any way.
    Matt came across as very sincere on Dateline. I would have loved to see Cohen on Dateline.
    It would be interesting to see why he wasn’t. I’m guessing his lawyer advised him not to. The SP had 2 representatives and stated they needed help. I can’t see them telling Cohen to not be interviewed. My memory needs to be refreshed…..Was Cohen held in jail the same length of time as Jason ? Did they keep Cohen’s clothes for testing also ? Did Cohen ” lawyer up ” also?
    Did the SP remove Cohen’s wife and child from his home and conduct a search ?
    I would sure like to know the reason Jason gave to Cohen in order for him to go along to DeSousa. I cannot see it being to go for a ride and get papers signed. As I stated before, he must have told Cohen that Lindsay was apprehensive about this visit and he wanted Cohen there in case there was trouble. I would be willing to bet that Cohen told the police that was the reason and yet Jason says he was dropping off papers. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  56. Sam

    I agree that one of those girls knows something that could be a great help in solving this murder. Maybe one or more of them have told the police what they know but it is not enough to make an arrest, but enough to help them in their investigation. Girls confide in their closest friends, about their boyfriends, their families, and their problems. There is nothing better then a dear friend to confide everything to. And it is a lot less expensive than seeing a psychologist or therapist. I believe Lindsay would have told her friends a lot of stuff just as they would have shared with her. However I do not think she would have told any of them what she saw that she shouldn’t have seen.

    If she was too scared to even tell her dad then I would say she didn’t tell her friends her deep dark secret. If she told anyone I would say it would have been the person who the secret was about. And that was probably the mistake that got her killed. It may be too, that the something she saw had nothing to do with her being murdered. We don’t know.

    Where I am confused Sam, is why you are referring to Mr. Big. Because as Nicki said on Dateline Matt was Lindsay’s Mr. Big. But she wasn’t with Matt she was with Jason. Are you trying to say that you think Matt could have been involved in Lindsay’s murder or some of the people he associated with. If that is what you are inferring, if so please elaborate. How about a motive, who are the associates you are referring to. No one has been able to come up with a thing to suggest that Matt McDuff was in anyway involved in Lindsay’s murder, but I think everyone is open to hearing your thoughts on the matter.

  57. samspade90 says:

    We know that Lindsay and her friends liked to look at themselves as the girls from Sex and the City and I’m sure Lindsay would think a good old fashioned shoe discussion would be great.
    It would be interesting to see how the writers of SITC would handle it if one of the girls was murdered. Would the other girls tell all they know about ” Big ” and his associates, both close and extended?? Would they keep quiet and hope the police would catch her killer without needing their help ?? Well Girls, this is not a TV show. Your real life friend has been murdered.
    Soon to be FOUR years. Someone knows something. You very well may have gone to the police and told them things. Perhaps they know who did it and just need enough evidence to nail them.
    If you have talked to the police and given them information, please give the same info to Jeff so he can have some peace of mind as to where the police may be in the investigation. If the SP are indeed monitoring this site, please give Jeff an update on your progress. I have had a family of friends who had a loving daughter murdered. 22 years old. The RCMP would regularly give the family updates. Jeff will not share the info with us if you ask him not to, but he could let us know that you are actively following up on leads. We have been told that there is no hard Forensic evidence and most of us realize that without it, there will be no arrests, unless someone talks and makes a deal. I hope the SP are not upset with, what they may perceive as criticism from Jeff, and that is the reason they are not in frequent contact. Jeff is a grieving Father and deserves better. The people of Victoria and especially the people of Saanich need to have faith that, should they ever have a son or daughter murdered, that the police will do their utmost to find and punish the killer.

  58. Sam

    Though Carrie and Miranda are not here in person I have the feeling you have the power to speak on their behalf. You have the floor.

  59. Joanna Mills says:

    You can’t distinquish the real thing from the fake anymore so why spend the money to try and look good. The average person will never be able to detect the real Jimmy Choo shoe worn by the skank or that of the fake Jimmy Choo shoe worn by another skank. What this means is spend $50.00 on the fake cause noone will be any wiser.

  60. Joanna Mills says:

    Blah blah blah, fkg Jimmy Choo. Heels are known to pop off within 30 days. And Jimmy Choo is nowhere to be found when someone wants a refund.

  61. Joanna Mills says:

    My question to you is why would a young 21 year old girl want to be with a ugly tattooed pumped up steroid freak in his mid 30’s with an extensive criminal history. The only answer that makes sense to me is that she experienced abuse by a former lover and suffers from low sef esteem and a lack of confidence. She is looking for love in all the wrong places. If this is the case, statistics show that the relationship will never last and she will spend her life going from one bad relationship to another. Another sad statistic.

  62. If you look over his friends list every drug trafficker we’ve ever posted is on there and then some. Even Zingy’s right hand man is Chris Peak’s friend :)

    Yes it was pathetic reading his wall, I got so bored I had to switch over to the other goofs.

  63. Joanna Mills says:

    Yes Justice you have pegged Chris Peaks as a loser and how right you are.

    Chris Peak
    I love u so much Chi Chi:)

    Chris Peak
    miss you so much my son:{
    December 15 at 6:52pm •

    Chris listed Chelsea Michelle Denis-reid as his wife

    Chris Chan
    happy birthday bro!
    December 1 at 3:55pm •

    At least 25 birthday wishes to Chris Peak on his wall. Birthday wishes from Chris Chan, Andres Garcia, Bill Code, Steef de Frel, Helen Masters, Igor Bicac, Garry A Peak, and these are just a few of many.

    Isn’t it amazing how many supporters these freaks get. No matter how many criminal charges they have against them they always seem to draw support. Let’s look at where that support comes from. It is from their friends that are as deep into criminal activities as they are, their parents/family members that support their actions, or are so naive that you could give them all the evidence imaginable and they still would not believe it.

    Wake up people, your neighbors may not be who you think they are.

  64. The other four men involved in the alleged dial-a-dope and gun operation along with Jinagh Navas Rivas are: Vinh Hoang Le, Kwok Pui Ma, Willie Sing Truong and Leslie James Miller(arrested without warrant). Total of 18 counts. Isn’t Richmond Asian/Vietnamese territory?

    I say put them all back on the boat they floated in on and sink it.

  65. It is the Mayor’s former foster son. He hasn’t been in the family since 2009.

    Ex-foster son of Vancouver mayor faces criminal charges

    The former foster son of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is facing criminal charges.

    Twenty-one-year-old Jinagh Navas Rivas is accused of drug and weapons charges in Richmond and police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

    Robertson has issued a statement saying he’s disappointed Rivas is wanted and he’s urging him to turn himself in.

    He says he and his wife fostered Rivas for two years until mid 2009, but Rivas has been on his own since then.

    Read more:

  66. :) Let me see what I can dig up.

  67. samspade90 says:

    More evidence that you can be raised by a good family and still go bad. Vancouver’s Mayors’ Foster Son is wanted for drug and gun charges. 21 and selling cocaine. Sad.

  68. This story explains all the crying Chris was doing on his FB wall………the poor, poor me pity party.

    There were some lively exchanges today at a Dartmouth sexual assault trial as the complainant squared off with defence lawyers who were trying to poke holes in her story.

    The 34-year-old woman claims that two mixed martial arts fighters from British Columbia attacked her at a Dartmouth hotel on the morning of Sept. 27, 2009.

    Garry Christopher Peak, 34, of Victoria and James Christopher Hanson, 29, of Surrey are charged with forcible confinement and aggravated sexual assault. Their trial got underway in provincial court Wednesday.

    The woman and a friend met the men at a bar in downtown Halifax and accepted an invitation from Peak to have drinks with them in their room at the Hampton Inn & Suites.

    She said everyone was carrying on and having fun until her friend decided she wanted to leave.

    The woman said she got angry, grabbed her friend by the throat and punched and kicked her. The friend’s face was battered and bloodied when she left the room.

    Shortly after her friend left, the woman said, the men assaulted her on a bed.

    Hanson pinned her hands above her head and kissed her neck, she said, while Peak knelt beside her, kissed her stomach, pulled her pants and underwear down to her knees and fondled her.

    She said she drew her legs up and kicked Peak in the chin and got a hand free to punch Hanson in the face.

    Hanson then picked the five-foot-one woman up by an arm and a leg and threw her on the floor like she was a rag doll, she said.

    A few minutes later, police officers investigating the assault on her friend knocked on the door of the hotel room. The woman said she unlocked the door and ran into the hallway.

    Police arrested her for assault, took her downstairs and put her in the back of a paddy wagon. After the woman continued to complain that she was having difficulty breathing, paramedics were called and she was taken to Dartmouth General Hospital, where she learned she had a collapsed lung.

    Members of her family told the media in September 2009 that she also had broken ribs and a fractured spine, but the evidence at trial has shown that that information was not accurate.

    The defence began cross-examining the woman Wednesday and continued questioning her for several hours today.

    The morning testimony ended with the woman sobbing in the witness box.

    “I know what happened to my body,” she said after the lunch break. “I know what these men did to me.”

    Lawyer Peter Planetta, who is representing Peak, wanted to know how the woman was able to recall new details that weren’t in two statements she gave to police on the day of the incident.

    “Memories come back,” the woman replied. “Over a two-year period of time … you do remember things.”

    At one point today, Judge Alanna Murphy interrupted the defence’s questioning, said she was “finding this tedious” and stormed off the bench.

    Later, the judge wouldn’t allow Planetta to ask about the woman’s boyfriend, whom she’s been dating since October 2009.

    The lawyer said his line of questioning might speak to the woman’s “associations and credibility,” but Murphy said she failed to see how it was relevant.

    The court then heard from Halifax Regional Police officers who were dispatched to the hotel that morning at about 6 a.m.

    One officer said it was Peak, not the woman, who opened the hotel room door. He said he remembers hearing the woman say she couldn’t breathe.

    Another officer said the woman was swearing at police and complaining about her breathing but didn’t mention anything at the hotel about being sexually assaulted.

    A third officer said he accompanied the woman to hospital, where he first learned about a possible sexual assault from comments she made to someone on the phone. He said that would have been some time between 7 and 8 a.m.

    Peak and Hanson had come to Halifax to take part in an MMA fight card held at the Forum the night before. Both men are free on bail.

    The trial will resume Friday with testimony from two more police officers.

  69. Heartbreaking to see this young girl involved in crime and up on kidnapping and weapons charges at 21 years old. Raised in the environment that she was she never stood a chance. She will end up in jail or dead and become another statistic. No morals, no values, and doesn’t seem to know right from wrong. If this was all she saw growing up maybe we need to cut her a little slack. I said a little!

    Once again, all connected to Jason, Ryan, Ziggy and many others. Chris Peak is a firstclass jerk, just looking at him makes me want to reach out and punch him. Big tough scary freak with all the tattoos is an idiot.

    • I have no idea how she was raised or if her Daddy was in her life but I sure feel sorry for her victims.

      Yes I agree some kids don’t stand a chance because of poor role models but on the flip side there have been many kids who have done very well for themselves and got a good education and became a productive member of society. If you read her FB wall and comments on her pictures you might change your mind on cutting her some slack :)

  70. samspade90 says:

    Chelsea has a Kidnapping with a Firearm charge. Seems like the type of girl who would help lure another woman to her death. I guess they just look at it as part of the business and lifestyle
    of the ” self-employed.” Great environment to raise a child in too. Losers.

  71. Goofball Chris Peak and his girlfriend Chelsea Denis-Reid and her Daddy Tracey Reid. Prince George idiots! Big Daddy has a two page rap sheet on BC Courts. Yes Chris Peak is another good buddy of Jason Zailo, Ryan Zailo, Ziggy and many other’s. Uh don’t the IS run the show in PG?

    Chris Peak(Loserboy)!/profile.php?id=603975583

    Chelsea Michelle Denis-Reid (take note of the picture of the dumb bitch holding the gun)

    34218-1 ANDERSON, DEAN Reginald 1 N 1977
    34218-1 BADGER, ROBERT Junior 1 Y 1971
    34218-1 PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 N 1976
    34218-2 PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 N 1976
    34218-3-A PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 N 1976
    34218-5-A PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 N 1976

    17-Feb-2011 31724-1-K PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 CCC 810 1 Fear of injury/damage by another person RGS
    03-Aug-2011 33310-1-K PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas 1 CCC 139 2 Obstructing Justice CCC 810 Fear of injury / damage to property GLI
    19-Jan-2011 33310-3-AC PEAK, GARRY Christopher 1 CCC 145 3 Breach of undertaking or recognizance G
    34218-1 1 01-Sep-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking PEAK, GARRY Christopher Thomas Prince George BC
    34218-1 7 01-Sep-2011 CCC – 86(1) Careless use of a firearm ANDERSON, DEAN Reginald Prince George BC
    34218-1 8 01-Sep-2011 CCC – 91(1) Unauthorized possession of firearm ANDERSON, DEAN Reginald Prince George BC
    And now for his dumb girlfriend:

    28704-3-C DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 N 1990
    28704-3-C WILSON, SHANE Arthur 1 Y 1978
    28704-4 DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 N 1990
    28704-5-B DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 N 1990
    28704-6-B DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 N 1990
    28704-8-AC DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 Y 1990
    28704-9-B DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 N 1990
    29-Oct-2009 28704-3-C DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle 1 CCC 279 1.1 a Kidnapping using a firearm CCC 334 b Theft $5000 or under GLI
    27-Oct-2009 28704-3-C WILSON, SHANE Arthur 10 CCC 117.01 1 Possession of firearm,etc. contrary to order G
    34957-1 1 22-Aug-2011 CCC – 380(1) Fraud Attempt DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle Prince George BC
    34957-1 2 22-Aug-2011 CCC – 368(1)(a) Using forged document Commit DENIS-REID, CHELSEA Michelle Prince George BC
    34957-1 3 22-Aug-2011 CCC – 334(b) Theft $5000 or under Commit SHAW, PAUL Daniel Prince George BC
    34957-1 5 22-Aug-2011 CCC – 129(a) wilfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer Commit SHAW, PAUL Daniel Prince George BC

  72. Joanna Mills says:

    Click the link at the bottom. A fantastic read and excellent journalism

    Recipe for regional policing; What it would be like to combine forces in
    t Sat Sep 25 2010
    Page: A4
    Section: Capital & Van. Isl.
    Byline: Jack Knox, Lindsay Kines and Katie DeRosa Times Colonist

    This unit deals with homicides, cold-case murders,
    missing persons cases where foul play is suspected,
    police-related shootings and the death of people in
    police custody.

    It covers all of Vancouver Island, with one big
    exception: Saanich — and, by extension, Oak Bay,
    which contracts with Saanich for major-crime work
    — opted not to join in when VIIMCU was established
    in June 2007.

    There has recently been some talk of
    Saanich reconsidering that decision; this summer,
    the father of murdered real estate agent Lindsay
    Buziak said he wanted Saanich to hand over that
    two-year-old case to the unit.

    VIIMCU includes six Victoria police detectives, two
    West Shore RCMP members and 10 Mounties
    funded by the province. Central Saanich provides
    some funding, and the Mounties provide six support
    The unit grew out of the joint RCMP-Victoria
    investigation that led to the murder convictions of
    Victoria drug dealer Daniel Aitken.

  73. Joanna Mills says:

    IHIT has released the identity of the man found gunned down in Surrey yesterday he is 28 year old Apollo-Lyn Simpson. He was found dead in the driveway of a home in the 9500 of 125th street. Simpson was the 4th person killed in gun violence over the Christmas holiday weekend.

    Calls himself Whalley Warrior on his Facebook page.

  74. Joanna Mills says:

    Yes and his house in Langley was surrounded by security cameras. Gang ties, I think so.

  75. I thought the police said none of the shootings were gang related? Jeremy Olivier Bettan did in fact have some associations to organized crime.

    Dissolved company and also names his partner.

    He was from back East.
    Director of Personal-Post Courier Inc.

    Kim Bolan: Comments re: Jeremy Bettan

  76. Joanna Mills says:



    31697-1 1 12-Apr-2009 CCC – 266 Assault Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas Duncan BC
    Publication 11Apr2011 CCC 517 (1) Ban on Publication ordered (JIR Hearing)
    Publication 10May2011 CCC 539 (1) Ban on Publication ordered (Preliminary Inquiry)
    31574-3-C 1 28-Mar-2009 CCC – 117.01(1) Possession of firearm,etc. contrary to order Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas Chemainus BC
    148695-1 1 29-Aug-2006 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas Duncan BC
    148695-2-C 3 26-Oct-2006 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas Duncan BC
    148694-1 3 11-Nov-2006 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas Chemainus BC
    25376-2-C 1 31-Aug-2002 CCC – 267(b) Assault causing bodily harm Commit CONRAD, JASON Thomas/ KEAYS, JASON Thomas Duncan B

  77. I agree with your last paragraph Justice. The police give incorrect information to the press all the time and they do it deliberately, and why are they so selective when feeding only certain names of those arrested in the drugbusts to the public and withholding others. Sweet favors for some and not others. Kind of like the Jarrod Nicol bust where a wrong block of Roberlack Road was given out and the name of the woman arrested at that address was never made public though the men’s names were. That one is not hard to figure out.

    Maybe we will find out that one or more of these 4 shootings that took place over the holidays are gang-related. I am back from my two week holiday in Scottsdale and it was nice to get some sun. Oh well, reality check. It’s back to work in the real world.

  78. After four Surrey shootings in four days – three of which were fatal – police say the incidents are all separate. Supt. Dan Malo, officer in charge of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said the recent shootings are “absolutely unrelated.”

    Malo also stressed the events are not gang related. “This isn’t a trend. This isn’t what we saw in 2008 and 2009.” Malo said IHIT knows who the high players are in the Lower Mainland’s gang scene and they aren’t involved in these incidents. “There’s a story that needs to get told around every homicide. That story is unfolding.” Malo said there are more than 100 staff members with IHIT and many of them have been working through the Christmas weekend.

    And he added hundreds of police officers in various jurisdictions have been helping with investigations as well. “In no way are we by ourselves in these investigations,” Malo said.”These are times when police answer the call of the bell.” Malo said that IHIT investigated 38 homicides in 2010, and the recent murders put this year’s number at 31. He also said only six of the 31 were gang related.

    All of the victims have been identified by police, but some names cannot be revealed until the families have been notified. Malo said IHIT will continue investigating, which will include utilizing social media sites and interviewing neighbours and associates.
    On Tuesday morning, a man in his mid-20s was found dead in a yard in North Surrey. At 8:30 a.m., Surrey RCMP received a call about a shooting in the 9500-block of 125th Street. The caller indicated they heard several bangs that sounded like gunshots at about 7:30 a.m.

    Police arrived on scene and found the Caucasian man lying dead on a front lawn. “This appears from the onset to be a targeted incident,” said Surrey RCMP Staff Sgt. Bruce Anderson.He said the scene is currently being investigated and the neighbourhood canvassed.

    “It’s disgusting,” he said of the rash of shootings in recent days. The man’s identity has not yet been released. The shootings began on Christmas Eve, just after 4 a.m., when Surrey resident Bradley McPherson, 28, was killed at a house party in the 13100-block of 67A Avenue. Police responded to a call that someone had been shot. When emergency responders arrived on scene McPherson was dead. The man had no criminal record. McPherson’s mother Susan is asking the public to come forward with information about her son’s death. “Bradley was a fun loving man who loved his family and he was in no way involved in illegal activity,” she said in a press release.

    Read more:

    The Police can report whatever they want but remember it doesn’t mean it’s true. In this case maybe the murders were not gang related but on the other hand maybe they don’t want to cause panic in Surrey? Four shootings in four days is pretty serious.

    The Police said the Zailo’s are presently cleared does that make it true? How many times have the Police given incorrect information to the press regarding the street address of a drug bust? Do you ever notice how sometimes the names are printed of the individuals who were busted prior to them making a court appearance while other names are never printed even after they’ve been formally charged? The police sometimes pick and choose what they want the public to know in my view.

  79. Joanna Mills says:

    The recent police reports tell us that these latest 4 fatal shootings that took place in Metro Vancouver over the last 5 days are not gang related, nor are they connected to each other in any way. That is good news, on the other hand it is bad news. If there have been 4 murders in 5 days and they are not gang related, then the gun trade in B.C. is doing very well. Where are these young people getting these handguns that enable them to go out and start shooting at will.

    I am all for gang members killing each other in the streets, but when innocent people get hurt in the process that is where I take issue. This violence and the killings will never end until the laws are re-written and as we have previously discussed this is not likely to happen anytime soon. It is all about political correctness, and it would never be in any politician’s best interest to take this issue on. They would surely lose an election. At this time everyone knows the Canadian legal system is a joke, and a joke it will always be as long as noone is willing to step up to the platform and say enough is enough. The violence from the South is coming up North, it has been in the works for a very long time. Canada has always followed 10 years behind the U.S. but perhaps we are finally about to catch up.

    Maybe one day soon we will have bars on our windows and be carrying guns like the Americans. We are only a few steps behind.

  80. samspade90 says:

    Holy crap…Samurai Fiero Clown. Not much to do in Saskatchewan I guess. And the Saanich Most Wanted…..61 year old Glen French ?? I guess you won’t stick out too much in a crowd with that Hangover 2 tattoo on your face. If only every criminal was that stupid.


    If you want a really good LAUGH you have to check out her Brother Daniel Barabonoff and his photo album “My Fiero and Me”.

  82. Little 3’2″ Asian Saanich dial-a-doper GOOF’s selling Heroin and Cocaine so they can afford to buy their girlfriends some implants and Jimmy Choo shoes :)

    153908-1 CHU, JAMES 1 N 1983
    153908-1 JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas 1 N 1989
    153908-1 TRUONG, ANH 1 N 1981
    153908-2-C CHU, JAMES 1 N 1983
    153908-2-C JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas 1 N 1989
    153908-2-C TRUONG, ANH 1 N 1981

    153908-1 1 05-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-1 2 06-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-1 3 07-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-1 5 08-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-1 6 12-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-1 8 19-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit CHU, JAMES Victoria BC
    153908-1 10 21-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria BC
    153908-1 11 26-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria BC
    153908-1 12 27-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria
    153908-2-C 1 05-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 2 06-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 3 07-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 5 08-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 6 12-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit JACKSON, WAYNE Lucas Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 8 19-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit CHU, JAMES Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 10 21-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 11 26-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria BC
    153908-2-C 12 27-Apr-2011 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit TRUONG, ANH Victoria BC

  83. Police investigating fourth fatal shooting in four days in Metro Vancouver

    A 38-year-old Langley man was found shot to death inside his Mercedes SUV parked in the driveway of a home on the 9100-block 207 Street in Langley at 9 p.m. on Boxing Day, Dec. 26.

  84. The only other “new DNA technology” I can find out there in google land is the following and this technique would have nothing to do with “unsolved murder cases.”

    “The portable, high-speed equipment uses specially developed rapid profiling techniques to identify DNA from blood or tissue samples at the scene of a crime in a matter of minutes.”

    Read more: New DNA Technology to Nab Criminals | MedIndia

  85. Joanna Mills says:

    This article in the Victoria Colonist is in reference to the recent Mildred Street bust. The man inside that home was well known to police. The article is about:


    We have a very complex set of laws in Canada, like most countries. We have more laws on the books than there are people to arrest for them, some would say. But there are a couple of basic legal premises that have been around for centuries that are sensible and police and criminals alike adhere to.
    Police may NOT enter a home of a private individual without a search warrant unless there are “exigent circumstances”, or an immediate and pressing danger to life.
    That’s what makes the non-event in Saanich, BC the other day so puzzling, or at least the reporting of it anyway.

    Here are the facts as related by Saanich Police and reported in the Victoria Times-Colonist on December 9, 2011.

    A firearms investigation by Saanich police turned into a standoff at a home on Mildred Street Thursday.
    Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen said officers arrived at the home on the normally quiet road, next to Knockan Hill Park, in advance of executing a search warrant.

    Read more:

  86. That article was written 3 years ago(2009). They may have used Mini-STR profiling?

    One of the latest DNA technologies, Mini-STR profiling, was introduced in British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Forensic DNA Laboratory in 2007 with the release of Applied Biosystems AmpFlSTR MiniFiler, the most sensitive commercially available, nuclear DNA-based system available to date. This system provides unprecedented sensitivity, producing DNA profiles from extremely old, degraded and/or inhibited biological samples and has had an immediate impact on local cases that might not have otherwise been solved.

  87. Joanna Mills says:

    It took police 16 years to finally solve the murder of Jennifer Cusworth who was attending Okanagan University at the time of her murder. Neil George Snelson was arrested and charged with her murder in October 2009. New DNA technology that was not available at the time of her murder, was the reason they were finally able to catch a killer. Mr. Snelson had raped and bludgeoned Jennifer to death and dumped her in a ditch off Old Swamp Road in Kelowna.

    He went on to marry, have 4 children and become tight knit in the church he was involved with. Turns out he had been up on a few charges before Jennifer’s murder. I am not sure what this new technology DNA was, but it took another killer off the streets.

  88. Little evidence found at Buziak crime scene

    All DNA traced to slain real estate agent, none from killers, police say

    One indication that highly sophisticated killers may have been behind Lindsay Buziak’s slaying is that remarkably little forensic evidence was found at the crime scene. All DNA evidence extracted from the house, which had been professionally cleaned the afternoon of the killing, was traced back to Buziak, Det.-Sgt. Chris Horsley said yesterday.

    Police investigators tracked everyone who had entered the home, including tradespeople, real estate agents and their clients, but found no fingerprint or footprint matches.

    Investigators obtained volumes of data from cellphone towers in Vancouver and Victoria to look for matches between the cellphone used by the suspect couple and any other cellphone transmissions, but to date, police have not been able to find a match that might provide information leading to their identification. Horsley said that doesn’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist.

    “There are literally hundreds of thousands of transmissions, and we could still find that link,” he said.

    To nail down the sequence of events, police looked at the time when the lock box was accessed on the home’s front door, which is consistent with the 5:30 p.m. scheduled meeting between Buziak and the couple, and with testimony from witnesses who saw Buziak greet the pair at the front door.

    They also looked at Buziak’s text messages, and found that she responded to text messages during the showing until sometime between 5:42 and 5:44 p.m., indicating the attack occurred then. Horsley said Buziak had no idea she was about to be attacked and no opportunity to fight her killers or to make any 9-1-1 or other calls for help.

    Horsley would not give any details on the condition of the house, but said investigators know exactly what movements the killers made through the home after the attack, including that they left through the french door at the rear that Buziak’s boyfriend Jason Zailo discovered open around 6:15 p.m.

    Horsley said the killer or killers left the house immediately after the slaying.

    I would like to know if ALL the forensic evidence collected at the crime scene was submitted to the lab for testing or is some still sitting in the evidence room? I was told the CSI team could submit what they felt were their BEST SAMPLES for testing as there was a limit on the number of samples that could be submitted to the lab for testing. For example IF 300 samples were collected and the lab would only allow 200 samples to be submitted, that would leave 100 untested samples.

    Can the family have the remaining samples tested at their own expense? What if a piece of evidence is sitting in the evidence room that has the killer(s) DNA on it?

    I’ve heard some conflicting reports on the forensic aspect of this case. On Dateline Horsley said “this case will not be solved based on forensics.” I believe that was based on the fact that little forensic evidence was found at the scene. It was also said in the press that all DNA collected at the scene had been accounted for. So does that mean every single shred of evidence found at the scene was TESTED at the lab? In order to make that statement one would think every piece of evidence was tested? Which is it, every sample collected can be submitted to the lab for testing or, the lab will only accept a limited number of samples to be tested?

    I would like to add that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the police to track EVERY client that went through that house if an “Open House” was held prior to Lindsay’s murder. I don’t think agent’s check the ID’s of everyone who comes to an open house.

  89. samspade90 says:

    Brent, you have misread my post. There may be people involved in criminal activities that know who killed Lindsay and why. These people may NOT have been involved in Lindsay’s murder. These same people may not have been named or investigated yet. In order for them to NOT be researched or investigated by our people, then they should give up that info to Jeff or the SPD. Once charges have been laid and arrests made, the posting of names and criminal activity will stop on this site and the criminals who have not been named here, will only have the police investigating them and not us also. If I were a criminal and had info and had yet to be named on this site, I would give up the info so I would not be named on this site and investigated. The more people that are named on this site, the greater the chance of finding one that may have been involved. That is a given. I hope this clarifies my post.

  90. Brent Taylor says:


    How can you say that none of those names that have been dug into are not connected to Lindsay’s murder. Most of them have criminal backgrounds and many of them are connected to the Zailo family. So how can you make such a remark.

  91. Guns, drugs get free rides across border

    Hidden-compartment expert exposes smugglers’ ingenious tricks

    Read more:

  92. Back at ya Sam

    If anyone has any information that could help solve this crime they can contact Crimestoppers and be assured of anonminity. I recently found out that when you call Crimestoppers your phone number is not traceable, yet when you call your local police department it is. I know we all trust that any information we give to Lindsay’s dad Jeff Buziak, will be kept in the strictest of confidence. I trust Joanna and Justice. They have been around since the start and seem dedicated to the cause. All the information they have posted on this forum has been accurate. Sam Spade has been letting his opinion known for some time now and is making very valuable contributions.

  93. samspade90 says:

    I am pretty sure this suggestion has been made before, but to all the drug dealers, money launderers, etc. if someone knows something about Lindsay’s murder, it would be the best thing for you to give the information to Jeff or the Saanich police, so the excellent information retrievers on this site stop digging into everyone they can think of. You have seen how someone like Justice Prevails and Joanna Mills are finding the dirt on people. You may end up exposed on here and not even had anything to do with the murder. Once we have the information that leads to an arrest, the watchdogs and bloodhounds will be called off and you will only have the police looking at you, not hundreds of resourceful and concerned citizens.
    If you are a friend of Lindsay’s and have information you need to let Jeff know. Create a phony email account if you have to. You can call Crimestoppers and you will not have to appear in Court or provide a name. Let Jeff or the Saanich PD know your info so they can focus their investigation in the right direction. It will soon be 4 years since Lindsay’s murder. In this case time does not heal all wounds. To the Zailo family, it’s understandable that you may be angry at a perceived personal attack at Lindsay’s funeral service. You have to let that go. Ryan and Ziggy have pledged money towards the reward for information. I’m hoping Shirley and Jason may have done it anonymously. Jason, you went on Dateline and told the world that you wanted this solved as soon as possible, yet there doesn’t seem to be any effort being put forth by you.
    To the newspaper reporters or TV reporters in this town, could someone please attempt to interview the Zailo’s and Cohen Oatman, and at least get them to say their lawyers have advised against talking to the media.?? It would be nice if the Saanich Police would let Jeff know where they are in this investigation and why Lindsay’s case is not on their website. They say to not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Try to put yourself in Jeff’s shoes for one day. What would you do if your beloved daughter or son was murdered?? What if it was now 4 years after their death and you had no answers??

  94. Joanna Mills says:

    Thanks for posting that information Sam. You are right, the links for all the other cities mentioned on open up. Saanich is the only one that doesn’t and shows an error message. Just another example of this case being stonewalled. I remember someone asking the Saanich Police on their blog some time ago why Lindsay Buziak had been removed from Saanich’s main page and I don’t believe they ever got a response that made any sense. It was as if this case was no longer active and they had given up. If not that then what? That is the question. Could someone inside that building know who committed this heinous crime and are trying to cover for this person. It’s not likely, but with all these stall tactics and errors that keep gettng made it leaves the public wondering what the hell is going on.

    There is a huge number of people that do not believe the Saanich Police ever stood a chance of solving this crime because they lacked the experience. They did not have the skills to solve a major homicide case and refused to turn it over to a unit that had the expertise and could have brought these killers to justice a long time ago. And now nearly 4 years later they are still stumbling around waiting for their phone to ring. If only their phone would ring and it would be that one call everyone has been waiting for. The call from someone who has been withholding information that could solve this case. And that person, whoever he/she may be is out there.

  95. samspade90 says:

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Year. I was just looking around at things and found a site called Cold Case Center at There are cold cases from the U.S. and Canada. Went to the B.C. section, where there are 7 different listings. Guess which one had a Cannot Find File on ?? yes….Saanich Police Department. Why does there seem to be roadblocks all around this case lately??

  96. Nibor Sttalp says:

    I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Let the New Year bring long overdue good news to this forum.

  97. Brent Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  98. I am sure we will all enjoy the holidays with family and friends but not for a moment forgetting Lindsay Buziak’s contagious smile and her zest for life. One day soon justice will be found.

  99. Lindsay, we are alll thinking of you and with I wish you a very Merry Xmas special angel.

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